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  • Name: Song Ji-Hyo
  • Hangul: 송지효
  • Real Name: Chun-sung Im (천성임)
  • Birthdate: August 15, 1981
  • University: Kookje College
  • Major: Tax & Acccounting
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: A


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jessica really looking forward for a drama with song joong ki!!! please consider!! song-song couple fighting!!

kawaii_buta song ji hyo is a amazing woman when i first saw her in running man i really like her because of her personality and about her blankness plus she's pretty and beautiful. our jjang ace!!! j(Y)

RM fan Song Jhi Hyo is without a doubt our one and only ACE in RM i really admire her, shes a very good actress and a good person.. well sometimes she snaps but thats okay xD i love that part of her !! i really hope Monday Couple becomes for real ! :D

nuna stz song ji hyo shis..!! fighting :)

RJ Mong Ji Hyo!! Kyaaa! I really idolized you..

Jane @thejoker Are you really a fan of Running Man?! Maybe you just watch one or two episodes..if you watch many, you should at least know the only female cast member of the show. She has the nickname of "Ace" and "Blank Ji" in the show and with Gary, both were nicknamed "Monday Couple" because they shoot Running Man every Mondays. That's why Gary did a cameo in "Emergency Couple". About Running Man is not listed above, well, this is asianwiki for dramas and movies. Running is a variety show so is not listed above and she's not an "actress" in RM but one of the fixed cast member. At least check google or whatever before make comments. Hope you watch more and be a fan of RM because it's a great show.

Btw, Song Ji Hyo, I am always inspired by our Blank Ji ^^

daebak_mongji @thejoker FYI: Runningman is neither a series nor is it a movie so it would naturally not be listed above. It is considered a variety show such as infinity challenge and happy together.

joansaranghae she's really beautiful. i am totally amazed to her acting skills. a big applause to her. its really nice to watch her in any role she has.

someone that admire SJH Hi unni.. I like you in running man..all the members seems cheerful to have you around in're so beautiful,gorgeous and smart too..although you always makes blank face , but you're an ace in RM.. I like you.. And you're also natural beauty.. I'm sure you didn't do anything to your face.. Good luck unni.. All the best.. FIGHTING ! ! ! ~~^^

dana Omg song ji hyoooo!!! You are a greet actress!!!

Pee Mak

  1. thejoker''''Song ji hyo,is one of the cast in RUNNINGMAN try to watch Emergency Couple you will see Kang gary as one of the Cameo

Firdaus Emergency Coupe last year was phenomenal to me i've been craving for more of her... I'm not a fan but i love her acting & of cuz,her "aceness"!!! Yaayy

kiki you don't know song ji hyo is "ace" of running man!??!!!! and you said that "she isn't actress in running man" come on!!!!!! ji hyo eunni is the best ace and she is very strong and smartvin Running Man!!!! btw I Love monday couple♥♥ Psst: this comment for everyone who said that ji hyo eunni is not "actress" in running man

thejoker I would like t reply to jinnborn she is not the actress in running man. It is not even listed on the drama or movie list it's han hyo joo not not song ji hyo. well I cant blame you they look the same

regieviernes I love emergency couple :-)especially oh jin hee hee

jinnborn She is great actress. she is great in running man,She is strong and competetive. I like her

ppoil Omo we (ji hyo, jongkook, gary n ) gave the same blood type!! Lol

Song Ji Hyo FANS Ji Hyo Unnie you're smart woman, intelligent and never give up.. I was amazed to you because you are not afraid to fight strong man.. I first did not like about you when you play in the drama "princess hours" but when seen in the variety of running man I became very very amazed with you.. Turned out to be successful you make others people see that it turns you in the play-acting is great and successful make other people happy to see you play in the show "running man".. Daebakk... ^^

sonv ji hyo fan Hope you can come to malaysia to do a race start.I love you song ji hyo

mongji fan Hello ji hyo unnie I am your big fan. I love you when you on running man you are so daebak awesome. Although my wallpaper also your picture. To Ji hyo unnie do your best in running man I want you to win the game again. I wish you good luck. I love you. Saranghae. Chage.

mee yoo daebakk ji hyo noona ! you are very awesome ... :)

shiho i've been watching her in running man and i could say that she's awesome.. she's the ace of running man despite her being a only female member...i've watched her in emergency couple and princess hours or goong, she's a very good actress and i hope that she will have a lot more of projects..wish you goodluck !!

