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  • Drama: I Can Hear Your Voice (English/literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Neoui Moksoriga Deulleo
  • Hangul: 너의 목소리가 들려
  • Director: Jo Soo-Won
  • Writer: Park Hye-Ryun
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: June 5 - August 1, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


9-year-old Soo-Ha (later played by Lee Jong-Suk) and his father are riding together in a car when they are suddenly struck by a truck driven by Min Joon-Kook (Jung Woong-In). Min Joon-Kook then gets out of his truck and jumps on the hood of their car. Soo-Ha and Min Joon-Kook's eyes meet through the windshield of his father's car. Suddenly, Soo-Ha is able to hear the man's violent thoughts .. "I need to finish this."

Min Joon-Kook goes to his truck and gets out a baseball bat. He fatally strikes Soo-Ha's father dead with the bat. Soo-Ha is in complete shock. When Min Joon-Kook turns to strike Soo-Ho, the sound of a camera flash goes off and Min Joon-Kook goes after whoever is taking the pictures. This saves Soo-Ha's life.

The person with the camera is a young girl named Hye-Sung (later played by Lee Bo-Young). Later, Hye-Sung testifies against Min Joon-Kook in court. Min Joon-Kook claims that Soo-Ha's father died in the car accident. Through the court proceedings, Soo-Ha falls in love with Hye-Sung. Soo-Ha promises to protect Hye-Sung from Min Joon-Kook, when he threatens to get revenge on her.

10 years later, Soo-Ha is now an exemplary high student. Nobody is aware that Soo-Ha possesses telepathic abilities.

Meanwhile, Hye-Sung now works as an attorney, but she doesn't uphold the virtues of her profession very well. She is also not very successful and barely makes $1,000 a month. Her mother then pushes her to apply for a public defender position due to its higher pay.

In the waiting room, prior to taking her interview, Kwan-Woo (Yoon Sang-Hyun) strikes up a conversation with Hye-Sung, but she ignores him. Kwan-Woo is applying for the same position. He originally worked as a police officer, but went back to law school to become a public defender. During her interview, Hye-Sung talks about the events that occurred 10 years ago and this helps her land the public defender position.

After Hye-Sung gets the job, her picture is posted in the newspaper. Soo-Ha sees her photo and becomes elated that he can finally see her. At the same time, Min Joon-Kook sees her photo while in prison. He is soon set to be released.


  1. "I Can Hear Your Voice" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Case Number 113" and will be followed by "Master's Sun in July, 2013.
  2. First script reading for the drama series took place on May 5, 2013 at SBS Studio in Tanhyun, Ilsan, South Korea.
  3. Due to high TV ratings, drama series was extended from 16 to 18 episodes.


I Hear Your Voice-Lee Bo-Young.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Lee Jong-Suk.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Yoon Sang-Hyun.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Lee Da-Hee.jpg
Lee Bo-Young Lee Jong-Suk Yoon Sang-Hyun Lee Da-Hee
Jang Hye-Sung Park Soo-Ha Cha Kwan-Woo Seo Do-Yeon
I Hear Your Voice-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Jeong Dong-Hwan.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Kim Hae-Suk.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Jung Woong-In.jpg I Hear Your Voice-Kim Ga-Eun (1989).jpg
Kim Kwang-Kyu Jeong Dong-Hwan Kim Hae-Sook Jung Woong-In Kim Ga-Eun
Kim Kong-Sook Seo Dae-Seok Eo Choon-Sim Min Joon-Kook Ko Sung-Bin

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-05 1 7.8% (15th) 8.9% (13th) 7.7% (17th) 9.0% (12th)
2013-06-06 2 11.6% (4th) 13.6% (3rd) 12.7% (5th) 14.0% (4th)
2013-06-12 3 14.0% (4th) 16.5% (1st) 15.0% (4th) 16.5% (4th)
2013-06-13 4 17.3% (2nd) 20.1% (1st) 16.1% (4th) 17.5% (2nd)
2013-06-19 5 16.6% (2nd) 19.3% (1st) 16.1% (4th) 17.7% (2nd)
2013-06-20 6 16.6% (2nd) 19.9% (1st) 17.8% (2nd) 19.9% (1st)
2013-06-26 7 15.1% (3rd) 17.0% (1st) 16.1% (3rd) 18.4% (1st)
2013-06-27 8 18.1% (2nd) 20.7% (1st) 16.4% (3rd) 18.1% (2nd)
2013-07-03 9 17.3% (3rd) 20.5% (1st) 17.9% (2nd) 19.4% (1st)
2013-07-04 10 19.8% (2nd) 23.2% (1st) 19.7% (2nd) 20.9% (2nd)
2013-07-10 11 22.2% (1st) 26.0% (1st) 22.1% (1st) 24.6% (1st)
2013-07-11 12 22.2% (1st) 25.8% (1st) 22.8% (1st) 24.8% (1st)
2013-07-17 13 22.6% (1st) 25.7% (1st) 21.6% (1st) 23.7% (1st)
2013-07-18 14 23.6% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 26.2% (1st)
2013-07-24 15 24.2% (1st) 27.4% (1st) 23.0% (1st) 24.8% (1st)
2013-07-25 16 25.2% (1st) 28.1% (1st) 24.1% (1st) 26.7% (1st)
2013-07-31 17 23.7% (1st) 25.8% (1st) 22.3% (1st) 24.7% (1st)
2013-08-01 18 26.2% (1st) 29.0% (1st) 23.1% (1st) 24.8% (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Sch T Ji Sun pregnant wife with a young boy playing lover in this drama..... Doesn't really gel indeed...

DST Heard about this series for a while and finally got to watch it. Female lead is way too old for the male lead and it seems strange especially watching this after knowing she's pregnant. Legal stuff is crappy too... unrealistic.

Jenny This is seriously the best drama I've ever seen! I watched it last year in January... I still think of it till this day! kajsjdbvaherbgaliejrgba it was so intense and just beautiful TT.TT

Aiat BEST korean drama ever!!!! this drama and A Jewel in the Palace are the best!! i have watched already about 60 dramas.. and this definitely was amazing!! very recommended!!!

AngelaSsi One of the best dramas I've watched!! Very good plot and storyline! This drama is way underrated! Will be in my top 5 dramas for sure!

viena Its intresting,but not wonderful. I m still at ep 7,but I dont like lead actress and actor.love between them?oh no I dont like that,however im gonna continue watching it.

Noirence My first drama. I finished this drama non-stop because of how intense it was. I loved it, the drama could of ended earlier however i loved the twist and turns the writers put at the end. I would rate the acting a 8.5/10. Kill me for saying this, but i thought Lee Jong Suk's acting was OK. He portray the character fine. For me the actors i commend here are actually Jeon Deong Hwan and Lee Da Hee they did a very nice job and nice they usually don't get noticed i will commend them here. They are in alot of other dramas however they aren't noticed as much because they are usually a supporting character. Overall I loved this drama a 98% from me.

Jessica Ende I Really Love It ..!! One Of The beautiful Korean Drama ..!! Lee Jong-Sok Oppa Saranghae<3 I Hope You Are Great ..?

kalen very very awesome drama. a must watch for every Korean drama lovers out there. amazing storyline and chemistry of all cast members. DAEBAK.. want another team up with lee bo young and jong suk

nana 1.I can hear your voice 2.it's ok, it's love

you basicly can't be categorized in diehard dramafans if you haven't watch these two dramas. #fact

Ayesha What happens when Soo Ha is proven not guilty in the court and then Lawter CHa triesvto avoid him and all? I can't watch the rest due to some reasons. :( Please someone tell me the rest of the story??

Sandra This's really outstanding. I like the story and I like the drama. I even watch them so many times and didn't get bored. :D

Niceeeeeeeeeee.... :D

Capricorn0Angel PERFECTO!!!

A really special and distinctive storyline + genius twists here and there + some touching and some tickling details that you'll find the more time you watch + unusual, hard, and tense cases that are rarely emerge in other portraying-courts k-dramas + law principles exposed beautifully + dreamy but realistic romance between noona-doengsaeng + awesome acting from all casts especially LJS and LBY + Catchy osts + many more that I AM UTTERLY AMAZED of this dramaaa! < It's always been her, when he can't find her yet after a very long time and just can think of what person she might be, or when he finally meet her but she's not like what he imagined, or when he is resent by her, or when in memory-loss or anything, it's always been her. No word could describe this :"""

It's a big loss for not watching this drama, even I regret why I just watch this now and not beforeeee. And I'm really thankful to everyone who makes this drama possible to watch.

To all casts and crews and Redoxon (really, why should sponsors appear in the middle of the drama, they can just put it in the ending screen of each episode -_-)

GAMSAHAMNIDA!!!! Bless you all <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

angel zhou Daebak! it ranks first from the 11st episode til the end!

ALL HAIL PARK HYE-RYUN!!! casts and crews, sugoi!!!

what a loss, for you all who pass watching this drama!

