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  • Drama: IRIS 2 / IRIS II: New Generation
  • Revised romanization: Airiseu 2
  • Hangul: 아이리스 2
  • Director: Pyo Min-Soo, Kim Tae-Hoon
  • Writer: Jo Kyu-Won
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: February 13 - April 18, 2013
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set 3 years after the death of NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent Kim Hyeon-Jun (Lee Byung-Hun) by terrorist group IRIS. At a warehouse that sells arms illegally, NSS (National Security Service) team leader Joon-Han (Sung Dong-Il) sees Detective Yoo-Gun (Jang Hyuk) and asks him to work with him as an NSS agent.

Later, Yoo-Gun is now a team leader for the NSS TF-A team. Soo-Yeon (Lee Da-Hae), who has loved Yoo-Gun since they were young, begins to work as an NSS agent as well. Choi Min (Oh Yeon-Su) is newly appointed as the NSS deputy director. Her only purpose is take down IRIS.

NSS ex-director Baek San (Kim Young-Chul) has been incarcerated at the NSS prison, located on a remote island. A helicopter requests to land on the island and identifies themselves as NSS agents. After landing, they suddenly open fire on NSS agents. They are actually IRIS members. They are led by Ray (David McInnis) and takes Baek San out of prison. But when the helicopter leaves the island, Baek San jumps out of the helicopter and into the ocean.

Yoo-Gun, Soo-Yeon and Hyun-Woo (Yoon Doo-Joon) arrive on the island. Soo-Yeon is caught by Baek San, who points a gun at her. Yoo-Gun tries to mediate with Baek San, but Hyun-Woo fires from long range towards Baek San. Soo-Yeon is shot and taken to the hospital.

Baek San is moved to a NSS secret house. There, Baek San is interrogated by Yoo-Gun. He wants to know why he turned himself in and why IRIS tried to take him, but Baek San stays silent. Baek San only asks for 3 newspapers to read daily. The NSS team tries to find any secret code hidden within the newspapers, but find nothing.

At this time, IRIS members approach the NSS secret house. A gun fight erupts between IRIS and NSS agents. Yoo-Gun takes Baek San out of the secret house and runs to a car with Baek San. IRIS chases after the car with Baek San. Yoo-Gun is able to get to a military base and they are temporarily safe from IRIS. Yoo-Gun and NSS deputy director Choi begin to suspect that there's an IRIS mole within the NSS ranks.

Baek San finally reveals to the NSS agents that IRIS may launch an attack in Hungary, where high level meetings between North and South Korea are about to take place. He's unsure if IRIS is targeting North or South Korea.

Meanwhile, Soo-Yeon is now recovered. Even though Yoo-Gun opposes, Soo-Yeon goes to Hungary with the NSS team. Meanwhile, Yeon-Hwa (Lim Soo-Hyang) from IRIS arrives in Hungary and plots out their scheme. There's also Joong-Won (Lee Beom-Soo), who escaped from North Korea, and appears in Hungary by Yeon-Hwa's request.


  1. Filming begins November, 2012.
  2. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Jeon Woo-Chi" and will be followed by "The Fugitive of Joseon" in April, 2013.
  3. Filming began shooting on location in Budapest, Hungary. On November 21, 2012, two lanes of traffic was shut down on the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest for filming. In addition, the Hungarian staff from filming the original "IRIS" series and the staff from "Die Hard 5" has joined the production team of "IRIS 2" in Hungary.
  4. Shooting moved to Cambodia in December, 2012. IRIS 2 has shot in Angkor Wat (largest religious monument in the world) and in Cambodian cities. IRIS 2 is the first production to shoot in Angkor Wat since Hollywood film "Tomb Rider" and the first ever Korean production to shoot there. The Angkor Wat scene features Yoo Joong-Won (Lee Beom-Soo) and Kim Yeon-Hwa (Lim Soo-Hyang) meeting for the first time.
  5. Related titles:
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    2. IRIS: The Movie (2010)
    3. Athena: Goddess of War (SBS / 2010)
    4. IRIS 2 (KBS2 / 2013)


IRIS 2-Jang Hyuk.jpg IRIS 2-Lee Da-Hae.jpg IRIS 2-Lee Beom-Soo.jpg IRIS 2-Oh Yeon-Su.jpg IRIS 2-Yoon Doo-Joon.jpg
Jang Hyuk Lee Da-Hae Lee Beom-Soo Oh Yeon-Su Yoon Doo-Joon
Jung Yoo-Gun Ji Soo-Yeon Yoo Joong-Won Choi Min Seo Hyun-Woo
IRIS 2-Lee Joon.jpg IRIS 2-Lim Soo-Hyang.jpg IRIS 2-Kim Young-Chul.jpg IRIS 2-Kim Seung-Woo.jpg IRIS 2-David McInnis.jpg
Lee Joon Lim Soo-Hyang Kim Young-Chul Kim Seung-Woo David McInnis
Yoon Shi-Hyuk Kim Yeon-Hwa Baek San Park Cheol-Yeong Ray
IRIS 2-Kim Il-Woo.jpg IRIS 2-Baek Sung-Hyun.jpg IRIS 2-Sung Dong-Il.jpg IRIS 2-Yun Ju-Sang.jpg IRIS 2-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg
Kim Il-Woo Baek Sung-Hyun Sung Dong-Il Yun Ju-Sang Lee Jeong-Kil
Kang Cheol-Hwan Kang Byung-Jin Park Joon-Han Oh Hyun-Kyu Jo Myung-Ho
IRIS 2-Jo Sung-Ha.jpg IRIS 2-Yoon Joo-Hee.jpg IRIS 2-Yoon So-Yi.jpg IRIS 2-Park Jung-Won.jpg IRIS 2-Kim Ji-Min.jpg
Cho Seong-Ha Yoon Joo-Hee Yoon So-Yi Park Jung-Won Kim Ji-Min
Ha Seung-Jin Lee Soo-Jin Park Tae-Hee Park Choon-Sung Jamie

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-13 1 17.0% (3rd) 19.3% (3rd) 14.4% (6th) 15.3% (3rd)
2013-02-14 2 15.0% (6th) 16.9% (5th) 12.4% (12th) 12.0% (9th)
2013-02-20 3 12.2% (11th) 13.2% (7th) 10.8% (15th) 10.7% (15th)
2013-02-21 4 11.7% (14th) 12.9% (9th) 10.7% (15th) 10.5% (12th)
2013-02-27 5 11.6% (13th) 13.5% (5th) 10.1% (12th) 10.0% (11th)
2013-02-28 6 10.8% (15th) 12.1% (10th) 10.1% (15th) 10.1% (14th)
2013-03-06 7 11.1% (11th) 12.0% (6th) 9.4% (15th) 9.3% (17th)
2013-03-07 8 11.2% (14th) 12.4% (8th) 9.5% (17th) 9.8% (14th)
2013-03-13 9 10.6% (15th) 11.6% (6th) 10.0% (13th) 9.6% (11th)
2013-03-14 10 9.7% (16th) 10.4% (9th) 10.0% (12th) 9.5% (13th)
2013-03-20 11 10.4% (13th) 12.0% (6th) 9.5% (15th) 9.0% (13th)
2013-03-21 12 10.6% (13th) 11.3% (7th) 10.5% (12th) 10.2% (12th)
2013-03-27 13 10.6% (12th) 11.8% (6th) 9.6% (11th) 9.4% (11th)
2013-03-28 14 10.4% (15th) 11.9% (8th) 10.3% (14th) 10.2% (14th)
2013-04-03 15 10.6% (10th) 11.3% (6th) 10.2% (9th) 10.3% (8th)
2013-04-04 16 11.3% (9th) 12.5% (6th) 11.1% (7th) 10.9% (8th)
2013-04-10 17 10.5% (10th) 11.3% (6th) 9.7% (12th) 9.6% (11th)
2013-04-11 18 9.8% (16th) 10.4% (10th) NR 8.7% (18th)
2013-04-17 19 8.8% (14th) 9.2% (11th) 9.7% (10th) 10.7% (9th)
2013-04-18 20 10.5% (12th) 11.4% (7th) 10.4% (12th) 10.7% (11th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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Miya This is my first time that I really wish for the two main leads died.

JM IRIS 1 was better.. IRIS 1 was more serious, acting was more deep and sincere, and the whole mood that made IRIS to be mysterious. In IRIS 2, the mysterious side of it seems to diminished. The whole story was somehow not as interesting. I think more plots, serious actings and better action scenes make the movie good.

kungfu this is a complete train wreck!!!!!!!!!

nomi You have to completely forget the IRIS 1 to enjoy it and i bet you can't.So this drama IMHO is far far behind in terms of story, direction and cast selection.The two main leads (Jang Hyuk & Lee Da-Hae) didn't justified their roles as lee dae hee too sophisticated to be an action heroine and jung hyuk being poorly used by the direction team of IRIS 2. The story wasn't making any sense at all.Too many twist and truns were making no sense.Some of the fighting scenes were also poorly directed specially the fighting scene in Akita (Japan).The man to man combat was somehow good but then again with shallow story line.The story was plain without any suspense.It seemed that as it was made on marketing demand rather than focusing on the venom that its predecessor (iris 1) has left.The story had so much potential to be carried on but unfortunately due to weak and shallow story with major loop holes in direction made its rating down. I can only say that if you really want to watch IRIS 2 then forget everything about IRIS 1 except baek san.

YooGun Jang Hyuk is so great with action movies/dramas. I can't wait to see his next project.

Lele I do not understand why the dissapointment. This series was never about romance in the first place. It was about apreciating what you have at most. It just so happened that they added a love story to make things interesting to the girls' audience. Iris 2 is a continuation of Iris 1, and Baek San is the one that makes the connection to the whole story, which states once again that Baek San was one of the main characters in the story, something all mistake becuase they liked to see romance instead. Why do you need Choi Seung-Hee back? She almost died when she just though Kim Hyeon-Jun died, so obviosly she would disappear after he did for real. Instead of her the introduced Choi Min who represents Choi Seung-hee. Rey was in Iris 1 and showed in Iris 2 since he killed Hyeon-Jun. I do not think it should be expected to have the same team again in Iris 2 knowing how NSS works. They kept the doctor because he was a real character, meaning the audience liked him and there was no reason for him not to be.

Other than that, I think it was a good series per se and I think the new staff is really talented as well (probably apart from Ji Soo-Yeon - too melo). Great job!

Zimbabwe There is a number of things that went wrong in Iris 2 1. It starts like a whole new series - no discontinuation from season one 2. It has since lost the romantic theme that we so followed in Season 1 3. Now its just been simplified to guns, nss and iris 4. Changing cast is the worst, I watched to know what would happen to Lee Byung-hun and for me He WAS IRIS. Honestly after the effort i put to get a copy and only to notice he is not there. I am deadly disappointed. 5. You just killed the series effect and right now i cant even finish it. 6. Lee Byung-hun's unfolding relationship with the then president - Guys this is messed up. REDO this project lol

unknownfool i was hoping jang hyuk and lee da hae would get to be together in this drama since they didnt in Chuno :( disappointed with the ending ... why does he always have to die?! i'm hoping they make another drama together with no one dying lol

kdluv omg lee da hae looks so different i almost didn't recognize her

Lucky Iris 2 supposed to be good drama. Most of the part I enjoyed watching but due to certain part of the action is boring and hate to watch.

As a viewer, I feel that Oh Yun Soo was not suitable for her part. She was not aggressive and does not have a strong character for acting as Ji Soo Yun. I feel she is too soft and weak. Moreover the action part of her and other actress while applying eye drop should be removed as this show the weakest of the drama. I hate to watch when they applying eye drop as it was meaningless and waste of them to watch this part.