Jammer she's is the very reason why i started watching korean dramas. i love her since sex is zero part 2 and i love her more as ye so-ya in jumong. hope she'll get more projects in the future. watching emergency couple right now :)

shino i am a fan of ji hyo.. i've been watching her in running man and she's cool... she's the only female member and she's the ace..right now i am watching the emergency couple and she's amazing there...i wish you goodluck in your career :)

Chris Eun Ji Annyeong eunnie.. I'm your no. 1 fan.. you are very beautiful and amazing especially at Running Man ..I love you ..saranghaeyo eunnie.. <3

kurizuchan I love you Song ji Hyo! You are one of the most beautiful Korean actress of this generation!~

iikuzeii Song Ji Hyo seriously needs to start acting again! I love her she is awesome.

Rekushi she needs a role

Lucky I love you Song Ji Hyo, you are so pretty and cute can't wait for your next drama You are the best !!! ^^

Baby I always love Song Ji-Hyo.. I Wish her always good luck

Mochi @Anon , I don't think your acting would be better. ARE YOU god damn serious?? You actually think ACTORS would wanna show their body like their sluts? Oh hell no, she was good enough to take the role, while you're just sitting there hating. You're so stupid, lmao. That's why we dont need trash like this in the world.

oprjs Ok srsly?!?!! in frozen flower she wasnt really naked, its all edited. and shes an actrees so sometimes u have to take roles that have that kind of scenes. ITS NOT REAL... N I THINK VIOLENCE R WORSE THan SEX SCENES, tho a lot actors n actrees do movies with a lot of extreme violence

aimee i love song ji hyo even after watching a frozen flower <3 it just proves how great and strong actress she is for doing the role of the queen. :) i love her every dramas and movie. i love her in running man for being an ace and monday girlfriend. i ship monday couple forever. they deserve each other. hope she broke up with the CEO. :)

Mattie I already miss watching Ji Hyo in a drama! I hope they can put her together with:

-Lee Dong Wook again (I was left wanting more Dong Wook-Ji Hyo scene in Mandate of Heaven) -Joo Ji Hoon (I would just love to see that) -Lee Min Ho (because Lee Min Ho and Song Ji Hyo) -Daniel Henney (I miss him and because I love both of them)

I hope we all get to see her in a new drama soon!

RUNNERS Song Ji Hyo I Love You!! you can act well in Emergency Couple, and be an ace in Running Man. I hope you will act in many other dramas!!

Eun-hyok I love you! Song Ji Hyo! I love seeing you in Running Man DEABAKKKKK!!!

Yasmint I love ur character in EMERGENCY COUPLE, Dr. Oh, ur have good acting for be a real doctor, aaah really wanna see u with Choi Jin Hyuk be a real couple, and I'm so happy because I can see u live in running man tomorrow , hahaha Fighting Unni,

Anon I hate her acting in frozen flower. she such a j*** and p#**star.Korean people sometime sick by showing off their not very hot figure.we are eastern people..respect the thought of eastern people. I think we do not have to follow all the western people do...I do love her before I know about the movie but I stop love in person.

Anon I hate her acting in frozen flower. she such a j### and p***.Korean people sometime sick by showing off their not very hot figure.we are eastern people..respect the thought of eastern people. I think we do not have to follow all the western people do...I do love her before I know about the movie but I stop love in person.

