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  • Name: Kim Mi-Kyung / Kim Mi-Kyeong
  • Hangul: 김미경
  • Birthdate: October 14, 1963
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


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Bobbie Jo I love everything I've seen you do! You are a truly amazing actress, someone I'd be honored to meet! You deliver so much Inspiration with your ability. I am a huge fan! God bless and be with you always!

Annie She is South Korea's Meryl Streep.

mkl You are truly an amazing actress!! For some odd reason, whenever I see you in a drama, it makes me feel at home! Thank you and I look forward to seeing your future works.

jo She's good in acting. She has portrayed a lot of roles and she has done it well! Bravo to this lady, she's excellent! Keep on working and keep going!

Airiria I kept thinking "I know her. I really know her." while watching Healer and I'm thoroughly impressed. She plays such a nice range of characters and her acting is superb- she really makes each character her own. Heirs as the mute mother and It's Okay, That's Love as the mother that sacrificed so much for her daughter; I'm mindblown.

jewel This Lady is in every movie! She has to be the hardest working woman in Korea can someone ask her what makes her so Driven? She must be so easy to work with.. or someone must really like her I swear she never stops working~~

Annie Kim Mi-Kyung is an extraordinary actress, one of the best. She is different in every single role and makes each character her own. I am especially impressed with her work in HEALER. In the first several episodes, the camera shows only her face and hair as she talks into a microphone, looking at a computer screen, seated, hardly moving, and yet she is AWESOME. Intense, funny, compelling, amazing.

Angel Kim I see many k-drama with this great actress! In Brazil we say "roubar a cena" and definitely she is a person with that kind of magic in scene. Epic hairstyle in Healer ;) (2)

Anjin She is easily half the charisma of this drama. Love her character. Lover her hair and life-style. She's someone I'd love to be when I grow up. I'm a huge fan.

Trew Epic hairstyle in Healer ;)

cherry I love her acting. Im called a busy ahjumma. I watched many drama and i foun her. Beautiful you !

Kailee kim Mi Kyung is becoming one of my favorites. Has she done anything in the US ? She looks so familiar.

jinnborn She is a great actress

Toshiro Happy birthday

Toshiro-sama Happy birthday!!!!!!=*

April e She is one of my favorites! Does she have a fandom that I can join?

Sia Wodniok Amazingly talented actress!

Korea back in the 80's I wonder if she remembers me I believe that I knew this actress in Korea back in the 80's. She is still as beautiful as ever. for the good times

Hello Arjumma She is acting the best.I love her in The master's sun very much. ซารางเฮโย ♥

Wendlynn She is also in the first episode of Bride of the Century, right at the beginning. She has a couple lines.

She is my favorite Korean actress. She can play anything and do it convincingly.

Jacqueline Patrick aigoo! that is what we call talent . I love her work it doesn't look forced, i mean she is an absolute natural.

blossom I love her acting and I see her almost in all doramas that I watch. It makes me happy. She is definitely very talented

laylah 'Aigoo' kim mi kyung has acted in a lot of drama's she is an alright actress, not the best but definitely has talent..

Maratrix This lady's work is wonderful - she is so talented! I agree 100% with "Camel Saddle Soap" ... Kudos to you Ms. Kim!

Quan Ma'am, my hats-off to your Ba-Son character (Taewangsasingi), such a far contrast to your Dae Jang Geum (Fugitive of Joseon) ... my respect ...

Nicole She also acted in secret garden !

donna curtello I really love this actress's work. I believe she is very versatile, and I never tire of seeing her act. I especially loved her in 7th Grade Civil Servant and Faith. I now love her in Heirs as well. Splendid acting!

Appley She is one amazing actress, I love you omonim !!!

camel saddle soap I'm happy to see a high rating for one of the grand ladies of the screen! It's not always easy to get high marks for those who portray the middle-aged and older parts as fans are so wrapped up in idols and tend to vote down those who make us dislike them on the screen. When I first encountered Kim Mi-Kyung she was making things tough for 'Yang Gukwha' (Goo Hye Sun) in 'Pure 19', so I was less than happy with her too. But this lady is one fine actress as is evidenced by her extended resume. I salute her and her fellow age group professional actors/actresses who are the glue that holds so many dramas together...Aja!

Mary She was in "I Hear Your Voice" wasn't she?

Yogi The Ajhuma Song Ok-Suk & Kim Mi-Kyung in "I MISS YOU" had a good talet for touching moment. good acting, good actres. I love both of them. thank you for them because in the middle of drama, I think is too much crying. Thats too cheesy for me. But when the Ajhuma part, I feel so toucing. Even in the middle and the last part when everyone in this caracter, in every episode, is crying. - Sorry for my english. LOVE FROM INDONESIA

AmyW Love this woman! She is such a versatile actress and she seems to have played every part there is at least twice- LOL! But they don't even mention her cameos on here, so we all know this isn't her full body of work. Where does she find the time and energy to be in so many different projects? Truly amazing!

JayKemz this lady, she's good. And FIERCE :D

Chris I notice that she's in every drama that Lee Philip is in! lol She's a very good actress though

rachim4 isn't she in I Miss You???

Gasenadi Excuse me, Kdramafan. If she was not in The Slingshot, then who played the detective from Seoul who swoops in to investigate the Mayor's murder? She may not appear on the roster, which sometimes occurs, but she's definitely in that drama. Her character and her acting raise the overall excellence of The Slingshot. I was ecstatic to see her.

adinanatoo You are a wonderful Lady and all your performances are remarkable ones

Kdramafan Dodgedeath, you are incorrect.

Kim Mi-Kyung was not a member of the cast of The Slingshot.

tncdel Very competent actress. Can always count on her to deliver a masterful performance.

Dodgedeath She was in "The Slingshot" also. Very good actress.

me How about her appear in Secret Garden ? She's there as someone mysterious. lol.

Jayanti Mi-kyeong Kim is a very versatile actress. I am a Indian by birth but loving watching Korean dramas and love Korean cuisine.

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