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  • Name: Lee Jong-Suk
  • Hangul: 이종석
  • Born: September 14, 1989
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 186cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Social Networks: @with_jslee (me2day)


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Charlotte You're cute, handsome, amazing, talented, awesome and brilliant, etc. Please come to America.

Charlotte You're cute, handsome, amazing, talented, awesome and brilliant, etc.

Tasha When I watched Pinocchio, I knew the reason why you're insanely popular. You have natural talent in acting and so good looking. I am waiting your next projects.

betterdk i LOVE him!!!!!!!

Margo I like your acting. Hope to see you in a new drama soon.

Amy All your fans are missing and waiting you. I know you need to rest. But please don't take too much time to do a new project like other popular actors. Stay strong and be humble!

Beca Where have you been? I miss you Oppa. Back to dramaland soon. We'll always support and love you. Sukkie

ella vytha helooo Lee Jong Suk, i like acting you and i miss you , i hope you healty and happy and i wana see looking new drama you , come back new drama ok i love you lee jong suk... <3

Princess I miss you so much!!! take time to rest oppa ~ <3

Aul Please make new drama, i miss your acting so bad

Lindsey Does anyone know what he is doing these days? I miss him. Any casting news?

Bella I miss you so bad.

Teresa I'm so addictive to you. I can't stop thinking about you.

Florence Love love love love love sukkie. Keep it up

Florence Love love love love love sukkie

Hather I wish only good things happen to you in the future. Hope you always shine for a long time.

Della I just wondering where are you now? Miss you so much:(

fanella I can't describe how much I love you.

Laura You never failed the ratings of your dramas even in doctor stranger. You really deserve to be a hallyu king. I love you like crazy.

lizzy I think I'm in love with you. I always thought about you.

Fie He is epic.. I fell for his charm and cuteness when i saw Dr. Stranger last year.. I had knew about I Hear Your Voice but never watched it way a few months b4 Dr. Stranger and of cuz had watched SG b4 it but idk he's just like an angel sent from Heaven in DS i can't help but to become his ultimate fan..I'm marathoning all of his dramas/movies b4 Pinocchio n DS right now but damn quite a long way to finish em all.. Thank goodness he never star in daily dramas hehe

Sia His eyes killsssss..... He's one of many actors that i found never fail to live up the roles that they take.. I love him like crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!! I hope he'll be paired with Uee someday.. I don't care whether it's this year/next year or even 10 years later,but i just hope they'll be an on-screen coupleeee... I can see it coming soon haha

Heidy You are awesome and good at what you do.

Jenna Thanks you for your performances in dramas. You made us happy. We will always support you. Fighting

Daisy I don't know what you did to me. I just love love you.

Lydia You're my no.1 Korean actor ever. I'm waiting your next projects.

Irene Love is you. Jong sukkie

Bella Love you jongsuk Oppa! Miss you

Alison Best actor! Keep on entertaining us.

Melissa Hey sukkie, Love you so much

Nicole I'm absolutely fall in love with your charms.

Karla Rhena Hi. You're so cute. I'm one of your fans. I watched your movies. Keep it up!

Hendley I miss you so much. Since pinocchio finished, my daily life is boring. I love all your dramas and movies. Please do a good drama very soon. So, I can see you every week.

Jennifer I love your style. I love your eyes. I love your smile. I love your acting. Best actor ever!

Gina You're super talented in acting. Keep up your hard work! We love you so much. Please back to dramaland soon. Miss you!

Wendy You always did the awesome job in your dramas and movies. Please do a next acting project soon. I will be waiting for your movie or drama patiently. Love love love Jong suk

Zhel Less than a year when I knew/saw LeeJongSuk Oppa. When I watched one of his drama I hear your voice, I never dreamed that I will fall on his acting skills. He act naturally and when he cries, you can feel that you are the one who's pained and you suddenly notice that you have those tears falling. After watching I hear your voice, I can't help myself liking/loving/idolizing him. I started searching his details and I watched all his movies and dramas even late at night. I also follow him on Instagram, Twitter and even on Facebook(fan page). No regrets being a fanatic of LeeJongSuk Oppa. I love reading news about him, so keep on featuring him in any articles. :) I am looking forward on his upcoming dramas and movies(I am patiently waiting though I really miss him on screen esp. seeing his aegyo, that was really cute :D). Your a total package..from head to toe. Keep it up and stay as you are. LeeJongSuk Oppa fighting! <3 <3 <3

rabia abdul really love your smile in your scenes. Very sweet!!!

Tutel Hi "Great Love" (Jong-Suk) . Your my new LOVE. And it feels amazing!!

Tell me Tell me.. Tetetell Me. <3 <3 <3

Clara I love your crying scenes. You cry, I cry

Joey You were amazing in pinocchio. I like your acting in it. You are amazing. Love you

Hendley Our charming prince! Please come back to dramaland soon. We miss you so bad.

fanella Hey best actor! I'm waiting your next project. I miss you so bad.

zinnia I know everyone love what you act and what do you look like .i'. Not look at that.what i look is you're really nice man and child .really want to meet you someday

Lezille Ladra I just finished watching Pinocchio. You really did a good job there. I can't help it, I want to watch it everyday :) Hope that you have another project so that I could see you again. ~ Philippines

Lezille Ladra I just finished watching Pinocchio. You really did a good job there. I can't help it, I want to watch it everyday :) Hope that you have another project so that I could see you again.

Selena I'm so proud of myself being your biggest fan for 5 years since your debut.

Tris Keep up your hard work! I really enjoyed pinocchio

Ella Does he have any upcoming projects? Does anyone know? I can't wait to see him again.

Nicole Jong suk! I really miss you. Where are you?

kelsy I <3 u and wish u all the luck for ur courier.

Temmie Dear Lee Jong Suk,

I think your and amazing actor, your very talented and incredibly persuasive in your character roles. The hard work you put into acting shows really well. I know you will continue to amaze me with your future character roles. i'm positive you would make it big as an actor and model in America as well. I am completely star struck with your lead roles and I must say you have completely won me over with your charming and naturally easy going vibe.  with out hesitation i'm proud to say i'm a fan. I also have a passion for acting and film, maybe one day in the future I might even cross paths with you and it would be a great pleasure i'm sure. 

sincerely, T.L.B.

PS: you have fans in "Long Beach, California U.S.A." i'm sure they would love to have a fan meeting with you ;)

Jenna I miss you so much. Please do a good drama. So, I can see you every week.

Cassi Congratulations for your 5th anniversary of acting career. From March 31, 2010 to March 31, 2015. You really become a most popular hallyu star.

Nathan I will keep my eyes on you in the future.

Daisy I'm really one of your followers. Please do another project very soon.

Kylie Congratulation! You really become a hallyu star.

Melissa Keep on shine! Oppa

Alison I know you will have a brighter future as a national hallyu star.

lizzy Keep up your good work!

Lina I wish you have a happy life. Keep it up!

milnaz Why are you so cool ? I hope I got a face like you.

esther I love oppa movies,most especially pinocchio

Riri Saranghae Oppa Jongsuk-aaahh :*, hope you will do a drama as soon as possible, Keep health Oppa.. and success for your fan meeting tomorrow in Shanghai.. make sure meet with Shinhye Unni, Right ? ..... Jongsukk Oppa Fighting ! Kiss :*

Lindsey He is so brilliant. He always acted mature roles than his age. I will keep my eyes on you in the future. I will always support you.

Katrina He has excellent acting skill.

Nicole You're so talented in acting and so good looking too.

Melissa Please do a drama soon. I already miss you.

Della Haaaa i dont know what you did to me. I just love love love you so much. Love the way you smile. You are the first korean actor who makes me love k-drama. Waiting for your next drama oppa! Love you..

Anna I can't wait to see you in your fan meeting.

Nathan I'm your huge fan. Love ya

Emma Hey beautiful and talented actor, keep it up. Fighting

shanieee i've followed and watched your dramas and gaaah you have such alot of long scripts and complicated facial expressions just to portray the role. you are soooo awesomeee oppa saranghe <3 dont forget to give back to your fans because we will always be here to support you. sarangheyooo.

(i hope he'll read this message)

Jenny his acting is beautiful.. you can really see the emotion when he plays the character ♥

Kyla I love you so much. Your roles in dramas are so mature. I love them. Actually, I never like LMH or KSH. You are the one who caught my eyes. Your acting is excellent.

Kylie Love all your dramas. Wish you do a drama soon.

fanella Please act in a great drama very soon.

abegail tayag dela cruz every time I look at you.. you make me smile., very natural, and great actor.. keep it up, stay cute..iloveyou jong suk..

Florence Awesome! Waiting for your next project

Lydia I can't describe how much I love you

Nathan You're so amazing in pinocchio

Hendley You're so brilliant. Keep on entertaining us.

Teresa Hey best actor, I wish you the best luck!

Ari I love you more than anything on this planet. Best Korean actor. Keep it up!

Clarke This actor is the best with beautiful face and excellent acting skill.

Jenna Please come to America again. We love you so much.

Hather Your acting is excellent and outstanding.

Lina Student, Doctor and even reporter. I am so curious what will you be next

Ericka Best Korean Actor ever !

Melissa Love you from USA

Ashley I'm absolutely falling in love with your acting

Yen More kdrama please! I really loved Pinocchio and I hear Your Voice!!

Daphne Saranghaeyo Lee Jong Suk Oppa! You deserve to be one of the Hallyu Kings! You're such a good, talaented actor! Daebak!

Akane I love you so much. <33

heartskyn A nice and cute couple is heartbeat couple #hoonhee Leejongsuk and Jinseyeon have perfect chemistry, to all leading ladies of LJS, seyeon is one of the best leading lady of jongsuk I like their team-up they deserve to reunite. I remember their endorsement the Ivy Club 2009 their have cute chemistry they were young and have potential as a team-up and now their have a chance to be paired in Doctor Stranger their like soulmate hope in true to life their will be the couple they deserve that because when I saw jongsuk he's like fall in love to seyeon I'm feel better to them.

To Leejongsuk stay humble and gentleman

Laura You're so popular in my country. You're my favorite Korean actor. I hope you'll do great productions next time.

Jenna Love you so much!

Bella I wanna see you in a new drama very soon. 4 ever jong suk

Ilaa <3 ur sense of humour in doctor stranger is awesome.. loving ur smile and style.. Pinnochio story-8 Lee jong suk acting-9 <3 doctor stranger story-6 Lee jong suk acting-10 <3<3 U r my most fav korean actor now <3 waiting for ur next drama...

Ilaa Awesome and wonderfulllll acting in pinnochio <3 and in doctor stranger<3 :) :) loved ur dramas.. Keep going.. waiting for ur next one...

