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  • Movie: A Frozen Flower
  • Revised romanization: Ssanghwajeom
  • Hangul: 쌍화점
  • Director: Yu Ha
  • Writer: Yu Ha
  • Producer: Tae-heon Lee, Kyeong-ho Shin, David Cho
  • Cinematographer: Hyeon-ki Choi
  • Release Date: December 30, 2008
  • Runtime: 133 min.
  • Genre: Period / Drama / Gay
  • Production Company: Opus Pictures
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Under the influence of the Yuan Kingdom, the King of Goryeo (Joo Jin-Mo) is pressured to produce a successor to the throne, but the king is in love with his loyal general Hong-Lim (Zo In-Sung). The King then asks his lover Hong-Lim to sleep with the Queen (Song Ji-Hyo), with unexpected consequences.


  1. "A Frozen Flower" is an epic drama set at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).
  2. The characters played by Joo Jin-Mo and Zo In-Sung share a homosexual relationship.


Frozenflower-In-seong Jo.jpg Frozenflower-Jin-mo Ju.jpg
Zo In-Sung Joo Jin-Mo
Hong-Lim King
Frozenflower-Ji-hyo Song.jpg AFrozenFlower-Ji-ho Shim.jpg AFrozenFlower-Ju-hwan Im.jpg AFrozenFlower-Jong-ki Song.jpg
Song Ji-Hyo Shim Ji-Ho Lim Ju-Hwan Song Joong-Ki
Queen Song-Ki Han Baek No-Tak

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Lilith Loved the movie! The actors were brilliant! The mature scenes must have been hard to film, but they did amazing! Heartbreaking and sad but at the same time brilliant movie!

lola For those who complain about the sex scenes, come on, I know you like sex in the real life, so what's the big deal with that kind of scenes? This movie is great, beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Please watch and consider the whole part of it, not just the sex scenes.

dkorr OMG. I was really shocked knowing that Koreans were conservative. The sex scene was too vulgar. Is it really necessary? I mean the movie is more on sex scene, its kinda porn and I don't know what was the point of the story. anyways Song Ji Hyo, Jo in sung and Joo Jin Mo was really good in this movie. Their acting would really captivate you especially Jo in Sung. Hes so handsome.. His expression was so cool..

justmeandonlyme I am mixed about this one. Sex scenes were fine. (Get over yourselves country who visit prostitutes but claims to be conservative) The king took advantage of the admiration of a young boy who was probably hetero, and groomed him from a young age to serve him sexually. The queen showed him love. I like that part. Two people caught in the kings selfishness find love and happiness together. I wish the queen and her love could have been together in the end and the king could haveverything moved on to an adult.

TBaby i so dumb it took me reading the plot three times for me to get they were gay and when i realized it i was like like YAY!!!!!!!!!

YCL It's a good movie! To those narrow minded people who judged due to the nudity and the sex scene . Please grow up and get a life!!!!

Aiat i don't understand what is the big deal about song ji hyo half naked!! we all have seen angelina jolie naked and she is still a great actress and person!! why are u all shocked and disappointed? because she is korean or what?

minjung That's really Song Ji Hyo?! OMG! Very bad movie to me.. :(, i'm very dissapointed with Jihyo eonni.

Ozmo To Yukku Nov 09 2014 If seeing nipples is too explicit for you, then please do not watch this. It is an adult movie, not for children, where naked simulated sex scenes are shown.

Yukku I don't know what to say..I really wanna watch this movie because JiHyo's acting looks good from the teasers but I don't wanna watch it if it's too explicit like showing her nipples and that kind of thing..I really want someone who watched to tell me how explicit it is before watching it, stopping halfway through and be all curious about how it ends..

Mimi SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT I watched this movie because I have recently discovered what a great actor Zo In-Sung is (by watching It's Okay, That's Love, of course), and I wanted to see more of his work. He did a great job, as usual, however..... now I have a new problem, I need, absolutely need to see more of Joo Jin-Mo :)))) No wonder he got an award for this role, he is absolutely captivating, mesmerizing.....he just outshines everyone and everything around him! Images of him clenching those jaws still haunt me.... Regarding the sex scenes..........I think the best one was between the two male leads - sorry if I'm grossing anybody out, and sorry to the homophobic chaps out there.....I actually replayed it.....twice.... :DDDD Honestly, it was truly memorable, it had a real consuming passion, it conveyed perfectly the love between them, their genuine affection for one another and made me feel sorry at the end, when Hong-Lim answered "No" to the King's question......I also didn't believe him, I think it was just the spite speaking. That scene was indeed necessary to show the depth of their relationship, which was more complex than the one between Hong-Lim and the Queen, which consisted exclusively of sexual intercourse and the very accidental exchange of 2 sentences... And they DID love each other.... I think that look in Hong-Lim 's eyes, when he dies choosing to face the King, is just the love resurfacing, after he realizes he hadn't killed her after all.... all his hate and disappointment are gone, and he looks for the last time at his man with the eyes of the little boy that had loved him all his life. Splendid!!! And let's just please admit that homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time, and it was a widespread and accepted practice especially in the Antiquity. i don't understand why we must be scandalized about it in the 21st century.

Livia "By the way, why isn't anyone complaining about the two men having a sex scene?" I'd like to complain about it if I may. :-) Being a bit conservative, I would loved to miss that one - I mean it was unnecessary to show it in such 'depness' but pretty disturbing (to me at least) - and this is the end of 'bad' things about this movie.

This movie is just so seducing, addictive, such a great one and I can't stop watching it again and again (and not because of sex scenes) but acting of Joo Jin Mo and Song Ji Hyo, both of them were just great and I imagine that roles were rather demanding to act especially that they are not in Holywood where some sex scenes won't make harm to anyone's reputation. As a woman I could feel with the queen and the pressure on her which led her to obey, humiliation, fell in love and have love first time in her life and so on. And I can't imagine how Joo Jin Mo was able to be such a MAN while playing a homosexual role, astonishing! If I could pick up a love from that movie it could have been him (homosexual or not), LOL. I felt sorry for all of the 3 characters, but especially for the king, I felt so much with him that my hand accidently raised to stop him to peek on that door and see his lover and his queen in the bed enjoying their "duty". It was like I felt every emotion of him, if I could be that king, I surely had exactly the same emotions and reactions. (And I have a filing that his acting was so good because his real personality probably not far from that king's.) I became a huge Joo Jin Mo fan nowadays and can't wait for his next project hoping that he will be fortunate enough to pick up a really good one.

To Tara: If you liked his moving when fighting (I loved it, too, beautiful) you should watch Bichunmu with him (possibly the chinese version, it is much better than the shortened korean one) and it is just another heartbreaking piece of Joo Jin Mo's work.

Rawr The movie is great! The plot was very captivating and overall fabulous. The sex scenes aren't considered "Porn" since there was no showing of their genitals, therefore it is alright. I found it sad for the king, he lost his lover and his queen. Oh and stop saying you won't see Ji Hyo the same way, she is an actress, she acted in many other dramas and either way she still looks fine with me.

