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  • Drama: Reply 1997
  • Revised romanization: Eungdabhara 1997
  • Hangul: 응답하라 1997
  • Director: Shin Won-Ho
  • Writer: Lee Woo-Jung, Lee Sun-Hye, Kim Ran-Joo
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 24 - September 18, 2012
  • Runtime: Tuesdays. 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in the 1990's, "Reply 1997" follows female high high school student Shi-Won (Jung Eun-Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends.


  1. "Reply 1997" takes over the tvN Monday & Tuesday 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "I Love Lee Tae-Ri" and will be replaced by "Flower Boy Next Door" on January 7, 2013.
  2. Related titles:
    1. Reply 1997 | Eungdabhara 1997 (tvN / 2012)
    2. Reply 1994 | Eungdabhara 1994 (tvN / 2013)
    3. Reply 1988 | Eungdabhara 1988 (tvN / 2015)


Answer to 1997-Jung Eun-Ji.jpg Answer to 1997-Seo In-Guk.jpg Answer to 1997-Shin So-Yul.jpg
Jung Eun-Ji Seo In-Guk Shin So-Yul
Sung Shi-Won Yoon Yoon-Je Mo Yoo-Jung
Answer to 1997-Eun Ji-Won.jpg Hoya Answer to 1997-Lee Si-Yeon.jpg
Eun Ji-Won Hoya Lee Si-Un
Do Hak-Chan Kang Joon-Hee Bang Sung-Jae

Additional Cast Members:




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Ari To promote this drama in few sentences:

1) The story is shown in different times in order to give the viewers a deeper knowledge of the main characters. 2) There are several touching and unique love stories (even one-side love). 3) The plot contains many critical themes (for Korea) such as homosexuality and sensual pleasure. 4) It is a masterpiece.

Nicole Will watch this again! <3 I really love this drama ahhh ;~;

@ Kainovela: this is the first installment of the Reply series, so it's harmless to watch this first :D

Kainovela Is it okay to watch Reply 1997 even though i haven't watch Reply 1994 and 1998?

kdramafan May I know why the title is "REPLY 1997"/"ANSWER ME 1997" ?? I mean, what's with the response?

oryza sativa One word for this drama : "짱"

yayaya oh my god i'm not going to forget this hillarios story. seriously it's really different than any other drama. it's all about them. their realationship

Bohoo Really Really love this drama! Watched it for 4th times already but i still love every f-ing episode though i knew what will happen next. Love the actors! When i first watch it, i love the ideas how they want us to guess who Shi-Won will choose in the end. At first i thought it will be the ### and not the ###, but i thought wrong and that's why i love it more!

Sooyoung Anyone else annoyed by all the yelling in this drama? I'm constantly having to turn the volume down. I want to like it but the yelling is too much.

Arianna In a year, I've know, fallen in love and become addicted to k-dramas. I watched the majority of most popular korean dramas and a bunch of them made my heart to beat faster and faster: My love from the stars, It's okay that's love, Playful kiss and Reply 1997. I love this drama because it is realistic, passionate and original. I felt the mood of all the characters, their insecurities, desires, dreams.

Vangie Just the best! Asking if you should watch it is not even an option. This is jjang! Daebak! Awesome! Thumbs up!

keime i become a kpop fan because of thisss!!~! euji from a pink.. hoya from infinite

wingless daebak! i love this drama .. it makes me laugh and cry too :) oppa yoon je <3 hart hart ..

Daebak such an awesome and hilarious drama. loved the funny bleating sound and the flashback style of storytelling. all the characters were charming and funny, especially the thuggish Shi Won and achingly sweet Joon Hee, and I completely fell in love with Seo in Guk XD it was a blast to watch... wish there were more dramas like it!

Daebak such an awesome and hilarious drama. loved the funny bleating sound and the flashback style of storytelling. all the characters were charming and funny, especially the thuggish Shi Won, and I completely fell in love with Seo in Guk xD it was a blast to watch... wish there were more dramas like it!

