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  • Drama: Road No. 1
  • Revised romanization: Rodeu Neombeowon
  • Hangul: 로드넘버원
  • Director: Lee Jang-Soo, Kim Jin-Min
  • Writer: Han Ji-Hoon
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: June 23, 2010 -- August 26, 2010
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Road Number One" covers the story of soldier Jang-woo Lee (So Ji-Sub) during the Korean War and his love life, loyalties, and the sacrifices that he must make ...


  1. Budget is expected to cost 13 billion Won ($11.4 million USD).
  2. Scree writer Han Ji-Hun has worked on the screenplay for "Road No. 1" for three years.
  3. Filming began January 11th, 2010 in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.
  4. "Road No. 1" will take over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Personal Preference".


Road No 1-So Ji-Seob.jpg Road No 1-Kim Ha-Neul.jpg Road No 1-Yun Gye-Sang.jpg Road No 1-Son Chang-Min.jpg Road No 1-Choi Min-Su.jpg
So Ji-Sub Kim Ha-Neul Yoon Kye-Sang Son Chang-Min Choi Min-Soo
Lee Jang-Woo Kim Su-Yeon Shin Tae-Ho Oh Jong-Ki Lieutenant
Road No 1-Kim Jin-Woo.jpg Road No 1-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg Road No 1-Julian Kang.jpg Road No 1-Kim Ye-Ri.jpg Road No 1-Jin Seon-Kyu.jpg
Kim Jin-Woo Nam Bo-Ra Julian Kang Han Ye-Ri Jin Seon-Kyu
Su-Yeon's brother Kim Su-Hee Baker Jo In-Sook Ko Man-Yong
Road No 1-Lee Kwan-Hoon.jpg Road No 1-Kim Dong-Gon.jpg Road No 1-Kim Jung-Woon.jpg Road No 1-Park Kwan-Sik.jpg Road No 1-Han Kuk-Jin.jpg
Lee Kwan-Hoon Kim Dong-Gon Kim Jung-Woon Park Kwan-Sik Han Kuk-Jin
Kwon Jin-Cheol Kim Deok-Sil Kim Byung-Goo Kim Bok-Soo Kim Sang-Kuk
Road No 1-Cha Hyun-Woo.jpg Road No 1-Min Bok-Ki.jpg Road No 1-Oh Dae-Hwan.jpg Road No 1-Shin Dam-Soo.jpg Road No 1-Kim Dong-Hyeon.jpg
Cha Hyeon-Woo Min Bok-Gi Oh Dae-Hwan Shin Dam-Soo Kim Dong-Hyeon
Ma Chang-Kil Park Dal-Moon Park Moon-Ho Lee Keun-Bae Jang Doo-Sik
Road No 1-Lee Jin-Sung.jpg Road No 1-Park Byeong-Eun.jpg Road No 1-No Young-Hak.jpg Road No 1-Song Jae-Hee.jpg Road No 1-Kim Geon.jpg
Lee Jin-Sung Park Byeong-Eun No Young-Hak Song Jae-Hee Kim Gun
Jo In-Kye Han Young-Min Heo Chan-Sik Yang Kang-Tae Lee Joo-Hwan
Road No 1-Jo Wan-Ki.jpg Road No 1-Kim Soo-Hwan.jpg
Jo Wan-Ki Kim Soo-Hwan
Park Hong-Ki Woo Bum-Jin

Additional Cast Members:



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Emkay So Ji-won is one of the best actors in Korea. He shows strength and sensitivity in his roles. Awesome looks!

nadiah ghafar Just finished watching this drama. The storyline and the casts were so amazing.I don't get why it gained low rating in Korea, but it's ok.The rating doesn't determine the quality.Overall,I give 5 stars for Road No 1!^^

Joyce Yagoda My father and two of his brothers helped to liberate Germany. Three of his brothers were sent of Korea to fight in the war. One brother, Albert was captured along 2 two other soldiers by the North and they were tied up in an old barn. The soldiers left and they know they were going to die there. My uncle said he prayed consistently for spiritual intervention. They were there for a couple of days. He suddenly freed his hands, he untied the others and hopped into the back of an old moving farm truck. They ended up in the south. He lost toes from frostbite, died in his 80s in the USA and not lost in North Korea. He loved to tell that story. All 6 of my grandmother's boys survived both wars.

cvang010 this was a brilliant drama that is widely underrated. the story make you cry a river of tears, my emotion flowed with the whole drama. i recommend this drama to everyone 10/10 rating!

brodiie I really like this drama,all the actors did a great job.What an underrated drama just because it didn't do well in the ratings.It deserves recognition but hey at least for me this is one of the best drama.I hope So ji sub and Ha neul will work again in the future,they had great chemistry.