DarrelleAce I really want to see her again in another drama. I'm really going to support her in every way that I could and I love her being an ace at running man. FIGHTING!!!!

mercy mae dupa i loved the emergency couple i love theme......the first time i saw there movei i am kilig them...

reza asadi i love song ji hyo she is a very hot

lucembringer First saw her in Goong; although her character was supposedly "evil" and acted the role of the annoying third wheel, I still loved her. Compared to the main girl she was just much more realistic for me, and her acting was more subtle but precise. After seeing her among the Running Man cast, I completely became her fan. Just the fact that she is the only girl among 6 other men on a physical gag show made me respect her - but she also upheld the title of "Ace" and never lost to a male guest for anything other than muscle/strength. Now watching her performance in Emergency Couple...and I feel like she is acting my ideal self out for me to see and to dream. Absolutely perfect. Stunning and beautiful - not only on the outside, but her personality deserves praise more than anything else.

lala OMG she is the best actress in S.Korea for me...I wish that she will film another drama or movie based on action...that gonna be awesome

actionnow I love EC and I love that Song ji hyo finally made a rom-com where she is the lead. Now I want to see her do action movies I mean not a small part like in new world but a main lead role. I hope she can do action movie this year not drama because I don't think she can film an action drama while doing running man and not end up in a hospital due to exhaustion.

Aay I really like Song Ji Hyo I first watched her in Jumong I like when she shy ang smile now I follow her from running man and her drama er couple this drama her role like her habit

Sun I am a big fan of her since 2013 too. I watched 4 of her tv dramas : Gyebaek (she was outstanding here), The Fugitive of Joseon, Jumong and Emergency Couple. She's a really beautiful person.

mongjifan I am her avid fan since 2013. she's very simple yet so pretty. I watch running man because of her and I love emergency couple, I love it so much that I also want to study medicine. hehe. I also love her in detectives in trouble. I want to see her more in action and horror films. and I hope I could meet her someday. :)

the bachelorette i saw you first in your 2007 movie (sex is zero), i really like you there. you portrayed a very patient fiancee which never used harsh words during the breakup.showed that true love exists even in the presence of ideal boyfriend (Gi-joo).I used to watch the movie everyday before I sleep and before going to work.It somehow relaxes my pressured mind. I noticed you more so I end up searching for who you are in reality.You have a nice course taken up and an appealing chronological experiences as an actress and model. Hope to see you more in other movies but sad to say we don't have much access in Korean Movies here in the Philippines. I'm proud and happy for your career.I wish you more awards to get in your succeeding projects.

chatrineevania i'm indonesian. i so proud with 송지효 언니 new drama Emergency Couple. but i hope that you will be together with 송중키 again in runningman or film/drama. i wish that will happen...

kidbluboo first saw her in New World. great movie and decided to look up more movies she has been in. loved her in code name jackal and sex is zero 2. i hope they make a 3rd one i would love to see her in it as well :)

feni song ji hyo eonni, i'm your big fan from Indonesia. i enjoyed to watch RunningMan because of you and gary oppa in it. i'm very pleased to see MondayCouple be together. both of you like a destiny couple. you're my favorite actress.

i'll wait you and RunningMan members to come in Indonesia on june. Welcome to Indonesia, i hope all of you be happy and enjoy in my country. RunningMan Fighting!

missylr the best actress. She may not be prettier and younger than the other girls, but, she's much more talented. It's amazing how she's able to pull out various kind of characters. Unnie, sarangamida

CingVong Jihyo unnie ur the best I enjoyed watching Running Man because ur in it.....I <3 ur new drama series Emergency Couple also ur so awesome and brave :) I hope u can do more Drama series with good lookin guys :P I hope for ur best Unnie "FIGHTING"

Black Ji-Hyo's Fan I like the part when Gary appeared in Emergency Couple.

nurul i think she is more perfect when she with sing jong ki...i like them when they speng together(running man)

Lowelyn Song Ji -Hyo is my favourite Korean actress .. She acts so natural and posses a genuine beauty.. So simple and she dress uniquely .. I'm you're avid fan and I love watching her at Running Man.

