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So Ji-Sub @ 2011 BIFF
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  • Name: So Ji-Sub
  • Hangul: 소지섭
  • Birthdate: November 4, 1977
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • Blood Type: O


So Ji-Sub, born November 4, 1977, is a famous South Korean movie and television actor. His immediately family consists of his parents and one younger sister. While growing up, So Ji-Sub was weak so starting from the age of 10 he started to swim. For the next 10 years he competed as a swimmer and eventually won a medal at the national Korean games.

In 1995 Ji-Sub debuted as a model for clothing company STORM. He got the job after a friend asked Ji-seob to accompany him to a modeling audition. His friend failed to get the job, but Ji-Sub was selected. Two years later, Ji-Sub made his television acting debut in the SBS drama series "Model." His breakthrough role came several years later in the 2004 KBS drama "Sorry, I Love You" (Mihanhamda, Saranghanda) with co-star Lim Su-Jeong.

After Ji-Sub's breakout performance in "Sorry, I Love You" his acting career was placed on hold starting in February, 2006 while he served his mandatory two year military requirement. After Ji-Sub's discharge in April, 2007, he then signed on for the relatively low-budget film "Rough Cut" scripted & produced by Ki-duk Kim. Ji-seob was not satisfied with his earlier performance in the 2002 film "Can't Live Without Robbery" and became drawn to the character of Gang-pae in "Rough Cut" due to the depth of his character and his position in life.

"Rough Cut" would go on to garner critical and commercial success, helping to make So Ji-Sub even more popular. In 2009 Ji-seob appeared in his first television drama in five years with the big-budget SBS series "Cain and Abel." Ji-Sub then signed to work on the internationally financed film "Sophie's Revenge," in a supporting role opposite Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi & Fan Bingbing. At the Korean press conference for "Sophie's Revenge" So Ji-Sub stated, "After getting out of the military I wanted to challenge myself as an actor with new projects, and China is a new start."[1]


  1. So Ji-Sub at times felt uncomfortable in the spotlight not enjoying interviews, having photos taken of him, or being surrounded by large groups of people, but he says now he has become more open in recent years.
  2. Ji-Sub loves hip-hop and sometimes performs under the name "G-sonick."
  3. Ji-Sub is an avid photographer.
  4. After his contract with talent agency BOF concluded in 2009, Ji-seob is in the process of starting his own management company and plans to work as his own agent.
  5. On February 17, 2011 So Ji-Sub released digital single "Pick Up Line". A teaser for the music video was released on February 10th featuring comedy actors Jeong Jun-Ha & Kim Byeong-Man. The full video music will be on released February 17 and will not include footage from the teaser.
  6. Read Q&A for movie "Always" with So Ji-Sub, Han Hyo-Joo and director Song Il-Gon (from press conference at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).


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orly Sexiest actor best player especially drama sorry I love you .. drama met him for the first time and since then keeps looking for his dramas and movies .. guy's guy handsome and sexy

Nivetha shree God!!my first korean serial i have ever watched s "MASTER'S SUN"...Heavens!!u were so beautiful and great...

kim I don't remember when I first notice him but it wasn't liking at first sight. His acting and demeanor are two things that slowly seep into your mind over time as he becomes more define and mature. His solitude and quiet demeanor captivates me when he's in his roles. His sad eyes and cold stares linger on for days. I admire those inspiring moments in his movies but I can be forgetful. But those sad eyes linger on for many years to come.

vany Missed you so much. Hope to see more of you this year. I'm hoping to watch One Sunny Day but we don't have Line TV here in the Philippines.... So sad. (venting my if talking personally with Ji Sub Oppa lol)

kreshism He gave a new definition for hotness! Just right for my eyes

KSH I so miss you oppa , i hope you will return to the small screen with the upcoming drama( remake version of taiwanese in time with you) starring ha ji won as the lead female, please accept if you get the offer to appear as the lead male! and oh i will love to see you and Jeon Ji Hyun pairing together some time.God bless, stay safe, eat well

Ismi He is best korean actor I've seen ..

mkl I truly miss seeing you and your amazing acting skills! Anxiously waiting for your next role!!

rain what was that series or movie of So ji sub when he has that heart disease and he's a actor gone unfamous? I've been searching for it but i cant find it. Can somebody tell me that title of that drama?

Louan So beautiful and talented, I don't understand why people do not understand he is shy and not pester him.

Ranshi Whoa... He's so cool...

Olivia He is the epitome of full on sexiness and charisma. He's such a mystique, yet attractive man.

KSH Miss you Oppa...please come back we're waiting! choose a good drama where your charisma will be displayed for our pleasure!

Aima Miss you in acting sooooooo much,OPPA....

Joyce Yagoda People write such horrendous things about him. If he worked in California , he would tell those people what he thought. They have something to say, they say it.

Try; thank you for your dedication and hard work!! We really appreciate your talents! Thanks for sharing!

Chakita_Babe Thank you so much for all that you do...Its been such an amazing year for you and thank you for giving back to the fans..Appreciate all your music and congratulations and belated birthday wishes, may you continue to be happy, healthy and blessed as you continue your journey of life. Thank you so much for "So Love" such a sweet and beautiful song to remind your adoring fans that you will never forget us. Looking forward to "A Good Day"...YAY!.. I love all your work and continue to watch Cain & Abel as one of my favourites...Hope that the rest of 2014 will continue to shine and be successful for you and that 2015 will bring you more happiness, love and blessings always....SJS FIGHTING!!

MHinLasVegas Happy Birthday to So Ji Sub!!!!! from huge fan in LV Read translation of "18 years" and was very moved. Love music videos and ALL your movies and TV.

MARYNOSTA i love so much oppa ,wish see you in other dramas please come back quickly u'r faithful fans r waiting you

Joy seems I have watched all his drama movie and all sjs you tube over and over and over again... I sorely miss the guy for new thing (haisssst) haven't heard news about him past 2 months after the fan meeting... where r u man???? hows life doin? what's keeping u busy (hope not chasing women he he ) ill be in korea by next year see yah!! HAPPY 38th BDAY !!!!!

KSH so ji sub oppa, waiting for a new drama, please come back, i so miss your handsomeness, super look and acting!

Joyce Yagoda How is the English language in Korea. I watched a youtube program about reunification and they spoke to a Jean (I will leave out her Korean last name.). She spoke perfect English. She was going to Seoul University. She spoke so well, I was just amazed. I wondered if all Koreans speak English. Korea is almost our sister country. As long as you need us, I am sure we will be there. The US are war hawks, anyway. We are always looking for a good war. Democrats, republicans it does not matter.

God bless President Obama and President Park!!

Sofia You're getting old man but not in my heart. please come back dramas and we see you often before you are old . Happy birthday My # 1 actor ❤ 사랑해요 아저씨  Happy 38 and Healthy Long Years... See you

Lee Soo-Hoon I'll wait for his new project! Movie or drama. He's so my style

Joy whats up with so ji sub nowadays? whats up with his career? hee's hibernating? resting? I miss him so much no drama movies? happy bday dear

Sofia My # 1 charisma actor, model, everything ❤ u so  much Where are you? Why cant see you in 2014 dramas?  죽을래? I wanna see you in drama awards great pleasure

Planet oceng thanks for being a good actor! love you so much!

