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  • Drama: Pan Da-Yang and Hedgehog / Panda and Hedgehog
  • Revised romanization: Pandayanggwa Koseumdochi
  • Hangul: 판다양과 고슴도치
  • Director: Lee Min-Cheol
  • Writer: Han Joon-Young
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: August 18, 2012 - October 7, 2012
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Pan Da-Yang (Yoon Seung-Ah) is a bright and positive woman. Ko Seung-Ji (Lee Dong-Hae) is a rough young man. His nickname is "Hedgehog" ("Koseumdochi"). These two people, who have totally different personalities, begin a romantic relationship.


Panda and Hedgehog-Lee Dong-Hae.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Yoon Seung-Ah.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Choi Jin-Hyeok.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Yoo So-Young.jpg
Lee Dong-Hae Yoon Seung-Ah Choi Jin-Hyuk Yoo So-Young
Ko Seung-Ji Pan Da-Yang Choi Won-Il Kang Eun-Bi
Panda and Hedgehog-Park Keun-Hyeong.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Lee Moon-Hee.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Yang Hee-Kyeong.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Im Eun-Hye.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Yu Seung-Mok.jpg
Park Geun-Hyung Lee Moon-Hee Yang Hee-Kyeong Lim Eun-Hye Yoo Seung-Mok
Park Byung-Moo Park Mi-Hyang Kim Gab-Soon Pan Da-Na Gil Dong-Goo
Panda and Hedgehog-Ku Bon-Lim.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Hyeon Seok.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Hong Yeo-Jin.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Song In-Hwa.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Park Sang-Hun.jpg
Ku Bon-Lim Hyeon Seok Hong Yeo-Jin Oh Yi-Na Park Hwa-Sung
Mi-Ra Choi Jae-Gyum Hwang Jung-Rye Choi Won-Yi Jo Gyeon-Woo
Panda and Hedgehog-Han Seung-Hyun.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Jung Min-Jin.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Hwang Byeng-Gug.jpg Panda and Hedgehog-Park Ha-Na.jpg
Han Seung-Hyun Jung Min-Jin Hwang Byeng-Gug Park Ha-Na
Hwang Beom-Bo Jo Gi-Tae Lee Jong-Gab Park Ha-Na

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magalones One of the most memorable, touching and utterly beautiful shows I've ever watched.

tulipe worst korean drama EVER!!!! watching this drama was the worst way to pass time.

KL why is Panda so annoying? Can she not talk like a baby for one second? I feel like her character was not even needed in the entire drama. I liked her sister a lot more.

YANDA PANDA is beautiful man

Kay Panda and Won ll are socially naive beyond belief. It's like the only one who matured of the 3 young friends is Hedgehog. Very annoying! Why Hedgehog has any interest in this "Peter Pan" girl is a mystery. Won Yi is ridiculous. Running berserk everywhere she goes. Somebody needed to give that girl some Valium. Don't get me started on those ears of hers. Good plastic surgeons are abundant in SK. Make an appointment---bali (sp. ?). BTW Is Hedgehog everyone's personal bank? Won ll has plenty of Won, (it's even his first name.) why doesn't he fork over money to help his childhood friend, Panda? Parts of this drama are cute, but mostly it's annoying when the dumped on main character receives more than his share of life's hardships. He needs to do a workshop for all us wimps who roll up in a ball whenever we meet a roadblock. Finally, it was aesthetically pleasing to see all those lovely bake shop creations. I'll bet the cast and crew gained some weight during this drama!

kocolee Best Drama ever!!!!!!!! <3 <3

kaylahyuna The whole love triangle/battle for Pan Da Yang's love was seriously unrealistic. Not even middle school kids do such a thing. Also, as much as I adore Yoon Seung Ha as an actress, her character was simply annoying and frustrating to watch. I also can't stand how she doesn't do a single thing at the cafe, doesn't have a job, and when she did have a job, she quit instantly after misunderstanding Choi Won Il, but yet she complains about being tired? Her little sister as well Choi Won Yi, Won Il's little sister, do all the work, and she does nothing. Choi Won Il is technically on vacation yet he helps out at St. Honor as well as Cafe Panda as Ko Seung Ji's assistant. At least there were female characters I enjoyed watching, Da Na, Won Yi, and Eun Bi.

panda_hedgehong^^ i hope panda hedgehong be continued...... ^^, i can't wait anymore....-_-"! i always support panda_hedgehong.........

