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  • Drama: Operation Proposal (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Pereopyojeu Daejakjeon
  • Hangul: 프러포즈 대작전
  • Director: Kim Woo-Sun
  • Writer: Yoon Ji-Ryeon
  • Network: CSTV
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: February 8, 2012 -- March 29, 2012
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Operation Proposal" tells the story of a Kang Bae-Ho (Yoo Seung-Ho) who travels back in time to protect his first love.

Baek-Ho (Yoo Seung-Ho) and Yi-Seul (Park Eun-Bin) have been best friends since they met first time at the age of 8. They attended the same elementary school, middle school and high school. After they graduated from college and went on to work in different fields, they have remained best friends. On February 14, 2012, Yi-Seul gets married to Jin-Won (Lee Hyeon-Jin), a high school baseball coach Baek-Ho played for. During the wedding, Baek-Ho is overcome with regret for never expressing his true feelings to Yi-Seul, even though he has had 20 years. Yi-Seul's mother then asks Baek-Ho to carry Yi-Seul's stuff to Jin-Won's car. While carrying the boxes, Baek-Ho drops a box and discovers a letter. The envelope is addressed to Baek-Ho from Yi-Seul. Baek-Ho slips the envelope into his jacket. After the wedding, Baek-Ho walks over to a nearby playground. Baek-Ho sits on a swing and begins to read the letter. The letter was written after they graduated from middle school. Yi-Seul writes that she felt Baek-Ho was a special person from the first time they met and she has liked him since. Baek-Ho feels is overcome with his emotions and wails uncontrollably.

A man (Kim Tae-Hoon) walks over and hands him a handkerchief. The man introduces himself as a "time coordinator". He states that he can control time and space. Baek-Ho, at first, thinks the guy is nuts, but with just a hand gesture the man makes everyone on the playground freeze. Baek-Ho asks the man what he wants from him and the man turns his questions around to ask, "more importantly, what do you want from me?" Baek-Ho tells the man that he wants to go back in time to change his present situation. The next moment, Baek-Ho finds himself in his room with the time conductor. The man gives him a small bottle of liquid and then he disappears. Baek-Ho looks at some old pictures taken with Ye-Seul and notices how sad she looks. He decides that he wants to make her happy. Baek-Ho then drinks the liquid ...


  1. "Operation Love" is a remake of the 2007 Fuji TV "Operation Love" (Puropozu dai sakusen).
  2. Park Eun-Bin sings track "Small Love Story" for the drama series OST. "Small Love Story" first appeared in ep.11, during Baek-Ho (Yoo Seung-Ho) and Yi-Seul's (Park Eun-Bin) date on Jeju Island.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Operation Love | Puropozu dai sakusen (Fuji TV / 2007)
    2. Operation Love Special | Proposal Daisakusen SP (Fuji TV / 2008)
    3. Operation Proposal | Pereopyojeu Daejakjeon (CSTV / 2012) *Korean remake


Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Yoo Seung-Ho.jpg Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Park Eun-Bin.jpg
Yoo Seung-Ho Park Eun-Bin
Kang Baek-Ho Ham Yi-Seul
Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Lee Hyeon-Jin.jpg Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Ko Gyung-Pyo.jpg Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Park Young-Seo.jpg Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Kim Ye-Won.jpg Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Lee Doo-Il.jpg
Lee Hyun-Jin Ko Gyung-Pyo Park Young-Seo Kim Ye-Won Lee Doo-Il
Kwon Jin-Won Song Chan-Wook Joo Tae-Nam Yoo Chae-Ri Jo Kook-Dae
Operation Love (Korean Drama)-Park Jin-Joo.jpg
Park Jin-Joo
Jo Jin-Joo

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Goo So cute, all of it *-*

koko first remake drama i was see can be better from original drama this drama best drama ever was watch

