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  • Drama: Reply 1994
  • Revised romanization: Eungdabhara 1994
  • Hangul: 응답하라 1994
  • Director: Shin Won-Ho
  • Writer: Lee Woo-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: October 18 - December 28, 2013
  • Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Through the characters, drama series follows various cultural events in 1994, including the emergence of Kpop group "Seo Taiji and Boys" and the Korean Basketball League.


  1. "Reply 1994" takes over the tvN Fri & Sat 20:50 time slot and will be replaced by "Emergency Man and Woman”.
  2. First reading script reading took place on July 19, 2013 at CJ E&M Center in Sangamdong, Seoul, South Korea. It took about 3 hours to read through the first 5 episodes of the drama series.
  3. Filming for the series begins late July, 2013.
  4. Cast members from "Reply 1997" (Jung Eun-Ji, Seo In-Guk, Shin So-Yul, Lee Si-Yeon and Hoya) will make cameo appearances in ep.16 and 17 (airs December 13 and December 14, 2013 in South Korea).
  5. Related titles:
    1. Reply 1997 | Eungdabhara 1997 (tvN / 2012)
    2. Reply 1994 | Eungdabhara 1994 (tvN / 2013)
    3. Reply 1988 | Eungdabhara 1988 (tvN / 2015)


Reply 1994-Go Ara.jpg Reply 1994-Sung Dong-Il.jpg Reply 1994-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg Reply 1994-Jung Woo.jpg Reply 1994-Yoo Yeon-Seok.jpg
Go Ara Sung Dong-Il Lee Il-Hwa Jung Woo Yoo Yeon-Seok
Sung Na-Jung Sung Dong-Il Lee Il-Hwa Sseureki (Trash) Chilbongi
Reply 1994-Kim Sung-Kyun.jpg Reply 1994-Son Ho-Jun.jpg Reply 1994-Baro.jpg Reply 1994-Min Do-Hee.jpg Reply 1994-Yook Sung Jae.jpg
Kim Sung-Kyun Son Ho-Jun Baro Min Do-Hee Yook Sung-Jae
Samchunpo Haetae Binggeure Jo Yoon-Jin Sung Joon
Reply 1994-Yeon Jun-Suk.jpg
Yeon Jun-Suk
Kim Dong-Woo

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dayeng lai I started to watch 1994 bcs of 1997. Some of 1997 fans wrote a bad review and comment so i dont have any high expectations on this drama but guess what? I would saying in my opinion this drama is a lil bit better than 1997. More mature,more realistic, and for who's said the main lead look to old? Im a university student and i guarantee i will fall into this guy. Not everyone can have a super handsome faces such like in guk but it made even more realistic and acceptable, he's like a next door caring oppa that being a most first love of any younger girl. Go ara absolutely way better than eunji for the acting. I likes eunji but she still needs to improve her acting skill. Expect for baro as a rookies in drama all of them playing their part perfectly. Jung woo kill it,i friggin in love with him. Go ara daebak!

Peach daebak! Im not even a drama-watcher type but this one is just so amazing and i dont know the cast too but its still great!

Radhika Maybe i am the only person who DID NOT LIKE 1997! some parts and scenes excluded from 1997 -- the rest of the drama i found to be complete GARBAGE. And i was bored and i expected 1994 to be the same thing like 1997 with mostly juts garbage. Thats the reason i watched both these dramas so much later in 2015. EXCEPT I WAS SOOOOOO WRONG! 1994 is one my drama all time favourites! JUST amazing chemistry, amazing feelings, amazing acting esp Go Ara. just amazingly romantic and amazing heart touching and warm felt feelings overwhelm you. I just truly enjoyed it. And i was unsure of who her husband till the VERY VERY VERY END. until the last ep I really cudnt guess and kept second guessing. Everything about this drama 1994 was just phenomenal (maybe too strong of a word) but close! Go Ara, Ssereki, and Chilbong I just loved this pair and I really miss them after I have completed this drama. Keep going back and watching it again as I miss it so much. Wish there were more dramas with such awesome chemistry. Or better yet, i wish I could have this chemistry or even better chemistry in my life. amazingly romanticized<3

KFreak Reply 1997 was 1000x better

Ferri Reply 1997 was perfect so I started watching 1994 too but... I stopped and I can never get myself to continue it because: 1) wtf the male leads look way too old for college students 2) I like none of the actors and actresses 3) I can't stand Baro's face haha sorry!

mimoo this drama is my long-waited drama to watch, finally I watched reply 1994 I like the storyline rather than 'another ones', but still sad with Chil Bong. ): he is such a man with everything but Najung's love

suk9014 Best ensemble of a bunch of actor ever!!!! I can't forget one of them especially that super seven.

angel The plot of story is good but still,reply 1997 is the best :)

druegnor watch it couple of time already, its an okay drama

To those reply 1997 die hard fan..please dont dissed this drama..every drama has its own attractiveness..

i've got reply 1997 but never watch it, mostly because many reply 1997 fans seem to be belittle reply 1994..

my thought now is, if the fans of reply 1997 are soo immature, im afraid if i watch it i become just like them..

Miaa @celine i totally agree with you, reply 1997 was one of the best dramas ive seen till now

bebo my the first Korean drama ever where the female lead act like human being not girl candy or cutta (cute) I were about to believe all Korean girls are crazy dolls in love with chaebol

Vannak It is one of the most fantastic Korean drama I have ever watched. First I really hesitated weather to watch or not, but after watching eps 1 & 2, I started to like this drama.

stephoxxx I dunno why but I think Chilbong deserves Najung while Trash should keep being an oppa sobsob

celine reply 1997 is one of a kind, and better than this!!!

ay I like reply 1994 better than reply 1997, the story is more realistic and detail. Seriously Go Ara's acting in this drama just daebak! I love everything in this drama!

reesha trust me this drama is really good. i already watched a loooot of dramas.. and this drama is really one of the best. but don't expect some cheesy romance like the heirs in this drama. this one is more realistic with you-can-experience-in-a-real-life kind of story. Although the story is simple but it really heart-warming and you may feel pleased to watch it over and over again...

reply1994lover For all of u who read the comments below and said, this show might be a waste of time, don't be a fool and watch this show. Objective Opinion: this show is fun, witty, somewhat dramatic, but it explores first love between childhood friends, crushes, unrequited love. it is a family show that explores the life of every character. but it seems to have been told from the point of view of everyone because there are some secrets some of the characters never found out. i advise to watch two episodes of this show before u make a judgement. Subjective Opinion: most people fail to realize that the main actress is human and this show is as realistic as Korean dramas come. i think it is from na jung's POV in my opinion >>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it makes me so glad that she ended up with trash cos that is the one she loved first (and it is my OTP ^^) and trash treats her like an egg, i mean he is protectful and caring towards her, his life also revolves around na jung the reason for him being a doctor, why he wasn't brave enough to pursue a relationship with her...

faranak ep20 so sad!!! specially the end :((((( everybodies a fool!! the forgeting :((( just 1 ep is left ,....

faranak i cant resist chillbongi oppa crying :((((( so sad....hes such a great actor + i love his love...praying for him too be with najang....why she isnt choosing him? if it was me i would choose him

faranak wow!! im just starting watching it and its amazing...ep 10 now:))))) i want chiibongi oppa!! hes so cute sweet lovely i want hi catches the girl :))))) hes romantic and deserves a really happy ending story :))))

Jason28 One of the finest korean drama ever made. You could easily relate to the story line as it follows the journey of several characters finding their true identity, ups and downs of life, and of course, love. Hats off to both Sung Dong Il and Jung Woo for their amazing performance, their range in acting are crazy wide as they perfectly portray their respective characters.

Thanks to all the staff and crew for producing this once in a lifetime drama. We certainly need more dramas like this one.

Jason28 One of the finest korean drama ever made. You can easily relate to the story line as it follows the journey of several characters to find their true identity, ups and downs of life, and-of course-love. Hats off to Sung Dong Il and Jung Woo for their amazing performance, their range are crazy wide as they perfectly portray their respective character's emotion.

Once again, thanks to all the staffs and crews for producing this once in a while kind of drama.

faranak great drama! even im not a korean person or even i havent borned that time!!!! but love it!!!! chillbongi oppaaaaa is so great!!!! i wanna him be with na jung insead of trash!!! so cute

David Kim I would like to thank the write for this amazing drama series. As a Korean Canadian who has experienced living a college life during the 90 in Korea, this drama is extremely nostalgic to me. Living in a dorm with the greatest friends you could ever have with ups and down during your college life with them, supporting each other throughout the challenging years. Being the undefeatable kids with burning passions towards our future, definitely was one of the best periods of my life. Thank you once again for this awesome drama!

Mahdi What's the song that played in the boat scene (ep 10) ?

the singer name?


hee mi i finished watching this drama today~ all i can say is daebakk! I TOTALLY LOVE THE PLOT!! <33 and they picked such amazing actors! jinjja! but chilbong was a pity..huhuhuhu i guess every drama needs a guy that will have one-sided love with the lead actress that will actually end up with the lead guy x'D two thumbs up for this drama =)

Jung jangyoung annyeong, i am jinyoung litle sister.. maybe i have typo but i just pity with baro. baro didnt talk much. As a bana sister i didnt baro character so much. i like if he be a singer just singer

mariana the best of 2013

Tricia :) I honestly was addicted to this drama. I even sacrificed our internet speed just by watching and downloading it. My favorite characters are Na Jung's father and of course CHILBONG oppa!!!!! Sung Dong-Il is very funny while Chilbong is very handsome. I was really disappointed that Na Jung married Trash instead of Chilbong, even if its really obvious that they were the ones married in the end. I was also sad that they didn't include Chilbong's love interest (my theory is the girl who collided him while he was delivering chicken in the end episode). But overall a really good and enjoying show..!!!!!

Paulene Jamie I had a lot of hahahahaha's than huhuhuhuhu's while watching this drama. But with my age (1988) I like R1997 more. Anyways, I love the concept, the storyline, the artists who at there best to play the character. Half of the episode, made me pray for Haitai and Na Jeong to be married instead.

Haitai is so cool... Chilbong is hot though..

paulene Reply 1997 is more dramatic than 1994 but of course both are one of the best and funniest TV SERIES... Every one could relate to the storyline. The pick up lines on Reply 1994 really reminds me back then.... You can learn a lot, laugh out loud, gets excited all the time, smile all the time and most of all relate to what happened way before as some of the stories featured major events.

I just loved it.. The artists are all good...

Sung Dong IL- I praise you..... I have watched so many dramas you played.

Ahn Shi Yeon If Binggeure is married to Die Die,Yoon-jin is married to Samcheonpo,Haetae is married to Ae-jung,Najung is married to Sseureki,THEN WHO THE HECK DID CHILBONGI GOT MARRIED TO??

hasnaa i don't like this drama coz i don't find anythig special i really had a big Expectation it's just wast of time to watch this boring drama what's the new in this story "Triangle love" that's it and comedi a little i don't understand why people loooove it?????????

ungu Reply 1994 is so great!!!! love the story line, love the ending, love all the actors and i love Trash oppa. from the begining, i dont wont to watch this drama because of the lead actor.. but I regret it now (when I doubted the ability of the main actor). I dont know why, but his karakter in this drama makes me fall in love with him :D his stupid character, but can turn to be serious, cool, and mature when he resolve problems.. especially when he was wearing medical clothing really cool.. Jung Woo has played his role very well, and the main actris too. For the haters : Please dont equate this drama with reply 97, because very different... reply 97 about the lives of high school kids, while the relpy 94 about the life of a college kids... watch this drama with a different point of view.. and you will realize the advantages of each of these drama... (^-^)

baby you i like reply 1997 more than reply 1994... coz this drama is a little boring n slow to me..

Angeliana i love this Drama so much but could you please make special episodes for Chilbong. i really wanna see him happy :(. i think its not fair if they are all happy but not Chilbong. i love chilbong very much and i feel sorry for him. i really sick and sad if i look him especially in 14th episode and the ending. it's okay if you're not make him being Na Jung's husband, but atleast you must told the fans Chilbong that he was happy even he's not with Na jung. i'm begging you to make spesial episodes for Chilbong. The episode contains about chilbong and his wife. I really liked this movie and I do not want to turn into hate this film simply because I do not look happy Chilbong. thank you in advance and keep working hwaiting ^^

mich . . .. . .. . . .i'm surprised while watching this drama, i thought it would be a boring one, but to my surprise it's epic . i'm just disappointed that 'trash "was na jeong's husband-it's so frustrating. i think it would be great if chilbong was the husband, i would have rated it 100 .. .. . .'s great though. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . ... i can't help it. i'm disgusted, disappointed, irritated, and furious . ..... .

dadz .. ... . . . .....i think i would not like this drama like reply1997 . . ... the picture is too old and boring and i couldn't wrap up my mind from the story

atticus.finch By far this is the best korean drama i ever watch, and i agree totally with @bwuey. Don't get too invested in the husband mystery. I think this series is better than reply 1997 because, the story is far more complex, the cast character is stronger too. In 1997 the story is evolving on eun ji and seo in gook character, but for this series aside the "main role" go ara - yoo yon seok - jung woo, story line for "the so called supporting role" is far more complex like i stated before.

bwuey Refreshing drama as long as you don't get too invested in the husband mystery. Husband mystery was over emphasized throughout the drama and and because they dragged it out until the last episode it resulted in a sloppy rushed resolution. I would have to say the beginning 3/4ths of the drama were the best I have ever seen but past episode 15 it was too draggy considering that it ending at episode 16 and at 21 would have been the same. But unlike other dramas it is alot more refreshing and artistic. Even though most of the cast aren't big names they were really awesome and I now look forward to seeing Jung Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok on screen more. In conclusion i would say its an awesome drama to watch except going to give a warning and say remember it is a drama and not real life so don't get too invested into it or you will be feeling very empty once it ends. p.s. in real life there are no guys as nice as chilbong

Dee Really love trash oppa. So good that he's the husband :) trash oppa sarangheeee

LyChou I really love this dramma ..:) I can't stop laughing because of samchunpo :D he is too funny. Anyway yoonjin is really good at talking :)

cherry mae whoah!! it's really a great and awesome sequel. i really love it :)

Maria I love this show “reply 1994“...addicted to it..

bailey This drama is so refereshing! I'm actually picky when it comes to kdramas. I only watch dramas from three big networks,sbs, kbs and mbc.but i'm more into sbs because of the quality of their dramas, but this one is OMG! i love trash oppa and na jung. The story is beautiful! I love how trash loves najung and how najung loves trash! i'm inlooooove!  :)

Daven When does Na-Jung get born? Is she older than Song-Ju(Reply 1997)? Or is she younger than Shi-Won (97)? I'm really confused about how she has the same parents as them but she is from 1994..

sangrila yeon jun oppa fighting ♥♥♡♡

joan I've done watching it!!! Overall I really like the ending. It gives an insight on how the world revolve after leaving school. I also like how they become close within the corners of the boarding house and the difference of their lives before vs now (like the changes in the lives and technology of people). My only problem in this drama is that it drag on for too long esp the mysterious husband thing which make me want to skip the other chapters and just watch the last episode.

dr-acid Can someone tell me this drama's synopsis? Is it a prekuel of Reply 1997.or its a different story? But I don't understand they have same parents (ShiWon and NaJung) CMIIW... I watch this drama up to eps 8.. And it getting addictive.. On the other hand, I watched Reply 1997,only 3 episodes.. Thanks..

girlstrike i give 100% vote ... HWAAAA!!! love this drama so much, i skipped reply 1997, and done watching this drama. WAAAA after watched second episode i already choose trash oppa. NJ-Trash relationship is so epic, FUN, and awesome. woman loves to be with someone who is she pleasurable the most. go ara and jung woo acting is crazy they got the chemistry very well. good job, reply 1994 crew..!!!

roan figuracion haha. xD I' ve already watch the first 4 episode., in the episode 4 it's super fun when Na jung drunk, she became a dog and he bite trash.. i really like it..

