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Hyun-Bin @ opening ceremony for 2014 PiFan
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  • Name Hyun-Bin
  • Hangul: 현빈
  • Birth Name: Kim Tae-Pyoung (김태평)
  • Birthdate: September 25, 1982
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type:


Hyun-Bin was born on September 25, 1982 in Seoul, South Korea. His real name is Kim Tae-Pyung. He has one older brother. Hyun-Bin's childhood was fairly typical, except he was noted for having good looks. By the 6th grade, Hyun-Bin dreamed of becoming a detective.

By his high school days, a senior student advised Hyun-Bin to try out for the theatre club and practice acting. After Hyun-Bin performed in the school play he realized that acting was his calling and that he wanted to pursue it as a career. Another fortuitous event occured to push him along the acting path. One day, while riding on the back of a friend's motorcycle, a man shouted to them to stop. Hyun-Bin's friend did not have driver's license at the time so he didn't stop his motorcycle. The man then pursued them on the motorcycle until the road ended. The man, who worked for a talent management agency, then gave Hyun-Bin his business card and told him to call him.[1]

Hyun-Bin's parents objected to his dream of becoming an actor initially, so Hyun-Bin attempted to pursuade them for two years.[2]

His parents then suggested that the best university for acting is Chung-Ang University and if he made it into that university they would give their approval for his career choice. Fortunately for Hyun-Bin, he was admitted to Chung-Ang University and his parents relented. At Chung-Ang University, Hyun-Bin worked lighting and managed the school theatre. He also participated in school plays.[3]

In 2003, Hyun-Bin made his acting debut in the KBS drama "Bodyguard". His first role was only a minor character. He played a stalker of Han Shin-Ae (played by Lee Se-Eun). In the same year, Hyun-Bin was also cast for the MBC drama "Nonstop 4," which was quite popular. Through his work in "Nonstop 4," Hyun-Bin was able to improve upon his comedic timing. Well known screen writer In Jung-Ok, who already wrote screenplays for MBC dramas "Sunflower" & "Ruler of Your Own World," saw Hyun-Bin's performance on "Nonstop 4" and introduced Hyun-Bin to PD Kim Jin-Man. In Jung-Ok mentioned to Kim Jin-Man that she thought he was attractive and liked the way he talked.[4]

Hyun-Bin would then land the leading role, alongside Lee Na-Young, Kim Min-Jun & Kim Min-Jung, in the 2004 MBC drama "Ireland," with the screenplay handled by In Jung-Ok and direction handled by Kim Jin-Man. "Ireland" didn't receive particularly high ratings, but it did grab a strong cult like following and also received positive responses from critics. In "Ireland," Hyun-Bin played Kang-Guk a bodyguard with a temperment to always help others. With his performance as Kang-Guk in "Ireland," Hyun-Bin became very popular with female viewers.

In 2005, Hyun-Bin was cast for the MBC drama "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon" opposite Kim Sun-A. Prior to working on the series, Hyun-Bin prepared for his role by taking piano lessons and practicing a cold, cynical way to talk.[5]

"My Name Is Kim Sam-soon" became a mega hit and received ratings in excess of 50% (one of the highest ratings for a Korean drama series). Hyun-Bin's character Hyun Jin-Hun was scripted as something of a perfect man and because of this Hyun-Bin became even more popular with female viewers of the series.

After the runaway success of "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon," Hyun-Bin picked the mellow romantic movie "A Millionaire's First Love" for his next project. "A Millionaire's First Love" was far less successful doing poorly at the box office and with critics.