Jonalyn familiar gonzales Its a beautiful story i ever watch im so happy because the true love happy ended. I never imagine they have a kind of people like the killer and the father of Seo who never what he's wrong .:) :):);):):);)..........nice story and very so interested and its not like the other movie love its have a love in this story and action .I was scared because of zack and the killer if he can do that's kind of crime but he remember her promises to attorney jang. I want to watch this again and again because its so so very beautiful story i ever watch.

Castiel Loved this kdrama! I like that is was different from the typical cutesy/comedy romance dramas, not that I dislike them but it was refreshing to watch something that was different and a change from the usual kdrams. It had a lot of suspense/action and I liked all the court room stuff too. Throughout this drama I was never bored and always looking forward to seeing the next episode! I pretty much binged watch the shows and finished the entire drama in a few days! I loved both of the main leads - Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong-Suk, they were awesome at their roles and even Jung Woong-In was great as the villain. At first I thought the whole age gap between the two main leads wouldn't really work out well and make the story not believable. But, surprisingly it looked fine and seemed fairly natural because of the chemistry between the two main leads.

If you haven't watch this yet I highly recommend it, the plot and the actors were all great. I've watched a few dramas that each of the main leads Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong-Suk have starred in and they never disappoint!

Hannah I love all the actors and actresses, the story and twists, and the lessons I learned from this drama. This drama even used the song I'll be there and is so effective. It creeped me out. I hope that there'll be more dramas like this to come. And using the method of hanging some conversations and scenes is so good which leads the viewers to create their own conclusions and even making them surprise after watching the truth behind. This drama has successfully connected with the viewers through the story and twists, and the great acting skills of the actors and actresses. Jung Woong-In, after seeing him in Running Man(TV show) before, I was surprised that this was the drama they were portraying, and I can say that he is really good in being scary and in acting as an evil guy, especially in his first appearance in the drama. That's it, this drama is 10 out of 10 for me.

PrettYme BEST K-DRAMA so far!!! :DD I like it a lot!!! So many twist and thrills! Soo Ha and Atty. Jang , i like them both, they are cute couple! Hahahahah THUMBS UP! Nice story and Everything :))) Hoping for season 2 of this T.T want to see them more

prettyme This K-Drama is the best So far! It really give me thrills and suspense. So many twist :))) and also Soo Ha and Atty. jang is so cute couple :D NICE Drama Like it A LOT!! Hoping for season 2 :) Season 2 I Hear Your Voice :)

ghet after watching this drama series I became a big fan of Lee bo-young and Lee Jong -Suk. And searching all drama series and movies of them. I also finished watching R2B, School, Doctor Stranger, No Breathing, Hot young Blood. My Beautiful Moment. Hoping to see another Drama Series of the two specially Lee Jong-Suk.

kupukupumu Just finished watching this drama and I might be on my own for this opinion, but somehow the romance between the main casts is like romance between siblings. The male character should be someone in uni or college. Romance between a high school student and a lawyer is just a bit new idea, especially for east Asian culture.

Also, too many flashback scenes that maybe without those, the series could be cut to 12 episodes. Anyway, the law cases presented are quite interesting.

jongmejia the best k- drama ever.every moment of the show is perfectly entertaining specially Atty.Jang

ajong mejia the best k- drama ever.every moment of the show is perfect specially Atty.Jang

kupukupumu Just watched ep. 14, and it was really cool due tothe cameo of Sunbae Choi from Gentleman's Dignity which I coincidentally just completed before this one and have to say is a better drama comapred to this one. Fighting, Sunbae Choi and Meahri.

kupukupumu Currently watching this series and I have to say that this show is good thanks to the actor Lee Bo Young. She is really the highlight of the show in which she can be a character that is cheerful, childish and caring at the same time.

ghie oh my. just finished watching all episodes, its my first time to comment here. i have many fave korean dramas, but so far , its the best ever. the story does not focus only in romance between park soo ha and atty jang but more on giving us a lesson. i cried a lot when atty jang missed her mom so much. i felt the pain she's struggling. thumbs up. from 1st to last episode, this series never fail to make my day/night complete

tilay Its really very nice story .of zack's really handsome park I do not really absent this I Can Hear Your Voice completo not be my day when I do not to see. very nice. It would have been long after...

MischievousFlower I love this series ☺ super duper !!! I'm a Filipino fan of this. Hi Filipino fans out there!! Lee Jong-Suk is just so hot :3 in the TV series here his name is Zach Park of course Filipino dubbed under GMA network.

Kim90kc By far my favorite drama yet! I completely fell in love with the characters especially Park Soo Ha <3 I too wished there would be another season, but I've realized the ending was perfectly put together. Everything ended with no loose ends.

lizzie After watching this drama, I became obsessed with it. I thought it needs additional episodes, or probably another season....The relationship between Hye Sung and Soo Ha was well-delivered..

Yhang_04 love it so much!!

Keyrein I so love this drama. This is not your typical rom-com. It teaches a lot of stories and morals. And especially, Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is absolutely hot! lol. I'm happy that it was bought by a Philippine channel which can handle k-dramas very well. If it was acquired by the other PH channel, it would just be massacred. Thank heavens.

Rosemarie hmm.. no offense but they really look like siblings in this series..

beleun capa i really love this drama.. i hope there's season 2... <3 i love their collaboration and Hye Sung-Soo Ha couple <3

Eugene Love this drama so much! I'm rewatching it now, the 4th time. Can't get enough of Hye Sung-Soo Ha couple!

melisa ho I almost watching all drama who Lee jong Suk played....I almost like him....in indonesia langague Lee Jong suk Keren abis.......hehEhehehehe

Yanni OMG!!! i read something like this. i think they got the idea from Tell Me A Lie (〜私にウソをつい-Watashi ni Uso wo Tsuite) - (2007) This is a one-shot manga (from japan) about a girl named Terumi Arai (新井輝海 Arai Terumi), who can read people's minds when she looks at them in the eyes. SEE... the author is Gosho Aoyama who wrote Detective Conan. It's like almost the same, if only Gosho Aoyama complited it.

Mutiara i have learnt a lot from this sweet drama. "don't live like an animal if your heart got hurt. forgive them sincerely" :) great..!

nadakitty best series ever

blabla I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! A LOT!! This is my most fav drama after i've watched so many dramas.. Beside, i also love The Master's Sun. And now i'm watching Doctor Stranger. Lee Jongsuk is really2 a good actor. Lee Jongsuk, hwaiting!!

erin This is one of the best that I had ever watched. With its seriousness, rigid laws, morals, beliefs, love, revenge, hatred and coming to terms with oneself, it made a truly heartfelt drama (in my own opinion). I salute all those who contributed to this show.

melay I'm from the Philippines. I am never get tired of watching it over and over again. I love lee bo young ang lee jong suk. Their acting skills are both excellent. I started watching Lee jong suk's Doctor Stranger but i don't like the female lead. Sorry to say it but maybe it's just that I can't still move on with jong suk and bo young...but i love to see song ji hyo and lee jong suk together in a project. I saw them in running man and they look good together hehe...

happy @asianlove: Hello. it seems that you missed some points or parts in the story. Min joon gook's wife died because the heart that supposed to be given to her was "somehow" stolen by Soo Ha's father since they are rich and the hospital prioritize them more because they have money. In short, min joon gook's wife died because of the fail of heart transplant.

asianlover This drama deserve to have a PART 2 I want to see lee jong suk as a professional police officer..how he and lee bo young work together as a police and a lawyer..hehehe.. I want to know what really happens to the wife of Min Joon Gok in I hear your voice part 2.. who really killed his wife, coz It was not mention who killed it. I believe it was not Park Soo Ha's father..I believed there is a master mind, and this master mind makes Min Joon Gok as a murderer, he brainwashed him, and makes him believe that Park Soo Ha's father killed his wife...So that the master mind remain as innocent... See? there are still many cases stories that needs to be solve in I hear your voice. And then the wedding of Soo Ha - Hye Sung of course :)

sweeta_chocolatte hello, i'm from Indonesia

I’m deeply madly falling in love with Jong-Young Couple (Jong Suk-Bo Young. I can’t move on from this awesome drama eventhough i’ve been watched 10 times, maybe more than that.

Seriously, I love the story, all the cast, chemistry between Jong Suk and Bo Young are amazing. very very amazing. I give 10/10 from this drama.

So, Would you (SC-nim) mind to take Season 2? Cause I miss IHYV sooooo badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

Or Can you take them (JongSuk-Bo Young) to another new drama?????? It will be great..