Karen Can't say enough good about the screenplay written by Lee Woo-Jung, the incredible casting an their superb depictions. As a fellow hick who left the country to attend university in the big city, albeit USA, the story and it's time resonate across miles of ocean to touch my and so many of my friends hearts. Shin Won-Ho and Lee Woo-Jung, am a fan for life and hoping to work with you both in the future (roar of applause as the crowd stands in ovation). Hey anyone! Everyone! This is a MUST see.

Tessa It ended the only way it should have. I'm glad I watched this drama.

zoe I am currently watching the drama and all the characters are interesting!!!! Though the plot is somehow the same with 1997,the turn of events make viewers want to watch it more.....Love it~!!!!! daebak!!!

Dayz-knee Ya'll know the endings of kdramas always ends with the main guy the character likes. Shesh.

노오나 I love love love this drama , the writers just play with your head until the very end. Although it was going to much better if the were more episode between the one that lost in the end. The were really cute, even thought the husband melt my hear too. I just love them both Trash and Chilbong cute boys.

maya it was far from a failure but i think they shouldn't add another sequel.. i liked it but greed ruined it for the pd's. they stretched not only the length of each episode but the show itself with 21 eps! if the plot was complicated i would understand, but there were many unnecessary scenes.. if they will have another series they will only make these problems worse.. stop it now..

Yongshin To atina: thanks for sharing. One thing that my sister said, although Trash is not so handsome but she likes him because he is so funny and a kind heart not just to NJ but to others too. See... what this drama teaches us viewers is not to focus on the outside appearance but the heart of a person. My sister is starting to enjoy the drama. I am still anticipating what award will this drama will get. Hoping Jung Woo will get the Best Actor Award. Trash oppa, fighting!

atina Yongshin-ah...I've suggested this drama and reply 1997 to my friends who is not kdrama addict..and I told him to watch this first b4 1997 and yet he said its funny and yup as we predicted he told me it is trash who is gonna be Nj husband..yup2 thats what I'm expecting for from "an innocent&objective" eyes...trash oppa is jjang!!!

anaa shut up reply hater nobody is going to ask your opinion anyway... watch this drama people is the best of 2013

cvm watched reply 1997 because of likeing reply 1994 so much, but reply 1997 is totally different. 1997 has funnier characters and scenes, but its not enough to save it for me. Reply 1994 is absolutely and miles ahead better than 1997. Reason i like 1994, characters are more adults, they dont focus too much on the boy band/basketball oppas, and that the 2 leads were always in love with eachother through out the relationship, even chil who tried to get na, na refused Na and Trash were always going to be together and never changed their minds. I hate all the stupid messy relationships for the leads in 1997, also I can't stand the lead girl in 1997, total annoyance. Na atleast shows her weakness and has a very innocent side, 1997 lead girl is absolutely stale, one side only. I dont even remeber the girls name thats how bad 1997 was, I wanted to like it but I cant, plus I didnt like the parents relationship in 1997 either. Watched 1997, ended up rewatching 1994 to clean the terrible watch of 1997 i just had.

Kiki Very nice drama. If you don't really focus on predicting who is the husband, and enjoy the story, (usually I will wait till all the episodes aired then I watch it almost nonstop). My friend recommend me, and then I read lots of comments, forum and rating. This story is about love, family and friendship and its fun and entertaining. Excellent cast and production team. Aside from that, there is one role (Chillbongi) that sympathize me, it is sad when you are lonely and the person who you love doesn't love you back then you just have to stop that feeling for everyone sake (ep 20) it made me cry.

Airah Ishreen Who's the husband? :3

beelz Cammon haters, u hate this drama just because of the husband. plz don't too obsess ok.... this drama is so good. everyone play their roll perfectly. good job Pd and writer. looking forward your next drama. i can gv 10/10 for this drama because of the excellent storyline and actors.

ruki I love this drama. i love the ending.. good job to writer, Pd, actors and crews... to all the haters, juz watch another drama.... u guyz got frustrated just because u want another ending not because the drama is bad...the shipping war is already, stop your hatred towards this drama. this is just a drama which the function is to entertain us, don't take it seriously.....

Yongshin Finally, my sister was able to start watching this drama. She messaged me right away that at first she found the drama not interesting but when she proceed to the following episodes (which she had watched until ep. 6), wow, she told me that she got hooked to it & she even revealed to me her guess who will be the husband of NJ. She said it seems like it's Trash but I didn't reveal it so she would be more excited & just let her know just go on with the story but to give her a small advice, I told her to just focus on the story & make sure to stand firm to what you think will be the man for NJ. I asked her to recommend the drama to her friends in Dubai so she can have a lively discussion with them. I am about to tell all my friends to watch this drama. So, those who hate this drama, you missed the boat and the fun.

Y-pi to all reply 1994 haters, i know u juz can accept who is the husband. in the beginning, we all know that who is gonna be the husband. is juz that some of you want to believe that NJ's husband is somebody else. you know the writer and Pd for reply 1994 and reply 1997 is the same person, don't watch if it annoying u if the story line is quite the same. for me, reply 1994 is one of the excellent piece of work. everyone hv their own opinion, but most of you are so childish because u hate this drama juz because u want somebody else to be the husband. chill guyz, it juz a drama. this drama gv us so much fun and moral values about friendship and family. let juz be happy with the ending.

Reply 1994 Hater watching this drama is wasting my time. actually it has nice story and actors. but when they make me suggested and believed that chilbong is the husband, and at the end, they twist me (and my friends). It just make this drama a twist drama. no a great drama. thanks for pd, writer, and actors. when people ask me about this drama, sorry, I can't tell that this drama is worthy to watch,

fangirlsarecrazy nj ends with trash so if you don´t like it then do us all a favor and don´t watch. and if you watched then stop complaining because you just make yourself look like a 1 year old child

mimi some people really just can´t get over the fact that she didn´t end up with the "hot" guy lol it´s sad how looks can drive people to want an ending that dont make sense and go against all the drama just because cb is good looking!!

shey this drama is awesome...daebak!! i'm really happy that the ending but what makes me more happy is that the story line is very good and all the actors play their roles beautifully. this drama never fail to make me cry and laugh at the same time. it's really like a nostalgic for me...bcs some scenes i experienced it myself hehehe. also envy their friendship...20 years and they still close to each other. I wish have one like that. Salute to the PD and all crews whom paid big attention to the details on the 90's ( i wonder how they got the old type of those handphone) to make the situation very real... Congratulations!!!

alice i love reply 1997 because it's unique and different from other k-dramas. but this one is the exact same storyline with reply 1997 so i didnt like it (waste of my time) i knew the husband was trash from the first episode. so why did you bother shooting 21 episodes if you're not gonna surprise us?

adasdsadad spoiler.....spoiler!!!! please don't release name of husband, be considerate for people who don't watch it yet..... don't be assh*le just because ending no what you want and bash this page!!!!

Sseureki Reply 1994 daebak !!!! love the story line, love the ending, love all the actors and Trash oppa, I love U..... Good Job to the writer,pd, all the actors. U guyz rock and hv done an amazing work.. I'll definitely going to watch this drama over and over again.... for those who hate the ending, u can watch marry him if you dare. the writer make mirae to end up with the second lead because of the viewer's wish. the ending really suck although I watch that drama because of yong hwa... what i mean here is, even though u want the diff ending, the ending might not be suitable with the story.. let just be happy with the ending of reply 1994,

ichi first of all, reply 1997 is my fav drama ever....when the writer want to make another reply, i'm a little bit worried because the story might not fun, good and fantastic like reply 1997 because for me, reply 1997 already perfect. but my prediction is totally wrong because for me, reply 1994 is much more fun and thrilling ( in guessing whose the husband is). all the actor play their roll very well. i know that, many of the fan did not like the ending because they want another man to be the husband. but for me, the ending is just perfect as it is. not because of i'm a very huge fan of trash oppa but how the writer conclude the whole story. i really recommend this drama and this will be one of my fav drama ever. thanks to the PD, writer and the actors who make this drama so fantastic.

Ardnas So before i begin i have to say this was the best drama of 2013, great actors,plot, romance... If you love watching good dramas then you have to watch this one it´s really good and you gonna be hooked till the end. The only thing that is sad is the fact that some people are really chidish and spoiled to acept something that is not what they want... So even if you like the guy number 2 don´t bash this drama just because in the end she marries the guy number 1. In the end i really hope there is another reply :) congratulations writer and team you did a excelent job.

J O What a perfect ending! A drama I looked forward to watching in week. Once I stopped reading message boards with shipping wars, I was able to enjoy it more thoroughly and see the true magic of the show and feel why the right couple ended up being the right person for each other. I could feel their love! Great job actors, writers, and director!

Erica My review for Reply 1994.

Reply 1994 is a great drama, It is good because of some points bellow: 1. Unique, with flashback story from yr 1994 with 80's retro feeling, until current yr 2013. They are able to describe and wrap it up the story of each yrs nicely. 2. It is story about Love, Family and Friendship, which is never go wrong. And this drama really did a good job for it. Each episodes and has always have meaningful story about that. 3. It makes us laugh, sad, and in love. Remember how they make the goat sound for every funny or wierd moment.. (I really love it ), and lots of story that touching our heart which is make us cry, and it make us in love with some of the characters on the drama (with lots of reasons). 4. It has kind of guessing game who is the husband that play with our hope and imagination, it's make all of us wondering all the time.. ( but this is only one of the way to make the drama keep interesting and increase the rating). 5. Last but not least .This is important! The cast. Each of the cast play the role just right for the each character that I can not think for any other ppl to replace it. They are really amazing!

Note: Whoever is the husband is not determind whether the drama is good or bad. If we rooting or shippering one of the guys, it's fine. That mean the actor really can pull the role that they play. Meaning, we have to praise the actor who play the role and not the character.

sora Here we go, lee woo jung will get harash by some unmanner viewers. as you know, the writer have her/she own prerogative, its not always about what viewer think (but i think trash oppa fans is not less than chil bong oppa).If you did not like the story coz its the same as reply 1997 i have to laugh hard for you, even if the plot is the same the both of the story have a difference charming. Reply 1994 have a more grown up story and a difference issue. well, for me i dont care who najoung will end up with - trash or chilbong (both have an equal love for her), i watch coz the story is so live and funny. the side story (yoo jin, shamchunpo, haetae, binggeureu, and the parent story) is so interesting. i love the way the writer mix the history and comedy.

if you think more carefully, i know najoung will end up with trash oppa, how can she end her long wait love for someone he barely meet (she love trash oppa more than her half life). and i dont say chilbong not worth enough to get najoung (coz najoung is not a thropy who you can win it or leave it), i know how loyal and patiently chilbong waiting but trash oppa love is not less than chilbong. it's all about fate or it's all about the writer. if i become najoung, i also will choose my long wait love.

Yongshin To atina: thanks for your message. I already recommended this drama to my friends here in the Philippines & all over the world and even to my sister. I told them to really pay attention to the flow of the story & be open minded because this happens in real life. I know they will catch up with the story easily. I'm already anticipating that they will guess Trash & NJ eventhough I didn't give them any hint. Well, this drama might not be the best of all the best but it will surely gets an award. Best Actor: Jung Woo; Best Actress: Go Ara; Best Couple: Jung Woo & Go Ara; Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Yeun-Sook; to make it short, all of them will get an award. Yehey!

ohho Have you guys heard before that reply 1997 is just an experimental drama for the production before they release reply 1994?i heard that they want to cast Jung Woo as Trash but at that time Jung Woo is in the military so they come out with reply 1997 first since they have enough idea to begin with..that's why the storyline is similar in terms of people always stick to their first love and the parents?lol.The parents also the original cast for this case,the original and initial script is reply 1994 fyi.

mizjeong seriously..writernim,are you playing a joke on me????????

MARSHA Most of the viewer are disappointed because it had the same story as reply 1997! I think It could be nice, if the ending was different.

ohho After watching the finale,yay!!!im a happy shipper i must say.never ship the otp this much before..Jung Woo, Go Ara and all the cast did a great job here.The acting is great and they convey the script and the feeling very looking at the flow of the story we should know that it's all about NJ-Trash love story with CB's one sided love..the ending really make sense for me since NJ and Trash heart didnt waver despite the separation they faced. For those who still feel it just a brotherly love im sorry since dif people have dif perspective. From my perspective, this is what we call true love..and yes. i agree with @mbek mbek mbek..looking at Trash-NJ makes me think arhhh...appa and eomma must be like them when they are young.. For those who want to watch this's totally recommanded to you.ignore the shipping war and just enjoy the story.but if you find yourself favoring CB more than Trash and want CB to be the end game no matter what, you should stop watching or else you might be really disappointed.

t Super DIsappointed...Felt LiKe I Wasted My Time Watching This...Not Just Because Of The Ending But With Other story Lines As Well..Took A While To Get Into But funny..Think Answer 1997 Was Better

Fan Show ducking sucked I wasted 21 episodes in this and ends up being the asshole trash . Bull shit if that's the case how come they made Chilbong look so nice and more thoughtful than the stupid piece of trash .i hated the ending not to mention it was predictable from the begging when the father said ur opps is the ugliest not to mention how trash name was never mentioned.

Yongshin I finally got to watched the last two episode. Good job in ending it very nice! See, I got it again this time. Trash & NJ will end up together. The writer had achieved her goal of making us viewers watch from the beginning to the end with much thrilled, anticipation, comments and guessing. Not mentioning about the number of viewers who are watching this drama. For those of you who find the ending not good because it's not CB & NJ, well, sorry that's how the story should end. You can write your own story. I am with the Trash Team but I am also ok if the writer ended up with CB & NJ as long as it will make sense to me and it justifies the story plot or the flow of the story. Team Trash, congratulations! I know Trash is not the usual person that usually gets the lead woman in every k-drama but mind you this is the first time and most probably be the example to other writers. Congratulations to all the casts, the writer, producers, & the all the staff. You did a good job!

reply Hahaha from the kiss scene i know trash is the husband... aa~ from feeling only you mv is very obvious too... But still, i like chilbong more ♥

Trash fans CB fans die all hahahhahahahaha... I like the happy ending...

Mbek, mbek,mbek For Chilbong Fans!!! i'm sorry for you, The Male Lead is Trash not chilbong... Chilbong is Mbek, mbek, mbek, mbek, mbek...

Trash n NJ is also Mbek, mbek,mbek,mbek...

