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  • Drama: Secret Garden
  • Revised romanization: Sikeurit Gadeun
  • Hangul: 시크릿 가든
  • Director: Shin Woo-Cheol, Kwon Hyuk-Chan
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: November 13, 2010 - Janaury 16, 2011
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kim Joo-Won (Hyun-Bin) is from a wealthy family, smart and good looking. He runs the luxurious Roel Department store, which his family owns. Oska (Yoon Sang-Hyun) is a popular singer around Asia, but he doesn't have musical talent. He is also a womanizer. Joo-Won and Oska are also cousins and highly competitive towards each other.

On a request by Oska, Joo-Won goes to pick up actress Park Chae-Rin from a shooting set. Joo-Won mistakes stunt woman Gil Ra-Im (Ha Ji-Won) for Park Chae-Rin and takes stunt woman Ra-Im to a hotel. Oska made the request in an attempt to prevent Park Chae-Rin from revealing their relationship to the press. At the hotel, Joo-Won discovers that the woman he picked is not actress Park Chae-Rim but a stunt woman. During this time, Joo-Won starts to experience strong feelings for the feisty stunt woman, even though she isn't his type. Joo-Won tried getting Ra-Im out of his mind for Ra-Im does not own a high status life nor is even rich. Nevertheless, Joo-Won can't stop thinking about Ra-Im.

Later, Joo-Won sneaks into an action school to watch Ra-Im. Meanwhile, Ra-Im tries her best to ignore Joo-Won because she knows Joo-Wan belongs to another higher social level compared to her. Nevertheless, Ra-Im can't help her blooming feelings towards Joo-Won.

Yeun-Sul (Kim Sa-Rang) and Oska are ex-lovers, but they can't seem to forget each other. Because Yeun-Sul had a high-living status, she was arranged to attend a blind date with Joo-Won. Even though Joo-Wan made it clear that he doesn't have interest in her, Yeun-Sul keeps pursuing Joo-Won. Yeun-Sul knows Joo-Wan is Oska's cousin and wants to use him to get under Oska's skin. Yeun-Sul then manages to become the director for Oska's next music video, which is scheduled to be shot on Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, stunt woman Ra-Im is a fan of Oska's music and wins a contest to go to Jeju Island with Oska himself. Ra-Im also wanted to take part in Oska's music video. Joo-Won learns that Ra-Im won the contest to spend time with Oska and decides to follow them to Jeju Island.

On Jeju Island, the main participants all gather. While they were mountain biking, Ra-Im gets separated from Joo-Won and Oska. Joo-Won searched frantically to find Ra-Im. Eventually, Joo-Won was able to find Ra-Im but ended up stranded in a mysterious restaurant in the middle of the woods called 'Secret Garden'. Even more mysteriously, the owner of 'Secret Garden' seems to know both Joo-Won and Ra-Lim very well. The owner presented two bottles of homemade floral wine to Joo-Won and Ra-Im. They manage to find their way back to the hotel before night and went their separate ways. At night, neither Joo-Won nor Ra-Im find themselves able to sleep and each takes this time to clear their mind while drinking their individual gifted wine. A twist of intrigue takes place in the plot when both Ra-Im and Joo-Won wake up in the morning to find that their souls have switched to the other's body!


  1. "Secret Garden" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Life is Beautiful" and will be followed by "New Tales of the Gisaeng" on January 23.
  2. "Secret Garden" had its first script reading on August 14, 2010. Filming will begin in September, 2010.
  3. Jay Park and Jang Hyuk were dropped from the list of potential casts, and Hyeon Bin was finally chosen to play the main male lead.


Secret Garden-Ha Ji-Won.jpg Secret Garden-Hyun-Bin.jpg
Ha Ji-Won Hyun-Bin
Kil Ra-Im Kim Joo-Won
stunt woman pres. of dept. store
Secret Garden-Yun Sang-Hyeon.jpg Secret Garden-Kim Sa-Rang.jpg Secret Garden-Phillip Lee.jpg Secret Garden-Lee Jeong-Seok.jpg Secret Garden-Yu In-Na.jpg
Yoon Sang-Hyun Kim Sa-Rang Phillip Lee Lee Jong-Suk Yoo In-Na
Oska Yeun-Sul Im Jong-Soo Han Tae-Sun Min Ah Young
pop star CF director action director musician dept. store worker
Secret garden-Kim Ji-Sook (1958).jpg Secret garden-Park Jun Keum.jpg Secret garden-kim sung oh.jpg Secret garden-choi yoon so.jpg Secret garden-Kim Seong Kyeom.jpg
Kim Ji-Sook Park Jun-Keum Kim Sung-Oh Choi Yoon-So Kim Seong-Kyeom
Moon Yeon-Hong Moon Boon-Hong Kim Sung-Oh Kim Hee-Won Moon Chang-Soo
Oscar's mom Joo-Won's mom Joo-Won's secretary Joo-Won's sister Joo-Won's granddad
Secret garden-lee byung joon.jpg Secret garden-Seong Byeong-Suk.jpg Secret garden-Yun Ki Won.jpg Secret garden-kim kun.jpg Secret garden-you su jin.jpg
Lee Byung-Joon Sung Byoung-Sook Yun Ki-Won Kim Gun Yoo Seo-Jin
Park Bong-Ho Park Bong-Hee Choi Dong-Kyu Yoo Jong-Hun Lee Ji-Hyun
dept. store director Chang-Soo's wife president of Oscar Ent. Oscar's manager Joo-Won's shrink
Secret garden-jang su won.jpg
Jang Seo-Won
Hwang Jung-Hwan
stunt man

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-11-13 1 16.1 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd)
2010-11-14 2 15.0 (5th) 15.6 (4th)
2010-11-20 3 17.9 (2nd) 18.9 (1st)
2010-11-21 4 20.0 (3rd) 20.8 (3rd)
2010-11-27 5 25.4 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
2010-11-28 6 25.2 (3rd) 25.6 (3rd)
2010-12-04 7 24.1 (2nd) 24.7 (1st)
2010-12-05 8 24.6 (3rd) 24.8 (2nd)
2010-12-11 9 27.0 (1st) 27.8 (1st)
2010-12-12 10 28.0 (2nd) 28.7 (2nd)
2010-12-18 11 27.0 (1st) 28.2 (1st)
2010-12-19 12 28.2 (2nd) 29.2 (2nd)
2010-12-25 13 24.4 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd)
2010-12-26 14 26.5 (3rd) 27.1 (2nd)
2011-01-01 15 23.0 (1st) 29.3 (1st)
2011-01-02 16 23.9 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
2011-01-08 17 23.8 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
2011-01-09 18 27.4 (1st) 34.1 (1st)
2011-01-15 19 29.1 (1st) 35.0 (1st)
2011-01-16 20 31.4 (1st) 38.6 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea



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Elize What's with the camparison?? This is truly one of the most romantic dramas i've ever watched.. I'd always thought that switching bodies thing isn't that necessary but maybe it won't be this good if it wasn't,right?? Hyun Bin,not a fan but u really are one of the most talented actors in Korean acting industry n Ha Ji Won..., what can i say? She's just born to do this:-)

Firdyan Rooftop Prince is better than this drama .. I like Rooftop Prince ..

gold digger I really like this drama watched so many times, Im so interested with ha ji-won for her action scene I wish to be like her!

March one should get mad cause its your opinion. I skipped scenes too, espicially ha ji won's and action school scenes cause I got bored. I only watched Hyun bin's scenes and I think he and Oska was fun factors...

pleasant I dunno why but this drama is boring(sorry fans this is only my opinion)from eps1-20(20 hours become 1 hours 35 minute) because i always skipp all the scene from all the cast except hyun bin and hajiwon but sometimes i skip their scene too i dunno why..this show itself have wonderful cast wonderful ost but many useless scene-__- sorrry guys hope the fans of this drama dont mad to me its only my opinion.

sadia First i really get bored when they switched their soul but as i kept watching i am really get attached with them ,their acting were so real and heart touching that i could not take my eyes off from is really now one of my favourite korean drama.

kdrama Liked the beginning but it dragged real bad in the middle for me.

mariem boukraa i love this drama . i have watched for 10 times already . i highly recommand it to any one who wants to watch romantic , and comedy korean drama . i love both Hyun-Bin and Haj-won . they made this drama fantastic . love it very much .

evrac I make Secret Garden as comparison of dramas i like. "The story line is similar with Secret Garden!" "This is like secret garden!" I've watched around 40 korean dramas but neither one can defeat this masterpiece! I've rewatched this more than 10 times. Totally in love, hard to move on <3 Secret Garden JJANG!

KAtherine This is my favorite Kdrama of all time. This started my Korean wave addiction. <3 #SGisFOREVER

kharra I first heard of this drama 2 yrs ago. But that time i didnt give attention to it bcoz i was at my 4th yr as college student and so busy with my studies. Then last week i was looking for some kdrams to watch coz im bored. And this drama is always at the bucket list of the recommended to watch. And i remember2 yrs ago how my frends were so hooked with this drama. So i decided to give it a try. Honestly the story of 'switching souls' does not appeal to me. I ask myself to they always switched? Then that would be boring. So i was doubtful at first to watch it. But i give it a try anyway. And thats it! I totally fell in love with the characters. Great actors, and the story which i thougjt of first will be bad is actually not. Its not great but its good. What amaze me is how hyun bin and ha ji won totally nailed the characters they were playing. They are not boring to watch. I swear i watched a lot of kdramas with supposedly good stories but bcoz the actors couldnt deliver their roles very well it became boring to me. And gil ra im is not a weak character. She endures a lot. That shows how strong she is inside.and hyun bin is so funny. Haha. When he and gil switched souls he delivered the character perfectly.haha, im laughing my ass off xD. The reason why this drama is almost in everyones bucket list is bcoz of how the actors manage to touched the hearts of viewrs with the characters they are playing. Sadly some korean actors and actresses cant touch the hearts of viewers like me. Some even looks like they are just reading the script, no emotions, no connection to the characters. They are just plain pretty and handsome :/ i will definitely rewatch this drama :) no boring episodes for me :) i marathon it in 4days lol. (Thank god for the long holiday lols) i'd say this is number 1 now on my top 10 kdramas. Im not exaggerating. I totally fell inlove with it. Im a big hajiwon and hyun bin fan now. :D great chemistry!❤ they are natural. Btw my top 5 kdramas now are 1)secret gaden 2) memories of bali 3) stairway to heaven 4) my girl (love lee dang hae and lee don wook) 5) jewel in the palace

sijuadewumzy I really love this drama I just hope to be a Korean actress or a Korean scriptwriter a lot of people will really love what am going to do

Doreen Conrad I really like the drama it's soooooooo!!! Romantic and fun

Sharon I really like,love this drama,,, But why the episode just 20?? I wanted more,,, Btw I still love this drama

lili my favorites korean drama on the first place

HJW ♥ HB I watched SeGa for 2 days and 1 night... I love it!! The best one I've watched so far(I don't want to sound creepy but I'm watching it again!! I finished ot yesterday but I can't get over it T..T) You and Hyun Bin look good as a couple!! :)) I hope you can find your Kim Jo Woon oppa irl ;) fighting!!

Arcy i love this drama!may i know the tittle if the book that they are reading?tnx

Arcy i love this drama.may i know the tittle of the book that they reading?

Kinoko What a boring drama. Good actors, but the story is boring, inconsistent.Forced romance, boring side stories. I hated it. Excuse me, fans.

Micky Dane The best Korean drama ever. My first ever :) I can never forget 2012 October because of this drama. Love the drama so much.

Mary Secret garden is Really the best drama ever.Hyun bin ha.jiwon they both great actors.i love them both.still watching up until now i never get bored.i really this drama...

Eric One of the best drama I ever watched. Love both Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. Hopefully they can make another drama with both lead.

Anon The plot was pretty amazing, however, the romance was... 'forced' in the end.

Best Blenders Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to search out anyone with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this web site is something that is needed on the net, somebody with a bit originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

AJ One of my favorites: in many ways a classic fairy tale with the poor maiden (but tough and smart), handsome prince, and evil witch. But this story also treats major social issues and confirms the power of love over loss. Like all fairy tales, it includes a dark side--but it is most importantly a romance in which no man ever loved a woman more. He is funny, exasperating, sweet, and totally amazing. This series also has a charming cast and enjoyable sub-plots. A delight from the first episode to the conclusion: and this time KDrama gets the ending so right. The coda of the last 3 minutes is especially telling and moving.

Vanesa Plz SBS make more sequels of it ,i really luv this, it made me cry and laugh. Ohh and also Hyun bin and Ha Ji Won make a cute couple and did a great job. Plz ,directors i really luv it dont stop making more sequels. Plz we beg u. I think there fans out there for more sequels.

NemesisNara aww~~ aww~~aww~~ this is the B-E-S-T romantic comedy korean drama I've ever watch!! Really Loooooveee this one.... even when I repeat to watch this drama, I never get bored!!!

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, You both done a great job!!

Hugs and Kisses.... Mwahh Mwahh

Richard Great great story...I love this.

A^^ Ohemgee! Still watching this up until now T.T so beautiful and perfectly made! Fine, if they can't do a sequel then do a prequel! It would be very interesting:'3

muta88 best of SBS then you're beautiful and you who came from stars

Daisy still the best, after watching you who came from the stars

LegalWeapon I have watched more than 100 Korean dramas in the past. I firmly believe that this is still the number 1 Kdrama I have ever seen. Music is great, chemistry is unbelievable, plot is tight, it has everything (drama, comedy, action, fantasy, family, etc.). What more could you ask for. A classic feel good story! Four thumbs up! Daebak!

Rochelle Lee Is there going to be a second series of Secret Garden? I watched it on Netflix in the U.S.A.. I truly enjoyed it, wishing it was a second series...I cried, I laughed, and I got upset when my cellphone rang while I was watching it. I was and still disappointed that Kim Joon mother still didn't accept Ra at the end, but she accept the grand-children. Please do a second series with more episodes....To all the actors GOOD JOB!!!!