  1. sorry for my bad english

Suzuki_Keisuke The best story I've ever watched. I want to say thanks for this great story and thanks to the actors who make their job very well.

secretable_lady One of the good series that i've ever watch if i ever i have a time i may replay it damn that kiddo lee jong suk really get me into his acting and the way he smile i'm so so...dead on giggles park so ha and atty.jang they should have get married at the end to prove to the viewers that age doesn't matter. All the cast were so great to their role. :-) i wanna see more lee jong suk! bravo! to the director! :-)

Angry MOB One of the most amazing story ever.

mimi i started to see this drama because of it's high rating and from the first moment i saw park soo ha i fell in love with him.absolutely love this dram.best casting, best scenes, best acting and best storyline.two thumps up!lee bo young you are the best for ever!

Mir So Daebak!! You're just the best..!!

Lillies This is one of the TOP Kdramas I've ever watched. I loved it so much. So sweet and touching. I liked Lee Jong Suk's kindness and heartfelt actions. Lee Bo Young was so cool! Absolutely recommended!!

Mia26 I really..really...really... love this drama.... i recommend this.... the best drama ive ever watched.. until now i cant get over it about this drama, i keep watching it again & again & again..... from first ep. till end of this drama so amazing....ive keep imagining when can i see them n another drama..although there age gap but they are both cute & i really love them... hope to see them soon.... 1000 thumbs up......*********

Mimmzz I really..really...really... love this drama.... i recommend this.... the best drama ive ever watched.. until now i cant get over it about this drama, i keep watching it again & again & again..... from first ep. till end of this drama so amazing....ive keep imagining when can i see them n another drama..although there age gap but they are both cute & i really love them... hope to see them soon.... 1000 thumbs up......*********

Rinnie Am I the only person who noticed the "Gentleman's Dignity" reference in episode 14? XD Kim Minjong plays Lawyer Choi in that episode and in Gentleman's Dignity he played Choi Yoon (a lawyer) who married Im Maeri, which was the name of the wife Lawyer Choi got a call from in episode 14.

neko_chan I hate this show!!! really reaaly I hate it!!! I hate it because I can;t stop watching it. I hate it because it's way too interesting, addictive and frustrating that I don;t know what will happen next. plus the cast is doing a great job here.

first I wachted only one episode but it was not interestng so I left the drama for about 2 - 3 months. On Friday I started to watched it again and it pisses me off that the weekend is ending and I won;t have time to watch it during the week. It pisses me off because I am on 11 episode and it's getting better and better.

why why why I started to watch it:(:(:(:(:(

sush superb drama ..like to watch sequel of the drama with same character's..!!!

Bella Awesome, Amazing, Excellent drama, cant find words to describe it. i'm just so in love with this drama. story line is DAEBAK!!! really learnt a lot from it. its just woooooooooooooooooooooooow! i can watch it over and over and over again widout getting tired!

kGnzg superb drama! best drama that i've ever watched! hoped to have a sequel! <3

irellor i love this drama, awesome!!! saranghe!!! nice story

Jantilek wow awesome. but how Jung Woong-In is cut his arm? incredible drama. best drama> ^_^

MNG Lee Bo-Young she is Very beautiful I love her <3

123 the best drama ever!

i've learned a lot from it. :)

123 the best drama ever! i've learned a lot from it. :)

jaal out of all the dramas i've watched, this is the best drama for me. :)

oh i really wish i could kiss Lee Jong-Suk for real. watching him drives me crazy <3

Gugu very very great drama!! 11/10

Ozmo Wow, that guy can act - Lee Jong-Suk! He has some talent! Fantastic drama. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

akira43 Just finished watching IHYV... it was just so good. Love it.

Mooniechan Great series! It kept my interest from episode one! Also love how the I realize why the two male leads looked so familiar--they were also in secret garden, one of my fave kdrama!!! Wooh! :)

Jess Lim Best drama ever !!

Angel This drama is d best nd it deserves all d award it was given.i love all d cast.lovely movie!

merpiks Poor korean drama it will be shown on a flop station here in the Philippines. :(((

Rancid Best dorama I ever watched. I dont like maudlin love stories, frankly said, I dont like any love stories)) But this screenplay was really stunning! Good actors, scenarists and directors. Nuff said =)

anna Lee Bo Young the best!!!!

Clarkdale44 Superb show!!! After watching episode 18...the feeling i got is something i have never felt before... I was completely satisfied with the ending... There was no loose ends like usually happens in dramas these days... Excellent performance by all the casts specially Lee Bo-Young...

Once again i have to give it to korean story. Better than anything i have seen so far..

This is must watch drama....

CW The cast in this drama is intriguing and it shows. Very interesting cast and it worked! Every character showed up (good directing and writing, acting, filming, oh well, everyone) and it held the interest. SPOILER: I couldn't believe the outcome of the mother, but it put realism into the part.( Not to mention tears)

I think this drama is quite good and would recommend it to others.  One of the better ones out there.  Much Love~

the eYe finally. not a typical korean drama (?rectangular love - i love you but you dont like me but he likes me and she loves you)

nice to watch if you are looking for something different.

teri hi I'm from SAMOA and I think this drama is nice but can hardly understand the subtitles it doesn't make sense please the translator is no good, I prefer the person who translate the Incarnation of Money drama

clyne I like this drama so much. And the main lead too. Though i prefer j-drama than k-drama, but this is an exception. Good story, perfect cast. There are life lesson too.. And the chemistry is soo natural. Park SooHa character is so amazing. He read other people's mind yet he always forgive. Thanks to straightforward Jang Hye Sung and justice spirit Attorney Cha. Why the writer can make this cool plot? The director must be work well too. I like every character in this show. Ah.. I enjoyed every episodes in the show. Thanks to my friends that make me anxious after their chats then she gave me this series. Looking forward for lee jong suk drama.

princess i love this drama... i just watched in two days and just sleep 3 hours... hahaha lee jong suk is really an eye candy... he acts well too... this is his drama that i watched that his the main cast,, i will watch school 2013 later because of him...

Vania 좋아요! >< i really like this movie yet this is the best drama that i had ever watched before. the plot makes it so interesting and the actors get the feel as it was like a true story that definitely got the feel, makes me curious so i finished watching it for just 3 days during school-exam-days yet idc about my scores bcs too curious ㅋㅋㅋ그리고 i cried in every episode too ㅎㅎㅎ highly recommended! <3

Magdalena I think the story is nice and sweet, especially the love between Hye Sung and Soo Haa. But I think I prefer if Hye Sung with Cha Kwon as they both very funny and cute in this drama... Well overall is okay...

Fayeabell One of the best Korean drama Ive watched so far. I love the all the characters and the story line. Never a dull moment, it kept me on my toes while watching it! I highly recommend that you watch it. two thumbs up :)

phie i think this is the best korean drama... the story so fantastic... make me currious ever2 and ever... not just borred love.... sweat....

sasa chukhaeeee lee jongsuk and lee boyoung won the best couple in korea drama awards!! ahhh my otp feels <3 <3

sandy lee bo young just won the daesang for artist of the year in the korean drama awards for both IHYV and MDSY and they ( LBY & LJS ) won best couple for I hear your voice

so all of you haters go whine somewhere else

kyn So very great lee jong suk's acting very nice great job lee

Lala My whole family absolutely loved this show (my brother especially LOL! watched it in a week) - even a friend who hasn't seen a Kdrama before. At work, I was surprised to hear some of my coworkers have watched it too (lol we fangirled & cried at the same parts too >.<) . I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Awesome female and male leads. If there could be one bad point though, the ending is mediocre. However, it doesn't take away my love for the show that much. Gosh, I just couldn't stop watching it!

Kira What I don't get is why Hye Sung is being such an ass to Su ha, telling him to get lost forever after he remembers her, leaving him in the rain... She's being horrible to him. I partly know why she's doing it - to deny the fact she likes him but I still don't understand her. She's pissing me off a damn lot, god. What a heroine...

Mari Happy birthday Lee Jong Suk! I absolutely love this series. Soo ha is the sweetest! :) the cast made a really great job of making me cry and laugh and go crazy in love! Two thumbs up!

Pls ha I love and like to watch it everyday!! I'm never tired of watching I Hear Your !!!!!!!! Love all esp!!!!! But I wish it would have I Hear your Voice2 :)

ColdTea If you're looking depth in your drama, and if you're looking for main leads that have genuine chemistry then I would definitely NOT recommend this show. I watched the entire drama and like everyone else who watched the show, I came with hope that this drama would live up to high expectations (it is the number one rated drama on certain websites), however with the underwhelming performance of the flower boy lead (Lee Jong-suk, who was the main reason I watched this show in the first place) being constantly outdone embarrassingly by even the secondary cast who had a fraction of the time he was on in every episode, made for a very drawn out and cringe-worthy viewing experience for me.

I am incredibly disappointed in my decision to give this show a shot so I could understand the "appeal". Had the writing been more solid (the courtroom scenes were tragic toward the end), and had the show been true to being the multiple genre show it sold itself as instead of just being a comedy, then I would've been more amused by its attempt to expand on darker plot points (as it wouldn't have tried to take itself as seriously as it attempted to do). The majority of the cast deserved better than the work they were given (though I appreciated their sincerity in trying their best). I partially blame the tweeners and immature fan-girls for the unrealized potential of this show as it is more than likely that ratings were driven by the desire to see Lee Jong-suk pretend to be a serious actor on screen, than watching for a ratings-worthy show.

