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  • Name: Yoo Seung-Ho
  • Hangul: 유승호
  • Birthdate: August 17, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 175 cm.
  • Blood Type: A


Yoo Seung-Ho was born on August, 1993. He is a popular South Korean actor & model. Yoo Seung-Ho first started in show business as a child actor and, like a lot of child actors, he started acting due to his mother. In 1999, Yoo Seung-Ho made his acting debut in a CF for n016. Prior to filming, the ad agency, responsible for the CF, was looking for a fresh face & not a professional model. Yoo Seung-Ho's mother then sent in a photo of her son and he was selected for the CF.

In 2002, Yoo Seung-Ho was cast for the feature film "The Way Home" and made his feature film acting debut. Prior to his casting, staff members for the "The Way Home" were having a hard time finding the right actor to play the character of Sang-Woo. The movie's director Lee Jeong-Hyang then saw Yoo Seung-Ho among many other child actors and was selected by Lee Jeong-Hyang. One of the primary reasons Lee Jeong-Hyang selected Yoo-Seung-Ho for the role was the mean look he was able to carry in his submitted photos.[1] During filming for "The Way Home" Yoo Seung-Ho was scolded by director Lee Jeong-Hyang and this made him want to quit acting. Now, thinking back to those days, Yoo Seung-Ho doesn't recall those bad moments and just remembers playing with the staff members and being surprised when the grandmother in the film really cried during filming.[2] "The Way Home" turned out to be a highly successful film and sold more than 4 million tickets.

Since "The Way Home," Yoo Seung-Ho took on several more child acting roles in movies and dramas and became recognized as a proficient child actor.

In 2009, Yoo Seung-Ho began to abandon his child actor image and took on more mature teen roles. In the 2009 MBC historical drama series "The Great Queen Seondeok," Yoo Seung-Ho played Prince Kim Chun-Chu who was extremely wise and a crafty politician. Yoo Seung-Ho also played teens in the KBS2 drama series "Master of Study" and in the feature film "The Clue".

In 2010, Yoo Seung-Ho took on his first adult role in the MBC drama series "Flames of Desire". Yoo Seung-Ho, though only 17 years old, played a 21 year old married man named Kim Min-Jae. His wife was played by popular actress Seo Woo.

One of Yoo Seung-Ho's role models is veteran actor Ahn Sung-Kee. Yoo Seung-Ho respects Ahn Sung-Kee's abilities to play different roles and submerge himself into the various characters he plays.[3] At a press conference for "Master of Study" Yoo Seung-Ho stated that he hates math and enjoys history the most.[4] Yoo Seung-Ho has a nickname of "Little So Ji-Sub," because of his resemblance to actor So Ji-Sub. In 2008, the two actors met for the first time and to make Yoo Seung-Ho more relaxed, actor So Ji-Sub grabbed his hands and told him "I'm sorry people nicknamed such a handsome guy 'Little So Ji-Sub'".[5] Since that time the two actors have become good friends and worked together in 2010 on a CF for a Winiahmando kimchi refridgerator named "Dimchae".


  1. After the completion of MBC drama series "I Miss You" in early 2013, actor Yoo Seung-Ho will fulfill his compulsory military service for a 21 month period.
  2. Yoo Seung-Ho entered the South Korean military on March 5, 2013 and discharged December 4, 2014.


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RHAYCHEALL u re talented.I wil love to watch more of it but pls dont die it really makes me sad most especially in warrior dong soo.

Thewanshi Wijekoon Oppa love you. I'm a Sri Lankan. Please come to our country.Please consider my request. I wish you a happy life. love you

naireonnamjaya hyeong jeballll comeback to #dramaland drama worlddddddd!!! , preferred you making ur comeback in #MBC tho^^ #SBS is good too #KBS too maybe! cable channels are okay too!!

Musliudeen Olayinka He is young,cute and talented.I like the role u play in warrior baek dong soo keep it up and i wish u goodluck in ur career.From Nigeria.

anana Oppa.. i miss u.. fightung for Joseon Magician

kooor He's so cute as a King of Heaven in Arang & Magistrate. No metter how dull the storyline was, but he played well in that drama and quite entertaining. Come back to drama please.

Tarango Such an amazing actor. I love the way he takes on the role, no matter what it is, and commands the scene. Yoo Seung Ho, please return to dramaland soon, movies are good but too short ;-; I miss you ;-;

deenara He reminds me of So Ji Sub.

Stroe P Welcome beack Yoo Seung ho ...my. Friend Stroe hii. Annyeong

Sara Really Cute!!! love him

sitqom great,,,, bravo to you seung ho

yulia He's young so Ji sub for sure. First time seeing him though he was so Ji sub lol

Natnay Gahhh... He's too cute!

momo He's just 21?! Well at least I can still call him oppa 8D

haihai Ah, I wish he'd do a drama :)

Ozmo Welcome home Sunshine. Very proud of you. So glad you have come back to us again. kekeke ^-^

Amy I remember watching him in the way home years ago and I've recently gotten into KPOP and dramas and couldn't believe that through looking for a new drama I came across the same little boy in the Way home who was in that time in the Military service at 20! He is really an amazing actor and I can't wait for him future work! Fighting Seungho!

Julie Thoi Woooww u r back !!!!! can't wait 2 see u please give me ur no. saranghæ

yoo welcome back

vikkytan he.s finally back..woww

nakashima he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiRa Today!!!!!.. the 4th of December!!!!!.. Oh my.. I have been waiting patiently for this dayyyyyyyy... ♥Yoo Seung-Ho♥ is back at lasssssst ♥♥ can't wait to see your new dramas and movies; and how much u have changed over the past couple of years. May ur future be filled with success and happiness. Good luckkkkkk ♥ :* ♥

dieyana aisya Welcome back,,hope u will active again saranghae-malaysia

dieyana aisya Welcome back oppa,keep cool,,I miss ur acting and u also, hope u will keep acting,saranghae

NY it is today finally he is back ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


) <3 ILOVEYOU <3 Yoo Seung-Ho :* <3

dieyana aisya Only two days I will waiting for you oppa ,saranghae!!-Malaysia

harysca please just cnt wait 4 december 4th.,yu seung ho oppa saranghae....hwaiting,!

MO Finally a week and he will be discharged

shyne i first saw you in " i miss you".. it was my mother who first loves watching korean dramas, but when i saw you i have been silently searching for you in the internet...you did a good job on i miss you...

