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  • Name: Song Jong-Ho
  • Hangul: 송종호
  • Birthdate: October 5, 1976
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:187cm
  • Blood Type:


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iLoveSJK So disappointed! Why he died in "The Girl Who Sees Smells" that early?

iLoveSJK Somehow disappointing, why he died so early in "The Girl Who Sees Smells"

iLoveSJK I really hate him when he played as antagonist in "The Suspicious Housekeeper" and other dramas which I don't remember. I even cussed him in my mind and so so. But when I saw him in "Reply 1997", my perspective in him alter. I fell in love with him. I really like him there. He is truly an awesome actor. I want him to be a protagonist in a drama, like his role in "Reply 1997", perhaps a lead role.

      • I just realized that he is also part in "Princess' Man", I don't even noticed him there, but he acted very good, my eyes and mind were just focused on particular things, that's why.

Ella OMG!!! Totally in love with this dude! I first saw him in the Princess's Man and my heart just went out to him. I basically just watched him and him only. I was soo sad the way it ended in the Princess's Man, but then i found the Fugitive of Joseon and i totally loved his character! he's sooo hot and just sooo adorable in all of his actions! Love him soooooooo much!

mabiaki sixb I love his smile,just his big fanz.

mabiaki sixb im deeply just fall in love with Song jong ho.He is cool,manly and just a type of guy im looking.Im his big fans.

kaavindya his acting is excellent, clever and amazing in the princess man k drama! i wish him all the best!!!!!!

pachiko he's really great in THE REASON WHY I'M GETTING MARRIED. that's a great special drama, so why it doesn't appear on the list above? I like him and his acting so damn much

mimiya He also played the tennis instructor in "First Love of a Royal Prince", was a small role, nonetheless, it should be listed above.... he was very handsome in shorts and tank top showing off his amazing body!!!

sichipta have been finished watch The Reason I’m Getting Married (Drama Special ). why this drama is not at his list..? ITS A REALLY GOOD DRAMA... i cried so bad

blacksweet have been finished watch The Reason I’m Getting Married | 내가 결혼하는 이유 (Drama Special / 2014.04.11). why this drama is not at his list..? ITS A REALLY GOOD DRAMA...

Elena Such a hot and talented actor! I didn't watch much K drama but after I stumbled upon the Princess' Man, I got hooked because of Song Jong-ho. Then I began to watch his other works like The Fugitive of Joseon, The Suspicious Housekeeper and even the movie, The Grand Heist. I'm aware there are many talented actors in Korea, but SJH is the only Korean artist I truly adore.

I don't mind him playing antagonist roles because he played his roles very well and those antagonist roles seem to suit him well too. He looks hot even as the bad guy, sometimes overshadowing the lead actors. He has that mysterious aura which is so alluring, heart-melting and sexy.

I wish him the very best in his future undertakings.

mimiya Fell in love w/ him in Princess' Man...Wonderful acting.... Also, his eyes, his lips, oooohhh soooo handsome.... Hope to see more of him...

Mizuko I totally agree with the other comments. Just finished watching The Princess' Man, and I had my eyes on him all the time (instead of the lead, Park Shi Hoo. OMG. Sorry. XD) His smile is just too adorable that it's so precious. :"> Plus, he's REALLY good in acting. I love the way he expresses himself with his eyes. >w< Now I'm planning to watch all his drama.. It's just too painful that all his roles are only for the second-lead. But I know someday he'll get that big break that he really deserves, and when that time comes, I'll be as happy as every fan can be. Keep up the good work~! I'm from the Philippines, btw. :)) I'll be waiting for your Lead Role~ <3

joanne keep up the good work .... you deserve a 100...

micha Now,I'm done with the "Fugitive of Joseon"...My regrets that I just let FOJ passed last year in KBS w'out finishing the series, but I do remember that masculine personality when I watched some of FOJ episodes,I was attracted by the expression of SJH's eyes and charming smile..Then just this year, I've watched "Princess's man", SJH caught my attention again, and I was like, "Ei, that charming face, I've seen it before huh?the difference only was the moustache, and BOOM! Omg! In my mind I was like screaming YES,I REMEMBER IT RIGHT, HE'S THE GUY!,Omg!,"..and so i do i did my research about him..And now, SJH is on my #1 list! I like him more than the lead actors.I'll pray for more success on his career and that he is always happy!, so that I can always see that smile, that cutest smile ever!...Such a big fan of him, from Philippines! MAHal KITA Song Jong HO!!! God bless you more! :-) mwah mwah mwah!

sandra dewi ondang Just finished "Suspicious Housekeeper" and Song Jong-Ho replace Bae Yong Joon and Song Seung Heon from my heart. Previously, if I went to other Asian cities, I searched for Korean drama/movies with those two actors. Now, I am in love with Song Jong-Ho.