Lisa P Secret Garden is by far my favourite rom-com. It's funny & so well written. I love the sparkly track suit..made in Italy stitch by stitch hehe. However, my favourite scene is when he takes her into the storm to do a body switch. I cried buckets load. Love the ending. I recommended this drama to my friend & she marathon it in three days! Now she's also a big Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won fan. Their chemistry is out of this world - super hot couple! Hopefully they will team up for another hot sizzling drama in the future!

Hanna the best kdrama ever!!!!! The best thing about the drama is that: unlike all cliched rich lovers Kim Joon is not ready to give up his fortune in the beginning.... He also admits that if he does so then he cannot guarantee not to blame gil ra im....even though it was very mean of him i loved that part of d sotry.....Amazing work done by Ha ji won and hyun bin... And the ending!!!! It was absolutely perfect.... In love with secret garde <3 <3

sega lover i'm hyun bin & ji won shipper,secret garden is my 1st favourite korean drama,,then the princess man,reply 1997 & full house..till now,there are no other drama that can beat SeGA based on my taste..just look at the ranking from ep 1 untill 20..i'm not suprised it always at the top 3..

neete any idea who is the actual singer in ep. 5? the part lee jong suk sings that woman in jejudo. thx

watched this drama do many time. very good

Clarkdale44 Superb drama... Very touching story. I must admit both Ha Ji-Won and Hyun-Bin adapted their characters pretty well during body switch. And the ending.. That feeling after finishing last episode, I was just WOW. Still i feel bad that they couldn't do official wedding due to the mother of Joo-Won. Well atleast she accepted her grandchildren, so i am sure that day will also come when she will accept her daughter in law as well. Ending was so perfect man i still can't believe it. Totally worth my time watching entire drama. 10/10 for story, cast, direction... Everything is perfect.

5555 the best drama No.1 forever

Anne Ortega I would love to watch this but this does not have English subtitles very disappointing why?

daisy UNTIL NOW, no drama has been better than this yet. still the best.

Tesabeth5 Kudos to the Directors, but specially to the writer, Kim Yun Sook. Secret Garden could take pride in its very in-depth dialogue, mostly between Gilarm and Kim Joon, and between Gilarm and Kim's Mom, Moon Bong. Then, add further the frequent exchange of hurt feelings and profound sad misunderstandings between Choi Mon Young and Yoon Seul: plenty of story-lines of poignant and ironic conflicts and fights between two very much in love couple, the second love story in the show. Then, include further the many funny but realistic expressions of true love between An Young and 'Secretary Kim. And many more very deep dialogues spoken even by very secondary role parts performers in the story, eg. very realistic/true to life words from Im Jong Soo (Gilarm's Director), Hwang Joon Wan (Gilarm's best side kick/moral support), Gil Ik Su (Yung In Ji), Gilarm's Dad, Li-Ji Yun (the doctor/psychologist), Han Tae Sun, and Choi Dong Kyu (Oska's company president), etc...

azzahra After more than two years, secret garden still no 1 in my K-drama list. Even the story a little weird, but the flow of storyline very fast and unbored. This is very beautiful film with beautiful cast and beautiful soundtrack. I loved the way hyun bin stare and hug hajiwon, full of love, best chemistry beetwen two leading role...This film very excellent...recommend to watch.

Tesabeth5 Most touching moment between Gilarm and Kim Joon

Most afraid and fearful of Kim Joon’s Mom’s most serious threat to hurt and destroy her loved sweetheart, Kim; and thus convinced she really needs to have to give up Kim Joon, Gilarm made every feasible lie to get Kim to think he has to part from her. And so she made up excuses.

1) Thus, she pretended she could not bear to keep thinking Kim was the reason her Dad died while all along loving him and enjoying life with Kim.

2) Even more touching was her further pretending her receiving and keeping that memorable broken handbag newly fixed by Kim with a very elegant looking clip, specially purchased by Kim would only hurt her feelings as it would presumably remind her how Kim looked down on her because of that broken cheapy handbag. Whereas in fact that broken bag fixed with loving tender hands of Kim actually poignantly only endeared Kim to her even more, and made her aware how truly that broken handbag ironically and very memorably now serves a bond of their profound love for each other. It was so moving because this Kim’s most genuine expression of tender loving of Gilarm had to be ruined by Gilarm’s most hurtful sacrificial repression of her truly touched loved heart having to pretend with her lying despise for the handbag pin, which she would actually, rather, cherish lovingly like a very precious jewel from her beloved.

3) The her two good byes to Kim Joon: The scene at the Mall when pretending she was calling from the movie shooting set, with the pretext she was occupied with shooting movie scenes afar, she most emotionally expressed to Kim how she misses him so very much. Right then she had just consented to Kim’s Mom her sacrificial breaking up with beloved Kim so Mom would spare punishing and destroying Kim with the threat of total impoverishing of him; and right then, too, when she had just left Kim her truest memento of love, (which I am citing next as # 4 excuse); so seeing him supposedly for the last time, him – who “.. created a miracle for her” – was certainly breaking her heart so painfully.

4) To repeat, convinced it to be necessary that she parts from her beloved Kim, the incident in the home library of Kim when, with Oska as accidental but very proper witness, she secretly left her very own memento of final goodbye with the inserting of the image of her – the self-denying, self-sacrificing mermaid – bidding her beloved Kim farewell as she, now, most unwillingly and most agonizingly will have to disappear like a foam and a bubble according as fate had ordained her in relation to her beloved Kim.

Tesabeth5 Most touching moments between Gilarm and Kim Joon

Most afraid and fearful of Kim Joon’s Mom’s most serious threat to hurt and destroy her loved sweetheart, Kim; and thus convinced she really needs to have to give up Kim Joon, Gilarm made every feasible lie to get Kim to think he has to part from her. And so she made up excuses.

1) Thus, she pretended she could not bear to keep thinking Kim was the reason her Dad died while all along loving him and enjoying life with Kim.

2) Even more touching was her further pretending her receiving and keeping that memorable broken handbag newly fixed by Kim with a very elegant looking clip, specially purchased by Kim would only hurt her feelings as it would presumably remind her how Kim looked down on her because of that broken cheapy handbag. Whereas in fact that broken bag fixed with loving tender hands of Kim actually poignantly only endeared Kim to her even more, and made her aware how truly that broken handbag ironically and very memorably now serves a bond of their profound love for each other. It was so moving because this Kim’s most genuine expression of tender loving of Gilarm had to be ruined by Gilarm’s most hurtful sacrificial repression of her truly touched loved heart having to pretend with her lying despise for the handbag pin, which she would actually, rather, cherish lovingly like a very precious jewel from her beloved.

3) The her two good byes to Kim Joon: The scene at the Mall when pretending she was calling from the movie shooting set, with the pretext she was occupied with shooting movie scenes afar, she most emotionally expressed to Kim how she misses him so very much. Right then she had just consented to Kim’s Mom her sacrificial breaking up with beloved Kim so Mom would spare punishing and destroying Kim with the threat of total impoverishing of him; and right then, too, when she had just left Kim her truest memento of love, (which I am citing next as # 4 excuse); so seeing him supposedly for the last time, him – who “.. created a miracle for her” – was certainly breaking her heart so painfully.

4) To repeat, convinced it to be necessary that she parts from her beloved Kim, the incident in the home library of Kim when, with Oska as accidental but very proper witness, she secretly left her very own memento of final goodbye with the inserting of the image of her – the self-denying, self-sacrificing mermaid – bidding her beloved Kim farewell as she, now, most unwillingly and most agonizingly will have to disappear like a foam and a bubble according as fate had ordained her in relation to her beloved Kim.

Tesabeth5 Very clearly, the story-line of Secret Garden showed the lead female character, Gilarm, a simple common girl; but a girl not necessarily naive and impressionable girl. Despite the advances of Kim Joon from the 1st episode up to midway of the 10th episode, Gilarm never exhibited herself like a melted flower under the most aggressive impertinent and arrogant advances of Kim Joon. While she fancied his very publicly and personally raising her actress renown equal to the level of the top artists, and while she did reckon the marvel of this rich man's particular attention to her, up to this point, which is already half way past the whole story, she had not seriously owned up a supposed opportunity of really getting involved with Kim Joon. To her he was still only some man, who happened to have some interest in her. If at all, she was merely leaving an opening if this man would really prove himself genuinely and honestly falling for her. And it wasn't till the 14th episode when she actually fell for Kim Joon, who -- to his credit -- by far immediately before or around this moment in the story has tried to stop his many flippant, and 'showing-off' tactics of wooing Gilarm. He is by far starting to outgrow his biased rich and macho attitude and ways; and was now literally attempting to meeting Gilarm's true standards of affections and of love. As, unlike before where he in his superior complex wanted to treat Gilarm a dispensable mermaid to his princely person and status, and to his advances of affection, now he was offering himself the mermaid to Gilarm, a serious attempt at expressing his most serious desire for Gilarm, at beginning to surrender himself in love for Gilarm. Though, not fully yet.

Tesabeth5 That Secret Garden get to receive great following, and achieve great success could not but prove total acceptance of the characterization by the entire cast, particularly by both characters Kim Joon and Gil Larm, The assertion that Gil Larm was a weak character should have doomed this Korean drama a failure. Granting that Kim Joon alone carried the show over Gil Larm is a big stretch of opinion. To repeat the great success of the show would not have happened if the fans only appreciated the characterization by the male lead character. Actually, both lead characters competed, and performed excellently at acting out and defining their supposed personalities and roles in the show. To particularly state Gil Larm was a weak character, person in the drama would prevent the show from getting such rapport from viewing fans. For actually strength was acted out and demonstrated effectively by Gil Larm by her possession and articulation of her inner and fundamental principles and beliefs. To say she departed from her initial portrayal as a strong girl/woman presented in the first episode was not accurate; time and again, she did physically and masterfully asserted her defending of her character vs Kim Joon. E.g. her ability to offset or wrestle Kim Joon’s physical size and strength both by her catching him off-guard with kicks or actual arm wrestling were enough illustrations she remained that athletic girl in the first episode. But to repeat, she exhibited, convinced, and moved viewers such compelling steadiness about her principles, and timely responses/rebutting of both Kim’s and his Mom’s abusive words and atitudes with outright counter principles and way of thinking, eg. not coming empty handed per Dad’s clear teaching when being a visitor at someone’s home, and her downright telling it to his face the rudeness if taken lightly or treated as fair game by getting Kim chase after her in his own car to make him feel how it is if he were in the receiving end of someone’s rude behavior.

And whereas indeed Kim’s Mom literally repeatedly abused Gilarm, on each occasion Gilarm’s courageous standing up to Mom per her above mentioned counter responses of profound principles only won her great rapport from the viewers: heartfelt sympathy and compassion. True thinking viewers saw and perceived her inner and real strength. For she convincingly belies/unravels the disrespect by the Mom of Gilarm’s Dad’s irrefutable heroism as a valiant firefighter rescuer, including of the Mom’s son. In the end, the one, which most touched viewers, was her her committed sacrificing of her love for Kim, and her concession to the Mom that she give up having Kim if only to stop Mom’s threat, (and Mom’s ultimate act of viciousness) to ruin her very own son. And at the very end, Gilarm would yet be willing to continue to wait marrying Kim with the hope her further forbearance might yet make a little change of heart of the Mom. At this point, the two lovers already have proven their love for each other; and so it could not make Gilarm insecure about losing Kim just so they might have waited for Mom’s “permission”. And so, again, this may not be interpreted to be Gilarm’s act of cowardice, but patient act of forgiving of Mom, and consistent forbearance on her part. Although, of course, it behooves Kim Joon’s man of the world character that he makes the decision to literally stand up to his Mom per this specific act of legal formalizing of the couple’s intention of marriage and the life of mutual love according to the plot of the drama.

The main story-line of Secret Garden really revolves around Gilarm, or around Kim Joon’s fascination and admiration for Gilarm or for Gilarm’s very strong character, which initially Kim Joon tried hard not to see, ie. his repeatedly rubbing it to her how she is in reality not in the least his type of girl or within his very elevated class, but per the story-line and plot it ultimately registered and got stuck to Kim Joon’s fine psyche. That all dirt was thrown upon Gilarm both from Kim Joon himself, and from all other nemesis to her poor life status only highlighted and made shine Giarm’s true preciousness and charm. This is namely her indomitable but humble self respect and self reliance, who in the words of Kim even seemed like a ‘man’ as a figurative presence of human invincibility against all odds that no matter how social forces might want to reduce her to nothing, she remains like an indestructible fortress of human decency and charming respectability. She is indeed appropriately a Cinderella, a real worth to be pursued by a cavalier prince in the person of Kim Joon. And so like the maltreated Cinderella she deserved, in the end, the prize of her prince Kim Joon.

More popularly, more likely, or more probably Koreans subscribe to Asian religions, like Shintoism, Buddhism, or Confucianism. Yet the technique employed by the producer or scriptwriters of Secret Garden re: the switching of bodies as well as the ritual acted out with Gilarm’s Dad in the main dream referred to during the period of coma by both Gilarm and Kim Joon are figurative and metaphorical of both the Judaistic religion and the Christian faith. The ceremony and rite of the drinking of the wine makes a hint of the Eucharistic liturgy in the Catholic Mass, symbolic and a re-enactment of Christ’s sacrificial shedding of His blood in the name of love, which Christ himself pre-figured by his converting the wine, that he asked the apostles to drink, into his own blood during his last supper with them, his disciples. Then the general idea of switched bodies could have been implication of the early Genesis verse statement about the couple’s becoming one body and one spirit by virtue of the union of love between a couple.

