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Han Hyo-Joo @ 2011 BIFF
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  • Name: Han Hyo-Joo
  • Korean: 한효주
  • Birthdate: February 22, 1987
  • Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
  • University: Dongguk University
  • Height: 172cm
  • Blood Type: A


Han Hyo-Joo was born on February 22, 1987 in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. Her mother worked as an elementary school teacher before becoming an inspector for public schools and her father worked in the military. As a child, Han Hyo-Joo was good in sports and enjoyed track & field. In her sophomore year of high school, Han Hyo-Ju moved to Seoul and attended Bulgok High School. Although her father, conservative & strict, opposed her move to Seoul she was able to go forth with her wishes. After high school, Han Hyo-Joo majored in theatre at Dongguk University. According to Han Hyo-Ju, her personality fits her blood type-A classification: calm, doesn't get angry easily, & able to endure without a lot of expression.[1]

In 2003, Han Hyo-Ju won the grand prize for the Miss Bing-geure contest, which attracted the attention from the entertainment world (Bing-geure is a Korean food company). In 2005, Han Hyo-Ju received her first acting roles in the MBC sitcom “Nonstop 5” and the movie “My Boss, My Teacher”. Her debut performances went largely unnoticed. In 2006 Han Hyo-Ju received her first leading role in the KBS2 drama “Spring Waltz”. Director Yun Seok-Ho of “Spring Waltz” stated that he first got the idea to cast Han Hyo-Joo after browsing the Internet and coming across her picture. Yun Seok-Ho felt she still held the purity of a child and a sense of mysteriousness which suited her character well. Han Hyo-Joo also stated that working on “Spring Waltz” was difficult, largely due to her inexperience in acting.[2]

Han Hyo-Joo's first leading performance in a feature film came with the 2006 independent film “Ad Lib Night,” helmed by well-regarded director Lee Yoon-Ki. Han Hyo-Joo's experience working on “Ad Lib Night” went far more smoothly than her first leading role in a drama series. Han Hyo-Joo recalled that the one month shoot seemed to zoom by and wished it could have lasted longer. Her performance was enthusiastically received by critics and Han Hyo-Joo received “Best Actress” awards from the 26th Korean Movie Critics Organization and the 20th Singapore International Film Festival.

Han Hyo-Joo's commercial break-out role came with her performance in the popular 2009 SBS drama series “Brilliant Legacy,” alongside actor/singer Lee Seung-Ki. The drama series, mixing a healthy dose of Korean melodrama with a Charles Dickens' “Great Expectations” like storyline, captured the attention of Koreans throughout the summer of 2009. “Brilliant Legacy”regularly received ratings in excess of 40% and catapulted Han Hyo-Joo as one of the more popular young actresses in Korea. With her popularity, media reports and gossip magazines began to speculate on who Han Hyo-Joo was dating.

In 2010, Han Hyo-Joo branched out of her comfort zone and took the lead role in the MBC historical drama series “Dong Yi”.


  1. Some of Han Hyo-Joo's hobbies include watching movies, reading books, and children's storytelling.[3]
  2. Han Hyo-Joo is also a fan of Japanese movies and learned Japanese language because of Japanese movies. She has also appeared in the joint Korean-Japanese production "Postman to Heaven" and the 2006 independent film "Ad Lib Night" - which is based on a Japanese short story.
  3. Read Q&A for movie "Always" with So Ji-Sub, Han Hyo-Joo and director Song Il-Gon (from press conference at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).
  4. For the release of Japanese film "My Back Page" in South Korea, Han Hyo-Joo took part in a "barrier free" version (featuring descriptive audio and subtitles for people with hearing or visual impairments). Han Hyo-Joo provided the descriptive audio for the movie. "My Back Page" is released in South Korea on March 15, 2012.


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alex I can't take eye of Han hyo joo and IU in kdrama. Both has tremendous presence.

Chaewon Hyo joo unnieeee please comeback in small screen... Pleaseeeee!!!

