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  • Drama: The Great Queen Seondeok
  • Revised romanization: Seondeok Yeowang
  • Hangul: 선덕여왕
  • Director: Park Hong-Kyun, Kim Keun-Hong
  • Writer: Kim Young-Hyun, Park Sang-Yeon
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 62
  • Release Date: May 25 - December 22, 2009
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Deokman (Queen Seondeok’s childhood name) was born a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Chonmyong to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. But Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


  1. Based on the life of Queen Seondeok of Silla (ruled 632-647).
  2. Due to extremely high television ratings "The Great Queen Seondeok" has been expanded from 50 episodes to 62 episodes.


Seondeok-Yo won Lee1.jpg Seondeok-Hyeon-jeong Ko.jpg Seondeok-Ye-jin Park.jpg Seondeok-Tae-woong Eom.jpg Seondeok-Nam-kil Kim.jpg Seondeok-Yu-seon Yun.jpg
Lee Yo-Won Ko Hyun-Jung Park Yeh-Jin Uhm Tae-Woong Kim Nam-Gil Yun Yoo-Sun
Queen Seondeok Mi-Sil Princess Cheon-Myeong Kim Yu-Sin Bi-Dam Ma-Ya
Seondeok-Shin-gu.jpg Seondeok-Yeong-hie Seo.jpg Seondeok-Lee-seong Do.jpg Seondeok-Seung-ho Yu.jpg Seondeok-No-min Jeon.jpg Seondeok-Woong-in Jeong.jpg
Shin Goo Seo Young-Hee In Gyo-Jin Yu Seung-Ho Jeon No-Min Jung Woong-In
Eul-Jae So-Hwa Kim Yong-Chun Kim Chun-Chu Cheol Won-Rang Mi-Saeng
Seondeok-Kil-kang Ahn.jpg Seondeok-Jeong-hyeon Kim.jpg Seondeok-Ok-suk Song.jpg Seondeok-Ho-bin Jeong.jpg Seondeok-Yeong-jae Dokgo.jpg Seondeok-Min-gi Jo.jpg
Ahn Kil-Kang Kim Jung-Hyun Song Ok-Suk Jung Ho-Bin Dok Ko Yeong Jae Jo Min-Gi
Chil-Sook Ha-Jong Se-Ri Mun-No Se-Jong King Jin Pyeong
Great Queen Seondeok-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg Great queen seondeok-Lim Ye-Jin.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Lee Mun-Shik.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Lim Ho.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Lee Sun-Jae.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Park Jeong-Cheol.jpg
Jeong Seong-Mo Lim Ye-Jin Lee Moon-Sik Lim Ho Lee Soon-Jae Park Jung-Chul
Kim Seo-Hyeon Man-Myeong Juk-bang King Jinji King Jin-heung Kim Yong-su
Great Queen Seondeok-Nam Ji-Hyeon.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Shin Se-Kyeong.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Lee Hyeon-Woo.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Baek Jeong-Min.jpg Great Queen Seondeok-Park Su-Jin.jpg
Nam Ji-Hyun Shin Se-Kyung Lee Hyun-Woo Baek Jeong-Min Park Soo-Jin
Princess Deokman (teen) Princess Cheon-myeong (teen) Kim Yu-sin (teen) King Jin Pyeong (teen) Ma-ya (young adult)
The Great Queen Seondeok-Baek Do-Bin.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Joo Sang-Wook.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Mun Ji-Yun.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Kang Sung-Pil.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Ryu Dam.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Jeong Hyo-Keun.jpg
Baek Do-Bin Joo Sang-Wook Moon Ji-Yoon Kang Sung-Pil Ryu Dam Jeong Hyo-Keun
Bo-Jong Wol-Ya Shi-Yul San-Tak Ko-Do Sul-Ji
The Great Queen Seondeok-Jeon Young-Bin.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Kim Dong-Soo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Park Yeong-Seo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Ko Yun-Hoo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Hong Kyoung-In.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Seo Dong-Won.jpg
Jeon Young-Bin Kim Dong-Soo Park Young-Seo Ko Yun-Hoo Hong Kyung-In Seo Dong-Won
Gok Sa-Hoon Hyup-Sung Dae-Poong Ho-Jae Suk-Poom Duk-Choong
The Great Queen Seondeok-Lee Seung-Hyo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Jang Hee-Woon.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Lee Sang-Hyun.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Kang Ji-Hoo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Choi Sung-Jo.jpg The Great Queen Seondeok-Kim Dong-Hee.jpg
Lee Seung-Hyo Jang Hee-Woong Lee Sang-Hyun Kang Ji-Hoo Choi Sung-Jo Kim Dong-Hee
Al-Chun Park-Wie Pil-Tan Im-Jong Sun-Yul Wang-Yoon
The Great Queen Seondeok-Ryu Sang-Wook.jpg
Ryu Sang-Wook
Dae Nam-Bo

Additional Cast Members:



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Odd Still no Korean Drama even came close.

Rainbow Fish This is the best series even better than Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the Sopranos put together. There are so many philosophical and historical themes in this show. The story is intricate, intelligent and well thought out. The actors are great and the sets and costumes were great. It's a highly addictive show. Nothing beats a good Sageuk!

azzil still the best korean drama ever!

Aline Cote Fabulous film, I want to know more about the Korea's ancient history.

Beth, Atlanta, GA I've been 'marathoning' this fantastic series and am now at Ep 36. It's fantastic - costumes, music, acting, historical accuracy, scenery .... I'd enjoy learning more about the music - who are the composers, performers, etc. I joked the other day with a friend that I should be able to understand Korean now after watching so many hours of it with the subtitles.

My kudos to producers, directors, cast, etc.!!

vivian hobson This is the best series that I have ever watched. I watched it twice, in fact. The costumes were dazzling, the music was hypnotic, the characters were tremendous. I think I'll watch it again!!!

bestoria the story is very good the cast is superb but it is very difficult to understand but amazing drama

Gary Watkins Gary (NYC, US) This is without a doubt, one of the best TV series ever produced. In addition to the really good acting and script writing all around, although the story here is somewhat fictionalized, you also have to take into account the actual context of the historical record of Shamanism and Buddhism during this period in Silla and its affect on these actual historical figures, which is presented ac-curately in the way Mi-Sil, Seondeok, Yu-Sin, and Bi-Dam, say what they say in their personal feeling for each other, as well as for the Unification of the Three Kingdoms, which actually hap-pened shortly after Queen Seondeok's death. Therefore the outcome, as presented here, for Mi-Sil, Seondeok, Yu-Sin and Bi-Dam, is their fate in their historical struggle for the "Unification of the Three Kingdoms.

ed palahang Superb from beginning to the very end. Life and times of the dynasties caste system was portrayed amazingly in each episode. And the focus of the greater good was always the theme for each episode. Like a best seller this one will be looked at many times over.