Joy hope so ji sub can read all our stuff :) SJS please take note of everything in here ... we adore your success!!!

jai-mee rose t. soriano i want to see you in personal because im ur certified NO.1 FAN this year i already watched ur movies " THE MASTER SUN" joo joong won i already watched again in again ur movies the master sun.

vian i'm a big fan of you. you're so cool and good looking.

claire i really like his movies :)

Joy glued to Korean drama recently coz of sjs ... he master his craft really

Marlis Kelleher Mr. So Ji

You are a wonderful actor. I have only watch one of your movie thus fare. ( I'm sorry I love you. ) Korean movies are great and very realistic and there are usually not many miracles in them. They are good very good thank you for being such a good actor.


Anastasha he is just pure hot, gotta admit that he is my all time korean star. He is so funny in the master's sun

nami His best drama to date is still (I'm sorry,I love You). It is so good, and they get many award for the drama (although i dont know why it is not included in this page). It almost reach 30% rating in final few episode.

Y'all should watch this, easily best 5 korean drama ever.

angeline jobli i have watched the master sun 8 times already. i am bewitched by you

yma Your my favorite Korean actor..looking forward to your new drama this 2014..hope to see you in person..

joy seen u with the " 6 angels outing " looks so inspiring seeing a SJS like that .. how come there was never an outing again like that for another angels... love u more SJS for that ....

joy Have watched " ur outing with 6 angels" I think that was a long time ago ... was there any chance again of you to bring smiles to angles like them again? its been a long time .. It looks inspiring seeing a SJS like that..... love u more for that

Joy Great rapper too!! u really got great body movements ,, just even moving ur arms a bit its as if you did a great dance number!! how come? keep it up prayng to cross our path...

sasa WOW !! i have been watched your drama i like it so much brotherr. you look so natural to act the character. God give the great talent to you, you're so mature :). anytime, come to my country INDONESIAA see you much lovee :)

Joy S. de Leon Great actor can portray any role .. can be Kng ln wook , can be park chul wook can be so jib the rapper n so ji sub the cute smily guy with great abs!!!1 shall I say I LIKE YOU !!!

Joy S. de Leon Salute for being a gifted actor .... You can be "Park Chul Woong" you can be "Kang ln Wook" ... you can "President Joo" and you can be the hip hop "So Ji Sub"!!!!!! and the cute ordinary man So Ji SUb" DO YOU KNOW THAT I LIKE YOU?

JOy s. de Leon What an abs!!!! what an eyes!!! soulful eyes!!!

joy s. de leon must I say ur really an actor ???? ur great with just your gesture!!! must I say I like you boy!!!!

joy s de leon after seeing TMS ive got to watched glass slippers nmemories of the bali ... " don't ever get to die again pls !!!!

Joy S. de Leon After watching The Master's sun I become an avid of yours!!! I find you great actor with just the movement of your eyes n face:) right??? hope to see you here in Manila Philippines or shall I say ill be the one goin there in Seoul??? God willing...

nara Can't wait to see your new project. You're the best actor, with amazing talents, good personality, and perfect in many way. Please come to us with another great drama.

Camille Park I really Love watching Korean Dramas.But I've had no Certain favorite Korean actor. And after watching your drama series "Master's Sun"(Joogoonui Taeyang) I Became an Instant Fan of yours Mr.So Ji Sub That I Bought all the things that has your picture on it like Magazines,keychains,tumbler and etc.. i sleep late at night watching all your other korean dramas and films like Cain and Abel,Phantom,Road No.1,Sorry I Love you and etc. I wish that "Master's Sun" can have a part two Or at least another drama series with the same leading lady Ms.Gong Hyo Gin. I really love your chemistry you two are cute together even on interviews you two look like a real couple.You are a very talented person a Model,Singer,Businessman and an Actor . I will be Going to Korea soon and hope to see you there Another Drama Please

aqila Oppa,i hope you can meet & reunion with Ha ji won unnie in a new drama..i miss the chemystry between oppa & unnie..its been along time ago since What happened in Bali,but i'm still looking forward for you two can together in new drama.I love to saw you together even though just in drama.So ji sub oppa fighting,i love you in all the way.Acting,music,and real life:-D

Aqila Oppa,i hope you can meet & reunion with Ha ji won unnie in a new drama..i miss the chemystry both of you..its been along time ago since What happened in Bali,but i still looking forward for you two have a reunion & be a couple in drama.I really love to saw you two together,even though just in drama.So Ji Sub oppa,Fighting!!!i love yu in all the way,acting,music,and real life!

irene rosco I really do hoping that you will going to visit manila philippines

nemrac acrala KINGDOM CEO, So Ji Sub Your movie Master Sun is the best i ever watched. You and your leading lady Sunny Te had a good chemistry. Hope there will be part 2 of Master Sun. Wish you visit Philippines so that i could see you in person...

raiya SJS - Can't wait to see you in your next project... Hope to be able to get in touch with you (perhaps) even more personal...

boo SO JI SUB!!!! Your the best! I'm your no.1 fan. If I'll be given a chance to go to Korea the first thing that i will do is to see you in person. I hope to meet you, and have a remembrance photo and autograph. I really really love Master's Sun and Always. Thanks for being an inspiration to us (your fans) Saranghae!

rhodz Hi mr. President of the master's sun .. your so handsome when ur smile.. serious yet funny and adorable.. i never forget when you say to sunny "get lose"w/ hand gesture.. hope you may visit philippines soon... always take care abd God will bless you more.. :-)

anna Hi Mr.President from the Master Sun:) Im sad:) because tonight is the last episodes of your Korean Drama here The Master Sun:( Hope and wishful to have part 2:) Please!

rosemarie bobis i love ur acting in master's sun...ur so hot, really... hope u can visit the Philippines, soon...

hunhan i hope the master's sun have book 2.. i really love the actor and actress

taeyang shui Do you know what mr. So ji sub since i saw u in the masters sun which your role is president joo i entertain and i like how you act and your so handsome.. I love you.

joyce apiag your movie which is the master's sun is the best

Joyce Tolentino Hi! The masters sun is so beautiful I wish that masters sun have a part2

phoebe lora hello So Ji-Sub , i really loved Master's Sun. i hope you will have another movie with the same leading lady. Or maybe part 2 of the Master's sun. I love the two of you.... More movies to come. You're so cute and you have all the looks! I swear.

Jaja SJS - too hot to handle!!! love his eyes;p

ilegna i realy like ur drama the master sun. . .go go go johann

Yalda Oppa i love are so handsome.sarang he oppa

Georgia Lady USA So Ji Sup. I like you...

Boots Marzean I am so attached to this korean drama, master's sun and became a fan of your. I admire you and your kind of performance. I also admire your partner in this movie...hope you can visit the Philippines someday and be paired with one of our actresses. congratulations.

jill yeah im your new fan So Ji Sub.. the master's sun.

blyn i really adore you ji seob so. i wish to see you in person..

LJ Best drama ever that So ji sub starred in is Road Number one.Great chemistry with Kim Ha Neul.

Clarence Bermundo Dearest So Ji Sub! We so admire your excellent performance in Masters Sun, its still being shown here in the Philippines and You Sums up Our Day and Night

jam OPPA!! I really like the way you acted to your drama series "master's sun". the best scene for me there is when you are discussing to taeyang the land you owned while seeing on the telescope together . i hope that i will see you someday :))

saranghae <3 <3

yma i can't get you out of my mind..haha hope to see you in person..ur my favorite korean actor. wish you all the best and happiness in lyf..

