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Son Ye-Jin @ opening ceremony for 2014 PiFan
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ivan Olen-maniya,,park gae in..i'm not sure if you know,but you're actually the best korean actress i've ever took my heart with you,when you ended "personal taste",min ho hyung-nim,might actually tell you he loves you in that movie,but i loved you more,anticipating to seeing more of you....your lovely dongseng

sa mee ra i love you son ye jin. you are my no one actress. Personal Taste is my favorite drama ever.

Vina @santi, she is nota female in the King's face series. She declined the offer and i am so glad she did!!!

Santi You don't mention the TV KBS drama The King's Face in these lists, although she plays the lead female role as Ga Hui the archer , Prince Gwanghae's lover. How could that be?

kamar I like your will always deserve the best actress title.

asana hi annyahasayo park gay in really i love you,and your acting, i like chat with you allaways if you have free time please write me i hope your kindly response for me and waiting for it ever,mobile +94714611505

Mhely Rose hii sister :D im so jealous of you because your leading Man is Brother Lee Min Ho :( but its ok because you are good look together :) in Personal Taste :* im from Philippines :D

syjlover The "pirates" is very good. I love your new image in this movie. Keep up with good work!!! With love from US

drisya such great acting .i like you.

로버트 My favorite star...

remy dadula i like her,i'm one of her fans beautiful, very good in acting and most of all she is a catholic

jelly although i am also a girl, i love more her xooo much than other handsome actors, i like and love whatever she do, some said that many other korean actresses are beautiful, for me, she is my angel, my goddess, my idol, my first love, my sweety and my lovely unnie, i will love and support u forever, saranghae <3

Hi Sadly, SYJ turned down the king's face drama. Her next project will be likely another movie. When can I see you again in drama land, ye Jin sshi?

MsRai Please please Ye-Jin Unnie do the new drama the KING'S FACE... I really love to see in drama again... We all are missing you!!!

xander i love the way you act. its so natural. its hard to explain the only word i say is your so great. Good luck to your career and God bless <3

mj Unni,,, please take the new drama offered to you.. (The King's Face).. i really wanna see u in tv.. since ive seen u in drama personal taste.. u caught my eye that i keep on watching ur other drama & movie too.. i really love your team up with Kim Nam Gil but whosoever be your next leading man,, i will always be watching & supporting u.. God Bless for your career & Fighting!!

xi You are so adorable in "Infinity Challenge" variety show. Please come back to drama soon. I miss you in drama. Can't wait to see "The Pirates".

jain i love your acting. supurb!!

jona hoping to see you soon on tv with lee min ho.. i really miss your loveteam . keep up the good work

rofy i like your all drama specially personal taste <3 i like your acting so much <3 and keep the good work .. wish to have more drama series to come with lee min ho .. <3 you and lee min ho .. so perfect together .. hope see you both again <3

Pegasus Son Ye Jin.. We miss You.Want to see you again on small screen.

Aldo I Like Son Ye-Jin...

Hi SYJ please come back to drama land!!!!

Excalibunny I've watched a lot of her works lately, and noticed that she always picked good projects to work on (with the exception of Crazy First Love). However, lately I find that she has been picking up projects that turned out to be flops. I'm talking about drama Shark and Blood and Ties. How did someone like her, who did films like The Classic, White Night, Lover's Concerto, A Moment to Remember, and dramas like Alone in Love and Summer Scent, got convinced into taking on shitty projects with flawed storyline and messy directions. Waste of talent most definitely. I know she is one to challenge herself with a variety of roles, and please consider the storyline too! Hop Pirates will turn out well.

Eskimo Well, it's not that she is always naked. I don't know why but she always get bedded in her films or dramas. Shark, personal taste, a moment to remember, art of seduction, spellbound, etc.. It's just weird because some korean dramas or films tend to avoid having the notion of having sex. But, Son Ye Jin is someone who can well balance between sexiness and cuteness, and she doesn't need to show much skin to be sexy.

Tina She is not always naked in her movies, ie: spellbound, a momment to remember.... I love your acting...please have more movies and dramas.

Ui she had bed scenes in most of movies she played . why she always is naked in her movie, can she accept a movie without bed scene and then show a great act ? I prefer" The classic" then his adult and sexy performance .I wonder ,why many Korean movie are R rated.