Ace Just perfect.

hana kamozor <3 song ji hyo im ur BIG FAN here in the Philippines, we always follow running man until to the latest episode i wish u guys (running man cast) visit to the philippines and film running man here.. we really love you.. take care unnie!!aja! aja! fighting!.. :)

Fatmi Yeah...I thing Song Ji Hyo just getting thin..that why she is more beautiful 2 years ago...

Jeje i love her drama with choi jin hyuk. they look good there... *sorry gary ssii* hahhahahaahahhaa

love the role of drama <3 cant wait to see next episode,,

lalalalalal :D

Saucy Stacy HOHOHO~! Song ji hyo is my favorite actress!!~ ^3^ i wub her!!! shes the best at acting! FIGHTING BAYBAY~! <3

KpopFan Omg I love her the most when she on running man act so well when she a spy and noboby think she is lol

CrownPrincess I just realized she's so pretty and can act!

notand @lolalove I don't think they are trying to make her ugly on emergency couple. I think she just look a lot older now than say 2012 or early 2013. I think she lost a lot of weight and looks slightly different dare I say older?. Even in running man she looks haggard and tired most of the time. Her character in EC is a also being a simple woman not extravagant like Clara's character so she doesn't dress up or fix her hair that much. If you rewatch running man ep 2 to i think 150 she looks way prettier. She's still pretty now but in my opinion she looks prettier a year or 2 ago back when she was not as thin as she is now.

lolalove Kyaa *inner scream* love ya o< it's awesome ;p but hate that they're trying to make you look ugly on emergency couple o.O while we all know how beautiful you actually are --" Anyways my B-day is also in August but the 8th ;D

Park Shin Mi saranghaeyo jihyo unnie <3...i am your BIG look so beautiful and cute..unnie,fighting!!!! shinmi,from malaysia,15 years old..

tthuc nguyen ji hyo-uonni I <3 <3 you on running man and its a very interesting variety show

qiel song ji hyo-onni.....saranghaeyoooooooo....cute, fierce, lovely, smart, thoughtful, sweet.i like your smile the most.good luck,,

Soru I like her. Song Ji Hyo's acting feels so natural and her characters feel believable (she acts them out well...)... And just noticed that her major is tax and accounting.

Joyce Thiravium Anyeo Unni, You've got great acting skills, admire you so much, and totally adore you in running man. Im indian yet watching korean drama haha all thanks to you. <3

아프리리아 Jihyo unni.. I love ur blank character, stay away frpm Gary oppa :)

mongfan Can't wait for your rom-com drama. I have always hope Jihyo unnie would play something similar to her ace/mong/bad jihyo character in RM.

purple I love you jihyo!!! I am your fan from Myanmar. a 11year old kid.

Eina Hi Unni.. I love watching you in princess hours.. I am in philippine a 10 years old kid. Bye!

baktin song ji hyo is the best.. bcoz of her i got hooked to running man.. mong ace ji hyo fighting!!

Sarah radman I like song ji hyo she is a natural pretty girl and has a unique personality

qeelahy She is my inspiration. i love the way she are. I'm proud of her .

jsnl She's really naturally pretty. I think if she has started doing running man while she's younger probably around her age in princess hours I bet she'll be much more popular than she is now. Running man made her very popular but her dramas after jumong isn't really a big hit.

meymey Good Luck for Your New drama Eonie ;D ~~ may garden/ Emergency Couple. ~~~ Im so excited ^^

chen song ji hyo-a queen of beautiful smiles

tiara saranghaeo..ji hyo unnie you so strong and you is so pretty

Song HannA i love you Ji hyo unnie!!! i will always support you no matter what happen!!!!^-^

Cornelia I love you, ji-hyo unnie, the only ace at running man.. you so pretty and strong woman

Namika Anyeong unnie! I love you at running man. She have a some charm and her character as a strong woman. She did'nt really care about her image. Not like anoter artist at korea that want to protect them image. She was show her real personality. She not only strong, but she was the only ace that they have at running man. I really hope she will be with Gary oppa because they're erelly good together and needed each other. But, im don't like when her acting.Her act was bad and she really not match with that. She have a natural beauty without plastic surgery. That's why i really love her. Especially when her with Gary oppa ^__^ . I am really like monday couple and I think they so cute couple. The most cute couple at korea. I think she really not care with gary oppa face. LOVE YOU!!!!