Joyce Yagoda Looks like you have the perfect mentor, young man. Heed Mr So's advice and he will never lead you astray.

mae He's coming back from the military on December 4. I can't wait! :)

aron i can't wait to see you in a new drama

emily thats grt,kip it up.bravo

aron Yoo Seung-Ho and Go Ara offered lead roles in new movie JOSEON MAGICIAN

I hope they can work together .I can't wait to see YSH


yo I hope he'll come out soon and start to act in new drama !! Waiting for his new drama/movie !!! He's cute !!

Ho Il Lee Saranghae yu seung ho oppa!!!

Eugene Although we were born in the same, I will call you 'dongsaeng' since I'm two months older than you. I must say that you were amazing in Missing You and shared a great chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye. Waiting for your comeback!

muychheng I love you so much brother.

layla oppa saranghe i'm your biggest fan woaaaaaaaah i luv u so so so much <3

tsion abe omo oppa sarahaeyo cant xpress it !!!!kyopta

Shaine Lendio oppa!!nomu nomu chuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Ahsu I am yr no 1 fan Oppa Seung Ho! !

aizle umandap im your biggest fan in the philippines!!! your a very nice person

aizle umandap im your biggest fan in the philippines!!!

ru ru I miss you, Oppa <3

tet ur one of a kind ... hope to see u back .....soon..

ssebageya michael he is an excellent actor mostly in queen sean diok, he bothered the soldiers alot, miss u harry borrison

Marni pertiwi He has the best of both worlds.... Now, he has to choose just one :D

Turtelik I can't wait when he will come back and start taking part in dramas. Hope u will soon make sageuk as I loved you in Warrior Baek Dong Soo! <3

AnValantine we still waiting u oppa! plz come back we miss u sooo much and we still luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edward U are a great man.i love you

moon I am waiting here to see you in new drama.

lia yoo seung ho .. i cant wait for you to act again. we are here to support you saranghae

Yoo seung ho So, yoo seung ho will be back from army in 4december 2014? Why ? I want a mew kdrama from him SOON.

lee ho il i miss you oppa!

Keith Hope you come back :) and make new dramas and shows also you were so awesome at the "I Miss You" drama see you soon after your military service Yoo Seung-Ho!

Marshzenmallow I love you oppa! take care always and keep on inspiring us ~♡ wemiss you !

charmaine octit hope you come back soon oppa we miss you,saranghae:)

Justine Omygosh. you are so handsome :)

esther Can't wait to see you back act with a great drama like you used to :))... Seung-ho ah, fighting!!! God bless you :))

pari you are best in korea . i hope that you act with yoon eun hye again

MiRa 4th of December !!!!!!!!.. Can't wait for you to be discharged from the military :S .. you are an Amazing actor with Gorgeous features.. you were Outstanding in "I miss you" and "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" (where I cried like a baby when Yeo Woon died ToT , it was awfully saaaaaaad)..... hope when you come back you can achieve more success in your career; I'll be waiting for more of your wonderful work :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

moon he is agreat actor i want to see him in new drama soon

seungholover this dude made me cry so hard at warrior baek dong soo .. i.. why.. i fell in love xD

Cantika OMG Hellow he is so HANDSOME !!

IK You are a very good actor, Your acting in I miss you drama was superb I think you acting is the best out of all the Korean actors! Keep up the good work Kid.

pema tshokey hi yoo seung ho...I love u so much...I love your everything....I wish u could be mine....love u... love u...love u.......love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ....sarangheayo....

ogunmakin ayomiposi oppa i love your acting i wish u could be my man

Miinuuh Yoo seung is too cute n his acting is awesome in I miss you..desperately waitin fo his next drama series..sarange <3

parisa i love his acting..he's so handsome and so cute ...♥ him... ♥ ..

Hannah chii Hello husband~ <3 <3 <3

putri chan Anyonghaseyo ^_^ I like Yoo Seung Ho, you have baby face... Cute! And the acting is good, I like when you acting at drama series "I Miss You" and I will waiting the next your drama series :)

putri Anyonghaseyo ^_^ I like Yoo Seung Ho, you have baby face... Cute! And the acting is good, I like when you acting at drama series "I Miss You" and I will waiting the next your drama series :)

Deo Chin you are the cutest thing ever <3

Suzy Ugh I love you so much you're so good at acting and you look adorable when you cry LOL

Putri Amalia Oppa ilove you so much, i will always be your fan oppa Oppa saranghaeyo, and i hope i can meet you Oppa fighting !!!

OMG That face have tattoed on my mind and I totally thumbs up upon all your acting skills. It was Superb! You're still the best for me and I will always be your no. 0 fan ;)

Lina you're so handsome and I like you so much (:

mich you're amazing :') you act so well and you're really handsome I cannot contain myself hehehe I love you so much you're perfectttt I hope I can see you one day hehe☺️

alpha I think he did very well by going to the army now because he is an excellent actor but he was too young to play main leads. And he is now 19, after he comes back from army, he might look a bit mature and hopefully he will get lead roles without having too much age-gap with female co-stars. Good decision! I always thought he looked too young in "I miss you".

micha The gorgeous King oh Heaven, Jade Emperor of "Arang and Magistrate"...cute guy!

maria doris gudito i really like your character as great king jade in the Arang and the Magistrate drama..i like your hair in that drama, it really suits your character :) though its impossible but i hope to see all the cast in Arang and the Magistrate soon. :) pls be back after your military service, hundreds of fans are waiting for you. :)

catherine Your one of my favorite korean actor.coz your very cute and lovely.my dream is to see you in person someday.and i'm hoping that after you've finish in military service.you will do a series movie so i could see your actings skill again.take care

CingVung Oppa....I hope I can meet u, I realized u haven't make any new Drama series and Movies yet. I hope I can see u more in Drama series as the main character bc ur acting is great. U can be cute, charming, mysterious, bad boy, childish, mature and hot. I really can't wait until ur bright future -Love Cing, P.S. Oppa ur the best

vira one of my favorite Korean actor :) talented and versatile, enough to say. I miss you, Oppa. I'm looking forward for your next work after complete the mandatory service

joy hi oppa you work hard ... i can feel it. so you must finished that military service as fast as you can .. 'cause I MISSED YOU SO MUCH .. I hope when you come back, there's a lot of dramas you'll be the BIDA :)


Dawn I apologize if anyone has already said this, but I think he made the smartest decision anyone that's young and has celebrity status could make by doing his mandatory military service early in his career. I see alot of celebrities extending it out until they are close to 30 years old...and I can only guess, it's because no one in South Korea really loves the idea of being forced to serve in the military. I also imagine that if it was a voluntary thing, that no male in South Korea would enlist.....(sorry you guys are forced to serve!)