Eugene One of the best MBC historical dramas after Jumong! How many times I've been re-watching this drama? I can't recall. Bidam Deokman! I love them so much. They are the main reason every time I start watching it. I hope Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yo can collaborate again in the future.

Francis I liked the way Bidam was fighting (likewise Munno) however, as the movie continued, following Misil's people was disheartening to the Queen and so, its a moral lesson for all of us in the world not to trust too much.

Andre Not bad.Especially liked the performances of Mishil and Bidam, Unfortunately, the two leads were both badly cast and had absolutely no chemistry at all.

Rose I loved this drama so much especially mi sil

Alaiza this drama made me more curious about korean history. the director is splendid in doing such a hard work in this drama. korean history is indeed amazing. I like watching and watching it again and again, and I really like most is hwarang Kim Alcheon. I couldn't sleep just to watch the whole drama. every after 4 years I watch this and remember how fun I am in this drama. I was looking for it's continuation the king's dream butit has not english subtitle. I hope they will but a subtitle foo other people can watch it.

Alyxandrel This drama is very, super, superb!!!! of all dramas (history/melodramatic) i have watched, this is the most recommended one!!!! you won't regret watching it, though it's quiet long, still worth watching!!! actors and actresses have done a great acting!!! there are so many unexpected twists and the ending, mygaaaaah~ daebak even though t'was heartbreaking (ooopppps spoiler) you may learn a lot of lesson in life. you should watch it guys! =)))))

Mahdi Hekmatipour 1:Deokman,She was in love with yushin,bidam,alcheon(she wanted once to have a drink with him) or Li si-min,what a great lover.2:some of her actions aren't suit for a ruler.3:and mishil at her death was near 80 years old,but she looks like 35-40 years old.

Mahdi Hekmatipour this drama shows kim yushin,seondeok, thay had a true manly manner,but how is it that they always borrow something from middle kingdoms?(sui,tang)Goguryeo defeated armies with 1,200,000,1,000,000,... strength.but silla always begging them for some help,how pathetic silla rulers were.they call The Great General Yeon Gae So mun a merciless,a tyrant,but i think in many aspects he was better than most of silla rulers(he had many wrongdoings also).how pathetic that tiny territory that was half of today south korea,had so many rulers,so called your majesty!!!I wish oneday a government comes in iran and act like koreans,produce dramas about Cysus The Great,Darius I The Great(achaemenid emperors who ruled 4 corners of the world) or Nadir Shah of Afsharid dynasty as examples(Nadir was ruling in my hometown and his Statue is like general gye baek Statue) .i pray to see those dramas someday.

mena Great story,great actor,daebakkkk,espesially my bidame

r u fishing Loving it. Best series I've seen in a long time Keeps you guessing. Characters are great.

Randy Hayes Great series, presently enjoying it very much!!

Rosemarie Cola Just want to let all the Korean people who have relatives on that overturned ferry, that our thoughts and prays are with you.(Don't know where else to post this, if it isn't proper, please know that no disrespect is intended.

Mahdi Hekmatipour I watched this drama on 5 straight days.for the last years i haven't watched a drama related to Silla.but at last i decied to watch this one(waht a hard decision)very well made,great story,whith harmony,absoloutely,best fit music,but As a persian who loves Persian Achaemenids emperors like Cyrus The Great,Darius I The Great,...i'm very interested in korea and their history,but honestly i have to ask,the great queen seondeok?the great taejong muyeol?and so Munmo?are you kidding me?The only korean king who really deserves to be named great king,supreme king,is King Gwanggaeto The Great who unified peninsula and advanced toward The kingdoms at central plains,i love him and his legacy,really i like to go one day in china(old gungnaeseong) and if possible in pyongyang and then seoul to pay respects for his achievements.after him sejong of joseon for his cultural achievements,and then Wang Guhn of Goryo who unified Three kingdoms without foreign aid,all on his own.of course many good kings named in korean history were good king.silla was nothing but a very submissive state to chinese kingdoms.sold their people to gain a name,but it was an empty shell.excuse me but this is my idea.i hope one day come that there isn't north and south,but a unified korea.i love the name of korea as it comes from Goguryeo.silla was small and its kings were small-minded(there's exception of course...),but Gogureyo dreamed bigger.i remember when i was watching Dae Jo Young drama,how much i cried when goguryeo fell to Tang-Silla-Khitan you all

Rosemarie G Cola Just finished watching the last scenes. Really a great series. Wont give away spoilers, but we sure did enjoy it. We hope to find more show/films that these wonderful actors can be seen.Best of luck in the future to all involved.

Rosemarie G Cola Love this series!. Both my husband and I made it a nightly thing. We are now up to the last show and we almost don't want to know what happens since then we will know who lives and who dies and we have this strange attachment to many of these characters. It will be a said day when we do get to watch that show. And also then what do we what? We are two white middle age folks that live in NJ and have really no attachment to South Korea, but know that we have been watching all these films on Netflix, we what everything that has to do with that country. Even the current news. If anyone has ideas as to what we should try next, please reply!( but it must be shown on either Netflix or Amazon. Thanks very much.

ashani upeksha I'm still watching ep 15>>>>>>>>fantastic & wonderful drama++++++++++++++I like ALCHUN &queen seon duk most>>>>>>>>>100%*************************princess Cheonmyeong adult and teen both actresses are pretty>>99%

sarachalz this is the best drama ever i love it like real chukae all of actors and actress involve in this amazing drama

France The best I have ever seen, dedicated actors. Love Kim Nam -Gil and Lee Yo Won inter- acting together. Wishing the best for all who participated in this amazing drama, especially KimNam Gil.

ophie_vhy The amazing story..... :-)

Ethel I am not very interested in historical dramas but I guess I will have to watch this drama because it has Lee Yo Won. She was perfect in 49 Days and Empire of Gold.

jules One of the best sageuk drama I've seen. All the casts are superb actors and actresses especially Ko Hyun Jung. Love her so much.

phantom I miss Mishil soooo much

Nicole I was completely addicted to this show, think I've lost at least a month of sleep. But seriously, why wasn't there a season 2. Bidam was my favorite until he got all crazy...

