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  • Name: Kim So-Hyun
  • Hangul: 김소현
  • Born: June 4, 1999
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @hellokimsohyun


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sv plzzzzzzzzzzz kim so hyun act as baek ma ri . in upcoimg drama Orange Marmalade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beth one of my fave young actress. she was so good we all cry differently, hope to see her more.

maisha kim so hyun and kim yoo jung graduated from middle school this year.. and i graduated from middle school last year but i am younger than them 8 or 9 months.. but still congartz to them i wonder when kim sae ron will graduate from middle school..

Allison Kim so Hyun.. you are amazing and beautiful.

John Rey I realy like Kim So Hyun .... Realy like here drama Ma Boy She so pretty cute much as in Maxx cute.. I like her more when shes about 12-13 yrs old cause shes so pretty I like her expresions ,, specialy when she smile I know this sounds crazy but, i wish someday we will meet each other in personal ^_^

One of Ur crazies fan in philippines xD

nur she is so pretty to be honest,too damn cute

Juniall i really love you sohyun ~~i really love your mini drama Ma Boy ♥ ♥ eunbi is my favorite character of you ; because she never gives up ;;

sohyunies hope sohyun will have a romance kdrama in the near future ....#No1fanfromPhilippines

Elmera Joyce Meraña Im an avid fan of Kim So Hyun And Yeo Jin Goo  !! Im addicted Fan of them , So Much !! My Parents , Teachers and Classmates etc I look like Korean Girl. Saranghae! Naneun Dangsin eul Salanghamnida !!!! Yeo-Hyun! Hpoe both of you See this. Love yaah!

Jennifer Z You're an amazing actress! Can't believe you're in the same age as me, just 6 months older!

John rey Hi miss So Hyun..Im one of your fans here at Philippines.Your 6months older than me and I realy like you..Goodluck!! Wish you all the Best!

Lemuel Marcelo You so beautiful in my eye:)

zheimy Anneyong Hasseyyo Kim Sohyun, so glad to leave a comment here. ammm, i am your number 1 fan here in the Philippines. I hope someday, I see you. GOODLUCK UNNI KIMSOHYUN. SARANGHAE!!!

Niejie Amano hello :) I'm your Number one Fun Hehehe :) After 5 year's let's meet each other :)

Puji Maulida I admire you, I love the movie i miss you initially moving and touching,

Kim So Hyun Hope their is a part two of the MOViE of Kim Sun Woong and Kim So Hyun titled " MABOY" ...

Hope So ... :)

Saranghaeyo Eonnie Kim So Hyun Kurigo Oppa Kim Sun Woong

kim so hyun 99 Can't wait to watch RESET..

yen cabrito keep healthy and good luck!

arini "Ma Boy" please T.T

elsiieebels The one that I like the most from his Drama is the "I hear your voice" the story was awesome and so she is. :))

nao jacqueline Love you... Muaaahhhhh

dama waiting for your new drama!hwaiting!!

Lee Hyo Shin Can't wait for her to get a leading role one day!

fRIDAYnIGHT omg...shes only 15 and shes so awesome..

Pealee Please make more Ma Boy episodes..

Hawai So hyun, you are great i like your acting in ma boy and missing you waiting for your more dramas hwaiting

Noona Why is her name so similar to the other actors lol

vira she's so young yet talented!! I've watched her performances in many dramas (Padam Padam, TMTETS, Rooftop Prince, I Miss You, I Hear Your Voice, and her newest drama the Suspicious Housekeeper), enough to say that she's such versatile actress :) Keep it up, Kim So Hyun! by the way, she has great chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo, looking forward of these two in another drama hehe

Eina(real name:Zheina) Hi unni happy new year! I HOPE YOU'LL BE HAPPY..**_...SANGHARAMNIDA, I HOPE YOU'LL BEC0ME A BEST AWARDED ACTRESS^^..HU..HU...G0OD LUCK!''. After i finish watching IMY and MES(Moon embracing sun),rooftop prince i capture some images of you~~^ ^..Happy new year every0ne!!! Hope your career will be lucky in the Year Of The Wood Horce..^~~

yanto huang you are good :)