Catherine Olukay Han Hyo Joo, You were awesome, amazing and so 'wow' in the Dong Yi movie. That was the first time I watched you act and you were great. I watch lots of Korean movies but frankly i noticed your skills, they were good...keep it up and don't give up. You've gat so many fans including moi....we love you, your beauty, smiles and skills...

sandalima d Happy Birthday HAN HYO JOO !!!!! Today is my best friend Raini's birthday.

ipeh really miss her in drama T_T please comeback to dramaland eonni >< i really like your acting. you are great actress. one of my favorite actress <3

Yuriko really really miss han hyo jo and kim jaejoong in the drama or movie project... love this couple^^ Looking forward to han hyo joo and kim jaejoong colaboration and reunion.....

Naix She is very beautiful and really a great actress... Love you so much ! A korean National treasure indeed. You make me crazy...

marissaB She was such a great actress in Dong Yi... Love the drama so much.

DanielleV Really want to see her in more dramas. I love her in Shining Inheritance and liked the bit I watched of her in Dong Yi - though I couldn't bring myself to continue with the drama since I didn't like the storyline. I love her acting.

HopesDD Amazing actress, top A class. I wish she comes back to dramaland, maybe with a sageuk? I hope she reunites with Lee Seung Gi again, please!

EBN Hi Han hyojoo , you're in my heart ; because i'm sure you're the best actor in the world . i love you a lot , & i wish you will come back to TV my dear ...

Nkolika,Nigeria I call you my double delight named after a rose like that. Forget Koreans and their unnecessary hatred and "pull her down" (phd) mentality. You have so many fans outside Korea. remain your cheerful self. The sky is your limit.

Excalibunny I seriously don't get all the hate surrounding her now. First of all it's not she fault at all. What? Don't give me the guilty by association shit. Secondly, she is totally harmless. I don't see how anyone can be cruel enough to threaten someone who wish no one harm at all. For years she was just minding her own business in the movie business quietly. She wasn't even seeking for much attention; if she wanted attention, she would have continued on mainstream dramas after her success in Dong Yi. I hope she can find peace in this new project of hers.

May Ann I love you so much idol Han Hyo Joo and i want to be like you someday ...i hope i meet you someday..

vidanes thank you for your hard work Han Hyo-Joo. fighting! Aja!

tna you are my favorite k-actress ever.awesome in dong yi.

ahn jae in loved u sooooooo much in dong yi nd enjoyed ur acting in brilliant legacy

Joel I recently watched the "My Boss, My Teacher" It was really good you know....my stomach ache of laughing Hahahah but Mi-jung(Han Hyo-Joo) Died i felt so sad!!

Joel I like your drama Spring Waltz, Always, Cold Eyes and Always I'm rating it 10!!

Daniel Hello Hyo Joo , I'm your fan & a Hyolic . I like you a lot ... Please come back to TV .

sunnie In my opinion, she is the best actress in world!!!

vivianchester66 so much love you han hyo joo in dong yi it was so passionate learnt a lot from it

AmirAli I like you in drama Dong Yi & Cold eyes movie so much ; you're a beautiful girl ...

Love han I love u sooooooo much!

Madhawa malavige I love u soo much.......! u are talented actress, i wish your future works! cu

thornnnn Surly one of the greatest actresses the planet has ever known! A national treasure of korea and the world!

darya you was the most buetiful girl in all the films

Nghia I grew disenchanted of Chinese movies and drama series, so I thought I tried out some Korean films instead. Seeing "Always" make up to top rating pages at primewire.ag I clicked. I impressed, very touching movies, I applaud the writers for the great writing job, I will check out Dong Yi and others when I got the time. I highly recommend Always to anyone who's haven't seen it.

ibrif very good actress in (dong yi) want to see more of your dramas...

Afshin I love you my dear , hyo joo you're best actress in the world and beautiful too ; i like all of your works

Lucy Smith Your Awesome! This website too!

Nkolika,Nigeria I call you my double delight. You radiate a child like purity that is very attractive. You were awesome in Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi. I enjoy watching your dramas and movies. Good acting. Keep it up.

rinsangi wiebe I love all the movies hope she'll come again with a good movie. Love Han Hyo Joo

thorn Please make a drama! You have a wonderful magic! Please SHARE! Your drama's are amongst the top drama's I have enjoyed!

