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  • Drama: Master of Study
  • Revised romanization: Kongbu-ui Shin
  • Hangul: 공부의 신
  • Director: Yoo Hyun-Ki
  • Writer: Mita Norifusa (manga), Yoon Kyung-Ah
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 4 - February 23, 2010
  • Runtime: Monday & Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kang Seok-Ho (Kim Su-Ro) is an ordinary lawyer and former bike gang member. He then takes a position to revive a third rate high school named "Byeong-Mun High School". To revive the school, Kang Seok-Ho needs his students to become accepted into prestigious universities. Because of this, Kang Seok-Ho decides to teach a bunch of rebellious students (Hwang Baek-Hyeon, Kil Pul Ip, Hong Chan-Du, Na Hyeon-Jeong, and Oh Bong-Ku). He promises to get five of them into their most prestigious colleges in the country. Kang Seok-Ho takes students who have bad scores, and guides them to improve not only their scores but their outlook on life.

One such student is Hwang Baek-Hyeon (Yoo Seung-Ho) a defiant and headstrong student who is similar to Kang Seok-Ho at that age. Their strong personalities causes them to have clashes, but gradually, Hwang Baek-Hyeon opens up to Seok-Ho's teaching methods and eventually becomes the best student in the class.


  1. "Master of Study" takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 9pm time slot previously occupied by "Taming of the Heir" (Cheonhamujeok Ipyeongkang) and will be replaced by "Becoming a Billionaire" on March 1, 2010.
  2. "Master of Study" is based on the popular Japanese manga "Dragon Zakura" written by Mita Norifusa, which was also turned into a 2005 TBS drama series in Japan.
  3. Early working title was "꼴찌, 서울대 가다" (Ggolsshi, Seouldae Gada).
  4. Kim Su-Ro takes on his first main role in a television drama (has only appeared in cameo roles to date).
  5. Related titles:
    1. Dragon Zakura (TBS / 2005)
    2. Angel Bank (TV Asahi / 2010)
    3. Master of Study (KBS2 / 2010)


Master of Study-Su-ro Kim.jpg Master of Study-Seung-ho Yu.jpg Master of Study-Ah-sung Ko.jpg Master of Study-Du-na Bae.jpg Master of Study-Yun-ah Oh.jpg
Kim Su-Ro Yoo Seung-Ho Ko Ah-Sung Bae Doo-Na Oh Yoon-Ah
Kang Seok-Ho Hwang Baek-Hyeon Kil Pul Ip Han Soo-Jung Jang Ma-Ri
Master of Study-Hyeon-woo Lee.jpg Master of Study-Ji Yeon.jpg Master of Study-Chan-ho Lee.jpg Master of Study-Hie-bong Byeon.jpg Master of Study-Byeong-jun Lee.jpg
Lee Hyun-Woo Park Ji-Yeon Lee Chan-Ho Byun Hee-Bong Lee Byung-Joon
Hong Chan-Du Na Hyeon-Jeong Oh Bong-Ku Cha Ki-Bong Anthony Yang
Master of Study-Ji-eun Lim.jpg Master of Study-Hyeong-tak Shim.jpg
Im Ji-Eun Shim Hyung-Tak
Lee Eun-Yu Jang Yeong-Sik

Additional Cast Members:




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Freedom This series has proven to be quite effective. By just watching it, I really was motivated to study hard.

candra Dragon Zakura!!! ;)

Kayn the japanese version is better

shirelmae so much encouraging to the students like me just done watching it 1.45 in the midnught.. i cried so much for the heartbreaking finale, at first i watch the trailer i was intrigued and finally done watching 16 episodes.. im so happy for this lovely movie. i love it so much =D <3

harriett garin Just done watching it...has many lessons from students,to teachers and esp family.It doesn't have to be that you're brainy or dumb as long as you study hard and has the strong will to survive the hardships you will achieve what you want.Maturity and setting goals in life helps a lot.We will learn from our teachers and goes the same as well to them..learn from students.

harriett garin Just done watching it...has a lot of lessons for students,teachers and family.It doesnt have to be that you're brainy or dumb as long as you keep yourself to study hard and strong will to do hardships you will achieve what you want.Study the right way.We will learn from our teachers but at the same time it goes the same as well to them...i hope this kind of drama to be aired in my country.

