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  • Name: Choi Ji-Woo
  • Hangul: 최지우
  • Birthdate: June 11, 1975
  • Birthplace: Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood Type: A


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mimin CJW, i don't hate you nor a fan of yours... but i really really really hate your character in "temptation"...but i guess it means that your acting is offense, but i really hope that your character "yoo se young" won't have a happy ending.

Russ CJW, I am a great fan of yours. You are the coolest and the most beautiful person, especially in this drama Temptation. I love your character SY, the beauty, warmth, honesty with leadership. CJW, keep up the good work, looking forward to your next movie or drama! I would like to also hear good news about your love relationship soon because you deserve to be happy!

namja CJW, you are beautiful and amazing! I've watched all your work and have to say your are the reason for me watching the latest drama Temptation! Looking forward to the next episode!

Junkuy lee You are the only person in this world who touch my heart deeply in movie Winter Ballad and celebrity lover I enjoyed your script words and can tell you are a person with a big heart I shall always remember you thanks so much touch my life Junkuy lee ( lambert)

Junkuy lee I enjoyed every movie that you have made / I just recently got out Army National Guard my unit went to Iraq you are gifted person with a big heart.

Superduper Ditto @Yacobus Jimmy. Choi Ji Woo is the best!

YACOBUS JIMMY CHOI JI-WOO , you re really a best and, a beautiful asia actress I ve seen, since a serial drama WINTER SONATA ,that always remembering in my heart.. your act left my deep impression and many fans of that drama series...

Dezang Loved everyone in stairway to heaven...

mirriam corpuz Hello my irreplaceable idol! I may not be able to meet you i know coz it's impossible, but i do hope my message would reach you. I always love you as an actress because of your tremendous acting skill in all your dramas and movies. the're may be new actors of this generation out there who are very popular but someone like you is still irreplaceable! making this message and sending it to you is a wonderful dream come true!!! Stay healthy...

Dana she was amazing in (the suspicious housekeeper) Ji woo ssi fighting

kye schultz Choi ji woo, You are the best because your acting in winter sonata proved to me that you deserved the best place in tv or movie drama.

I loved your every acting with pureity and genuine gesture. In the past no one proved that for me and you have acted an excellent way and just couldnot be more perfect for Bae yon joon in winter sonata. Of course Bae is also an excellent drama star. however, in this particular drama Choi ji woo you enhanced winter sonata story more meaninful to millions and millions of people. Both actors has done an excellent job. subsquently you both have filled so many people with so much joy and happiness. Furthermore, you both presented to many people in an excellent way that what is real love is. I also must say that all of the supporting actors has done an excellent job. well done! ( In 10 days I watched 5 times. )

I also would like to send my sincere appreciation for the Winter Sonata writer and producer for the making this unforgetable tv drama. This love story was very impressive because there was no sex scens but created most unforgetable memory, Very respectfull !!! Winter Sonata is the best in all tv or movie in the world. Be proud!!!

SSrHealover =) I've watched most of their drama series, she is one of the most popular korean actress in the Philippines.i hope song seong heon and choi are been together in movie or drama series....

L I've never been attached to the KDramas before, but after I finished The Suspicious Housekeeper and noticed Ji Woo through her excellent acting... I started to watch her mega-hit dramas like winter sonata and stairways to heaven, and now... I'm addicted to KDramas. XD Great job, Choi Ji Woo! Can wait for your next performance :)

thorn I'm disappointed that this site fails to list all of Choi Ji Woo's works. I especially miss "truth/Honesty" If a classic work like that is missing.. from a megga super star like Choi Ji Woo... what else is missing?? Choi Ji Woo is my favorite actress regardless of nationality. Even tho i have to understand her lines with subtitles. I consider her one of the greatest actresses of all time. When it comes to drama.. THE BEST! *Ps... (make more movies Choi Ji Woo!!!)

Mark Pool God, she was wonderful in First Kiss!

June I do not really pay attention in some of Mis. Choi's drama. But after I saw Suspicious Housekeeper,I fell in love with her acting. Now,I just finished to watch stair way to heaven. It was so Perfect. Lovet it! Love you Choi shie...

June I always like your performs in your movies/dramas. But in Suspicious housekeeper,I saw the best of you. You were success to be so "mother"! Congratulation! Cannnot wait to see your other performs. Saranghae Choi onnie.. Best regards from Indonesia.

malenskie choi ji woo, please don't wait another 2 years to have a new drama series or a movie..we really missed watching you. Good luck and keep on smiling!

thornnnn Choi Ji Woo, GODDESS! Never in my life have i appreciated an actress as much as Choi Ji Woo! I can't believe she got fired by a director before. They should make a movie about that! Honesty/Truth, Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, Suspicious Housekeeper i have seen so far. Please make more movies Choi Ji Woo! You are not only a national treasure of Korea, but of the world!

lala very great actress indeed! just finished watching suspicious housekeeper!

