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  • Drama: Pasta
  • Revised romanization: Paseuta
  • Hangul: 파스타
  • Director: Kwon Seok-Jang
  • Writer: Seo Sook-Hyang
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: January 4, 2010 - March 9, 2010
  • Runtime: Mon. & Tues 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Pasta" is an unconventional love story that revolves around the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, La Sfera.

Seo Yoo-Kyung (Kong Hyo-Jin) started her career as a third-ranked kitchen assistant for three years at La Sfera and on the day she finally gets to become an Assistant Pasta chef, Executive Chef Totti is fired and a new chef takes his place. Chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun-Kyun) was trained in Italy and is one of the most talented chefs in Korea. He is out to reform the kitchen and fires all the female chefs after just one day. This seemed like a coincidence at first, but it turns out it was all planned from he beginning, because he clearly states that there is no place for a woman in 'his' kitchen. By contrast, he also wants to date Yoo-Kyung - outside of the kitchen.

The recurring theme of the cactus is a metaphoric picture that describes both Yoo-Kyung's journey to realize her culinary ambitions and the relationship that develops between Seo Yoo-Kyung and Chef Choi Hyun Wook. Full of both thorns and life, blooming only after much hardship, the parallels are unmistakable.

Also in the picture is an old rival, the beautiful and talented Oh Sae-Young (Lee Ha-Nui). Having known Chef Choi from culinary school in Italy, where she tampered with his ingredients to win the coveted first place in a cooking grand prix, her motives seem unclear and mildly sinister at first, evolving as the series goes on.

Kim San (Alex) is the mysterious "customer" who has secretly admired and loved Seo Yoo-Kyung for 3 years, never before revealing his true identity as La Sfera's real owner. His line "The customer is king," is a study in layered meaning, as well as how a line can be finely crafted with a minimum of words.

Lacking true villains, "Pasta" also has a dual-layered revenge plot running through it, as both manager Seol Jun-Seok (Lee Seong-min) and the Unnis (Ha Jae-Suk, Jeong Da-Hye, & Son Seon-Yun) conspire to get even with Chef Choi for the wrongs they think he has visited upon them. All agree Chef Choi should be fired, but the problem of how to make it happen is what drives the sub-plot along.

Comic relief is the role of Jeong Eun-Su (Choi Jae-Hwan), the lovable but slow-witted kitchen assistant whose late-night chance encounter in the kitchen makes for the oddest fulfillment of a fortune teller's prediction.


  1. Takes over the Mon. & Tues 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Great Queen Seondeok".


Pasta-Hyo-jin Kong.jpg Pasta-Seon-gyun Lee.jpg Pasta-Ha-nui Lee.jpg Pasta-Alex.jpg Pasta-Min-seong Choi.jpg
Kong Hyo-Jin Lee Sun-Kyun Lee Ha-Nui Alex Choi Min
Seo Yoo-Kyung Choi Hyun-Wook Oh Se-Young Kim San Nemo
Pasta-Jeong-su Byeon.jpg Pasta-Jang Yong.jpg Pasta-Dong-hee Kim.jpg Pasta-Seong-min Lee.jpg Pasta-Yong-hyeon Yun.jpg
Pyeon Jung-Su Jang Yong Kim Dong-Hee Lee Seong-min Yun Yong-Hyeon
Kim Kang Seo Jong-Goo Seo Yoo-Sik Sul Joon-Suk Kwang-Tae
Pasta-Hyeong-cheol Lee.jpg Pasta-Sang-ki Jo.jpg Pasta-Bong-ki Baek.jpg Pasta-Tae-hee Heo.jpg Pasta-Tae-ho Kim.jpg
Lee Hyeong-Cheol Jo Sang-Ki Baek Bong-Ki Heo Tae-Hee Choi Jin-Hyuk
Keum Suk-Ho Jung Ho-Nam Min Seung-Jae Han Sang-Sik Sun Woo-Deok
Pasta-Min-woo No.jpg Pasta-Hyeon Woo.jpg Pasta-Jae-han Choi.jpg Pasta-Jae-suk Ha.jpg Pasta-Da-hye Jeong.jpg Pasta-Seon-yun Son.jpg
No Min-Woo Hyun Woo Choi Jae-Hwan Ha Jae-Suk Jung Da-Hye Son Seong-Yun
Phillip Lee Ji-Hoon Jung Eun-Soo Lee Hee-Joo Park Mi-Hee Park Chan-Hee



