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  • Name: Phillip Lee
  • Hangul: 이필립
  • Birth Name: Lee Kwang-Hoon (이광훈)
  • Birthdate: May 26, 1981
  • Birthplace: Washington D.C., United States
  • Education: George Washington University (Washington D.C.)
  • Major: Systems Engineering (Masters Degree)
  • Height: 188 cm.
  • Blood Type: O


  1. Phillip Lee was born to Korean parents in Washington D.C. (May 26, 1981).
  2. Phillip Lee's birth name is Lee Kwang-Hoon and he was later baptized with the name Phillip Lee (his passport still lists his name as Lee Kwang-Hoon).
  3. Phillip Lee's father Simon S. Lee emigrated to the U.S. in 1979 with his wife Anna. Simon S. Lee later started Fairfax, Virginia based company STG, Inc. in 1986. STG, Inc. is a government contracting firm and employs over 1,300 workers and takes in over $220 million annually in revenue.[1]
  4. In September, 2010 Phillip Lee's father Simon S. Lee donated $1 million USD to The School of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University to fund a student exchange program with Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.[2]

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soo from algeria i hope we see philip lee in more dramas and movies as the main actor he is really talented he hav this magic that make me never get enough of his acting i just keep looking in how beautiful he is... action movies will be great for him . lee philiiiipppp we llooooovveeee l yyyoooouuuuuuuuuuuuu he always act like he is a wise man i wonder if he also a wise and calm man cuz it suits him a lot @_@

Patricia I comes from Madagascar and I really enjoy to see you on screen and impressed of your role in this drama "secret garde", quiet, lover boy, soooo cute best wishes to you

Rei I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. From the moment I saw you on screen, I was enraptured by your performance and skill. I hope that you are doing well and that you are able and wish to return to acting. My apologies for my inability to express how much you are missed on screen in such a few short sentences, but thank you for putting your heart into your acting.

maeve i only see you in your series faith but you are one of the characters that added charm to the series....... i really like watching it... and i really like your character there as the cool doctor jang bin.... hope to see you in other series..... you are beautiful........

Chris He's in The Legend-The Story of the First King's Four Gods Drama, with the actor Bae Yong jun - your person is Chu -Ro.

pearl matthew I love your role in faith, although I have not see any of your other movies...I love your action part In FAITH...keep it on, God strengthen u dear

Daisy Philip Oppa, where are you? I miss you soo much. #Comeback2015hopeful. You exude such subtle charms that just picks you out among other stars. I know you're heir to Fairfax and you're an engineer but its time for you to fulfil your dreams on-screen. Look forward to seeing you make a comeback in 2015.

That's what I wanna say to Philip. Miss him a lot! <3

ai m. I hope you are fine wishing to see you on your next kdrama projects...

Mcard Phil Applauded! You were great in Faith series. Hope you can do more series and looking forward to see you in big screen though:) wishing you all the best!!

jerri funderburk I may be a great grand-mother,but I know a good looking guy when I see one. And he is a very, very good actor.

Asian Drama Pearls Hello Phillip Lee. I have lived in southern California most of my life. I'm not a fanatic of Hollywood although I do enjoy good movies and entertainment. I have just discovered and become impressed with Korean "kdramas" and other Asian dramas this year (2014). I seldom write comments, but I do want you to know that I was very impressed with you as an actor when I saw my first kdrama ever, "Faith/The Great Doctor," on Netflix in January. I happened to see "Secret Garden" a few months later and was happy to see you again in that series. I have to say though, that the director(s) really missed an opportunity by not giving you a much stronger, active and more visible role. Your character could have been truly amazing, making the series even more popular. But I feel fortunate to see you again and I look forward to watching you in more tv and movies--hopefully in the main role.

The fact that you speak English is nice, but it is obvious that you have so much more to offer the world in many different areas--I trust that you will choose for yourself what touches your heart the most.

PS I don't know what your relationship is with your father--he is clearly a very accomplished (and hopefully a kind-hearted) person--but I would like to see more about You and your background on this website (comment to!

All my best to you Mr. Phillip Lee--Take care and be healthy.

bobby I like your acting.. Good luck! And like to see you again in a new drama...