FAAJ Definitely in my TOP 10 K drama

FAAJ One of the best K Drama you'll come accross

Emily l like this because Yoo Seung Ho is there . No matter about the drama but its coz of Yoo Sueng i watched

Wow Yoo Sueng you are so cute ....:)

mimi I can so relate to this but irl theres no such thing as time machine |:

Rijouku Damn why was it so hard >n< Like seriously ?! He was so cute and sweet to her when he tried to fix everything and just BOM some misunderstanding comes ....and arghjlkdkh...though I would do the same like Ham Yi-Seul...we're similar ...but seriously?! P.s:. so~ great~ kdrama *u*

heeh Korean and remakes! seriously stop it [2]

jaal the drama was really good. i actually watched it because of Yoo Seung-Ho, i so love watching him. oh i so love his eyes! his thick eyebrows! his smile! (: oh like his style of clothes too. i hope he gets more projects so i could watch more of him... <3

kokojojoj Korean and remakes! seriously stop it

Tree good drama.. although at first you might think that it is boring but then when you continue watching this series you will get hook up and learn a lot.. also made me cry!! very touching drama and the friendship was amazing.. all of them are great. =) worth watching and nice ending. =)))

cl This drama is so frustrating to watch. The concept was good in the beginning. But then you start to get angry at how pathetic the main lead is. Such a wuss like him does not deserve to time travel.

Mikay GUYS. Watch the Japanese version, it is so much better.

hany who knows the name of song that Jin-ju sang for her second confession at ep 5?pls help me i want it

janram People! prepare your tissue, kleenex, handkerchief etc. This drama is just superb. You'll be in a roller-coaster ride of emotions while watching this. I balled tears, laughed hard got annoyed, felt loved, reminisce my past, and just felt good after seeing this drama. I was hooked on this by just seeing the first episode. It is so good that I finished the whole thing within a day. You may feel that it's dragging and you may get annoyed with the characters. But that's what's good about this drama. You must watch all of it in sequential order, because theres a certain buildup from beginning toward the end. Take my word for it that you'll enjoy this. I'm pretty good in judgement and I feel that this is one drama that didn't get alot of hype, even if it's SO GOOD!

Ronaldo Its a real great drama. I keep watching time travel drama for it's so amazing and exciting. Most of it are from Joseon dynasty but this one is kinda different because it's just from the past of modern person. The most touching moment of this drama is when Kang Baek Ho's confession over videocam was revealed on final episode. More projects to all the casts :-)

Jung Yoo Bin Who was the actress who played Jung Yoo Bin in episode 10? She's pretty and I liked her voice and character.

hershlag ..hmmm..this drama is like their reunion drama after The Story of the First King's Four Gods...nice to see them again together! <3

zone1 anyone here who knows the actress who play character of Jung Yoo Bin on episode 10?

Asle I watched this because of Yoo Seung Ho... although i felt that each episodes was very dragging and saddening every time he couldn't change the future... then i realize,,, those scenes were necessary to build up the lost memories....

i love the confession part.... i was watching it in a public place while waiting for my friend and suddenly i realized that i am crying... it was really touching.... it really shocked my friend and thought something happened to me...hahaha...

i felt bad too for coach... he is so sincere and i love his character too..

Good job to all the casts and crew.. i hope you all get good recognition...

Marge it's funny how koreans loves to make remakes of japanese films

Korakot Yoo Seung Ho did a great job !! He looks charming when he acts adult and still cute on his teenage role. Most important thing is the feeling that expressed from his eyes which I feel a bit disappointed from Park Eun Bin. Anyway, I still like it especially the ending part that recovers the audience's feeling satisfactorily.

