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Set in the 17th Century, Jang Beo-jin (Seo Woo) is a young female diver on Tamra Island. She doesn't particularly enjoy her situation and dreams of one day leaving the island. One day, to her shock, she discovers a young blond haired man laying on the beach. The young man's name is William (Pierre Deporte) and he is a shipwrecked British citizen. Another young man named Park Kyu enters the island under the disguise of one of the many convicts sent to Tamra Island. In actuality, Park Kyu (Lim Ju-Hwan) is a budding government official known as a Seonbi. These three young people then become involved in a hilarious love triangle.


  1. "Tamra Island" or "Tamra-do" is an earlier name for the South Korean island now known as Jeju Island.
  2. Beo-jin works as a female diver, commonly known in South Korea as "haenyo" (literally "sea women"). The 2004 South Korean film "My Mother the Mermaid" covers this line of work in detail.
  3. Actress Seo Woo could not swim prior to landing the role of Beo-jin Jang. She then trained intensively for three months to play the role of a haenyo. [1]
  4. Due to low vierwship ratings (5% weekly average) 'Tamra, the Island" was cut from 20 episodes to 16 episodes. [2] In response to shortening the series, fans of the television show took out an advertisement in "Hangyerye Newspaper" (한겨레신문) in protest. [3]


Tamra-Seo Woo-m1.jpg Tamra-Pierre Deporte-m1.jpg Tamra-Ju-hwan Lee-m1.jpg Tamra-Seung-min Lee-m1.jpg Tamra-Seung-ho Lee-m1.jpg
Seo Woo Pierre Deporte Lim Ju-Hwan Kim Min-Joo Lee Sun-Ho
Jang Beo-Jin William Park Kyu Seo Rin Ahn Kawamura
Tamra, the Island-Kim Mi-Kyeong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Byeon Woo-Min.jpg Tamra, the Island-Kim You-Jung.jpg Tamra, the Island-Yang Hee-Kyeong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Ho-Jae.jpg
Kim Mi-Kyeong Byeon Woo-Min Kim You-Jung Yang Hee-Kyeong Lee Ho-Jae
Choi Jam-Nyeo Jang Won-Bin Jang Beo-Sul Park Kyu's mom Park Cheol
Tamra, the Island-Seo Beom-Sik.jpg Tamra, the Island-Park Joon.jpg Tamra, the Island-Park Woong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Ho-Seong.jpg Tamra, the Island-Jo Seung-Yeon.jpg
Seo Beom-Sik Park Joon Park Woong Lee Ho-Seong Jo Seung-Yeon
Jun Chi-Yong nobleman Song Priest crazy old man assistant governor Kim
Tamra, the Island-Bang Eun-Hee.jpg Tamra, the Island-Jeong Ju-Ri.jpg Tamra, the Island-Kim Ho-Won.jpg Tamra, the Island-Yoo Tae-Woong (1994).jpg Tamra, the Island-Jang Kyeong-Ah.jpg
Bang Eun-Hee Jung Ju-Ri Kim Ho-Won Yoo Tae-Woong Jang Kyoung-Ah
Ko Ba-Soon Han Ggeut-Bun Hyang Dol-I Han Phillip Hong Si-Yeon
Tamra, the Island-Kim Byeong-Chun.jpg Tamra, the Island-Song Gwi-Hyun.jpg Tamra, the Island-Robert Holley.jpg Tamra, the Island-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg Tamra, the Island-So Young-Don.jpg
Kim Byung-Choon Song Gwi-Hyun Ha Il Lee Byung-Joon So Young-Don
public official An Hong Goo-Rak Park Yeon king In-Zo prince So-Hyun

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Sesli Sohbet Some of the night time scenes look like scenes from a "Midsummer Night's Dream" in a phantasmagorical way.

Sesli Feel really proud of the script. Characters and soundtracks are really heart touchable. Keep it up. Looking forward for series like this. Fighting.

Tina When I first found this on Netflix, I only started playing it because my mom's name is Tamara. Having only seen anime and not Korean Dramas, at first I thought it was hilarious and ridiculous and kept making fun of it. Then I watched the next episode, then the next, then it became one of my favorite shows. I'm watching it for a 4th time now because I was telling my friends about it and it made me want to watch it again. I absolutely love it!

Sri Lanka Got to learn some rituals and saw nice places in South Korea. Feel really proud of the script. Characters and soundtracks are really heart touchable. Keep it up. Looking forward for series like this. Fighting.

Wendy Best drama of all times many thanks to beojin, park gyu, william,yaan, and all the supporting actors n actresses love this series man

jimbob they could have chosen a more attractive 'English' man

Phil S Why can't we have lovely programs like this in the west? Two attractive leads, a love triangle, beautiful settings, pantomime villains and a bit of history thrown in!

