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  • Drama: Princess Ja-Myung
  • Revised romanization: Jamyeonggo
  • Hangul: 자명고 / 왕녀 자명고
  • Director: Lee Myung-Woo, Bae Tae-Sub
  • Writer: Jeong Seong-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 39
  • Release Date: March 9 - July 21. 2009
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Ja-myung (Jung Ryeo-Won) and Ra-hee (Park Min-Young) were born as princess in Nakrang Country in the same hour as half sisters. An oracle warns that one of two would save the country and the other would destroy it. Ja-myung almost becomes assassinated by Wang Ja-sil, the ambitious mother of Ra-hee. But miraculously, she escapes to Shandong Province at the last minute. Ja-myung grows up to be a top artist of the Artist Group in Shandong. She meets Prince Ho-dong (Jung Kyoung-Ho) and realizes that she was meant for him. She returns to Nakrang Country as a royal princess. Her return provokes the conflict over the right to the throne. Her mother makes Ja-myung the priestess of the sanctuary to save Ja-myung’s life. She invents the Ja-myung-gogak System to defend Nakrang Country from the attack. She leads and turns the Nakrang Army into an invincible army after winning many battles. Afterwards, her life is threatened by Ra-hee and her mother, Wang Ja-sil. Ja-myung becomes furious at her half sister, Ra-hee, when Ra-hee marries Prince Ho-dong. Prince Ho-dong manipulates Ra-hee into destroying the Ja-myung-gogak System to strengthen his political position as a prince of Goguryeo Dynasty. Ra-hee is forced to pull out her sword to kill her half sister Ja-myung.


  1. "Princess Ja-Myung" is based on a Korean folktale concerning the Kingdom of Nangnang and their possessed of a mystical Ja Myung Drum which sounds by itself when enemies invade.
  2. Due to low ratings "Jammyeonggo" was shortened from its initial 50 episode schedule to 39 episodes.


Princess Ja-Myung-Jeong Ryeo-Won1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Park Min-Young1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Jeong Kyeong-Ho1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Joo-Hyun.jpg
Jung Ryeo-Won Park Min-Young Jung Kyoung-Ho Lee Joo-Hyun
Ja-Myeong Princess Nak-Rang Ho-Dong Wang-Hol
Princess Ja-Myung-Hong Yo-Seop1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Mi-Suk.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Kim Sung-Ryeong1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Ko Su-Hee1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Na Han-Il.jpg
Hong Yo-Seop Lee Mi-Suk Kim Sung-Ryoung Ko Su-Hee Na Han-Il
Choi Ri Wang Ja-Sil Mo Ha-So Mo Yang-Hye Wang Gwing
Princess Ja-Myung-Yeo Wook-Hwan1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Won-Jong1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Jo Mi-Lyeong1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Park Hyo-Ju1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Ji Sung-Won1.jpg
Yeo Wook-Hwan Lee Won-Jong Jo Mi-Ryung Park Hyo-Joo Ji Sung-Won
Il-Poom Cha Cha-Soong Mi-Choo Chi-So Dong Ko-Bi
Jamyeonggo-Kyeong-hwan Park-m1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Mun Seong-Kun1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Seong Hyeon-A1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Kim Ka-Yeon1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Han-Wi1.jpg
Park Kyeong-Hwan Moon Sung-Geun Sung Hyun-Ah Kim Ka-Yeon Lee Han-Wi
Boo Toong king Dae Mu-Shin Song Mae Sul Soo Yeo-Rang Woo Na-Roo
Princess Ja-Myung-Yun Ju-Sang.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Yeong-Beom1.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Park Jeong-Woo.jpg Jamyeonggo-Seo-hyeon Yun-m1-1.jpg
Yun Ju-Sang Lee Yeong-Beom Park Jeong-Woo Yoon Seo-Hyun
Song Ok-Koo Eol Doo-Ji Choo Bal-So Tae Choo
Princess Ja-Myung-Lee Yeong-Yu.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Ji Jin-Hee.jpg Princess Ja-Myung-Yeo Jin-Ku.jpg
Lee Young-Yoo Jin Ji-Hee Yeo Jin-Goo
Ja-Myeong Nak-Rang Ho-Dong
(young) (young) (young)

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Nally it is unforgettable drama ,amazing , heart touching epic, thank you thank you for making it ,the script ,the actors ,the directing,the ost ... all are great all i love this drama felt my mind and my heart its one of a kind and the end was an epic

umayyra ann I love this drama and the casts especially Jung Ryeo Won and Jung Kyoung Ho. The ending was really sad, would have loved it if they could be together in marriage and not in death. This drama deserves very good ratings.

dellaneira leoly I really love this drama. It was very dramatic, sad, but also warm. The drama really touched my heart that i couldn't help but crying almost all of the drama series. The family or monarch's conflicts really trahic and very painful. Especially, about Hodong and jamyung's childhood. They have endured so much or maybe too much... those painful past was really hard to bear. And the ending... that was the most tragic but also most romantic ending i've ever seen. Good job the drama. I do not get it why it got low rate, though. I think.. it is a masterpiece.

cvang010 i really enjoy watching this drama! Prince Hodong daebak! idk why the rating was low.