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annJ. loooking forward for the part 2...(hopefully)

Vencila Its really a beautiful love story... I started love cooking and pasta after watching this:)

sowtha hai lee sun kyun I love u

keshma I love pasta team it's really looking like a real restaurant life and I like chef his acting is awesome

melisa I'm so glad.....Pasta is airing in Indonesia now...

cathy I've watched this drama a few times but I still get excited with their story........ never a boring episode. I just love the story!! Two thumbs up for the writer! I love all of Kong Hyo-Jin drama that I have watched.

nama the main actors rude personality is just too much over the top..and his very strange rules in the kitchen which he breaks himself without an iota of repent ever is just so disgusting

melai one of the greatest korean series ever

Meiji i love this drama! -- a very good story line, great actors!

nckthottest This is top 3 of GHJ drama that I love beside Master's Sun, and TGL . Well she always act different in all of that drama. Yeah I love this!! =)

hanna I really love this drama and i love cooking, finished watching this in two days haha.

Jen Oh, realized that the actors of Seung Jae and Ho Nam were also in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy with Hyo-Jin. xDD

Pamela Why don't you have the name of the writer?

Usee I love this movie, it's so cute, funny, simple, romantic, adorable. I love this drama so muchhhhh :D The actors and actresses are awesome, and the story is nice and sweet too.. like this drama <3

margareth This my favorite korean drama. Its so simple, funny, romantic, adorable. I love this drama so muchhhhh

louren best korean drama/ boring moments...I loved the story and everything....

kev among all the top rated kdrama ive watched(you're beautiful,city hunter coffee prince, heartstrings, lie to me, rooftop prince,eeeeeeeetccccc), Pasta is the only one i watched all episodes in a row without ever feeling bored for a minute...

  1. 1 in my books.

Her choi hi my name is her choi (ana)

i love kong hyo - Jin + lee sun - kyun + choi min + no min - woo

and i love pasta

AnneSweden Congrats on a great show! It was really enjoyable. You all worked really hard! Wish to see you soon in another great series!

nahai Hey:) im From hungary too. I loved this drama, and i was always thinking about be a chef, but after i watched this movie, i decided to be one chef!:) this movie helped me a lot and i had great fun while watching this serie. hopefully this drama will have more episodes soon. I really enyjoyed it. Thank you very much^^ (boy, 16 years old)

Cathy Hi everybody!

I'm from Hungary, Europe! This drama was my first koean drama in my life. I really love this movie, it is so clean the story line, no bad word etc. I hope my country will show us same lovely dramas from Korea. I downloaded the drama so I can whatch any time. :-)

Hosi Hy!

I love this movie, it's so cute:D The actors and actresses are awsome, and the story too. I have a question, if the Pasta has a 2nd season? Thanks for the answer.

cartoongal Hi K-tv lovers I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for other k-shows as good as Pasta? As realistic, sweet, romantic, hilarious and positive as Pasta? I'm halfway thru My Sweet Seoul and Coffee Prince is next, but I'm open to suggestion. (and yes im madly in love with Lee Sun-Gyun. I first saw him in Petty Romance.... a Korean Comic Book Artist Boyfriend is my greatest wish. Sigh, Lee, could you be any More dreamy? Damn, is he ever to swoon.)

Patty Deeter Please tell me how i can buy pastra by mbc re3igon 1

Patty Deeter Please tell me how to buy PASTA by MBC Reigion 1 for USA

aly azhar amazing Korean Drama.

Martha Great show!!! This is the best Netflix accident yet.

wee miss u pasta...

David This post is in reply to: Comment #88 frida Says: Jun 14 2011 9:06 am anyone know the title song OST pasta?