Anyways, sorry for the long side note...but I love you so much in I Miss You. I could honestly feel how much Harry loved her (can't remember the female character at this moment) and how it drove Harry insane watching her not return his love and devotion. Boy you played Harry so well, that it made me go out and look for other dramas with you in it, and I've so far watched all of your dramas from 2010 up until 2013 and the movie Blind, which was AWESOME!!!!

I like a lot of your fans (old and new) can't wait for your return to the small and big screen. At least we all hope you return to acting and haven't found a new passion that will lead you away from the entertainment/movie industry. I hope all is well w/you as you serve your country, stay in good health and many blessing to you in your life and career.

An American Fan!!!!

browniestag yoo seung ho oppa! really can't wait you will be discharge from military. always wait for your drama and movie.

Andreea Hi Oppa! :) I love all your movies and I'm a little sad that you had to enter the military service... :( I hope you won't get hurt! Please make great movies in the future too! Kisses :* <3

stroe florin I just wanted to say hi and take care of yourself and teasteptam welcome. STROE FLORIN welcome your friend. ROMANIA.

myorigel -ILOVEYOU <3 YOO SEUNG HO -always take care Seung-Ho oppa :) -keep smiling..keep inspiring people :)

Nicole oppa!, I really love your eyes.. your so handsome!

jaal i love you Yoo Seung-Ho! <3

thank you for inspiring me... :)

i hope you get more projects so i could watch you more!

fan i miss you <3

Rachel I love you so much seung ho

AmalChan Oppa, i really love your eyebrow :D

Thelnu Zaw I have a name of nick for yoo seung ho . I everyday cell you Baby Lay ( little baby ) . I lilke him. Everyday ,everytime missing you. I wish you everyday for your lucky day and may he be happy.

midya hi mr Yoo I am one of your fan Iam agirle frome Iran .Iam kordish .at the first ishould say i do not believe that you read our comments(but i hope you read). i really want to see you .i hope one day i see yoy in Iran .please please come to boukan (acity in Iran)Iranian people are very kind and friendly (especially kordish)dear me meeting you heer is one of my dreams please make it posibel for me ....

anna Hi Mr. Yoo

Are you kosar 17-year-old girl by the name you know?

Please answer my question, it is important Knydbraym email Rabraym

Thanks, Anna

rosielyn magsigay hi YOO SEUNG-HO! im rosielyn and i really love thhe way you act, and besides, you are cute and hansome....IM YOUR HUGE FAN!

tolu He's really good looking especially in †ђξ magistrate

rhenachavez annyeong haseyeo!! dangshineul choahamnida Seung ho,..saranghaeyeo^_^..im from Philippines..wish you good health ..always be humble..and also wish you success...

Gunay İsmayilova Hello!İ love you You soung ho.İ'm your fans in Azerbaycan.

jolina alvarez hi oppa!! im your no. 01 fan!! hope yo enjoy your life and be successful in life!! your so handsome, talented and awesome !! FIGHTING <3

sajjad I'm interested in you I hope you be successful in your life I'll see you in the future

gizzle hi!!!!!!!!!! i am a huge fan of yours its the first time i saw you in master of study you are really very cool and the attitude is sooooooooooo admirable. i want t5o state that i am a fan who is re3ally very far from your land, Korea. i live in bhutan you can Google it out.. however you are soooooo cool

Ishtar I love You,Seung Ho .I'm your grate fan.I hope you will get successes more in future.So,Opa whitting!

Ningrum Yulia I Love yeo woon in warrior baek dong soo so much.. I will miss the drama .. And certainly I have really really missis you, yoo seung ho, what a wonderful acting.. Good luck for anything ..

Mrs. Yoo SeungHo My husband!!! He's soo lovely: everything in him!

Mirabel joyce Love your movies guy,welldone

k45 bahagialah selalu ok

k45 you are the best korean actor.yeo woon is my favorite character.sucses n semangat ok

sha nur atira annyeong!oppa,i really2 hope you can visits malaysia..i really2 fanatic about you..you're always in my heart.you're very sweet if you will couple with park shin hye!annyeong!saranghae oppa till i die!!!

Jobs Annyeong oppa !~ I hope you can visit here in the Philippines because I know theres a lot of yoopies here begging for your presence here. I hope we can meet soon and if that time happen I'll be the happiest person in the world ! Oppa were waiting ! ^_^

Martha Hi!! YOO SEUNG HO, I'm a very big fan of yours,hope your service is going well. i love u sooooooooo much....

Red and Blue Oranges Hi Yoo Seung-Ho! I'm a big fan of yours. I really watched every single episode of 'Missing You'. You did a great job! I hope we'll see you in Philippine television again. :) Good luck and GOD Bless. Belated Happy Birthday! >:)<

Doris Hsia Hello, I'm Doris from China.Happy Birthday~And hope you happy everyday! :) I do expect that you could see this note someday.Actually it is my first time to ,ah ,to be able to say like this.I like you and you smile forever~~~Good night~ :)

Lover HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUNG-HO..love you:)...hope u get all ur wishes come true^_^

Teresa Happy Birthday. Hope your service is going well. Keep up the good work.

edou jonny happy birthday yoo seung ho i think tomorro is your birthday good luck love you

nasrin happy birthday. I have best wishes for you.I think you are the best korean actor .goood luck.

Andreea happy birthday yoo seung ho ..I love you ....you are the best

annnamariiia La multiiiiiiii Ani Yoo Seung Ho

youniez c-shan ., hy oppa ., I'm very LIKE you at dramkor WARRIOR BAEK DONG-SOO ., very cool & beautiful eyes WOON :*

nyasha shamim yoo seung ho is a great actar l love him

princess charolyn natasya hello seung ho oppa..... I`m your fans in indonesian.... I like you. In the great queen seondeok,opration proposal& god of study.. You is handsome.cute,and you very smart I`m very2 love you.......


