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  • Name: Seo In-Guk
  • Hangul: 서인국
  • Born: October 23, 1987
  • Birthplace: Ulsan, South Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Seo In-Guk is a singer. He is a winner of Mnet's musical program "Superstar K".


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liezl seo in guk.....ur d best actor in korea cnt sleep at nyt,,,, still thinking of ur cute face im lovin it,,,,

isma rahmawati u and lee hana are great, both of you lookl perfct together... love HighSchoolKingofSavvy...daebak

fieta I like seo in guk..because he's a good actor...have a natural smile etc.. I love your film king of high school ..good job.. Fighting :) oppa

ng no Seo in guk well done... u the best....

alloja good job,hope you do more project in the future.... you are also a good kisser in HSK..... love lots your fan from the Philippines.....

Bean Him and Lee Hana is a match made in heaven! They are both amazing in HSK and they are both musically talented! I'd ship them!

maizatul azwa oppa good job.because you interesting in master's sun.kang woo oppa sarangeo.i love you oppa i hope i can visit you .sarangeo ,,,

YuericA Good job!!! I really loved your King of High School of Savvy. You also have a great voice. Deabak, in fact you have it all. You're perfect Oppa. :)

oumaima Seo In Guk .. you're so adorable ; love yoou .. Saranghae oppa ♥ ♥

kimint Seo In Guk. You are GOLD and even diamond. The girl you marry will be very very very lucky. Jackpot.

Jasmine Great job in High School King Of Savvy! Saranghae... Love from INA

Chin Seo In Guk is a very very good actor. His acting in King of High School and 'Repply 1997' is awesome that's why I really really love him. And also his voice, Ohmygosh it's so refreshing :* <3 Go go go Seo In Guk. <3 We love youuuu!

rich In-guk is a good actor and singer, keep it up

sasmitha Lee Min Suk...!!!! Saranghamnida!!!!

Satesolo In guk, help me. King of high school drama made me love you. Seriously, i love you so much. I fell not better right now, because its over. I need to watch you again again and again as lee min suk.

hanhyojoo In Guk Shi, you're so cool... I want to date you. Let's do we got married

Hannadiyana Omygod i've same born date with you ! Love you seo in guk oppa ! x)

aisxhelle yhuan you're so cute. You're English is adorable...,i am a big fan from the Philippines... I

aonaaa He's "meh" in Masters's sun, but you definitely see his potential in reply 1997 and King og High school conduct. He's a great actor, I'm a fan!!!!

Lee Dongra aigooo so cute from Saudi arabia Fanz

Saranghae oppa ~~ *^*

fang absolutely love his role in king of highschool... 1 talented actor and love his voice too....

vmarlany lol you are so funny in No Breathing..

marissa he's soooo good at everything he involves :) love him so much !!!

Mary Rose very very talented oppa :D <3

Cristina nemes Your so handsome I hope you come here in the Philippines soon. I love u seo in guk.

폴이나57 Seo InGukssi I'm one of your biggest fan :D I Love All your drama especially the Reply 1997 and Master's Sun. I wish you'll come visit Philippines :DDD WISHING to SEE you in Real D: Sarangheyeo Handsome and Cute Oppa 인국 :D Chomosabnida fo yeo Teim xD -폴이나57 ;-))))))

P.S. What's your favorite Color :D

whoizkina Wow, can't wait for his new drama!!!!

Mpae I like him so much. He's so handr0me and g0od actor. <3 <3

Feiji hi im Feiji I would like to say that your so handsome and I love your role on Master Sun

jessa trilles hi :) i`ve been a big fan of the korean series ( the master's sun ) in which, u played the role of kang woo i do love that series and by that moment i saw you i did know inside myself ill be one of your fan :) a good and fiErce actor :) i already watched your other series and i do love them all :) be safe always IDOL :) GOD BLESS in all of your journeys in life <3


Jeun Seo In-Guk Oppa! I first watched you in The Master's Sun, now I just watched No Breathing (It was really awesome filming in our country, the Philippines, right? :D) and I will watch Reply 1997 & King of High School Life Conduct. :'> :)))) Please make a twitter account again! :)))

muglee i am really looking forward to his new drama...and really really want him to participate in the ost....that'd be so great!!.....lots of love for u oppa!....<3<3<3

bsk he is my bias. he is the first korean i've ever loved :)

Rachel Omg i love him!!! He is so cute. He has the same bday as me

rhiri gomawoo for your best drama oppa >.< wait for your next drama nol joahanikka nol saranghanikka joa joa joa .....!!! fighting oppa ..