Thank you

micheal the film was completely rubbish asian need to advances in production they r good but don't always have a good ending

Ghost Why did the main cast from Iris 1 isnt here..damn this sequel is really bad and why the hell is Lee Byung Hun Aka. Storm Shadow died? he was supposed to take revenge and marry ... HUGE LETDOWN!!

fardinza tosapati You know what,,,, i think most of people here dissapointed by story went so far and yet it didnt brought the previous main actor/actress .. so they were complain about the ending from iris 1, firstly to say from the episode 1 on irist 1 they were tell about a man and his friend being cought and trained to be a spy... it is a messege for audience "here it is our main protagonist charater"..... and it succseded take our heart to watch it right ? Like the fast fourius series they succses the series cuz they brought their original crew... firts think i wanted to tell is brian o connor were first main protagonist main character and so story goes on... the main protagonist were changed to be vindisel... and yet we still love the series cuz of whatt???? Cuz they were brought the ORIGINAL CREW.....

Claudia What happened to the cast of 1 and 2.please i am it the same IRIS or should we wait for another.

Fardad I loved yoo goon's fighting style and his face posture while fighting and getting angry ... love to see another fighting movie of him

Sina We Will waiting for Athena 2 Or Iris 3 and maybe IRIS 2 The movie...

solar well having seen some of the comments that have been posted here, one has to remind some of the people who post comments here that any one is free to post his/or her opinion in a manner as long as it is not indecent,vulgar or lowering actor/actresses in a very prejudicial/malicious (including impeachment of his/her credibility in the capacity of an actor/actress ) manner. If some cannot digest it.Well then stop posting comments

Pako Is it possible we see in future IRIS 3... this nuclear bomb in the end...

hanan I have just finished watching IRIS 2 and I loved every second and every part of it

Thomas I like this better than IRIS 1,at first u need to get over the characters of the IRIS 1. Then u will like this even more..though its true some that scenes were uneccessary and the story is somehow the same as IRIS 1...its surely expensive The BMWs and s4 didnt have to be used by all of them

hafiz Damn man, i dnt think people have opposing views about Iris 1. That is because it was perfect. And TK1 is the key. Without TK1, iris's fanbase will surely diminish. i noe u'll all agree dat everyone loved iris 1. But why is it not the same with iris 2. its because its below standard. please bring back TK1 aka STORM SHADOW

jow The Best drama so far in 2013

oh man, this series really make curious about what gonna happen next.

IMHO,This series better that the first one...

For all the haters: if you don't like this drama/actress/actors,don't waste your time to make negative comment here. Please be fair in judging the drama.

solar wow iris 2 bombed in grand style no wonder ratings are bad.... lee dae hee not the correct pick up her character absolutely not condusive to work at NSS making her the team leader even more pathetic....... just plain bad

Alexino With the comment am reading already from IRIS II am already losing appettite from watching it. Although have already gotten to episode 3 am feeling bored watching this. IRIS II has no difference from ANTHENA the actors show no energy or charisma they keep acting as if they never wanted to it's so annoying. IRIS III has better bring back TK1 or else this series is gonna be a total doom. Am so pissed off right now.

Tricia Ha ji won for iris3! Hoho.

MR.KLAC well finish seeing iris 2 & indeed there could be 3rd/trilogy of IRIS series since few some left to do.

1. Seon-hwa & her sister on run give likely still remains of IRIS members still active give if continue on sisters story could go on.

2.5th nuke ball just light on got wonder if race time to stop 5th ball?

3.remain of IRIS faction give few/some still going on like wonder expect new IRIS leader on trilogy like a "lady white"?

overall still more to go on it til plan for expand to like u.s. version or anime on it.

RinRusianti I love Irish 2 it's better than Irish 1. Irish 2 have best story, best action, best actors &actrees who play their role...i don't know what to say.. It's just best action korean drama i ever seen. Hope there will be Irish 3 next...

Horatius. Ug In all the 20 eps, my moments of thrill came when Baek San was in action and probably in the last 5 mins with the appearance of Kim so yeon.

Alvin FYI to some people, Athena might be a spinoff but the storyline is good, full of exciting drama, Iris was of course was the best and I hope when Iris 3 comes out (hopefully), LBH will revive somehow and annihilate Iris. Iris 2 was kinda dumb, cos how can a person dealt one (or two) sniper shots actually survive? Well, it was still okay nevertheless. More fighting scenes instead of political crap

Luiz I liked! I mean, yeah, it did have a lot of mistakes, probably more than IRIS 1, but i still think the plot was kind of solid (Although, they never cofirm if kim tae hee´s character was Mr Black´s daugther) ..The relationship between some characters was kinda off, and there were a bunch of useless scenes (That guy from "Gag concert" lead some of those)....Anyway, I don't think I:2 surpassed I:1, but in my opinion, I:2 plot was better, even with all those mistakes....And i think that ending was more than necesary (Well, i really was expecting a final kiss between Yoo Gun a Soo Yeon) since Yoo Gun was going to die anyway from all those seizures.....IRIS 3? Nah, i think another spin off with a better director would be more exciting.

ian i think we give the credit for iris 2's flop to the change of director.. season 1's director wasnt chosen to do this sequel .. i think that was the reason behind the poor and weak series..

harry loma i loved iris2, it was nice, pls let the second part be out my opinion, i think TK1 should come back even if yoo gun is shot by Rey,TK1 should find choi-seung in a remote village get back to NSS, this final part of iris should be WAR. needs to show his face, also i think syu hwa should join NSS. for any reason hyun-woo deserves to be happy and TK1and choi-seung needs a proper weeding. pls make iris right this time.

sara while watching iris 2 i just wondered how great and special iris 1 was.........fighting lim soo hyand....the other casts were really disappointing

safsafsaf lol how is the ending similar to IRIS 1? TK1 was killed while JYG killed himself. The ending of IRIS 2 is most likely copied from BATMAN III where batman also flied himself with a bomb.

well it doesn't matter anyway. IRIS II sucks balls and it is no where near IRIS I. The only interesting character here is Kim Yeon Hwa. Others are just pure shit. The male lead looks like a drunk bastard. The one who played Hyun-Woo should be the lead instead.

I doubt there will be IRIS III since they already killed Mr. Black, even Park Cheol-Yung and Kim Seon Hwa just became an extra here in IRIS II. Unless they bring back Kim Tae-Hee as the daughter of Mr. Black, and they bring back to life TK1, I won't be interested anymore. Athena sucks. IRIS II sucks. IRIS III will definitely suck.

Davichi There are way too many "randomly" people who appears in this show with no proper introduction or Link

-Baek San Right Hand Man -Yeon Hwa Sister -Mr Black -Park Tae Hee

Krysa Wow, I survived watching all episodes.. :-))) As I wrote below, I endured it only because of Jang Hyuk. And he was the first of the only two positives of IRIS 2 - the second was Kim Young-Chul as Baek San. I admit that I was waiting for Kim Seung-Woo coming back to life - it could have been the third positive :-) OK. I am going to watch the original IRIS again to get that real "IRIS mood" I was mistakenly hoping to get while watching IRIS 2. And I am gonna sell my old KIA, because I started to be allergic to it. Anyone knows why?

CICI I can't believe I watched IRIS 2 until the end. I kept waiting for it to to come at least part way up to "IRIS" level but It was terrible and until the end. If you are a Jang Hyuk fan, pass on this one or you will be completely depressed. He's such a good actor but I feel like they just used his name to draw people to watch it. Sorry, but that's how I feel after 20 eps.

ow i don't think Yoo-Gun is died because no one find his body maybe he jumped before the explosion. i wish he didn't die i'll wait foe next season . good job everyone..... Fighting IRIS..........................

vahab When Season 3 Play

B Very Good Movie Series.. Thrilling and fascinating, I will waiting for the next season... Good Job

anna the few first episode is kind of boring, but i find it interesting to watch when I saw Kim Yeon-Hwa (Lim Soo-Hyang) character in this movie, prefer her more than another one, but every one else is good too, just yeon hwa character more interesting.

ana If Ha Ji Won would have been casted in the main role, this drama would have been more thrilling, I'm sure of this! Maybe Iris3 will be next, and she will be casted.

Bruce Lee Actors are too young inside NSS and from the beginning till the end what can NSS do good? none! not even protect a convoy. Many shooting but no hit! even few meters far.... Iris I is far better with top Mature Actors so for next Iris 3 should bring back Iris 1 actors and a good story.

Domino It doesn't matter how long before IRIS 3 comes out. If it has the same writers, disconnected plot and boring lead characters, nobody is going to watch it. People who don't like IRIS 2 aren't going to be intimidated into saying they like the series just because someone says their comments are "hate" comments. Everybody knows that's just BS. The ratings & comments prove IRIS 2 bombed. If an IRIS 3 is made as well as the first one, then comments and ratings will be much's that simple.

aye_its_supreme people, you're all going to have to wait another 4 years until IRIS 3 comes out. stop with all these hate comments and enjoy IRIS 2. Athena is also going to have a sequel so expect it to come out in 2 years.

Lim Louis 1.) Sponsor-plagued show... Eg. Showing Akita again even in Part 2..., And no matter which side/organization/country thet're from, they are all using Samsung phones & cameras, all driving the same car models, all using the same laptop. (These are some problems that dramas or movies face... So I can't really harshly critic on this point.)

2.) Too melodramatic... Too many unnecessary and pointless scenes of characters showing them doing nothing but staring into oblivion or even just sipping a cup of coffee with those melodramatic music in the background and then a sudden change of scene... Why? What does it even serve or tell?

3.) Strictly trained spies and assassins can type cannot-be-seen messages on phones in hostile environments... With the sound, loudly on... What...?? Yes, they are highly trained covert operators.

4.) Unbelievable?... Main character is a dead-on accurate shooter, let's say, maybe in a range of 100m, he gets 10 critical hits on moving targets in 10 shots. He then proceeds on to just get 1 hit in 10 or 15 shots on a moving target... In 5m. I can get the necessity for drama and adrenaline-rushed screenplay (And maybe this is possible in real-life, I'm not sure.), but as a matter of fact and sadly, I felt no adrenaline or anything positive, I felt ridiculed.

5.) For real?... Terrorists openly wielding big guns patrolling in open areas with not a tiniest shred of intention to conceal themselves at all. And next, scene shifts into closed up areas, ladies and gentlemen, behold!: Terrorists covering up their faces and can be seen in strategic positions. Wow...

6.) Come on man... Yoo Joong Won was lamenting the lack of ammunitions in a earlier scene, and a few scene later, while chasing a already out of sight vehicle, his henchmen can be seen and heard firing those very limited and precious ammunitions at... Thin air. And again, yes, they are highly trained covert operators. Pssssh, seems like they weren't schooled very well in the art of not wasting resources in enemy land. Limited ammunitions were left and there they go, going trigger happy at thin air, pfffft.

7.) Notice the empty environments whenever gunfire are exchanged, be it in a metropolitan or a industrial area. I buy the fact that civilians are already evacuated when there'll be a probable shoot-out, but what about unpredicted attacks? Streets, carparks and villages are always conveniently empty when a sudden shoout-out occurs in the series so far.

As mentioned above, Iris 2 threads on a very different path to Iris 1. Iris 1 is a very much believable drama than the 2nd part, in a much superior way. Just take point 7 into consideration, remember the chaotic gunfire between the North Korean terrorists and LBH? That was very much believable, innocent civilians getting caught in the cross-fire, no matter be it an elderly or a child, males or females. And trust me, there're far too many unnecessary scenes in this lightweight drama... As compared to it's titan predecessor.

Wumme Pls continue frm Iris I and bring LBH back to life...convince us he was saved frm that shot and he had to stay away for 3yrs for full recovery without a trace of him been alive to the (iris organisation) BOOM!! ACTION STARTS NOW! Pls, when producing another interesting drama like Iris, always make it a happy ending!

kel Iris 2 sucks. Too much melodramatic love twist even for K-drama.

Kim tae hee Got to say Iris 2 is like the fart of Iris 1. Iris one's cast has so much more charisma than Iris 2. Haiz and Iris 2 is so stupid. How can it happen twice that a main character gets sniped and survives? plus so much meaningless talk and less action. BOO disappointing waited for years for nothing. THANKS

Domino I had an open mind watching Iris 2 for 12 episodes and all I have gotten is a "headache". I am also a Jang Hyuk fan and this is the worst drama I've seen him in. Like others have said, it's like he's just a prop for the female lead. There are a lot of good actors in this, they just weren't used well if hardly at all.

fridar iris 2 is as intersting as the first if u watch it with an open only watched up to EPisodec10 and can't for the remaining ten episodes.