Angela Baumgart I have read some of the comments I totally agree. This has been a Godsend as it takes me out of my world for awhile. Everyone does such an extraordinary acting job. I like the communication thru the facial expressions. I can not come up with the words to express how much I have enjoyed this series. I enjoy looking at the beautiful people in this and watching the martial arts. Kim Nam-Gil Uhm Tae Woong Lee Seing-Hyo are my three faves love to watch them I would have to say Bidam is the one I can relate to most. LeeYo-Won and JukbangHyup-Sung also do a superb job. HAve the actors and actresses won awards in Korea like the academys here? I would love to see them on a talk show or find out a little more about who they are in real life. If not ...thank you to the writers the director the producers for doing a superb job. Angela

Christine This is a fantastic dramatic series, the best I have seen on TV or in the movies. There is a sensitivity, thoughtfulness and power of humanity here that cannot be found in Western media entertainment. We shall expect great things from Korea!!!!

Frank I found this show on Netflix. I'm not Korean, but I have to say that this is the best TV series I've seen in my life--and I'm over 50 years old. The producers/actors of this show did a fantastic job.

Stephen Weber ecently I finished watching all 62 parts of of the historical drama "The Great Queen of Seondeok". on Netflix.... I totally recommend it as probably the best production I've ever seen in my entire life.. It's in Korean but has English captioning ... I give/ rate it ***** (5 stars)!!!! This isn't the first Korean drama I've watched and definitely won't be the last... I can't get this one off of my mind though.... American film makers, writers, and producers could learn a lot from their Korean counterparts...I'm definitely going to watch it again....Would love some kind of sequel...

Nana I love this drama so so so much. There is no other historical/political drama that pulled me in like this one. I have a love hate relationship with all the leads and even the evil Mishil is a much loved character. Also through this drama i found the ultimate fantasy crush, Alcheon. I just love him so so so much can't even stop loving him eventhough I already finished this drama for the 3rd time. I plan on watching it again and again and I still wont be tired of it. Awesome storyline and acting 100/100

Elizabeth Orosz Loved the series and enjoyed listening to the actors.The sets and costumes are spectacular. Love to see the series based on the life of Kim Chun Chu.

Sainimere I am soo obsessed with this drama series I love the way the actors and actresses do the acting and all that stuff but what I find amazing A WOMAN KING what a awesome drama!!

zachariaaloyce its a wonderfull drama...!!!-

anny these movie is so amazing! mishil is good in acting... very intersting!!

sandra Love love this drama, the characters were awesome!!!!

marykiritta i really love bidam and the great queen

andang i am watching this for the second time and it still amazes me. I am a fan of LYW esp in 49days, surgeon bong dal hee, empire of gold, perfect number and many others. she has the face, the body and the voice to carry out any role and blends well with her leading man. mishil is a good choice because of her looks but not so in her other films. QSD is a great historical drama, the costumes, furnitures, structures, cinematography, dialogues as subbed in english though i noticed the last part was not as good anymore. the actors are great, seon duk, wolya, mishil and cohorts, yushin and parents, the old people and others. there is a bit of comedy but done in good taste. there are flaws like the soldiers lack of skill but we really do not know the quality of training they had back then. it is a series that will not be easily forgotten. the stars and production staff must be proud for having done a masterpiece. thank you and more power.

Merina Toromon gone mad about this movie..hhahahah !!!!! i really love it and im enjoying my time watchin it <3

Kim shy rye I totally love this drama♡♡♡♡ for those that haven't watched it Watch it now!!!!!!! (The only thing that bothered me every single episode was that all the great warriors never notice that were being tailed when it was so obvious duhh!! (director's mistake)

Jeanne Querol I absolutely love this drama and now I'm rewatching this

tsillah Hello ,I am Nigerian. I have watched a few Korean movies like kingdom of the wind,Dong yi , jewel in the palace,Queen of shillA. etc and I absolutely love them.In queen of shillA ,you have potential great actors and actresses,mishil ;doekman ,bidam ,yushin ,chunchun etc. However MISHIL is a Great actress ,her role as a formidable adversary of Doekman is not easy and she acted it so well ! ::::::: I believe S.Korea is the next country to watch in film making after India

bollywood  and Nigeria Nollywood.And Lady  Mishil (Go Hyun Jung ) may yet turn out to be as great as  our Geneveive  in Nollywood  Nigeria .

cherry This is great!!! I am watching it the second time around through NETFlix. Its 62 episodes through NETFLIX with subtitle in english. GREAT Talents for everyone KUDOS TO EVERYONE ON SUCH EXCELLENT HISTORICAL TV SHOW OF KOREAN HISTORY.. Looking forward and hoping more to come.

Wilson omg omg omg ! this is like bloodly amazing! i can see why they have high ratings every week ! ITS SO GOOD ! Im watching is this cantonese dubbed, which does help me understand better rather then reading the sub and not concentrating on the drama . I was in doubt with its long episode, and having them to convert into a hongkong tv station, its actually 81 episodes for me. THAT made me even not wanting to go through with it....I WAS GLAD I DID GO AND WATCH IT!


Huong Please tell me how many episodes in total? I am so confused with vol 1, vol 2...and some was from 2009, some was 2010.

In, there even one posted from 1 - 80....

I would like to find where this movie is to watch it. I watched it from Netflix with English subtitle but it was not as good. thanks.


SEM Hey! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good information you’ve gotten right here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

janey OMG i love this movie,i love bidam and deokman so much

Letisha I got hooked with Korean drama after watching Jumong, Dong Yi, and The Princess Man. The actress who played Deukman pales in comparison with the actresses who played the lead roles in the 3 aforementioned dramas. Episodes 1 to 15 are boring and should be cut into 2. It's hard to believe that only one person learned about Deukman's sex after she had near death experience during the battle; she lived in the military barracks where there's no private bathroom; she was arrested, interrogated, and beaten up (writer could have gotten away with it with the right script). The last half of the drama is quite good but the ending where Bidam performed an incredible feat of martial arts against the heavily armed soldiers in formation is not only unconvincing but a total fantasy (could be ok if the fighting did not last too long). The actor who played Bidam has good stage presence but he and Deukman need to polish their acting skill.