billy fejer ilove you Seo In-Guk! sarangheo<3. i love your series reply1997 with jungeunji, ur chemistry is very wondeful i hope you and jungeunji will be real couple in the future and im looking forward to you im yur fan herte in the philippines

billyfejer Annyeong Seo SEO IN GUK!! sARANGHEEO:))<3 Im your fan here in the Philippines, i love your series with jUNGEUNJI iM SO impressed! your a good actor as well as jungeunji. I hope that you and jungeunji will be a real couple in the future you are a very good tandem. your chemistry is wonderful i hope to see you in many roles and in many acting shows with jungeunji. I also love your lips very seductive hihihi:))

loveherJUNGEUNJI. lovelovelove

billyfejer Annyeong Seo SEO IN GUK!! sARANGHEEO:))<3 Im your fan here in the Philippines, i love your series with jUNGEUNJI iM SO impressed! your a good actor as well as jungeunji. I hope that you and jungeunji will be a real couple in the future you are a very good tandem. your chemistry is wonderful i hope to see you in many roles and in many acting shows with jungeunji. I also love your lips very seductive hihihi:))


rohann he really got me in his tv series replay 1994 <3

sesehangma How much i love him.......oh!!!

mixcz i really like your eyes hope to see in person whenever i came to you country :)


sangtea so handsome!!!!

Loi i fell inlove with him when I watch reply1997. very talented. i love Seo In guk..

AsheenPOLna I first saw Seo in Guk in Master of the Sun, I was amazed in his acting skills and started to research about him, afterwards I watch Reply 1997 and was very mesmerized in his natural gift in acting and suddenly I dig further information and latter found out that He is also a great singer WWWWWWWWOOOOOOWWWW.... am not that interested in Music but with his soft and very calming voice I can't help my self listening to him on and on although I done understand the meaning of the Song.. Seo In Guk You are very multinational TALENTED human being!! Continue to inspire others... SOMEDAY u will fly Higher and will be known, you have something in you that others don't have! keep it and stay as it is.. Good LUCK looking forward to see more dramas and hear more calming beautiful songs..

PS. This is my first time writing a comment ONLY SEO IN GUK inspired me to write hehehheh wish to have an autograph from HIM..

whimsical soul You had me at "Calling You" 4 years ago. I love your voice, the emotion you expressed in the song and how beautifully you performed it. Your songs are amazing and not one of them is boring!! Which is awesome!! You're the reason I started liking KPop again. Haha. Seo In Guk, My #1 single KPop singer!!!! Continue with your music and your dramas!!! I look forward to them!!! Good luck!!!!

noena love his voice, face, smile... and absolutely his amazing eyes... forever for u In-Guk ssi... saranghae...

yusmaizura yasin over the years, I've never noticed the presence of Oppa. and now, all of my assumptions about Oppa has already changed. Oppa a very great! can act and have exactly the voice enchants me. I'm feeling like crying. Oppa I hope will be successful and achieve the dream of Oppa looking for. I will always support oppa in all drama. remember Oppa, Oppa I as a fan will always be at the back to support the career Oppa. love seo In Guk, Oppa. I'm yus. And I from malaysia. batch 97 :)

Nathalie I really love his story and I think he's a great actor who I'm sure will grow to become an amazing Star. I'm so happy to see him in good roles that will make his career soar. Keep up SIG! Fighting!!

KARLITA love him since Reply 1997, and his new role in Master´s Sun, he looks very hansome whe he fights wow o_o

Agnes Lim Glad to see you being busy...hope to see you in more movies; love yr role as The cool guy in Master's Sun

ar automotivo Tremendous issues here. I'm very glad to see your post.

Thanks a lot and I'm taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

jnguyen SARANGHAE IN GUK OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best wishes from Toronto :)

sheyn happy bday oppah ^_^

Aye Myat Phyu Phyu I love♥his voice ,lovely face . I like you forever.

jagten i really like his eyes *^* so cute i want to see him :(

noer noona loove you muchhh....


Kai Lucky I very like him. His voice so sweet and so cute smil ^^

Reese He already caught my attention back when he did a role in Love Rain :)

rara I love this guy. He has beautiful voice, good acting, he can play music instruments, a good song-writer, has good manner and charming personality. I knew him from Reply 1997 and quickly became his fan. His acting in Master Sun did not dissapoint although his screen time is so limited. I can't wait for No Breathing and any more project (music and acting) from him.

dramafan6 This young is quite a surprise. I love his straight forward approach to his work. How could you not want to watch him strut his stuff. As a woman wouldn't you want a man like him.I loved him in Reply 1997 . But here...if you were in doubt don't worry. He shows that he is on his way to a very successful career. I will definitely be watching.