This story is very funny n laughable... And Very touchableeeeeeeeeeeeee.... I Like that... They(NJ n Trash) not liked bro sis, but like Appa n Omma young... Mbek,mbek,mbek,mbek,mbek,mbek,mbek...

Tarsh I just can say... Mbekkkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk... It's for NJ n Trash...

So Funny... Mbekkkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk... LOL

chilbong...Mbekkkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk, mbekkkk, mbekkk... LOL

Jade HAHHAHHAHAHA. Intentionally wanted to watch it without subs and I know I did the right thing. It'll be more worser if I 'll wait for episode 21 with subs. It's pointless and I know for the fact that I'll be more emotional for CB -_- Seriously though, I feel bad for him and I can't helped it but to think that this drama only put our hopes up for CB to end up with NJ -_- arghh. I soooo sooo soooo hate the ending. P.S Reply 1997 still ftw!!!!!!!

atina Love the ending very much.. Though at eps 20 T&Nj cry out loud their disappointment to each other for behaving sis-bro when they are in the different type of relationship.. But I see it as a way to cure their unhealed scars while they have to sepparate and never ever be able to speak out how they really feel.. Thanks for the nice both reply drama..

Christina Deserving someone doesn't mean it's reciporical, just the fact that you truly love and do the best and care for the person makes you deserving. It just hurts me that everyone got a great love interest except Chilbong. It made him look like he would go after any girl. Which made him weird and creepy. He got the brunt of everything-bad injury, breakup with NJ, and getting annoyed and bothered by his friends. Fine that Trash got married, but the writer shouldn't make them hypocrites.

Christina Deserving someone doesn't mean it's reciporical, just the fact that you truly love and do the best and care for the person makes you deserving. It just hurts me that everyone got a great love interest except Chilbong. It made him look like he would go after any girl. Which made him weird and creepy. He got the brunt of everything-bad injury, breakup with NJ, and getting annoyed and bothered by his friends

Christina Yan Hey, I don't like CB just because he's good looking-he has the whole package. Deserving someone doesn't mean it's reciporical, just the fact that you truly love and do the best and care for the person makes you deserving. It just hurts me that everyone got a great love interest except Chilbong. It made him look like he would go after any girl. Which made him weird and creepy. He got the brunt of everything-bad injury, breakup with NJ, and getting annoyed and bothered by his friends. Sure, it's called life, but they didn't have to make him so pathetic-even in First Love Bae Yong joon didn't get the lady, but he finished school and became a successful lawyer and got matched up with the attractive Choi Ji Woo.

Christina I particularly hate this ending. I give it two out of five stars. I'm not going to watch any of her shows again. Reply this or that.

missgalagher I'm not watching the drama yet but, i already watch the "reply 1997". And according to the comments that i see in here, there's a lot of viewer that disapointing with the ending. but, i think it's the way the writer wants to tell the story. Not every story end like what we want to, it's called LIFE. For me, i always love reply 1997 coz it's always make me laugh in every episode and the ending it's great. just saying though.

Christina Hi,

I know I hate the ending. I'd give it a two out of five stars. I will never watch any of her Reply shows again.

Razi JN just... I hate ending!! Hate hate hate!

Slevin Go Trash OPPA you rule!! I really liked this ending. Trash and NJ had a deeper more special relationship. All you haters just wanted CB because of his "good-looks", that is kind of shallow... Come on recognize that it is good like this, Trash is not the typical "perfect" male lead.. He is messy and fun, thus being completely original and different from the always perfect good-looking chaebol male lead. This drama is original and fun. Furthermore, how can they change NJ's feelings in just two episodes... Her feelings for trash were too deep and developed over many years!! So, go Trash oppa!! 4-life!!

subzz Ruined all the fun.. hw can a bro n sis get married.. really disappointed.. drama ws fun bt I hate d ending.. nj n cb foreva :-)

MARSHA What was wrong with the writer!!??????? It ruined my day! Ep 20 was full of sis-bro relationship. saying sorry. BUT WHAT! Hate hate hate

MBEH ciiiiiiiiih. im crying right nowT_T though the ending was with trash oppa. the writer fool usT________________________T the height, hair looks like chilbong so much but in the end the height and the hair were changed LOLLLLLLLLL. and im crying. ukh chilbong. i hate dis mbehh

Christina I am so unhappy with the ending. The writers make NJ and T look like hypocrites. First off, the writer makes NJ say we are brother and sister and then cry for hours and that's why we broke up and Trash to apogoligize profusely, like it's a point not right to be bro and sis and marry. Then she obviously thinks it's ok for them to marry bc they marry bc she marries them off at the end. Why the heck does NJ say all this stuff and do another thing. And to top it off they make CB look like he'll go after any girl he sees. And then bed scenes-it's already not that great to marry someone you grow up with from six years old, then it's like so it's something to be proud of??

Jung I see the last episode and this is really interesting ending. hahahaha... I really like the way this drama ending. quite funny. The groom's hair style change at the wedding, so anybody can't guess it whether he is CB or Trash oppa. I am happy to know that NJ first love become real. Happy ever after NJ and Trash Oppa. Waiting for another drama of Jung Woo oppa. Sarangahe!!!

Jihyo Confirm Kim Jae Joon is trash oppa. funny ending. like it!

NJ Love Trash this drama really ruin my night. Cannot wait the ending. the writer is really daebakkk... somehow, in the middle of this drama when they show the marriage scene, the groom's back really looks like CB back. because his hair and his tall is very looks like CB. but, it will be a waste effort from NJ to striving for her first love since the drama starting until episode 19. so, i am really sure the groom is Trash Oppa. Because they love each other not like CB one side love. and from my review, NJ to CB just feeling of sympathy not love. That's why at episode 20 CB said that "At least, for that person, I need to let her go. I need to start on ending it". so its too obvious right???. anyway, for this entire actor for this drama really have excellent acting. Good Job everyone. Thanks for the writer and director who make the audience really curious until the end of this show. daebakkkk :))

Christina Yan Ok. I watched the spoiler. It's Kim Jae Joon=Trash. I can't believe it. I thought the writer would do something different. I don't approve of bro and sis. Plus, CB new love interest isn't even cute. It's a huge disservice.

Christina I think I saw the spoiler for the wedding. Trash is Kim Jae Joon. I'm so disappointed because I thought the writer would do something different, but she decided not to. I can't approve of the bro and sis relationship. Plus, CB new love interest isn't even cute. What a disservice.

Christina Nj's little brother name is Sook Sook. He's actually the real son of Sung Dong Il, NJ's dad at the wedding scene. He is so cute. CB and NJ=Forever together.

Christina Chilbong and NJ=Forever

KitKat It should be Trash, but I keep hoping it will be CB til the end. Sigh... T_T

Beesh The husband's puzzle disturbed this Drama. cuz when NJ nd Trash started dating, the comedian scenes began decreasing :(

RiAh OH plz i want cb to be her hausband!! and...does sb know who is NJ's younger brother??

tori so I'm think CB is Jae Joon. here's why. not just because he is tall and she would be looking why up at him like in the wedding pic but Trash often calls NJ by her second name. we know CB' s name has Joon in about they are doing the same and just using his second name just like Na Jung.??? huh huh??? (~.~) Gawd I hope so cause I'm soooooo team CB!!!!

Yongshin I know I've mentioned before in my comments that I will not write any comments anymore & just wait for the last two episodes but I just want to add something to atina's comment. It is NJ who will get to pick among the two. So, what the boys said "a miracle of first love" most probably refer to NJ not CB. You can also call it a miracle if Trash & NJ ends up together. With all those trials they had encountered, making it impossible to be together, then they will end up together is a miracle. If you noticed, the story is centered around NJ not the two leading men. This is somewhat her love story.

jshin derulo Im pretty sure Na Jeongs husband is Chilbong. When trash oppa was sick Im assuming that she ignored his message and stuck to her goal in finding Chilbong at that time. This foreshadows the outcome of who she will marry. Also during Na Jeong and trash oppas seperation both of them came to a realization that they cannot be together due to the brother/sister bond that held them together for many years. I REALLY REALLY enjoyed watching this drama<3 cant wait for tomorrows episode

atina the very first question at episode 20,, at the preview, all the boys said "a miracle of first love, and how they ended to marry their first love"..but which "first love that happened to najeong? her first love or his husband first love? if its her first love, it would be trash..but if it her husband, then it chilbong.. OMG...tonight is the last night.. :'(

Trash @Kwang you must die for yourself... cause i want NJ with trash...

Kwangminiscute123 The story is so good, making the audience confused, I hope she ends up with chilbong, I will die if she don't end up with him

Dawn What can I say! This drama has produced so much laughter from me to the point of making my body hurt. I've cried because this drama has been the most entertaining and heartfelt South Korean drama I've ever watched. I love the entire cast, I shipped the entire cast Trash and Binggeure, Trash and Na Jong, Samchunpo and Haetae, Samchunpo and Yoon-Jin....and most of all the parents at the boarding house and all the kids. Okay, imma be honest, the dad Dong Il is hilarious...hands down, this man kills me...reminds me of my own dad.

I just wrapped up episode 21 and I really hate for the drama to be over. On a side note, I watched Answer me 1997, and it wasn't as good...the storyline was a bit weak or rather the humor...I thought it was gonna be good, because of the small sideline story they put in in Reply 1994, but unfortunately it wasn't a good drama. Eitherway, I hate Reply 1994 is coming to an end as I've enjoyed it soooooooooo much.

MARSHA I watched ep 20 and we don't know who is husband yet!! I'm about to go crazy! at the ending of ep 20 JAE JOON called! CHILBONG! I'm sure the one who called was Chilbong! YEAHHHHHHHHH

amia i'm sure that it will be trash oppa cause shi woon first love was yoon jae and after "yaers they met and they get married so it will be the same for NJ and trash oppa because it's all about the first love for the girl

AMIRA i gus it Will be trash oppa because it's all about the first love for the girl in the drama especially when they show shi woon and yoon jae so i'm pretty sure that it will be trash oppa

AMIRA i hope thet trush oppa get back to her and be the husband :'( ²²²²

atina tonight is the night.. only 2 episodes left.. raise my hands and pray for Trash oppa..

@True Trash Myself I Like This Drama... This Drama is like trash... I like it so much men... I like To be Trash... Na Jung, Sarangheyo forever...

Chilbong you true hero but not hero for Na jung... The True Hero for Na jung is trash oppa...

I want drama be continued in Reply 1990 or ext...

The Player is Jang Dong Gun in episode 1... Hahahahahahah LOL

Frances @vd "without a doubt, Chilbong"? Have you been watching the show? Trash made it clear that he is not interested in Min Jeon at all. and why would the show change Na Jung's love interest within 2 episodes when her relationship with Trash has been building up for 19?!

vd The production has clearly made another love interest for Trash (Min Jeon the close friend if you don't know) while not in Chilbong's case. I think the husband is definitely without a doubt, Chilbong

titi tutu Damn! Im so so excited to see Reply 1997 in Reply 1994!!! God Job!!

@Trash I hope NJ ends up with Trash oppa and I don't think that that would be a too predictable ending. In the scenes of 2013 it seems to me that they try to make the audience think tha CB is the husband so it would be nice to see that they were trying to mislead us and that NJ and Trash oppa succeed to overcome all the defficulties and be together at the end.

XOXOGossipGirl The flow telling us that NJ will end up with Trash, only if there is twist of the story in the short 2 epidose then it can change the fate. Which I called it unpredictable event. I don't mind even NJ will end up with the other 3 boys, but its impossible since the story has lead them with others girls for sure.

CB Fan It would be too predictable if NJ ends up with Trash. I am enjoying this show and the 1997 series and hope there is a third Answer Me series.

kan What I meant is that Na Jung will more than likely end up with Trash. I like Trash, but I think it would be more interesting if she ends up with Chil Bong. I did not know this would be the last Answer Me series. In that case, the show will probably end with Na Jung and Trash. If they were going to do any more series, I would think they would choose Chil Bong because they'd go with the underdog just to keep people guessing for the third show (it's not always going to be the obvious guy). And you're right, the other 3 guys were clearly not in the running. I am thinking it could be Chil Bong because she said love is making sacrifices. I'm wondering if Chil Bong gives up Major League Baseball to be with Na Jung. What do you think?

L.A Hhmm.. How would it be unpredictable if she ends up with Chilbong when all this time the choices really was just trah and him as the husband. Tessa is right it would be unpredictable if she ends up with the Masan boys.

Tessa This is the last Answer Me series so the producers don't mind if you don't watch another one. And if all that matters is for a story to be unpredictable, then they should just hook Na Jung up with one of the Masan Trio. That's unexpected, right? Since a story shouldn't make sense and follow the narrative but put us on our toes.

kan If the writers put Na Jung with Trash at the end, it will be a predictable and boring ending. I would not watch another Answer Me series again. I think to keep everyone on their toes and to make it interesting, it should be Chil Bong.

XOXOGossipGirl I really want something different for the ending, with some twist of the story, so it's CB and NJ at the end. It will make me feel wow, that's unexpected! Otherwise it is mostly about a love story between NJ and Trash with lots of distraction here and there included CB as one of them. It's an easy guess, we all knew since the beginning - Doh... But..a lil bit twist doesn't hurt right?

Actually I don't really care who NJ will end up with, it's not about the 'guys', they both surely very attractive with strength & weakness, -that could make us rooting for one of them at least. But it's all about the "drama" whether they are able to deliver the story. (It's not the answer that matter, but how they deliver the reason behind the answer.)

hwangboongie trash is N J husband his older brother (older n middle) has jae in the middle of their name ..

atina @Tori you're right..hehehe... I hope it's one of a sign that trash is the last man standing..I really2 in love with trash.. :D

Yongshin MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! having a break from watching this is so nice & relaxing. Enjoy celebrating this special day and forget about this drama for a while. For those who find my comments so annoying, I'm sorry for that. I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings here. I am just stating my opinion and opinions and ideas can change too. I will not be making any comments anymore. I will just be enjoying the last two episodes eventhough if Trash will not end up with NJ, I am now ok with it since I am sure Trash will be happy whatever life will he choose. This might not be the best drama for this year but I am hoping Jung Woo will get an award as best actor because he really portrayed it so well. Fighting!