IzzyChan I Lovee this drama so much!!<33 Donghaee was soo cuteee in this[': I really wish they'd have another season!! ITS SO WONDERFUL ;~; I cried a river in the last two episodes cuz it was just so good! ;[ And i felt so bad for Seung-Ji in this, but it turned out alright[: This taught me that Family does matter.~ [': Seung-Ji Saranghae~! <3 <3 <3 ^.^ now make season 2; '1, 2, 3, Go!' <.<

mella tasya II Why why why so brief story of this drama :( I really realy liked and really liked this Korean drama, because there is Donghae oppa and unnie seung, Donghae oppa really cool acting and so cute , donghae oppa proposional and so cute your acting. I'm hope ep 17 , next ep again ... I'm hope

samting The story confused me a bit. I didn't like the girl! So annoying. Not because she gets to kiss Donghae, but I personally can't feel her acting. PLUS her character is so annoying. Getting mad randomly with nonsense reasons. I mean she gets mad at hedgehog because SHE CAN'T DRIVE. wtf. If I was Hedgedog, I'd totally look for another girl. They're not even dating yet but she nags all the timeee! D; and how about their first kiss? Omg what girl in her right mind would be "how about you initiate this time?"... -_- I know this should supposed to be a "lovely" moment but as a girl, I couldn't bare to get embarrassed for her!!

Zainab Plot was slow and boring during the beginning and continues like that till the end. I don't think i'd have given it a second glance at all if Donghae wasn't playing the lead.

CoCoa Ok is it me or are they related> Or at least all childhood friends like hedgehog saved Choi Won from that pedophile step daddy a**hole right? Because I knew that man wasn't right from 1.

leonard panda and hedgehog !!!!! so beautiful i wish it can be publish in the philippines i wish

HIHI when is ep 17 coming out? if it did can anyone give me link?

nygel i cant believed its finished ... im waiting for the episode 17 ... but the story is not yet finished huhuhuhuhu

Amanda I personally like this show, donghae oppa your acting is so cute and have improved.. Pround of you <3

gado I like the cast for this drama but the story is boring and makes no sense.

a.n.jell i am watching it's okay daddy's girl, and i just find it so amusing that most of the characters in it are those in panda as well...with donghae and jinhyeok as's nice seeing them together again...that's probably the reason for the good chemistry between these two actors here in panda

Tlarosa I really hope this show doesn't turn out how I am beginning to think it will. I like the show and the light comedy relief is awesome. I am really hoping that Choi Won-Il comes out on top in some form or fashion. if he don't get the girl at least let him keep the pastry shop.

sanada i think 16 is more then enough i love the series i watched it up to episode 10 and i started to feel like the ending was coming soon but finding out it has 6 more episodes i think it will end with no loss ends

molly I love this show, I don't want it to end. I know it says 16 episodes but I hope there will be more. It just seems like there is so much left to the story I hope there is more than 16 episodes.

jag oh yi na daebak!

박재화 I'm so loving this drama! 판다양과고슴도치제일드라마!

roara The first episode was boring and slow, but, slowly I becamed addicted. It's funny, light and it just gives you a positive state of mind. Ooh, and I just love the main characters, and, yeah, the actors are doing a really great job. For a rainy day is the perfect drama to watch, along with Perfect Match :)

PeanutButterSpread Supposedly, they're planning 16 episodes. But it's not 100% confirmed. That's just the rumor. They'll be filming until September.

sjlove how many episodes? :D

cing i can't wait any longer since i am so excited to see Seung- Ah in the show :b

Quench Seung Ah eonni ^^ I trust u with our Donghae oppa. Please take care of him well :)

haedeeyan really can't wait >x< seung ah unnie n donghae oppa gonna be a cuteee couple ^^ <3<3

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