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  • Name: Moon Geun-Young
  • Hangul: 문근영
  • Birthdate: May 06, 1987
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Height: 165cm
  • Blood Type:


Early Years

Moon Geun-Young was born on May 6, 1987 in Gwangju, South Korea. Her immediate family consists of parents and one younger sister. Moon Geun-Young began her acting career from a young age as a child actor. During the third grade of her elementary school, Moon Geun-Young performed in her school's play and became enthusiastic towards acting.[1]

After her performance in the play, Moon Geun-Young asked her parents to send her to an acting institute. At first her parents rejected her idea, but Moon Gun-Young did not give up. The following year, while in the 4th grade of elementary school, Moon Geun-Young asked her parents again. This time around, her parents replied if presidential candidate Kim Dae-jung won the election they would send her to acting school. Fortunately for Moon-Geun-Young, Kim Dae-Jung won the presidential election in 1997. By the 6th grade of Moon Geun-Young's schooling she enrolled in an acting institute in Gwangju. While learning acting at the institute her profile was sent by the institute to Seoul and in the following year she was cast as an extra for a few television dramas.[2]

Television Debut

After more CF roles, Moon Geun-Young made her proper TV drama debut in 1999 with the KBS children's drama "Potato" ("누룽지선생과 감자 일곱개"). Moon Geun-Young also acted in the documentary "On The Way" ("길 위에서") directed by Choi Jae-Eun.[3]

In 2000, her big break came while performing as the child character Eun-Seo in the KBS2 drama "Autumn in my Heart". With the drama's large following, she became recognized by the Korean public. In 2010, while promoting the theatrical play "Closer" Moon Geun-Young was asked what was her favorite performance and she stated that it was "Autumn in my Heart" due to her acting inexperience at the time and having to act on pure instinct.[4]

Movie Debut

After acting in more dramas, Moon Geun-Young performed in the motion picture "Lover's Concerto". In 2003, Moon Geun-Young took on her first lead role in the critically praised and commercially successful horror film "A Tale of Two Sisters," directed by Kim Ji-Woon. "A Tale of Two Sisters" sold over 3 million tickets and helped display Moon Geun-Young's acting ability in a more dynamic setting.[5]

With Moon Geun-Young's romantic comedy "My Little Bride" in 2004, she perfected her cute wholesome image and found further commercial success at the box office. "My Little Bride" sold over 3 million tickets and became the second highest domestic grossing film for that year. During this time, Moon Geun-Young picked up the nickname "the nation's younger sister" (Gukmin yeo-dong-saeng") due to her cute little sister image. Interesting to note, Moon Geun-Young mentioned that her management company was happy with her performance, but she was not. At the time she still could not let her Su-Yeon character from "A Tale of Two Sisters" go.[6]

Her next films, 2005 "Innocent Steps" & 2006 "Love Me Not" were not as commercially successful nor did they receive favorable critical reviews. "Innocent Steps" would follow Moon Geun-Young's "cute" image set in "My Little Bride," while the darker "Love Me Not," followed more along the lines of "A Tale of Two Sisters".

In 2006, Moon Geun-Young was accepted at Sungkyunkwan University and majored in Korean Language and Literature. During this time, Moon Geun-Young took a break from acting and did not perform in any titles.

Return to Acting

In 2008, Moon Geun-Young made her return to acting in the SBS period drama "The Painter of Wind". The role marked a departure for Moon Geun-Young as she played a woman who disguises herself as a man to become a painter. Primarily due to the risky decision to cast Moon Geun-Young in the lead character role, the production company were worried about the commercial viability of the drama series. Filming also came with some difficulties. On October 9th, Moon Geun-Young fractured her nose while filming a scene for "The Painter of Wind." The accident occurred when co-star Park Shin-Yang inadvertently hit Moon Geun-Young with his elbow while filming an argument scene. Shooting for the series halted for one week while Geun-yeong recovered. As it turns out, "The Painter of Wind" received solid ratings (13.2% weekly average) and received favorable critical reviews.[7] Moon Geun-Young also garnered the top prize (Daesang Award) at the SBS Drama Awards for her performance in "The Painter of Wind".