LifeChanging Eunji has amazing acting skills here

michella I love this drama a lot, I cried a lot when hoya confessed his loved :"( OMG I hate the drama for being 16 episode I want more episode :'(

Kylie Ann Mecayela Reply 1997 is so beautiful movie.I like Shi Won character sometimes fierce and supppper cute,and I like Yoon Je he's so handsome and cute.

alfatunissa I just love this drama!!! Though can someone tell me is the busan dialect sounds like Japanese or is it just me?? I like shi won character that is sometimes reaaalllly fierce and then suddenly cute. I have this srory fo more than one year in my laptop and I only ended watching them now and I regret it!! I definitely recommend this drama to everyone to watch

shinae @mira actually this drama is just preparation for 1994, the writer came up with idea of 1994 first but he/she doesn't have the right story line to 1994 at that time

Zaaz Waaah just finished the last episode! Such an AMAZING drama!! Perfect in all sides! Comedy +drama+Romance they really did an amazing job! And Waah Shi won & Yoon je i love their relationship TT TT best couples ever!

dessa Never get bored with this amazing drama :) Reply 1997 fighting!!! Eunji eonni fighting!!!

V @Mira : Hey, you! What does the mean "copying 1997"? The writer is the same!

mi ra Reply 1997 is much much much better than reply 1994. reply 1994 is boring, because its copying 1997. Eunji eonni Jjang! Fighting!

Kai Sarang best best best kdrama! i love it. i always tend to watch the last episode if i get bored on the first two-3 episodes but this one i didnt skip it, XD And i thought there will always be funny moments but there are sad moments too. i wish i had a childhood friend like yoon jae, ❤️

Kai Sarang best best best kdrama! i love it. i always tend to watch the last episode if i get bored on the first two-3 episodes but this one i didnt skip it, XD And i thought there will always be funny moments but there are sad moments too. i wish i had a childhood friend like yoon jae, ❤️

Nholvs This is the best kdrama that I will never ever forget. :) It is not just all about love. This drama shows that love for family, friendship, brotherhood and relationship of a couple. Their acting is really good, not just good but great. Every scene touched my heart. :)

afid A .,

I think its a circumcision..:)

A . overall i like this story . but i still did`nt get what surgery does yoon je did in the first episode . anyone ? LOL

rara dr-acid you should watch Reply 1997 first. Why? Simple reason: this is the first season of the series. R1997 came in 2012, so people considered it to be the original. R1994 came in 2013, so people considered it to be the sequel/spin-off, although the characters and story are quite different but same. Plus, you will not understand anything in R1994 when R1997 came as cameos. Only those who have watched R1997 feels the warm, excited feeling when 1997 casts cameo-ing in 1994.

addict4dramas although sung dong II and lee II-hwa played both parents of siwon and najung, they were different charater. and I think the reason that actors both portray the parents in siwon and najung is that they acted very well in 1997 so the producer wants that in 1994 also

addict4dramas dr-acid I suggest you watch reply 1997 first, it will help a lot for the later chapters. Also, reply 1997 is more mysterious since this is where some of the tricks started. Both drama have the similar plot but with different concern. reply 1997 tackles the lives of high school friends while reply 1994 deals with 5 college students, that comes from different provinces in SK, who gathered in a boarding house and become friends. Overall, both drama is a must see. It will bring tears to the viewers because we can relate to what they experience.

dr-acid Can someone tell me this drama's synopsis? Is it a sekuel of Reply 1994.or its a different story? But I don't understand why they have same parents (ShiWon and NaJung) CMIIW... Should I watch Reply 1994 first ?? Thanks..

chanyeol_lover my favourite drama n my bias!!hoya!!!saranghaeyo!!

Chanyeol-Exo-Biased I really liked this drama sooo much! Especially sung shi won's (Eunji's) Parents :D They were really funny, so far I'm liking reply 1994 more than this drama but this will forever be one of my favourites I recommend it if you don't want to watch something to cliché like boys before flowers or heirs (ILovedThoseDramasTooLOL)

ah loon I am not familiar with 90% of the actors but I really enjoy the drama! Funny and it reminds me of my high school life...

