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  • Name: Clara
  • Hangul: 클라라
  • Birth Name: Lee Seong-Min (이성민)
  • Birthdate: January 15, 1986
  • Birthplace: Switzerland
  • Height: 168 cm.
  • Blood Type: B
  • Twitter: @thelararouge
  • Facebook: lararouge


  1. Announced name change to Clara from her birth name of Lee Seong-Min on January 3, 2012 during a press conference for drama series "Take Care of Us, Captain". Reasons cited for the name change is that her given Korean name Seong-Min is thought more as a male name in her opinion and her English name has always been Clara. At home she is usually called Clara.[1]


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Marcos @Nana, you are a person with deep-rooted psychological problems. It seems like you've been losing opportunites to better looking, or more capable people all of your life and Clara has become the figurehead for all of your pent up angst and hatred. You need to let it go. Clara is, of course, extremely beautiful, and talented, and I'm sorry that you can only find value in yourself by defaming others. Maybe, if you try really hard, and get the mental help that you so desperately need, you may be coaxed out of the darkness that you use as a blanket and see the world for the beautiful place that it can be.

Aja, Clara! Come back soon!!!

Lee Ni Jo When is she going to act another drama? She is the heart warming character ever <3 and she's so sweet actor!

EishALEam gossshhh . love her lipstick in Emergency Couple :D cutieee :))))

raymond i am a big fan.... her beauty is mesmerizing... i love her... her role in emergency couple is kinda quirky but it's okay it fits her perfectly in such a way that she is more beautiful...

Khadz I swear i saw her in the first minute of Fated to love you Korean version. But she's really pretty.

cmcross I could be wrong but I thought it was her in the first 2 episodes of the Korean remake of Fated To Love You. I loved her in Emergency Couple so I was happy to see her there, even though her character is trouble. Anyways, I'm a new fan. I hope to see her in more shows soon.

Kansas City Mo. Beyond beautiful and with a heart of gold! Lee Seong-min was born into a family of wealth and power, lived most of her life away from her parents in lands foreign to her, and returned to spread her talents and wealth to lighten people's hearts and loads wherever she sees a need. Bashing her for jealous reasons is beyond infantile just as not crediting her for her talent and kindness to others. 'Clara' is a person of beauty, brains, and nobility. Do a little research and be prepared to have your hearts lighten and feel shame if you are one who has unjustly bashed her. Being attractive and talented is not a sin. Being envious and cold-hearted, is.

dedi she's Beauty

Guy I admire how you are using your fame for good works. Helping college students is good of you. Having good relations with your family is important too. And you seem well adjusted. Stay as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

Annon i like her acting in ER couple i mean i dont understand why you hate her or whatever?? She isnt exactly the crazy obsessive girl, as of now.. idk if she will turn later, but whatever. She is still pretty good at acting her part. She can do modeling and acting because she is good at both.

Anon Tbh I don't mind Clara's acting, it's not amazing, but it's not bad at all. Plus she's really pretty. I think her modeling career would be a better choice for her though

Hobbestweedle Oh,my god! You people who can't get over the fact that Clara is is both prettier, and more talented and popular than you are need to just get over yourselves and do something that makes you proud of your own selves. She's living her own life. Live yours,,,

gian i enjoy her acting in ER couple, she looks charismatic there.she is shorter than ji hyo who is 168 cm in height,

Jake Its interesting how she has an innocent face but with an immature attitude.

Cumquat No worries about her acting @TheAverageJoe, she hits the mark every time and that is why she's already played so many roles. The future can only get better for Clara Lee, as she has the goods and no amount of unreasonable jealousy from afar is likely to derail her train. She can speak more than one language and has an appeal that needs no interpreter to make it's point known. Her looks will turn heads in any land, but her talent is what will keep her on the scene for years to come. Best of luck, Clara!!!

TheAverageJoe No offense to any of you but, I think you guys/gals are a bit too obsessed her in general. Tell the truth I don't really give a damn about her interviews ect. just really care about her acting. I mean if she's a good actor awesome but, I ain't gonna obsess about her. If shes haughty and bratty naturally so be it! As long as she ain't interfering with other k-pop, actors, ect. careers don't really matter to me. Then again it's my opinion so if this in anyway, shape, or form offends you I am sincerely sorry and if i'm misinformed or really really REALLY uninformed sorry!

leslie ugh...when i watched her interviews, i could just tell that she's so vapid. not a fan of women who are willing to objectify themselves with no other redeeming merit. women like han ga in are truly admirable.