한효주 Han hyo joo , you're Best Korean actress ; i'm your fan ...


Danie I love you my dear , hyo joo you're best actress in the world and beautiful too ; i like all of your works ; these are fantastic ... please come back to TV ...

Mahdi I think you are one of the best actress in the world,and the best one in korea.Please come back to TV series like your last magic(Dong Yi).I love you very much even more than myself.

samaneh I LOVE YOU...unnie you are one of the best actresses in Korea.. can't you take a role in tv again? i miss that

colcatworm my idol and fav. korean actress :)

Eskimo Man, your television audiences miss you!

James Loved her in Dong Yi hope she dose another TV drama

Alice Han Hyo-Joo, please come back to television!!! The characters you create are best in a miniseries. 2 hours is not enough for this kdrama addict!!!!

thorn Fantastic work. I fall in love with your characters. Please make more TV Dramas. Great job! Thank you for the smiles and tears. a usa fan.

Ferdy Wishing you another great year, more blessings, more films, more love to come your way....stay lovely and keep safe always!

Joseph Aderotimi She's just beautiful. When she acted in Brilliant Legacy as Eun-Sung, she really had a childish behavior that made her look all the more beautiful. Keep it Han Hyo-Joo. Am from Nigeria.

elis im a big fan of han hyo joo.i also like sueng gi but now that he's dating or maybe alredy a couple,i already left being a fan...pls let kim hyun joong and han hyo joo to do movie together...

lala ilove you.... why dont have any drama in these years after dong yi im very angry from you why dont think about your fans in world please please please acting just a drama in 2014 dont acting just any film hyo joo lover

Thilini Ku Hye Sun and Han Hyo Joo are my most favourite Korean actresses,Han Hyo Joo unni i loved you in Brilliant Legacy and in Cold Eyes,you deserve every award and praise you get,i really liked yours and Lee Seung Gi oppas sizzilng chemistry in BL, please do one or more romantic dramas and more songs with him and I'm glad to know that you two are still good friends.Han Hyo Joo unni you have lots of fan here in my country.please visit our country someday if you can.sarangaeo unni,you are one of my idols.i wish you all the success and may God bless you always! I'm your loyal fan from Sri Lanka! <3 :-)

Cris I am a 100% Han Hyo Joo fan. I feel like she is beautiful inside and out and she is really a very good actress. I've watched almost all of her dramas and movies. You deserve all the awards you gain from your endeavor especially the recent Blue Dragon Film Awards as best actress on the movie Cold Eyes. Chongmal, chongmal chukhahamnida. I hope to see you here in Philippines:)

viera i Miss to see Han Hyo joo in other long drama,,the couple Lee Min Ho or Lee seung gi again,,i miss it much,,

mash I love dong yi very much.i mean han hyo joo.she is very very beautiful.i like smile more than anything.she is a superb actor.i hope she visits sri lanka very soon.

Cute girl Han Hyo Joo is both pretty & hard working actress! I am Lee Min Ho's fan (Minoz). Oppa Min Ho has been cast as the lead actor in the action & noir movie "Gangnam Blues",directed by eminent director Yoo Ha,the lead actress has NOT been chosen yet. I am SO excited 2 know who the leading lady will be. I am keeping my fingers crossed for "Han Hyo Joo" to be offered the role. The synopsis is GREAT.

cmcross Just saw Always. Wow! She is amazing in that movie. I'm definitely going to watch her other stuff. If you're already a fan, I'd definitely suggest watching Always.

Ferdy Congratulations for bagging the best actress award for Cold Eyes in the just concluded Blue Dragon Film Awards...you really deserved it!!! I'm looking forward to your next drama series...keep safe. You're my fave actress!

h@z-IQ i love you very much.. i hope i can watch you frequently in tv... i'm glad that we were born at the same date..haha

ima Han Hyo Joo pls don't keep us waiting so long.. we need to watch your next movie, drama....

Vivi I want her to be pairing up with Joowon !!!!