The tipping point of lthe story, and of why I consider Secret Garden in line with Christian belief was when Gilarm’s Dad, who in the context of Christian faith represents one of the Saints of God and therefore, a representation of the forgiving and caring/providing/protecting Christ, during that rite of the drinking of the cup between Kim Joon and Gilarm, told her daughter she has bowed her head enough and has shed tears enough, (ie. has sacrificed for love enough), and as well to Kim Joon having fulfilled his promise of looking out in love for Gilarm, his daughter. And so, just as in the Christian faith is promised the new life after the embrace of the cross of sacrificial suffering, here the Dad conveyed God’s satisfaction of love and happiness thereafter for this true loving couple, Kim Joon and Gilarm, with a new lease of life upon their waking up from their comatose state of falling asleep.

wenda Awesome drama, even those who said it was boring, watched it!!!!

wenda Well being a fan of secret garden, i found this drama absolutely awesome.the chemistry between the two leads is something else, if u compare it with the chemistry of the two leads in master's sun for example.According to some comments; i've seen here, the show is boring, but still they watched it and felt bound to leave a comment? So it confirms what i think, u either love it or hate, but the drama arises emotions in you!! totally amazing drama!!!!! (when i'm bored with a drama i do not even watch it)

manny awesome drama! I recommend this to everyone! :D

Meh DIDN'T LIKE IT. I think this movie is too overrated, everyone thinks this drama is so great but It just bored me. I think everyone needs to calm down haha because it's not such a great drama.

joiballiz Wondeful SK movie!!! I love this drama die..... Borrowed it from a friend bt couldnt bear to return this drama DVD. Interesting, just also like 49 days. Those who condemn this drama should please act their own movie and let us watcher watch and pass a comment along. Love dis drama..... Muahhhhh!.... Nigerian here.

how to hack twitter This web site certainly has all the info I wanted about this subject and didn't know who to ask.

du'a ilham hyun bin i'm is your fans from indonesia and l always waiting your next movies... cayooooooo

Wolfgirl Well, SG is in almost all the must watched k-drama lists, so I decided to watch it! It started off strong and only got better, that is until the last few episodes! It could have been the most amazing drama, but the last episodes kind of made it cheesy! It was too unrealistic, unoriginal and predictable. Still, I enjoyed watching this drama! so yeah 7/10!

Anik I really love this drama. It really gets into my heart. And I watched it over and over.

Lynda the drama was really cool as it was more interesting than other romantic movies lyk playful kiss,boys b4 flowers.those saying dat it's nt kul shud do their own nd let's see wat it is as dis movie is d best

RainLady SG is the drama to watch when you're feeling down and you want to believe in something good again. Let's not look for depth but there were some lines that got me thinking like the difference between rich and poor people and the reality that sets them apart. But overall, it's just a romantic comedy with a great cast, lots of funny moments and even more heart warming moments.

I watch my favorite scenes from time to time especially when I want to feel a little better after a bad day. It's like comfort food for me.

Diana To start off I'm actually in a bittersweet mood right thanks to secret garden. Joo Won and Ra Im :)) the ending is perfect but I could have expected more .. It's alright , but for some reason the only thing that's bothers me is ha tae son , I wonder why he fell for Oska .. Secret Garden is an amazing show. The musical scores , scenery , characters , plot , EVERYTHING is just so damn perffff. Secret Garden has bright me to tears many times but I guess that they were tears the say that Hyun Bin is so freaking hot like I swear. I watched the special episode that SBS premiers on drama fever but I only seemed to understand ep. 21

Ep 22 & 23 seemed like they were trying to play the whole series in 2 hours. I listens to some of the tracks on the OST but what I liked listened to was the secret garden song it self the musical score , for some reason I just kept on listening and listening ..

When I'm sad I guess watching SG will brighten up my mood a bit. Hopefully Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won team up again in the future and have Secret Garden season 2? ahaha. I really need to find a new kdrama to watch soon ... Something like Secret Garden a romantic comedy please?

Geli I had a lot of expectations from Secret Garden. I've heard many recommendations and praises regarding this drama. The characters are also well known. The acting was great. The script was just really horribly boring. The entire drama, I was bored to tears. I only continued to watch it because I was forced to watch by my friend. I was more interested in Oska's heart ache over the main characters'. The only person I found amusing in this drama was Oska.. surprisingly since I found him foolish in the beginning. His character was the only one with depth. Kim Joo Won was really shallow and annoyed the heck out of me. Gil Ra Im began as a strong character, being cool and spontaneous. However she just became weaker and weaker as the story went on. When she switched bodies with Joo Won, she was soo stupid! Actually they were both stupid. Neither one could act like the other. Ra Im kept saying sorry, which was really pathetic. Joo Won is also really mean. I was surprised when Ra Im said she was slightly interested in him because before that nothing showed her being interested in him what so ever. He's a douche. Even I wouldnt be interested. Only in his money. Hahaha. tbh. Anyways, The relationship between the two main characters is just way too cliche. I've seen it wayy too many times already (Rich & mean guy in denial of being in love with a poor girl). Ugh. They also barely even switched bodies. In the synopsis it seemed as if the main plot of the story is them switching bodies, but it really isnt.

BTW SG fans, don't hate on me. This is MY review. This is just what I feel about the drama. :)

Rowena I watched Secret Garden for the second time after watching My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon. I just have to watch Hyun-Bin's acting on this drama. His acting has improved dramatically. Secret Garden is probably the best of all dramas i have watched so far (>10) not only because of the plot but also because of Hyun-Bin's portrayal of his character. The story itself has some usual K-drama components but also fantasy-like that is not found in all the dramas I have watched. I need to watch it again because I still didn't get the implications of a lot of the lines---maybe the translation has lost the meaning of the statements. but I love the story and I am sure I will cry the third time I watch it. Kudos to the cast of Secret Garden.

Lori These reviews should be sorted into fans & non-fans. All the glowing reviews made me start this series. The leading woman was really "cool" at first. She chased down & beat up a gang of purse snatchers, she flew around ninja style & sword-fought a small army in an action movie, & raced a car across the city like a pro Nascar driver-- all in the first episode!! It was immediately downhill from there, she turns into a very weak person & takes whatever vicious abuse the leading man wants to dish out, simply because he said she fascinated him?!?(another reviewer mentioned Stockholm syndrome- that was pretty clever) Aren't exciting & adventurous women desirable in kdramas? I stopped viewing at the point where they switched bodies- not because that concept was too bizarre- no I was tired of waiting for the woman to get a backbone. She was not the same person as in the 1st episode. It was amazing that I watched it as long as I did, I thought maybe there was going to be some romance with the stunt director- he was pretty cool. I thought the leading lady was going to open the leading mans eyes to a new & exciting world- man they could have done anything! sssskkreeetch! thud! reality-- writers for kdrama romance missed the feminist revolution. Women teach your daughters well- they deserve to pick their own happiness, not have it forced on them by a steamroller type personality who has deemed them attention worthy for the moment.

jaja i was hesitant to give some insights about this drama 'coz it's been 2 years since it was aired, but then i saw that the recent comment was posted last march 17, so i guess it's ok.

well for me, the story line isn't much as how the people here stated, i mean, there's a lot more dramas that have better story line than this, it was actually how the characters played their role, it's sooo natural, not to mention the chemistry of hyun bin and ha ji won. there are a lot of funny and sweet moments that would definitely make you rewind it over and over again. but then, just like any other movies, there are sad parts, like the fire scene (the flashback part) oh, it broke my heart. i even stopped watching it for me to recover from that scene. the one who played ra-im's father delivered it really really well. i also loved the ending, of how they were related all along. and that it didn't end up, like most of the dramas would. ra-im being not accepted by joo-won's mother is totally satisfying.

dannu Waiting to watch secret garden .. ! just scrolled down comments .. ! Mischevious kiss was awesome one describing one sided crazy feeling of that girl.. - I hated the comment that was given above regarding this drama ..

zee I watch secret garden for the first time in august 2011, since then I always rewatch till now in 2013. I'm crazy about SG. I thougt SG has simple story and fast. No antagonis character which cruel and false, every character illustrated human being. All of theme song very nice to listen, beautiful filming location, smart dialogue and funny, and the most important is the leading role actor very excellent. Hyun Bin and Hajiwon not just acting with the body, their eyes take apart act too. If not HB and HJW the lead actor, is SG become popular ? We can feel the love, sadnes, madnes and happines in their eyes. Secret Garden is the best kdrama in everytime.

nickole well I absolutely adore this drama and I love ive never been this obsessed with someone before but hyun bin is so sexy aand he made a good work secret garden and the girl in blue are my faves!! keep up the good work wish there was another novel with these two awesome actors and longer !!

Kimberly SG was totally awesome!!! I could watch this drama over and over and not get bored. Bravo to all the crew and cast for doing such a great job to make this drama enjoyable. One of the best drama I've seen in such a very long time!

Brett All-around great modern fairy tale, and I have a few other high marks to pass out as well:

I have grown to love South Korean drama in the past couple of years, but this one stands out in terms of storytelling, acting, direction, and ESPECIALLY writing. I have noticed that though I love Korean writers, they tend to have issues with continuity and budgeting episode time properly to serve all story arcs. Where Secret Garden really stands out is in its boldness to fully explore all the arcs and give them each enough attention to feel properly closed at the end.

I was especially impressed with the intimacy and sweetness shown in Joo Won and Ra Im's family in the final episode, and how we were actually given enough time to connect with this, in order to fully justify and gain closure on all the characters' prior hardships.

Hats off to the cast, crew, staff, and writers. Secret Garden had me spellbound from start to finish, and it's a wonderful fairy tale I expect to stick with me.

hyun bin his acting really really this movie he funny person and caring..hyun bin was great person...i like it ha ji-won also...her acting very great..... for me this movie are the best number one in the world

JayKemz Tip to oneself: Don't watch mediocre k-dramas after you have watched one of the best. From the reviews here, I'm gathering that SG is a good k-drama but after watching Faith...SG dulls in comparison. I'm just watching it coz I'm bored :( ;(

lin jing jing I love Secret Garden. This drama is excellent! I read some comment of people hate this drama and judge SG, but I think the Ratings prove it! Almost 40, SG is really great. Every scene of Joo Won really funny and a bit silly, but I love it. The OST was so touching too. SG Daebakkkk!!!

Cpt Great drama with great actors, i've watched a number of the south korean dramas & SeGa ranks amongst the best, along side boys over flowers. To those who haven't watched Boys over flowers, do &you won't regret.

Mark I only have one word... excellent!

i really like this love story. i've been watching it over and over again...good job everyone! i hope you guys release more tv show like this in netflix because im in the USA and it's the only place i can watch my favorite korean movies.

i guess it's ironic, im a filipino-american and i don't understand korean language but i like korean movies and tv shows. thanks to subtitles, at least i can read and understand everything when im watching your film. now i want to learn korean language!

the ending of this novel is awesome! the sound track "that woman" is the best ever! congratulations to you all...

tooba i am a pakistani girl and i dont know how to speak korean language but i watch all the episodes of secret garden because kim jo won and gill ra im,s love told me the importance of love.................i love this serial

Natalie chiwira (zimbabwe) SG was awesome!!!! I love the characters and location location!!!! i love the locations especally the design of the main house and his cars are awesome!!! Jin woo character the most and i dont even speak korean or know anyone who does :D :) :*

nhalis jelek love this drama... :D

Ha ji won unnie fighting..

Salads Not sure whether to trust the opinion of the above review? Here is some background information, so you'll know if you might share similar tastes:

Dramas I liked (favorite to least favorite) Secret Garden (BEST DRAMA IN THE WOOOORRRRLLDD!) Boys over flowers (only because of the manga, the show itself was average) City Hunter (because of the lurking scenes) You're Beautiful (because it was so cheesy hahaha)

Dramas I did not like: Princess Hours (hate dramas where they make up politcal stuff, also the main character was annoying) My Princess (first few epsisodes were intersting, then it got SOOO boring) Mischievious Kiss (WOrst. Drama. Ever. Period)

P.S-read the above review and comment! would love to hear your opinons.

Salads Not sure whether Secret Garden is your kinda thing? Read the review:

Secret Garden is definitely a great drama, and this is coming from someone who has watched Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful, Full House, etc, which all pale in comparison.

To enjoy Secret Garden you have to overlook those irrelevant details and focus on the package of the story. I couldn't stop watching this drama within the first ten seconds, after the music started playing. The music is a huge factor that contributes to the amazing atmosphere of the story, which is bittersweet, often humorous, mysterious, and at times filled with sorrow. I have to say that for me, the simple, wistful atmosphere made this drama wonderful.

The actors in the drama are also quite talented, especially in the scenes where they switch bodies. In some dramas (like boys over flowers) the acting is overly dramatic, unbelievable, and often times irritating, but the acting is perfectly balanced in Secret Garden; the funny scenes will make you chuckle, while the sad parts can make you bawl. I think Hyun Bin especially should be praised for his amazing transition from a cold billionaire to a poor girl. He plays all his roles strikingly well and you will never find a scene where the acting is just too much or plain lame.

Although the storyline is quite cliche, it is still well executed. The writer manages to put a huge twist on the usual korean drama techniques (Rich VS Poor, mother hating on the girlfriend, WARNING NEXT ARE SPOILERS: amnesia, sacrificing yourself for love). Maybe if you have seen too many dramas you will truly find the plot techniques boring, but those who do not watch korean dramas frequently will enjoy the fresh spins. The only problem I found with the plot was that it moved along too slowly at times, especially with the sub-character Oska scenes. The drama should have just focused on the main characters without giving so much storyline to the rest of the insignificant characters, since nobody really cared anyway. For me, everytime the non-main storyline came on I just skipped the parts, and it worked, because I just LOVE this drama.

Finally, I have to say the main reason for Secret Garden's success is its characters and their relationships with each other. This is a matter of personal opinion, but both Gi Ra Im and Kim Joo Won had interesting and amusing personalities. I found it refreshing that Gi Ra Im was not one of those typical main characters who did stupid things, said dumb stuff, etc: she was actually likeable. I think it was because she was humble and relatively modest. Kim Joo Won was also an awesome character, at times a bit overboard with obsessing over money. However, his overly pompous attitude only makes the drama more interesting to watch. A story needs to have exceedingly amusing and overly-exaggerated characters to be appealing. Who would want to watch a simple, boring show about every life? Maybe later in life, but certainly not at my age. The relationships between family (Oska and his cousins Kim Joo Won), other people (his secretary and Ra Im's roommate) were also very capturing and entertaining. The way the cousins constantly competed with each other was really funny, until it got seriously depressing in the end. DUNDUN DUN!

