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  • Drama: Gu Family Book / Kang Chi, the Beginning
  • Revised romanization: Gugaui Seo
  • Hangul: 구가의 서
  • Director: Shin Woo-Cheol
  • Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: April 8 - June 25, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Choi Kang-Chi ( Lee Seung-Gi) is legendary gumiho that is half human and half animal. He struggles to live his life as a human and also falls in love.


Seo-Hwa (Lee Yeon-Hee) is the daughter of a noble family, but her father is branded a traitor by Jo Gwan-Woong (Lee Sung-Jae) and beheaded in front of her. Afterwards, Seo-Hwa and her younger brother Jung-Yoon (Lee Da-Wit) are handed over to a gisaeng house. Seo-Hwa refuses to become a gisaeng or enter the house. She is then tied to a tree for 3 days before passing out from exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Koo Wol-Ryung (Choi Jin-Hyeok) is a spirit protector of Jiri Mountain and possesses eternal life. Koo Wol-Ryung is also full of curiosity and wanders around the human world. One day, he sees Seo-Hwa tied to a tree by the gisaeng home and becomes interested in her.

Seo-Hwa is unable to watch her younger brother being beaten because of her. She finally succumbs and agrees to become a gisaeng. She then learns she will have to spend the night with the man that killed her father. With the help of her servant, Seo-Hwa escapes into the mountain with her younger brother, but they become separated. Seo-Hwa is saved by Koo Wol-Ryung, but her younger brother is caught by a slave hunter.

Seo-Hwa wakes up in front of Koo Wol-Ryung. They enjoy their days together and fall in love. Koo Wol-Ryung decides to become human to be with her. In order for Koo Wol-Ryung to become human, he must refrain from helping people, eating meat and hiding his real appearance for 100 days.

11 days left before Koo Wol-Ryung becomes human, Seo-Hwa is caught by soldiers and flees from them. Tragedy occurs, but Seo-Hwa eventually gives birth to a baby fathered by Koo Wol-Ryung. The baby is later discovered floating in a basket along a river. One of the noble men names the baby Choi Kang-Chil.


  1. "Guga Medical Book" takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Horse Doctor" and will be followed by "Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire" June, 2013.
  2. First script reading took place February 1, 2013 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea. Script reading covered the first four episodes of the drama series. Filming will begin February, 2013.


Gu Family Book-Lee Seung-Gi.jpg Gu Family Book-Bae Suzy.jpg Gu Family Book-Yoo Yeon-Seok.jpg Gu Family Book-Lee Sung-Jae.jpg Gu Family Book-Jo Sung-Ha.jpg
Lee Seung-Gi Bae Suzy Yoo Yeon-Seok Lee Sung-Jae Cho Seong-Ha
Choi Kang-Chi Dam Yeo-Wool Park Tae-Seo Jo Gwan-Woong Dam Pyeong-Joon
Gu Family Book-Lee Yoo-Bi.jpg Gu Family Book-Sung Joon.jpg Kim Hee-Won Gu Family Book-Jung Hye-Young.jpg Gu Family Book-Son Ga-Young.jpg
Lee Yoo-Bi Sung Joon Kim Hee-Won Jung Hye-Young Son Ga-Young
Park Chung-Jo Gon Monk Sojung Cheon Soo-Ryun Wol-Sun
Gu Family Book-Eom Hyo-Seop.jpg Gu Family Book-Yoo Dong-Geun.jpg Gu Family Book-Lee Yeon-Hee.jpg Gu Family Book-Choi Jin-Hyeok.jpg
Eom Hyo-Seop Yoo Dong-Geun Lee Yeon-Hee Choi Jin-Hyuk
Park Moo-Sol Lee Soon-Shin Yoon Seo-Hwa Koo Wol-Ryung

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-08 1 11.5% (9th) 13.1% (5th) 11.2% (11th) 12.2% (7th)
2013-04-09 2 12.4% (8th) 13.4% (6th) 12.2% (7th) 13.4% (5th)
2013-04-15 3 13.6% (6th) 15.2% (5th) 13.6% (6th) 15.5% (5th)
2013-04-16 4 14.1% (5th) 15.7% (5th) 15.1% (5th) 17.1% (4th)
2013-04-22 5 13.3% (6th) 15.4% (5th) 14.4% (5th) 17.0% (5th)
2013-04-23 6 14.2% (5th) 16.5% (4th) 15.8% (5th) 18.3% (4th)
2013-04-29 7 14.0% (5th) 16.2% (3rd) 16.3% (5th) 19.3% (3rd)
2013-04-30 8 14.2% (5th) 16.2% (3rd) 16.4% (5th) 19.0% (2nd)
2013-05-06 9 13.8% (4th) 15.5% (4th) 15.4% (4th) 18.0% (4th)
2013-05-07 10 14.3% (4th) 16.2% (3rd) 14.4% (4th) 16.9% (4th)
2013-05-13 11 14.1% (4th) 16.3% (4th) 14.5% (5th) 16.9% (4th)
2013-05-14 12 15.1% (4th) 18.2% (2nd) 15.9% (4th) 18.7% (3rd)
2013-05-20 13 14.9% (3rd) 17.2% (2nd) 14.8% (4th) 17.2% (3rd)
2013-05-21 14 14.4% (3rd) 16.9% (2nd) 15.9% (3rd) 18.0% (2nd)
2013-05-27 15 15.3% (3rd) 18.3% (1st) 16.4% (4th) 19.3% (3rd)
2013-05-28 16 16.6% (3rd) 20.1% (1st) 18.2% (3rd) 21.7% (1st)
2013-06-03 17 15.8% (3rd) 18.3% (1st) 17.5% (3rd) 21.0% (2nd)
2013-06-04 18 16.0% (3rd) 18.9% (1st) 18.8% (3rd) 22.4% (1st)
2013-06-10 19 17.3% (3rd) 21.0% (1st) 18.3% (2nd) 21.5% (1st)
2013-06-11 20 18.2% (2nd) 21.7% (2nd) 19.1% (2nd) 22.3% (1st)
2013-06-17 21 18.5% (2nd) 21.8% (1st) 18.6% (3rd) 21.8% (1st)
2013-06-18 22 15.3% (4th) 17.5% (3rd) 16.3% (4th) 18.9% (3rd)
2013-06-24 23 17.7% (3rd) 20.2% (1st) 17.8% (3rd) 21.1% (1st)
2013-06-25 24 18.7% (2nd) 22.1% (1st) 19.5% (3rd) 22.9% (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Bill First historical drama to make me cry =( Seriously tho, I enjoyed it very much - From the beginning to the end I wasn't dissapointed or anything at the final episode but I actually liked the ending... To be honest I did think of how Kang Chi will re - meet his friends and especially Yeo Wool in the future (which means present to us) . However, notice how they are meeting again under the (not full) moon bla bla bla...

- Looking forward to season 2 (:

Sharon Caceres Gu Family Book is an amazing drama. I was literally mesmerized by the characters, and very sad when it came down to the last episode. I am looking forward to season 2!

chen I think the writer of the man from the star kim soo hyun inspiring. By gu family book....i want to say this srama is amazing especially. Lee seung gi as a lead male actor....lee seung gi always amazing in every drama he u

Shomon Amazing Drama.. Great work done by Lee Seung Gi.. Hoping to see season two.........

Lee honestly speaking...i won't said that this is the best drama. i am a movies/dramas crazy type of a person. i had watched a lot of dramas which the main character played half human and half demon and they all are great. their abilities/powers are above human levels and even more powerful once they turned into a full demon/beast. but, as for this series (Gu Family Book), all the acting are well done by all, but i am a little disappointed on how they portrayed the demon/beast Koo Wol-Ryung (Choi Jin-Hyeok) and his half human half demon son (Choi Kang-Chi), of their abilities and powers as a demon or half. their strength, powers and speed are not that much of a different from a super human powers. however, as for the son (Choi Kang-Chi)... as a half human and half demon... his abilities and powers are even worse than the power of a superhuman even when he turned into a beast. but a least the ending isn't that bad. well, hopefully there's a season 2 to this series.

G.F.B. I Love This Drama The Best

nentelly Choi kang chi is my favorite so far :D I watched this because of him. season 2 pleaseeeeee

iza Lee seunggi nailed it! Great performance. suzy's acting is stiff at the beginning but she improved. I just don't like choi jin hyuk

ATChong Great drama. Good acting. Never a dull moment! More of such drama with interesting story lines and directing please!

minu amazing drama especially i love lee seung gi soo much

deny Omg this drama is just drop dead AMAIZING! on episode 9 right now and it is GREAT!

Liliette They should really make a season 2!!!!!!!

Melissa Amazing drama, i really really love this drama and lee seung gi is the best !!!

lalawiggins Loooove! This tv series, I'm watching all 24 episode on Netflix. I'm sad b/c I'm on episode 18 and I know I'm close to end. Please tell me a new season will/is in the works ?

Mizz Diy Diy I loveeee Gu Family Book sooo much.. please please please!!.. i really hope there will be season 2.. and of course with the same actor casts.. :D

Chelsea And also if decided to make season 2 I really hope you guys stays with the same casts, cuz the chemistry and everything are already there.

Chelsea I love this drama so much, it is just so amazing!! Great storyline, great casts (so much chemistry between friends, family and lovers). This drama made me laugh so hard and cry. The love story between Kang Chi's parents was just so sad and tragic. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are so funny and cute. Love everything about this drama except the ending, it was a bit unsatisfying cuz I wanna see Kang Chi and Yeo Wool to end up with each other not meeting each other again after so many years. I also wanna see Kang Chi turn into human and search for the GU Family Book, I don't think the story has really express about the GU Family Book really that well. SO PLEASE I HOPE THERE WILL BE SEASON 2 cuz the story is still incomplete. So please please make season 2 (its been 2 yrs since this drama is out) so I really hope there will be season 2 very SOON

Tharu Amazing drama

downy i finished watching this drama! i fall in love with lee seunggi in you are all surrounded and start watching all his drama! this is daebak! kang chi i love you!! you are so hot and cute! i want to meet him in person! so cute <3

L surprise that the actor and actress who played the kang chi's parents didnt win any awards because their story was far better than their son, and everything about them was soooo much a tragic love. but foreals tho..they deserve awards more than kang chi and suzy..

randomness02 great drama, love that final scene lol, was kinda pissed most of the drama though...bad guys winning too much. but i love how the comedy is just randomly thrown in too.

katy i really really luv this drama...lee seung gi oppa you are the best.

Nana it needs season 2! please continue this story! i think it needs to know about the gu family book a little bit detailed and also i wanna see kang chi is becoming human. i hope the second season will occur in 2015 era.. it will be very interesting.

exoshidae im not satisfied with its ending but its really so amazing because after many decades,kang chi and yeo wool met each other ................

anon "But i still want Choi Jin hyuk to win an award for being so into the character!! And so sexy and hawt!!" this describes the first few episodes lol.

Debbyvicks Omo omo,this drama is so so amazing,very interesting,great storyline,dont get me wrong i love lee seung gi,but choi jin hyuk oppa is so sexy,especially when he acted the negative role,i was like hearing my own heartbeat,the only thing that ruined the drama was the stupid ending,really hope there s a season 2

Hellooo Lee Seung Gi was awesome with Suzy! But i still want Choi Jin hyuk to win an award for being so into the character!! And so sexy and hawt!! LSG is awesome too! Suzy was so badass in this drama and it made me love her!! Hope there will be a season 2 :)

asalah amireh to every one whe confused to watch this drama or not !! JUST Go for it , actually i didnt want to watch it cuz its historical drama but OMG Whats wrong with this drama its juust daaaeeebaaaaak !!! every single moment in the drama make me wana scream , cry and laugh lee seung ji and suzy best best couple and they deserve the award for that :) , actors , director , writer , you are alll amazing but plzzz give us season 2 :)

Tovi I love this drama!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

HopesDD My only problem with this drama is the hair!!! What went wrong with Kang Chi's hair??? WHy, why? Since it was Lee Seung Gi, I convinced myself it looks cute on him, At least when he turned into a gumiho, his hair got messy and the brown eyeliner with green eyes made him the hottest GUMIHO I've ever seen.

