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  • Drama: Gyebaek
  • Revised romanization: Gye-Baek
  • Hangul: 계백
  • Director: Kim Geun-Hong
  • Writer: Jung Hyung-Soo
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 36
  • Release Date: July 25 - November 22, 2011
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


General Gye-Baek of Baekje and his 5,000 soldiers go up against the Silla and Tang Dynasties. Their combined forces are 10 times the size of Bekjae's army.

King Moo is the king of Bekje, but the king carries no real power and can't even protect his first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and his first son Ui-Ja. Because Queen Sun-Hwa is the daughter of a Silla king, Queen Sun-Hwa and her first son Ui-Ja are always fearful of being assassinated. On every attempt their guard Moo-Jin saves their lives. King Moo also has a second wife Sa Taek Bi. She is the daughter of the most powerful noble Sa Taek Ju Duk. In actuality, her father Sa Taek Ju Duk and Sa Taek Bi herself control Silla and created the secret group "Wi Jae Dan" to assassinate Queen Sun-Hwa and her son Prince Ui-Ja. The second wife Sa Taek Bi wants her son Kyo-Ki to ascend to the throne.

Second wife Sa Take Bi and her people scheme to accuse first wife, Queen Sun-Hwa and her guard Moo-Jin of espionage. Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja are captured and held captive in separate locations. Guard Moo-Jin is caught and severely tortured. King Moo kneels in front of Sa Taek Ju Duk and begs for the life of his first wife Queen Sun-Hwa. Sa Taek Juk Duk turns away King Moo.

Meanwhile, second wife Sa Taek Bi wants to save guard Moo-Jin. When they were young, Sa Taek Bi loved Moo-Jin and she still loves him to this day. Sa Taek Bi then tells King Moo that she has prepared an avenue of escape for first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja to flee to Silla, but Moo-Jin must remain with her. Without knowing where first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja are headed to, they are placed in a carriage. Guard Moo-Jin is also able to escape with the help of King Moo. Guard Moo-Jin is able to also get his wife who is pregnant. They join Queen Sun-Hwa and Prince Ui-Ja. At the palace, second wife Sa Taek Bi learns that Moo-Jin has escaped. Sa Taek Bi and the group Wi Jae Dan go after Moo-Jin and his party. At this time, first wife Queen Sun-Hwa learns that they are headed to Silla. She tells her son Ui-Ja that she is not a spy and she won't go to Silla, because she and her son are Bekje. First wife Queen Sun-Hwa then cuts her own throat with a knife and dies. Moo-Jin and his pregnant wife separate from Prince Ui-Ja to find a quite place to settle down. Meanwhile, Prince Ui-Ja heads to the palace, while second wife Sa Taek Bi and the Wi Jae Dan tracks them all down ...


  1. "Gye-Baek" takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Miss Ripley" and will be followed by "Lights and Shadows" on November 28, 2011.


Gye-Baek-Lee Seo-Jin.jpg Gye-Baek-Jo Jae-Hyeon.jpg Gye-Baek-Oh Yeon-Su.jpg Gye-Baek-Song Ji-Hyo.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Jin Tae-Hyun.jpg
Lee Seo-Jin Cho Jae-Hyun Oh Yeon-Su Song Ji-Hyo Jin Tae-Hyun
General Gye-Baek King Ui-Ja Sa Taek Bi Eun-Ko Kyo-Ki
Gye-Baek-Choi Jong-Hwan.jpg Gye-Baek-Cha In-Pyo.jpg Gye-Baek-Jeon No-Min.jpg Gye-Baek-Yun Da-Hun.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Kim Yu-Seok.jpg
Choi Jong-Hwan Cha In-Pyo Jeon No-Min Yun Da-Hun Kim Yu-Seok
King Moo Moo-Jin Sung-Choong Dog-Gae Heung-Soo
Gye-Baek-Ko Yun-Hoo.jpg Gye-Baek-Jang Hee-Woong.jpg Gye-Baek-Jo Kyeong-Hun.jpg Gye-Baek-Yun Won-Seok.jpg Gye-Baek-Park Seong-Woong.jpg
Ko Yun-Hoo Jang Hee-Woong Jo Kyoung-Hoon Yoon Won-Suk Park Sung-Woong
Dae-Soo Yong-Soo Baek-Pa Po-Deuk Kim Yoo-Sin
Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Ahn Kil-Kang.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg Gye-Baek-Kim Byeong-Ki.jpg Gye-Baek-Kwon Yong-Woon.jpg Gye-Baek-Jo Sang-Ki.jpg
Ahn Kil-Kang Jeong Seong-Mo Kim Byeong-Ki Kwon Yong-Woon Jo Sang-Ki
Kwi-Woon Yoon-Choong Sa Taek Juk Duk Chun-Dol Nam-Jo
Gye-Baek-Kim Joong-Ki.jpg Gye-Baek-Seo Beom-Sik.jpg Gye-Baek-Choi Jae-Ho.jpg Gye-Baek-Kim Dong-Hee.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Shin Eun-Jung.jpg
Kim Joong-Ki Seo Beom-Sik Choi Jae-Ho Kim Dong-Hee Shin Eun-Jung
Ki-Mi Sa-Gul Ui-Jik Eun-Sang Queen Sun-Hwa (cameo)
Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Lim Hyeon-Shik.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Soon Dong-Woon.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Lee Byung-Sik (1944).jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Jeong Han-Heon.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Jung Ki-Sung (1972).jpg
Lim Hyeon-Shik Soon Dong-Woon Lee Byung-Sik Jeong Han-Heon Jung Ki-Sung
Yeon Moon-Jin Jin Kook Hyub Jong Baek Eun Yeon Choong-Min
Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Chae Hee-Jae.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Lee Tae-Kyung (1983).jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Hyomin.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Lee Han-Wi.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Oh Ji-Young.jpg
Chae Hee-Jae Lee Sang-In Hyomin Lee Han-Wi Oh Ji-Young
Cho Raeng Yi Cheon Dan-Hyang Cho-Young Im-Ja Jung-Hwa
Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Choi Ran.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Je-Hee.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Park Yoo-Hwan.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Kim Hye-Sun.jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Kim Hyun-Sung.jpg
Choi Ran Ryu Je-Hee Park Yoo-Hwan Kim Hye-Sun Kim Hyun-Sung
Young-Myo Hyo-So Book-Jo Eul-Nyeo (cameo) Moon-Geun
Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Kim Yoo-Jin (1987).jpg Gye-Baek (Korean Drama)-Lee Dong-Kyu.jpg
Kim Yoo-Jin Lee Dong-Kyu
Yeol-Bae Kim Choon-Choo
Gye-Baek-Lee Hyun-Woo.jpg Gye-Baek-No Young-Hak.jpg Gye-Baek-Park Eun-Bin.jpg
Lee Hyun-Woo No Young-Hak Park Eun-Bin
Gye-Baek Ui-Ja Eun-Ko
(young) (young) (young)