Anyway, I'm not going to spoil anything. Maybe its your thing, maybe its not. I know some people who absolutely are sickened by it. For me though, it was the best drama of all time, and I just loved the magical atmosphere it created.

Clara Hello.

I do not understand why some people like "Secret Garden".
I mean, Kim Joo Won (the character played by Hyun Bin) humiliates so many times to Gil Ra Im. In episode 8 he calls her "dark and ugly". Even when they are already a couple, he keeps saying her woundings words. For example, in episode 14, he makes to tell/notice the social difference between him and Gil Ra Im, when he says: "You don't have to be that touched. Making the poor neighbor's life sweet is the sense of societal leaders". What is the point of saying "poor neighbour" and etc.? The same phrase that used in one episode to treat her really bad (vacuum cleaner scene).
Someone would expect an evolution of Kim Joo Won. But, no. For example, in episode 17, when he sacrificed himself to save Gil Ra Im, he writes a letter to Gil Ra Im, that says: "I’m letting you know beforehand that You Are the First and Last poor neglected neighbor to ever get a letter from society’s leader, Kim Joo Won. So be proud of yourself.".
 In episode 15, when they are training Kim Joo Won says Gil Ra Im: "Do you need more miracles? There was already a miracle. A woman with no decent family background, no money, no good looks, is someone very special to someone who has everything. Isn’t that a miracle? Be honest. When I was clinging on to you, I know you said “go away, disappear”, but inside you were going KYA!!! Right?".
I mean, why does Kim Joo Won keep/remain being arrogant?

Why does he keep his arrogance and mistreatment to others? Even towards Gil Ra Im.

 In the final episode, when they are already married, and they are talking about fairytales, Kim Joo Woon tells Gil Ra Im: "Moreover, they're attractive. But how did someone with your looks meet someone like me?". Then, Gil Ra Im replies: "You said, Gil Ra Im, at what age did you become so pretty?"; and Kim Joo Won answers: "A man trying to win over a girl will obviously say these things".
Or even worst. When they (Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im) are in their wedding night, and Yeun Seul and Ozka went to Joo Won's house to decorate it like wedding gift Kim Joo Won flirts  with Yeun Seul, when he says Seul "It would've been better if we met when I was 21". !!
I did not see an evolution or development in Kim Joo Won. 
Why does he feel attracted to Gil Ra Im? Because she does not feel attracted to him. Such a  narcissistic. He was used to get all he wanted. But, then, he falls in love with her because  she is such a sweet person. But, why does Gil Ra Im fall in love with Kim Joo Won? I mean, he is constantly humiliating her. He is so disdainful. HE NEVER APOLOGIZES. He never said sorry to Gil Ra Im for all the woundings words he said her through the episodes.

Ricky The first Korean Drama I watched was IRIS and then Athena. And I thought they were great. But then I watched Secret Garden. This mini-series just blew me away. Ha Ji-Won just amazed me with her acting. She was exceptional. I wondered how did she manage to go deep within yourself to cry constantly in that series. I bet that took a lot of energy. And I thought that Hyun-Bin played his role well. The story line was brilliant. Well done Kim Eun-Suk. And great directing Shin Woo-Cheol and Kwon Hyuk-Chan. It seemed as if the whole cast really enjoyed making this movie series. I really enjoyed it. And I enjoy watching Korean movies as well.

khols a beautiful korean love drama with a excellent ending <3 salute to the director and the cast crew

the reason why i love this drama is because it has proffesional actress and actor.. keep up the good work. also i like hyun bin in this drama. he s so sweet :-)

Abi Iam an Indian... I used to watch south-indian dramas previously. But after watching few of the Korean dramas, including secret garden..I must say I totally got additicted to that....I do not understand a single word in Korean language...but I love to watch it reading the sub-title in English....all my friends and family members used to tease me telling that "when did you become Korean?"...Korea is an alien country to me... But after seeing beautiful Korea in dramas, I would like to visit at least once in my lifetime...

Celina @Comment #254 Maya

Oh so you feel sad for me? That's funny because I don't feel sad for you. See this is one of the most stupid things that a K-drama fanatic does, getting all pissed off and defensive when somebody expresses dislike for the fluffy drama you're obsessed with. You wanna know WHY I dislike this drama? Because it's so darn full of cliches. Each element was recycled from other dramas. Poor girl and rich arrogant jerk? Check. Body switching? Check. Mama who hates the poor girl? Check. OH AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE AMNESIA. The resolution of that arc was ridiculous. Good thing the chemistry between the lead actors saved the poorly-written storyline. Gawd there are a lot of "romantic" dramas with a much better plot line than this one. This was just all sparkle and sugar without much substance underneath.

Fan from Miami I totally loved this kdrama, this is the second kdrama one I see. I totally fell in love with the whole story!!!! yes, it is cheesy, and I love it! I can't get enough of Secret Garden, I am watching it for a second time! =.) I wonder what does Kim Joo Won drink at his house? Gil Ra Im says "he takes care of himself" in one of the episodes. Those small beige colored bottles... what is it?

elise0605 I really love Secret Garden. This drama is the best Korean drama for me : good story, excellent cast, beautiful filming locations, especially I love Hyun Bin's acting. Totally awesome! I am waiting for Hyun Bin's coming back from Military services at the 6th December this year.^_^

maia my no. 1 drama ever.

yen i couldnt find another kdrama better then SeGa. I love the whole package of stroryline, actors/actress, filming location, character, all off them. and because of SeGa, not to mention kdrama before SG i loved, everytime i try to watch another kdrama, at the end, i rewatch SeGa again and again and again. everytime i got tired, bad mood, i rewatch SeGa again and again :)

StrawberryQwik Oh yeah-- and Hyun Bin's acting is outstanding. Didn't realize just how talented he is until I watch the whole series. The range of emotions he's able to display are nothing short of masterful.

StrawberryQwik I really LOVE this drama. For once, the woman is not being a doormat, and following the man around like a love-sick puppy, hoping that he will one day-- someday-- love her. Ra-Im gives Joo-Won a dose of the medicine he so badly needs. That mother of his is just plain craZy! All of the actors in the series were really, really good, and by the end of the series I was totally in love with "Oska." He really wasn't a bad guy, and learned the life lesson he was supposed to-- sweet guy. I also have to give props to "Ah Young" (Yoo In-Na). She was everything a "BFF" is supposed to be-- she laughed and cried with Ra-Im. It seemed like she was gonna die (in the hospital scene) when Ra-Im was in that coma. Joo-Won's secretary, "Kim Sung-Oh" was too cute. He reminds me of "Park Hoon" (Hyun Ki-Joon's secretary) in LIE TO ME. All in all, SECRET GARDEN is one of the BEST K-Dramas around, and I can watch over-and-over again.

Izzie Random thought but...Is it just me or is the whole series filmed outdoors or in a reaaaally cold warehouse? Every time the characters speak you can see puffs of smoke....But great series though very funny ;)

jibin I think this drama is the best of the best for me...But someone don't think so. someone say this drama is boreing..and no chemistry..I think taste of drama for each person are differrent....If we are debate it become the war. Everybody who post in here are right not wrong because it is your opinion.we have reason to think so. When we watch drama,we want happyness and funny.If drama can not made us happyness. we don't watch it......ok....

          this is reason and notice for SeGa...
          1.this drama is good for people who in love , know is love ?and how to love? but not good for people who strong not romance because when you watch this drama.U can not understand it.This drama can not watch it by eye but You should watch it by heart little by little...and watch it alone..If You do this You can understand how drama is very beautiful and impression??????? ?????
          2.this drama is talent because it have  many innovation scence ete site up ,foam kiss.We don't see it before....
          3.drama is fantasy but actor play real. Sometime I think If we can swith body.They made me go to fantasy with them...
          4. main actor and actress play with strong I confuse they are action or they are in love really....I don't know Hajiwon before..but when I watch this drama...I  like and fall in love her....because she is very excellent.....
          5. this drama made viewer...happy,funny and sad....but want to watch and rewatch it manytime....when I feel boun out...I rewatch this drama...I will refresh it again...
          at all my opinion...hope you can accept it...thank you. admin for this web...

LoonyLizard The key to getting into Secret Garden and truly understanding it is to realize that it's a retelling of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," crossed with "Freaky Friday" and a little "Much Ado About Nothing." The main couple fall in love by fighting, after being connected by virtue of the fact that they get their bodies switched, an event so unprecedented that they can only turn to each other for understanding.

What makes the story especially powerful is how their love grows so strong that Joo-Won is actually willing to turn his back on his family for the sake of being with Ra-Im. In Korean culture, this is thought of as an even bigger sacrifice than one's own life, because a person without family is considered to be less than nothing. The idea that a man would throw away his entire identity in society to be with the woman he loves is one of those grand gestures that sounds cliche, but is in fact one of remarkable depth, caring, and passion. There are ample reasons why this drama received so many awards and so much critical acclaim alongside its commercial success. All you have to do is watch and think a little, and they will become obvious.

Side Note: Secret Garden makes for a great "stay-in" date with your significant other. I highly recommend it.

HR I'm really shocked that there are so many positive comments about this was ok at first, but I did not understand the main couple, Ra-Im and Joo-Won - which totally ruined it. Joo-Won was not likeable AT ALL. No chemistry, no reason for Ra-Im to like him..did not make sense. I continued watching only to see what happened to the other characters, while skipping over the Ra-Im/Joo-Won scenes.

jiwon lover hi kathy its up to you.but for this is one of the best drama.

Kathy This is a boring & silly drama. I don't know how this drama got an award in the Korea last year

RiHanMy I love this drama..starting from 1st episode..i became I bought DVD..and watched it for several times...I can feel chemistry between Hyun Bin dan Ha Ji Won... :)

jiwon lover ha ji won the best actress in the world

Jess First of all, I want to say that I LOVE this drama. Saranghae Hyun Bin oppa! For those who thinks this drama is boring must have sth wrong with their head. They're not good-looking? If they are not, then even UGLY is not enough to describe you. They acted so well, so perfect, don't say they don't have any chemistry. If you are the ones who acted in the drama, the rating s would be 0,01 % Understand??????????

jiwon lover ha ji won you are great actress

Hyunbinsarange I just finished this series in 2 days. I love this drama so much.. It's really moved my heart. My heart beating fast everytime i see KJW. Well, the plots might seens abit old school but it was those casts that make this series different. I love KJW's cars.. love all those kiss scenes. Don't you all agree that most ppl are looking or wish to have this kind of relationship. it is so romantic.

paria i really like very much this drama, may be it have times that person bored, but in the middle or some how the last is what makes perfect. other drama i watched it was like when a millioner guy falls for poor girl he was accepting her at first, this drama was different there was some times i was pushing my laptob just to hit the guy but at last i was really forget what was my angry, that is what drama to be, i'm biggest fan for this drama, it was worth waiting the end even i became bored firs. <3. the o ther thing was there was alot of kiss in this drama it was like satisfying people :)) <3

ST I actually agree with JD; this drama is a bit boring. The plot line, the acting, the character development... all very weak, extremely cliched, and drastically unrealistic. I tend to find that those who usually like this drama are normal Korean or Japanese drama watchers, and those who found this drama boring less frequently watch asian dramas (or not at all). This is just a heads up to the type of people who *might* enjoy this drama.

And to Wesley, in response to JD's statement. Characters are too mature? I think that the characters are too immature for my liking- that's why I can't watch this drama much longer.

I respect those who do like this drama, though. This just isn't my cup of tea.

Wesley This is the best drama I have ever watched in the Rom-Com genre.

To those of you who thought it was boring. While I respect your opinion, i think you need to reevaluate why you are watching Romantic Comedies. We all have different preferences, however to say it is boring is a little extreme. Maybe the characters are too mature for your liking? No Chemistry? I don't get it.

My Top 5 1. Secret Garden 2. My girlfriend is a Gumiho 3. The Greatest Love 4. You're Beautiful 5. Coffee Prince

JD Sorry to disappoint all the people who think we should never write anything bad, but quite a few of us actually check sites like this to help us decide whether we should begin watching or continue to watch a particular show. Personally, I really appreciate it when someone honestly let's me know what they think--especially when what they say helps me to avoid wasting my precious time. Anyone who disagrees is perfectly free to go out and buy the special edition DVD set if they want, but they can go jump in a lake if they think I'm going to listen to them just praise the hell out of any drama and then let them deny me the right to state my own opinion as well. (Translation: Those of you who are jumping down the throats of other people just because they don't agree with you really suck! So you can either let others have their say, or shut up yourself!) Now that that's out of the way, on to my review...

Like many others, I found this drama boring and silly. The main characters lacked chemistry, the plot was "uneven" to say the least, most of the supporting characters were weak and not well developed, and the "comedy" just wasn't very funny. The whole "rich vs. poor" thing was way overdone and completely over the top at times. I honestly feel that this drama was definitely not worth 20 episodes of time and effort. Too bad I didn't see enough negative reviews around and got taken in by all the positive stuff I read. I'm still trying to decide whether the majority of those reviewers who praised Secret Garden up to the sky were paid to promote it, or whether they just have really bad taste in dramas. (Or maybe they just like to watch their favorite stars, and don't really care about anything else--which is their right, of course.) That said, let me make it clear that I don't have anything against the lead actors, and I'm sure they'd do much better given better writing and direction.


NO WONDER YOU'RE BOOOOORED as your name is BOOOORING. Get it?! LOL. You said that you got bored with this drama and didn't like it - so why even more waste the time to right? YOU MUST BE BOOOORED huh? Better that you get a life - a piece of advice. :)

Denise I loved this drama but the ending is KILLING ME! I cant get it out of my head!!!! It is bitter sweet with more bitter than sweet as i can see all the pitfalls & problems that will arise!!! I so need a Secret Garden part II!!!!!

forstarter i'm not the kind of person who sits for a long hours of series gets tiring just thinking how long i would watch dramas. to my surprise, i didn't even notice that "that wasn't me" anymore during watching this drama..pretty sure to love the girl character here, all that she endures..the actor/hyunbin did a great job too..i've already watched it for 8 times now..and i ask myself "why" i just can get over it? but now the answer was just simply as "i have just watched, one of the great drama of a lifetime",'s just my opinion..