Adam I just finished watching the last episode (62) on Netflix and I am totally amazed at the director's skill, the scriptwriter's talent, and the subtlety of role playing amongst the Korean actors. It takes a lot of inventiveness to fill sixty-two episodes but the finale is just splendid. Not a feel-good ending, totally unexpected, and most certainly so well played it leaves you in tears. The mystical dimension to the story's ending is unmistakable.

Tracey I finished watching this movie 2 days ago and i absolutely loveee it ! It's the best movie everr and i love the characters Princess Deokman and Bidam !!! Bideok forever <3 Mishil and Yushin was great too ! the ending made me cry sooooo much !!! It sucks that the both characters die at the end and i kept crying til the movie was over !!! Bidam is so cuteeeeee and hot !!!

Carliss Not many movies, especially not TV show movies, move me to tears. I am fairly romantic, but this show brought back out some strong emotions that I thought had died a long time ago. I watched it first on Netfix, and I'm watching it over and over again. There is so much to miss by viewing it only once. If I were not an older adult who has seen how the human thought, and condition can take many different directions, I may not have been affected so strongly, but I see some issues that can still relate to people today. Politically, psychologically, and economically. I am astounded at how human history continues to make the same mistakes. Still, I am very relieved that a lot of old traditions, and mind-sets have advanced to a bit more humane level. On a different note: I would love to have just a quarter of the "MoJo" that Mishil had over the males in her life. I would not need to be queen, just reasonably happy, grateful, and content. This is a Super Great show.

atit I want to watch episodes of the great queen soendoek beginning to the last place where no one knows?

maniaku manuel i link the part Deokman used to astry mi sil that moon eclipse is going to occure

maniaku manuel it is a fantastic movie i have ever watched

Hana Ooh i will never forget these historical drama.. Bideok forever :)

Andreea I like the story,the acting,the scenes,the music,.Queen Seondeok Historical Drama has one of the most beautiful OST (^ . ^).It definitely worth watching!

samwel bidameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........meeen i will never 4get him i will call my son bidam n mary a chinese chick so that my son 2 resemble bidamee

barraq sirlum alcantara hi am from tanzania i like very much this movie except when lord bidam and queen seondeok die this two are the best couple and my best character are lady mishil lord bidam queen seondeok i wish i will see you if god wishes

alya Most epic drama ever seen! I've been looking a true history like this....

Cici I have just finished watching this movie for the second time mostly because of Kim Nam Gil. What a powerful force on screen! Stay safe, healthy and come back to us soon, Nam Gil. You have such a gift and you took this movie over the top. Ko Hyun Jung was outstanding too.

krissesalvatore Lee Yo Won is such a great actress. Being The Great Queen Seon Deok does sure fits her pretty well. Very good in dramas, especially the part where her sister died in a cave. I love the story even though it ended bitterly. All the cast was also superb. Mishil is sure one hell of a great and intelligent enemy. More power and God bless :)

golesi helo iam from Tanzania. I real like Korean drama. Especially this one. I think when i get my first son, i shall name him 'WOLYA' because of the way he acted in this drama. Godbless you WOLYA!

Jae @ gasper nyundo

I also watched Jumong. It was a great serious. The poor guy went through a lot and it is sad he dies a relatively young age because of injury caused illnesses.

Jae @ KimNaNa

Misil said the rightful owner of her death warrant was Bidam because he is her son. She wanted him to have it so that in the future no one could use it against him, but he could use it against her. She was proud that he didn't hand it over and also by the fact he said he would use it against her.

Yushin said that all he had would be the queen's because he was devoting his life to her as a subject of Silla. Bidam said that all that was the princess's would be his because he had planned on marrying her. Bidam had been in love with her for a long time and was waiting to be acknowledged and have his love returned. He would do anything to make that happen.

Jae I like this series a lot. Except for 3 things. 1) Everyone misunderstands Bidam, which leads to his untimely death. 2) No one ever saw the kindness Misil had, like for her son and the princess turned queen. 3) The story isn't accurate compared to the actual history.

My favorite character was Bidam. The poor guy gets abandoned by both his parents (Jinji & Misil) then given the cold shoulder by Munno who does nothing to help him understand what he did wrong. After all the trouble he goes through (giving up all of his dreams - which were put into his head by Munno then his uncle, being misundertood, being framed, etc) for the sake of love, the guy gets killed.

I also like Chilsook and Cheol. Both were great fighters and devoted to Misil for different reasons, undeniably loyal to the very end.

said salehe i like the way yusin act &lee-yo won.i would like to hav electronic copyb of it ,can u help me.

lily hey! does anybody know ab movie Seon deok releasing in august of this year? ive read in wikipedia its going to be an international one :)

myrna I love this drama a lot but i wish till the end Lee Yo-Won and Kim Nam-Gil together at the very end. I'm very sad and upset why he had to died. I'm love and hope the director will give you another movie a love story this time. We love you guys hope to see you soon.

makwenda p for time i have been watching korean dramas, and more interesting movies have been released but all in all, the great queen seondeok, but deokman and misil have been my most best actresses till now, and i cant wait to see the end of the movie, waitn for wednesday to watch episode 11, and wow to the production crew and all actors and actresses

Himid Wow! Am in Tanzania and am watching the great queen seon deok, the drama is real amaizing and very interesting. Though am in episode 4, i can feel the best of it on the last 58 episodes. I am the fun of korean drama, and this is the best. Misil the strong woman and without forgetting deokman, a great person and wonderful one. Big up to all who make this drama the great queen seon deok


alamakadeus Hated Ko Hyun-Jung not because of her character Mishii, but her awful acting – always deadpan, spaced-out.


peste wow... irealy love mishil...she is so gorgeous

f Mishil is so clever...she is more suited to rule Silla than Deokman.

mahoo i hate dokman at this drama...lady mishil is so0o0o0 great actress but dokman...

