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  • Drama: Emergency Couple
  • Revised romanization: Eunggeubnamnyeo
  • Hangul: 응급남녀
  • Director: Kim Cheol-Kyu
  • Writer: Choi Yoon-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: January 24 - April 5, 2014
  • Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jin-Hee (Song Ji-Hyo) led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang-Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk). Despite his wealthy family's strong opposition, Jin-Hee and Chang-Min decided to get married. Chang-Min's family is full of doctors. Chang-Min though gave up his medical internship and began working as a pharmaceutical salesman. Their marriage life was not happy. Chang-Min's family looked down on Jin-Hee and even Chang-Min seemed to change. Chang-Min began to think terribly of Jin-Hee and they finally divorced.

After their divorce, Jin-Hee became a medical student and now works as an intern. Chang-Min also graduated from medical school and begins to work as an intern. One day, they meet in the emergency room for a hospital where they will both work together.


  1. "Emergency Couple" takes over the tvN Fri & Sat 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Reply 1994” and will be followed by "Gap Dong" April 11, 2014.
  2. Filming begins December, 2013.
  3. First script reading took place December 20, 2013 at CJ E&M Center in Sangam Neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea.
  4. Ep.8, originally scheduled to air Saturday, February 15, 2014, will air instead on Friday, February 21, 2014. Filming for the drama series was behind schedule which lead to the postponement.
  5. Due to the drama series' popularity, "Emergency Couple" is extended by one episode from 20 episodes to 21 episodes. Ep. 21 will air on April 5, 2014.


Emergency Man and Woman-Song Ji-Hyo.jpg Emergency Man and Woman-Choi Jin-Hyuk.jpg Emergency Man and Woman-Lee Pil-Mo.jpg Emergency Man and Woman-Choi Yeo-Jin.jpg Clara
Song Ji-Hyo Choi Jin-Hyuk Lee Pil-Mo Choi Yeo-Jin Clara
Oh Jin-Hee Oh Chang-Min Kook Cheon-Soo Sim Ji-Hye Han A-Reum
Emergency Couple-Lim Hyun-Sung.jpg Emergency Couple-Chun Min-Hee.jpg Kim Hyun-Sook Emergency Couple-Kwon Min.jpg Emergency Couple-Heo Jae-Ho.jpg
Lim Hyun-Sung Chun Min-Hee Kim Hyun-Sook Kwon Min Heo Jae-Ho
Park Sang-Hyuk Lee Young-Ae Choi Mi-Jung Kim Min-Ki Jang Dae-Il
Emergency Couple-Lee Sun-Ah.jpg Emergency Couple-Yoon Jong-Hoon.jpg Emergency Couple-Choi Beom-Ho.jpg Emergency Couple-Park Sung-Geun.jpg Emergency Couple-Choi Yoo-Ra.jpg
Lee Sun-Ah Yoon Jong-Hoon Choi Beom-Ho Park Sung-Geun Choi Yoo-Ra
Heo Young-Ji Im Yong-Kyu Ko Joong-Hoon An Young-Pil Son Ye-Seul
Emergency Couple-Lee Mi-Young.jpg Emergency Couple-Jeon Soo-Jin.jpg Emergency Couple-Park Doo-Sik.jpg Emergency Couple-Park Jun-Keum.jpg Emergency Couple-Kang Shin-Il.jpg
Lee Mi-Young Jeon Soo-Jin Park Doo-Sik Park Jun-Keum Kang Shin-Il
Jo Yang-Ja Oh Jin-Ae Kim Gwang-Soo Yoon Sung-Sook Oh Tae-Seok

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jessica such a nice drama!!! MUST WATCH!! song ji hyo unnie fighting!!

Mikee Santos why do i feel like song joong ki is supposed to be here instead choi jin-hyuk :( anys, song-song couple fighting!!!!

critehypo This makes me go on and on.. why am i able to relate in this so much?

N It's really nice at first and then it got dragged halfway. I fast forwarded every episode lol the drama's just nice nothing great about it

Safiah Bt Sulaiman i really love this drama..so wanderful..i like chief gook and im also prefer chief gook and jin he get together...

lee pil mo you look cool, so sweet.i love your characters :* i loved

ria a hilarious one ! loved the set up.my favourite Oh Tae-Seok, was pretty moved by his sincerity over Oh Jin helping her to also become a doctor despite circumstances arnd her.he proved that family wrong and showed that even the looked-down upon and discouraged ones can also be given that dream too and achieve it same the same way.loooved this drama!

herfi I prefer chief Gook and Jin Hee get together

WTF- Graphic I don't know about the rest of you and I don't know if maybe there's a disclaimer in Hangul but note that this is show is graphic when it comes to medical stuff. They don't show knives, they barely show kisses and sex, but omfg... they WILL show graphic medical procedures. Seeing people get cut up and stuff is not my idea of entertainment. I am aware it's fake but I am squeamish and this does not help.

Akan I decided to watch this drama after reading so many good reviews but I am utterly disappointed..it is a very average series with lots of cliché situations and so many illogical elements..I don't understand why the couple divorced firsthand for no genuine reason and over mere childish fights..then midway how after OCM fathers death jin hee out of the blue starts loving him..and if not in love why she cares so much about the team leader giving him lunch boxes and visiting his place..and also after breaking their marriage and creating pandemonium for 17 episodes , the mother in law suddenly after her husbands death says ok for jin hee..and so many other situations..also the acting of the leads is not that impressive..plus from the mid episodes I felt the show was getting excessively dragged on and on..I think there are tens of drama more watchable than this

kherin i really love this drama OMG!!! the plot really nice, jihyo and jinhyukkk

magayonako I really love this korean novela most especiall Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee...

EishALEam ..OoohMy ! How I hated that ballerina girl from Princess Hours before -_- But suddenly loved this Doctor in this drama #daebakkkkk! GREAT SERIES! twoThumbsUP EC TEAM :D

helen hebra so wonderful!!! My kids jumong and ichi love the show so much.... Trailers are all we have on the internet.... We really miss it.... Changmin and jinhee.... Great couple really.....

Fiona This is very good Drama... very near to real life... Not Much fantacy.... or not like rich poor. It is all about dream, to learn to achieve.

I liked all the characters. OCM looked very cool in that Doctor Coat. But I am little bit disappointed. All others in ER weared the White Coat while they are working but only the female lead is the exemption. At sometimes it is OK but in the entire series she doesnt wear that. It would look more colurful & staisfied if she also weared the coat.

Atleast in the Scene where she is taking with Chang Min's Father for the last time.

We couldnot blame any of these as they that given their best & we enjoyed a lot....

Good luck all and come with good Kdrams like these with more reality in story.

Belinda yah! chief gook and ji hee look good together neh?? pity to chief gook he cant tell his feeling to ji hee that night..yah! he suppose to tell her earlier though..lee pil mo look cool in this drama. i like him!

didiki i really love this serial.its so fantastic and great.all of them participate so well and also its joke and make me happy.i do i really love it...

alice This is a great kdrama. Very well written and novel use of flashbacks. It's obvious from the flashbacks that Oh Jin Hee would end up with Oh Chang Min and that she liked the Chief more as a crush like how Lee Seul liked the Professor in My Ptincess. The chemistry between the emergency couple was one of familiarity and discovery as they are more mature to cherish the good times and not care so much about each others faults. Love this kdrama!!!

jx anybody knows what type of handphone oh jinhee is using?

jenz i dunno.. but I am aching to see that Chief will end up with Jin Hee.. Oh.. I really love Him more than Chang Min// :((

zahra such a beautiful drama!so funny and romantic! I admire acting of the couple they are both brilliant hope to be more successful! fighting!

Hyun Ae So Gary appear in Ep 6 LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL "I have a feeling that I'll see you on Monday" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

PC Elf I have continued to watch this drama but it is NOTone of the better ones IMHO.It does drag a bit. I'm watching episdoe 20 as I write this and I heard they added an extra episode since the drama was so well received. I doubt I'll watch it if everything is wrapped up in this episode. I'll start to look for a new K drama.

I hardy watch American TV anymore, just my K dramas....Love them!

Nhac Anh o yes.. this drama is daebak!!! finally, after watching My Lucky Start Taiwanese drma and here it is. EMERGENCY COUPLE!! i love it. :))))) this is what you called KOREAN DRAMA. continue make like this drama. AWESOME. :))

ALee Frankly, I am getting bored … have just finished Ep. 3. The first Ep was so overdone … with the two Leads acting so childish. But since I like Song Ji-hyo, I wanted to give this drama a chance to get better. I like Lee Pil-Mo's "Chief of ER" character, but I don't know if that's enough to keep me watching this drama.

Jacqueline I just love how mature all the characters are!

Daksha This one is really an awesome drama!!! I have watched around 50 kdrama but in 2013-14 it gave that feeling that used to be in dramas like BBF, Playful Kiss, Goong etc. What I meant to say it is one of that kdrama because of which you will want to watch more kdrama. Every character suits their role. An awesome drama!! Must watch!!