My ‘review’ is not to discredit the capabilities of the writers, actors, producers etc etc., but to give a subjective opinion like everyone has on this show.

fiyya this drama amazing and awesome... park soo ha and jang hye sung the best to drama i can hear your voice... cool from eps 1-end, not worried and really i think this drama good... park soo ha a gantleman to always help hye sung, and hye sung i think a mowen strong and bielive... ^^

xxx Seeing how successful this drama is now feels like flipping the bird on those who claimed that they got sick of LBY, for she took on about three dramas a year. Well, yeah sure.

thermodynamics i think this is the best korean drama that i have watched. the plot arrangement was very very impressive and the characters combination was suitable with the storyline. many messages that i got from this drama. we need to not judge people just by appearance.everybody have their own problems. but the action make them different. love omma (jang byon's mother)... all her willing was very valuable. also i give 11/10 for i hear your voice. thanx the scriwritter for thinking such a great drama =)

cuteme Those people who still thinking the about the "age difference issues" better move on because this drama is so cute you couldn't get enough with it.

At first I was so hesitant to watch it because of the said circumstances the age issue, and I didn't know what to expect and I haven't read the synopsis in any site. The only information that I have in my hand is that Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Lee Jong Seok is in the series and who the hell is Lee Jong Seok????

Then looking at the picture they are all old people with a youngster in a love triangle and I kinda skip it for 3 weeks then after all the happenings in my life I've got spare time I realized to try it just one shot. But then again the series is so perfect and I wouldn't mind if the HighSchooler and the lawyer will be the OTP and I Marathon it chasing the recent episodes.

What a roller coaster ride and the love story , even the sesame street law, the murderer, the frenemies, the dorky lawyer cha, and the word I'll protect you circles around my mind the best drama of 2013. I bet Heirs with stellar cast couldn't even beat this. Lots of lesson that you will get.

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If we lived by that law, then all the people in the world would be blind” - Jang's Mom

iris looks good gonna watch it :))

sweet_yang At first, I was hesitant watching this drama because it's about court/law. However, after watching the 1st episode, I was hooked and engaged. The story line is very interesting and it teaches you about life in general. I really love the 2 episodes extension of do-yeon and her father. It is a tearjerker (I cried A LOT!). I hoped they make a special edition for this drama (like Playful Kiss: Special Edition) because this drama deserves it! I also wished it showcase the married life of hye-sung and soo-ha, and also lawyer oska and do-yeon! :)

sani still can't move on from this drama >< i still always listen to the soundtracks and rewatch the drama sometimes. ihyv is too good to be forgotten kkk

mg I love "why are u come now"I. absolutely loveeeee it.U have to listen.

mg I LOVE Park soo ha but I don't want to fall in love who know my mind.

cuteme @fran you can purchase it at yes asia the singers were every single day, melody day, jung yup, shin seun hun, narae and many more

minami i hope there will be season 2 for this drama where park soo ha become a policeman!!

Fran Can someone tell me who sings the backup song to this drama? It's so beautiful . . . would like to purchase the CD.

Shawn At first I was hesitant about watching this, because I thought I was just another Kpop Drama. But after seeing Lee Bo Young in Man from the Equator I thought I'd give it a shot. Was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, and impressed with Lee Jong Suk. First time seeing him act in anything, and decided to give School 2013 a try because of him.

Otaku I really hate crying but this drama is just....just....JUST THE BEST!...NOW MY CURRENT FAVORITE DRAMA...Gu Family Book was my previous but not anymore...and I'm a guy, normally I should choose Suzy but this is CRAZY GOOD...I HAD THE BEST FEELING AFTER THE ENDING =D

TAEYEON this drama is the BEST this is my favourite drama park soo ha is handsome hehehehhehe

Kizzy My favorite drama yet. It was brilliant. I love all these actors so much. <3 If you haven't watched it.... GO WATCH IT! :D

xoxo @anon if kim nam gil, joo won, etc cast as min jon gook instead of jung woong in, your opinion 'bout MJG may be different.

meg WOW , i love this drama. i love love love love this drama amazing.

christine Aigoo , really love this drama! I hope more ep n more romantic scene in future between soo ha n lawyer jjang XD , Its really different kind of drama I ever watch, since this is about court, fantasy who can ready people's mind, cute couple, cute and sad story line, daebak story lines !! The quotes so much great!

I heard that lee jong suk will p in the movie : no breathing. as a swimmer XD kyaa can't wait!

Hardly to move on from this drama kekeke~

Excalibunny To xoxo, casualties? I think 'victim' or 'sacrifice' sounds like a better word to use.

kpoplover wtf= what the Fans, we all loved this drama (don't answer that question) anyway i love PARK SOO HA and HYE SOONG they worked great, i loved the story line because it was different it made the audience attracted in one word to explain this KOREANTASTIC!! LOL



anon Min Jon Gook ftw? You've got to be kidding me. The guy was wrong for what he did, regardless of the why. Besides, at the point of the drama, there was no one left for him to truly take revenge upon.

minami this drama is awesome!! i'm satisfied with the lead actor and actress. lee jong suk did well in this drama. i love the story line, the starting as well as the ending! well done!!

Ray It might be my favorite series ever. The two main leads played off perfectly and made the show and the secondary characters owned their own scenes as well. It also wasn't the regular generic Korean Tragi-Drama,where you know absolutely the main protagonist is going to die in the last few minutes of the last episode before you are even done watching the first episode. It has so many memorable moments as well,that I go back and watch again. Thank god they teamed these actors up in the drama, any others would have likely spoiled it. They are why it was far and away the number one rated show.

z10 Really disliked Lee Jong-Suk in this drama, should have casted someone else (note that I liked him in Secret Garden, but his role in this drama really did not fit him imo). The rest of the cast was nice though, including the side characters. Hope to see more of them in the future :)

xoxo MIN JOON GOOK ftw!!! eye for eye, tooth for tooth! he sought justice in his own way after everybody ignored him & hye sung’s mom & others were just casualties of war of his justice

Bow I'm always a fan of you, Lee Bo-Young, I keep watching your acting since 'Song of prince' (The ballad of Seodong). I'm often watch it until now. Really happy that we can see your performance in the more and the more outstanding series. I'm always looking forward to your new productions as same as many fans. I am really happy to watch 'I can hear your voice'. So, keep fighting and congratulation to your wedding. :D

Fika i really love this k-drama. one of best k-drama i think, surely. i like the story 'tll the end, not too much but it has given us many lessons about life and certainly about love. 2 thumbs up!

Ngan Ho V-K I really enjoy to watch this drama. It is funny like comedy, i love to the main characters are happy ending. It is so beautiful acting and i love to watch this drama.... So cool!!!!Yeah!!!I The main characters are romance, and comedy... great drama that i think it is going to be the best movie of the 2013...

Lian Lee Jong Suk!!!! Akapta!!!! I missed the chance to see you in Davao!!!

But it's okay... the swimming team were also very handsome!!! ^^

Lee Bo Young, I hope you won't stop making dramas after your marriage ^^ I totally loved your "Seo Young My Daughter." ...hmmm actually I loved your twin in that drama kkkk

Anyways, wanjon chukahamnida!!!! The storyline is very refreshing... and the characters were all interesting ^^

Hahahahha but it was funny to see the rivalry of Park Soo Ha and Cha Kwan Woo after their love-hate relationship in Secret Garden as Han Tae Sun and Oscar!!! ^^

Ah and I'll be on the watch for more Lee Da Hee dramas ^^ Lee Da Hee, you're cute!!! ^^ I wonder how you'll look like as a lead as a damsel in distress... ^^

You all deserve Phuket!!! But I pity Lee Jong Suk for his hectic schedule... I hope you enjoyed you're stay in Davao even with your busy schedule doing the "No Breathing" movie!!!

Dianawati Definitely RECOMMEND this drama... Nice story line and so amaze with the story writer about the way he/she write those arguments and closing statement for each cases... 4 THUMBS UP!!! Finally I know why those ratings are sooo high!!!

slee Interesting storyline (and script) with the right amount of romance, suspense, and humor. Excellent acting - so natural - but more importantly, beautiful chemistry among the cast. Love this! Personally haven't watched a really captivating K-Drama for quite a while 'till this one. Deserving of a re-watch!

Carmenita I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. Did not expect this to be so good. Looking forward to the next drama starring Lee Jong-Suk!

RMTV Definitely one of the best dramas of 2013. Great Chemistry between LJS and LBY despite of the age gap. And Also kudos to YSH, He has definitely portrayed a great role for the character. KDrama that I would recommend to everyone!

