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  • Drama: Happiness in the Wind
  • Revised romanization: Baram Buleo Jongeun Nal
  • Hangul: 바람 불어 좋은 날
  • Director: Lee Deok-Gun
  • Writer: Lee Deok-Jae
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 173
  • Release Date: February 1 - October 1, 2010
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Happiness in the Wind" revolves around Kwon Oh-Bok (Kim So-Eun), a young woman who aspires to become the best computer illustrator. Although Oh-Bok has gone through many difficult moments in her life, her drive will one day lead her to find happiness ...


  1. "Happiness in the Wind" takes over the KBS Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "Jolly Widows"and will be followed by "Smile Again" on October 4.


Happiness in the Wind-Kim So-Eun.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Jin Lee-Han.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Seo Hyo-Lim.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Kang Ji-Seop.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Lee Seong-Min.jpg
Kim So-Eun Jin Yi-Han Seo Hyo-Rim Kang Ji-Sub Clara
Kwon Oh-Bok Jang Dae-Han Jang Man-Se Kang Sang-Jun Choi Mi-Ran
Happiness in the Wind-Kang Eun-Tak.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Lee Hyeon-Jin (03-05-1985).jpg Happiness in the Wind-Na Moon-Hee.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Kang In-Deok.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Yun Mi-Ra.jpg
Kang Eun-Tak Lee Hyun-Jin Na Moon-Hee Kang In-Deok Yun Mi-Ra
Han Ki-Chul Kang Min-Kuk Na Ggeut-Sun Kang Jung-Nam Yun Sun-Hee
Happiness in the Wind-Kim Seong-Hwan.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Na Yeong-Hie.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Kim Mi-Suk.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Kwon Oh-Hyeon.jpg Happiness in the Wind-Ahn Hye-Kyeong.jpg
Kim Seong-Hwan Na Young-Hee Kim Mi-Sook Kwon Oh-Hyeon Ahn Hye-Kyeong
Kang In-Su Cha Yeon-Sil Lee Kang-Hee Seo Dong-Sik Kim Nam-Suk

Additional Cast Members:



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Phyu Yee Kim So-Eun & Jin Yi-Han are main or Kim So-Eun & Lee Hyun-Jin are main? I prefer Jin Yi-han

JKen .cool mello-drama. i hated mi-ran when she make Oh-BOK suffer

Tim Who's hwa young? (played by the actor min yeong won)

Jennifer Miran and Daehan suited each other better than Obok and Daehan. Seriously! Obok suits her best friend. I forgot his name already.

Jennifer I used to love this drama. Now I don't. Miran does not deserve to be the bad guy for what her dad did. I feel for her. I mean, come on! Obok worries too much and there never seem to be any happiness til the end of the drama. Guess they are SO right when it comes to naming the drama; happiness in the wind.

Tamika I love this drama, I just wish they had a different outlook on things. At times I feel sorry for Miran but then she do things that make you wonder what in the world. I get her desire and desperation but she just goes a little too far which makes you want to hate her. Like in the hospital she was about to kill Obok if Deahan and Doklip did not come in on time. She could of went to court fought for custody and it would been settle right then and there. She just makes you think of how desparate girls get when it comes to a man. It would of been great if she and Kicheol ended together, because I felt bad he did end up with anyone although he loved Obok. I also wanted Mrs. Kang to get her Company back to the way it was and her house back. This drama I give it a 8. It did not end well on me, and it lack something.

tom i didn't see the accident coming! i am losing interest now! miran shouldn't be the villian! she keeps getting the shaft! doklip is a brat! he needs therapy & a good belt to the butt & so does daehan! that whole family is disfunctional! i hope the story line changes real soon! i was waiting & hoping for things to change & start going right for miran. it doesn't look like they are though. obok, get well & get as far away from daehan & his family as possible!

Chrise L. Jin Lee-Han is one terrific actor, he should get more leading acting roll more often.

Susan Steidtmann Hi, I would like to find out how I can get this program? I love this program, I watch it when I am in New Jersey with my sister. I am in WI. can you tell me how to get it on Dish network or my computer or DVD's of the episodes. The weekend drama also! Sometimes I get upset I think Obok & Dae Han will go back and find out what Marin's dad & Obok's dad are doing. I dislike her dad so much I can't watch when they plot things. Gguet-sun is so great, she makes you laugh all the time.

