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Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, a female ghost (Shin Min-A), who was murdered, appears in front of a government official (Lee Joon-Gi) and pleads for the man to punish her murderer. The government official then attempts to appease her wishes.


Eun-Oh (Lee Joon-Gi) is one of the few who can see and hear ghosts. He heads for Miryang where he last saw his mother. His mother has being missing for 10 years. While walking with his servant (Kwon Oh-Jung), Eun-Oh sees a ghost named Arang (Shin Min-A) being chased by ghost hunter Moo-Young (Han Jung-Soo). Eun-Oh pretends to not see them, as this is his usual routine when he comes across ghosts. Arang is able to get away from Moo-Young the ghost hunter by throwing peach blossom petals at him.

Meanwhile, it begins to rain heavily. Eun-Oh and his servant comes across a small abandoned shack and go inside for shelter. While Eun-Oh sits in front of a fire, he sees the door of the shack open. The ghost Arang comes inside and sits next to Eun-Oh. Arang begins to mutter to herself and then takes off her soaking wet dress. She then notices Eun-Oh glance towards her. Arang wonders to herself if Eun-Oh is able to see her and begins to prod him for a reaction. Eun-Oh freezes and pretends he is looking past her. He then goes to lie down on the floor and pretends to be sleep. Arang lies down next to him.

The next morning Arang is gone. When Eun-Oh and Dol-Soe get to Miryang, Joo-Wal (Yeon Woo-Jin) and his father Choi pass by. Choi is a nobleman and the most powerful person in Miryang. While Eun-Oh is on the way to see the woman who saw his mother last, a bunch of ghosts appear in front of him and asks him for a favor. Eun-Oh turns down their request. Meanwhile, Arang, who is sitting atop a nearby roof, sees Eun-Oh talking to the ghosts and is now sure that he can see and hear ghosts.

When Eun-Oh turns around, Arang is standing in front of him. She asks Eun-Oh to find out her name, but Eun-Oh refuses. He tells her to go to government office and ask a magistrate. Arang asks him that if he becomes a magistrate would he accepts her request? Eun-Oh says yes to appease her, but he has no desire to become a magistrate.

Arang then puts in place a plan to make Eun-Oh a magistrate. She goes to shaman Bang-Wool (Hwang Bo-Ra), who later tells public officers in Miryang to kidnap Eun-Oh and make him the magistrate. Eun-Oh is then forcible taken by public officers and bound in the magistrate room. Arang stand in front of him again and asks him to find out her name. Eun-Oh again refuses.

Arang goes back to Bang-Wool for advice. Shaman Bang-Wool tells her that if she makes herself attractive, Eun-Oh will accept her request. While they work to make Arang more attractive, Moo-Young the ghost huner appears. Arang then flees from the area. Eun-Oh, who is standing nearby, notices a "binyeo" (Korean traditional hairpin) that Arang is wearing. The binyeo is identical to the one he gave to his mother. Suddenly, Eun-Oh goes after Arang, who is being chased by Moo-Young the ghost hunter.


  1. First script reading took place at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea on May 12. Shin Min-A , Lee Joon-Gi, Yeon Woo-Jin, Yoo Seung-Ho  and other actors and actress attended. Prior to the script reading, director Kim Sang-Ho and screenwriter Jung Yoon-Jung explained the background ofor the drama and the reasons to make this drama.
  2. "Arang and the Magistrate" takes over the MBC Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "I Do, I Do" and will be followed by "I Miss You" November, 2012.
  3. Filming began May 23, 2012 at Namyangju Studio Complex. The first scene filmed involved A-Rang (Shin Min-A), who is on a roof, watching Eun-Oh (Lee Joon-Gi) walk on the street below with his servant Dol-Soe (Kwon Oh-Jung).


