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  • Name: Choi Jin-Hyuk
  • Hangul: 최진혁
  • Birth Name: Kim Tae-Ho (김태호)
  • Birthdate: February 9, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 186 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @realjinhyuk


  1. First worked under his birth name Kim Tae-Ho, but began using stage name of Choi Jin-Hyuk prior to airing of SBS drama "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl" in 2010.


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Ellie Choi Jin-Hyuk I miss you already =( hope those two years pass by quickly! much love <3 <3

Lee Somehow, find myself fell deeply in love with Jin Hyuk's character in the MBC tv series, Gu Family Book. The way they dressed him and his cool look in the Gu Family Book reminds me of many of the Chinese historical /wuxia actors... especially, Raymond Lam ;-). I would love to see Choi Jin Hyuk played the main character in this type of drama more in the future.

Liv Hello!! Let's just say that I fell deeply in love with his character in Gu family book!! I mean, come on! Give my pure teenage heart a break :P

Pee Mak CJH...why soooo cute when u smile,i love the eyes,

Dianiiiiism WHY SOOOOOO HANDSOOOMMMEEEE? <3.<3 I admire your character in ypur kdrama "Fated to Love You".. I just love it. <3 ^^,

Aira I love the roles he portraying. super duper like it!.." A WISE MAN" keep up.

  1. GoodActor

Iamrochelle19 At first I thought he was Lee Min ho oppa but he's not. Why your so handsome??? :) :)

syilvi i dont know why.. but i think he has a similar face with ji chang wok in healer's drama :) Fighting Man.. you're really a good actor.

evelyn I didn't know Eros is now Korean the last time I check he was still Greek.

dora I love him and i admire his acting, but he need more good and memorable drama.

Firdaus He's probably the only young male Hallyu star last year who had acted in 3 television series as the leads/main,1 movie & supporting role in Grandpa's.....He must be a really workaholic actors & i love the fact..2017 must be a really long wait

iamsimply mich He's one of my kdrama favorite actor. He's a total perfection on his drama roles. I started to like his portray in Gu Family Book..He acted very well that dragged me to watch his current dramas. I was so happy when I saw him again having a good role and more scenes in The Heirs, Emergency Couple and Pride of Prejudice. I started to have a crush on him when he acted so cool in ep.1 as Wol Ryung in Gu Family book. Right then, he stole my heart. ommmmooooo~~~~!!

PBS @c2cat98, I believe the music video you saw starring Choi Jin Hyuk as the dead husband is called, "Sad Song" by Tae One.

He filmed it last year (before Heirs) around the time right after his return to Gu Family Book as Dark Wol Ryung and was in hot demand (still is if it weren't for the upcoming military enlistment).

But yeah, it's a great song (one of my favorites), very haunting and gut-wrenching. The music video is fabulous for him though. UNF he looks so good in it and did such a good job in it. Very moving and heart-breaking role.

myke_con He's one of my fave korean actor..i love everything about him..his acting is really fantastic!..saw him first in Gu Family Book..he's the best!

christina Please take care....military life will be too harsh for actors. So sad...Yoon Si-Yoon was called in and now Jin-Hyuk...haiz

Nicole I really love. His face to his foot is all really perfect. there is not at least one drama that doesnt have his as a character

c2cat98 First off he is like carved perfection.

But I saw him in a black & white music video about six months ago. In it his wife newly wife is seeing for him they have a small child... judging by my huge Korean vocabulary I surmise he dies and she gets this letter and drops the flowers. Anyway he's almost totally shirtless this whole song and anguishly moving. It was the best music video ever. By the time I dragged mom in the room to tell me what the song was called she said she didn't know and walked off. Anyone know the song?

panda i wish i find someone that replicate of him but at my age and be my soulmate. i love his acting skilled and his abs i have no shame of me fanastizing of him. i watch most of his drama and i love it

molly looking forward to see more lead roles for this hot, great actor! even if it's a short role like in Gu Family Book or Flower Granda, he stands out. one can't fail to notice him, eager to feel his sexiness and to hear his voice. oh i love him to bits!

mavis you rock....keep it up

FanD Super cool actor and I love the voice. (Even though I don't know what is being

Mahe'alani Lee First saw your handsome face in the Heirs then in the drama Emergency Couple...from then on I was hooked. You are not just a cute face but you also have have talents. You are very sexy and ma ly. Seeing you in leading roles truly enhances your personality..I'm now watching the Pride and Predegious and you are awesome..You have an amazing voice.. Good luck and Best wishes for your future endeavours...from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

magayonako i love you oppa!