KimNaNa I love this drama ! This is the best kdrama I've ever seen ! But I didn't understand 2 things. Bidam got the task from former king, which is to kill Mishil and Mishil said, that this task got to the right person. Why wanted Mishil to let Bidam know this ? And the other thing is the day Doekman was announced to be the queen. And Yushin said he'll be loyal and Bidam said that he'll take everything from her ? Why ? Is he mad, because his mom died or what ?

ali hi ko hyun jung you PROVER yourself in queen seonduk…………. ur realy a great actreess ko hyun jung(mishil)....nice... perfect...wonderful


ali hi ko hyun jung you PROVER yourself in queen seonduk............. ur realy a great actreess ko hyun jung(mishil)

maziar_2 hi my lady...lady mishil your are the best

Feihu This is without a doubt, one of the top ten mini-series of all time, world wide. The acting is superb, the direction, stunning and the camera work is some of the best ever seen. It belongs in a class with films like "Jumong" (MBC), "I Claudius" (BBC), "Miyamoto Musashi " (NHK). The cast is absolutly great. Of course Ko Hyun-Jung is a veteran actress who never fails to impress you. "Woman on the Beach", "Sandglass" and more current "HIT" are all showcase pieces for this amazing talent. This is the first time I have seen her in a period or historical drama. She fills the role to perfection. It is also the first time I have seen her as a villain type role. Absolutely fantastic.

More surprising yet is the work of Lee Yo-Won as Queen Seondeok.I have only see this actress in modern roles. This role of Deokman would be a challenge for anyone and she is magnificent. Historical roles demand much from an actor and she gives it her all.

Among the male actors I really liked the performance of Ahn Kil-Kang as Chil-Sook. The combination of Lee Mun- Shik as Juk-bang and Ryu Dam as Ko-Do is hilarious as well as memorable. They are reminiscent of the characters, Tahei and Matashichi, in Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" and give a lightening up effect to the otherwise very serious atmosphere of the film. I should also mention the role of the young Deokman played by a very young and talented actress, Nam Ji-Hyn whom I am sure we shall soon hear more of.

It certainly would be nice to see Ko Hyun-Jung be featured in some international productions. She certainly has the talent. And as to her beauty there few in Hollywood or in Europe who can match hers. It is not far fetched to see East Asian movie stars in Hollywood or in European productions. A perfect example is Liu Yi-Fei (Return of the Condor Heroes) who stared in the American production "The Forbidden Kingdom".

As far as the historical content of the film is concerned it is a matter of record that Bi-Dam was, in real life, a far bigger threat to Deokman than was Misil. As a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the onset of Deokman's reign. Bi-Dam lead an insurrection against Deokman under the banner of :"Women rulers cannot rule the country". He and his followers were put down and executed however Deokman died a few weeks before the execution took place.

mahoo i love ko hyun jung as mishil <3

MAH_SA the name of this drama should be the great of queen mishil :) ..... anyway i love her acthing.... so0o0o amazing ...realy realy wonderful

mona most beautiful queen in korea just( LADY MISHIL)

mahoo mishil....mishil ....mishil.....fighting my korean actress always

Hesperdan Definitely one of the greatest. I love this show.

Glenn Standiford Loved the show. Can someone tell me the singer that did the theme and the name of the song? Thx, GS

lhanie argueza i really love this movie. i learned so much from this especially in making priorities in life... sadly, bidam my love died, how i wish deokman had a happy ending but they both suffered at the end... it is so tragic that i cant stop crying whenever i watch this movie even i already watch it many times. i dont care lack of sleep at times because of this movie. i pity bidam...i will always love him!

sarah good gosh. honestly how can you ever compare bidam with mishil? mishil was cruel and cold hearted but bidam was kind and caring and was willing to love. he was just desperate for love. his mother's love, his teacher's love and at the end dukman's love. he helped dukman without even knowing who she was. he left the books he cared about so much to save his teacher's life? how can be it like mishil? a woman who abandoned her own child to get what she wanted.there's this part where he says: mother now I'm going to give without wanting anything in return. I suppose this is not like mishil either. besides he never actually did anything against dukman. and when you say dukman didn't love bidam she just got comfort from him, could you be nice enough to explaine what does love mean in your dictionary? because in my opinion that is what love is about. being yourself and at ease. I loved yushin he was kind and very loyal but let's be honest when time passes by feelings will change. if you like yushin just say you like yushin. but the whole Idea of this drama was to show a lonely scared person who wanted to be a good person and wanted to be accepted and loved. ( just my opinion, peace with you all)

tracy allen Hi, I am an african-american from Houston, Texas, and I absolutely love this show. The characters are excellent. Props in order of greatest performances: Misil, Queen seondeok,bidam,yushin,alchun, Munno, Jilsuk and just everyone. Everything about this show captured my attention. I tell my husband that Yushin is my boyfriend. Props to the creators. A very well rounded show, action, drama, humor very well done. More, More, More. I will probably have withdrawal symptoms, now that I'm done. Definately a yearly watch for me. Man I need more.

Lilian Help! I'm so addicted. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I watched till Episode 5 and went to sleep. When I tried to continue watching the next day, I couldn't ..keep getting error. Can someone give me the name of a site where I can watch it?

frenki hay there... i'm from Indonesia. well, i saw this movies from the first to the end. hm...Bidam ambition really stab him from behind. from my oponion, they're loving each other ( bidam and deokman ), but, their condition made it worse. Bidam didn't trust deokman, but Deokman really trust him to the end.

i'm really so for yu-shin

crap. they should make another movie if Bidam and Deokman reincarnated.

hey, about the war scene...what dazling one.they really made a great war scheme.

Lilis Hi ^_^ I'm Lilis... I'm really really like this... I love this story... I want to cry, at I'm watching this... I think, this sorry sad ending... I was very touched to see this....

  • The Great Queen Seondeok*

Jono Hi. I am a Kiwi and live in Christchurch NZ. We have a channel called 'Voice TV' here. The channel plays 'Queen Seondeok', 'Emperor of the Sea' and 'Wind of the Palace'. They are all excellent, but my favorite is Queen Seondeok. I do not speak Korean, but Voice TV has very good subtitles. I am addicted to all of these amazing programs! Some of the best historical programs I have ever seen!:)

Jay my favorite villain ever. MI-SHIL! I love it when she uses "HEAVEN's WILL"

dman I love shin-deok


han I LOVE BIDAM! Just found out his name means sad story. Wow. Overmore cause he existed in history.