Cindy I hope there'll be season 2 with the same lead casts, at least for characters like Kang chi, Yeo Wool and Gon. It was a great ending, but still, there should be more for the development of current Kang Chi and Yeo Wool story. Even though it'll take years, I still hope that MBC will someday make season 2 for this drama.

Alice It was amazing, the actors were awesome... I cried so much on the last episodes and now I really want a season 2.

sasa a very beautifully scripted drama..and actors ..all of them have done a superb job..especially the lead actor,the admiral,the villain and the lead courtesan..i just wish the ending was happier and more complete

megha ahmed plz plz plz............start shooting season 2. The story is still incomplete.U can't stop here like this!It's been more than 1 year.But no steps for making a season is taken yet. :(

M.Salah Amazing show for real . I loved it so much the story was kind of new in my opinion and the OST was wonderful and for sure seung-gi was very very funny and good and suzy I really liked her in this show ^_^

Nisa.A wow such an awesome show and cast. I'm dying for season 2. so plz don't make us wait anymore and give us season 2.<33333

sam 1 of the best korean drama.... Bae Suzy.... just so cuteeeeeee

leekrar Chingu ya..sung, dam pyung joon's student who's his real name...sung its so cute

Flávia Season 2 Please!!! After showing Gond and Lee Soon Shin at Kang Chi house in that somewhat curious scene, how can they take so long to give us a second season???

Mask Thoj Season 2 Don't let us hanging on for a long time !!

Olawale Infact this movie is incredible. I love d old Seo hwa,wol ryung,chung jo,kang chi,yeo wool nd others. D old Seo hwa seems to be d most beautiful and cute woman I have ever seen. Even her speakin habit arouses lots of affection to me. South Korean movies d best. Keep on leadin. From Nigeria

k y Very good drama. Highly recommended!!! This drama gives you all kind of feelings. I cried a lot. The plot sounds complicated but try to figure it out slowly before watching.

mxxel Couldn't stop crying with Wol-Ryung's and Seo-Hwa's love story, wish they spent more happy times together, 2 episodes wasn't enough for me. I really wanted Wol-Ryung to get his happy ending, wish there was a way for him to get back to normal and be with Seo-Hwa instead of SH having to die T__T I don't normally get attached and too emotional over fictional characters but the storyline with WR and SH really made my heart bleed. Love this drama so much <3 For me this drama was all about Choi Jin-Hyuk, he totally stole the show for me, amazing actor with so much heart!! ♡♡♡ Love you Wol-Ryung, wish I could meet someone like you in real life lol ♡♡

damu Ahmed Yarma I've just watch the movie completely I enjoy it wishe lee seung gi and Bae Suzy happy life and wish to see there combination again.

Cosette Best show I've ever seen. I loved the acting, the storyline, the characters, the development, the soundtrack, and the actors. I am really hoping for a season 2.

ima Wowwwww..... The best K drama series I have ever watched... Thanks to all the team members for giving us such a wonderful drama.. Usually, we see when ladies are acting these (Dam Yeo-wool) kind of characters most of times those were not so natural.. But Suzy wow.. her skills (martial arts) put the drama at the highest rate. Cos we have never seen such a pretty girl's martial arts talents like in this drama... From the 1st episode the whole drama is so linked. NO borrings.. Pls let us watch the season 2 with Lee seungi and Suzy with a happy ending soon..

wendysh i love this drama but i dun like the old seo hwa she is not pretty like the other one, why they only change her :( i wish they r more woi ryung n seo hwa romantic part..

Geullaediseu this has got to be the BEST drama i've ever seen! highly recommended to those that haven't. from the start to the last episode it never cease to amaze me! i tip my hat to the writers and directors for creating such an amazing and impeccable story and i applause all the actors/actresses for an outstanding and flawless performance. yeo wool and kang chi has definitely touched our hearts and souls! cannot wait for the second part...Gu Family...My family :) naneun salang-e ppajyeoss-eoyo xx

Tiny Unicorn Omg I love this K drama It the first drama I ever cry for like you need 2 boxs of tissue because I make you cry Its like ur eyes r rain BTH I could not stop watching this I watched over and over and the cast was the best Suzy and Seung gi perfect for the roles omg the music omg best k drama soundtrack 4men only you killed me like I even cry for that song and mostly all of them favourite K drama ever GU FAMILY BOOK!!!!!!

Jonah One of the best korean drama I've seen ever. Gu Family Book (The Love Story of Kang Chi) is one of my favorite k-drama. I only watched for just one day & one night. The love story is amazing. I also like the male/female lead characters Seung-Gi & Suzy. They're now among of my favorite korean stars. I am well impressed with all the casts. Overall, the series is well made. I commend.

johan One of my favorite korean drama ever. Love it so much. I even watched it for just one day & one night. The story is so nice, the love story is amazing, so touching. I love the male & female lead characters Seung-Gi & Suzy. They are now among of my favorite korean stars. I am well impressed with all the casts. I will never forget this k-drama.

Cindy It doesn't make sense to only change Kang Chi's mother to a different actress. Even if the dad is a mystical being, Lady Yeo's dad isn't and all the other full human characters, so why why why?

maryam this drama is so beautiful . lee yeon hee and bae suzy are good actresses. i enjoyed gu family book

Jimoh olalekan Abayomi This series is a bomb and breathtaking.Looking for the next season tomorrow.I finished the season 2 yesternight.

Celeste One if the most beautiful and most treasurable stories I have seen in a while. I lost count of the times which Gu Family Book brought me to tears. It would be the most amazing thing if there were to be a season two... Better yet, a show which will air for the years to come. I loved this so much I wish I could show my gratitude to the cast, and writer of this series.

Kinggofing Owwww never mind, Lee Yeon-Hee is really the mother when she was young, i was kinda confused because why didn't they changed the actor for his father too but then i realized he was a mythical creature so they don't have to look older.

Kinggofing I don't get it, i thought Lee Yeon-Hee was his mother, whats with the change of actress? did i missed something?

emcee OMG!!! i love this drama!!!! and the ending too!!!!!! hahahah but uhhhmm im kinda curious from the title... why gu family book??? i want to see if kangchi will became human!!!!!! ! hahhahaha

Akinola Ridwan The death of miss yeo wool really hurts my heart, especially when having the last super with his family really makes me sad. Please we veiwers pretty looking on to season four of this ''World best movie thriller'' kang chi. Love it . The most loving couple ''kang yeo wool chi''

Yeowool20 I think there season gonna be a season two cause the other name of gu family book is kang chi the beginning the beginning and the ending is kinda like a mystery cause yeowool don't remember kang chi the ending is still a mystery so maybe there is gonna be season two let us just hope for more seasons two come

shin yeo wool is soo pretty but chung joo's character development is what attracted me more to watch this drama

A.Y. I still waiting for season 2 ='[ Please do it. It will be the best series ever! To be honest, I don't like kind of stress, too much drama and history series much but I really love this one although it makes me cried many times.

miko Suzy, my favourite actress. Please 2nd season

leika Please 2nd season i loved the drama so much..... please... por favor transmitan una segunda temporada.

rylie I love Yeo wool(Suzy) my new favorite Kdrama actress :)

daebak Yeowol yeowol!!!

Nathalie 2ND SEASON 2nd season 2nd season 2nd season ..... Otherwise the ending was a mean tease.... BEST DRAMA EVER

dramachild please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please GIVE US DYING FANS A SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

song hyun kyung season 2 puhleaseee !!! i loved the drama so much especially kang chi-ya :3

nurul this drama was amazing to me second season please

badmoonligh I had broken my foot lost my job because of it. I was house bound this show got me through a really bad place. Hope their's a second season.

Pikachim This drama was the best thing ever i love it all yeo wol and kang chi those two are amazing

Saah Man, I don't know why it took me 5 months to decide to watch Gu Family Book. I just finished today and it was the best show ever. All the cast in this show gave their best performance. I hope there's a season 2.

najme I love it & enjoy every episodes. i'm waiting part 2 ... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAS!!!!

gumiho lover please give us the fans gu family book .. drama series gu family book session 2 ... I really want it .. please ..

shailany I fell in love with Gu Wol Ryung! I am currently watching more of his drama. Choi Jin Hyuk, you nailed it!

jaglaine Very solid beginning, lame ending. Two-thirds along the way, the writer lost the plot. Gu Family Book? What Gu Family Book? I think the writer forgot that there was even a Gu Family Book. Kang-Chi ended up like a crybaby, why was he always crying? Good thing it was LSG, he made it palatable. Suzy was cute but far from believable as a sword master. Another good thing is they were cute together. All in all, it was 4 episodes too long and disappointing.

phillippa Love the film it was really interesting,I enjoyed watching every episode it was good,I'll be waiting for part 2 where kang chi finds the gu family book and become human in the new era so tt he can grow old with yeo wool, can't wait

mary grace i love this drama espicialy bae suzy ang le seung gi this is the best movie i watch

PutRie BeNieng really, really, the pure love.... the besT movie,,,, :-)

peace maker I really love it so much.....Deserves to ha season 2...please....number 1 Movie...

shayne amazing drama ..!!!!! PLEASE...!!!!!

Chai The film and the story is really good. the messages cut across cultural barriers and the actors and the actresses were really good. Lee Seung Gi is really a good actor. he is versatile. It just sadden me that he was not one of the winners. even his song was great and the emotion that goes with the song is thick. sigh!!! so happy for suzy that she made it. the story itself is really good but it did not win. how sad.

Mark Franklen Ramos I think they were make a season 2, Because I see Gon and admiral at Kang-chi's apartment!!! They didnt talk about something and this Drama should have a season two!! Ending in apartment??? and not meeting his love one again??? Kang-chi wants to grow old with yeo wool!!!

Jammer hope to see Suzy doing another or more korean historical drama or the likes of this gu family book type of drama. hats off to Suzy, pretty, charming, beautiful and very very good in acting. kudos to the director for making pretty cast of ladies :) seriously, this one is not a boring drama, every episode is worth watching. good job indeed !!!

cloud this drama made me love Suzy so much!!! and I just watched her movie Architecture101 too! sad but very nice movie :)

may best drama ever!!

Nara just finished watch 24 episode: For me, this drama make me reunion flash-back to prince of song dong ( so hwa, sun wha).. The bride will die....That make fluttered my heart & gift me a dilema for some days....

And also some drama which have the story was like it.. So meaningfull but in the end, this is ONE of the GREATEST DRAMA I'm watched on 2013...

Clm This is the best drama i've watch! First 2 episodes captivates me & the whole story is well paced! Please make Part 2!

kianmy wow I love this story super!! please make the part 2 so bitin ei.................

Sueweetie Please film the Book II :) Love this drama...and please same couple (Suzy and Seung-Gi)

andreiah this is the only Kdrama that made me cry eps. Episode 21 very heartbreaking.. even i have watch the episodes 1-2 and episodes 17-21 almost 4x ill never get tired of it,! im so inlove with CHoi jin hyuk role,his love for Seo hwa was so grEat,,its just that his love story wasn't have a happy made me cry realizing in real life wul ryung did not exist!i wish i could find a man who will love me like that hehe..great plot,story,actors&actresses,,its very memorable for me..i will never 4get how GFB made me cry and made me feel inlove..

Tania I really loved this drama .. I want a season 2 of Gu Family Book where Kang Chi will become a Human and Yeo-Wool will regain her memory about her previous life..please make a season 2 ^^

Magdalena Nice story and plot... All is great, the characters are all great. Congrats to this drama... Love Seung Gi, Suzy and Choi Jin Hyuk much... They are my favorite on this drama.. Daebak!! Looking forward to another drama like this one...

Rebecca Gu Family Book -a korean drama which I enjoyed every episode. The only korean drama which I wish to have season 2 because of it's nice story.. PLEASE CONTINUE THEIR STORY.. Please consider the comments here of the viewers.. We are hoping.. Please.. :)

srija choi jin hyuk and suzy are awesome .......nice performance.