Domino I checked an episode in case this drama could have gotten any better. Unfortunately it hasn't. I hope if there is an IRIS 3 the original writers, director etc of IRIS 1 will be used. IRIS is still the best and I'd watch it again instead of IRIS 2. I feel bad for the original cast members that are in this one. There is no entertainment here, just stress.

skrwitch IRIS 2 is nothing like the first. As you can see on the ratings, people in Korea had high hopes for it, but then they saw that it was nothing like the first so people stopped watching it.

ZIPPO i think ending this drama will be same with old drama HEADSHOT!!! KOREA ALWAYS MAKE ENDING IS BAD EVER

axela IRIS 1 IS DONE.. Now IRIS 2.. my question is where is sueng hee [ kim tae hee] why baek san protecting her.. who she is ?? is she's the daugther of Mr. BLACK?? where is she now????

axela WHAT HAPPEND TO CHOI SUENG HEE?? { kim tae hee} in Iris 1... Iris 2 is slowwww more political conversation... Hyeon Jun died in Iris 1 why baek san protecting sueng hee?? baek san and jung yoon gun revail who is sueng hee?? is shes the dauther of MR. BLACK?? where is sueng hee????

krn Iris 2..less action more talking..IMHO Iris 1 is better than Iris 2..

Mai Why so many negative comments people?! It's not really that bad! Rather it's pretty good! I have watched Iris 1 too and I think both are so far individually good. Some people are complaining about not keeping the old cast but has a whole new story (it's a sequel though and so you have to have idea about the story of Iris) which has nothing to do with the previous cast (except the characters who are already from the previous 1!). This cast isn't bad at all. Main characters are mostly experienced actors so I don't think they have lack of acting skills! Plus so many Idol faces!! *DooJoon from B2st, Lee Joon from Mblaq and A-jax's Hyeongkon too (Please add his name in the list mods) .Previously we only had T.O.P but story wise we didn't need more back then though :)

Cos If it hadn't been for LBS, i would've dropped this drama right after 1st ep ....

David I hope Jung Yoo Gun had happy ending with Ji Soo Yeon... I WISH THEM TO BE TOGETHER!

Esther If only Soo-ae is casted in this... Her acting range and intensity has depth, which certainly surpasses Lee Da-hae though the latter has a prettier face.

Domino IrIS 2 continues to disappoint after the eleventh (11 th) episode. How many times are they going to pretend to kill off Jang Hyuk? It's bad enough he has hardly been in this drama. Lee Da Hae is so boring at this point. Aren't any of the men allowed to shoot a gun any more or go on a mission but this woman? I can't watch any more of this.

Kris I really like this action-romantic drama series., i felt bad because the rating is not doing well. It seems more entertaining compare with TWTWB and & 7GCS., more power

kiara This series 's plot is absolutely boring. It doesn't even attract any attention as a regular detective series.I like the actors very much but in this series don't have charisma. They played very cold and soulless.

MAKWENDA Is anthony choi, seung hee's father? how is mr black related to seung hee? is anthony choi mr black's name?

le nick Iris 2 so far is very good in my opinion though episode 7 and 8 sucked because it dragged on both of those episodes can be summarized and anyone could get the picture BUT it imporved a lot by on episode 9 and 10 which kept me watching.The whole amnesia thing is very cliche though -_- I loved Iris 1 and iris 2 equally so far. But athena is a spinoff you should avoid that spinoff was soo horrible.

D.N. The main character from IRIS II is the son of Baek San and I have a real good feeling about Mr. Black's true identity since the viewers sees his Korean is very fluent.

solar i beg your pardon what i meant to say the main actor (one from tree with deep roots) is reaaly great solid compared with his colleagues not dissapointing.

solar well nothing much to talk about iris 2 so far it lacks intensity compared with athena.iris 1 .and my favourite tree with deep roots, more than that NSS agents lack common sense, leadership. so far up to now fails to live up toaudiance expectations. who has seen iris 1 and athena (although this series is seems to be a copy of 24? and correct me if i am wrong the reason for athenas existence/purpose is never explained in that series.) if you are to compare this with tree with deep roots(twdr) intensity.plot, ingenuity wise this seires so far has hit rock bottom. twdr god that was amazing.hope iris 2 will get better as the story develops. no wonder ratings are not great. and Lee Dae Hee ssssssss is it her or just her acting in this series leaves lot to be desired.main actor as always disappointing g so far

mii Love da hae action So cool It's hard to do action scene

mii Love da hae action in this drama So cool It's hard to do action

boo very lousy castings!! those girls are mostly plastic faces who can't even act...!

CICI danz....I just want to add, I still respect your opinion.

CICI danz......maybe in another drama, but not in IRIS 2. She comes off as totally "egocentric" and not believable. She doesn't come up to not only the actresses' level in IRIS 1 but also Athena. There are other "really good" actors & actresses in IRIS 2 that aren't given a chance ( & it would REALLY help this) and poor Jang Hyuk looks like he's been "shelved" which is sad because he IS a GREAT actor. How can people support the new cast when they are hardly in the film?? I suggest that the producers of this & the writers get together and WATCH IRIS & Athena. Your present ratings should tell you something. I was really looking forward to IRIS 2 and wanted it to be even better than the others but it's coming up to the 9th episode and this ship is sinking fast....

danz I just love watching because of Lee Da Hae she's a very good actress :)

Drama Freak I had the same Option about IRIS 1, I really miss the first cast ( especially Lee Byung) but we got to be fair and give IRIS 2 crew a chance. I'm glad the lead girl is more tougher and less clingy like the previous one. I didnt like it at first but now I'm growing into it, I do agree the writers need to focus on the other team members too and not only Ji Soo-Yeon. Lets hope they dont disappoint us in middle like they usual do in Korean drama.

YoYo i see KEKE's point of view and also others point of view, KEKE is basically saying that ppl should support IRIS 2 because of its predecessor and support the storyline, and many others basically saying they dnt like IRIS 2 because it somehow changed, well my point of view is Iris 1 and Iris 2 is both great, sure there is different elements in each series because it's different producers, but either way ppl have there own mind and opinions so it's whatever just enjoy the drama and and support it

robin After watching some episodes from Iris 2, I re-watched Iris 1 and I realized that Kim Tae Hee is indeed a very good actress. She gave justice to Seung hee's character. Her acting was just perfect. When it comes to action, Seung Hee was not too tough that they showed her got hurt during the fighting scenes. With romance, Seung Hee was not rough, the feminine softness was very visible so it made the scene more sensuous but pleasant, effective and more convincing to watch. I don't know, just my opinion. I am now a Kim Tae Hee fan. Anyways, plus of course with Lee Byung Hun as main lead and the partner, how could it go wrong. I will continue watching iris 2, hoping for the best.

Lawa Hey people Iris 1 was GREAT, the story, the relationship everything was great, Iris 2 is good and is getting better because of the story line. Jung Yoo-Gun is Baek Sun son, ok the cast of Iris 1 was great but they did not want to be in the sequel, so lets just see what happens in Iris 2

CICI Just because myself and others loved IRIS and don't think IRIS 2 is as good, at this point, doesn't make us "haters". Speaking for myself, I'm watching IRIS again for the 2nd time right now waiting for IRIS 2 new episodes and I am even more amazed how much better the love connection, the interaction of team members, detail and overall content is far superior. IRIS 2 may improve, (I hope) but at this time, my OPINION remains the same. Get over it and really....calling people names is so "babyfied".

Luiz Wow, already 6 (amazing) episodes....and there is still people complaining?...better writing??...I think the writers are doing a really good job with this a huuuge fan of IRIS 1...but i´ve loved every single episode so far from I2....the history is gettin better and better, so i dont really get why there´s so much hate....yeh, the acting gets akward sometimes (even with jang hyuk)...but i still love the cast...So, give it a try, people!

CICI Krysa, WELL SAID!'re right. I am NOT a fan of IRIS 2 (yet)...and, if a show is called #2, it is obvious people will compare them. So, the best you can do is call people names? It figures.. LOL

Krysa To KEKE - I am a big fan of IRIS, but I am not fan of IRIS II yet. Yes, I can see a lot of things that I do not like in IRIS II. Why do you think I am ignorant/stubborn? Is there any obligation that every fan of IRIS must love IRIS II? Is there any duty for IRIS fans to not have any negative comments about IRIS II? Why? I think it is just natural that fans are comparing both series. BTW, after 3 bad episodes (from my point of view) I have to say that in 4th episode were several moments with that "old" IRIS atmosphere. That was pretty good!

KEKE WoW.....still ppl complaining bout this drama from its predecessor, guess these so call fans of IRIS are not really fans after all.....ignorant/stubborn ppl...

CICI So far I still like IRIS better than IRIS 2. As much as I love Jang Hyuk, this drama feels so disconnected with most of the attention going to mainly one person...Ji Soo Yeon. Even though she is a new agent, she seems to have taken over. She's in front of the guys shooting, she's beating up guys and beats them, she stands in machine gunfire without being shot, now, she's been made "A" Team Leader when she should have been suspended at least, for disobeying rules and shooting the "spy" while talking to her...etc.I mean Yoo Gun got suspended for just the NK pres. getting shot. This has become so laughable...and boring. No one else is getting any real lines and face time but her. C'mon writers, get real. Isn't this supposed to be about a TEAM????

ralphm1999 I have not interest in a drama that started with kim tae hee and then changed the story and the cast. This is not a sequel of Iris 1. Too bad. Producers you have wasted a lot of money on a sequel that did not fulfill a continuation of a story that was not finished in Iris 1.

Mruy This is why you need to cast Actors And not idols Arggg! IRIS 2 is just frustrating to watch...

axela the episode ratings of IRIS 1 is up than IRIS 2.. with out kim tae hee and lee bhung heon i dont like IRIS 2..bye!!!

mimiya The only reason I am watching is JANG HYUK! He is an awesome actor, lots of charisma. Go Yoo-Gun!

Some other good new characters: Yoo Joong Won (Lee Beom-Soo)- very appealing, energetic. Can't wait to see more of Seo Hyun-Woo (Yoon Doo-Joon). , obvious chemistry w/ Ji Soo-Yeon, anticipating the tension. Also, these returning characters are great: Baek San (Kim Young-Chul) and Cheol-Yeong (Kim Seung-Woo). Btw, where is Kim Seon-hwa? I really liked her.

But, Iris II needs better writing, it is not as good as Iris. Most other new characters are not developed enough.

Still, I will continue to watch, because by episode 4 the story finally begins as Jung Yoo-Gun (Jang Hyuk) now has a purpose. Without JH, the story was not holding much interest- I am glad I kept watching, it is getting better.

CICI I think Jang Hyuk is perfect for IRIS 2. He always gives 100% in his acting roles, he looks great and he a master at martial arts. What else can you ask for? He reveals the character's emotions no matter how far he has to go and I hope he's given a chance here. I also hope they keep him through the whole drama and not kill his character off. He's the only reason I'm watching so far.

YoYoYo the new cast is actually pretty good...besides Lim Soo-Hyang, idk something bout her just doesn't get to me sure she HOT to be a bad girl but just something idk...but i gotta say DooJoon is doing a pretty good job as this is one of his major acting debut as a rookie actor!!!! and yet to see Lee Joon appear!

KEKE So far i like it! idk why people is complaining bout it so bad geez sure LBH was bad ass and all but face the fact his character died(truth hurts!) and it wasnt Kim Sun-Hwa who killed him either, idk why the movie showed that when the beginning of IRIS 2 it showed Rey killing him...and NO Park Chul Young isn't dead idk y they showed that either in the movie when he obvoiously showed up in ep 3!!!! JUST ENJOY THE SERIES!! hard core fans gone crazy up in here! -__-

Krysa Too "cool".. Sometimes action scenes are hard to watch - slow-fast-slow-fast.. Shit.. I was looking forward this for years and now I am strongly disappointed.. :-( I am going to continue watching only because of Jang Hyuk..

