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  • Drama: The Suspicious Housekeeper (literal & working title)
  • Revised romanization: Soosanghan Gajungboo
  • Hangul: 수상한 가정부
  • Director: Kim Hyeong-Sik
  • Writer: Baek Woon-Chul
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: September 23 - November 26, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Eun Sang-Chul (Lee Sung-Jae) and his four children encounter difficulties after the sudden death of his wife. Then, a suspicious housekeeper named Park Bok-Nyeo (Choi Ji-Woo) appears. Because of the housekeeper, Eun Sang-Chul and his children faces various cases and family members who hate each other begin to experience love and reconciliation.


  1. "Suspicious Housekeeper" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Empire of Gold" and will be replaced by "One Warm Word" December 2, 2013.
  2. Remake of 2011 NTV drama series "I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper".
  3. First script reading took place in August, 2013 at SBS Tanhyeon Production Studio in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.


The Suspicious Housekeeper-Choi Ji-Woo.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Lee Sung-Jae.jpg Kim So-Hyun The Suspicious Housekeeper-Chae Sang-Woo.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Nam Da-Reum.jpg
Choi Ji-Woo Lee Sung-Jae Kim So-Hyun Chae Sang-Woo Nam Da-Reum
Park Bok-Nyeo Eun Sang-Chul Eun Han-Gyeol Eun Doo-Gyeol Eun Se-Gyeol
The Suspicious Housekeeper-Kang Ji-Woo.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Wang Ji-Hye.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Park Keun-Hyeong.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Shim Yi-Young.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Kim Hae-Sook.jpg
Kang Ji-Woo Wang Ji-Hye Park Geun-Hyung Shim Yi-Young Kim Hae-Sook
Eun Hye-Gyeol Yoon Song-Hwa Woo Geum-Chi Woo Na-Young Manager Hong
The Suspicious Housekeeper-Bang Eun-Hee.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Hwang Jae-Won.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Lee Seung-Hyeong.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Seo Kang-Joon.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Park Ji-Bin.jpg
Bang Eun-Hee Hwang Jae-Won Lee Seung-Hyeong Seo Kang-Joon Park Ji-Bin
Eo-Jin's mother Oh Eo-Jin Eo-Jin's father Choi Soo-Hyuk Shin Woo-Jae
The Suspicious Housekeeper-Song Jong-Ho.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Jung Moon-Sung.jpg The Suspicious Housekeeper-Kwak Do-Won.jpg
Song Jong-Ho Jung Moon-Sung Kwak Do-Won
Jang Do-Hyung Tae-Sik Bok-Nyeo's ex-husband

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-23 1 NR 8.8% (15th) NR 9.3% (16th)
2013-09-24 2 NR 9.3% (19th) 8.1% (19th) 9.3% (16th)
2013-09-30 3 NR 9.2% (17th) NR NR
2013-10-01 4 NR 8.9% (16th) 7.5% (18th) 8.8% (16th)
2013-10-07 5 NR NR NR 8.0% (20th)
2013-10-08 6 NR NR NR 8.3% (18th)
2013-10-14 7 8.5% (15th) 10.7% (9th) 10.6% (9th) 12.2% (4th)
2013-10-15 8 10.3% (12th) 12.6% (10th) 11.1% (12th) 12.0% (9th)
2013-10-21 9 8.8% (20th) 10.7% (12th) 9.7% (16th) 11.0% (8th)
2013-10-22 10 10.2% (13th) 11.9% (8th) 10.5% (11th) 12.4% (7th)
2013-10-28 11 9.1% (19th) 11.1% (11th) 9.3% (15th) 10.4% (10th)
2013-10-29 12 NR NR 8.0% (17th) 9.0% (14th)
2013-11-04 13 NR NR 9.3% (16th) 10.4% (9th)
2013-11-05 14 8.8% (16th) 9.8% (15th) 10.3% (11th) 11.7% (8th)
2013-11-11 15 NR NR 9.3% (19th) 9.8% (15th)
2013-11-12 16 8.5% (18th) 8.8% (18th) 9.4% (17th) 10.6% (10th)
2013-11-18 17 NR NR 9.5% (19th) 10.7% (10th)
2013-11-19 18 NR 9.3% (18th) 9.0% (18th) 10.2% (14th)
2013-11-25 19 NR NR 8.9% (19th) 10.4% (11th)
2013-11-26 20 9.6% (15th) 10.5% (11th) 10.3% (13th) 11.7% (9th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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A Does anyone know what song park ji bin sang to kim so hyun in ep 8?