Jessiedel It will really break every heart of the fans if this story won't have season 2..

Emily They should make more episodes or another season!

Seed wow. This one is definitely daebak. Please make a continuation. Much love from the Philippines..

Nurul Erkatili this drama is of the best and i like it ..

elaine this drama is one of the best korean novela created after my girlfriend is a gumiho, the love story of the main character is really unique and i really love it! looking forward for season2!!

Neda I enjoyed whatching this Drama...........I cried A lot......especially love sences.....It has everything I like.............Iam looking forward for season 2..............Choi are so handsome.......fighting!

kellylove Suzy is really talented

mica If season 2 doesn't come out, I will seriously go crazy!!!!!! This was one of the few dramas that made me cry and I love the love story between seung gi and suzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A definite must watch!! :D

crist im hoping for season 2...

hafsat This drama is breath taking and every episode is full of energy. I realy love this movie. When will season 4 be realised?

Hom I like this drama

albert This a good drama I have ever watch n full of energy in every episode,there aren't bad episode n I always enjoy to watch it I hope n very very hope there is season 2,or maybe a special episode with same cast please

kenneth rod ocheda im hoping for season 2....

Alexis Honestly the BEST DRAMA EVER!! I thought boys over flowers was the best but this drama seriously won me over. This drama had everything you could think romance, suspense, comedy, mythical...just everything!!! I normally had sad dramas but this was really really really good. Even the OST was amazing all the songs were awesome.. I loved the parents story Wol-Ryungs and Seo-Hwa it was so epic I don't think iv ever cried soo much for a drama and I hardly cry plus its not even real lol but it was still a heartfelt drama. Kang-Chi and Yeo-Wool was really good too honestly they should just make a season 2 and continue from the ending. There wasn't a single boring episode in this drama. It's a MUST WATCH! 10/10

Lea Ninobla Please do create season 2...! just continue the ending..I think it will be a hit series again, not only to season 1 fan but to others who I believe, after telling them that this drama is so amazing and is a heartfelt story, they will too, watch the season PLEASE do create season 2, carrying all the cast of season 1. The cast is so effective, and I wouldn't ask for anyone else but them,,just them (esp. lee seung-gi and bae suzy)..Thank you for this wonderful drama..We hope for season 2..Thank you in advance!!

Rimadilla l'd love wolryung-seohwa than kangchi-yeowool. I love their chemistry. their love story touched my heart. I cried so hard because of them.. hope they will become main cast in another drama

Diana I like this Gu Family Book, but I'm wishing for season 2.

xei I am done with the full episode. I was thrilled because the ending suggest that there will be a continuation...I am searching the internet for confirmation and I cant find an answer. Can somebody give me an answer? I will be very excited if there is :D

omona Just watched ep 02 and i hate seo hwa so much..she was so stupid and deserved to die at the fist place!it was a waste for wol ryung to save her..i cried so hard to see seo hwa's betrayal towards wol ryung..urgh....

yana i hope to watch a better ending.. why dont they have a movie ending just in hna yori dango. that would AWESOME! :)

jayson gu family bo0k or the love story of kang chi is the best ever korean tv series, i really like bae suzy. . Please make season 2. ,

wonk Really really wish for sequel gfb or maybe just a special episode with same cast , I hope the producer n writer see this

Shinta I really don't understand why are they so MANY haters about this drama. I can't figure out what they want. I HATE ALL THE HATERS!!! I really really love Gu Family Book and for me this is the only epic drama that has very interesting story, all the episodes are worth watching, there isn't a single boring moment that's why I really love watching this til the end. I love Yeo Wool-KangChi love story, hope they will make another drama together. =) I'm hoping for a sequel yaay! If there's a sequel, I guess that's where the Gu Family book will be founded by Kang Chi. This is an amazing drama ever! I cried a lot while watching this... I love Lee Seung Gi!!!

Mikay i really love the story especially the final act i was crying in like a river my tears was uncountable my eyes was so red even i finished all of the episodes i still want to watch it all over again... now i am try to draw choi kang chi and dam yeo wool big sucess.... how i wish you will win as 2013 best korean of all time you have our support... keep the good work...

kimpy more Suzy in the future please!!! I really like her in GFB. I cried a river for her TT

kimpy Dam Yeo wool so cool!!! love her

raineal this is really a good series, Lee Seung Gi doesnt have to show more effort in acting because it comes naturally specially when he is crying. for Bae Suzy uhmm.,., sometimes cannot see the feeling in your face although it went good, want to see more Lee Seung Gi's acting haha lav yah

jovin zafra im hoping for the next SEASON!

natalia fu movie family drama series which book is quite classy I really hope there is season 2 of this movie, though the story does not end quite sad .. I was expecting suit .. but I'm still waiting for season 2.

love I really disagree with Honestly and Phong because the author really intend the plot character,Dam yeo wool, to die in the end so that there'll be a season 2 which they will meet again.,,Gu Family Book is also known as The Love Story of KangChi ( The beginning) .,, when you see.,, there's the line " The Beginning" after the tittle.,, so it would mean that there will be a season 2.,, the titlle may be Gu Family Book season 2 which will also known as The Love Story of KangChi (The continuation or The Ending ect.,,) .,, this drama is really amazing.,, they succeeded on imparting the feelings they want for us to be felt.,, The OST in this drama really fits to the story which adds more emotion or feelings and for us to relate much which sometimes we shed tears without even realizing it.,, This K-Drama is really successful.,, Congratulation to the Director: Shin Woo-Cheol, Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung, for producing this wonderful and perfect K-drama.,, For me.,, this is the most successful drama of 2013.,, I hope that my hypothesis is right about producing the GFB season 2.,, tnx much ^^ from the PHILIPPINES.,, yours truly><, Mr. love ^______________^ kevin ;)

Phong Sadly I doubt that they will make another season.... There would honestly be nothing for the show to probably be based on. I mean the whole show was based on Kangchi finding his self control and him falling in love. If there was another season... I'd doubt it would be the same as the first one since he can't use his powers etc? Also, I think it would be cliche because it would be like My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. I thought that the girl's death is more of a convenience for the story line just because kept saying she would die if she stayed with Kangchi. I wished that instead of having her die they could just have had her break that fate she had or whatever. Oh well. Oh and she never said yes to marrying him at the end!!!!! UGHHH!!!!

hyun liu i love so much this film so romantic kang chi so cool an yeo wool so beauty seunggi&suzy so romantic

Honestly Honestly, Leeseunggi is so annoying here. I don't like his character. Gu wol ryung is a much richer character by far. Choi Jin Hyuk's flair in his character is flawless. I would have recommend it more if I enjoy the main character. hmm

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo._. i<3 this tv drama.. i<3 the way act both of them (main character).. ...everything is great in this tv drama... yehey..yehey fighting.. roseannheart is your...*^_^*

mailet please! please make a season 2 .. i really love this korean drama .. GU Family Book .. with same characters :(

Muntako I really like the korean drama Gu Family Book, I really wish I could meet the players.

From : Muntako


keyron_23@ I think i'm going crazy if there be no GFB part2 !!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!! so sick of it!!!!!!!!!! I really really wonder of what will happen next.,, please!!!!! i'm begging you :( Director: Shin Woo-Cheol and Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung create GFB part 2!!!! pleases please :'( with the same characters :(((

kevin this drama is so perfect!! to all haters of Bae Suzy ,, Go drink Hypo !! :P

kevin pls pls pls pls create season 2 with the same characters.,, love them!! their chemistry is so amazing.,, it's kinda cute ;)

Kevin Arquiza Muallil I hope the author and director of THE LOVE STORY OF KangChi will produce the part two of this drama.,, This drama is really amazing, beautiful and and a heart touching story.,, At the end of the story, it makes me wonder if what will happen next since Dam Yeo Wool revives and the other friends of of KangChi.,, Will their next Love story be a happy ending?? It really makes me sad and teary knowing that Dam Yeo Wool dies at the end of the story., But the revision of everything makes me really wonder.,, :’(I just really hope that the author and the director will help each other to make KangChi part two. (in the future where they meet again). Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Kevin Arquiza Muallil I hope the author and director of THE LOVE STORY OF KangChi will produce the part two of this drama.,, This drama is really amazing, beautiful and and a heart touching story.,, At the end of the story, it makes me wonder if what will happen next since Dam Yeo Wool revives and the other friends of of KangChi.,, Will their next Love story be a happy ending?? It really makes me sad and teary knowing that Dam Yeo Wool dies at the end of the story., But the revision of everything makes me really wonder.,, :’(I just really hope that the author and the director will help each other to make KangChi part two. (in the future where they meet again).

dUsHi This drama is off the hook! please please make season 2! we really want to know what will happen next..!

Keima One word that describes this drama series would be "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." Well, what else can we say? The plot, characters, actors and actresses that liven-up the drama, settings that pictures the old Korea, everything is perfect. In Filipino we call it "Kumpleto rekados." From the beginning until the last episode, it never failed to amaze, excite and thrill me. There are episodes that make you laugh and episodes that make you cry. The main couple has a perfect chemistry. It makes you crave to watch the next episode. Although the last episode is kinda tragic, nevertheless it was the best ending for the whole series because as what I've felt and observed the ending is the perfect end that will introduce a new season of this drama series. So, we ask, I mean we BEG for a second season with the same actors and actresses. Hope it would be aired soon!!! God bless to everyone.

Miracle Please make season 2. Same lead character. Love them both.. Please please...

charli I really enjoyed this drama. Hopefully there will be a season 2. But the second season would have to have the same lead actors.The chemistry between them was awesome.For those that seem to think the lead actress was not good did Not look at the drama with a clear mind.A person gains experience from experiencing. Her acting skills will blossom as her roles begin to bloom.

Any I can't wait for Gu Family Book season 2 with same actor also

saya i really love this korean drama,,. plsssss.... season 2,..season 2 .. season 2.. season 2.. season 2... season 2!!!

A nigeria gurl. Kang chi is anoda best korean movie hav eva watched in my life.We really enjoy ur film n it's also d best,more strength 2 ur elbow bt make sure u complete it as expected btw kang chi n yoon yeol wool. I will b expectn my answer inside my mail

Owoblo I devot ma thanks to almighty allah 4 allowin me to see dis movie.. My thanks also goes to the producers of this amazing movie... Gu family book is one of the best korean films i hav watchd.. After a man called god, faith, city hunter,.. Choi kang chi is an amazin actor, yeo wool also fit very well to the role.. I love the way she use to scold kang chi, like beat him in the head, or draw is ear.. Thier chemistry is more real than that of seo hwa and wol ryung because, kang chi and yeo wool took time to love each other deeply, thats why yeo wool can accept kang chi gumiho side... But seo hwa and wol ryung love was merely infatuation love at first sight.. Thats why seo hwa betray him... Good lovin story.. I love the four masters, Go, teo seom especially, the master with broom cooking in the kitchen... I wish the monks prophesy is wrong again, his prophesy is wrong when he said only kang chi can stop wol-ryung but it was seo-hwa dat stops him... So this means kang-chi and yeo-wool can still married each other without one dying.. I really will love them to end up with eachother..... Please in Nigeria we'r expexting the season 4.. When will it be out... It took ma breath away when kang-chi told, yeo-wool, our fate ends here.. So, please. More power to ur elbow speed up the production of the last season... Thanks... All the haters of suzy go drink hypo

raneaj i like the story really wonderful :) but i just don't really feel the couple Lee Sung Gi (Kang Chi) and Suzy in the story though i like them both they don't really fit as a couple. :)

CatEye This Drama it totally Amazing. The Best Drama 2013! I Love Lee Sung Gi(Kang Chi) and Suzy!! ❤❤ I Hope theirs a Season 2 please. Kang Chi as president and Suzy As a Bodyguard or Cop. And I hope that Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa is there too like they'll be reborn.

irma we want season 2.. gu family book

chuchuy pangeeeeeeet ending.. sayang..