In 2010, Moon Geun-Young made another bold step in her acting career by performing as the sometimes villain in the KBS2 drama "Cinderella's Stepsister". "Cinderella's Stepsister" was a hit, regularly receiving ratings in excess of 20%. During the press conference for "Cinderella's Stepsister," Moon Geun-Young stated that an actress should step outside of her "safety fence" and take on risk.[8]

In 2010, Moon Geun-Young took on another new challenge by performing in the theatrical play "Closer". Moon Geun-Young played twenty something year old Alice, who works as a strip dancer. In November of 2010, Moon Geun-Young also took on another lead role in the romantic-comedy drama "Marry Me, Mary!". Moon Geun-Young stated she was ready to take a break from acting at the time, but on the strength of the scenario for the series, the talented staff and the casting of Jang Geun-Suk in the lead male role, she was persuaded to take on the role in "Marry Me, Mary!".[9]

Family Background & Her Philanthropic Deeds

Moon Geun-Young's grandfather is the late political prisoner Ryu Nak-Jin. He died on April 1, 2005. Also, Moon Geun-Young's great uncle was shot to death during the Gwangju Uprising in 1980. Due to the political strife in Moon Geun-Young's family, Moon Geun-Young's parents placed a condition on their daughter to donate a portion of her earnings to needy causes. Throughout her career and, often anonymously, Moon Geun-Young has made small and large donations to different charitable causes. In November 2008, the non-profit group "Korean Community Chest'" revealed that actress Moon Geun-Young has donated over 850 million Won (approx. $800,000 USD) anonymously to the charity group over the past 5 years.[10] In 2009, Moon Geun-Young donated the Haenam Children's Center to the NGO group Good People. The building was originally financed at a cost of 300 million Won ($230,000) by Moon Geun-Young after she heard of the pastor and his wife who were in financial difficulties and the school, which taught underprivileged children in the area, was going to be shut down.[11]

Special Relationship With Her Grandmother

As a child, both of Moon Geun-Young's parents worked and, because of this, she spent a lot of time with her grandmother. Her grandmother has also often spent time on the shooting set with Moon Geun-Young. A famous incident exists of Moon Geun-Young and her grandmother while on the shooting set for the movie "My Little Bride". During this time, they were observed together picking up discarded cigarette butts off the floor before throwing it away in a trash can.[12]


  1. Actress Geun-yeong Mun fractured her nose on Oct 9, 2008 while filming a scene for "The Painter of Wind". Co-star Shin-yang Park accidentally hit Geun-yeong with his elbow while shooting an argument scene. Filming for the show halted for one week while Geun-yeong recovered.


Drama Series


  • 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards: Best Hallyu Drama Actress (Marry Me, Mary!)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award - Actress (Cinderella's Sister)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Cinderella's Sister and Marry Me, Mary!)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Keun-Suk (Marry Me, Mary!)
  • 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress Award (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Chae-Won (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2008 Grime Awards: Best Female Actress Award in a TV Series (The Painter of Wind)
  • 2006 29th Golden Director Awards: Best Female Actress Award (Love Me Not)
  • 2005 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (Innocent Steps)
  • 2005 42nd Daejong Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (Innocent Steps)
  • 2004 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
  • 2004 12th Choonsa Film Awards: Best New Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
  • 2004 41st Daejong Film Awards: Best New Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
  • 2004 41st Daejong Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
  • 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Best Young Female Actress Award (Autumn in my Heart)


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jezzz Sassy cute have great personality what more does one want Best actress I've ever seen.

ester_pp I WAtched her drama last week chongdamdong Alice. I Reallh enjoyed watching.. imrecommend it to everyone who love to watch romcom.. Oh pls xomeback soon, we miss you on TV,,

yeji Such a great actress wasted on projects like Goddess of Fire and Chongdamdong Alice... Sigh. I cannot wait til your next project, please make a comeback soon! Unnie, I hope you pick the right project that will showcase your talent^^ Fighting!

Yessi Miss you, Goddess

Queen Walnut Watched Love Me Not, My Little Bride (My favorite!), Tale of the Two Sisters, Marry me Marry, Cheongdamdong Alice and Cinderella's sister! I love all of it. She's a very good actress from horror, comedy to drama. Very versatile! I wish she'll have a new drama soon! and I hope it's a romcom. I miss MGY! Please give her a new dramaaaaaaaaaaaa!

ervy wow she has many awards!!!well she deserve it because she's cute,versatile actress and has a very good pesonality love her soo much!!!

ace I have no idea if she did a good Chinese accent or not in Innocent Steps. I have no idea if her dancing in it was competition level caliber or not. What I do know is that she broke my heart watching her being kicked out. It is gut wrenching. I watched that scene and felt that no human could have rebuffed her appeal.

Of course it goes without saying that she is adorable but I think she is also a very gifted actress.