Nandini I don't know where to start from because this guy here doesn't fit any definition! For a man this young, he is extremely diligent and talented. He shows the maturity of someone twice as old as him and his acting is almost next to flawless. His handsome features and deep voice is an added advantage to this genius of a man! . . Indeed, he's a genius :) In the near future, when he comes back from army, I think he'll come back as one of the best actors Korean industry has ever seen . .if not the world itself! He's got that "international" quality. He's a man of substance. . Great talent, indeed~ I am waiting for you, Seungho-ya! I really want to meet you some day :)

Bikoomi musa yoo seung ho has enter his military servises good luck and l reary like him am waiting for his return

nurhaya oppa.......i love you.....hope i can see you in person....mwwwwwwaaaahhhhh.....i'm here in phillippines....hehehehehe

Rosemary Ong Yoo Seung Ho will go far. I am very sure his career will rise. He has a very bright appearance. When he smiles, his facial expression shines, very likeable about him, sincerity and frankness. Something very special about him. As a child and now a young man, his looks has never changed. He is indeed a very good looking young man. Stay healthy, Yoo Seung Ho. You have a bright future. Your acting is natura, too. You are very good. And oh, your mother must be a very beautiful woman. :)

Remita I am from India and Seung Ho oppa i really like you. You act superbly in I miss you. I have watched all ur films and dramas. I m looking forward to ur nxt project

mercy Hi am mercy from Nigeria watched God of study nd fell in love with it. Looking forward to ur new dranma keep moving d sky is ur limit

saniya hi ... I,m your fan fram iran i really like your act in "i miss you"

azizi yoo seung ho is a great acter l hope he comes back from his military servises and plays alot of films he realy needs award in his acting love him

Lizzy This guy is FANTASTIQUE ! I'm never disapointed in his way of acting cause he knows exactly the way he should act in any situation! By the way ... handsome should be his name <3

Sashi Ahhhh,yoo seung ho,you are so handsome. <3 you seung ho

Hana Hi! YOO SEUNG HO I like you. I from INDIA But Now I living in Iran.I hope to see you with YOONA in your new drama or Movie.

e05 i hope to see you in person >.<


want to meet you badly!!!

preciousmae ya, yoo seung ho.. your'e soo handsome ... yongwonhee saranghe,,,,,,,,,,,,,, someday ill be there ... i want to see you in personal ,,, i'm your'e avid fan,,,, hehehe love you soo much

forever I just finish watching i miss you and the only thing going in my head was whyyyy didnt she just love him. But then again it wouldnt really be a drama lol anyways cant wait for oppa to play a leading role when hes out for his service!! Saranghae oppa! Fightinggggg!

Park Hee Sa Hello.. Seung-Ho dongseang.. what a great talent you have.. stay bless!!

Naomi Hello Yoo Seung-Ho<3 i admire you. you're really great in acting, i always watch Missing you just to see you, i hope one day you'll visit here in the Philippines. Godbless and more power.

mimi how is it a cameo, if he appeared in practically every single episode? (arang and the magistrate)

rigene .....i like this guy... he's very awesome... and very handsome.. everybody can likes his personality as an great actor.... i love him =)

pushia08 ..you are the man i ever dream to be my friend.. .stay what you are. God bless to your career, family & love.. .we like & love you so much!)

Fayee I loved you since Queen Seon Deok! Since then, I always look for your dramas/movies. Even if they are cameos only. :D I LOVE YOUU!

nica crauz hello yoo seung hoo i watch your korean drama "i miss you" your really great in acting it was my first time to comment in this kind of website but all i want to say i wish you could come here in the philippines im your no. fans i love you yoo seung hoo god bless you always i will wait you to come here :-)

janram This guy is definitely someone to look forward too, at such a young age we've seen him grow into a diversified actor. Too Seung ho has gift to make someone laugh and cry in the same scene. You can see the emotions in his eyes, be it joy, longing despair, amongst other emotions. I've actually noticed his acting skills while watching Operation Proposal. At first I didn't have any expectations in regards to The show it self, but WOW. Just the first episode, I was blown away on how good he is - talk about crying!!! Haha And what made me fall in love with him is his portrayal of Jun, Harry in I miss You/Missing You. Never once in my life have I rooted for the antagonist in a drama. This was definitely a first for me. I do feel that he really encompassed the role of someone that wants to take revenge, someone that is inlove and someone who's longing to be loved and understood. Had it not be for a strong counterpart in Park Yoon, it would have been a bust. Having said that, I still think that Yoo Seung Ho's portrayal and character made this drama special. I'm definitely going to miss him while he serves I'm the military, however I'm already eager for the next kdrama he'll do... Hopefully right after he comes back.

Ayaa Same birth year, we're compatible:) Keep it up oppa <3

KatanaHikaru I love you in Warrior Baek Dong Soo! Yeo Woon is my favorite character! and Master of Study was Awesome too! you're also my favorite in that drama as well! i'm not Korean, but I love kdramas! 頑張って!stay かっこいいな!

Selena Saranghae, oppa! Come visit the u.s. sometime, I'm you're #1 fan here!

Selena s. Ever since I saw warrior baek dong su, I have fallen in love with you. Saranghae oppa! Come visit the u.s. sometime, I'm you're #1 fan here,

Chike The best actor in "I Miss You". Cried a lot in the conclusion of the drama, your acting skill is just great. I won't tell you that I am not a big fan of you, but still - you're the one of the best actors of Korean Actors. Way to go, buddy. :)

jjaguar Best acting in "I Miss You," I still tear up a little when I think about Harry in "I Miss You," best acting all around, you are so talented, hoping to see much more, Saranghe

nisa_li3 i like your film so much,and i like your mental oppa. nice to meet you.

kia love u young ho you,re the best in feeling & acting I want u be really really lucky<3

shifa in Arang (first time i watched him) i know that's people is handsome , cool although using long hair, his charisma was bright... and when i was watching I MISS YOU, i'm really in love with him . his act was so amazing!

syrh You best actor & coolest, I don't know how to express it in words. Your amazing!!!!! I can't wait for you out of your military duty. before you start I've missed you. 2 years is too long. I will be going to korea to meet you but how can?????? Aaaaaaaa

sayakahikaru Yoo Seung Ho is absolutely one of the best male actors I have ever seen ( I wished he won more awards though) I am a huge fan of his and I hope he will get many great roles in the future. For all those reading this I recommend you watch his dramas especially his most recent one "i miss you" i literally cried when he cried. Saranghaeyo Yoo Seung Ho oppa (:

nyna i wanna watch korean drama "i miss you"... oppa, i like you in your movie "blind"...

chacha love,,,,love,,,,,,U,,,,,,,, ^^

eyah You aRe so cute .... you are really good in acting...