Eun Jung Warning: spoilers. Gu Family Book is a completely amazing drama. After watching a few episodes, I looked up the writer and director. When I saw the names of Kang Eun-kyung and Shin Woo-cheol, I thought; “No wonder it’s an especially good drama!” Kang Eun-kyung also wrote Bread, Love and Dreams. And Shin Woo-cheol also directed Secret Garden. The actors are incredible! Lee Seung-gi is a phenomenal actor! I’ve seen him in Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and The King 2Hearts also. I love his smile. When he acts, he completely draws me in and I love the characters he plays. Lee Seung-gi is one of my favorite actors. Bae Suzy is wonderful. I liked the two of them together. The story had a couple of elements that were too strong for my preferences. One was the amount of senseless killing done by the demon Wol-ryung. I know it was important to depict that quality to his character, though. The other part that was difficult to me to see were the two scenes which depicted girls being sexually assaulted. That, of course, increased the villainy of the antagonist, heightening the intensity of the good vs. evil conflict. I loved seeing the skillful sword fighting scenes. The athleticism of the actors combined with the talent of the cinematographers created extremely impressive, exciting action scenes. I loved the mystique/fantasy surrounding the lives of Choi Kang-chi and his father, Koo wol-ryung. I loved seeing the floating lights that surrounded them. And I loved seeing all the cool things they could do. Gu Family Book is an incredibly intriguing story. Everything was perfect…the characters, the action, the romance, the twists and turns the story took, the lovability of the protagonists and powerful dislike-ability of the antagonists. The villains did a fantastic job! This drama is unforgettable. And like a good book, once you start watching it, you won’t want to stop! I hope there is a sequel!!!

Einalem I love this drama and i really like suzy

Agnes I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA ^o^ , THIS DRAMA IS REALLY SUPER GOOD . They have to be a season 2 !!! ^^ please Suzy eonni and lee seung gi oppa accept Gu family book season2 . we will waiting, FIGHTING!! -From Indonesia ^^

lulu I was so delighted to see another project of actor Lee Seunggi. He's really very good. Whoever he's with his acting power really exudes. i hope he'll be given a Baeksang acting award for his latest drama. May we see more of him.

MyAnh TOTALLY IN LOVE with this drama!!! I really recommand it. The story is super good and the actors are great. Lee seung gi always surprise me, love him so much. <3

carns where can i meet lee seung gi in korea?probably im just so deeply in love with this guy that's why i supported all his works! this story was so unreal but makes u want to be real in real life..i love bae suzy to be his loveteam but not in real life,she was cute and pretty and they have chemistry..after i finished watchng the story my addction to Twilight movies came back,it wa like Edward and Bella story but the dfference they cntnue the story in the modern time,hope it will be possble in the future..:-) me pls if its possble to meet seung gi..--from a girl in southern part of the Philippines

miss terry some people here says that suzy is inexperienced, untalented, bla bla bla and says that they should use a more professional actress. i think suzy is quite talented and that's how she maintain her acting carrier, and well, suzy is still a newbie in acting and even if suzy is inexperienced, she can be more experienced and might even become a pro if she sharpen her acting skills by acting. and at least you should give her a chance and stop complaining about it. if you don't like her acting in gu family book, you can just not watch it. and since when did everyone becme a movie critic? also, can you guys even act as good as suzy, who is 'inexperienced' and 'untalented' as some of you say? sorry bad english, not my mother language

Jason wooo this drama is awsome..i love the way suzy cute...i cried many time..season 2.. pls i want wat will be the story after they meet again :)

keira I agree with eonni. The chemistry between seo hwa and wol ryung feel more real than yeo wool and kang chi. Seung gi's acting still too good to be compare with suzy. Suzy still has to manage her acting skill. But i like the story of this drama. A gumiho who try so hard to become a human. Overall, i'm in love with this drama.

Miss I love this drama, so awesome. The second drama who can make me cried after endless love. I'll be wait for part 2, but please don't change the players. Lee seung gi and bae suzy was so adorable. I think i will not interested if there is part 2 but you change the players :)

eooni I watched this drama only because there is lee seung gi. his acting so great, but compared to the drama being played lee seung gi before, I think this is less wear on my heart. I prefer lee seung gi paired with han hyo joo and ha ji won. Her acting more striking and romantic. but gu family book convoluted storyline. too many scenes that seem slow, and the relationship between dam Yeoul and khang chi taste bland. I do not like suzy's acting. wool ryong and seo wha more good acting . And 4 ending this drama, not good.. This drama not bad but not good too, n for this drama I just give 7/10. (sorry 4 all people loved this drama)

Michelle I so loved this drama! I hope there is part 2. I read in korean magazine that Suzy feels bad and is thinking of not acting because of all the bashers. Give her a break she may not be that great in sad scenes but she is wonderful just the same. Pls pls Suzy accept Part 2. We'll be waiting. Fighting!

jm i love it :D

Lian I hope there's a part 2!!!

It would be interesting for their love story to unfold again in the modern world ^^

A gumiho in modern Seoul... ^^ what do you think???

van when will the next season come out

Khamyll I just started watching this yesterday and now i just finished it.. I love it so much.. Everything is great for me.. I really love it that they include the future with the other casts too :)

Anely will there be a season 2? o-o there should be :D

Jeka Daebak! gu family book is awesome. i cried so much in the ending. I don't need season 2. This drama already good.

farah are they going to make season 2?!!

sri ruslan I love this drama><Lee seung gi & bae suzy

Ricks Nasol this drama is so amazing! i can't wait for the season 2! :)

ryan this drama is very amazing rate 10/10 by the way hi miss a Bae Suzy can we meet in moonlight garden with a peach tree under a hanging crescent moon in 2014..i don;t care about a little fate ahaha..Gu Family Book 2 much await..Modern Time with the same characters..Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy, but dont kiss her so much like in episode 17..because suzy is mine..ahaha..

c_u_t_e 13 they have met again in front of peach bloosom tree under a hanging crescent means the story will have to continue, i hope in season two he would finally find the gu family book...

c_u_t_e 13 A-W-E-S-O-M-E drama...season 2 will be much awaited...thanks

sarah I haven't done watching this drama but it's already exciting. also, it reminds me of my favorite anime Inuyasha. Choi Kang Chi and Inuyasha, they are similar in some points. I'll continue watching it...Love it:-)

anon i thought the ending should be prolong... it really exciting to see what happens to choi kang chi during his encounters with yeowool reborn in modern era... yeah season 2 will be amazing.

Rama Finally I finished watching Gu Family Book......the ending make me cry like a child (T T) Please please please I hope the they'll make the season 2 for Gu Family Book cause I want to know what happend next in 2013 and the continuation of their love story <3 <3

someone love this drama , double thumbs up ! I agree , season 2 would be good

to those who says bad things about suzy why don't you guys just act this drama on your own ! she acted really good okay !?

ryan Gu Family book is best korean drama i've ever watched.. i spend my just watching this but is very worth it.. lee sung gi and bae suzy have a very good chemistry..i hope they make part 2 of this with the same lead character lee sung gi and bae suzy.. i hope that the two of them team up again for another drama..maybe 2013 or 2014..good luck!!

EGY I don't care what they said about this drama. For me this is the best korean drama in 2013. The actors and actresses was very amazing in acting especially Lee Seung Ki and Suzy also Choi jin Hyuk. Will you make the 2nd season??? please, I'm curious with their appearance in modern time....

classy really good drama:):):). i hope season 2 for this drama. it will be a very good drama if an gumiho trying to be a human in 21century and with the same lead actor&actress it must be very interesting drama i've ever seen❤

Jessica i really hope there will be season 2 for this drama and with the same actress&actor :)

meih I LOVE this drama 100% super sad ending plz come out second season! !! And I agree with the last comment

디디 Hi! I must say something: it takes time to know a person and o fall in love with him/her, and to love that person... I'm not in love and I will never love a guy just by knowing he is handsome... But I must confess that Lee Seung Gi is a young talented korean actor who makes me wanna watch his every drama series.... So...his acting skills are great.  :)

Zee I happened to catch an episode right in the middle on television and watched for all of three to four minutes before I got hooked on the damn thing. >:\ Now I'm stuck trying to watch this series all the way through because I'll be grouchy if I don't see this one through like Horse Doctor and ALL THE OTHERS. DAMMIT KOREA, STOP MAKING DRAMAS, I WANT MY LIFE BACK! Dx


I don't want a season 2 but I freaking love the ending!!! Suzy and LSG nailed that scene!!!

etiwu nadji wow very very amazing, happy, great for gu family book. I like that a lot. and I want gu family book season 2. thank you. I LOVE YOU LEE SEUNG GI

Danya I'm really hoping that, that scene at the end of the finale means that their will be a second season.

ngitwa i totally love it! please make a season two! RIGHT NOW OR ELSE :)

shin18 good drama with a great ending :) sad though ... really hoping for a second season . **

maia i really cried a lot in this that im done watching, im gonna miss you all..and its gonna start making my night boring without you drama for 2013...thumbs up for the writer, director, staff & actors...good job.

Kyle Season 2! w/ the main characters.. Please.

Rawr Rawr Rawr God... you have no idea how much i cried in the very last episode.... it was like the pacific ocean in my room..... I loved it though. Am i the only one that though Wol Young was so much sexier when he was evil... I thought he was cute in the frist two episodes but when he showed up again later I would always smile ^.^ ;P

7eno Waw this drama is amazing i adore lee sung ki he's so handsome but it would be better if there were more episodes because the ending wasnt so shocking but i dont think there would be any better cast for this drama ♡♥♡♥

ogundijo missblues aminat This drama is really interesting, i love everything about it starting from the main character to the least YOU ROCKS@NIGERIA

dramafreak I think that there will be no season 2. The ending it meant that in the end they will be together again. Which is not a sad ending.

jiji I was really looking forward to this drama but ended up with mixed feelings. It started off well -- the chemistry between Choi Jinhyuk and Lee Yeonhee was amazing and their love story as well. Lee Seungki and Suzy's story was rather bland for me, however. There were many episodes where I felt it was just lagging on and on and on. There were also elements added to the drama that just didn't make sense (like some of the magic and the duplicating what the hell.. that all disappeared right after that episode. It didn't even make sense).

Also, I was rather confused with what the motif of this drama really was. The title is called "Gu Family Book" but the drama never really had that as a main goal for the characters to accomplish. I thought that was dumb. The title of the drama suited much better with the love story of Kangchi's parents (and I thought their story was much more interesting and evoked so much more emotion.. their story could've been a drama on its own--it was that strong). The goals of the drama kept switching back and forth from saving the nation to Kangchi wanting to be human to etc etc. It was literally too much drama and it would've been much nicer for the director/producer to just focus and explore a few themes instead adding a cluster of madness.

The characters of Kangchi and Yeolwoo also got really irritating and frustrating in the middle to the end. The only thing that saved the drama for me is the reappearance of "certain" characters--which I was incredibly ecstatic about and literally cried. If not for that, I would've dropped it. This drama did not need 24 episodes.

Overall: Cast: 9/10 Plot: 10/10 go toward Wolryeong and Seohwa; 6.5/10 for everything else Music: 10/10

Gu Whenever Kang Chi cuts himself to give blood to people he wants to heal with his powers.... recipe for AIDS bro!

kiky question ending ... but i am pleased and very like this drama :) i hope there will be season 2 and the actress and actor not be changed . i am waiting it , be soon <3 . love lee seung gi with suzy

shawn I just finished the last two episodes tonight, and I gotta say I really enjoyed this show! That said, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I would have preferred Yeo Wool lived and married Kang Chi. Thus ending the story on a happy note, instead of repeating his fathers sadness. The only reason I say that, is becasue even though Kang Chi lived that long and still loves her. She is just someone who looks like Yeo Wool. Also thought it was a little overkill to have everyone to have a look alike in the present.