Madnd First saw her in Goong hated her so much because of her character but ever since running man I really like her I love her sassy attitude even dominating against other running man male cast. For me she is also one of the few korean actress who have a natural beauty. She doesn't look like she had too much plastic surgery.

khairun jihyo unnie and RM !! please come to MALAYSIA .. Jeball

ayiedrah i like u so much :) jihyo unni(you so pretty) :D saranghae <3

Freya I love her works at running man. The fact that she is able to become Ace among males co-stars is incredible. Fighting, Ji Hyo Ssi.

Mong princess !! Ji hyo unnie love you!! But your role is princess hours makes me angry hahah :)

Sesame She is good for RM,not lots of girls could successfully continue to this show, but she is just so bad at acting. I don't think many ppl would notice her if it wasn't for RM..

maman Song ji hyo and song joong ki, are they siblings?

mogi Because of you, I watched New World, otherwise I would never have seen such a great movie since I don't like "gangster" type movies. You were great, as always. Thank you.

edgar I like your role as kyung -ah,hoping to see your role in that movie in Part 3 soon!!!

Nabila Happy birthday for all the best for youuuuu, Oenniiiiiii~~~~ keep fighting and smiling! :))))))) I've always loved your acting, your smile and laugh, and keep giving people loveee oenni~~

ps: You've got the same birthday as mineee~ ;D

ThyAdha Saengil Chuka Hamnida Uri Saranghaneun Oenni,,

Song Jihyo Manseee~~~ ^^

nicole Happy Birthday Onni :) More power Ace :)

Princess Candle Ji Hyo unnie,saranghae..I really like you. (^_^)

LOL Ji-hyo is a tomboy (not that lesbian one). She's just not girly that's why I liked her!

nadia I love Song Ji Hyo. And her role in Frozen Flower was amazing. It was after watching the movie that I realize she is an amazing actress. Not all actress would take that role especially Koreans. I think by taking that role just prove that she is not just any actress, but a very talented one and she took the challenge.

and by the way @fairuz she is amazing in Running Man, and the other members doesn't underestimate her. She is very strong and very intelligent. As for the betrayal, every member done that. I really like it when she won, because it shows that even if Running Man's members are mostly guys, she can still beat them with her intelligence.

Julian Tirol Your role on sex is zero 2 is Amazing!

your cute, funny and i'm in love with your character your Kyeong-ah!

Good Luck on your career..

take care!

Kezia Claudia Song Ji Hyo onni... i like your character, and then you so beautiful..... i hope u must have many Film, and Drama Korean, and them i like "SONG SONG COUPLE" .....


fairus first till middle episode(50)i saw her in running man, i doesn't like her character so much.. its because jihyo always win and sure she is good at some things..but most of the victory archieve by backstabber other.. maybe because she's the only girl in running man.. i dont know either.. but,week after week,i really enjoy that variety show.. i feeling in love with seven of them.. sometime,i dont know which team i should support to be the winner at the last.. sometime i choose gary n jihyo team, sometime,jongkook,kwangso,jaesuk,haha..

i really enjoy their character in running man.. girin love to sabotaj jongkook,our beloved monday couple, haha with his crazy mind,jaesuk with his big mouth,sukjin with race starter.. all of this make me happy n able to smile n laugh even when i sad n moody..dont you feel the same??
( my english too weak lorhh..hihi)

kira i first saw her in wishing stairs ,,and hated her in Princess Hours yet she made me hands down to her role in Frozen Flower !!OMG not every actress will be able to do that with their image at stake..two thumbs UP!!