Peach I love this drama ! i go 2 the cd shop to buy it but it is out of stock !!!!!!!!!!! I love hyun bin and ha ji won forever ... ever .... ever .... ever .... ever ....(1000000000000)

Zhai The Best Korean Drama !! I am super addicted in this movie ,, i really miss this !! i want it to came back !! :(

hyuwon @ boring excuse me.. fist if all this drama is not boring like what you've said you should watch it from the start and i assure u that u will watch it until the end and the casts are good looking enough to have a million of fans worldwide!!!!! and as u can see ha ji won and other casts are going to japan to promote secret garden on there... it really certifies that the drama is really nice that's why a lot of people love it and going crazy over it and besides it also earned a lot of awards !!!!! so watch your words my little dear CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY!!!

LyArisa The best drama I have ever watch.. Love both HB & HJW.. They really have an amazing chemistry.. Should end up together as real couple :))

boring Watched a few episodes of this, so boring! Why is everyone so 'love' this drama????? There's got to be better drama than this! The main characters aren't that good looking, I really don't get this... you guys are weird!

jiwon-juri This kdrama is the best of the best! I've watched a LOT of asian dramas (meteor garden,princess hours,coffee prince, SWAK, etc) this one surpasses every drama that I've ever watched before, I became an instant fan of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.

mocha Most of the time when I watch Asian drama, I really get annoyed with girls being stupid, naive, & etc. like the main girl character in "it started with a kiss" and "Flower Boy Ramyn Shop." I know they are "supposed" to be innocent, but it is really annoying when they are so over the top & seems needy. That's why I could never finish the series. I really hate it when female character doesn't get the respect that they deserve. May be because I grow up in US, but I don't think girls would act that way in real life (&in Korea).

So, when I watched Secret Garden, I was hoping that it would not be another "weak" female character. Turn out, "Secret Garden" wasn't that bad (the female character wasn't that annoying). Kil Ra-Im character is like she would do everything to protect her friends, but when it comes to herself, she would just let other people mistreat her (like her director). She got better as the show progress. That was the only weakness of the show.

The love between Kil Ra-Im & Kim Joo-Won is so perfect. The actors chemistry is great. The supporting characters are so amazing as well. Plus, it is really funny in some parts & really sad in some. So, it has everything.

This is one of the great dramas that I ever seen so far.

Next drama I would recommend is City Hunter. The female character is very strong too. She is a secret service agent.

Liz I'm a picky person and kdramas have been overrated these past few years.... i havent found one to watch in a longgggg time.... Everything seems to be like BOF or somehow MUSICALL! URGHHHH... BUT BOYYYYY I HAVE TO SAY THIS DRAMA IS THE SH**T! So different compared to ones today. I absolutely loved every bit of it and the actors/actresses! I wish there was more to it. xD i just can't get enough.

chriselle5 best thing thats happened to me in 2011 haha i've seen quite a few korean dramas actually BUT this one has to be my all time favourite. It reminds me a lot of BOF but nonetheless in my opinion is much better! i laughed so much throughout and cried my heart out towards the end, this is a must watch and an absolute favourite! finished it first in 2 days and then rewatched it straight away can't get enough of it. the acting skills were amazing, the body swapping was so realistic you believed every moment of it. basically if you havent seen it.. WATCH IT NOW! saranghae hyun bin <3

Lana What a wonderful fantasy drama, not to mention the actors in it. The best Korean drama I've seen.

Jane To me it's simple, Secret Garden is the BEST Korean drama i've seen so far, period. I have been watching a lot of K dramas lately and when i finally saw Secret Garden, it's now hard for me to even get interested in another one because my standards are very high now thanks to Secret Garden. Hyun Bin is simply PERFECT in this drama, every little expression, the way he played his character is so special that you wont ever forget about Joo Won, his character is very different because while he is so arrogant and sure of himself, he has this fragile side to him and i love how he became totally obsessed with this girl, not once he left her side or considered going out with another woman and to me that was special and so romantic. The way the main actors played the switching bodies is also perfection, they totally make you believe that they are in each other's body, with other actors this could have been horrible but the main actors totally made this show work and considering the huge ratings and the popularity of this drama that continue even a year later, i think Secret Garden will become a classic.

Maya to Celina, I can't help myself from feeling sorry for you for not being able to watch the drama till the end of it. If you're not the lovey-dovey-type of person, you SHOULDN'T waste your time watching this drama in the first place.. =.= Person like you unfortunately could not feel the warmth of love and the scent of romance that the movie had show to me and the others.. You could not witnessed the beauty of love and your sight was shielded by the shallow critics and poor judgement of yours.. so sad..

My comment of the drama: Its beautiful.. After all the pains and tears that the girl had to endures, a perfect ending makes all the sacrifices worth it..( I think I fall in love with Gil Ra Im unnie, the coolest woman I've ever seen ^^ eventhough I'm a girl ) Now I know.. that happy ending love DO exist :) It just take a long time to appear, had to go through many obstacle and a dozen of tears.. ( the parts where Gil Ra Im cried never failed on making me cried too, when I can't hold my tears looking at a girl who never let a single tears on her cheeks in front of a man, but burst into crying when someone cursed at her beloved father.. T.T) Anyway, I just want to share my opinion about this drama with all the witnesses of this magnificent drama and I'm really glad that I watched it :)

Jygrl413 i absolutely luv'd this drama. My daughter got me watching korean dramas even though she herself doesn't. and it all started with athena and isis. this one was awesome!!! =) luv'd the characters and the chemistry between the actors. absolutely fantabulous!!! great job.

ichil this is the best Kdrama i've watched all in all. i'm really thankful to have watched this series because through this, i have came to LOVE jiwon-unnie. i'm now a big fan of hjw aaand is so much rooting for her! hb and hjw's pair up is the best. :))) P>S> most perfect ending ever XD

SisterB Definitely one of my favorites to include one of the best endings so far. The body switching was a weird side story but other than that, loved it. Hyun Bin was already on my favorite list but now I have added Ha Ji-Won. Watching everything that I can find by her!!

Sharon Park I am officially addicted to this drama and hyunbin. I even bought the comic books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SG I love this drama so much~! I cried on ALMOST every episode on this -____- This is a must watch show! You won't regret it! I'm going to miss this drama SOOO much! All of the cast are amazing! 시크릿 가든 사랑해요! 화이팅~!

Celina why the hell does everyone love secret garden??? i tried watching it but i never enjoyed it. it's overly sweet and the characters are too stereotypical. the story dragged on and on and on. it bored me to death. the storyline is very weak and it has no originality. soul swapping? please!! the drama is as cliche as any korean rom-com could get. tbh city hunter is waaaayyyy better (and im not even a lee min ho). secret garden does NOT deserve all the hype. god people.

faith the best drama ever... script is perfect, acting is amazing HYUN BIN is the dream guy. just watch it. you'll never be regret actually you're gonna want to watch it again and again...

tootsiesparkles Hello! This drama is my favorite! I really can't get over. OMG! and once you watched it, you can't get over with it. because, the actors and actresses really did great, the plot is good, the director and scriptwriter are excellent! ONE WORD FOR SECRET GARDEN, AMAZING! (; so, guys, for those who doesn't watch it yet, why don't ya try to watch it? I'm sure you gotta love this drama. Best drama of all times. The ratings are high, and many awards had been received by the full cast especially the main actor and actress, what more can you ask for? :)

Mirna this drama is really-really good,,, i can be calm & comfortable if i wath this drama,,, especially if i see Hyun BIn........

Megumi Hyun-Bin was so cute and did such a great job as always. The drama was a bit too long for me, but overall, I liked it.

Very funny and touching!

Ayumii x Lee Jong-Suk !! You are the best actor i ever seen !!! iI only watch this drama because of youu x You aree so handsomee and cool <3 Iloveyouuu <3 :)

Anthonethe I really like secret garden,so me and my friends etablish a group named as JAWEN fans(Jaime and Owen fans)

suzi Is this drama really that great ? i don't know but oska is really womanizer?I loved him in the drama "my fair lady"

hanae yamashita Hilarious, cute and addictive! "Kim suwanum..."

Beth I looooooooovvveeeeeeeee SEGA!!!!! Never doubt it! Wish in the best for hyun bin and ha ji won, can't wait the ringing bells wedding at 2013:):)

yusuf i like the movie. i think secret garden is the best humor drama romantic. hope in Indonesia have a drama like this. for the actres or actor are the best playes i think. especially for ha ji won, wow she is the prettiest girl i ever see. i like a 'tomboy' girl. first i see her in the sex is zero movie. wow i'm fallin in love at first sight with ha ji won. hahaha, that is just a dreamy. guy like me never ever meet with ha ji won.. gambare secret garden... hope the best for ha ji won.

baba This show is totally awesome!! This show rocked the world of Romantic Comedy!! I love it!! I laughed, I cried!! Perfect loveteam. they are cute when they are together

jessica joy campos i wish that secret garden will have a part2 cause hyun bin was so adorale and hyun bin and ha ji won was the perfect couple 4 me!!!!!

Hebe I've seen Hyun Bin in The Snow Queen, Ha Ji Won in Life Is Beautiful, and Yoon Sang Hyun in Take Care Of The Young Lady; and I really really like them. Ya! Thank you Kim Eun Suk, Shin Woo Cheol, Kwon Hyuk Chan and all the other actor and actress. I love u very much!!!!!!!!! $_$

Rizza Mae This show is totally awesome!! This show rocked the world of Romantic Comedy!! I love it!! I laughed, I cried!! Perfect loveteam.

vicente macula 2nd time i have come to love an asian drama series. d 1st one was meteor garden. but i like secret garden more.

ClaudiaK It's the best drama i've watched so far!!two thumbs up!:D

annabella Sorry to say but this drama is really over-rated. Hyun Bin and Ji Won doesn't have chemistry. They are both great in the roles they played but the drama is really boring and draggy. Yes, there are some memorable scene that will stay with you but there were no exciting until after watching more than 60 percent way through.

Anna I'm Happy....We want part two of Secret Garden is too Awsome...

TOK this drama is ok but the plot is similiar to Super Great Japanese movie 'Exchange student', also known as 'Tenkosei', released in 1982.

kaname30yuuki ♥♥i'm going crazy..

please we want part two of secret garden..we love it!!♥♥

anna it's best series i have ever seen

Jhenn This is gonna be an UNFORGETTABLE KOREAN DRAMA for all!..

jhesz sanpedro i love this show i dont really want it to end hyun bin and ha ji won perfect love team

ma_an im so excited to watch next week i enjoyed this comedy/ love story /fantasy anu kaya ang wakas?!!!??.. i was terrified tonights episode...i wanted this to a happy ending..

Gracee hello everyone! i'm Grace from the Philippines. I just wonder, what episode is it when Jamie had a freak car accident? i'm dying to watch the next episode later! i'm afraid this will end sooner than i thought. anyway, i just wanna know what episode i'll be watching later. please let me know. Thanks!

p In which episode Song Yun-Ah shew up as herself (cameo). I can't find her. Which episode? please tell me.

maria czarina alagon i L♥VE THIS DRAMA ... ITS AWESOME .. :)) I WANT TO MEET THEM IN PERSON :)

avegail I watch every day, I'm so excited every day

Pauline Posadas "SECRET GARDEN.... i love this so much, the cast... music... story... i laughed, and i cry.. hahaha.! they really rock my world..! ... i'll never forget this love story, secret garden remains in my mind and in my heart FOREVER.....

someone Does anyone know who screamed when they were at jeju island?

Dee pp Says: Jun 26 2011 11:52 am

please someone tell me, Did they happily ever after in last episode? did they end up together? please someone explain it for me Comment #238


yea they live happily & have 3 awesome kids that have similarity with their attitude. I really like this story.

pp please someone tell me, Did they happily ever after in last episode? did they end up together? please someone explain it for me

dulce i really love you kim joo won!!! wish i could be your gil ra im..... your love story is really really great.. hope it happens in real life... especially in my life!!! hhhhhmmmmm.... i wish i would find some one like you kim joo won... who's willing to die for love...hhhmmmmwaaahh!!

smileyme love love love this drama very much stellar performance by Hyun Bin and Ha ji-won they're really great together and our Oska, Yoon sang-hyun is really good playing the character and of course Yoo In-na is very cute and funny.

Boy Love this drama....Hope to see the drama with Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon more...Cool..s

Antoinette the best of the best!! hoping for season 2..or a remake of another drama/movie with ha ji won and hyun bin as couple. even though i finished watching it, i still can't get over it!! especially the kissing scenes..kyaaaaaa!!!

all of the scenes are perfect, the sit-ups, the bed scenes, the fight scenes, oska's yelling, the ending, all of them! 10/10 is my rating! :D

joanne pauline estuita i love it!!!...the characters, the settings, the story, and also its soundtracks.......very excellent!!!!...thumbs up!..♥♥

chanchan sega adik SECRET GARDEN THE BEST.......ha ji won and hyun bin 4ever.....

chanchan sega adik hyun bin and ha ji won,,,very perfect match....i wish they are real couple......every nice and exciting and kakakilig........

ha ji actress talaga...lalo na pah umiiyak siya.....madadala ka talaga,,,,,,,oppa hyun bin saranghe............

ohjirallam18 wahahaha! what a kilig and funny episode last night! go hyun bin!!! ha ji won aja aja!!! kinikilig ang mga saltik, hahaha!