Frida, the title song is one I know well. It has a rich history. The song is "The Minstrel Boy." How it came to be used as the theme song (or title song) for the "Pasta" series is something I would be interested to know.

Here are two links where you can read about "The Minstrel Boy," which was written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852): (includes lyrics)

This song holds such a special place in my heart, that I have downloaded 39 renditions of it from The songs reside in my iTunes library, under Playlist, "The Minstrel Boy."

david A quirky, delightful series. Hope it continues.

Denise OMG!!!! This has to be one of the best & funniest k-dramas I have seen yet!!!! I never stopped laughing!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!

Eric Mazariegos Netflix is awesome for having this really amazing show. It gets the audience really intrigued and although the episodes span a bit more than an hour long, there's enough whimsical plot turns to keep an audience entertained (I sure was!). Great universal show that anyone can enjoy.

Helen Barahona I enjoyed every moment of this drama. I am not Korean so I am new to the Korean drama but I absolutely love it. I look forward to season 2.

Alejandra M encanto.... q lindos los personajes.... buen drama...

Mark Saw this on netflicks. I started to watch it and now I can't seem to stop. Wonderful story! Absolutly in love with Kong Hyo-Jin. Thanks for the touching story. I have to learn korean!

nite owl chef phillip is the best!

GAUSALYAH VIJAN I luv tiz drama very much....especially the three of them....who will alwiz be wif chef....n also the new manager Alex......nice story ever...wanna see again...i miss Philip so muuuuuccchhhhh.....!!!!!<<<<<<>>>>>>

Iu zhee Yoona SARANGHAE PASTA.... trutma bwtt Oppa Chef Choi & Seo yoo kyung ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Romance is restaurant Lazvera..........


samasmit saya paling suka chef choi & chef seo yeo kyung.gandingan yg paling hebat...hebat...hebat...ingin nak tengok pasta sekali lagi..tak puas!!!!

neetha murugesu I am from malaysia. Do not like to watch series, even of my own language but this series do not know what.. i don't mind taking off. not cooking even can withheld myself from going to loo to make sure i can watch it. The language just captures your feelings.... lovely language though i do not understand a word of korean but this is one hell of a series. falling in love to visit korea and eat pasta there.

ayeesha where can i get the cd/vcd/dvd with english/malay subtittles for this drama at malaysia?? anybody can help me??

eqien yusof chef choy......................I'm very miiissssssssssssssssssssss u! when you come to malaysia????????????????????????????? I'm very like uuuuuuuuuuuu chef because u very handsome!!

LoonyLizard @Karo: Of course it's positive! You didn't get that by how I lead off with the theme of love as a transforming power? And I thought I was being so clear, too...

Yes, I am teasing you. :P

LoonyLizard @pastafan: Beware which version you buy. If you need English subtitles, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, get the 3-disc dvd set. MBC completely slacked off on the subtitling of the crucial last 6 episodes in this set, which robs the dialogue of all the eloquence (unless you understand Korean) and makes these episodes unbearably frustrating to watch. The 8-disc set is the way to go, especially since it contains 10 bonus features not found in the cheaper version. Look at reviews on Amazon if you don't believe me.

pastafan episode 10 is touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Scintillate Zenith nice story, very interesting. Actually I'm not interested of watching korean drama before, but after watching this, I started interesting of watching korean... congrats! Love this story...

utami chef you like the prince in my dream so dazzling theatrics,, your eyes could melt the North Pole ... great drama of the story is simple but full of meaning and very touching,,,, I'll still be your fans .... you are full of charisma you're too handsome,,, lucky woman who is married to you. I wait for your next drama...

Farizah Pasta is the best korean drama i ever watch!!! ;)

aztcdncr Yes, Chef!!!! Every time he said "Hey, Goldfish" my heart melted.....please say there will be new episodes, love Lee Seon-gyun, sigh!