Mitch808 Just viewed the last episode on KBS. I've viewed this drama many times still enjoying it. The cast is the best of the best, It was really well script as well as written with great direction and production. It especially served as a great learning tool for study and college admission.

sajjad I love this movie, actually I like Korean movies and I like the characters a lot. I hope I can see them in the future

Lola I just love this drama. I love the actors and every thing else about it.It is just so awesome. I really love Baek-hyon.And what is that song again??

Rina Sofia Love the drama so much...........!!!!!!*.*

princess charolyn natasya Yoo seung ho OoooooppppppAaaaaa...... Is a handsome........ Saranghae oppa.....


sangay karma tshomo i love this movie so much coz of dis movie i rele got hop to study hard........

Sama God of study is a great drama I like it Park jiyeon and yoo seung hoo and others You were great in this drama I love you all Actully jiyeon FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

lorie why this drama have only 5 students....its should be 6, i like dragon zakura much better...

CiCi Why someone decided to call this "God" of Study, it doesn't make sense, but "Master" of Study is right on the money. Once I got over the first title and watched this drama, I was hooked. It is really good including the song, "Because I'm Weary". I am glad this film received at least a couple of awards and I agree that the director should have gotten one. I also think Yoo Seung-Ho should have gotten an award for his performance. Wow! What a talent. Kim Su-Ro was award- worthy too.Then again, the grandmother was amazing as well. I "LOVE" her! ( If she doesn't pull at your heartstrings, then you don't have one.) Also, her picture deserves to be among the main cast members. Someone, please do this, huh? Except for the over the top flamboyant teacher and the stu.. stu... stuttering Science nincompoop, who were a waste of my time anyway, everyone did a great job. I think even guys will cry watching this, it's that endearing and heartwarming in places.

rolypoly l like this drama.jiyeon is the best.fighting sister!l want to see her in more drama

Ruler I wish there's part II ! I luv this show ;D

ajejeje i love the drama... it is not totally about love.. it is all about reaching their full potentials and showing everyone what they can do... i wasn't attracted to Pul Ip and Baek Hyun tandem... i don't know why but they don't have chemsitry for me..... i like hyung jun more,,....

ken I love "God of Study" I like their friendship This story is very good I love Pulip character and her unique face. silent between Pulip and Baek sweet... Fighting!

hermelakibrom i love this drama .make pulip and baek-hyeon togther .also Ms. Han and Mr.Kang.

Tsion mengstu Oh my gash!what the hell are u talking about i love if pupil be with candu

arunima This drama is supeeb I have watched its episode on youtube it is currently airing in india on kbs world hope This drama will be as good as others !!!!!!!!

JISEUNG1777 ~♥ I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!! I LOVE BAEKHYUN AND HYUNJUNG TOGETHER!!!!! waah! so cute couple! Yoo Seungho and Park Jiyeon is the best couple I've ever SEEN!!!! Please make them a new drama together and they end up together!!!! PLEASE T.T!!!!

pawka kude moga da go namerq za da go gledam

candy camily i like drama this

candy camily i like drama this .. :*

tina I just love this drama and it doesn't matter if its a long story. I still like it at this drama I ♥ MASTER OF STUDY

zeijlx i like it... so exciting....... it made me inspired,duh..4get it.

coco wow, it's so lucky to watched this korea drama. make me think more way to teach my student in primary. God bless you

me seriously? a korean version of dragon zakura? first: hana yori dango (originally,japanese manga), itazura na kiss (another manga), dragon zakura? oh, why not do another of remake one litre of tears, eh, korea? oh wait, no....maybe nobuta wo produce? even better, a korean version of yamashita tomohisa..oh wait! you already beat me to it...we call him, kim hyung joon. I DON'T KNOW...please leave the originals alone. damn it.

raiderjose What is that SONG ???? " i'm weary " by ?? Please.

Ayumii x Yoo Seung-ho , you are the most talented , handsome and cool actor i ever seen x I watch this drama only because of you !!! Saranghaeee <3

Ilovekoreandrama OH MY GOD !!! i really like MASTER OF STUDY ...

i like Hwang Baek-Hyeon and Kil Pul Ip ...they are a good couples ...<3 i hope there`s another movie or TV series, make Yu Seung-Ho and  Ko Ah-Sung together ...<3

VIP wah kim sooro ahjussi won award from this drama!!! jjang!!!!!