Cindy I really love and like you So ji Sub, you're so handsome, i really like your movies ( memories of bali and Master's Sun )... "Get lost" is your line that i can't forget,.hahaha! i hope that i could see you someday,,, keep up the good work and Goodluck for your future projects too..take care and God bless

Veniece Macatuggal I love So ji sub !!!

jing-jing hi, i really love your movie The Master Sun, your so handsome, and I really like the way you said GET LOST, your my man, hope i could see you someday or maybe in my dreams laughs...hehehehe anyways keep up the good work, god bless like you a lot......

klein lobs like your new movie the master sun love u idol ahhhhh no 1 romcom

klein lobs like your new movie the master sun love u idol ahhhhh no 1

Joyz I Love this man!! <3

Fyotel amazing rapper excellent and talented actor!!! Full option MAN<3 just watched The masters sun it was simply incredible loved Ur character and ur songs tooo AWESOME..waiting for something new now, fighting

mkl Anxiously waiting until I can see my hubby in another drama again. I miss you!!... :-(

hanna archie hi, hello johann. ilove the way you say GET LOST! haha. labyu!

jhanisse fernando i love you johann (so ji-sub) your so handsome... </3

Arnielaine wow... i really really admire him... He is my idol... He've got the charisma, hotness, coolness, warmness, easy going, wow... omg omg omg :) kinikilig talaga ako

malou I loved the way you act, your style and most specially your are a man that every woman wanted..hope to see you here in you soooo much..

Aila So JiSub is such a great actor! Bashing him about his acting is sucks! He's awesome, cool and of a kind. He's the type of man a girl would wish for and love.

azie I suke so ji sub .... love you 4 ever .... so ji sub fan .... my favorite actor .... so if you can find the best sub ji .. hehehe ....

helendancer Fantastic actor, looking forward to your next drama.

tp SJS is always an amazing actor, period. I've been his forever fan. Take care & best wishes to you!

So ji subs girl Regarding your age, it has no effect on me. You are truly #1 in my heart. You're gentle, good looking, intelligent, kind, and overall so passionate about your work that it held such a positive effect onto your career. Be chic and fabulous as you are now. No matter how old you get, I'll always love you. You're always my So Gan JI! Although there's a low chance of meeting you, if I do, I will literally cry of happiness! <3

aya oppa jukjima. na reul wihae seo kidaryeojwo, nan oppa reul kyeol hon hae jul kke : )

Vidy I hope both of you (with Han Hyo Joo unnie) in a drama! Since I watch "Always", I love your chemistry so much. I wish my dream comes true. Comeback for this year, please! I miss you so much!

Vandy So Ji-Sub I like and love you! I like watch all movies and all Drama Series, I'm always waiting for you to play new drama , So Ji-Sub, you are so hand some and. Lovely and I like your style . It is really amazing.Good luck! Goodbye see you later. I like and love you ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥;)

Lucy Hong Gosh! I really love this actor eversince I 've watched The Master's Sun from then I followed and wathced all his dramas and movies every now and then over youtube. Despite of Mster's Sun my other favorites were Road No.! and Cain and Abel, Sophie's revenge, glass slippers, we are dating now, A Thousand years of love he is so handsome and very talented actor. I like his pick up rhip-hop music and that one with Park Sin Ae. I like his acting in I;msorry I love you but the story was so sad so as the "what happened in Bali" very fatal for me. I he really secretly married now? I wish to see him on TV with his own kids.

P_lily I don't know how i feel with my boyfriend really, but i know i like him... maybe bc your acting is very attracting me . well , i have chance to meet u i want to some words " You the man i looking for "


sandraaulia wahhh ... i love you so ji sub <3 i wish i can see you and take a picture with you, i will waiting for your new drama and movie ...

nadjoong I really love SJS . hes really a great actor & good looking . manly face . hope he will come out with a new drama with great pair . can't waitt for his new drama ... FIGHTING ... !!

NADA~ OMG ..... I just realised that he's 20 years older than me !!! 1977-1997 0_0 . but I still love him soo soo much ^_^

Mfae I love you so ji sub <3

Mafae Very handsome and so talented <3

lalu Adam Hades I like his style & action.

Tenzin Choeyang So Jin Sub is the best actor that i have known so far. I watched his drama "Master's Sun", it was when I started loving him. He has fabulous acting regarding his role and that was so cheerful to watch.After finishing his drama,I started watching the rest of his drama.Though he was best known for "I am sorry, I love you", I didn't enjoy it that much since it was a sad ending.Well, I hate sad endings!!! He is perfect and I am looking forward to know more news about him. I wanna date him.....:D

yin nyein He's the best of all Korean actors with the most amazing chrisma. He could prove he's the real talented actor since Glass Slippers. Super-duper attractive & sexy far much more than any other actors. Wish he could produce more cheerful gentleman role since it really match his look & character. You are always going be the best So Ji Sub @@

noreene omg I share my birthday with him too (like two other people mentioned) :D YAY!!! we are birthday twins :3 I LOVE SO JI SUB and his acting. he is sooo funny, awesome, CUTEEEE and an amazing actor. i love him in Masters sun, that drama ROCKS!! :D GO SO JI SUB! we loovee you!!

ne-ne85 he is a real MAN and a IDEAL MODEL <3 the way he act is a real man.not gay guy like other korean actor. like him so much.

LoveBerrish07 So Ji Sub you are a multi talented actor. I wish you good health and more drama please and movies. Kamsamhamnida

Hapsyah Danisa I love So ji sub soooo.. much, Hmm..I really like his act. I hope I can meet him someday.. He is the best actor for me. Love you so ji sub...

SALIEngketket i also have the same birthdate... :)

Lucy Hong I Love So Ji sub since Joogun-ui Taeyang (TMS) SBS drama. The first tv drama I've ever watched that gives me interest and inspiration to follow his shining star. So I began to browsed the net about SJS previous dramas and films and everything like "what happened in Bali", "Road No. 1" OMG! I love this drama! I love his acting and his eyes are very expressive he looks like Nicholas Cage in some angle. I wasn't satisfied so I looked for more I watched Cain and Abel I loved it! so it made me cry so intense emotions. I'm sorry, I love you it was a heart breaking story also then I watched "A thousand years of love" hahahaha. I became crazy about this guy. I'ved searched and watched sweet proposal and we're dating now since yesterday and today I've been reading write-ups about his book 길 I'm planning to buy one the other day I bought an issue of a magazine where he was the cover. All these craziness happened since TMS .OMG! I became So Ji Sub's crazy fan in just a couple of months. I laughed out loud watching him at Mohun Tujun's Infinite challenge. LOL! can we see him too in Running Man show? It could be fun too.

Ayu Indira I like his act so much, it because when he act in his film like I play with him to be his partner. Two thumbs up for his acting ;-) I hope can see him not in my dream and imaginatiom. Poor me, I am nothing. :-(

Jezza hahaha! I have the same birthday as him kkkk

Famissgrang I really love his acting on master's sun. so cute...

grace so ji sub oppa !!! what is your next romantic comedy f!lm And I'll surely watch it and for now I am trying to find and watch all your movie and films from the start of your career and in the future...Saranghae continue to be humble and honest always

ggabyul Keyopta!!! So ji sub is the coolest CEO i've ever seen in korean drama i think. I hope he will play in many comedy romance. Aaaa saranghae oppa♥♥

oletechie I love his dark films more than the rom-coms. He was fabulous in the Master's Sun, it was great to see another side of him, but he was ridiculous in The Company Man, Sorry I Love You & I absolutely loved him in Always. He does that "dark-shy-scary-strong-madly-in-love character soooo well. <3 Love everything about this actor, especially that he hates the limelight....true mark of a serious artist.

