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  • Name: Seo Woo
  • Hangul: 서우
  • Birth Name: Kim Moon-Joo (김문주)
  • Birthdate: July 7, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 162 cm.
  • Blood Type:


Actress Seo Woo was born in Seoul, South Korea on July 7, 1985 with the birth name of Kim Moon-Joo (김문주). She is the youngest of three daughters in her family. As the youngest child Seo Woo developed a charming personality effective for a young child to garner attention. Her childhood was typical for a Korean girl and she held no aspirations to become an actress during her school days. Seo Woo did take traditional Korean dance lessons for 8 years and also figure skating & violin lessons.

In 2007, Seo Woo made her debut as an actress in a supporting role for the film "My Son". Even at this time Seo Woo did not hold aspirations to become an actress. Seo Woo got the part after visiting the president of her current management company "Shim Entertainment" (심엔터테인먼트), whom she already knew & received an audition. During this time Seo Woo also appeared in a commercial for Lotte ice cream and in the MBC drama "Kimchi Cheese Smile".

In the following year, 2008, Seo Woo received her break out role in the critically lauded film "Crush and Blush". Seo Woo played pivotal supporting character Seo Jong-Hee - an oddball outcast middle-school student. Prior to filming "Crush and Blush," the film's director Lee Kyoung-Mi frequently called Seo Woo & listened to Seo Woo practice her lines, while also talking about herself and asking questions about Seo Woo. Through this process Seo Woo got closer to her character Seo Jong-Hee. As a result, Seo Woo won "Best New Actress" awards from 8 different domestic movie awards.

In 2009 Seo Woo took the lead role in the unusual MBC drama "Tamra, the Island" - a period drama set on Jeju Island that also stars French model Pierre Deporte. In "Tamra, the Island," Seo Woo plays Jang Beo-jin an impish young female diver on the island. The role was a challenge for Seo Woo because she has a fear of water from an early drowning experiencing. Although Seo Woo found it difficult at times, she did manage to finish her filming scenes after taking diving lessons for three months. "Tamra, the Island" received disappointing TV ratings, but the show did attract a fervent following by hardcore fans who protested loud and clear when MBC decided to shorten the length of the series.

A minor scandal also broke out during this time when netizens discovered Seo Woo was born in 1985 and not in 1988 (which was her reported age by her management company). When the discrepancy was discovered, her management company publicly apologized for the error and stated the error was their fault and not Seo Woo's.

During the filming of "Tamra, the Island," Seo Woo also received an offer to play the main character in the art film "Paju," directed by Park Chan-Ok. Initially, it seemed Seo Woo could not perform in "Paju" due to her shooting schedule in "Tamra, the Island," but a fortunate 2 month break allowed Seo Woo to take part in "Paju." According to director Park Chan-Ok, Seo Woo was cast for the lead role due to her exhausted eyes, which was shown on "Tamra, the Island." Director Park Chan-Ok felt those emotions would fit perfectly with her character's mysterious image in "Paju." Seo Woo and the film "Paju" received strong responses, especially from the film festival circuit.

Since that time, Seo Woo has seen her popularity increase immensely and demand for her as an actress has also risen proportionally. In 2010, Seo Woo performed alongside celebrated actress Jeon Do-Yeon in the highly anticipated film "The Housemaid," directed by Im Sang-Soo. Seo Woo also plays the inverted Cinderella like character in the popular KBS2 drama "Cinderella's Sister," alongside popular actress Moon Geun-Young.

When Seo Woo is not busy acting in movies or dramas, she enjoys cooking and sometimes even cooks for her manager. Her worst habit is laziness.


Drama Series

TV Movies

  • Knock | Nokeu (MBN / 2012) - Jung-Hwa




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jorge ecu I loved when I saw in the Mask Cristal she had innocence, goodness and a beautiful smile , I Hope to see another dorama was interesting.

Yacks Seo woo she is the one of best actress for me so far..:-D

Yoon i like her a lot, hope to see her in more dramas ;)

rabbit Top actress....

jennywine Haters stay clear...seo woo is the best

thorn Seo Woo just has something, magic, that makes her stand out. She is so alluring. I feel drawn to her, it's hard to take my attention off of her. I have only seen cinderella's sister and paju, but now i have to watch her other dramas and movies. It is hard to see anyone else when she's on the screen. She has a captivating screen presence. S. Korea has the BEST actors/actresses!

Hwan Hee Kim Didnt Seo Woo appear as the girl in Insane by BTOB. Loved her in that!!!

funshymarshal She is beautiful,she is nice,she has a charming smile...I just like her@glass mask

zara lyn Hi See Woo. Im watching Tamra,the island youre so beautiful you look like a grade schooler! hahaha-(laugh) :D

rskdrama God.. if there is one actress who is not beautiful and can't act and even when she is pitiful, looks cruel.. is this woman... can't stand her.

superstar her face is perfect

RolyPoly I think she really had plastic surgery, but it doesn't matter. Argh, I still love her, I'm attracted by her acting. I'm your fan Seo Woo ah <3

Nana Looking forward for your next drama or movie Unni good luck.