Eina Anneyo! Ya unnie kim so hyun.. You are very kind.. You've donated to philippines.. I am a no. 1 fan of you, yun eun hye and ju jihoon... I hope you visit philippines sometimes. I am 10 years old, i am in philippines jolo,sulu... I love you unnie..

junghyehyun joy lee lets be friends.

kim so hyun lets be friends..:)

basyira Annyeonghaseyo Unnie !! i hope you can be my beloved sister.!! or be my best friend.. i very like you.. i hope can meet you face to face when i go to korea.. by the way, follow back account @basyira_rara ..i really hope that.. i hope i can be your dongsaeng.. saranghaeyo unnie!! FIGHTING!!

Ritsu Annyeonghaseyo Unnie !~ Im so hope to see you !! I want Face to face with you So Hyun By the way you so pretty ^_^

VINAatYourService Annyeong haseyo KimSoHyun!!!I'm your greatest Fan here in the Philippines...I really want to be your friend even not in person...I know that we have many similarities because we have the same age...If ever you read this just tweet me in my account @VINAatYourService ...I promise you I'll be the best friend of yours...I'll be waiting for you..Saranghe sissy...I'll be tweeting you everytime I open my account..I PROMISE..I SWEAR...LEE SO YEON/JANG GEURIM<3....hope you notice me...(^_^)v

memengland ur so cute ........

i love u ..........


memengland ur so cute ........

zue tem i love u..........

memengland kim so hyun zue tem....... . . .

someday we wre bcome a bestfriend.......3

kim jol-in i love you idol kim so hyun!!! HWAITING! sarangheo so hyun-a......i vote for you your my bestfriend....i hope that someday we will meet...cant wait for that... >>>><3

abigail libo-on i love kim so hyun very much.i love how she act. for me she the beautiful teen star ..... saranghae eonnie so hyun .... <3 so i vote for a 100% thats all ...

Clint Posadas Annyeo ! I've watched most of all you Drama Series being either Protagonist or Antagonist.. I really enjoy watching them, I cried, I laugh, Annoyed and etc. You are really a good actress... More Drama's to come ;)

Elaine Respicio Hello !! Kim So Hyun, thank very much for following me also in twitter. I'm so very happy when i look to my followers and I saw you name. thank you very much kim so hyun, your my only idol. I'am always and still watching your korean dramas like ma boy and I LOVE IT !! Your my number 1 idol !!!! I hope you like my message for you.. ^_^ kamsahamnida

mary grace hello kim so hyun im so very proud to you beacause your pretty im fan to you in the philipines

vina Hello KimSoHyun..If ever you read this..all I can say..I am really is my idol and i'm your number 1 fan here in the PHILIPPINES hope you notice me and please follow my twitter account @iamafanofkimsohyun.....KAMSAHAMNIDA......

jolina sigua she's so beautiful.. ive watched the I MISS YOU,MABOY,ROOFTOP PRINCE, AND MOON EMBRACING THE SUN.. shes a very good actress.. ill adore her because shes just 14 but she can acted like a very trained one^______^

Amber I watch you in Suspicious Housekeeper and I thought you looked familiar then BAM! It hit me, you were the girl ft in Boyfriends "I Yah" if I am not mistaken! Great job as Han Gyul :)

hanguksarum i think she was in i hear your voice...starring the younger version of that thick-faced government lawyer

saranghe haseyo yepudah goma2wo. saranghe hasseyo kamsahamneedah juseyo im meet you the phillipinse.i love you saranghe hasseyo,

Pinkie Pie You play as lots of the children version actresses. :) aja aja fighting!

ziram aniv Annyeong haseyo!!I really like youre acting skills in maboy and missing you.<3

Joline Kikyou Guevarra Annyeong haeyo Kim So Hyun =) Nan dangsini gwiyeoptta!!

Kimberly Tenorio Ah nnyeong Haseyeo! Kim So Hyun Your So pretty sister Kim So Hyun(^_^) Im your greatest fan here In THE PHILIPPINES YOUR my NUmbER-1 IDOL Saranghei ounni Kim Hyun.

andalib she's only 14,unbelievable.and really talented,god bless her,she's too young and have a long way to go,but she provedthat shecan do it.