Jess what happened to choi seung hee? If she died, or she's gone then at least just say something? I don't think the new cast is as great as the old one but i'll just try to put up with it. Just tell me WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SEUNG HEE?!

fan of KTH KTH will be my actress for iris1 or 2 or 3...even it is till iris10..she will be my actress for this film

Sina Just 1 Day to start this Drama.............

Greenluvs I'm excited about the cast, though I wish Yoon So-Yi had been cast as Kim Yeon-Hwa instead. She did a great job on "Shadowless Sword's" action scenes. Also, she resembles Kim So-Yeon (Kim Sun-Hwa) more than Lim Soo-Hyang.

Theana I love Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae. Wish this time Jang Hyuk will have happy ending with Lee Da Hae. I mean, he's not dead, and she's not go away.

ni @ry jang hyuk is good in both action and emotional drama. I don't think there is any problem with him.

Ry Jang Hyuk is not fit for this movie..i nominate "Won Bin, Jung Ji-Hyun, or So Ji-Sub for the replacement to Jang Hyuk....

Pi Jang Hyuk saranghaeeeeeee I'll always watch your dramas. You are so very awesomeee

Liyeon Guys, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee refused to come back for IRIS 2, get over it and stop complaining !

sedios Spoiler to the first season

I think regarding the ending not just the viewers, but even the makers weren't sure where to go with Kim Hyeon-Jun. This way they had the opportunity to decide later (based on the availability of the actors, contracts etc.), and a cliffhanger is good for the second season's audience anyways.

So IMHO the solution is: the character is dead, but the decision to not let him live came years after the final episode aired. (one possible reason is that LBH became even more successful, and he doesn't have time for such things anymore)

Melodee I get pleasure from, result in I discovered just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

Ina I don't understand why some people think that the main cast must be in every sequel...The story will only drag on and get boring after a few episodes, a new cast doesn't mean the whole story breaks off, they're basically considered as people who got hired after lee byung hun died and obviously kim tae hee wouldn't' wanna keep working if her love died. It makes sense for the new cast, some of you need to think about how the directors and writers need to write it in order for the drama not to be a forever repeating plot so that they would have more viewers.

But anyways, I can't wait to watch Iris 2!

Sarah Hi! I would like to get to know what's the name of that guy who was fliming with Doojoon at the Opera in Hungary?!

sunshine Very interesting movie! Season 3 please!. And I will take it that the end of season 2 was to put us in suspense. Better let kim hyun jun be alive there..OR! The whole movie will be termed-RUBBISH! Ekwu si go m- meaning I've said my own(igbo language)lol. But thumbs up to the actors and esp the director.*winks*

LeeByungHunLover I anticipated IRIS 2 so much until I know they change the main characters. I truly love how Lee Byung Hun plays his role as Kim Hyung Jun in IRIS 1. The ending is so bad that I never imagined and I remembered how hard I work to find this drama after I watched first 9 episode. Please give us our Kim Hyung Jun and Choi Seung Hee.

Isolovic The hell are all you bitching for? We have Jang Hyuk as our lead, mother******' Jang Hyuk. How about you check out his profile page and see his filmography before you start complaining.

Su I hate when dramas spin off each other and have nothing to do with the main story.. Better not mess up IRIS' reputation.

Cherie Pagente Jr The Story end up too bad, I couldnt beleive that Hyeon Jun just died easily like that, he doesnt deserve it, If I would be the writer of director of this movie, I would make the ending part a suspense just like a question mark to everybody where in Hyeon really did not die and was just to hit to his shoulder or any part of his body and the blood on his face came from the part of his body that got shot, I know it happened already on the first part of his troubles and i think its not bad if they would do it they same way again. And when Hyeon jun gets revenge back again, thats the time he would really turn into real monster,.

KT This is considered a sequel as this revolves the terror group IRIS! NSS are the ones trying to stop it. Since kim hyun joon and seung hee left and say they were never gonna go back to NSS, another group will have to take over to completely kill off IRIS, thus the new NSS staff featured in this story. Seung hee MAY come back since it is iris that killed hyun joon.

ebito how can it be a sequel if non of the main cast is on... i understand if hyun joon wont be on iris2 becouse he got shoot in the end of iris... but seung hee must return in iris 2 for it to be a sequel...

and if the writer really doesn't want to bring back hyun joon and seung hee why does the writer has to leave the viewer hanging by shooting hyun joon in the end of iris...

DaDa OMG would everybody here please take a chill pill?

The original cast (the majority) will not be back...WHY? Because they chose not to! LBH will not be back obviously (did y'all see the ending of IRIS? guess not judging by some comments) because of his Hollywood career, KTH is also a very busy please stop the crap. You people are acting as if the original actors were kicked off the show. I for one LOVE the new cast. I can't wait to see Lee Beom Soo play the villain..and a threepeat pairing for Jang Hyuk and the beautiful + talented Lee Da Hae. The teaser really captured my interest.

If you are still pissed off about the changes then don't watch and piss off, it's that easy. Whining and complaining won't bring back the original cast anyways so quit cryin'.

g-jae Hello... IIRIS fanatics... the comments are soaring and the reactions are mostly negative... But i AGREE with those comments that the main cast should come back and do the unfinished business... What is the relationship of Mr.Black with seung hee(KTH).. why is she protected by the IRIS group... what happens to baeksan... is Hyun Jun really dead??? there are a lot of loose ends in the story... i hope this next IRIS is satisfying more than the 1st one because YOU MADE US WAIT!!!!

Mark Ambros How can it be that Kim tae hee is not in the movie they have to at least tell us what happen to the previous season star then only continue with the current one but that is just my point of view.

sina I think the actors in this drama except: Jang Hyuk Kim So-Yeon Oh Yeon-Su Kim Seung-Woo

All are inexperienced and do not have the ability to play on the show, like Iris 2. Actors should be like:

Jung Woo-Sung Lee Byung-Hun Kim Tae-Hee Han Hyo-Joo And .......

Was used. I think that this series would be like Iris and Athena.

olupentane I love this film can't wait for season 3

D'clairvoyant Now that all Iris associates are dead in Iris, you have to explain to us in details who shot Kim Hyun Jun, what later happened to Choi Seung Hee since she's not in Iris 2 and how Jang Hyuk who takes the leading role in Iris 2 came about from Iris.

keke A bit dissapointed not to see Tae Hee and Byung Hun in the sequel, but Jang Hyuk has his own charisma. Perfect performance in midas. Lee Da Hae is great on comedy romance kinda drama but i dont think he suited on iris but gives her a chance since kim so yeon do a very good job on IRIS 1.

Tatzkayz007 Iris 3 plizzzzzzzzzzzz

missi lee dahe and jang hyuk again !!!!!!oh no i cant take it any more!!!!! lee dahe was terrible in slave hunters with jang hyuk!!!( actually every drama i saw from her was terrible) !!!!!!!!!! really feel sorry for jang hyuk!!

Suleman Olalekan Idris Very interesting film with thriller, action and romance(Love story). This is quite interestion than 24. The fascinating point is that TK1 started his life with weaping and he ended it with weaping..

Trask Kim Hyun Joon is too good 2 die, i know he is a cat with nine live. Can't just wait to see him continue from where he stop. His next target should be mr. Black . He have to settle a score with Seung Hee hope she know's nothing about Kim Hyun Joon assassination attempt. This suspense is too much. Season 3 please.

Osmol To be frank, i can't wait to see IRIS season 3

Li NeZha Good idea!!! Jang Hyuk is the best action player!!! Good work in ( Chuno )The slave Hunter drama!!! Pure action!

Thor WOW... finally get to see Jang Hyuk in a modern, action drama. I am hoping to see this drama!

mblaw yay yay both joons! lee joon from mblaw and doojoon from b2st :D

sina I think jang Hyuk is not a good actor for this drama.

jhylaquino yey!~~~I sooo love it Oh Yun soo is casted ….( ㅅㅊㅅ )

..another highly anticipated drama~~whoot!whoot!

Collins i really don't know why it would end up in that manner.... the guy really suffered alot, and i don't think death is the option for him.... i can't wait to know if it has season3...

blooo lee byunghun, kim tae hee will not return for IRIS 2!!!! I don't understand how it can be IRIS 2 if the main cast is not even there!! :(

Anita mmerife Actor cant just die. I want him alive.

Anita Give me iris 3

Davico please will there be season 3

Koreadramalover Dude I LOVE THE CASTS THIZ TIME!!!<3<3<3<3 Totally thrill! I think Iris 2 is better than the first one Wish they make Iris 3 too!!

Beny Athena: Goddess of War 2. pls pls pls pls pls

mukuka please guys i need to known is season 3 out or what!

shane sagyaman super like!! Thumbs up!!! CAnt wait to watch the part 2 if there is...its just sad that tk1 died..all i want is a happy ending..:)

Lukman To summarize my opinion.i think hyun jun together with his love will extract revenge on IRIS for making their life miserable.i wish his friend is not dead.i mean he was about to change before he was really was painfull.i know hyun jun can not escape death in this film but now is not the time for his death.he still got much work to do.but still we must consider the possibility of his death;(.if he really died,then there may be a possibility that his love is pregnant and this child would be the one to carry on his legacy:D.that's my resolve

Lukman Iris is a very interesting film.but am surprised to see were it was ended.i was just getting more sure he did'nt go through all those suffering just to end up assassinated with out even reaping the fruit of his labour.i don't believe Hyun jun is dead.i mean can't you remember the pain he endured?the gun shot wound,the plane crash,the torture and countless others.he deserves to end up living happily,not end up dead.guys IRIS is really greetings to the producers and actors.keep up the good work,GOD BLESS

kim if you change the character of IRIS 2, the story will change. maybe it was just a dream........ Lee Byun-hun and Kim Tae-hee is the reason why i watch IRIS and I'm happy to know that there will an IRIS 2........ so I'm hoping and expecting that the main cast in IRIS 1 is the same in IRIS 2.......... thank you........

tawtorot HD if the actor n actress of IRIS will not be the same in IRIS part 2, There is no point in making IRIS 2.

bsl i dont think there will be a season 2. There are no records on imdb that will be a iris 2. Thats all i`m saying if anyone knows diferent please corect me.

Betty It cant end dat way cos we are nt bin asurd he died, nd d real identity of Mr Black is yet 2 b xposed. Der must b season 3.

Silvia Jayward So there's no Lee Byung Hun in IRIS 2?? This movie is great because the acting of the actor Lee Byung Hun. Why he should die in the role? Change the story that he became alive again :)

ian Hyeon-Jun died by Sun-Hwa’s hands, it’s a good story but i didnt liked the ending though.

oan Hyeon-Jun dieo by Sun-Hwa's hands, it's a good story but i didnt liked the ending though. :(

Peters Does iris have season3.

Olawale olaoye I can't wait to see season 3 cuz a man who forth for his and his wife life,that go through alot of that street not suppose to die jst like that like and animal. He suppose to enjoy the rest of his life in peace. We need season, am in hurry.

niyiyoun jun i don't think the hero could just die like chicken after all he went through,he put his life at stake risk his life to survived yet death is the only way for him no he won't die there should be season 3 thnx.

elfed but the thing here is, why the IRIS 2 is not yet produced, it is said that it will be aired by 2011, but we are now in year 2012 but still there is no IRIS 2, i wonder why? or it is not started yet? for those who knows what happened to the airing or producing of IRIS 2 please give us some info about it... tnx!! can't wait!! :D

Eazy All viewers dat're so eager 2 knw wat hapunz in season 2,well,LBH is nt dead bcoz he weared a protective bulletproof.LBH nd KTH reunite nd at d end of season 2,LBH was shot again frm nowhere wen he's drivn nd dat's wia season 2 ended bt i tnk dere wud b season 3 bcoz LBH must nt dies dere..........

elfed BTW, i thought IRIS 2 will be aired 2011, but its 2012, the question is, is IRIS 2 will be or will be not aired, or not yet done yet? bcoz i loved this korean drama... :))

do someone know what happened?