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-07-25 1 NR 9.6 (13th)
2011-07-26 2 8.6 (17th) 11.0 (11th)
2011-08-01 3 9.3 (13th) 11.3 (5th)
2011-08-02 4 9.6 (10th) 12.2 (6th)
2011-08-08 5 10.7 (12th) 12.0 (9th)
2011-08-09 6 11.2 (8th) 12.5 (8th)
2011-08-15 7 10.3 (7th) 13.2 (5th)
2011-08-16 8 10.8 (8th) 13.2 (7th)
2011-08-22 9 11.7 (7th) 12.9 (7th)
2011-08-23 10 12.0 (7th) 13.6 (8th)
2011-08-29 11 10.9 (7th) 12.9 (7th)
2011-08-30 12 10.9 (9th) 13.4 (7th)
2011-09-05 13 10.5 (9th) 12.5 (7th)
2011-09-06 14 10.4 (10th) 12.6 (8th)
2011-09-12 15 7.9 (11th) 9.6 (8th)
2011-09-13 16 9.7 (13th) 11.0 (11th)
2011-09-19 17 9.6 (16th) 11.6 (8th)
2011-09-20 18 11.1 (7th) 13.4 (7th)
2011-09-26 19 10.0 (11th) 11.4 (7th)
2011-09-27 20 9.9 (12th) 12.0 (8th)
2011-10-03 21 9.6 (17th) 11.3 (11th)
2011-10-04 22 10.1 (14th) 12.1 (9th)
2011-10-10 23 8.9 (19th) 11.8 (9th)
2011-10-11 24 11.6 (7th) 13.9 (4th)
2011-10-17 25 10.3 (13th) 13.5 (5th)
2011-10-18 26 11.0 (11th) 12.4 (7th)
2011-10-24 27 11.3 (12th) 13.8 (8th)
2011-10-25 28 10.7 (13th) 12.7 (6th)
2011-10-31 29 9.4 (17th) 12.3 (6th)
2011-11-01 30 11.0 (8th) 13.2 (6th)
2011-11-07 31 9.5 (17th) 10.5 (8th)
2011-11-08 32 9.8 (18th) 10.1 (13th)
2011-11-14 33 9.2 (18th) 10.6 (9th)
2011-11-15 34 9.8 (16th) 10.8 (10th)
2011-11-21 35 10.3 (15th) 11.6 (6th)
2011-11-22 36 11.0 (12th) 13.0 (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.



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ManiLLa This drama has debt ... epic history of Bekjae's army. In 660, Baekje was invaded by a force of 50,000 from Silla, supported by 144,000 Tang soldiers. Gyebaek, with only 5,000 troops under his command, met them in the battlefield of Hwangsanbeol. Before entering the battlefield, Gyebaek reportedly killed his wife and children to prevent the thought of them influencing his actions or causing him to falter in battle. His forces won four initial battles, causing severe casualties to Silla forces. However, in the end, exhausted and surrounded, Gyebaek's army was outnumbered and overwhelmed. Baekje's forces were annihilated in battle along with their leader Gyebaek. Baekje was destroyed after 678 years of rule, shortly after Gyebaek's defeat and death at Hwangsanbeol. As Neo-Confucian philosophy became more influential in the later Korean Dynasties, Gyebaek was recognized by historians and scholars are exemplifying the Confucian ideals of patriotism and devotion to his King and praised as such. Although not much else is known about Gyebaek's life, his actions leading up to his last battle are well known to many Koreans. SALUTE! Lee Seo-Jin did a very good job...

kaith the first part (king moo episode/s) contradicts the story in ballad of seo dong ... tsk tsk tsk

Paul what a horrible story! better to not watch it at all!