SoHyunFanaticgirl(^_^)v Annyeong So Hyun(^_^).You know I'm you're greatest fan here in the philippines.I'm really surprised that we have the same age,although you are 2 months older than me:-p.I am really a fan of you're voice.I still can't forgot when you sing''Somewhere over the Rainbow" in your own version.By the way my name is vina....Uhhmm can i call you unnie?JOKE.....saranghe unnie So Hyun<3<3<3

black_blood She is too pretty. I can't believe that she is 14 only.

jung chae gyeong where did your school,so hyun??plesz reply plesz....saranghamnida

Yvonne Kim so hyun, you are a great actress. I really liked the way you acted in I MISS YOU. Am an african in Ghana but i really adore you. Saranghae Kim

Gee She acted in Birth of the Rich as LBY's young counterpart. So IHYV is actually their second time acting as the same role.

Sarah I'd always known she was a young actress, I'd just never know how young. I'm only 14, here in America, so I guess I'm 15 in Korea, but I saw she was born in 1999, as well, and thought, "Oh, well she's closer in age than I thought!" Then, I saw she was born on June 4... I was born March 24. It is REALLY rare for me to find an actor or actress younger than me! She doesn't even look it!

tia i swear, she is the spitting image of son ye jin. nonetheless they are both beautiful :)

von i can tell that your a perfect actress. 10/10

Zitlalit Rodriguez Yo this kid is a monster.. seriously she can really act she made me cry so much in i miss you.. all the korean actresses better watch out because she about to take some jobs from the older crowd.. i mean look at her resume i didnt even realize that ive seen her in so much... good luck for your future :)

mike .. i liked your acting in missing you you moved me.jeje.. ahm. i hope that in real life your bighearted, and kind person.::: take care always.. i pray for your success

mike ..i love your acting in missing you..ahmmmm. maybe your a good girl.. be careful always.:).

LoonyLizard What an amazing, beautiful little actress this girl is. Her performance in Rooftop Prince absolutely chilled me, and that's not easy to do. It's rare enough to find an actor with range like that, but to find it in one so young, that's phenomenal. I'm loving her part in "I Here Your Voice" right now, where she's easily keeping pace with some heavy hitters of Korean acting. Watch it if you can.

miggy bulao hello!!!!i super love your role in missing know your very very talented..i hope you can visit here in the philippines and meet us,your fans.:)you are worth it.i hope i can see you in personal i always wait for your upcoming dramas..thats all!!!!i super love you..stay humble and stay strong:)more powers!!!!!!mwuahhhhhhlalala

leonila mae kim so hyun is really the best child actress in korea..she's beautiful and perfect...AMAZING...........

Khimberly Alcanar annyeong Idol Kim so-hyun ... your so very areumdaun and very good in acting.. i hope and i wish to see you in person because i idolize you .. i'am your #1 fan here in Philippines .. i love you so much .. and take care unjaena ..

natila yahiya :) cute.. :) i love your character in MISSING YOU <3 !!!!!!! best Actress :)


  1. jhen <3

jeneffer simple smile makes you beautiful

Nurhaida Min Super amazing young actress! beautiful and heart wrenching "I miss you" drama. lovvveeee her. will lookup some of her other drama. and only 13? You are So PERFECT ACTRESS. wow :)))

Fatima Muti when i found out that your first kiss was Yeo Jin Goo. i was very happy because the both of you are perfect for each other. i just hope that the two of you are real life couple. your better than Kim jou hyung :) fighting! :-*

NELLYKYU waaa :"> KIM SO HYUN is soooo pretty and she's very good in acting . omonaa . i'm in love with her !!!! ~~~

roufh eves your so beautiful i don't know but i think i fall in love in your beautiful face and your domesticated smile! ilove you :-)

piolo i fall in love very fast to your beutiful face.. i support you!!! i love you!!! your always on my mind!!!

i am very crazy for you...!! <3

harvey i like you! You're so pretty! :')

jireh really beautiful and ...i like you

nikki i love her beauty..:).....and she's so talented in acting.......:/

keitaro She is very beautiful i shocked that she is born on 1999 because she looks a matured also in the field of entertainment keep fighting :)))