Nebosuke Jhe Hi! I just drop by to comment. well,, I do agree with the others that it's one of the amazing drama i've ever watched.. Its doesn't make you bored and the story is quite different because it is held in the hospital with a twist of meeting again someone from your past. nice story, good protagonist and lots of experiences stories learnt.. Hottie Choi Jin-Hyuk Gumiho's daddy.. FIGHTING !!!!

ji super like.so much fun

Brenda Lee Annyeong everyone! I would like to express my happiness watching this korean lovestory. Everyone deserves a new beginning in life. Chances are given to us to prove what is right. This story inspires me every single day. I'm a fan of love story plus comedy. The last time I watched korean movie was "Perfect Match" it was also good but this one is Better! I love you Gook! He's so cute. (^_^) Take care everyone!

michelle kilig ako...!!!! very nice... actually i love it and still watching it... God bless!

ann i love the plot, quotes, also.. the way its critized social life, by the way the characters named Gook at this Drama definitely adorable! hahahahaha...

yulie Love this drama....romantic,hillarious,emotional,.......Daebak!!!...choi Jin hyuk...two thumbs up......baby Gook ur so cute......

yulie Love this drama....romantic,hillarious,emotional,.......Daebak!!!...choi Jin hyuk...two thumbs up...

Coy I like this drama.... Super killing......I don't want it to end....love you both....ang galing....

Coy Super like this drama...I don't want it to end....love you both....ang galing....

chatrineevania hi i'm from indonesia. this film was so interesting... the plot was different with the others. i love this couple. song ji hyo and choi jin hyuk. after seeing this drama I thought that it will be more interesting if in real life. I hope my bias Song Ji Hyo will get married soon with her Monday Couple or Emergency Couple? i hope the best eonni

Gem_06 super like this Kdrama! one of the best! looking forward to see Choi Jin-Hyuk as a lead actor again in another korean drama.

dim sum this is soo different from other korean dramas. Not a drama you would put on the list of hate :3

Jo-Mariz Best movie! I love their profession as doctors! I always dream to be one someday. :)

The love story is also amazing. Not just that! I love the "romantic-comedy" theme of the movie.  :*

Ml Can't wait for season 2!!! :-D

rea I love this drama because it was soo close to reality..no bad people..no arrogant rich people...no fast forward ending..i can feel the love in every character n that makes this drama soo beautiful..

Yukio Tell me episode 21 was not the last thing ill see of this series .... I loveee it so much I never want it to end I don't care whether the actresses and actors get old it must go onnnn please make another episode !!!!!

ann very entertaining...n finally CJY become the main lead,love it so much n hopping he's gonna playing another drama soon...very soon...great body,great smile,great acting too....

123w the book name is Eight Words by Park Woong-hyun

SuJi_Panda does anyone know the name of the book that cheon-soo have to jin hee?

yesica it is called the book gives the Kook Cheon-Soo a Oh Jin-Hee the minute 58 en capitulo 13

cornfed How could they leave out a picture, and listing, of baby Gook? He was just as expressive, and captivating to watch, in his scenes as any of the adults were in theirs... :)

PeterV Beautiful drama, I enjoyed every moment of it. The chemistry was cute and just beautiful! It's definitely one of those dramas with dem feels. I highly recommend this!!

Ozmo Every episode had scenes that were instantly replayed. It drove me nuts and, until I realised I was seeing the same scene for a second time, was sometimes quite confusing.

KDRAMA0424 This drama was o..k...ay. I love Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk a lot. I just felt like OJH got so soft in the middle of the drama and I liked her strong uptight character. I really really wanted Chief and OJH to be together... I'm pretty upset that they didn't get together at the end. I think that there are better dramas :P

But I LOVED Gary's cameo! That was unexpected and hilarious XD

xisfunny @x not interesting enough for you to comment? well that's odd. Definitely interesting enough for you to waste your time and comment. Probably a big fan of Lee Min Jung or Cunning Single lady who blames Emergency couple for the drama being a flop. This drama is really good. It's a light drama perfect if you want to watch something to make you feel good.

monday full of love...unrequited love

monday @x u must have found it interesting enough to post a comment here

x i think i'm the only one on this boat but i found the characters annoying and boring, the girls hair was like a rat's nest and i basically just skimmed through every ep cus nothing was capturing my interest


nia I like chief, he's awesome... I like the way he looked at Oh Jin Hee....full of love

Elle Everybody to their taste. to me it's an awesome drama. I loooove every pairing in here, and every cast here. they did a very good job. I'm gonna miss them so bad, chang min, jin hee, chief, prof.Shim, baby gook, jin ae, gwang soo, ah reum, yong gyu, the nurses, jin hee's mother, chang min's mother and all the rest...saranghaeyo :)))))

enyo it finally ended! yay! :-) but now, i don't know what am i going to do with my life anymore. no more emergency couple episodes to wait for on saturdays and sundays. yikes...... good drama though! :-) some awkward scenes in the last episode but i guess it's a good ending :-)


    • SPOILERS***

The beginning of this drama was headed in a great direction: strong female lead despite the emotional abuse she received from her ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law and her strength to renew her life. Unfortunately, half-way through the show, the story line has taken a downhill. The writer(s) decided to take the easy-way out and made it more cliche, rushed, and force. I still cannot accept the fact that in the last few episodes, Jin-Hee became heads-over-hills to Chang Min (and that the sex scene was necessary). It was unbelievable in the fact that they invested a strong, independent character to Jin-Hee and her actions for falling in love w/ Chang Min despite pushing him constantly and having feelings for Cheon-Soo was justified of her character. I rather they leave the ending as an open-ending but of course, they wanted a happily-ever after for both the leads. If the writers wanted that, they should have made them fall in love in the beginning not the ending. And then there's the father. What the hell writers? How can you do that to him (he was my favorite character).

Of all the characters, Ji-Hye was the most likable and stayed true to her character. She was stronger, fierce, and understanding. She understands that in order for her love one to be happy, she has to let him go. Chang Min, on the other hand, is very stubborn, childish, and selfish who goes by his feelings only by neglecting the ppl surrounding especially Jin Hee. He is a mommy's boy who refuses to grow up. Finally, at the last few episodes, he started to become a big boy (yet, hasn't achieve maturity yet).

Overall, this is a very disappointing drama. I would not recommend it at all. It was a very slow development story with a poor execution despite a promising story line.

Anhh I love this drama so much <3 <3 <3 The best drama i have ever watched. The cast are so handsome and beautiful and the drama is so meaningful. It is so sad that I won't have anything to watch every friday and saturday anymore. I will miss the Oh couple <3 I hope to see all of them again. Fighting!!!

Iraah Emergency couple daebak!! I loved the story line and well done to all casts and member for making a wonderful drama. Must hit best drama of 2014! Song Ji Hyo eonni flawless! Adore you alots ♥ Choi Jin hyuk oppa! Melts seeing your adorable smile! Best chemistry to both of them! And gomawoyo for all the efforts ♥♥♥

frau_jockl i loved the drama...but is epsd 21 the END???

eh Oh. I love the way Chief Gook give a cuddle to Jin Hee when they showing the drama BTS. He looks so comfortable with it. Instead of laughing you decided to hug Jin Hee huh Chief Gook??kekeke

Lee Yana This is one of the best drama's that I have watched. In this drama, all the couples look so good together. Especially Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. to be honest, Ji Hyo doesn't even look like she is over 25 this year. Hope to see Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in another drama. They looked like they really like each other. Just my opinion from watching behind the scenes. Hope that they are really a couple.

ddgdg this drama is amazing!! I so in love with it <33 song ji hyo you're the best

K+H=2013 I love this drama!!!

Yongshin To the producer, writer, casts & crew: Thank you very much for doing a nice job and a nice drama. An ending with a big hope of Chang Min & Jin Hee being together again as couple. Reconciliation and healing happened to Chief Cheon Soo and possible of make up for the lost time with Prof Sim Hye, What a happy and full of hope ending. Thank you for making us cry, laugh and hope. I hope there are more k drama like this. If I rate this, this will be 100%. Gomawo!

kh I love this drama!!!

kh I am wondering are they going to make a second season

weimib Can't believe this finally ended. Definitely one of those slice of life dramas that really touch your heart. Whether you're medically-inclined or not, it doesn't really matter since anyone can relate to it one way or the other. The lead cast is so amazing and the writers of the drama definitely brought out their best in making the story. Looking forward for more from the OhOh couple. PS: I hope ABS-CBN (Philippine TV Network) buys the rights (if they haven't yet) for this drama because this will definitely be a hit. ☆☆☆

lana123 man their acting is superb, nothing can compare to this drama! the chemistry in this drama is so natural...so realistic my favourite dramas 1. i can hear your voice 2. emergency couple

james hi body.... ep21 ....is the last episode?

loveeee if song ji hyo and choi jin hyuk become a hero and heroin again.. the rating will go up again

mario delos angeles HOPING FOR next good project to all cast. thank you very much Tvn for the best drama of this year.