REALLY nice movie :D

Tara I find it amazing and a bit of a double standard that the actress Ji-Hyo, is the topic of so much conversation about the sex scenes. It was a movie! She isn't sleeping around in real life people! Besides, if actors and actresses don't take on roles that challenge them, they don't develop and get better. They don't grow. By the way, why isn't anyone complaining about the two men having a sex scene? I guess its okay for men but not for women to be daring and bold? smh

I loved this movie. I felt so much for the King. He was heartbroken and I felt for Hong Lim once he found out that he was wrong about what happened to the Queen. It was a beautiful movie. The final fight scene was beautiful. The view from above of the King... it was beautiful to see his flowing robe while fighting. It was like the most beautiful dance.

Bian Well, it was good I would say. A bit confusing but it is still okay. Song Ji-Hyo did for sure all her best in acting and it was shown. The story line was good just same as actors. I did good job to choose this to watch. At first I had predjuction but it is all far far far away from me.

tiger omg i was so shocked. song ji hyo is really naked. O__O

Reira Contraire to what most people here are saying I didn't think the sex scenes were explicit at all, most probably people here are commenting like that because they are simply too young to be watching it. Sure there was a lot of them and a lot of nudity, however I think it was necessary as part of the story to highlight their intense lust and emphasise how forbidden their romance was. I don't think any less of Song Ji Hyo for playing the role, in fact I think she was pretty damn good in it, the first time she spoke I could hardly recognise her at all from her usual self in Running Man; her taking on this role only pegs her more as a mature and well rounded actress. Not every Korean film has to be flowery and happy and so shoujo,its more realistic like this, and clearly not aimed at the young fangirl population, so either grow up or don't watch, simple as. For those looking for something somewhat similar, this reminds me a lot of Sakuran (a Japanese film), its worth giving a shot, if you like the traditional forbidden genre.

RM ace I really need 2 version of Frozen flower at least 3 of them not die and jist let the queen froze

Ayee The sex scenes "were a bit much"?! They were disgusting … there was NO NEED to have such EXPLICIT sex scenes. So what if "sex… was the root of the problem"? There was absolutely no need for the "69" scene. Was the director making a Porn movie? For cripes sake … let the viewers use their imagination. Furthermore, implicit/implied sex scenes are more romantic. I recently started watching "Running Man" (now in Ep 15) … from now on, I will be viewing Song Ji-hyo with different eyes … and, a sense of shock of why, why, why she felt the need to take on the role in this movie!

Luci Although I know many believe the sex scenes were a bit much, I think they were a bit necessary to the film. It was the sex that was the root of the problem, and even though I am more conservative myself, I do not believe that it was disgusting or something that should have been taken out, you just have to be mature enough to handle it when you watch this, or choose to skip those scenes all together for your own sake. For those who "pity" the actress playing the queen... She is much more famous now than she was when she played in this movie, I have seen her in dramas post Frozen Flower, and she has done great in them. It was a beautiful movie, I honestly though I wasn't going to like it at first, but I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone (unless you're under 18).

Youngster This is a great Movie! I love the story line, But the bed scene? too bad I'm not old enough too watch that kind of thing. Still, I LOVE this kind of story. Forbidden love, homosexual and also tragic ending!

Alexis In performing such daring sex scenes and baring her all, any bf of hers will find it hard to take when whispers suggest she's already been knocked around by many. As one comment said that she felt bad for Song, ..really, she could have refused to act those '69' positions but she agreed...which means she had to be a willing party to agree. She knew what she was in for and what she had to do in the script...perform those parts.

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MT Love Joo jin Mo. He is so HOT even as a gay king. He is so deserving to be the best actor in this film. He is also an awesome singer. I really love the song he sang in this movie too. Hope he continue to make more great movies.

mimiya to @pineapplesquare: Very well said!...Joo Jin-Mo is Superb! Movie is Brave in a conservative Korea! ... Sex scenes were necessary! They made me understand the love of the king and why he could not sleep w/ the queen, and then the love b/w queen and Hong-Lim... Totally agree about broadening the mind- it was my first time seeing anything like that... I would like to add that Song Ji-Hyo also is very Brave!!! I have become a big fan of hers (did you see her in Emergency Couple? Hillarious!)

Jocelyn Is it possible to buy the soundtrack to this film? The music is so beautiful. I have looked hard but can't seem to find any film soundtrack CD

..... did song ji hyo really had sex

dailunid I think the sex scenes between the queen(jihyo) and hong lim(In Sung) was necessary since it was the root of the problem it made the relation ship of the queen, king and hong lim complicated. But I think there were too much positions and too much ji hyo frontal exposure. I feel bad for her as being in a very conservative country she is very brave to have that much exposure. But at the same time I envy her because ji hyo had so much intimate scenes with In sung. hahaha.

renaisance not for child & teenagers... just for over 18 age old only ....hihihi

Thabani At first I though this movie was going to bore me because of the language barea since I'm from South Africa and then I got into it, Oh boy oh boy I tell you I understood everything that was happening just by reading their body languge and the emotions on their faces.These guys really know how to act I loved this movie so much I'm going to recomend it to my friends.

Runners I dont know why I dont like the king how to treat his queen or maybe because Im jihyo fans?

pineapplesquare Joo Jin Mo was superb in this. His presence as the King was powerful and emotional. He carried the complexity and sorrowfulness of the character perfectly. Sex scenes portray a natural part of life, an insight on the intimacy between lovers, and I believe it was necessary in this movie to show love via actions instead of words. Love and sex between a man and a woman is just as beautiful as love and sex between a man and a man. I like that this movie challenged the conservative viewership in the Korean public. It has taken a brave step ahead, focusing issues that are real and raw. I think the audience could do with something that expose and broadens their narrow minds.

And for the people who have a problem with the heterosexual sex scenes... How did you think you were conceived? You sure as hell didn't pop out of nowhere.

SJHFan I wish the ending was SJH and JIS together.....:( btw great movie just the gay scene is really discusting*vomit*

Frozen Flower Good movie, and the song is suitable too. I really love Joo Jin Mo here, His acting is really great. No wonder he got best actor award for this movie.

Actually In Sung and Song Ji Hyo is good too here, but in my opinion after watch the movie, Joo Jin Mo is far better than them. I can feel how angry,sad,dissapointed, but have-to-endure-it at the same time with just one stare face he show in the movie.

Before watch this movie, from the conference and news, three of them is the leading cast for this movie, and I watch there are so many fans and news for In Sung and the leading woman cast is of course Song Ji Hyo, it's automatically make Joo Jin Mo as the third leading cast, and from the storyline, it should be In Sung as leading cast too. But I don't know why after watching the movie, it is suitable if Joo Jin Mo or the King Character is the leading here : about The King decision, unexpected result, the execution by King, and at the end the tragic ending for King.

Dalisa I just cant believe tht i cry at the last part,because at first i thought this movie was unacceptable due to the gay stuff and yea u know what i mean..but at the ending part,when HongLim saw Jihyo alive,he turned back to the king and kinda felt guilty because of the misunderstanding,realize how much the king's love him and they live together after life.When,i saw the part they riding the horse i'm not see from the side tht the king love HL as a lover but love as a friend.