Mary Ann Lee Su Yeon in "I MISS YOU" && Jang Geu-Rim in "MA BOY" .. You are so pretty ! :) i like the way you act in I MISS YOU with Yeo Jin Goo , you two are sweet !! i also like the way you acting in MA BOY with Sun Woong, you two seems sweet too ! :3 i hope you guys have more projects to come && i always wait to your upcoming dramas ! :))

  • <3 Kim So Hyun *<3 Kdramas
  • <3 Seoul :))

Mary Ann Wahh ! Kim So Hyun ! your so taLented ! :D Your beautiful too.. I hope that youve had more projects to come.. :)) Keep on going, "FIGHTING !!!" ;))

astrijj WOW Kim So-Hyun!!!

Sofia Is she's really borned in 1999!? OMG she's younger then me... LOL is that the reason she and Sun Woong didn't kissed in Ma Boy? :P

Kj Omg I love you and your acting! Ma boy was soo good and so was I miss you :)

Nikko I MISS YOU Young Soo Yeon. Keep it up. I want to see you in person. :)

grace kim so hyun you'r so talented child actress be strong and fighting... :)

sara so talented...she is so talented...her play in i miss youwas great she did the role perfectly...i am a great fan of yoon eunhye but i declare that kim soohyun was brighter

stephanie she is very good actress

jenifer kyahh!! i super love her.. superb in acting.. every episode in I Miss You is really heart breaking:)) thumbs up!!!

Elham aleha Awayuki More project for kim so hyun .. Please! I really like you!

CICI WOW! You are so talented. I liked you the best in "I Miss You" (except for Yoo Seung Ho, of course). I will look for you in other dramas. I love your acting. Best of luck in 2013.

Jonmarc Kim So-Hyun ay young Lee Soo Yeon.. I'm a Filipino.. grabe! ang galing mo.. 13 years old lang.. idol! #MissingYou #KDrama

lee i can't believe she is 13. i thought she is 15 ...waw . now i am her fan hehhe i like when she act in MISS YOU! she is so awesome and beautiful! the way she act in Miiss You attract many people.... kim so hyun fighying!!!! keep going, there will be many fans supporting you!!!!

IzabelleNinja She's in Boyfriend's new MV teaser!!!

jessica i really like her,she so pretty and very talented young actress,i'm not really interested before abt the foreign movie's or drama after i watch her in I MISS U,she really get my attention..she really good very adorable i know she can stay in the industry for a long long years..^_^keep up the good works be down to earth always,keep praying..we are always here in the philippines to support u^_^..u deserve everything,being child actress award u deserve that...saranghe^_^mahal kita..<3<3

coco question... is she sister of Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Soo-hyun? because if they are family wow their parents are so lucky....

joane at first i seriously dislike you at the moon embracing the sun ..but after watching your mini series MA BOY , i started to like you :) i also make my first fanpage just for you :) <3 everytime i have been reading snarky comments about you , i also get mad and get hurt ;( you must not care about them just prove that you really is a good actress :) because you really portrays your role very well !:) do not care about anti's ,,always think that much more people like you than those who don't ..we your fans will always support you ! :) grow well and healthy :) saranghae <3 :D

kimyu I'm so jealous of her!! she is beautiful and I loved her in I miss you!!! And I am 3 years older than her!!! I feel so ugly and like crap when I look at her! hahaha.. but I think I'll directly put her in my favorite actress list.. Park shin hye, Moon chae won, Park se young, Kim so-hyun and lee yeon hee.. that would be my top 5!