Anaheed one day I saw five minutes of your drama personal taste,it was the 1st time for me to see any Korean work ever, and although I had a long exhausting day, I stayed more than continuing 16 hours enjoying your magnificent performance. THANK YOU please keep always shining , as I always love to see you from my place in Egypt

mayann i like your drama series personal taste and shark...i like your acting skills...and keep the good work..wish to have more drama series to come..with lee min hoo

Lovesyj SYJ please come back to drama soon. I miss seeing you on small screen.

jane perfect match {personal taste} is the best... keep up the good work son ye jin and lee min ho.....more korean movie plss

marmo I love son ye jin, she is so talented. I have watched series of her movies and I love her acting skills, she is really talented. Love you so much son yeh jin.

jelly unnie~~~u r xoooo beautiful and the most beautiful lady of korea~~and u also have great acting skill~~~i am a big crazy fan of u~~~we always support u forever~~~i think u and lee min ho are best match but u r xoooo beautiful that u r more match with flower boys than strong men~~~ <3~~~i am always die-hard fan of u~~saranghae

mariam she is just amazing i watched the tower, the art of seduction, personal taste and open city and i liked her acting so much; SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO professional in personal taste she was so natural and i liked her character; the drama is light and fresh a little bit different from her roles in movies but it rooooooooooooooooooocks n______n love her

Joy Dexie Dagumo Son Ye-Jin. you are such a perfect woman!i love the way you acted together w/ lee min ho in your drama series "personal taste",both such good actor and actress and you and lee min ho,perfect match...your partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube". you made me cry and laugh the moment i watched it...i'm hoping to see and meet you personal!god bless you always....more blessings to come into your life,son ye-jin!

hanhan my biggest fangirling crush to Son Ye-jin!!!!!

SYJ is a total package!! excellent in in acting-wise, already talented since her debut, have one of Korean best visual, and also really famous not because of her beauty only but also her brilliant and natural acting and can shine in every role she has, even in such disappointing drama like Personal Taste (really wasted her talent).

actually i didn't really like Son Ye-jin first because i heard she has some nude scene in her movies (i just can't stand on it). but after i watched an underrated but really brilliat drama called Alone in Love, my vision about her changed. overnight, she suddenly become my #1 actress in my heart. Not like another beautiful actress who famous just because of their looks, Son Ye-jin also talented and her acting is really natural. When i watched Art of Seduction and Spellbound, she make me laugh with her acting. In A Moment to Remember, she can make me cry because of her acting and she's overshined Kim Nam-gil in Shark. (well i still haven't her another project because: April Snow, Open City, My Wife Got married because of some nude scene, Personal Taste, just watched the first eps and because of many disappointing comment about that drama, i dropped it, and also i didn't really like Lee Min-ho altough i already watched City Hunter and Faith but he's just a bland actor), and her older dramas because it's hard to find the videos and subs)

Mila Son Ye Jin you are so ****** perfect! How can you be that pretty? You are soooooo sweet too. You seem so naive but you definitely have your inner goddess. I like your eye-smile. I so wanna be you. No matter what i'll always support you! Fighting!

shaniah love ebenizer i love Son Ye-Jin

I love the way she act in movie and show

Elizabeth Waoh,i love son ye jin and her drama,most especially personal taste.i was even praying for u and lee min ho to be couple,u guyz fit.ur drama make me get addicted to korean films,i will continue watching korean films till i die.keep it up!!FIGHTING!!!

topesharon I love the way you acted in Personal taste.The way u acted it with Min Ho made it look so real.Good work dear.

naeema best Korean actress I've seen so far specially in personal taste.

IDK Somehow looks like athena chu... idk

lurazop I watched Architecture 101 and I thought she's in there but I'm wrong, that is Han gan-in and unbelievable both face look nearly same!

oudette I saw son yejin in personnal taste and a walk to remember... I liked her and I said to myself i'll give shark a try... and Then I was amazed by her natural beauty and talent!!

good choice of your come-back drama, you are superb!! I hope you get an award for your acting in shark and definitly the best couple award with kim nam gil <3

Jon Wren The moment I saw her in A Moment to Remember and April Snow I was like WOW she is so beautiful, I think my wife gets jealous cos my mouth drops and my eyes widen every time I see her.

Patricia Hayden I've seen her in several comedies, ei Personal Taste...hated her....BUT then I saw her in Open City, she is a Femme Fatal...She rocked that part...She made the whole movie. She was smoking hot, glamorous, sophisticated, and cunning...I couldn't believe my eyes, I was used to seeing her all washed out and frumpy with horrible hair but she sizzled in this one...I will watch more with her in it.