In 2008, Hyun-Bin took on the leading role in the film "I Am Happy," which premiered as the closing film for the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival. According to Hyun-Bin, he felt different about the scenario for "I Am Happy". Hyun-Bin would play a man suffering from a mental illness and institutionalized in a mental hospital. Prior to taking the role, he wasn't sure if he could play the character adequately, but he told the director that he would do his best. In retrospect, Hyun-Bin's work in "I Am Happy" was able to help further develop his talents as an actor and also a human being.[6]

In 2008, Hyun-Bin was cast for the KBS2 drama "Worlds Within......". He played television PD Jung Ji-Oh, opposite actress Song Hye-Kyo who played televison PD Ju Jun-Young. The drama was not successful, but generally received positive comments from critics. The drama would also helped to develop Hyun-Bin's personal life as a bond was formed with main actress Song Hye-Kyo while working on the set. After the drama finished shooting, their relationship developed and they started dating in July, 2009.[7]

In 2009, Hyun-Bin was cast for the MBC drama "Friend, Our Legend" - a remake of the 2001 box office hit "Friend". The drama series was directed by Kwak Kyung-Taek, who also directed the original movie version "Friend". When Hyun-Bin accepted the role of Dong-Su others opposed his decision. One person that did not oppose his choice was Jang Dong-Kun who played Dong-Su in the original movie version. Jang Dong-Kun actually supported and advised Hyun-Bin prior to his work on the drama. Nevertheless, "Friend, Our Legend" received poor ratings (10%). Hyun-Bin responded in interviews that he did not want to be evaluated soley by TV ratings and hoped to be recognized as an actor.[8]

In 2010, Hyun-Bin performed in the Korean-U.S. produced film "Late Autumn" - a remake of the classic 1966 Korean film "Late Autumn". Hyun-Bin chose the movie because he felt the scenario would be fun to play. Yet, Hyun-Bin was also worried about that language barrier (the movie's dialogue is spoken entirely in English). After discussions with the film's director Kim Tae-Yong, Hyun-Bin felt more confidant as the character lived in the U.S. for only 3 years and did not have to speak like a native person. Instead, Hyun-Bin focused on expressing the character's emotions.[9]

Later in 2010, Hyun-Bin was cast for the SBS romantic-comedy "Secret Garden" opposite Ha Ji-Won. "Secret Garden" would mark the first time in 5 years that Hyun-Bin acted in a romantic-comedy - since the mega-hit "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon". "Secret Garden" also contains the unusual plot twist where Hyun-Bin and Ha Ji-Won change bodies.

On March 8th,2011 the agencies of actor Hyun Bin and actress Song Hye-Kyo officially announced that they had broken up in January.


  1. Hyun-Bin began serving his 21 month military service starting on March 7, 2011. He was then discharged December 6, 2012 after serving 21 months. Hyun-Bin served in the Korean Marines.


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MGM Happy to see you in drama again after a long break. Your smile in Hyde, Jekyll, Me is so mesmerizing. Hope to see more drama in the future.

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Gelli PH0507 Im Gelli from Philippines. I would love to share my reviews for this drama as very captivating. Hyun Bin really did great in this drama as he portrays two different personalities. His acting skills was superb. I find him very cute and charming as Robin and mysterious as Seo Jin. I hope those who would see this comment would give this drama a try. I assure you that you won't regret watching this. Also, I commend Han Jimin as she really show how she cares for both Seo Jin and Robin.

Andrea I have always heard of Hyun Bin but never watched his drama b4. After watching Hyun Bin in Hyde Jekyl, me, I m mesmerised by his handsome perfect looks, his great acting skills. He potrayed both character of Hyde and Jekyll so well that made u fall in love with both instantly. He has this great charisma that i cant stop watching him. I then went to watched Secret Garden and my love for Hyun Bin is unstoppable. He is just so amazing. Keep up the good looks and skills Hyun Bin!! Looking forward to more of your acting.

Yada I am a new fan and addicted. For the past 6 month I have not watched any show in my native language English - Thank God for subtitles. Now Hyun Bin has excellent skills and I have watched all of his TV series. I was truly amazed at this version of Hyde, Jekyll, Me compared to our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - I have been enjoying this program so much, and don't want it to end. Most of all I think his dimples should be insured hahahah! Keep up the good work.