Shanna Hi my opinion is do him die cuz he was my favorite character I really want to watch the 2 one but if he and her not together I'm not watching it do please don't Say he dead im really mad because y'all let him die so please put him back

KD Everyone should know TK1 dies. He got snipered by Kim Seon-Hwa. You don't see this in the drama version, but you do in the movie version. The movie version has a couple of seconds extra footage, showing Kim shooting him from a yacht on the water from a long distance. She basically carried out her mission.

ANNE pleeeeaaase! dont let kim hyun jhun died i really love this series,as well as the characters this series is all in one love story,action,mysterious...

Akins Infact this is a very wonderful movie, the best I have seen after Jack Bauer's 24. Everything about the movie is just so fascinating. Please just release the second season quickly and like everyone is saying make sureTk1 doesn't die.

sassygirl989 pls tell me that TK1 is still alive in season 2. i dont want him dead here.

anu hyeon jun is the reason why i am watching this movie.The serie will be nothing without him.what i am curious about is that is the organization iris gonna take over or will they be brought down,cause now we can't really say for sure if they will be brought down

nazeefy Can't wait 2 see seaso 3, iris is d best season film in ma lyf. But TK1 must be alive......

Poop still not released huh? anyone have any idea when?

Rene OMG!!! What a movie the s/koreans out did themselves, with this one. I just hope the producers will make my wait for the season2 bearable, by making sure tk1 is alive.

Samfuye In a week i watch exactly 3 diferent series which makes it 12 a month,i started watching korean series in d year 2010,which now dey re my best,but watching IRIS was 1 of of d best things in my lyf,pls make sure d IRIS2 is much more luvly,i cant wait any longer,nd pls make use of d same characters as long as dey re not dead.Luv u koreans

spreadlovejenny fanatic of kim so yeon cant wait to see her in iris 2....

Kluzstan its the bomb!!!!!!! cant wait to watch the season two...oh what a marvelous story line

Goddey This series is a bomb. Am looking forward to the next series 3. TK1 is very much alive. This is one of the best I have watch for long. The only thing is that they didn't speak english but not much of a trouble

Sir Dabs LBH this was a great work thank you, i am very impressed, the IRIS series is the best series of the year. The series will make alot of impact in the present world. But TK1 should not be dead just like dat, think of a way 2 solve dat plz. Nd we ar looking forward 2 IRIS 2.

Kelvin Ohhhh,shit damn!,i didn't beleive that iris end in season2,it must have season3,after all the hero's strugling,he later died in agony,it can't be,there must be season 3

Andrew So i hear IRIS 2 was delayed by rougly a year... i think instead of Oct. 2011 its Oct. 2012. At this moment, the actualy filming has not been confirmed. Sigh looks like we have to be patient.

Ray What happened to this? I thought it was supposed to start airing 4 months ago. I really hope they play LBH and KTH in it again, I think it's definitely worth the wait for their schedules to be cleared and also I think it will bring the ratings up.

ace ninja my girl told me about this and i got so in to it that i stay up and couldnt wait to come back from watch to continue watching it. it has 20 episode and around 1 and half hour each episode. so add it up 2 days. i want to see if tk1 will live in the next series after being shot from no where when coming back with a ring. from what it was told they said it will be 3 years ahead from when tk1 died. it's already 2012 and im still waiting for the next season to be release.

doncolls For starters,IRIS rocks....koreans are really making me proud..the suspence was tight,drama was kul,tech. Ws scence was good coz it ws nt dt explicit...iris toped all d movie i ve eva watched including prison break,24 etc...u guys rock..

Gayle PLEEEEASSSSE bring TK1 back, could make the series 2nd season include a pak to keep him safe & that his "death" was staged for safety resons!!! Or it could have been a DREAM.... something PLEASE BRING TK1 BACK!!! The show will NOT be the same, will NOT excel. Even if you have already aired most of this new season,..I think bringing him back from the DEAD would revive the show, You KILLED him off before & brought him back right?? LISTEN TO YOUR VEIWERS PLEASE! Thanks

Ayvee I really want LBH in Iris will never be the same without him there!

LBH was shot by Sa Woo (the girl who's stalking LBH..grrr)

She's sooo bad! A traitor! She even kill Park Chul Young!

Does any1 know when this series will start?

Can't wait to watch Iris 2 :)

charles The movie is tight, why did tk1 die like that and who killed him plssssssssssssss,

ahnah when will IRIS2 be aired??? is it possible for Hyeon-Jun to be alive in this sequel and continues his love story with seung hee??? don`t let my Hyeon-Jun die pleas mr./ms. scriptwriter...

henok we see zis from ethiopia it's our hope zat heyon-jun is dead.start it where heyon-jun got shot and make us belive he is not dead

Jesse Am afan of such spectacular acts, trust me, IRIS will not feel the same without TK1. He is the whole deal, just find a way of bringing him back to life- he might lose his memories after a surgery but later on................. JUST don't cut him off for he is the real package. Thanks.

shande IRIS 1 was a superb drama - the pace of the action & mystery reminded me of the american series 24. However, I didn't like the ending. It was too abrupt and TK1 should not be killed off simply like that.

Ronnie Hello from Israerl! :) Please please please bring back Lee Byung Hun for Iris 2! It won't be the same without him!!!

KTHFan Please put in a Kim Tae Hee bed scene Director!

Oscar what you wrote pretty much mirrors what my thoughts regarding the major differences between IRIS IRIS:the movie and Athena. two of these works are dramaseries, while the third one basically is a incredible shallow "summary" of the show with a few new scenes (who messes up the plotline in both athena and IRIS none the less). I think the fans can just try cutting out the movie from their memories (it's not particullarly good from any aspect speaking anyway ;p) since that work exist in a different motion picture medium...

Philip Hi Mikey, regarding your question I was a little skeptical at first when I watched the series and then the movie and I was thinking the same thing as you. And I think the ending to the movie has no real relation to the tv series at all, and it was just a twist the producers/ writers introduced to stir up peoples imaginations. As I genuinely believed Seon-Hwa cared for and loved Hyun-Jun.

I think Athena: Goddess of War has more of a relation in regards to what happened with Seon-Hwa. And in turn her story is developed in Athena as a follow up to the sequel Iris 2. You find out that General Park Cheoul-Young is in fact still alive, and Seon-Hwa is living in another country with her husband and child. Escaping her former life as an agent to her former homeland, and doing what she said she would in the conversation with her leader Cheoul-Young. With the former events taking place a few years after the initial Iris story (maybe 3-4 years). And in other events regarding her character and life, I presume she's going to be coming back as a definite for Iris 2, as her husband and child are killed in her home by acting agents to current leader Kim Jong-Un. Where Cheoul-Young tried to send a warning to Seon-Hwa in the hopes of helping her escape before she is assasinated by the agents, as there's an action put into place to kill all former North Korean agents who have defected from their homeland. And Seon-Hwa vowels to take vengeance upon the events which have occurred. And as a final note, the way the writers placed Seon-Hwa and Cheol-Young into Athena seemed to have no link to the story Athena at all, and they were used to help develop the lead-up for Iris 2 more than anything. Although I could be wrong hahaha. But in any case I can't wait for an official announcement to be made regarding Iris 2!!!

And I also do hope that Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Hee and all remaining cast come back to close off the story for everyone!

Mikey LBH better comes back with all the full cast from IRIS 1.... There's still a lot of unresolved business to be done... Like one of the comment in here said before its part of the marketing tactic the developer used to leave LBH hanging in weather he is coming back or not so to create the excitement for the viewer. Just out of curiosity however to anyone that knows about this (please tell me if you do). In IRIS sawa was still in the hospital when LBH was shot in episode 20 at the very end, while in the IRIS movie it was revealed that sawa killed him from the yacht with a S.rifle... I m curious which one is correct? or the movie has an independent ending that is not related to the series and the IRIS2 coming up??? and by the way does anyone knows when they are going to reveal the cast for IRIS2 and possibly when they are going to start filming?

LBH, Kim Tae Hee, Kim So Yun better come back! Without them it wouldn't be the same :(

This is exactly like the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare where Cpt.Price one of the main character was presumably dead on the bridge at the very end when the Russian soldier hopelessly trying to revive him. At that time everyone thought he died at the end and there was a big debate weather he will be back or not. Two year later when the sequel came out Modern Warfare 2,Price came back during the second half of the game from a Russian prison... and followed with Modern Warfare 3... I REALLY hope this will be the case in IRIS 2 with LBH :D

Han Yeo Un IRIS is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2012.

"Later, just prior to the finale of Athena being broadcast, lead producer Chung Tae-won confirmed that Iris 2 was scheduled to be in production in time for a fall 2012 premiere. Concurrently, it was reported that the proposed series remains in pre-production with the scriptwriters currently crafting the story. Chung also revealed that no casting decisions had been made and that the writing staff were preparing two potential versions of the series.'" - Source:wikipedia

Aisana Hi! When will the Iris 2? For it is written that will be released in October, now in December! Waiting for comments on this occasion. thank you

ElieIsARetard @Elie you're retarded. This is a FICTIONAL TV SHOW. Just because he got shot in the head doesn't mean he automatically has to die or turn into a vegetable. It's fiction moron. Furthermore, there have been people shot in the head before, and did not suffer brain damage. Google it before you open your stupid mouth, moron.

KimNaNa Omg, didn't you guys read the content ???

"IRIS 2" will take place 3 years after the DEATH of Hyeon-Jun (Lee Byung-Hun) and reveal more details on Hyeon-Jun's death, the arrest of Baek San (Kim Yeong-Cheol) for his IRIS activities, and the identity of Mr. Black who controlled Baek San.


In Iris-The Movie she killed him, but NOT in Iris the drama with 20 episodes !

jkjkjk kim seon hwa killed kim hyun jun.. she was in the yacht when she shot him.. it was an order from the general of north korea..

proudy Why would lbh die  dont want him dead pls jst change everythinh Ƌ̲̣̣̣иԀ let him live

Elie LOL. No way byun hun is coming back to play hyeon-jun lol. If they keep hyeon-jun in the story then he would be a vegetable in the hospital lol. did you guys not clearly see that he got shot in the head by a sniper . LMAO. you cant survive that if you did youd be a carrot. but when is IRIS 2 REALLLY GOING TO BE REALEASED> ?


azwan i really love iris..but not the END ==" come hyun jun die just like that...""from begining,so hard to die"",, >>when ep20 die while driving???..zzzz...

Joe Cant wait 2 see if Hyun jun is truly dead

Khrissie I love part 1 and I wish they'd hurry up and confirm when they will start filming. And the cast. :((

Iris2Fan @ Chris No, they didn't confirm hyun jun's death. various sites have conflicting information as to whether or not he's alive. Furthermore, sites have also said that this show was going to be released in October. It wasn't. Other sites said November and that isn't the case either. My point? Nobody knows what the hell is going to happen with season 2. Hyun Jun's death isn't certain. If you think otherwise then you're retarded.

steamdwarf it's been awhile, but didn't his finger twitch after he was shot? he is a l i v e.

E-guy i thought IRIS 2 will be released this early october 2011 but im searching for it wasn't released yet.what is it? I'm excited and waited many months. I wish they've been able finish it already.

Chris Wow. I'm surprised that so many don't want Hyun-jun to die and think he will be alive in season 2. Everyone could see that he died and the producers already confirmed that the IRIS will reveal the mysteries around his DEATH!

dreamer plz do not kill hyun Jun!! he's 1 of the main reasons that IRIS was a hit. I also wish that LBH will star in the sequel along with all the others from IRIS.

Lanreakins Pls TK1 can not die just like dat.. The tragedy in the film is too much so let the film end with joy!!

helen pls pls pls pls IRIS cant be good without LBH,he is a good actor so natural,for the fact that he suffered greatly in season 1 it will b too sad for him to just die,pls do something,there should be a MIRACLE,i love Iris becos of his act and his character,his smiles r assuring.

LBH should be save somehow somehow pls,its an emotional movie

FAN#999 Disappoint with Athena... Copycat of "24" American's TV show. Hopefully...IRIS2 will be much more creative....

jace castro what's really happened next? but please don't make LBH character gone in ur next IRIS 2, he's really the best for that character... more power...

axela what happen ??? we are waiting for the IRIS SEASON 2. lee bhung hun and kim tae hee..

alexander Zhi And so they lived happily ever after. That's the kind of film I'd like to watch. Come on guys. Let me sleep with a smiling face after finishing IRIS 2!