Karo @LoonyLizard! I like ur comment- detailed and valid- and i totally agree with u. Wanna add one more word to praise this drama. That's POZITIFF!!! (it means the drama helps u to be in a good mood and have smile on ur face :))

maryam i love Kong Hyo-Jin

LoonyLizard Personally, I thought "Coffee Prince" had a deeper and sweeter romance, and a more resolved ending. Please don't hate me for it. But setting that aside, "A Pasta In Love" is about more than just the love two people have for each other, it's about the transforming power love can have, how it transformed a shy and indecisive girl into a confident young woman and how it transformed the meanest devil of a chef into a better man - one who sees his kitchen staff as people and not just tools. In turn, it shows how the transformation of two such people overflows into a wider family, in this case, the "family" of the restaurant La Sfera.

Well-conceived at its core, the series did still suffer from some seriously distracting flaws and wasted space. Lee Ha-Nui had the most inconsistent performance of the bunch, going from conceited rival to warm mentor, to guilt-ridden sinner, all within the space of one winter, yet we're supposed to believe that her character has been doing all this as a penance for her betrayal. The twist with their old mentor was a nice touch, but Lee Ha-Nui's role would have been so much more believable had she not gone through the first 6 episodes looking like a scheming snake.

The Unnis, while funny and sympathetic when they get any screen time, were nonetheless poorly scripted, relegating what should have been a light-hearted, yet meaningful side plot into mere filler. *sigh* So disappointing. I really would have loved to have gotten to know these characters better. The fact that they were so shoved to the side through most of the series makes me wonder if the screenwriters suffered from the same misogyny that Chef was accused of in the beginning.

And now, some fanboy stuff: Kong Hyo-Jin was so adorable as Seo Yu-keyong, I just wanted to put her in my pocket and keep her safe forever. Those waif-like eyes and that brilliant smile, combined with the way she just turned into a shy schoolgirl when they were alone together, it is fully half of why this show was so enjoyable to watch. Without her, or an actress of her caliber, this series would have foundered. Lee Seon-Gyun was similarly brilliant as Chef Choi Hyeon-ok, a man suspicious of all women because of a single betrayal, whose heart is melted and healed by the love he shares with Seo Yu-keyong. The male staff of the kitchen were fairly believable, although the one we got to know the best - due mostly to the fact that he's the only one whose home we got to see - was Jeong Eun-su. Delightfully sweet, sensitive, and dimwitted, his portrayal by Choi Jae-Hwan is some of the best supporting acting I've seen anywhere, Korean, British, Canadian, or American. Also worthy of note was Alex, playing San Kim, the epitome of a gracious loser and a man who's really to smooth and timid to win the love of a female chef - compared to the challenge of the kitchen, which is part of what draws Seo Yu-keyong to the culinary field, their hypothetical love would have seemed boring and ultimately unsatisfying to Yu-keyong, as well as to the fans. And lastly, I must give my applause to the soundtrack department. While the music wasn't as inspired or eclectic as that of "Coffee Prince' or even "My Name Is Sam-soon," it was consistently utilized to great effect, and I found myself grinning like a fool whenever I heard the opening theme or the light, piano-driven waltz used for so many of the romance scenes.

My overall rating: 7 out of 10 stars. Immensely pleasurable to watch, but not perfect.

bzmrt i think i am in love with Chef!!everytime he smiled, my inside melted <3<3<3<3<3

INDONESIAN PEOPLE i'm indonesian people,and i represent the fans of pasta film in indonesia..

pasta is very funny,and make us miss pasta film,and i don't want to talk much..



ella chef choy......................I'm very miiissssssssssssssssssssss u! when you come to indonesia????????????????????????????? I'm very like uuuuuuuuuuuu chef because u very handsome!!

ella chef choy..........................I'm very miisssssssssssss u! when you come to indonesia?????????? I'm very like uuuuuuuuu chef because u very handsome!!!!!

sari_koreanz Definitly...I love this drama very much....I like the way chef treat yoo kyung,as her chef,her teacher and also her it very much.their chemistry when they were in hospital and bus station...wahhhh they make me melting...two tumbs up for sun-gyun and hyo jin that make hyun wook and yoo kyung match each other and become most romantic couple...

rida chep....miss very handsome....l really proud to you and l want meet with you...hikssss hikssss :{

aphordite hi there.....!!!i'm from indonesia.....!!!