Marlina I've watched several of your film/drama but "Hyde Jekyll Me" really prove your acting skill ! the role demanded extraordinary skill, and you fulfilled it. your acting is MARVELLOUS, beyond words, and in my honest opinion this is the greatest acting skill that I've ever watched in a K-Drama. Superb, amazing, and tremendous. both robin and seo jin character, you mastered it. hope you will keep the good work by showing us more of your incredible acting skill! love from Indonesia <3

DEE DE CARLO I am a newcomer to Asian Drama and I am now addicted. I like Hyde, Jekyll and Me, it has a great cast and Hyun-Bin is excellent. He understands the split personality and plays the characters well. Especially the main character, he has a real grip on changing seo-jin subtly. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA and have enjoyed every drama that I have viewed so far. I've stopped watching our shows in favor of yours. i am a history buff so i really enjoy your period dramas. Thank you for the subtitles I wouldn't be able to watch otherwise, although, I am learning, I have some words that I understand now.

Ana You're the 1st Korean actor I wrote this for. Coincidently, secret garden was my 1st Korean drama too. I'm watching your new one Hyde Jekyll is awesome! My absolute favorite!!!! <3 you!

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loen he's really really handsome

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Pinklanguage @Neoruel i agree with you... He's amazing o.O

soo hyunbin is a handsome actor ( obvious) he a great actor i really like how he act he is so natural and i think his heart is beautiful too and he is a nice man and a kindhearted i can see it in his eyes also so humble he likes to act a lot i will never get enough of his acting i envy the one who he will gonna married ( in the future) he kinda hav sad eyes it's just how i see it i dono ... anyway i wish for him more success and happy life i wish he can be a guest in running man *_* plz oppa... i don't think that he will see this comment but i just wanted to write it i'm watching hyde and jekyll now i think it's way more better than kill me heal me i don't know why ppl are comparing the two dramas ; i adore how he can do two different personalities so perfectly " je t'aime oppa " thank you for being an actor

Neoruel I really fall in love with you <3 Your smile and deep dimple is so cute :3 I can't take of my eyes @.@

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July he spoke with korean accent in the movie on purpose, normally his english is clearer...

necor @M.K. -- I'm not sure his English will hold up. Personally I don't mind the languague so much, I don't mind the subtitles.

M.K. I've already seen Late Autumn, he should do more Eng movies..

necor @M.K. watch "Late Autumn". That's how it's done. He's proven he can be a serious actor. I wish he would do it again.

M.K. I hope one day you'll be the leading actor of an English language movie xx

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Joycee i just so love you Hyun bin!!i fell in love with you watching secret garden and you have become my inspiration and love of my life. i just hope that your drama series Hyde Jekyll and Me will be shown in the Philippines. i love you Hyun Bin to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!

binrose25 Hyun bin acts amazing in secret garden that's the first time I saw him and from that moment I fell in love with him,, since then I am watching all his projects and following what's next..I live you oppa

Cherry Ko Hyun Bin is my favourite Korean actor. Wanted to vote 100% but page wouldn't let me and placed my user rating at 90%, not what I wanted. Love his acting; he is so handsome but somehow even though he looks like he is smirking, one still can't help liking him. Glad to see him back in movie and drama.

Destina Coban woWow that guy is so hot. I`m not gonna say something original but just that he is hot. hot hot hot.

Happy Since you graduated from Chung-Ang University and Park Shin Hye's current students, It will be a hit to see both of you working on some projects together. Movie, drama, cf or.... Gorgeous please.. Please...

marivic hi hello hope someday will meet you althoug it is so impossible but i am hoping that will come true..

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emy waty I love this oppa.

juliet hi hyun bin oppa,,,am happy you're back i hope and prayed you and song hye kyo will be working together again in the future i am a big fan of you both,,,i wish you both will be a good friends again,,,precisely if someday you both have project to work together again i am very happy and longing to wait for that happen,,,may god bless you both always,,,i love you oppa and shk,,,goodluck to both of you,,,,

Reni oppa, playing drama again, please please please...... i miss u oppa, i'm waiting u, so ppalli ppalli for new you drama :'( cause, i want to see u again in a drama 'ooh jebal oppa

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Tina Really love the tandem with song hye kyo. I really hope they act again in a drama or movie together. They are so lovable together