Kaibern Please end this drama already! I want to scream when I see Doklip, the family is fickle and rude, if Ms. Lee lives I will flip, and really did the family and son forget Miran is the real mother?! Help - this drama turned out to be the worse I have seen in the last several years. Since I followed it from the beginning, will see it thru but instead of not being able to wait for the next episode, I can't wait till the last episode.

Randy i love happiness in the wind i love Seo Hyo rim (Manse) and i love Obok Kim So Eun best drama Ever !!!!

cris i'm 4 episodes from the final and ready to move on.

i think the writers were very unfair to miran. i don't think she's an evil person, i see her as just really messed up from finding out about her whole breakup w daehan being based on lies and misunderstandings and desperately wants a chance to recapture what they had 7 years ago and can't accept that it's a lost cause. so not to excuse all the crazy stuff she pulls, but to me she seems like she's hurt and getting ZERO sympathy from anyone except her manipulative parents. daehan cutting her off from doklip is just so wrong. i wish the writers would have let her meet a nice man of her own to help her get over it.

i used to think doklip was cute but he is turning into a really unpleasant whiny little brat. how can he be 7???? he acts like he's 3.

obok is very cute. why does she never let her hair down? she was so cute in iron empress (playing the empress as a young girl).

minguk is so lovesick is pitiful. and if mrs. lee really had stage 4 cancer she would be bedridden on IV morphine not still walking around.

Kaibern Doklip's crying and refusing to be nice to anyone but Obok is getting ridiculous -- he never gets punished and the whole family is so attached to Obok to the extreme and there is Miran who is his REAL mother - like her or not, devious or not - she loves him and is trying. Daehan and Doklip both were missing her right before Obok - Daehan went insane when he thought Obok had the wedding ring he was always staring at! Now she is like the plague! And Minguik and Ms. Lee -- Give him a "Cher" slap with "Snap out of it!" Watch the weekend one on WMBC in subtitle King Sojeon(sp?) and one of the very best not to miss is Iron Empress. Let's get a little reality back to this soap.

Jamie lol i agree with ricardo. everytime doklip cried it made me think of chewbacca. it also really annoyed me how everyone keeps asking the wrong person about things (e.g. daehan's family asking obok's dad if she still thinks about them, and everyone taking whatever miran said as truth when obviously everytime anyone listens to her something bad happens)

MDC I agree, Doklip made many episodes unbearable to sit through....what was with the girls ribbon in his hair when he went to the amusement park anyhow??....next time he wanders off they shouldn't look for him.....

Ricardo OK...so there where plot holes large enough to drive a Hyundai...so what...the show was a hoot...Only real negative was when the Doklip actor started to cry.... it was like scraping fingernails on a blackboard...had to kill the sound on that...

Mase Final its OVER but is been 3 day since i slept. i need to see obok or miran, plz plz.

kathy Correction: The writer SHOULD NOT give the CHARACTERS two different behaviors. I was upset that most of the main characters all turned 160.

kathy What is a "true mother"? It's natural for a mother to long and want to have a relation with her child. This is why she's doing everything she can to be with her child (Doklip). A child can not have stability if the child doesn't even know or given the chance to know the truth. How could a mother work slowly to be recognized by the child if the father and the father's relatives are hiding the truth from the child (They are all lying to child). Define "BI***". Try to put yourself in any mother situation's who got your child taken away from and then denied the recognition you deserve. Would you feel nothing and wouldn't you do anything? You must be a stiff with a heart of stone not to do anything. A mother got stripped of such, wouldn't think of another woman's condition. This is a one twisted drama. Covering up a lie with another lie won't give anybody any justification. The truth can't be hidden/covered-up with lies after lies. If only the writer made Miran knowingly and intentionally left the child behind, then the plot of the story would be understandable. But Miran was lied to by her own father: 1. Telling her that she had a girl instead of a boy, 2. Telling her that the child was dead when it was born, and 3. That Daehan doesn't want anything to do with her because the child died.

Daehan was lied to also: 1. Telling him, by Miran's dad, that she doesn't want the child and it's a mistake to be with him, and 2. That Miran wants to leave S.Korea to forget about him.

Doklip was lied to also by, Daehan, his own father: 1. That his mother pass away/died giving birth to him, and 2. after meeting Miran, he introduced him to the child as a friend of his mother.

