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  • Name: Pierre Deporte
  • Hangul: 황찬빈 (Chan-bin Hwang)
  • Profession: Actor & Model
  • Birthdate: October 29, 1985
  • Birthplace: France
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Pierre Deporte can speak Korean (his stepmother is Korean).



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angel i was watch your movie tamra and your a good in acting , im sad that the story is not focusing of the story of a blonde guy and a island girl, i hope that from start until the end was you and beo jin.

Desiree Nieves When are you gonna be back on tv..? :c We wanna see you mooooooooore <3 You're such a wonder <3 <3 <3 I love your eyes , they're tantalizing :3

miss_maya Love u pierre.... You look so perfect, like your eyes & lips...

Joan Pierre...i just watch your drama ..your so great...nice face..the last episode is so very sad ..im crying a lot in a last episode..beo jin and william..no happy ending...huhuhuhu...

Greenluvs I enjoyed watching him in Tamra, hope to see him in more dramas.

dion hi pierre!... i like your looks in tamra island a lot. i wish you have a blessing career you wanted. i wish also you have a more movie offer for to act so that i can watch you again that's the only can see you. i know its not happen to see you in person because i'm far far away from you & i'm just only a girl that idolize a actor like you. take good care. i like william especially his hair its match you who are :-)

Allysa pingol I like your hair and your lips Let's give a warm welcome to the year that starts a new, cherish each moment that the year shall behold, so let's come together and celebrate a blissful start to the New Year. Happy New Year!

Ayshe Love you and miss you pierre! Hope I can see you soon on TV :)

nu'est's fan handsome, cute, beautiful, pretty ................ I LOVE U ! <  :D

Byeol Kim Happy Birthday!!!!♥♥♥

Beaute I think he play at Dr. Jin as a priest??

roxan mikaela hi pierre ur so cute really cute can u be my friend? uhm well i really like you <3

marj I LOVE YOU!!!.... Pierre Deporte<3

marj Hi!! Pierre Deporte i really really like you!!!........ hope you can come here in the Philppines!!<3

Sofia You sir! Need to hurry up and star in more dramas! I have not been appeased enough with u just being in one drama! Come on!


roseann cn i kiss u in my dreams... lol:)

roseann hi..pierre..ur so handsome :) like ur nose.l.

wiwin omg!!!!!!!!!! it's so cute ..

sinta pierre .... may i get you phone number ...... pls

Lovedrama Oh by the way..... I hope u went back to england with her

Lovedrama OMG OMG. You are sooooooo beautiful. I think too beautiful. I am envy you!!!! Because you can speak Korean well. How beautiful to see mix of Asia and western.I just don't know how to express me feeling. I only can say OMG!!!!OMG!!!!!You are seriously OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOD!!!!!!

Marissa Cristy Pierre Deporte A face of an art... A Perfect Carving...

Elleon Tamra the island is the best drama ever! I hope to see u in other drama soon!!

eny i want u........................................visit to indonesia...hehehehhe

eny love...........u pierre

siti hay aq cinta qm 4ever

fina my friend Isna like you very much. I think you more hansome with dark hair like in the photos above. look younger and cool looking.

sandra Devill love you william........

rose mary Pierre Deporte

         I like you so much.I hope one day i can meet you, someday i want to talk with you, when i pray i pray for you pierre
         now where you live? I wish God bless you.

dian sandy cameria william brother me fens you .. i hearth you brother ,, mmmuuuaaaccchhh …

dian sandy cameria william brother me fens you .. i hearth you brother ,, mmmuuuaaaccchhh ....

Vichia Hi.! Pierre.. I Like you as William.. Hope Can see you someday.. and I'm Can't wait for your next drama or movie.. Wish u all the best in your future movies and dramas, get healthy always.. 당신을 사랑 오빠 ^^ God bless you and your family and all you do


  1. Hey Pierre Deporte, i like your style.

I hope one day i can meet you. Good luck to you. GBU (in indonesia)

aivilo Hey Pierre Deporte, i like your style. I hope one day i can meet you. Good luck to you. GBU (in indonesia)

Desi Marquirette I love Pierre so much...

