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  • Drama: Babyfaced Beauty (International English title)
  • Revised romanization: Dongahn minyeo
  • Hangul: λ™μ•ˆλ―Έλ…€
  • Director: Lee Jin-Seo, Lee So-Yeon
  • Writer: Oh Sun-Hyung, Jung Do-Yun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 2 - July 5, 2011
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Baby-faced Beauty" is a romantic-comedy centered around a 34-year-old woman with a babyface as she works to become a fashion designer and overcomes obstacles like having only having a high school diploma and a bad credit history.

Choi Jin-Wook (Daniel Choi) is the heir of the famous Jokbal restaurant with millions of dollars in annual revenue. But, Choi Jin-Wook goes against his father and leaves his parents' house. Choi Jin-Wook starts to work at another company to accomplish his dream. Against his will, Choi Jin-Wook starts work in the fashion department. With his sweet character he survives there and meets Lee So-Young Lee So-Young (Jang Na-Ra) ...


  1. "Baby-faced Beauty" takes over KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Detectives in Trouble" & will be replaced by "Spy Myung-Wol" on July 11.


Babyfaced Beauty-Jang Na-Ra.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Daniel Choi.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Ryu Jin.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Kim Min-Seo.jpg
Jang Na-Ra Daniel Choi Ryu Jin Kim Min-Seo
Lee So-Young Choi Jin-Wook Ji Seong-Il Kang Yun-Seo
Babyfaced Beauty-Yun Hee-Seok.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Hyun Young.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Oh Yeon-Seo.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Ahn Seo-Hyun (2004).jpg
Yun Hee-Seok Hyun Young Oh Yeon-Seo Kim Hye-Ok Ahn Seo-Hyun
No Yong-Joon Ji Joo-Hee Lee So-Jin So-Young's mom Hyun-Yi
Babyfaced Beauty-Park Cheol-Min.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Hong Rok-Ki.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Son Hwa-Ryeong.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Yoo Yeon-Ji (1983).jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg
Park Chul-Min Hong Rok-Ki Son Hwa-Ryeong Yoo Yeon-Ji Kim Kyu-Cheol
Sun-Nam Jang Ki-Hong Jung Mi-Soon Park Na-Ra So-Young's dad
Babyfaced Beauty-Kim Mi-Kyung (1963).jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Na Young-Hee.jpg Babyfaced Beauty-Geum Ho-Suk.jpg
Kim Mi-Kyung Na Young-Hee Geum Ho-Suk
manager Baek director Hyun Min-Ki

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-02 1 NR NR
2011-05-03 2 6.8 (19th) 7.3 (17th)
2011-05-09 3 9.5 (11th) 10.8 (9th)
2011-05-10 4 8.9 (16th) 9.9 (11th)
2011-05-16 5 10.3 (5th) 11.8 (6th)
2011-05-17 6 12.0 (4th) 13.5 (4th)
2011-05-23 7 10.5 (6th) 12.1 (4th)
2011-05-24 8 12.0 (4th) 14.2 (4th)
2011-05-30 9 10.8 (5th) 11.9 (4th)
2011-05-31 10 12.0 (3rd) 13.5 (4th)
2011-06-06 11 13.3 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd)
2011-06-07 12 15.3 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd)
2011-06-13 13 15.2 (3rd) 17.1 (1st)
2011-06-14 14 14.4 (3rd) 16.4 (1st)
2011-06-20 15 15.1 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd)
2011-06-21 16 13.8 (3rd) 15.7 (1st)
2011-06-27 17 14.3 (3rd) 15.9 (3rd)
2011-06-28 18 14.9 (3rd) 16.9 (1st)
2011-07-04 19 15.1 (3rd) 16.3 (1st)
2011-07-05 20 16.6 (3rd) 18.1 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea



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layna @jenny they have been paired again on school 2013 aired the end of the 2012..

jenny an awesome, very wonderful drama..i loved the cast, the storyline, everything! no wonder it ranked first.. My first time to meet Daniel Choi in a show and i must admit i have fallen for that sweet ,innocent smile that i would want to watch the show all over again, .their chemistry was great , the way they gazed upon each other wooaahhh! i hope to see Choi Daniel and Jang Nara again on screen!! Love u Both!!! Keep it up!!!