LokuKina Yoo Seung-Ho, nice acting brother.

Yeo Woon is still by far my favorite of the charactors you have become. You naturally became

this charactor and amazed me by becoming more than the man in the regailia. You became a symbol, of lost faith yet energized bliss of joy. The story line was very good, script was great but your acting, that was the one thing that had me watch the season to the last episode on netflix without any disturbances. Other than going to work, but once home, it was Yea Woon that had me awake and ready. All of the characters were so intense but is was the way your charactor came to life that made me want to become a martial artist even though it had been a goal since childhood.

Great job brother.

CICI Seung-Ho, you were the BEST actpr in I Miss You. You were soooo amazing. I would have stopped watching it if it wasn't for you. I will miss seeing you in a new drama while you are in the military and look forward to your return. Stay safe. Love and prayers for you.

Tori WHAT?! Seriously? For 21 months, I will not be able to see Seung-Ho on new dramas or movies?? This is horrible. I understand it's best to hurry and get it over with but now???? (starts to cry)....noooooooooo. (TT_TT)

jen jen Your talent is amazing. you deserve a winning award for playing Harry.

kharin i love him so much!! it really breaks my heart to watch him in 'i miss you' and i just want to hug him, i wish in his next drama he gets the leading role and gets a lot of award, his acting is remarkable!! i will wait for you, hwaiting!!

Kim I love you so much in "I miss you". I hope you will continue succesfully with your acting career so that I can see you in many more dramas. But I would love to see you playing leading winner character and having a happy ending like "Operational Proposal".

And if you decide to go to do your military duty, I will wait for your come back to TV screen!

aiira no no no

oppa, don't go  military!!!!!!!

we can't stay without you around 2 years!!!!!! you are best in the world.

dhini nice actor ......"i miss you" is wonderful drama, there you have deep personality, calm and cool, i'am not thinking you like that, because you have nice smile,,,,,,,,very waiting your new drama with full smile......

keep on going........

caiyooo seung ho............

A.K.A Karylle Waaa! IKR :) He is still young.. but thats OK.. We can be Friends the age gap is not that far ^^ Kekekeke

Hope to see you soon..

DINA best couple with yoon eun hye :D

c_u_t_e 13 i just watched warrior baek dong soo...he was really awesome in that drama, i have watched many of his movies and dramas but i can say that his role in Warrior Baek Dong Soo was really amazing...his role carried out the whole drama...from first episode to the last one...he had made a wonderful acting. anyway, you are still young...still way to go...keep it up and always put your feet on the ground and i think you will succeed...congratulations on your acting in warrior baek dong soo.

Keep it up and more success!!!!

Kimyu Woaaah! He is young enough to be my boyfriend!! LOL it is funny that he is only 3 years older than me because of I miss you.. I can't imagine myself being so rich in 3 years and stuff.. HAHAA!!!! His character in I miss you would be the Ideal man for me.. If only there were a few things to change.. like how he uses his money!! aah! I just like the care he gives to yoo eun hye

Davia That was so interesting how you acted the Jade Emperor in Arang & the Magistrate. The character was both mysterious and fascinating but also lighthearted and humorous at the same time and made one want to know more about him. I wish there had been more about this character in the drama. Maybe they can bring you as him back in another drama?!! He is the Jade Emperor after all!

cecilia while Yoo Seung-Ho can amazingly act but I would prefer to see a more mature actor tackling Harry's role. He can not control his boyish charms which creates a bigger gap between hyun yoon hye's lee su yeon character. if we go by the story of missing you, hyh is already 29 years old and if harry was 10 when they first met then he should be 24 yo when the story unfolded 14 years later. while he is acting 24, his physical attibutes betray his youth. hahaha this is one aspect of serious acting when one's age is a liability. no offense meant to his fans coz i am one myself.

Joey OMG! He looked soooo cute together with Yoon Eun Hye! I'm rooting for his character in I Miss You! Go Kang Hyung Joon! kekeke...

SuperFatimae Oppa, You're just my new crush because of Arang and The Magistrate I just knew you. :""">

CiCi Hi, Yoo Seung-Ho, I just wanted to say that not only are you a handsome, and extremely talented actor but I saw some clips of your volunteer work with poor children in India. Seung-Ho, you are one incredible human being. God bless you always.

martha When I first saw him in arang and the magistrate as the the king of heaven I thought he was a mature 25 yr old, I don't know somewhere in 20s! But now I'm finding out that he's younger! OH MY GOD that kid is so hot for his age...

Hoda Hi I'm your 1000th voter with vote of 100% ;;)

in Arang I see you for the first time

you are so young but you play very good

Good Luck

Hoda From Iran

Livia Yoo i don't kno how many times i saw your drama and film, but guess what i never tired and boring to see your act. you are the first actor that i love since my first time i saw korean movie. keep forward my angel...

tncdel I'm impressed with his acting skills, considering his age. But he might want to consider not over-doing the "boyish charm" type smile he flashes.  :)~

kristie@chici wasn't yoo seung ho also act in the mvie entitle detective in 40 minutes with kang sora?? asianwiki suppose 2 put it in cuz many fan would like 2 see their fvrite actors in that special movie...it's beyond wnderfull..anyway..glad u mke it...기름!!!

rose I VERY love you ur so cool and very cute you make me crazy and everytime thinking of you iam very crazy just because of you i hope to see you and i think u and park ji yeon(t-ara)can are the best couple in the world saranghaeeeeeeeeeeeeee seung ho do not forgot my says byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

winta I love u seungho oppa...u r the most talented teen actor in s.korea. i have a huge crush on u..u r too cute & cool..hot too...i am sure we will do adrame together coz after i finish highschool(in 2014) i will audition in jyp entertainment...just wait ...have a successful life till then..be healty ok..

 I love U tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!1

rrosa I very very very very very love you .you are very cute and so cool i hope to see you and speak with you I very love you to worrior baek dong so and master of study

Shraffe Naqiuddin He is the first actor I loved in K-drama. Usually I only care for women...

ysh x YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Belle Excellent actor!

alkimtrixson aneong haseyo oppa!! you're really a great actor--so cool and so handsome!!

astrid Seung Ho, i wanna be your friend, may i?