SwakinsDorah I love u oppa, your acting is so natural

Annika I loved you in The Heirs, Fated to love you, and now in Pride and Prejudice!

Keep fighting;)

LG Great actor,very natural.

Zah - Rah Oppa please, please, please, do more leading roles. You are an amazing actor only leading roles does your talent justice !! :3 You're the best !!! ^^' Oppa fighting, Saranghae  !!!! :) ♥

Yessy I am loving you so far in Pride and Prejudice.... I was so excited to see it was a lead role again which is where you belong. I wish you the best always. You are a wonderful actor and very sexy of course. Fighting Oppa! We support you always.

Jan oppa fighting!!!!!

DINA Oppa , you're so Handsome ..

Lovee youuu ..

Please Welcome to Indonesia , I'm Wait .. =D ;) :*

enny I really love your style and your smiles !! Love you

tp I really like him in "Gu Family Book". With the makeup he looks so handsome.

NICKS Choi Jin-Hyuk ....I Love Your Acting.....I just watch your tele drama Emergency Couple... is a mazing .....your character .....being oh chang cute....the way you jealous...

esra oppaaa you're so great actor <3 i love you

Engie Wijaya Wol Ryung, I love your smileeees.... love you too Kim Won & Chang Min

Kaelin I love him, he is so amazing! fighting oppaaa!!!!

YSuzzoni Excellent acting, you really made Wol Ryung real. I loved him, so innocent and loving, no one. Your innocent face matched the character well.

salveana yeah... i noticed him in 'the gu family book' since then i searched for his dramas and i like him til now...good acting plus beautiful face for a man hahaha...

yolo right omg, i love you. i fall in love with u over and over again in ur dramas, amazing actor ;). u look lik emy first love, so i guess that might be why.... <333

Jummy Hey choi Jin hyuk, I think u are cute and you are an amazing and fascinating actor. Good job! Love your movies

mxxel Amazing actor! I first fell in love with him when I saw him on 'Gu Family Book'. He totally brought the character Wol-Ryung to life, I don't think any other actor would have made that character justice, it really did fit Choi Jin Hyuk. I also enjoyed watching him on other shows like 'Heirs" and 'Emergency Couple'. Lookin forward to watching his new drama. Love you CJH!! ♡♡♡ FIGHTING ♡♡♡♡

puipuii Gorgeous......

susan chan Jin hyuk oppa, i really love your character in Emergency Couple, oh chang min^^ charming, cute and i love your smile. I wait for another comedy romantic drama, oppa fighting! Jin hyuk oppa sarangae^^

ellen i just finished watching heirs... your great actor and i love your character there... :)

Esha Love you oppa! You looked really so handsome in Gu Family Book. Hope to see you more! ^_^


) he;s really good! the best.

i hate that his character at The Heirs broke up with his girlfriend. sucks!

izza I really like you oh changmin,i love your acting,wish you more project .saranghe

Choi Mi Nam I love you oppa , you are the best actor , handsome ... in Gu family book I like you very much

Gem_06 I think he is becoming very popular now...3 KDrama this 2014! :) I hope he can have another lead role for another romantic-comedy series :)

Emma omo, this man is really hot.. love you oppa.. I love your acting in emergency couple, you are so cool and cute, your childish acting look so natural.. especially when chang min jealous.. jin hyuk oppa sarange.. :*

Gem_06 I just realized I watched 3 of his Drama Series: The Heir; Gu Family Book and Emergency Couple. He seems different in EC (in a good way). I really like his character there, very charming and I love his SMILE ^_^

Emma I love The Heirs, Emergency Couple, My daughter the flower especially Choi Jin Hyuk ^_^