I don't care of who the actors or actress are. The writer should write well and give the characters solid and stable traits/demeanor's. The writer should give a character two different behavior. I was upset that most of the main characters all turned 160.

Kim Although Miran is the biological mother of Doklip, she is not a true mother. No mother could see the pain in her child and keep him away from the person he loves and holds dear. Most mothers would do anything for their child. Even if that means sharing their child with another person. No real mother would ever destroy a child's stable family life. She would work to slowly become part of her child's life until the child recognizes her as his mother. When Daehan and Obok get back together, I really hope Miran sees this not as a terrible fate but as a chance to create a strong family unit. Obok is more of a mother than Miran is by the fact that she was willing to leave her child if that meant that he would be happier in the long run.

kitty i just watch all 173 ep....it's a happy ending...hooraayyy!!!! they are back together and she got pragnentttttt

Alice Miran may be the biological mother, but she's a bi***. She and her family are selfish and haughty. Obok should slap her silly. The grandma should really stop trying to enforce her ideas on other, and Daehan should not have lied a thousand of times. Hopefully, the ending is happy.

nina Hi all.. I really hate Miran.. coz shes a mean Bitch.. As we all know, she moved on, she married to another man, get divorced.. then, she came back and went after daehan coz She cannot produced/having child.. shes so irritating!! When she said she waited 7years for DAehan.. thats crap!! well, i guess her acts is really worked!! ;)

Wish obok, daehan n doklip get back together again..as a normal happy family... Hope this drama has a happy ending.. :) Fighting!!

Yuyun there's anyone know what the last episode in this drama?? i'm so curious what the end? is Oh-bok will be back with dae-han??

DeeDee Hey Oh-Bok everytime you see her shes starring at the floor doesnt she have any life in her body???????

DeeDee I have been watching this program and I do like the show but everynight it seems like a repeat just in another form and its starting to drag. Oh-Bok and Daehan have no common sense hmmmm If you watched Love Bread this was a great rewarding story. Everyone played a great part.

Bobbie No matter how anybody twist the situation, in any way, Miran is still the mother. Any mother will do anything, in act of desperation, to take and make her child know that she's the mother, especially when everybody is denying her the right to be and be known as the mother. Most especially if the mother is being push over the ledge. It is much wrong to obsess on a child that is not yours and push herself to be the mother knowing that the mother is painfully suffering for years on longing for her child. It's an act of insanity and greed for somebody to hide the truth from the child and even let the child to push the the real mother away and say hateful words. The child only sees Obok as the mother because they hid the truth from the child. As I said no Mother should be denied the right to be recognized by her own child. Miran is in far more emotional damage than the father and the stepmother who hides the truth from the kid. No matter how anyone twist and defend the love of the main characters in the drama, it's still wrong what they have put the Mother and child in to.

sophia Dehan-i am happy with u and at the same time i feel bad 4 u.cuz of what u r going through.i wish u will be alright

Obok-i am sure u will become successful at the end.i love u

Manse&Sangjun-i dont khow how to describe u cuttness

Minguk-u were moving and i was happy about that.but i dont know whats going on lately

Miran-u r the worst cast.devil

maria I am aditcted to this drama and love so much the script. My favorite people is Obok and dae

p I think this drama is best korean daily drama I ever seen. I enjoyed it.

wilhelmine joseph i'm hatien nd ive been waching asian dramas for a year now i love them cuz they're just different from this shows u watch in tv in america there all about sex but asian dramas r different they have great storyline. u all thats been saying that obok deserves daehan i dont agree obk is lovely yes but shes still young she cant still find true love somewhere else on the other hand miran should hand up with the guy cuz she went through a lot nd for god sake she can no longer have kids. miran, deahan, and doklip looks more like a family to me.

KUMA-NIN I actually sympathize for both Obok and Daehan. Miran, who should have the right to see her child from time to time, is manipulating the whole thing. She is obsessed with her old life, and does not seem to truly care about the two people that she claims to love. And how can anybody support this?!

Think about it... Obok was raised by her father after her mother died. And after she got married, she became a mother. Her husband's son sees her as his mother, and her husband sees her as his kindred spirit. Miran does not see this as this does not include her. Supporting this is never right. Especially since it caused great stress and emotional damage to both Obok and the man she claims to love.