Jenny I watched this drama several times....I love the story and the actors yu-sin and bi-dam especially queen seondeok!

Tom F in NJ I can't believe nobody commented on the battle scenes

They were epic and exciting with just enough blood. I love the old school weapons - swords, spears, bows and arrows, crossbows, even the siege warfare ones like the catapult and battering ram

They fight/battle scenes on this show rival those of other great shows I've watched - Dae JoYoung and The Immortal Yi Soon Shin

Jilsuk, Bidam, and Munno were all awesome and the part in the final episode where Bidam is trying to fight his way to see Deokman/Seondeok was insane. He must've killed 100+ of Yusin's men easily. He was a great fighter until the very end.

Tom F in NJ Episode 84 was the final one for me

What an amazing episode and great show

I literally cried several times during it

Striker Well, i've heard so many good things about this drama. Next week our tv just gonna broadcast it. I'm looking forward to watch this drama. Impressive comments will b later)))

Tom F in NJ I'm still watching it

Up to episode 69 which means most media guides that say it's only 61 or 62 episodes are wrong

What a great show.

Episode 69 was epic

carolc I watch this on Channel 32 in San Mateo. I'm not sure how many episodes I've seen, but if it's a total of 72, I think there is a ways to go - Misil is in the middle of her revolt. I wish ntdtv would give the schedule and actors' names in English (also kbstv and icn...).... I found the 3 daily showings only thru staying glued to the tube, which I don't recommend. Just googled the title this week, and it looks like recordings might be available...;) I've missed other shows by not being able to get the schedules or having other activities interfere. I get 2 Chinese-language stations that offer subtitles (for some shows) and 1 Korean channel does. There are 2 Chinese stations w/o subtitles, which I don't watch. I just glanced at the Vietoday channel, and haven't seen anything in Japanese. I can't tell, but I think most of the films I watch about Korea are actually Chinese films.

Alchun was a real surprise - when he took his hair down, he was a hunk!  ;) Sorry. Also a good actor, but the other half of it was a surprise. And I really thought Seondeok was played by one actress - which says a lot for the casting and the acting. Chunmyeong was always baffling me, with so much difference between the 2 who played her.

I could go on forever...I love this show. I want it. To see over and over.

Dub Viva alcheon rang!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Alcheon rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayre Its an incredible piece of historical drama. Doekman and Bidam had a dangerous, love relationship because of the power/status/people/faction behind them. If they were raised together by Munno when they were both young, they would have a different fate. It was rather disappointing that Queen Doekman and Sangodang Bidam died at the end. The true engine of the Sacred Nation was Chief General Yushin who did not desire the throne but to be second best in ruling the nation, underneath the Queen's authority and above all nobles. Overall, it was a piece of master art. You just got to love this drama. Its very rich in Korean traditional customs, struggle for power/love/unification of the nation, and drama, drama, and more drama.  :)

Julienne92 I loved watching this drama, this is one of my favourites, but sometimes I got confused with the ages of characters, because skips in time weren't signed. Was it a problem just in Hungary, in other countries, there were labels? Or how could you know how old the characters were? When Chunchu returned, I thought Dokman was only about 20, but it's not possible, CheonMyeong was 15 when she gave birth to him... how can he be old enough to get married, unless his aunt is at least 30?

I hope it's allowed to react for other comments... ~There's a fanmade video, that Deokman and Bidam reincarnated, and meet in another life: ~leyla, is it purpose that you call Kim Nam Gil by his surname? (Cause Koreans write down first the surname, then the two first names.) And, Kim is a very freguent surname, people can't be sure you mean him. (Also, here, the actor playing Hajong has Kim as his surname too.)


Tom F in NJ I just started watching this

For anyone in New Jersey it's on 3 times a day in English on Channel 63-5 NTDTV

New episodes are always on at 8PM then repeated at 1AM and 2PM

The subtitles are a bit small but I tape the show and watch it so that doesn't matter.

Good show so far.....I'll have to wait and see how it stacks up to other Korean Historical Dramas I've watched (The Immortal Yi-Soon Shin, Jumong, Dae Joyoung, The Great King Sejong)

leyla kim kim kim..........................i love you.........................bye

conway Hey friends. IF you enjoy this show like I did you must get your hands on the Great King Seyeong... a master piece of royal politics, betrayal, love, passion & degnity.

clouds just finish this soap and try to find out about silla history itself.although the series didn’t really match the history of silla in qsd reign, it’s still a great series. thumbs up to qsd and all the casts and crews.keep up the good work!!!:) p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts

clouds just finish this soap and try to find out about silla history itself.although the series didn't really match the history of silla in qsd reign, it's still a great series. thumbs up to qsd and all the casts and crews.keep up the good work!!!:) p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts ;)

joy just love deokman...!!!!

panda @marylin bueno the only reason she had to kill bi dam was because she had to set and example for the rest of the nation , that for anyone who wants to dethrone the royal family will have to face serious consequences anyways <3 this drama

marylin bueno Bidam does not like to kill the queen even if he thought the Queen wants to kill him. He only wants to dethrone her. But why did the Queen did not retract her command of slaying Bidam when she had heard the news that it was Yeomjeong doing? Maybe by killing bidam, she could crush his followers, Or mistrust is so great a crime that it could kill. I know ancient laws are barbaric.

Tee love this drama <3 However, i hate it in the end where the characters had to die. No offense , but i didn't want Deokman to fall in love with Bi dam this was because , although Bi Dam loves her her never truly trust her. It's also because there is no reason for her to fall in love with him whereas Kim yu Shin was willing to give up everything just for her. In addition , in the ending she just watched him kill so may innocent people and did not do anything about it. At the end the drama defined what was true loyalty , where Alcheon and Yu shin visited Deokman grave. Especially Alcheon

dina kapan si mulai filmnya lagi seru kali filmnya looooooooooooooooooooh

deokman I ove you too

deokman selamat jadi raja ya selamat

p It's the best drama I ever seen in my whole life. I love Queen Seondeok sooooooooooo much. It's very sad. It's make me cry. But I love it. I love Mishil, Seondeok, Bidam, Yooshin, Alcheon. I love all actors & actresses in this drama. It's perfect. I enjoyed it so much.