Park Chohwa A great and realistic romantic-comedy depicting a 34-year old woman's way to survive then succeed. A drama that was not rated the 1st ep, was 17th the 2nd and ended up at number one with two best actors awards for Choi Daniel and Jang Nara. Before, when I watched dramas about clothes, I wouldn't enjoy them much bcoz i understood nothing but after the short sewing course I took I enjoyed every single detail of this drama to the bits. JNR and Daniel look so good together and r just a perfect couple. I added it to my list bcoz of Choi Daniel but I love Na Ra and Ryu Jin so much too. Daniel, though now he's matured indescribably, was awesome. Such a talented and fresh actor. One of my top. Na Ra does well wherever she is. *bows* Ryu Jin..... If I'd ever marry someone to live happily and comfortably it'd be Ryu Jin's character here with every single aspect of it. Without exaggerating, this is one of the most perfect and well-written male characters I've ever watched -if not the best-. The osts are all hits. There were characters that disappeared suddenly and forever and some who lost their roles. And there was that melo element popping out every now and then -the writer is Trot Lovers so-. I absolutely enjoyed the 20 hours I spent on this and it's worth it. For those who didn't watch it, take some time to. For those who did, these photos will help refresh your memories.

ponethone I don't like the ending.Every episodes has amusements and I like very much.I want Jang Na Ra and Ryu Jin together at the end.There are not many romantic scenes between Jang Na Ra and Ryu Jin.But I like their scenes more than Daniel Choi.I hate Daniel Choi very much.

miona Soo loving this superb ..wonderful ..charming drama! The two main characters was so lovable! Thank you so much for a great time!!

bel Superb!!!!I really enjoyed it.I love Jang Nara and Daniel Choi.Kudos to both of you.Hope there will be next project again to both of you...cant wait it...;))))

irellor I love Daniel Choi character here, he seems to be arrogant but extremely sweet and caring person

irellor so funny when all the characters are jealous hahaha so many funny scenes, super like it

FantaZzero I, just realize that I love Choi Daniel and Jang Nara damn much.......

irellor so funny, worth watching

louren I love this drama boring episodes

Nicky I wanted to watch this show because I really like Daniel Choi. And I am hooked!

At some point, especially at the first 3-4 episodes, I didn't like how the story developed much. I didn't mind missing some parts but from the 5th episodes, I didn't even want to get up and went to bathroom, while watching it.

But I have to say the romance between So-Young and Jin Wook is really cute and made me stick to the whole show.

Daniel's character is cute and he is really a kind of guy in my dream. He did not give up no matter what.

I didn't like Jang Nara much as her expression is not passionate.

John H This is as good as Shakespeare. Bad Shakespeare, but better than the rest. What a pleasure to watch! Lofty production values, good cinematography, exquisite art direction, useful soundtrack--it doesn't get any better. Plot begins with humor and pathos, and a good cute-meet; then moves into character development. Comedy is the hardest to do and Daniel Choi has the skills and talent to pull it off. What a great actor. Jang Nara shows her considerable abilities and is at the peak of her natural beauty. She's a real charmer.

Tori OMG! I loved this drama. To be honest I've seen it around a lot but I tend to go by the cover and it just looked tacky/corny. One day I thought, know what? Just do it. If I don't like the first episode then i'll stop, right? Well...happy to say I am a fan for life. Fell for some new faces and can't wait to watch other dramas/movies with them in it.

Most hilarious scene had nothing to do with the actors but a couple in the background. Final episode. Scene 0:39:40-0:39:45. They are tugging at each other while holding hands. Did NOT expect to see a gay couple.

LISA I will be honest here; Daniel Choi was the only reason I was attracted to the drama. Overall, I do like the drama despite it's cliches and typical k-drama behaviour (such as awkward pauses, long elevator rides, etc).

However, one thing I have had complaints about throughout is Lee So Young. She always mumbles, says sorry way too much, and pretty much is spineless for most of the drama. Her lie dragged out WAY too long and I found myself laughing at her and rooting for the evil girl from time to time. I just did not feel sorry for her at all. She deserved it. But seriously, everybody in Lee So Young life hates her at first but she acts like she deserves to be praised. Respect is earned, girl. If at first your teammates or coworkers don't like you, that doesn't define who they are... how about you actually try something to make them like you? Don't just whine about it. Gosh...

All in all, the evil lead is great, Daniel Choi is a great actor who doesn't play it safe, the president is loveable, and so is the plot.

Gasenadi Daniel Choi was the main reason I watched this drama. So refreshing to see this type of character as the main lead. I was searching for a comedy to serve as a booster shot after one of the angst-filled kdramas. Actually started quite a few (like Soulmate, You Are Beautiful, Air City, A Thousand's Day Promise) but THIS one caught my attention from the first moment Daniel Choi displayed his talent. He and Jang Nara had delightful chemistry. His character's a true mensch and I rooted for him right up to the end. If you prefer substance over eye-candy, Daniel Choi in this drama is worth your time. (Reminded me of Hwang Jung-Min in Accidental Couple, another great comedy.) Enjoy!