The only bright side to this ending, is the fact they can make a season 2 set in modern times. If so, it will be interesting to see how the characters fit into the story. Also gotta mention I'm very impressed with Suzy's acting, it has improved 100%!

meisya it's really AMAZING DRAMA!! before, say thanks to Director Shin, Writer Kang, all of my favorite actors expecially LSG and Suzy, the music editor, and all of you.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i can feel that this life is beautiful, not only romance, this gives me the great words and make me feel the meaning of life..... AND I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE BUT, I DO LOVE YOU ..... I REALLY HOPE FOR THE SECOND SEASON....... like Kang Chi's second chance for meet his love..... PLEASE!! as you know, all of the comments say that too, so what you think again? .......

johnjim binayon its a great korean drama that i ever seen and i hope there will be another part 2 on that ^^..please do another part 2 i beg you

dey the best drama that i ever seen

season 2. please..........................

i need it, please

Nana An amazing drama the plot, cast, and the ending it was all well put together loved it. I would like to say more about the drama but i don't want to ruined for other. It's worth a watch.

eden Say if they see the rest of the series what happened after they met or did this beautiful series went

Bi Is this drama a remake? Have the feeling of deja-vu and this is really unusual for a korean drama (even for a remake). I did not read the plot or any comments about this drama. I think that many years ago I saw something similar. Or maybe I once read a book with this story. Always I know what is next. I don't think that my intuition is so infallible! Anyway, I simply love it!

드라마 좋아! 감사합니다!

Jhing Definitely there's a season 2 of Gu Family Book and I can't wait to watch it..

Mia Why is it that many Kdrama fans do not REVIEW a drama without giving away important parts of the plot?? If you are going to comment about specific information about the plot line, please consider writing *SPOILER ALERT* in front of your comment. This way, all fans can enjoy kdrama reviews only or read plot discussions if they wish. Please be more thoughtful about all fans when writing your personal opinions on public forums. Thank so much.

BooYoung I sense season 2.. Hahaha!! He didn't even find the Gu Family Book ~.~

Roel Very good! Though not satisfied in the ending, everything was fine. The acting and all is amazing. I Love Suzy!!! :)) just pleaseee, i'm begging, please make a season2!!! :)))

missimaus i hope there is going to be a season 2 because i love these episodes and the ending made me wanna know whats going to happen with them this time.... so please make a second season :D

John Did not like "at all !!!" that they changed the actress for the 20 year older Yo Seo Hwa character. When she reveals who she is and everyone recognizes her....because they are supposed to...I cracked up. They don't look alike at all unless you prescribe to the belief that all Asians look alike...sorry. Other than this major stupidity the story and acting were good.....well tying this in to Yi Soon Shin was silly that's true. OK scratch that about the story....this part anyway. The acting does save the show and make it worth watching. The romance is good and the action scenes are great especially those involving the Gumihos.

Leommy It was amazing! Can't say anything more.. everybody should just watch it! :)

Tankut Bozoğlu Thank you very much for a great Gu Family Book show. It was perfect. I hope that you should make season 2 for this amazing series. In my opinion, today's National Security Administration will be consist of the 1591 year's of the naval force admiral and fighting academy personel with a rich Kang Chi. I liked it. Again, thank's a lot for this production from Türkiye / Antalya. :)

JOTEEZO I watched the final episode last night, this is the best 2013 Korean Drama that I've watched so far. Thank you Director Shin Woo Cheol, to Writer Kan Eun Kyung and all the actors and actresses, JOB WELL DONE!!! ....To Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Yoo Yeon Seok, Sung Joon, Shoi Jin Hyuk and all others...You did a fantastic job, Thank you, thank you, thank you.....this is your Polynesian fan living in the Bay Area, California.....FIGHTING!!!!!!

yeo no words to describe how good this drama is .... cant wait for season 2, please let there be a season 2 for this....!!!1

hyunsang Love this drama!! The ending is soo funny gow its like hundreds of years latet and he is soo old, haha I laugh how lkang chi met the same people and called them with their old names in the past, it was funny but it was sad how yeol wol died in the past but yay they have met again!!!! I just can't wait for season 2!!!! Please haave season 2 wit the same actors and actress!!! They were all great!!! Love this drama!!!!!

betina Totally great drama please come with a secound season!!!!!!!!!!!!

bedo great drama the best 4 me after kingdom of the winds and iris and chuno and legend ,, i liked the love triangle between Kang-Chi and Yeo-Wool and Chung-Jo i liked the love of Wol-Ryung to Seo-Hwa but i hate how it ended i cant say any more than i want season 2

thao "GU FAMILY BOOK" Season 2 ,please!!!!,with the same actors Yeo Wool(Suzy) and Kang Chi (Seung Gi)

shine hopefully there will be book 2 ...great drama 2013 :)

Keith Bae Suzy and Lee Suenggi, KangDam couple.. the best!! GFB staffs please make a GFB season 2! ^_^

Keith The best 2013 korean drama, best actor,actress and staffs of GFB. Bae Suzy and Lee Seunggi, KangDam couple, sorrowful in the past but it will be full of joy in the future.. but please make a GFB season 2! ^_^

Sarge To Charlie Thanks. I got that that but what I meant was the very last scene when he saw the reincarnation of the General. What was that about if there's nothing left to the drama? The ending was totally predictable (and I swear I voiced it out in a conversation immediately after the last scene of ep 23. nonetheless its a very good ending, quite similar to that of Faith - IF only that was the ending! but NO) except for the very last scene which looked like an editing error.

I'm hoping they have something up their sleeves. A few episode special perhaps. pLEAsE let there be!

Oti MUST WATCH!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!!!! Im in love with this drama. By far my favorite drama. My favorite drama was my girlfriend is a gumiho, but this drama surpasses it!!!! Love the characters, they had such a great chemistry, and i truly felt like the lead female and male characters were in love. There acting was absolute perfection and even the other roles played there part just as perfect. Ive been searching and waiting to watch a drama that could excite me and wanting more!!! It was overwhelmingly epic! Of course the ending was great, but it clanged to me, wishing and hoping for more. I really do hope for a second season. It would be great to hear if the was a second one. well anyways, IT WAS OVER ALL AMAZING. Great praise goes to those who created such a wonderful master piece. Touches every emotion one could have. A great creation, great story, and great actors!!!

Julia I want another season it can't just end like that I want to see yeo wool and kang chi get together at the end!

aileen i really love this drama.... we are waiting to season 2...

Good Job to the artist, script writer, and director for this show...

Nicole OH MY GOD! there has to be a second season if there's not... i think i will go crazy!!! i wanna know if Kang chi and Yeo Wool will finally be together. and i hope she doesn't die. i'd feel really bad for Kang chi!! So PLEASE make a second season!!!!

samuel hope to see the 2nd season soon. this drama by far has been my best kdrama. actors did really great.. nt to mention that evil Jo. he did really great acting evil... plz let there be 2 season of this in modern time. plz plz ..

Jefferson is there a new gu family book season 2??

Emmkin I LOVE this drama...for those who said this drama is suck, you just don't know how to watch kdrama. I wish they will have a second season with all the same cast. They are all so good with whatever character they are playing. Even the evil guy Jo, for sure we hate him and just want to strangle him but cannot deny he is a talented actor, I can even feel his evilness. This is a best drama ever. I'm happy with the final ep, don't know why people don't like it. The only thing I want to see that is not in the final is Wol Ryung and Kang Chi should meet again somehow. Anyway, maybe because I feel sorry for Wol Ryung, Jin Huyk did a great job in this drama. I love them all. Thanks director and writer for a great drama ever. Awesome. I'm watching it all over again now ^^

Swttaro GFB had so much potential. Watch this drama & be very disappointed. Kdramas, come back when you know how develop plots & characters. All I know is, most kdramas I watch have shitty endings and characters are poorly developed. The only kdrama that met my expecations are Thorn Birds & The moon embraces the sun (ending was like wtf but story was very good).


      • had a good laugh seeing some of the most notable characters appear in the present time. perhaps having a continuation set in modern time would be a good idea. i'm just a little bit apprehensive that they might ruin the rest of Kang Chi and Yeo Wool's story. so in case they're planning to put on a second part for this, it better be way greater than this one!

day2x87 i've just finished watching it and i was totally happy with how everything panned out. it's not entirely perfect but it was great. i loved how this drama has the abit of everything. there's romance, comedy, action and some really heartwrenching moments wherein i couldn't help but shed some tears, especially during the last episode. i praise the writer for coming up with this kind of story. even if it's not wholly an original idea, still he was able to create an interesting plot. hands down also to the director and the casts who made it possible to make the portrayal of the characters amazingly good. the ratings only signifies that they did their job well for this to have been widely accepted. perhaps it couldn't be the happiest ending, but i was totally happy how it ended. i i had a

TeeJ Just finished watching and even now just thinking about the last episode calls for waterworks...i thought the ending was cute for what it was, some parts that make you say "really??"...but an AMAZING show nevertheless...kudos to the actors, if they made you hate or love them then that means they did their job. Not to mention the OST is UNBELIEVABLE!! So many great songs at the perfect moments *applauds*

Trytoshutmeup I just finished watching the last episode.. There are ups and downs but the story esp the romance is DEABAK!!! im really hoping for GU FAMILY BOOK 2!!!! Thank you!!

sylvia I love this drama. The beginning was romantic when wol ryung and seo hwan met each other. After that the story was so exciting when lee sueng gi act as a beast and fall in love with suzy. I feel that the ending was good as it bring us back to 2013. I believe in reincarnation so I think it is a good plot to show that. For those who don't enjoy this drama, please keep your comment to yourself or just don't bother watching it when you don't know how to appreciate such good drama.

Camille For those of you who are saying this drama is crap and for those of you who are taking into consideration of watching this drama or the finale, I would just like to say that this drama is by far one of the best dramas I've ever seen. The plot is great, the characters are fantastic including the villain who really made me hate his guts with his vile actions. All of the twists and happy and sad moments were always on point. The last episode, the ending especially, completely sets up the whole drama for a season 2 and it is also one of the most epic endings I've seen in a long time. Some people might've missed the very last scene because they thought it was over, but I'm very confident that the writers and directors of this drama will not leave you hanging. So for those who haven't seen the finale yet, please watch until the very end.

artman This drama had a good beginning and it was good until the last three quarters. The conclusion of the story of Kangchi's mom and dad (Weol ryung and Seon Hwa) was really moving. After that, the story all went downhill. The ending (episode 24) is totally out of place, badly written, and unsatisfying. They tried to put product placements for sponsors so they brought (reincarnated) them to the modern era. It was enough to make me hate ever investing time to watch this drama. Waste of time. Too bad.

Jocelyn There will be season2 for sure :) This season is titled: GU FAMILY BOOK:KANG CHI THE BEGINNING :)...ok Its DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as u can see there were no FAREWELL PARTY FOR THE CAST right? sEASON 2 will come:)

ni sa I hope the director and screenwriter want to make season 2, please!!! season 2 modern setting and more romance comedy,haha

Dudz80 Wth! I'm really dissapointed with the ending.

Tammy SOOOOOO I really hope they make a second season. we have to meet everyone in modern time.

Jimmy I think the ending is totally fine! At least, PD Shin let KangDam meet in the modern life. Season 2, please!! If they decide to make season 2, this drama should be "My boyfriend is gumiho" LOL.

Be Ja And if they make a season 2 give us a little more love action ;) I loved the first kiss between Kang Shi and Yeo Wool, I would like to see a few more like it ^^

Be Ja I hope gu family book will continue! Alomst feels like it when everyone returned in 2013, not a real ending yet;) So can Kang shi make Yeo-Wool fall in love with him this time, and work for it! And then he can finally have her a hole lifetime <3

lyke Glad that Jo guy died. He pisses me off and Hurray for Cheong Jo that she finally have her revenge against that villainous bullshit..(excuse my language)

It's disappointing that Yeo wol died and Kang chi left alone...huhuhu...and my eyes went blink that they reunited in the modern era...w/c caught me off's the same of one of Yoochun's time travel drama called Rooftop Prince in the end: he met his true lover in the modern era since the girl he loves died in the past.....

i think koreans like reincarnations...don't you think?? ^^

auxi omg i think there should be a 2nd season other wise there must be a ending about it but is kind of missing info ahhh i'm gonna die!!! so happy

robert just a few of korean drama have a season 2...and i guess gu family book will not have it cuz korean drama ending always suck e.e but i hope they make another season *-* nice drama (the final sucked..)

charlie180 To Sarge, RE: "what ever happened to the Gu family book?" Gangchi decided not to seek the book, and instead wait for Yeowool to come back as in rebirth. And that was the very last scene. Also, it could very well have been that there was no such a thing as 'Gu family book' and that would have been just as good.