Wafa waiting to see you again...

christina Hello Phillip, how are you now? Hope the eye injury isn't a big issue. Pray for you, yah? I got to know you in Faith, and I really agree with the rest that you can become are cool. Persevere ...just wait for that breakthrough....

Pepe Solo Phillip Lee! Your acting in Faith was toooo GOOD. The role you played as doctor in Faith made me curious to know more about you. I checked on your biography! And Ummmm I wish to see you as the lead actor in your upcoming dramas. Tadaa!

Janet Tan Where are now Phillip? I'm patiently waiting for your next kdrama. Hopefully you'll be the lead guy. Your acting is way better than the other lead guys. Hope to watch you soon.

Lovely Tan Hope to watch you soon in Kdrama and Hopefully you will be the lead guy. I miss you since Faith.

nia Can't wait to see you acting in new drama or movie... where are you now? And how are you... Hope everything ok.. Really miss your acting.

IK I am your fan from Sri Lanka , you are so cute and a good actor, educated one also.....All the best!

philomena i love philip lee a lot.wanna see him in action again

Maureen Mizuno Why is there no news on Phillip Lee. Is he still injured? How did he actually get injured. Did some gangster beat him up? I know he was not injured during the filming of faith? why is everyone so quiet? He is a wonderful talent I want to see more of him. I wanted to see him continue to grow and mature in this field. Will someone speak the truth?

Lala I don't know why people keep talking about how great his English accent is. He's American. Why wouldn't he have an impeccable English accent? Lol. I love that he does his acting in Korea, though. Hollywood is terrible at recognizing the talent of actors who aren't white, so it's good when they can be recognized in another big market. I hope he's recovering well from his eye injury.

Imra Him speaking engl,firs I've heard in dramma A Man's story.Afcourse it is good 'cause he is American with Korean legacy. Not bad as an actor,actualy he is nice for the eyes hehehe love him :) but I'm interested in news abot him and it seem to me there are no news abot him... :(

Fullheart5 I agree, there has been zero on Lee Philip since he left Faith. I hope the damage to his eyes was not so severe that they are not talking. I underhand his family live in the U.S so he could be hiding out here.

Love Kdrama why isn't there current news on PhillipLee after his injury on Faith? Does anyone know? Hope to see him in a lead role soon. He is Coollllllllllll!!!

Cynthia Looool @ the previous comments... His impeccable English left me extremely shocked. Now, I completely understand. I'm looking forward to seeing a movie with him as lead character. Good job Philip! Love from Nigeria.

Loulou I enjoy his talent so much. I would love to see him as the lead. Hope he will star in a new drama soon. true fan.

Nickaaaay To the bottom comment.. I KNOW RIGHT. His English is literally perffffeccct. I too had to replay it over and over. I thought they recorded someone else's voice and that he was just lip syncing.

Jules When i heard him speak English in secret garden i couldn't believe it !, i had to play and re-play the scene over and over again !, and kept on goin on and on abt lee in my house dat dey also bundled me out cus dey had had their ears full all abt him !, good wrk !, kip it comin lee ! Aja ! Paiting(fighting !)

marion his character in faith is excellent. i look foward to watching every other series he has acted in. i am very sure i will be impressed

monique i really love philip lee esp where he spoke english to the american director in secret gardenz. I was like 'wow'!!!! His english is soo good. Much love from me ur fan here in nigeria. Oppa fighting!!!!

seda u' re my dream oppa ! :)

RHB Just watched Phillip Lee in Secret Garden. He's good! I wasn't surprised to see that he is American. His English is definitely on par with what I hear here. His background is impressive! His education is too! Wow! But don't forget, his father owns a company that rakes in $220 Million annually. That's no small feat. And if the father is driven like that, I would cetainly expect the son to be just as driven. Should acting not prove to be something lucrative for him, there is always his impressive brain to fall back on. Good Luck Phillip (Kwang-hoon)! I hope to see you in more dramas. And perhaps a few movies as well. I hope to see you alongside Daniel Dae Kim one of these days starring in a US series. You certainly act just as good as your US counterparts! I'll be checking out Faith and the other two as well. I think that Phillip Lee will go further in Media Arts. I certainly don't think he'll stand still being a background actor. There is too much talent within that "hot" frame. If he isn't given the chance to be a leading actor, how much would you bet he'll become a director? I think this man can do it. I'm 10 years older than you, but I see the great potential. Definitely someon to watch out for! I'm waiting for your next work! Keep them coming!  :-P