Elizabeth Daebak!!!! Tonight is gonna be the last episode seeing ji hyo and jin hyuk together :( but still looking for the best ending!!!!

Ina Oh really. I really really hope that song ji hyo and choi jinhyuk can be able to act together as hero and heroin again in another drama pleaseeee..please3!!! I love love love them!!

intan today sat 5, last episode :(

Hara Attaii This drama is really the best! Can't wait to the final episode! Love Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo!❤️

weimib It's so heartbreaking to see the look on Chief's face after seeing Jin Hee and Chang Min together but I still root for the OhOh couple so fighting! <3

Nahlay I love love this drama! I love OJH & OCM but I really want OJH to end up with chief too:(

emerald fernandez I am in love and addict with this drama. Both of "OH" made me so curios with them.

What a fun and smiley korean drama, congratulation for all actors and crews who has made this drama became wonderfull..

honeygail this show always makes me laugh.. like laughing would be the death of me.. Wishing Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang-Min end up together and have a baby..

holly Choi Jin-Hyuk and Jin Hee in the end !!! Love them together -- in The end "fighting"!!

Pheonix So far, this series was really good and I can't wait for the next episode and i actually love this show very much so congratulation for the one who made this drama you got a fan :D and i'm just really satisfied with all the characters in this series (:

Pheonix So far, this series was really good and I can't wait for the next episode and i actually love this show very much so congratulation for the one who made this drama you got a fan : D and i'm just really satisfied with all the characters in this series (:

Cathy I like this series very much.. I recommend it to all to take a look and enjoy every episodes of this drama. No boring scenes from the start and to the end of every episodes. SUPERLIKE!

len gary's appearance was unpredictable . ooh~ monday couple~ ♡_♡

len haha :D gary's appearance was unpredicatable . jong gook & gwang soo's name was included too !

Kana I really like chief Gook , but I think its really more right if the divorce couple will getting back together. Anyway.. Chang Min is so cute , he really meant for Oh Jin Hee then chief Gook will be mine :D lol XD ... then its really Happy Ending.... xoxo..

Nita The ending of k-dramas are often unpredictable and dissatisfied.. :(..

rskdrama very disappointing drama. the lead actors acting really sucks! sorry to say this. I had so much expectation from Jin-Hyuk, never liked Ji-hyo's acting anyways... all the others including chief did a good job.

Raibajo I like chief gook and oh Jin hee.I also like Chang Min but past is past^^Look forward for a happy ending.I like this series very much^^

sameeha I think oh jin hee in chief need to date because they both been hurt in life. in change-min in sim ji-hye need to date. im totally looking forward on more episodes I love this moive

memo this serial and heroes fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous

child very cute, admirable

So excited for episode 20

Amanda I really hope Jin Hee with Chief Gook.. they deserve each other.. They should lead this drama .. They have more chemistry and make my heart dup dap bum bum

Juni I love it how all pairings are so cute together... Yong gyu - Areum, Jin hee - Chang min , Prof Shim - Chief ...

Faith What's so bad about Chang min? I think both parties are at fault when they were divorce. Chang min did try to make their life work. Trust and understanding is really important in a relationship. I'd also like how the story are going so far, the only thing that I don't like about it is Jin hee who still unsure about her feeling for chief and Chang min. For her to give Chang min hope and play with his feelings is heartbreaking. Hope in episode 20 they sort out the uncertainty feeling they have for one another. Hope they show sweet romance and growth in Chang min and Jin hee relationship. Jin hee having a baby would be a bonus to the ending of this drama. Fighting oh couple !!! Aww baby gook is soo cute hehe

Hiro i will root for Oh Jin Hee and Kim Min-Ki lol~! chang min and jin hee is the hero & heroin of this drama so obviously they will end up together again..and u know what, i like it! chief gook just should pairing up with his ex. she's not bad isn't? match in heaven with chief gook,haha.. for me, chief is just a nuisance between chang min and jin hee relationship. he dont even have confidence to start and raise a family.so he definitely not good enough for jin hee.

peace and bye :P

mona I can't even watch the rest of drama after OJH left chief Gook. Oh! horrible taste.

Angel As much as I like Lee Pil Mo's character, I would still like changmin and jin hee to patch things up and end up together in the end!!!! Looking forward to the ending!!! XD

Secret Chief should be with Jin hee . I love this drama very that much:D hope many people will watch this drama fighting for them (emergency couple)

Yoo @you know it if u hate this drama that much then DONT WATCH! i like this drama and the way it goes. and i prefer a lot that Chang Min end up with Jin Hee again. chief can be with prof shin, dont u feel bad for her? she love chief so much that she would sacrifices her feeling for chief.

again, chang min deserves to be with jin hee..they are meant to be together. if u are so sick of it then get lost or go away somewhere else. we dont need ur opinion. this drama not sucks at all, but opinion really damn sucks!

Aviallll Excuse me? @youknowit what is your problem? If you don't like it don't watch it btw the meant be together if you don't understand it is not our problem if you will watch it you will see that this drama is the best I cheer for ohoh couple

Yongshin Those who hate chang min & jin hee together again, which only signifies that they are really meant to each other. I just don't understand why these people keep watching if they don't want them to end together. Giving them both a second chance to be together again as husband and wife is a good story. Thumbs up for the writer, producer and all the staff. Bring this drama hope to those who are hopeless. That's what you call a happy ending.

Loves everything korean Love this drama! Touches the heart! To you know it- if you think thisdrama sucks, then stop watching it!

you know it Why should chang min deserves to be with jin hee? This is why I hate this drama, obviously watching this I'm sure the writers will have them end up together in the end or something. When clearly they shouldn't. the hell that jin hee went through like Why Why would you. They're not meant to be. The Further I keep watching this drama the more I'm getting sick of it. This drama sucks

seawater a very nice drama. baby gook is very sweet. chang min's uncle in the role of actors, who do you know the name of the

seawater chang min's uncle in the role of actors, who do you know the name of the

kim hee jin i want jinhee & chang min end up together pls writer....i really love yhis drama especially choi jin hyuk

Chopiesz Oh Chang Min deserve to get second change with Jin hee.... both of they look great together, beside that chef gook must back to Ji Hye, they have child even the chef doesn't know about that.

rea Today's episode is really heartbreaking..I dont wanna see chief Gook to fall down again..

Dear writer, chief gook deserves to be happy with jin hee..pls let them together pls..

Nanana Really love this drama! I love the chemistry between Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk :D

And Baby Gook is so adorbs!

Wutttt I really really hate it when she plays a rich ignorant old lady, her physical appearance (voice, face, height) fits the character so well that makes my blood boil lol. I dont hate her as an actress though, me hating her up to this point just shows that she's so good at what she does. peace ahjuma ^-^

Kaitlin Love so much, best show ever and my new favorite show! I'm inspired so much by it. I wish it would never end and I could live in Korea.

wisa Ahhh hurry up and end drama!!! Can't wait to see gap dong! Don't really care who she ends up with even though it's obvious who she ends with.

daphne I am often for the old couples and reuniting together, but I really like the chief! She started to smile with him... although I feel Chan Min loves her again and more, it's exciting to find out who will have her, but it would be beautiful if she is with Chief!

Anju Why everyone like chief and Jin Hee???? :( I want Jin Hee together with Chang Min. They still love each other. Chief should be together with Ji Hye.

KDramaFan I think Jinhee and ChangMin should be together. They aren't finished yet. If they are finished then JinHee should be with Cheif.

Kuswanita Please let Jinhee with ChiefGook.. They meant for each other.. let them be happy together

JC Im hoping that Chief n Jinhee would be together in the end. They're so cute and perfect couple.

Oh couple i'm really loving this drama!!! Chang-min and Jinhee, fighting. I also hope that Chief and Jihye will get back together. I think Jihye returned to Korea because of Chief Guk. Jihye has very great personality and still loves him, i hope he will realize that pretty soon.

ixtyjjang Episode 16 is a tearjerker!

I was really hoping they could save Chang Min's father, though I know it won't happen since it would be like "too-much-drama" rather than reality. But this is a drama so, why? ㅠㅠ

Anyway, Chief Gook and Jin Hee is really adorable together. But Chang Min and Jin Hee for me is best to be together.