Nikki I'm so happy that Yoon-Je is the husband <3 ^_^

Tweety I cannot say enough good things about this drama! The casting...the writing...the storyline...makes all of the characters come alive and so endearing. Although I was in college during the 90s, I didn't realize that time period had any significance until after watching this drama. I just loved that the writer(s) had the foresight to preserve this time period with a film, with a really good story. Don't sleep on this one if you're looking for that next drama to watch.

zil one of the best drama of all time! super favorite

qwertisme Korean drama who makes me write the first comment ever in a forum! Best so far! actually I love the way Hoya a.k.a Kang Joon Hee hide his feelings to yoon je and the way Yoon Je still accepting Joon Hee feelin without disgusting feel :") A first drama who burst me into tears not only because when it goes to sad moment but when it goes to happy moment too! It's too SWEET. I do hope for another drama as SWEET as this one

Ram my favorite drama so far ♥

Gr This is the best drama ever... Love it!

Ami Hands down the best drama I've ever watched. It's so funny, it's witty, creative, and has so many sweet and cute moments, along with many many hilarious moments. I laughed in every episode! Eunji and Inguk are so funny to watch~. I have pretty low expectations for Reply 1994, but I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right? Anways, I love Reply 1997! I hope everyone will like it as well when they decide to watch. ^^ <3

Paul This is one of my favorite K-Dramas I have watched.. I love the story and the acting are all good. It has the comedy/romance/drama that all viewers will definitely gonna like it. The lead couple was awesome, both were effective. I also laughed very hard to many scenes on this.. Very entertaining and recommended to all!

Hase Amoi I have not seen this drama yet but with many positive comments, will watch it later. I do not know what to expect, but one of the reason is probably because of HOYA acting debut... By the way many of my KDrama lovers have never mentioned about this drama before .. Strange

Daisy01 This series is by far the best South Korean TV Drama I have seen so far. Th acting, the directing, the editing, the deliverance, overall A+ all around. The series is unique in itself. It wasn't just a South Korean thing, this was an intentional thing. I always appreciate well made art and this show was exactly that: Art. If you are more of the "typical" rom-com affair, check this one out. It's a breath of fresh air and you won't regret it.

dramaholic I have watched hundreds of dramas and this is by far is the best korean drama I've seen (aside from historical dramas). Its nostalgic, witty and genuine. Although there is some korean specific humour, its relatable to every generation. It keeps you drawn in, there is no dragging, its all perfect.I originally had the lowest of low expectations of this, but I was shocked when I was proved wrong. Surprsingly great acting by non-experienced actors.

Is it sad that I re-watched this drama 4 times? I keep coming back to this drama because its just that good.

AiDa I've never watched this drama before :| But I really wish I would , One day. I'm looking forward to buy the drama ;) ! But from the trailers and comments that I've seen I guess this drama Is really one of those top 10 ! FIGHTING guys :D ! Aja Aja ! ^_^ !

sarah This drama is one of the great drama series I have watched. It is simply addictive. Amazing story. It makes you curious every now and then. I like the kiss scene of Yoon Jae with Shi Won. He looked really cool. I love the drama really.

yumi I cannot get over the ridiculousness of two gorgeous handsome brothers who everyone loves or envies liking the same unattractive girl.....but that is a cliche in kdramas so i gotta get used to it :p other than that i LOVED it. it packs in all the bitter-sweet nostalgia and heart-wrenching, unrequited first-loves into an intersting drama with a pretty decent OST.

nana very recommended drama! must watched :)