ChansterWu29 It's so obvious that Trash will be the husband..NJ's dream when she was young was to marry her brother and in this case it's Trash. From the beginning it has been about those two and throughout the story everything depicted between NJ and Trash. She is retelling her memories until the day in the present. So what would be the use of telling the viewers that she wanted to marry Trash but ends up with Chilbong right? That's why i think Trash will be the husband. Besides, if NJ had loved Trash ever since she was little then two years being away from each other couldn't have really brought those two apart completely. But, if a miracle does happen and Chilbong ends up being the husband..then BLOODY HELL MY WISH CAME TRUE XD haha i like both guys honestly..but come on..who can resist those innocent charms from chilbong..Well, now lets just wait and anticipate the revelation of Na jung's husband.

reply1994 ohmigosh guiz, don't be mean toward CB :( yes he's extremely good looking but you really can't hate on him because of thatt Dx I admit, he's a little derpy, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he has soo many good qualities! First, as a soeul kid, he understands a girl's heart. Like when the girls were asking all the guys what they would do if a girl was bothered by gas or paint of a door... CB asked if NJ was okay! :) how sweet~ Second, CB isn't messy (which is one of the things that irk NJ the most) and you can see that from his room and all~ Third, CB has ALWAYS kept NJ in his heart since he started liking her. Even after ALL those years of not seeing NJ, CB still loves NJ a lot! Whereas trash couldn't even keep up his LDR for two years... Now i'm not hating on trash or anything, i'm just trying to prove to you CB-haters out there that CB is NOT just all about the looks okay? He's a fine specimen of man that deserves to be happy too so stahp with your nonsense about how the pretty guy always gets the girl in the end and blah...

on another note, as a CB-shipper, i didn't really like ep 18 & 19 as well :[ sure CB got muchh more screen-time but i was really hoping for more to happen between NJ and CB :( it's like the writers just threw away these 2 eps cos they couldn't think of anything to write... i'm so disappointedd TT^TT

Tori @atina If you want to play that route, NJ and trash are also the only ones in the pic with washed out jeans and their legs bent towards each other. Are we looking too deep??? lol

Chilbeong I still believe that Chilbong will be the husband~~! #teamChilbong

Yh Team Chilbongi all the way till the end

It's not over till it's over

Langit huwa....when i saw epi 18 and 19, it really give me a big suprise (in a good way). yoksi, this director and the writer is really an interesting combination. i love the way they drag the "special couple" story turn into a "lack of fate" couple haha......well, i enjoy the story coz it's really really good, i don't care najong will end up with trash or chilbong, coz there is something like "god's hand" interfer in every person life or in this circumstance we call it "writer's hand" interfer :D

i really enjoy episode 18 and 19, and i really love yoo jin and Samchunpo couple, very sweet couple. ah....they really make me jealous (should get a boyfriend soon haha....).

ah...정우오빠 너무 잘했어! 오빠의 연기는 정말 감동한다! 오빠화이팅!! 0\(ㅅ_ㅅ)/0

atina something tickling me here.. NJ keep calling chilbong as joon, but trash keep called as doctor we still have no idea who Kim Jae Joon is.. and I newly realized that in the photo above(drama coverphoto), only trash and NJ have a couple T and shoes.. did it meant something?

Genna @Chilbongie .. so true ...

Chilbongie @yongshin I remembered you had so many commented before to say lett forget the husband game and enjoy the show. As long as Na Jung happy, we should be happy for her decision. In ep 16-17 when chilbongie completely out of the screen, would you come here and complain about the plot I have never written any of these commenta before but keep reding your comments here I just though you are so rediculous Giving other people lessons on how to enjoy the show and now you are the one that completely come here to ruin it I just wish you better shut the hell up and do what you arr supposed to do

NJ's Real Oppa I want NJ with My Chinggu(Trash)... Chinggu Fighting for Your Love Too...

Chinggunen Sarangheyo!!! Trash Oppa!!! Trash Oppa!!! Trash Oppa!!! Trash Oppa!!!

Fighting fighting!!! LOL

Mina I'm happy there was a gay between them! Now we all know that Cilbong is Kim Jae Jung, but I think It would be good if CB had more time with Najung! In 2013 scenes it was obvious CB is her husband!

yojeen @Theodore they did .. one extra ep , it was only 20 ep but they made it now until 21 ... I guess it all for Chilbong sake after all ... maybe ! Love it

Theodore So wait trash wasnt her brother ?? i really thought they were ..they shud make a s2 Xd to make a longer story with chillbong

Namy CHILBONG ❤️ You Are So Beautiful Soul , You are So Handsome man ❤️

Genna @Yongshin you all who liked trash oppa was ver happy and satisfited Because the writers follow what you want ... But when they didn't now You are saying they are bad writers ! Come on !!! They own it so they will End it up the way IT SHOULD BE .. I like Trash Oppa But I dont think he loved NJ as she loved him Now its ChilBong Turn , lets see what he will Do .. And I now he will make her Happy .. I really didnt felt like Trash oppa And NJ loved each other like Lovers I felt like they are more brother and sister love .... Well , let see what happens ... NanJong .... Make you mind up and Fightingggggggggg ....

Yongshin Very poor & weak twist of the story plot in ep. 18 & 19. Is this what you call, "make the viewers choice". This is almost the same as the "Mirae's Choice". If this still persist in ep. 20 & 21 & it end up with Chillbong with only few moments of being together with NJ, I will not recommend this drama to all my friends out there abroad and even to my sister. Those of you who have the same experience at ep. 18 having your love of your life work abroad, what happen in this drama should not happen to you. Hold on to that love so it will not be snatched by the other person who still persist in having an opportunity. Got it? Long distance relationship is hard but I assure you, a deeper, sincere & trustful love will save your relationship. That's why, I was so.... surprise why the writer breaks that relationship so easily.

CB Fan I hope that CB and NJ end up together, and CB is NJ:s husband. CB has waited patiently for NJ for years. I admire CB:s perseverance and dedication to NJ. NJ and Trash had their chance to be together in a romantic relatioonship and are better with a brother and sister relationship. Trash can always be in NJ:s life, but in a brotherly way.

mole Spoilers: Chilbongi is the husband, Trash decides he doesnt want a (man + women) relationship with Na-Jung because he wants to only belong and stay as friends (brother + sister). But both are happy endings, Trash marries one of his colleagues (that girl who was always in that trio group with him) and Chilbongi gets the girl. Although I would've wanted the average looking guy to get the girl in the end, im not a fan of the flowerboy lead getting it, but meh 18 + 19 already had bad writing. Good while it lasted, thats all folks.

Yongshin @Slevin, you perfectly explain it. Poor & weak twist story plot in ep. 18 & 19. I can see a little similarity of the twist of Reply 1994 to "Mirae's Choice" but using different way of twisting the story just to get in the other choice of the viewers.But this one is a shallow reason. Those of you who mentioned that you have the same experience of a long distance relationship and had expressed that it's very hard with regards of communication, it's true. This is even true even in married life. But, if you see how deep is the love of Trash & NJ for how many years, they've tried to communicate with each other & circumstances somehow made it difficult. That's why it became as if it's an informal break-up. Writer, pls. give a valid reason, please....

Slevin Well they officially ruined Reply 1994... What a crappy way to break off Trash oppa.. Like they say in "How to lose a guy in 10 days": BS!!! Finally the typical mopy-faced "pretty boy" CB gets his way... This is like any other k-drama where the good-looking "perfect" money having male lead gets the girl... I used to liked the story because Trash oppa was not your typical clean-cut male lead, he was messy but funny and very entertaining... unlike CB. All you gals who were rooting for NJ to break up with Trash oppa (very cruel, i might add) you got your wish... I can only compare this poor story & plot writing to this year's flop : "Mirae's Choice".

MARSHA I don't wanna predict anymore. Next week we will find out who is NJ's husband! One of the guys will be happy and other one will be sad! But in 2013 all of the, are happy together. Fighting reply 1994! I wanna know who is husband but I'm really sad next week is last week! I really enjoy watching it

Erica Wow, all the shipper is so intense supporting their choice. Please be relax and enjoy the show. and be ready to know the answer, it's only 2 more to go. Yes, someone finally be NJ hubby. hope for the best and be ready for disappointment if he is not the one you choose. Thumbs up for the drama that keep the momentum and intensity going on til the very last episode. I am trying not to favor anyone here. Instead I just want to know how is the story end? and what is the meaning of the whole story.

ohho My heart hurt a lot while watching ep18 n 19.and when Trash cried when NJ father met him at the hospital,i cried too..i dont know what will the writer do and who's korean nitizens favor at this moment but my heart just hurt..i just hope NJ and Trash love didnt end just like that or if CB is the end game please give us some concrete reasons so that my heart and my mind can accept it with open mind..right heart just cant take really hurts.and just dramatic like that..

max i hate ep 19.... hope to see more scene between trash oppa and NJ in ep 20....I want NJ to end up with Trash oppa....

Sp I'm a CB- NJ shipper. Ok first of all why do trash shippers would always say that we like CB because of his good looks come on?! Have you seen how he waited for her not really sure if the relationship is gonna fall. How he treats her. How he looks at her. Its not all about his looks. Im not gonna compare trash to him but for me I see trash as a brotherly love. Thats it. And you might say that he waited that the relationship is gonna break and thats cruel. He didn't do anything to break the relationship. He was just waitng even its not sure its gonna happen. And you say distances is not worth reason for breaking a relationship. How would you know have you been in a LDR? Do you know how difficult it is. Do you know how communication is important?! Nope.. You saw how both of them didn't have time. In every relationship you need to invest especially in a LDR. I'm in LDR so I know. And dont worry trash shippers you had your moment give us ours. Its not end game yet CB is leaving then will see who's she gonna pick. With all things and feelings sorted out. Chillax..

L.A A lot of people like Chilbong I think not only because he is sweet but handsome. But if you had paid enough attention not with the looks you would have seen the great love between Trash and NJ. It is sweet, pure, sincere, and happy. It would be really sad if the writer choose to have Chilbong as her husband, they definitely should have a good explanation ready.

atina I love trash oppa very much..when he propose najeong,an adorable words from him makes me cry..and he proved how much he love&understand for najeong&her family by letting her go to work(he let go of his ego&fear to marry najeong soon)..a lot of reply 1994 fans feels envious to najeong for having chilbong loves with her all the time...but If I were najeong,I'd prefer trash love&caring for me&my family.. :)

Auden I say nj should marry Chilbong they look the best together you can always tell they are having a great time they laugh together . Please writers let it be Chilbong he has been there for her all this time . He has never forgotten about her . Unlike trash he is the worst doesn't bother to ever visit her or anything . And they really belong together then why did he give up on her . But Chilbong on to other hand is perfect they would make the best couple they fit each other better and nj is starting to like him too.

Chilbong ❤️❤️

Yongshin Added to my comment below. I still don't get it. Is this what they call a story that suits what the majority of the viewers like as to whom who will end up even without considering the way it should be or the way the story should flow? This is another k-drama that frustrates me not because I am team Trash but because of the twist that doesn't make sense to me. Trash is not selfish. If he is, he will stand firm of his decision not to let NJ go. Making the viewers see the sweet scenes between NJ & Trash for a long time & will end up this way, expects a lot of comments. Writer, please better explain well why you make a big twist but no logic at all. There's a mistake in the flow of the script. Team Chillbong, you will be happy that your wish and request has been granted. Enjoy watching ep. 19 because that's where NJ & Chillbong have time together. Trash might still have a chance because in ep. 20, both Trash, NJ & Chillbong met each other in the hospital and there's a suspense there. expect many will react & will ask for an explanation. Trash, you still is the best person for NJ, without you, the love life of NJ will be empty and the story becomes boring. Fighting Trash & Congrats to your true love to NJ.Nothing bits that love. I hope this will not happen in real life because it is really very hurtful to have your love be broken into pieces.

Yongshin Hi viewers like me! I've seen ep. 18 & 19 already. It seems to me that the scriptwriter did use the magic wand to make the love of NJ & Trash end in an abrupt manner. What's happening in this story? I really cried when Trash oppa had a hard time choosing of letting NJ work in foreign country away from him. You know why he permitted NJ in spite of all the wedding preparations and the date was already set, because he loves her deeply, giving her a chance to work since it's her last hope was a heroic thing to do. But, I don't understand why the story turned out to be that it seems to me they broke up. I guess the writer is giving a chance for Chillbong to appear and have a chance to show his love to NJ? I just can't fathom the logic. It just happen for a quick instance after NJ worked for two years abroad, when she came back, it was Chillbong already. Wow, a big no logic twist. I just hope for this last two episodes that the love of NJ & Trash will come back

MARSHA @Beesh: Yes! Ep 18 was not complete!

Beesh I saw ep18 RAW , but the ep wasn't completed ! how could u see the full ep ???

Christina Please oh please let Chilbong be the hubby.

MARSHA I just watched ep 18! I really like this drama, but from last week it is getting boring! We don't see Chilbong. It became 1999 but NOTHING happened! The writer disappointed me! I hope it has a happy ending!

Atsar Pita Daebak, My Comment??? LOL...

Atsar Pita I Selecting to be trash ... Why??? Because I live like chilbongi ... So much I tried with my good looks and my attempts to get it ... but she more pitying me than loves me ... Until he got married, and I ended up losing ... but it's the memories that I remember seeing chilbong ... if I become oppa-ya or i have a sister like NJ??? LOL...

However Sarangheyo Ah-Jeoungi oppa will be with you forever... NJ and Trash A Best Couple I Have seen in K-Drama... HAHA VLOL...

Atsar Pita I Selecting to be trash ... Why??? Because I live like chilbongi ... So much I tried with my good looks and my attempts to get it ... but she more pitying me, than loving me... Until he got married, and I ended up losing ... but it's the memories that I remember seeing chilbong ... if I become oppa-ya or i have a sister like NJ??? LOL...

However Sarangheyo Ah-Jeoungi oppa will be with you forever... NJ and Trash A Best Couple I Have seen in K-Drama... HAHA VLOL...

Atsar Pita I Selecting to be trash ... Why??? Because I live like chilbongi ... So much I tried with my good looks and my attempts to get it ... but she loves me more than pity me ... Until he got married, and I ended up losing ... but it's the memories that I remember seeing chilbong ... if I become oppa-ya or i have a sister like NJ??? LOL...

However Sarangheyo Ah-Jeoungi oppa will be with you forever... NJ and Trash A Best Couple I Have seen in K-Drama... HAHA VLOL...

poethree I want NJ to end up with Trash oppa, but in the other hand I want to see a story of undying love of a man to a woman..Through Chilbong I want to see a story of how a man fights for his love and doesn't give up hope til the end. Then after lot of struggle and faith, he finally gets the love he's been fighting for.

What makes me on the Trash's side is probably quite personal. LOL. However, as a girl, some of you may have the same perspective as mine. I love someone older who can make me feel comfortable. In front of him I don't need to hide anything, just act the way I am.

Whoever the husband is, yeah I'm fine with that. Since both of them have their own charm. Trash had proposed but who knows? We still have four eps and we'll never know what would happen during those five years before finally NJ got married in 2002 :)

poethree I want NJ to end up with Trash oppa, but in the other hand I want to see a story of undying love of a man to a woman..Through Chilbong I want to see a story of how a man fights for his love and doesn't give up hope til the end. Then after lot of struggle and faith, he finally gets the love he's been fighting for.

What makes me on the Trash's side is probably quite personal. LOL. However, as a girl, some of you have the same perspective like mine. I love someone older who can make me feel comfortable. In front of him I don't need to hide anything, just act the way I am.

Whoever the husband is, yeah I'm fine with that. Since both of them have their own charm. Trash had proposed but who knows? We still have four eps and we'll never know what would happen during those five years before finally NJ got married in 2002 :)

Sarah If NJ ends up with Trash oppa that will be boring and it would make the drama just a remake of reply 1994 .. I think the writter should show us that there is not just one way to go ...if u can get what i mean :/ I hop NJ ends up with CB

GoTRASH COME ON TRASH!! I want him to be the husband!!! He is very funny and besides he is not your typical korean drama lead "pretty boy" like Chillbong... Also he's relationship with NaJeong is very deep and special, how can they break that up... PLEASE let it be TRASH!! It will ruin the drama if they screw this up...