Camila I love him sooooooo muchhhh since Master's Sun he's sooo handsome and cute!! It would be awesome if he did more rom-com dramas, i mean he did so perfect as Joo Joong Won. He's perfect and i want him and Gong Hyo Jin together, it can't be other girl, celebrity. They have so mch chemistry, they are perfecttttttttt 사랑해요 소지섭씨❤❤❤

тиги wooooow su ji sub im so love you ... :)))))

grace soooo ji your movie The Master's Sun and Always... hope you do romantic comedy films again.saranghae

hana Really love your acting in Master's Sun... Although I watched the drama many times I never get bored... Hope to see you more in dramas or movies... Fighting!!! ^^

fieljoy this is my first time to comment in here.. i like to visit ASIANWIKI and ever since i have known the usefulness of this website, i think there is no day that i haven't visited this website.. for different artists, for different dramas.. but for the first time i will have a comment.

i really like this person. So Ji Sub. i think i want to meet a person like him. he is the first korean actor i have known way back in the drama Glass Slippers (2002, but i can't remember when it was aired in the PH). Oppa fighting!!

kai Please play on more movie so i can watch it twice or even three times..

아주씨 사랑해요 ㅅ.ㅅ

Sunny I've just finished watching Master's Sun, you were wonderful and handsome as usual. Best wishes.

aima happy 37th birthday jisub oppa....i'll always support you and your upcoming works...;-)

meta I really love The Master's Sun. An Unique story. Great acting by SJS which can turn Joo Joong Won's character with very well. Bravo. So Ji Sub, you are such an amazing actor and YES YOU ARE !!! I really admire you and appreciate all your hard work. Thank you and keep up the great work. I love you oppa.....

denise Happy Birthday Mr Charming! wish you good luck in everything that you are going to do.. Best wishes!

sima Happy Birthday to the best actor in the world. Love You, your fan from Israel

yul17a I really enjoy your character in Master's Sun. Expecting you to re-cover this new sides of you in the future drama.

Evira I think, he's more handsome in "The Master's Sun" and also more adorable. I'll wait for your next project, So Ji-Sub. You're the best :)

Leigh @ ei ei: I feel you it seems So Ji Sub's character always die or at least almost die. But i understand why they cast him to play those characters for he has an aura especially when you look at his eyes that needs to be protected yet you can still see his masculinity. weird but thats how I see SJS. haha

ei_ei First notice you in the drama "glass slippers". My tears fell to see you die in that drama. And again you totally got me at " I am sorry, I love you". Why do you always dieeeee in the melodramasssss??? Cain & Abel is also one of my fav K drama ever. Anyway... Fighting!!!! A big fan of yours :D

queenvee SJS, you're awesome! I <3 you!

devie i love to see you in the master's sun... you are and gong hyo jin is the best prefect couple ever.. i hope you both to be a real couple.. you both have a good chemistry,that make me want to see you both to become a real couple.. DATING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will to wait a good news from you and her fall in love each other... so plaese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOGONG COUPLE FOREVER...

Chakita3 "The Masters Sun" was absolutely amazing!! First class performances from SJS & GHJ..such a beautiful dialect, such passionate acting, the chemistry on screen was pure magic...I have watched this over and over and over again many times (just like Cain & Abel) and to go from the melo dramatic roles of SJS, to a much more lighthearted, funny and sweet story, has been so fulfilling and so satisfying. SJS, you are an amazing actor, "The Masters Sun" is my absolute favourite K-Drama for 2013..Congratulations and well done on such a great depiction of our Joo Joong Won - you made this role your own, and again, your passion and commitment has kept this character in our (all females) minds and our lives forever (referring to Soompi forum, LOL!)...GHJ was also amazing in her role and delivery of Tae Gong Shil, such chemistry and warmth you have both on screen...OMO! The end result absolutely amazing. Looking forward to your next venture, your next project whether it be performing live on stage (sigh!) or in another drama/movie (double sigh!). SJS, you are like a bottle of fine red (expensive) wine that beautifies and deepens with age. I wish you much love, happiness, success and blessings in your future endeavors and hope that you will soon find that perfect someone special to share your life with...(fighting!)..Continue to do good work, enjoy and love life...

laly Best Korean actor, I like So Ji-Sub acting Master's sun is the best 2013 drama. So Ji-Sub fighting ^.^

mint cherry i like So Ji Sub when first time i watched him at Phantom....when i watched Master's Sun, he really steal my heart!! always pray for your career & life...and i can't wait for your next your smile :) SJS, fightinggggggg...!!!!

sarina i love so ji sub he is very handsome and cute but more than these thing he is a best actor im very Disappointed because he dont have any way to contact with his foreign fan

marceline266 I pray to be healthy. always smile! When you smile you are beautiful! You have to do more often ,you do this in Master kdrama! Fighting ! ..I love you, oppA !

lotie So Ji Sub is one actor that as he aged he become more and more irresistibly charming. I love his resonant voice; its very manly, warm and sexy. I believe he is a born actor. He had proven enough when it comes to drama and recently he showed a different side of his acting skills via rom-com The Master's Sun. Although he is new on rom-com genre but he never failed to deliver an excellent acting.

Lilee One of the best actors, not only in Korea.

Jo SJS is a great great actor...the Master's Sun is a great show . It is both funny and touching.. Laugh and cry my heart's out. He is so handsome and a wonderful expressive actor. SJS. You should be proud of yourself and ignore all negative remarks about you cos your acting has already proven yr talent. I hope you are a we can meet in heaven some day..cheers.

pichu pichu im watching masters sun and OMG HE IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! hes soooooo hot, handsome, cute, funny, adorable, fluffy, awesome :3 :3 his smirk is soooo sexy and his expressions are sooo funny!! his acting is amazing!! :3 :3 hes AWESOME :D <3 <3

Davia I can't believe this was your first comedic role because your Joong Won is so wonderful. He is such complex character and you gave him so much edge. I loved watching him. In all the dramas I have seen you in you give 100% and that make it such a pleasure to watch the characters you create. It makes such a difference to watch an actor who acts with depth. By the way pink really suits you! Thank you for all your hard work and best wishes to you for your future projects.

kimikim I miss Jisub-Jihwan couple TT~TT

Pure Love I don't know about your realationship with ??? but I Really like So ji Sub & gong hyo jin couple...plz think about this hny anyway,Goodluck my ideal man fightttttting

Ann So-Ji-Sub is the best Korean actor. I love all the roles that he have played. Master Sun has become successful because of the two main leads. Well done So Ji!

Jaedee27 Love this drama. I started it 3 days ago and have now caught up to episode 13. Love the movie and the 2 main actors in here. Now waiting impatiently for episode 14 to air. Thanks for all the hard work everyone put into this drama!

Starlyne I love him and he is the best actor for me...

Wan Norzailani Wan Kadir I'm a great fan of korean drama. Why? Most of the drama makes you feel as if you are living and feeling in synchronize with the characters, you just can feel it in the deepest of your soul. The latest drama that I'm watching is The Master's Sun. Its a romantic comedy starring Seo Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin as the main actors. No doubt that their acting skills are superb. You can laugh when its funny, but at times it makes your eyes teary and the sad feeling lingers for quit some times, very easy to understand and feel all the emotion the actors potray in this drama. I really want to show my appreciation to Seo ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin for giving their best in this drama which moves every soul who understand the meaning of life and death and in between, thank you.