Osman You look so extremely adorable in the latest Millet commercial pictures with Park Shin Hye. I can't stop laughing seeing caption "Don't you dare touch that skip button". Aigoo! My stomach's aching....

Woon Like your frank opinion on Park Shin Hye that you're happy because of her. Compare to your other projects, I could see your expression especially your eyes through those lenses in Pinocchio, you've become a passionate, happy and gorgeous man. "Everyone can make you smile but not everyone can make you happy." So do treasure her, Lee Jong Suk.

Emily Han Perfect guy is here. Please do a new drama this year. So talented and handsome! Love you

Zanniel Omg!! JS! I can't get u off my mind ! just wanna think about u all the time ... With eternal love ♡ ♡ ♡

Nathan I don't understand why he always did with SBS mostly. He is called even SBS 's darling. Maybe he did not get any offers from KBS and MBC. Did you guys have any ideas? ??

W I must recognize your acting skills, you are a talented individual. For someone such as myself who is not a fan of dramas or soap operas, I truly enjoyed your character and acting skills on the "I Hear Your Voice" drama.

Best regards,


nei Make it Last guys...u guys r so Cute ;).... hey dude better treat her good & love her with all ur HEART. U guys deserve each other... make more movie guys? U too have a great Day & GOD Bless. Ur #1 Fan *NEI*

Dan Dan Love the way you carry Park Shin Hye's heart on your ring finger in MVIO CF. Beautiful wedding ring Lee Jong Suk!

Fu Qi I'm excited to see the continuation of your loving relationship with Park Shin Hye after Pinocchio. Love your latest MVIO CF "Long Distance Love" with Park Shin Hye Rapido CF. The distance between both of you is 868 km but I feel there is NO DISTANCE between your love. Looking forward to experience the awesome thrill on 14 March 2015. MVIO & Rapido 万岁!

Sam Your excellent chemistry with Park Shin Hye during Millet cf and Pinocchio, is impressive. "Friendship is not about whom you known the longest; it is about who came and never left your side." I applaud your sincere friendships. Fighting LJS!

humaira Love you,from indonesia

lea I'm hooked by Lee Jongsuk!!! OMG im always thinking of you! What will i do now!!! Im in love!!! ♡___♡

krisnalyn your so cute, handsome and talented lee jong suk that' why im one of your million fans right now

regine i hope to see you in the future. I really love you Lee Jong Suk <3 come back here in Davao Philippines! :")

Suzie I really really love the way you smile <3 It's cute. Hope to see you more together with Park Shin Hye. Eeeeeeeeh! <3 <3 <3 Stalking you is really great!

Hniyee I like ur acting &style.Fighting!

Serena I am absolutely in love with your acting skills! you are an awesome actor!

mariya you are awesome!!! I am also looking forward for ur next drama.

이 김 한 Lee Jong Suk the white prince . . I admire u a lot ! I'll always support all your movies & dramas . .

Lydia I am your biggest fan. I watched all your dramas and movies. I am waiting for your next projects. Forever Lee Jong suk

waang lee jong suk Iook good roll in pinocchio love darling couple and first drama I want see you on drama pinocchio because couple with park shin hye

sarah i love you soooo much lee jong suk i wish the best for you fighting!!!!!

Tasha Hi lee,I love u n ur acting skills I jes can't stop crying whenever I watch 'I can hear ur voice'.tnx u for making me wanna study acting.

lee yha soooo perfect.... :) i love lee jong suk 4ever.. :P

fan of Jong Suk I love lee jong suk so damn much. He change my mood when i get bored. And i fallin in love with him. Can i marry that boy?

Lee Eun Ra and Lee Jong Suk FANS Lee Eun Ra is Lee Yeun Ra And we know that Lee jong Suk has already committed a commitment to Lee jong suk . From now on and to the future we will support You and Lee Jong Suk FOREVER !!!!!!!! Aja Aja Aja Fighting !!!! We Loved you both !!!!!

Lee Yeun Ra Ya chugulle ! @nouf He's MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Arlene Thank you for supporting my husband !!!! @John Truong Than you for saying that. !

Arlene when i tried to watch i can hear your voice i was really amazed wth park soo ha...he is so handsome..

arlene is here!! from Philippines

John Truong He is THE BEST in the series! Tbh he looks kind of like my cousin...

Sukhye A picture speaks a thousand words because of the memories captured forever in a tiny photograph. Many times, a picture meaning is in the eye of the beholder. I find those pictures of you and Park Shin Hye for Millet Spring/Summer 2015 in Fashion Seoul on 16 Feb 2015, are wondrous! To me, they represent friendships, fond memories, trust and comfort. You guys look superb together. Good choice Millet! Lee Jong Suk Hwaiting!

lee jong auk fans ♥ I really love pinocchio !!! His face is too cute anyway and very handaome when he smile :) i'm in loveee ♥♥♥

dark sunrise He improved a lot when it comes to acting but he's attitude seems to be deteriorating...tsk! What a waste! Put your feet on the ground sometimes dude! Stop blaming others on your previous mishaps..tsk tsk tsk! Your fame is not forever guaranteed...

Meili Ye! You'll be having your Shanghai Fan Meeting at Luwan Gymnasium on 28 March 2015 the same day as Park Shin Hye's Shanghai Shangcheng FM. You guys are really great friends! I admire what you did. "Sometimes we need someone to simply be there..Not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about."

Jang Mi LEE JONG SUK is just the best , jjang thump up , at the moment you see him you have no choice but to fall in love with him I love him ,he's so so so so so so talented !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymus For me,lee jong suk is d best,he is far,far better than lee min hoo.And he is very talented.keep it up oppa!

dianne ohmayyyygaaad!!! so cute! kyeopta! <3 :)

Jim K Oh my, read this.... "Preparation for Hunan TV's End of New Year's Festival is already well under. This New Year celebration will still be full of fun and festivities and in addition, the most popular celebrities of 2014 will join the show including the main leads, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk from popular drama Pinocchio. (Chances of this being a fluke is low because it was written as an article posted in their official website. But if it is fake... ) cr. aznfantizie and all its owner If this news is true, Hunan TV 万岁!Yeah! We get to see our Darling Couple working together again. Shimtoong! Lee Jong Suk Hwaiting!

inna I can't to describe how I love him.

Abe Ive watched pinocchio. and it takes me only a day off watching it.. cause I cant stop the series even a minute,,,Ive got back-pain after it

Abe he's cute, funny and catchy,,,

forpeace4 I first watched him in Secret Garden,, and really started to notice him in School 2013. He blew me away in I Can Hear Your Voice, his acting... How! His range of expressions and how he carries out each scene is creative and captivating... I can literally watch him all day. His eyes are gorgeous! I watched Dr. Stranger and Pinocchio. The chemistry between lee jong suk and park shin hye was off the hook! I watched his movies too. Lee Jong Suk is just sexy period!!! I watch his photoshoot too... Cecile and Go, high and W... Whew! I want to see him in another drama or movie very soon, but I rather a drama so I can watch him longer. He's definitely very talented!

URPerfect You must be in cloud nine hearing Park Shin Hye singing to you "We embrace each other. We become one... Even if you are not there next to me....The dream we both dreamed...You are Perfect the way you are...." in her, Tablo and Saltnpaper collaborative single PERFECT. It's perfect just for our Darling Couple. Lee Jong Suk Hwaiting!

Wine ❤Oppa Lee Jong Suk❤Your smile is so sweet,so amazing.You Are The Best

honey AAAHHH!! my best friend introduced me to pinocchio while the show was being aired.. during the agonizing wait for the next episodes i have managed to watch i hear your voice, doctor stranger, school 2013, and even blood boiling youth!! there's just something about jongsuk that keeps me addicted. often i find myself smiling at the mere thought of his smiles and pouts!!

Oh, and if you want to feel like a woman (lol) go and watch his bts videos from CeCi!!!!!!!! *fans self*

ac i really like you (Lee Jong-Suk ) since i see you on your drama series SCHOOL 2013 ♥♥♥

Prijya Im so so so so much in love with jongsuk .. Pinocchio was the first drama of lee jong suk that ive watched and must say he is a very incredible actor .. I couldn't take off my eyes from him .. Lee jong suk is so so handsome and he is the best korean actor !!!!!!!! i love his smile so much he looks so daam cute when he smiles .. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️I wish i could meet him some day .. I cant stop thinking about him .. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ill be watching all of his dramas and movies now .. You're the best

heartskyn I like jongsuk to seyeon in Doctor Stranger there both cutie couple the best heartbeat couple saranghe! please another show for them I want romance-comedy :);)

rianna omg ! he is so adorable yet talented ;) so looking forward to his drama .

Jordyn He's so cute and his acting in Pinocchio is fantastic. 10/10

Ida Somehow discover him when first watched 'Doctor Stranger'. Great act. Certainly not missing out other series like 'I hear your voice' and recent 'Pinocchio'. Besides the charming smile, really admire his acting and great expressions. Hoping to see more wonderful pieces.

Agen Tangkas Love you Lee jong suk )) you are great actor fighting

Elena Totally adore his acting! He can act out any emotion; angry, sad, happy, childish.. really anything! I can't wait to see more of him playing leading roles. In prosecutor princes I did notice him, but I think the reason he did not stand out for most of the audience is because all the focus was on the main actors, hence his character was not so developed and thus he could no show off his excellent acting skills. His drama 'I hear your voice' is very loved by k drama fans in my country, whilst my next favorite is Doctor Stranger. Excellent really!!

Yuvraj Extremely talented actor I must say. Love your Doctor Stranger, I can hear your voice and Pinocchio series. Waiting for next one.

Euni When I watched a movie or tv show was it's my favorite Korean drama.the Pinocchio is one of my favorite show which has inspiring me. I really like lee jong suk a handsome actor.

Kaycee I first saw your drama tittled Doctor Stranger and i really like it until i start scanning about you then i started to like you a lot as an actor your facial expressins are really good i like your personality in movies,because mostly your roles in movies are so childish and i find it cute so well <3 hope to see your movies in the future

SARANGHAEYO OPPA !!! we love you Lee Jong-Suk :3

naisy You guys try to watch his previous I HEAR YOUR VOICE, a much better drama and got 25% rating, Pinocchio got only 15%. I wish he could do like that drama I can Hear Your Voice with same lead actress again in the future!! LJS has proven already before, he's already a star in that drama. Good luck LJS!

Sona Love you Lee jong suk )) you are great actor fighting

duaa liked you so much in secret garden and I hear your voice. I made a mistake though, I started watching pinocchio and doctor stranger at the same time :(( so I'm gonna miss you so much till your next work, you are such a excellent actor, not only I love you, my sister and mother love you too :D we have a nick name for you at home (zalabia) it is some golden type of sweets which we love so much, you can google it ;) I didn't mention how handsome you are! love it when you cover your cheeks with your hands :-* luv ya so much, keep up the good work.