William, a "pretty boy youth" from Brighton ( cough, surely Calais ) wins some kind of award for picking up a foreign language quickly. This seems to impress the diminutive Beo Jin who goes all girly - hard to believe she was in her twenties when she made this!

Meanwhile , the "exile" prowls around in his Welsh Scholars hat and uncovers all sorts of malarkey to do with bent officials ( tho I'm still not sure who is robbing who yet! ).

Some of the night time scenes look like scenes from a "Midsummer Night's Dream" in a phantasmagorical way.

Lovely...just lovely

Mi Mai Such a great drama! I really do love Park Kyu, definitively shed tears whenever he was hurt or rejected but so glad Beo Jin and Park Kyu got together in the end! I also feel bad for William, he loved her so much :(

KC OMG! I really really love this series! Don't understand why the rating is so low anyway. Park Kyu is soooooooooo handsome when he smiles!!

Yukiss I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! I'm head over heels in love with park kyu!! Such a great actor!

Angelseyes i love watching park yu and beojin together. they are so cute....

Ben Damn I like William man .. I want him to be together with beo Jin ..... Anyway I love this movie on first start but not really at the last....

California roll I always find Seo Woo to be incredibley likeable and convincing, whether she's playing a sweet and simple bubble-head or the conniving vixen. And this little island ditty allows me no exception to that personal reality. The story behind the character of Park Kyu, the quick to act, slower to think villagers, and, of course, the beautiful island scenery, itself, add enormousely to the measure of of other worldlyness that is this tale. Dropped into a scene like this one (as a foreigner), I too would be both as mystified and charmed, as is William, by this exotic island life and my kind-hearted little savior. 'Beo-jin's' large, expressive eyes and the overall character in which little Seo Woo exudes in her look, energy, and style, is positively intoxicating to most men, many of whom go into immediate protecter mode to nearly any female with similar traits. I was putty in her hands from the initial scene, and remanied that way throughout the course of the drama. She and her kind seem to have the opposite affect on many who share her gender, but, hate it though they may, one must admit that "cuteness" sells. And one as delightful and cute as Seo Woo will continue to make men's hearts beat faster and have them tripping over themselves to open doors and drop their jackets over puddles so that she may step over them, without getting her feet wet, for good many years to come...

bdo9 One of Korea's best romantic comedy period drama.

Leeann PEOPLE  !!!!!!!!

STOP SPOILING IT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, this drama is really cute and funny so far. xD

John S. OK.....Forget my last post. This series really grew on me and when the Western actors start speaking Korean they are pretty good. I wish it were a longer series.

John S The story line is good and the Korean actors and actresses are top notch as usual, but the Western actors and actresses are pretty poor at the quality of High School drama classes at best. With such a high quality Korean film/TV Industry why can't they do a little better with the Western actors and actresses they employ. It seems they just grab extras off the street (not always, but 8 out of 10). I expect the Western Male/ Korean Female romance is a big turn off for Korean Society even though privately a lot of Korean girls have no problem with this at all (and I'll stand by the statement based on a lot of years of experience traveling in Korea and having many Korean friends). As a side comment this story could easily have been made into a great film staring someone like Tom Cruise (ala The Last Samurai).

cossette I love this drama, one of my favorite korean drama ever I coudn't imagined why they cut the scene the story is very interesting and also you will learn about the history of South Korea. I really really love this drama, I hope they did not think about the rating, how will touch and learn the viewer from this kind of story but anyway its business but the effort and hardwork of those actors and actresses are waste for that rating, some people are still waiting to watch the cut scene . I grateful my summer not boring because of this drama when I found this drama.


Pooyoo ...I dun know why people give such low recognition to this... I really like this drama (not just because it doesn't go on forever like the other asian dramas); but the plots and story setting are quite interesting and different from the commons -- regular boring story lines. ...though I kinda figure or guess who she would pick over the other; I dun favor her picking one person over another. I find them both are decent for her; as they treat her right and give all that they could to protect her til' the very end. I admires them both for the respect and the friendship that they have toward one another; for it's a rare incident as of nowadays.