Allelujah Kim So-Hyun reminds me of Son ye jin. Adorable and great actress. way to go Kim!

hanseul I cannot believe she's 13 :> I'm 2 months older thanher snd I look like a 11 year old :(( OMO she can call me unnie :)))

Habin She is so pretty and her acting is awesome

Grammar @29 It's actress not actor


Q its only two words "PERFECT ACTOR" !! i cant believe that young girl can actor like this ! ... even she's better than Leonardo DiCaprio -.-"

effa We are same age but I'm older than her look alike 3 month older than her . btw , She was pretty than me and talented . I will support her in new drama series later ;)

kellie amazing young actress! beautiful and heart wrenching in i miss you drama. lovvveeee her. will lookup some of her other drama. and only 13?!!! in i miss you. wow

silviteresa you are seriously daebak!! you deserve better role and bigger one coz you certainly deserved it. when you play villain you can make ppl hates you. when you play innocent you still totally nailed it! i'm your fan~ ^^

Alsoivaen She's only a few months older than me and she's already stared in many dramas and movies! While I'm at home watching a screen all day... -_________- AMAZING ACTOR! Lover her in I Miss You.

rirotty great actresss!!!!!!!!!!! She is so talented!!!!

mcutie768 When I first saw her in The Moon that Embraces The Sun, she pissed me off a lot. But, after the show was finished I never looked into her work. Just recently, I watch her mini series, Ma Boy, and I loved it. So, I realized that she was an amazing actress and changed the way I looked at her when she played a part which was a bad person. I love watching her now with , Missing You, and she is the cutest!

joanne your Acting Skills are SUPERB!!!!!! At a very young age you are awesome! full of emotions even without lines!

ladyana2j When I watched "May queen" first, I think Kim You-Jung was the best child actress but then after watched "I Miss You", Kim So-Hyun totally impressed me! Her acting felt more elegant, deep and beautiful. I really like her, totally adore her, and looking forward her next project, mostly hope in future can see she pair up with Yeo Jin-Ku again because in "I Miss You", their chemistry was incredible, fighting!

jim after seeing ur acting in I MISS YOU i think you should have played in the moon that embrace the sone as han ga in teenager!

fateme I SAW Missing you and i have to say you should be proud of your self !!! u r a real ACTRESS :)

Jashom She is 19 days older than me.... Eonnie, your acting skills are getting better. I watched MA BOY and it was really good!! You and Sun Woong make a CUTE couple. I hope your up comming drama (I Miss You) will be a huge hit. Thanks Eonnie....

val wow, i didn't know she was also Hong Se Na from Rooftop Prince .. i searched her because i love her acting MA BOY (why is it not on the list?) . and looking forward to her new drama I MISS YOU as young Yoon Eun Hye .. :)) btw, i didn't expect that she is only 13, i totally thought she was 16 or something on MA BOY. her acting skills are DAEBAK ! ^0^

melissa simple beauty .. i wish i can meet her someday .. stay humble, sweet, kind ..i also like kim yoo jung .. >;)

insu Her new role will really show what she can do. She plays a 15yr old of the adult in "I Miss You" it replaces Arang+Magistrate on MBC. You can learn more here by loking at "IMY" page or dramabeans or soompi

hazuki airin why mini drama Ma Boy not in list?

Katherina Ma boy was seriously her best drama! Too bad there was only 3 ep... but at first i totally didn't know she was 13, she looked like she were 16 >.<

Elham I like this girl a lot, she's so cute and i wish i had a baby sister like her not like the one's i'm living with (one is three years younger than me and super bossy and the other one is one year younger than so-hyun exactly 7 years younger than me and you would like to beat her on the mouth because of her words and she never listens to her elder T.T why do i have those sisters i wish i had so-hyun as my younger sister) would you like to be my younger sister? =P

Tori so why haven't they added the drama "Ma Boy" on So Hyun's profile here?

Marwa You're a beautiful talented young actress, you are brave enough to chose to play the villain so don't mind it if ppl started hating you for it cus that only proves how good of an actress. I sincerely mean it when I say you are definitely worthy of being an actress I wish you the best pls keep doing what you do, believe in yourself and do whatever your hearts tells you to do never be pressured by anyone and never do something you don't want to do it. I hope I live to see you as you grow into such a beautiful lady one day (^__^)

Suske Such a beautiful girl played such a stupid and heartless girls cast!

Doris She looks like Hyuna in this pic.

soojin08 She is such a dead ringer for Son Ye Jin.  :O

jihan you beatifull !!!! i like this girl ....!

Aditya Ridzky your beautiful girl in my world

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