Maria from Greece I started watching Pinocchio.I just totally loved this Drama Series and I'm going to watch more of your movies.Your acting is really good and for a moment I thought that it was not just in the movie,but it was happening in real life!Please keep going! :) Your Greek fans will always support you! #Hwaiting

ika - cepu Love you so much Lee Jong Suk Oppa .. Good luck and success for you .. ♡ ♡ ♡

SlttyPmpkn Ugh. The first time I've seen you was in Secret Garden. You were already good there. The second time was in Pinocchio and damn I fell in love with you there right away. The third time was in Hot Young Bloods, you were so cute there and from then on I kept on obsessing. You really are a good actor! I'm currently watching Doctor Stranger but I'd still like to see you with Park Shin Hye. Hihi.

LEE JONG SUK IS LOVE I love you so much. I will go to South Korea to see you!!!!!!!! <3333333

Filipino Fan Just finished watching Doctor Stranger. Thumbs up!

welovebubbletea The first time I have witnessed his acting skills in action was in Secret Garden. I then moved on to watch Pinocchio, and I have fell in love.

ittaki tafuzi I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LEE JONG SUK OPPA i almost watch all your project and currently watch IHYV for 4th times . I'm waiting for your next project, keep up the good work :)

chantal rivas when Ifinished watching the series of Pinocchio.. i felt totally move on from my past.. lee jong suk, help me ease the pain of my painful heart for almost 3 years. Now i can take hiding myself feeling inspired.. SMILING AND DAY DREAMING:);) more project and movies pls.

LEE JONG SUK ur my inspiration now. HOPE to see u personally.

DalIn Hope to see Park Shin Hye & you, our Darling Couple, working together on more movies, film or dramas, advertisement, variety shows, documentaries, music videos & more..... We just love both your on and off screen chemistry. It's FANtaStic! Do we get to have our wishes come true, Blue Fairy? Please Please??

goodboy Seriously,lee jong suk and JGS are one of the best actors in their generation.lee jong suk potrayed da pol very well.I will be keeping my eyes on his next project.hope he picks a good one like Pinocchio

Luna Lee jong suk did a great job in Pinocchio.. Like his drama before, I already watch all of his drama and movie... I love every character the he had played.. he did it very well.. My favorite one is "doctor stranger" because I like something about medical story.. it really inspired me to be thoracic surgeon someday... But, honestly All of his drama are my favorite... I love them all.. I love him because he take many kind of roles, as doctor, police, student, reporter, air force... OMG.. I love him so much... Good luck Oppa Hope I can see you in your next drama soon... <3

Annie I so miss him..in pinocchio he really shows what his character is.. Good job 이 종석... ♥♥♥..you will be earn more.. stay humble... So obsessed!!! When can i see you personally :(

annie Wew...i have just watch all episodes of schoo 2013.. He's really a good and talented actor.. How i wish i could see him personally..so obsessed!!!!! Please let me see him..♥♥♥

Wallace Parc After watching all the scenes in Pinocchio, I feel connected by your remarkable transformations into the uniqueness of Dal Po and Ki Ha Myeong. Your ability to imbued the characters with such humanity that got me glued to the drama. Bravo to your outstanding performance! Keep It Up Lee Jong Suk!

Sanny Really love your movies, you are so natural when acting and cute especially when you smile... Your smiles makes me smile

Yeon i really love lee jong suk oppa..i hope he has a new darma which is his partner is park shin hye

annie 이 종 석 is a good actor...he is handsome and have an appeal..when can i meet him?how i wish i can see him personally... So obsessed...

Mel Man, your smile gets me everytime! And, your acting skills will get you further in the near future. I enjoyed Pinocchio! Thank you LJS!

sisi si You act well. I like your dramas. Be healthy and happy always. Good luck!

ittaki tafuzi he's my favorite korean actor, he did very good acting at i hear your voice, the way he cries i cry . i can't even handle myself the way i see him, i fall in love with him for again and again :)

Miki He is not your typical korean actor. At a youn age he manage tocontrol his emotions very well. He acts so natural. i can proudly say he is such a talented actor who can portray challenging roles or surprise us :)

Georgy this actor like a veteran actor with his acting skill... he's not an actor who try to act... but an actor who can act totally be his character in drama or movies. great actor among actors at his age. i read news he won GRIMAE award the first young actor who won it because all previous winner is veteran actor..... woah.... that's daebak.!!! and congratulation for another awards at SBS drama award. i love your chemistry with park shin hye too...soo explosive

lynn oppa!!! will you come to taiwan next years?!!! i will go there to study,hope to see you!!!!

laraTAI Whoa! His smile is a killer,nd his acting on point..i like dat he doesnt over act like oda kactors,hez d cutes kstar ever...cant help but compair his natural lips to kim k plastic..hez a total package,and lastly HE'S SUCH A GOOD KISSER..lol

NIGERIANS love u!!!!!

Laura I really really love him! He isn't just a simile beautiful catorcio, ne is really an emotional actor! Every time i wacht him in a drama i really feeling muoved! Just perfect <3

Lucila Rojo OMG I fell in love with him in such little time. I think I met the guy of my dreams. He is not like other Korean actors that I know of. He's different in the best way ever

janette lee jung suk!! hope you can have other social account, like facebook, to keep in touch to your fun!

Abelle Lee Jong Suk. I hope i find someone like u in my country. I do really Love and like u.

Aegyo Looking through those pictures of Pinocchio bts to recent 2014 SBS Awards night, I;m captivated by your happiness when you're working with Park Shin Hye. Both of you smile the brightest when you guys're together. Joa!! Hwaiting!!

anthony Congrats Lee Jong Suk for your outstanding performance in 2014 SBS Awards ceremony! Daebak! During Park Shin Hye's Thank You Speech for receiving Best Actress Awards, her sincere look into your eyes while thanking you must have put you in cloud nine. What a lucky man!

lyndonn you are my favorite actor your movies is so amazing, if I see you I would die

koky i love you so much that i could die for you really you are such an amazing actor your movies and series are the ones that made my want to write, i wish you and park shin-hye would be couples in real life this would be amazing cause you guys look great with each other, i really adore you and i wish you luck from all my heart

Amalia I started watching Korean drama for the 1st time about a month ago,and accidentally the drama that I started watching was PINOCCHIO.I have to say that it's one of the best series I have ever watched!! The actors acting was amazing,and most importantly the plot was exelant.Such an awesome job Lee Jong-Shuk.


janette Lee jung-suk! continue your good acting skills don't stop to in-probe your self!! i am happy to watch you!! good luck and many project to come for you!! be always down to earth in attitude!! hope you can visit your fun in Philippines they will be glad to see you!!

kdlover Omgg why is he so hot <3 ♡♡♡♡♡

Thao I really be attracted by you. I like your acts, so cute, manly and attractive. I wish I could meet you only one time. Love you!

Yomaris Nice job in the Korean drama Pinocchio . I love your hair,smile and you are a fantastic actor ,best wishes from me and all your fans

ahreum I'm your number one fan. I love your smile. Your acting skills is really awesome. It makes me cry when you cried and Laugh out loud when you do funny moments. Hope for another kdrama series this 2015.

I wish to see you in person.. lol.. keep fighting.

saranghaeyo oppa<3

daniel i actually think i'm in love with you, daniel.

tina really admire you, Lee Jong-Suk...

Name Really admire your acting skills way before you became mainstream. very charming yet skillful!! Congrats!!!!

Azzilleminh Annyong haseyo! Jong suk shi :)..your movie doctor stranger is really daeback! Seems lyk ur really a true handsome and cute doctor..hahaha >_* but anyways I hope I could attend your fan meetings...I really want to meet you in person :)...I'm from philippines :) see you soon.. .-sign out:p ling2 imnida. >-<v

Merre Jin Lee Jong Suk, annyong Oppa! ;) I'm Mer Jin. Proud Asian and I'm your biggest fan :) hihi Why your so killer smile? haha arghhhh! <3<3<3 Such a very good actor. Keep it up Oppa! Godbless you! Fighting! :)

Kang Sora excellent actor, i wait every week to watch Lee Jong-Suk, can't wait Pinocchio next episode

laraTAI He is totally awesome,am so jealous of park shin hye

Christa Lee jong- suk I just love u..ur appearance is quite remarkable and it follows with your lovely smile and also your adorable personality is just to die for me, I could honestly say that I fell in love with you at first sight.....

yoona I like your acting skills.....specially in your new drama pinocchio...you can easily capture the feelings of the viewers.....im also looking forward to all of your drama series.....keep up the good work

eunhye Anneong!.. I really like Lee JOng Suk. I fell in love with you in I hear your Voice, your so cool actor. I like they way you act, you smirk and the way u joke. Looking forward for new drama series this 2015.

Alice First off, your smile is adorable!! Second, just keep being awesome!

Dana Hello i am Dana and I am your fun. I love 5 korean actors and you are among them. You are my favorite actor because you are cutie,talented your drama always drawn, I looked all drama where you shoot.I wish you success and happiness, also you good health to continue to shoot in many dramas. I love you very much Dana from Kazakhstan

ward I love you since first time i see in secret garden.. so eye catchy... ur act improving drastically truly real amazing one... awesome. In school 2013, i hear your voice, doctor stranger, hot young blood, no breathing, pinocchio... I'am proud to be your fans.

deabakkkk pinocchio was superb!!! your acting was marvellous! when you acted the crying scenes it was so great that i cried too!! FIGHTING OPPA!!

aprilia How awesome you're oppa, I really like you in every drama series you did. Keep healthy oppa ^o^

aigooLady I used to be an antifan, now I'm your biggest fan. Your talent will win everyone over. I'm sorry for ever disliking you.

maki wow! youre so amazing!

Andrea Favourite korean actor of all time! (: I just love watching all of his shows because his acting is just super amazing! For me he would a perfect 100 hahaha

Mikan_dim You're amazing just amazing! Your acting skills are superb too..actors like you are hard to catch! I'm planning on watching every one of your dramas !

AM I think Lee Jong Suk and IU face are look alike. My opinion only

mabel I love your character in doctor stranger seems to be professional actor. Im so empress with your acting skill there.. great job...

And your so cute O M G...

JungHeeYoung Oppa Fighting! Keep Calm and Always Happy Really. I love you <3

MH OMG!!!!!! I really like the way Jong Suk acts in Pinocchio.He was so cute and he kissed Park Shin Hye...........