Arang and the Magistrate-Lee Joon-Gi2.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Shin Min-A1.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Yeon Woo-Jin.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Kwon Oh-Jung.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Hwang Bo-Ra.jpg
Lee Joon-Gi Shin Min-A Yeon Woo-Jin Kwon Oh-Jung Hwang Bo-Ra
Eun-Oh Ah-Rang Joo-Wal Dol-Soe Bang-Wool
Arang and the Magistrate-Han Jeong-Su.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Yoo Seung-Ho.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Park Jun Gyu.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Kim Yong-Geon.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg
Han Jung-Soo Yoo Seung-Ho Park Jun Gyu Kim Yong-Geon Kim Kwang-Kyu
Moo-Young King of Heaven King of Hell Noble man Choi Ibang
Arang and the Magistrate-Lee Sang-Hun.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Min Seong-Wook.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Kim Min-Jae.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Kang Mun-Yeong.jpg Arang and the Magistrate-Song Jae-Ryong.jpg
Lee Sang-Hun Min Sung-Wook Kim Min-Jae Kang Mun-Yeong Song Jae-Ryong
Hyungbang Yebang Geo-Deol Eun-Oh's mother / Hong-Ryun Servant Kim

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-15 1 14.4% (4th) 16.8% (4th) 13.3% (4th) 15.1% (4th)
2012-08-16 2 14.3% (6th) 16.5% (4th) 13.2% (6th) 14.4% (4th)
2012-08-22 3 16.0% (5th) 19.3% (4th) 13.2% (6th) 14.2% (4th)
2012-08-23 4 16.2% (5th) 19.3% (4th) 14.4% (4th) 15.7% (4th)
2012-08-29 5 12.1% (8th) 13.3% (5th) 12.4% (9th) 13.7% (8th)
2012-08-30 6 14.0% (10th) 16.3% (5th) 13.0% (8th) 14.4% (6th)
2012-09-05 7 13.1% (7th) 14.6% (5th) 11.7% (9th) 12.8% (7th)
2012-09-06 8 11.7% (12th) 14.2% (6th) 10.9% (12th) 11.9% (11th)
2012-09-12 9 17.0% (4th) 19.5% (3rd) 14.1% (3rd) 15.3% (3rd)
2012-09-13 10 17.0% (5th) 20.5% (3rd) 14.5% (6th) 15.1% (5th)
2012-09-19 11 15.3% (4th) 17.2% (3rd) 13.8% (5th) 14.9% (3rd)
2012-09-20 12 14.9% (5th) 16.0% (4th) 13.1% (6th) 14.0% (6th)
2012-09-26 13 13.9% (6th) 15.9% (4th) 11.7% (8th) 12.9% (6th)
2012-09-27 14 14.3% (6th) 16.0% (4th) 12.5% (8th) 13.0% (9th)
2012-10-03 15 15.0% (5th) 17.7% (4th) 13.3% (6th) 14.5% (5th)
2012-10-04 16 13.9% (8th) 16.2% (3rd) 12.9% (10th) 14.4% (6th)
2012-10-10 17 13.0% (6th) 15.2% (5th) 12.6% (9th) 13.8% (8th)
2012-10-11 18 13.5% (10th) 15.1% (7th) 11.4% (10th) 12.1% (10th)
2012-10-17 19 13.2% (8th) 14.7% (6th) 12.4% (7th) 14.0% (5th)
2012-10-18 20 13.8% (10th) 16.5% (5th) 12.4% (10th) 13.8% (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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silvia Beautiful fairy tales for those who has life experience and is interested in philosophy of life. Enjoy!

Miyu Too boring. Even Lee Joon Ki couldn't make me watch it. Only made it to episode 3, and had to stop. I don't like these fantasy ghost stories. I wish Lee Joon Ki hadn't acted in this, and after Arang and the Magistrate, I don't want him to act in the Scholar Who Walks the Night. Too much typecasting and this drama will probably be another silly one. Lee Joon Ki has to be more choosy about what dramas he appears in. Very disappointed in this drama. I liked Iljimae and Time Between Dog and Wolf a lot though. Not fond of his post-army dramas to be honest.

ika-cakep Sattooooooo .. ^_^ You're so handsome and charming in saeguk dramas. It is really worth watching over and over again. Theme song is so beautiful too .. Jun Ki Oppa is talented actor .. Goodluck for the next project ... Hwaiting !