Jammer ... and one more thing, cho-young, they could have chose a prettier actress, her personality doesn't fit the character. a prettier one could have made this gye-baek more exciting to watch hehehe

Jammer this is a hateful drama, king moo the un-greatful, suspicious bastard and prince uija the coveting stupid bastard.

eghonghon I just Watched this drama Gye BaeK and become so disapointed and Heart broken how can the prince forget so easily how he suffered to get his Crown. And betray Gye Baek. I find it difficult to contiune watching!

Htet Shine I luv this movie...I like n admire Geybaek.....I want to cry after the end of the drama.....really wanna cry...whatever,I won't never forget this general...i admire you guys...the koreans

Freeman Baker Gye Baek has all the right ingredients for a great drama. I think this is written for a more mature and focused audience. I really enjoy the strong characters and how their lives are interwoven. I love the fact that Gye Baek follows in his father’s footsteps even though it was not his father’s wish for him. It’s almost impossible to suppress the greatness that is within a warrior. I love every minute of this drama. It’s a great historic drama that shows the road of suffering that Gye Baek must overcome to find his true place. If you look at this drama from its historical side it would seem a good story and the fact of being able to watch this historical drama is fun so after watching the two first episodes I’ve decided to watch the whole thing because I’m kind of captured by the events and the main actors. Great storyline, great characters, great casts (may I say, the child actors and actresses stole my heart and unquestionably AMAZING props! Action, suspense, greed, lust, LOVE ... all in one. I love historical Korean dramas and Gye Baek is one of the best. Especially Leo Seo Jin I like him I watch most of his dramas; he is one of the best actor of Korean Drama. As I liked him in Yi San, his performance there also being a good looking man, I must say that he really fits for the character role. Good sets of actress & actors. The story line is good although I find in some scene a bit slow & kind of boring. The intensity is not as intensified but still interesting. Not much of the twist & turns, you can easily predict how the next scene will go. But over-all I still like this drama. Song Ji hyo & Lee Seo Jin had done great jobs on their acting. Although I found little annoyed by some characters, the storyline went well and definitely recommend this drama for your viewings. I would like to add that I have always been a fan of historical dramas and I gave this drama a chance because Hyomin (Park Sunyoung) of T-ara is in it, Hyomin is so talented, I don’t care what other people says, this girl can do anything, she can sing, dance, rap, draw, design, edit, produce, play the piano, act, model, photographer, horse riding and she's funny and doesn't care about her image. But as I watch each episode, it’s no longer about Hyomin anymore, this drama shows how far General Gye Baek had to go and how many hardships he had to overcome to stand in his rightful place. The main actor is the right person the writers picked for this drama. I don’t understand why this drama did not make the ratings it is a great drama and a very well put together cast. I think more mature adults would understand this drama. A soldier would understand this Generals life more so. It is not easy. Even I, who does not understand Korean, can see how difficult it was. Thank you for this drama and the great cast that portraits this great Korean hero.

JC Lee Seo-Jin and Song Ji-Hyo couple were so good together! Amazing actors with great chemistry ... sorry Gary

Seinjin Gotta love the irony of it all, Eun Go becoming a much more maniacal twisted villain than Sak Te Bi and Euija turning out to be the SOB he was destined to be, and after everything Gye Baek died albeit his long suffering but left a lasting legacy as 1 of the greatest hero in Korean Folklore! Not bad

huey Gye Baek is truly Korean Hero. He is much greater than general Kim Yu Shin. If Shilla only use their own soldiers / forces, definitely Kim Yu Shin is defeated by Gye Baek. And Shilla can't unify the 3 Kingdoms in Peninsula. With only 5000 soldiers to defend Baek Jae, compared to Shilla-Tang alliances which has more than 100,000 soldiers. Gye Baek is the real war strategist and greatest general ever in Korea 3 Kingdoms!!!

Habin This is the latest drama of Eun Bin I've seen. But I don't like her any more. She was very very pretty when she was little though.

Nicole I like Song ji hyo .. I hope I can see a DVD copy of this Drama. :] More power Ms. Song :]

HPandan why did lee hyun woo had to leave, hes the best actor love him 4 ever <3 !!!

yiiee No Young Hak ~ great actor! SARANGHAE ♥

vern Go cha in pyo!!!very handsome and best actor!!!

hannah i love Lee Seo Jin i just finished watching ''yi San'' it was amazing lots of emotional feelings there i hope u gus reading this comment liked it or if you havent seen it watch it plz u will love it from epic 1 to epic 77

leo Lee seo jin is perfect superstar. His show is so good.

The Lee Seo Jin is so good. I strongly recomend " Yi San " to everyone if you like him. Can't wait for this one to come out.

kalola cant wait ..i miss lsj so much

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