A does anyone know what song park ji bin sang to kim so hyun in ep 8? i really want to know the song....

kim so hyun I also like Park Geon tae, Jae hee, and Kim Jae won because I am prettier than Kim yoo jung and Hyun Seung Min and other girls in the world!

asa I cant believe for such a great drama, the ratings are so average

asa what a lovely different from Korean cliché dramas..although it is a copy of Japanese drama..lee sung jae and choi ji woo acting is immensely the four kids have acted so naturally and maturely..also the elder couple comic timing is just great..and the ending episode is so touching and complete..overall one of the best Korean dramas in terms of story, acting, emotions

HL toh I have to say , very good and meaningful drama :)

mi rae it's been almost two years since this drama was released and i have to say, after numerous times of watching it over and over again, i still fall for the parts where when they're happy, i feel happy; when they're sad, i feel sad; and when they cry, i cry too. it's an emotional roller coaster, i may say hehe.. really recommended to everyone especially those who are family-oriented and should be family-oriented. it's a really good show for a family/life lesson to all. :)

Mari Very heart warming drama, very good. Ms. Choi Ji Woo is the best and very good actress indeed I love her so much.

Amber This is one well made drama worth watching! I appreciate how it's done plus the fact that Choi Ji Woo is my favorite. The actors are great all of them. I like this drama, there are lessons to reflect on. Thumbs up to the lead actress CJW and to this drama;)

kez the fact that Park Ji bin(woo jae oppa) was in this drama made me love it more. I liked the teacher at se gyeol's school. Great work everyone.!!! CJW fighting.

Superwoman Great drama and acting by all! Love the fabulous CJW, she deserves an excellance award for her portrayal of the housekeeper! Great job!

dramaqueen CJW deserves an excellence award for her acting in this drama. Superb! The beautiful and talented CJW fighting!

Janet I wasn't intended to watch this one but after readying comments on this page, I decided to give this drama a try!!very pleased with it till now ( 14 episode) and moved by the housekeeper character (Choi Ji-Woo). there is sth different in this drama that distinguish it from all Kdramas Ive ever watched (can say almost out of 30 ones!!!).

Dr Muzammil I was skeptical to watch this drama, mostly bcz of low ratings. But started somehow and hooked to it. It is not a regular common flower boy k drama but more family oriented with interesting plot. I loved the acting of Choi Ji-Woo. she really did a great job as a suspicious housekeeper... All children acting skills were superb especially the youngest cute girl.....

It is must drama for every k drama fans, who want change for time being from regular flower boy romantic stories or from action ones.... Must watch !!

TKJ The youngest daughter was so adorable and such a sweetheart, loved it when she imitated the housekeeper, so cute!

Yoon Kai Raa it has a unique story, completed by the cast's good acting. especially choi ji woo, she is no wonder one of the greatest korean actress. i felt the warm feeling of the familly when i watched it. so sad the rating not so good.

Magdalena I must say that the drama is good and very touching. It is more focus on the family. I love the smallest child, Hye Geol, her acting is good. Also Sae Geul is so cute and handsome. Overall this drama is nice and all the main characters are doing their acting very well. Daebakk!!! Congrats to all and Fighting... ^ ^

Kay This drama is really good! especially with her ​​children Of the four children that's my favorite Eun Sae Gyeol because he was the coolest especially with his acting I LOVE U NAM DA REUM

Evelyn Moran Oh my Gosh ! This is soooo good..... I have to read the English but that's ok... This woman is amazing actress..... I love it ! All the characters are so real. I'm from Long Beach California.