SuperShadow96 Wow..... she is so monotone in The Suspicious Housekeeper... never seen a side like her before....... Epic acting in that one!

Truth Teller I can't wait to see her beautiful smile, once again, when she walks up the steps to the podium to accept the 'Best Actress Award' for her role as Bok-Nyeo-nim in 'Suspicious Housekeeper'! One of the world's great beauties and, as previously stated below, the undisputed "Queen of Hallyu". No if's, ands, or buts about it... ;)

hajarhel wooow she has the same day of birth like me <3

lyn wow she is so good in THE SUSPICIOUS HOUSE KEEPER ,,,,WOOOOOOW

somariah I have watched winter sonata more than 10 times, n never bored watching it again n again. Every scene is so wonderful n touching n it never happens to any other dramas I have watched. Both choi ji woo n bae yong joon are really perfect couple. They have very good match n good chemistry. I do hope the director makes the sequel of winter sonata. Hopefully they also become real couple in real life since both are single.

Prescilla Very talented actress, elegant and beautiful. Hope to see her soon in movies or drama.

jo gilland Beauty & elegance. She is deserving of all the accolades. Winter Sonata & Star's Lover are my favorites.

Jareed I've watched two of your drama shows and I must say they are both good..I specially like Winter Sonata.. I hope to see more of you in a drama series soon..

Elena Dear Ji-Woo, I want to wish you Happy Easter . For me you are an exceptional actress, beautiful, your movies and dramas I have seen I liked very much, but what I love most is Winter Sonata together with another well known actor Bae Yong Joon. I hope that in the future you and Yong Joon will continue together another beautiful dramas. I have a boy born in the same year as you. Once again I wish you all the best in your future dramas and movies.

With love Elena/ Helen

Vivian She is the best of the best actress that I have known. Step to Haven and Winter Sonata are my Korea favorite movies of all. I don't know how many times I have cried when I watched Winter Sonata even thought I don't like to watch any movie twice, except this one.

Einstein Welcome aboard @Terry (comment #12)! That is the very way that Princess Ji-woo hit me after reading the hype and then witnessing 'Winter Sonata' firsthand. You fall into her eyes and never leave. (That is, until villainess Park Sol Mi shows up and then I'm momentarily distracted... ;) She has had the same effect on me through 'Rondo', 'Beautiful Days', and repeated viewings of the classic 'Winter Sonata'. She remains as fresh and pure as new fallen snow...

Terry I've just seen Winter Sonata and was blown away by Choi Ji-woo. She was simply exotic in this mini-series. When she was on the screen, I couldn't take my eyes off her, not even to blink. I didn't think I'd find an actress I liked as well as Han Hye-joo, (Spring Waltz & Shining Inheritance) but I have. She, quite frankly, makes the camera disappear. I can't believe that performance was 10 years ago. We're a little behind the curve over here in America. I'm trying to catch up on Netflix and I will be looking for as much of her work as I can find. If it means anything, she has one more devoted fan in LA. I wish her the best.

Thy Adha She will appear on Running Man Ep. 126 this evening ^^

qha yoon wo their performances in winter sonata will be remembered ever.. i'll show it to my generations.. to choi ji-woo and bae yong-joon, both of you are the most greatest actor and actress that korea had born ever..i adore you guys!!! =D

qha yoon wo when i read this such amazing article, i cannot denied that choi ji-woo is an outstanding actress in korea ever. she's the one who had started the hallyu queen,she and bae yong joon is the couple that had made a big bang in asian drama industry. i don;t know but, their

Suzie Choi Ji Woo is a class of her own, with her talent, her elegance, and most of all her humble nature. She's a great actress who can produce amazing chemistry with her co-stars. Of course, her outstanding height is a plus too. No wonder she is still standing strong in the entertainment industry that fills with fierce competition.

ayin CJW...her face like angel in korean drama Winter her acting a lots....

Waing Ho I love her acting in 'Winter Sonata'. Great performance.....

ALR April-15-2012 Finished watching 3 of Miss Choi Ji Woo dramas: Duke Celebrity Sweetheart and Can't lose (All with English subtitles) This young and beatiful Korean actress did an outstanding acting. Am not very young, so I remember the"era" of the great American actresses like Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Maureen O'hara, Merle Oberon and many others, and can affirm that this generation of Korean actresses have nothing to envy that American generation of Hollywood actresses, in acting they are as good or even better than the Americans. Back to Choi Ji Woo, I wish her a happy and healthy life and please keep up the good work. The Lord bless you.

lea_18 choi ji woo my favorite actress!!! and the most beautiful korean star for me

bea i agree to yo ignatius.. she's the first hallyu star.. she is an icon! legend..

ignatius Oh my god, the queen of them all has just three comments?!!! Without this actress, the word 'hallyu' would not even exist. There is no way to overrate the impact that her characters have made on the Korean drama industry. She is truly the star atop the Chrismas tree... :)

mae choi ji woo she's a great actress,may the lord bless you as always.

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