That 1 episode extension isn't a special episode with only "the-making-behind-the-scene" right? Cause if it is, I would really be dissapointed ^ ^

Blablabla I realy really really hope Jin hee and chang min get back tgt !!! They're so cute ><

Oh Jin Hee Goshh, I really love dr. gook and jin hee. Actually I preferred jin hee and chang min. But when i saw ep 17. When jin hee came to dr gook house. They are so awkward especially dr gook. I find it really cute and funny~. Now i like jin hee and dr.gook. I hope the ending jinhee and dr. gook together. But i think, in the end jinhee will be with chang min tho.. :P

arsita oktaviani i prefer dr.gook nd oh jin hee.. they look cute together

blacksweet any body knows Oh Jin Hee nephew (Oh Jin Ae son)..? he looks soo cute like a doll.. really want to pinch his cheeks... >.<

Christy am i the only one that thinks that 2 other doctors Kim Min-Ki and Jang Dae-Il look like they are a gay couple lol :P i wud ship em :P andddd i think a-reum is starting to like that other doctor and the cheif will end up with his ex and everyone will be happy i hope but then again i like cheif and JH too ugh these writers playing with our emotions

Christy am i the only one that thinks that 2 other doctors Kim Min-Ki and Jang Dae-Il look like they are a gay couple lol :P i wud ship em :P andddd i think a-reum is starting to like that other doctor and the cheif will end up with his ex and everyone will be happy i hope but then again i like cheif and JH too ugh these writers playing with our motions

Neina Team JH-CM FTW.. I hope they will end up together.. if not, i will surely have a heartbreak LOL..

wishnotwastetime With only 2 more weeks to go I expect one couple ship to sank and that is Chief and JH but after watching this weeks ep I don't get why writer is trying to keep it afloat maybe JH ends up with Chief? I hope not. I think Chief is a good man and in reality he's the perfect man for JH but in kdramaland I want JH to give CM a second chance.

ellieverde YAAAAAYYYYY...sooo happy it's extended even for just one episode..i'm 100% on Jinhee-Changmin's boat

Asalah Amireh i am wondering why it has a low rating !! it should be higher that 15% .. every thing is perfect .. every ep i got excited more and more !! i hope chang min and jin he will end together .. it would be soo bad if they had a sad ending !!! cant wait for ep 16 :) nd hope the going kiss will not happen between jin hee and dr kook :)

Sandra Oh my god! I wish JinHee will end up with Chief Gook! My heart stop when i thought they are going to kiss.. dont know why, but when JinHee with ChiefGook, they look more adorable and sincere!!

gina The plot going messy. I just hope I didn't start it by loving it and hate it at the end

eh Is the going to kiss scene is just to test viewer reaction towards JinHee and Chief Gook couple?lol. i was soo nervous that i had to pause on that scene for 5 times and what??LOL...never know Chief Gook has such character..i must say ep16 is such a sad episode to me. i cried a bucket. While watching ep 16 im not able to see Jin Hee's love towards Chang Min but Chang Min feeling is still strong..Poor Chang Min..whatever the ending is im cool with it as long as they are all have good ending..

Jacq LOVE this drama!!! and all the characters!!! It's getting better & better w/each episode. Hoping she ends up w/Chang Min!!!

MsRai Wow, extended by 1 episode is far good enough for me. I am loving this drama. However I am torn between the pairing, form JH-CM to JH-Chief. Eventually whichever couple happens in the end, I dun mind. <3 Ji Hyo unnie !!!!

CikBee the only reason I watch this movie is Song Ji Hyo .

Yongshin Hi to all viewers! I really love this drama.I am not for divorce but since this drama shows it, my only hope is that this drama will portray that will show hope for those couples who had divorce. The ending of this drama is that Jin Hee & Chang Min will get back together as a couple. I believe that they still love each other. Please writer, make this possible because if not, the whole scenes that shows that they still love each other don't make sense. The only way that this will be possible is to put a scene or situation that makes Chang Min's mom realize her character & view about their marriage and be reconciled with everybody whom she hurt. Then Jin Hee's mother will also have a change of heart.Everybody will be happy in the end.

srija I wish song ji hyo should end up with lee pil mo.....bcoz there are two reasons 1.she doesn't deserve choi jin hyuk oppa...... and 2. so many fans are happy with song ji hyo and lee pil mo couple.For jin hyuk i wish he should start fresh life with any other girl rather than song ji hyo.so,i request at end song ji hyo should be with lee pil mo only....song ji hyo fans plz don't upset for what i have written, i just said my opinion.

ixtyjjang I did waver once and shiped Jin Hee and Chief Gook, this ship hasnt completely gone though. But mostly I'm for Jin Hee and Chang Min, they're just too sweet to be ignored :)

I once hoped for Jin Hee and Chief Gook to have a kiss scene too, so after I saw the Episode 16 Preview I was like "Oh yes" but after some thought I hope it wont happen since it would be awkward to see Jin Hee with Chang Min after that. And I would feel sorry for both Prof Shim and Chang Min.

Anyway, I'm patiently waiting for the next Episodes :)

confusedone I'm really confused because if I were in JH shoes I would rather start fresh. Its fact that there is significantly higher percentage of people who divorce moving on rather than giving love a second chance. I don't even know a divorce couple who got back together. But this is kdramaland I watch this to feel good and I REALLY want JH and CM to give love another chance.

mpon i hope chief kook and jin hee kiss each other i'm realy exited to see this happend & it will be more interesting if chang min see them in that state *:

hidayah I ship jinhee with chief gook. Hee

Kristof Hope chief and jinhee are not gonna kiss. Because she still love changmin hahaha

nadxlee Jinhee must be together with Chief Gook! Their such a good match couple. hope Jinhee and Chief Gook will really really kissing each other next episode<3

Lii I don't think Chief Gook and Jin Hee gonna kiss , Jin Hee still loved Chang-Min.

whacky chang min and jinhee ♥ the ep 16 preview tortures me :'( love deserve second chances... hope she ends up with the one she originally loved... oh no still many days for ep 16 :'(

Lisa I want Jin Hee to choose Chang Min!!!! They should work out their problems, hopefully somehow get their mothers to be civil with each other. They've already built up so much already! Their careers are underway and they'll be working together which is sweet and can learn from each other. It was doomed to fail the first time since they were young and didn't have stable careers. But now it's different! Ahhhh I wish they would fix everything that went wrong and love each other again!!!


eh uh-oh.will Chief Gook and Jin Hee kiss?oh.please dont let Prof Sim see it or else me myself would feel awkward.lol. I love Chief Gook and now i ship him with Prof Sim and not Jin Hee. Last time i did ship Chief Gook with Jin Hee but since i think Prof Sim's daughter is Chief Gook's child so i want them to end up together. The way Prof Sim let Chief Gook to follow his heart and not giving any pressure to him makes me respect and adore Prof Sim. If Chief Gook and Jin Hee start dating and suddenly he find out that the daughter is his and go back to Prof Sim it will be just urgh..please writer-nim. hopefully is just my imagination and u didnt give me such plot.

Unknown I hope the oh couple become together again.. They're perfect for each other. I don't know why i just love them being together when they're care about each other

Ally Please make them kiss in the next episode :D I mean Ji Hee and Chief Doc :D

Meme at the first time i though ye jin's daughter is cheon soo's daughter, but she deny it. is she lie? i mean, why keep it as a secret. it will be more interesting if ye jin's daughter is cheon soo's. ye jin is a very sweet yet very strong character.

Rachel i want the oh couple to be back together!!!

emergencycouplelover This drama so awesome!!! #songjihyo #choijinhyuk

Aigner Jin hee and chief gook you both kyopta!! I adore you both :p

mar I want chief together with jin hee....please

leejoonhyuk i ship chief and jinhee. got myself hooked with this drama from the first ever episode after my friend suggest it.

Chief Gook himnaeseyooooo!

Jeje really love this drama,,, song ji hyo fightingg !!!!

xoxo <3

DebS let me guess..the starring of this drama is ji hyo & jin hyuk....of course they end up together..well, all of their promotional posters are mostly both of them pictured together...so most probably pil mo will end up with yeo jin...and then clara with yong kyu...it is pretty predictable...why have to worry abt jin hee and the chief...the posters pretty much tell us abt the ending...but chang min leave her behind(when the divorce happen)..if I were in her shoes..I would get frustrated..she cried a lot when chang min leave..pity jin hee...if that were me...I wouldn't want to reconcile..too much pain that I've gone through though...hmmmm...

rainamega I don't want her end up with the chief. I want her together with Oh Chang Min again. Pliiiiiiis Director-nim, writer-nim, putagterimnida...!