SLee One of the most heartbreaking yet heartwarming dramas ever! Superb acting by all cast members and wonderful ending, although I had hoped there were more love scenes between Sang Chul and Bok Nyeo throughout and more apparent (physical) changes to Bok-Nyeo/Eun Soo at the end. But nevertheless, a must-watch drama.

mirool I really recomended this drama to all the kdrama lovers out there! It's well done and the cast also do their best job especially Choi Jiwoo. the child actors are really professional and making you cry and laugh. THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA I'VE EVER WATCH. although it can't beat the orignal drama, Kaseifu no Mita with 40% but whatever.

sylvia I love this drama so much,I was thinking the housekeeper is their mum,that she came back to be a house keeper to know how her children and husband are doing,But they did a wonderful work,specially the children.

Kristine Lovah lova love it! Nice ending, Great watch! Daebak!

dulliseo @mary : it's "I'm Asking You" sang by Lim Kim/Kim Yerim (Togeworl) :)

Enrique Choi Ji-Woo has given her best performance in this drama. No words can express how amazing her role is. The kids are great. They make you cry, smile, laugh, etc. The father is also great. I finished episode 12 and I can't wait to watch episode 13. For me, this is the best show I've ever watched. Amazing cast and screenplay. Guys don't miss this show, it's is one of the best dramas ever.

lala very good drama! comeback of hallyu choi ji woo!!

cookies OMG THE ENDING WAS JUST PERFECT! it was just the perfect balance of everything. made me cry at the last episode. its just that marvelous! THIS IS A RECOMMENDED KOREAN DRAMA TO WATCH! :DDD

Pishon lee Mary . It's I'am Asking You ... The Suspicious Housekeeper OST

mary Hey does anyone knows the song that translates something like: what should I do ( the korean one) sung by a lady?

CW Oh! I also wanted to say, those kids, make me cry and laugh at the drop of a hat!!!! They are doing a great job!

CW I have just started to watch this drama, on ep 4. I am intrigued! I found myself trying to figure out the housekeeper. She an android? She a sociopath? What's the story there? (Don't tell me, hehe) Then it suddenly gets into deeper issues. I find the father's disinterest in having kids nor his wife and being completely honest about it, interesting. There are many parents in the world, especially older generations, in which they just got married and had kids, whether they wanted to or not, now because of overpopulation, societies in countries everywhere, can decide more so, if they really WANT to have kids. This is actually a very new thing and I feel much of the world struggles to understand it. Asian people have strong family values, so to have this issue come out so blatantly, is quite enlightening. It led me to think alot about this issue and my own parents. I have come to a strong result that I personally believe, that you should marry for love and have kids because you want to. But this drama, which I absolutely love about Korean dramas, brings up all kinds of conversation one could have about this subject alone and it's only episode 4!!!! This is the very reason I've fallen for Kdrama. So far, I'm very much enjoying this drama, keep up the good work!!!

san i hope that bok nyeo and the children's father will end up together at the end..... i hope they change the script a little compared from the japanese version's ending. there's still hope from episode 18 onwards.... 2 MORE EPISODES AND ONE MORE WEEK TO GO! ^^

kai where is Park Jibin?

Kristine @Jennifer, I hope w/ combination of 'Sound of Music (w/o music)', just the governess marrying the household father part. But dont know if this Korean version will follow the JP orig., if indeed then its just plain Nanny McPhee adaptation.

Jennifer Oh! So It's like Nanny McPhee?

Chloe Love this drama, hoping going to be happy end not like JP ending. And for choi ji woo I always love her movies, she so beautiful. I hope to see her next drama with song Jong ho they make a great couple.

Kristine Understand now why this drama is having its fair share and rating well in S.Korea. Just saw the Japanese orig., each has its own way of presenting this story, but I think I love this version more, very interesting: like the love triangle twist (longer presence of dad's lover-antagonist), like the kids character esp love the boys & youngest girl who played in here, and Housekeeper's past they relive in present w/ the family helping her to deal with (the stalker is so annoying). But I do really hope, they would have a different Ending in this version than the Japanese. Would love if Mita found her new home and get back to her old self as a loving mom & wife, as a human. Btw, Choi Ji Woo is great here, she suits very well the Mom role.

syahrilaiyub why SJH really got this kinda of character? its the same as mandate of heaven character.....

anna this suspicious housekeeper drama is highly recommended is unique and interesting

€den_n$h@ I really love this drama.I love the housekeeper..she's so beautiful like that

Isha This is better than heirs from the USA

Ahmutt In ep 13, why does the Sang Chul need to account to CEO Jang and Song Hwa whether he is going or marry Bok Nyeo. It's none of their biz. He's free to marry if he wants to.

