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  • Drama: Sorry, I Love You / I'm Sorry, I Love You
  • Revised romanization: Mihanhamda, Saranghanda
  • Hangul: 미안하다, 사랑한다
  • Director: Kim Jong-Sik, Lee Hyeong-Min
  • Writer: Lee Kyeong-Hee
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 9 - December 28, 2004
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Cha Moo-Hyuk (So Ji-Sub) is a thug turned show business manager who plans to take his revenge on his birth mother for having abandoned him. After being abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by an Australian family at the age of two. However, he left his home when he was 10, due to ill treatment at the hands of his adopted parents. He starts as a man making a living as a henchman of a street gang, a pimp, or a drug pusher.

Though he has been hit with bullets in the head, Cha Moo-Hyuk insists on going to Korea to see his birth mother determined to die in his birth country. Contrary to his belief that she abandoned him for poverty, his birth mother turns out to be a top movie star and his twin brother also a top star. In a plot to revenge himself on his mother, Cha Moo-Hyuk volunteers to work for his twin brother, Choi Yun (Jung Kyung-Ho), as his manager in a bid to run him. In the process, Cha Moo-Hyuk falls in deep love with Yun's program coordinator, Song Eun-Chae (Lim Soo-Jung).


Sorry I Love You-So-Ji-Seob.jpg Sorry I Love You-Im Soo-Jung.jpg
So Ji-Sub Lim Soo-Jung
Cha Moo-Hyuk Song Eun-Chae
Sorry I Love You-Jeong Kyeong-Ho.jpg Sorry I Love You-Seo Ji-Young.jpg Sorry I Love You-Choi Yeon-Jin.jpg Sorry I Love You-Jeon Hye-Jin.jpg Sorry I Love You-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg
Jung Kyoung-Ho Seo Ji-Young Choi Yeo-Jin Jeon Hye-Jin Kim Hye-Ok
Choi Yune Kang Min-Joo Moon Ji-Young Yoon Seo-Kyung Jang Hye-Sook
Sorry I Love You-Lee Hye-Young.jpg Sorry I Love You-Lee Yeong-Ha.jpg Sorry I Love You-Shin Goo.jpg Sorry I Love You-Ok Ji-Young.jpg Sorry I Love You-Jung Hwa-Young.jpg Sorry I Love You-Park Geon-Tae.jpg
Lee Hye-Young Lee Yeong-Ha Shin Goo Ok Ji-Young Jung Hwa-Young Park Geon-Tae
Oh Deul-Hee Song Dae-Cheon Min Hyun-Suk Song Sook-Chae Song Min-Chae Kim Gal-Chi

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Emkay Wow. Just wow, blew me away. Best of the classic dramas you can catch up on if you're new to Kdramas. So Ji sub never disappoints.

Godhuli It was the 1st K-drama I watched & it's still my most favourite. No other serial ever dragged so much emotion...

abdulateef sory i love you is the best drama i have ever seen.i love it so much

abdulateef the best drama i have ever seen.i love it

leena one of the best drama it become so emotional n show deeply love.i ran out of tear watching this drama.

Megura I watched this drama again. this is the 11 times I watch since 10 years ago. love this drama so much. and still crying.

A08 every time when i remember this drama i start to cry <\3

afsora I love the starting... but after few episode it became too emotional... I really like the lead actor so Ji sub...but I don't think this is the best k- drama..

sonjia I wanted to know more about the mother towards the end. Man this drama hits the core. The last two eps leading to the end got draggy. I can only handle so many cry scene. The damn main actress. Also when that report came out from the fax at the end. It freakn ripped my heart out. Also if that grave was so fresh looking does that mean she killed herself very quickly. If so does her whole family and friends thinks she just traveling? They have no clue that she been dead? No missing report been filed so they won't know? Jesus

itsjustme One of tHe BEST K-actors So Ji Sub ... this drama is a tearjerker but momentum is up to the last.. Eun-Chae and Cha Moo Hyuk great love for one another had prevailed until the end. Sad... but I very much LOVE it!

LANA HH There's a mistake in the above description , Choi Yoon is not his twin .. He turned to be a boy adopted by MooHyuk's mother in the memory of her lost baby " in fact they are two, Moohyuk and his twin sister " that she thought was dead ..

The most painful thing is that the truth didn't prevail in the end ..

MyOhana I was pulled in through the theme-song, "Yuki-no-Hana" (Nakashima Mika), it seemed so sad and lonely by itself... even to someone like me, who could barely interpret it. Knowing this song was used as the theme of this television drama (Sorry, I Love You) pulled me on the diversion that takes me here... The story line of this Korean drama also brought tears to me... gaah. Good thing these stories are just fiction... or, are there really real-life stories out there like this one? I'm have a curiosity for melodrama and sad love stories, fictional and real alike.