Och I keep on repeating the episodes because I'm already hooked with it. luv it so, soooo much! I can't wait to see the next episodes and I'm already hoping for an extension or perhaps part 2! how's that for a suggestion?! Anyway, congratulations to the staffs, actors/actresses, director and scriptwriter for a good plot! :-)


) OH CHANG MIN!! Fighting!

anatot23 I hope Oh Jin hee and Oh Changmin will end up together again..:)..pretty please Director.

shola Love this drama I even got my mom who has never ever wath a korean drama before hook.to it!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

tintin08 just finished watching the last episode.. woooo i can't wait to watch the next episodes.. the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot.. hope that in the end Jin Hee will still like Oh Chang Min :) fighting Chang Min oppa :)

thina just finished watching the last episode.. woooo i can't wait to watch the next episodes.. the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot.. hope that in the end Jin Hee will still like Oh Chang Min :) fighting Chang Min oppa :)

tintin just finished watching the last episode.. woooo i can't wait to watch the next episodes.. the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot.. hope that in the end Jin Hee will still like Oh Chang Min :) fighting Chang Min oppa :)

kaye24 once again this drama had prove that it's one of the best ongoing dramas these days!!! i totally love the the plot and the story so far!!! the competition between the two guys is officially on!!!YAY

kaye20 once again this drama had prove that it's one of the best ongoing dramas these days!!! i totally love the the plot and the story so far!!! the competition between the two guys is officially on!!!YAY

thina weee..i'm waiting for the eng sub for episode 13.. waah i really can't get enough of this drama.i love the chemistry between Song Ji-Hyo and Choi Jin-Hyuk.. i wish that every week it's always Friday and Saturday so that i can watch the new episodes hehe.. i wish that there will be a happy ending between Jin Hee and Chang Min..:).about Chief Kook hope that they'll be back together with Ji-Hye so that everyone will have a happy ending :)

Ruby Oh my gosh I can't believe I haven't watched this drama before. I am so in love with Cheon soo! I would favor in Cheon soo and Jin hee but oviously hes going to be with Ji Hye for their daughter. Pretty sad that they won't be together. They are so cute :ooo! I wonder if there will be some plot twist at the end so Cheon soo and Jin hee will be together *.*

Sely Tha Found a drama after longtime who's the couple is so match... Although I like jihyo along with gary... but the chemistry + storyline between jin hee and chang min make this drama wont make boring to watch.. Curious about the ending..

Lisa I'll be so sad if Jin Hee and Chang Min don't get back together. I want it to end like Masters Sun: everyone couple was happy. Ji Hye needs Cheon Soo to take care of her and her daughter.

Lisa Such a great show. I'll be so sad if Jin Hee and Chang Min don't get back together. I want it to end like Masters Sun: everyone couple was happy. Ji Hye needs Cheon Soo to take care of her and her daughter.

Rose Rarela I really love this couple, the best kdrama so far...its worth watching....

Xioma The best drama !,!! I wish to have more episodes per week. Expecting what will happen with Oh couple

Lisa I totally love this series and I am so on team chief gook. Marry me I beg of u lol

alya i really loved this drama and i wish kpop would come to use dubai they have a lot of fans like maybe the whole use really

NAZAMARGO LOVE THIS DRAMA, there are so many kisses!!!!! I love the couple...they are so cute. Both actors have very clean acting.LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

sarina good story line dispite boring one's like the heirs

jaesdfsd My absolute favorite episode by far is 10-11. I already like this drama but I fall in love and got invested on it because of the recent episode. Lots of squeal worthy moments between Jinhee and Changmin. After watching the recent episode I am really restless and can't wait for friday to come

jaedidn My absolute favorite episode by far is 10-11. I already like this drama but I fall in love and got invested on it because of the recent episode. Lots of squeal worthy moments between Jinhee and Changmin. After watching the recent episode I am really restless and can't wait for friday to come!

flawlessjaejoong I fancies chief Gook! I squealed so loud watching the cpr scene in ep 8. I like Chang Min too, but I love chief Gook more~ >.<

maureen Only one word to describe this drama...DAEBAK...

tezza agree with IRANI AND KERFINE!! bith drama is amazing than the heirs..

kerfina super agree with inari!!! this one is deabak!!! , awesome actors and actress were in the heirs, but just the same as flowerboys storyline , this one is new interesting story and great actors and actresses, I love chief , changmin and i so love Song Ji-hyo.... what makes it even better is they make a great drama out of a divorce couple story ,which is i believe hard to make one . Specially when it started in a negative status issue, its just too cute how they converted every scene to a affectedly hate and curse relationship and breath taking, funny and romantic scene in each episodes he he he, everyone is so cool... just what really happens in real life but they make it to the point that many can relate to it while realizing so many life lessons and ups and downs, not too perfect people but they have their unique individuality .... deabak !!!

Quan ahahaha I totally understand why this drama is so beloved, coz it's also making me grin with glee from ear to ear just witnessing the developments :-) I wonder how the story will end. Whether Jin-hee ends up with the AWESOME chief or gets back with GORGEOUS Chang-min I hope the other guy can end up happy, too (is that possible? !haha) I'm happy for Song Ji-hyo because she's dong great here but I do hope she gets more rest ... I'm a bit worried that she looks like she's not getting enough sleep ... I really admire this actress :-) I can spot several events here that are similar to Crime Squad & I'm just delighted at the coincidences (having a meal together with Chief Gook/Park Saehyuk & where he secretly gets amused at her; she shops for a gift for Chief Gook/Saehyuk at a clothes store; she's comfortable, nimble & cool in footwear without heels; she has non-flamboyant but trendy/cool wardrobe; she's struggling to prove her worth in her job) ... I wish the best for whole team that's making this series refreshing, intelligent, & fun to watch!

inari i love this drama so much, it is better than the heirs. i wish OJH will end up with Chief Gook.

..... I love this drama, it's awesome. I don't get why anyone would hate it!

mra baby Gook is adorable!!!

kamutehqu I'm really starting to hate this drama!!! it's making me go nuts after every episode.. and it makes me crave for more !!! i hope tvn will not mess this one!!

mae32 I love this drama. Each episode is getting better and better. I can't wait for the next episode.. I just wish that the father of Prof. Shim child is Chief Gooks.

missjoo So Prof. Shim was only Chief Gook's ex-gf, not ex-wife? Then I hope their love will spark again... Ohhhh Changmin, I hope you have a way to protect Jinhee if you want her again, it's not easy to convince Jinhee to return to you... I hope the scriptwriter won't make a cliche conflict such as the guy wants to return to his ex, then after they got together again he can't protect her from their mother or father or else...and at last he left her for the sake of his woman's happiness. I hope you will make it different. Please please please... This drama is a great beginning of 2014... Good job to the writer, staffs, actors/actresses & the most important role, the director. ^__^

Chang Min This drama is really daebak! At first i thought this drama is really boring but when I watched ep 2 I got really excited about what will happen next. And I love the ER scenes! They look realistic and scary at the same time. Each eps get better. And this drama is better than the heirs, because at first, the heirs makes me excited but i get boring because the story is really common. I just love this drama!!! It's great!!! I cant wait for ep 12!!

Cozy At first i loce OJH with OCM but when Chief Gook come i wish OJH will end up with Chief Gook !

RuLz actually, it kinda boring at first, and chang min character keep disturb me. but it keep better and better every next episode, now i fell for it. and hope OJH will end up with chief kook. fighting chief!!

Hello Love this drama. They have such adorable actors!

missjoo I really love this drama because of the script & also how the main actor/actress portray their character. Like other peoples, I also support if Changmin-Jinhee can be back again. I can feel Changmin's sincerity compare to himself in the 1st episode. Don't make them together almost in the end of the episode but NOW. The biggest problem is not Clara, but Changmin & Jinhee's mother. I hope Chief Gook will open his eyes & return back to his wife & kid. Clara, please don't be too greedy, I love her bright character but please don't be too obsessive of Changmin, there is Yongkyu who loves you so much, I hope the scriptwriter will 'open' her (Clara) eyes'. And I wanna see how you can make Changmin's mom likes Jinhee. Please surprise us with unthinkable scene that can make both Jinhee-Changmin blessed by their parent & in-laws.

wisa Watching because song ji hyo and choi jin hyuk....interesting in the first two episodes but now kinda getting boring. Its cute and funny but there were some parts where I was very displeased. Will still continue with a little skipping. Not a high rated show. In 40 to 45 list of dramas for me.

maru this is so much better than the heirs, fighting~ the story love comedy 100% are my style!! 짱!!

ellieverde rooting for jin hee and chang min all the way...and chief looks the best with ji hye though he might have the best chemistry with jin hee, it's with ji hye i like him to be with..i love friday and saturday the most now ^0^ emergency couple is the best

Jynx I love this drama! But I'm so conflicted... One minute I want Jin-Hee to end up with the Chief and the next I'm rooting for her and Chang-Min! Can't wait to c the next episode!

랜니 Came to check out this drama because of RM's Ace - Song Ji-Hyo. Just watched the first 2 episodes and am already loving it, also strongly hoping that Jin-Hee and Chang-min will eventually get back together again :) Cute drama, I like it!

liverpudliangurl Nomu nomu nomu chuwa... Loving this drama every second and every minute of it... initially I thought it sounds a lot like Paradise Ranch but with few similarities for e.g. the divorced couple who meet each other again but having said that Emergency Couple has its own twists and turns and I am loving every bits of it. Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee daebak!!! They are a very compatible couple certainly not in their marriage lol but I have good and happy hopes for them.at the end... Writers please don't disappoint me Arasso??? Choi Jin Hyuk Oppa saranghae!!