Barbara she's adorable <3

ian3373 I only watch her in Painter in Wind... I don't know about her before... She's very convincing as a girl dressed as a boy.. The way she felt love to the music player girl.. her acting is really good.. I'm pretty sure if they never mentioned an actress play that role, or told the background, I would believe he is a real boy...One of the most convincing crossdressing character in a series that I've watched.. That role make me think she must be a good actress.. Turn out she got many awards.. even her pairing with the other girl won best couple... I'm not too interested to watch her other works because mostly K-dramas are romance.. The same thing.. I will try her movies, because K-movies have more variety in the theme.. Keep improving girl!!

DcKhoibam I don't believe in Angel but do nw after seeing Moon Guen Young....

KimJaeWookFanGirl She may be looks young for her age but she sure can act! xD I watch only one of her drama.. Marry me mary. No matter what you say about her looks naive, and annoying.. atleast she is better than you. There should not be rudeness towards this girl! She's talented.. No one like you can do about it.. People was saying about Someone else should be playing as mary in Marry me Mary.. I think Moon Geun Young is the right person to protray the character of Mary.. No others! I heard people saying Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae wook is beautiful/pretty than this girl.. wow.. that's soo rude.. I heard lots of people that Korean Actors is better than girls.. Well How can guys be better than girls? You don't even know about them.. unless.. you only cares about good-looking korean guys so much.. you guys think korean guys is better than girls.. I admit girls get what they want from guys so much.. but you don't know about some korean guys might do something bad to girls.. because they are stronger than girls.. so it's annoying how I hear alot of people saying Korean actors is better and beautiful than girls..

Benedikt In my opinion you are the best actress in Korea...So Cute,Beautiful & So talented.. I Love to watch all your dramas and movies especially Autumn tale & I wish you all the best in your life and career :) <3

rizahjean hi...moonieeeeeee...... Im a fun of yours. you're so pretty,cute,sweet and kind. i watch you're movie's such as MY LITTLE BRIDE AND MARRY ME. MARY:) I LOVE YOU MONIEEE. YOUR MY IDOL AND YOUR THE BEST.;)

subir just a flower gifted by god.....

Reham Great & so talented actress, I love your acting... Daebak. Love you sooo much Geun Young unnie and miss you, waiting for your next project always... back soon please. Happy birthday moonie ^^ wish you all the best in your life and your career... to me your the best, my only favorite actress... saranghae ♥ saengil chukha hamnida.

Phuong Thao I love you so much ! You are the best actress, especially the Eun joo in cinderilla's sister and in film " paint of the wind " You and Kim bum are very beatyful coupple, too ! Good lucky and happy ! Always want to know the all of new informations and wait y

lee Duong i love you. i want you in fiml new

Jiho Lee I want her with lee min hoo or kim woo bin in her new drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I miss her so much

chanwoo moon young씨 do you know!!! i love you so much?? ,because you are the best actress in korea,you are so pretty !!!always wait for your drama ..화이팅 문근영씨!!!고맙습니다 그리고 사랑합니다!!! ^^

Rajeswaran hi

this is rajeswaran i watched MY LITTLE BRIDE her movies in lot of time may be i dont know more than 100 times,and i never excepting the movies so far and i like to say one thing that's my first movie in koreans i really love that movie.

i wanna say some thing but i hope she wont take it seriously

                                  aanna itha naa tamila soldram avala ennakum romba pudicheruku lost 4 years no one can  hurt like that  4 varuzhathuku munnadi oru nai pinnadi suthi nasama poitain.

Rajeswaran hi

this is rajeswaran i watched MY LITTLE BRIDE her movies in lot of time may be i dont know more than 100 times,and i never excepting the movies so far and i like to say one thing that's my first movie in koreans i really love that movie.

i wanna say some thing but i hope she wont take it seriously

                                                          i love

Philip Tjon Your drama series cheongdamdong Alice was exceptional to watch. I lost some sleep on these. Very exciting to watch and I really enjoyed these. Go fighting

Mona I miss you so much!!! I want to hear news from you!! Please choose an other project fast!!

Lien Nguyen I love you and admire you very much! Keep on going! i will alway support you!

Santiago I simply could not go away your website before suggesting that I actually loved the standard information an individual supply to your guests?

Is gonna be back often in order to investigate cross-check new posts

emanuel905 wow she have alot of award

Mahtab Love Ya Unnie Fighting ~ <3

Hanee I Love You So Much... I feel in Love in KDrama because of you.... Unnie Fighting... I wish You and Kim Bum Oppa a Happy Couple...

sanmex Sooooo Cute...

Jose Ramirez She is an excellent actress. Never seen somebody take on so diverse roles and do them all so well to the brink of perfection. Saw her in innocent steps, she was superb then and so is she now.