ChuKyu Baek Hyeon is cool n perfect.... saranghamnida......... Drama Korea is the Best...

jean ..^.^.. CD's of the GOD of Study isn't available here yet..hope i can find one soon..

AzzaNurul Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Woo, is The Best Cutiee Actors in Asian....:) God Bless for Themm....:D

Sed I could already tell Yu Seung-ho and Park Ji-Yeon won't end up with each other in this drama. So I'm not gonna watch.

Tofou Hey! do you guys know what Na hyun jeong always calls hwang baek hyeon?

qian this show is really awesome! inspiring at the same time!

Glizell this korean drama was really inspiring...and have a great flow of story...

Mhiel please make another drama for them..(whole cast)..sequel..and i hope there's a happy ending..

Mhiel Yes, Kil Pil Ip is really not that pretty but there's something in her aura, a very light and positive that you cannot resist and she's cute!..really!..that's why i love her.. @suou: yes, it so romantic!..there glances really..especially in episode 12, when they're on camp, when Baek Hyun sang sung for Pul Ip.. They are my favorite!..there feeling for each other is so obvious and very strong yet Pul Ip tried to deny it to hu hu..

Saynuts Where can I find more about Lee Hong-Chan?

Saynuts I just LUV Lee Hong-Chan.He's so cute and he's smile "woooooooo.......w"(it makes me crazy).

firconan-chan i love kil pul ip and hwang beak-hyeong...they good couple.. beak-hyeong so care about pul ip..when pul ip can sleep beak-hyeong sing song for her...sooo sweet...^_^ i hp they make master of study2 or the movie,make pul ip and beak-hyeong together..^_^.. and all the friends ship can be good for ever...^_^...


wilow I Love pulip and baekhyeon .. Hope they will have another movie or tv series together.. Pulip has a unique beauty so please don't tell that she is ugly.. She is so cute and charming and their chemstry of baekhyeon is so good. BAEKPULIP forever...

love *o* OMG!!! I love this show. How i wish there is part 2!

ghina I love the srama this. soon I will face the first high school graduation exam and I have a weakness in the natural science lesson. I tried to follow the ways of learning in this drama and the results my rating increased little by little. approximately 6 months longer exam. thank you MASTER OF STUDY. I LOVE YOU Yoo Seung Ho Lee Hyun Woo MMUUAACHH .... Wish me OKEEE .........

Jasmine24 IT IS SO MY FAVORITE KOREAN DRAMA EVER!!!!!!i lovee the whole cast!!!!!i really love yeu-seong ho.. kil pulip and him are compatible!!ahaha just kidding!!i love master of study!!it is so the best!!!

precious kristine sapphire I don't agree to them saying that kil pulip isn't beautiful, every person does have their own beauty and I think kil pulip portray her role very such a natural beauty. Does she had and it make her cuter than any one. Then I agree that kil polip have the chemistry with both Baek-hyeon and Chan-du so please don't criticize her so much cuz she's also a human being who do have a heart to be broken because of those fancy critisation you did!!! love you all!! mwahh!! i really, really love the story of master of study somehow I can reflect................

lun.3bi I love soo kim ro ... I love his smile! because of this film he will go further ... we wait and see ... Death Bell 2 see him acting like any horror movies? TÔI LÀ NGƯỜI VIỆT NAM :))

monique.yay does chan something really like pi lup ? he doesn't show it. i'm confused.

rhaez17 ..I love pulip and the two guys who like her you're just insecure for saying that pulip is ugly.. pulip has a more natural beauty no make up and no thingy thingy with her hair unlike other korean "I'm cute" like girls they are just looking cute because of their fancy clothes she is becoming more petty when you see her longer and her personality fits well with her role..

salliah agree me like PUL IP too, admire her personality. Sweet & cute too. Ko Ah Sung is great young actress with many praise of her acting. She suitable pair for Yoo Seung Ho & Lee Hyun Woo.

ariyane ..oohhh.why some didn't like yu seong ho and ko ah sung tandem?...they are both great!!!and besides it doesn't matter if she isn't that beautiful, she's still cute and a good actress..CD and PL can be a good couple also..