Death of Endless Guys and girls who love Bidam and Deokman tandem. Don't worry I'll post a long and very interesting love story. Its only fanfiction with a good ending :D Alcheon and Cheon-myeong fans don't worry also. Yushin fans don't worry. :D

Here is my email add

I'm still making chapter 1. THis will be an interesting fanfiction story.

vito I love mishil. . She has the great ambition. . To become a great Queen. . But, she didn't. Beacause of Deokman. . Oh, what a pity! It's ok! Never mind Mishil. . Mishil punya kelebihan daripada deokman. . Cayoo!!

annisa i love this series.,.,

geyl i really love QSD's, and I'am also an avid fan.

jane Great drama, great casts... love Deokman & Chunmyung.

Galadriel I love the characters of Mishil, Bidam, Yushin and of course, Seondeok.... Facial expressions were remarkable....lines were well delivered.... Score is great...amazing!!!!....comparable to western style.... I like the twist of the story as it goes, especially on Bidam's quest for power or for love..... Mishil is a very interesting character, you would really feel a void in the series when she died.... But Bidam and Seondeok captured the audience in the end....they're a good combination..... Charter 62 was the best.....repeated it more than five times.....

nk i love this deokman & alcheon.

Justin Sorry, but I also don't see Silji (Wolya's co-hort)?

Justin I don't see Sukboom in the cast above?

daphnne Could learn a lot on politics and morals. Very amazing show!

Husker I just want to say I now have all the CD's and I'm watching the Great Queen Seondeok again (slowly every week)! (Thank you for the English subtitles!!) Such a great mini-series, I love everything about this story (except for the ending, really could've been a better climax), and it could've been extended several episodes even longer to show the viewers what happened with Chunchu, Yusin, and Alchun later after Deokman is gone (sad!). Anyway, the actors and actresses were absolutely outstanding as they all deserve awards for this mini-series. The costumes and hairdo's are exquisite; colorful and a tremendous amount of mixture, simply mind-blowing! I loved Deokman in her battle outfits and her gorgeous pony tails better than in her Princess garb, but oh well. No one mentions this, but what helps ANY series to success? The orchestra. OMG, the orchestra in this is simply stunning; it purely depicts every scenes' emotion with the proper music to emphasize that emotion.... phenomenal! Here in America, this mini-series really rocks (well, in LA anyway!) and this truly should be submitted for a chance at the 2010 "Foreign mini-series" awards....if there is one. All these Korean women are simply beautiful, are any of them available? LOL!! Hope to see ALL the actors and actresses in other future stuff. Keep up the great work, MBC!

warren bi-dam rocks!!!

joy Just love this drama! Deokman was wonderful...I was really fascinated by her & Lee Yo Won did it so well, she's a very good actress. I also love Chunchu, Chunmyung & Alcheon. Thumbs up!

blue that film is fantastic!

etselec Until now I haven't fully recovered on their tragic love story... I have loved the characters of both Deokman and Bidam... I have listened to their songs (Lee yo won's "Bidam" & Kim nam-gil's "Can't I love you") that they've sung for this drama with an english caption... oh God, can't help but cry... I really love this show!

rey I am so in love with Deokman in this drama, she's an amazing actress & so beautiful.

christine the ending is so sad..... i spend 2 days watching the last 15 espisodes. I really like the character of Yu Shin and I had hope they would be together or at least confess his feeling to her or hers to him... and he had said 'yes' to the last suggestion ' should they elope'

He seemed to stop loving her as a woman but as a subject.... and also she has stop loving him.... BUT right till the end, he is still so trusty and loyal to her.....

Feeling very sad.....

dj just love deokman!!!

RamenLover "By the way, where is Alchun in the actors list above?" -- added ... cheers

Husker What an absolutely fantastic mini-series!! I was very disappointed with the ending, though, as I was hoping that Deokman and Bidam would finally end up with each other to rule. And, what’s worse, Deokman dies later? OMG, so sad….almost another Romeo and Juliet. I am getting the DVD’s so I will always have this mini-series; love it….thank you for showing it to us here in America!!

These were great actors and actresses portraying a great story, very well done. Hope to see more mini-series just like this one….keep up the fantastic work! I also hope to see these same actors and actresses in more stuff…..all the women are gorgeous! Are any of them available? LOL!

By the way, where is Alchun in the actors list above? He was also a main character, but seems he was forgotten in this list…..

tika alkatiri i love you kim nam gkil............... i am like this story .. every good kdrama this... by_atikah from banjarmasin...

blue i wonder why they didn't show the part that yu-shin was praying... he was wearing white garment then.... i wonder what scene is that and why they cut it.... i saw this scene in the preview of the final episode....

anewor fr. baguio city phil I really got inspired with this movie it's just that i feel so bad that queen seondeok died without even having to enjoy the life of having a love one. I don't really like the ending coz it's very sad. Though, i still appreciate the movie very well and I really have enjoyd watching it especially watching yushin and deokman.

blue i love the movie.....

i want yu-sin and deokman tandem.... sadly, they didn't end up together no matter how much they love each other... but til the end, yu-sin is on deokman's side.... this is how he show his love for deokman....

bi-dam's character in quite interesting.... no matter how hard he tries, he's still very much like Mishil, although he love deokman which tries to stop him from being like mishil, it didn't suffice... in one of the episode, when deokman became the queen, at the back of bidam's mind, he would take away everything from deokman, without reserve.... marrying her is one perfect plan.... but along the way, his feelings for deokman starts to grow.... not to mention, he's jealous of yu-shin, because he know very well how much deokman loves yu-shin...

but did deokman really love bidam? or she was just longing for someone's compassion..... and only bidam can give it to her.... though yu-shin can marry her, yu-shin will not do so, being a righteous man and living his life with sincerity.... that is why yu-shin choose to serve deokman, is this way, he can show how much he love deokman, just being on her side.... loving deokman in his own way..... really admire him....

what causes the fall of bidam? (on my opinion)--- jealousy(for he knows that yu-shin is always in deokman's heart, and will always be); trust and mistrust (lack of trust to deokman who always trust him till the end and trusting people whom he know have hidden agendas-his clan); and lastly, himself(the fact that he's mishil's son, he is very much like mishil, the way he thinks, his behavior, his heart, very very much like mishil, he evan aims the throne the day deokman became queen)

suou What a wonderful, great, superb series! I'm sure this drama will become classic unforgettable series. For me, MBC saeguks always left deep impression, but I still prefer QSD than Jewel in the Palace & Jumong despite the ratings.

fika masivers forefer @lee you-won:you so is the best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i love you 2ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jade Gosh, so it's not only me who is adoring bidam? I think he has the best male role in show. I like doekman's character too. This tv drama made me cry over and over and over...grrrrrr.. Impeccable, extra ordinary and I give this tv show 10 stars and 5 thumbs up... :)

anachan MI-SAENG RULZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yanamgil . The Great Queen Seondeok is the best film that i've ever watched . But i agree with krizx's opinion. And i really like kim nam gil as bidam character . His acting was great .