EunJoCS I can see that Moon Geun Young is definitely the most cute with physically plus inner beauty that can make people around her melt for her and very happy to be around with her. I'm always feel that kind of vibration from her when I'm watching her, either from movies, drama, bts or awards, ect.... may God bless u cutie little girl, who nowadays grown up beautifully into lovely woman. wish u happy with your love, Kim bum eternally ...:-D

Amy As of Nov. 1st, MGY confirmed that she is dating Kim Bum her costar from GOF. I'm so happy for them. They make a lovely couple.

aicy i hope you will end up with kim bun in the real life.he is kind and deserve each other

aicy wow!such philanthropic .kudos to her.worth emulating for by her colleagues.more power to you.hope you will always be successful in your career and have a happy family in the near future

Chanschan Moon geun young forever young! i love u unnie<3

kjlover Moon Geung Young is forever young how can she still look flawless during all this time. At first I didnt like her much because she looks more cute thsan sexy but as I watched her works I fell for her charms she is freaking AWESOME! she is really pretty and talented, she's a great actress and dancer too I'm so glad I gave her a chance now I'm hooked on her dramas and movies especially my little bride and innocent steps she still looks the same as she did back them but the dramas I loved the most were painter of the wind and marry me mary. MGY hwaiting!

Jose Ramirez If I ever seen a good actress this is it, she look innocent when she needs to be, and she can be a total grown up when she has to. Great Dancer.

sassygirl989 she's the best korean actress in the world, so what if she's not super pretty. she has her own charm and she's the cutest girl in the world! she never gets old. she's still as cute and young looking as ever. she's so kind and sweet too! and her acting was superb. she's very versatile and gives her best in every role she plays! she's the youngest recipient of daesang award! take that you haters who only look at people's appearance and not their attitude and acting abilities!!! moonie is not ugly for those who said she's ugly! she's a natural beauty. she might look average compared to other korean actresses but i wont trade her for those goddess-looking korean actresses that only had their beauty under the power of a great plastic surgeon! you only see sooooo FEW natural beauties in korea, and moonie is one of them! dont give me that shit that she had her nose repaired! it wasnt for aesthetic purposes, she got injured while filming Painter of the wind and had her nose fixed for that but solely for recovery purposes only! the way she looked from autumn tale to now, you can tell just by looking that she never got her face repaired just to look super gorgeous and goddess-like! that's what true beauty is! moonie for me u are the best! you are beautiful inside and out! you will forever be the nation's little sister! :) iloveyou moonie! hope you pair up with hyun bin, lee minho or jung yong hwa! :) pls date kim bum for real! :**

Amu To the comment below: You have to watch her movies to understand why we love her. It is about talent, who cares if she is average looking! And she has been acting since she was young. Watch her movies like innocent steps or my little bride. She will capture your heart.

David Ugh, I think she is really annoying...I don't understand why everyone thinks she's pretty.

loesje Awesome actress for one so young she has embodied many difficult roles.Great to know she does a lot of good work! Her face can look really young and cute ,but also very serious which makes her very diverse. Incredible to think she is so young!

Nina moon geun young = the girl that never old

Yamz she's i love her! i have a girl crush on her i loved every single movie i watched her in :) especially innocent steps SHE WAS SO CUTE!!!! im just about to watch love me not wish me luck :)

zeyna=) you are a really great actress and a really great person you are my ıdol ı born ın 6 may too :)) ı love your dramas and ı love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Casacade I love her.... She's a real goddess, in television and in real life ......

bagul with those awards and recognitions MGY is really an actress korea should be proud matter what they are the most beautiful and talented moved everyones heart and that is enough to prove your capability in acting....i dont know your experiences in life how you are able to cry like a are a true tearjerker!!!kudos....iloveyou

Kathzieme I really love mgy!great actress. Simple, adorable and cute...hope to see you doing k-drama with jung ii woo or song joong ki.

red delos reyes I really appreciate MGY not just for her being an actress, but for being an angel to all the poor people in Korea. She donated the largest sum of money for individual donations in Korea Community Chest she even donated it anonymously, but KCC is forced to announce her identity in their 10th year anniversary after media scrutiny. I've come to think about it. She is still very young and certainly not the biggest celebrity in SK and also not the wealthiest individual. But for well to do in SK, she has the biggest heart. Thanks for being so caring Moon Geun-Young!!! God bless you always!!! I wish more and more people around the world will be like you. Saranghae!

zedecrem balala Hi! "annyeong" I want to know you, last day we have a visitors, there's someone like you, shes from your country also her name is Jeun Cheung Park I don't know her name exactly but I want you to know that she look like you. Ahhm I'm one of your fans, and I want your movies except the "A Tale of Two Sisters" it get me scary,,,...... I want you to know this, but how?, I'm in Philippines but you're in ur country. through gmail or facebook its ok my name in facebook is also like in my gmail.... ahmm you are so very beautiful and sweet.....