AJ Graphic, heartbreaking, and often brilliant. Ji Sub is magnificent and the cast strong in a story about the complexities, horror, and emotions of war where obsession can be transformed, people can become unexpectedly evil, love and honor will triumph but often at great cost. This series is as good as Band of Brothers and other great Western war series and films.

CICI I started watching Road Number 1 about a week ago and I am amazed how incredibly exciting this Kdrama is. There are so many good & interesting actors & actresses that I'd probably have to name everyone here. What I really like about this along with an excellent story and action scenes, is the balance of showing the feelings and interactions of many characters instead of just focusing on one or two leads which seems the norm & IMO at least one of them looks like they scored a lead role to improve their acting skills while being supported by experienced, highly talented actors...and it becomes drudgery (for me) to fully enjoy. Not here! So Ji Sub & Yoon Kye Sang are equally mesmerizing. Kim Ha Neul couldn't be any better, Song Chang Min is one of my favorites.. and the list could go on and on. So many characters have had me crying for them and wanting them to make it.. If you enjoy very well done, top quality historical dramas, I highly recommend watching Road Number 1.

saraSJS Watching this drama I don't get why it couldn't achieve high ratings. Artistically and technically, this is one of the greatest K-dramas I've ever seen. The story line is appealing and characterization is great along with superb acting from all actors. SJS is my bias and I enjoy watching his every single work. But this drama is really worth watching even if you're not a fan of either actors.

lotie I can't understand why this series didn't not fare well off on ratings. It was artistically done and all the actors executed an excellent acting skills. Especially So Ji Sub he showed intense emotion that I actually felt his pain of yearning and struggling. I do love war films if it is based on true story because there is so much to learn.

Mike Jakober Finished watching this last night. This is probably the best drama/action show i have ever watch in my life. The acting and story on top notch as well as the cinematography. its a shame this show didn't do so well but in 2010 their were so many amazing shows from South Korea to contend with.

Azumi the "Chang Kil" character was the man who committed suicide in the woods with the bum leg, after leaving Pyongyang.

Azumi In episode 16 who was the "chang gil " character , lee jang woo was referring to?

Kanokkul Tig I watched Road No. 1 four times. I think is a great drama. Everyone did a great job on this! Every time I watched. It makes me sad. It is a lot better than I expecting. Great job guys! LOL

Salamanca Jr LOL, yeah, it's an EPIC fail from MBC. You know, average rating of this drama is only 6.6%.


I think I have raved and raved to MBC about the series, that I am sure someone up there in their telly echelon has probably seen enough of me and all my gushing. (LOL) The BEST finds are those that you absolutely stumble across inadvertently. As a viewer, the script (original/adapted screenplays all inclusive), the direction, the cinematography, and the casting are first loves that production has to master before I commit. As is, I am also a long time foregin film collector, watcher, and when it comes doused with history, that's a major positive in my opinion. Before RN1, my viewing knowledge of KDramas was pretty cursory, having seen Chuno and the seasonals. While those were good, RN1 was a tour de force above and beyond the medium it was delivered. RN1 watches like an awarding winning HBO series (in leadgue of John Adams and Band of Brothers).

The subject matter - the Korean War - has been documented and its story has been told time over by Americans to Americans. RN1 offers a tale from Korea about the same subject matter, and the impact resonates - seriously reverbates volumes of history from inside out. Although war is never an easy task to undertake, how the writer chose to move with the tale was stellar. The camaraderie, the espirit de corp (most times if they're not being disciplined or at each other's throats) is so very true of the military. The four primary officers characterizations - So, Yoon, Choi, and Han - were so damn accurate, so spot on that I sat back, with my eyes smartening. Left me thinking, how awesome is it that I am not alone in my past and present opinions of the same populace. LOL! I was especially taken by Mr. Choi's character as CAPT.

The first watch is always the haste to see it all and RN1 is this extraordinary sensory high without the horrific bottoms (as I have heard). The second watch is kin to a 2d read for details and a leisure jaunt through chapters and as mammoth as the production is, I did it. Yoon was an outstanding 2d leading man. He had me from the moment he stepped in to the story under the tree. If he wasn't pining or chasing after HNK, I was willing and wishing him someone worthy of his "Shin" persona. While they (So and Yoon) went toe-to-toe in performance, Yoon's Shin most probably had most female viewers scheming a happier ending for him. If I had any recommendation for writes, I would bank on Yoon, cast him again in a military setting, and give something kin to Officer and a Gentleman. With a worthy leading lady. NO to giggling bumpkins characters.

Again, thank you, MBC. If I had any real downer about the series, I would re-score the entire series beginning to end. There are times when background music is so discordant with the feel of the film. Additionally having watched and now own RN1 and Jewel in the Palace, these now set my standards for KDramas. All around, exemplary writing, direction, casting, and cinematography.

zamen I am watching this drama. I could even sleep 2h a night cos of this drama. SJS is an excellent actor, his acting skill is the best. Wish u all the best so ji sub oppa.