J I've watched so many dramas and I must say, Kim Min-Seo's character (Kang Yun-Seo) was one of the most convincing jealous female love rival ever. Every time she walked in on a So-Young-Seong-Il moment, she was intense!

tncdel I've watched well over a hundred Korean TV dramas so far. This one was so-so. Jang Na-Ra and the rest of the cast did a good job making the most out of the uninspired script. Their efforts were the only thing that stopped me from giving up on it the several times the urge struck.

I like to see a main character with a scrappy determination and who stands up for himself / herself. Also, one who is witty, brave and resourceful. But for about the first half of the drama, the scriptwriters had the Lee So-Young character acting stupid and without enough self-respect to stand up for herself. Like how time and time again she let her younger sister get over on her, or seemed clueless on the up-take regarding other matters.

Sorry, but I'm rather burned-out on those scripts that portray the main character as stupid and a sucker for others. Sure, she eventually progresses out of the stupid and weak stage. But it lent nothing to the overall script to resort to such tedious main character portrayal for over half the drama. Hopefully the scriptwriters will realize that the "stupid idiot who allows himself / herself to be disrespected and insulted time and time again" is not someone we want to relate to. At heart we are more inspired by examples that IMPRESS us.

hitokirihoshi its very inspirational for single ladies who think they have no hope in life. surprisingly, it is not jang nara who makes fun in this series but i think she acts very well.

daniel choi's character is really cool.

Lo0oMe that was the bast drama i sow in kbs world i like nara in this drama..:)

nikki Does anybody know what glasses jang nara wears?

Allen Anis Sanita im in love with Choi Daniel because of this drama!!!

soo happy seeing soo young and Jin wook together!! ^^

xijeyx oooohhhh...these korean drama so lovely...really loved jang nara...loved the love between so young and choi jinuk...they both perfect each other...waiting for the next episode this tuesday...

ieda nice drama... love watching Jang nara with daniel choi... soooo.. cute...;)

marini_luvmusic love this drama so much.jang nara always looks young n cute in her drama.....i like this drama n all the casts...hopefully this drama will wons many u nara....:)

coco Love this drama, Daniel Choi is so cute

naza i hope the ending will be lee so young with choi in woo! :p i loveee themmmmmm!!!!! <3 :)

Tea Haiz, i really want Lee So-Young will be with the president :(( does anyone know the ending :((

sidmangai i enjoy watching this k-drama. i cant help laughing with choi daniel gags. Ryoo jin is cool and cold, but i like his character in this drama. Jang NAra you are indeed a baby faced beauty!fighting!Wish that rating for this drama will reach 20++%, its worth it! Come on people, lets support BABY FACED BEAUTY!! aja!!!

sidmangai i like watching baby faced beauty, hope that more will like this and ends with positive rating. I love the love story between nara and daniel. Surely,they make me laugh and "kilig"!!!!!.

jj i cant w8 for the ending. xD

FableCat Watching the 8th episode right now. Laughing a lot. It's true that I hate it when everyone was mean to Lee Soyeung (Jang Nara) but it got a lot better at episode 5th. Love Daniel Choi and Hyun Young characters as well.

ery i love this story... i hope the ending will be jang nara with the president... they are totally sweet together in that drama...

Poop I want baby face to be with president than the other guy

edwind I love this drama... it's funny and touching... lov the casts to... can't wait for the next episode... :D btw.. Jang nara is really babyfaced and cute.. she look really young despite that her age already reach thirties... :D she also act so well in this drama

KW Sia I love is drama this because very funny & Jang Nara really genuine beauty & cute.

aryanna love this drama.. cannot wait to watch till the end..

Olivia what I like about this drama is that Jang Nara is really genuine in this drama, and I think this is her best acting ever, her Chinese drama are worst since she was only " Korean Actress" and all. Choi Daniel is also really gives his best (a brilliant actor), I can't forget his face when Nara provokes him and he seems really tear apart and ends up kissing her and then he feels so sorry then. Ryu Jin is not that "cool but needy" one and I think the sister character actually set Nara's character to a better life. (well, she meets the cutie Daniel...can't blame her...). But really....this shows is really simple and heartwarming, u might wont put it as ur best list drama, but u definitely have TO WATCH IT....!!!! It's sweet, gives you good vibe, and a feeling that, when a door close then there will be another window open for you....little bit classic but you wont stop thinking about its watch it first, and if you don't like it then leave it, but if you like will smile...worth a try right?

atik I'm unlucky cause I've lost beginning

FableCat I like Jang Nara but this drama really make me mad.... It's the part where her sister Sojin kept messing Soyeung's life. My mom like the first episode but when Sojin kept doing cruel mean things at Soyeung, my mom didn't bother to finish today episode (3rd) or the last one. I hate this type selfish unkind sister too.

dina very nice drama comeback for jang nara. cannot wait the succeeding episodes..

yen very funny..jang nara is so cute.

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