Chakita3 As fans, we have the priviledge of having expectations that go beyond what is real and not real. Our expectations are so high, that is why having freedom of speech can be either good/positive and full of amazing things as well as having negative comments that are hurtful and demoralising, ( to the adoring fans as well). Such critics judge easily and to be honest are "jealous" of a persons talent and success. If we ponder on about such hurtful things, we become entangled in its web..So Ji Sub is an amazing talent. SJS is gorgeous and has a beautiful soul. I wish him much love, success, happiness and blessings throughout his life. So Ji Sub has made me absolutely love Korean Drama and even to the extent that I want to visit Korea...WOW!! (just saying). Thank you So Ji Sub, there are good critics and not so good critics. It is your choice (and ours) on how to approach and deal with them. As JJW would say to these critics "KOJA".."Get Lost"...

Ruby So Ji Sub is not only a super hot guy also a great actor. i am very impressed with him acting in Master's sun.

babe chaka3 So Ji Sub, you are amazing and so gorgeous. I cant believe there are folks out there who dont appreciate art when they see it. As I said before, your acting abilities are so amazing and deserve true adoration and recognition. Lee Jang Woo was a perfect role for you to display such emotion and passion during the Korean War, and I felt it. Ghost, you did not speak but I could feel the emotion in this drama because of the way you presented it on screen. Lee Choi In, Cain and Abel (My favourite!), again, you portrayed two different characters and you masterminded them perfectly, I too felt your passion and your commitment. Always, now this is when we first met, and man, you did not disappoint. From Always, I wanted to see more of you and found you in Im Sorry I Love you (the role that no one forgets)..and that too was amazing. SJS has a gift as an actor, a presenter, an artist, who has adoring fans throughout the world. Its people like SJS who has created this opportunity to put Korea again on the map and to promote K-Drama. The Masters Sun is another challenge that SJS has taken on, and so far so good, his humor and wit on screen is hilarious!! When I get butterflies and lots of tears, it means the actor is really really doing a good job!! Everyone has their own opinion of course, but when you have a fan base who are so passionate about SJS, having negative feedback just doesnt cut it, I mean really. Thank you SJS and continue to do good work, you are the best. Much happiness and blessings always. To all those who have said bad things, as SJS (or JJW) would say..."KOJA" in "GET LOST"..

N.T Seriously laughing at people saying they can't "feel" his acting. Come back and say that after you have watched "I'm Sorry, I Love You." Not only will you "feel" his acting but your tears will probably dry up at the end of the series. If So Ji Sub can't act, who can honestly?

aima i think the people who don't like him are mostly the men and the women or the girls who love cute faces of celebrities...i like sjs's face because i like manly man the most...and i like his acting since i watched 'what happened in bali/memories of bali'...the people who always said bad things about others always the ones who jealous of that in my opinion,the ones who wrote bad comments about sjs were the ones who jealous of him...i never interested to bother other celebrities,not really interested to know about them at all because i only love sjs,actor of south korea,the only one actor i, i didn't really understand why they(the people who are not sjs's fans) like to bother sjs by writing bad comments...they should support and care about their favourite stars...because if we like and love someone,that's mean there is something special about him that our eyes can see or our hearts can see...we,people have different tastes and, don't ever write bad comments about someone's favourite star...that's the worse thing to do...

einjhelle the first time i watch so ji sub is on the film "Sorry, I Love You"... the first time i watched a HEAVY DRAMA..the first time i LIKED korean DRAMA... no matter what others says you will and forever be the BEST ACTOR known to portray such EMOTIONS...I can feel it until my BONES the sadness an really portray it best..after watching it i CRAVE for more of you..So I watched all of it..Now i'm experiencing your HUMOR on "The Master's Sun"...all part of the drama I'M LOVING IT...hope you continue to inspire others through your film....Praying for HEALTH always...

Bouba ok, which idiot is saying So-jib oppa doesn't know how to act ? and which bigger idiot is saying he doesn't like his interpretation in The Master's Sun ??? are u kidding people ??!! Don't u have any artistic taste ? So Ji-Sub is one of the GREATEST actors, not only in Korea ! I fell in love with his acting ( humm , with him too) after watching Always where he barely spoke & I cried sooo much . I appreciated his acting skills in Rough Cut . In the Master's Sun, i am discovering his sense of humor ! as Leigh earlier said, he is sooo funny when he waves his hand in front of his face to tell the girl to get lost !!!! But really, u have to have some sense to appreciate him! he is Wonderful ! Sarang hae Oppa !!!!

momo i can not believe there ara actually some crazy guys saying bad things about his acting ability ....if so ji sup can not act.....then who is in the earth can act???? he is aproffesionale. his acting now is at unique level no one can even reach...

Park Tae-chan I absolutely LOVE so ji sub. Oppa, fighting! I adore oppa in Master's sun. He's so cute. Love him to bits! Oppa, sarangheyo!! <3 He has brilliant and sizzling chemistry Gong Hyo-jin unnie. They should act together more. Love him!

Fan No matter what others say, I definitely think his role in Master's Sun is great....GAH I can't even express how much I love So Ji Sub!

tha I'm from Indonesia...and the only one korean actor that i love is SO JI SUB !!!!!!!!! Love you much

tha I'm from Indonesia....and the only one korean actor that i love is SO JI SUB !!!!!!

roemi The only one korean actor that i love is SO JI SUB !!!!!!!!!!

Leigh The reason I started watching Korean Movies is this guy and his movie Always. I watch all your movies and dramas So Ji Sub-ssi and I must say you are getting better and better. And I really really love Master's sun.. Your way of delivering the sarcastic script specially whenever you say "koja" or Go Away with your hand gesture its so funny and I keep on seeing that in my head over and over and I can't help but laugh. Hope you'll have another project this year. Wish you all the best.

kpop Omg. . .He is so beautiful and sexy *_* I love him!!! The master's sun is my favorite drama !

brenda veronica I LOVE YOU♥♥♥ You're the Best!

Ruz You're the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

sora 수고했어요! 주군의 태양 너무 재밌게!!! 오빠 과 공효진 언니 아주 조화!! 오빠는너무멋있다!!

오빠 화이팅!!!

altought alot of people hate your interpretation in master's sun, but i really love it. you did a very well done job describing the stiff, egocentric, overconfidence, and lonely person like Joo Jong Woon. Please take another comedy drama/movie ^^

i've been watching most of your drama. love every side of your acting.

comedian dont do comedy again. you are WORST

진주 Actually, I've been really enjoying his acting in Master's Sun and I cried watching the end of Always... In Master's Sun, he's not entirely perfect but w/ ea. successive episode he gets better. Not that he would ever see these comments but netizens are entitled to their free speech. However, so what if he's an introvert and an imperfect rapper... why does he need to improve his personality for his acting? It's great that he has a side hobby outside of acting and if he truly does have a sad restrained personality, then well done to him for succeeding this far for being a celebrity in the public eye! :P

fransec ji sub hyung, one of the best actor action .. and i like his eyes ..

babe chaka3 Response to LAPM: Absolutely, totally, most definately agree with you regarding Road No.1 and So Ji Sub. He was totally outstanding in his role as Lee Jang Woo and I too think that there was not enough credit,recognition or accolades to this amazing drama. It was perfect, good history, good actors, good cinematography, absolutely fantastic. My first introduction to SJS was "Always" which I absolutely adore. I then watched ISILU, and that was different again. I was/am hooked now on SJS creativity and art. I absolutely love "Cain and Abel" - SJS took his role to another level and I have been hooked on him ever since, and have watched all his work and listened to all his music (which I think rapping suits him so well). SJS is a true professional, a blessing to Korean Drama. SJS has depth, passion, integrity, is humble in his nature which reflects in his hard work that he presents to his adoring fans. Thank you SJS, you are amazing, beautiful, and I wish you luck and happiness in the future. By reading these comments, you have so much love and adoration from all your female fans, WOW...Continue to do good work. Blessings to you always. (Fighting)...