Deekshha nomu nomu nomu chuwa simply loving it every second every minute.... initially i thought it would be similar to paradise ranch thought the plot is kinda similar but it is far more interesting no offence to lee yeon hee and changmin.... but oh chang min and oh jin hee are just daebak... love oh chang min's ep 9 final dialogue.... oppa sarang hae

Lily Oh Goooodddd <3 im in love with this draamaa .. its just hsgdhbsjshsb ^^ I cant wait for episodee 10 <33

Roxana Ellie Goulding - High For This (The Weeknd Cover) ...song from ep 8...cpr scene

Ahn Geum Ha Does anyone know the song that played during episode 4 when Oh Jin-hee visits her tutor? :) I love it so much!!! Pls & Thanks

Jin Hee Can someone tell me what song was playing when jinhee and gook were doing cpr together? pls~

black_blood What is the name of the song that is being played in Episode 09, when Oh Chang Min listens to the CD that was given to him, in his car?

kawaiii Hey what is the name of the song when they were doing CPR !!

anyone knows?

Fujia Santa I love the caracter: Sim Ji-Hye and Kook Cheon-Soo I understand her feeling about not telling that they have a Son togheter, but now that the child is ill... She need love and try to win his heart without tricks. They have a past togheter, I like to know what for one. Oh Chang-Min and Oh Jin-Hee are great togheter I love the caracter and how they grow up every episode; and I like to see they married anew... and some childreans too.

Acheese I have some feeling that Oh Jin Hee might end up died because she had some illness. Omo I hope it won't happen ! I really hate sad ending drama, it gonna breaks my heart a lot

Desi This drama makes my day..fun & exciting..love the story..different touch of medical drama...the best worth watching...I have re- watched the whole episode already while waiting for the next...

raineal aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh., I think I will go crazy, cant wait for the next ep. my head aches just by thinking of it, oohuhuhu otto kke,.! ep 10! aaaahhhhhhh.. !!!!!

Ryena This drama is getting more interesting!!! I love this drama, looked so real, especially as intern. haha.. I always remembered what doctor Gook said before same as my chief said 'lowest class' yes that is an intern. hoho... I really miss my intern but I will say no if someone ask me to rewind it. xDD well, life as intern... fiuuh..

kurimu OHMY, this drama is getting more interesting every episode.. I didn't like changmin before.. now, i'm fine with him. Although i really wish that ji hyo will end up with the chief.... GAAAH. the preview for epsode 10 killed me >.<

rainruma This show is AWESOME! ... no real drama, just subtle comedy, simple story, and deep characters.... but Ooohhhh, what Amazing writing can do when the perfectly cast actors are great...It is always interesting, keeps you wanting more, cant wait for next episode.... I love it, Awesome!!!

Sister Ep 9 is hilarious...it's getting better and better. i'm really curious about its rating...

Tanweenie I LOVE THIS DRAMA! It's so realistic and is one of the drama that I actually always look forward to watch every week! This is a drama that is worth watching! Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk Fighting!~ :3

sarifa This drama will show at KBS2 or ONE TV ASIA.. ?????

kim shyrie I love this Drama. There have been many similar dramas in the past in which the broken couples start dating others but at the end get back together when its very obvious that they no longer have love or chemestry with each other but I dont think its the case in this drama they show a lot of emotion for each other which I think make em deserve a second chance.

            • Ji Hyo & Jin Hyuk ****** FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

I JUST WANT to let out how much I hated Paradise Ranch ending, Chang min and the girl dindnt look good together at all. Sang Wook should ve ended up with Yeon Hee they made a great couple and I think a few changes could ve made Paradise Ranch one of my favorites :(

srija I love this drama,afterall lead role is choi jin hyuk...I like jin hee with her chief kook cheon soo. clara was nice with jin hyuk oppa....

AnnGie I love this drama it's funny, sad and crazy. How many of you are feeling her more with the chief than the ex. Raising my hand like a kid who knows all the answers.:) The chemistry I feel it so much more with them (chief and JH) than the ex. I also want her to stick it to the ex mother-n-law and say HA!, This is what your son and your whole stuck up family missed out on. I love how Jin-Hyo is able to turn from serious doctor to funny and confused. I am hoping to see some dating between her and the chief we know they wont end up together it's a k-drama, but at least she would experience someone other than her ex. I'm also wondering what was wrong with her at the time she was having chest pains and why she stayed in contact with the father-n-law. Bye the way must I say how much I love the chief how he always seems to softens when it comes to her or does he see himself in her and don't want her to make the same mistakes that he once did. The best thing about this drama is just when you think oh no it's becoming serious and then something hilarious happens. Keep it light and funny. Fighting!

oh jin hee i lone changmin and jin hee i hope they get back togather

olyn i'm anticipating the next episode. i hope this will be a good hit drama. the story line is really awesome, kudos for the script writer, director and casting director they really did very well. i also commend the actors as well for they're really gave life their characters.

Chinnu Seriously the drama is awesome, really can't wait for episode 8.

Both chief kook and h Chang Min are superbly cool. Both are different in their ways and can't be compared.

I love you both....

Bryan Love it !

Love the comedy and drama that is going on. Still, Kang Gary over Choi Jin Hyuk anytime ^^ Imho, they have better chemistry.

Sara i love this drama....love Choi Jin Hyuk

^^ awesome. hilarious. cute. serious. jealousy. all my favorite things in one drama. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I wonder if there is a drama similar to this one. I want to watch it.

phops. Hope for a very Wonderful ending. Cause it start with love ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ..

Sandy OMG. I SO can't wait for ep 8 and 9. It just keeps getting better!! <3

sora jin hyuk opppaaaaaa....if someone with sexy voice like choi jin hyuk call me in the middle of the night and saying a word "i'm sorry and thank you" i will absolutely run to him lol gosh...this drama is actually very simple but very well done. i really enjoy watching it and i love to see jinhyuk oppa as a male lead again xixi....well, i dont know oh jin hee will end up with chief kook or oh chang min, both of them have a difference charm. oh chang min have a very seriously complextion but he pay attention alot to oh jin hee (which he never done to any other girl, even for a reum) and chief kook is seriously cool, bad mouth but have a good heart. jihyo nuna, you may have gary in monday but how dare you to have choi jinhyuk and lee pil mo in friday and saturday too hehehe...jihyo nuna acting is so good,

Gee WAAAA! They have reached the 5% rating for episode 7 (considering it is a cable channel). A good drama with great cast. SongJiHyo and ChoiJinHyuk = <3

Funny that ChoiJinHyuk's stepmother from THE HEIRS is his real mother in this drama. :)

Hoping for an episode extension as early as now! :)

Yasira Issa Where can I see the ratings this drama has? I absolutely LOVE IT! the main actors I've seen them in other dramas and they are just perfect

AnnZeus since 12am i have been waiting for episode 8 .. even raw episode 8 i searched for it .. and this is wat i get ??? postponed ?? i'm dying ! seriously !!!

Hannah Does anyone know the name of the guy who played Emma's husband? I'm trying to find him but I can't...

Ana - Iran I like this drama very much.. Eps 8?!  :( -- I wish it would be 100 eps not only 20 because it's the bestttt

Park Shin Mi omg.. ~Ep.8, originally scheduled to air Saturday, February 15, 2014, will air instead on Friday, February 21, 2014. Filming for the drama series was behind schedule which lead to the postponement. `I'M DYING TO WATCH EP 8!!!!.

camry NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....im dying for episode 8...where is the love man..comon guys please dont be behind im desperate in watching this drama...I love the DEVIL....Big time..Chang Min is just hillarious and Oh Jin Hee is off course the perfect woman...

Faith omg omg ep 8 nooooo why my my feels for this show sooooo gooood

Kaziu LOVE this drama! It's very funny and refreshing. I love both leads. Song Ji-Hyo is a great actress and I totally love her in Running Man. Monday couple <3 Choi Jin-Hyuk his voice <3 <3 I always enjoy his characters in dramas. Even tho the ratings are not that high but they are increasing. Emergency Couple, Fighting! :)

pouff So far it's like, young gyu -> Areum -> Chang min-> Jin hee Chief <- Ji hye

kurimu OHMY. how i wish jinhee end up with the chief. they look better together than changmin ,.. I'm going crazy. Chang min is so mean to Jinhee. But from the preview of ep. 8 .. it looks. hmmmm

ravingme ratings of this drama is not possible/high because the channel is a payTV., Is it true, that there will be no ep for 8 today?

lucidfairy Ohhhh I want her to hook up with the chief so bad >.< they're so cute together, the pairing is adorable. I.I

Mysheeki Kang Gary did appear in this series as a cameo! It was a hilarious moment! It was episode 6. :)

nykel is it true that kang gary will appear in this drama?

girlstrike jeon soo-jin who played as oh jin-ae looks so cool, she change her hair long and blonde, oh my god, she looks so different.

jieun89 Does anybody know the title/artist of the opening song?? The one that goes something like this: Earth, love, fashion, eat(?) ... kiss this heartbeat.

coupleshipper PLEASE LET SONG JI HYO BE WITH LEE PIL MO they have such a great chemistry and omg who in the end of ep 7 trailer is leaning on Ji hyo's shoulder???? PLEASE LET IT BE THE CHIEF PLEASE LAWWDDDD

mario delos angeles i will support choi jin hyuk and song ji yho. emrgency couple my favorite moments.