Jewel I like her a lot in Jung yi, Goddess of Fire. :)

Tiffany Moon Geun Young is soooo adorable with Lee sang yoonn!!! Cutee coupleee <3

Lee At least she's natural, not plastic! Great acting skills and character!!!

Gigi she has the cutest baby face...I Love her acting ever since she was a child. Moon Geun-Young is one of the best actress I've ever seen. Can't wait for next week when she'll appear in her new drama Goddess of fire.

cherygel They are just jealous of his popularity, their best actress, do not do what they say, we know who they are, those are the same trolls who go to sites or mGy is named and say mean things all this jealousy because it is a wonderful and friendly that even some actors and singers of Korea have cited as their ideal person

Krysa I can understand that someone says that MGY is not beautiful. I not think she is a super beauty too. But only idiot can say, that she is fat. Yes, Icecool, only idiot. There is something wrong with your brain.. BTW why do you think that all actors must be super sexy? I am sick of all those sexy actresses who can not act. I would appreciate more normal women in k-dramas with acting talent like MGY. GO MGY GO!!!

niellyn I have only one thing to say about Moon Geun Young. Probably the best actress of her generation. Maybe not the prettiest but her acting is superior to everyone else. I love her expressions and her voice waves when she acts. Too bad the korean drama industry requires model beauty as a prerequisite for leading actors and we don't get to enjoy her talent as much as we should...

moonfanforever I really wish there's part two. i was not satisfied with its ending.

yahhhhhh!!!!!im so sad that Cinderella sister here in Philippines was end... ..i hope that there would be part 2 in this korean drama!!!!I super like it... .and i really miss watching it....

like my Moon Geun Young acting... she's the best...

sandra You are simply incredible. Acting is in you and you let it out to your audience. You are one great actress i will never forget. I clapped for you when watching cheongdong-dong Alice. You have proven beyond every doubt that you remain the best female actress south Korea has ever produced. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up miss moon

DudeFromFinland Hah. She's Super hyper cute and her voice is like a beautiful sunset. I Love It!!! Id gladly give my eternal hug for her!!!

Ethan @Angel Locsin------> According to Nate, back in June 2011, the agency of Moon Geun Young has denied the rumor that Moon Geun Young is going to appear on The Sun and the Moon, and has clarified that Moon Geun Young has never been contacted about the drama, nor invited to join the drama as cast.

lara @ANGEL LOCSIN.. namoo actors (geun young agency) said before that geun young was never asked to participate in TMETS back in 2011 (the year they start casting) nor did she turn down the role because Soo Hyun's "popularity".. so shut that mouth of yours.. do research before commenting, so you will not end up embarrassing yourself..FYI, she was busy with her studies that's why she was always on hiatus..

Tired of anti fans @iceCool You really need glasses and you are really a person embittered, I really mean it, be jealous of a girl as MGY! She at least and known everywhere and you? You are really poignant and bitter to MGY, when you will have carried out(achieved) things as she made, we shall talk again of it, at the moment for me you are small and poignant one person who is ill with jealousy!

meryl A peerless actress I love, one of the best for me, the game is simply touching, I became a fan since Cheongdamdong Alice and I find super cute, and for those who do not like it, do not come mess the notice with your messages, log and continue your way !!!

icecool When she's young, I have no question that she looked pretty with slim face. But now she look very fat, fat body, fat face shape. Moreover, she is crossed eyes as well, and very not pretty when she smiles. To be honest, she is very ugly in my eyes. Yea, what is the standard of K-entertainment now, how can very ugly actress like MGY still leading drama nowadays..... P.S. everybody has his/her opinion. don't dare to erase my comment again...... I don't understand why your guys cannot accept the truth. Please open your mind too....

coolice When she's young,I have no question that she looks pretty, slim face. But now I look at her, she looks very fat, fat body, fat face,very short too. Moreover, she is cross eyes as well, and she not look pretty at all when she smiles. Yea, what the very ugly actress. I don't know how can she still be leading lady in drama nowsadys. Don't throw the stones at me, I really tell the truth....

marachrisa you look innocent and super cute...i love the way you're so talented. I hope to see you personally someday.

luvia MGY love you.. she has babyface beauty... and her acting daebak!!!!...


rosy Correction. She won best couple with Moon Chae Won for The Painter of the wind not Park shin yang

hye_kyo i love your acting!!!^^ everytime i look at her on this pic, her face looks like a baby! <3 ahahhaha~

HJE Hi, Moonie..