And their son? I am even shocked at what "tommy" had said... Especially since his child is facing something similar to both Obok's life, and his is like Daehan's life. This whole thing is pure trauma to a child, and can cause him to not only reject his biological mother... But also suffer for years to come due to the drama and immediate detachment he is forced to face.

As for the end of this... This may affect not only her, but Green as well. Because unless Obok's childhood friend somehow falls for her, it looks like Green will lose business with the farm he is part of. However, for her, there is always him or one other than she'll end up being with.

Huda i'd like to make myself not addicted to this drama, but i have to say i am! i started watching it on tv from its 80+th episode? i cant rmb, but its cus my sis said it had kim so eun (who played ga eul from boys over flowers..MY FAVE DRAMA :D) in it. now its like ep 137 on KBS world, n i decided to watch from ep 1 online cus i was too curious abt how obok was like at first n how she met daehan! i got SOO addicted, i only started like ytd or 2 days ago n now im alrdy at ep 33 hahaa. obok is sucha cute-pretty kinda girl n miran a gorgeous-pretty kinda girl. its just a waste tt miran started becoming a cunning lying obsessed girl, she was so pure n sweet in the past. well i guess like they say, like father like daughter. anw i cant imagine miran being part of daehan's family she'd nvr be able to handle it :P I STILL LIKE KICHEOL OPPA TOO HE'S CUTE N SO NICE HE GAVE UP ON OBOK AWH:( BUT, OBOK+DAEHAN+DOKLIP= :D:D:D!!!!

tommy i am a single father & raised my son alone. his mother did not want either of us. & yet i feel bad for miran! i want her to find happiness! i root for her more than obok or daehan! he is a liar & not the good person he is made out to be & his family is just as bad! i think it was cruel what they did to miran! if she is made out to be the "bad guy", i will really be upset! she is the child's mother, not obok! i want miran to be the happiest of them all!

naranja I want Obok to let Daehan and go build a new little life by own. She has talent, she is young but very powerfull. Miran is pitiful but very very snaky and unnatural. I don't want Obok being pregnant and I think it's also impossible , while any physical charme in this steril room with Doglip next door. Have they a honeymoon at all?

die_cute I love Dae Han and Mi ran. They should be together because of their child. Love look them.

meesun im in love with this drama. its like AWESOME. im up to episode like 105ish i thinkk. IM IN LOVE WITH THIS. Daehan's character is so manly i love when he confessed he loved Obok.LOL i kind of hate miran and like i love manse's character. she's so forgiving and sweet to sang jun and his mother. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. i watch it EVERY week night

Mase i've been watching it since the beginning and now its 120 episodes and im getting tired of it. To tell u the truth I don’t watch it cuz of its story, if u check many of the dramas there is at lest one girl that u cant sleep with out seeing, and im doing just that. Kim_So-Eun(Obok) and Lee_Seong-Min(Choi Mi-Ran) im in love with. So pleas u Korean drama maker don’t make us addicted by showing us those beautiful women’s that we can have ..

Shoediva9 I am an African American women who has been watching Korean dramas for a few years now but Happiness in the Wind is by far the best one so far. The story line is believable and the cast is beautiful. A few of the cast members have been in other stories so it was like seeing old friends again. I have been watching Happiness since the beginning and have been hooked to the point that if I am not home I DVR it. Korean soaps are way better than the trash they call entertainment on cable.

mdc I can't believe they stole Miran's baby & won't let her have him back !!??...& they all make out Miran to be the badguy(girl)...that makes no sense.....anyways Miran should forget about Doklip because they already ruined him & turned him into an annoying little sissyboy....

uni how i wish miran and daehan get to be together...however, i know that it won't happen. *sad*

klaudia I am an all american - polish/white girl ! whoo loves this korean drama ! minguk i absolutely adore and daehan too! i am so addicted to this korean drama ! i love korea in general and there cute guys and language ! i wish i was obok because daehan is soo sexy ! ;)

rufina de leon I am a Filipina, but I love watching this show every night, reading the subtitles. I love Obok and Daehan. They are so cute and nice people. That character Miran is a bad girl.

Neet I missed this show for 5 days and i could not wait see it. The story line and the characters are excellent. I am a afro-american women who loves this show. Addicted is a unstatement.

dj lOVE this show alot; been watching past year....