Iris2Fan @BigBangTop, where did you hear this? Can you provide a link please?

BigBangTop Ok I heard that LBH and KSY won't be participating in iris 2 so the characters that will be in iris 2 are Kim tae hee and the rest that were in iris 1 but without LBH but at lest top will be back!!!love him<3!

yoko any news of Iris 2? Ive got the feeling that they didnt even start filming yet.

Zlati I love it. The best drama ever!

RSPAB I just watched the final episode....Hope LBH is not dead...But still couldn't understand how he got shot from the right where was the sea...and he has blood on his left maybe that's from the loosing control of the car...Or he was shot from the left and the bullet passed through his body and broke the right window...But one is for sure...dead or alive can't wait to see the second season!!!

Liimatainen By chance, does anyone remember the 1990 movie "Awakenings", where Robert DeNiro was nominated for Oscar while just sitting catatonic and mute on a wheelchair for almost the entirety of the movie (which was excellent indeed)? This is it... LBH stays in coma till the last 2 episodes, then wakes up and gives the IRIS guys hell!! There's always a way.

PS: S.O.D.-The Ballad Of Kim Hyun-jun

..."You're dead!"

Liimatainen We agree that LBH was the ace on the sleeve of IRIS. And Taewon Entertainment guys know it better from all of us. In a manner of thinking, they MUST keep alive one way or another. Imagine "24" (just an example) without Kiefer Sunderland. He is meant to survive, even in a vegetative state. Just think it a little... "main actors are in talks for the second season" ... "3 years after Hyun-jun's death". The pieces don't come together. Why bothering to mention that they are close to agreement if he 's not gonna be in? KBS2 is playing the marketing game truly well in my opinion, as viewers hold their breath for their next movement. Cross your fingers, hopefully some nice surprise is coming up soon!

sunyee Just heard from the grapevine that Lee Byung Hun not in 2

TheLast Nothing announced yet???

Lee Byung Hun must return or I probably won't watch it. Was really disappointed with Athena...

Radoslav Hello IRIS fans.Can somebody tells for sure is Lee Byung Hun going to be in season 2 with Kim Tae Hee or not.Does they started to filming yet.Please tell me for sure

james TNX for making another season for us, Thank you very much korea !!!!

Siaotabo Have they even started filming??? Lee BYUNG hun CANNOT DIE!!! TT

lemon wow... so many comment... i think Hyeon Jun not dead in season 1... just wait n c... im soo xcited to watch dis drama...

aNn What's going on with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee ?? It will be really really sad if they're out of the cast in season 2 :(( Don't lose them !!! We all want to watch them again!!!

Radoslav Oh come on can anyone say if hee is alive.The film is nothing without him!!!!!!!! please answer

mee3 I think Hyeon Jun is alive :D

mee3 I was very disappointed, when I saw Hyeon Jun in the final...But thought he wasn't really dead. :) I am looking forward to see Iris 2..Because I am from Bulgaria and I don't know when it will be broadcasted... I want to see the same actors, but I think the actors will be different... ;)

fan... hi i think that if lee bjong hon will play in the second part hi isn't death because why hi will play if he dies DO U THINK HI IS ALIVE

George I would like the Iris cast to be joined by some of the Athena cast, that woul be really cool, to see the two cast together. Specially the leads...

Radoslav Hello, IRIS's fans.I'm from Bulgaria and I'm watching the serila from about 10 days.I watchet 10 eppisodes and i love this movie.It's great please tell me that Seung Hee and Hyun-Jun will play in IRIS 2,they are the reason for watching this movie.I hope they are both alive in season 2 and the get married in theend

drAMA Too bad LBH wont be in IRIS 2. I wonder if this sequel will be as good as the previous without him. Anyway, I hope the cameras they used wont be as shaky as before when shooting intense action scenes.

bygav come on ... Hyun-Jun must survive - the serial will be boring without Seung Hee and Hyun-Jun affair

newtinator please let be Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae-Hee be main actor in IRIS 2

Rulz please make Hyun-Jun acting in IRIS 2 cauz it will be very sad if he dead he's acted very properly in IRIS so i hope u will make him acting in IRIS 2 that will make me happy..hehe :)

mariluz amindalan just now i review the iris movie,its better 2 put the old cast like lbh and kth, in iris2 bcz,as i see now the iris1 now kth and lbh only gve the spices of the movie...

@AidenHae waiting 4 IRIS2.............................GORGEOUS!!!!!

Kaybee It would have been a punch of sadness if Kim Tae Hee was killed in the end..."If the forbidden fruit (itself) is rotten, throw it away!"

Lee Byun Hyun coming back to NSS, with vengeance and more hunger to nail the killer, Mr. Black and the IRIS federation and better if he creates his own group with new and fit (charming) batch of intelligence or better if he is the new boss of NSS (if he can’t afford to create a group of his own).

Mr. Black being Kim Tae Hee's father is just too easy guess...

For viewers to feel LBH's vengeance, love and sadness...they can show snippets of Kim Tae Hee and her beautiful self... Lee Byun Hun carrying the engagement ring with him all the time... A new girl who looks like his dead girlfriend, whose glimpses he catches now and then, when on mission making him more restless and sad…

In the end Kim Tae Hee resurrected because as it seems, she is the new head of IRIS because it was her father who founded IRIS after he felt his ideology with NSS declining and NSS becoming a mere puppet to the government. Kim Tae Hee wanted vengeance for her father who was wrongfully executed. Mr. Black is in fact a woman, Kim Tae Hee’s mother who carried on the operation IRIS after the death of her husband. When Lee Byun Hun finds the truth and the fact that Kim Tae Hee is in fact alive and is the girl he sees every now and then…he seeks her out. In a battle between NSS and IRIS…Lee Byun Hun and Kim Tae Hee confronts one another and for what they stands. They aim their gun at each other and shoots simultaneously….they die looking at each other with tears in their eyes while the engagement ring rolls off his pocket…

(Flashback… Kim Tae Hee was in fact looking out for Lee Byun Hun all the time…couple of times, when IRIS gang came very close to killing Lee Byun Hun, she shielded him, exposing herself to him…)

Kaybee Wow! Did the director and the scriptwriter really think that the story and the drama carried the drama and ultimately the ratings? Lee Byun Did! It was LBH's excellent acting and larger than life and make-believe character that made IRIS so great a drama. Even if the drama was not this large scale with great production value, it would have still be an awesome drama with LBH. I write stories myself and do believe great stories make good films/dramas and that director creates the characters that we see. But there certain few actors who have a style of their own, who are intelligent and versatile, creates the character as we see it because they become the character themselves. Lee Byun Hun is one for that matter.

If LBH is not casted again, there is no point in IRIS-2!!! Okay, if he has to die and new actors filled in but I hope the first few episodes of IRIS-2 explains the story with him in it…

If anyone from the production is reading this....I would kindly request you to cast LBH again IRIS-2 otherwise it won't make any sense… It would be like big hole in the story where the viewers will keep thinking what happened to him…and it won’t make sense at all for killing him… Fine the North Korean agent killed him…but even that is not clearly explained….BTW, who watched the film?

Pay LBH whatever…however…take time to make IRIS-2, wait for his schedule to be free…whatever….we all will wait for Lee Byun Hun in IRIS-2!

Tempo @Derrick Cho I am not kevin @Merryoo source for LBH not going to shoot iris2?

Merryoo IRIS 2 will shoot without Lee Byung Hyun ... What a pity ! For comments, I think Hyeon Jun can't die if there is a second season. It's stupid to make another season if the hero died ! It's just my mind. Eager to see it :D !

Jo I've waited for this so long. :D

Derrick Cho @Tempo YO KEVIN IS THAT YOU???

Tempo for me MR. Black is the real father of KTH.

Hana @chiard

I think mr black is Vick/TOP. I can't believe he killed that professional computer hacker girl. They were cute together! But he's da bad guy....

Tempo come to think of it..why would they even bother to contact LBH for IRIS 2 if he is dead already. hopefully Sun hwa will have more air time... she is totally gorgeous .

conan i think the succesful of iris 1 because kim so yeon (kim seun hwa) she is very beautiful and has very amazing acting

fanatic1 in my opinion, the acting skills of LBY is what made Iris so successful to begin with...without him it's going to be a poor production.

-Ice- If you Guys See Notes # 3 stated : IRIS 2 will take place after Hyeon-Jun Died..Its Mean He Really died =, was sad and hard to accept...

LiMa This drama is awesome..and i'm so looking forward to the sequel..but please please please let LBH and KTH be the main character again,,make Hyeon-Jun not die please...they are so gorgeous in IRIS 1..I bet that IRIS 2 will be more exciting if they appear again as main characters..PLEASE! =D

Hamid YES! IRIS 2!

Viet Nguyen The Iris2 would be better if the producer had LBH as the lead actor. It is so disappointed - even though it is not bad - the film would be much, much better. I wonder if the producer saved some money to ignore audiences wishes

JMS IRIS is the best drama action I ever see and I want to LBY ,KTH and other cast won't be changed in the IRIS 2 and some mistery that are not revealed yet in IRIS will be reaveal in IRIS 2 and more thriller and love scenes will be interested to watched in this drama as producer please keep LBY and KTH play as the main cast in the IRIS 2....I am eager to watch LBY in IRIS 2 as he played a good role and great acting in IRIS 1 that make me admired him as a good actor. No wonder he got many award on acting... I can't wait to see him act in IRIS 2

MJ I really really want to see Lee byung Hun and Kim tae hee in IRIS 2 so I hope LBY can be saved from shoot injury and mistery about his girl friend can be revealed but still hoping at the end of the story that this couple can be together again as their blessing by over many obstacle they had as they are good agent who loyal to their country. Note : if the main cast is changed, It's not interesting anymore....

bratz oh !! i couldn't just believe that LBH died ! but something's bothering me " HOW TRUE ???!!".

 i do hope so that LBH will be the leading actor again and KTH as his leading lady on the part 2 of my all time favorite movie ! i couldn't just wait to see the part 2 ! please you guys make it faster. a lot of people are waiting for the upcoming movie :) so you better make the very best of it coz rest assured ,i'll give all my time just to watch and be addicted to it again and again !  

i love LBH !! <3

Ecilalala Bonjour,

Juste pour savoir si il y aura une saison 2 a Iris ? Après le film a 2009?

Jong Sang Lin So apparently no one bothered to watch the movie version of IRIS?

At the end it showed that kimsunhwa was the one that shot hyungjun (LBH)

I also find this interesting as her family was murdered in Athena, the script leads the viewer to believe it was the north korean government but you can reexamine that situation and make it out to be iris or someone who wanted revenge (LBH)

Or perhaps she was actually an iris member the whole time giving NSS (LBH) reason to kill

I forgot whether or not this is what I saw but I think in the movie ending where it revealed she's the killer, I thought I saw her kneeling in front of mr. Black

irislover although i love kim tae hee and lee byung hun as a couple, LBH and Kim So-Yeon also make a pretty dynamic/cool/hot couple. i still love KTH and LBH tho.

Bro Who do you think shot LBH at the end... for sum wild reason i think it was vick...

alize YEAH!! IRIS 2!!!

Hope Lee Byung Yun still alive.

itja hope TOP&LBH still alive...