Even if you don't see this..I just wanna tell you that you did an excellent job in Cheongdamdong Alice. You are a superb actress and you deserve all the credits that you've got! Keep acting the way you pleased..I believe in you! Fighting!

Tiffany Moon Geun-Young is simply one of the best actress. I love all of her movies. Love to see her in Cheongdamdong Alice... She and PSH looks great together.

imhel Moon geun Young should choose her next project better. I don't understand why Moon Geun Young chose Cheongdamdong Alice as her comeback project after a year's hiatus due to her studies. The story/plot of the drama was not great, being that it was written by 2 rookie writers. Moon Geun Young is a great actress and she needs a great project for her next project, otherwise, her popularity looms.

Milsky Wow she's a great actress woman..

Novita i love you...hope to see you in movie not just in drama. well, hope your new drama will get awards

amarulloh I like her in act especially in cry, her eyes expressing a million in thing in cry act, until know i still call her eun seo because her acting in autumn in my hearth very immpress me until know, first time i saw her drama i was 12 years old. i come from indonesia, " Moon geun young kamu luar biasa, semangat !!! "

yume Cheongdam Dong Alice this drama , i have mistaken it as the same or similar story as I live in Cheongam dong 청담동살아요 this drama.

Although i am not a Korean but i love to watch happy and interesting Korea drama...... Cheongdam Dong Alice this drama, i hope is happy and as good as fairy tale story.......

I like Cheongdam Dong Alice the drama director who paired you and Park Shi Hoo as a couple looks like i will definitely like to watch Cheongdam Dong Alice .......

I like Moon Geun Young with Park Shi Hoo , so sweet........

iffah She always look young. So that's why her name is moon geun young. Haha

farzaneh She was soooooooooooo cute and lovely JUST as mery!!! why is'nt she like that always?!?!

Gasenadi What an amazing actress! I've watched 2 movies, 3 dramas. Autumn in my Heart was nothing after her departure and I abandoned it. IMO, Painter of the Wind has been her tour de force. What range! Haven't seen Cinderella's Sister yet, but will do it just for her. I hope she gets the scripts she deserves to showcase her abilities. May she be blessed in whatever she endeavors.

patrick she's very cute, and i think i have a crush on her. hehe hope that i can see her in person..

liz moon geun young is the best actress in korea. i loved and watched her dramas and excellent. she portrays them very well. i wish she will pair with lee min ho of boys over flower. i miss you moon geun young. am your fan forever!

kyary @Oyabun Moon Geun Young is not overrated at all. She is one of the most talented actresses in South Korea and deserves all the attention she receives

Oyabun She is cute but over rated.

aster nice to see you back in the limelight (via cf vita 500)... any project coming soon? hope so and we'll be waiting for it. keep up the good work 'coz you're simply the best as an artist and and as a person. may your kind multiply in this crazy world of ours. good luck on your studies and stay grounded... that's the reason why you are so famous and popular. god bless

sassygirl989 she's my favorite korean actress ever! she doesnt look like 24 yrs old. she's too cute to be 24 yrs old. i think she doesnt even age. lol. anyways.. hope to see her in another drama.. and pls let her work as main actor with Lee Min Ho (City Hunter). i think they will be a good pair. i love them both~~

hope I've already watched all of ur dramas and movies over four times but I watch and watch again! If not, i can die coz i am really miss you so much:-(

hope My moon, I am really miss you..I want to see ur new drama:-( I just watching ur old dramas and movies now.

anney luv moon geun young...luv all of her movies she's really good at crying and all...makes me cry with her...

NewKDramaAddict @Haniko, thank you. As a recent fan, even I knew that her priorities put acting not at the top. Her family, studies have always come first. I guess that is what I like about her. She is a rare gem in this business.

Haniko ANGEL LOCSIN: SHUT YOUR MOUTH OFF! You don't deserve to said those thing to her! You are idiot moron fan who does not know anything about her. She have A LOT of drama and movie offers after Mary Stayed Out All Night. She HAVE to turn down the offer because she HAVE to finish her studies in university, YOU IDIOT! That's why she's not appear in any drama or movie for over a year. But, she said she will make her comeback in acting this year 2012.

aiza retulin Not as beautiful as Yoon Eun Hye,but xoxo cute.She is the other one of my fav celebrieties in korean showbiz.