Well, the story of Suspicious Housekeeper was not really good, but, the actors-actress play good in their role.

When you come to Jakarta Indonesia, I do hope to see you (well hope to get a chance to meet you personally).

Keep shinning, keep sharpening your acting skills. Good Bless you.

Cheers, Sandra

micha He is simply charming..great actor.

leesc14 i falling for him in reply 1997 . his smile really make me melt and i wanna smile whenever i saw him smile . seriously i thought you hav a sweet smile . i love it :D

Dalisa I dont know why everytime i see you in dramas,you always being rejected like in The princess man and the strange housekeeper..Because ur acting was soo good and i cant hate you even you act as an antagonist,and suddenly knowing tht u 37,tht was 20 year diff from me~~~ But anyway,Keep it up ur amazning acting,Fighting!!!

desah kissable lips #smootch

cho he's really not brother with song joong ki right? they look like each other so much :S

Anitha Oh my God!!! Song Jong Ho oppa .....saranghae.... U are soo's awesome . The strange housekeeper only got interesting when oppa make appearance...such a lovely wicked smile that almost melt my whole heart...unbelievable u just stole my heart... Looking forward for ur next drama...I really wish u will get leading role in ur future drama..finally,luv u lot...keep working hard...we are here to support u.

star you look a bit like lee ji hoon..

Gunn OMG i never even noticed that he is totally the brother of seo in guk in reply 1997

mystery such mystery and scaring man in 'suspicious housekeeper'..... but i like it.... make the drama more interesting..... AND i can't believe that you're 37.... looks like you're young in the drama... anyway saranghae.... <3


  • It hurts ): IT HURTS!!

PG I thought he's 27 or 28 when I first saw him in The Suspicious Housekeeper :0 BUT HE'S 37!! Its hurts ): ITS HURTS!!

Carola I loved him in "The Princess Man" ! He is able to show you all these emotions just by looking at his face - absolutely amazing !

Please give us more ... Thank you !

izabel Just now i pretend i am, let's say, 23 years old, or 18, and i can say that i am in love with you. It's so good to feel something like this. And it's so good to be someone else. You are so good actor, i don't understand why they don't recognize your value. I hope that you will be acting in many more dramas in the leading role. I'm pretty sure that you know exactly how handsome you are, but this make you more handsome, if this is possible. Well, happy birthday, for 5 october, oppa (unfortunately, not quite ). Saranghae.

dramalover you look like Patrick tam

Heiza Song Jong HO ! Song Jong Ho ! Song Jong Ho ! I just can't stop thinking about you. Your character as Lee Dosa In Heaven's will really interesting.... I feel like a dumb right now. everything I did, I think about you. what've you done to me??? Seriously, I'm head over heels in love with you >< I will wait for your new drama and support you! Gonna miss you, Lee Dosa :)

twichtwichie Song Jong Ho ! I will always remmeber that name. My Romantic warrior, Jung Hwan ini Fugitive Of Josoen. tsk tsk ! I knew , I'd watched ur drama before, but I forgt. Then, I realized. : It's THREEEEEEEEEEEE SISTERS !!! Lee Min Woo!!! The moment, I remembered , I ammm soooo regret because didn't notice you at that time ! and now, I'm watching back three sisters just becoz of you, Song Jong Ho ! In F.O.J , you're such a strong and machoo. but then, in Three Sisters , you're like a baby. crying.. crying.. and crying. Gonna love you forever..

Amelia Dear Song Jong Ho, I just want to let you know that you're soooo good looking , cutie , and eye-candy to me ~ HOT ! I love your role in Fugitive Of Joseon as Lee Jung Hwan. At first, I hated you because you're torturing my wookie ang byulie(!) I even thought you are one of protagonist in this drama. But , suddenly ~ It's changed ! You finally knew the truth and give a hand to choi won to reveal it ! (Is it for Woo Young >..< ahhh ! *melting* Song Jong Ho ! I really madly in LOVE WITH YOU!!!