Hyung From what I've read here and on other sites, i have yet to read a positive comment on the finale. I'm interested in reading positive comments about this drama. But like most people, i'm very disappointed in the ending. UNLESS they'res a season 2. Then it was good.

Hyung The writers BETTER make a season 2 of this show. The finale was the perfect set up for a second season. I'd give my right testicle and the name of my first born to see this happen.

Analise This drama is complete crap... I only enjoyed the 1st episode starring these two: Lee Yeon-Hee and Choi Jin-Hyuk. The love between Suzy and the weird looking dude is ridiculous.. Certain parts just kept dragging on... cmon, if you get shot.. just collapse and die already.. what's with the over dramatic scene.. Hated this drama and I do not recommend.. Sorry if I hurt the feelings of those who thinks otherwise but I'm quite upset and disappointed with this crap kdrama.

Sarge The storyline was great until the last 2 episodes which were big let downs. How could you build a story so well only to be so disappointing in the end? And what ever happened to the Gu family book? AND what was the last scene of Episode 25 about?! Writers, how could you be so cruel to those who loyally followed the show all these weeks? *tear drop*

Desire i seems they didn't have enough time so ruined the drama in last episodes. the last episodes were nothing good compered with the rest. so bad ...

A i liked this drama until epi21, the last 3epi was AWFUL! such a lose.

Hyung I just watched the ending episode. I'm SOO pissed off at the way this story ended. UNLESS,They make a season 2 of this show. They BETTER be planning it. Otherwise, why kill of Yeo Wool in the last episode only to have Kang Chi reunite with her again in modern day Korea (halfassedly under the SAME FREAKING TREE THAT SIGNALED THEIR ILL-FATED LOVE IN THE FIRST PLACE). Why repeat his parent's unrealized love with Kang Chi and Yeo Wool? If the last scenes of the show are anything to go by, they're setting up a continuation of the story. Otherwise, why would one of the shows' monikers be Kang Chi the beginning? Does this mean that there are plans to extend the story, and recreate the same characters in modern day Korea via a new drama? They better. Otherwise, this would be one of the most disappointing and misleading endings in kdrama history. Even worse than Arang and the magistrates' ending.....freaking reincarnation.

soumia Park Chung-Jo she's a maizing in this drama i love her so much she's really name is lee yoo bi you are my hero yoo bi yoo bi FIGHTING

thida congrate for lee seung gi and suzy. the drama is best.

I'm so fab I'm going to miss Yeowool *cries*

Drama... you'll be missed T.T

joteezo Best Drama of 2013, job well done Director Shin, Writer Kang, my best four actors, Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Sung Joon and the most talented young man Lee Eeung Gi, don't forget Bae Suzy, she's gorgeous and all the cast members, they are all doing a fantastic job....I wish this drama will never end, Keep up the good work and thank you so so much for making my life happy just to watch you the background music.....

pauline suzy and seung gi should do another drama together! love them both together!! i wish this drama never ends

Supporter! Overall this drama is..............BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The plot, characters, actors and the scenes make the drama simply awesome!!!! Good job people!!!!! Defiantly deserves 1st place!!!!!

hcfgfh Should be first in ratings,this drama is far better then you're the best,lee soon shin that gets first in ratings

Taylor I really love this drama. Finger crossed for a happy ending btw Kang Chi and Yeo Woo

chrisvg im really enjoying this drama, hate it when we have to wait for 2 eps to come out every week. Thats why i was watching "nine:9 times travel" in between ( advice here, watch 9 times travel, its already in my top 5 dramas list). Is it just me that wants daddy gumiho to succeed and kill everyone else lol O.o but i do like most of the characters.

Cynthol Fuata I am so loving this drama:) ugh! It is so addictive and I am really hoping that Seo-Hwa and Wol-Ryung will live happily ever after and also for Kang-Chi and Yeo-Wool:) is Friday here in California..two more days left until Monday arrives! I love all the actors and actresses:) I don't know if I can wait any longer!!


kellylove suzy always cute and talented and his act is very touching, really she did a nice job

love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much suzy , we like you in france

tu es la meilleureeeeeeeeeeeeee on t'adore

qwertisme hahahahaha, where is the Suzy haters ? why there is no more comment about hating her ! They so weird ! I think they've been watching the drama and realize that Suzy not that bad but totally AWESOME ! and they won't comment any or thus they comment, the comment that they will tell is totally forced to tell cause they will care about their pride but secretly love her ! Hater always ended being LOVER ! BELIEVE ME !

Arezu y everyone wants 2 kill wol-ryung when he is the one who sacrificed himself 4 his family?he is also a victim. i love his character. choi jin-hyuk acting is superb! i also love Lee Seung-Gi acting, he's perfect and so cute in this drama.

hkk Should be an interesting series. like it

dramafreak I absolutely loveee this drama. Best gumiho movie ever. I also love the characters. They all r awesome. Hate waiting for an episode every week though. Is such nerve wrecking.

amouna it's the best for me in 2013 until now nice storie and nice act it might be drama top1 for me

Gabee Best drama ever!!!!!! I just got done watching episode 19 waiting for episode 20 Ahhhhhhhh, I've never liked Mondays till now, I've been hook since the first episode, I'm hoping for a happy ending, kang chi parents are back together, Kang chi and yeo woo together, Happy ever after lols, At least I hope!!!! Gu Family Book fighting!!!!!

Lulu Ibrahim OMG this drama just takes my breath away it is by all means beautiful <3 superb acting by Lee Seung Gi and Suzy i didn't feel any regret watching this drama it is really the best drama out of all 70 dramas i watched <3 waiting for a beautiful ending :D FIGHTING GU FAMILY BOOK

Shawn I was hesitant at first because Bae Suzy was in this, but gave it a shot after someone mentioned she had gotten better. Have to say that I'm very impressed with how much better her acting has become! In the past she seemed too robotic in her performances, but in this she definitely comes across with more emotion and character depth.

I really like the show and hope it turns out okay for them, can't wait to see how it ends!

tiffy THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compare to Mi Do in when a man loves, yeo wool shows so much emotion. im sure she's young in drama biz but shes sooooo good at acting!!!! Better than some senior actors. i heard there is a kiss scene!!!!:) can't wait to see it. i also waited 17 eps 4 this scene!! and kang chi, he's so cute with those fat cheeks!!:) i really like him. they are a great couple with great acting skills! thumps up! this is an amazing drama, don't u all think?

s ep 1 and 2 is so sad.... it made me cry, my heart is broken

s I hate lee seung gi, why they always chose him???? why??? WHY?????

SueJi @Comment #152: I think because it's already 20years later... so the mother had been aging, and for Kang Chi father maybe because he is a gumiho and immortal that's why he not changing.

YeoWool i waited for 17 episodes for a kiss...its a long wait but totally worth it... the kiss was not stiff like any other k dramas...didnt know Suzy can kiss like Suzy fighting!!!

Lia Utomo from the Korean dramas i have seen,this is the first time that the Korean actress' lips respond to the Korean male actor's kisses,before,the others Korean Dramas only the Korean male actor's lips who are always be aggressive one but the female lips always doesn't have a respond (their lips doesn't move)

Joe why cast Yoon Seo Hwa(Kang Chi mother) change not Lee Yeon Hee?

kumon The ratings is nearing the 20% mark. excellent! This is soon to become an all around success drama. Kudos to the great acting by Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, and the amazing cinematography by director Shin Woo Chul. I'm loving the twists of the story. I love how the writer makes the first 2 episodes a legend-like beginning which makes the story interesting as it unfolds. I hope the ending will be satisfying though! Writernim, I'm counting on you.

Genelyn Membesa Every episode my heart beats fast I have a request can you make fast in making a series of episode because I can't wait it longer. hahaha

teA love it!love it!!! it has so much suspense that makes you come back for more.Seriously!!! I hope it will not disappoint me as the episode goes on.:-))

mymelody dont speak bad things to suzy because shes not a robot that doesnt have a feelings shes also a human that made w/ feelings and emotions.sorry for all of you but dont you think all of you being rude and worst than her.

leena wu love this drama very much....can't wait for ep 15.suzy fighting.....

Hirza I just can't wait this drama aired in my country ... And I hope one television station will broadcast the drama in Indonesian

Semoga cinta Drama Korea ^.^

biggi i swear... this drama is getting better and better !

and suzy is so cute, pretty and not a bad actress :)

Kim SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched ep 13. Kang Chi's dad wakes up. HE FRICKIN WOKE UP FROM DA DEADDDD Ermergerd. I litterely screamed of joy. SCREAMED OF JOY YO, SCREAMED.OF.JOY.

Dreamhighers All i can say is SUZY is a good actress...she's pretty and talented. Hope she will pair again with kim soo hyun..

And i hope that DREAM HIGH has it season 3...this time the characters of dream high 1 are married and have it own family...but ofcourse they will strugles about their dreams and their family..

mint -pls don't criticize their acting!!!- i believe suzy had done her very best! its really a lot of improvement since ' dream high'! plus its not that bad:) can't wait for episode 13~ lee seung gi (u r awesome i watched this cos of u :D) -overall an awesome drama so far ><

anne I LOVE DAM YEO WOOL!!!!!!!!!!! She's so cool and awesome! She's the best for Kang Chi who is always being in a dangerous situation becuase of his dumb step bro and sis. Those park siblings are kind of stupid. I wanted to feel sorry for them but their decisions were very facepalming. And Omg! gumiho dad is COMING!!!!

em is she i mean

em is she seo hwa???

em papa gumiho is alive..but who is the new lady?is it seo hwa??

kellylove I really like this drama and it gets more and more interesting congratulations suzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Suzy Can't wait for the 11th episode kekekekke ~~~~~~ ^^

pinksgate one word for this drama......"awesome" beginning! and hope it will continue up to the end..:)

lalalala Watched up to ep 8 so far. The drama's soo good. Seunggi and Suzy have awesome chemistry. And their acting is really good. Suzy is definitely improving as each episode goes by. Her martial arts skills are really cool too. The drama made me cry, laugh and squeal with joy. Everyone should watch it :)

irene So far so GOOD :D Love lee seung gi.........keep the good job seung gi ssi... you're just awesome :D

suzy, i hope you'll get better more next episodes....

i loves this story....fighthing Kang Chi!!!!!!!

Morris Suzy's acting actually improved, especially on the latest episodes, I'm glad :) now looking forward for more KangChi-YeoWool moments!!! The whole cast is doing really great so far :)

suzy lolo wow,This was a very good drama.this drama play so many emotion to viewers like us.i cried so much and suzy and LSG is so cute.

kellylove suzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is really beautiful and good actress so stop be jealous I am French and I think she is the most talented and beautiful idol korean love you so much suzy and hope you come in france tu es vraiment trés trés belle

sia I really like Suzy as lead actress because she's great and cute..

f Shit, sorry but stop casting talentless idols just because they're pretty..this girl will ruin this drama , she's not experienced to act in historical..K-drama's lately are going nowhere nowadays..they're too focused on clothing, make up not acting..

damon I watch this kdrama because of SUZY.. Fighting suzy!! :-):-):-)

hlaing I look at this series because suzy has acted

cutechu_bbuing Hi everyone, there has been a debate or argument between the cast and im going to try and put this in non bias terms. Episode 1&2 were great and that is because Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyeok acting were superb, although their characters were not how i wanted them to be, i cried so much ): Lee Seung Gi's acting is well played (: however Suzy's acting had a little bit of flaws (i dont hate her i'm just being honest). I understand its her first historical drama, but i have seen idol/actors star in historical drama as their debut in acting and have done an exceptional job. I have to admit that Suzy has done well and improved in her acting and she is doing pretty well. But after episode 1 and 2 the progress was a bit slow but its cause its a 24 episode drama so i understand.

