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Jung Kyoung-Ho @ 2013 BIFF
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  • Name Jung Kyoung-Ho
  • Hangul: 정경호
  • Birthdate: August 31, 1983
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Family: Jung Eul-Young (father)


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heinrich enja yram Oppa!!! Keep it up !!! Your one off my favorite WO air xihuan ni .. lol

Isabel OMG oppa your my favourite actor. after i saw you in endless love i started watching all of your older dramas. your so handsome. i really liked you in cruel city. you were so chic and hot in a suit. hope to see you in more of those genre dramas. i love you oppa. fighting.

my3views Jung Kyoung-Ho your one of my favorite actors. Loved you in Endless love and Cruel city, your talents are diverse and your ability to immerse 100% into character is in a talent ranking for those rare capable actors. You have a cool cavalier style about your that draws women in like a magnet and peaks any director and writers interest.

Pearl Sandi Aung You are my one of the favorite actor !!!

Prince I'm big fan of JKH too. His acting attracted me since I saw him in I'm sorry I love you after that I love him in Time Between Dog and Wolf, Princess Ja Myang Go,Smile You, Hearless City and Endless Love. His acting is so awesome and really excellent. He deserves the best actor. Hope to see him choose a good drama in next role soon.

Prince Hi! everyone. You can follow his Instagram account @allallj . Nice to see him there. He is so cool!!!!

Bonnie Katzell With watching Endless love and seeing how well he plays his character Han Gwang-Cheol which has brought me laughter and tears makes me want to see more of his acting... Job well done and tho I am currently on episode 21 I hope his character has a happy ending..... Bravo Bravo...

Blue Flower I'm Thai fan. You are my favorite Korean actor. Excellent in every role that you have done. Very good job. You deserve the best actor. I hope it will come to you soon and have a good relationship with Sooyoung forever. Lovely and right match. Wishing the best for you.

Pollen You are best actor. Your acting is amazing in cruel city drama. You are very handsome and cool. Be happy & good luck in everything. I always your fan ....... from Myanmar.

sima oppa ilove you <3

James Cruel city & Endless Love...you endured so much pain...spending the entire series for the people u care about..selflessness....same thing with Princess Ja-Myung....You sacrificed ur love and life..for ur country......I must say remarkable acting...so dam believable...You are an A-list Korean Actor!

Ny I love you oppa!!

tp Needless to say, JKH is a remarkable actor. Love his acting so so much!

Abeer love em he is a good actor and chooses his roles carefully .. keep on :)

Kdrama Lovers I'm agree with kara com's He is too talented ! But if he love sooyoung of GG it's good for him Jung Kyung Ho is ( for me) the best actor <3 Love uuu ^^'

Vincent He was an extra in sweet 18, episode 5.

saga Doctor's son character was well played by Jung Kyung Ho...thumbs up

kara on the contrary, i don't think sooyoung deserves to date HIM. this man is just too talented, while sooyoung is just a pretty face who doesn't even have strong vocals, jung kyung ho is one of the most talented actors in the kroean industry. he specifically chooses projects that have a nice plot and cast, despite it's popularity, so really, popularity doesn't mean a thing. and if you were a true fan of sooyoung, i think you'd be happy for their relationship, i mean what is she going to do when she ages, live a lonely life?

Yenny who's the hell he is.he's just an actor who is not very popular in korea.the only film that i knew he showed up was "sorry that i love you) ... But it has been ten years ago so just get lost,plz give my idol back and you don't deserve to her

Lizzy Payne WOOOOOOW this guy is a GREAT actor ! He knows what kind of expression to use and when to use them xD I really loveeee your acting and you're so sexy hahahaha best of luck. I hope they give you more lead roles... and that you have a happy ending.

Jungle fish So this is a man dating with sooyoung.. chukkae

jen your dating sooyoung of snsd

liann really really really good actor. i really love his acting. so natural and powerful. hope to see him in more projects.

cony oppa saranghaeyo..................oppa is so cool....i like oppa characters in this cruel city drama....i will support oppa forever...fighting oppa!!!!!!!

dramalover u look like joo sang wook

Ariana I love heartless city ^.^ Hes so hot and such a good actor <33 I love you oppa !!

AEJAY Baek Sa Dar...impressive...young upcoming Korean Star...luv how he rocked that role in cruel city, cant believe am already his fan...looking forward to his other new movies...hailing from Africa Nigeria.

Kim I love how you played the role of Doctor's Sun. So brave and hot :)) I wish there was a happy ending for Shi Hyun and Soo Min.

Smile Happy Birthday Jung Kyung Ho! Good health and Good luck in everything you do and meet the right match. God bless you always.

Imalee Great Guy, you showed a all lot of class in your acting. You were cool, brave, loyal as well as emotional . I stayed glued to the screen just to see you face. Also, Happy Belated Birthday.

Great movie and the casts were great too.