JiyeonWong Kitty She act so good in Cinderella's Stepsister

Ballsq i like her.... she's so cute and sexy... i've just watched her on cinderella stepsister and housemaid.... good acting and stunning....

fateme i just watched cinderela's step sister ! you are so SWEET !

Tom4395 Seo Woo is so good in PSY's video " PSY - RIGHT NOW (Seo Woo Ver.) M/V " on YouTube.

Fans of PSY and Seo Woo please go take a look if you have not already.

Seo Woo is so cute and sexy in the video !

tncdel She has amazing control of her facial expressions. Can transform her face from beautiful to ugly or scary or sweet and innocent or crazy-looking. At times I wondered if her mouth muscles had nerve damage, the way she contorts it sometimes. But other times she smiles perfectly.

Very good actress, as good or better than most Hollywood actresses.

knowsu i can't imagine she's already 27 i thought she's only 20 she looks younger than her age..

Rin even though shes completely plastic i love her x3

jenny she is a pretty good actress. but i don't find her good looking though; beauty is in the eye of beholder

Henry Hello very nice blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I'll bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I am happy to search out numerous useful information here within the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

Wo0o Sarang Hae SeO WoO forever~~~~~~~

Riisa She was GREAT in Cinderella's Sister. I thought she acted better in Cinderella's Sister than in Flames of Desire, but Seo Woo herself thought the opposite....ah well, she's a great actress overall.

mercy Beautiful. Very talented and convincing in her role in Cinderellas Sister. Her eyes acts and will take you to the highest level. Keep it up.

candypipi73 She.......really........cute^^! beauty........^^!

                                                                                                                       Good luck!^^

dheb you are beautiful girl

anica i like her eyes

ShinMinAh&LeeSeungGi FAN! wow!! i thought she's 15!!!!!!! i was like... WOW!!

you're so preety!!


Xyntaxeror She Paranoid Her But She Very Cute..^^

Luve Seo Woo Forever.....

Number_1_Guido She looks like Ray in the movie Paju when she hides the scissors.Satoshi's Brandon Big Ears,Boswell's Patrick on steroids!!!

Xyntaxeror Aw i THought Your 15....

brianna wow can't believe it..,ur age was 25..,bt u look 20....,u really look young n cute..,wow..,n ur alSo great in acting

shinyu25 your my're so cute..i thought you are only 16..damn,,,i wish i can see you eyes are familiar with yours'

mary I loVE u so much seo woo..,Youre my idol i love the way you act and you dress...

                     Youre my idol...:)

ayan she's so cute, i like her, Xp

Lupus Well done performance... I don't usually post any comment on anything... This is my first time posting something like this, and she deserves it....

blone love watching your movie Cinderella's're good're my new idol..

Darylle I like you very very much ..I am watching your videos at this moment..your movie "Cinderella sister"I like the way you act and the way you smile..your smile is just like an angel who have been sent from the way,Ive plan to go around the world..and first country that I will go is in Korea where in you live in....I want you to meet there in Seoul Korea,I want some picture taking and to chat with you even a that's are my one and only Korean actress that I've been love and crush for now I will say byebye..see yah..

catherine .omg.!!.. i thought seo woo is only 16 or 18 yrs. old.. hahah.. her looks is so decieving.!!.. shes so cute.. shes my new idol.. i'd like to looked like her.. ^^

donnah she's amazing..

ayuy she's hot i like her.... but thats the result of plastic surgery.. hahha

pcat seo good job, i like the way you are so adorable, cutie like a baby. :)

wendy she's so funny i <3 her ^__^ she's prob one of the only females i would die over XP she reminds me of my friend too .. they are so similar so maybe thats why

princess soluz omg,i cant believe it...your age doesnt reflect the youngness of your face. watching cinderella's sister was never part of my plan but now i cant help but to watch always seem so pathetic,i feel for you and you are so effective hahah!nice nice...God bless =)

marjunel 'm shocked! i thought seo woo is only 16..she's so pretty and young looking..

joyceza your so beautiful . . .

nats she is so cute nd its not obvoius to her age that shes older than moon geun ..i really like their drama, i always watch it ..keep up the good work guyzz..

Hsu Lei I Like her so much. She is so cute.I still can't believe that she was born in 1985.She looks so small and young.In the Flames of Desires Series I even think she is younger than MinJae. I like her so much. I will expect her next Drama Series more and more. I want to watch her Series more than others. Keep your work going good.