Es For everyone talking about how the first 2 eps were better - those were shot over a period of two months. OF COURSE they are good if they had that much time to shoot and reshoot again. Suzy and Lee Seung Gi are filming "live" which means they film the 2 eps in the few days before it airs. If you take this into account I think they are doing a much better job :)

anonymous Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk did such wonderful jobs in episode 1 and 2 that I had a lot of expectations for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy's parts. However, it's boring. It has nothing to do with Suzy's acting because she has improved, but there's really nothing exciting. Plus, there's absolutely nothing special about LSG and Suzy's relationship.

Magdaleine suzy can't act...she is the worst actress idol...I think suzy is very much lucky. because the story is very good and actor lee seun gi is the best!.

ihatebashers i think that Suzy's acting really improved! Dam Yeo Wool fighting!!! :)))

davidl damn the actress playing yeo wool has to be one of the worst actresses in korea... reminds me of the lead actress in moon embracing the sun.

Tkk I hate the role of Yoon Seo-Hwa. She is stupid enough to lead the people, who destroyed her family and tried to rape her, to kill Koo Wol-Ryung- the one who saved and protected her. Even though he is not a human but he's better than wicked human who killed innocence people. The story didn't make sense but at least the chemistry between actors was amazing. It's getting less interest after episode 2... The acting wasn't as good as the 2 leads from first 2 episodes....I think I am done watching this drama.

sumitomo DAMN! Dam Yeo Wool is so ;)

marina suzy is getting more and more beautiful and talented , i really like her drama and her personality

LiluRin I loved the first two episodes so much! The story line and all the actors were great! Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk played their roles so well. I love them! Gah..their chemistry was beyond amazing! <

Fafa So LSG is either in love with a kumiho or a kumiho himself! This drama must be fun to watch!

sita You haven't seen the best suzy acting,she also included a list of the most beautiful actress, check out their acting to a new partner after that comment..ok

tiwi i love this movie drama

tiwi i love you lee seung gi , :D

jin the 3rd episode was sooooo good!!! It's getting better and better!! Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Fighting!!!

lee nana wow is good movie i like it and i am waiting to see suzy and lee seung gi

kelly I really love suzy is a beautiful actress and singer. For me, it represents beauty Korean I am French and I started to love Korea because of her and Again I look at this series because suzy has acted

Kaveri I Loved both the episodes of Gu family book.....Who said ghumiyo are the most scariest animal after watching My GF is a Ghumiyo & Gu Family Book humans will fall in love with Ghumiyo...Although Wol-Ryung & Seo Hwa had a sad love story... still looking forward for Choi Kang-Chi (Lee Seung Hi) & Dam Yeo-Wool (Bae suzy) Ghumiyo-human chemistry.

tantan i love suzyyyyyyyyyyyy fighting

viave44 gu familly book fighting!!

Kiki I REALLY LOVE the first two eps!! Lee yeon hee and Choi Jin Hyeok look so good together! Can't wait for lee seung gi and SUZY love all the casts


kdram Lee Seung Gi & Suzi attracted me to watch this. First & second episodes Suck. Horrid acting along With horrid script. The word B*itch was present, No such word in Joseon Era. This so called crew, cast Direction should take a course in Joseon Era Culture 101! Unless they just wanted to slam this S*ht As entertainment.

Thumbs up!!! KAI, you are really funny.:))) These two episodes didn't make me cry, actually quite contrary. In just two episodes I saw a "fall in love at first sight", confession, marriage, a son, a gumiho which is just like a human other than his hands. It is like a rollercoaster. Why the director rushed this much I didn't understand. But reading your comments made me smile.:))) It seems you truly like Suzy and normally you wish everyone thought favorably.:))) But I think everything will depend on how good scripts were written for her and how she will portray her character. Lets cross our fingers and watch.;)))))

KAI Im so sorry if i made a lot of comments, but pleeeease. I just cant stop my self for seeing how people judge suzy's acting skills. Damn, i know she's not a great actress. But please, give chance to other. Its not good if Shin min ah will be in the lead female role AGAIN because they already been with MGIAG. So please just try to accept that Suzy will be on the lead female role. I know that Min ah or Shin hye and Seung gi really have a great chemistry. (Im also a fan of them) But im also a fan of suzy. I now she'll do her best. Dont hate this drama only because of that , Let's just watch it. :) ^_^V PEACE EVERYONE.

KAI The first two episode really made me cry a lot. When Seo-Hwa's dress were ripped by the servant, (Yea. Im over-reacting! xD) also when her maid and her brother died and when Wol-ryung was killed by Pyeong-Joon (The Magistrate, i think he is a magistrate because of his suit :)) Damn. I really cried a lot. I really missed crying so hard on a kdrama since i finished watching 'The king2hearts '. Jk. But i swear 'Gu family book' is a worth to watch. (Even though i only watch its first 2 ep. XD )

KAI Done watching its first 2 episode. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Daebaaaaak. I didn't see Lee Seung gi and Suzy yet, but im already addicted to this drama. Two thumbs up for the writer and the director. Good job ^_^ .

Bro Sung Joon doesn't get his own pic? This is an outrage!

JJ OMG...another Awesome drama ...I just watch Ep 2 and that was Amazing dammm good .....make me cry alot when kang-Chi father moonlight Guarding die. Can't wait to see next Ep 3 Kang-Chi and yeo-Wool time ..oh yaya :D

marlina can't wait seunggi and suzy. episode 1 and 2 is so excited. i hope it gets highest rating. gu family book, daebak...

vanessa After 2 episodes, I think I can't watch it anymore. There's to much unnecessary violence instead of a good story to show.

skrwitch The first episode was so disturbing and I love it! It's amazing. I hope this gets high ratings.

Tori Anybody else think this?? The pic's 2 & 5 kinda of remind me of Inuyasha. Suzy can be Kagome. lol

Koby I was stunned to silence after seeing the trailer. My K-drama blood is boiling in anticipation already!!! Only 3 more days till the show airs!! :D Suzy-ssi fighting ♥ ! Stoked.

My Sun Soohyun I reeeeeeeally look foward to this! Can't wait~ I'm a big fan of Lee Seunggi, I watched all of his dramas, he's an amazing actor! Suzy, Seunggi FIGHTING ♥

Kimmy A Another drama with SUZY noona!! Y E S ! I am so pumped for this drama, and lee Seung-Gi oppa is still good looking, even with that hair. Lolz, cross my fingers and hope this will be the bomb!


Gu familly book JANG!!

say A I cant wait for the first episode! Suzy-Seungi gi pairing is DAEBAK! I hope this drama rating will be on 40 - 50% kekeke ^^~~, I really love Suzy project! Suzy is match for all..Suzy jjang! The most natural beauty actress also idol hehehe

hyeee I am soooooo excited to see suzy in this drama

Suzylovers LETSGODANNAH shut up....stop hating suzy...good SARANGHAESUZY...let's spread suzy lovers...

Ilove that.....


SaranghaeSUZY HEY!for all of the bashers of BAE SUZY...pls..SHUT UP..or else you can go to hell..why do all of you are saying that SUZY does'nt deserve that role...because of the way she acts in dream high and big...she just portrays what the role of the character she acts for me she's the best...i really love her so pls..stop bashing her dont waste your time to just bash her..use your time to do good things not to judge other people. Shes good if you can see who she really are I'm sure you will love her.I am not a fan of le seung gi-suzy...instead i am a fan of HyunZY(kim soo hyun and suzy) and TaecZy(taecyeon and suzy) couple...but i will looking for their tandem...i will not bash or saying that lee seung gi-suzy are not match...i hope that the fans of lee seungi-shin mi ah or the other love team of lee seung gi will not bash the love team of seung gi-suzy....JUST WATCH THE GU FAMILY BOOK.......


For all the bashers of BAE SUZY........ KEEP CALM AND LOVE BAE SUZY:)<3

letsgodannah Lee seung gi and Suzy???????????? For me it's not a good match... T.T

I love Bae suzy i hope it will aired on phil in abs-cbn.. excited

Leandro Silva So excited to watch Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy! :''>

Silver Wow, I'm so excited to watch this.. I'm here for suzy, I miss her already... and now finally she had again her new work and this is very difficult role for her, but I know she will make it... btw I like historical dramas.. and I'm also excited to watch again.. LEE YOO BI .. I love her beautiful innocent face in the drama 'Nice Guy' lead by soong jung ki... omg. I really lookin' into it !! I love kdramas :) ♥

Sarah I don't like actors except suzy...& i hate historical Dramas (-_-)

Yhu oh wow~ .. am surprised, it will on Apr.08, my birthday..haha!~ another surprising concept look of suzy again.. ~ ^_^ ~ sna ma air sa phil..

Yul Seung-Gi Oppa with Suzy ?! Well, it's a very bad couple, I really prefer he with Shin Mina, she's the best match. );

Tricia Can't wait >_<


chantal I can't wait !!!!! Lee Seung-Gi is one of the actors i like very much.

sunshine First time i seen this trailer and i cry out on excitement on seing Suzy! Suzy always do great in everything she do!! And she looks fit on her character!! Seem Suzy is the cleanest and fine looking on the Martial art clothes! (''seen many movie from the past with different korean actresses but looks different'') Looking forward on the April 8 for the premier of this series!

Hyunggg I'm sure this would be a great drama. I'm really looking forward to seeing Suzy's performance here. I've seen her in Architecture 101, and I loved how she portrayed her character truthfully. Keep it up Suzy! :)

Ahji Sungjoon and Sueji? Great!!!!!

missislander I'm excited and anxious at the same time for this upcoming drama. I can already sense a good chemistry between two leads namely LSG and Suzy. I never once thought that Suzy was bad in acting, I was convinced on all of the character she had portrayed in her past film and tv series. Though from what I've been hearing she had limited time to train but I'm quite impressed on her achievements and success in a very young age. In my observation she has remained as humble like LSG that's why I think they'll both compliment each other on this drama. Kudos to the whole cast an team of this upcoming drama. I will surely anticipate and support this drama. Good luck and Best Wishes to all!

Stephan Suzy is in another drama! I enjoyed her Jang Mari so much what a nasty character. Spring has never been this good for me.

Lover Whatever i saw this drama poster heart beat ...beat ...beat konkonkon ...

can't wait to see :D

ayush can't wait for this drama....

pochu My feelings for this drama are all building up inside, getting eager for its release! I'm loving how they make the main female lead know martial arts and such! Suzy was amazing in her role for 'Introduction to architecture' So I can't wait to see what more she has to offer. Also, Lee Seung Gi is brilliant at everything he does whether its singing or acting. I hope everyone will give each character a chance and not rudely bash them by typing on numerous websites with the caps lock button on.

Michiko can't wait to watch this. all of my favorite actors and actresses are here. Lee seung gi ,Suzy ,Lee yeon hee, and Lee yoo bi . love it :)) plus the director .Shin woo chul who direct SECRET GARDEN .and Kang eun kyung who wrote Man of Honor and Baker king .

kyoshiro For Suzy: Go suzy!! I know you can do it because you`re very talented and hardworking person..I will support for you till the end so dont listen for who bashing to you..Show your talent to know that there are wrong.....

For who hate Suzy: Stop hating Suzy because she's only rookie in acting..Give her chance to lead this drama..And for who want for park shin hye and yoon eun hye for this drama. I'm sorry but it's impossible for them because they already have drama like flower boy next door for shin hye and i miss you for yoon eun hye.... For sure you understand now ((kung patuloy p kayo magsasalita ng mga wlang kwentang paghuhusga kay Suzy cguro wla kayo moralidad n bawal maghusga s ibang tao o kaya naman naiinggit lng kau s knya.. tignan nyo muna yung mga sarili nyo bago kau maghusga ha...:-[:-[ Thats all thank you..