Immy003 I didn't like this drama at all, she is the worst drama of lee min ho

Karen I wish he would come up with an album soon. His singing voice is amazing.

nelydal nitsuga hi i realy love you bieng oh chang min in emergency couple that personality is my dream to be my hahusband:)

micky hi! you're so handsome

Miranda Turner I wish you came out more in GU Family Book...You were amazing!! I can't believe you're in your 20's . You exude so much masculinity. Sexy hot! Watching Panda and Hedgehog now so I can see you again!

rani Love his smile and his act so good.. EC..

mima so.......MAN!

han jeun Love him, he is so handsome,kyaaa just finished EC, it was amazing!! keep going Choi Jin-Hyuk, saranghaeyoo:P

jules I love Choi Jin Hyuk. I first noticed him in the drama PASTA. He was one of the three flower boys there. Since then, I started following his career. Making sure I watch his new dramas and movies. I especially like him in the HEIRS.

rigby You are a great actor, versatile...I have been watching EC and you are outstanding. Your character developed into someone matured, assertive, humble from an immature, irresponsible young married man. You carried the role so real. You have a wonderful've got great physique and did I say you've got that killer smile? Congratulations! I am now a fan. Continue your good deeds. I hope to see you in another project hopefully an action drama with an equally versatile actress... --your fan from the Philippines...

Quixote He has said that he was actually born in 1986.

khalisha oppa, you are the best. Saranghaeyo

Sely Tha Eventhough he looks older than his age, but he has charisma and masculinity... >.<

poop I never knew how good of an actor he was until I started seeing the first two episodes of Gu Family Book (I cried so hard!) and ER couple, he's AMAZING at acting and I am a fan now! Fighting oppa!

nouf I love him he is handsome and have a great acting skills I'll keep supporting you fighting!!! He is my best actor right now

Nana I love him he is handsome and have a great acting skills I'll keep supporting you fighting!!!

memo you are fabulous Spellbinding Enchanting Smile and sadness families hearts these serial and the heroes fabulous

hamad juma i like your movie so much you guys your great i love you all

Cosette Choi Jin-Hyuk is amazing in everything that I've seen him in (ER Couple, Gu Family Book, and The Heirs) and he has a truly perfect voice, not only when he sings OSTs but even when he's just talking. I really hope that he gets a happier ending as Oh Chang Min than as Wolryung or Kim Won... btw


kyra His acting is great...i love him in gu family book and ER new favorite. choi jin hyuk good luck

joanana omg you play on heirs your the one who rachel kissed i think?

and i love you your a sexy actor with sexy personality you should marry a wife you would desere (ME) haha jokes :) evryone

sarah Great actor, I love your acting in Gu family book and heirs.

Bunny from gu family book to the heirs.. you really look so amazing.. from your fan here in the philippines...

Cleopatra Hey this guy is amazing....your skills in gu family were super

HaneeIsMyName Your upcoming drama oppa is Looking Good :D Fighting

Elizabeth What a wonderful actor, great skill, good body, he can potray anything, if you did't watch Gu family book, better watch it a great actor full of great skill.

Kim His acting in "Gu Family Book" was really good. Sad that Lee Yeon Hee and him weren't the main lead. Would have rock giving them more screen time. He acts well!

Ola Nice one on heir hope u will do more

샤리파 Jin Hyku oppa is JJANG! I'm really falling for u~ your acting is great... And what I like the most is YOUR MANLY VOICE! I can't stop hearing your songs..your voice is very warm, very beautiful~ FIGHTING! Saranghaeyo!^^♡

Byeog Great voiceee >_<

mica he's tooooo hot choi jin hyuk!! love him! can't wait for his next drama, hopefully he will be the main lead in the next drama with a beautiful female lead. love you choi jin hyul!!!!xoxoxox

Tiffany Choi Jin Hyuk vs Song Ji Hyo!?!?!?! Daebuk!!! Luv Luv Luv so much.....btw,whats wrong with twitter account?? It's not real jin hyuk!!!!!

mm Song Jihyo n Choi Jin hyuk New drama at TVn next year !! yeahhhh !! *im so excited !

nicci Didn't know he sings well too ^^. He sang Don't Look Back of The Heirs OST. Awesome!

wolf Your acting is damn good!! Imma start watching your show from now on.