ANGEL LOCSIN imagine... your last movie is mary stayed out all night... that was 2010 and yet you did not accept the role in the moon that embraces the sun... because kim soo hyun is not as famous as you.. well as you can see... well as you can see... not all famous stars as you are can not hit a high rating... i hope you will not fail in your next drama...

shanviii Moon u are really lovely. I envy u. ADORABLE

Lie ann Hello miss moon geun-young,i'm 1 of ur biggest fan.,i've been watch a lot of your movie,specially the "cinderella sister".,you look very professional there,.your really cute too..i like your round eyes too.,but i want to see you in a hollywood movies,i know u can do that.,im Lie Ann Palanca,ur biggest fan,.thank you..

roden ohh she's so cute either i love his movie and tv shows keep it up ilove you wuhahahaha go IDOL!

SisterB I believed she could act once I saw Cinderella's Stepsister which was my first. But once seeing her in others, to include Innocent Steps, she is my top favorite female actor. I will always be immediately drawn to anything she is in and she has help make my love for Korean movies and dramas complete. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again in a movie or drama soon. LOVED Marry Me, Mary!!

kim nellie mgy - you r such a talented actress = so natural,. when i watch autumn tale and saw you acting this drama, i was telling myself, wow this little girl so young and so gifted in acting - well she will be a big star and true enuff she is now. i love her from the time i watch autumn tale becos i find that this little girl has natural talents she acts so well and from there on i always watch her shows be it movie or drama. She is really the best korean actress that i love most of all and will keep on supporting her. and after watching her latest i.e. m3 hopefully she will be acting with jgs again in any dramas, they seems very compatible and adorable with good chemistry together,. hopefully they will be a real couple for life. go girl you r the best

lyn2x i really love moon geun young, i wish to see her in personal....i hope that she'll be doing a movie again with jang geun suk.

april wow..I like it!!

mercy I love all your TV dramas. I like your acting. Its natural. I hope to see you when I visit Korea next year.

your fan I watched ur Cinderella sister twice... Seeing ur movies makes me happy... From autumn love to Marry me mary... Its just good acting of your.. Plus its the prettiness' and beauty u have... I would love to meet u in person one day... Keep up the good work..

MattSolar I like her on My Little Bride, She so cute.

leizel rily like ur pretty face....pls do another proj w/ jang geun suk....and a part II of marry me mary......saranghe...

adamsapple I honestly was never a fan of korean dramas. Was recommended the Cinderallla Stepsisters and was surprised by the dark character of Eun-Jo. I mean I was mesmerized by this Moon Guen Young and pursued her older drama series -The Painter of the Wind. Even better! She was amazing as Yong Bok and the storyline fascinates me. So bubbly and cute and the same time poignant. Just finished her drama series titled Mary stayed out all night. Cute there and nice, but Yong Bok the painter and Eun Jo the stepsister is overwhelmingly poignant. Very talented actress indeed that surpasses the average pretty and cutie pie looking ones.

Richard I first saw her at Autumn in my Heart and she did make me watch the series. After that, I started to watch her movies. She is a good actress having acted in different roles. I wish she could have more projects. Moon Geun-Young is very beautiful...

Nur My family like Ur performance in Painter of the wind...we hope U come 2 indonesia one day...

Hein Htat Aung If , Jaw Noon Moon Guen Young gal saw man nar shi phaw yoo.

Hein Htat Aung I Like Guen Young from the movie of "Love me not" .

amalia cho you are so cute..^^

Yudi artist cute, beautiful and full of talent ... I really enjoy the drama and success always Young Moon

anna she is wonderful!!very cute and talanted to win peoples hearts!

SaMMantha Wow.., ur so pretty u look natural n ur great in drama;.,

wilmskilabs hi moon geun young, i really really like you. i hope we can meet in person. i watched you in cinderella's sister and i admire you in your acting.congrats! i gathered that you won an award for that, keep it up! i will support you. eversince i watched you in the said koreannovela i started collecting your cd/dvd.As of now,i have in my possesion are mary me, mary! and my little bride. You have a good heart! fighting!

lhea i really really like your eyes!!!!!!!so beautiful!!!!!!

jan i hate you :p

dawa dolma it will be really hard to see you in real life but a dying to meet will be like a heaven for me :)

dawa dolma hi Moon geun young!!! i'm your one of the biggest fan. i'm fron india yet am a tibetan. i really love you acting and you are so pretty, cute and kind ...even intelligent :) can i get an autograph?