Alex I just love her, I love everything about her...

Biidhey I love son ye jin. I am one of your fans from nigeria. I feel in love with your acting in personal taste. And ever since, have been hunting for your movies bt unfortanately korean dramas are hard to come by in nigeria. Although have seen other korean dramas like, city hunter, playful kiss bridal mask, faith, sweet spy, i think u are d best korean actress have seen. Kip it up. I love you.

ray her nose is a little plastic

Cecília she so beautiful *o* She is the best korean actress that I know, she is so versatile! There isn't anything that she can't do, this is what I really think about her! The reason why I watch korean dramas *o* I Love you Ye Jin. ~ A Momento to remember was my first korean movie! *o* I want watch another drama with you in a close future <3' love you!

camila i love son ye jin! she is so beautiful and i love her acting! you guys have to see Art of Seduction she is so amazing and i love her in A moment to remember too!! son ye jin FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

Jany I love Son Ye Jin <3 I Want to see her act with lee jun ki xD

Poh Yes yes yes..Son Ye Jin and Joo Jin Mo in a romantic love story together, that will be a perfect match of their good looks and acting skills. Box office guaranteed.

Charlie I would love to see Son Ye Jin with Joo Jin Mo together in a movie or tv show. They will look so good together!

QM Shes the reason why i began to watch kdramas and movies, and ive watched tons already but not a single actress can come near her. Shes just perfect in every aspect. Versatile, and charming. I really want to see her on a new drama.

Pegasus Currently I believe that the beautiful and Cute Son Ye Jin is one of the best actress in Korean! Look how many awards di she have in her age (more than 30 awards) … Isn't it one of new record for Korean Actress?

Son Ye Jin acting performance is always good and constantly look much better and better… I like her both as an actress or in the real live. Nice person, friendly, peace lover and far from any gossip. I saw all af her movie : Secret Tears, Chihwaseon, Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee & Jin-hee, Dae Mang The Great Hope, Lovers Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Spotlight, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (voice), Spotlight, Open City, and My Wife Got Married, Personal Taste, White Night, Spellbound, . I praise her performance is always above the average.

She changed her style from innocent girl/women to adult women since his performance in Art of seduction (one of her funniest movie beside Crazy First love).

Honestly i prefer The classic and Moment to remember then his adult and sexy performance in April Snow and Art of seduction but i realize that she want to be a versatile actress. I will always wait for her next movie. My Next movie target will be “The Tower” and “Accomplice!”

jnt SON YE JIN is the best. great in every role. she's the reason i am into Kdrama and movies. Please make a drama soon with Kang Ji Hwan. or another handsome actor.

beemo she is like Han Ga In, rights?

Ina Dear Son Ye Jin,

How can you be so beautiful?

I have just watched A Moment To Remember and I am overwhelmed...

THANK YOU so much for the the movie that I am going to have always in my mind as touch to the heaven. Thank you for having you in my life.

Bowing before you

Elliane Mae Banaag Aceron i really like syj !! beacause she so pretty and nyc girl eber !!

love you son ye jin and lee min ho !! minjin couple ..

Ameera Yes! All of them were so lucky to been kissed by SYJ! I love her toooooooooo

Drmkl BYJ is the one who is considered lucky being kissed by her

ressell i like her so much....have a blessed year abby!

manilababy son ye jin is not just a goddess looking actress now it's a profound versatile actress... you are the reason i got addicted to korean dramas and movie.... thank you unnie for sharing your gift to us...the gift of relieving the emotions by the way you use your talent. please keep on doing a good movie and drama. saranghe unnie

speranza She is lucky. Bae Yong-Jun kissed her.

Cactus I love Yejin and all.. but she is so much prettier than this display pic shows! *sigh*

daniel A Amakye The best is yet come God should be yur potion Give all that to the world We love you.bye,bye,bye.

daniel A Amakye for the hard work you are doing I say God bless you and may u live long to give your last best.Iknow the best is to came soon.this is my first time commenting enjoy son ye-jin

theingi love you much..........alwaysssssssss

Cindy Tan Son Je Jin is cute & beatifully, I live her drama personal taste very much.