Jackie I like the story of Tamra the Island. And Seo Woo looked very cute in the drama. Keep up the good works.

cinderella_sister WHAT?........ i cant believe that seo woo was older ....she looks more younger than her age

dee in flames of desires she played n paired with a far younger male actor, but still look match together. They even look in the same age! I saw her interview with CS casts on kbsworld last year, she was so bubbly in person. I like her more now

angelica i really love seo woo...shes soo beautiful...saranghe

Rosyhj Hi! Luv u sooo.........much u r really cute.saranghe onni hahaha.....

lea and ella hi seo woo, you are so beautiful !!!

liezel she's so cute...i really like her..! :)

hedi but.. she's so pretty and always looks fresh,except for her eyes its look teary...heheh♥♥♥(^_-)

hedi hmm...i cant believe that seo woo was older than me,,she looks more younger than her age...Does she fake her age??? i guess so...

ena grace hi seo woo i love the way you act in cinderella's sister.

mori she is so pretty

josephine she's so cute..

i really didn't expect that she is 25 years old.. so young.. i thought she's just an elementary student..

pats Seo Woo looked too young OMG! baby face ;)

ralph if seo woo was born on 1985..why she look so young in cinderella's step sister?she look like a child on that drama..i thought her age is on 10-12..she look too young for the age of 25., =)

ralph if seo woo was born on 1985..why she look so young in cinderella's step sister?she look like a child on that drama..i thought her age is on 10-12..she look too young for the age of 25.

ralph if seo woo was born on 1985..why she look so young in cinderella's step sister?she look like a child on that drama..i thought her age is on 10-12..she look too young for the age og 25.

Shun Lei I Like seo woo . I have seen her in Tamra Island.. Among all the movies, i like tamra island . Seo woo is my favourite actress. Also in that movie, i like Im Joo Hwan .. He is so handsome.. I wish that there will be next so many espisodes in tamra island.. Now the tamra island is a little short. I want to watch it a little longer . So please continue the movie. please.

miasara i like her drama tamra the island oh i love it she really cool !!!!!!!!!!

Mac "South Korea is what Hollywood was in the '30s" ?? BWWWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! In your dreams.

m.iqbal i like Seo"ok"

Seooo Can't wait to see more of Seo Woo and Yoo Seong Ho!!

mykamicks I agree she is a good actress. Her acting in CS is quite hard because most of the time her scenes were full of cryings. About her looks, I dont mind it, in Korea, they do best for themselves. Also, to Moon Geun Young, definitely she is a great actress too. Both girls delivered & give justice to each roles...

citra i like it.. i like this drama

citra seo woo you are beautifull girl

Na When i saw her at cnderella onni, i believed she is younger2 and younger than me or moon geun young (about 17 or 18 years old) then i know she is my onni ^~^ i was so surprised, she look young and perfectly beautiful (too good to be true he..he) and always about her eyes. my opinion, did the surgery or not she still look good even not as beautiful as now, i think. And of course her acting is awesome. There, she can be a cnderella heart and change suddenly to be an evil heart based on her situation in the drama. Her acting Make me can feel her situation there. Awesome ^^ keep fighting!

miaka shes really cute.. i like her...

mi her eyes are unnaturally big, she must be half alien or something. i don't know how some find it cute, it scares the heck out of me! especially in CS.

sdb Of course she had a plastic surgery !! >.< In cinderellas sisters she looked like a barbie doll :( And of course the eyes became much bigger !! I had a plastic surgery too and my eyes are much bigger then before O.o If you guys watch cinderellas sister you know what i mean !

India How old was she when she did Cinderella's sister?

just a boy what ever she's doing with her eye it's doesn't matter for me.

peaceonearth But even if she got her eyes done, her eyes are HUGE. Its not like you can actually make eyes bigger, you can only change the eyelids.

*tiky* are you sure that she made plastic surgery????

i think she´s really beautiful i agree she´s like a doll that makes her beautiful i love her eyes!!!!

james Well her acting in cinderella sister is not bad, but she had way too much plastic surgery that at least for me is a turn off

Anna The first time I saw Seo Woo was during the trailer of Cinderella's StepSister, I thought that she was pretty but she looked so "doll-like". I'm pretty sure most people would agree that she does look like a real-live doll. This made me think she must had gotten plastic surgery! I have nothing against celebrities wanting to change their looks, but when I saw the pictures of Seo Woo before her plastic surgery, I thought that she looked wayyyyyyy better, but this is just my opinion. Her acting is pretty good on the other hand. :)

sheng she's prettier without all of the plastic surgery done T^T

skim her age isn't 1988. it's 1985 (she admitted it recently). she looks as though she got a lot of surgery done. (especially the nose)

tybolt Talented, convincing, and absolutely stunning to look at. She owns every single scene that features her. South Korea is what Hollywood was in the 30's. We don't have films or talent like this in America anymore. (Other than on Turner Movie Classics!!!)

Jo She is absolutley beautiful

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