Ladyrose This drama is just so awesome.. I cried everytime arang and sattu hug or kiss becaus it's just too painful to watch. Best couple ever! (y) best movie! Best emotional moments! :)

dee omg i love lee jun ki

MER Why do people write the story and even the end... hey guys will stop doing that... ? how can other people will watch it if they know the ending? this is really stupid

vjoong gi my favorite LJK and shin min a.

From Ukraine Wonderful tale! Wonderful drama!

wildfly spectacular acting of both leads.

Ayit Han Jung-Soo is a good artist. Although he plays the Dark Angel, he has that strong composure and personality same time, a demanding handsome character. My first Korean film I watched was Dong Yi and really I fell in love with that film and followed by Jewel in the Palace? Something like that...they're all winners for me. I surely love historical films.

matriarchy This was my first Korean drama, and I watched it almost straight through! Can anyone recommend another? I think I like the historical setting.

pinay i watched this drama and it is really good,,, they are both good in acting and also the cast, i like the story because it is not the usual type. congrats to all the cast of arang and magistrate, "JOB WELL DONE" AND ALSO I'M CAPTIVATE OF TANDEM OF SHIN MIN AH AND LEE JOON KI. wow both are perfect!!!

sophia yeon woo jin played joo wal really was so heartbreaking when he said to sattu why he had all he wanted... and finally killed himself...ahhhh..that couldnt be sadder than that..

cvang010 they didn't become bro and sis. they became children with different parents and they going to marry when they are old enough even though they still got adult memory lol

melissa I just finished it for 2 days i like it though i am not fascinated with the ending they become bro and sis.

dyona i really love this show every episode was worth watching a perfect tandem of lee joon-gi and shin min-a:)

Ann09 Love this drama! every episode is interesting to watch.

maja edeen the plot was great and the tandem was the best , i love everything that happened in the story , Lee Joon Ki , you're so handsome .... i really adore how you do it..... please make another movie..... :) i loved it

Lizzy This drama is soo adorable, got me hoocked up from beginning to end even though it's my second time watching it... in less than 4months. Im sure Im gonna watch it again and again. The main actors (two of my favorite actors, Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min-Ah <3 ) were great, the sides actors were superbe, thank you for this drama !

john just finished it, and i find it really great. out of all the korean series i ve watched, they usually ending making u sad n wish it never ended that way. this series ended well, and am satisfied. u see those two children at the end, really played thier role well. guess in future they will perform more interesting drama than this. ve got to go college, am lat....

aiba a great story., and i like you song shin min ah ^_- sha la`la..happy much ....

sherry one of my fav k-drama after my girlfriend is a gumiho....and I also recommend it, no dull moment from the first episode till the end ^^

Killa834978 Hahaha..:) @sara're such a troll ~! LOL :p

sara terrible ...dont watch it..its just waisting time!!!

John Just a nice fairy tale. I enjoyed this from beginning to end. And the ending wasn't the typical Korean downer was actually kind of cute. I recommend My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox also ....same leading actress Shin Min-A. She is so cute in this type of role.

ssssg jun ki oppa, you are so handsome and I can't wait for your next project### love u so much

rainfairy omg i loved it i just finished the last ep and it was awesome not to mention that i watched the 5last eps non stop ,now im so sleepy but it was worthy im so sad that there is no more eps left btw the last mins were epic so cute(*^@^*)

yquem ---- love this drama soooo much .....

Henry Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki.. They are great and looks like a real couple.. I love this drama..

Finally This is one of the popular dramas but after watching it, I think 1/3 of the drama is crap. There is a nice story but also a huge incompetence to develop it into a better, thrilling story. Unnecessarily prolonged dialogues, waiting a whole episode to ask a simple question, brazen arrogance, insane ignorance,… Oh my gosh. It would drive me crazy. Hell, heaven, God,…I think writers must have had fun when they were writing all the crap about them. I am God, I existed before everything but I am incompetent, I can’t do everything. Oh my gosh. But, 2/3 of the drama was nice. Especially, I loved the last 2 minutes. Funny.