Abby I really really R E A L L Y ❤ this drama! S U P E R ! All the casts are great! Job well done! I'm going to watch this drama again, after school! S A R A N G H A E Y O ! :DDDDDD

engshi amazing korean drama. totally the best series ever. ^^

boklhog i'm also one of those who became crazy in love with secret garden's loveteam hyun bin & ha-jiwon and the story itself. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! no word could express how to describe my feelings towards them. i almost wish that they will be a real life loveteam (crazy isn't it?) but i'm also sadden by the report that hyun bin had entered the marine corps for 2 years. gosh! ... been missing him so badly :(

roxette jaime i really like this i hope there will be a second part of secret garden !! i feel so happy when i see hyun bin i lve it ilike it…..saranghae hyun bin ..

allia i like secret garden forever and ever

yoon min gook go go go ..........


yoon min gook i really love secret garden from the begining until the end i wish that this gonna have part 2

i really love SECRET GARDEN............

hyun bin and ha ji won is the best love team ever.........


Lheidhie Chelle I've been watching this for three times now and i still want to watch it over and over again . ahahaha :) . I'm falling in love with Hyun Bin . HAHAHA <3<3<3 . They're very good couple . I hope they will make more korean movies together . I love their chemistry . <3

gottalovehae one of the best k-dramas i've ever seen. perfect chemistry between hyun bin and ha ji won! I instantly became their fan!!

Nice story--very romantic and keeps you glued all the way to episode 20!

ma.toni grace tan .. i really feel good just to watch secret garden seems like all my problem fades away. Hyun bin and ha Ji-won are great ! that made me crazy at night,,. super like !

ma.toni grace tan .. as in ... ! im really impress in this kind of story ! hyun Bin and ha ji-won are great actors. .. they made me laugh,cry,excite,challenge and kilig me from head to toe ! they complete my day .. im goin crazy if i cant see them and mis der episode.. adik nako !

shan shan hope hyun bin and ha jiwon can be together to act couple again in the “SECRET GARDEN 2″….really like this story so much!! love hyun bin since you have a great acting in this movie!!! A great movie,support always!!!

shan shan hope hyun bin and ha jiwon can be together to act couple again in the "SECRET GARDEN 2".... start to love hyun bin since you have a great acting in this movie!!! A great movie,support always!!!

1234 i think they look good together. they have a great chemistry. the teaser itself speaks a lot about the drama. the teaser was convincing. ^^

BTX124 I have started to memorize the OST (That Man by Hyun Bin). I can't help thinking about the story after I finished the koreanovela last week, hays... This is one of the results after you've watched the 20 episodes. If you'd like to repeat the movie, please take note on episode 13 where Oscar is practicing their number for his upcoming concert. On that scene, Baek Ji Young is Oscar's partner. By the way, Baek Ji Young is the one who sung the OST-That Man (Female Version). Everytime i'm listening to this song, I'm having a goosebumps.... Watch it for yourselves... You will not regret it... Ciao... (^_^)

jenny08:) go crazy...with SECRET GARDEN....LIKE IT...LIKE IT...its d BEST..:)

jenny08:) secret garden is the BEST!!!! once u've watch one episode, u keep asking for more...the characters are so GREAT and MAGNIFICENT...the story EXTRAVAGANT... U will cry, laugh, laugh and laugh all over again....TWO THUMBS UP!!!!! KOrean DRamas D BEST!!!

Jerald Ha ji-won, you're so cute!! I hope i can see your face for real..ü

very inspiring love story..ü

  • could anyone knows where can i download secret garden soundtrack/music album? Please do send me a link ( Thanks! Ü

michelle annyeong!!!! :) super super love me secret garden!!!! because it's beautiful story !!! staunt woman and rep.departmenstore!!!! super like na like me!!!!!!!! jaime or HA JI -WON and HYUN -BIN..................................................... WHEN THE END OF SECRET GARDEN super super missssssssssssssss!!!!

netmi secret garden rocks my heart!

neon subba i love da was pleasure watching it....n made me realise wat true love is..........

neon subba i like the sotry, its very touching, it tells me the meaning of what a true love is... n i have watched all the 20 was pleasure watching it.....

pogita hahaha when I watch in first time I laugh and I enjoy my watching every night it`s complete my day

ainah i really really love secret garden .. i'm very addicted to this television show.. want to know why .. it's because i bought 2 CDs of secret garden and watched it 2 times and i also watced it on youtube 2 times.. and even though i finished it many times i am still watching it on pinoy version everynight .. i admit i've been hooked on this magical love story .. and i am requesting SEASON TWO :)) i really love kim joo won and gil ra im love team .. i hoped they will be real loveteam on reallife ;]

jazlei alonzo i lyk the of secret garden when they have kids haha!lol i like their bed scenes !!sobra romantic!i wish i see in personal hyun bin and ha ji won !!haixt i really love you guys

jazlei alonzo i relly relly like hyun bin & ha ji won very much !! i wish that the secret grden have part 2 ..:) i love u aall tge cast of secret garden !!! <3 <3

sean the best of all love stories I've ever known.

angie I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! it's so very romantic at sobrang kakilig!!!!! even though na napanuod ko na 'to s cd,.,.,i want to watch it again in T.V.,.,. ha ji won is the one of my idol,., she's so cool.,.,and hyun bin.,.,my gosh..,he's so handsome.,., he sacrifice his life for ha ji won to wake up from comatose.,. he do everythng for her.,., in fact i watch this movie again and again in cd.,.and in youtube also,., i want to download all the songs of "SECRET GARDEN"!!!I LOVE IT.,.=)

Salve For the first time i stayed up for 24hours straight just to watch and finished this koreanobela hahah! di ako makapaniwala na nagawa ko un na di matulog.paganda kasi ng paganda starting chapter 13, from chapter 17-til final episode chapter 20 THE BESSSSST!! very beautiful story and the characters played by the actors were all well done.LOVE THEM ALL! especially kim joo-woon (Hyun Bin) 2 thumbs-up! saranghe hyun bin oppa! lol. i also love the character of Gil Ra Im by Ha Ji-Won hahah! how i wish that I am her while I'm watching. so jealous!!! aaagh! I can't stop thinking about their story that's y til now when I'm not busy ulit-ulit-ulit-ulit kong pinapanuod! so addicted to secret garden!!! i'm thinking of enrolling to a school whose teaching korean languange just because of i'm going crazy! i'm also planning to watch again kim-sam-soon and looking for a DVD copy of hyun bin latest movie Late Autumn but i don't know where to buy :'( ...anyhow... CHEERS FOR SECRET GARDEN!! nakakakilig,nakakatawa,nakakaiyak! all in all...101% one of THE BEST! <3

Mary Jean Yes,,, really awesome!

Mary Jean GOD!!!..... i really love this show!, every time i watch secret garden i cant stop laugh, great story plus great casts ....really good! i think i'm getting addicted to this`=}0

Dhea rey Hay, I am from Indonesia. Korean dramas that I watch the secret garden is the most I like. although I've watched it repeatedly aired on tv I hope Indonesia

ha ji won ha ji won is nice actress hehehe i like to be a ha ji won....hahahaha..

nina i LUb it ..

it is da bEst Drama i Ever had ...
i wish i can found a guy like owen kim ..
he is a nice guy and most of all millionaresxxx
and he can gave me anything i want ..

nina i LuB it vEry Muchxxxx

neha zs was z best drama i've ever watched. am nt zat into kdramas bt i saw Hyun Bin in A Millionaire's Fisrt Love n gues wat i fell in luv wz him. n zen i watched SG i was so amazed by their actings both Hyun Bin n Ha Ji Won wat a gr8 chemistry!!!! am from Mauritius n here kdramas r not zat famous nt 4 me i just cnt stay wizout watching Hyun Bin movies r dramas luv him soooooooooo much je t'aime 444444444 mwahhhh :)))) <3 <3 <3

mk i think it was a great story, i admire the writer so much!!!!! i love jamie, she's my type of girl. i wish i could found someone like her. love yah!!!!!!!

aj dionisio I ♥ SECRET GARDEN


saw haay! i was amazed, frustrated, surprised, cried, gone crazy..i laughed so loud that i have to shut my mouth coz i almost awaken the neighborhood..haha..i think i almost felt all d feelings in this koreavola..i'm not fond of watching this kinda' series but this mesmerized me so much that i almost doesn't eat and sleep until i finished all the episodes..

i enjoyed every minute of it and i sooo love the ending..

trully, i bow all the the casts..i love're close to PERFECTION! all thumbs up!muaaaah

Hazel of all the Korean Novelas i've ever watched .. or any kind of Novelas .. Secret Garden .. was really the best .. indeed .. :) Comedy , Romance that everyone loves .. a perfect Novela ever ! plus .. Hyun-Bin and Lee Jong Suk .. so handsome ! aaahhh ~ and Ha Ji-Won was really really a pretty woman .. :)

james I like this series.. hyun bin is really great! :)

cullengabriela ratings never lies.....!!! Oh....just finished to watch..... Wowowowo..........hyunbin acts like girl....n thats really really funny,so brilliant:-):-);-) i like it.....n sang hyun oppa you're the funiest man on set.......... great job for all cast n crew......this movie tottaly romantic n so entertain never gonna bored to watch again......!!!saranghe

Nico Barcelon I wish and hope that the characters in the story will come in our country.

Excellent Secret Garden!

fara i am sure that secret garden is the best drama that i have ever seen.secret garden makes me crazy and it had a lot of beautiful and awesome dialogues that make me feel happy or sad because of the realitis that they show and discuss i suggest this drama for the beautiful time that it gives to me

maje i really, really, really love secret garden. one of the best korean dramas i've ever watched. i love hyun bin and ha ji won.

patrick I love this drama. The way how it present "imaginary" thinking of a girl, is very smart and conceptually touching. The walking pace between two people...think about a girl in different dress and response. It is really happened to me when I first met my love one. The soundtrack is always strike at the right mood and timing. The story plot is exceptionally good too. To explain how two people with such a different background can fall in love, the best way is to exchange the perspective of their worlds. I was also touched by the 2nd line of the love story, it is always some misunderstanding between lovers and causing pain. Most of the time is we are not put on others angle to see things.

Aya Hello guys! I am very happy to see that a lot of people are hooked with this drama. I am also so much into this drama. After I finished all the episodes, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I watched it again and again and I just couldn't get enough of it. When Ra Im almost died, I was touched by how Joo Won decided to just take her place and die instead by switching bodies with her. Good thing that it was a happy ending coz if it's not, I think a lot of us would be hurt so bad. The twist was really a twist, you won't really expect that it is going to happen. I like all the scenes especially the sit-up scene on the first and the last episodes and the other scenes with sweetness. It relaxed me and eased me from all the worries. True! I like how they put words together (translated to English), the punch lines and the script are all very satisfactory. I learned a lot of Korean expressions too! I love it! ^^ I am also wondering if there is Joo Won (even without so much wealth) in real life. I think that it is close to impossible. kkk!~ Anyway, I also agree that the OST is the best. After watching half of the drama, I immediately asked my Korean friend to download the song for me and I was able to transfer everything to my ipod in just a few minutes. I fell in love with Joo Won's character and intelligence in the drama, I was amazed by Ra Im's tough and cool attitude, I like Oska's humor and Seul's looks. I recommend this drama to everyone, single or married, you will never go wrong. Now, I feel so inlove... again. ^^ Good job for the Korean makers of this drama. Hope to see more in the future. ^^

ken Secret Garden is indeed a top rating series...great plot and phasing matched with great actors...i'm just sad 'coz we won't be seeing Hyun Bin for few years because of his military training...


Cathy De Jesus i love secret garden.. actually i made a group on facebook named *SEcret GArden* (SEGAnians)

if u want to join this group search it and then click the "join this group" i'm caThy no. 1 fan of secreT garDeN ..!! haha i want to watch this again and again.. cause i like the story.. the actor/actress..!!

kiL Ra im..!! kIm jOo wOon..!! ur a perfect lovers..!! muahh..!! ;)

mhaye this korean drama is very entertaining,and very very makes people laugh and cry at the same time

i wish i can also have a man that love me like this, like hyun-bin... the best!!

kfan a brilliant masterpiece!!!! Secret Garden is undeniably d best drama of 2010-2011 and probably d decade's 1 of d best.... Ha ji-won still is at her best and their chemistry with Hyun-Bin is superb not to mention d goddess and almost perfect Kim Sa-rang who is at her topmost performance in this drama and OSKA's humor gave justice to the high expectations in this drama.... d storyline was excellent and it didnt focused solely on d body switching story.... setting was fine and d minor characters were as good as d leads.... definitely a 5/5...

Ha Ji-won & Hyun Bin ------------------------ perfect Kim Sa-rang & Yoon Sang-yoon--------------- PERFECT minor characters ---------------------------- excellent setting ------------------------------------- very good STORY ------------------------------------- PERFECT

virginia agudo super ganda... i cannot wait any longer for the television premiere to be aired on channel 7,that is why I, patiently watched it on my computer, it was so beautiful, hay!! it was so funny that i laugh all the time, especially during their first switching... and i cried sooooo hard at epesode 17,18,19 and 20....all actors did a great job, and the OST is MAGANDA also, eventhough i cannot understand it my heart can feel it..

jase i love secret garden.

karlita I enjoyed this drama mainly in ther fisrt chapter, but i have to say that in the moment that the character change bodies is a kind o boring, hope it get better at the end.

ysang hope to see their next tandem.. i love their chemistry!!SECRET GARDEN is the best!! hyun bin your my oppa!!

ysang hyun bin the only man i will call oppa!!hope to see their next tandem soon. love them so much!!THE BEST COUPLE OF ALL!

Miharu Xei15 Weeeee!! Hyun Bin's sooo reeaaally awesome in this drama series! Both Hyun Bin and Ji Won have a great acting skills and MIND YOU ALL their CHEMISTRY is the BEST!!! :) This series is sooo all-packed hit in the Drama series World. An ALL-STAR story line, actors, and Realistic Ending. WHOOHHH! :) Another Hyun Bin-Ji won movie???