CAMRY RUSAQOLI Love this drama Love everything about it especially the music and beats Just hilarious

lolla Hahaahahhahahaha !! I Enjoyed every single second of the scene when Gary-ssi appeared ♡ woaaaah Daebak!! ( ep 6 ) Gary said : I have a feeling that I will see you this Mondaaay ♡ Omoonaaa Monday Couple ♡♡

I really enjoyed this scene :D The drama is " Awesome " Fighting Song ji Hyo . Choi Jin Hyuk . Monday Couple . Running Man ♡

Aidalea Hope this drama will be sale on DVD series too (full episode)

Angel This is show is the best! I always look forward to it! Lee Pil-Mo's moments always crack me up!!! =))) Romance, comedy and drama all in one show! Awesome! <3

gynn ciolo hopeto see the ratings of this drama... i wanna see how it is doin in Korea... :)

Quixote This show is another reason to anxiously await Friday and Saturday. I love how differently Choi Jin-Hyuk's acting is from Heirs. In this drama he's funny and cute instead of sullen, and cold. He's the reason I wanted to see this drama, but I know and enjoy the many other talented professionals in it, too.

Omidgreeny Love this drama! Can't wait the next episode :)

Iffa Like this drama cause I will watch Choi Jin Hyuk and I never watched Ji hyo's drama after goong I Like Romcom too But I don't like drama story in the hospital But it's okay so far I like this drama

Emergency couple fighting!!

mani Im in love with both emergency couple by the way does any one know about the rating of this drama?

Kyla Kang Gary make a cameo in this drama? omooo! can't wait for the episode on February 8! :D

Auburn H. I love Song Ji-Hyo in Running Man.... she is so funny. Great actress in Princess Hours/Goong.

Auburn H. I loved Choi Jin Hyuk in Panda and Hedgehog... he was too adorable.

taroyacub Oh my. I am so addicted to both emergency stars. Choi jin hyuk look extremely hot with white coat. And can't wait for upcoming episodes! Paili juseyo. Finish it off!

holala can't wait for the next episoooooooode XD i'm so in love with this drama and hope it becomes a hit. i enjoy every scene of this drama <3 <3 XD

PsychoticHatter I love this drama and I just found out that Kang Garie/Gary is going to be in episode 6! That's going to be so awesome! Song Ji-Hyo is one of my favorite actresses along with Park Shin Hye! I thought I would have an issue with the series because I don't even like watching american medical dramas but the blood and surgeries aren't bothering me very much. This is an amazing series and I am enjoying it so much!

PsychoticHatter I love this drama so much! I just found out Kang Garie/Gary is going to be in episode 6!!! It's going to be awesome! Ji-Hyo is one of my favorite actresses along with Park Shin-Hye. :D

daebakss I love this drama. And like many of you said as of now I shipped jinhee with chief go. It might change later on if there is more romantic scenes with jinhee and changmin because right up to episode all they do is fight and bicker with each other.

unicorn So many Love triangles!!! Option 1: CJH - SJH -LPM Option 2: SJH - CJH - Clara Option 3: SJH - LPM - CYJ

I am still rooting for Jin Hyuk and ji Hyo though!! They are so cute together!

raina i love the chemistry between SJH and LPM (chief). i am rooting for them and hoping that they will end up together. though there is less probability but oh well, miracle do happen ;).. CJH and SJH looks good together but they don't look that good like her and chief (just my opinion). anyway it's a good drama to watch and eagerly waiting for next episodes....

nikola i love the chemistry between SJH and LPM (chief). i am rooting for them and hoping that they will end up together. though there is less probability but oh well, miracle do happen ;).. CJH and SJH looks good together but they don't look that good like her and chief (just my opinion). anyway it's a good drama to watch and eagerly waiting for next episodes....

lori Yeeeeeaaa...this is daebak..i hope this drama maintain its fast pace.i like SJH and CJH here.i love their chemistry. though the chief is cool i hope they will end up together again eventually

Hestiars I Love this story and the cast. :))

Chuuu~~ღ I really don't care who ends up with who, because this early on, theres a bunch of different possibilities. I'll be happy with any result. So far, I LOVE this drama xD

Nana LOL! Jung Juri in episode 3 XD

Jwenny I agree with Juanita, I want Oh Jin Hee to end up with the ER director. But I'm starting to root for Jin Hee and Chagmin too after seeing the latest episode. :D

Juanita I like the drama but I am not rooting for them to get back together. Hopes she falls for the chief doctor. Her ex is a jerk. But he is a CUTIE ;-)

Naty LOVE this drama! It's so funny and even at the beginning :)

holala looking forward to it :)

prolever who knows about the song played when clara slow mo to the lift. Is it russian? The song quite catchy..

memo The series of very beautiful and wonderful heroes

For me in the first ranked 

1- You Who Came From the Stars 2- I Need Romance 3 3- Emergency Couple 4- Generation Of Youth 5- Let’s Eat

Nery Really good i just watched the first and second episodes, i LOVE IT! I cant wait for 3rd ep!

roby Is there anyone knows the background music in the scene when both SJH and CJH fighting in the house in ep 1?

dinie interesting drama...i started love this drama on first ep...love it...ah...i cant wait for 3rd ep..erm..

Nish aja , fightiiing much love <3

Lindsey So i was wondering.. Since they are divorced... what kind of romance can be built on that? I mean can they actually get back together after the separation?

Haikal Nazri i just watched the first and second episodes , im looking forward for the next episodes.. fighting !!

IMPasta NEOMU DAEBAK! I' so glad i found this!

romcom2014 I love this drama. So hilarious and the scenes are just too funny. I think this is going to be my ultimate rom-com for this year. I know its too early to say since the year has just started but I have never laugh at a drama this much in a long time.

dorsky lee this drama is off to a good start...has a solid storyline. no awkward scenes so far. the actors are very good. it's really good, i just can't wait to see the next episode. love it....

butterfly It's one of the most interesting and funny drama , love the actors , a very good job. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

raineal wooooooooow! cant wait for the next episode hahahaha they are so funny :)) hhhhmmmmmmm

Gary oppa! ahaha just stay there for a bit okay? haha I will go for jinhyuk and jihyo for a moment hekhek

mantana This is good so far.

Soru This is good so far. I think I'll like it and Song Ji Hyo's in it! Yay! Can't wait for the second episode!!! :D

violet I'm loving emergency couple so far. first episode was good! love Choi Jin-Hyuk. Although he's a totall ass right now. :D

Waka well, what do you expect on a tvN show? awesomeness! especially the cast pilot episode is hilarious! tvN never failed me :D

Min I watched the first episode and it's hilarious so far. High hopes for this drama with Ji Hyo and Min Hyuk as the leads AND Pil Mo is in it! Can't wait for tomorrow.

kookiness Just finished watching the first episode, it's so hilarious!!

LnLoaded Watching first episode and seems pretty funny.. but it really bothers me how the promotional poster.. they photoshopped JiHyo too much.. it doesnt even look like her anymore =_=

Levi Look forward for this drama ^-^

Issy HAHAHA the teaser is funny xD, i think i will definitely watch this.. tee hee

raineal aaahhh!! ji hyo., and jin hyuk,, I would love to see you in a series like this, I hope this will end nice,. ji hyo I always adore you from running man show, hakhakhak, cant wait fro this!!:)

Sandrajinki i am in love wih Jin hyuk and ji hyo. i really hope this turns out great.

rereana hopefully this drama can fly you jin yuk kun..hehe.. has long enough you to act to get an award !!....So be perfect again like you acting in gufambook

Aiko Yay ! :D can't Wait to see this new Drama Song Ji Hyo XD Fighting !!

farveharparsi jessd i agree with u ... I very like her .... just 5 days left :D

jessd Just like everyone is saying I really can't wait for this drama. I have never been this excited to watch a korean drama. And lastly, since she always play sageuk drama or a troubled and sad character I have always wanted song ji hyo to play a character somewhat similar to her persona in running man.

farveharparsi only 7 days left....but I can't wait for Oppa Hot chocolate CJH

Minho Can't wait when is this drama coming out waiting for Ji Hyo !!! Hope it turns out good fighting Ji Hyo yah!

Gabby Ommmmmmo so excited~~~~ cant wait until this drama, airs. I am so happy that Song Ji Hyo is finally in a drama! Also as it with Choi Jin Hyuk. I bet his character will be much happier & a different role for him. This is way too exciting for meeeeeee:) I cant wait for the romance and comedy of this, I have a feeling I will enjoy this drama! and support it all the way~~ FIGHTING!

Cosette I am dying waiting for this show!!! I hope that Choi Jin Hyuk will have a happier time in this than in Gu Family Book or The Heirs

L the trailer was short but i can't wait!