Staila Well from what i see he was still moving in the end of IRIS so he could be in a coma and come back in like middle of the season you never know?


nitz "IRIS" is totally owesome. Can't wait to see the part 2.

aloysia i want lee byung hun and kim tae hee still be the lead actors for iris 2! and i hope actually hyun jun not dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryuakira i dont understand why you people are so angry about the ending... it was the best ending that has the potential of having a better season 2... can't you even sense it? you already have so many questions in mind that proves how interesting it would be in season 2. what d'you expect, a vast yet unknown organization controlling countries' status will just be defeated by a single team of good guys? we're not even sure if Mr. Black is the mastermind or just one of the puppets in IRIS... Seung-Hee is a part of IRIS "unknowingly", she may have to take/took her part somehow.. maybe she's the one who shot LBH or they faked his death in order to penetrate deeper into IRIS... i just hope that IRIS 2 will be more interesting and addictive..and most of all, earlier release pleeease...can't wait...

by the way, why are they wearing the a very big NSS logo? i thought it was a secret service (even the President didnt know)'s very visible to the crowd...

chiard WHO THE STUPID M.R!!!!!!!!!!!!BLACK!!!!!!!!??????? i will see Iris2!!!!! but pls change the actors pls i still wan to see LBH!!!!!!>.<

triker i hope that Iris2 have same actor in Iris1...but if reali need to change pls change KSW & KSY....thanks~ don change LBH&KTH....

saph i think if the director ask LBH again, the story will not interesting anymore, well SJS is a great actor too, and I think it suits the character, and I hope the next sequel will make Kin Sun Hwa get a the lead

hery i agreed wif siapa gitu..iris2 w/out lee byung hyun wont b so good as IRIS.. Plis mr.director...we hope dat hyun joon is stil alive n carry on till the end..!!! @,@

Tiffany If Hae-in from Athena got shot in the back AND head and still survived in Athena, Im sure Hyun Joon could survive...I hope...he gots to take it liek a MAN! I really do hope he comes back. Nobody's gonna watch it if he's not there.

siapa gitu i do want lee byung hun live, he didn't die iris 2 will not be as good as iris without him, mr. director please i want LBH back

Nana The first serie of Isis was killer for me. Its lik a rollar coaster. Happy moments then tragedy and back and forth. And in the end when you think that nothing could go wrong and that its a happy ever after ending get married have kids, Hyun- Jun gets shot and seems like he's dead. It was like a WTF moment. Its like I wasted being addicted to this drama and wanting to finish it for this type of ending?? God director wants to kill me, but since Lee Byun- Hun is returing to the show, hopfully it was just a tension expand. Can't wait for the next series to be out!!!

Otabek In uzbekistan We are waiting for this film and KIMTAEHEE

Stiffie Actually producing company has a golden opportunity to make this series a legend. IRIS and after Athena lil more same cast why not merging? They can do perfect scenario about it. But whatever happens i hope they do not kill LBH or that will be an epic mistake for them. And i should also add this after US Series 24 i haven't seen such series like this. Korean movies got a lot of progress and they are doing great indeed. And some of the scenes are more realistic than Hollywood actually.

Jack I've never watched any Korean Dram before... no interest at all... but after seeing the trailer of this series, it got my interest.. I've watch the entire episode and IRIS and its cast a really very amazing. Not to mention the KTH and LBH, they make the movie perfect... Yes, I agree that directors will not kill LBH. I believe they can just make any stories for LBH when IRIS 2 starts just to buy time while LBH is still busy with GIJOE. IRIS is not IRIS if one of the main cast is missing.... KTH and LBH makes IRIS the IRIS.... In my opinion, if directors want to this series to be successfull like the the first 1 then KTH and LBH must be there....

Victor The one who shot LBH was Sun wah.. No jokes. If u watch Athena ull see the connection between IRIS and athena, look on youtube for the extended parts. Ull see that Sun wah shoots Lee byun hun from a boat, and also kills the north korean guy that was her leader (ull see in Athena episode 17 that Sun wahs family was killed). Watch Athena its really good in my opinion tops IRIS just not in cast.

Stiffie good to hear that... First of all LBH is not dead yet. We only saw him shot. And there is a really big mystery around Kim Tae-Hee. Why she is forbidden and caused LBH to wasted by Baek San? And also Kim Tae-Hee was missing for day in the last episode of the serie. Where were she? There is a big mystery to solve and big fight to make in this serie. And i hope we will get to see Kim and LBH fighting together against iris and solve the pieces of the mystery slowly.

IrisAthena-addict Damn it, LBH will not be returning for IRIS 2, he will be busy shooting G.I. JOE 2 at the time when they are supposed to film IRIS 2. I wonder who they will get to replace him as the lead. I was hoping they would say that he's in a coma or something but that certainly is not the case now. I would either like to see Jung Woo Sung cross over and take LBH's place or........after seeing The Man From Nowhere....I would love to see Won Bin take over the lead role and act in a drama again. The Man From Nowhere established him as a versatile actor and i think that he would be great as the lead for IRIS 2

panda I can't wait. Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae-Hee make a cute couple together.

tj id also like to put forward a way i think that the directors could possibly do this. its something that i believe would probably be the best thing they can do . in season one the story basically followed hyeon-jun which means that completely killing him would basically destroy the series b/c what other characters have really progressed right? well it is my belief that what the directors might be hoping to achieve is the progression of the other characters. i think that one possible senerio is that they plan to have hyeon-jun be in a coma for maybe like half the second season or even the whole season to give the rest of the characters there time to make their marks and progress. maybe after this they could have him come out of the coma so that the viewers would still be happy and the story line would be better for it. i dont believe that they will really kill him off b/c theyd lose a lot of viewers and money.

tj honestly this was the best series ive seen in a while and my first korean drama . i was glued to the computer for 3 days and the ending leaves a lot of questions but the only thing on my mind and i hope that the writers pay close attention to this is that if they really did kill him off and if hyeon-jun isnt just in a coma or something ill probably stop watching the series. i believe that he was the best character in the series and itd be a cruel way to end it when he still has a long ways to progress. What makes it worse is that if he really is dead he was killed right before he could propose. if hes dead then its just really messed up. i hope that he recovers so that the story can progress if not i believe that it will just go downhill from here.

dappy The ending was too sudden, even though LBH's destiny was anticipated to be tragic. If you watch the movie version of IRIS, the sniper that shot LBH was Sun Hwa. This doesn't make any sense since she was still recovering in hospital after taking a bullet to save LBH at the Korean talk. Now, why would she kill the love of her life? The movie version is also messed up with the North Korean leader still alive and giving the order to Sun Hwa to kill Kim Seung Woo.

With news that IRIS 2 will be recasting Kim Tae Hee, Kim So Yeon, Kim Seung Woo AND Lee Byung Hun is great news! IRIS wouldn't be the same without this great cast. Can't wait for it. I'm sure we're going to find out more details of IRIS and the role that KSH and LBH will play to uncover it's secret identity. IRIS is certainly the BEST korean drama that I've watched thus far.

Aviao Iris 3 ... trilogy.. final drama series.. where LBH stars back.. having headshot n in coma for a long period of time... will be revived back in a hospital :) there's a way to bring back good actors..

p4p3r I hope the ending for IRIS is that he didn't die, and was rescue by other people. I hope to see him in IRIS 2 :)

kim doesn't make sense. i watched iris the movie. it showed that north korean leader was the one who directed sawa to kill LBH in the end when IRIS showed that TOP already assassinated him when the leader was about to be arrested for investigation. shot in the heart. how come he's still perfectly fine in the end??? doesn't make sense. and i hope IRIS 2 won't show that CSH is with another man!!!! T.T

tuabelle the build up at the end was obvious either Choi Seung Hee or Kim Hyun Jun would "die" or meet a tragic outcome. was hoping it was Seung Hee. haven't watched the movie. but I kept thinking Seung Hee was Mr. Black's daughter since Baek San said it was because KHJ ate the forbidden fruit and also when he warned Sa Woo it was dangerous to have any feeling for Seung Hee.

The ending was kind of left open. It neither denied nor confirmed the death of KHJ. Further putting pressure on KHJ and CSH in the sequel if CSH is deeply connected to IRIS through family ties. well here's hoping!  :)

kim When i first saw the poster of LBH and KTH together i thought they 2 would join the terrorist or IRIS and take revenge against NSS. But seriously the ending was really shit. they were happily talking about how many kids they should have when BAM. he died… i think LBH is not really dead cos he could still think of CSH. i can’t wait that long for IRIS 2 to come out!!! i really hope Athena will continue IRIS and i think it is as they mentioned IRIS in the drama.

eighteight I just watch IRIS the movie and found out who shot Hyeon-Jun. It was really shocking. If anyone's gonna watch the movie, they should watch the whole 20 episode drama first. I think it'll be confusing even though it's the same story (almost). I don't know if the shooter will be the same in IRIS 2 but I kinda hope it isn't

IRIS freak For those that accuse LBH's character to be rather lame in that he COULD survive all the terrorist attacks must look also at other country's film industry like in Hollywood, on top of my mind is Die Hard saga in which Bruce Willis is like unstoppable & for series wise is 24 in which also Jack Bauer face even 100x more perilous gun fights and car chase in which also he did not die (i'm not certain whether Jack Bauer dies/lives at the end), but either outcome would leave viewers rather happy bcoz of the fact that they (writers/producers) paced his character development (IRIS lacks this).

Now, for the bad aspect, I felt that LBH character if they truly want to make him dead/alive ambiguity, the ending was too ABRUPT. If his character does not appear in IRIS 2, LBH's character should not have died the way he did, knowing korean dramas, this kind of ending was not in the true spirit of the korean series industry.

This series was by far the BEST 100x of korean dramas' I have watched but sadly with whatever constraints that the series brought to all parties involved like LBH's desire to pull out of drama series and focus on movie acting career (which i think is the main reason behind such an ABRUPT ending), financial budget (which i highly doubt it), and others unforeseen circumstances, NOT bringing back LBH will be sorely missed.

LBH as an actor in IRIS 1 is extremely good bcoz I was heavily influence by the fact that he took his role in GI Joe so well, changing the ever stereotyping of Asian characters in Hollywood movies/series to a more dynamic and "cool" character even for a bad ass character as the assassin in white suit. After GI Joe, I watched IRIS1 & felt that he FIT Kim Hyeon-Jun character PERFECTLY. I was trying to list some of the possible candidates to play him and felt they came out short

Revenge, mystery, romance, comedy, scandal, conspiracy and of course the main ingredient in most series and movies across all nation's world wide that is in TREND is the idea that there is always a SECRET ORG lurking in the shadows "puppeting" people from all walks of life, IRIS 1 had ALL THIS LISTED makings to be a truly revolutionary breakthrough franchise in the korean drama industry, but failed to do so bcoz of the LAST 30 SECONDS of the final episode. With spin-offs like Anthena coming up, it just feels like post Lord of the Rings (LTR), where if you remember most directors were coming up with so many films similar to that of LTR in which the names all lack originality, which by the way IRIS 1 has or should I say HAD.

Waiting for nearly 3 years is no solution to resolve the viewership's anticipation for part 2 but also loses the plot of the series which as time pass deteriorates as more projects are offered to all parties involve in the making of any series, eg; directors getting new projects and actors which are highly sought after taking on new projects.

IRIS 1 Originality - 8/10 (taking into consideration that it is a similar plot to that of 24)

        Overall rating that SHOULD have been - 9/10
        Overall rating in REALITY - 6/10 (for two reasons, ABRUPT ending & if indeed killing off LBH's character was the only option, the way they did it defies all         
         elements that makes korean dramas worth watching)
        Overall SURPRISE rating - 11/10 (if producers/writers can make me watch IRIS 2 again WITHOUT LBH, I truly respect their initial decision to kill him off and 
         hence take back EVERYTHING I said earlier)
  • Kim Tae Hee, felt in love with you since Love Story in Harvard*

jamita i agree to everyone that IRIS is one of the best Korean drama that was made and it surpassed the other dramas. It is a package-deal. Everything that we wanted was put it here - action, drama, comedy, romance and suspense. The ending made me sad. Why that happened?! Is Kim Hyun Jun dead? NO! I hope that he'll be alive and with Seung Hee, they will uncover the mystery behind IRIS and the true identity of Mr. Black. We're waiting for the IRIS 2!!!!! I Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae Hee. :)They are really good! I hope they will be in IRIS 2 again. Please! Please! Please!

kim if lee byung hun doesnt star in IRIS 2 then i wont watch. In my heart i believe he's still alive T_T i'd rather they not make the sequel if they killed off the main. :(

Mayy OMG!!! So Excited! I really hope that Lee Byung-hun will star in Iris 2 and appear in all the episodes cause he's such a good actor! :) And if he's not gonna be in it, then Kim Tae-Hee should, cause she didn't even die in the end!

jacklyn i think it would be better if LBH would be part of iris 2. his acting skills in iris was superb. the best drama that i have watched but i should say, the ending disappointed me.