Quan I'm glad I watched this film. I looked at the struggles of the three main characters. I find it awesome, how they handled it. The three actors did very well, always a tug of war between suppressing or expressing emotions. The king is frightening, the queen is courageous, Hong Lim is true to himself, wonderful set design and costume, and music. I think the 'flower' also refers to the CAPABILITY of the queen and of Hong Lim TO LOVE AS PERSONS, as an individual, that would have remained 'frozen' had there been only the king as the object of that love (Hong Lim as lover and the queen as wife). Had it remained so then Hong Lim would not have known passion of the like that he had with the queen. And the queen would not have gotten pregnant (you know what I mean). Unfortunately for the king an un-freezing/thawing/warming happened between the two persons closest to him and, well, he just had to do something to re-freeze it, so to say. I agree with 'jxchenn' below, that "the interpretation of the ending will depend on the person." For me I choose to see it as a happy ending for both the queen and Hong Lim because somehow, given the context vis-a-vis the capability/power of the king, both Hong Lim and the queen evolved into his/her "own person", they became 'persons' and not just 'bodyguard/subject' and 'queen', and they also came to know how it is to truly/selflessly love another "person".

jxchenn I think that the SOME of the sex scenes are necessary. With the first two, you can tell that both the queen and Hong Lim were loyal to king and very hesitant to do what he commanded. The other scenes show that both the queen and HongLim equally craved and enjoyed that intimacy between a man and woman as they both never experienced it before. For me, it was hard to decided who I felt bad for since they all three were pitiful. The king, betrayed. The queen, emotionally neglected. HongLim, confused on what love means.

Depending on the person, it'll be a hit or miss. You really have to watch it with an open mind. Everyone has their own definition of what love is, so the interpretation of the ending will depend on the person.

Monday couple forever Can't imagined kang Gary oppa's expression after watching this. Did song ji hyo really go naked for the scene?

Monday couple 4ever! Did song ji hyo(the queen) really go naked for the scene? Oh my , can't imagine kang Gary oppa's expression when he watched this

Lennox what was the instrument they were playing called? was it a gayageum?

natty I found this movie interesting. All the characters are pitiful especially HL and the queen. I couldn't understand why some ppl just bashing the queen of seducing HL at the library until they were caught and HL was castrated. As woman I put myself as the queen. To her HL is her husband. HL is the man he lost her virginity to and the only man she slept with. HL gives her the pleasure of being a woman and HL is the father of her baby. Of coz she is sad that HL is leaving her and wants her to continue be with the king. She has been with that man for more than 10 years and she was neglected emotionally ever since. She was also scared and knew for sure if the king found out she was pregnant both HL and her might get killed because they conceived behind his back and not to his dismay. Thats why she cried for HL and kiss him. That is the love of her life. The man that has safe her emotionally. HL in other hand respond n does kiss the queen affectionately and they end up doing the thing. Its mutual between them. Whether they did it or not they will eventually get caught. As the king search for them right away after HL left his bed. And the reason HL got castrated because he said that he love the queen and he said it straight to the king's face. I think the king was not that made about the sex as he maybe want to believe it is out of lust. But he feel betrayed when HL told that he love the queen without hesitation. N to him buy castrating HL he will not be sexually affectionate with woman. Just as him that can nvr turn on with a woman. At this time I think the king is shallow and I stop pity him. As for HL he is the victim of all. He is torn between the person he love and the person he respect n grateful for. He was forced to be with the queen n when he fell in love his putting his life on jeopardy. I think when he got caught he know he might died but he is manly enough to tell he love the queen coz he was tired to be the king sex puppet anymore as he already has a changed of heart. Even if he died he want to die as a true man. A man that fight for the woman he loves. Its such a pity that all 3 of them can't have the relationship they want. Their relationship is just like a taboo.

anon Song Ji Hyo looks so old and tired in this film, as she does too in Sex is Zero 2. Felt the sex scenes were very gratuitous and unnecessary, and her acting left something to be desired. The two male leads' acting were better though. Extremely overrated movie.

mong ji I don't know why king it's so crazy,give queen body to hong lim :(

cheergale I love this movie. It's well plotted. I think it's more fictions than facts of history. I have deep knowledge of Chinese history and background. I think if without it, I might have difficulty to see the depth of this movie. The sex scenes are required in this movie. Because the society was extremely conservitive. The eyes, gestures and minor body languages could be interpreted into flirting. However, the bedroom became the place where the couple were able to show their passions. The scenes of the guard went to meet the queen when she went back her hometown were a little excessive. It's more like sex therapy. Other than that, I don't think this movie should be considered a XXX movie. I don't know how good the English subtitles are. Otherwise, I might introduce it to my non-Asian friends.

Straightone for my opinion, HL was under "supervision" for sexual orientation by the King. HL didn't have a choice to know himself as also he knew he had to serve the King fully and totally unreserved. Until the King pushed HL to do it with the Queen, he just started to realize that HL is a real man. His devotion to the King is different with the feeling HL had for the Queen. I can see that HL loved the Queen as a normal man, but to the King, HL dedication was more as a gratitude as a subordinate to the ruler. HL tried to be submissive totally to the KIng again in order to protect the Queen (like a man naturally will protect a women he loves). That's why when they had the final fought, HL shouted " You pushed me to Love". It is a sad story, .. beautiful but heartbreaking. I think why HL looked at the King before he died, as he knew that he will be a loyal subordinate even in the nether world ... what a tragic triangle love.


  • PS: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS I just finished watching this movie and it made me want to cry. How could both of them die! I wanted Hong Lim to live! Such a sad ending I was so mad at the King but also at Hong Lim, I know the king really loved him and was just jealous and he also gave him many chances to stop. I hate the queen and that time when he was about to leave but she called him to the library and had sex with him. WHY!! He was about to leave and she seduced him and got him castrated. I wish the king had told Hong Lim that he didn't kill the queen so that neither one had to die. Huh soo many wishes but none can come true. AWESOME MOVIE made me cry at the end, don't understand why rating is at 88. Come on people! Is it because of the sex scenes? Get over it or just skip it. The movie was amazing and one of the best I have seen, a MUST see :)

sleeping oh crap finally realized that the title related to the flower rice cake that the queen give to hong lim. 'A frozen Flower' i guess, so,it was the flower rice cake after all, the one that the queen gave to HL as her symbol of love. geez, people in those era are quite metaphoric in expressing their love. hahaa

ANGEL why did zo in-sung accept this kind of role... i mean.. the sex scenes are too vulgar... he should have covered his body... hehehe...

Anne @ Dianne, I do really agree with you. He is a great actor, expressions, bodylanguage and the way he speaks. This movie is sprinkled with great actors and actresses. A beautiful movie telling a difficult story. I wish he could get an award for his skills.