KayanePeppa I am loving this drama! Even though i am Team TRASH I think no matter who she ends up with whether it be Chilbong or Trash or even Haetae as long as Na Jung is happy thats all that matters. But im pulling for TRASH(o^^o)! He is sooo yummy!

MARSHA every scene in 2002 ans 2013 shows that Chil bong is the husband! We have just 4 eps and really don't know what is going to happen between Najung and Trash! Trash proposed to Najung and asked her to come to Busan and live with him! But Najung got married in 2002!!! 5 years later! That means Trash's weird cousin was right!!!

dramaddict I was noticing, not sure if it means anything, but in the wedding scenes, the groom is quite a bit taller than NJ. If you look at the height differences between CB and Trash, CB is way taller. I hope this is a clue into the fact that CB is the one!

reply1994 if there's anything i've learned from kdramas its that so much can happen in so little time. i've been so convinced in past dramas that so-and-so would end up together but then in just ONE episode, the whole plot is turned upside down. The fact that there are still FOUR episodes means chilbong still has a chance~ Plus, someone mentioned this before, it'd be really boring if NJ and trash just ended up together happily ever after i mean COME ON even in reply 1997 shiwon had previously liked the older brother and they had sweet moments too! but who did she end up with? yoonje. But if for some reason the director decides to listen to the many fans out there rooting for trash, i'm sure he'd twist the plot a little but hey, who knows, maybe he won't. just another side note, i think chilbong's the husband mainly because of the wedding shot. in episode 13, you can see NJ standing next to the groom is really short since her shoulders are practically a head shorter than the groom's. Then if you take a look at her height compared to trash's on normal day, NJ's only half head shorter than trash. so if NJ were to wear heels at the wedding she'd be about the same height as trash but in the wedding shot, NJ is shorter by SO MUCH. thats why i think chilbong is the only one~

lovekojungyonghwa I'm really confused after watching ep. 17. when shi won's father commented that nj's husband is famous and when shi won epened the door for nj's husband, she look up due to height of the person, it seems that the husband is cb. but she recognized him maybe it is trash. or maybe she recognized him because he is famous and that is cb. ahhh, I'm dying to know who he is. I'm still rooting for cb. because up until now he still has feelings for nj. even though he knows that trash already got nj. that's true love for me. also, I'm looking forward to what trash' cousin's predicted that they will break up and another man will come along nj's life. nonetheless, this drama is so instense. can't wait for the next episode. hope there's another series of reply.

아미 Nooooooooo!!!!! Wae... Ottoki???? Chilbong oppa.... go go go... I think the director will not think of having the same plot as with reply 1997... that would be a bore if he does it... Still, I think there would be big revelations in the up coming 4 episode... Chilbong oppa! Fighting!

ohho @yongshin LOLOL!couldnt agree more friend!

WVW I really have 100% confidence that Trash oppa will be NJ's husband. There is no chance at all for Chilbong. If NJ's husband is Chillbong, i think it will be a weird drama. After they serve us with a lot of cute scenes between NJ & Trash, if NJ still end up with Chillbong, im sure the director will be kill by a lot of peoples, incl me. hahaha..... but Trash & NJ is the lead in this drama right? So almost no one drama which the lead end up with the second lead.. Except the crazy "Marry Him If U Dare"...

Yongshin Of course, NJ accepted the ring because she wants to marry Trash, as simple as that. Then you're next question might be, why did Trash proposed to NJ? Because he is deeply inlove with NJ and he wants her to marry him, again as simple as that. Now, your other question, will these engagement will last considering there are only 4 episodes? Well, from my own perspective, it's up to both but seeing them how they feel deeply inlove with one another and trusting one another, they will hold on that love unless the writer will do something weird that breaks that love, ha..ha..ha..

Kpoplover Why did najeong say yes to trash i want childbong to be his husband ahhhhhhhhghghh...................but theres still 4 episodes so chilbong oppa fighting!!!!!

Seeya I hate this Drama , its playing with my heart :( Chilbong Fighting

MARSHA I have a feeling that Chilbong is her husband. We have 4 eps still! Also, in 2013 Chilbong called Najung's dad "father" NOT "Coach"!!!!!!!!!

subzz Whyy did she accept the ring :o i want her to end up wid chilbong.. Trash oppa luks more lyk a brother.. Shw ez simply awesummm.. Luvin it.. Pls Nj marry chilbong !!! U both luk grt toghtr..

Erica Trash Oppa propose NJ and NJ accept the ring. Chilbongi was not in this 2 ep, only a glimpse on the TV. 4 More episodes to go. Whatever this drama will end, please don't make Chillbongi heart broken, it broke my heart too.

ohho Thank goodness Binggrae is not a gay.Im relieved and happy.kkkk.Other than that, I was laughing and wondering at the same time why Trash need to pick a fight with a student over a song! Childish Trash :p.. I love the scene where NJ and Shi Won father met up,the fact that NJ and Shi Won live at the same apartment, SCP who needs to join the military and SCP reaction when YJ woke him up to go the the place that SCP want to Im sure whatever ending the writer gives us later, all of the characters will live happily with the path that they have choosen..looking forward for the remaining 4 episodes..

marsha ep 16 was hilarious! I laughed so much when Trash and reply 1997's kids were fighting in the bus! LOL!!

Kdramalover I loved seeing the 1997 cast it brought back my nostalgic feelings when I watched reply 1997! I'm so happy for Binggarae finding someone to marry it's the cutest thing! Episode 16 and 17 were absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!

nini this the first time i ever leave a comment for a korean drama reply series are truely the best dramas ever love them so so much fighting

Cuty_Bear I really hope NJ and Chilbongi together!! I think Trash is more like a close friend or a brother and Yeahh Reply 1997 will be a cameo in ep 16-17 yesss!!

katyaluxe and i really hope nj and chilbong end up together its 100% not haitai its too late in the story line for him to come in. but trash seems more like an older brother, in the flash-forward parts. i really hope its najeong and chilbong.

katyaluxe waitwait why do the reply 1997 cast appear in ep 16 AND 17? are they gonna show up again??????????? ohmylordhavemercyonmysoul if they do

Christina Yan Don't you think it's a little weird that Chilbong readily makes and gets coffee for NJ's mom when Trash seems to care less? Also NJ gives CB a look when she walks her dad out. CB is the hubby.

Nic The idea of putting a puzzle about who is the NJ husband are to make the audience go crazy over the answer, also to make the story telling is more interesting rather than just a flat love story. I can say this plan work really well as the drama ratting is well increase. Yes, there are a lot of scenario that the writer or we can think of, but from the episode1-15 (I haven’t seen the 16th) mostly told us about NJ and Trash-relationship from how they start falling in love. And not enough story about NJ and Chillbongi.(I don’t think 16-21 ep can make it either). -try to watch their OST-official song, or watch Reply 1997 – that’s another clue for the answer too. So, it is obvious who will become NJ husband. But if the writer take a twisted turn and maybe change the scenario (which I don’t think so) then I will make some big applause, since I hope that this drama will end with something different, not just another love story (between NJ and T) – but more focus on NJ as a girl deciding to whom she will married with – in that case every potential guys (CB and H) should have the same amount of time, building their relationship with NJ. I don’t mind who will be the one, because it is for NJ sake. All the guy have their own strength and weakness. The last thing, all the cast (Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Ho Jun, Min Do He, Baro) they play the character very well, especially Yoo Yeon Seok, he play very strong and really can pull it out, enough to over shadow the main character.

jess Trash likes Najung, but it's not all of a sudden LOL. He has liked her for a long time BUT he didn't confess because he always think about their relationship as a brother and sister and also how close the two families are. However aren't you getting tired of the fan war between Trash team and Chilbong team ? Just because Trash doesn't look as handsome as Chilbong, doesn't mean he does not deserve Najung and love Najung as much as Chilbong does. I do feel pity for Chilbong, he's such a sweet man ((((I WOULD CHOOSE HIM OVER TRASH HAHAHA))) but I support Trash for now, I hope at the end Trash is the husband.

Cassie I can't count the number of times Chillbong made me cry with his love for Na Jeong... It is just too touching... Please let Chillbong end up with Na Jeong pleaseee hahah I don't really like the way Trash oppa and Na Jeong are looking now (as they're dating) plus I hope the writers will continue the Chillbong and Na Jeong love story:p But nonetheless, this show has me at the edge of me no matter who Na Jeong ends up with:D

Fair I don't think it's fair how all of a sudden trash like na jeong but chilbong has always liked and been there for her . So far all I've seen him do for na jeong is buy her food and take her to dinner and that one time in the rain he really isn't there in her time of need like Chilbong. I feel like she will end up with Chilbong but then again she might end up with Trash . Most of the time of seen is the new guy gets the girl not the one she has been knowing her whole which is like a brother .

Adrienne I just don't think it's fair how decided he finally liked her but cb has liked her forever.Yes I see the love for trash that he shows na jeong but the girl is just clingy a relationship shouldn't be like that it's so annoying.

Mel I hope NJ will end up with Trash. I feel like they have a stronger bond. I don't understand why everyone else is so hung up on CB. Trash knows how to take care if NJ and he understands how she feels just by looking at her back. Trash is the best for NJ. And girls tend to stick with their first choice.

marsha I don't wanna guess mysterious husband any more! Every episode I get more confused! I hope the writer makes an interesting and happy ending :)

Kinoi I have a strong feeling that NJ will end up will Trash, if you watch all the OST ,is all about the love story between NJ and T, but only one OST "Can't have you" is about NJ and CB.. It well said then.. I hope the writer can make some twist to make the end more interesting and different than what normally we would thinking of.

hope I am shattered to see the broken Chilbong. If na jung ends up with trash. .. this will be yet another depressing k drama story.

In the coming eps i hope atleast that the writers won't make a complete fool of Chilbong's love.

Mell I still can not guess which one the husband is, by the height of the groom it's look like Chil Bong oppa, but there has no strong story about they two together, (if you watched reply 1997, the one who get kissed more is the one who get I will be happier if Chil Bong with her, but if she chosen Trash oppa I feel fine too, I find Trash oppa is quite manly and rough and he is a doctor. So if NJ with T then let Chil Bong with me...hahahah..(I really like how Yoo Yean Seok play the Chil Bong character ).

anyyonna I'm tired of watching this drama, I think, anyone who followed the initial episode will likely be tired too, like me. Maybe a new audience will still be interested. but I'm tired. the story too much to play with a name.

though, the answer is already known ... (besides I do not like smelling stories dilemma ... kim jaeJoon = chil-bong = husband .. but, the person you love loves someone else ( precisely though a lot of stories in the past-dramas ) ...

I do not like this process. if I on that situation, then I would find another woman..) sorry if someone here do not agree with me... it's just a thought..

song neng i think real name of chibong yi is kim dong joon cause his cousin name is kim dong woo baro younger brother and trash will be Dr.Kim Jae Jun probably......!!!!!! still puzzling me

Nhung I'm dying to hope that Chil Bong will be the husband. Many clues prove that he will be. Team Chil Bong all the way

ohho I wonder why most of the people here only manage to see CB's love and effort towards NJ and not Trash towards NJ and vice versa..Perhaps you guys have been blinded by CB cuteness and his puppy's eyes aight?LOL.And i guess we (Trash-NJ shippers) will be the most heart broken one if NJ-Trash didnt end up together since this drama already gave us soo many hope with NJ-Trash lovey-dovey scenes dont you think? 6 eps to go..i am now preparing myself for 1001 possibilities.LOL.This drama really..aish..chincha..

arum If I were to prefer, I would prefer Najung ended up with Trash Oppa. He's such a caring and sweet person to Na Jung. However, the ending is in the writer's hand.

alfi woooww this drama make me crazy!! i can't wait till the next episode, i was very sad if chilbongi not najung's husband T.T Najung <3 Chilbong Fighting!!

Yongshin To all my co-viewers of this drama: Thank you for supporting this drama by watching it 'til the end. I would like to suggest that no matter whom Na-Jung will end up in the end, we could all be at peace and had learned many positive things in this drama. I too have a person I prefer. I prefer Trash & I'm sure Trash makes this drama alive and fun but I guess his character is exaggerated that makes people think that he's not good to be the husband of Na-Jung.

But, Trash has a good heart, very intelligent as what Na-Jung's mother said that he's in the top of his class, very caring, loving, understands people's feeling. Whoever will Na-Jung ends up, I am still satisfied because I'm sure it will have a good ending. This will be my last comment about who ends up who. So, viewers, let's not make comments on who ends up with who because it becomes frustrating to others & to you too. Let's discuss what you learned about this drama. Ok?

Cloud Cried all over the night.... If Jeong really end up w/ Trash Oppa... i'll feel really sorry for Bong~~He really love Jeong~~ and tbvh i still feel Jeong_Trash interact just like Brother_Sister #dunnowhy

atina i really hope najung will end up with trash.. they really match for each other.. there're too many hints for trash as her husband.. but yet, a second male syndroms has a big impact in this drama.. we love both trash and chil bong for their love and effort to have najung as their lover

Thu I thought the husband would be Trash too, but at the end of the ep 14 i could be Chilbong. Because he could have got the ball back, and that house could be his one. So the ball is in there. Just a guess. Still long for the next ep

kitesandcolors I think that the husband is Trash (although I like ChilBong) because in Ep 14, when SungKyun mentioned the baseball above his book and he was wondering why would a baseball be there (if ChilBong was the husband, it wouldn't be a wonder), NaJung was nervous about it and Trash acted as if he really was the husband because he didn't want the past to be mentioned again. That's just my thought. Looking forward until the end though to find out who's NaJung's husband.

L.A I hope the husband is Trash.. As much as I like Chilbong I truly believe Trash is the one for Na-Jung. Their chemistry is great. They are so cute together. PKEASE MAKE IT TRASH AS HER HUSBAND..

p.An6elie I think the husband is going to be Trash. I forgot what episode it was but Na Jeongie clearly stated that she is turning 40 and her skin is still bla bla while her husband is going to be 43. Trash was the oldest of them all, all of them was in their 20's in 1994, a freshman in college while Trash was a junior, in their school and a Sunbaenim to Binggrae. Chilbong is cute and etc but i ship trash and jeongi!

hihs According to ep 14 . Na Jung calls Chilbong Joon. But the scene which makes me wonder is the one with the medical books on the bookshelf. I mean if she is with Chilbong I don't think he will own such things. And also Samchunpo was surprised to see a baseball there . I hope those books are there because her kids are studying medicine or her younger brother =P

plural in EP 15 the japanese man call chilbong is ...joon, i'm sure chilbong will be husband of sung na jung and also sung na jung parents look like not agree with the trash vs na jung relationship....!!!!!! this story make me crazy...... but i like it....