Capricorn0Angel OMO I decided to put this drama on my number 3 favorite K-Drama list! 1. You won't have any question remained, all you're curious about, everything you're questioning like 'how does love still be in their heart after separating for 6 years?' has the answer. When you're thinking how unrealistic it is, this drama has its own way to show you that it's what happened. 2. Every scene here has the purpose of its own to lead to another thing that makes this drama develop more. I adore the scriptwriter for her idea to make us guess so many times : who among those friends will announce their marriage, who from 2 men is the baby's father, and everything other that made it a creative deductive plot. Everything is tricky at first but clear at last. 3. It's always funny to hear the goats bleating in the gags, hahaha. 4. That fangirls' lives, that great chemistry between In-Guk and Eunji, and their awesome acting skills (even Hoya made it almost perfect too!) I'll always adore. I love Eunji's acting at Episode 2 after kissing, it's so unbelievably natural from head to toe!! I RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA A LOT! WORTH WATCHING <3

Ennanina What a great drama.really realistic & nostalgic! Highly recommended.

K actually, this drama was recommended by my friend to me long time ago, saying that this drama was about teenagers back in 1997, and i kind of ignore it, and thinking it back, 1997 was the year of H.O.T, Sechskies and the year next was Shinhwa! my friend kept persuading me to watch this drama and all I ask, is there any member of H.O.T and Shinhwa making appearances in that drama? no Shinhwa but yes H.O.T. " ok, I'll watch ", i said. man~ how happy i was to see them again, though only Tony.. and the happiest was during last episode, and my heart exploded and on fire when DBSK made appearance (though through name again) dae~bak! if I want to put my role in this drama, Taewoong's wife will be perfect, heheh~

Intan I don't know what will happen in the future, but I'm pretty sure, this will be one of THE BEST Korean drama EVER!!!!!! ( to me, most definetly).. Love all the casts, all the scenes, and the story. All so sweetttt and funny in the right time and right place.. Yoon ji and Shi won are solo perfect together, especially on the last 2 episodes... Can't wait to see the sequel ( or prequel?) Reply 1994. Most highly recommended for all of you Korean drama fans!!!

oho At first when i read the synopsis,i feel reluctant to watch and i didnt think of giving it a try..but now im glad that i watched this's funny,unique,fresh and suprisingly i get hooked..give it a try people!!!

Sa.Ho This is one of the funniest drama I've ever seen . I just love it . Highly recommended .

... among all the kdramas i've ever watched, this one is the best !! it doesn't have the same old tiny pieces of cliches you fing in All korean dramas . it's hilarious. and each episode isn't one hour. so it doesn't get annoyingly boring like any other korean series. and its the only series that i never pushed the next button because it get freakishly bor-ing! this series is amazing! and for the viewer's sake will you make more of this kind of series with the standards that this one have provided?

SHADAN Hi! I love this drama alot!It is a different part of korean dramas!!! It was fantastic! the story was as good as rooftop prince!so It should give tv rewards!!!:)

Yoo Amazing drama~~~ i even didn't skip any part of this drama.............. it's a very refreshing drama... all character is amazing...... ALL.... including the cameo~~~~ LOVE IT,,, watch it, never make regret~~~ it's make laugh and laugh... ^^

Wendilynn Excellent drama. With a well told story, excellent acting and good direction this one steals your heart. Difficult topics are handled beautifully and there is much humor. The multiple love stories aren't perfect but they are relatable and handled well. I resisted for a long time because I didn't want to watch another "HS drama", but this isn't one. Loved it!

Eksdy Best drama!! I love all the characters ,.. I need part two!


v v luv This drama should get an award !! I've watched A LOT of dramas. But this one is truly different and the best and will be my favourite one ..

elle one of the best !!! great drama ..Luv it :))

Sheena Love love love it!! Everything is perfect in this drama!!!

airrr This drama surely one of a kind!! NICE ONE! GREAT ENDING! Even though they are new actors, their act are amazing!! Cute enough to be a teenagers but not so childish when they act as adults SUPER :")

k4rin well, one of the best korean drama series! :)

dec I personally thank you to the writer and the director. You guys did a fine job for moving the time back and forth and did a finest work by brought back such as 90's culture,attire,icon,trend etc. I feel like I'm living my high school again for crazy 'bout boyband and couldn't stop talking 'bout them like everyday at school, to put on their posters over the wall, to put on a fight with my mom cuz she's sicken the way I adored my idols. Everything at this move was just right.