RISNI WOW THIS FILM IS VERY...............,WONDERFULLING FOR ME COZ film is most favorite please next film coming soon

Lee About Bidam . . .as one of the writers pointed out in 'the Great Queen Seondeok' TV special and interview, Bidam's life is a trajedy. It was difficult for him to navigate and survive through life never knowing how to trust others and himself -- it's an incredibly sophisticated and dark truth of an ending for the character by the writers of the show. A final decision on the character I think that the writers knew would be risk, but an ending they probably always had in mind for the character (and I think it's a great ending). Deokman's ending is also sad -- but very beautifully done by the show's creators.

krizx ohhh.. i love the movie but it is so sad in the ending that bidam had to die.... can't we just change the story and let bidam and seon deok married in the ending?...

andhi i love deokman

rista I wanted to cry while watching episodes of the 62

maria great historical korean drama..but i dont like the ending when Bi Dam was killed. it was so sad, i spent a lot of tissue when watching the last episode. but at all , 2 thumbs up for the actor and actress;D

sisil_silla why the final episode so sad??????

pras i didn't saw episode 62 from beginning. in the last deok man died. who else died? i hope i culd find the last episode in websites. I really LIKE this drama!

Masni The best movi.... Give many learn to live... I very like it...

Lee Saw the final episode. A great series that will be long remembered by anyone that sees it. A great show - a classic.

titi i love seondeok...............

agnes i really like




ranty the great queen soendoek is the best semoga ceritanya berlanjut

Qisea Amazing..! I lovely mi-shil! She is very clever and so great . ! She is my hero! X')

dhyna riza That's so amazing........ I hope to watch it again.......

The first, I hate it because I am not understand....... but I try to catch n understad.......

n I falling love The Great Queen Seon deok......

been i see i like so much this movie i allways watch everyday coz this movie was a great story do not change U'r channel at fiVe 0'clock!!! See..!!

nurul adibah hazwani i love this drama n i love it so much......i like chun chu n al cheon n allla lh i hope i can see u infront of my eyes at brunei hahahahahah

agnes i very like them all its really 2 great

lyn diana chai bagus banget ...menarik... i like this story........queen seondeok of silla....

roby wong keren abiz.... melihatnya seperti melihat kenyataan... i like this story.... even im not korean people....

Jang Je Sun I love all about Korean drama!!! And I like Mi-sil and Bi-dam very much........ Good luck to all .....

Mita I love u mi-shil......but I hate u....!!! Huh najis!! Bikin gregetan ajah!

dewi I want watch the great queen seon deok episode 60 until 62???????????????????

Abie_I.D wow......thegreat TV-show!!!!! you're the best Lee yo won???Baguuussssss!!!!!

tini i love this film and very extraordinary

Wayan meidawati Even the history of seondeok is not the same with the series. But, very strong scenario!

blah No Alcheon Rang in the list? How come?

july I really like it

eiffeeyy al-cheon , what's his real name ?

DEAR VIDEZ i luv the great queen Seondeok...........specially Nam-Gil cute

Sufiyanti Sudirman Two thumbs for Hyeon-Jeong Ko as MisiL in this movie. She is a superstar!!!

Ezy Its a really great m0vie! N0t just tell b0ut love buT h0w to defend carRy 0n this life!

mia I love this movie, it's really, really, really a great story. komapsumnida with all my heart 4 indosiar

Nurhaida This is really great movies...!

Mia This is the great story and i love this movie. komapsumnida

men zi I am not Korean, but I like this Great Queen Seondeok TV show because there is an English caption. I could understand and follow the story. I happened to surf the TV one day and found this interesting show and was hooked on it. I watched this show for a full hour on channel LA18.3 MBC starting from 5-6PM. However, it is being televised only for 2 or 3 consectutive days. I wish that MBC will televise this show everyday. It is a great show and I like all the actors and actresses.

LARRY RODRIQUES The greatest work of art in the tv world for many years! With out english subtitels I do not know what is being said. I do not care! I enjoy watching this wonder of art for the beauty it brings into my life .I cry! I feel alive I'am better for having watched "THE GREAT QUEEN SEONDEOK". THANK YOU

Kenisha This is the best Korean drama series I've ever seen. This series really affect my emotions. I'm following this series on TV for a better translation. I hope I can get the original DVD. I am willing to spend my own money just to buy the original DVDs......... >.<

Lee Wow, this show keeps getting better and better. Some great characters and a lot of twists and turns.

grazie wow..i love watching this..and i love yu-sin kim..

LaeLa maRseLLa 62 episOd...???? aRe yOu sUre??? d'ptOng d'tnGah jLan g?? I'reaLLy VeRy HopeLess. sO,dOn't Cut. Ukey,

Tama Has the dvd release in Indonesia?

Happyjh Great and very captivating Korean drama! I enjoyed it very much, love Princess Deokman especially.

anton ..wooww.. .it's really great movie.. .a lot of morals that can we get from this movie... ..I love korean movies...!!!!!!!!!!!

acasya Oh my God,,, I Loved to watching this movie...

kawaii murei i like all about kdrama so don't missing for wacthing...yupz!

james fr. davao city phi. hi, i'm an avid fan of yo-won lee I like her a lot when she acts, I hope she can have more movies and hope she can visit her in davao city we really love to see all her shows, I really cry alot when seeing the dramas.more power and God bless.

Di je I had watched until 31 episodes! Had there finished all episodes?

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