Ki Just a heads up for any fans of this series and they may happen to visit South Korea. While attending the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, I stumbled across an area where they filmed part of the series "Road No. 1" as well as the movies "Taegukgi" and "Low Life". The area is adjacent to the "Korea Manhwa Museum" (aka Bucheon Visual Culture Complex - Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si Wonmi-gu Sang-dong 529-2). Its an area with replica bulidings from the early 20th century and worthwhile to check out. Here's a picture of the hospital you should recognize from "Road No. 1" (I only watched a few episodes of the drama series and did recognize the hospital).

Road No. 1 Hospital in Bucheon

avocado I've finished this drama last night..different from other people, i try to watch this drama because of Yoon Kye Sang..I love with his acting and his eyes whoaa....I know that this gonna be sad because YKS is second lead and he won't get the girl. But after I watched it, I thing that I love his role in here. Shin Tae Woo is a man of honour, respectable person, soft and kind, not being blinded by love...and i love to see him not being a villain and let the girl go because he respect his superior and friend...ohhhh how sweet.. I think Shin Tae Woo is a better person than Jang Woo who has been portrait in most of episode live his life just for a woman (what??? don't you have any other purpose in this life) so i think his character is a bit cheesy....(sorry..just my opinion)...Plus i love man in love watched YKS in military look..not a clean shave as usual (omo ...i think he is HOT).... I am happy nowadays because YKS plays in a bright drama..still become a second lead but also with nicer character than the first lead. You should try Best Love from MBC....

Kwangil Chung @ Roan, Moon Chae Won I believe is the actress that plays the nurse of the old Jang Woo in 2010. The character of Dr. Yoon, who wore a red coat on her date with Shin Tae Ho in Episode 18, there seems to be no listing of her character's name anywhere. They even list the cast of bit characters but Dr. Yoon appeared from Episode 17 to 19. She was a significant character. But thanks Roan for trying, appreciate it.

roan Kwangil, Thanks for the info, kinda what I thought. Tried to post a link for you but I guess they do not allow links. Do an image search for Moon Chae Won. Think this is the person you are looking for.

Kwangil Chung @ Roan, I think its implied that Jang Woo was a North Korean POW for those years. There are cases of ROK soldiers who were POWs who escaped in the 90s. Also, does anyone know the name of the actress that played Dr. Yoon between Episodes 17 and 19? The one Shin Tae Ho became friends with? Would appreciate the name of the actress.

masih hi. Me how I download this free series I'm beautiful?

Which site?


roan I just finished it watching it on I thought it was outstandings. I am born and bred American and was inspired by the acting, the story line, etc. I do have a couple of questions. I know the story is about fictious characters. But were all these battles really fought? Also does anybody know where Jang Woo was at for 60 years? Are we suppose to just guess? I thought maybe he was captured by the Chinese since he was on the wrong side of the bridge when it exploded. Not explaining the 60 year absense was the only down side of the movie. My father in law fought in the war and I am going to pass it on to him.

Kwangil Chung I have had absolutely no interest in K-dramas at all, as a Korean American, I have been quite ambivalent to my parents culture. But when I watched Road Number 1, my heart was so moved. This is a monumental achievement. The directing, acting, they way it was photographed, the lighting, and the allegories and archtypes of each characters, the friendships formed, it was wonderful. I was moved to tears. Truly this series captures the psychology and emotion of the Korean experience. The characters remind me of my relatives and grandparents. I am sadden that this series was not received well in Korea. But I have recommended it to my friends here in the states and all that watched it have been very impressed with this series. To the producers, directors, actors and crew, you have done a monumental achievement capturing the spirit of the Korean People. That through the tragedy and ravages of war, the love and hope allows one to survive these bitter experiences. That love is truly a refuge from the atrocities of humanity. I think MBC should try to have this series aired here in the States. Be it on HBO or the History Channel. This truly tells a wonderful story.

non sibi I just finished watching 'Road #1' on the internet. It is a war epic drama to commemorate the 60th year of Korean War (1950-53). I think actress HNK played her role very well here and also those actors. It is a great story. Well done! Feel sad that Korea is divided into 2 countries, they speak exact same language. War only leads to trouble, sorrow, and sadness. So, make peace please...

Flywithme Cathy, I really want to write something to you. It's very important for me and Id like everyone to see it. What I'm going to write for you, IS really ment for you and will continue in that direction whoever and whatever arguments awaits me. Along with that I will be willing to fight against any alike comments and bring you and all those down on earth, and also under earth.

Ok I'm gona say it now. Ready? Ok here it goes.