Fullheart5 I am not watching this one either. Sad movies only depress and it seems this is one of the saddest.

Aslialisa This is my first korean drama watch. This drama also makes me fall in love with another korean movie ..

even now Ajusshi Eun cha and never replaced in my heart the pair will always be in my heart

dramaaddict~ If you're into sad dramas, this is the one. This drama made me cry so much! 100% recommend to watch - it's an awesome drama~ but I just wish 'ajusshi' and Eun-Chae had more time together! The ending was perfect (not perfect how he died, but how it ended~)! Just gorgeous~

Hwaiting everyone! ~

Mary BT Oh God, I finish to watch this drama right now, and I have to say I never seen before a drama so sad, so much love and so sort time to be together. Definitely occupy a place in my top 10 favorite dramas of all times with "Stairway to Heaven". I knew that will have a sad ending, but I never imagine so painful, Is the drama I drop more tears with! No recommended for the people that enjoy of god ending, this ending is really sad. I just wondering why almost all Korean Script writers like to make us cry so much, but I love all Dramas, so thanks all Korean people for such amazing talent!

berez Oh my gosh, this drama drives me crazy! I never cried that much while watching a drama. The best and almost the most sad drama I`ve ever seen<3 I loved So Ji-Sub in this one, his acting was superb. He`s actually one of my favorite actors<3

berez Oh my gosh this drama drives me crazy! I never cried that much while watching a drama.The best and almost sadest drama I`ve ever seen!<3 I loved So Ji-Sub in this one, his acting was superb. He`s actually one of my favourite actors<3 love from switzerland:)

boo I'm sorry I love you too ! its makes me nut, I can't sleep at night after watching this drama, even its old drama but its the best ever !! love from Indonesia ..*-*

Andrada Thank you all for posts, I was curious about this series and I wanted to know if it ends well... :) I don't like to watch sad movies, I refuse to see anything sad (if I can choose). so thank you all who wrote here, this way I know to skip this if it brings me tears and sadness... I want only happiness and smiles and love in my life; it's enough sadness and tears in our real life to accept this from a movie ... when I want to watch a movie, I want to get laugh, smiles, happiness and all good and positive feelings. This is my opinion :)

Cisqo Da DON One of the best dramas of all time but sad to say this drama flopped here in the Philippines because it was aired by GMA 7 =(

Leigh I have seen this drama so many times... This is on top of my list for the saddest and tear jerkiest ever drama that up until now I can't bear to watch the last episode again. So Ji Sub's Acting skills is brilliant just brilliant he really deserved all the award and attention he gained in this drama.

herbmom This drama says a lot about a person's capacity to love and sacrifice. So sad. I wish there had been a little more opportunity for them to actually smile and enjoy time together. I loved watching him follow her as she walked.Good drama.

Simonne_10 Absolutely gorgeous ! These people drives me crazy ! I had no idea that the most incredible tales for grown-up people, full of love even there are historical dramas, come from Korean realms. Thank you, Korean People !

Ann Gosh this drama makes my tears constantly come out. I have never cried as hard while watching a drama. So Ji Sub acting is brilliant. Poor my eyes, they are swollen and red....

FATEME I was shocked at its pondering ending....I think if it had not been ended in that way all efforts would have been in vain. That is the best korean drama i've ever watched.Although i still feel deeply sad in my heart when i REMEBER it ,it was worth watching with its absolutely different and precious script.i am fed up with those series with triangle love that one guy has to withdraw whatsoever but this drama is really different and has a new story and about So Ji Sub(소지섭) he is an absolute actor i watched his 'always' and 'a company man' he is really wonderful. thank you all my friends in Korea...

Fatih @Madeleen, Sojunghansaram ( My Precious Person ) and singed Kim Sung Pil.

Madeleen I really need your help with this: I'm searching for the name and the singer of the song in the final episode, when there's a flashforward and those two men talk about that Yoon recovered thanks to the heart of his brother. This song is suppossed to be sang by Yoon, but I can't find it on his real name, so I assume it's sang by someone else?! Please help me find this song

Fa Sob is the best Drama of korea All ! Bravo So Ji Sub ( Cha Moo Hyuk ) ^^ perfect Star ! lovely Drama so much Is encouraged <3 fighting saghrane ^^

zamen I ran out of tear watching this drama. I love so ji sub, love all his movie. love everything on him.

Lolo the plot has some mistakes like that yoon is his twin brother he is not he was adapted by moo-hyuk mother and moo-hyuk do has a twin sister who also was abandoned too ..

cullengabriela i loved the OST.!the sadest song that i've ever listen........!!!!!!!!!!sun flower by park hyo shin!!!! is this movie made by the same person that directed winter sonnata,endless love and spring waltz..........????????b'coz all of that movies looks not defferent at all...

RazorbladeKiss The best tv show i have ever seen in my life! But its the saddest thing i`ve seen aswell...

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