Lilll OMG he is very hot and I am so in love with him. He is very cute and so grouse I can't wait to see him in the next esp. I wonder when is the next kiss going to be with Suzy

Lhakpa dolma Oppa... U r too handsome n I watched ur movie (I hear ur voice n Pinocchio) Ur talent is amazing n I like the way u act..I makes me goose bump wen u smile n cry.. N I like the chemistry between u n Park Shin Hye..u both r perfect I had watched all the series of Pinocchio n waiting for the next episode..

Choi guess your heart flutters whenever you listen to Love Is Like A Snow from your DArLINg In Ha. Daebak!

Icha OMG.. i love Pinocchio drama.. Lee Jong Suk is good actor.. your acting is amazing :) Choi Dal Po fighting!!

hye byul I really like the drama i can hear your voice .. great job Lee jong suk . !!! keun wi dae han . ...

korean lover at first i didn't like you at first but after watching you in pinocchio i was really impressed that i watched the 8 episodes all together without a break nd i just finished now watching them :p it's 00h:45' here in Tunisia;:))) there is really awsome chemistry between u nd our lovely PSH <3 saranghae <3 carry on!fighting!! :*

gtbj Oppa please change your hair style in pinocchio the previous one was much better ( ep 5)

Hessa Ahmed I love lee jong Too much

TV chemistry with park shin hye was amazing! a pretty face, and tons of talent as well! Fighting! Can't wait for the next episode of Pinocchio! :D <3

Gin me and my family crying with u when u cry at rooftp in pinocchio... thats soooo saadd... ur acting awesome...

hdd wwaaoohh...great acting...

and nice face

hfjf Best chemistry with park shin hye waiting for next episode pinocchio fighting


  1. birthday mate.... You are Awesome

Pyor ur acting in drama pinocchio is daebak.. your voice, gaze, expression, etc..is perfect. :) and of course park shin hye 2..

kgfy Best acting in pinocchio

BeeBee perfect chemistry with Shin Hye in drama Pinocchio... + awesome acting.. how can you put so much feeling in your eyes.... i never feel this before with another actor.. i fallin for u.

mary you really are awesome actor <3 난 정말 당신을 좋아 나는 피노키오 사랑 <3

bretha perfect! you and park shin will look good as a real couple!

Ninaward your drama never fail to entertain me oppa.. saranghee

mariam I really admire your acting u awesome oppa

anyan lee jong suk <3 :*

juvyyvuj lee jong suk....why so cute...adorable...handsome..gorgeous...irresistable.......i super like you...

pramila lee jong suk ...... ur perfect. .. ^_^

Ckoue I like your smile.....smile even more... FIGHTING! !!!!!

Airet tave Oi....you .......can u please tell me where you went for you acting career aye??? ....hahahaha...:) :) So I can do mine when I have the chance thanks....:) :) ....only if u received this message ....anyways GOOD LUCK i!!! ...:) :) GOD BLESS ...lee Jong suk Remember always chin up ...:) ...:) and smile .... :) :)

Rochelle de la fuente You're so handsome! I was captured by you in a drama "Secret garden" and now in "I can hear your voice" SARANGHAE! <3

kimberlee entero lee jong suk your my crush and also your fans.i hope you will visit in philippines so i will see you in personal i love you for ever

rica elaine oh my gosh ! Me and jong suk have the same birthday . Oh My ! But he was 12 years older tha n me because i was born sept 14 2001 . But its ok i just wanted to say that i love him . Saranghae <3 love you


jess willy wow!oppa u real are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Namsel Park Soo Ha(Lee Jong Suk), U r so cute n u took my heart. Love all your act n yourself. Wana meet u once even if it is not possible, i'll try. I'll sacrifice for u. Muaahhh.........

puzzledmary I'm really hoping that you might have a chance to read this,or if someone can tell me,I just really wanted to ask if you've been here in the Philippines already because someone told me that they saw u here in manila,and they got a chance to have lunch with u..dont know if they were just making fun of me..but it sounds like they're telling the truth.really appreciate if somebody will confirm me about this..thnx in advance!!!

Me to you there's something so attractive about him that drives me crazy, it started from I hear your voice, then boommm with Doctor stranger i became his huge huge fan. Love it

judy ann actually im not a great fan of kpop stars but know what mr. lee jong suk , i am actually fell to you. and i'll promise that someday we'll gonna meet in person, i dont know actually when maybe years or decades but still i wont lose hope. :) mark my name ..<3 God bless.

princess oppa ur so hot im going to die! im gonna marry u bae ily

pj Lee jong suk oppa. Omooo ur so good at actinv. I really like you. All of you, yoyr eyes lips and all ㅠㅠ but your so far away. Ettokoe??! But anyway ill stop dreaming and support you all the way! AJA! :)

Skskh i really like u, like ur smile, ur acting, especially in i hear your voice.

jinwoon Can't wait to see Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye working in their new drama, Pinocchio! Joa!

shannon Yu Hi there Lee jong-suk! You know what you're so good in acting and you're so handsome. I wish I can see you to have an autograph and also take pictures. I'm you're number 1 fan here :-).. Hope to see you in person!

red kurama hi, hope to see you soon

anarose cabanda Hi there . i want you to know that really appreciate your movie especially " I hear Your Voice " its really amazing .

I hope see you in person .:) take care .

Macel Hope to see him again in a television drama show with kim woo bin.. they look good and cute together.. tv project like Philippine's MY HUSBAND's LOVER would be a perfect story as their project. They would surely make a hit out of it.. pls pls pls... i love LJS more than KWB.. keep up the good work LJS.. and pls, stay beautiful.. quit smoking if possible, because it is bad for one's health, i know u know that.. im just concern as one of your million fans in the world... Hoping you to visit our country, Philippines!! MAHAL KA NAMIN :) :) :)

hiugk I am afraid that your role in pinnochio won't have much screen time..... Oppa please don't let us down..... Love you to the core

khendy done watching all your dramas and movies..i really enjoyed it a lot. wishing you to visit again the philippines and hopefully to got a picture with you.. still waiting for pinocchio and all your activities..good luck!!!

Ana Hi (Zack) Lee Jong Suk!!! I really enjoyed watching "I hear your voice" and it was your first koreanovela aired here in the Philippines. You are indeed a good and talented actor :) I really loved korean dramas! I hope you'll come here in the Philippines because you have so many fans here and count me on. :D I am looking forward to watch you for your another dramas. Take Care! Saranghae! ^_^

Ashley Hi oppa really really like you.hope you can come to Malaysia. I really like your friendship with Kim woo Bin oppa it's so cute. Really enjoy the dramas you are in and hope one day in the future I can meet you both .... Saranghabnida

vh Opaaa love u to the core

holy Sarangae oppa

gyr We miss you waiting for pinnochio

fgy Oppa u r very cute

mon Sarangae oppa

ghb Waiting for pinnochio

AnimeRockz Happy Belated Birthday Lee Dong-Suk!!!!! I love your dramas alot. I Hear Your Voice, School 2013, Doctor Stranger. Cant wait for ur new drama: Pinocchio.

vfg I love ur frndship with kim woo bin

Myintzu I love you and your heartbreaking bromance in School 2013 .Happy Birthday !!

candy love u forever:)

Elif Oppaaaa.. Happy birthdayy ❤ sarangheeee

hal after pinocchio please rest...

ejd I hope he doesnt appear as shabby as in doctor stranger for his role in pinnochio

RMP i cant wait for the upcoming drama Pinocchio with Park Shin Hye! ^_^ Hyung! Please say YES for the lead role(BLOOD)

QueenLJS I freakin love you LJS oppa!!! ^^.

nghj He s been offered lead role in blood

nini he's too pretty, don't you think? i meant it in a bad way.

gjy I really wanted to see u in action based thriller drama

hiugk Pls say yes to pinnochio

hdyhkv Looking forward to pinnochio ♥

June I have watced Doctor Stranger. I a bit dissappoint,because i didn't see the chemistry between Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee. As Park So Ha and Jang Hye sung in ur prev drama. It was so amzing! Can't wait to see u again with Lee Bo Young. Fighting!!

Skskh Hi..... Jong suk ssi !!!! I really like ur dramas. But ur drama i like the most is I Hear Your Voice. I like ur acting skill and u look very good with Lee Bo young. When u will appear with her again? I am looking forward to seeing that in new drama. 행복하세요^_^

Milany I'm so happy and proud being a fan of Lee Jong Suk! ^__^ I LOVE all your dramas and movies your fashion style as well!!! you have captured my heart ^_^ I'm really looking forward on seeing you in many more movies and drama. I wish hope and pray that I'll be able to attend in your fanmeetings. I REALLY LOVE YOU LEE JONG SUK! <3 <3 <3 !!!

alyzza Im excited for the new amazing drama . All of your drama is amazing and good and give a spark for me .. you are a good actor <3<3

alyzza I Love Lee Song juk drama ist so very amazing<3<3

melisa ho Jong Suk....I really excited when hear that you will role play at a new drama this november with Park Shin Hye....I don't know why....since watching you at school 2013....I like you so much.......I think you are the best actor in Korea...and I love your deep friendship with KWB. I love u botht.....hehehehe Jong Suk....you are great

glydel your improvement now is big and from me your cute

mary angel serquillos youre so awesome dude :D

Adex Bamz I love your style,keep it up

asoka neina hopely we'll meet some day, i like your smile ^^

melisa ho Lee jong Suk is a smart actor...every drama he has played...have an amazing story....I can't wait watching another drama of lee jong suk.

Eugene Got to know you from School 2013 but haven't paid much attention until watching I Hear Your Voice. I really like you in IHYV. Such a great performance! Somehow, to me, you do resemble Kim Jae Won. Keep up your work and take care!

Theresa XP I love the bromance with Woo Bin like they are so cute together!! Oh.. and why the hell is he so pretty?! xD I ship him and Woo Bin lelelel jokes but they are too cute!!

DUO Jong Suk。I really like you .I hope that I wil see you somme day! Love you!

melisa ho I start to like u.....I like see your deep friendship with kim woo bin. I like you both....I hope someday you will play drama again with kim woo bin.....GBU both

미하엘라 Even if some haters talk a lot about Lee Jong-Suk like a bad person because he's smoking or he had some plastic surgeries ( i'm not sure about this ) , i still respect and love him .. I know that sometimes he's misunderstood by people because he is kind with everyone and he shows his kindness by touching that person or showing a wonderful smile so that people take it like a flirt action .. But Jong-Suk , i would do anything to have at list a photo with you.. 'Cause you're my idol and model .. Please .. Come to visit another countries.. Don't stay locked in Seoul .. You have a lot of fans who would be grateful at list to see ya.. Fighting Jong-Suk !!! P.S... I Hope you'll see my comment.. Please , don't worry about haters and about their bad behave and rude comments .. You're perfect the way you're.. The haters are just jealous..