Leigh I sometimes don't understand how or why people are very mean. If someone doesn't matches his or her taste then don't bother to watch or pay attention to that actor. You don't have to bash someone just because he didn't match your expectations we have our own like and dislikes. But we all have the same understanding of RESPECT.

megcarnn seriously if you think his acting is bad and he cant rap, you dont have to tell the world. have you thought of how his fans will feel? how will you feel if someone insult your fav artist/band? to his fans, hes amazing. you dont have to be so cruel.

turtlepaul i agree, only one expression i can see in his face..... SAD< SAD<SAD. have acting lessons to improve your personality lol

jwong to be honest his acting is so stiff and sometimes exagerating..... and pls pls pls STOP rapping, we all know he cant rap...

sanguine miss dont think im ever going to get tired of sojisub. love him till death!

Vaanel Honey, u think is acting is so lame?! O-o ... Ok... No, Seriously! You joking right!

BoChan So Ji Sub's acting is superb. Love it! Fighting~! ^-^

honey hes acting is so lame. i cant genuinely feel him act.

SJS~ By the way, U Turn is not listed on here for some reason...

JAY So Ji Sub is an awesome & perfect actor..Waiting for his new drama..The Master's Sun..

Lylon I'm in love with Su Ji Sub in Phantom/Ghost! He is very handsome!! I hope I will see you! Please come to Malaysia!!!

kezia i wonder why google said that this ahjussi ever played with Lee Yeonhee before Ghos-Phantom project. I find no match with their drama or movies other Phantom. anyone can answer me?

chacha d talo halo, i am chacha from Indonesia.. i was read some article that was told that So Ji Sub Oppa was has a relationship with So Al Cheon From Seonggol Clan in Silla Era,, is it true?? i was so excited to learn about Korean History, so i was so gratefull if someone can give me the answer :D thank you so much

Putri annyeonghaseyo? I have just finished to watch your movie(ghost/phantom). while I was watching your film until the end, I really wanted to meet the players in this film. including you (so ji-seob), because you was so amazing with your acting in this film. I can not express in words. oppa, FIGHTING.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putri hello, I'm Putri From Indonesia. I'm very like you acting i Ghost/Phantom. It's very amazing. I can't say with word. I believe you will be the best actor. Sarangae oppa.

SILVANA So ji sub is the best actor.Congratulation !GOOD LUCK!

jamilah Yeee congratulation SJS for the award , waiting for your next project

LAPM Found some tracks via Youtube, and seeing is believing! Great tracks - of course, it's not like there are subtitles to the main rap, but that's irrelevant. For that available to us Yankees, I can totally rock out to the hooks. :-)) Funny when in say "Ghost" garb, SJS would be closer, IMO, to say, a cello as opposed to rap. LOL!

LAPM I think the greatest thing about discovering works on the other side of the world is discovering the absolute gems and keepers among the lot. Relatively new with the K drama scene, I have been for years doing a lot of collecting in nearby China with Yimou Zhang or Japan and its various productions seeded for the Academy's Best Foreign and other film fests. With the Asian market, particularly about Asian leading men, I am a little fickle about vocal chords. Be native, but be native with a tenor to baritone! LOL! I have not wandered to far from China-Hong Kong-Japan for that particular reason.

This said, my introduction to Mr. So was absolutely the best way I could ever have imagined. When I started Road No. 1., I thought I was in for a Korean film much like Taegukgi. When it offered more than 1 episode, I was so intrigued, hooked, and almost giddy at the prospect that I was going to see more of the "film". If there was an Oscar for Best Film on the Small Screen, this should have been ROK's entry. I cannot possibly express enough accolades for the series, its writer, director and crew, and its cast in totality. I was so stoked that I had to write MBC and commend them for an OUTSTANDING story and execution of direction, casting, and cinematography.

In the meantime, I have seen SJS on a lighter side with Ziyi Zhang, to the even more melancholic Sorry I Love You with a gratutious fling with his Ghost. There was a sudden rush to see how versatile he is as an actor, to see how well directors BANK on his talents, and I haven't yet been disappointed. I will say that it is an extraordinary arch to overcome when you deliver such a masterful command of a role as that of RN1's Lee Jang Woo and then see him fall into something fluffy. It'd be such a waste of his skills and talents, not to mention, a let down to viewers. So hopefully, his career will always be about an upward trend in roles and quality of writing.

SJS is so appreciated in mainland USA. PS It was almost comical to have read earlier on that he is into hip hop with those classically chieseled features. But then again, I suppose PSY is not the rule on the "Korean" rap star stereotype. haha! Good luck with all, SJS.

pecinta sejati so ji sub is the best korean actor.

jamilah Love love love you in phantom. You are best Korean actor.goodluck.

nova Two thumbs for you in phantom

riana Waiting for your next drama So Ji Sub , good acting in ghost .

fitria famina I saw So Ji Sub for first time in his drama Glass Slippers, and I really love with his character there. But when I saw him again in Something Happened in Bali, I realized that this man is different than any other korean actors. He has charisma and good acting. For me, he's so cool and has a different style that make me can't get him out of my head. God..I really love this guy! He's hot, especially in Phantom. Can't wait to watch his next projects. Love you, So Ji Sub!!

Yessica You're the greatest actor!! Luv u so much..Please stay healthy and be happy always..

saya Love your acting

winda wijaya hay so ji sub .. I am your fan from Indonesia .. I first saw you in the movie ghost .. I'd love to see the drama series and movies you and hopefully I can see

Анна So Ji-Sub, ты, пожалуй, соответствуешь моим представлениям об идеальном мужчине. Внешне - как ты есть, внутренне -как твои герои. Желаю счастья и взаимопонимания.

izabela Happy birthday to you!!!! I wish you all the best. Be happy and good luck!

lina triana Happy B'Day So Ji Sub...wish u all the best

Ria First time saw so ji sub was in Memories in Bali. Not a fan of him but i knew that he is very famous. And for the next 8 years i just know him barely as an popular actor. Until my friend offer me Ghost 2 months ago that i start to pay attention to him. Actually he is not that pretty or flower boy face. Got no super hot sexy face too. His appearance and face is like the introvert one XD. Quiet, not talkative, calm, show no emotion. But that what make me super awwwwwww after finishing Ghost. He got that charisma m i think the more he aged the more he looks handsome ><. Actually i dislike ahjussi not fan of ahjussi but i think it'll be okay if he is so ji sub XD. 15 years age gap doesnt matter to me if itis ji sub. Kekekekeke. Now i wish he will play comedy romantic drama series that require lot of funny expressions XD, it'll be new to him hehehe