Ayusohehh I hope her next drama or film with moon joo won

janerdelle I want her to be pair with Lee min ho next year or Jo in sung..:)

JC Waiting eagerly for your next drama! Fell in love with all your characters, amazing actress!

roger I want meet you.if i go to korea.so cute

Ahmed Rukayay Ayomide I love this actress and like the movie called dongyi,It's my best film indeed

ima Your smile is very innocent, as an actress I would like to see you in an action film or drama (more than in Cold Eyes).. Good luck Han Hyo Joo

Saeed I'm not sure that she even check her twitter or gmail! ha,but i love her acting. that's perfect! but i think these comments are something useless because she seldom will read these.

anjhonu imperial 한효주♡ i'm one of your million fans here inphilippines..i'm hoping to go there in korea and work and to see you... ありがとうございます。 i love you

elle She's fabulous in 'Always'..paired well with So Ji Sub...

amazing 양 한효주 행운 어디든지 당신이 친구가

Ferdy I just finished watching Always and Brilliant Legacy....HHJ again portrayed her characters well in these two films, just as she did in DongYi, Postman to Heaven and Spring Waltz. Next to watch is Love 911 and Cold Eyes. You're my favorite Korean actress. Keep up the good work! Saranghae!

Ferdy HHJ will Always be the DongYi in my heart, she's My Boss, My Teacher at any given Ad-lib Night, leaving me a Brilliant Legacy here in Heaven and Earth. I hope to see you in person, maybe in Spring Waltz, or just call Love 911 and simply Ride Away. In short, you're my favorite Korean actress. I look forward to seeing you in Cold Eyes. Keep up the good work! Saranghae!

Ferdy You'll Always be the Dong Yi in my heart, My Boss, My teacher in any given Ad-lib Night, leaving a Brilliant Legacy in my soul, hoping to see you in person, maybe this Spring Waltz so that we can Ride Away in Heaven and Earth.... In short, you're one heck of an actress, my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Cold Eyes... Keep up the good work... Saranghae!

Junho Lover Your Acting Is Amazing ,, I Like The Way You Cry .. Waiting Your Movie " Cold eyes " With My Fav Actor Junho Oppaaa <3 <3

VirajGamage Hab Hyo-Joo The way you act can touch the bottom of the heart and can make people cry. Love you so much.

VirajGamage Today I watch Spring Waltz and cried so much acting is really brilliant. Love you so much Han Hyo-Joo

Ferdy HHJ is my favorite Korean actress...simply the best. Cute smile, so natural acting.

VirajGamage You are Always a Brilliant Legacy with Shining Inheritance!

Nkolika -Nigeria She displays a childlike enthusiasm that is infectious. You can not help but be charmed by her.

Vishal Kashyap Hi Ms. Hyo Joo

I was on a return flight from SIN when accidentally chanced upon your film, Love 911.

Couldn't really change the channel and watched the film, I don't know if this makes any difference to you but am pretty sure - you won yourself yet another fan.

God bless you and your innocence.


eunice hi.. you're beautiful and you are a great actor i wanna see you in person!!!!

Jessica from italy i was so impressed with this drama (dong yi)as well as your wonderfull performance , and i wish you good luck and all the best in your acting career.

mml Hope to watch your upcoming tv drama, i miss your drama, after acting DongYi this drama, i never see any of your latest drama.....

I hope to watch your romance drama, maybe can pairup with Yoon Shi Yoon or pairup with Joo Won also quite interesting to watch.......

Joo Won can act comedy romance drama , Yoon Shi Yoon can also act comedy romance drama both of them got interesting comedy effect....

Hope to watch your upcoming comedy romance drama........, viewers miss you......

jundy hi han...hope to see in person im your long time fan...tace care always....

f.m If i say you are the best it's not a new thing but isay you are the best at them all:) It's one of my dream to one day i see you withmy eyes.

gepetto Te vi por primera vez en ALWAYS. Excelente tu actuación. Fresca, bella y muy pero muy sexy. Guardo algunas de tus fotografías obtenidas de la web. Tu trabajo y algo de tus orígenes los he buscado de un país tan distante del tuyo como Argentina, la tierra del tango, el fútbol de Maradona y Messi, para que te sirva de referencia. ¡Un saludo, bella mujer!