Yeowoon anyone find his twitter?? i found ji chang-wook!!

shari your the most talentend and handsome actor i ever seen x i like all your drama's warrior baek dong soo is the best drama ever x i love youu seung-ho !!! FIGHTING !!! <3<3<3

christina oohh my!!!! i love you, Yoo Seung-Ho :))) i really like you... hope to see you in person...

 saranghae :)  mwuahh...

christina oohh my!!!! i love you, Yoo Seung-Ho :))) i really like you... hope to see you in person...  :)))

 saranghae :)  mwuahh...

Misa i love you in warrior baek dong soo but you passed away in the last episode :'( you are the best actor i have ever seen !!!!!! saranghaee oppa <3

Rizan You are a good actor. I wish in Warrior Baek Dong Soo that you are alive but in the end Yeo Un's character passes away. I tears alot for dearest Yeo-Un. Anyway goodluck in making more dramas and movies in the future. Fighting Oppa Seung-Ho!

elisa hai, i really love you !!!!! you are so young , first i was thinking you are 21-22 years old but you are only 18 ! Ö you are so handsome and cooool xx i love you Seung-Ho ,,, xxx

Sami Hii ,, i luv you so much :) you are my favorite actor ! sarangheeee )))

Your fan (: You are so young and so talented , i really love your characters ! I watches Queen Seondeok , you are really handsome and cool ... Saranghaeee Seung-Ho <3<3<3

tinyants i am fully assured that he's gonna be a great actor. he's got outstanding appeal i've ever seen before:))

jhonah rhivero hi ..... i didn't watch your movie yet....but i think its good...haha..:)

naoll i luv you oppaa ...

your biggest fan! Yoo Seung-Ho , you are handsome,cool and cute!! I love all your dramas because of you!! I waiting for your new dramas and films :) I love you ^^

sarah seung-ho i luv you (ll) ...

Jordan Seung-Ho you are the most handsome and cool actor i have ever seen ! Saranghae oppa ! <3

Maybelline Please be careful always...accidents do happen and we dont want something bad happend to you!!!!! Take care...you still have a long way to go!!!!!!!!

SEila Oppa I love UUU

julie he is handsome......talented...n....i do love him.....

indonesian hai same age!!! hahahaha do your best ya, your acting is pretty cool, but some of my friends said that you copy a lee min ho style a bit, hahaha that is their opinion, but just do what you thinks that right and just grow as a characteristic actor :D oh ya, send my great to uncle kim su-ro i'm his huge fan :) i hope you'll have a twitter account :) do your best in acting and study :) fighting!!!

Lia Atiqah Do you think he is like Choi Min Ho SHINee? I think so.

joyce love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u

joyce u...with a special eye.... make me crazy......love u....so much.....

Bri Amazing in Flames of Desire!!!! Really good acting!!! And Loved you in 4th period!!!

malaygirl whoa.why am i getting so jealous with all these comments

jennilyn your so cut chin chu love you so much

nasrife 난 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 사랑해:))

Yunnie Annyong Seung Ho oppa :) I like your acting in the serial God of study there you are very handsome and cool I like your haircut when you play in the serial God of study

Will you come to Indonesia?

success for your career <3 hwaiting oppa :* Love Seung Ho oppa <3 :*

ellen 승호 오빠, U ARE MY FAVORITE ACTOR IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A FAVORITE ACTRESS!!! wow! u act like perfectly!!!!!!! i luv the stunts u did in hearty paws. it was an emotional movie and i loved it so much!!!!! i have a question. u know maeumi? as in hearty? is he still alive now in 2011 or is he dead?

Raluca Ce il tot iubiti voi atat pe yoo seung ho!pun pariu ca e un inganfat la fel ca multe alte vedete!!!

LaLA Seung ho oppa is so cute >w< Oppa Saranghae ~<3

thockchom priya i m damn crazy..ur luks,behaving nature,n evrything wat u r...u r awesomely good luking..i get flat afta u..i lost ma mind..

-comment- A new drama airing called Flames of Ambition sounded very interesting so I thought I could try it out.

My first impression of this boy [ep.1] was he's a real good actor for a very serious and enduring drama.

Hopefully he continues to keep the flames up in the upcoming episodes with Seo Woo.

Speaking of Seo Woo, they make a really sexy couple! [heheh]

summer ....i'm just hoping that YSH really reads all these messages....i really hope he does...^_^


VdGongJu haha...finally,I found a korean star who have the same birthdate as I do....!!!

안녕하세요,동생 님 !! 저는 1991 이야!! ㅎㅎ

Julia Mayer Sueng-ho Yu, just watched Hearty Paws this evening, and thought it was a fabulous film. I am living in Busan, and it was wonderful to see shots of my new hometown. I love Korean cinema, and I wish you all the best. If you ever get a chance to watch Mukhsin by Yasmin Ahmad ( Malaysian film director who passed away a year ago) you will know what I mean when I say that you remind me of the actor there, whose name is Sayafie.

meyraa sarangaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....mwaahhhh baekyeoon.. hehehe ^.^

Jasmine24 anyong!chowae! fighting!!!!! good luck!! :) ur the best!!wish you have a happy and blessed life!!

mary joylyn I love the drama master of study

mary joylyn belated happy b day to you

I wish you and pulip will "magkatuluyan"

mary joylyn i wish you more blessing come to you

mary joylyn your so cute, can you speak in english

i want to have more information about your self

angel happy happy b-day to you.. wishing you all the best.. enjoy this day.. longer life for you..

just call me akane Saeng-il chuka hamnida...


...God bless you..