USAHulu what happen to the show??

non sibi copas (copy paste) from - .. “Kiss” is heading down tough roads, for it will have to catch up with the two dramas without any support from its predecessor “Road No. 1,” which is struggling with only 5 percent of the ratings.. Ooo, Road No.1 - what was wrong?

USAHulu I can only watch it on Hulu, but I am hook on this show. Hope to see it to the end. Just have to keep up with the subs, but that is okay I think if it was in english it would lose some of it appeal.

kylie I enjoyed the drama so far, it is a lot better than I was expecting. So Ji Sub's doing alright, I like him as an actor. I love Kim Ha Neul's acting. She's a versatile actress and she is great in her movies like 'Too Beautiful to Lie', 'Ghost' etc. Her performance in her previous drama 'On Air' is superb. Yoon Kye Sang has improved a lot in his acting. The veterans are doing well too. oh, and i love the ost.

RamenLover Watched the first two episodes of "Road No. 1" here in Korea, broadcast live on MBC without the benefit of English subtitles (my Korean is rudimentary so I certainly didn't understand all of the dialogue). With that said "Road No. 1" looks like a fine drama, with good production values all around and recognizeable faces.

The story centers around the romance between So Ji-Sub & Kim Ha-Neul during the onset of the Korean war. They have been childhood sweethearts, with So Ji-Sub joining the Korean army to put Kim Ha-Neul through medical school. Kim Ha-Neul seems to have fostered a romance with military guy Yun Gye-Sang in So Ji-Sub's absense (believing So Ji-Sub died in the military). Prior to the day of their wedding So Ji-Sub appears as does the onset of the Korean War. Kim Ha-Neul's brother is also a communist which throws a wrench in military guy Yun Gye-Sang's affection for Kim Ha-Neul. All through this So Ji-Sub is watching over Kim Ha-Neul and even tries to persuade Kim Ha-Neul to runaway with him when the North Koreans are fast approaching. But with Kim Ha-Neul's sister and brother still in town she decides to stay ...

Surprisingly the best performance given so far is Choi Min-Su as the rugged squad leader. Kim Ha-Neul and Yun Gye-Sang also give respectable performances. So Ji-Sub though has been disappointing, having to portray a shell shocked love struck soldier and, because of this, is always plastered with a perpetual "oh shit I just saw a ghost" kind of dumb-found expression. The story itself moves along swiftly & very engaging.

Besides the minor quibble with So Ji-Sub's lackluster performance so far, I can't wait to watch the rest of "Road No. 1". The story is compelling, production value is top notch, and most of the high quality cast delivers.

P.S. this is only my second Korean drama that I have watched (the first being the absolutely crack like drama "Brilliant Legacy") ...

farah i just watch the trailer and realize the drama is well made and very fantastic war shoot and both Ji sub an Ha neul have great chemistry together can't wait to watch Road No. 1 and So ji sub, play in this genre drama

dany He he .. Without Jisub this drama haven't been shoot . The team wanted him and were going to abandon the project if he would reject .. Jisub said that it's a challenge for him this role and he'll do a war drama now when he's still young :)) JSA and Jisub Soompi chingus support him in this new project and wish to have a succes . Kim Ha Neul is ok , for me isn't a great actress but she work hard and will be ok .. I laugh when i heard that she is playing now with Jisub ... She was acting along with SSH in Ice rain and Kwon Sang Woo in My tutor friend .. both close friends to Jisub :))) Let's support this drama .

Juliana Well..personally i think Kim Ha Neul does possess ability to play this role well. On Air was a good play as well as in 90days, she did tremendously well. Nevertheless, her performance in Road No.1 are yet to be judge. Haha, and yes, i love Yun Gye Sang....

Korean Gurl Maddie ♥ OMG OMG. I freakin' LOVE So Ji Sub (: I'm all for him. His acting is so perfect and admirable. And Yun Gye Sang... ♥ I'm Speechless (: I don't really know about the girl Kim Ha Neul. HOPEFULLY, she's a great actress. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. And any hating on SJS && YGS, I will STAB you.. ;)

@cathy You comment by bashing the drama even before its aired, not to mention you say non-Koreans, and then you add that dramas are realistic. First, its unjust to comment on a show when you have not even seen it. Second, you do not represent all non-Koreans, everyone has their own personal preference. Third, dramas are not realistic. There may be instances in a drama where it "could" happen in your life, but the probably your life will turn out like a drama is less then 99%.

bol Yay! is it true that Shin hyun joon will make a special cameo appearance?

cathy SJS is so bad luck , HNK will not do well in this drama , get better actress please . I watched her in on air , and i dislike her acting i wonder if HHJ in Jumong doing better in this drama . This drama is likely valuable one, it needs solid casts as in Jejoongwon . For me as nonKorean , i like meaningful , realistic dramas , dramas with suffering for first love , never grow up, abandonned childs , tragic accidents are not for us , nonKoreans .

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