Dianne I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! After watching 2 episodes of "That Winter, the Wind Blows" with Jo In Sung, I had to watch "A Frozen Flower" for the third time. Jo (or Zo) In Sung is such a fantastic actor... I can't believe he didn't win Best Actor for this movie instead of the King. If he doesn't get best actor for TWTWBs, somebody just isn't seeing what an amazing talent he truly is! With both of these movies, bring plenty of Kleenex!!

ohwell Jo In sung brought me here.but why you have to act in this kind of movie?and what is the need to show all the bed scenes between in sung and both king and queen?why???im so frustrated..i watched this movie till the end bcoz i want to know who did he really loved.i guess he loves the queen but when he knows that the king really love him by not killing the queen so he decided to choose to stay by the king side in another life???oh..oh..but still why you agreed to act in this movie..i just cant take it.sigh..

jae-in this is a great movie just cut those bed scenes. . . The last part, when hong lim saw that queen is alive., he twisted his head to look unto the king and shed a tear because he was grateful that the king had not kill his love the queen. . . those bed scene look real. . . my thoughts is wandering . .

myeon Well, nice story, it's really deep and somehow touch my heart. I love it :) but the one thing that i hate the most is.. the sex scenes. omg, it's too much ! I really can't bear it and always skip those scenes. it's too vulgar in my opinion.. and.. idk it's just like.. annoy me. although love somehow included sex, but love isn't always about sex, isn't it? why they need to make many sex scenes like that??

ugh, i don't know.. well, I love this movie's story afterall.. (but please skip all of those sex scenes)

Carole I loved this movie. The story was fascinating and the acting was superb. The beautiful costumes and sets were a feast for the eyes. Dont miss it!

fateme it it was full of sex scenes but it was a great movie ...no matter of sex scenes story was rEAlly nice !! i like it . some times scenes like this can make movie more understandable !

andrea controversial, authentic,weirdo but brilliant masterpiece.. lovers are truly blind

CyberChick This was a great movie. I felt sorry for the Queen because the King didn't care for her, didn't even try himself to make an offspring, passed her around like she was a door knob where every body gets a turn. I thought he was very cruel to her. Hong Lim was very loyal to the King but sexually confused because the King smothered him for himself, from a child. Maybe the King could've loved his Queen if Only HE tried.

Gasenadi What a little series of artificial insemination could have prevented! Yeah, I noticed what Ki mentions about the acting, but the story kept me in suspense. At times I was flabbergasted with the King, who seemed to have forgotten that he succumbed to pressure and came up with the cockamamie idea in the first place. Nobody expected the complications that arose from his "arrangement". The suspense and Hong's dilemma kept me riveted.

dhita.annissa Seriously, Running Man brought me here,, And I didn't know that actually Song Joong Ki played as No-Tak here. So there're two running man members here, Wow :D Okay, that was out of topic, back to review:

It was a good movie I think. Despite there's bed scene, but the romance was deep and there's conflict in the film (Hong-rim secretly fell for the Queen,though he also 'love' the King).

Okay, don't consider the rating or comments here.

But just watch it, and You'll have your own thought about this movie

dinia You know, I just love all of those characters. I couldn't bear myself to hate King, Hong Lim, or the Queen. It's not The King's faults to be gay. It's not Hong Lim faults to be confused between his lovers. And the Queen just needed to be loved. Man, I just love all of them. And although too much erotic scenes, that didn't really matter. Those just the flowers, you see? :D

Observer In my opinion, Hong Lim love the King but more like a student looking up at his teacher. You see, he wasn't given any opportunity to say no to the King since he was little right? It could be that all along he is actually heterosexual. Just didn't have time or opportunity to discovered that himself. And the King is obviously a bottom who couldn't even make love to a woman. And since Hong Lim used to top, it was possible for him to make love to the Queen, and along the way his heart desire a woman more than he desire a man. The way he was touched by the food made by the Queen and the handkerchief she embroided. This is just my opinion though.

Amouneh oh and i dont think honglim loved the queen..cmon man lets be realistic ..1st interaction with a female?..nah buddy not LOVE ! but lust.. ;D yaaay naa jks umm and i think hong lim also killed the king because of his anger bkuz he got castrated.. daymm id feel da same if sumwun cut myy ****.. too bad imma femaayleee hahahahahahahaaa.. ^-^ the end made me sad.. nwz dats all.. thumbs upp ! XP

Amouneh Okaay..nice movie..too many sex scenes.. well i dunno i guess its a good movie i love the storyline,costumes,the cast <3 and after watchin this movie ummm... i wanna be korean or any type of asian possible.. this coming from an arab loll <3 only korean movie ive probly eva watched but i loved it

keviene just had watched it~~ if i am to rate this... i would give it an "A"..!!! i am not on the LUST that this movie showed unto me (admitting that, it was full of erotic scenes, which will sometimes carry you to the world of.......kekeke! PLUS the body physique of honglim and the king in their libidinous bed scene which made me drool till the end of the movie~ and I admit...until now~!!!! haha!^^*) BUT honestly i am on its real score which is LOVE!!~ I actually feel an eerie watching honglim having sex with the queen while the king was in a wait to give to honglim his present!!!! (badshot!!)~ If I were Honglim, i would choose my loyalty to the king! though i cannot blame honglim on what he did since he felt this damn libido of him~ i believe that it wasn't love that honglim felt for the queen but a lust since he, honglim hasn't experienced yet sleeping and having sex with a woman.. maybe he was just being dazed by a woman's pussy! shit!!!~ yeah~ I am a woman.. but i prefer the relationship of the king and honglim rather than honglim's lustful relationship with that bitch queen!!!~ ERRRRR!!!! so sad that the two men died in the end but still i am happy that none of them (the king or honglim) happily lived with that woman in the end! at least the both of them - king and honglim lived happily without worries anymore even if it was in the next life! THUMBS UP!!!!! ^_^ P.S. I want more!!! hahaha^^~ more of Honglim's.. u know!!! hahaha^^

Vera Very beautiful story. The eyes and body language of Jo In Seong is electrifying. I wish him best in earning more awards, after his military service.

love the king I am a straight woman.. But why i feel so sad for the king??? and I want the king and HL together.... Its weird... Yeah, the king is a stupid lover who does everything to have the one he loves,,... *crying*

song ji seong jo this movie is cool, i still watch it eventhough it's 2011... jo in seong <3 Song ji hyo... their love is pure.. hong lim's feelings for the queen is pure.. and that's what i call true love.. hong lim kill the king just for the queen.. how sweet.. that's all...

martin fennell I loved this movie. I can't fault it.



Samantha to Daegu It's your opinion and don't impose your opinion on others. I liked the movie.

nouma Aww how cud honglim killed the king whenhe definitely once love him. And he knows he is the love of the king's life and all the moments they had together. Sure he castrated him but heck even a woman under those circumstances do such things. I doubt the king cud bear to kil him, giving him chances after chances. Alas HL is just blinded by his newfound lust..just lust and nothing else. Soo cruel of HL..

6543 After reading the plot above, I was thinking why didn't the kind just sleep with his queen to produce an heir instead of telling his lover to do that...

LoverKorea This movie was fantastic! One of the best ones I have seen in a long time. It was full of angst, romance, and betrayal. A must see for all those looking for a intense romance movie! It brings tears to my eyes every time! Its not just all about sex either, has true plot and meaning. :D

Yudith Okay this is my are thoughts on the movie.... One of the greatest movie i seen, the costumes, songs, scenery, and of course the story was perfect. To me Chief Hong was not IN love with the king but he did feel a love for him. The love you feel for some you admire, who takes care of you etc.. think brotherly love. If u guys remember chief grew up next to the king, under his protection and since he was a young boy taught that he must give up his life for the king. So, chief hong felt loyalty and a very close bond to the king and he grow up confused, believing that loyalty, that close bond that he felt to be real love. He didnt experience the love of a woman before the queen...so the king's love is all he knew. Thats why I think the chief wasn't gay, he was just confused. After he got close to the queen he slowly felt in love with her it wasn't just lust. There is a big difference between love and lust. If he was truly in love with the king and just felt lust for the queen, he wouldn't have slept with her some many times behind the king's back. He would have stopped searching for her when the king told him so, but when you are in love you only listen to your heart and not your mind, the only thing that matter is to be close to that person and express you love to them. He wouldn't have felt enraged when he thought the king killed the queen, he wouldn't have kill the king for her.