Laden I was just looking up korean actors speaking english on youtube and then I came across his video and I was completely blown away and then I looked up his biography.I know I shouldn't be completely tripped since he grew up in usa but I can't still get over it he is the first korean actor I've heard speak fluent english.I've only seen him in faith and even b4 finding out about his english I already liked the way he spoke which was really calm.I remember rewinding his first scene in faith several times(I'm african btw)lol

Vee When I watched The Faith, I got amazed through the way he carried on his role as Doct.Jang.. :-) :-)..He looked more than just good looking, but attractive (though he wasn`t) the main character (who played by Lee Min Ho),he could act as a "real" doctor in thepast time..

 Obviously, Phillip Lee is talented,highbrow and looks having the 'inner' kind and gentle...:-).....go carrying on, Phil.... :-) 

Vee, Indonesia

kuzz Philip lee was amazing in faith.........he was looking sooo good and decent and even though he was bornand bougth in America...but the way he acted in the drama he looked soo cute and innocent...and he actualy looked a persan from ancient era....

Niraali He is perfect ,cute, fluent languages his a good man a perfect recipe for a perfect husband.

Grannygoat Watching adjussi Lee Kwang Hoon in Story of a Man and am quite impressed with his smoldering eyes that stare so meaningfully. Love his demeanor in his acting. He is gorgeous. Definitely lead actor quality and with his excellent English could star in Hollywood movies. He has quite an impressive educational background. One has the impression that whatever he does it is to perfection. He is at the top of my list for being one of the sexiest actors in Korea. Love him.

ran i think people here should make an essay about him... wow... look at how much they know about him.. haha... *it's a compliment.. :))

Kanzaki Sayuri Kwang-Hoon Sunbae is incredibly talented. I actually watched his performance in Faith first, before watching Secret Garden. I found it ironic because there is a scene in Secret Garden that mirrors the setting and time period in Faith, even though he performed first in Secret Garden. Even so, he continues to be like a smoldering ember: very warm, pleasant, truly intense and smoldering all at once. It's very refreshing to see in a drama. Moreso I enjoy the fact that he was dedicated to his education as well; a Masters degree is just as impressive as an acting career, if not more. I truly believe he will go far in life, and look forward to seeing more of his performances in the future.

ivana gaiden Well, the first time I saw Lee was in secret garden and I was shocked that he wasnt the main character, even if you think about it, the girl didnt even give him a chance... that was awful for me, cause he was more like a better person than the rich guy. I bought the whole series just to see him in the entire role, but I've to say that I didnt like much his performance and his role was too muc like a boy next door... I dont think they give him a good chance to perform from a better spot, I think they wanted more like a modern version of wonsa from TWSSG, Well, then I bought TWSSG and of course I got smack down from his incredible expressions and slow movements, he was such great that I couldnt believe it, when I got that it was his first movie was more frightnening too. Anyway, I' trying to see the Slinshot but it's difficult to get, I really hope his manager can pick better roles for him. I really would like to see him as Htotori from Misterious Plays-Fushigui Yuugi. He is definitly someone who doesnt need to talk but tell too much from inside.

I think he should get something like a mistery man smart and absolutely no rude but consistent whenver to be brave in a subltle way rude when he has to, I liked that a little bit in secret garden, but I think they didnt give him a chance to really be an opossite to Jun BIn wich was such a giid actor! but I think they should have explore the possibility of Lee of being a dangerous competition. Cause many woman wants a man like him, soft, sweet adn strong at the same time, he never try to get her pushing her and his respect to her feelings was something that could be seen from far.

Just because I was developing a scifi story where he could fit just perfectly, hope that soem day it could happen cause I know that he can reach more than he has done so far. Really hope his manager can bring up better roles for him, he really deserve it, hope he believe it too.

Anyway, If it's alright happy birthday "wonsa", really hope you can get the chance to show your potential to asia and the whole world.:-) God bless...