Olivia I love both ji hyo unnie from RM and jin hyuk from heirs and im really looking forward to it!

alen Oh my, I can't wait for this drama!! reminded me when Jin Hyuk was in Running Man before.

yusrabellayusop OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! i can't wait for this drama <3 <3 love ji hyo unni so damn much :*

jihyolover I. LOVE. YUUH. JIHYO. UNNIE. i hope ur drama is daebaaaaak. i already ship u with ur leading maannn <3~

AkoSiHanee It looks Very interesting.. OMG Cannot wait to see it... Fighting :D

Kimiko Kind of reminds me of Paradise Ranch and what do you know Chang Min actually played the male protagonist lol...I am looking forward to this drama the main leads are so awesome ^^

SuperGirlInLove Hurray Cannot wait any longer... Fighting...

HyunAh_Jung Gaahh!!! I can't wait!!! ><

emergencyjan24 I love song ji hyo in running man and I realized she was in princess hours and jumong. I started to google her other films and drama and was surprised she doesn't do rom-com drama. I was really hoping that she'd do one and my prayers were answered. I can't wait to watch this drama.

ace 24 Jan. Please coming faaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssttttt!!! ><

NS Wow! I feel like this drama is going to be really hot!! First we have Song Ji Hyo who is the Ace of Running Man and doesn't back down from a challenge easily and then you have the hot older brother of Kim Tan from Heirs, Choi Jin Hyuk, who was one of the main reason I watched heirs.

I hope they prank each other, say mean things, throw things and this turns into an all out men against women battle until finally they re-kindle their old love and they have a happily ever after!! I'm totally looking forward to this! LOL

Ino Oh my God, I really want to see this ! They are so cute and I'm so happy because I love both of them and now I have the chance to see them together ! <3 Gary is not gonna like this, hahaha ! XD Monday couple vs Emergency couple !

purple I love jihyo!!!!!!!!wish it will be good. the trailer was hilarious!!!!!!

Hobbestweedle I know of Song Ji-Hyo from 'Princess Hours' (aka 'Goong') and can remember her being beautiful, but too many dramas in between have clouded my memory of her. As far as some of the supporting cast goes, I'm well-versed in the works of Lee Pil-mo ('As the River Flows', 'Here Comes Ajumma', 'You Are My Destiny', 'My Too Perfect Sons', 'My Love, My Family), Choi Ye-jin ('I'm Sorry, I Love You', 'Biscuit Teacher', 'Invisible Man', 'Surgeon Bong, 'Golden Bride'), Clara ('Invisible Man', 'Happiness is the Wind', 'Take Care of Us, Captain', 'Creating Destiny'), and Park Jun-Keum ('Hundred Year Inheritance', 'Ojakgyo Family', 'Lifting King Kong') and find each of them outstanding in their own rite, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. There appear to be several promising dramas on the horizon for 2014. This one looks like a winner!

Karlagiraffe Omooo!!! I just can't waittttt >.< Mongji <3 Hihihihi

Mongji Omo, cant wait My favorite actor and actress's drama. Aaaaaaaaaaahh (dying of happiness) ^^

anonymous Song ji hyo drama!!! Cant wait!!!!

chatrineevania i can't wait for this drama. song ji hyo eonni looks have chemistry with choi jin hyuk....

L Seriously can't wait for this drama any longerㅠㅠ

quinn cant wait >< hope it'll be great drama

Angel I'm super excited for this drama! I just hope there aren't any or too many blood or surgery scenes cause I can't handle those -.-

ssss i hope not too much hospital scenes, i hate those..

simone oh my gosh i have to watch this. song ji hyo

shey oh Song Ji Hyo is here... i have to watch it. hope it is good!!

Jung Jae Mi Can't wait for this drama!! <3<3

lilo2300 am gana sooo fall in looooooooooooooooooove with this drama and cant wait for the first Epis00de!!!!!!!!1

Ainin Soffiya i can't wait this Drama..I want to see Song Ji hyo drama..i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Trisha I'm so excited with this drama. yeyyy... Song Ji-Hyo Hwaitiiiingggg !!!! She's so cute in the trailer. Will be waiting for this. OMO (*_*)

KdramaAddict OMG! OMG! New drama for Choi Jin Hyuk! Hwaaiting! Thumbs Up for this Couple! I'm so excited for this drama! I can't wait anymore for January 24, 2014! Well, Let at us see if it is worth the wait! :)

kia looool. song ji hyo in the trailer is so funny and cute. can't wait to see it

toodark Mong Ji fighting!!! <3

mg Song Ji Hyuk Couple Hwaiting !! song jihyo look so cute In first pic ;D - Angry and Bad Jihyo in the Poster of E.M.A.W

hexited Can't wait for this drama. This looks like a very good rom-com. Although I have to say Song ji hyo looks very different in the poster. No matter how i look at it I really don't see ji hyo.

nicole I'm gonna watch it. Can't wait.

Arbios Looks good from the posters.I think I'll watch it :D

yusrina jihyo and jinhyuk! lovely couple... :) can't wait to watch it! i'm really love both of them !! <3 match couple ever :D

nikamiza can't wait this drama...ahhh excited.choi jin hyuk & song ji hyo... :) <3 <3 <3

sora haha.....the teaser is so funny. can't wait to see it. look like it's gonna be romantic comedy drama!! on the teaser jinhyuk say "i want to throw away -memory-" and jihyo nunna say "i want tp burn -love"

@Ulush91 ha ha ha can't wait Choi Jin-Hyuk from Azerbaijan

irangirl oh my God.... choi jin hyuk oppa fighting... it must be worth-watching

Langit @Asalah this is not the first drama choi jin hyuk as a lead role, you should watch "It's Oke Daddy's Girl" (Kim Tae Ho got his "choi hyuk" name from this drama).

i really wish this will end up being a "comedy drama" but Choi Yoon-Jung is a mellow drama writer so i think this will end up being a "romantic drama."

emamarya OMG CANT WAIT. Hope it's a rom com drama! i'd love that :) GO SONG JI HYO AND CHOI JIN HYUK! You guys make a good pair :)

Asalah 92 Finally choi jin hyuk has the lead role in a drama .. im so happy for that and so excited for this drama I loved his personality in the heirs but he's the only one who ends with a broken heart I hope he will get a better ending in this drama Fighting oppa ♥♥

Kpoplover247 OMG I can't wait for this! I just saw this on tumbler I hope chio Jin hyuk gets a better ending in this !! I mean I loved heirs I just hated what happened to him!! I can't wait even more because I love song jihyo unnie!!! It's been a while since she's been in a drama can't wait!! Hwaighting!!! Unnie and oppa!!!!

wani i can't wait for this drama hwaiting SONG JI HYO!!!!

Emily song ji hyo!!! awsomeeeeee <3

KoreAnLoVers11 I really cant wait for this!! CHOI JIN HYUK & SONG JI HYO DAEBAKKK!!!!

Jang nae I'm very excited for this drama to come out .. *sigh* words can't explain. Choi Jin Hyuk & Song Ji Hyo are people that i totally adore - because of their acting. I hope this drama can go TOPS.. all the very best!! Hwaiting,


D Can't wait to see them!! :D :D

Maria Excited!!!!!

Cyp just keep on refreshing this site---waiting for updates!! SJH & CJH Hwaiting!! <3

freecs ahhhh...jihyo-unnie & the monster daddy! i anticipate the collaboration.i hope SJH puts extra effort in portraying the character..in code name jackal i see Ace/Mongji, not the assassin she's supposed to portray..fighting SJh and CJh^^

jessss The only medical drama I like is Grey's Anatomy the rest is like a trying hard to be them but I really like Song Ji Hyo and would like to see Choi Jin Hyun as the male lead so I'll probably give this one a try.

Ummi whoa!choi jin hyuk appeared in running man before as a guest!im feeling super excited to see both of them will act together in a drama!hwaiting mongji!!><

Dee Gerrard Cant wait to see Ji Hyo unni without her running man aceness!!! Oooooooo sounds exciting enough but a lil deja vu with paradise ranch except for the medical bakground!!! Unni fighting!!! Jin Hyuk oppa is one busy man fromone drama to another!!

wolfxxbc omg I can't wait to see both of them in the same drama. it'll be a great drama :)

whut YES! I'll patiently wait for this. Can't wait to see Jihyo-unni in this ;D; And Choi Jinhyuk! DOUBLE KILL.

joyala Finally Jihyo comeback again !! Love It !! ;D

wisa Im excited and thrilled and like omg can't believe it...ji hyo on a drama can't wait. I mean like I only known her from running man. Can't contain my excitement. oh yea and choi jin hyuk can't wait to see him....what a hottie. Although not to excited about the story line a little dull, hope the writes can keep the storyline intriguing or else the drama will fail. Writers Fighting!!!!!

JihyoFans Yahooooo...im so excited !! *Hwaiting For Jihyo !! ;D

Sidwid OMG! OMG! cant wait for it!!!! >--<


O!! Song ji hyo's drama xD YaY def gonna watchit

Ivana Lee Hmmm... not a fan of married then divorced then romance kind of drama but this drama has the two most amazing people as the leads! So I will give it a try. There are so many good dramas I'm looking forward to.

nicole OMG. I'm gonna watch it :) Ji hyo onni :)

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