Cindy Son Ye Jin is cute & beatifully, I love her drama personal taste very much.

diva your partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube". i just wish that netflix would have this on its "watch instantly"so i can watch it got me hooked on you that i asked a korean cashier in a korean store in ny where to purchase korean dvds and now that i found the place, rest assure that i'll purchase your movies/soaps...keeping my fingers crossed to your next project w/ lee min-ho...thank you so very much for the happiness you bring to me & to the rest who appreciate you both...

Eden Lewis Know you, love you for me is a very happy thing, a very fantasy feeling. For me, I love you more than just the actors but I want to emulate the success of the object, because I see in you what is called "strong and courage," Every time I am uneasy at the time, because the choose to believe and adhere to so I will do everything. Under the same sky, only an ideal. . . Sincere appreciation and best wishes to my favorite Miss Son Ye Jin happy forever, just for you.

                                   One from the many Chinese fans in your favorite pearl of Miss Son Ye Jinwords. . .

Karo I watched Moment to Remember recently. Son yejin is amazing, really talented.. I cried a lot at the ending. If u r interested in touching events i recommend u to watch this movie!

sponestar she's realy realy BEAUTIFUL n xraordinary ACTREsss.....I realy love her

ran i like her ^ــ^

oskar I love Son Ye yin. She is for me the greatest Korean actress. I watched all her movies and TV dramas. She can portrait any role, but she is at her best in drama and romance.types of films.

chuck 35th commentor live life son ye jin your so cute and cuddly i wish i live in korea :) ill come for ya XD

Gusti I'm always remember you Son Ye Jin . I'm your fans since 2003 you play at summer scent movies until now. I love you very much...

sar Vote for this her in this page please :p

cheshirecat i love perfect match! son ye jin and lee min ho share amazing on screen chemistry, they looked so good together. i was so hooked on perfect match, this got me addicted to kdramas all over again. can't for your next film / series!!! wish you all the best!

Dila i watched personal taste over and over again. Son ye-jin, you and lee min-ho make a great, cute couple. i really enjoy watching.

angel wow..i like Son Ye Jin..especially when i watched Perfect match or Personal preference...very beautiful and gorgeous woman...i wish i see her someday...and i want to watch Art of Seduction..funny movie with song il guk...nice..i love SOn ye jin...

LMH i really idolized son ye jin... she can do any role and it always fit to herself.... whatta great actress ,,, i love the tandem of you and lee min ho in perfect match i hope you will have a drama series or movie with lee min ho again... and i hope that perfect match or personal taste have a part 2.......

paulin i really love son ye jin .she's so awesome and she's a very good actress!gae in role fits to her!!..she should received Best actress award for that and Lee Min ho too-wow!

krmm i really like SON YE-JIN.. Really really like..

mimi I first saw her in "The Classic"..Me and my friend really liked it..Son Ye Jin is really good,

and she's beautiful even if her eyes are sad, know she can be happy in the inside...Goodluck!:)

Minerva I admre Son-Ye-Jin greatly. She's very beautiful (the kind that gets better the longer you look at her) and very talented with a sweet voice to match. Love her in Perfect Match (Personal Preference). Lee Min Ho and her are really a perfect match.

bycash does she have any twitter page or any social page?

blue she's really pretty. i love her. she's one of my idols in korean actress. ;) love all her movies and dramas, just like the perfect match and the movie "art of seduction" its so funny, .. she's great. more dramas and movies of SON YE-JIN. . . . :)

L TF She is really the one. haha, hope to see her in real life!

byul i wish i could be as beautiful as u are ye jin

mira kazel i wish that me, son ye jin and lee minho will meet!!!

danah i love perfect match..

danah very well great actress ever.

fanny i like her act in " personal preference " ... :) "personal preference " is my fav korean drama... son ye jin is a great actress ...

danielle13 the summer scent that was good!!!!.GO son ye-jin GO

Chinggu Yah Son Ye Jin is all packed with beauty, brains and talent. I've seen all of her movies and dramas. She can act very well either drama, action, comedy. She is getting pretty by and by..I love son much..fighting!

Cat Why are you so sad?...Have something in your eyes.. Ye Jin..

barca Wonderful ^ــ^

Michael I've never seen April Snow, but after reading your comment saranghae ..."April Snow" is on my must see list :)

saranghae son ye jin is a great actress.

i remember her performance in April Snow. who would have thought that she could have done such a sex scene with bae yong joon?

she’s meek but very daring and brave…

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