M.K.E @Woohi. I'm not particularly a fan of anyone of the show, but I don't think what you're saying is fair. I've watched the show from the start and at around episode 10 they (the men) decided that they would go easy on the ALL the women that would be on the show. They insult the crap out of Song Ji Hyo most of the time and she just takes it and gets on with it. It's like your issue is aimed at her not being as strong athletically as the men? How exactly is that her fault? ¬3¬"

Woohi know her only from running man, sure she is good at some things but i see her as the biggest backstabber, like her the least in running man. hmm maybe its cuz everyone is nice enough cuz its a girl and she rolls with it for 150+ episodes -.- want her OUT fast in one or more episodes, not ji suk-jin or G/kwang-so.

CSI_Lover Miss Song Ji Hyo-ssi/Chun-Sung Im-ssi, I really really love your acting and your awesome character in Running Man! SARANGHAEYO!

mat she's so pretty^^ i really like her especially in RUNNING MAN^^

SSVMU Ji Hyo unnie fighting!!!!! Best actress>>>!!!

mongza Ji hyo onnie, cha cha cha cha cha saraenge ji hyo onnie, I always hope you will be a winner all episode in running man. Onnie fighting !

K-fan I'm a fan of her ever since I saw her on Wishing stairs, she and Park Han Byul are my first idol actress in Korea since it was my first K-Movie. Since then I started to grow more love with K-Movie/Drama and also KPOP.

I haven't seen Frozen Flower. And as what I read with those comments about the scene you hate the most and to the one who said "i didn't know Korean would do scenes like that...(blablabla)", I haven't watched SJH scene but to tell you, I know for sure there are lot more intense than that. But what's nice on their S-Scenes? It's more Love than Lust! ^__________^

I'm looking forward for more SJH Movie and Drama, I hope she acts more on Rom-Com, I'm really not into Historical >.<

eunice21 Song Ji Hyo Onni. DAEBAK! <3 Running Man in the Philippines? Is that possible? PLEASE.

Lindamiko as an actor she just doing her job... if she is ur favourite actress then ull support her and for me when u post tis "You're my favourite actress but now I'm really dissapointed when I know that you have sex scene in Ssanghwajeom..." its no helping at all.. once i heated her (Princess hour), but sooner latter i realize her act really good that y i feel like tis... fighting Song ji Hyo love Monday Couple 2... BIG fan of RM...

MelonCandy I honestly don't get what the big deal about the sex scene is. Sure, when I read the comments here, I was a little disappointed too. But I looked into the movie a little and... It's not like it was a cheap, low-budget movie with poor actors. Really? It was a pretty cool historical movie with a great plot and even greater actors. It was a great opportunity for her to be expanding her horizons. Why is it that it wouldn't have been a problem in Hollywood but it's such a scandal in K-cinema? Actually, I'm pretty sure that it was well-recieved with its target audience in Korea, but is just an issue with some narrow-minded fans. It's her job. She's an actress, and a pretty darn good one at that too.

- Melon

via16 To everyone who saying that every korean movie won't have a sex scene, and some of you who kind of a little disslike jihyo eonnie for having sex scene, just FYI, I've seen some korean movie that showing nude scene, just like Lee Dong Wook's arang (movie) The horror movie The Wig, Temptation of Eve, which even have a very controversial nudity and sex scene, and some other horror movie that put nudity and sex scene For they're movie industry, I guess it's a common scene Don't blame jihyo eonnie for it. She just doing her job and not many people brave enough to expose they're body so gave her credit for it. I'm her fans and that scene didn't make me even like her less Ji hyo eonnie hwaiting ! :)

CH4Ssy we have the same surename... Although im from Indonesia ha3... Honestly i like monday couple in Running Man very much.... You have a good chemistry with Kang Gery :-)

kimmy I Love Song Ji Hyo so Much!! U are such an professional and talented actress Fighting Ji Hyoo..!!

dalt the scene from frozen flowers is a very well done. hey guys, is a cinema! the actress is great, the editing, the direction is great and don,t forget - is a cinema and the word is *professional*. good job! i,m going to see the new world in few minutes. good luck!