Daegu A disgusting movie! I was disappointed by all the sex scenes. Too explicite, too full nudity, homosexual sex. It is a semi-porn movie. I was dissapointed by the Song Ji Hyo which i saw her in Jumong. She is so a bitch! If you don't want to see a semi-porn homosexual and heterosexual movie, don't watch this film.

sara Do you call it a master piece? why? just because of gay love and lust love sence? God! I cant believe it. you all are horrible disgusting and some sort of people who just follow westrn culture with no idea. shame on you!

Nessa N I think this movie is typical "jealous gay lover." It's so funny & awkward at times because I haven't seen many gay movies before (except Milk) and especially not Korean.

My initial guess is that Hong Lim is bi, and someone confirmed it here. The sex scenes were indeed emotionless & painful, not erotic. Obviously they did it out of lust, quickie, not in a romantic setting.

I agree that you might feel affection for someone after sex . But I don't think Hong Lim loved the Queen. It's almost as if he said that to piss the King off, which pisses me off!?! Why??

I hate how many people have to die because of this. He leaves the King with no choice but to vent the wrath of jealousy. After all, he is King, he should be able to punish those who've done him wrong. He was so betrayed by his only love/partner!

Ballow Daniels I am currently watching this movie now. I've read the summaries and look forward to seeing the end scene. I will probably cry, but I can't tell now. Actually, going to add commentary as I go along.

I'm about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the movie now.

1) Nooooo. He didn't kill the the guy he was meant to? :'( That's tantamount to betraying him. How could you, Hong?

2) Yeah, go King! Keep them apart and force a different guy onto her. That'll learn them both.

3) Bitch, you're going to get Hong killed. I hate the relationship which is developing between them. >:C P.S *SQUEE* I love it when guys admit their afraid.

4) He'd never be able to kill you, Hong. Were you counting on that? Yeah, Hong. YOU GAVE YOUR LOVE AWAY. How could you? To the king that was more precious than life. :'(

5) Oh-no she didn't! At least, she could've done it properly.

6) I CAN TELL YOU'RE LYING, HONG! Don't believe him, king! :( This is depressing me. I want them together, but I want them to be honest.

7) THE KING loves you, Hong. Why don't you see that? :'(

8) BONDING! I love this moment. They sit there and smile at each other. AWWWWWWW, he's painting a picture of them both.

9) WHY!?!? Why leave now? He wants you to stay by his side. Stupid Hong.

Well, I think I've teased you enough now. You all know this is wonderful. And sad. And depressing.

I think I'm going to love the ending. But hate it too.

Fellovia i just watch the movie. REALLY beautiful film. It mixed all of emotion that human could feel. All the sex part just part of the drama, not necessery. This film could be done GREAT even without that. but, it's okay.

I love Zo InSung acting skill. And also all of the males' act in this film. Song JiHyo hve done a great role. So brave... i'd like to give 4.8/5 for this movie. Great Job for the director, Yoo ha and team...!!

Jimbo anyone know what the name of the main song in this movie is....?

sy... I've just seen the movie. It's wonderful; the feelings and actions of these three misfortunate people so confusing, so realistic. And it seems to me at the end, that everything somehow very subtle way falls into its place; the queen starts to behave as a real calculating monarch and relationship between the king and his lover shows its true depth. Beside the rightful anger, taking the king's life was in Hong-lim mind probably the only way how to save his honor and dignity-his last respect to the king he once was; and he puts into it everything. He cries for the man he loved and lost to the monster he unintentionally helped to create. Stating that he never loved him was more powerful than his skills with a blade, and it both metaphorically and literally killed the king. I would like to get an "uncut" version to understand better what the director wanted to say; here, he leaves it on us -audience.

ira oh my god, jo in sung....please no more kiss and bed scene in your movie or your drama....don't do that anymore. It's too wild and really not good to see...

Joseph Ahem, THEY ARE GAY! This is a GAY love story. Get over it! This is not a story of bisexuality or a story about a period in Korea's history when aristocrats "experimented". These guys are gay. They love each other. They have gay sex. It is QUEER CINEMA. PERIOD! We get to have our love stories too, you homophobes hiding in fancy rhetoric!

Shion I sincerely believe that most of you are too engrossed in the homosexual relation to draw accurate parallels to a scenario that any heterosexual unison would experience. It is quite evident that the chief is bisexual at best; given his affe...ctionate displays towards to King, it would be obtuse to conclude that the chief was coerced into a same-sex liaison with the King and was in fact straight just because of his sudden physical obsession with the Queen. If we were to compare this fiasco with modern day relationship woes while disregarding the salient homosexual elements, it would be akin to a heterosexual man having an affair with another woman and unable to rein himself in because of the excitement, the forbidden allure of its nature and the desire to experiment driven by pure libido. In part, infidelity would be integral in the movie's theme, considering that the director himself has described the movie of be of love between two men. Yet majority are misled by the superficial gender indicators and erroneously conclude that the chief had romantic feelings towards the Queen. In fact, the dying gesture of the Guard to turn towards the King seem to quite implicitly connote his real affection target and his remorse and regret from the single tear shed, suggesting that his previous impulse was really result of the shock from the Queen's supposed death. I believe this movie has achieved the effect of treating a homosexual relationship as would a heterosexual relationship, truly handling love as simply love, which many viewers are unable to relate to because of their inability to see past the same-sex genre, absorbed in the appearance of a "gay-love-gone-wrong".

franzi one of the best movies i've ever seen. <3 The story was so touching and the actors awsomeness <3 i watched the movie 3 times now i cryed every single time. q.q i belive that the moment befor HongLim died was the moment he felt love for him, otherwise its too tragic for me.

Heng Ron Did both of them really have sex? Someone tell me pls! OMG!!

sunny i watched the movie and it was shit becuase it says boy love but all i see is the sex scenes between the queen and that guy. it should have been gay sex!

jim92 nice movie i love sex eyy.,.,


yen This movie I watched 2 times and I really like it. I find this movie romantic and soo touching. It worth watching. Yeap there are a lot of sex scenes, but doesn't it shows up the growing of love between the Queen and Hong Lim? Love can happen after sex. Even that I feel that Hong Lim may have loved the King when he turned his head toward the King before he died. I liked all the actors.

Chuum OMG, what a crazy story, truly chaotic. Poor King, poor Queen, poor Chief of Guards. Can't honestly blame any one of them. That's why what happened was the result of being HUMAN. Gah. Conclusion: AWESOME actors!

I liked the outfits, and the King's chambers too, which looked really awesome unlike some scenes in other saguek dramas.