Drama lovers Great drama. Love the ending

sora1004 GOD, Why This Drama is OVER!!! hiks...This is the best Nuna - Dongsaeng Pairing (i use to hate this kind of relationship but this drama is an exception).

This is not a cheesy, teenage drama. The story will give a big impact in your mind, I watch it twice already. One of my Favorite Kdrama.

iloveyou i love this drama but the pace kinda suffered from extensions... but still i enjoyed from beginning to end especially the chemistry between the leads :) a recomended drama indeed :)

Prabashi OMG I REALLY LOOOOVE THIS DRAMA SOOOO MUCH, its really intense. i looove Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong Suk soooooooo much. i hope theres more episodes in this drama. i hope u can make more dramas just like this one

asdf best drama i'eve ever seen

Yuni Just finished watching this drama. All I can say is BEST DRAMA EVER! Thank you for such a great story. The actresses, actors..everything is perfect. *SPOILER* At first I was worried that Hye-Sung and Soo-Ha couldn't be together because of the age gap, and then she would end up choosing Lawyer Cha over Soo-Ha. But gladly it didn't happen that way. I would hate it if the story turned out like that, since from the very beginning I was rooting wholeheartedly for Hye-Sung and Soo-Ha. LOL. Anyway, thanks again for everything. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED! :D

ps: Lee Jong-Suk....you're so adorable!

Robin I love watching Korean dramas however, after watching "I Can Hear Your Voice" I want to thank all involved for setting the bar higher! This was one of the best shows (Korean, American, whatever) that I've seen. Kudos to the writters for having the courage to show that age is not a measure of love.. Also, must give a shout out for whoever was in charge of casting...Perfect.. Spot on..you nailed it! Please keep up the great work...it's more appreciated than you know! Much love from Los Angeles!

Jp Ok , so if I were to rate this drama from 1 to 10.ahhh I GIVE IT A TEN! This drama was daebak . It was a little iffy when he lost his memory but I was yeah whatever caus they BROUGT IT BACK IN THE HOUSE. I am sad that it ended cause its been a fun ride, however I am also happy cause this type of ending is very rare these days cough! Cough! ... Especially in the Korean melodrama world . These days the have been SHITTING UP the endings. I gotta admit I hated lee Jong suk in secret Garden.i thought he was annoying and full of himself . But I love u now man, cause u r the bomb . i am finally a fan girl after three year is hating u . Ahhh

Lala LOL..when I heard the news about LBY getting married to JS, what passed to my thought is "JS must be worried after seeing LBY n LJS play together as a couple and has a good chemistry??"

Well what ever the reason is finally, chukhae eonni for your married!!hope everything going well ^,^

aicy i also liked this drama.overall, its an A.its no longer astonishing to see a May and December love affair.for AS long as they love each other.

Ghost Hee Trust me, bedo, this drama wouldn't have been half as good if it weren't for Lee Bo Young. Not just her; touch any cast in this perfect drama and everything falls out of place. LJS and LBY both developed great chemistry for their respective roles, and this don't just come with any actors or actresses. The fact that this duo works so well it probably because of their fitting personalities which complements each other. I think Lee Bo Young contributed a lot to the success of this drama; who else can portray the sassy, materialistic lawyer, who yet has her vulnerable and adorable side so efficiently.

Btw, I congrats LBY on her marriage and hope that she will have a blissful married life with JS. For all the HS-SH shippers, let's all just get over this and wish our loving couple the best!

bedo very good drama great and new idea the ending was v.good ,, every thing in this project were super but if the main actress was Yoon Eun Hye or Lee Da Hae in place of Lee Bo-Young this drama would be super perfect ,, because the gab in age between Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Bo-Young is too big its about 10 years but with YEH or LDH it would be 5 years it make sense to believe

Leommy They described what it means to be a person. There are hardships, happiness and many choices. Everyone is complex, and there aren't anyone who predestined bad. Eventually like in this drama too, people may feel they are alone. But fortunately they are not. It was pleasure to watch 'I hear your voice'. :)

Lulu My BEST Drama!! this is the most meaningful drama I ever watched and I hope that writers would come up with more meaningful stories like this. LOVE the ending part! it was so touching!!

kiara Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It's amazing.It was definitely one of the best k- drama I've ever watches. I really love it.The story line was great. there was any irritating and irrational issue.I can say this might be the only Korean Series that Characters treated as adults and mature. I congratulate the author for creating such great story.From acting, writing, production, I mean everything was just excellent. furthermore I really enjoyed Lee Jong Suk's acting skills.I wish success to all.Thank you!!

i hear your voice's biggest fan i love his drama so much! I cried my eyes out at the end seeing them happy just made me smile best couple in drama land. This drama brought good things to my heart!! Im "i hear your voice"'s biggest fan!! Cant belive its over :')

adcc daebak! daebak! really daebak drama!!!! the best drama ever! everything is perfect and the ending is very nice :) its not surprising if this drama will get many awards.. wonderful story plot, amazing actors and it teaches many lessons in life.. the best! <3333

vivi Thanks for the ending

earthza the best drama in 2013 :)

me what a happy ending....soo ha jjang.... gonna miss this drama... ep 19 is the climax n ep 20 is the ending..so bit slow....well done everyone....keep up producing more good drama like this

Neon Don't worry about the end. It's amazing!!!!

bheb_014 While reading the comments of the people here I feel like I don't wanna continue watching it anymore. Actually I'm already at ep 11 and since the drama is not yet done so I decided to stop until its finish but then again I'm scared on how the drama ends. I want them to be together until end. Please Mr. Writer I'm begging give this drama a happy ending :) I absolutely love lee jong suk. I hope I can see him again in a good drama after this.

soo ha fan if soo ha dies or sh-hs end with sad ending....i will absolutely stop watching any drama by this writer&director&producer!!!

Vivi i personally love how this drama teach us about justice, law and however the reason is, killing people is not the right thing to do. This is simply a best message from drama, there's a lot more lesson too.

When some people complain about do yeon extended episode, i'm in the opposite really-really like it. it's how we can hear people voice and act mature to respond the situation. How Do Yeon handle her heart and finish the story is great.

in the end, i'll accept whatever the ending cause this movie have given me so much until now. Life is not always happy or sad, but really we can handle fate.. for all the cast and production team., great job and thanks a lot.

Nina Omfg!! I totally love this drama. I really don't want it to end just one more episode is left. I really hope the ending of this great drama is a freaking awesome ending. Cause if suck man I'll be sad :( please be a happy ending!!!! >.<

Isabel If HS or SH dies. My extreme love for this drama will be destroyed... I HATE sad endings...to the pits of the deepest pits...writer pleasee don't destroy my expectations..;__; love this drama to bits so far. tomorrow and then friday and this drama is over..omg

Cynthia If SH or HS die, I won't ever watch another kdrama by this writer. In fact, I think I will stop watching now after ep 16, because I don't trust that the writer will punish the bad guy before he kills more people. I love the drama and characters but I hate sad endings. Kramas are for happy endings!! in my opinion

kristel I really love this drama. The charatcers play their roles very well. Min Joon Gook gives me chills. I saw that he's a guest in running man and all I thought of was OH NOOO WHY IS JOON GOOK THERE?! He's such a good actor that he made me think of him as Joon Gook instead of himself. I also love Lee Jong Seok. His acting is so natural. I always stay up late just to watch it cause I started watching not too long ago...probably in just 2/3 days I was already in episode16.I cant wait till it airs!!! Please make it have a happy ending :) I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE STAFF AND ACTORS HWAITING! YOU GUYS WORKED HARD!!!

MJ Jang Hye-Sung and Park Soo-Ha really look good together, cant wait for the next episode, im hoping it will have a nice ending too..

farisya please episode 18 hurry up..i cant wait because this drama make me crazy..haahha.. i love it.. veru suspicious,

roz i cant wait for next episode. maybe park soo ha says our story of 11 ago finished because their story s start was his promise and he could not tack care of hyu soong or maybe just i cant believe she is did or something like this good drama best in 2013

yo oh ar i love this drama..very interesting and a lot different from others.. i love the cast and the portrayal.. im just windering did lee jong suk undergo rhinoplasty??? just asking..

Lh3a man, what a cliffhanger from ep16.... i think i'm gonna die...

thesefeeeeeels omg. the OSTs in this drama fit the story so well, and makes me so emotional ! :'( ugh... whenever i listen to them, it makes me think of the drama ending.. *cries* sigh. i will never forget soohaxhyesung couple. <3 <3 <3 and i hear your voice. <3 <3 <3

ljslove Honestly, without Lee Bo Young as Hyesung's role, I don't think this drama would have been as popular as it is right now even with, of course, Lee Jong Suk(<3). She can pull of the character so well! I first thought that I wouldn't be able to watch this drama because of her, thinking she would only remind me of her past roles, after watching My Daughter, Seo-yeong. But I'm glad I decided to watch it! I couldn't see ANY Seo-yeong in her in this drama.