Brenda When is the official release of the dvd set?

rizzylei waaaah, i'm so addicted to this series. i'm having a secret garden syndrome:) finally, i finished watching it yesterday but still can't get over with it. the best series i ever watched! i sooooo love hyun bin oppa! nice one hyun bin. hope to get to watch another series of you when you get back from your marine training!;)...hope they will air it soon on philippine television! thumbs up!

J. Raineri Secret Garden the most wonderful korean series i've ever watched, congrats to all casts, screenwriter & director, kamsa hamida to all of u who've made SG a funny & the most romantic drama ever, 2 thumbs up & more if i can. Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won are the best couple....

Mary Perfect! I loved this drama! I cried when they cried together. Moved me, entertained me, I won! Work 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 note ...

Eun-Ae Mihn I had watched this Korean Drama and the story was different to other Korean drama that I had watched. I like all the casts and their acting. I was having fun while watching it. This drama was simply awesome.

Kpoplover ''Kim Soo Han Mu, a turtle and a crane, 180,000 year old Dong Bang Sak, Chichikapo, Sarisarisenta'' LOL ^^! I loved Secret Garden. Hyun Bin and Ji Won did a great job, best acting couple ever, BOOM<3.

Jason If you read all the way to here then stop reading and watch The Secret Garden instead! I just finished watching all the episodes last night and i realy do think Korean Drama is first rate! I love the endings on most Korean Drama but Secret Garden is a bit of a surprise as you go! This one is up there with Pasta!

Ssuzen + Neelam Fantastic Drama i've ever seen, it is like Piosion, i spreaded this piosion they becomes addicted. I Love Korean Drama. it's story really Heart touchable. Keep it more 'Sunbae' . It's 2011 best TV drama in this year. we are enjoying very much in this series. Good Luck Hyun Bin & Ha Ji-Won SarangE........................................!

Ssuzen + Neelam I've watched the 1st episode & i liked so much. It's really Great & Good story. It's romantic, comedy, action...!! Totally awesome! Good Luck Hyun Bin 'Sunbae' It's 2010 Great & Good TV drama in this year. Keep it more

Q This is the BEST Korean drama in 2011. I really hooked up in the first episode. Whoever said that this drama is boring, they don't know about good Korean drama at all.

maynhl I am addicted to this drama, both main characters are so great for together. Alot of laugh, tears when i watched this drama. I got this drama by accident email from a friend. I never watch asian drama before, but i have to say that this Korea Drama got into me. SBS's producer, story writer better come up with more stories for H.B/H.J.W. They are so perfect for each other, great chemistry. Do they know they got a lot of fanS on EARTH, where there are asianS, there are fanS of them.

alee Really great Kromcom movie! fell in love with the characters. Love the ending after all the endless crap they had to go thru. So, happy they shown how their lives were after 5 years of marriage. It was wicked cute!

t this is my second Korean drama and this is the most phenomenal show i ever seen i hope to see more shows of Hyun-Bin and Ha Ji-Won.

puffy^^ It's an ALL in 1 drama. ACTION. HORROR. ROMANCE. COMEDY. MYSTERY. What else would you want? Haha. Epic ending. At the end, still THE MOTHER didn't accept them (only her grandsons) HAHAHA. =)

2006Charlemagne at first the story was so interesting but later when they got exchanged I feel so bored becoz the acting wasn't good specially the girl who acts as man, its not but this coming april it will be air in the phils...this is only my own opinion,,,,

2006Charlemagne the story was so boring,,,

Reni Two tumbs up...if there are thousand tumbs..i will do a thousand tumbs up for this movie...very funny..good combination stars... Must see!!

ZZ hey guys! im ZZ from sunny Kyrgyzstan! thats right this serial is like drugs. i love watching it and cant stop doing it over and over again, although it takes all my time and i cant even study! but still, i love it! and people who doesnt have watched it yet, i truly recommend you to do it RIGHT NOW! you will never regret, i promise :)

Rita Fantastic Drama I've ever seen, it is like poison ^_^. I spreaded this poison to the people around me and they become addicted. I watched again and again. From the story line until soundtrack they all have the chemistry. 4 thumbs up !!

baby_baka how many times do the switch bodies?

ash and also, that series is suspense....and the story is very beautiful,....heheh nice.

Joey Silvia hyun bin oppa-in serial movie secret garden is very funny and cool. . . his acting was very natural. . hopefully can see a movie serial-hyun bin oppa again, in the future. .

In my opinion, hyun-bin oppa in this film series is the perfect guy. . I really like how to talk oppa. . .................................................. End .............. ................................... .......... from: Indonesia (Joey)

Hildi Hi I'm from Indonesia. I loveeee Secret garden so much! I think we also have so many fans here in Indonesia. I hope one of local tv here airing this drama soon. I'm so obsessed with this drama. Love hyun bin!

kyashi39 i love this drama. i love the chemistry with all the characters (not just the main hyun bin and ha ji-won thing). although i wish hyun bin and ha ji-won would be a couple in real life. i'm fully aware that they have different personalities in real life and probably does not match in real life. also, the only baseline as of why i would like the secret garden main couple to be lovers in real life is because of how greatly they portray each other's characters. thus, i also think it would be better if they love someone else whom they're truly love and comfortable with each other in real life, rather than being together because of the characters they act upon.


Yoon Sang-Hyun, i saw him first in my wife is a superwoman, i really wish he was the main male character and would end up with the main female character. but the story ended righteously. =3 i think he's really a great actor and singer. whether he plays as main male or not. his charisma and acting are overwhelming that you'd forget about his age. i'm planning to watch his other drama wherein he's the main lead actor. i hope to see him in future projects again <333 (same goes for other characters here in secret garden =3)

Kim Sa-Rang, this is the first time i saw her act. her acting in first few episode, even made me think she's just an extra nuisance for the main actress. she proved me wrong. her character is the most flexible and one of the hardest to portray in my perspective point of view. from extra-nuisance, antagonist, protagonist, supporting to just-an-extra she played them all well..which is amazing!! only few actresses could do such acting in one character!! <333


i like how joo won's mother as villain. she's consistent and does not waiver as to how she dislikes gil ra im for her son. but what i can't understand is why through all out the series, she thinks that "they" could never be happy or end up in a tragic love story like hers. i wish there would be extra episode as to what she's referring to. i somehow understand that she and joo won's father ended up not being together. but "how"/"why", is the question. so the viewers would understand why she kept on saying "no" to their relationship...not just because of the mere concept that Ra Im is poor, etc.


also, this is the first time i noticed ha ji-won, i know she also did other series like "...bali" (can't recall the complete title) but, yeah, this is the first series i recognize her acting skills which i think is amazing and professional <333

June I love "Secret Garden". Hyun Bin n Ha Ji-Won & Yoon Sang-Hyun n Kim Sa-Rang perfect match.

mrs jgb omg!! i love this drama...n i was wondering what is the soundtrack for the last episod where kim joo won went 2 da ra im gather's funeral?

irene Heyy, I'm from Bali, Indonesia. I really really like this drama! Very interesting in every episodes. Love Hyun Bin SOoooooooo Muuuuucchh! Hyun bin! Hyun bin! Really good actor, I like when he acted like gil ra im, that's very funny! This is very nice drama, number one! 2 thumbs up!

irene Heyy, I'm from Bali, Indonesia. I really really like this drama! Very interesting in every episodes. Love Hyun Bin SOoooooooo Muuuuucchh! Hyun bin! Hyun bin!


roche this drama is great..i love it.... ^_^

jia i love secret garden. ep 19 made me cry. when the dad fell and crashed. that was not cool.

Kim Ju won Best drama in the world. No joke. omg. i love it :) Hyun bin, ha ji won were both amazing at acting.. they played their roles perfectly. Hyun bin, i love you <3

Riza i really love this drama and its soundtrack. I was just wondering if anyone happens to know the title and artist of the song that played in episode 12 around 51 mins upto 52 min 14 seconds. It is the part when Oscar just left Seul's studio and tried to call someone but backed out. The song lasted upto the scene where Joo Won is walking in the snow with the contractors of the resort. Hope to hear from someone really soon. AJA AJA!!

amee it's so late but..nomu..nomu...nomu...nomu..saranghaeyo this drama... chukaeo for director and scrip writer made drama so good... fighting for the actor...

Kang So Yun 그남자,그여자,here i am,you are my everything,너는 나의 봄이다,상처만 ^^enjoy and download these songs safe peepleㅋ시크릿가든 화이팅~

Kang So Yun Okay so I'm Korean and I live in Korea, but I just can't help you people saying that Ha Jiwon(하지원) is better with Hyun Bin(현빈) than Song Hye Gyo(송혜교), and that you want them to go out or something~So I'm going to answer all you people's questions. Okay they are both pretty...well... most korean girls are pretty, but Song Hye Gyo(송혜교) has done the main girl character with Hyun Bin(현빈) as the main guy in a drama and that became real and then they started going out..And some people in America keep asking me about Son Ye Jin(손예진) in the last episode of Secret Garden. First of all... she doesn't go out with Hyun Bin(현빈) xD ㅋㅋㅋShe just came out in the last episode becuz she knows the script writer well^^But there is also a big thing in korea about how Japan is watching Secret Garden through Youtube and stuff without buying it legally yet and script writer isn't very happy about that, and 7 comments up is sylvia navarro and she asked if the male lead is famous in korea yes he is. Also some people asked if there are any other handsome beautiful actors in Korea, yes there are a lot more for instance Won Bin(원빈) p.s. really handsome~but and People in the US are also asking me the name of all the OSTs in Secret Garden so ill post all the names of the songs below^^~

ehmy2ne1 it was good...........

ehmy2ne1 annyong was one of my favorite....

ehmy2ne1 annyong..................this drama series makes everyone insane..........

Lyn Can't stop watching!!! Luv secret garden drama sooo much!!!

hyje'_assalafyah Hyun Bin,,,, I LOVE U !!! Oppa SARANGEEEEEE !!!!

D ....

chezille i love all the characters esp.hyun bin mwuah

chezille definitely one of my most favorite korean drama

chezille i really love this drama

ann a very very nice story(thumb's up)!!!

Michelle i feel so disappointed because of the last episode. i really think that they shouldn't have shown their lives after 5 years. it felt like the magic of love was gone. who the hell wants 3 crying kids at their home :((((

Nancy Lowe I'm addicted to this drama. Watched it over and over about million times. Really wished Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won became "the" couple in real life. They were perfect match for each other. Good looks, great chemistry and ....... While Song Hye Kyo is beautiful, she seems cold and distant. Ha Ji Won is passionate and sophisticated, more suited to be Hyun Bin's girlfriend. Maybe after his return from a two-year military duty, he will have a change of heart.

menk m according to allkpop, sbs will be airing 2 more episodes of secret garden as lunar new year special. homg, i hope it's true!! i've been missing secret garden so badly. secret garden was a great great drama. kudos to the director and screenwriter! and two thumbs up for the actors and actresses esp hyunbin & ha jiwon! such an amazing crew team! - anyways, is this the best? are u sure? xD

HB & HJW lover In addition, I was crying, laughing, & heart felt by the stories.

HB & HJW lover Wow!!!!!!!! I did not want to watch any Korean drama; however, my friend recommended it. Even though I'm Korean living in the US, I've never watched any Korean dramas. However, this drama was a wonderful w/ excellent stories, good actors & actress, excellent acting skills, wonderful backgrounds, & good OSTs. I just finished seeing Secret Garden for only two days all of the 20 episodes. I hooked it w/ actors & actress. I wish the USA buys this drama, so American people could see it because it is the number one in the Korean drama history. I'm giving my two hands. Thumps up.

Darren Does anyone know where to get some merchandise from this kdrama? posters, dolls, etc.

r-w uuwwhhh....Hyun Bin opps, I like him so much....His eyes...

joowonnie I already finished all the episode. This drama should be placed to be #1. I love this drama so much, I skipped my sleep time to see the drama. I love how Hyun Bin acted perfectly to be Kim Joo Won. And I'm fall in love with Kim Joo Won character. Hyun Bin is top actor. I love seeing how he loved Ra Im so much. I wonder if there any Kim Joo Won in a real life? And I love seeing Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won this is their 2nd project being together after Daddy's Long Leg eventhough Hyun Bin wasn't Ha Ji Won's love interest. Well, I hope they will be a real couple. I know that Hyun Bin is now Song Hye Kyo's man, but I think Song Hye Kyo's man fits on Rain (only my thoughts). When Joo Won become Ra Im, I laughed a lot. Hyun Bin is the best actor. Best drama of the 10/11 year. And second place went to Prosecutor Princess. Yay SBS!!! For producing such a great drama ever.

secret fan omo......i really damn like dis drama. i told all my fwenz how amazing dis story is, and i knew dey all like it too. now i waiting for d special edition.

menk m this drama successfully make me addicted to watch it again and again. it's literally driving me crazy. awesome awesome. great chemistry between hyun bin and ha jiwon. looking forward to their next project together xD. i'm totally a huge huge fan of both of them. and i do love the idea of hyun bin and jiwon hehe. is it too much if i would like to see them together for real? LOL

suzy @TIM - Son ye jin is an actress. She has played many famous dramas and movies (The classic, Personal Taste etc..) and prolly he fell in love with her cause she is a great actress and beautiful ofc and she is interested in him aswell :D

cyral i love secret garden,really!i am become addicted to this show that i am willing to lose my sleep so i can be sure that i do not miss any important information about the upcoming episode,co'z i love hyun bin and ha ji won,we love u guys,good luck!AND I WISH Both of u dating soon.

sar Vote for this drama in this page in order to remain as Top 10

hyun bin lover 2 OMG I LOVE THIS STORY

Tim Just finished the drama today! So awesome!! ^^ One question: who is Son Ye Jin (special appearance in ep 20) and why does the Action School director fall in love with her? .... Doesn't Kim Joo Won's sister like him?

ayumi hmmm...what to say?? 난 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말 정말이 드라마 좋아!! :)

yaya combination of hyun bin and ha ji won is extremely perfect! they should work together again for another drama or secret garden 2 , who knows ;p

NHu I love this drama, i hope Huyn Bin can a lot of the best drama

hud i really love this drama..their acting was very good!! thumbs up^^

Selomith i loved this drama i specially loved hyun bin when he acted like a girl he did such a great job one of my best of 2010 and so far for 2011

elli Waaaaa...great job, great actrees, great actor, you both had good chemistry in some scanes. Damn funny, sad, and romantic. Luv all the ost, and "That Man" Hyun Bin version for me is best. Must Watch Drama !!