NYgirl Movie was great. King was gay. The boys were chosen to protect hom and of course to keep him "company". He no doubt groomed HongLim at a young age to become his lover. So whether HongLim is gay is questionable. It is very possible that he realized he is not gay when he "met" the Queen. I think he did love the king (since he didn't know better or any other way). But the king castrated him and he thought he king killed the queen so he was angry and told the king he never loved the king.

The queen was really cute in "going" but she looks really tired in the film and those dark circles! Was that by the makeup people? If not, why didn't they "fix" them so she can look prettier?

It's a sad story cuz nobody won- they were all losers in the game of love.

anna guys, did jo in sung and song ji hyo REALLY HAD SEX? I was watching it and they are both Naked, and they are both Pumping! I just want to know if they even have plasters or they really HAD SEX on set??? OMG!

It was a great film. I believe the characters was able to give justice to the role.

johana I think Hong Lim fell in love to the queen because he become a real man after their relation.

Jules I hated this film!!!! Sorry, but I love the king too much<3 Jesss they ruined what would of been such a great gay film :( Too much straight sex!!!! Need more men SMEX!!!! XD

DvilD Just finished watching this movie... Too many many many sex scene lo... Quite disappoint as from why i read its kinda great movie :( The storyline kinda weak.. Is this movie based on real Korean history? Cannot grasp anything historical from this movie... all it shown was queen and chief hong having time of their life and guards killing people.

Kim Ni Ka I watched this yesterday and I was a bit surprised with Song Ji-Hyo's acting (and appearance in the film). She looks way too old for her age, as compared to her "Goong" days. Also, she did seem uncomfortable doing the sex scenes. Okay, Hong Lim "fell" for the queen after doing the "you-already-know-that" part. However, do they need to do it that OFTEN? Plus, the scenes were so graphic and disgusting. I'm trying to compare it with Kim Nam Gil's Portrait of a Beauty. Too bad for Song Ji Hyo, she wasn't able to pull off that character. Her sex scenes with Jo In-Sung lacked emotions!

daniel Before commenting on the theme and scenes in the movie, please understand the context and the story of the movie. Please let's not be superficial in reviewing and understanding the movie. The movie was great, the actors and actress was great, the filmography was great. Let's go beyond what we see in this movie and try to understand things without prejudices.

Fango It is one of the motion picture master pieces. Two male actors performance are amazing. Back in 1990s, I watched the homosexuality drama "Farewell my Concubine by director Chen kei". There are some similarities between younger male partner emotion and loyalty to his older male partner. Bring back the memory of late Leslie Chung.

The actress is a bit reluctant and uncomfortable about her bed scenes. She is not the perfect choice as Queen. She looks older and tired in her bed scenes. Mechanical motion is not sufficient for making the perfect erotic art . Her facial expression is not willing even she likes her partner. Library sex scenes are exactly like a "Unfaithful" Hollywood movie with stand up position. It is more drama oriented movie although it has a lot of bed scenes.

Although there are a few flaws, I have to admit that Korea historical dramas are the best at the moment. HK, China and Japan directors and actors can not match their extraordinary performance.

clee The King was amazing... his emotions just smoldered through his eyes. The film captured Hong's emotional ambiguity and turmoil, as well... he did want to remain loyal to the King at some level.

This is supposed to be based on a true story. Which Goryeo King does this refer to? I know that at least one of the Kings was bisexual, but did not know that one way gay.

Jungle Walk igoo..aigoo…aigooo…! Makes BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN look like peanut. Can beat HOLLYWOOD. Song, casting, great acting,costume, decor cinematography etc… are FABULOUS….!! All thumbs up to KOREA,….! Great ending… PERFECT to the dot… A MUST TO SEE..!

Kun I really like the frozen flower movie very much. Even at the end of the movie( in the war of battle between king n honglim) He still ask hoglim about his love....But after i finished this movie i feel so sad cos all of my idol in this movie are die. i have some suggestion for the writer and producer to improve the subtitle in english. cos it still have alot of mistakes. I love in- seong jo, Jin-mo Ju, Ji-hyo Song. I watch this full movie from internet the first time it is very attract to me. Unfortunatly i can not understand what is the actor say. so i go to but other DVD n i on the sub title in english. So i watch it 4time per that day. Very great movie

Rae This movie was beautiful. I am a female and hate American Hollywood versions of romantic movies they are a bunch of shit, but I love Asian romantic movies. They are more pure and realistic in the way the love is not cheap and easy, and is convenient at that moment. Also they have beautiful costumes, sets and actors. I just happen to come across this movie by accident on the internet and fell in love with it. I was watching it on a website in sections but one of the parts was not in English subs so I ended up buying it on DVD, I was not disappointed. It actually made me cry and I never cry during movies. All the people complaining about the story take it for what it is, don't pick it apart it is confusing but, beautiful. I think the director wanted us to figure it out ourselves. Are there any suggestions on other movies like this that someone can tell me?

Camila This movie is perfect in every sense!

yes, there is a lot of sex, but all the scenes are very elegant and nowhere near obscene.

The ending is magistral to me, even though Hong-Lim says he doesn't love the king, and confesses to loving the queen... doesn't that death scene just make you doubt it? it's VERY emotive.

the acting is spectacular, specially from both men.. i seem to think that the queen's part wasn't all that challenging. but the KING! oh my god, his acting is so delicate and perfect! it leaves no doubt for what he was feeling in each scene.

i've read a few comments saying that the sex scenes between HL and the queen are quite emotionless and that doesn't cut it for them. HOWEVER, i believe that detail could be the very essence of the movie! see, how many times do HL and the queen actually SPEAK? in love? maybe not. Everyone seems to be forgeting that HL left the queen to return to the king! HL had refused to see the queen again, and only went that last time because he found out she was pregnant, even then, the sex starts on the queen's actions, let's not forget HL was leaving...

I'm not saying HL didn't feel anything for the queen, that's what i find most beautiful about the movie. it's realistic. you can love two people, you can be confused, you can feel lust and betrayal and not know what you want or what you should do. this is perfectly portrayed in the film, and very beautifuly as well. there is trully a part in the movie where you just don't know what HL is up to.

to me, the ending clearly leaves HL relationship with the king as the strongest one, but i guess that's up to the viewer, maybe the director didn't even want to be so clear!!  :0  !!

WATCH IT. Stop reading reviews! this movie is a different world to each person. go watch and build one of your own! if you, like some people , don't like the story, you at least get 2 hours of beautiful costumes, beautiful people, beautiful scenery and even a couple of beautiful songs. go ahead, there's not a single negative to this one.

fazran What a beautiful 'unarranged' film. The acting from all the actors almost perfect. The homosexuality element in this film was not as much as I expected, and there were some 'awkward' moments when it comes to the situation where the King needs to be close to the Chief. But overall it was great. Personally, the scene where Hong Lim tried his hard to turn his head around to see the King's face and shed a tear was pretty amazing. He brought the emotion up to the bomb!