Her crying acting just makes me say... wow.. She's really an actress that acts to her potential. I'm a LeeJongSuk holic and I think us Lee Jong Suk fans should thank Leeboyoung.. That he was able to show his potential through acting in this phenomenal drama that was made possible by her.

crys let's reach 30% view ratings by the last episode!!! lee bo young lee jong suk lee da hee yoon sang hyun daebaaaak!

JB NO IDOLS IN THIS DRAMA. FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYY! this is so rare in kdramas.. i'm pretty sure that's one of the reason why this drama is such a success. i love idols but i really don't hope to see them acting. no offense. these days, i can't name ANY dramas without idols except for I Hear Your Voice.

tara okay, i started watching this drama because of lee jong suk, and i'm sure a lot of people did. now i'm so hooked into lee bo young and other characters as well. Lee bo young sure doesn't look like she's in her 30's! SooSung (Sooha + Hyesung) Couple forever! <3

byun to the writer: happy ending please!!!!! :'(

baley wow, i never knew lee bo young was such an actress until i hear your voice.. her acting skills.. just wow.. i hope to see her in more awesome dramas like i hear your voice!

chase wow, i just figured out lee bo young is 35 years old.. but she looks like she's in the mid 20's.. so pretty.. she looks so good with lee jong suk.! i heard that ji sung is her boyfriend! :O i know it's mean, but i really hope they break up.. i heard that ji sung did like a 19+ movie with kim ah joong.. even though he had a girlfriend. ;( Lee Bo Young <3 Lee Jong Suk FTW! best couple of the year!


everyone, vote for lee jong suk and lee bo young for 2013 SBS drama awards on december! they probably will win the best couple award already. and i hope lee bo young gets the daesang in KBS for my daughter seo-yeong!

ddochi okay, best drama of 2013. best drama of all k-drama for me. i love all the actors and actresses in this drama and their acting. i love how they didn't use any idols in the drama..

to the person who said that "he/she hates lee bo young's acting, that she's the same in all dramas, looks old for this role, and that they should have ended with just 16 episodes, and how seo do yeon's case was a useless scene, and that only reason we all watch it is cause of lee jong suk and that other characters are disgusting and doesn't suit him."

i have no words for you... how can a person be so empty-minded and retarded? first of all, lee bo young's acting is NOT the same in all dramas. it's true she only had roles that were quiet, and cold but in this drama, she tried a funny character for the first time. and it was a success. I couldn't think of Seoyeong or any other past characters she played while watching I hear your voice.

and seo do yeon's case was NOT useless. remember, this drama is based on cases, and trials. and we ALL watch this just cause of lee jong suk and other characters are disgusting and doesn't suit him? okay, as a lee jong suk's fan, i'm extremely embarrassed to share his fandom with a person like you. REALLY HONESTLY, if lee bo young wasn't casted as the main in this drama, lee jong suk wouldn't have gained more popularity, and this WHOLE drama wouldn't have been popular. and if jong suk acted with for example, a girl idol as hyesung, this drama would have failed even with the amazing storyline.

kudos to all the actors and actresses in the drama.

Deekshha So in love with this drama... And looking at the ratings I am very pleased that it is number 1 cos it rightfully deserves to be number 1. All the cast members are awesome... Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Song make a cute couple.

gee what is the name of seo do yeon's prosecutor partner/sunbae?

Jennifer OMOOMOOMO!!!!!! I finished ep 16 and i thught that was the ending and HyeSung died, but there's 2 more coming!!!!! I just hope that Soo-ah and Hyesung will be together. But if she didn't die, then why did Soo-ah say that their 11 years together ended??? Please hurry up, i can't wait

Ree I've watched Episode 16 and I thought that was the last episode. OMG. But there's 2 more episodes, really cant wait. I just hope that it will end with happy ending for Soo Ha and Att Jang. Not because it's should be happy ending for every ending of a story, but more because if in the end something bad happens for the main character, it will give people's imagination about the bad man will always win at the end. Now in this story how they are making law as the setting/background, so that means for people like Min Joon Gook actually should realize what he'd been doing is totally wrong. How he's already killed so many people includeding Jjang's mother. I really want him suffering a lot more to realize he'd killed innocent people like Jjang's mom or that fruit seller just to revenge. Really hopes Soo Ha and Jjang together and get married. Haha. I am sick of watching drama without a clear ending. Lee Jong Suk is really hot anyway ^^

Amy What happened to me? ...I already lost interest in this drama....the story is not compelling anymore...

beezakiah Done with the ep 16 . 2 more ep to go . The 16th ep was epic bacause I thought that was the ending because min joon gook kidnapped the heroin just now . Arghhh . Btw, great drama 2013 . Lot of love from Malaysia . <3 hehehehehehhe

munceu The first time i liked this series is because Lee Jong Suk played as main actor. The other film that i saw before that oppa Jong Suk played is 'Secret Garden', 'High Kick3' and 'School 2013'. I though his playing was interesting and made my eyes can't take a look of him, except his handsome face and manly acted, i though his acting so much better than before. His expression in this series coming up more than his expression in 'School 2013'. He didn't acted that he must always looks good to audiance, but probably that's the pointed which i wanna see. I didn't really like the actor who acted with 'always good image' in front of the audiance to boosting up the fans. Because i though which we will see is the series, not the entertaiment scene.

After i saw the sixtheen episode, i didn't doubt the ending of the series will be 'happy ending scene', but i'm afraid the ending will not satistied my imagination. I didn't know that imagination about, but i hope the scriptwritter will give us the satisfying ending which sad or happy but satisfying my imagination. I didn't unlike the sadness story, but if i look back about the the of this series (romance, crime, comedy) i will be end up my mind and keep the ending belongs to the themes.

I will became so much liked this series cause the story line is weaving slowly, sweet, unpredictable and often surprising me with the new episodes. I decided this series 'i hear your voice' will be my best series which i ever liked so much in 2013 and i have the big big big big praise to Lee Jong Suk oppa will be play the other best best best best film or series ever again. I liked his passion to be the best actor, i liked his effort to be the professional actor with everything behind him that he fighting for. Chayoo oppa Jong Suk, we will loved you as always~~~ <3

PL Sherrattplsherratt If anyone else dies....I will have lost my faith in KDramas! It better not end like Fashion King! If Soo Ha dies......well, better not!

Ceci This is by far the best kdrama hands down!! Amazing story, every ep is packed with awesomeness!! Def worth the watch!! Super interesting story line, great chemistry, flawless acting!!! What more is needed!!!????!!

oho I like this drama but i feel like as a second lead yoon sang hyun has no significant role in this drama and this make me grrrrr...i think this drama is lack of character development or something..and i have no problem to see park so ha end up with hye sung but since lawyer cha is a good actor i need him to have a good and strong character..aish.. I dont know why people make fuss about lee bo young acting and all..i think she's just fine..for this drama the age gape is not a problem..since the lead look good together..and i admire lee da hee because i think she is beautiful..

tey cant wait to the next ep. i actually waiting now.ahm to those think that alot hate lee bo young..dont worry theres more of them who like her.we cannot please evert body ..guys just give credit to the team.for good story and high rating..hope to see more good drama after this.. fighting

adcc i really love this drama.. one of the best ever! i got hooked up when i watched the first episode and can't wait to watch the next one! for me, its the best drama of 2013.. daebak! <3

safaa I don't know why people are hating on Lee Bo-Young, its my first time seeing one of her dramas and I fell in love with her acting. She makes a cute partner with Lee Jong-Suk <3; Im sooo glad they made more episodes because I would've hated it if they just ended at ep 16. But I do hate how they involved the prosecutor but understand they made an episode just for her so that she would relate to Lee Jong-Suk.. over all great drama!!! Cant wait for final ep...

FIGHTING!! Keep up the great work n_n

lisa its so sad that hye seung died :( she got kidnapped by that evil dude

A i really hate lee bo young acting, she always is the same in all dramas, and she looks old for this role! it was better they just made 16 episodes. there is no need to make a drama longer and add a lot of redundant scenes because its rating is high, since at last they cause its rating to become lower! who cares about Seo Do-Yeon and whose daughter she is that they make some episodes about it?! the only reason that we are watching it is because of Lee Jong-Suk! other characters are unfortunatly disgusting and don't suit him, i hope he play in a much better drama with a good story!

jhu Lee da hee.. wow your really a good actress. Iam not saying that Le Bo Young doesn't.But Just giving a credit to her beside of being the second lead. I Just watch ep. 15. DAEBAK you really move the audience. Regard to all the cast and staff this is really a must watch :D

lia i don't really like hye sung's character, egoistic and narrow minded. i honestly prefer do yeon more. anyway, this drama is great really captivating.

marieruu I'm so happy with the ratings of this drama! They truly deserve it! Hwaiting unni and oppa! Weeeeeee! :) Can't wait for the two final episodes! I'm so going to miss this drama! This is one of my favourite drama for this year (2013), along with Cyrano Dating Agency! :) *sighs! <3

Vt This is also one of my favorite after "shark"... Interesting story line. The actors are not very popular but I think they have potential.

mez For me this is the best drama of 2013. I hate hate Gu Family Book, at first its shocking and intriguing but suddenly it lost the magic that I needed to stay in a Drama. Some of you might have a different reaction. But the writer needs to study again so that the series will have a direction.