RZCoronelN It sucked that KHJ was sniped at the last moment when it seemed that everything was going to end perfectly. I hope Kim Hyun Jun survives. I don't know for sure if he died or not, but I hope, like Indrootea wrote, that KHJ survives and is placed in a comma or something. It sucked that KHJ was sniped at the last moment. I hope he comes back in IRIS 2. After reading some of the comments, it seems to me like IRIS 2 will be about another couple who go through the same as KHJ and LBH (his girl) who interact with LBH. I hope IRIS 2 will just continue KHJ and LBH's story with lots of more action, fun, and twists. Waiting for it:D

yolanda finalul cel putin pe mn m.a socat. nu poate fi sper ka totul sa fie un plan bine pus la punct si ka el sa se intoarca pt razbunare km a facut si prima rog dak mai aveti noutati si pe mn la curent. pls multumesc mult.

yolanda finalul a fost intradevar unul dezamagitor.dar nu cred k el a murit. eu tot am speranta k el o sa se intoark pentru razbunare sau pt a demasca irissu. asa ceva nu se poate.

G-Dragon The character Development of IRIS sucked . Iris did not do justice to the STAR FILLED CAST. I hope they use the budget for season 2 for a different drama . Please Cancel Iris 2 !!!

Maria Yes Park i heard the same thing :( .

Park lee byung hun won't be in season 2 , he will only appear in 2 episodes , the reason he wont do season 2 is because IRIS doesnt do justice to his movie acting skill + he doesnt want to stay in the Korean tv show area he wants to flow/streAM back to movies.

Ashiya when i know the original actor has been changed in IRIS 2, i just said AIGOOOOO....WTH!! but when i know one of the leading actor is jung woo sung, then i said OMG!!!! YAYYYYYYY ^_^

Indrootea The ending of Iris really shocked me!.... it was such a beautiful moment.. and suddenly.. Bang!... that was wooooowwwwww...... heh about Iris 2.. as I see everyone thinks [hopes] that KHJ will be back.. well yeah, he can come back and get his revenge, but he can and Not To Come Back, at the Iris 2 it can be that CSH [his girl...] will take revenge for everything [while MAYBE KHJ will be in some coma? or of course dead.], cause IRIS took everything what she had, her love KHJ, friend Jin Sa-Woo, and her parents, maybe even something more that i can't remember now.. soo One of these will happen, I'm interested witch one ^^ the only thing which is disappointing that TOP will not be in it.. I really like his character [even if it was the bad one.. ;D]

jhhkl don't u think naming the evil guy mr black is a bit too racist?

AnaClaudia _ Brazil Iris, in my point of view, was the best tv drama i've watched ever. And I fully agree that LBH must continue in this show, once he didn't survive to extreme circumstances during the whole drama, to die in the last few minutes of the episode. Regards from Brazil.

Bluesoju Please no more bogus European actors posing as American soldiers, that was sooo lame.

jarmin i really love korean dramas,,,,i know that hyun jun will back in iris 2,,,,,,,,i adore his acting,,,,i really love kim tae hee,,,,i want to remain all of the cast in season 1,,,,,but they should add some good characters,,

Archie My personal opinion, how the hell he could survive with all the circumstances he was back then. He faced critical situations a lot, but still he managed to be alive. Okay, the story made this way : Kim Hyun Jun died being sniped at the end. Then why can't the terrorists kill him early like the way he get killed from season 1? So, it means the IRIS failed. And this leads the point where why should we watch the motives of IRIS (season 2), when we know the fact that the hero in this story died such way?

Death for LBH is a no no.. I don't think its a good idea.

agentTK1 I think LBH will attend in iris 2. I think producers also consider our wishes and opinions

caramelpipe I know Lee Byung Hun has to shoot Gi joe 2 but film Iris 2 between it has been done before an actor shooting two movies at the same time or a movie and tv series .

caramelpipe . I believe like some one stated the shot could have wounded him and it to 3 years for him to fully recover meanwhile Iris has Recovered from the arrests and deaths . The director left the option for him to come back, as you can see that his eyes did not look dead and they never classify if he was really "dead". please bring back Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Hee, Kim Seung-Woo, & Kim So-Yeon again for IRIS 2 . I like the section chief doctor and the guy that brought in Jin Sa Woo . i Loved the interaction with the cast the chemistry they had together . i Think all that was integral in making Iris the best show i have seen in a long time enough to make me actually post and have watched the episodes one right after another in three days ( had to go to work eat etc lol ) like the lady said you can't run from destiny i believe it was destined for Kim Hyun Joon and Choi Seung Hee to be together and for them to fight against Iris . the Voice's organization i believe through in pieces does still exist . They could be how Kim Hyun Joon is saved and recovers with anyone knowing but the trusted NSS friends . Then The story goes from there. It Can be Done this way !!!!!!!!!! i hope it is done some similar way so that i can keep the Characters alive that i enjoyed in Iris 1

Michael Oh, one more question with regard to script languages: the script called for English to be spoken at various times. Now, in the US Military scene confirming the North movement into the South without delay, or the English spoken by the Korean agents in foreign locations such as Hungary or Japan when communicating with locals of those countries, such as the Hungarian Tarot card reader, were plausible in the plot. Howerver, there was a scene where the American Halliburton private army people were speaking English during a meeting with the Korean terrorists seemed odd. If the Americans did not speak Korean, then the meeting would have been done in English. But the Americans apparently understood the Koreans. During the meeting, Sa Woo asked a question in Korean, and the American contractors answered it in English without translation, and without hesitation, which inferred the Americans were fluent in Korean. While I inferred that all the Korean agents were all fluent in English, it did seem a bit odd that the Americans only spoke English, and the Koreans only spoke Korean, during this scene.

Michael Did anyone get the feeling that the series was supposed to end following the nuclear bomb arc? I got the feeling that the original run had been slated through capture, and the last two or three episodes seemed to be shows in search of a plausible plot. No real criticism, but if the 20-episode series had been planned from the beginning, I would have used the threat of the nuclear bomb explosion as Episode 20 fodder, and used the shopping mall scene somewhere in the middle, say around Episode 14 or 15. Hindsight is really the key here. Just a bit more plot continuity can do wonders.

Chris no lbh for iris 2

Cindy Omq! Lee Byung Hun & TOP better be alive for IRIS 2! I'm looking forward to watch this! Love TOP <3 Oppa!

TK1(kim) LBH not dead,LBH not dead,LBH not dead,LBH not dead,LBH not dead,LBH will be back,LBHwill be back,LBH will be back in IRIS 2(i hope).

agness i like to watch iris. really2 touched. the action, romantic scent, and the others. i like it so much. but i always hope that hyeon jun wasn't death... i'm really sad when i saw the ending. but i'm happy that this drama have a sequel..

afizero Am enjoy watching IRIS and i hope they will take back LBH's character in this new IRIS episode, oh am can't wait to see the new episode.

kangy nevertheless, please please please please please invite back Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Hee, Kim Seung-Woo, & Kim So-Yeon again for IRIS 2 ... IRIS 2 would be boring/less excited to us viewers without them ... and don't ever let hyun jung die again or seung hee !!!!! hahaha

kangy Agreed to Blazed comments. They didn't said anything about the death of Hyun Jun ... I really hoped that the sniper was only managed to injure him deeply and not killed him because the show doesn't seem right without him .. and what about seung hee .. i wished they were together :( .. anyway cant wait for iris the movie and iris 2 ... I WANT TO FIND OUT WHO THE HELL IS MR BLACK ?? ANYONE THINK SO TOO ??

vanmut Lee Byung Hyun really has a great acting, he's a great actor, his act was very natural...... I really love korean artist, because they could make us cried when we watch their film.... That's not could found in the other film, only korea artist could do that.... I really appreciate that.

vanmut You know that I cried in the end of episode of iris...... I really want watch LBH act again in IRIS 2....... lEE BYUNG hYUN saranghae.................. This is incredible film,,, it's so interesting.... cool,,,,,,, saranghae

kyonen blaze ur right there is a 50-50 chance that he is not dead

Saruthovan I am a fan of Iris series. If LBH will be in Iris 2, the seires will be dull. I am sure LBH is already dead in Iris1. So lets watch Iris with new taste.

Blaze This is just sad news. I got so attached to the characters in season one that I could not bear to watch them leave. LBH should totally come back or else IRIS won't be right without him. I am highly anticipating for this and hope I won't forget about it by next year. People who said LBH was killed off in Season one is 50% wrong. The director left the option for him to come back, as you can see that his eyes did not look dead and they never classify if he was really "dead".

nyanskie action-packed series.... if you want to watch a series with this kind of theme, this is a must see... and big budgeted series too.... i've watched it and its kinda sad at the end but i think its inevitable.. he's a target anyway... he knows.... he's character there i think would be enough, I mean he could come back as a foreshadowing to the next series but to come back alive would be a cliche.... let others do their job this time (his remaining buddies in the bureu)... the actors that was chosen in the next series are capable enough to portray their character... but I am hoping they will at least level or surpass the popularity that the IRIS 1 got...

nand dis is da best k-drama i ever c....hopefully LBH still alive... ;)

mike i dunno if i wanna watch iris season one now =[[[[ lee byung-hun o.0 why?? how is he coming back in this then o.0 omg lol XD love this show, awesomest k-drama ever!! XD

seung-woo ugggghhhh when will it come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

itsme i think LBH should return...coz he is suc a great actor which makes this drama alive...

Minjae Personally I think Kim Hyeon-jun (Lee Byung-Hun) is really dead this time we have already made the false death I think two is too. and then be alive after requests a head shot is big. I hope i will be wrong and i hope it will be in Iris 2

Zac From Australia here so watched the series with English subtitles. IRIS was excellant, great production and acting from everyone, better than anything Hollywood can put out. I think they made a mistake by killing off LBH and I think now the producers would probably agree. They should of just stopped at the point when he was driving. However, I can forget that mistake they made because it was a very tiny part and right at the end. So, they should bring back LBH for IRIS 2 as LBH is such a great actor that he will pull in viewers. I also enjoyed the NSS doctor (sorry don't know his name). Kim Tae-Hee and and Kim So-Yeon are just stunning.

khant khant i m dying to watch IRIS 2... T_T

K-DRAMA FTW i personally will still watch iris2 with or without LBH, tho he a great actor n is cooler than any crap american actors

Pangri Can anyone tell me who kill Lbh in iris?

dan It says that LBH died in Iris 1, but also that there are talks he will return for casting. My guess is that they will need him for more shots, but he will just be dead.

Chloe Hyeonjin you're right about lot of people watching iris because of LBH, which means they have to (they must) bring him back to life :)) LBH is the best Korean actor :)

Hyeonjin I think LBH's character will be on Iris 2. At the end of Iris, his character was shot, but I think it was only because they planned on filming Iris 2 when he would be filming G.I Joe. They are probably creating a spin-off so by the time Athena is complete, the original cast will be available for Iris 2. I don't think they'll remove him from Iris 2 since many people probably only watched the drama for LBH. If he's not in Iris 2, then there will probably be less viewers, and the company won't earn as much. They'll probably find him and save him.

takumi He might be dead or they'll cast him so he can appear in "flash back scenes" like how in the next harry potter they're going to have to cast dumbledore again

yogeshwar this sound crazy in our country films hero gets to many shots and still survive.

SNSD-Hero well, i dun think lee byung jun will b in IRIS 2 since hes alr dead. if hes still inside the show, mayb they wont make his character dead, make him revive or some shit lol. well personally i hope that he will continue to be in IRIS 2 and not making his character dead :D i'll be waiting for this :D

Viper maybe he will be just in a comatose like what happened to uma thurman in Kill BIll. I dunno...

heheitsme how the hell is lee byung hun gonna be there when it saids hes dead? -.-

meme WTF? Is Hyeon-Jun really dead in IRIS 1???

*tiky* oh myyyyy!!!!! and now that !!!!

which is which i guess this is really the sequel but the movie??????

it also supossed to be the sequel omgg!!!! i cant wait for all T_T

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