Jj Omg I loved him on mama mia he was so entertaining and I felt like of all the characters he had the strongest relationship with his mom. Even though everyone picked on him he managed to come out so cool. He was so down to earth.I kind of lost my voice for a day just from laughing cause of that episode

zil im gonna meet you someday!! haha how i wish^^

Annna2334 Awesome and A good singer!!! Saranghae Oppa!!!!!!

Yoo Seo In guk~~ you're really Amazing in acting,,, i'm really like you in reply 1997,,, hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenniecon It seems a lot of people in asia and all over the w0rld kn0ws and admire you....

But it doesnt matter ^^~
Im your #1 ADMIRER! Iloveyou so much oppa! Your my n0.1 ...

maricar your so cute oppa, love his music sooo muchhh.. keep up the good work ur so good:))

Tricia Oppa! Fighting ^_^ ! ;)

leonie i love u for a thousand year i hope in the future my husband is someone like you wkwwkwk ♡♡♡ sarangheyo

Nisa I love him very much. you're the best oppa!!! reply 1997 please next season , i miss you :(

justanotherfan Hm... love one his songs.. didn't know he acted as well!!! Great job in this movie!!! Keep it coming!!!!

abbycelestino More power to you rascal! ;-)

Pui One word Daebak

Luh He is just excellent!!! I love his character in reply 1997. Daebakk!!!

SuperGirlInLove Daebak!!! I love his Voice...And his Acting skills was cool!! :D Love it.

Unknown Kyaaaa i Love Seo In Guk He's the best korean siger/actor !! his voice is amazing he is amazing !! i wanna see him in more dramas i just loved him in reply 1997 or answer me 1997 hes young and amazing i wish he would come !!! i love his voice its the best !! i wanna meet him seo in guk why you know come to dubai !! love him

naneunobtta he looks like Jae Joong, a bit.. i need to look closer to make sure at first, but now i can tell he's different. he's good.. and his eyes is the type like Kim Soo Hyun eyes :D I love Soo Hyun and Seo In Guk's eyes made me like him too.. hehehe.. Rookie of the Year! yeah

shin ah ra he's so cute.loves him pairing with eunji Apink! in miss reply 1997. he got a pair of cute eyes.he so special,he got a nice voice a cute looking and good in actor.i loves him in love rain and the new one miss reply 1997.oppa kyeopta fighting!

melissa D. I just want to say this now, but sending out birthday wishes to him for his 25th (26th there) birthday which happens to be the exact same day as mine, except I'm 2 years younger than him. He's an amazing actor, loved him in Love Rain and loving him in Reply 1997 <3 He needs to be in more dramas!

yayee His with jellyfish agency :) he is so sexy when his touching his lips

Sherly how cute u are....:)* make me so melted with ur smile...ciayou oppa

CheonByeol Anyone knows what's his agency? I've heard somewhere that he's at Cube but he's not on Cube's official website so I guess not, but then where?

Roza He is sooo cute n talented.i love his pairing with a pink eunji.

kishniquin awww now i remember him he actually won "Superstar K" from "love rain" to "replay 1997" such a talented guy ♥ so hot ♥

Katie He's an AMAZING actor, and I watched love rain was cracking up the whole time!! Answer me 1995 has been phenomenal and I can't wait for the next episode!! I'm excited to see what else he'll star in, I'll definitely go see it!! He's also great looking, which is a plus to his acting ;3

yunbee new oppa~~ i luv him when i watched sarang bi,, he's soooo damn cute and rock!

when i watched him on Oh My School!, he's so strong on armwrestling competition >,,<

Skwonto He is crazy cute!!

naomi he'z damn cute,he gottA mosT sexY eyes....hez singing talent is gooD...acting?!well everytym i see him in this drama...he never failed to make me brust intO laughter!!!

Izzy He's so damn cute.. And his act ockeyy.. Hahahaa.. But, at first time I see him.. I told he is Kim Jaejoong.. :p But after, I know if He is Seo In Guk.. You're Rock Man.. :D

ugsi he will be playing in 2012 drama- reply 1997 -so want to watch it,can't wait XD

ugsi he will be playing in 2012 drama so want to watch it,can't wait XD

Genesis agree with the previous comment! he is so cute and funny in love rain (:

Loraine Love how hahaha act soo cute heehee wanna see more dramas with ya in the heehee :) love his music soo also e heehee

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