J HE is awesome !!!!

vondora i just think his an awesome actor great strong presence on the screen

mystery hello,choi jin hyuk.... :) nice act in the drama..... good carry out the character.... i hope you keep up the good work....... FIGHTING...... ^_^

Diamant Hes so damn hot, it makes me want to cry (╥__╥) ಥ_ಥ

Hope Hes so damn yummy, it makes me want to cry ಥ_ಥ (╥_╥)

Hope I'm in love ❤__❤

verne I love the way you take over the room when you walk on the scene.When I saw you in Gu Family book I thought why don't they develop Wol- Ryung's character more. Loved you in I need romance.So many more of your dramas to watch!!!!You are the total package . Keep dazzling us on the screen

Pam Hii Choi Jin Hyuk! You're so hot! I love your voice please keep talking and your smile. I need a poster of you smiling in my room. You need to be in a main role for a drama or something. Bye Oppa! Hope we meet in the future. :)

Evelei Bilimon His voice... *sigh*

Ra Hye Choi So cute I love him so much♥♥♥

Ra Hye Choi He is so handsome,cute and I like he n woo bin together when they at running man

Tjyo He was the second actor I really connected with in Heirs, strangely enough Lee Min Ho doesn't hold the same appeal for me in this series as he did in his other drama's. But I liked Jin Hyuk's name as Kim Tae-Ho :( Can someone explain why he changed it? Or was it just a personal preference?

seirakayed I really love him from drama it's okay daddys girl , i watched the drama 5 times , what a great drama , oppa love you , fighting ^^

mary hi choi-jinHyuk i really like your smile and i really like your role in Gu Family really cool and manly.. keep up the good work and God Bless You always .. Good luck to your career !! .. Mary from Philippines

Van Linda Team Choi Jin-Hyuk! Your smile just take me away.....

Miela Dear Choi Jin-Hyuk<

You might not even read this or understand what I'm writing, but I would like to tell you my fondest memory of you was your role in Gu. My favorite part was when Yoon Seo_Hwa killed herself and you took her into the cave where you laid beside the love of your life for all eternity. It was very touching. I'm now following you on Heirs......I love LMH, but Won outshines Kim Tan's role. Good job! Choi Jin-Hyuk fighting!

A fan of yours, Miela

suzanne ...Your voice is so manly..I like your smile ,,keep smiling and your soo handsome..You captured your character in Gu Family Book... Keep up the good Work..we hope you will be given another drama serie..also your a wolf HAHA and your the main character !

Gu Family Book..d'best...!!

Choi Jin hyuk lover ^^ Choi Jin hyuk oppa ^^ saranghaeyo ......... I'm cheering you from America ^^ I'm asian / American . I really like your dramas and movies. ^^ I hope you do more dramas and movies too ^^ saranghaeyo  ! Oppa HWAITING!!!

Daisy C. Paat I really love the way you act and deliver every lines. You have given so much emotion and that we captured your character in Gu Family Book. Keep it up and continue your passion, we hope you will be

given another project that as good as your last drama. For now I will look forward for you in The Heirs. Good luck! 

Daisy from Phillippines

Su Su You are very good actor in Gu Family book.I from Myanmar and always want to see yr drama.thks ....

reader Wonderful speaking voice and delivery of scenes. He is such a powerful actor...he can be super funny, sly, witty, adorable, VULNERABLE (my absolute favorite!), MANLY (ooh! Oh! Another fav! lol ). He is such a pleasure to watch on screen, because he can REALLY make you "feel" for his characters- and isn't that what a lot of "acting" is about? Making us understand or "feel"? Thank you, Choi Jin-Hyuk! And keep up your spirits! You ARE a great actor. Don't give it up, and keep it real (don't get swept away into the illusive glamor of the "K" world...)