P.S. -- I feel as though I'm alone on this; but my favorite character, in this drama, is (^o^)/ Ahn (though, I thought his name is Yan) -- the Korean/Japanese merchant that keeps helping William to escape...regardless what happens; he doesn't just give in and keep going after/followed William as William misses his chances (few times) of returning. Plus, he's such a smart one and well aware (good observer) of his surrounding -- he knows Boe-Jin likes Park Kyu before she realizes that herself. I think he's kinda cool for such attitude, mature, and being clear-minded; and he's kinda cute when he tries to refuse or deny others' confirmations or questions as though he doesn't care (but then, he does care and aware of those around him). Such admiring character o(^▽^)o!!! And, the actor has a very cute smile himself...hahahas!!! (o^^o)

leah i was just felt pity for William who loves Baizen purely however in the end he got nothing in return, only friendship.

heartly it is really hard to think that TV Drama aftermath was sad... the story ws great and d cast was also awesome (hope not william included) why it got lowest rating...? hope they give another chnce of exposure..

sharone luu i really2....veryyy2 loOve this drama.. first time watch this drama my eyes can't even blink!! love u beo jin,william n park kyu..this drama really came alive in my heart..congrats to all the staf n celebrity,espcially MBC..

sarangeOO...:) im your fan frm Malaysia

stefanie i demand for a new sequel of this korean drama, it was disappointing to know that they had this for only 16 episodes while it has been one of the best korean drama that i have watched, i think that this drama deserves to have a new episode .... BTW, i want to congratulate the protagonists in this drama, they're awesome ... Saludo ako sa kanilang acting

Dia i really want william and beo-jin together...........................but still it's not gonna happen........................... i really don't like it.................huhuhu

tsing2x hi im a fan of Pierre :)

Tamra the Island was great, i loved the twist and turns, who would win the heart of Beo-Jin in the end, although i hoped it was William, (it hurts me see that William was sad co'z Beo-Jin chose another man)i still loved the show!!!

Congrats to the cast and the crew for making a wonderful job! it was just sad to know it was cut short and had low ratings, coz i believe Pierre ROCKED!!! Get that?! :)

Tamra the Island will be showing int he Philippines this 2012 in GMA7... i believe a lot of Filipinos will fall in love with the show, and that Pierre will have more fans here, hopefully you guys could visit the Philippines some time.


God bless your team!!!!

HePpi Ng OMG... I already watch 7 times over but i still not quite satisfied with the ending Tamra Island make me thinks the 3 of them.. Specially William and Beo Jin... I hate when Beo Jin say that "This is the last time you saw me cry" to William.. SARANGHAE William Spencer...

Vweyhaaa hy,,, Anyeong Haseo !

my name veeyha ,,, from indonesia i likee film "tamra the island " i fans park kyu,..........! i lovee it..... hmm its really romatic love ,..........

Vweyhaaa anyeong haseo ............... !

i like verryy like "park kyu" 

its really really romatic lovee ...............! im,,, people INDONESIA

im verry fanss " park kyu"

iLLusiOnEr adapted from manhwa.too bad it was cut-short.

pintet don't you know guys this show almost gave me a nervous breakdown... ... don't you why??

it's because it really gave a problem about what happened to Park Kyu and Beo Jin. Because its so romantic i cry all day, because this show is the greatest show that i ever ever watched!!!

i'm addicted to this!!!

im a die heart fan

<3 <3 tamra, the island!!!

kira i love the drama!!!!!!!!!!!

pintetlea It was really a great show. All the characters in this show really shown their best to give satisfaction for us audience. Especially, when Park kyu (joo hwan) was in the scene. It was way to cool. It has a great lesson too. Wish you all the best and I'll be praying for you...

... Break a leg!!!

Saranghamnida guys!!!

sheng woo lee i like tamra....... saranghae william oppa..

monica This days I am very happy because of this drama. Park Kyu is a real korean guy who is educated with the oriental culture and he don't know how to show his love. But Willian is original western style guy that every moment he tell to girl how pretty is she. I like Park kyu. And I want tell to Im Joo Hwan for wonderful acting. Me gusta como Kyu ama a esa muchachita. Esta novela muestra la diferencia entre el amor del un hombre educado la manera oriental que no muestra la emocion con las palabras. Pero el hombre occidental cada momento expresa sus sentimentos a la muchacha que nunca habia escuchado buenas criterias sobre ella. Me gusta Park Kyu. Y gracias a Im Joo Hwan por actuar tan bien. 동양과 서양의 사랑의 방법이 잘 나타나있는 드라마입니다. 조선시대 남자 박규와 서양인 윌리엄. 버진은 평상시 혼나기만하던 소녀로서 윌리암에게 더 빠지지만.... 나도 박규가 너무 좋아라. 임주환씨 감사합니다. 좋은 연기였습니다. 한복이 이렇게 아릅다운옷인지 박규를 보고알았숑

n3nhy I hope the tamra island will be show part 2 and good luck park kyu ........

tari i hope I can watch untill 20 episodes,,n I wish Seo Wo n Im joo Hwan became a real couple, because the chemistry between them its so strong...