Mila I have watched many korean movies and I say this is one of the best. Congratulations and thank you for this beautiful drama. It is really worth watching over and over again. All member of the casts deliver their role perfectly. The story, production, the music and the director are all at their best. Baek Ji Young rendition of the movie theme song is so beautiful. I am not a korean but I enjoy hearing and singing it in your language. I play the song many times a day. Hope for more good projects for Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min ah.

Cici Watching such wonderful shows as this one is why I have become addicted to Korean dramas. I hope many awards are given to this drama especially the "Best Couples Award" to Lee Jun-Ki and Shin Min-Ah. Kwon Oh-Jung and Hwang Bo-Ra were cute, so funny and heartwarming. The little girl at the end and the ending was the best ever. Thank you for such a delightful and thoroughly entertaining journey to all involved in the making of this film.

Fretocotobatozaur I hope Sato won't remain alone in the end, I have two more episodes to see. Sato, fighting! 힘내 파이팅! 난 그대 믿어요!

May I will definitely miss it.. i know this will win an award :)

uh-oh i love the ending of this drama..i feel sorry for moo young and moo yeon..when moo young kill moo yeon and kill himself, i feel like crying!!!huwaaaa!!!

now waiting for i miss you drama since my fav actress Yoon Eun Hye is the main lead!!yeay!!

smafan a little bit slow but with a lot of mystery; but with a beauty such as shin min ah you won't feel bored

miley i can't can't can't can't wait....fighting my best korean idols........see u in next ep.

black witch waaaa... when will they published the next episodes?? im dying and depress of waiting.. huhuhu.. such a great drama.. i love Great King JAde.. ahahah..

Katie I am a Jamaican and I enjoy watch Korean tv dramas..this I one of my faves so far..

Davia This is one of the best written dramas that I have watched. Beautifully directed and acted. It probably doesn't have the highest rating because of the subject matter. Even though all the actors are wonderful in this I think the most superb job is being done by Han Jeong-Su as Moo Young. Yoo Seung-Ho as the Jade King of Heaven portrays such hidden depths that make me wish to know more about the character. I am so happy to be able to watch Lee Joon-Gi again. His acting is very sincere and real in this drama which gives his character a lot of weight. The music is absolutely wonderful!!! I highly recommend this drama. At episode 13 now and the mystery keeps getting more intriguing. The photography, poetry and lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful. Truly one of the best dramas ever made. I HOPE THIS WINS SOME AWARDS. They deserve it.

gara kinda disapointed. considering i waited for LJ after Iljimae...

yaya Junki so Charismatic & Sexy & Manly ........Best of The Best !!!

Nancy I really love this show. i am from the US and love watching Kdramas. I try to watch only after all the episodes have aired, because i hate waiting for uploads and subtitles!!! Can't wait for the next episode! xoxox

ELISA Shin-MinAh improved a lot from MGIAG. I LOVE THIS DRAMA.

dheedayries LJG~~~ his eyes speaking! I sometimes follow his expressions without realizing. He really can deliver the feeling of being EO. *ehhemmm~ bit shock with CPR of ep11 actually... T.T* he sing ost part 6, one day. it has deep meaning~~~ and he sing it beautifully >,< kyaaaa!!! hehehe, fangirling mode :p

LJG jjang!!!

yaya Leejunki Glare & Charisma - Melts me !!!!!! Better than Gaksital !!! - Best !!!

Lee Ann YEH, I believe, is currently pursuing her grad studies in films. She might be too busy to participate in this project. From the beginning, she endeared us with her sweet, good girl persona; although in recently years, she has tried to expand her acting repertoire to playing darker roles. Granted Shin Min-Ah has been type-cast. but the Arang character needed to be spunky, and pugnacious, especially where she deemed a wrong has been committed. IMHO, SMA was better choice, chosen to portray the irrepressible heroine.