Inzinga barge i love u asianwiki.com GOOD NIGHTIE

fixi this version is great too except i dont really like Yi-Seul character in the middle of the drama (i dont know but her reaction towards Baek Ho is just so-so and that sometimes makes me mad). But i like the ending (how Baek Ho got in the accident to reverse Yiseul death and resulted he lost his memory, but recovers it and propose Yiseul) just i prefer if Baek Ho declares his true feeling like Yamapi did in proposal daisakusen (live, face-to-face). What I like the most in this drama is the kissing scene haha.... it makes my hair stand up the way they projected the kiss scene - so deep (especially in the vacation house, it makes me believe they're so deep in love/ yeah if they're really 100% acting only that time without any feeling to each other they makes the great actor) despite their young experience. This is the best kissing scene in kdrama I ever watched (without the bed scene follows-up). hoping both of them will be reunite again in new romantic kdrama.

Ballsq this version was great too... park eun bin often acting together with yoo seung ho on their drama such as nawasawa masami and tomohisa yamashita did on their drama... they look so good together....

La La This version was pretty good! I loved the casting!! (especially, yoo seung ho <3) However, I still prefer the japanese version over this~ :'D

Toko Scanner Barcode This drama is quite impossible in real life, but I can take the lessons learned from this drama. so that everything we do should consider this carefully so that we do not regret ^^

Kenzou the japanese version is much better. i like park eun bin as much as i like masami nagasawa though. :D

jiyuu i think japan version is much better,,, if i'm still want to watch this drama, my reason is yoo seung ho

Shraffe Naqiuddin Seung ho is the main reason I watched this...

well, I'm curious on why Time Conductor helps him out. I mean, did he helped out other people like this as well? What if he just wanted to show that whatever you do, you can't really change the future (because you know, shit like this always been played)?

Argh, I need to clear up my mind from any speculation first...

intan kpop wow....i <3 this drama..... I prefer baek ho than coast ... I hope yi seul choose him... I dont like this ending if yi seul marriage with coast ...argghhhh i hate thiss... poor baek ho :'( this drama sometimes makes me angry because next episode .... I like yoo seung hoo and park eun bin to be couple,i hope in REAL LIFE :)

Ann OMG! This is amazing! Im watching this drama right now! And Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bi look so cute together! I hope they will go out in real life!

g-jae OMG... the 2 main character Yoo and Park has been together in two of my fave series before... Queen Seon deok and The first kings four gods... now i love them more....

Carmizzzle Om freaking g I love how his friend looks like pole from Flower Boy RAmen SHop

iah nice drama... yoon seung ho is so handsome.. he and park eun bin have such a great chemistry.. can't wait for episode 3 and 4 ^_^

Belle Just finished watching the first two episodes...& loved it! Yoo Seung Ho's performance once again surpasses expectations. He is very talented! ...& it's nice to see Park Eun Bin and YSH act together again...they have great chemistry.

Salie sooo excited!! 7days to go!!

Luki Seriously gonna watch this!!! I'm a die-hard fan for the japanese version, hope this one's gonna be just as good, if not better xD really satisfied with the casting ^___^

blue finally!!!! been waiting for this since november as soon as I found out Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the lead role.... i'm so excited... can't wait for february already.. :D

chris wow!! SOS by ABBA , my favorite pop group

by the way, OMG!! i can't believe that Propose Daisakusen will have remake of korea!! >.< kinda disappointed though interesting to watch it..hopefully they surpass the original but i hope not haha xD

Habin Oh this'll be the first drama which Eun Bin is a leading actress. She's been supporting cast all the time. I really like her when she was small.

Mary So happy that Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin are going to act with each other! I've been dying to see just them together in a drama/movie and now that's finally come true! They look SO good together. Totally going to watch this drama no matter what. One of my favorite couples:))

dianne park eun bin and yoo seung ho is the best couple for me love love,....

dianne oh i wish park eun bin is her leading lady on operation love pleazzzzzzzzzzz....pleazzz

SuperKorean13 OhMyGosh.. Yoo Seung Ho.. I love it.. I love it.. I really Love It.. I will wait For it.. Make it fast.. :))

jenny omg seriously?!?! shit yes!!! yoo seung ho is soooo awesome!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes!!

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