Mia Ellen: What the heck you talking bout?? Shes never have younger brother!!

ellen hey wait a minute. u don't just have a younger sister, u also have a younger brother named yoo seung ho. are u trying to lie to everyone that u don't have a brother? don't even try to do that or else. your bad!!!!!!!

Moin Uddin I am kinda love with her or her acting specially after watching "My Little Bride". I watched here last three movie, all are great.

brylene I love your movie "INNOCENT STEPS",I also love your character in CINDERELLA'S SISTER you are so cute and charming.... god bless

diana go moon geun-young!!

you looked more mature than seo woo even though you are younger!!

go cinderella's sister go!!

moon ji ho love your're oooone of my favorites

lionhearted Pragun wow...u r soo cute....moon geun young

like dee angels....

take care

hav wonderful days ahead

may all ur wishes & dreams comes true....

qoi keep up being a good philantropic! it's sure way to go

chuck i really like her attitude she always cotribute her savings to those who need the most and that's what inspire me when time comes ill do things like her so i can be a great contributer to my homeland too :)) we love you moon geun young

yeorim neo shincha kiyopta!! keep on rooting!! hwaiting:)

cris hi..ur so cute and beautifull.heheh i admire u..!!!!

amila rowlay i'm your fans from indonesia,.. you are so cute and pure,. i like your actvery much,.. i'm waiting your new movie

amila rowlay i'm your fans from indonesia,.. you are so cute and pure,. i like your actvery much,..

John Smith you are so beautiful. I'm anxious to acquaint with you. But you and I are so apart and hard to meet So, to release my pain of my heart, can you send of your photo to my Please help me!

sar Vote for this her in this page please. She should remain one of TOP 10 actresses.

kim wow..amazing..)i like your movie cinderella have a good talent dont for get me i am your # hottest fan.....

sa I think she is very good actress. she is pretty. I wish her happy new year.

sandara azumbrado the marry me,mary is so nice.....

eli hello,there's nobody u can compare to moon geun young unni..even with 'gita gutawa'?..oo,who's she?..whoever is 'her' i think she's far away beauty,cute n amazing like moon geun young unni..unni is herself wit her fans..though moon geun young unni can't read n reply our comment..sorry,don't be too excited..

Love Very good at acting. Its like real when she acting. And cute face very charm. Marry me please.

arjay flores so cute i love u moon geun young!! i want to meet u ur so cute

illyasviel she so cute...keep it up!!!

eila.. she's so gorgeous...!!!

Fir.Dha.Us I love her movies and dramas! She's super cute!

djaouhara i just like you

sri you're so awesome moon. i like you very much & now i'm watching your new drama .. i have no words to express about your acting it's natural & sooo good love you .. wish you a wonderful life

lia so beautifull.. n i like you.. Im waiting your a new Drama

des very good...good job..

mega I admire u soo much! u are soo beutifull n ur acting is soo fantastic. LOVE U SO MUCH Moon Geun-Young !!!!!

Riisa She's gonna be in a drama with Jang Geun-suk! I hope it's good!

shinichi hi,,, you're sooooo beautiful. I like your new film, you look so deprived 'n' so sad. How poor you are in that film. But, i like your acting.

Milktea Okay guys, she doesn't actually read these comments, so no point of adding notes that will never be seen.

elsa she is so beautiful

elsa hi honey i love u so much the drema cinderela stepsister u did it nice girl wish u nice life i love u,i love u,i love u ,never end!

Freddie Hellou hye lady.,i like you film..its verry sad and hem..hem..nice..nice...i like you hehe.,i love u so much.,my wife is same with you.,she is very cute..,i love you..hehe..

ct she's very good in CS.i'm very proud of her acting.her face look familiar to me when i watched CS until i revealed that she is that little girl in auntumn in my heart! she so adorable la!

kanchi she is my fav actor.m really crazy abt her....i love watching her movies......

Ali She is a very good actor , good looking and beautiful. i love her and my family love this drama so much. from iran ALI

marisa i love her sooo much <3

sasha she's very smart and beautifull i like your drama^^

risa perfect.. i think she's smart and beautifull face.. very awesome..^^

niezam love her character in cs,

mgy AHH! she needs more movies)': i will be waiting... haha. i'm watching CS now too! such a good drama.... sigh. can't wait till tomorrow.!

mgY_f@n more movies of her pleeeaaassseee................

Princess DeokMan she is my fave actress in korea

suman hi nuna, how r u? i really liked u playing little song hey jyo nuna,he he he! u r really pretty gal n cute. annyong

Ben she's beautifull, her face just remembering me to Indonesian young artist 'Gita Gutawa'..... wow, both are really awesome....

elif it wery sweet and beautiful ^_^

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