Yongshin Hi guys! what's wrong if Sung Na-Jung will end up marrying Trash? Isn't it that Na-Jung likes Trash & Trash like Na-Jung? You don't like Trash because he's not so handsome as Chillbongi? Are you looking for the outward beauty alone? Don't look down on Trash because he is a good person, caring and very helpful & the only person that understands Na-Jung. They really look nice & have a good time when they are together. Na-Jung doesn't even express to Chillbong that she likes her. And if she's with Chillbong, the atmosphere or the scene gets boring no fun time. This is one of the dramas that have a one-sided love & makes you wonder. Sad to say this airs in a TV Network that has less viewers.

soc bao i think it's clear in episode 14 that Na Jung called Chil bong as Joon. Chil bong will be her husband in the end. that's what im hoping too, coz i like them as a couple..;)

misha pleaseeeee trash opa and binggeure be a couple pleasee TRASH x BİNGEURE

MARSHA I'm going crazy because of this drama! This writer is killing me each episode!!! I am a little depressed after watching ep 14! :(

MARSHA @agnes: YEAH You're right!! The parents are not same!!! Then maybe it is Chilbong wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Also, after watching this drama I believe we can be great detectives LOL

Lynn I'm Na Bong shipper. They two are nice couple so I hope they end up together. I don't like Trash without any reason. Sr :|

MARSHA I'm about to go crazy! There are some reasons that proves Trash is mysterious husband, but there are some reasons that says Chilbong is her husband! I do'n know why but I prefer Chilbong. He really lives Najoung!

agnes Bridegroom's parents in episode 9 ( 1:25:49) are different from Trash's parents in episode 12 (0:42:28) and totally different from Haitai's parents in episode 13 ( 1:17:57).

Rachel HUGE SPOILERS of my GUESSES Somewhere, on the episodes i noticed trashes books. One of them had Kim Jun Ki as a name written. Other facts that made me think it will either be top 4 choices. 1. ChilBong 2. HaiTai 3. Binggeure 4. Trash This is based on facts that Married june 22nd 2002 wedding date - had soccer game with USA and Spain stating groom shouldve known, player kim jae hyeon attended #7 baseball uniform, song sang was from kim min jong “blues", chilbong uniform is #7, and hes supposed to be good looking like najung younger brother said. Haetae used to be involved in soccer but now will be army related things until hes finished.

On the couch, Bingeure and Trash sit close to each other as if couple not saying they are but it shows something happens that strengthen their comfortable toward each other. Either Najung is bingeure husband because he IS a KIM just like Chilbong. Earlier in show it was mentioned since they are cousins.

Name GUESSES - Samchunpo - KimSungGyn, Trash Kim Jun Ki, Chilbong Kim (Jae or Chil - undecided since his baseball uniform looks more CHIL when playing thn Jae) Jun, Baegeure Kim O O and Haetae Kim OO

This is also based on fact that chilbong first love is najung, and im pretty sure haetae is as well. Just the fact stated he wouldve dated her, when he talks about concern with her and trash.

Aby at first, i think the husband is CB. but cause NJ &TR dated,i assumption the husband is TR. Buuuut, since i look trash's parents (ep.12)aren't groom's parents (Ep6),so i guess the husband is CB.

MARSHA @kdrama-addict: I tried all this analysis as well!! :D Their hands, hair models, skin color and height (LOL) I think in Najoung's house in 2013, it is obvious that the husband is Trash! A house full of books, how he behaves with SukSuk. AND... at ep 13 while they are watching the wedding party, at the end all are laughing but Najoung and Trash!

kdrama-addict I'm so at lost right now as to who Na Jeong ends up with. The husband's name is Kim Jae Joon. Chilbongi is often being called 'Joon'. But then Sseureki's brother comes along and his name is Jae Young. Jae Young, Jae Joon. It's a possibility that Sseureki is Jae Joon cuz of that fact. But then it also can be Chilbongi, or 'Joon'. Omg, I have never tried to analyse things this much before. I even tried to analyse their height and hand. Lol. It seems that her height comes up to her husband's shoulders, but Sseureki is not that taller than Na Jeong. Chilbongi is possible. But I tried to analyse their hands and her husband's hand has long and slender fingers. It's possible that it's Sseureki. But one of the episodes the husband caught something that Na Jeong threw at him and everyone was like "Nice catch! " like seeing a baseball player outside of a game catching something so they get all excited (idk how to explain Lol). So it could be Chilbong. AHHH. I'm going crazy with all this analysis and tbh I've been holding all this analysis back in so it feels good to share with others.

megan duuude. this drama is so intense. like in ep.13 or 12 I forgot, trash oppa just kisses najung *_* I was like NOOO. I wish chilbong and najung end up together, but I feel like the writer is leaving hints that trash oppa will be the husband... chilbong




jungsoojungjungsoojungjung im a chilbong x najung shipper~~~ :* IT HAS TO BE CHILBONG OR ELSE ILL GO CRAZY but I think trash oppa might be the husband.... TT_TT;;

Yiqian I support CHILBONG!!!! CHILBONG CHILBONG!!! NJ hugs CB tightly aside the road when she thought he was trapped inside the collapsed shopping mall. The scene is really touched and sweet. However, I don't like Trash without any reason. :/

miss chilbong hey but isn't chil bong's name end up with "joon",, I often hear they called him joon.. OMG I hope na jong end up with chilbong..TT___TT

shanshan It must be Chilbong! It must be!!! :D

MARSHA I love more and more this drama... when Najoung gets drunken, when Chil bong looks deeply at Najoung, when Trash plays with Najoung's hair, when Haitai laughs, when yoo jin gets angry, when Sam chonpo looks like a cute cat and when Binggrae smiles!  :)

Aby this drama made me like sherlock holmes :D if u look properly, the groom's parents in episode 6 and trash's parents in episode 12,they're different.. so do u have assumption about it? ^_^ writer~nim is a great writer..

xxxxxx oh my godness when trash's brother has name with 'jae' and the package said kim jae joon is nayeong's husband i think they're gonna married omg but i prefer with chilbong!

yes!! WOOW..big hint from the writer...trash brothers name are jae young and jae think trash name is kim jae jung's husband...kkkkk...well i dont mine if najung end up with trash..they are so cute + funny...:))))

mjriley have u watched 13 cause they just gave a big clue to who she ends up with

mjriley the ending is not gonna make sense to me

mjriley i know who the husbad is. am a little sad

ohho Im soo happy to watch ep 12 and 13 as im in teamTrash but i know it's too early for me to be happy since we have 8 eps to go and too early for CB team to mourn too curious n feel uneasy about this. i think i will boycott the writer if Trash and NJ didnt end up together but will not stop watching this awesome, great drama.LOL. After all,if we are in NJ shoes we sure will choose someone that we love and indeed best man win regardless of what people say..i do acknowledge CB effort to win NJ's heart ( i wish he will give up soon),i will try to look at her(NJ) choice it Trash or CB.(but still hoping for Trash to be the end game).kekekeke.

toodark Sseureki oppa!! Keep on fighting till the end :))

bzhshhs trash and naejong kissed in ep 13 but Chilbong kissed her first ( they kissed twice) hahahah.. still hoping that chilbong ends up with naejong!!

Team Chilbong all the way~!!!!!!!!!!!

Aby I've watched episode 13, trash and najung kissing T.T in episode 14 chilbong will brokenheart, so sad!!! pity chilbong... fighting chilbong .. i love chilbong!!!!!

Kat Go Trash.... :D Hope everything is gonna be ok in the end. Najung&Trash oppa

@U Please and up with Haitaiiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

Kakaogirl Oh nooooo, i don't like trash, i love Chilbong <3 Trash x Binggeure!!! and Chilbong x Na jung♥

Makeu oh guys jo yoon jin and samcheonpo <3

agnes I'll stop at episode 12, wait till the ending. If najung end up with trash, episode 12 will be my last episode to watch.

Aby I've watched episode 12, najung with trash oppa?? oh no ... I like chilbong.

naejonglovechilbong team Chilbong all the waaaayyyyyy!!!!! ~

suny I will Hate this Drama if NJ End up with Trash Oppa . so unfair ... ChilBong is the best .. CHILBONG ...

fiera I think NJ with Binggeure in the end

Cloud I hope NJ will end up with CB~~but if writers choose to make Trash Oppa as her husband i'll feel really sorry for CB He even moving in to make him more closer to NJ <3 I love Haitai too....hope he'll have "a right" soulmate too kkkkkkkk

Aisyah NP I'm Team Chil Bong! I think Na Jung will end up with Chil Bong :D

MARSHA After watching ep 11 I think Trash is Najung's husband! BUT I love Chil Bong! :( I hope The writer has good reasons for choosing Trash as Najung's Husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vivi i love this drama, even though it not finish yet, i higher my bar for this than am1997, in this one, all of them is gorgeous, the side character is describing so natural and beautiful.

Go ara is gorgeous and she killed the nj character, her shy side when portrayed na jung and her drinking habit, she is so good this series give equal contender with lot of twist, and slice of life.

if am1997 look like drama, this one is more believable i like that nj is actually pretty shy for her idol, but their habit and the actual things happen in 1994 is show in interesting way, like a history and part of the drama itself .

i never get boring watch this over and over sometimes you miss something the you watch it again the mystery is so great, but it make me tired for guessing, hard choice !!.

best than the predecessor, lot's of humanity lesson and the message is unique while am1997 more about 1st love ended happily with crazy habit of high school girl this one make you think about your normal life, miss your best friend and remember the old day about your loving one also love.

they have the slice of life that am1997 didn't has, everyone have their story, and all that's story completing their journey, the family of all characters,

for not having enough time in fans culture, basketball season is not already happen and for being a college student i yonsei, that college things will take all your life sometimes but it's kind of scary cause no one know who is the husband and that can cause lots of thinking and debating, still one of the best kdrama maybe still slow on 1-2 ep but it give you great impact on thinking little clues that hiding everywhere..

vivi i love this drama, even though it not finish yet, i higher my bar for this than am1997, in this one, all of them is gorgeous, the side character is describing so natural and beautiful Go ara is gorgeous and she killed the nj character, her shy side when portrayed na jung and her drinking habit, she is so good this series give equal contender with lot of twist, and slice of life if am1997 look like drama, this one is more believable i like that nj is actually pretty shy for her idol, but their habit and the actual things happen in 1994 is show in interesting way, like a history and part of the drama itself i never get boring watch this over and over sometimes you miss something the you watch it again the mystery is so great, but it make me tired for guessing, hard choice best than the predecessor, lot's of humanity lesson and the message is unique while am1997 more about 1st love ended happily with crazy habit of high school girl this one make you think about your normal life, miss your best friend and remember the old day about your loving one also love they have the slice of life that am1997 didn't has, everyone have their story, and all that's story completing their journey, the family of all characters for not having enough time in fans culture, basketball season is not already happen and for being a college student i yonsei, that college things will take all your life sometimes but it's kind of scary cause no one know who is the husband and that can cause lots of thinking and debating, still one of the best kdrama maybe still slow on 1-2 ep but it give you great impact on thinking little clues that hiding everywhere

thedey As for me, I want her to end up with trash coz trash is the one who go through ups and downs with najeong. Always take care and love her. But why he didn't make any move at all?? Grrrr.

270815 so far it looks like naejong will end up with trash since thay have more interactions. I think the director is trying to confuse people by putting naejong and chilbong in an awkward situation. aahhh i hope she'll have more feelings for chilbong and forget about trash lolololol.

the drama wouldve been a lot better if yoon jin ended up with haetae and samcheonpo was gay and not Baro. ahh why did they make Baro as the gay guy.. lolololol

Team Chilbong and Naejong! ~ <3

purpledimples Uri CHILBONGwill end up with NA JEONG! Could you see their lovey dovey conversation on episode 6.The way he catch the wallet when na jeong throw it. I will ship this couple even if writer-nim has intention to bring na jeong-trash together.

Aby Yup, reply 1997 better than reply 1994. but this drama makes people more curious ^^! i love najung-haitai friendship..

솔지옥 Reply 1997 was way better, concentrating on the culture at that time, more than Reply 1994. Reply 1997 created a perfect balance between past and present, and the chasing of idols and real love. However in Reply 1994, it concentrated more on the love part, rather than the culture and the idols of that time. This makes the drama rather boring, as compared to Reply 1997. But I guess reply 1994 is okay in overall I guess, for an average drama. I still prefer reply 1997 nonetheless. Just my personal opinions.

indi jang i think sseureki was her husband even tough i ship chilbong T^T chilbong sodamn handsome >///< he look a like sehun exo LOL iam in love with him since i 1st saw him in go book family gyaa gyaaa~~

xxxxxx i ship samcheonpo and yoon jin foeva kekeke and their first kiss too romantic

fb yea!! I ship Binggeure and Trash ♥ Najung and Chilbongi ♥ I love Haetae!

atina hopefully her husband is trash.. cause the dolphin package delivered to "Kim.." it means trash real name also Kim.. and in the 1st episode yoonji said that the groom looks handsome after make up and change his style..chilbong already "handsome" for most of cast, that's why it's not chilbong..

Nina NAJUNG+TRASH!!!! <3

Kimm I ship Binggeure and Trash ♥♥♥ >///<

Aby @beatingfaster: yep,coz the lead actor is jungwoo (trash). but najoeng's husband main cast is unknow yet.. Flashback ep.1,in present, in najoeng's apartement,she have a lot of books. In my opinion,NJ husband likes study. all of 5men, the most love study is trash.. Maybe NJ husband is trash.. but i love chilbong ^^ (team chilbong)


Kat I really hope that Trash is the hubby, because I know how it feels to love your bestfriend&"brother" and that love to never notice that you are there, or better said to never shared the same fellings like you do. It`s hard, and is something that I never wish to anyone, not even my biggest enemy (...actually maybe my biggest enemy.... ).I know this is not a true story and all...but still I do belive that she is going to be loved back by the love of her life.

fb Najung and Chilbongi fighting !

beatingfaster The MC for 2013MAMA is Najung and Trash, therefore the possibility is Najung's husband is Trash

marsha Trash is husband. at ep 10, sam chon po was looking for milk in Najung refrigerator! Trash always drinks milk! I'm really sad! I like Chil bong!

phoebey ahhh am so dying to get to know who is the husband!! >__________< argh pitiful Chilbong!

elkleyr Team Chil Bong! <3

Aby seems chilbong is najoeng's husband. In episode 3, in the present, while najoeng playing the game anipang, chilbong say that she addicted to other games as well. it means that he knows what is she done every day.

bess I think the husband is chil bong because na jung's husband name is kim jae joon chilbong has kim(told by bingraee that they both have kim as last names) and he was called as joon by bingraee when they are eating chicken. moreover chilbong looks the right build as husband during the marriage cermony and also his ability to catch when na jeong throws the wallet for her husband to catch.

Humai Isnt na jeong is speaking in seoul dialect with her husband when she want to order the coffee.. I think it is Chil Bong. I really hope it is chil bong.. Hehe

Aby i'm agree with lovekojungyonghwa...

chilbong team ^^

banhi right now I feel like it could go both ways, because Trash seems to like Najeong, but he seems to have a reason to hold back his feelings. Also in the preview for episode 11 he said something about living together with someone so that could be a possible reason why he holds his feelings back. But at the same time Chilbong is so sweet to Najeong that maybe she could have a change of heart. I'm not ruling Haitai out yet either.

suri omo,, same here i think it'll be fun if haetae is najung's husband LOL but i want chilbong to b her husband,, haha it's annoying me but make me addicted

lovekojungyonghwa I think it is chilbong and I'm hoping that he is the husband. First, the height of the husband is much taller than na jeong. she stands only shoulder length of her husband during the wedding. second, when he catches the wallet from na jeong it seems like his ability to catch anything is superb. because he's into baseball. third, the hair of the husband during the wedding is much similar to chil bong. I'm really hoping that he is tje husband. He's sweet and he really likes na jeong. he takes good care of her. plus they already kissed twice.