Jessica wow...im so curious why u speak korean language well and act well...great job!!!

iyya alania i like pierre deporte... so handsome n' very cute ,..... i like u so much

mareta truly "tamra the island" play in indonesia right now. You're acting was so great. Can't wait your next drama. I really wanna hear you speak korean more.. GOOD JÖB, FIGHTING, and I LÖVE U.. ^_^

RYNAYS., sorry. how to contact you pierre deportee.

RYNAYS., If you want to answer my questions even though deep down inside i've been happy. eemmm.......IF you just want in KOREA. What you do not want to play to other cantries. and what school you are acting,or acting in a way you can see and understand...../?. MERCI.SOURIRE TOUJOURS.,.,.

miss pierre very day i have a lot of yr's picture. they are so beautiful. do u like a dog? but i don't like them

miss pierre very day i love pierre so much, you are handsome, i saw the tamra island of you, it's good. are u joining alien band?

candypipi73 I........LoVe.........Wiliam.........in.........the .............Tamra............island

                                     But.....I......Hate.......Pierre Deporte........because......his style!
                                                                                                            It is my sincere opinion!

Katrine OMG pierre deporte >.< i love u so much. love ur act in Tamra the island. and offcourse ur cute face. awww. William. really hope u can act in the others korean drama or film, so i can get ur information more deep. always be my idoll <33333

lesita love william nice to meet u pierre deporte.. i'm is ur fanz in indonesia i like ur act in k-drama Tamra the isLand ur so cool n very handsome for me i hope one day i can meet u..(oMo) neOL saranghaeeeeeeee,,,

ryan august i still hate you.....i will never forgive you

choirunnisa keynes pierre you very very handsome,,,,, saranghae,,,,

kiki_tiodz Pierre Deporte is the best French/Korean actor ever!!!!

Sofia Im watching Tamra Island its great so far! I really want beo jin to be with William!!! :( But as for this handsome young man i think hes brilliant! How will we know if he will be doing anymore upcoming dramas! D: i really would like to watch more of him! HES GORGEOUS!!!! <3

francesca 'Tamna the island' was a halarious, yet gripping drama, although i was rooting for park kyu/gyu i still really liked the character you portrayed and thought you grasped his feelings quite well, torn between beo jin and his home (although he loves beo jin more than england) aaaaanyways keep up the good work, i would deffinetly watch any other drama you are in....x

Arialynn Hey.. french guy.. u r soo... cool man, like ur acting . hey pierre , I will always be ur fan =) Good luck .Keep it up ! Aja Aja fighting!! =D

DEPA PEPE' You're very cute \\>o<//!! I like your eyes very much^o^.

Phoenix Birdie I crush on you so much,...Pierre and I really like the series "Tamra,the island"........good luck to you

you're more handsome with blonde hair..

Toshiko pierre so handsome

anna357 love you...so ht...my crush!!!lol...happy acting..!!!

lya u'r very handsome and so so so hot.. talented in acting! i love u..<3<3

EFFIE Effie Pierre, great job in Tamara Island. Can't wait for your next drama or movie. All the best in your career.

Libby Who is cuter? Pierre Deporte or Samuel Adam Whitman? They're both hot, foreign, and have been in Asian dramas and are actors/models, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Lusi Pierre, you are so very handsome. I love u so much...


Good luck!

You're really handsome. :D

Wulan Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute i loveeeeeeeee u <3 Good Luck in ur career :))

vk_korea i like to see he's eyes n blonde hair....n all about him....sarangeo

Anna Good luck in your acting career. =)

Merr He's cute and I love his eyes.....Happy B-day...

Eunice Yeah, ur really cute, but i like u more with long blonde hair!

Lizzy Ah! We share the same birthdate. My birthday is also October 29th, 1985. Plus you are really cute! :P

Anahita My ideal man ! he's so cute and a perfect actor , i really love him

GG Hey Pierre, I'm loving your role as William in "Tamra, the Island". I really enjoy the show and I am laughing out loud so often. Hope to see you in more shows in the future.

Emine Hey!!I really like that Series.Pierre Deporte ur’e very very cute!!Hope u will continue to excel in ur acting and wish u all the best in ur future dramas & movies....=)

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