Best wishes , Mihaela

anniegrieve I wasn't even aware of YOU with your two drama series :secret garden and prosecutor princess..but when i watched your i hear your voice series last year,i was captivated not with your looks but with ur acting skills..superb!!!!i got hooked and i just finished watching ur doctor strangers series...ur getting better and better on ur acting skills...i really am captivated with both of ur looks and acting skills..go,go,go LEE JONG SEUK!!!!i am looking forward to ur future projects....please make some more and let us ur fans to love you even more.....saranghae

shadow U reminded me of macaulay culkin when he was young...

Ghellee I'm not a fan girl...But because of Lee Jong Suk I'm become addicted as a fan...He makes my life completed...Every Day Every night...He makes me smile..An inspiration..that never ends...

  1. Saranghae

Osuaw Tan Memey Lee Jong Suk I love you

Mitch Panis You are one of the best Korean actors! I am not so fond of watching Korean dramas and there are only a number of Korean dramas with actors that I could say are really amazing. But when I watched "I Can Hear Your Voice", I was totally hooked! I had to finish watching it in 18 hours (without sleeping). You portrayed your role very well and I congratulate you on a job well done! Chu ka hae!!! Love everything about you, especially your smile.

I hope you will continue to choose roles that will further show your skills. And I am looking forward to watching your newly released drama "Doctor Stranger". Keep up the good work Lee Jong Suk!!! GOD bless you and take care always mwahh

Kaye Grande Annyeong! Neomu neumo saranghaeyo! Daebak! I really love your acting skills.

Sara Mackenzie POSSIBLE SPOIL ALERT! You have a very special gift. When you cry, I feel like I want to comfort you, especially in the scenes in Dr. Stranger when you witnessed your father's death and in I Can Hear Your Voice in the scene where your character inadvertently stabbed the woman you love. Finally, I loved your singing in Secret Garden and your acting in Princess Prosecutor.

Please continue to choose to choose parts that will challenge your acting and go beyond your comfort zone. Your acting gets better every series you do. If you choose only movies, it will be somewhat limiting as an actor because there isn't any character building, but it might be more lucrative for you. The parts you choose will change you personally and professionally. Hope that it also what you want for yourself! You have the gifts and skills. Please use them wisely.

HMS I would be anticipating to see you in your next project with amazing actress.

ceycey I like u..u are very cute! I think u are special actor..

sarah I really wanted to be a singer or an actress when i was a child but because of where i live,who i am,and a lot of reasons i could't.that's why i really enjoy watching movies,it's my first and best enjoyment in my life.and i really adore your acting skill! you are very lucky!i wish you the best!

vmarlany Really love your acting in i hear your voice, you are such a great actor. I really love your smile.

sammy I LOVE YOU OPPA LEE JONG SUK!!!! Im really inlove with your smile... :)

Love lots! <3

lee hana I love you oppa <3 Love youre smile... daebak!!! Sarangeyoo.. <3

lee hana from malaysia

Lovely Rose I LOVE YOU Lee Jung Suk... my first time to see you was in the drama " I Hear Your Voice" as Park So Ha ( an innocent man, who make his promise and make it true). In that moment I started to like you and dreamed of meeting you someday. Your smile was great that I really LOVED to see it. I LOVE your acting, everything about you... I love to knew more about you. Continue on doing great as an actor and a person. GOD's LOVES YOU and ME too. AJA!...

Corina 're loud funny!

lorein joyce obania saranghae oppa. :)(: i adore you that much

Lucy This vote are in 4th place. Congratulations. You are my favorite actor.Smile !

Lucy This vote are in 4th place. Congratulations. You are my favorite actor. Smile !

HMS Frankly, I watch "Doctor Stranger" because of you. Your acting is instinctively good and I love to see other sides of you in your next projects. I have zero interest in both actresses in 'Doctor Stranger' as I don't feel like they look good together with you. Furthermore, 'Doctor Stranger' is about surgery, politics, love and conspiracy, I didn't get enough of you in this drama. I truly hope that your next project will primarily focus on your character.

Mandy Lee Jung Sok oppa. Your smile is the best! Your bromance with WooBin oppa is the best too. Haha. You're such a great great great actor! Saranghae~

loida he's a fine actor!

TT I wanna see you as a heir of conglomerate that apply triple-bottom line approach...

Alexander I am fan number 10000. God bless you!


Aishley I want him to star again in a romantic comedy or school drama! it suites him well.

al farwane kayte your smile..... OMG! it makes girls go crazy over you!hope you could visit philippines... plug-in your tv dramas here.....

Irene Mister Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice ! In my Secret garden ! Succes !

Aurore To have a life like your smile

Daniel LJS're a young talented and charismatic. Success!

Maria Good luck in your career and in life !

Nieya oppa....saranghanda...this the only word that i want to say...i'll support you....eventhough you could see me ..i'll always at your behind...and... if God give me a chance to meet with.. you i'll absolutly take it...


oh ya....oppa..i really love your smile...it make me..happy.. when i'm cry..i'll open my phone and see your pictures...

<3..<3..<3 I..LOVE..YOU...


yuki~ I Love you Lee Jong Suk!!!~ Your acting is really awesome, there is so much feeling in it!!~ ^.^ I've re-watched the series "I Can Hear Your Voice", you were excellent in it and it was a really good series, love it so much!!~ <3 I hope that you end up with Doctor Oh in "Doctor Stranger" hehe

Hwaiting~ 4ever Supporting you!! <3

Toktak I love you Lee Jong Suk I will supporting you forever

Carmen Perez Love his actor since Secret Garden , keep the good work ,♥

amieradolche really fall in love with lee jong suk!

Nana My favourtite role is Park SooHa in I hear your voice ^w^ it really impressed me <3

LJS Lee Jong Suk! You're so cute and sexy it's almost criminal ;) Haha. All the best in filming Doctor Stranger. That drama is currently my best drama after IHYV! You're such a talented actor. Your acting skills amaze me. You're the best! Love youu<3

cxy i love you Lee Jong Suk

Anyoung Lee JongSuk one of my favorite actors :3 Love his act in I hear your voice the most. But actually in Doctor stranger he's very cool too! I also watched No breathing, Secret Garden, school2013 and so on! It was just amazing! You're one of my favorite actors and I love your style to act! Go on and Hwaiting! I'll support you :3

@Poor you: I don't think, that Kang Sora, Jin Seyeon or Lee Boyoung are ugly anyway! Think they are pretty!

Poor you you never act with beautiful girl ...... poor you ...... always with ugly girl or old women...

june lee jong suk :) theres something special in you :)

lyn You're next talented young star..keep it up.lucky you're still keep continues Drama..I like yr style in acting. ?

Pina Lee Jong Suk, you are talented cool amazing in Doctor Stranger. Keep in your good work. Saranghae o^)

Parvaneh lee jong suk saranghee..fighting...

a94 Wooo great strange doctor really really like it ... lee jong suk keep on it ^^

aqila I keep watching you since your second drama"secreet garden",and now you a biggest star I'm so happy with that.Congratulation Jong suk-ah and keep down to earth.Fighting....

Tonya I am your Fan since School2013 Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin , IHYV and Doctor Stranger so everything about You i got it i love it and i support you fighting!

SooHaHoon I started to like you in I Hear Your Voice and now Doctor Stranger.. DAEBAK! Totally your fan now!

lalruatfeli I ♥uuu park jong soo oppa....

violette Always waiting for the drama of him. i know him from drama School 2013, then i watch him drama's IHYV... ooww,,, so handsome.. always love you Lee Jong suk... ^_^

Chelsea First saw him in IHYV and I find his acting very mature of his age. He can express his emotions very well than any other actors of his age. Looking forward to see more of him in Doctor Stranger :)

Kyan Englehaupt So talented and gifted an amazing actor and model. A very accomplished person who will continue to progress and grow as both. Love him and all his work and roles and look forward to seeing him for years to come. Love, prayers, and happiness for him always.

sarada kinoko He is very handsome but his nose is so fake!!

secretable_lady omo...oppah another cute korean hmmm...i first saw you at i hear your voice from there i wanna watch more your drama.i love the way you smile...

Berry He is amazing and gorgeous. It breaks my heart whenever I see Go Nam Soon -his character in School 2013. His acting in I can hear your voice is also brilliant, natural and really touched. I just love him so much. And his personality is very cute as well.

mimi You are something!I only saw one of your dramas "I can hear your voice" and I was just shocked how brilliant you were in it.keep going on like this dear Lee Jong Suk! <3

LJS OMG seriously i fall in love with you so much <3

karen I will always and forever love you LEE JONG SUK♥

Tol Malineth Oppa!! Lee JungSuk..I love you more than the other actor..I don't know why I love you so much like that. But I just know that..u look so charming , talent.n also handsome..I just watch first Story about yours that's I hear your voice..I don't know why when I watched your story,I can feel I want to be your side your fan and really want to find someone as you to protect me...so that's what I can feel I'm getting warm as your story...Oppa:::) I'm always your side and forever love you <3

livia limitsa aww jongsuk-ah!!! good job! l hope can meet you at Indonesia!

Blue chip fan Lee jong suk are awesome. he can fit with anybody. he is like the ultimate joker card that can win the whole game. Fighting Jongsuk

preciousPleasure He is awesome. cant wait for more, more dramas,more movies .. Lee Jong suk can fit with anybody ..he is like the ultimate joker card .. Keep fighting 이종석 , we will support you forever.

KpopAddict24 I love Lee Jong Suk and I absolutely adore him. I loved his character in School 2013 and I can hear your voice. I can't wait to see him in more dramas, I'm also very excited for his new drama this year called "doctor stranger". Sarranghae Lee Jong Suk oppa! Love from New Zealand :) Fighting!!! Have strength because your fans love you!!!

Maryam I wondered why he wasn't famous when I saw him in secret garden, he was talented and good looking ....gradually he became the main actor of dramas... bravo... keep going boy :-)

Parvaneh oppa,,, I am your big fans.....Saranghae Oppa

leejongsuk Lee jong suk ^^ sarangae

^^ your the best ,get well soon 

Oppa hwaiting!!!!! good luck on your new drama i will always love you

Giselle Joceline Get Well soon lee jong suk oppa! I'm very dissapointed because you can't join with Kim Woo Bin to go to Australia! God bless you always,xoxo <3<3

Agnes Anita get well soon Lee Jong suk ssi

Lee Jong suk *Stalker* Saranghae Opppa! *I'm watching you* ;)

Ana Simon Hope U always fine n success, i'd love ur all acting in ur all movies n dramas..

fRIDAYnIGHT i love lee jong suk in secret garden, i hear your voice, and in no breathing. and his abs in no breathing are so sweet!! does he always wearing earphones in his shows?