albert basafa again hi hyo! How can a donna chick be a desire to everyone?! you can find me as a friend questioner in Facebook; just add me! i want to just speak to you Have a happy life...

mmati Hi Hugh, Joe's ...... I love you always work ....... Good luck .... Hope to see you around in korea

mmatin I love Han Hyo Joo ............ I would love one day to see her up close I love her with all my heart

Lim One of the best actresses I have ever seen and one of the prettiest too. Her acting was superb

dini you are so lovely, i'd love to see you play a role in movie or drama with park shi hoo. I think you'll be good together

Bianca I miss Hyo Joo unnie showing up in dramas.. Love 911 is not yet aired, can't wait to watch it! She's really good in acting! and very very gorgeous. I love her natural beauty ♥ Hwaiting! Will look froward to your new projects on screen :>

Jose I can't tell how much i love your acting perfomance. well four thumbs up for you. keep smile and give your best.

lance I Love Han Hyo Joo..... shes so pretty.....

lance i love u HAN HYO JOO......

.............. hi my favorit korean actress............ i love you so much in brilliant agency .......... and i have a friend who have a same face with you ........... and i love you again

pj your Great actrees...

pj your my favorite,pls visit us in Philippines......

catherine you are such a great actress .... u are such a great actress hope to see u in real.. and i really like your acting in dong yi.... i love you alays keep safe and healthy and stay beautiful..

maidee I'm so sure that your movie Love911 would also be a great one!

WWE Daniel YES!YES!YES! Bryan I Love Han Hyo Joo.. Since her first lead Korean Drama Role in Spring Waltz, second success of her role in Brilliant Legacy and DongYi, when i saw her cute smile in Spring Waltz I was in love with her especially the characters she portray simple, brave and beautiful in Spring waltz, Brilliant Legacy and DongYi, I hope you have more projects in the future similar to character of DongYi and Eun Sung Go in Brilliant Legacy

MA.NIÑA an-yong-ha-se-yo you are very the best of all for me ♥ you are so beautiful iam a fun of you i like your brillian legacy

Allelipraise Hey i watch her tv drama shining inheritance and dong yi

shy_hyo Han Hyo Joo acting is always natural, not too much like other actresses.. She played the role with honest acting. She has simply and elegant charm in every appearance.

gladyz lopez i really like u such a good actress!! one of the best in the world..

joy dong yi and king sukjong... you make may day complete..sweet..

black_blood I love Dong Yi. I love Han Hyo Joo..

jesvir i like dong-yi

miguel V i really love dongyi.. i can't w8 masquerade and love 911 movie

angelica galvez 좋은 날 dongyi,나는 당신을 만나고 싶은 사람이,필리핀에서 임

edna And as for the King, Ji Jin Hee, I always watched for you in Jewel in the Palace, but I fell in love with you in DONG YI.

bobi my favorite korean drama brilliant plot brilliant casts

i love their roles

ssibal Hyo Joo unnie jinjja yeppeu!

virgie You're very gorgeous and a good actress too. I love and enjoyed watching Dong Yi till the end.

icel hi you're so pretty and a good actress, i already finish watching the whole story of your film DONG YI, and me and my husband enjoyed it and learn more from it good luck and take care always..

Lenmern amazing!!! han hyo joo is really beautiful and her acting is very commendable....

Dong Yi is really my fave...I watched it over and over again ,,,, my rating is 9.75 out of 10 and .25 dissatisfaction goes to some minor error in episode where she was struck by a sword at the back , but when they treated her wounds the physician treated her in front near to her chest.....hahaha...peace!!!

Love yah Dong Yi

tatsaneewan i like new nonstop 5 so mach , you are so pretty, I come form in Thailand.

chacha hey , u look as song hye kyo

korean_girl Fiting! Han Hyo Joo you are beautiful

Dragan Han Hyo-Joo, tres jolie, symphatique actrice. Tourne un film d`action superb avec Jackie Chen, s`il te plait. Grand succes. Bissous.

jessy You are very beautiful and your acting is fantastic. Good future.....

jixun you so beautiful, i want to be your little brother

ismi u r just fantastic in acting..love 2 c u in Brilliant legacy. love ommunyi 2 ;)

gee i miss jaejoong and han hyo joo loveteam..onemore movies pls..

gee more movies han hyo joo but take a rest sometimes i know ur so busy...more power ...love yah...