Mattie Ok, I'm hooked on this drama. I missed the first 3 episodes but caught up as fast as I could. I wish I had a housekeeper like this growing up.

nekahefit Love this drama. I didn't watch the original one but I did watched the last episode , in the end the housekeeper remained as the housekeeper of somebody else so I hope that this Korean version (since its a remake) will have a happy ending (where Bok Nyeo-nim will be their step mother) :-) I'm hoping for a very very happy ending. ♥

Khin I really wish Park Bo Neo falling in love with the kids' father and they all live together! I want a happy ending!!!

taesung one of the best unique korean drama.

I_love_you I really like actor Park Ji Bin.. He's so cute

cheonsa song jong ho portrayed as seo ji hoon brilliantly . he made such a good job. and i really miss his versatility in my onscreen tv >.< fighting the strange housekeeper!

Kay SILLY STUFF!!! Thumbs down on this one!

LenLen_ph please watch this drama in korea! it has different plot. i hope the rating will be high... thogh my other fave Ha Ji Won drama will start on monday with the same time slot. good luck to both!

lhenzkie_ph I AM VERY HOOKED TO THIS DRAMA!!! i love you choi ji-woo! you are better than the original! i love her acting and style.. she is very elegant! i cry a lot in episode 10. i just love this series. i hope the ending will be different. i want her to be the stepmom and never leave the family :)

ObsessKpop Love the drama so far!! But it's funny how Chae Sang Woo calls Kim So Hyun Noona(Older Sister) even when he's 3 months older. It seems like nobody notice that he's older than her. XD

Rere Ah.. This drama rating finally going up after Good Doctor end.. Suspicious Housekeeper jjang. ^^ Love this drama soo much..

lynn Why is the rating so low? It's such a good drama. I love it!! Watch this great drama!!

hyesnow01 this drama is so daebak.. can't wait for for the next ep [ep 7] .❤ nam da reum ^^.. please release ep 7 faster..

Kay I have a "suspicion" that this housekeeper will become more humanized and a member of this household. Not having seen the original version, I'm just going on gut feeling.

minnie @RPop: he is Park Ji Bin (who played as Woo Jae)

RPop Does anyone know who is the actor who played Woo Jae, and the actor who played the douche boyfriend ?

genz Love this drama. I didn't watch the original one so I can't compare the two, but this Korean version is so addicting. Hye Gul made me cry when she asked her Dad if he loves her. I read the summary of it, in the end the housekeeper remained as the housekeeper of somebody else so I hope that this Korean version (since its a remake) will have a happy ending (where Bok Nyeo-nim will be their step mother) :-)

I'm hoping for a very very happy ending. ♥

Pika This is the remake for Japanese Drama Series "Kaseifu No Mita". And i have to say that the Japanese version of the housekeeper was so much well played by Matsushima Nanako. She was more expressionless.

wiso Just watched the first episode. Have to say I'm completely hooked. Great first episode. I can already tell I'm not gonna like the father. Another one for the list

YeojinGoo Ma Yeo Jin and Park Bok Nyeo are same to be not smiling at all hahaha

YeoJinGoo Hahahaha THIS IS DE JA VU!!! Park Bok Nyeo in this korean adaptation is really same with the main character Ma Yeo Jin of "The Queen's classroom"HAHAHA BOTH ARE COLD, AND MYSTERIOUS BUT THEY ARE BOTH GENIUS AND IMPRESSIVE WITH THEIR PROFESSIONS HERE xD

sweet potayo days Frigging love this drama from the first episode I was sold. Actually I'm was already convinced when talks about this drama about Choi his woo in the summertime. Very intriguing theme and love the family centered aspect of it all. I'm hooked.

OPPA!!!!! oppa!!!!!! sarangheyo!!! hwaiting!!! =D

Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm They are okay... I prefer the jap version slightly more though... Korean one is diferent..butnot too shabby

Great gatsby You know why this drama is so awesome its because its JAPANESE

Typical koreans This is the typical kdrama lover...