Jessica Annyeong,Jong Suk oppa!! How's your day in Korea?? I really hope i can see you,because i'm really in love with you,your handsome face can make me smiling all day! Fighting for your new drama,;)

giselle Jong Suk oppa! Hwaiting!! I love your acting in i hear your voice <3,you look so adorable and handsome! Saranghaeyoooo

RaeSelly Saranghae oppa, love your movies and drama. bring out more this year. I love and enjoy wayching them. Oppa chinja daebak. Forever a fan

sanghyukkie okay, in the end you really cast in doctor stranger with park haejin OMG 2 handsome tall guys in one drama! i just hope you'll suit the role as a doctor bcs i afraid if it'll be like no breathing but i hope it's NOT. also i hope doctor stranger doesn't like another medical dramas that are always have a surgery scene in every single episode because i don't really like that and i think that's quiet boring.

MRN I loved your acting in I Can Hear Your Voice. Hope to see you more in such roles. You are a talented actor and hope that we will continue to see you in demanding and exciting roles and dramas.

idcare first of all i like him and he is such a special actor especially in the drama "i can hear your voice" ..... regarding the looks it is too amazing that i think he made a surgery (ps i didnt search about it coz i dnt want to be dissappointed ) third the only reason i commented coz i saw all those comments below about how they want to sexually moleste him...... ooh i want to kiss him oooh i want to consume his whole body...... Keep it contained will you ?? You dont want the poor guy to gag when he sees this web page ....gosh

Ariana I love you jong suk oppa! ur my everything. I loved u since I hear your voice and school 2013 <3

nagehiko waaah, i'm really falling in love with him right now. i want to see him but i won't go crazy. i love his acting skills :)

dee16 My baby ugh why is he soo hot cant take this anymore♡

freecs his face is comical and cute but cool at the same time..

aulia 162.. oppa saranghae... i really love you, every our drama make me feel something diffrent, can make my day perfect cause watching your drama or your movie... tnks...

TheBestAround22 I just love his lips they are just screaming KISS ME!!... and I really want to. Not only is he very attractive but he is great actor. Its very natural and believable, I just loved him in secret garden. Stay healthy and beautiful! ;D Hope to see more of you in the future because I will be looking out for you in the future!

jaal i wish i could kiss your lips! watching you really drives me crazy <3 .

elfclouds i know him from secret garden and that's why i feel he's so familiar when i watched i hear your voice. I really love him! >,< great actor! Fighting!

Ji Soo Wish I could meet him I'm a fan not a fan girl just an actor fan :) I'm a Korean girl hahaha

ailyn cute lee jong suk is so handsome i hope he`s not a gay........................<3

Edward Jong Suk oppa saranghae !!! love you so much!!! wish you always be the best!!!

hane first of all i want to say your so cool in your role in secret garden......really cool.......... you just do it well.......... i wish you would do more and more great korean drama in the future..............i love you............ :) ... <3 and stay healthy...............jong-suk.....

Tha The one who's comment you is the one who love you and fan. we love you lee Jong suk! I WISH that you can see the comment that every body comment you and love you.

roz congratulation for winning award in sbs drama award. you and Lee Bo-Young must won best couple award . anyway congratulation

:) love u :)

Rachel Bronte, UGanda. Well suk u are really cool n i like u're attitude in secret garden. U are one of ma best korean actors.i wish to see u more in the upcoming series.i love u're work. U're cute n hot.keep it up.

Amber I think you are one of the most captivating actors I have ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You have a unique way of allowing your audience to feel the emotion you are showing. I love your work, you truly are amazing! Thank you!

shada I love this actor he is handsome ,, I love him from secret garden I wish he can act as gay person in another series it will totally suite him :$ :$ :$

Erinnna Jong Suk! You're so talented! Really loved you in IHYV and School 2013. Those dramas would never be the same without you in it! IHYV is one of the best korean dramas I've watched. I really hope for a second season! Love you soooo much! <3 Hope to see much more dramas from you in the future! I'll always be your fan!! Please cast in Foreign Doctor! Love you!

jessie Annyeong jong suk oppa.. Ive heard that you were offered for a role on the upcoming new medical drama "Foreign Doctor".. Hoping so much that you would be in the drama and see you in a white robe.. Goodluck oppa...

shin hyo in annyeong oppa.. nae ireumi hyo in, shin hyo in ^_^ hwa, i really like when you're act as Park Soo Ha in " I Hear Your Voice". Awesome. in these drama you can read what someone thinking of? I wish if I were can read mind someone. hihi i think that's amazing.. :D ah then,, i wish the best for your carrer, Jong Suk oppa and noemu chua.. :* ^_^

fiya-netizen school 2013 and i hear your voice is my favorites korean drama. i love you oppa lee jong suk....

Rancid "School 2013" and "I Can Hear Your Voice" - 2 my favorites korean dramas. Your roles were really good.

Tori I love him making a cameo in 'Potato Star' and mocking 'I Can Hear Your Voice' scenes with the Grandfather. Freakin' hilarious!!! (~.~)

unknown i really dont know why people are really crazy about u......i find your acting is cool but its obvious about people in that field... ofcourse for u people its obvious to listen oppa i love u , oppa u are soo cool , oppa u are soo handsome but i really dont think its ur own business but people have to say those seeing ur trueself even i myself dont know that but still i just want to say this so i have did

kim yee rem hello..lee jong suk you are soooo cute im soo deeply in love with you and i really really want to meet you love soo much .. to the moon and never baaaaack .. youare the moon to meh

no im watching your Drama " i hear your voice " and i think that you are amaaizing you've been veeerrrryyyy good actor i love the way your smiling and i just want to say keep it up and always have fun in every step in every day and in every breath ..

your fan yee rem ..

ocha_sung eun neul anyeong oppa jong suk ..... nae ocha ... i'm from indonesian .. I am starting to like you since playing in the drama "School 2013" with kim woo bin oppa .. jinja .... ^.^ i loveeeeeeee u oppa n fighting ..........

elle hi lee jong suk ! i watch your movie "i hear your voice" .. its very nice i like it ! my name is elle and actually your my crush ! hihihi .. im from philippines .. and im 11 years old .. i wish i can see you personally .. !

alma hi!!! lee jong suk im alma from philippines you're such a great actor, im watching all ur drama n series, luv theem all, waiting for your upcoming tvdrama... good luck and god bless! luv u oppa...

Ayusohehh I hope your next drama with Moon chae won.

Aya I hope your next drama with Moon chae won,

nisa i miss you :((( hope to see you soon in a new drama. bcs it'll be more satisfying to see you in a drama instead of a movie. but still, can't wait to watch no breathing and blood boiling youth <3

blue12 i become ur fans after watching IHYV..ur acting really impressed me so much!! talented despite so damn hot, cute n handsome..fighting oppa!! looking forward to ur new drama or movies <3<3<3

Johanne lee jong suk oppa :) me and my sister really love you, A lot  :) your acting is really good and we sort of fall in-love in your character in every movie/drama that you had:) keep it up oppa! Fighting!! God Bless you more :)

ลัดดา วิศิษฎ์ธำรงวุฒิ I love you 1~4~3 ^*^ I'm Thai fan today i will went to see you movie No breathing let's me know I will met you @?Where you are pls.호 호 Jeng nuna ;)

nida I don't care about his rumor, but his acting is totally amazing. I read about his article about his role in IHYV and he said he's too emotional in his role, but i think its suit Park SooHa's character. SooHa is so adult-like when he actually a teenager, so it makes sense if he too emotional when he face what he fears most. I totally amazed by his acting and knew later that he is a gay talented musician in 'Secret Garden' and a eye-catching young man in 'Princess Prosecutor'. I'll watch School 2013 after this. Maybe High Kick 3 too (Maybe not). Looking forward for his drama~~ (Movie is too short). And looking forward for his acting... >_< Oh, I don't know i can be this anxious..

Holuwartoby (Nam Soon) President Go Nam Soon; You are one in a million, I love seeinq that wonderful tender smile of yours. Keep the qood work up ..Love ya from Nigeria..

Juk Hi Im from Norway. You have a great performance in "I can hear your voice" you and every actors and actresess is a perfect casting for this dramaserie. Looking forward to see your next serie and how you will get even more better.

Maitri Hi........i love ur acting alot.when i saw u in the 'secrete garden''drama i new that u'll do great in d future also........and here u r.......i'm looking forward to ur next drama eagerly.....so plzzzzzz come sooooooooooooon.....al d best for ur carreer.....take good care of ur health....god bless u.....fighting.....

ririn iryamayanty Hallo,, how are you,,I like you acting in " I hear you voice" you are so cute,, and I love you,,

Iam fans you from indonesia,, Thank you

Fighting!! Plish smile to anyting because I like ,, ;)

win pa o par;-)fighting!!! now i watch(i can hear your voice). i love you so much .you are so cute. i wish you everything is ok.i like your smile:-) you keep it longer .

June I've just finished watching I Can Hear your Voice and Im still watching it again and again. I love the way yo say "Noona" infront of the school mirror... Love your acting Mr. Lee! Best regard from Indonesia.  :)

aqila Oh God,i like this guy so much..jong suk-ah,keep fighting.

Ei Khaing Thanks for these days ! I felt happy watching your dramas and searching your news, your updates.I admire your height , your skin ,your talent . Long Live Success , Jong Suk ssi. Don't get marry in hurry . You have so many things to do , so many successes to get . Don't get rid them off by getting married ! Fighting!!!!