...Hey??? are you a christian???...

marjzemz annyeonghaseyo.,.,.,.,.,juang mallo saranghamnida.,..,mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh♥♥

Algerienne girl hei i'm selma from Algeria and i love so much this actor (yu sung ho) and we are in Algeria love you .................and you are very cute 123 viva l'algeri

crizel always be yourself because the people who mind dont matter and the people who matter dont mind

cristina you are so cute........................ i love the way you smile................. i always watch queen seon deok..........................................................................

angel hello

good luck in everything u do..

more power..

pucca he is so cute in master of study as well as the other series that he had................... i hope to see you in personal one day................ hope to see more of you in a series as a main actor.................. go go go go go go.........

monique alam mo crush din kita kasi napakapogi mo tlaga kasi kapag nakaharap na kita mahuhulog na ang loob ko sayo i love u

loy ang cute mo daw sabi ng pinsan ko.....

just call me akane -_-

comment number 90




just call me akane nahh....many girls were going crazy at you... i dont want to be one of them...(nahhh..) what can i say?..(control mode)... [you are cute... nah..handsome..] but it will not work right...(control mode).. -_-...

tatch ..oh my!his still young but damn his so hot! i get really hocked when i first saw him in queen seon deok,,he really had this killer smile that melted my heart and since then i started to watch all the drama he had before,,i really wanna see him,..sobah!haha,,,my ideal man,,,wishin' yoo seung ho and go ah sung have a drama together..

rose annya seu i love you todo todo ............. muah .............. you know seung ho when i first saw you in queen seon deok i just realize you so handsome A N G P O G I M O............MUAHHHHHHH... I LOVE YOU

Dennis you look like my former schoolmate...

laura I really love you....... you're so nice guy and i love God of study and City of fathers ....

you're a wonderful actor and because of that


                          anniang hi ga se yo!!

조안 내가 정말 하나님을 연구의 사랑! 특히, 백 현과 pul IP의 사랑 이야기! 싸워라! 그것은 사랑


신의 축복이 있기

monique olmedo 안녕... soooooooooooooo 잘생긴... 필리핀 방문 올 수 희망을.... 코멘트 # 71 조이 말한다: 언제 내가 당신이 감탄해 여자 많은 2010년 4월 7일 오전 12시 17분 Hello, 난 깜짝 아니에요. 분명 당신의 귀여운... 난 당신의 잘생긴 뜻 때문에. 그리고 난 내 의견을 주의할 것이다 그러나 당신은 수 그랬으면 기대하지 않는다!

다른 여자 같은 나는 또한 당신이 감탄해 오전. (홍당무) 그렇고 내 이름을 monique olmedo, 하지만 내 친구가 날 monique, 때로는 nique 또는 닉 합니다. ... 당신보다 더 젊은 나는 정확하게 3 년.

난 그냥 당신이 개인적으로 내 의견의 당신을 위해 읽을 수 있는지 바라고 있어요. 있고 난 내 문자에 불구하고 당신이 당신의 일을 너무 바쁘지 응답할 수 있습니다.

또한 당신은 건강 및 자세한 보여주는 소원/계약 수 주어진 것입니다.

난 당신이 개인적으로 원하는 내가 안녕 나의 최고 일을 이제까지 될 것이라고 말할 수도 때문에 필리핀에서 여기에 올 수 바란다.

하지만 난 그것을 조건이... 그래서 좋은, 알고 개인적으로 참조하십시오 (희망) 그게 바로 내가 거기 한국에서 갈 계획이다. 난 때 잘 모르지만, 난 거기에 내가 당신을 위해 보이는 것입니다 그리고 때 나는 마침내 만나서..... 그 때 갈 것이다 확신합니다. 어쩌면 그것은 이제까지 나를 위해 최고의 날이 될거야!

난 정말 내 의견을 읽을 수 소원!!!!!! 누군가가 그 단어를 말할 때 당신이 그것을 내게 있었는지 것이다 그래서 (:-*)

난 그 모든 것 같아요? 내 의견을 읽고 낭비 당신의 소중한 시간 주셔서 감사.

전에 내가 잊지, ADVANCE 해피 생일 TO 당신이 또는 MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN SAIYO 필리핀!

ayeeennnn u da beeeeeessssssssssssssstttttttttttt ba baekyoon =b...

jelica saranghe!!!!!!!!!! i love watching queen seon deok!!!especially when i see you in tv i hope i see you in personal pls visit the phillipines!!!!!!!!!plssssssssss i'm ur no.1 here

Raluca Elena Hi, Yu Seung-ho!You're my favorite actor of Queen Seon Duk and wish you success and future filming.

Elena Hi, Yu Seung-hi! You're a wonderful actor!

mary97 i am born in 16 august . he is born in 17 august. cool!

seongho fan im very admire you...even bfore sleep i think of u...hehehe...but it just like a mirage that is a dream that never will come true...if i can meet you in person i think that will be the lucky day and moment in my life...you are so hansome and awesome

Hana I love Yu seongho... sarange.. ^_^ micha3!!

nova oppa sarangheo...

Jessa You're so cool. I'm just a simple person admiring you. Continue being cool. (*0*)

kath I watched you in hearty paws, but, I am still confuse.... Are there 2 people with the same name Yu Seung Ho in Korea? I have a friend who is very crazy with Yu Seung Ho, but I don't know is it you or not. When I show her your photo at hearty paws, she said that the boy she likes isn't you, but she said that she likes Yu Seung Ho. Are there 2 Korean actors with the same name Yu Seung Ho?

hanna hi ilove shall we meet love tlaga kita

ilove you very much

youre so


jhazel hi!! ang gwapo m talaga sobra type kita sure na talaga love kita

syiquEEn dear seongho ..

annyeong seongho !! i watched MASTER OF STUDY & i really like you personality at the movie .. hope you will always be the best !! all the best !!

saranghaeyo !!

syiquEEn annyeong seongho !! i watched MASTER OF STUDY & i really like you personality at the movie .. hope you will always be the best !! all the best !!

saranghaeyo !!

koreanfan hi..i really like you!!you are so cute and you are a such good actor....in episode 9 of master of study,did you really kissed ko aseong????i was very exited to see both of you like that!!!!anyway,do you have ever come to malaysia?if you dont you have to come.i hope i can see you in person....

IRA OWH my god!!!!!!so many people like you,and so many people say 'I LOVE YOU'to you!!!!!!:)you are so!!!lucky arh......^^I hope you will be understand my comment...hehehe^^I just joking lah:-).I also like you but just as a frieands only!!!you now what,my frieands liked you,and she always tell me that she like you,she make me crazy:(you now....OWH...my god:)

ira hello:)hai yu seung-ho.How are you????I hope you will find there okey....^^erm..i always see you at tv master of study..:)you now what you are so good and cool..and so many fans arh...:)you are so lucky^^.Owh...i hope you will reply my comment,if you can't it's okey,i now that your so busy right??just keep it up okey:)I hope you will add me as a your frieand:)this my email:ira201.winkystar@yahoo.com okey bye.....:)^^CHAIYOOK

xiis you{re really handsome i love so much his role al master of study ...

love yayayayayayy!!!!

now im gonna see the clue!!!! you rock!