From, Kyoshiro

nhoe-kim they would be a best couple everrr ;) fighting^^

nyna waiting for this drama...oppa

x0unerthanlater I like the pairing. I think they will complement each other well. I miss Seungi and I can't wait to see this!

hazel HEY hey!!for those who are telling that suzy bae is not suitable for this drama is very are saying that you guys going to support this drama,,,but heller??are youguys thinking??...if youre going to support this drama why dont you start supporing the lead ACTRESS and actor here.......that's all'''''''''GO SUZY<3

Choi Jeehye kkk, lee yeon hee and choi jin hyuk will be lee seung gi's parents... looking foward still~ lee yeon hee Fighting~ 드라마 기대할게요~~

warm Aigoo.. Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk will be Seunggi's parents?! Oh my god.. That's awesome..

mrm Woaah.. Now he's the gumiho .. I'm super duper zuper love the couple! Suzy and Seunggi!! Looking forward for it! ^^

Evilive Haha lol this time he is the gumiho.

axonie (@Axonie23) suzy!!! seunggi!!! what should we called their couple named?? seungzy?? keke~ suzy! i will definitely watch this drama! hwaiting!!!

N.K. I liked Suzy in DH. I didn't like the character in Big...but even the character is likable or not, she portray each characters well. So I don't think Suzy is bad as people say. She has something to attract people, and it's not fair to complain her casting without knowing which kind of role she is playing. BTW I checked the synopsis and female lead is a daughter of martial arts teacher who makes fight with Seung Gi at beginning. I think Suzy is good at rom com, and even I heard she hold black belt for taekwondo!! So I guess she fit fine in this role. I'm looking forwards great action scene with Seung Gi.

farida Wuahhhh Lee seung gi and suzy in new drama??? I really anticipated! I am looking forward for them! They really popular and have a good act! Hwaiting!

nice person How could people judge suzy like that? They just jealous! Please don't be so mean! Although suzy is newbie, she have proved her acting and she received many award because of that. They know suzy ability so they choose suzy to be co-star with Seung gi. I think this drama will be great because of them. Just wait guys!

리 승 기 이 드라마를 지원 해주셔서 감사

yosita i'm looking forward for lee seung gi!!!! it's okay for me, whoever become the female lead. cause i'm still shipping for seunggi-hajiwon from 'king 2 hearts', but can't imagine jiwon in drama in this genre. kekeke

i think suzy has her charm when acting. so i anticipating for their acting together.. and i hope this drama has a longgggg episode like 'briliant legacy'.. keke

lee seung gi, fighting!!! ^^

denissemolo Suzy is a very great actress for being a newbie..She received many awards too..

If you are just judging her because of her acting in Dream High well I'm telling you,she's very cold there because that is her role..Go Hye Mi is not a cheerful person and always a serious person..

You can see a bubbly suzy in 'Big' which she played one of the title roles as Jang Mari ..

She's still a newbie unlike Park Shin Hye and Hyo Joo but later on,she will be like them..PSH and HJ are already an actress for many years but Suzy is only a 1 year actress but she recieved many title roles because she acts naturally and all of the idols voted her as the most popular and great actress..


blossom suzy, is a hardworking and talented person. i really cant wait for this drama to come out

Zelaii This is so gonna be awesome. Well because there's lee seung gi!!!!!!!!!! <3

ysvhet C'mon who told you that suzy is not good in acting....actually she's one of the most convincing actress that"ve watched..not because I'm a bias, but because it is the truth...she can portray and embodied a I believe she fits in the role

lee just give suzy a chance please! She have her own talent. dont judge her. btw, her acting is not that bad. good luck to both of you. fighting ! ;D

Nope. If you think Suzy is not suitable for this role (I'm hoping she accepts), just don't watch the drama. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

babo You guys are all saying that SUZY is not suitable for the role just because she doesnt have that must experience yet..she's not that good when it comes to acting! But how can she improve herself if you dont give her the chance to prove herself?

I'm pretty sure that they have numerous reasons why they chose suzy for the role..and i believe that she will also prepare a lot for this drama.. Suzy is very promising and is still very young so she will probably grow more..

All you guys need is to SHUT UP! and wait...

Daniel Hey guys Stop saying that!!!! Suzy is so talent and you only said that she don't have skills!! My Bias and Maknae of Miss a is talent and georgeous!!! Stop saying that she's not good acting!!! Please if you don't like her don't say those comments please!!!

allysatolentino i like suzy even though they have many people who hates you to youre role but i like youre acting so mutch go go go suzy......

GugaMedicalBook Uhmm. Excuse me, we saw that Suzy's real good in acting and have been well praised on her roles with dream high and Introduction to Architecture, She's no newbie,rookie,or whatsoever. She's a pro.

kayle07 i miss "my girlfriend is gumiho" because i still can't get over in that novela. And now hearing and reading articles about guga medical book made me excited because Lee Seung Gi is now the Gumiho ! .. :)

Anonymous Seunggi might be good at acting but atleast suzy tries her hardest just like seunggi and other actors :)

meme wow...lee seung gi... i really love him... but with suzy i think its not good to cast here..shes not good at acting...

sorry...its just my opinion...

just.a.guest Yay! seung gi is going back on screen! i really love his acting~ he's definitely awesome! BUT! BUT I SAY! my GOD! SUZY?!! seriously?! don't get me wrong, i watched all of her acts, and so far, i DON'T think that she deserves another role. especially a lead. just cuz she's popular, doesn't mean that she could just grab evry ****** role..i mean, come on! just give to real actresses. tbh, i'm sick & tired of her.

moko.chan no, please! I REALLY love lee seung gi as the male lead role but!......Suzy? really? NO, no please no XD i don't really see her good in this kind of drama ...-.-

nana who is she? i know nothing about suzy. maybe Park Shin Hye would be able to take part of some drama with Seung Gi they look cute both in Seung Gi MV and running man i love them so much. kekeke ^_^

Yoon Shi Yeon Meer,if you say that Han Hyo and shin Min Ah are Billion better than then can you list even 100 reasons why they are better than suzy??I am not saying Suzy better than them,but all the actresses were started as newbie,and it is not that easy to acknowledge as a great actress,tha's why why are so mean with Suzy..Dahhhh...I don't think you can even act..

tnzn Suzy needs a Chance to show her Talent. who knows she'll act well and make all of us proud? She's talented and she only acted in two dramas so we have to see more to see her real talent. Everyone knows that their is alot more actresses.. only because they act well do they get Chance in everything? Other new Acress also need to get chance like Suzy who turned to 18 Anyway Fighting!

chikichoko after acted with so many senior actress like HanHyooJoo SMA, HJW its really not a good idea for pairing LeeSeunggi with rookie actress like suzy.. beside that zusy acting at DH and Big are not really good... i hope production team will find other cast... if they want female idol, i recommended Sulli.. her acting better than Suzi..

beastdw I WANT HAN HYO JOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Meer Han Hyo Joo or Shin Min Ah would be billion times better!! Even i think it's okay with yoon eun hye or park shin hye, because they are real actresses who have proven their ability in acting.

Glo YAY!! Lee Seung Gi will make his drama comeback soon!! I'm so excited, but why can't he play with a real actress who has proven her speciality in acting? Not an idol who maybe has experienced acting but still lacking  :'( Ah i hope suzy is just a rumor

Yoon shi Yeon For axis,I think you are over reacting..How can you say that casting an inexperienced actress as a lead actress is a disgrace??Do you know that you are not only insulting Suzy but also other actresses and actors who also had been casted in dramas when they are still a newbie...Just like Lee seung gi and yoon eun hye when they first casted as lead roles in brilliant Legacy and Princess Hours,then you are saying that they been a disgrace in those dramas too..Remember that those dramas were a huge hits...I am not saying that this drama will turn out well also or become a huge hit,but if that is your basis in selecting actors and actresses for a dramas and movies then i think you are an immature..There are reasons why they are considering Suzy in the lead role not just because she is famous and there is one thing more,not all dramas turn out well or become a huge hit when they casted those more experienced actors and acresses..Axis I think you are the true disgrace here,you are so immature,you even prayed that the drama wont work out well.And for those who said that you are also a fan of suzy how can you call yourselves a fan when on the first place you are not supporting her..

axis are they kidding!!! someone so inexperienced as suzy as a lead actress is a disgracee! to the other hard working people! just because she's popular doesn't mean she should be casted in everything ..what the hell, i'm really mad!hope it won't work out!im tried of her already

adelle I think it is better if Eun Yoon Hye or Park Shin Hye will be his partner. They have chemistry. I'm looking forward for his new drama. I love Lee Seung Gi Oppa! It would be good also with Cha Seung Won together with Kim Sun Ah...What a pair!!!!

adelle I think it is more suitable if he's partner will be Eun Yoon Hye or Park Shin Hye.They have chemistry. I love lee seung gi and looking forward to his new drama :-)

maruy i hope that myungsoo will be on this one too.. suzy-seung gi - myungsoo ? will make a good live triangle dont you think?

tun lin kyaw I like suzy, Suzy is more perfect, and suit, fighting Suzy,

hopelessromantic cant wait to see lee seung gi in another hit drama! all his work is memorizing!

ika i'm waiting you in JAKARTA , INDONESIA....

Rev Wow, i was waiting for a long time for them to be in one drama, and finally they will pair in this drama. Well, I love suzy most and I like seung gi too. Well it's like dream comes true. They will make this drama more awesome than other I guess.. All of the seung gi's drama always success and I hope this drama more exciting than before.

ppqpham I dont think Suzy will do well if she is the leading female role. I had seen Big drama and I dont like the way she act, Sorry Suzy

sia Great;-) suzy is the lead actress in this drama..I hope you will do your best.. Go suzy..

ginger2827 Hi! oppa <3 u! I was so addicted in your drama king 2 hearts you two of Ms. Ha ji won is so very compatible I like ur acting skills I feel like the scenes was so true!!! I hope that you two will be couple again... and I hope also that this new drama is very exciting also!!:-)

Cindy I'm so excited for this drama! I don't know, I think Suzy will do her best even though there are many great actress', why don't give it a chance you know? This is my opinion, don't blame.

Zelaii Suzy is not that bad. But I think, Park Shin Hye is a very good match for LEE SEUNG GI Oppa. HAhaha! <3

maia I love Seung Gi oppa soo much, but I don't like Suzy to be his partner in this drama. Director, please how about yoon eun hye or other pro actress..

kv IU IU IU IU IU IU please

yongseo yoona and lee seung gi <3

Lucille I super love Lee Seung Gi and I'm looking forward to this drama series... I believe Park Shin Hye would be more suited for the female lead role though.

alina meraldi Director !!! please.. looking for a pro lead actress ! we need to watch high quality for the drama..

suzy ??? are u kidding us ?

ivanka Totally love it that LSG will be on it....but i agree with others....suzy is not a good match for SG in this drama

ming yes. at last Lee Seung Gi will be in drama again. i miss him in my tv screen. i haven't seen him for quite a while. I vote NO for Suzy though (sorry)...LSG with Shin Mina would be perfect!

myquyendo so great! I'm happy when LSG come back with new dramma. I real can not wait to watch it......I always hope it will good. But I dont expect main actress is Suzy...( so sorry suzy ). LSG will more success with this drama. I beleive him.


D :D Feliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz! me encantaría ver a Suzy con Lee Seung Gi! :D <3 Serán una pareja perfecta!!!!

Michiko oh my god, so excited. I think it is better if shin min ah is the female lead role :)

anna super excited! can't wait! how I wish he could be paired with Moon Geun Young! :P

aien Wowwww, can't wait for Lee Seung Gi.. But Suzy? Err well I'm her fan but urgh urgh I don't feel like it's good to cast her :( Sorry Suzy.

nara I wish you could be collecting duo lee seung gi and han hyo joo :)

park ha nane ~~ i'm super happy to hear the news lee seung gi the beast, the manly boy OMG i look forward to see this drama but for suzy even that i'm her fan but could she and lee seung gi be a great couple~~~~~~~~~~ i don't care love them both~~~~~~~~~~~****

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