없어 When I first saw So Ji Sub, it was back then in 2008, when he played as a gangster lead in 'Rough Cut'. I wasn't stunned of his looks when I first saw him, I just thought he was a qualified actor by how he played his roles. Then after 3 years passed by, I saw so ji sub again in 'Ojik geudaeman: Always'... It wasn't on any purpose but just I thought the movie seems interesting because I really like korean romance film ~ It's heartwarming. So.. I when I started to watch the first scenes, I did not recognise in a sudden when I saw So Ji sub that he was the same guy I saw back then in 2008. So, there's no old images of him in my thoughts while watching him in this movie. My first thoughts of him when I saw the first scenes, still, I wasn't stunned of his face, but there's starting to be something about him that kind of grabs my focus on him. His character seems charming in a way, by his quiet and still looks. After I finished watching this movie for the first time, I felt so in love with the movie and starting to feel something special about this actor, so ji sub. As I re-watched this movie for another time, I felt that So ji sub really has something special that perfectly matches my heart. I can tell that he's the first and might be the only guy I could ever fall for in this life. Since then, I knew at first there was some signal that kind of tells me that this guy has something truly special. Then I suddenly felt familiar with his face as I watched the movie for the second time that he was the same guy who played in Rough cut 2008. I knew straight away that my first instinct is correct. So ji sub really is the only guy who could possibly rob my entire heart completely like no other. I liked him without caring to search for his name at first, until I fell completely for him. When I searched for his name and profile, I knew that 'Mo Hok' was played by So ji sub in 'I'm sorry I love you" in 2004. That drama was very popular in my childhood days. I could still remember the feelings back then when I actually love it's OST song 'Nun eh Got - Park Hyo Shin'... it was back then on my elementary years. So after I realised my deepest feelings for this actor, I went back to find this old drama, and watched it again. Then, I knew exactly he is the right one for my real type. His features and character type is exactly what truly matches my heart. I could not explain in exact words, but So ji sub is the guy whom I saw at first and wasn't stunned exactly, but as I saw him later on... I felt a charm that sparks right into my heart... and once I knew I've fallen for this person... when I see him more and more I fall in deeper for him... I have a feeling that he is the type of person who has a really nice heart which is the main point of his attractiveness. However, I actually liked him starting from his eye sights, smile, voice, his long body figure, and his character which is extremely charming. No matter how old he gets as each year passes by... I knew he would be the only guy I would never regret falling for.... although age might cause some hearts to fade away... but I know for myself, so ji sub would be the only guy who i'll still fall for in eternity. 오빠를정말좋아해요 ^^ ㅋㅋ

houda i love u so ji sub from my deeply heart i wish see u one day in my life also i wish to be an actress but i dont know how to be ?

Pamela Good acting that -sorry, i love you. the thing I like about Korean movies is they make us fall in love with the characters -NOT the actors. it feels just so real yet its just an act. Korea is a beautiful place and sometime next year I will come to tour and just see these magnificent buildings, botanical gardens and monuments. thanks to your movies/ dramas that i have watched way down on the other side of the world..

mira mihe I really like HIM in PHANTOM ! He so adorable in solving the problems and he so handsome, finally, I notice that he so handsome :DD

EROS Hi Mr super hero....! i love watch youre drama, especially sorry i love you...road no1...always..........& all youre movies...i hope to see you soon & i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much:))...i want to best for you,take care&good luck BIG BOOS :))))))))))))))

sahar hi so ji sub:) you're the best & you're soooooo cute:)...i realy love to see you & i want to go korea jast for you so so so sooooooooooo much & i wish the best for you...we are supporting you.....good luck & god bless you -_^

leeyha Annyeong oppa, choneun lia imnida, i'm balinese... U're the best actor for me, i love your drama, movies and all about you,, saranghae oppa.. Please come to bali

Anonymous i don't like to watch a korean drama. but after my sister give the Ghost korean drama, i'm really excited t watch it. this is the first korean drama that i like. i love to see So Ji Seob in this drama, because he so handsome and smart. he is a good actor for me. i don't care to re watch this drama until i feel bored. good luck So Ji Seob..

Kim His facial features and his acting is impeccable. Love!! <3

zamen I like korean cos of ji sub. He is an excellent actor all his movies are really touching my heart. I love all drama with so wish for u.

Missy His face's kinda... I don't know. I don't think he was a flower boy back in his 20s but actually, his handsomeness lasts until now. When I first watched his movies in my early years "I'm Sorry, I Love You" I know that drama won't just pass since the plot is twisted and his last scene on the motorbike is still flashing back everytime I question myself about which is the saddest scene I've ever watched. Now I'm watching Ghost and he still wows me, it's been years since I watched his drama for the first time, he still has that charisma+playing double characters is quite fascinating :)

leali So Ji-Sub you are the my love I hope best for you

sang hyun jung so ji sub U R SO COOL........i like the way u dress... love you........... frm BHUTAN

pick-a-boo at first i was not really a fan of you.but since i was watching and finished all your drama it was like an insanity for me,..honestly your not only a good looking guy but as well as a multi talented actor..i love watching your drama .it make me crazy repeating over and over i can say to myself that i am trully a big Fan of yours.wish you have a good health.God Bless you with your family...keep fighting love you so ji seob....we ( i ) keep supporting you!..

yle Hi so ji-sub! Can't say that you are my idol though I can't take your face off my head these past few days. I have last seen you act years ago in what happened in Bali and just for a few minutes. I even didn't know that you're So Ji-sub. Just known about who you are recently when i bump into your drama Sorry, I love you in youtube. You know what? I nearly mistaken you for Park Si Hoo. I just discovered I have been loving you for so long. Those eyes of yours... Subconsciously I have given you my heart. I thought there is something wrong with me since i cannot commit myself wholeheartedly to anybody else, thus ruining my relationships. But then when I've seen you again, I've realized all these years I have been deceiving myself. I have been loving you all along even without knowing you... Crazy, isn't it? :( I'll always watch you from afar, praying and loving you so be safe always. God bless and more success.

kesheryl wow very well made movie great acting very inspiring and here you again you did not disappoint me that you are really good actor the role that you act is such a difficult portrayal but you've done very well . and also good team up of both of you guys the concept was amazing. very heart felt that make me cry what a romantic . love is everthing..

prabha hello korea.......... i love the way how you directly touches my heart,u are such a awesome actor.i look forward to watch your some other acts.......

NewKDramaAddict Just finished Sorry I Love You recently and all I can say is what great acting So Ji-Sup! He has gained a new fan!!

MK Wow! I never thought I would post a message on a board but there is always a first for everything! Where do I begin? How about "Hello" for starters? :-) Mr. So Ji Sub, you truly are an amazing actor. It's a great experience to watch your films. The emotions you portray in each roles are deep-felt to the core. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year. All the best to you, always!

Meram Mohamed oppaaaaaa I love you a loooooot and I am dying to watch " always"or "only you" and I looking forward to buy your books the way and always Wish you a happy year full of luck, happiness and success stay strong and healthy .. and I sooo happy that you quit smoking take care of your self oppaa ♥♥♥ fighting ♥♥♥ 소지섭 씨 사랑해 salanghae

bimba i ve just discovered HIM !!!! he really good actor, with a different aparence and personality that we used to see in other korean actors in the best possible way!! really like him , cant wait to watch his latest movie ALWAYS.Waiting for more!!!

chaepenn i hope you and chae rim reunites in a new drama soon. i like your team up in " cheers for the woman and were dating now?

sunmi So Ji Seob remains as my first and final love..for his actung.his passion.his smile.for everything he possesses..

non sibi Comment #22 lattana Says: Sep 09 2010 10:22 am .....I have to learn getting stronger everyday, however from my sincere and kind-hearted, people are always getting advantage over me.