Isabel This drama is probably the best I've seen this year. The plot is seriously good and I love how other unknown situations slowly weave into the main plot. The court cases are also engaging, different and interesting which makes me crave for more, wanting to know what happens next. The drama consists of various scenes that are funny so as to lighten up the serious adrenaline filled plot which is a great mix and I enjoy those moments thoroughly. I love the Soo Ha's dedication...he and Hye sung is like so cute together! Anyway I recommend this to anyone! It's so freaking fantastic! I would rewatch this again no doubts.

Khaada Been a while since i have seen such good viewership ratings for a daily, definitely deserves it though.

Omayma I can hear your voice it's my best kdrama for 2013 i really enjoyed ^__^

Omayma This drama one of my best series i really enjoyed ^__^

Angel Does Seo Do-yeon fall in love with Lawyer cha?! I heard from some website..

Aliana I really love this drama. Since the beginning when I saw it on viki I was curious about it and got hooked up after watching the first episodes. I enjoy the chemistry between the lead actors, and I love Park Soo Ha so much, he is so charming. I can't wait for the new episodes. Oh, and this is one of the best dramas I've seen :) hope to see him on more dramas.

HC ...and no chemistry between 2 leads at all. Lee Jong Suk looks too 'flower boy' for this role

HC I lost interest when SH went missing and came back with no past memories remain...now it is dragging, I have to pass forward some scene.. I guess the tried to extend from 16 to 18 episodes so they added some unnecessary scenes to make it longer....

kaa This is one of the best drama for 2013, love lee jong suk sooo much he is such a good actor

Bheb_014 OMO! Actually, I started to watch this drama and I got hooked up. After watching Gu family, it's the 2nd drama that I caught my attention. I'm still at ep 10 and I don't wanna continue cause I want to watch after the airing of the last ep.. Park soo ha caught my attention, he is very cool the way he portray his character I can say that he's great and I'm starting to like him. It's my first time watching him actually and he so good. I hope they ended up together.

Bheb_014 OMO! Actually, I started to watch this drama and I got hooked up. After watching Gu family, it's the 2nd drama that I caught my attention. I'm still at ep 10 and I don't wanna continue cause I want to watch after the last ep will be aired. Park soo ha caught my attention, he is very cool the way he portray his character I can say that he's great and I'm starting to like him. It's my first time watching him actually and he so good. I hope they ended up together.

chrisvg Im enjoying this drama, but this being the best drama this year, i have to disagree. Cruel city is the best drama this year, by far.

Jin Sorry I may be the only one that think this is not the best drama this year so far.. In my opinion, the story does not flow well from 1 episode to the next... The acting is just ok, nothing outstanding... The only thing I like is the story line... It's different from other drama

marieruu A must watch!!! :) I recommend this to you. I swear, you will not regret watching this!!! :D

Lovekpop This is one of the best dramas I've watched in a while it stared intresting and it still is interesting! This is a must watch I usally just look for romantic comedy but this is an amazing drama to watch! I love you park so ha! Forgot his real name but he is a great actor! Another must watch that he is in is school 2013!!!

Cha Jen, this is why MJK is clearly smarter than you think. He managed to trick everyone into thinking that he is stupid. You notice how much trouble he got himself into after killing HS's mom. He alone can only get away with crimes that many time.. No matter how much loopholes the law in Korea have, they still can't turn a blind eye against someone who repeatedly commit murders. He sacrifices his left hand to frame SH as a murder, which indirectly killed him. This leaves HS vulnerable without SH's protection, who also happens to be his prime target.

Jen The story started very interesting but it is now getting very confusing and ridiculous. The killer becomes stupid as the story goes. It doesn't make sense for him to cut his hand. I thought the verdict stated that he is innocent. After that, he said he will kill HS and SH, but the why he didn't kill HS while he got into the car accident? Why did he cut his hand to frame SH?

pariya every episode is better than before . the end of episode 12 was so touchable .lee jong suk cry was and sens was believable . i am waiting for next episode.

flore this drama is one of the best in 2013

pinksgate This is one of the best drama for 2013. I've been watching Lee Jung-suk since I first saw him in "School 2013". He's dynamic, talented with full of charisma. Once again, his portrayal as Park Soo Ha is perfectly well acted.With this , I give him my 100% attention and admiration . Episode 12 ending is soooo inspirational! love it sooo much!

Enaa This drama is killing me. Lee Jong Suk ( Park Soo Ha ) is too charming. He acts well. Daebak!

sasa I Hear Your Voice extended by two episodes! (source: allkpop) So happy to hear that kekeke

jaglaine I give the actors in this drama top marks. Especially, Lee Jong Suk. This is the first time I've seen him act and I must say that I am impressed. He is not just a flower boy. His acting is superb. He knows when to let a scene play itself out, he IS the character! He is neither overacting nor awkward. A true actor. Lee Bo Young is also true to her character. A modern, messy, somewhat lazy, somewhat selfish heroine with innate courage and righteousness that is hidden under all that actually cute, endearing package. Soo Ha and Hye Sung may be different personalities but they fit and make each other complete. I hope they end up together! Very good drama, just don't expect much of the forensics to make sense because they don't. the writer just wants the audience to make believe that what they say is true. But, just don't think about it, other than this, it is a very good story. A must watch!

ssun congratulations for the 20% viewer rating mark! totally deserve it! <3

popsie such a great series...the moment i laid my eyes on this drama, i definitely got hooked! just so love the plot, the actors & actresses! A MUST-WATCH!

to the writer, director & the crew, thumps up to you guys! :)

fatima omfg!!!!! just started watching last night and i am already addicted to this drama, what can i say.......;well I am still breathless in all the events that happened in this drama and i hope everything turns out ok :(

Sabia By far the best and breath-taking drama! Very gripping and keeps me and surely other watchers fascinated and curious for the up coming episodes. One of the BEST drama I would defenetly recommend.

Seo LBY's tears are always so moving. Everytime she cries, I'd feel her agony and despair so prominently. The scene at the rotating door where she literally cries her heart out is most painful to watch.

kei this is the only drama that made me tremble in suspense in the first 10 minutes of it<3 love the drama c:

sooha A lil bit dissappointed with the shocking plot twist :( but it seems like the "amnesia card" is different from other dramas bcs this drama itself has unique storyline from the beginning so i hope this drama will still be a great drama with high rating *ups sorry for the spoiler*.kekeke

Nanie This drama is really DAEBAK. <333333 At first I really hated Sooha(Jongsuk) to be with a noona, again. I mean, whaddup with all these directors making him with noonas urgh. But they look just okay after each episode. Jongsuk oppa hwaiting! <3

JOJO this drama is just AWESOME........I love every single episode of it. Watch it and you wont regret it <3

eli hi.thank you for good series.pleas shown this drama in kbs world2.

Nikkaboo Totally LOVE this series. <3 I love the plot, very it's a very different drama :)

kiara After a long time finally there is a good series. I really love it until this moment. Soo Ha and hye sung touch my heart. I certainly like to see them to gather as couple or as sibling have no different but without involving the third person in their relationship. Definitely lower cha can't be her partner. I can’t forgive the author this time, if a supportive good boy be excluded for the others who is just a lover an neutral . This time if such thing happens, It will drive me despair because it's a big lie. Who can forgive the one who betrays or in this case it’s better to say don’t have faith her and don’t believe her???? If he can be forgiven but it’s sure impossible to live under a roof. In deed it’s not forgiveness but it’s stupidity.

msPeachy The lead actress is 10 years older than the lead actor. I thought they were supposed to be of the same age in the story.

Linda I fell in love with this drama when i first watched it. The plot is so goood. And i like how Soo Ha can hear other people's thought which make the drama unique cause he's hot, too. LOL. Lawyer Jang (main female) give off a good first impresssion in episode 1. This lead us having no trouble shipping Soo Ha and Hye Sung. I dont usually like drama with couples that have big age difference. BUT this is different. Hye Sung is enjoyable and i like to watch her so i wont mind her ending up with Soo Ha. He always protect her and i like how when *SPOILERS ALERT SPOILER ALERT STOP READING IF YOU DIDNT REACH EPISODE 8*** hye sung's mother died she cried next to Soo Ha. Before that she told her "boyfriend" Cha to leave her cry alone. And to those that ship Cha and Jang.... uhmmm i dont know what to say but. he never did anything to her that support their relationship beside cases work and their crushing on each other in "old peeps" way. No offense but i cant see them together. SO PLEASE AUTHOR IF YOU MAKE THEM AS A COUPLE IM THE END I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU. I just hope Soo Ha wont do anything bad like killing the guy because it'll cause him troubles and their relationshop too. AND THE KISS OMGOGMMGMG YOU ARE THE MAN SOO HAAAAA

genz Hoping that Soo Ha and Hye Sung will have a happy ending. I really like Soo Ha's character, he always protect Hye Sung and he is ready to give up everything (since he's somewhat likes to kill Joon Gook).