LoloDee Chilbong's name is Joon as he stated on the phone with his old classmate and of course, Binggeure called him by his name when they were eating chicken to get his attention... and if Binggeure and he have the same last name "Kim" then it has to be Chilbong... what are the odds that there are two members in the household with Joon and Kim in their name?

I also believe that Trash stated earlier in the show "Why would I want to remember boys names when I have no interest in them" was a foreshadowing that he actually is interested... and that is the reason why breaking up with his "escort" like girlfriend was not an issue as she was just a cover up?  :-)

Anywho... just a thought.

listerlin Trash oppa fighting ^___^

Oppa Team

Alian In most dramas I've seen that turning point of the love story is in ep10.... but why oh why did ep 10 have Chilbeong and Najeong kissing???!!!! TT i'm still crossing my fingers for a NJ and Seureki love team in the end... ^^

BIGBANGlover According to my own opinion, i think most possibly Chilbong will be the husband. Seureuke is more suitable to be Najeong's unbiological bro. They are not suitable end up with couple relationship. Chilbong will be her husband because he has the courage to confess to her, especially on the last day of Dec. His sincerity definitely impressed her. It will be unforgettable moment for Najeong. Hope they both are the husband and wife. Support!!!

Exolover I also heard that the writers themselves didn't confirm who the husband will be. So we can't always assume yet. BUT. I want Trash oppa to end up with her though, but I'm getting worried. In the beginning, it focused a lot on Trash and The girl, but now. It's more focused on Chilbong and the girl instead. Just like a previous person stated, trash is more like a brother than a husband to Na Jeong. It worries me because trash is not really showing any feelings back towards her. but, I also think and don't mind if Trash ends up with Binggrae though since Binggrae likes trash. There were scenes of trash laying his head on him in the present. In episode 10, trash said that he didn't remember what happened in the movie just like Najeong. She didn't know what happened in the movie either because they were trying to not make it awkward and stuff. Trash was acting like he was enjoying the movie, but really, I think he was just trying to avoid awkward moments with her.

bati Ep 10...and I'm confused..why is binggrae and trash holding hands in the future...and y did he say he doesn't remember the storyline to the movie he watched with najeong.....why? What's happening? I was pretty sure trash was going to b the husband.

toodark I don't think Haetae is Na Jeong's husband. Her husband is probably Chilbong. In K-dramas, the husband is usually the one who kissed the girl first. But if the writer surprises us, i definitely will be pleased. Sseureki oppa fighting!!!

Chilcheonpo Trash will end up with Binggeurae

LeeDowan all are talking between Chilbong and Trash, i think Haitai is the husband

kaka i think the real kim jae joon is chilbong. because binggrae and chilbong have same last name. and binggrae last name is kim.

feikei had a kiss in ep 10 is it a hint for future

Alian Please let Na Jeong end up with Sseureki....

Hana Joe the main point is not how good they is or who is she love but it has some other reason anyway.

 did you guy noice that Na joeng also has older brother right? where he is? this drama also seem like he die, but i don't think so. this is a real main point for me,but if her older brother is alive maybe this drama will end with this:
Trash: his role character is seem like her older brother more than husband. why? brother always take care his sister and also his parents, but it can't be love
 Chill bong: his role character is must be her husband. why? he really love her, and he also kiss already, one more thing is Na jeong's father also said he want Chill bong to be his son in-law but for trash he also like him but never said that,  
this is idea from me, as i am a people who like writing novel too, but it true or not i can't guess too

Hana Joe Hello everyone, i am novel writer from Cambodia. after watch this drama maybe all of you really wonder who is Na jeong's husband? so i want to say something about my assume in this drama.

  as for me, Who is better, take care, or love, it doesn't matter to tell that he is Na jeong's husband, why?

Kimberly Everyone who's saying they think her husband is one person because of the way he looks in the wedding video or whatever, that doesn't count. Not even the director or actors know who the husband is yet, only the writer. So they probably just alternate who does those parts, they're not clues.

toodark @NaturallyRude , @Kakaogirl I agree with u guys

Gdragon'swifee i want her to end with chilbong i swear he's the cuteness !! <3 right in reply 1997 eunji ended with seo in guk oppa but the situation was different ! we were hating inguk's brother because he broke their couple but in reply 1994 the drama makes us sad for chilbong .... and not very for Trash... in my opinion ! sooooo .... i think this is pd's goal ! we're already in the middle of the drama but there are a lot of clue wich can let us guess that chilbong will be her husband ! but i presume that trash has some feelings for her without knowing maybe ... ( im waiting to see now that he know she loves him ^.^ ) he might never had thinkin bout her as a girl before ..... Wait and see ! =D

Layla I think the husband is chilbong, they make him suffer first then happy

random the reason that najeong's husband is sseureki oppa : 1. between sseureki and chilbong that always forget about the stuff (wallet) is ssereki oppa. 2. i think the hand that catched the wallet is sseureki's hand. 3. in front of the other najeong's always call her husband is yeobo or joon. but if just the two of them, najeong call sseureki just as usual..'oppa'. maybe there's a reason for najeong.

Kakaogirl Me too. I'm very disappointed with that.

NaturallyRude I'm I the only one that was disappointed that yoon-ji is married to the samchunpo guy..

dinhie I'm positive that Na Jeong's husband is Chil Bong. Why? Because Na Jeong always call her husband, "Yobo" or his name "Kim Jae Joon". It means her husband is the same age as her :D

u.g_lightFIRE7 I think I saw chilbongi somewhere before.he looks so familiar. I checked his profile...oh~I saw him in Gu Family Book & werewolf boy! Kya! !Love him since then.he is so damn cute! Love his acting.

walkers38 This is my first drama where I don't mind who the lead girl ends up with. One thing is for sure, whoever isn't the husband, I'll feel sad for them. Both have their plus points. I think I prefer Trash a bit more, just because of who he is - clumsy yet unconditionally caring. Oppa ya. Reply 1994 fighting. I love it to bits!

aby This drama made ​​me curious. Who is najoeng's husband?. I assume that najoeng's husband is chilbong, because: 1. in episode 6, the groom looks much higher than the bride, while trash oppa height is not much different from najoeng. 2. head belongs to groom more similiar to chilbong than trash oppa. 3. The most important keywords are najoeng's husband name is kim jae joon, and chilbong real name is joon. and it is said that chilbong with Binggrae have the same family name. in episode 7 when Binggrae write the name on the form, he wrote the word kim. 4. in 2013, her used to call her husband as honey, while in episode 8 her called trash oppa as oppa. it's very obvious. but when sooksook give cell phone to her brother who took it has a rather dark skin, of all the men who have darkskin is haetai and trash oppa. it's all just my opinion, what about you guys??

Katherine Trash Oppa FTW !!.

zelaii I really hope it would be Chilbong. At least it would be different from other kdramas that the girl will end up with the one she met first or her bestfriend or a childhood friemd. Itmay make the show distinct to its predecessor.

So yeah chilbongie all the wayy ♥♥♥♥

bati The more I'm watching the episodes the more clearer the conclusion is...Husband is any other sequel writers try not to drift away from the same plot that's y ppl usually prefer the first one. Best friends-Oppa-husband....predictable???...hmmmm...obvious???...for viewers sake- keep watching :) peace.

Kakaogirl I realy want the husband be Chilbong. He is so handsome and sweet!, Trash is most like than a brother or cousin.

twentythree The drama did tease us with the 'Who's The Husband?' but i just read an interesting article "Seo In Guk reveals he did not know who the husband was in 'Reply 1997' until the very last episode" so based on that news i assume that the director-nim also won't reveal the identity of na-jung's husband to reply 1994 cast members & the viewers until the very last episode :p about the anyway i really hope the husband would be trash oppa but still i don't want chilbong to get hurt

tof Is Sungjae from BTOB the bro of sung na jung?

hajar they deliberately didnt put the real name , haha . So curious i could die right now ,, who is the husband ???

gfjkhdhgdhdjh Maybe"trash" name has joon too same like chilbong, we only know "sseureuki" and "trash" right? Hmm confused

kimcheejoy43 I really love Reply 1997 and this one.. Every time somebody ask me "what's the difference between the two?" or "what is much more interesting to watch?" or "Is it worth watching?" I always say: "They're both addictive and interesting in their own way. They have their own plots that will make you wanna watch every upcoming episodes. Just watching a single episode would make you cry and laugh at the same time. They don't forget to teach values, appreciation and learning whenever they will create another episode. I couldn't think of comparisons between the two because both of them have this skill to make you feel ecstatic while waiting for the next episode. Both of these dramas are really worth watching."

And also... I really feel that Binggeure is gay.. however I really wish he wasn't but how about him ending up with Joon-hee (Hoya)? I think they will just have more or less 5 years gap hahaha what an imagination of mine! I also hope that the groom will be Chilbong but as if now I'm still confused. I'm really hoping that all of the casts of Reply 1997 will cameo preferably on 1997. :D I will definitely enjoy watching! Eungdabhara 1994 Fighting! :D

me_nina Guys..just watching until the last episodes and we'll know who the real Najung's husband. Happy watching!!! :D

Seohyun The husband is Chilbong bec chilbong name is Joon in one site that I just read.In episode 6 the grooms name is Joon.

ohmytroye Aishh theyre old!!! Only Go Ara, Dohee and Baro are young!!!

queserasera @Ana Paula may be :) and ı just established a theory that is based on screenwriter opinion in reply 1997:) and he would be remaine his ideas on reply 1994 too:) why not? of course , these two dramas could be propaply same but you know we just liked the way of making these dramas . no problem with repeating something actually:) honestly, ı am giving up to make predictions and just let the best man win ^ ^

Ana Paula @queserasera actually for me this is one of many reasons for think that is not Trash. It will be very predictable because they already did something like that. So i trust that now they change the things. Because if she end up with Trash so why they decide to do other Reply? For more money? It would better if they only continuous with Reply 1997 and make 20 episodes.

queserasera friends! the bridegroom is just an doublure:) the screewriter use a doublure for bridegroom to make us confused:) the cast even don't know who is husband:) and ı still think that trash is husband:) just remember! the last episode name of reply 1997 is "the reaon why first loves don't last" so the screenwriter of 1994 is same with 1997:) and in this way of thinking, trash is na jung's first love and so husband too:)

Kyna too many twist!!! Now I think Chil Bong is Na Jeong husband.. his hair during wedding day look the same from the back.. the way he talk to Na Jeong in 2013... aigoo.. Both Trash and Chil Bong~ Let's watch until the end~~~

dinhie well...I think Na Jung's husband is Chil Bong. Why? He's not a soccer mania, that's why he choose their wedding date exactly the same day with an important match between Korea & Spain..hehehe

atina ep 6..the husband's either sseureki or chilbong..but i wish it's sseureki..i love the way sseureki taking care and love na jung..

Jaeng Very Fun to read all the comment! I wouldn't know that this Show gönnt be my best Drama of the Year like this.... Love

Alaa I can't wait to watch it .

Wonjooyoung I'm really into this drama so much! But pleaseeee don't make binggeure a gay like hoya in reply 1997, pleaseeee!

그 여 this drama is overwhelmingly unpredictable, who even does have an idea that Na Jeong's mom will have a fetus in her uterus? x____x

Zhen Wang i have had enough of studying math, phy, chem etch and watching this drama is also pushing me to think haha im wondering who would be the guy she ended up with.

ohho Oh no!the bridegroom looks like chilbongi..aishhh..ok.will stop guessing and will just wait the ending..oh..sobs.. Eventhough i have no problem if the story is the same like reply 1997, but it would b great if binggurae is a straight guy IMO..oh just selfish like that..LOL

Jennifer I love how they but the character's nickname and not the real name.... hahah gosh i was gonna check who kim jea joon was...

heartaims Why,oh why?! T_T i think Binggeure has a crush on Trash oppa...Baro's character might be gay(just like in Reply 1997 in which Hoya played a gay role).

Sandra love how they kept the parent actors the same :)

czak @hyunjae AM1994 has totally different characters as AM1997. WIth AM1997 they are all highschool students (Age 18 or there about), while AM1994 they are mostly in first year college (age 20). that would make them character in AM1994 at about 23 years of age in 1997 so, they are mostly Taewoong's age for AM1997. So to answer your question they are not flashback of characters of AM1997.

Hyunjae I have not seen the drama yet. However, I'm kind of wondering. If it's set in 1994, that is three years before 1997 and in Reply 1997, their kids are already in high school. Is the drama set in 1994 really and the others are flashbacks? I hope somebody can answer. But I hope to watch the drama after my term ends.

tika I'm thinking of Samchunpo too. what if Samchunpo is the husband at the and? It would be really extremely really crazy! lol. But everything can be possible, right? Oh and yes, today is friday! I'm so cant bloody wait to watch ep 5 ^^

hyunju My curiosity is killing me which led me watching Reply 1997 before, even though i kinda predict Eunji will end with In guk from the start, which is pretty obvious, but still I've got curious on how their love story gonna start for Eunji only sees him as a brother at first. But this one is kinda hard to guess, there are 3 possible men in the picture to be Na jung husband. If you guys keeps on bugging about the ring, only Do hee, Na jung and Ho jun wears a ring, the rest of them not. Argh! this kind of twist is tough, or maybe because there are only 4 episodes yet and really can't wait for the next one! I hate this feeling! For me the cousins are the strongest candidate because of their names, although "trash" name has not been mentioned yet. But basing on the pages of Reply 1994, it makes me think "trash" is leading man because hes name always comes first in the male cast list and he stands next to Na jung in the posters which is common for lead characters of the dramas. Well, this is really hard to predict. Let's all solve the puzzle! keep watching and found out! ^^

Tiara I really really wish that Chil Bong is Na jeong husband


1. His name is Joon 2. He is the most handsome from all of the cast (I think) 3. He has crush on Na jeong. Although Na jeong first love an still love so far in episode 4 is Trash Oppa, but I think Reply 1994 is different from reply 1997, so I think she will end up with Chilbong, Its too predictable if Na jeong's husband is trash oppa. 4. So far, Trash oppa just consider Na jeong as a little sister. Not even once, he see her as a woman. 5. And if Na jeong with Trash Oppa, then the story do not require as 20 episode. Just make Trash Oppa see Na jeong as a woman, and its end. But If Na Jeong end up with Chilbong, then it will require a long episode. The story must make Chilbong have crush on Na jeong and give them chemistry. then make Na jeong realize that Trash Oppa only see her as a little sister. And at the end make Na Jeong fall in love with Chilbong. Or can make Na Jeong and Trash Oppa dating first (like Shiwon and Yoonjae oppa) then Na jeong realize that her love is Chilbong.