Zheelhawsyarief I really like this film and all may family. specially my wife. the TV'sremote controlle could not be handed by other familiy member when this film is on air. and she forces me to get the sound track of Tamra The Island Film. would you like to send me the sound track of this film. send it to my email. please make my wife be happy. I like when william said no body will believe if there is a man named fuck you (Park Kyu ) Made hlaf die laught.

Tahnks so much.

ferah I love you, Im ju hwan. may you shine forever... i really2 like your role as park yu such a calm and gentle person, make me in love with u...

Rose i like william the soulmate with beo jin. give my greeting to pierre. oooh,very romantic. maybe i chat with pierre? my name is rose,from indonesia. thanks.love you pierre.

Rose i like william the soulmate with beo jin. give my greeting to pierre. maybe i chat with pierre? my name is rose,from indonesia. thanks.love you pierre.

Rose i like william(pierre) the soulmate with jam beo jin(seo woo),ohhh very romantic. give my greeting to pierre. maybe i chat with pierre? never mind it? my name is rose,from indonesia. thanks. love you pierre.

iyya alania i’m very like …. coz.. very good and I LIKE PIERRE .. so handsome n’ cute……

MariMar Im so happy I read these ^ comments now I know theres 21 episodes on Hulu!! Thank Jesus Im only on episode 4:)

thanhthao I also like this film. I think the part 2 will be showed soon. Because all matters still haven't gone to the end. Part 1 is only opended endding.

Jenny this is such a romantic love story. nothing more to say!!!

leSita l0ve william spencer i l0ve n like this k-drama. . . especialy i can see pierre deporte n im ju iwan. . they are very handsome. . n your act is very well. . i will wait ur next drama again

libra_gal Im Ju Hwan acted so well in this drama:) I love his role as "Park Hye".... I want Part 2:)

yz I like park kyu and beo jin!! Love this drama to the MAX!! ~Tamra The Island~!!

Bk especially when the girl and William is very happy together. Huhuhuhuhu .. I love this drama!!!

des1 whether the film is still in production? why in Indonesia is difficult for the search?

jayeenenwhy AHH i wished i didn't read all the news about the cuts after i finished watching the 16 episode run... haha THEN i find that hulu has the uncut version. I guess i'll have to rewatch! :) I enjoyed it anyway so what's another 20 episodes :D

ImaniRine I love this show! This is how it happened: saw an advertisment oh viikii.com, went hulu.com and finish the entire 21 episodes in less than a week! Highly recommend this drama. Historical, romantic, epic drama. Everything a girl can want in a drama.

Jackie I like the story, the animation of the drama and the character of Park Kyu. Lim Ju-Han is very handsome. Keep up the good works.

Im Ju Nee @ June Love Park Kyu. He and Beo Jin are match made in heaven. Love seeing them interact to each other. Park Kyu was very proctected towards Beo Jin.

kathy park yu the best!!!!! so handsome!!!! beo jin chose the right man!!

Lismarlinna I love watching William and beo jin they were so cute together.... Pierre, i love u ^_^

miasara I really like the last episode !!!!! 5 star for this drama

little zhun oh, this drama is amazing ^^ im wondering who will be together will beo jin at the end ^^

miasara i hope i will see all episode in this story because this story is so best ........


Julie Mae Chavez If I were a fairy,I would turn Park kyu and Beo-Jin into a sea shell on which park kyu will be the shell and Beo-jin will be the pearl...so that park kyu will always take good care of his precious pearl and beo-jin will forever stay with her beloved shell!!!how sweet!

Julie Mae Chavez i love park kyu!!he is so handsome...!i feel so sad seeing him watching Jang Beo-Jin and william having fun with each other...how i wish that it was a true to life story...I hope Seo Woo and Im Ju-Hwan become a real lovers...I really really love watching tamra the island...hope it would have a part 2...!hope you can visit Philippnes...Im your biggest number 1 fan...-julie mae...

mian i love park kyu >< totally my type~ showing his love to beo jin in such cute way~ bully her yet protect and care for deeply XD jz adorable!

Mary Ann Villanueva I love Park Kyu!!! She loves the girl but don't know how to show it, but still striving to show his love. I always have my tears when the scenes shows he's hurting much... especially when the girl and William is very happy together. Huhuhuhuhu .. I love this drama!!!

gift i love william! william!!!

melly Fresh n' Fun.......I like this drama....^_^

sesy i really like tamra island, hope i can watch the full episode...

Aye Eaindra Aung I like William.He really loves the girl and I think Park kyu is Takin' advantage of him.I hate that Park Kyu guy.

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