Jennifer Ummm..he was so quiet in the legend and that made me wonder why he didn't talk much despite his great and strong character so I checked him up and found out that he was just learning how to speak the ancient language ...I discovered he was born and breed in the US..and I was like wow!! After hearing him speak English so fluently...infact he spoke like an American..of all the Korean dramas that I have watched,he happened to be the one to speak English in a way that really thrilled me...I have always liked him since the first time I saw him in the legend..he is so cool..I hope he be given the chance to play a main character.. I know he will do wonderfully well..and also wish the other Korean actors can take their time out to learn English more so they can speak in a more better way because their English is so terrible especially now that their dramas and films is getting more popular each shouldn't learn to speak one language only. Because the need to speak another language may arise one day.!!..

kyuahin I love his character in Faith,a good man, a wise doctor, a good friend. I cried when he died. I couldnt accept it. T__T it was just a good thing they didnt show a death scene of him, it would'v been much painful to see. :(

Klee I only recently started watching Korean drama as it is not very popular where I'm from (South Africa) and Faith was the second drama I tried. I immensely enjoyed Philip acting as the physician Jang Bin, actually he became one of my favourite characters in the series the second I laid eyes on him XD (what can I say good acting is good acting) I'm also impressed that he managed to get a Masters in Systems Engineering, I did 2 years of Chemical Engineering and it was a nightmare [shudders violently] I'll definitely be checking out his other drama's, Secret Garden being the first on the list. After all... brains, good looks, talent... what's not to like =P May his acting career never die~

omotola silas The first time I saw Philp was in Four Gods. Seeing him, I was like 'wow this guy is good looking' I really love the characters he acts. Keep it up.

Katie I just finished watching Secret Garden //I loved your character//I also watched FAITH/// you look better with the mustache///good luck with your career

joteezo I'm a grandma, My granddaughters and I like watching Korean Dramas, We love kid, he's awesome, He's one of the best actor that I know. We like everything about him. Best of luck Lee Kwang Hoon...You have some Polynesian fans here in San our people say, "Alofa mo oe," We love you......

Chris You have a sexy english voice! I nearly died when I heard you talk in english in the Slingshot and Secret Garden!!Also handsome and sweet looking, I hope to see you in more dramas! <3

Rutuja Haha this comment is comment number 69, I'm a childish person hehe

Rutuja Was watching secret garden, and nearly fell from my chair when I saw him, I was like "gosh he is that same guy from Faith!" Dr Jang was like my favorite character, I was so heartbroken when he died just because I thought that as he was a side character I wouldn't be able to see his acting anymore.

I managed to fall completely off my chair when he spoke that English phrase even better than I could! Came here, and wasn't surprised to find that he was educated well, one look at the way he walks and talks was enough to know he had this air of sophistication about him, he was the most believable character in Faith as being a wise doctor.... And oh gosh, those eyes are so nice, and he has such a beautiful smile! I don't speak Korean, but guessing by the dramas and some fan comments, this phrase is a good thing to say to famous people.... Oppa Fighting :D

Nijo He looks like Lee Eunhyuk or an Elf in Faith drama show, just saying xD

Kemuri I am a bit flabbergasted that such promising character as Jang Bin in Faith did not turn out to be a heartbreaking and mesmerizing as Geol-oh of Sungkyunkwan Scandal..such personality would have been powerful and very irresistible..but perhaps that may be the reason why it did not come to pass.. too potent eh.. still you are my fave character in cool..intellectual..underlying sophistication..maybe they were looking for depth and passion when what you could offer is coolness, elegance, power and a touch of finesse in a tv series...:)

i would fervently cross my fingers and wish that we will be seeing more tv series of you Sir..take good care of such beautiful pair of eyes.. it should be given a chance to blaze with passion and intellect in limelight:) More power!:)


Dona Pedro nothing to say I wish he be good and fine ^_^

feFelecia What a total babe. I loved him in "Secret Garden" but even more so in "Faith."

Edna fr Bailen Phil. Yes, very attractive guy Philip Lee. I first seen him in The Legend and wonder who is this guy who looks like a model and has a feminine features but at the same very sexy guy indeed. And then i saw him in secret garden, and i thought wow very sexy guy. If i were the main lead in secret garden i would choose Philip Lee's character over Hyun Bin's character. I hope he wil b given a chance to be the main man in a korean drama.. Is Son Yen Jin the actres i saw at the end of secret garden where in, Lee Philip, get attracted to in a scene? They look good together..

DramaManiac does he have a twitter account or something?