N my though this drama was so poppular in here......!!!so it won't be impposible that hyen jin n sun gyun come visit indonesia.....!!!!

Btw This drama really make my day....all of the cast n crew doing their own job so well.......!!!none of the day without thinkin about this drama.....their build very well chemistry....!!!

I voted 100 for this n i gave 5star ★★★★★

ozill pasta 2 please .. i miss chef ...

zhu I hope the drama continues until season 2 PASTA ............ i very like PASTA ..... because in this drama, the players have gotten a pass with peranya kemistri, so very dear if PASTA Season 2 is not made ​​...... I beg the producers to make pasta season 2 ........ please ... please ... please ... please ... please ... please ... please ... please ... please ...!!!!!!!!!

cullengabriela Oh.....MG...!!! I really really compleatly in love this drama....kinda greatest,funniest,coolest...n most romantic i've been watch...♥ i'm only have 5 most fav k'-drama n now i'll make it 6...!!!! N chef SARANHAMIDA 4ever...!!! U make my day

Diaz I like it!!!!!

thea i love pastaaaaa, the best korean dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lala i love pasta.... ya cheefff...

Monka Denzky I hope that MBC can be glorious and long life for good!

I really love korean drama movie film

i love korea

lyna I'm korean lovers... I really like pasta drama... posso fare... ♥ u chef

dhidy Pratiwi yeahhh,, i hope this's drama will continue !! PASTA is the best drama !! =D

anggita iya chef, im fallin love with you

paul i like korean drama................. pasta is good.... in my heart

ema i love pasta in love....never want to miss it.

Rio pasta in love is very good :) I love it

fradina WOW! I really liked this movie, I used to await to watching it every day! I hope there will be the second season of pasta in love. two thumbs up for chef choi hyun wook and seo yoo kyung :)

evi All the best for all of you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mantapppppppppppppppppppp

septi I love PASTA........ the couple of the year!!

Yuni ^-^ Ilove pasta in love i love Kong Hyo Jun….n love more chef Choi……you so handsome when you smile chef…

sanny two thumbs up for seo yoo kyung and chef choi hyun wook, this movie are really really cool....I love chef choi very much (good actor)

chef loverzz ツ I ♥ it ..

Chef, you was so cool when you angry .. ★ ♥ it .. ツ

Sri I do love pasta in love, i love chef n Seo Yoo Kyung very much... They are really the best couple ever....Overall, i love all of you in 'pasta in love' it' a worth watching drama... Hoping it will be the 2nd season of pasta in love... ^_^

Kobun I love pasta,,,,, so funny,,,

lee ha-nui,, so Cute

karina hai chef or Lee Seon Gyun you is coll Chef ,i love you chef that movies is coll and fun

ilove Pasta and Lee Seon Kyun

intan i like a pasta in love,very much.. :)

frida anyone know the title song OST pasta?

anggie so many good coment for all of you,.. please make the second love in pasta… how about love story Yu-keyong Seo and Hyeon-ok Choi will be they married? please….please…please… continue the story!!!!

Idha i like this film. the story of pasta very good. unfortunately, this fim very short. i hope MBC can make pasta 2.

Maristia I like hangeul ( korea ) drama.. I love pasta in love..

Drama yg bkin gw tereak2 sndiri n senyum2 sendiri.. I love chef.. And i love pasta in love

Natasya wafa I love u chef. I like korean drama.! Wooww..

afinda saranghae.........I love so much with this movie..... because,Kong hyo-jin and Lee seon-jing

estu wooooooow...... you know it's my favorit movie........

i like no-min woo, kong-hyu jin, lee seon gyun.. :D

wahib kazhim 10000 episodes!!!!!!

shinta love it very much.. best korean drama i've ever seen..:)

Chatarina Erni I am very pleased with this film,

Rain Awsome... Never bored to watch this drama... Really recomended for everyone... Sure!

intan sangat suka chef!!!!!!! love u... :D

utari amboina I love chef,so much!!

nu2n it's an unforgettable drama

nury I like the story. I like the language that used in this drama. there are many metaphor. I remind the meaning of Castus that was flower. oh so sweet. I like the metaphor of cactus.