Butterfly I just recently began watching this, literally this week, and I'm already addicted! I'm really hoping Manse and Sangjun end up together again!

Luis I am a hispanic male and i love this show. i love korean dramas in general, but this one is one of the greatest. ohbok is just the cutest girl ever. and solji is just a goofy+fun kind of girl. i love these dramas.

Sheila from New York My daughter turned me on to "Happiness in the Wind," and I love it, I'M HOOKED !!!!! What a nice alternative to what's currently available on tv. And I love how the disclaimer in the beginning informs the show is for those "over age 15," The most risque scenes you'll come across are the couples holding hands !!!! I hope that mainstream tv picks this show up and keeps it running - I love ALL the characters !!!!!

Sharon Lee I enjoy this show and watch it each evening. I would love to visit Seoul. What a beautiful cast. Very passionate and interesting real life issues for all cultures.

peter sarang hae Solji!! i loved when she wore makeup& no eyeglasses-she is so adorable and i love when she yells at friends like Min Guk:)

susan I'm white and I love these shows! :)

Nicole I'm black and I LOVE this show. It had a slow start but I love it now. It's almost as good as Likeable or Not!

anketse hailu obok wow you are so funy and beutiful you go girl don't let go your man if any girl come to your way bet them up!!! from ethiopia!!!!!

simone reid I practically stop watching a movie on tv cause all I want to watch is Happiness in the wind. I love OBok n her boyfriend. It's great I watch it every night. I don't want to start a movie cause I know I would have to change the channel. I just can't wait to see the next one. I wish it was longer. The great about it is you just have to watch it a two time n you understand it. I like the way secreats are not kept too long. The call each other n in seconds they are togeather. I love it. It the only thing I like watching.

cumquat I actually enjoy the daily dramas as much (or more!) than the weekly shows. Through them, I've gotten to meet: Goo Hye Sun and Lee Yoon Ji (Pure in Heart), Yoona (You Are My Destiny), Han Hyo Joo and Hong Soo Ah (As High As the Sky...); So many beautiful faces and so many addicting stories. This is another one that I enjoy. It has characters who display: purity and innocence (in the characters of Obok, Manse, Solji), compassion and warm-heartedness (Mrs. Lee and Min-Kuk), psychological pain and confusion (Daehan and Miran), meaness and deceit (Mrs Lee's brother in law and his wife), and beauty ruled by cruelty (Mrs. Cha.) An excellent cast whom I look forward to spending each weeknight. All hail Korean Drama...the best entertainment that there is!!

Latina I'm an hispanic girl that loves this show. i watch it will subtitles and i cannot miss it. i love obok and daehan. they are so cute together. Daehan is so cute and i don't get why his parents are mad @ him for dating a younger girl. He looks like they can be the same age.

Erica I love this drama totally different, interesting, tackles different issues going on in society nowadays. My favorite is Obok, and Hottie Dae Han love him.

Mel I really like watching Obok and Daehan together, they're good match though....aren't they? wondering if Daehan is married or has a girlfriend in real life...hehehe!! i like him...especially his smile:)

Megan Lynn DeStefano Obok is my favorite character. Most definitely one of my favorite actresses as well. Keep up the good work ^^

salz how many episodes in total, actually? can't wait for next episode once today's aired. can't get enough watching lee-han's cute face everyday.

Sukku My favorite character in this series is Cha, she is so beautiful, yet so fierce!

nadnishikido WHAT IS SOLJI REAL NAME??

marzi my favorite actor in this film is minkuk and daehan they are hot im irainean

sophia My favourite character is Obok and Daehan!!!They look good together....

kiki my favourite characters are Obok and Min-kuk.. Min-kuk is so handsome...althought he's temperament

Ushio Favorite Characters Obok and the hottie Dae Han

Michiwa My favorite characters in this Drama are: Obok, Solji, and Manse.

Obok - She's a funny, cute, amazing girl. I really do wish her happiness and the best of the future. Solji - I love her attitude and kindness towards her friends and such. She is a awesome girl with her tomboy-ish act. Manse - She's funny when it comes to Sangjun. I found the episode where she had to hide in the closet funny, because they're both baddd(or in other words, fun and cute) couples. *smirks*

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