Reideen He is so handsome/gorgeous! What a great actor! Best of all he can speak both english and korean (as some of you already mentioned)... so there will be no language problems when we (fans) meet him, since he will understand what we say to him <3

Bambina Philip Lee is a good actor when I first saw him in Secret Garden. Then in The Great Doctor (Faith) he is also good. Given a good role he can be a very good actor plus he can speak English well so he can go far in his chosen career as an actor. Go Philip go!

Garden noona When I first saw him in secret garden i thought, "damn this guy's english is Good!". He speaks both korean and english fluently. Plus he's got the LOOKS. Talented and sexy he's a keeper in movies, I so totally wish he'll act as main character in the Next K-dramas. OPPA fighting!!!

Baka-me It was kinda funny my friend showed me secret garden for the fist time when i first heard him speak English the fist word that came out was "DAAAAAAMMMM!" and my friend just busted up laughing. i was expecting a little bit of an acent but it was freakin spot on!!! OPPA SWIONHAN!!

orkideh wow! secret garden was great! In my mind, after "boys over flower" it was the best korean drama that ever aired! And I need to point out this Mr.Lee was the only korean person with flawless pronounciation that I ever faced! Oppa, fighting!!!

Betzy His so cute and look so charming:) hope he could have more drama in the near future

dusklove Wow, I just finished watching Secret Garden and I felt I had to look this character up, I felt there was something familiar. And then I find out that he grew up where I live. I dont think I ever met him, but, I think its great that he is from my hometown :)

Maryam He's perfect and soooooo handsome I like a way that he looks at others I agree with all of you,his accent is outstanding With best wishes ;)

anna Hi Mr. Lee! You did great in Secret Garden! Please keep acting, you're amazing! And extremely good looking, too. :D Take care, your fans love you! You really are VERY good looking. Thank you for being Director Im on Secret Garden and impressing us all with your amazing English. Fighting!!

zhia_aala when I watch "Slingshot"...I said...aaahhh...he's the tallest guy in korea, but after meeting Lee Kwangsoo in "RUNNNG MAN".....again.......aaaahhh...they are "THE GIRAFFE BROTHERS" alongside with Lee Kiwoo........ why la all the tall guy are so GOOD LOOKING..........

Tiani I was so surprised when I heard him speak English! I was like, "Dang he's good"! Wish I could meet him. Good luck wherever you are :)

Anonymous How many people end up on this site daily just from hearing him speak English and then looking him up! That's exactly how I ended up here too!

Laura Anne Just finished Secret Garden on Netflix!!! :-] I'm glad I'm not the only American creeping after hearing his flawless english!!! I've totally been converted to Korean shows now!

Tru three! I was watching Secret Garden as well, heard his fluent English with hardly a trace of Korean accent and was taken back. So thought I'd be nosey lol

allie i am glad i'm not the only one who got on here after hearing fluent english in secret garden and going "Wait...what??" LOL you go, phillip! :D

Aggie after he spoke English in secret garden i started searching biography then i ended up his accent is great...take care handsome

Angela Can't wait for FAITH drama to be finished. Good luck Philip :)

jhong secret garden rocks!

tisyu handsome,cool,and many wonderful things you are you such a lucky guys ever born in this world , perhapes nice to know you


jackie hello, big fan of yours, did some checking, you r very educated not to mention sexy as hell...stay blessed.

anonymous What episode did he speak English in, in Secret Garden????

atyq PUNGGUK MERINDUKAN BULAN ; ITULAH DIRIKU!! tak tahu harus bilang apa, aq tercengang !!! dia tampan nyaris sempurna,,, tapi,.... kalian nyadar ga ,,,, dari sudut tertentu Oopa terlihat cantik!!!!!!!!! SEMOGA SUKSES PHILIP LEE !!!!!! SALAM KENAL ATYQ [FROM BALI]

ashlry i would love to know what people think and i will write back buy

ashlry i love Philip s .lee but i think you should just put your comment because i think people wont because they think bad staff and they say yes or no yes or no but it's ok :)

aniteb been a fan since his first movie.may he continue to take on more challenging roles

b4gtmoinot Very handsome Very captivating screen presence specially because of height Very impressive background Seems he's not been n d biz 4 a longtime Hope 2 c him more n d a lead...this time he should get the girl!!!