MsRai I totally agree with you Seoinjin!!!

Seinjin Let me get this right! A supremely gifted actress is being chastised for a role she played 6yrs ago, because it had sex scenes in which her character was involved in? Am sorry that's very shortsighted considering the fact that it's a movie concerning an issue deeply rooted in the society at that era, please stop being hypocritical and applaud the actress in her execution of the role. Am glad producers and her peers have high regard for her talent and wish her all the best. As for the rest of you grow up and get off your high horse. KMT

KTran To Running Man Lover, I’m disappointed when you said: "You're my favourite actress but now I'm really dissapointed when I know that you have sex scene in Ssanghwajeom"... I understand why you don't like it and dissapointed because when the first time I saw that scene, I felt the same like you... But after that, I think this is the film and she is the actress, all things she did just only did the best for her film and her career... so I feel admiration and respect her more than disappointed... I don't care that scene is the real bed scene or fake bed scene... It's not important... Just be interested in acting and her expressions more instead interested in her sensitive scenes if you think she‘s your favourite actress... I love Runningman too, and I love her in this show so much…. She‘s so cute, so funny, so strong… I love everything she has shown in RM…. Love your smile….. Ace Jihyo… 멍지효… Song Jihyo Fighting!!!!!

Aay Kaay I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . best actress ever

so naturally pretty and chilll and amazing <3 running man ftw & stay beautiful forever !

려원 ACE Jihyo in RM!!!!!! Jihyo is the bomb:) love herrrrr! I wish the show would come to Malaysia.

calai jihyo is the best.. watever she is,she's still the best.. ACE JIHYO!!FIGHTING..

Kacang Hi,unnie hope running man come to malaysia. I'm always support you in running man although you with your teams always lose XD. miss SONG JI HYO :)

RMlover Song Ji hyo ssi... i love your acting in RM.... you're so smart to get any chance in RM, and the action that you take is sooo much funny....

sam hi.miss song ji hyo you are very pretty and respectable .I have seen your play in joomoong serial and love tahat Isaw your sexy scens I have been mixed up.but love you yet

Aidil.J She is the Ace In RM! Good news to me is that she and me share the same birthdate but I was 10 years younger than her......

TOM She is so beautiful im your fan /: I really love in Crime Squad

Japson Very beautiful lady.i love to watch your movies and i've been following all of it.

Jaoson Very pretty.i am following all your movies.

Symphonia hello,Ms.Song Ji Hyoo... pleasee come to Balii with another running man member it's nice to see u & another running man Member..specially ur monday boyfrenz(gary ahjussi),jae suk ahjussi,jong kook ahjussi

Koel I love Song Ji Hyo on Running Man! She's so naturally beautiful and funny. It's too bad Joong Ki is no longer on RM, 'cuz I miss SongSong couple.

P.S. I also think she looks perfect with Micky Yoochun!!

MonC Monday Couple FTW! booo song song couple..!!

fara anyoeng, im from malaysia.. i really really like ji hyo unnie in runningman.. blank and ace ji hyo always in my heart.. if you lose with your team i also sad for you.. please come to malaysia with runningman member okay? i will support you guys here..


flamingpearlyuri I love Song JiHyo... She's a good actress that's why I hated her in Goong.. :p I love her in Running Man.. Ace and Blank Ji Hyo.. SongSong Couple FTW!.

cherry93 love u song ji hyo unnie !! i really miss song song couple in RM ... :(

SuM is it just me or... Song Ji Hyo looks good with Micky Yoochun (regardless of age difference) or possible pair-up... 'cause their facial expressions somehow are noticeably similar... ^_^

hilt ı love yo song

nicole you're my favorite ever!

kfan she's at best in drama comedy...... definitely one if not d best.... pls give her more films. Her charm is stunningly outstanding.....

boi hye there ... Hope you get a nice life there.. i am your big fun...hye do you have mail?

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