Stop Lying "I dislike her for talking about how she was better than Lee Hyori. No one is better than Lee Hyori." - Anon 0345

Clara never said that she was better than Hyori. If you had actually watched the program, you would've realized that Clara was only repeating something that was mentioned on a website that concluded Clara had "beaten" Hyori in terms of rising popularity. So, who's bad mouthing who?

Tarleton So now the haters have followed her to Asianwiki, it seems. :( Oh well, maybe a few will actually read her resume of roles played, check out a few of her dramas, and dump that tired, overused, "Who is Clara?" cliche...

Putra I dont need to know her for more further because she is not even know me..except if she is my friend.

Claudia Why do people says that we are talking bad about her just because we are jealous. I am not, I am more jealous of Park Shin Hye and I do not talk bad about her. Now Clara, we have the right to talk bad about her, since she thinks she's better than anyone from Kpop. She lied to everyone to everyone to like her, she thinks that korean fans are stupid. Even comedians talks about her, "Stop lying, Clara." And then she shows off her body, I know that she has a great body but now showing it too much it's not calling her "almost SNSD" but "almost Korea's Slut". I'm not her fan, I don't like the way she is. If she was more educated, I would like her and be her fan. Now, don't say we are jealous of her beauty and body and that's why we hate her. NO. She's beautiful and has a great body, but we are talking about her personality.

If she lies to you, bragging about her to you, would you like it? She would bashed you in front of everyone. You would be embarrashed, because she doesn't think about another person's feeling, but only about her images.

So please, let us be anti-fans, losers.

Anon 0345 I dislike her for talking about how she was better than Lee Hyori. No one is better than Lee Hyori. Geez, she needs to learn to respect stars who have been in the industry longer and she totally bashed on Park Eunji on Happy Together!! What in the world is she going? I haven't seen her act but I don't like her so far.

David On variety shows she is very haughty, especially on that one episode of Happy Together, where she is repeatedly bashing he girl next to her throughout the whole show, i felt bad for the other the recipe lying scandal thing...but at least she recognizes it as a problem, she herself said that she wants to humble herself, so hopefully she works on that and i'm glad she sees it as an area she has to work on...but i guess some other people are just kinda butt hurt that she got famous basically overnight...anywho that is my two cents on the whole Clara thing...

k'AT seems like this girl is well known for her good looking face and hot body, also an almost SNSD member(?) ... I thought she is an actress..

Tee I do not know why she has so many anti fans......sure she almost made it to SNSD so what? let her say it. If i almost made it to be B2ST or Big Bang hell yea i'll brag too lol. She sexy

Annonymous I really don't see how everyone loves her. Sure, she might've been one of the possible candidates for SNSD, but so were another 100 trainees. It also pisses me off how she's always bragging about it non-stop. Why don't she just make a band with the other trainees who didn't make it and call their group 'Almost SNSD'? The fact that she just throws the name around shows that she doesn't give a shit and she's only using the name. Another thing that annoys me is that people thinks she has an 'amazing body'. She had breast surgery. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She's only known as 'the girl who almost got into SNSD', not as Clara or Lee Seong Min. That's pathetic.

Tommy Oh my god, how could there even possibly be anything not to like about this woman?!! A fine actress, a sweet person and a visual presence like a human work of art! I love you, Clara Lee!!! Don't let the blue-meanies get you down!!!!

Suddenly a Fan i just saw her clip when she pitch in a baseball game. whoa! she has a perfect body. the way she filled her leggings, the way she bend and moves her body are all so lovely and very enticing. suddenly, i'm a fan. And yes i'm a girl who just admires her. I think she has a bubbly character, so far out from her always villainous,flirtatious character. Clara, fighting!!!

Michael I love you Lee Seong Min. Your name is a song or I'd call you Clara or Clara Lee. And God loves the little spirits. If in any way my wife and I could help you with your career we would want to. We respect your father's wishes that his experiences he will want to keep you from in such a cut-throat business. Jesus bless you. You will be blessed.