Fery i like choi chef caracters..he's same my profile..

putri mio i like korea's drama , i like pasta , i like korea sarangeyo korea...........................i like so yukyun, i like chef.....

ayu chef so cool... Seo Yoo Kyung beautiful

ionemrobi chef : what do you like pasta or me???? kyung : chef.......:)

Novhya i like it


Enrica I like it.. I want my love story like that ^^

wuri adain terus ya filmnya...


Pas7a lover's (chef) I really like ‘pasta’, funny, totally different from other films. I so love to cook thanks to this movie. I hope the ‘pasta in love can’ get the best film award.

Pas7a lover's (chef) Seon gyun leen and hyo ji kong,,, u r the best actrres and actor..

i love ur stile cheff i love thyis movie..



Ozhie love okSa I Love korea movie.. A Pasta in Love,,,the best film korea..

keren,abis film_a

Marwan seo yoo kyung i love u...hohohohhohoo

Rose Gosh! Is Lee Seon Gyun has a fan club? Cuz i do crazy in love with him! He's the coolest guy from Asian i've seen in movie, i must to say this :) Please tell me if he's got plan to visit Jakarta!

ina I really like 'pasta', funny, totally different from other films. I so love to cook thanks to this movie. I hope the 'pasta in love can' get the best film award.

hadi i'm from indonesia... Lee Ha-Nui, i'm very2 like youuuu :)

nikee ohhh , my goddd . i likee itt . :*

ridel whew, this drama was visible its lovely... I really like korea drama ,,,:DD . .

Anita MMmmmmmm.....asyik nie film barunya......mudah-mudahan.......Indosiar jadi makin TOP^^

kimsanya I watch this because j-dorama bambino, I was curious if this drama remake of bambino. I love this drama, mostly cemistry brtwwen main actor. this is good drama for me!

tin anne totally love this mini series! i love the chemistry between yoo kyung and the head chef! and I LOVE CHEF LEE JI HOON!! haha

Cezanne N. Loads of love from Malaysia! Loved the drama especially the chemistry between Gong hyo-jin and Lee Sun-gyun! :) A drama worth watching if you love fluff and love~ :)

Mikazi Pasta is the best drama ever,i like the smile and laugh of gong hyo jin,started from that i fallin in love to her,hope one day i will met gong hyo jin,love u so much:-D and ur are cute and pretty woman ever that i watched

Mikazi Pasta is the best drama ever,i like the smile and laugh of gong hyo jin,started from that i fallin in love to her,hope one day i will met gong hyo jin,love u so much:-D

Realhaya It's a great K-drama! d^^b

mojgan It was so sweet and warm.Thank you MBC.

Marzieh hi there! umm.....this atttractive series could be one of my favorites...i actually become addicted to it! I've followed all the episodes Tnx all of you...specially chef:wink:

arsalan hi.ilove this is so coooooooooooooooool.

julia it was waste of my time...............

Prizzylle hi.... i'm from INDONESIA.... i like this drama... it's funny..... drama comedy and romantic.... i like No Min-Woo,, Choi min-Seong,, Kong Hyo-Jin,, Hyun Woo,, Lee Seon-Gyun,, Lee Ha-Nui,,and ALex..... The best drama of South Korea....... OK ?? Yeah CHEF !!! <3 PASTA <3

alin lee seon-gyun hmmmmm bener-bener bisa buat penontonnya terbawa you pullll

farzane hey the pasta is the best serial thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for you do happy me

Shirin Lee Seon Gyun is very attractive! The only Korean artist that I like!

setareh love itttttttttt :X:X:X love the last episod :)

hadis hi chef when i found out u were gonna leave the kitchen i started crying i didnt want u to leave the kitchen would be not aplace to stay without u. ur smile ur shouting ur selfishness its all something that fitted into the hearts of the crew and mine and without the ur voice in the kitchen its like cooking the pasta with no pasta, but u must make the pasta yummy and the taste should stay in ur mouth so u should stay in their hearts. i know it was just a film but i cried like u were the only thing for me just like Kong Hyo-Jin felt i just wanna say u I LOVE U!


nhasunbae Recommended for all people who loves cook, especially pasta! haha ^^

HANI can i have your e-mail address?

sar It's a relief that Persian satellite channels are broadcasting korean dramas. I love this drama. Pasta is very funny. I love the story.

astrud great drama..!!

i love chef.. Oooh so funny.. cute face.. btw, i love PASTA.. haha..