queserasera @tika: ı missed this point and you can be right:) FRİDAY hurry up:)

tika I'm getting more nervous to watch this drama. i think of Chilbong have a crush on Najeong. one-side-love. but basic of the name (ep 4), when Binggrae call "Chillbong", he didnt respond and actualy respond when he call "Joonie". and the same case, when Najeong call "Yeobo", 5 of them didnt respond at all, but actualy respond when she yells her husband nama "Kim Jae Joon". can you the similarity? someone who become her husband has same similarity. i think Chilbong has same similarity with Najeong husband (base on that habit).- lol- it just my opinion :D the screenwriter, the PD keeps making us wonder :D

tika I'm getting more nervous to watch this drama. i think of Chilbong have a crush on Najeong. one-side-love. but basic of the name, when Binggrae call "Chillbong", he didnt respond and actualy respond when he call "Joonie". and the same case, when Najeong call "Yeobo", 5 of them didnt respond at all, but actualy respond when she yells her husband nama "Kim Jae Joon". can you the similarity? someone who become her husband has same similarity. i think Chilbong has same similarity with Najeong husband (base on that habit).- lol- it just my opinion :D the screenwriter, the PD keeps making us wonder :D

queserasera ı watched episode 4 and until now ı didn't see any ring of trash's, chilbong's, samchunpo's and Binggeure's left hand but it doesn't mean that haetae is her husband because ı didn't see haetae's left hand yet maybe he does not have any ring too so ı don't know why but they don't have any ring. additionally, also if ı am correct , Jo Yoon-Jin also have a ring in her hand too. so we can not be sure who's the husband yet and just wait

Bori @bati: episode 3 when they try to figure out the name of the guy in the wedding video, Trash oppa actually show his "ring-less" left have while playing w/ BingGrae shoulder. Only BingGrae and ChunPo have their left hand/ ring finger hidden. or maybe it's only ChunPo. Remember the narrator for Reply 1997 were the two main lead. In Reply 1994 it's NaJung and ChunPo.

mimame i agree with @ohho me too..i don't care with the story that it's predictable or same as reply 1997 or whatever the people said. i just wanna Sseureki Oppa will be najung's husband.

bati Trash is the husband. From episode 1-4 he's the only one that's not showing his left hand(ring finger). Chilbong is to distract the viewers, making us think hes the twist and binggrae like hoya in reply 1997 has a secret crush. Let's just hope I'm wrong which will make the movie even more interesting.

craycayrafan DongIll and IllHwa are SUUUUUCH cute family.... they should be a couple in real life :)

ohho I hope Trash has the same first name with Chilbongi and Binggurae or does he? I dont care if the story is predictable or the same as Reply 1997 or dont have any twist or's ok writer-nim.. just..please just make Trash as the husband at the me it's already different when they make Na Jung to confess first. Yes,the writer will not read this but still..kekekeke..Trash is still my fav until now after watching ep04.

shreya239 i think baro will be na jung's husband.....because baro said he n chilbong share the same last name........ so i think its either baro or chilbong.....

toodark I loved this drama so much. Sseureki oppa fighting!!!!!

LadyFreedom I am now guessing who's Na Jeong's husband hehehe...i love this series...This is good and exciting as Reply 1997...

luna yah...this director and the writer really know how to make our heart jumping. It imposibble they reveal najeong's husband in episode 4 ^^ cant wait so see the next episode. if they used the same plot with reply 97 then najeong will end up with her first love but since this is the second drama, i think there's a chance for a twist so we will know all the full story at the end of the last episode (gosh...still 16 episode to gooooo...).

btw, do son ho jun already marry? the ring on his left hand is realy caught my eyes everytime i see him lol

Dak-shi I think Chilbongi will be her husband.In episode 4 Baro called Chilbongi ''Hey,Joon'' when he wanted something(i think salt)...and in 2013 came package Na jung called her husband Kim Jae the last Joon is same as Joon Baro use on you think the same thing as me?

jm Do you think sseureki oppa is going to be her husband? In the flashbacks Chilbongi didn't have a wedding ring...

YoonJaepuppycuteness I heard Seo InGuk, Jung EunJi and the other main cast from Reply 1997 were going to make a cameo in this second season.. I hope that's true!

Ta well, first of all,, is there any possibility that the writer will read this. If it's there, read this carefully.. You already made me hit it by sseureki-oppa's character. How he protect and accompany Na Jung. How you made him as a genius person who is a medical student.. (Oh,, G love it) So,, no matter what the reason is,... He absolutely need - should - must - have to be Na Jung's husband. Period. Thanks.

ps : pleaseee...pleaseee.. I'm begging you..T^T

Mika Ilyana I think Chilbongi will be the Na Jung's husband. reply 1994 is not same with 1997.

N let BARO oppa be male lead actor. . oh pleaseee >_<

Ana Paula And i know many people will say "but in Reply 1997 they did with the best friend's couple", EXACTLY! It will be very predictable like if they doing the same story, but the only difference is the actors. In Reply 1997 i really enjoyed the couple but if they will do this again i will not like, not because i won´t like the couple, but because it will be predictable.

Ana Paula I think if Sseureki oppa will be the Na Jung's husband it will be very predictable because until now we did not see anything with the other man (Chilbongi) and since the drama started she was in love with him and the relationship between them was so easy, things happened fast. I do not know, but i think she is being in love with him while the other guy will falling in love for her and he will have a "secret crush" for her. And only after she will realize his feelings. I do not know, who she will be chose this time they, but i will no twist for someone right now because i did not see the other guy. So i cannot say anything. Even if i think that "Trash's character is the best, i did not see the other man for judging, maybe the other one will be better.

ohho Ohhh..please please please..please make Trash as Na jung's husband or else i would b disappointed..i watched ep02 for the 2nd time now while waiting for the next episodes. Im falling in love with Trash's character towards the end of episodes 2..and yeah i love this drama..

teeheed Sseureki oppa, his charisma hit me hard on ep. 2.Loving him. Hopefully he is Na Jung husband. Gosh, loving this drama. I also love the 1997 too.

mimame No..he isn't real brother.. Because her real brother was died and Sseureki oppa subtitue him as Na jung's brother.

Dak-shi I am confused...Sseureki oppa is her real brother or no?

mimame I hope Na Jung's husband is her oppa. Maybe the people only think about good looking's face but I think Najung's brother had charisma that was not owned by the other male roles. hehehe ... : p Fighting Sseureki Oppa!!!

  • from the two episodes, i thik it looks clear that Najung's husband is Sseureki Oppa. look, how the director make atmosphere between Najung and her oppa :p

kekeke really don't know who's the husband lol great drama so far, i'm guessing chilbongi would be the husband hope that reply 1994 will be as good as reply 1997, FIGHTING!! can't wait for the next episode ;D

kokomarz delos angeles sseuriki is very cute . this drama is very funny and lesson to learn.

tataLnagtatago i can't wait for the next episodes!!! i missed the way reply hides and reveals things XD keeps us guessing ... i like sseuregi oppa and chilbong.. it's difficult to predict right now~ sseuregi oppa is a med student,, in dramas, doctors don't get together with the girl,, and with chilbong, it looks like it's gonna be one-sided ... XD

jay omg i love it!!! i really don't know who the husband will be. i hope it's trash. but he's standing on the furthest side from centre. who will it be. and that guy in the middle hold the coffee right. i can't sleep thinking about it. they couldn't pick a better cast. love both reply1997 and reply1994. till next week.

xxxxxx at ep 0 they told us about najeong's relationship with chilbongi so i think najeong's future husband is chilbongi kkk

metio very excaited drama

queserasera owwww ^ ^ trash is my favourite to become a husband for NAMİ :) but ı love all of the characters:) haetae and samchunpo are good couple:) ı love their scenes:) and also ı am very happy to see BARO in this drama and ı wish he will be couple with JO YOON JİN ^ ^ :) ı am waiting for the next episode and we will see:): :)

Kyna I think Trash is Na Jeong husband!! He's not her real brother anyway.. Ep 2 look interesting.. Looking foward for next episode~

Amie My new favorite show! Is looking to be even better than Answer me 1994! I really want Trash/Garbage oppa to be the husband. :)

Jessica Marceline Guys, I don't know if you noticed or not... Trash is Na Jeong's brother... I really think he will not be her husband...

silver i really liked 1997,n i love it so much.... 1994 i didn't find it interesting yet.... but i wil wait untill ep 4, i hope its haetae esr husband

abcd her husband is trash. if i guessed it right, this drama is not fun.

eungdabhara94 @khaye, nope, this is just like a new story. no shi won and the others character from rep97. but dong il and il hwa is acted being a parents again here. did you get it?

Khaye wait! i'm a lil bit confused if sung na-jung is daughter of sung dong il how come she hasn't mentioned in reply 1997 until the end of the drama. she's supposed to be sister of sung shi won!.. and they never mentioned that shi won have a sister!

eungdabhara94 as reply 1997, we have to guess who is the female lead's husbad. ohohoho another twist, this will be fun! but.... if reply 1994 will be really same as reply 1997, i can guess already. her husband is trash lol. bcs he really knows how na jung is. they grow up together. and trash is really cared for her, but sometimes made na jung feel annoyed kkk. that's same like yoon jae to shiwon in reply 1997. and i guess chil bong is like yoon jae's bro.. so wearm hearted, cool guy, kind, etc. but in the end didn't get the female lead. BUT that's IF reply1997 and reply1994 are same. i hope that is NOT. umm i guess it can be like, since the trash is already like a real brother for najung, so he'll never like na jung or even he likes na jung, he knows chil bong is better for her. or, because na jung is kinda stupid lol, so she realizes that the one that she really loves is chil bong. and thought dreaming to get married with trash such a foolish dream lol. but whatever. that's only my opinion. how about you guys? comment pls. since i want to know the other opinions kkk

eungdabhara94 as reply 1997, we have to guess who is the female lead's husbad. ohohoho another twist, this will be fun! but.... if reply 1994 will be really same as reply 1997, i can guess already. her husband is trash lol. bcs he really knows how na jung is. they grow up together. and trash is really cared for her, but sometimes made na jung feel annoyed kkk. that's same like yoon jae to shiwon in reply 1997. and i guess chil bong is like yoon jae's bro.. so wearm hearted, cool guy, kind, etc. but in the end didn't get the female lead. BUT that's IF reply1997 and reply1994 are same. i hope that is NOT. umm i guess it can be like, since the trash is already like a real brother for najung, so he'll never like na jung or even he likes na jung, he knows chil bong is better for her. or, because na jung is kinda stupid lol, so she realizes that the one that she really loves is chil bong. and thought dreaming to get married with trash such a foolish dream lol. but whatever. that's only my opinion. how about you guys? comment pls. since i want to know the other opinions kkkk

liina Watched the two first eps and i have to say that i loved it.. so far the drama is really good and even do i havent watched anything with go ara she is really good in this drama and plays her part nice.. love jung woo and yeon suk wonder who is the main guy, for me right now i am in between the rest of the cast is great as well the four other students and there different personality hahhaha i am sure this one will be just as good as the first one..hahha have to say that Na-Jungs parents couldnt have been played by better actors Il-hwa and dong-il are the best couple hahahah ....looking forword to the rest of the drama...Fighting reply 1994...

Kheart43 @ -0- Baro IS FAMOUS IDOL! Ever heard of the group B1A4??? Geez you must be living under a rock if you don't know who that group is!

Dak-shi Who do you think is the main it Yoo yeon seok?Please tell me!:D

kang Nul Chan Cha Sun Woo [!!!] Im proud for your new drama. Fighting!

Glorious So they aren't high school students? I would love that

inspirit I hope someone of Reply 1997 has a cameo role here

BANA Baro oppa good job!! can't wait to watch you in this drama!! :D

-0- stop talking about baro.. he's not even a famous idol

BBARO WOW!! Baro is in this drama ... !!! Can't wait to watch it!! :*

INFINITE4EVER2 CANT WAIT!!! Baro is most likely going to do a good job, I've seen him act before and he's good:D

YoonJaepuppycuteness I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS DRAMA!!!! Reply 1997 is on the top of my favorites list and I cannot wait to see it! So far a lot of people have said bad things about it which is worrying me but I'm still in high hopes they will do a good job! Usually the second seasons for things don't turn out as good as it seems.. Take Dream High2 for example, or Full House Take 2.. they both were pretty bad fails and I'm hoping that Reply 1994 will at least be bearable if not just as good as the first season! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT!!!!!!

Daisy01 This series is by far the best South Korean TV Drama I have seen so far. Th acting, the directing, the editing, the deliverance, overall A+ all around. The series is unique in itself. It wasn't just a South Korean thing, this was an intentional thing. I always appreciate well made art and this show was exactly that: Art. If you are more of the "typical" rom-com affair, check this one out. It's a breath of fresh air and you won't regret it.

Anonymous28 What is wrong with u guys…if u have nothing nice to say then just shut up…and for those people who thinks Go Ara's acting stink, totally not i think she's a great actress…

jing fan OMG!! Baro will do a really great job!!

Criss Guys!! did you noticed the cast? the actors that played EunJi/ShiWon parents are in!

Miranda i would have liked to see Moon Geun Young, Moon Chae Won, or Han Ji Min star instead of Go Ara. I don't like her acting style (or lack of)

shay Yay go ara is finally back !!! I loved reply 1997 and can't wait for this October come faster!!!!

nana whoa, can't hardly wait for this! i really love 'reply 1997' and hope 'reply 1994' is as good as the prequel ;)

sabrine oh my god !!!!! when i finished watching reply 1997 i felt very upset all caracters were like my family they were so amazing !! and now they are making a new season with new and charming caracters!!!i hope it will be as successful as the first !!!!

Jenn I honestly do not agree with the person who said the role should've been offered to Suzy... Her acting is a bit of an annoyance....

Kekeke BAROOOOOOO! Will watch for Baro!!

Cherry They should've made someone else the main lead =n= she's famous! they should've made someone who debuted around this year to be the lead

Nana I want to watch this !! Because of Baro  !!

Sheens Usually if the drama has a sequel, the 2nd one usually stink so I hope I won't be disappointed cause the 1st one was so awesome and I'm speechless.... And I agree they should pick someone less popular but can act for real like Eun Ji, to be honest I don't know who she was till Reply 1997, she's not that pretty but damn she can act and that's important....

Aly Aww I was hoping they'd choose someone new and not as popular like they did with Eunji :/ Like I only knew Eunji was from Apink but even though I've never seen any of Go Ara's work I already know who she is because everything think she's super pretty -___-

Mia Fwills kya.......... I'm gonna watch just because Baro <3

Suzy_is_jjang I just saw the pics of the script reading, and omfg!!! Go Ara looks super hideous like a mental patient lol xD

They should've pick Suzy or Moon Geun Young for the role, both will suit that hair style well.

I still don't get why they picked that useless Go Ara, Heading to the ground was a disaster.

meh you guys it was reply 1997 not 1998 at least know the title of the drama before commenting

mrm Barooooo!! I will watch this drama! Though i don't like Go Ara! But i will watch it for Baro ㅋㅋㅋ

BANA Go ara's acting sucks a lot! But I'll surely watch this for Baro <3

Kpopers Baro will act here too!! Wee~~ September come faster!!

Jo Go Ara can't act. I don't anticipate this.

blah hope they can maintain the standards of reply 1998!! :) :)

Gita Really, Reply 1994? Yeah, I hope it's can better than Reply 1998. Go Ara, I love her and I'll look forward for the other cast and plot ;)

nisa I hope this drama does not disappoint, I can't wait to watch it!

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