Mochi I love the way she dresses and her face is gorgeous and like her free spirit she's certainly positive person tries hard in every ways she's proving to be a strong woman by showing off her fit bod envy her strong mind going to the gym to make better herself it's not easy what she dose who talks bad about her you are just jealous stop hating her you wimps no ass skinny Chopstick figures she represents strong go getter modern day life woman

Cabot God, how I love her! Except for the tattoo, she's perfect in every way!!!

Rodrigo of Spain Talk about "attention bandits"! This woman has what every straight man wants and is talented far beyond anything all of these jealous loonies can ever dream of being. Her resume is quite impressive and feigning (or actually having) ignorance of her accomplishments in no way makes one's negatively biased opinions valid. Get over yourselves, ladies. Clara is beautiful, talented and your boyfriends can't take their collective eyes off of her. As much as I also love the girls of SNSD, she makes them look like little boys. And, I'm quite certain that the same truth may be applied to a great many of yourselves. Deal with it!

anonymous Just the attention bandits girl... Not so talented, she even babbling that she is almost becoming SNSD members, oh please... give me a break!!

Eunhwa The girl who always whine being almost a snsd member. She's beautiful but tries everything to get attention, she even admitted it herself.

laura She is very beautiful.i like her in Joah mv...wish her all the best...

Taco Tico Anything involving this woman piques my interest! At first, we knew her as the incredibly gorgeous, yet always antagonistic thorn-in-the-side of whomever the female lead was in each drama that featured her. In Eugene's 'Creating Destiny' she sharpened her talons for our starlet and set her eyes on her man. (The guy who is now "Mr. Eugene" ;)). In 'Take Care of Us, Captain', we got to see her poolside, and speaking perfect English, without any trace of an accent, as she made things tough for Goo Hye Sun. Lately, it's been all about her undeniably sexy body and the marketing push to make her a household name. Rest assured, powers that be, for what it's worth, Clara is most definitely a household name in this boy's house! Best of luck to her in all future endeavors... :)

Johnny X have a crush on this girl ever since I saw her on Jay Park's mv "Joah"

JP @Fanboy Guy must need glasses, it is her! Look who is the dumb one.

comment I think I am in love.

comment She is SOOOOO HOT in Jay Park - Joah MV

Jason Park @Jaywalker Fanboy Sorry but it's actually her... Awkward.....

Jaywalker Fanboy This is NOTt Clara Lee from JOAH MV - JAY PARK. You guys are dumb.

michilee she's so pretty in Jay Park's Joah. seriously. I got jelly. <3 I'll be looking forward for her future projects now that i know her. hope she gets the lead.

Mireydi She is so beautiful!! I dint knew about here until Jay Park's Joah MV!! Wish her the best!!

JJ She is really pretty in Jay's MV for JOAH. :D So cool how she was born in Switzerland.

D So damn sexy in Jay Park - Joah MV.

M Clara looked amazing in Jay Park's JOAH MV. Right off the bat, I was enamoured by Miss Lee.

yoyo she is beautiful, especially in Jay Park's music video for Joah

tp You're such a beautiful young woman. I love your character in "a good day for the wind to blow" : elegant, pretty and nice. You're much more beautiful than in this pic. Plz. tell them to replace it asap. Best wishes to your career!

Ballsq i like her on take care us captain drama.... beautiful and has sweet smile... saranghae....

Grazy Waiting for you to visit me in Paris, as you promised ... :)

bornfree She has the same birthday as my girlfriend! So pretty, it's scary. She plays the perfect femme fatale in every drama. Nice girls and guys beware.... ;)

J One of my favorite characters in "Take Care of Me, Captain". The romance in the drama was quite disgusting to be honest but her evil side made the series much more interesting

tintin Yup, I'm not always happy with the characters that I've seen her play, but she plays them well and is just great to look at.

Pippee She is beautiful & has sweet smile. I would like to see her role as lead actress.

Alice She's beautiful, I mostly just want to watch more of her acting cause she's so pretty

Dude Agree with Gary. She is very beautiful. Havent see any girl like her.

Gary P by far the most prettiest and beautiful women, I've ever seen in my life, I would do anything to be with her

also really great actress, loved her in happiness in the wind, Creating destiny, and Hilarious Housewives

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