Annie I know he is hot but you need to wait if he is not taken with someone else you should not be like that we should wait for the right guy for as right! everyone. I hope he agree too right Choi Jin Hyuk to me right about my though right. that is all.

Tiffany He's so handsome and great actor! I love his SMILE :)

Dark Flower You are a GREAT actor and your voice is so coooool. I wish you could sing more, oppa Fighting <3

shineyuro Really fall in love with his acting in gu family book... i cry everytime i watch his acting there... Saranghae oppa... N fighting!

Spring Choi Jin-Hyuk is soooo hoooot. I usually don't post stuff like this but he's just a phenomenonal actor. And he can sing. Such a manly voice..what else is there? Oh and he has a gorgeous body.

rose anderson I wish I was 20 again I think he is so nice looking with long hair he is good at every thing he dose,

taach oppa luv the way u act <3 gu family book 1 of the best! looking forward to this 1 too............

Lily I love His Chemistry with Lee Yeon Hee(seo hwa) in GU Family Book, HONESTLY i LOve their LOVESTORY than the main characthers MY gosh !! they touched my heart i hope he will have another drama series also he is wolf HAHA and he is the main characther !

ratih annyonghaseo...jin your self....i support you....never mind what people say....i will always support you.....strong in the trials, steadfast, and always be a good person for everyonestrong, firm, and has always been a good person to all...good luck...

agnes lim Saw Jin Hyuk and was awed by his acting skills - his ability to draw emotion out of the audience just by the way he changes his facial expressions.

Hope to see more of him.

han ji sun Koo Wol-Ryung jeongmal Saranghaeyo ..... <3 <3

fafa you're SUPER AWESOME in Gu Family Book!! you're act was so cool!! and you're voice was so manly, love it, can't wait to see u in Heirs. Fighting!! :D

britteny I like you oppa <3 , ur smile make my heart race , oh my , i hope u had lot of drama and movie in the future , love u oppa <3

susi aoi Choi jin hyuk or name in GU family book ( wol ryung ) I know you from drama GU family book U're so handsome ♡ I ♡ u so much (˚̯́∇˚̯̀ʃƪ) I attention all of your acting in gu family book U are the best actor I love u so much Fan from japan

ibiene Seriously I enjoy korean films a lot,iljimae,the four gods,city hunter,baek don sun,I cld go on and on..they are all wonderful,producers are doing a nice job,choi chi like ur smile because it would make people wonder what your up to..kip smiling..all the way from NIGERIA..

Diana choi jin hyuk is very handsome <3

Alice I repeatedly watch PASTA, when I saw you "okay he is so handsome" thats all. but when I saw you in gu family book,, oh my God you got all of my attention. Your acting, your caracter, your attitude and the whole thing is just too good for me.. but unfortunately you deleted you twitter acc Y.Y owhh.. how can I make you know that I love you so much? I can't stop thinking about you. you are the first korean actor who make me like this since I always watch all best korean dramas.. Oppa.. please activate your twitter again, so I can say that I love you everyday. Cuz Korea is so far away from here.. Indonesia

admire I've just completed watching In Need of Romance on Netflix. Your character, Bae Sung Hyun, was portrayed so beautifully; it's really a shame men with those qualities of caring/love are only found in movies or tv shows. You have a remarkable smile that draws a person in, makes them smile wanting to know more. Your ability as an actor is extremely refreshing and rewarding to watch; you're a multi talented actor/singer whom I will enjoy watching and listening to in the future. Do you have any plans for a music cd? I hope your career continues to be a success in all areas of your personal expectations and desires.Thank you.

sinsin i love the way thy smile, thou really smile with all thine heart. keep smiling. i just finished watching gu family book.thou were really good. i am currently watching panda and the hedgehog. thou funny character is totally awesome.

reem oppa you know ? you have fans in saudi arabia these So Much not 1 or 10 They are in the thousands for this fighting and we love you oppa + I do not speak English well Sorry :(

Jellyta Oppa, nae sarangheo !!!