Nelly I love the part Hyo-jin Kong smiling n yes chef to Seon-gyun Lee :)

Lc this movie is so luv Lee Seon gyun you know!I like the entire movie, xpescially the chopstix part... :p

kahi i love korean drama so much please can you give me the email (yahoo) of some koreans (man or woman ) in order to know more about life in korea i want to visit it please koreaaaaaaaaaaaans i love u ;thanks anyo

Yvonne love this drama alot.. i watched it more than 5 times so far... even my grandmother loves it too! Would recommend this drama to everyone.

ynia one of the best k-drama ever!

i even fell in love with Lee Seon-gyun (the voice), gosh! yes, chef! ilahvyah! hahaha!

two thumbs-up! very recommendable drama for all. you'll fall in love over and over and over and over again.

kelly Yes, great movie, i loved the pasta chef Lee Seon-gyun - ya agreed that i ve never seen a man like tis before - so smart looking & of coz his goldfish !

Leo really GREAT korea drama, funny, warmhearted, I love this drama very much dun wanna miss every episode!!

nanette I love this drama very much....It feels that you dont wanna miss every episode.Have a unique lines that make you laugh...I started to like gong hyo jin and I already watch her drama thank you and it make me cry huhuhu.... In pasta she act naturally and lee seon gyun....their are superb actor and actress.....

pasta goldfish poop!!!! yes chef......hey goldfish..... I like it hahahaha!!!!

pordee This is the first koreandrama that i see after i stop to see koreandarma for more than 2 years.I love this drama so much.I fall in love with chef and su-ka-yong.

francine thank you, PASTA! you're my first Asian drama, and i was smitten. yeah, this show is charming, a breathe of fresh air. Lee Seon gyun character was very enticing - never boring! and that kid No Min Woo is such a cutie!!

hazel b what's the title of the song in episode 4 the song began with ' how was i suppose to know that this was just another game to you?' a girl singing.

resii love it damn so much!! tell us that something romantic is not always show by sweet word or flowers,, but it can show by something ordinary, something that we don't realize it's most romantic thing ever,,

and the pasta,, oh god,, heaven,, makes me hungry when watch this drama,, hahhahaaa,, loves the actor n actress,, hohooo...........

very funny n natural,, you must watch it!! again n again,,hahhahaa..........

Velo77 May i know the title song of this drama? i like it so much...;)

manuela I did not like Pasta, I got sick and tired of the chief treating the main femelle like a dog, a lot of disrespect for people who work hard. At a certain point he even tels her it better if she dies than to kill the legumes and wathever is in the fridge, discussing!!!! Very heavy drama, and a femelle lead from the begining to the end that says...yeee cheeeeeeefff! gosh ...frustating.

MonMonChi I like it soooo much. After finished this drama, I started to see it again 55. I'm so in love with Lee Seon Gyun. He's so smart and plays very well. Woowww I can't stop thinking of him. (How can I do????) I like his every action. When he walkes, talks, and smile. Wow!!! I'd never seen the man like him before!!!!