Lattana do not let anyone use you or take advantage over you! Stay strong! Do not be afraid to say NO if you have to. Do not be afraid to say I AM SORRY if you have to. Let the past behind, concentrate to your future, move forward. Go out, see the world, face the problems, interact with various societies/people. You may learn from them, you may learn a lot. Be a good lawyer who stands for the unfortunate people. Ganbatte !!

lala love him ^^ ♥♥

cullengabriela i wached you in Park Young Ah funeral..........feels like i wanna cried....!!!you look so sad just like i wactched u in I'm sorry i love u...!!!!just be strong!!!!!u still the best

cullengabriela i wached you in Park Young Ah funeral..........feels like i wanna cried....!!!you look so sad just like i wactched u in sorry i loved u...!!!!just be strong!!!!!u still the best

Marie Hi So Ji Sub! When I first watched "I'm sorry I love you ", at the end I asked myself " Who is this talented actor? :o ". Then I started to watch " Sophie's Revenge" ; "Rough Cut " and yesterday I finished watching "Cain and Abel", God I do love your role in this one, but I was so frustrated when you got shot, because in "I'm sorry I love you" you got shot too, and I was like "Why does he always have to get shot? -.-' ". But I love the way you treat Young Ji, in "Cain and Abel", it's so adorable *.* Your a very talented actor, charming, sweet, very hard-working! And your face, I love you face, it's so cute, ohhhh and your hands, I think you have a very sexy hands! *.* I wish I could meet you in person......<3

Please, don't stop acting! Wish you all the best things in the world! ;)

sylvia navarro I have been a big fan of So Ji Sub eversince I watched I'm Sorry I Love You. He's such an exemplary actor.He's good looking, charming, great and sensitive actor. I wished I could see you in person but I think that It will just be a forever wish. Anyway, I will just be happy seeing him on dramas, I wish him more power for everything that he will do.

ayumi I love so ji soeb... I wanna meet U...

nonsibi Have a happy 33rd birthday. Have a wonderful one and cheers :)

dewi i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh kang woo oppa

lattana Hi So Ji sub, recently I feel addicted you very much I have watched all your drama works and movies and then after I have read the short story of you, there are some angle of you are similar with me. I was also born in November, but not 4th is 8th of me and same year with you. The point is that I have just got more confident and go out to talk with people at the age of 30, now I am still quite shy but my work and field of study are really need me to be strong so sometime i feel burden, I am master law student in the international course of the famous University in Japan. I have to learn getting stronger everyday, however from my sincere and kind-hearted, people are always getting advantage over me. Therefor I like stay at home and watch Korean drama, especailly the play that has you on it become my real friend now.

habla i love this actor so much....he is such a cute delecious guy that i want to eat him completeto...i wish to find someone like him here....i guess never...but i think he should gain a little more weight to appear more healthy like he was in sorry, i love you.......hhhhhhh habla speaking habal...salam.

non sibi A note to So Ji-sub, I hope he reads it on one fine day.. ----- It is sad that you've lost your dear friend, Park Yong-ha. You cannot control Park's decision to end his own life that early morning. Perhaps, until today, you are still questioning yourself, what if… what if… But, it is not you to manage; every human being must be responsible to their own. You must live full life and concentrate to your job in acting. Am sure that Park Yong-ha will be smiling happy up there when he sees you shine on whatever you do. You see, your life, as a popular actor, does not only belong to yourself, your families, your close friends any longer, but belongs to your fans too, your fans from all over the globe, who just happen to know you from your dramas/films’ acting. So, keep up your good work, keep shining, be happy and stay healthy. Cheers..

ilah Good karakter so ji job

haticeee so ji sub oppppaaaaa:)sarangeo ı want to go to korea for him..

farah can't wait his new drama road no. 1 with kim ha neul and yoon kye sang it would be amazing drama aja aja fighting ji sub!!!!

evilive yep, he is so good in acting. hope to see more of him

nana So Ji Sub is one of the best actor in the world. He is extremely brilliant and talented......I am so touched by all his tv drama & movies.... especially . Wish you all the best....Ji sub oppa!

EIBTSAM hello ..

Ji Seob you are very brilliant actor & you always play you,r role with all of you,r heart ..

specially when you cry or scream it,s just totelly moves me ^^

i like you in (i'm sorry , i love you / Cain and Abel / Sophie's Revenge / U-Tern ) ..

and i cant wait to see u in a new drama ..

so good lock & keep up the good work ..

withe all my love


khalid helloooo

i watched his wonderful drama (i'm sorry , i love you) and this drama is like my real story my family throw me out and no mum and dad god bless you we love in dubai so ji-seob with all my love, khalid

Sonicklism Admin staff, please put the whole 15 awards SoJiSub has got (2000-2009). Not just only 2 awards as shown up there. For examples... - 6 awards from Rough Cut - 5 awards from I'm Sorry, I Love You

kinley hi, i am a bhutanese women (nursing std). i watched the so ji soebs drama cain and made me cry and melt ,remained 24 hours awake without a minute was extremely powerful.i loved him dearly. muhah........ all the crews of that drama.keep it up

jedine Love u in cain and abel

que mayet boiji anado neoreul neuggil sooga isseoseo ni sarangdo ni haengbogdo gyeolgoog naega ddo neoreul bae oong hane seo oon hage seo oon hage ireogini amoo maldo eobssi ddeo naga neun ge mi wo hago miwo hago maeil gido hajiman naenae neo man ddeo olla shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado cheon nyeoni jinado na neun neoreul mosijeo shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado neo reul gidari neunge naegen gajang swioon irinigga an boorado anboo rado magyeon hage hogsi jeonhaejilgga gido hajiman miwo hago miwo hago maeil gido hajiman naenae neoman ddeo olla shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado cheon nyeoni jinado na neun neoreul mosijeo shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado neo reul gidari neunge naegen gajang swioon irinigga sarang hal sigani neomoo mojaratdeon oori geuddae ji oo go ddo jiwo do neon ajig nama itneun de do daeche eojjeoran marya naega cham miryeon hangeo ya dashi neun an oneun geo ya babo cheoreom gidaril ggeoran marya shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado cheon nyeoni jinado na neun neoreul mosijeo shimnyeoni jinado baegnyeoni jinado neo reul gidari neunge neo hana gidarineun ge oot go isseo do dweryeo noon moori na


yan SJS is the best. Love u in cain and abel. Looking forward to your next drama.

cha moo roong hai people of korea, im moorong l like actres korea. ;like shin mini she very ciut girl.i want meet her 1 days,it is my hope for meet her.

Pi i'm a big fan of Korean drama because Korea have a lot of multi-talented actres and actors such as So Ji Seob, Ha Ji Won, etc. I think So Ji Seob is a very brilliant actor and entertainner. He always play his role in the movie or serial with all of his heart-very totally!!! I'm Sorry I Love You has rock my mind and also my emotion when i watched it.BRILLIANT MOVIE with BRILLIANT STORY and BRILLIANT ACTOR!!! keep on rockin' ajoshi, keep down to earth&please don't stop do acting....wish u all the best things in the world! Sarangheyo Ji Seob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eve pamela hi, i pray that you're healthy and doing well these days! i'll always be here to support you. saranghe, jisub oppa!

andrea i love this actor is very cute...^_^ SJS

haideh-kurdistan hello korea i'm a kurdish young woman and i'm abig fan of the korean drama and actors specially so ji-seob ,i watched his wonderful drama (i'm sorry , i love you) and i think he is not just a goodlooking man but also a talented actor , so good luck so ji-seob.

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