Eiss My guess is also right! He was born in USA, no wonder he was good in English!!! I was surprised to hear a Korean guy speaking English fluently so I checked on him and ended up in this site.

sinag Hi, Im a great fan of his character "Director" in Secret Garden. Does he personally answer his fan mails? I hope that he gets more projects. God bless!

iza ..oMG!! he is soOo god in english... my questions were all answered..he grew up in the states that's why he is very fluent in english!.. soOo handsome too...^^

nivu ur english roxxxxx!!!

Wonkark Your English is superb. ^^

ellah i lOve this guy!! ;) lee phillip!!

quelrock26 I was so amaze to see this guy again. I got to watch him in the "The Story of the First King's Four Gods" but never knew his name. I will finish to watch the secret garden because of Philip Lee. I'm a big fan his so beautiful guy. ^_^

a his main job is probably an engineer. that's why he doesn't take on main roles.

lilia hope to see more as a lead actor soon.

lilia me too, just came here coz got intrigue...well i liked him when i saw in the legend... he cute.



Lem0nee Wow! I just finished watching Secret Garden. I usually can't sit through Kdramas, but somehow I was able to for this one and I'm glad I did because it was really good. I guess I could say I was magically captivated (as cheesy and corny as it sounded) I really enjpyed watching this drama. I was instantly drawn to Phillip Lee and when I heard him speak perfect English, I suspected he must have been born in America. True enough as I looked him up, he is. He's very accomplished, seeing the information provided about his background and not only is he a very accomplished person, but he's very handsome. I wish him many more success and I'm now a fan of his. I can't get enough of this sexy man. <3

TBugs Lol. Me too! I'm watching Secret Garden right now and I just heard him speak english. I was shocked that he was so good! I paused the video and googled him immediately! xD

maggie Geth Says: Feb 23 2011 12:50 am

OKAY so the reason I googled him is because I was wondering why he speaks English so well (probably the same reason as with you guys).

HAHAHAHAHA. YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT ABOUT THAT. I paused watching Secret Garden just to do a background check of him right after I heard him speak english so well! LOL!

Geth OKAY so the reason I googled him is because I was wondering why he speaks English so well (probably the same reason as with you guys). Now I know. And darn the man is rich! Not to mention his great educational background. Like woah!

thedy OMG!!! me too.. after watching SG & heard him speak in English fluently as in wow & he's handsome too.. very manly.. hihihi...

someone i came here after i saw him speak english too LOL!! so many ppl came here cuz he spoke english fluently in secret garden hahaha soo funny...i did a 360 background check of him after he spoke english too

realyn his so cute....

realyn his charming smile make my day complete!... his so cute in the movie wang credited god 4

ghiz love his smile!

Giselle Omg, I came here cus I heard him speak English too. I was like 'omg, he speaks English! GOOD English!' He looks so good in Secret Garden. He has beautiful eyes! ^^

chrissy ahaha. yup just like everyone else i came here because i heard him speak english...but my favorite part [unlike everyone] was when he was talking to the director...i was like *swoon* and omg....he's brithplace is like 2 hrs from where i live, and where Fairfax VA is like 30 mins from where i live! ahaha. DAMN! i feel like stalking his place now. lol

LM To comment #6: Same here~

choubisou This guy is ridiculously attractive and I never get silly over celebrities. I really can't understand why he isn't the main character. Ha I also came here after hearing his english.

yuii lol-ed at Tessa's comment.

He's a hunk... what else to ask for? <3

Tessa LOL, I came here after he spoke English with Oska ex-girlfriend!! I was shocked, it's so good!

tessa i knew it! he speaks english so fluently..he must either be born there or grew up there..and it's both that's why..oska's ex gf had so much trouble speaking it,so funny how she struggles..=)

aiba The conversation with Oska's girlfriend was so funny !!

zipurlip2 Wow ... when I heard him speak English in Secret Garden, I said to myself that he must be from the U.S. So nice to read that yes, he is and a very fine citizen indeed! So accomplished! Way to go!

MinYoung He's sooo fluent at both english and korean! It was so funny when he had that short conversation in english with Oska's ex-girlfriend. xD

lita It is posible to send HIM a mail or something?.

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Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
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Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
The Chronicles of Evil

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