Now, I have to catch up on the last few episodes! I am sure glad that the ratings are going up, as the production deserved earned the increase in popularity. This has been an incredible show, full of intrigue, fantasy and mischief. I love love it.

zhia_aala lee joon-gi and shin min-a really make a perfect couple.........crazy mad dog high kick butt couple!!!!!!! love it so much..........wish to see more of them together..........good drama.......

arman i dont like shin min ah !! her acting is stereotype ! i wish yoon eun hye was cast in this drama :(((( she is cool (yEh)

kyme I'm really addicted to Lee Joon Gi now, Kkkk..i become a new fan of him ^ ^ Love AATM <3 This is the best drama of 2012!

Itina I love this drama, especially with Lee Joon Gi - a very good selection of cast members in this drama !!! Waiting anxiously for the next episodes ( ^ ^ ) Lee Joon Gi is so handsome in the Korean costumes ~

CiCi What I really appreciate about this drama is how good the music score is. It's obvious that real musicians and a very professional, creative music director is working on this. The flute and piano especially are so beautiful and the sound effects really enhance the scenes. I'm glad to see Yoo Seung-Ho as a "heavenly being" (which he is perfect for) and hope he shows up more as this series goes on. The other actors, writing, etc. are great as well. I look forward to each episode.

sona I love watching shows from different cultures, and so far this drama has kept me interested and wanting more!!! Lee joon gi and Shin min a are splendid! Talk about the choice of actors! AMAZING choice! I think this drama has a GREAT potential! :D!!!! Can't wait for more episode!

Kate i really Hate shin min-ah, her acting is so irritating in this drama. how come in this drama ghosts look like live people?!? i cant like it AT ALL. FAITH is MUCH better than a&m.

jaycee when is episode 7? love this drama that much.. ^^

yeeah Hwang Bo-Ra rocks here! So beautiful actress.

risugirl I always love drama w/ Joon Gi!!!He's a great actor.I also like his lead actress this time.

Min Ah Fan! story is interesting, great episodes so far. i wish it will continue to be like this 'til the end. i'm also hoping for a happy ending!

pinkqueen Usually I find several actresses and actors shine on their drama. But this drama, almost every of them are shining. Each can portray their role perfectly. Not to mention the plot, though it makes this drama as a fantasy, but still, the story is very interesting. Even they don't make the Gods as prestiges as usual. Love it.. Shin Min Ah and Lee Joon Gi already builded a beautiful chemistry. Now, I'm hoping for the happy ending, to make this drama perfect. Cross my fingers..

Lore-an I absolutely love this kdrama!^-^ Fighting!^.^

Nemokills I'm very excited to see Shin Min Ah in this drama!!! I know that she will be great as what she did in MGIAG! :D

jgstyle lee jun ki your the best actor in world and i watch all your drama becuse all your drama is very beautiful.fighting

min Looks good! Thriller, horror, romance and comedy all rolled up in one! (=

junkiking oppa fighting, fighting i love you oppa

jessa i miss jun-ki oppa..iljimae is one of my all-time fave dramas..i like hero and my girl as well..

Andreea I can't wait to watch this drama! ^ . ^

LoonyLizard Here's hoping this role treats Shin Min-A better than the ridiculous MGIAG did. I'd really like to see her in a role that sincerely invites the audience to care about her.

Zarah I'm SO going to watch this :)

thasilla Hi everybody...if you from korea pliiiiis add my pin 26cf63cb...coz i wanna be your friend....

purplequeen Here are Lee Joon Gi, Shin Min A, Yeon Woo-Jin and Yoo Seung Ho well well, this is definitely must watch! Couldn't stop my self for a high expectation.