Kaki Wow he was that little prosecutor in Prosecutor Princess! He comes from far! 2013 is his year ^^ I first saw him in Secret Garden and he annoyed me soooo much... The role sucked. Then I saw his TV movie and loved him. I hope I can watch The Face Reader: a lot of actors I love + Jong Suk in traditional clothes + interesting story. Too bad he sticks to the teeny boppers movies and dramas though, because I do not enjoy it and I can't watch something I don't like even if it has my fave actors/actresses...

shaldzanna love your acting at I hear your voice, next ill be watching School 2013.. keep up the good work. fighting :) + i love your height tho...

arolinaa Lee Jong-suk ssi... like your acting on school 2013 ^o^ currently I watching it. And I've plan to watch I Hear Your Voice after I finishing watch school 2013 hehehe

Kendra Lee Jong Suk, I am one of your fans from the United States, in Michigan! I'm currently watching you act in School 2013 and you're so great! and cute!! I'm planning on watching I Can Hear Your Voice next, I can't wait!

julia Dear Lee Jong Suk.....i'm from Indonesia and i like your acting but i saw your not seriously about your body......you see your friend So Ing Guk he was really serious about his body i hope you can be seriously about your body for next perform.......go fighting!!!!!!!!!!

kira hmmmmmmmmm...he's the human version of Hisuka in the HunterXHunter anime series LOL..they look the same--so cool!! loved him in I Hear Your Voice .

julia sudihargo Happy birthday my dear Lee Jong Suk ......hope your always success ...sarangheyooooo from Indonesia

Noura93 Happy 24 Birth day "Lee Jong Suk"..You're really agood actor.."I can hear your voice" drama was so perfect especially you.. I wish you all the best..Fighting❤❤

mprasetyaa Happy bday oppa, sarangheyoooo :*

jtpee i finish watching the drama "I hear your voice"..its abit interesting drama..thanks for making drama like dat cos' its really an impossible..but nice to watch..thanx again..

parvaneh thank you for making me happy this day because we saw you .. Saranghae .. Iran

Lia I'm Lia from Indonesia .. I like your acting .. Your face So cute and great acting .. Wish next drama or movie your acting be better more .. Wish all the best for you Lee Jong Suk .. God Bless you .. Fighting !! Love you Lee Jong Suk

lusoe Be healthy and happy my brother i exactly know that you will get more success in the future. i m your fan forever!!!!:-):-):-)

anresia daebak!!!! i can't wait for his next drama. i love it to much{}

aan I am one of your fans from Indonesia .. really, you're so cute and handsome .. hmm ... I like theatrics "I Hear Your Voice and School 2013" .. my dream to meet you .. may be true ... hehehehehe. . good luck to you

QuyN XD so kawaiiii .... Looking forward to see this cutie pie in more awesome k-dramas! I SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT !!!

Lorna Soriano Amazing acting! plus you look so good! I have watch you for the first time and now I am searching for more. you are really great. good luck!

Kizzy Your role in "I Hear Your Voice" is absolutely phenomenal. I felt like I could really connect with that character. The series as a whole has taught me a lot, and helped me. I LOVE watching you act. You show Park Soo-Ha's emotions so clearly. It makes it so easy to believe you are actually living his life. Congrats to your successful acting career! You are an inspiration to me! Plus, you are super cute! > < Keep up the good work! Fighting!! ^ ^

av Thank you sooo much for your role in "I Hear Your Voice". Your acting as Park Soo-Ha who's always smiling and looking out for those in his life was a real blessing. You're the third actor whose drama and filmography I'll be watching a marathon of. Keep fighting! ^__^

Mimijie I cant wait for your movie "boiling youth" with my fav idol, Park Bo Young omg!! N will be release first half 2014. Im soooo extremely excited for waiting to watch this movie. Keep fighting♡♥

нαηι tOley khodami . . . ;Xx

Dianne I am one of Lee Jong-Suk's staunchest fans from the state of Alabama in the USA! He was so fantastic in "Secret Garden", "I Can Hear Your Voice" and "School 2013"... Makes me wonder with 4444 votes, how in the world is his rating only an 89% ... How can this be?! I will follow his career all the way because I KNOW he has a God-given talent and ability as a great actor... I wish you would read some of these positive comments and encourage yourself to keep on keeping on -- fighting!!!

xy You said that you will be popular for a while but not last a long time. I knew you in 《secret garden》then I forgot you until I watched《I can hear your vioce》. It dosen't matter that people will forget you one day. I am sure that you will remind me with your great works in the future. I know that you won't read this comment but I still hope that you can hold your dream and keep fighting. You will achieve your dream!!! Please take care of yourself.Wish you all the best! I am your chinese fan.I am sorry that my english is poor.

Seeru He is the most cute-est actor I have ever seen; I always follow him; but never get tired of him; He ll surely become an irreplaceable actor sooooon... Keeeeeep it up; Fighting!!! Love u always; <3

KdramaGrandma He's definitely not the best-looking actor out there, but his acting skills, attitude and hard working nature combined with his effortless cuteness just makes him so much more attractive than a pretty face! Hope to see him get more awards this year for "I Hear Your Voice"!

bunni3 This kid never grows tired. Just shows all his hard work pays of. Excellent actor, you'll never get tired of watching him.

Oppa Diga Wow. Cute acting.

sasa 2 dramas and 3 movies in 1 year. i'm happy but you must be tired :( rest well oppa, fighting!

aaa I just can't get enough of him!! <3 He's a great actor ,can't wait for his new movies :D

FAn I just simply love everything about him!! <3 He's extremely good..Can't wait for his next work!! :))

Helen I absolutely love him!! Oh lee jong-suk.. His smile is so adorable and bright! I loved him in 'I hear your voice' and 'School 2013' Ahh I hope to see more dramas with him in it! He is so beautiful I cant take my eyes off of him when hes acting.. His smile is just so beautiful that I die everytime I see it *u*

ash he's soo damn cute n cool....!!he's young but his eyes are full with charisma!

Irene♥LeeJongSuk 8 years ago, I was looking for my type of korean guy, who's very simple and handsome. And right now I'm so happy that I found Lee Jong Suk.. I super duper like him!!!!!!!!

flyhighyeah love this man ..kid call it what you want from secret garden and school up till i hear your voice developed extremely well either acting skill or your look wish you the best and great success

faride he's really cute and plays really well....

msherfi His face always looks innocent and relax. This plegmatic guy makes my heart feel in peace whenever I'm looking at his face :)

Jesselle i didnt noticed LJS when i watched "Princess Prosecutor".. but then i started to like him after watching his dramas. specially "School 2013". he really did a great job. i like his personality. humble and has his own humors. i laughed hard when i saw his video when he sang on his taiwan concert. hes knows how to catch the viewers attention. his pretty and i love him being so natural. im a fan of Go Nam Soon and Park Heung So..... im recenlty watching "I Can Hear Your Voice".. go! go! go! JongSuk oppa.. fighting!

Chhivhung He is even taller than TVXQ.... Wow.....! Love His Acting......! He is absolutely a talented actor. :) Keep on Fighting! I'm here waiting for your new and new dramas and movies....

maggiewu I love watching his acting . he perform in

his role in the drama series" School 2013" so well!

ratu toding Oppa...you are so cool and hansome ^^ ,saranghae <3

Bianca good lord... he is handsome

fangirl i love his acting in i hear your voice! so precious ;_;

Vivi I loves him so much. So good in acting. Will support him. Want to see him more and more in any movies or dramas

Jam I think he's perfect for usui takumi's live action role for maid sama

El! oh I really like him. his so cute

L My heart had been attacked by Tsunami *.*

pariya i wish he could do more power role . sure you can do roles harder than school . of course you do well in school too . be successful

Flower Boy remembered him frm secret garden at first i thought such a straight face he has totally expressionless face :p but given diff role he did great love his acting <3 want to see more of him as main lead :D gonna watch his movies now ;)

Co_Kor12 OMG, I cant waiting for u on next your drama... i hope school 2013 season 2 still u!!

Co_Kor12 im very fans with lee jong suk.. u really awesome on every drama... nice.. so cool!!

mikan lee jong-suk was totally awesome in the 'secrete garden' and very much cool in 'school 2013'.i'm looking forward to your next drama.so come sooooooooooooon ok.bye n take care.

fafa He's totally cute...love his hair style in School 2013. can't take my eyes from him LOL

Teddy The Drama 'School 2013' is the BEST Drama I've ever watched !! We want to see Lee Jong Suk in more as the MAIN CAST in the future ㅠ.ㅠ In drama like School/romance please.. Lee Jong Suk has a Big bright Smile that makes his fan feel bright also so keep on smiling !

Guamgirl07 First I saw him in Secret Garden then in School 2013. I love his characters. Especially in School 2013! He was so handsome and cool! I hope to see him in a lot more dramas:) Saranghae<3 Lee Jong Suk Jong Suk Oppa Hwaiting

sara he is very beautiful and he played his role very well i love him and kim woo bin they were so perfect and made the drama alive.saranghae jong suka hwaiting

Derick I fricking live on this show please make more episodes no homo

Ardvisoor He was so good in School 2013 and played his role very well.

JaeheeNoona-Marushii Keep fighting to be DAEBAKKK actor!!! FIGHTING!!!

AtiqahYoseob He and Kim Woo Bin was sooooo handsome in school 2013 when they had their flashback! I was so into him! Like seriouslayyyyyy! XD SCHOOL 2013 FIGHTING! :D

park su min LEE JONGSUK.. your drama (school 2013) is the best korean drama i've ever seen .. Hope you will success in your life HWAITING =)

Arumi OMG.. handsome Lee JongSuk is the cute guy in secret garden XD awww... when I watch school 2013 his face seems familiar :3 cute guy!!!

lololololololol good job! nice hairstyle.

niloufar he is so cut & handsome :) i love u:x good luck:)

Meme I'm not okay now $_____________$ This really handsome boy I want to know I love him And I want to marry him * joking * xD

Really the heart occurred in love OPPA SARANGHAE

Sol Ri He's sooooo cute and handsome. Good luck with your new movie, school 2013, Jong-Suk oppa! Hwating! :)

Missy Just watched him hosting KBS Drama Awards. Hahaha he's so funny with that aegyo faces with the seonbaes around him. Blue tux eh? Whatever. This man has my support. Fighting!!

Liesa_chan (?) watch drama School 2013!! Currently airing! He as the main role. *KYAA*

Jan Di Lee Jong Suk Oppa! My favorite actor after Lee Min Ho Oppa, THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! And to think that I used to believe that there wasn't people in the world...

goddess of beauty i really like lee jong suk!!!!!! he's one of the most handsome young actors in south korea! oppa saranghaeyo!

KZ Saw him through High Kick 3. Good actor. Liked his character. Like Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung Il Woo's character. Felt really bad for them cuz they were in one-sided loves.

lengskee i first saw you in secret garden but acting wise you were far better in when I was the prettiest. You had a great chemistry with the lead actress=) Good luck and more good projects to come=)

은지 He's not gay he's just an actor so he was acting so stop already about the asking is he gay or not got it? Good... ^^ 사랑해 오빠. But you did good in secret garden you were awesome!

smileym <3 lee jong suk...... great actor and looking forward for more movie/drama

Aysha Uppaaaa. You are so cute! i wish i had a chance to see you as a main character in a drama so that i can see you oftennnn on the screen. You are so far away .... Far away now...

koreanfan ahh~~ ur soo fanatsic at acting i think if u were to join a kpop band u would be more fabulous.. i agree with everyone else about getting a main lead.. i also found out about u in secret garden u were totally amazing !!! <3 <3

your fan you get my attention when i watched "secret garden"...... you are wonderful !! you are suitable for being a lead in a drama !! hope to see you soon in a new drama !! :3

Ann This guy is HOT! He's the one got my attention as soon as I watched "Secret Garden", he's a great actor, he should act as a lead in a drama soon! :) SARANGHE!<3

HaqpineSS HOT!!! I saw him in “Secret Garden” and got interested, he was the most handsome and he have acting skills as well, hope I’ll see him as the main actor soon.