Michelle Very good actor and singer! You have very nice voice. Keep on singing oppa! I like your ost gu family book song.

noien opppppppppppppppaa .. woooool ryung.. Choi Jin Hyuk.. وووول ريييييونغ ....جين هيييييوك i looove you soo much i am saudi fan oppa saranghaeyo and fighting

nancy im so in love with CHOI JIN-HYUK in the movies of Gu Family Book even though he wasn't in the movie that much but I would love to watch it over n over again.....Choi Jin-Hyuk u are a very good actor that act so good to the sad part of the movie Gu Family Book and made me cry soo hard...I hope to see more movies similar to the GU FAMILY BOOK from u....

Nena I can't find his twitter acc.. why?

francis pizkid wow...choi jin hyuk u are a cool actor..?esp in gu family book..keep it...GU wol RYUNG..

micha i love choi jin hyuk's voice!.. has a sweet charm.. and great actor like lee seung gi!.. wol ryung!

khayie wow!

a great voice, good looking, actor, anything could u ask for a man like choi jin hyuk oppa?? geeeezzzzz............ i love him already!!!  :) can't wait to see his acting again in the heirs.. take care sir choi jin hyuk!...

yessi hi, how are you? I am one of your fans in Indonesia. one thing I want to ask, why did you change the name of kim tae-ho, now choi jin hyuk? I started acting like you since the serial drama pasta 2010. wow, you're so cool, although a little talk. fighting choi jin hyuk

soe yu yu aung Soooo.....attractive and r the reason that i watch this drama.fighting.i wish u to see in others drama as a lead role.....:-)

GalaxZy He really looks so cool and mature playing father to Lee Seung Gi who only few years younger than him. And his deep voice made him a sexy villain. Good Job... Bad Boys Rock!

Infinity I swear he looked so attractive when he was bad in Gu Family Book

Felona Gu family book is AWESOME!!! I like when jin hyuk used his power to protect the girl! So cool!! Jin hyuk is so COOL!!!! I wished he leads the entire episodes ;(

mayaaa all i can say is ...... WOW O.O ! how can one man be so good looking <3 gu family book + evil gumiho + evil smerk = hottest man alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! fighting !!

Emmkin You look so hot in every drama especially in Gu Family Book. So cute, so hot as a father gumiho. I hope to see u as a lead role in the near future. Love

Dawn Alright, so on May 20th, I posted about this new drama on MBC America that I had started watching...well just as I predicted would happen Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa were supposedly killed off....OMG, I cried!!!! Seriously, but thank the television gods, they have both been resurrected....which I also predicted. Anyways, this show is the best drama since sunshine right now.

I love the entire cast, even the nasty Lord Jo (I can't wait for him to get what's coming to him)!

Anyways, Wol Ryung...played by the delicious Choi Jin-Hyuk....all I can say is the good look gods and acting gods have definitely smiled on you.

I truly can't wait for each new episode of Gu Family because of you! May you have a long and prolific acting career!!!

Thanks from your American Fan!!!!

leyra93 HOT papa GUMIHO. YOU madw me cry to much in GuFB. wait for your next drama. Oppa fighting

Katie I love you Choi Jin hyuk!!!! So Good looking <3<3

471K-Dr lover Hi, Now, i know you in gu family. You are the reason i watch gu family drama. You're so cool act in this drama.. Great... I like you

Lssie HOT PAPA!!!!!! *_* Really like him on Gu. So sexy, oops xD

athena I originally watched Gu Family Book because of the lead actor/actress... but I ended up loving the Wol Ryung-Seo Hwa story more because of Choi Jin Hyuk!!!

While Wol Ryung's character was already written as a totally perfect and lovable person to begin with, it was actually Choi Jin Hyuk's handsome smile, deep sexy voice and superb acting truly made me root for Wol Ryung. The role really suits him! Although very unlikely to happen, I wish there would be a spin-off drama special featuring Wol Ryung - Seo Hwa. I want more of them and their love story!

I became even more excited to learn that he will join Heirs with my other favorite K-drama actor/actress Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye! Now I can't wait to watch Heirs because it has three of my favs in it!

I hope to watch Choi Jin Hyuk act in lead role in a drama someday... I wish him the best in his career! Fighting!!!