Mhickey Where i can find the list of all episodes of Master of Study??

*tiky* i really agree i hate pulip i loveeee the drama drama the final epiosde made me cry and laugh at tne last scene i really love the smile of kim su ro but well like i said pulip is ugly and i don´t like her

sunshinechan The theme song is Dream Come True by 4minute.

vindy Pulip is so cute, plus she is nice girl & have great chemistry with either Baek Hyun & Chan Doo, she make cute couple with 2 of them. Also her acting is very good, even Korean people love her. I can understand why both guys love her.

iluvyuseungho what?!!! you guys love pulip n say :" like beakhyeon pulip couple"!!! Can't believe it!!!!!! the truh is pulip is uglyn i don't like her either. Beakhyeon, he's so so so kute. So they can't a couple. But hyeon jeong n baekhyeon, they are same age they work together a few times, they so close. Plus, hyeon jeong is so cute too. So : baekhyeon hyeonjeong, the best couple ever.

bao anh i like this film best. i want to be ji yeon's younger sister

Azxran000 ...! I really like yu seung ho and ji yeon,, they make a cute couple...............for ko ah sung ,,feel sorry for yah.....ur not pretty nor cute.....i really don't like you.... :)

refjr does oh bong goo suicide?

Rozi Hi

I love to watch Master of Study and the songs in the drama. Where can I donwload the soundtracks of this drama.

Thank YOu

jovie ann i really love them ol., specially lee hyun wooand yoo seung ho!!

Scarlett PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! if somebody knows what the songs names are please tell me!!! :)

xenia Love Baek Hyun-Pul Ip couple.

I will immediately watch it if Ko Ah Sung-Yoo Seung Ho make another dramas together hahaha..........

alhex i really like yo seung ho and jiyeon! i hope they make another tv series but this time they are the love team! so cute! mahal ko kayo!

korean lovers i really like this fave character were pulip and baekhyeon.i like them 2 be together..i think in ep9,baekhyon kiss pulip at the park they used to was very romantic<:o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the girl who keeps calling baekhyon hubby (i fogot her name,hehe) saw it!!!!i really am happy to see they was very romantic with the flowers falling from the tree....

bunnybunny @hungryharmony i'm agree with you. this is suck, i prefer the japan's version. Yamapi is cooler than Yu Seung-Ho.

hyunnie i like this so much!!!! hehehehe i like all of the characters specially pulip ...

*tiky* oh! my god i really love the last part of episode 8

cuz... my love yu seung ho defends their friends and crying says that they have to get 100% at test ahhhhh!!

i just really love that part

suou Love Baek Hyun & Pul Ip, all those glances, night meeting in the park, & BH care for PI, oh make my heart melt. BH's mobile phone seems oonly for his grandma & PI, his smile & laugh too, just for them both ^^

hasilatina the girl is not so cute as jandi in(boys over flower) and the story is not so romantic anymore.

leeeun i really love master of study ^^ i watch it in KBS. love lee hyeon woo >.<

han ji hyun yoo seung ho ,do misonyeon,saranghe god of study,choneun ji hyun rago hayo,nal naiga yeol shipsa imnida,gomowoyo oppa seung ho,noona ji yeon,nun hanaman saranghae

sunnybunny it not 2ne1 but 4minute girl...i hope that seung ho pair with ji yeon,but...too bad...

darkert Go Ah Sung & Yoo Seung Hoo, please Korean producers, pair them up again as soon as possible.

park hui seon i love this drama...i love yu seong ho and ko ahsung...lee hyeonwoo also cute...he..he..hope u all love this drama just like me!!!!!!!! >_<

Eun Hee sillyehamnida, may I know what's the song title of this trailer? seems its from 2ne1

queensemra OMG...i love this drama

<3 Baek-hyeon x Kil Pul <3 love them two

Baek-hyeon is soooooooo coolllll

van's @aha-werid i'm agree with you

in indonesia, master of study will play in 15 february in kbs channel

Aha-Werid @Hungryharmony- I actually like the remake, it's pretty good. The actors and actresses are pretty good ( and pretty much cute <3 )

homie if you read, it says there will only be 16 episodes...

hungryharmony WTH is this? I bet they're gonna make the drama super long again and by the end, it'll just have the same story as dragon zakura. Grrr, i just hate remakes

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