Woody Just finished A Frozen Flowers !! (쌍화점) and it's great. The King is not good as we expect but at least we can see what he can do for his love for his loyal general Hong-lim. I've never blamed the King but Hong-Lim I will, but who can tell right??

andrea Wow, seriously, I waited six months to see this film. I've been searching for it everywhere. I wanted to see it because, what I gathered from the trailer, I sympathized with a monarch that is forced between his duty for his country and his love for a man. Love, to me, is such desperate meeting of the heart, no matter between whom. But, then it turned out that it's the story about the guard and his love for the queen. It gives the impression that the king lured the boy in and kept him to himself, and then the boy (now gaurd) tastes the true fruit of love (that between a man and woman) and cannot turn back. I wasn't sure if at the end he was lying about not loving the king. I have to admit that I cried. I felt betrayed by the director. I am a black woman who love men, korean men, especially Jo In Sung (wow) and it was a little uncomfortable watching the sex seen between the two leads. But really , I think that the love between two men is so pure, just to overcome so many social obstacles to be together. I can't even imagine the test they struggled through in those days. Other than feeling immense betrayal with the ending, I think the director did really well on the artistic aspect of the film. The actors also took some strong leaps to do this project.

dos After seeing this movie "Frozen Flower",I felt really ashamed instead of all members in the scene,however I thought that the story was important and actually we should stop at its details for many times because it's our bad-fate generation. But was it necessary to show at whole world this hot scene which pretext was "prouve the definition of pure and true LOVE" ??

cathy I watched this movie out of curiosity after watching The King and the clown . Honestly , sex scenes are not too bad , not disgusting as in some hollywood movies and in most chinese movies . But my question is : do Korean artists need to undress to express their love  ? i think with their talented, excellent acting skills they don't need to use to undress to express their feelings . Violence and selling sex are dominant hollywood movies , i'm really tired of that .

In this movie , the Queen is so inattractive , spoiling this movie .my opinion .

Miss V (Spoilers)

Just saw this movie on dvd, and it was very disturbing imo.

After The King's Clown(?) or The King's Man, I simply had to watch another homosexual-oriented olden days-era Korean movie.

It was pretty good, very beautiful sets and acting was not bad. Except for that one guy who had no expression whatsoever during a scene where he was supposed to be angry. He was pretty cute, though.

What can I say about Jo in sung? He's definitely a pretty boy, just like Lee Jun ki, and maybe that's why he was cast as the one whom the king fell in love with, then went crazy, and died. One thing that puzzles me is that why do all the main characters die in movies like these? It's said that this movie is based on a true story back in those days, and that seriously sucks lol.

If you're into pretty boys, sex scenes between a pretty boy and a not-so-pretty woman, blood, war and good acting, then you should watch this movie.

lily I thought the story was wonderful! I loved it! What can I say. It is VERY interesting that the king makes the one person he loves the most, the chief, do the unthinkable and when the chief starts to slip away, he wants to hand the job off to someone else. WOW! ^-^ Kings and their authority...but the thing is, I can actually see this story happening back in the old dynasties etc...(no offense to anyone).

oepaij @Laurent He pushed himself to see the King because he'd just realized that the Queen was still alive and it means that King did not kill the Queen as what Hong expected before when he thought he saw Queen's head on stake (which urged him to take King's life away). And I guess it made captain Hong feel so guilty or regret (?) that's why he shed a tear.

Laurent I just want to know what the director really wants us to see at the end of the story. Why did captain Hong pushed himself to see the king in his last breath? and why did he shed tears in the end?

limone Watched the movie, but the entire time just stare at how good looking the guard is... ^0^ Don't really like the storyline though, but will watch it again for the sake of the seeing the cutie again. Just love him with long hair, so sexy...

Shin Tae Joon Possibly the film is supposed to come out as a different movie. I did like the film but it fell short of my expectation as it was formerly assumed to be a homosexual-oriented or gay-eroticism movie but it eventually became to contain a lot more heterosexual scenes between the bodyguard and the queen ( though I can get what the director tried to explain to us ) but he still needs to make the movie come to life at its best. I thought the film will favor homosexuality but I was wrong. Joo Jin Mo tried his best, I think he really acted with heartfelt feelings appearing in his eyes..and Jo In-sung wasn't that good....he always tend to appear naked in the film all the time ( of course with the queen-very flirt while she's pitiful) And the sex scenes between the queen and Honglim (Jo In sung) isn't very realistic (even the Hollywood films are not as daring as this film) Anyway,,best wishes for Jo IN-sung for his military service and best wishes for Joo Jin-mo (my favorite actor) for his future career (but next time do not easily accept to act this kind of character)..In-sung sshi,,I'll be waiting for your return..and I'm looking forward to see Joo Jin-mo more often in the classical films...both are my ideal persons...aw oops the queen Song Ji Hyo,,,,,,I like her personally but not in the movie( of course she was also burdensome with her incapable husband who's not interested to have sex with her, and who attempted to kill her lover, Honglim only after she had really fallen for him..The conclusion was such a tragedy...Gam Dong Nim i duu,,,fighting...!!!!!!!!

Dandhilion This movie just left me speechless. Yeah i do agree that certain sex scenes were somewhat unnecessary (most were essential to depict the emotional state between the partners) but on the whole, the movie was just captivating. It brought the concept of star crossed lovers to the extreme. Think Romeo and Juliet meets Brokeback Mountain, but much more. The actors were awesome. I cant point out any one as the weakest link seriously. You can sense the oppression, the dilemma between obligation and the desire to follow the heart. Basically I enjoyed the movie albeit the violence and sex, so watch it with an open mind that it is after all a love story, and not from a moralistic point of view.

chris i love the film but i was just disturbed that if i have it watched by my students in literature they would also be disturbed with the sex scenes (a lot). could the director possibly had done a different ending for the film coz the tragedy is too way much of a disappointment for me. Please if the director and the script writer are reading this. Make another one that deals more about the story of the king and his bodyguard but make an alternative ending for the movie and please change that part where the bodyguard has been castrated, its gruesome and inhumane. and please do not change the actors, matured people who does not have problem with homosexuality and who are open minded appreciated the movie very much. i was asked by my friend to have an on line signature campaign for my request. and please send me more titles of the movies done by the actors and the actress. i would also like to request pictures of In-seung jo and all the actors in the movie because i would have this as a book report for my students (could you possibly have submitted here an edited version of the movie with less sex scenes or no more sex scenes). here in the philippines had made the movie a box office on dvds. please please please approved my request.

Maggie the story is not that great, so dissapointing... Actors like Jin Mo Ju and In Seoung Jo deserves better projects. I hope their fans will still continue supporting them after watching this film:-(

deceived i ve seen d movie but honestly speaking there was nthg i remembered, but the sex scenes! god that was really exagerated n done eroticaly althaugh there was a great lack of feeling,the movie was based on sex that wat we can say! nthg was interesting ! i m wondering how did that actress sign the movie she was only having sex like animals; n the guy also he was being naked all the time, didnt know that korean were that :sexualy open! my god ! the scene btw the gays wasnt that offenciv than d queen n guard 1! i think both of them have no problem having sex n get played by the director! this kind of movie indeed could make a lot of money buy 0 Eward n critics will be given! i feel sorry for jo jin mo, cas beside from his acting nthg was touching! cas the sex scene were real! n that s so desapointing n disgusting for d actors fan! at least they should keep korean history's pride not show it as valuless! any way i ve been really waiting for the movie since i ve heard abt it, never could imagine that korean cinema will show that amount of sex even hollywood doesnt do it that much , well i v e seen many of them but no 1 has gone far as this 1. well all i can say is plz jo jin mo do make right choises next time ur a good actor n it s not by doing this cheap movie that u ll b recognized ur level is higher than this.n in sung he planed it really well knowing that he ll be going for the army will calm his fan after his comaback but the harm is done! good luck cas i think he needs it to regain his popularity after being bare butt! cas no man one has been showing his back as in sung did!! abt the actress i think she doesnt care abt her image but abt her bank account she mus b quiet rich by now!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame !!!

ed this show is so disappointing for me. it's incoherent. the director can't decide if he wants the two men to be lovers, or to hate each other. also, the earlier bits about the sex, give way to the heterosexual romance between queen and bodyguard but later, devolves into the background again, only to have the finale showing the guard and emperor.

the director needs to be clearer about what he wants to say.