Oppa!! Hwaiting!! Saranghaeyo!! I love ----- actor!! Hwaiting... So much better than --- version!!

ja-ja The guy with headphones is Seo Kang Joon ;)

kdrama lover who was the guy in headphones in the trailer ?

Sona I think they remade an amazing drama! I have to say this one was quite different from all other Japanese drama I had watched before. The good thing about this drama it shows everyone in a different light. I mean most dramas do, but this one is quite unique, it tackles family, a father and his children. A women who can smile but choose not to. It is interesting. I think they choose a right one to remake.

junpei mizocendol I think this time they remake a wrong drama. They should've do copies of quality dramas and there are lots of scripts in Japan that are a lot more worthy enough to be remade with. The original version itself is an overrated crap and I highly doubt this one will ever be better.

farah Just watched the first episode and i LOVED IT..♥♥♥

Girl Who was the guy with the headphones in the trailer!!

-0-0 the japapnese version was good, but there really was no real plot to it, and i hate dramas with no couples whatsoever (the mistery was'nt good enough) - so if thats the same here i think it will be a so-so drama..

Queen That sounds interresting! :3

kpoplover i love all the child actors and actresses but my idol is KIM SO HYUN i love her she is the best young actress. she is the one who made me want to become and actress. KIM SO HYUN you are my inspiration!!!!

Ruth Cañedo Wow im so excited in this drama , because i have my Idol there and it's Kim So Hyun .. I love him i will support him .. Jeongmal Saranghamnida eonie :* <3

TruthTeller1 Japanese version> korean version.

soĺar Korean version of kaseifu no mita.Japanese actress Nanako was simply brilliant and others also gave a solid performance.Usually the korean remakes are not that great,but interesting to see choi-ji-woo gracing the silver screen after quite some time.

Truth Teller Just for the record; Korean dramas based upon Japanese dramas (at least the ones that I've seen) do not (nor do they need to) completely follow the stories that they are adapted from. They borrow the premise and mold them in their own style (often considering weekly fan input when certain story arcs or characters become popular and individual players whose take on the characters require script or action changes). It's not like playing a piece of orchestral music and attempting to capture each note as it is written on the page. So please do not be put off by the voices of those who think that they know the outcome for it remains to be seen...

True2U @Dante the second one I remember is My Boss My Hero Korean Movie that was made into a J drama. The K-Movie My Sassy Girl was also made into a drama."Hotelier" is another one and K Drama Hit series "My Girl", and the list can go on. Everyone adopt from each other, so I really don't care if a remake is done. Ex. Should a country choose to do a remake a few of my fav, I'll just check out a few episodes or just chose not to watch them. Case in point "My Lovely Sam Soon and Coffee Prince" which was remade into a Philippine drama. I didn't watch the remakes of those because it didn't grab me/ I could only see Kim Sun Ah as Sam Soon(She's my bias), yet I've read comments on them being good.

Never watch Bad Guy, It looked too tiring so I skip that drama. And yes I can understand why it buys you. It's like plagiarizing and getting credit for what someone else did.

True2U @dante 1st Drama would be Ikemen desu ne aka "You're Beautiful". I'll give you the second one later. I have to run to class.

billy bays i don't understand why korea has to once again make a remake...

dante @True2U: Ok, then please name just two J-Drama that adopt K-Drama.. As for myself, I can hardly think even for one title.

Actually I got no problem too. It just bugs me when some K-Drama adopt certain elements of J-Drama but don't give any references. Just compare Bad Guy (K-Drama) & Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi.

True2U @ The Comment below. Both countries adopt from each other. It's not ONLY Korea that makes remakes of a another country dramas. Japan and China do it too. I have no problem with remakes. If you don't want to watch it, that's fine, but some of us are looking forward to it.

U-don't-no-who-i-am WHAAAATTT????!!!!! NO.........WAY!!!! The original is Japanese version.... Why Korea always make a new Korean version..... I like the Japanese version. And I think Korea shouldn't copy it :(((((

lovely kim so hyun kim so hyun my idol..

Adhe Talla Choi Ji Woo eonni JJANG.

Homer J Simpson I can't wait to see the eternally beautiful Choi Ji-woo returning, once again! Her tears become mine and her smiles as well. Welcome back to the undisputed Queen of Hallyu!!

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