Timothy Does anyone knows who name Yoon Seul friends? its appear in episode 11, jacuzzi scene, thank u

sindalola I just finished watching this drama! GOSSSHHH! I Loveee It. Kim Joo Won FTW. It was not a typical love story, funny & sad too. Both of them are totally good actors! Good Job ;)

Don Witty, cute, REALLY FUNNY, strange, and heartwrenching in certain areas.


janejoong at 1st i was hesitant to watch this drama because of the whole body switching thing seemed tacky and i thought it'd be another "rich guy falls in love with poor girl" kind of drama. But after seeing some reviews and feeling extra bored, i watched the 1st ep, and guess what!? I WAS HOOKED! this is like a once in a century romantic-comedy phenomenon! but prosecutor princess is second! hehe

Oska's biggest fan :P This will go on my list of best drama's i've seen the acting right to the end was awesome (Two Thumbs waaay up XD) writing from: Canada

rayprincess hyun bin oppa,, i'm dying loving u,, pleasa don't kill him in the end,, if he does die,, i'll be dying too

GreenLotus Good Drama, hyun bin's acting very nice especially when he cries while he wrote the letter

justnobody Really love this drama. Secret Garden rock! The best in 2010/2011. And i hope someone will fix the NOTES section above. Jang Hyuk was the only one who received the offer for the main roles instead of Hyun Bin. Jay Park (i love him <33) was only offered 'Sun' role instead of Jong Suk. The info seems misleading. I am a fan of all the casts including Jay Park, so i don't want people to get the wrong idea by comparing the unnecessary thing. Whoever has the access to this site kindly fix the notes. Thanks. OMG, i'm having SG withdrawal. How can i live without them? oootttookkeeeyyy?? Hyunbin oppa!!

Klaudiotta The final episode is the perfect ending for the story. One of the best drama I've ever seen Thanks ♥ ♥ ♥

Gao Po Po This is the only drama that I would love to re-watch it as how much Winter Sonata did to me. I almost think that no more good Korean drama ... No doubt that this is one of the best result of screen writer, director, actor, actress (great jobs and thanks for the effort to bring this beautiful drama to us);- simply enjoy the acting and the screen play ...and it's so cutely creatively truth screen conversation... by the way, some cinema-photographic efforts and the editing did a good job too. It will be a challenge for some other groups to play the same drama under the same scripts though I will love to see it in the future. Good screen scripts to challenge good actors/actresses and the film making team!

fely i love this korean drama it is amazing and hyun bin his very good acting like real and his cute thank you for this drama

momo HYUN BIN & HA JI WON JJANG!!!! i just love them sweet~ wish they could be together :) this drama make me addicted to watch it again and again..nothing bored about this drama... hope they can extend the drama and have happy ending :)

shery I'd been dying to watch the next episode.. it really drives me crazy i want to know what happen in episode 19.. I had been waiting for a week now .Thank God it's Friday ..tom is the next episode

hyunbinlove it's like fairy tail !!!!!!!!!! i like it

Korean Fan I am a big fan of Korean Drama all the stories and especially Secret Garden and I'm crazy about the soundtracks...Can someone please let me know all the songs from the drama Secret Garden I want to download them. Even Hyun-Bin sang the version and it is really nice. He has a good voice. ^_^

paris I really love this drama , HYUN BIN is a handsome "EXCELLENCE " actor , you are awesome ,ooooh!!! love yr charming dimple, keep up HYUN BIN !!! GOD BLESS YOU !!! love u bin bin

AZENETH Wow I started to watch K-dramas last year by mistake lol needless to say best mistake ever :D hehe I love this drama is so good I just watched the first 18 episodes with only 2 hrs of sleeping time roflol I have to admit I have an addiction but it's worth it with all the hotties in the dramas!!!!!!!!

ihearthyunbin i love love love this drama....i'm so excited for the next episode!!! YAY Kdrama rocks!

hyun bin is mine Hyun bin and ha ji won need to admit that they love each other in real life and get married and have cute little babies~! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

shery if ever this drama will extend please don't make the viewers cry .. i hate it when i see hyun bin's mother yelling at ra im. i want to slap that woman.. just add romantic scene for hyun bin and ji won... i want more of those two

shery I love this drama .. everything is perfect .. the story, the cast The way i watch last episode it will sure have a happy ending i love this couple... Hyun Bin and Haji woon... i like jiwon's friend and hyu bin's secretary.. they are cute together

Faerthrienn This show is really interesting. The characters really develop and grow on you as the series progresses as well. Not your typical love story. This is my new favorite show <3

sujudiehardfan i really love this drama.... even without subs i willingly watch this drama just to see ha ji won and hyun bin... perfect couple!!!

jam i love this drama so much.hope the writer will give happy ending.not sad ending please.i love this drama so much.

Na Young i hope Ra Im will never leave Joo Won because of this...but i read from one of the website, they discuss about the ending of secret garden.. in the next episode i am not sure maybe epi 18, 19 or 20 (final), Ra Im involve in an accident (because of her carrier as a stunt woman) and Jo Won brought her to a place where its raining, so they can switch body in order to save her…but of course in return, Joo Won had to die….

everyone wish for a happy ending though…its up to the script writer how he/she will end secret garden….but please no sad ending…..please..

jannesa im done watching episode 16...omg~i love the twists of the story..HYUN BIN IS SO HANDSOME!i love so addicted to this kdrama and to any other movies/dramas/KPOP in KOREA...

BC Secret Garden audience from Canada

BC It was not until I start watching this drama that I finally understand why my friends try so hard to warn me about becoming addictive to TV drama. I thought I would have the ability to control myself. Apparently, I over-exterminate myself. I am so addictive to this show that I am willing to lose my sleep so I can be sure that I do not miss any important information about the upcoming episode. I did not know these actors until now. I have to say Hyun Bin is a good actor who looks Extremely good with suit (not an easy thing to do without right body proportion). Anyway, I wish this kind of love will someday be a reality to you all. Happy New Year

evilive !)#$%& aaaaahhhhhhhh it's killing me to wait for the episodes.hyun bin oppa and ji won noona love d the drama. hope for season 2

Masio Love this drama... funny n touching... also happening...

Emily I enjoy watching this drama. I'll even watch the next episode raw. Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin have a chemistry together. I wish "Secret Garden" can be extended.

Emily I love watching this drama. Can't wait for the next episode. I wish "Secret Garden" can be extended.

Secret Garden Fan I love this drama, waiting everyday for new episodes, too bad it only air on weekends. A reason for me to love the weekends even more. I love Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin together so much <3 They're so cute together. Everything about this drama is just simply amazing!~ xD

i love hyun bin i love this drama and cant stop thinnking of hyun hottt. love ha ji won and hyun bin wayyy better than hyun bin and song hye gyo

jin hi everyboby. i just enjoy every minute watching this drama. i can't wait to watch more. thanks fot bot actor. they are really good. hope you 'll succeed. hyun bin oppa !!! fighhtingg take care ^-^

Fefe I love this drama. It's very funny and romantic. Hyun Bin is more handsome and thinner than before. Ha Ji Won is very cute. Their acting is so great. Can't wait for the next episode =)

Ji It's wonderful ... I watch this drama so many time, and i always stand at home every weekend to wait for the next Episode, and every Friday to wait for the preview of the next Episode .... It's make me feel so deeply about life :)) .... I can't stand waiting for the next ep .... I'm going crazy now just because of this film. Just 3 weeks, this drama will be end and i don't want this finish :(. Mrs.Kim is very great when she write the script of this drama ... ps: I like HB and HJW very much!

sunny OMFG this drama is so awesome i cant help laughing and crying wif the actors and i cant wait until the next episode HYUN BIN oppa 홧팅! ^ㅅ^

Ana I really like this drama...(addicted)

Kelly I love this drama so much <3 It's so good. I love Hyun Bin oppa & Ji won unni, such great actors :D

Oh & you can watch this drama on

May Hello from Miami, FL (USA) - I'm in love and addicted to this drama, mostly with Sang Hyun (el galán de mis sueños). He is so damn cute! ^.^

p Good ending... pleaseeee

jheanne bright Hyun Bin is the best actor. He's great, cool and amazing!I like him so much I love the story and the cast. Keep it up Hyun Bin!

hunny wow!!!! i'm going to crazy!!!love hyun bin most!!! funny, guy!!!! omg!!! this is the great drama!!!! after world within,,,,this is much better..,,, how crazy i am waiting 4 all the episode!!! good luck 4 this korean drama,,,,!!! go go!!!

Han Jae Sang oppa. noona. a great story. hyun bin and ha ji won. both of them are so cute. hha. saranghae.

SG's fan OMG! Hyun Bin~! He's so cool and cute at the same time. Together with Ha Ji Won. Oh my. They both are great! I love this drama! Awesome!

lela This drama is really romantic love story...... Ha is cute. cant wait to watch next episode!!!!

sandy I love this drama, Hyun Bin's character is so cute, especially when he smiles, He looks good together with Ji Won. Can't wait what will happen to Hyun Bin's feelings towards Ji Won. As the drama goes on... it becoming more exciting.

guramon daebak,,,,,,i can't get bored wathing this korean drama always LOL-ing hard ,,,,love so much,,,rewatch it again while waiting for next ep,,,,*dying

supa i think secret garden is the best serie in this year. everyweek i wait for watching next episode.first i watch serie(soundtrack no sub)in Tuesday. SECOND i watch soundtrack eng sub in Thursday.i feel happy when i watch this serie. i cannot see another serie because i have connected with SECRET GARDEN. I HOPE everybody who watch feel happy like me. i thankkkkkkk sbs that make this happy serie.

Rita Oh, and what about his atrocious hand made tracksuits? LMAO

Rita This is no doubt the best Korean drama I have watched in a long while. It's not only the superb acting - on top I put Ha Ji-Won, she is brilliant; it also has a beautiful photography, the dialogues are so witty and hilarious I would listen to them for hours, the plot is gripping and the chemistry between the main leads truly perfect. Joo-Won's character cracks me up with all his neurosis and quick wit. Yes, this is addicting... dangerously so. (:

Ji-Won Fan im so addicted to this drama. Hyun-Bin and Ji-Won acting skill make me speechless. :D their chemistry is really awesome. <3 Ji-Won she is so cool. The scene where hyun-bin is doing sit-up is my favorite :D

preasceto_95 i luv this drama! totally lovin it. i agree with what Hana says, this drama should hv more publicity but it's good btw! hyun bin is hot!!

Hykyo I love this movie so much. Hyun Bin is the best Korean actor I think. He is so handsome. I love him to death. Keep up the good work Hyun Bin.

jia I love when they had a comversation, both hajiwon unnie and hyun bin oppa are god and excellent. the story is fastest than another drama and I like it more. whenever hyun as naphun namja, he cares about jiwon. and jiwon unnie as always my favorite actrees. hope this drama will be the first. sang hyun ajushi cayo.

Just someone While Hyun Bin is doing a really good job acting I think Ha Ji won is doing an EXCELLENT job, especially for when they switch bodies. I'm not sure why Hyun Bin is portraying a girly girl when Kil Ra-Im has such few girly moments. And I'm not sure why it looks like most people are commenting only on him everywhere I go....

Ediil I LOVE THIS DRAMA! First drama I laugh out loud; open to be embarressed by the people around me xD BOARDING ON MY FAVOURITE DRAMA!

nat this drama is addictive. can't stop watching

cimut ... i cant stop of laughing watched every part of episode... this drama juk ae yo...

gk i've never been interested in so many dramas, yet i'm glued to this one like crazy!

Moon Eun yeap..i totally agree on that this drama totally nice and the song nice to hear as well....:) however, can't wait for the following story after their soul exchange at the end of ep. 5...:p

poison_Girl I Just loved it, absolutely enjoying each episode.Each time I finish a korean drama I think it's the best one, then I get hooked up by the next one, I loved Hyun bin in A millionaire's first love,seems he lost weight in this drama!but still ROCKS!!

mayures ขอบคุณคะ่

sammyy i am hooked on this drama !!! <3 hyun bin is so good lookin' ! han ji won is so cool ! ^^ i can't wait till the next episode ! :DD

ahelaz this drama is soooo gooodddddd.....i've seen until ep4 and can't wait for next ep...yeay!! i'm never this excited with other kdrama..

Nadia Adoro mucho a hyun bin he estado esperando para poder ver los capitulos en español gracias por subirlos......hyun bin es el mejor de todos ,,, kisss

hibou I watched till episode 4.... It's sooooooooo good !! Sincerely, I haven't enjoyed a drama till long time !! This one seems too much great !! Hyun Bin is a good actor... And the drama is original nd funny !! can't wait to watch more !! tkkkkks =)

sylvia navarro I've watched the first episode and I liked it. I just have to tolerate seeing the other male lead cast because I really didn't like him, they should have casted a more charming actor, is he popular in Korea? Anyway, since Hyun Bin is there I think I can still enjoy watching it.

MJ i love this drama... all the guys are so cute ^^

Hana this drama is realy good but i think that it didnt get what it deserve in advertising compared to other korean drama

Ye Eun this drama is really great :D can’t wait to watch more!

Ye Eun this drama is really great :D can't wait to watch more!

Hae Jin OMG im with you! Hyun Bin! Teasers looked exciting cant wait to watch this drama!

Hyun Bin lover ahhhhhhhh! Hyun Bin oppa!!!! cant wait to watch this!!!! wuhoo! so excited!

tata Hyun Bin really did great acting! When he have to switch body, he is really did awesome acting!! Totally awesome! I cannot stop laugh! Aaaa.. I'm going crazy bcause this drama xD

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