June I really like you~you r an amazing actor~and you are so nature pretty^^

Yesha Han Hyo Joo So pretty! I love her acting.

daria kurdish omg han hyo ju is so sweet but even more more sweeter when she actually acts evryone from kurdistan loves you and will always be behing you!!

we love u we really want to see more of u in the futere hahahahaha

atjik aku senang nonton film korea apa lagi yg ceritanya seperti ini, sayangnya aku ga bisa download di youtube, klo film dae jang geum aku nonton sampai puas karena aku ngedowloadnya, entah kenapa film dong yi aku ga bisa. buat pemeran dong yi jangan seperti artis2 korean yang bunuh diri ya....

Zana Kurdistan Dong Yi TV series (in Kurdish) just ended in Kurdistan (north Iraq) every one was hooked to the TV, lol people were always talking about the events and often argue over who is the most hated character. But for me the star has to be Han Hyo Joo (also known as ''Dongi'') the girl is simply a breath of fresh air.

but I am disappointed that she did not persisted to get few mistakes checked and re shoot the seen where she is holding her 2 month old dead baby in her arm, you see the baby's hand move very clearly over 5 times.

hannah i love all of her movies especially Dong yi and Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief she is very talented and should be very popular because she deserves it she is an gorgeous actor and some other actors too like Jung Yoo-Mi , Park Ha-Seon , Lee So-Yeon and Kim Hye-Jin

nabard I love so mach drama Dong yi thanks for all actouors.

linn You are beautiful.I like Brilliant Legacy very much

Ajianne I dont know her too well but she's a real beauty! :)

irene I really like Hyo joo.......I hope Seung Gi will be her soulmate...

ieda really like you. continue be down to earth actress. huhu..

mae-chan love her! doesnt she look a bit like ueto aya when she smiles? heh

aa wish you all the best and always blessed with happines.

von Well she is great in acting and has a very simple life and too much high fashion she is great we currently watching one of her brilliant legacy.. so great and she has taught alot about empolyees in big companies espesicallu since been from the south pacific

Thnak You Very Much really love the movie..

al i like the way she acts.. she's very impressive..i really like her!!!

i really like her drama.. which is DONG YI!!! like it very much..two thumbs up for her!!

Tae Hee Saranghae! keke ^_^ My fav actress!

tien franklin i hope you have some more of Brilliant Legacy come in out because i want to know after new york what is next?

misskorea19 I love how you act in "Dong Yi"! It is pretty convincing. You are really pretty as well. I hope that I will be able to catch up to you, acting skill wise and appearance wise. :D

Cool Tiger I love that pretty Hyo-Joo because of her sweet voice & cute face. I like the drama which started in Malaysia this week.

risa i like u in brilliant legacy.. funny,beautifull,cool.. so perfect.. i'm a fan of u.. so good luck for u..^^

swampy amazing... although it's late 4 me 2 watch... you are realy...realy... beauty... 2 hard 4 say...

Ciindy aii luv u brilliant legacy. . aii like u so much. .

nesya I love your act in Brilliant Legacy soooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaach :DDD

Dietie So amazing...

gIna you are so beauty....

areena me and my mom like her so much . she's so natural . her acting is good . ;)

may I love her so much since her drama was played in Indonesia. she is so elegant and beautiful. her act is incredible esp in shining inheritance

suhe i love you sooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmuuuccch

maidee i really like the way she act...

Buyung I Love Han Hyo-ju

shiro I agree with maw_mac! Han Hyoju looks like Song Hye Kyo..:D

maw_mac i think...she like Song Hye Kyo...

Denise You are GORGEOUS, honey!!!! I lovee ur persona in "Brilliant Legacy"! I hope i see more of u in the future<333!!

maria lily you're so cute and i really like the way you act...i could really see you're heart into it...

Deborah You are SO pretty! I like you best in Brilliant Legacy.

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