LL im very like you acting in master of study...u r so adorable with that short hair...ur earing is so attractive...

seeya hai!!!! I really like your acting in 'Master of Study'.... I hope you will success always....

cHAIYOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! usaha tangga kejayaan!!! I believe you can do it...

someone Hey dear "several" peope who commented above. First of all I'd like to apologize by saying this. I really don't mean to offend you in any way, but I just need to say this.

Please, If you can't speak english well, Don't tell to the whole world that you can't Just keep it to yourself. Seriously, it's humiliating. Not only for yourself but also to the country that you stated in your comments. To be honest, I am one of the citizen of the most talked country stated above. It's embarrassing, guys :( Well, my english isn't good too, but at least it's not as worse as you. Again, I'm sorry n didn't mean to offend you in the first place. Thx fo for the attention.

And, I love Yu Seung Ho!!! :)

stb I saw u a couple times in korean movies and honestly, I was so shocked to see tht you're just my age. You are adorable and such a good actor.

And fyi, all indonesian celebrate your birthday here. Guess why? :p

Keep up the good work n God bless you, boy!

minhwa93 he's so handsome and cute!! saranghaeyo :)

Key♥Aiza Yah.....!!! Sunbae! How are u?? why dun u reply my masseges? its ok, then hahah..Oppa... Miss u..so cute!

fahni ryani Hi....... aishiteru yu seug ho.... hajimimashite....


hazel may wow,queen seon deok is really,really great, i bought a dvd copy just to watch it personally... its a great story even in the end is quite sad.. bidam is also a cute guy,and even yusin rang and alcheon rang,the four of you is all handsome... good job.chunchu

angel hi? i hope ur in a good condition.. more power..

keep safe..

mhar hi!!!

ur rili r so cute...

i like ur acting in QSD...

u portray ur role very well...

i love you...

van's master of study 15february2010 in kbs channel no. 353 indovision 8.00pm don't miss it

detective in 40 minutes, cool i'm already watched!

flynn hi,when you come to indonesia?

NUNUN Hansamu desune...

Geremii he looks so cute with jiyeon right?!(: and hes so cuteee.^____^

Lia Natalia Hansome handsome handsome. Cute cute cute. I love you. Play other films, please. I want to see you in every Korean film I see.

yogaefron hhmmmm... right.. you're a little boy who play on my fav. movie "the way home"...

i just known it.... though queen seondeok played in my country n saw u...

rirye i love you, so much. you are very cuute and handsome.

lee shin ki hii seung-ho ,, when you come to my country ?? i'm in here always waithing for you.....i love you're acting when in QSD , you're acting very perfect... don't forget to visit my country...

oppa saranghae...always success for you ^_^ .....

handa i love seung ho yu........you're so cute, i like you very much....

agnes cuncu is cool

maybe you're more cool than the real prince chuncu

mega i love u chuncu

         i love u 100 o/o 

      @_@, :-p, ;), :)
                                                                       saya mnt salam buat film the great queen seondeok ya bay .....

sekar haii pangeran chunchu yu are very handsome.. when you come to indonesia??? i very want yu come to here!!

A Lin Seung Ho............ you very 100x cute... eUumm,,, when you come in Indonesian??

lee shin ki i very very very love u... u're very handsome...u're so cool..always success for u..

chiyoko anyeoong...

I do love you...

not only handsome but also you are so so so cute..

you are 2 years younger than me..

nice to meet you here.. >.<

wuelan hy seung-ho yu you are very handsome i am very like you

hijy hi seong..

i'm fans you in indonesia

i like you as kim cuncu..


honey Helle??? i'am yoUr Fans froM indonsia i liKe yoU.......

Lisa Anneyong Haseo.....i'm you big fans,you are so cute and handsome.When come to Indonesia

Ruby Queen (Mira Ratu) ohh.....so handsome!!! saranghae yo !! ~_^!! 당신이보고 싶습니다!!! 감사합니다! 난 당신이 정말 좋아! 안녕히 가세요!!!!!


chayooooooo! 정신!

-ietha purpLecLIQuerz- .hi sunbae.... ..I want meet you..when you come to indonesia.. ..love you....

septi seoung...... I want meet you......! I HOPE YOU COME TO INDONESIA,this my country many fans you. "kamu sangat ganteng" (you very handsome)

Fia You Are so handsome.........and you are a great actor

niedha seung ho yu........ i want meet you.....xixixi

aiiu u is very handsone n sweet..... i like u very much...... i hope u can come in indonesian....

april your my kongbui.... kongbui of films and dramas.... because you i woa for shin...!!!

kamsahamnida my oppa....

oppa.seung ho yu....

unny peankk wa..w gk nyangka aslinya keren bgt ich lucu dech "seung-ho yu" ai shi teru

Carmel seung ho is love. :)) I've seen him in the drama sad love song & the legend. and saw many of his movies I totally had a crush on him for 5 years :)) hoping I could see him n personal :)) coz I'm really one of his fans seung ho OPPA! sarang hamnida!

nur luciana oh,gosh he so handsome,i want to meet with him although in my dreams

Vera I lOve U Too hwahwahwa.....

OVita wowww.. gantenkkk,, n masih mudaaa.. Love U, yu seung ho,, but I Still love kim nan gil(bi dam)

r-v WOW.............. GHANTENK SEKALEEEEE..........

natasya iskandar saranghae yoo seung ho ...................

mega bintang seung-ho yu salam ya buat semua pemain the great queen soen-doek terutama buat kmu and Eom Tae woong ok!!!!!!!!!!!

wili seong ho i love you

ganteng bnget kamu rambut pendek

Echa Widjaya Kim chun Sumpah I Love U, I Miss U, I Need U,etc. Andai xmu ke Indonesia,pngen dEch ktmu?cuTe bgtZz. . .

tyara hahaha cuma beda 1 tahun ternyata. berarti dia kakak senior gue

Ririn Azzura wow..handsomenya!!!

ageha u're so cute . ^^

Haruka annyong aseo oppa? i watched u in hearty paws&The greet queen seondeok! U very cool and handsomeee Oppa saranghaeee

tazinkyaw hi! I watched queen seondeok & u were very good in acting even u r very young. keep on going.

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