Kim I really like this movie, the never changing love of a prince, hodong, and the divided love of a princess, jamyung, to him and her country. They look good together. Unfortunately they have to cut the story short. Great movie!

Nantogmah malik It is dramatic and filled with suspends

Lucy I'm somewhat confused by the last scene where puku says She wants to be reborn as hodongs mother and that "you love lahee"... Was she trying to tell him to love her sister in the next life??

Segun Why did the ending have to be that way? It ended very sadly. Really very touchy.. Left me in grief

JC If you can bear through the childhood part of the series (I found both the two girls playing the princesses so annoying at times), this drama gets really good and exciting.

tuyen nguyen i like this film .romantic ,love hodong & jamyung

linda i like this film ,i love hodong and jamyung .romantic

Ezekiel What can I say? Oooh no!!! It makes me tireless.......

kitata i really really like this movie because of its romantic love story , action packed , and also i love actors especially Hodong and princess jamyung for the their true love till the the end its the most intresting movie of the century.

joemarine i hate this movie wit all my life, mr director y did u allow such a movie. At first it was interestin but the latter was annoying. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Lena I love this drama!! It's so sad but I still recommend for anyone to watch it!! It was different and the storyline is so good! It's a pity it got knock down to 39 episodes and not very popular but any-who, I still enjoyed it! OST's is awesome too! :) The casts were AWESOME!

Charity I love u prince,puku nd ha brother. I love u as puku and not as princess.

Jessica Liu I love Ja Myung and Hodong. Ja Myung has an unhappy life since she was born. But she's very strong. She got over all difficulties but the ending is very sad

lara croft princess rahee chungmal sarangheyeso! You did great!

Lileen Love this drama, if you like dramas with True love which grows day by day, jealousy and twist. Then this is a drama for you. I really enjoyed it. One of the best Ever

Ps. The beginning is a bit slow, so you can just skip some parts.

Kenny Hodong i love u can i ve your number lol!

Kenny I love this film i cant just stop watching it over and over again ve been watching film this one seems touching,prince hodong and jamyung i love u both

ghazal i dont want to say something..but...i love Ra-He...because she loved hodong and hodong didn't love Ra-He

exquisitejade the comment about kingdom of the wind. it is kinda what happend after that show goes off cause it has king daemusin in his later years. as you know his first wife was of low class which was the reason why prince ho-dong had a hard time getting the throne. so no, princess ja myung go does not have any relation to king daemusin. It helps if you watch kingdom of the wind before watching this show as well just because it gives you some reason and irony on why the king is the way he is. Wanting to conquer so much and the feud with his son after he also had a bad realtionship with his parents, then his parents with his grandparents. its and endless cycle of feuds over thrones and territory.

ayo@lag Really love this movie,I could not get enough of prince hodong and princess jamung! They are top artistes and I wish them the best in future endeavours. Also thumbs up for princess nakrang, wang jasil, great general hol, king daemushin and others too numerous to mention... Its a good advert of korea, great people, great nation.

vhinzpaul do you know were to find the English softsub for this drama?..plzzzz post the link..thank you so much....Park Min Young is so cute...

Devil Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon Chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon Chan ! Yoon Chan ! Yoon Chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan ! Yoon chan !

princessjamyunggo I love u Prince Hodong:)

princessjamyunggo i love this series.. i wish it was longer:( it was really addicting to watch..the best ever.. just didnt like the ending because they died but the theme of the movie leaves u thinking..but i especially loved prince hodong:) he is so cute:) but so is general wang gol:) i love this series so much...the ending really had an impact on me..its an unforgettable koreanovela.. so addicting:)

sora i really like this drama....its so bad that they shortened the drama....

malih_banget i love the sound track sung by Fany

Christina i really want to say that i hate this drama because of the ending itself but still i gotta say that i really love it. too bad they had to cut it shorter because i really wanna see more scenes of hodong and princess jamyeong. it really is like the Asian version of romeo and juliet

Nisa Love Wanghol Love Lee Joo Hyun

Princess Ja-Myung Very Sad

adriana wow i can't believe it, i love it im speechless, Ho-dong felling in love with Princess Ja-myeong its like "Romeo and Juliet" but with a twist at the ending... .<)

tanyavillarin so is jang myung go the ddaughter of King Daemusin? the former Prince muhyul, the grandson of Jumong? I am currently watching the kingdom of the wind and I'm so excited to watch this one too.

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