Thumbs up for the all crew.

halima moore Love is movie nd drama series.. I wish I can come down to south Korean and meet him. I use to be one of lee min Ho fans.. but now am his fans too. Am from Africa Nigeria.. I love him so much

Lovely Jung I hope to see Moon Chae Won and Jung Kyung Ho work together. They are a graceful personality and great acting both. It's a great drama and perfect project if they act together on a good drama

annisa beba Jung kyung ho oppa,you're jjangieyeo! Hope to see u again in ur next project. Your acting is just no joke. Please choose the right project like cruel city,the character's just make u look more sexy, and I always love ur expression. I love you From indonesia

dean I must say that you're acting skills are amazing♥ your character Was so believable it hart my hart so much at the end. It was like losing a friend. I hope the make a part 2 to this move. Can't wait for your next project. Fighting★★★★

Love Love Excellent Jung Kyung Ho!!! Love him so much in Heartless City even though the end so sad. Great performance in Paksa's role. I wanna see him with Moon Chae Won in drama. Next project please.

CICI Jung Kyung Ho was so amazing in Cruel City, I still am not over the ending. I am now a huge fan of his. He had so much charisma and style that I miss his character "Doctor's Son". I hope the writer and producer will make a sequel of Cruel City with the remaining cast especially Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu R..they were such a great couple and had believable chemistry.

reza big artist :)

java so cool this drama!i want to see next your action drama again.please carry on jung shi yong.

merie you are a good actor esp in cruel city you are the besttttttt

Diena He was awesome in cruel city ! I want see him again with Nam Gyu Ri because cruel city was not a love story drama. I really want to see this couple again. Hear my voice :)

Bon bon THE BEST!!!!!!

akikomein I wouldn't have known you if not for HEARTLESS/CRUEL CITY..you are just A W E S O M E...so sexy, and hot and cool...now finished SMILE YOU while waiting for the next episodes of HC:)) so good, hope to watch more dramas from you!!! thumbs up on your acting!!!

setareh wooow

you are the best in cruel city fighing oopa

tasha I don't really post any comment but bcuz of 1 amazing drama called "Cruel City" i really think that he deserved to be praised....Jung Kyung-Ho is one of the most talented actor that Korean has and i think he did an amazing job in Cruel City....He really brought up his character really well in the drama...He did an amazing job in other dramas too but Cruel City is his best i guess...Fighting Jung Kyung-Ho actor!!!!

Nidnoi He is so manly and handsome in 'Cruel City'. His acting is really great. Excellent Jung Kyung Ho!!! He is my favorite Korean actor when I see him in 'I'm Sorry I love you'. I love his smile and his acting is so charm. Can't wait to see him in next role 'Roller Coaster'.

Serra He is very good in Cruel City.

ayşegül he is so cool in Cruel city:)

Chijoy My first korean film that I love was "The Royal Princess". And that film was the key to me watching any other korea film! To be candid I hated korea films before, cos I don't understand any of what they are saying. But I was later surrounded by korean-movie-lovers that I couldn't break away. My friends all love watching korean films, making feel left out, and I end up turning to my books.

And one day by chance, I met my friend watching a movie, when I heard it was korean film I just took my book out to read. Then I told myself, let me just try the movie for once, at least to pass time. I was so intrigue to the movie that my friend and I myself couldn't believe it.

Now I've watched some many other korean movie that I really enjoyed, like; Boys Over Flower, City Hunter, Faith, Princess Man, Playful Kiss, just to name a few. And right now am taking online hangul class

Well I would say keep it up, you guys are really trying, you're awesome. Hope to learn hangul real fast, and be opportune to come and school in your country.

My Best Regards.

Viola I don't know much about korean movies or series or dramas but from the two i have watched, i really like the korean way of acting and i would love to visit korea some day, hope that black people are welcome there.


Blue_Bunny Welcome back Jung Kyung Ho! You still good looking and your smile so cute! I love your acting. You have eye expression so well. I hope to see you choose a good drama soon. I always miss you.

Thara Oppa, You are always in my heart. Please come back quickly.. I want to see your dramas asap :D

fans i love to see this drama of Jamyeonggo as he really performs the character so well, so attractive, so cute. Though he’s been serving in the army till next year, i wish him the best in his future and expect he would bring up better ferformance in this field:)

fans i love to see this drama of Jamyeonggo as he really performs the character so well, so attractive, so cute. Though he's been serving in the army till next year, i wish him the best in his future and expect he would bring up better ferformance in this field:)

chiqui I luv u kyeong Ho!! ur such an amazing and handsome actor in Korea. I really like your performances in all of your dramas and movies that I've watched already!! Keep up the good work and hope to see another drama or movie again after Smile, You!!! Aja!!

Jam Well, I jumped over here after watching Gangster High. I've been marathoning on romantic comedies for months, so the movie was certainly a shock to my eyes. I'm glad to know his real name. He was really cool in that movie. Bloodthirsty, but still awesome.

hanna my prince charming!

❤T.E.P❤T.O.P❤ <3333333333

GoOd LuCk!!! :P

jonah please be my angel ho jeong kyeong

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