Leslie Makasakit Sarain I love this comedy drama. Its so sweet and they act naturally. I laughed a lot and all my stress were gone. Gosh! I'm a lover of Pasta. And learned more about it. Good Luck to MBC. your dramas are all good. It hits my country like a storm. We love it. More power

SparrowBell Didn't know why I miss this one earlier. I think this one of the funniest Korean romance drama this year. I'm a bit sick of pretty face but can't act actors/actress, this one is hilarious. One the funniest since Last Scandal ..

cusette bet korean drama i've ever seen.. i've always adore and love gong hyo jin. i mean since "let's go to shcool sangdoo!"...

this is the most intelligently made romance drama n history...

lee sung gyun was a shocker ...i didn't like on coffee prince but here...i love the MAN!!! he played the main character as it should be. i cannot imagine any actor that would fit into his character..he's perfect..he played it very well..

there are no moments that i didn't laugh my ass out...every episode is a laugh BOMB..ahahahah

especially when lee seung gyun character FIRED every chef woman... it was hilarious..!!..

passo fare!!!hahahaha

PASTA is for me PERFECT KDRAMA in KDRAMA(romance/comical) history....

gong hyo jin is the best actress in korea..she is...

and because of PASTA i started loving lee seung's a shame he got married last!

well...i do recommend this drama to everybody out there who wants HAPPINESS and ROMANCE in their life.

great drama...


jessica it's not Mamma Mia restaurant it's La Sfera!

farahsmile i just love pasta and the sarcastic chef choi hyun ok, he just adorable man haha funny story and light that make your heart so warm haha love lee sun kyun and gong hyo jin forever viva PASTA

Dorothy I absolutely LOVED this show. I was drawn in by the humor, romance, the handsome Lee Seon-Gyun, and the handsome Italian chefs. It was great to see a movie that didn't have neither nudity nor bad words flying. It's just a very clean story line. It was like a good book, I couldn't put it down. I saw it on on Friday night by Sunday evening I had seen all 20 episodes. I wish there could be more. This is just the start of my history with Korean movies and tv shows.

Delsy love it!!!!!!!!!!!! if u love romance and food tune in to this drama

Nadia008 OMg,Simply the Best..i loved,love,love 'Lee Seoung' from Coffe prince,what a brilliant actor..Wonder why the low ratings!???i would've watched the re-runs 'in a heart beat!'..This drama is a Must see ^_^..

Shi Ris Ma this is the best drama ever.. :D I love head chef!! but I scare when he shout to all chef..hohoho I also love original soundtrack..good job!! ;)

kezia mron kmi cd nian.............^^

sarirenatamanik this drama is different so that I love it so much and my mom do, too. I Love Choi Min Seong as Nemo! :D

oyku I love this drama.It's diffirent from other Korean dramas.And so funny.

asarako i love drama..... its light and comical at the same time. And not like the other drama that needs villain most of the time.... I laugh a lot on this.... and most of all i love Pasta so it attract me the most.....

zappa i recommend this series to everyone...its light,funny and natural...:)

Hanna I love this drama...I love Lee Seon Gyun ♥ but I'm a younger girl....but no it's important I love him x3 ♥ Choi Min Seong is super lovely aww~

vini it looks great..I'll always watch Lee Seon-gyun drama and movie..he's awesome.. and I won't missed this one..

lajuls Perfect !!!!

It's light, funny and Hyeon-ok Choi give to his character, Seon-gyun Lee, a realistic personality. Yu-keyong Seo do that as well.That's why it creates a real chimistry between Hyo-jin Kong and Seon-gyun Lee.

To my mind this drama is great coz they're talking back to each other intelligently and in a funny way. Great banters and dialogue!


when  SG-lee fired Yk-seo, she doesn't want to give up after three years at the post of assistant in the kitchen. So the night she's been fired she decided to sleep in the SG-lee's locker in the restaurant. 

The next morning, SG-lee has the surprise to find her in is locker. She finally wakes up and say :

“You’re out early.” He returns, “Aren’t you earlier?” 

Yoo-kyung says to him: “I’m not early, I just didn’t go home. If I went home, I wouldn’t have the courage to come back.”

then he says: "why my locker?" she mutters: “It’s the biggest and it’s nice and warm… the complete opposite of you.”

I recommend this drama to every1. I laughed a lot. i hope lot's of people will vote for this drama and support them.

lexi i like korean drama................i like it ha ha

Vanessa MBC hurts my heart with all the licensing...till February -sigh-

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