Crazy4Drama I saw the sexual scenes on youtube UGH... I think it’s disturbing to me to see two homosexual guys. All the Historical Korean Dramas I have seen never have any sexual scenes between a woman and man or even kissing, but why this drama? Oh well that is just my opinion.

Ki After the runaway success of the homo-erotic period film “The King & The Clown,” it was bound to happen that someone would attempt to make a similar film. Fast forward three years later and we get “A Frozen Flower” - a film that shares a similar gay period theme involving kings, queens, and the other kind of queens. The film stars two very popular South Korean actors, Jin-mo Ju (200 Pounds Beauty) and In-seong Jo (A Dirty Carnival) appearing in out of character roles. It should also be noted that “A Frozen Flower” is a purely fictional work set sometime in the late Goryeo Dynasty when Goryeo was under the influence of China.

In “A Frozen Flower”, the king of Goryeo (Jin-mo Ju) comes under heavy pressure from neighboring China to produce an heir (his wife is of Chinese descent) or become possibly replaced. The king meanwhile has no interest in women and is incapable of producing an heir because of his homosexuality. The king spends the majority of his time with Hong Lim - his chief royal bodyguard. The king nurtured Hong Lim into the role of his personal bodyguard since they were children. Their relationship has now progressed into a sexual relationship.

One day, the king asks Hong Lim to father a child with the queen. Hong Lim is taken back by this request as he has never been with a women before. The first evening that Hong Lim attempts to conceive a child with the queen he is unable to perform. The second night they attempt to conceive a child things turn out differently. Passion arises between the two and they successfully have sex. Their third night together they find themselves falling for each other. Meanwhile, the king suspects that something has changed within Hong Lim and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Hong Lim for himself.

“A Frozen Flower” will receive the most attention because of its homosexual angle, but the film contains very little in gay eroticism. There’s one kissing scene between the king and the bodyguard, while the film features numerous graphic sex scenes between the bodyguard and the queen. While the film does open with a prominent gay angle, the film eventually settles on the heterosexual relationship between the bodyguard and queen as the crux of its story.

With a character driven film like “A Frozen Flower” the movie really sinks or swims with the performances of its main actors and in this regard the movie sinks. You can say Jin-mo Ju and In-seong Jo take completely different paths to arrive at the same disappointing destination. Jin-mo Ju opts for the hammy “over-the-top” road, with eyes and veins that constantly appear on the verge of popping. His ultra-charged performance fails to spark any type of onscreen electricity and made me wonder if he didn't watch one too many Al Pacino films. In-seong Jo takes the reserved stoic road and consequently comes across as a robot. The many sex scenes between himself and Ji-hyo Song were surprisingly graphic, but failed to exude a level of eroticism needed to make those scenes work (if you ever wondered what it looks like when robots start humping reference those scenes).

Visually the film is bright and colorful, but occasionally veers close to late night cable TV quality (the dungeon scenes and the countryside horseback scenes in particular). The story is also nothing to write home about sans the gay angle, which gets thrown out the window when the heterosexual relationship develops.

“A Frozen Flower” isn't a terrible film by any stretch of the imagination and I can see how certain fans may enjoy the movie outright. For myself, I found the movie to be disappointing with sub-par acting, a bland script, and visuals that lacked imagination. In retrospect, the film seemed to lack true “heart” to make its story come to life.

anna It's not that great. All I remember is that they have sex .. a lot!

animesrey i saw some of and let me tell you..awesome...even though its not translated to english sub but you can at least get some ideas of what is going on. very beautiful and jaw dropping movie because it shows how different times dealt with certain issues and like i said very beautiful movie.

Dottie One of my most indelible memories of Korean movies came from "Wang-ui Namja" and for the past four years, I've come across a few other movies on homosexuality but NONE has ever rivaled Lee Junki's vulnerable character.

I am not a fan of Jo In-seong since I feel that his speak more for his talents. However, that was changed in 2006 when I saw him "Dirty Carnival", directed by Yoo Ha.

So you're probably wondering why in the world am I giving so much pretext.

Well, Jo was so impressed with Yoo Ha from his experiences in 2006 that he signed up for "Frozen Flower" even without knowing what it was about and he wanted to make it his last movie before enlisting for the army.

Secondly, I have finally found another movie to put at par with "Wang-ui Namja" and in many different ways, much much more (excuse my triple superlatives) profound in terms of depths.

I don't want to give anything away. Go to www.tudou.com to watch this movie. Jo and Joo played their characters so beautifully and gripping; I was literally left speechless. Song Hi-Jyo, whom I only know from "Goong" did a wonderful job as much playing the ice-queen.

Again, I wish I could tell you everything but I don't want to spoil it for you so PLEASE WATCH IT.

Warning: If you have an issue with homosexuality, please don't watch/bash it. Just stay away. This movie is NOT for everyone so don't expect it to 'fit' into the box.

RamenLover Thanks for the review Leslie, looking forwards to watching this myself though I'm not sure what the heck I'm going to think of it...which makes it more interesting in a way.

leslie the acting by the males was amazing, the female was so-so.

i think the captain of the guards (jo?) didn't really fit my image of a person feasible of swinging for both sides. that's just his look tho, his acting made up for his looks.

tbh the film could have done without the graphic sex scenes. i was expecting more homo than hetero sex, so i was quite disappointed. all the hype with the sex scenes and they couldn't even get the positions correct. (another dissapointment) some of the action was blatantly simulated (unless the actors have organs that stem from unconventional places).

i think 63/100, a 2:1 but nowhere near a 1st.

kei where can we watch the movie..link please

mimi best movie ever! you can find it at bada.us, type in the korean name in the search, I warn you though, it dosn't have subtitles and is all messed up (voices dont match the lip movement).


  • POSSIBLE SPOILERS*It seems like the gay played by Jo In-sung turns out to be straight,after the King tells him to sleep with his wife.Am I right?Damn I really want to watch it!Any site online where I can watch it?

bubbless where can I find this movie cuz I relaly wannt to watch it!

orange I saw this yesterday! Pretty good in my opinion, although the homosexual parts are overdone and waaaaay to intense to be realistic. And too many sex scenes in my opinion.

Trishy OMG!! I wanna see this!!! I am captivated by the trailer..it looks so beautiful!

Funnya i really want to watch this movie!!!! i cant get enough of the trailer XD i have really a long time to wait !!!!!!!! Jo In Sung <3 In Seong Jo <3

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