Kittens Love Wow! Wow! I could see a much more confident Shin Min Ah and the undeniable chemistry btw her & JunKi. Soo very impressed already! Yay, no hesitating, go all the way, & give it all, MinAh! She is shining together with our lovely JunKi <3 For sure, this drama will hit the jackpot. Please enjoy & continue torturing us with more teaser clips. Much love & best wishes to JunKi, MinAh, & all the cast members <3

usa fans jun ki oppa we love your drama fighting fighting fighting

Ochy Clouds full of my idol... hehehe but sadly yoo seung ho just a cameo..

fani why yoo seung ho just cameo????

Dracidus oh my shin min-a and my lovely Lee joon gi! what a terrific pair ehehehe can't wait to watch this drama.

marga Lee Jun Ki oppa fighting!!!

Kf Lee Jun Ki and Yoo Seung Ho!!! This will be awesome!!! can't wait till July <3

Lee x Trolls Get out ! Did Minho anything wrong to you ? ;O NO ! So stop bashing him , don't be so silly ! I love Lee Junki and i love lee minho ! Both of them are great actors ! So don't write such stupid comments because nobody wants to read that !

dialina fighting Min Ah unnie...!!! you're the best actress ever after !!!

james love jung ki in ILJIMAE..the best actor ever!!!! FIGHTING

Kewl Chx Hahaha I like the convos Lee junki vs.Lee Minho!No need to argue who's brilliant coz without a doubt Lee junki is too way better than Lee Minho! acting wise Lee junki's versatility in acting is truly amazing!Lee Minho got his stardom after boys over flowers but I dunno if BOF will boom without the support of Kim Hyung Joong:) coz I like Kim Hyung Joong than Lee Minho in BOF as Jihoo!Even Lee Minho being compared with Jang Geun Suk acting wise Geunk Suk still better than Lee Minho...I dont see Lee Minho in melo drama and when he cry Im not convinced pfffttt ;) lets say I wasnt moved when he cry hahaha but hes gorgeous and no need to argue with that!LMAO!!!!

Arina Risa Dewi I miss you Junki Oppa and I miss you Min Ah Onnie ^_^

Anne Junki & Seung Ho??! My 2 fav. actor.. + Min Ah?? Haha I can't wait for this.. ~_~

baran It is clear that jun ki was always number one We are always with you jun ki My best wishes to you and Good luck in this drama I agree with you raha jun ki fighting


Raha junki Guys, It's obvious that Junki is really better than Lee Minho.... There no need for any disscussion... And also it is not impotant for Junki.... Don't bother yourself to think about this and think only of this: Junki will be brilliant... Those who have started this sure that is the result of their anxiety.... Fighting Junkiiiiiiiiiiii and his fans....

ROYA I love you seung ho saranghaee my love

saha junkiilwoo jun ki jun ki jun ki i love you.shin min ah and lee jun ki? can't wait

Mi Ho Gu Miho! Shin Min Ah. =)) Must watch.

sara U R BACK........MISS U .....hara?

NewKDramaAddict Like Lee Min Ho but watch A Time Between Dog and Wolf; so much better than City Hunter!! Can't wait for this!

azadeh junki ilwoo junki is better than min ho....//././../.

kara wooooo. love this combo! shin min ah and lee jun ki!!! can't waittt!! ;D

Andrew Woohhooo!! shin min ah!!!!!!!!!! She is back!! yes!

maia im dying to watch this drama. they really luv lee jun ki. they even prepared drama for him just after his discharge from military service.

min ah FAN! Finally Shin Min Ah!!! You WILL ROCK THIS!

amir ali il woo i cant believe jun ki is back from military-wow the new drama icant wait for his new drama arang.......................

azadeh i cant wait for new lee jun ki drama /././, i love u


NewKDramaAddict YES!!!!!! He is BACK!!!!!!!!!

Ernajunkiilwoo Omo.....can't wait.i will watch ur drama,Lee Jun Ki,,,love u forever yeaaaahhhh..:))

mistyeyes interesting cast.. :)

Lee Eun Kyung can't wait..!!! go, go, fighting, fighting..!!! =^_^=

Riisa Interesting Cast... x)

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