LovelyHope Wol Ryung oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saranghaeyo♥♥♥

aries Loved your character in Gu Family Book , you did an amazing job and also in I need Romance.Best wishes and much success in the future.


    • Gu Family Book**

Linda HOT!HOT!HOT!!!!.so handsome...u are the reason why I'm hooked to Gu Family Booking.Wishing you all the best in life.:)  :)

Hannah Cook DUDE, I was excited at first because of the other actors then i saw you and its like,"Man I am totally watching this just to see your face! I loved you on gu family book and crossing my fingers that you are not a demon forever;) Can't wait to see both in completion. This drama has three of my favorite actors ever!

Ada Are you sure you're not really the mitical hero from Gu family book? :) Played great, I thought you really are that drama character! :))

pearly You are very good actor. I really wish you to have a lead actor in the future drama and movie, not as a second guy, supporting and guest actor only. The First two episodes in Gu Family Book were good and really wish to see your character again and now I am happy that u back again. I want you to be a good father and reunite with your family in the" Gu Family Book". Hopefully your character in Gu Family Book has a good ending. Best wishes...

areis Been watching him since Its Okay, Daddy's Girl and hell, his not just good looking but outstanding too. His character in Gu Family Book is something to look forward too. God Bless you Jin Hyuk and more dramas and movies to come! ---fan from Philippines

dawn I am watching Gu Family Book on MBC America network and the first show of this episode, when I saw you (Mr. Choi In Hyeok) immediately I was like...."please don't get killed off" (that's usually what happens to the stand-out characters. Anyways, I'm still watching eventhought you and the actress that played Sohwa are gone (only on episode 4), but with my fingers crossed I hope you both are resurrected.

I am looking forward to see other dramas your acted in. In just two episodes, I'm left with a this actor is going to do big things in his career.

I wish you many successes as a person, and as an actor.

n132 Choi Jin Hyuk ssi... You are so good looking and tall I'm really captivated by your act in Gu Family Book I'm actually hope that Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa be the lead role Love the sweet but sad love story Wish you can be more success in the future GBU

tp I really like your role in "my precious child". Calm and generous. That is the first drama I've seen you in it. Will be watching you more in other dramas. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you in filming industry.

Stephanie Arly Torres Choi Jin Hyeok is REALLY handsome and I love his characters! It would be the most amazing thing ever if I meet Choi Jin Hyeok.

Stephanie I like his characters but I also like him. He is handsome and I hope one day to meet him since he is only 3 yrs older.

zhia_aala he's has improve a lot since BEAUTIFUL DAYS, MY PRECIOUS CHILD, PASTA.......good work Jin Hyuk-ssi...keep it up!!!!!!

rainfairy so hot!!!!!i loved him in i need romance

shulin aRRR... so handsome... look like the leader out of 3 of them...

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* Park Hyung-Sik (ZE:A) cast in SBS drama "Chaebol's Daughter"
* Park Yoo-Chun cast in movie "Lucid Dream"
* Kim Soo-Hyun cast in movie "Real"
* Jun Shison, Kyoko Yoshine, Riria cast in live-action movie "Senpai to Kanojo"
* Mayu Matsuoka cast in Fuji TV drama "She"
* Yoon So-Yi cast in tvN drama "Hide Identity"
* Ko Ah-Sung cast in movie "Thinking of Elder Brother"
* Munetaka Aoki & Ito Ono cast in new movie "Ame ni Yureru Onna"
* Lee Joon-Gi cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won cast in KBS2 drama "Descendants of the Sun"
* Shinji Higuchi to direct new movie "Godzilla"
* Mizuki Yamamoto & Yusuke Yamamoto cast in movie "Tokyo PR Woman"
* T.O.P ('Big Bang') and Juri Ueno cast in currently untitled drama series
Attack on Titan
Gonin Saga *teaser
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Who Are You: School 2015 *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Divorce Lawyer in Love *ep.1 (3)
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Enemies In-Law *English subtitled
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Twenty *English subtitled
You Are a Good Kid
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Ex-Girlfriend Club *tvN drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Treacherous *teaser
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Love Clinic
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser 2