OMGGGG. At first I thought it was a boring drama, but I was definitely wrong. This drama is DAEBAK♥

leeya am i the only one who ship park soo ha and go sung bin?? kekeke

hanny Great drama , really hope hye sung will be happy ending together with soo haa..

tere oh, man.. i'm not always support dongsaeng-noona relationship, but when i see Soo ha and Hye Sung. i think... ahh, they're so good together. Hye Run-sshi, you're awesome writer ever. really epic story ^^

Bunniefly This drama is meant to drive someone insane, from the suspense of both the killer-victim aspect and the love triangle between the leads. The writer knows what she's doing here to be able to put the best cliff hanger and most heartbreaking confessional kiss halfway through the drama. And the epilogue of episode 8 is epic. You just can't help fall in love with SooHa and be afraid of what he'd do next. Jongsuk is really at his peak in acting and you just crave for more of him.

Janine Aaa Sam! Thanks for finding out the twin names! I googled to try and find out and it lead me here! *squeals*

oho Ohmy!!cant wait to see ep09..kinda suprised when soo ha confess to hye sung..writer-nim..please be kind to us..hopefully all the main characters have their happy ending..

DEJAN When I read the details of this drama, I knew that it was gonna be good. With Park Soo Ha hearing people's voices and all. Plus I think the plot is really good. I'm just heart broken right now since Soo Ha left her.. D: Will wait for the 9th ep. Love all the casts and makers of this Kdrama!!! Love you guys all the way from the Philippines!

Evangeline Escorpizo Atkinson This wondeful drama has me riveted every episode. There is enough twists and turns but not too melodramatic. My congratulations to the writer, director and actors. I hope that there is a happy ending.

Blossom at first I don't want to watch this drama, I tried to watch it before because of Jong Suk *his killer cute smile* and then stop at episode1 because of tha age gap, but then after I start to rewatch again, I'm stick to this drama!

I hope Hye Seong's mom won't be killed. And have a happy ending :)

Sami Emme! I found out the names of the twins. The elder twin is Han Ki-won as Jeong Pil-jae, and Han Ki-woong as Jeong Pil-seun. :)

Emme I really love this drama so far!! The first episode got my attention right away and has kept it all the way through. I like the chemistry between all the characters and the background knowledge of them. This show did a good job on making the characters come alive so to speak.

I really do want to know who plays the twins. I have been trying to find out so if anyone knows please let me know!

mitch808 Always enjoyed Lee Bo Young. This drama is gripping so far, After episode 6. Really curious to see the Result of the twin brothers. Hye Sung is so tactful and prosecutor Do Yeon is no slouch. There may be Surprises. Can't wait for 7!

Analise This kdrama is absolutely a delight!.. This one is definitely my top drama for 2013!

oho Last time,when i watched school 2013 i really hope that jong suk will end up with jang na ra and was trying to predict what will they do so they could be an item or couple but then the drams only offered us his bromance with kim woo bin..and this time after watching ep6 i really hope that lawyer jang will end up with lawyer cha..hehe..but anything could happened right?at the end of the 6th episode i learned that both soo ha and min joon kook still hold grudges on the past and decided to stick on the revenge.so lets wait for the next episode..hehe

Christya How can I make Soo Ha and Hye Sung become together in the end of this drama :| Please make them together pleasee :')

serena Why is there always a female involved with a highschool boy?

shareybarey I get a very bad feeling soo ha won't end up with hye sung :( Just look at some of the I can hear your voice drama pics. He's always on the side...

Gun I really love this drama. I'm looking forward for next episode.

Sofia The law uses on episode 5 is true? Or was it made up to be used on the show? Pls answer, I really wanna know!

ssun LEE JONGSUK <33333 At first, you're the only reason why I want to watch this drama but now I love all about this drama! The storyline is so damn interesting and the rating is....... wow!! Even though Jongsuk is 10years younger than Boyoung but I love to see them together in this drama, so cute :3 Recommended drama! XDD

dende the identical twins that killed a man in this movie are actully twins in real life^^ han ki won as jeong pil jae han ki woong as jeong pil seung

widwi I like this drama so much....♥__♥

gsbehuuu who is the actor in ep 5 what are the names of the twins in real life?

Mia OMO ! the ratings !!! o_O

It's that real ????

sandy hye sung is just jaded she is not a dunce ! and she is worthy alright

pariya i love this movie and the way lee jong suk act

Davia Once again the two female leads are a dunce and a conniver. I wonder how many more thousands of years it's going to take before worthy female characters abound in fiction.

The acting is good though and story line pretty good. I definitely wouldn't say it's one of the best.

I for one hope that she hooks up with the other attorney Kwan Woo. He's more her style. They are both dorky in a cute way.

Bunniefly I really want to ship Soo Ha and Hye Sung couple because I love Jongsuk's character so much and don't want to have him having unrequited love over his Noona. Though it's a bit uncomfortable to see right now since he's still in highschool. I hope the drama shows him graduating somehow so it won't be too much of an eyesore to see the coupling. I haven't been into a drama this much since Queen Inhyun's Man, and I'm crossing my fingers that the story continues to make our hearts wanting for more.

genz PARK SOO HA and JANG HYE SUNG for a happy ending please~~~ kukukukuku. I want them to ended up together. ♥ I just love how Soo Ha protecting his life savior. Ü

Feiky its GREAT !

Yusrina FAR This drama is just amazing. First, I decided to watch this drama because of Lee Jong Suk. But after I watched episode 1, I get more crazy for this drama. The plot is very interesting and the actor are really good. This drama so damn good. Can't wait for the next episode and Lee Jong Suk's acting of course.

Jimmy Viewers before "I hear you voice" broadcasting: "I'm damn sure this drama is just When a man's in love. Decided not to watch it." After episode 2: "YAHHH! DAMN GREAT! CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 3!!!"

Anw, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young are so amazing at acting. I cannot believe that she's 10 years older than him! They look good together, don't they?

Diane better love story than twilight lol

Evilive Haha lol its payback time. Sang hyun_ Jong suk

Lexie Are the actors of Oska and Ssun from Secret Garden in the same drama together again?!?!

ina one of the best dramas of 2013, jongsuk is such a good actor^^

yola Just finished first 2 ep of this drama, can't say how impressed i am with the story line

Well built since the beginning. I also like story with some supernatural power on it. Lee jong suk oppa, love u'r promise for noona.... 

Wish i could be the noona.. so jealous by bo young. It managed to raised up their rating by 4% means a lot of people curios about the story... i hope it managed to be more better in both stories n ratings.. I hear your voice fighting!!! Will support you all the way.

Jasaminaa OMG I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THE 1 and 2 episode. AND I LOVED IT :) I recommend that you guys whatch it. You won't regret it. The story line is so good

Bro Aww snap! I found my new crack drama.

ian this drama rated 12.7% on it's second episode slashing "when a man loves" on its finale out of the first place ...how great is this show to make a feat like that.. i'll sure watch out for this !

Ghost Hee I hope this drama be shown on channel ONE as soon as possible! I'm not exactly fond of chinese sub, but I need to watch this for lee bo young!!

juneching Yoon Sang Hyeon , my favorite, he sure will play to the expectation. Playing the lawyer, he has the edge. Will never forget the charming lawyer Hyeon Woo in Can't Loose. His sense of justice carries forward to Hear Your Voice, but this time he's single. Just curious as how this dashing and handsome public solicitor captivates the female lead ~ ! ! !

azadh i love 2 hear ur voice...........................................................................

Jake i heard that lee jong suk will have supernatural powers on this drama. i'll definitely watch it!

Sarah Why Kim Jae Won not in the cast !!?!?! I want him to be the main cast !! :(

NERI plz choose lee bo young and kim jae won !!!! i love them both :D

Helen Yayy..kim jae won ..cant wait for this drama and i hope its as good as can you hear my heart!!!! He was GREAT in may queen

Helen Ooooo.....YAYYY.... kim jae won finished may queen and with a new dramaa..LOVE IT...hes such a great actor ..wonder how the plot line is gonna be, i hope its as good as can you hear my heart!!!!! ♡

tera i thought the publisher mistaken this with "can i hear your heart". seems like this a a different drama....can't wait to see kim jae won again on screen. I skp his previous drama 'may queen' since both jae hee and him are my bias....i can't choose which character i'll root for....kim jae won hwaiting!!!

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