My fave scene is when shi-won parents has to send their daughter for college but both shi-won and her parents couldn't express their feeling in how much they'll miss each other around and I'm feeling it.

To all the casts you did a terrific job although it seems like some of the characters doesn't suit the age for high school pupils and Yoon Tae-Woong doesn't seem aged at all in fact he has ages gap to his little brother, I'm just saying. overall this drama succeeded brings back good memories in 90's. Once again thank you ^,^



Kim Ye Jin I have to say this is the best drama I've ever watched... And I've watched A LOT of dramas. But oh my god, I fell in love with Seo In Guk and Hoya and Eunji. I think Seo In Guk and Eunji are so perfet for each other. And Hoya is so beautiful <3

Lin jing jing Recommended for all.. Great story line and Happy Ending for male/female lead.


meeeh i don't know why, i think this drama is not popular in korea. and maybe, the cast are not too famaous as an actrees/actor. but it's really really good drama and the cast are have skill on acting. this drama makes you keep guessing. i was confused all the time. its always unpredictable on each episode. its recommended for all ppl. especially for people who loves k-drama! anyway, i watched it online, then i think i want to download it. because, i want to watch it again again and again. does anyone knows where the website for download this drama with english subtitle? thanks:)

ymzgji19'\h[v highly recommended!!!! this drama is amazing, make me feel sad, happy, and laugh at the same time

Zelaii kenat get over dis kdrama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! daebak. Favorite next to king2hearts. emergard

Soohwa i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*i want season 2*_*

junsuinmyheart totally must watch drama and one of the 2012 best drama. really worth to watch over and over. my personal favorite drama. go watch!!

Bailey I love this show! Even though this show has the idols, but the acting feel right at ease and the script is absolutely perfect. It's 100 x better than certain idol filled dramas like To The Beautiful You.

Evilive Omg so short for a sitecom. I want more!!!

namratha i love this drama.........soooooooo much

Peejay I agree, this drama is underrated. I've watched up to Epi 14 and it's the best episode so far! The drama started out soso! but as each episode unfold, you get a look at each of the characters story - some funny, some sad stories. I really love it and really look forward to each epi, like I did with A Gentleman's Dignity, and before that, Coffee Prince. Horray to the female lead character Sung Shi-Won played by Jung Eun-Ji, who has a very strong personality and always says what is in her heart. But sorry, I do not get the obsession with the boy groups. Just wondering how they will still develop the story when almost all the characters' love stories have reached their peak, and it's only Epi 14. I hope the ending will not be a disappointment, like Fashion King How many episode are there anyway?

detia That the girl is Shin So Yul? the girl in the Hoya's sitcom ?

Min.Sung I didn't think this drama would be a big hit in Korea. xD

Tori Have to admit. The first episode I was like this is going to suck big time. Then when I saw that it had practically 5 stars on Drama Fever I was like, hmmmm something must be good. So I watched episode 2 and I've been hooked ever since. I love this drama and hope it gets like 24 episodes. (^ ^)

lana this is 1000000 times better than to the beautiful you! everyone should watch this...!

Zashi8 Underrated but surprisingly amazing..:)

tiik it's a sitcom right ? its much funnier than others kdrama i love it. i guess life as a fan girl is also hard ..

Yong-in The great drama with the great storyline!

I never easily fall into K-Drama before, but this one definitely stole my heart. The leading casts are relatively new, but they prove themselves to be talented and great in acting. Without too much spectacular and glamorous reception, this drama rising its greatness week-by-week that never expected before

I feel this drama is underrated. But if you watch this, you'll find out it is different and fresh. It is realized us: "our life is actually a heart-touching comedy with a full of misunderstanding days that stretched since we born until our own death later"

zoe This drama is awesome!! I love it^^"

HanisLee Daebak!!! got HOYA INFINITe..!! i like it ~^^

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