Antoaneta I soo like him!He is such a good actior ^^ I'll always be your fan!!! ε(˘⌣˘)з


Epi he's not a gay.. it's just a role that he had to play ^^

hye shin giye upppa i love u lots plz do ur own drama so i can watch u oppa 당신을 사랑 ur soooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooot nd cute i dont care if ur gay or straight i'll always be ur fan 당신과 나 영원히 항상 나는 내가 언젠가 당신을 만날 수 있으면 좋겠 luuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv you forever nd always 내 마음은 당신에게만

greta waaaaa...*faint

Elaine To the people who keeps saying he's gay or are curious. It's not true. He was known for his character in Secret Garden as the gay guy who fell for one of the character, Oska. But, now that he's playing a somewhat same characteristic but as straight in High Kick 3. :D Please watch High Kick 3 people!!! keke

Jan Bernice Talimban Wait. The oen who said he's gay.. Is it true? He's gay? As in, in gender.. gay?

anita u r the best in korean actor

anita dear lee jongsuk i love u more if u are not gay \ any way i love u so much & i will be your fan for ever i promiss u

mymelodians happie birthday!!!!

dona i think he is soooo cute & tall . is he real gay or not ? say yes i like him :-)

Unknown ... youu are so cool and hansome in secret garden ! x iloveyouuuu <3

Chandni You need to do more shows or movies, or at least one where you are the main actor. you were amazing in secret garden and I really wanted you to end up with the brother instead of the girl. But I hope you come out with more stuff.

roony OMG he is the best And I like him more when he say he's gay And I watch SG because of him waaaaaaaaah he looks like angel when he sing omo =$

yuni good job!!^^ just try to do the best...

Moo bo suk Oppa, you're so sweet n so cute^^... Saranghae

RACHAYS HAHA oppa! I'll see you (again) in KDRAMA "Princess Prosecutor"

GO DUN CHAN (DINA) oppa u r cute i saw u in secert garden u was awesome keep up and have ur own drama so i can watch u in all the ep.s fighting ^^

loversdf love lee jong suk :D can't wait for his new move with Rain

tuffpuppy Does anyone know what company Lee Jong Suk is signed to?

Emily So here's my thoughts. I mostly tink that in SG being gay was just part of his character,but if he is in real life goo for him!!! I am hoping he wll be gettig lead roles in dramas really soon, so i can see his face more. He is a handsome man, and my favorite actor as of right now. So Oppa, Fighting!!!!!!!! <3

noOne♥someOne .'OH MY GOZH !!!!! he is so handsome and amazing ....when the first time i saw him in SeGa i was hooked by him and cnt take my eyes off him i dont even understand what's their conversation bcoz im staring at him really ..my heart skips a beat ..i think HE IS THE MOST PERFECT LEADING MAN IN KOREA .....I LOVE YOU LEE JONG SUK !!!!!

alexsandria nolasco i love you lee jong suk my name is alex

e_vel Just a simple note to Kasia-san, comment #42.

First and foremost, I don't think saying things like 'I won't say that he is cute' was a good idea if you can't even get your thoughts across in straight English.

And claiming that you're not interested to know his sexual orientation then saying 'but you should tell it to us for confirmation'- really, you should try better at covering your motives.

And muscling up? Not really. Each to his own. What do you think would happen to his fans he gained simply because of that lean body structure? Modeling is a part of his career after all.

Main point is, I'm not a die hard fan of Lee-Jong Suk, but the fact that you're commenting as if you're some high and mighty producer for the next big Titanic movie and he's obliged to listen to you- in broken English to boot- is just plain darn irritating.

wawa My god! His bday same as mine!!!

noir I'm 5 episodes away from SG and he's the second reason why I got hooked with Secret Garden. (First is coz of Ha Ji-won)

And I was screaming at 2 in the morning when he said he's gay! *kyaaaaaa*

saranghaeJongSukOppa♥ haha.! i love hi in SeGa everr..and i really like his voice when he sang on the time that Oska watch him ,b'coz Oska want jong suk to be his Trainer...love Him

Oppa Saranghae♥♥♥♥♥

akanishi0504 OH MY!! i'm right! when the first time i saw this guy in secret garden i knew that there's something weird about him (his role)... mostly, when he looks back at oska when he was performing in stage. The way he look at oska is kinda sticky, like what other gays doing:)) hahaha! my sister was shocked when i told her about the role of lee jong-suk in secret garden:))

anyway, he's really cool and he rocks my world every time he sing a song in "Secret Garden" \m/

Kasia Hi... I'm curious if he read our comments here. I won;t say that he is cute because... why? I don't think, that he is, in his age. But before he was. For me he is a little bit too much skinny. Why don't you make yourself more muscural? Not very much, just to be more mannish. I'm not interessted in your real sexual orientation, but you should tell us about it to right it. You think you're good? Prove it. You had good start in secret garden, girls always are very interested in someone, who told he is gay. Even if it was only script. Now you should do some video and place it on youtube. It should be very interesting, than... Maybe it can multiply your fans (if you have some REAL fans. Fans only yours). For me now you are juts greenhorn, novice. Build your carrier! I will. Observe it. Kasia (kisielek@live.co.uk  ; Poland)

kwon yuri he's so COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him so much

Lyra WAAAAH >...< SO CUTE :))

abalone i just realised he's in Prosecutor Princess too..is he one of the prosecutors?

KoreanTurk He is so very cute in Secret Garden.... Saranghaaee Oppaaaaa !!! ^^

dontcatchme. just asking. um is he really Gay? please reply. thanks

Eyak Hope I can see him personally. :-)

Eyak That day I was really interested in watching the Secret Garden because of its funny and romantic trailers. But then when I was watching it I saw HIM... I mean whwn he sang at the restaurant I was really interested in HIM. LEE JONG SUK.. He is sooooooooooooo Cute, And very Handsome!!! I really Love Him as an actor and Modl^^. He is my no. 1 favourite. must have Movies as in much many. haha

Euphemia omg.... I cant take this he is so really......20x cute and handsome.....

Euphemia Damn...... he's really cute ... i really really love him...


chikAra Lee at 1st i thought he was a female..omg im wrong he was a guy!!that means he is cute:)!!he got my attention wish he always in the episode...and i guess thats not the point even he say he was a gay doesnt look like..he look like a prince(:


yanie he start out as one of the boy in 2NE1 I don't care music video. and yeah he is super cute!

rene I love him! He was really really great in Secret Garden!

S2 omg hes HOT!! he appeared on strongheart and he was seriously so cuuuuuuute! did you see him dancing???? if you start to like him,,,,there is no exit..........

hans-anime So handsome! So cute!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! I totally love him!!! I first saw him in Prosecutor Princess but he wasn't really that much of a stand out. Just one of those prosecutors in the office! But here in Secret Garden, he's such a bliss!!!

KYaaa!!! Hope to see more of him. Hope he'll be the lead actor soon! :)

lamia i like him a lot he is a great actor & model i wish him more success fighting

rfhgdhdh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! i love him. he was great in secret garden!

Angela Ng I love him so much ! ;3 Support him support support ;) im from malaysia ;D Hwaiting ! Saranghaeyo !! <3

ebonii AHHHH I wanted him so much to be with OSKA!! That would be sooo cute XD Even though I knew that wouldn't happen T_T If only there was an alternate ending :(

Ha Bin-Suk annyeonghaseyo... Dangsin-eul salanghabnida.... Dangsin-eun eotteohge haedonghaeyalji.....

lyly lee what part does he play in the movie ghost??

Applee He's cool & Cute in Secret Garden..but he's not good looking in prosecutor princess... he's one of the prosecutor in ep 1.

Kee I saw him in the drama which is called Secret Garden I think a lot of drama fans saw him there at first I will keep my eyes on him cause he got a new fan second the role he played was pretty cool even thought he played a gay guy what made it even more cool because I havent expect it, and his charm and cool character made him look interesting for a lot of girls out there I hope he will keep the cool image which he also had in that drama and I think he also inspirated me for a new style well lee jong suk I think the future for him will be good in the movie business and I think he will even win more fans then he had befor with his modeling :]

Mary I think he'll be the next leading man..I'll keep my eyes on him. Hope the producers and directors in Korea will give a really really huge break on him. With his looks, 6'1' height, talent, and charisma for sure he'll be a BIG HIT!

jl i think Secret Garden is the first time i saw him and he completely got my attention. he is so hot and talented, i also look forward to seeing him in every episode ^^ i love his reddish hair in SG!! i want to see more of him! ><

asbie OMG! AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT REALLY HOPING HE'S GAY IN SG?! ever since he and oska kept fighting,i was dreaming if they are gay and will end up together!!! I AM IN HEAVEN WHEN HE SAID HE'S GAY!!! OMG! SO HAPPY,SO EXCITED! thanks for realizing my dream *even though the end up together part is just impossible TT____TT* looove him so much!!! the only reason i dl and still kept it in my comp is him! usually i dl dramas and delete them straight away! yes! hope he can be a lead role one day! i am so upset his screen time is just few seconds/min per epi~ always looking forward for him for every episode~ good luck Jong Suk!

leslie Here's the link for 'Sunska Ending MV' lol


sleepybear He's soooo cute! He caught my attention in secret garden.:P I hope there'll be more information about him.

Faerthrienn Damn, Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? Love the hair...

Wish i could have a hug ^^;;

Eiri Since the first episode of Secret Garden he caught my attention. I'm glad I can learn a bit more about him and I hope he achieve more roles in the future.

Muriel i really like him, he's so good looking and so cool in secret garden. looking forward to his next movie

Kinda I'm loving him in secret Garden, he's dazzling *___* I'm sure things are only going to get better for him, can't wait till he lands a leading role someday, very soon surely!!!!

Nadesta A. AHHHH~ SO COOL. >u< Lol, I found it funny when he said he was gay in Secret Garden. Soo nice looking too! xD


E5ive Did he play the floralist's son that Mae Hye Ri helps out in Prosecutor Princess? If so, wow, he's in Secret Garden? Gotta watch that now.

awtar woooooooooooooow he look sooooooooooooooooo cute i need more info about him also ><

Dany this guy needs a more complete profile because he's so handsome and cute! XD he's great in Secret Garden, I love his character, he's a good actor ^-^ he's defentely one of my favorites now, hehe ^^

azurymint aaa... the cute guy in secret garden, why his profil doesn't exist in dramawiki. need more info bout him

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