JungHwan-WooYoung Hollycrapppp!!!!! Song Jong Ho ! I watched Fugitive Of Joseon and.. You capture my heart ! Your acting was impressive ! Such a good, charismatic and versatile actor ! I'm looking forward for your next drama :P [*demmit!* >.< I'm your fangirl from now on !!!] Love yaaaahhhh

eugenia Korean drama has of late improved in substance and quality of production . Of note , two drama stood out - The Fugitive of Joseon amd The Fugitive Plan B. The intelligent script and witty Idialogue contirbutes to the credence of the story and wriitng. I am not a fan of the much glossed K Wave melodramas with all its pretty boys and girls stars, but these two dramas stood out a cut above others.

The earnest facade ( yet hiding a softer demeanour ) of Measles Ghost or Dosa Lee by Song Jong Ho helped alleviate the drama to a certain tension and expectancy. Initially, Dosa Lee is one you would love to hate if not for the later development in the character subtlely lbrought out by Song Jong Ho in later episodes.

I am not surprised if Song Jong Ho, Lee Dong Wook (the lead in The Fugitive of Josen ) and Lee Jung Jin (of The Fugitive Plan B) spark the next genre of 'male' Korean heart throbs as in Bae Yong Jun did a decade ago.

Yoo Jong Ho oppa~~ first time i saw you in "The Fugitive of Joseon", you're really amazing actor, i really love it,, and after that i saw you in " reply 1997" i really love it.,, you really handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... haha.... am I too over,,, but i'm really like you acting,,, hope can see you in another amazing project... hwaiting oppa!!!!!!!!!

Tweety Song Jong Ho, I've wondered who you were from your first appearance as, "Measles Ghost". You have an intense look about you that really highlights your handsome face. Even though I wanted the other guy to win the princess' heart in, "The Princess' Man", your look is very distinguishing, I hope to see a lot more of you. You are very unique and handsome.- hmmm, their is an air of mystique about you...

Amieyra I love this drama .. especially Song Jong Ho .. Hope u will success .. Saranghae Song Jong Ho

sury Seriously in The Fugitive of Joseon, i'm just interested and waiting for your scene..

Fairy Song Jong Ho ! I really love your brilliant acting in Fugitive Of Joseon, SERIOUSLY ! You make a good pair with Kang Byul ! I just love both of you together and craving for more n more part of both of you, actually ~ hehehehe. Thank you ! *handsdown*

Yantie Razli I like him better in The Fugitive of Joseon. Much better with the beard and mustache...hehehe...u r handsome!

F-Girl i love your character in FUGITIVE OF JOSEON !! What a sweet couple with Kang Byul ^^

mink i love him so much... also i love drama three sisters... song jong ho oppa fighting...

elizabeth i love you Song Jong-Ho!

your character in the princess's man was really great!

you are so masculine to me! hehehe

rhose recio i love you song jong ho.. you make me fall in love with you...

ran 2 thumbs up for this actor, his character in MY PRINCESS MAN is awesome, he made me fall in love with him, i can't wait to met my own SONG JONG HO :)

Joan Song Jong Ho is such a great actor! He made me fall in love with him in The Princess's Man as Shin Myeon. That's right, he's not the leading man in that drama but he captivated my heart. Such deep emotions, such a gorgeous guy! He's so handsome and I can't get enough of him. He's so perfect and he's definitely the guy I dream about all the time. JONG HO, I LOVE YOU! :D ^_^

siopao first time i am watching Song jong ho. He did an outstanding performance in The Princess Man . Enough for me to look him up in the internet... well done ...

noona he seriously look like the guy from movie '' Miss Congeniality'' :3 maybe not ın pıctures but whenever ı watch hım ın Prıncess's man or answer 1997 ı feel like he is hım lol

tncdel Not bad as an actor.

Joy Very good actor in The Princess' Man. Very strong facial expressions. Actually, he would have fitted the role of Park Si Hoo better. Has a manly image that fits a "lover"'s role. Park Si Hoo was a bit less manly.

ms.yang song jong ho..very handsome frm the princess' man. love him acting the bad one who fall in love with his frewn gf.

Jee Dear Song Jong Ho, Your role in the "Princess' Man" really caught my attention. I think you're a great actor who evokes every possible emotions in any audience who is following the series. I hope you'll get a leading role in your next drama, hopefully as a good guy, this time. I adore your eyes, very seductive indeed!

Sarmila i like so much three sisters.. lovely drama..! n i like saranghae song vry nice.. n touching song also!

etty buchi i love u song jo ho.... u're soo cutee..... oh soo sweet.... i like u very much.... also i like jo an at drama three sister... saranghae song jo ho!!!

Rose Ann oh my gOsh! sOng jOng Ho is soOo cUte..yOh mah

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