Terri Hyun-Bin may have shed his pretty boy image in the Snow Queen but he's still "purdy" (gorgeous)

mkl Hyun Bin, your performance in The Fatal Encounter was superb and very touching!!! I loved it (and you ;-)!!! I can't wait for your next drama!! Maybe it'll be an action one with Ha Ji Won!! ;-)

Li La I can not wait to see his movie :)

Renee' Oppa....I feel in love with you while watching Secret Garden. I live in the United States but I want to meet you. Have already started planning my trip to South Korea. I following you on facebook and twitter. Wish you all the best in life. Stay single till we meet...HAHAHA

debora Hi... Hyun bin oppa... I do like u! Seeing your drama is one of happiness in my life. I'm your follower in instagram,twitter, n facebook. Wish u success n good healthy. Aza_aza fighting oppa!! I'm waiting u in Jakarta.

Bita chincha choaeeeeeeeeee

Teresa Hi Hyun Bin!!! Next to Jang Hyuk, you are one super hot actor!!!! I miss you!!!!

mkl I'm having Hyun Bin withdrawls!!! Please come out with another drama!! I'm from the States and I don't have a way to go watch your movies. :-( I MISS YOU!!!!...ballie, ballie, ballie!!!! ;-p

V I'm in love with you and your dimple smile and your gorgeous voice and that's all i know :D

Aquamarine i love Hyun Bin very much i don't even know how much this love has reached when ever I feel sad he is the only one who can make me smile again seeing his photos or even listening to his songs it looks like living in an imaginary world with him for me he is every thing every one he is my world my dream my heart my breath and my love i love him not just because of him it's also because of me i need him he protect me from every thing from the world even from my self i live off him and with him i love him

jenny ann im totally inlove with him,.. it was only him that i thought of.. bfore and after going to sleep. i keep pushing my husbnd to send me to korea this year and be able to see him in ine of his fan signing,.. he's secret garden is wat i loved most,.. any woman in the world would have dream of such guy,.. love you oppa!!!!!

jamie Nguyen Hyun Bin oppa!!!! I love to see you with Ha Ji Won in next drama..........Please be together. Sharanghe...

Princess Ara G i am one of your super fan of Hyun Bin here in the Philippines. i just want to say that i'm really really miss to see Hyun Bin on a new korean drama.., and i wish it will show here in the Philippines.... :)

jen i miss seeing your face in my laptop this days. i wish you'll make another series. I CANT WAIT. and i love you by the way. sooooooooo much. hyun bin oppa! :*

lea seriously the best actor in the whole korean industry. he's able to naturally portray his roles, yet also be able to throw in his own artistry, leaving a really profound impression for the viewers. really hope to see more.

sega lover i'm ship you with ha ji won!!!!!!!more than you with song hye kyo eventhough i'm not a fanatic fan of ha ji won...because of your chemistry with her in SeGa very perfect! hope you two will act together again..love ra im & joo won..

Fiona I adore Hyun Bin. Those dimples and his voice... Swoon... And he's such a good actor. Love, love, love you!!!

Lily Please please star in a new drama! T_T

Monique Hi Hyun Bin I an just sooooooo totally in love with your acting skills and can't get enough of you ability to sing. (I love a man that can sing) and the song you sang in secret garden 'that man' is. Awesome. I might be unable to sing it in korean but just love it to pieces!! Love you... All the way from Jamaica.

Kirstie Ok. So I just finished Secret Garden for the 4th time since 2011. I cannot get enough of the Hyun Bin dimples. Seen Kim Sam Soon 3 times because I love both of them. Kim Sun-A can do no wrong. Hyun Bin I have a lovely profile photo of you on my cell phone background screens. Although truthfully since watching Good Doctor I now alternate it with the very sexy in a Dr.s white lab coat and surgical scrubs OMG Joo Sang-wook. Insert Huge Sigh. Really I am just particularly fond of men in Dr.s attire. Hyun Bin PLEEEEEEASE do a romantic comedy and play a Dr who only wears scrubs and lab coats the entire series, except for a couple of emotional body shot shower scenes. It will make me happy. It's a good thing. Writers - take note... smiley face smiley face

rosel caro hyun bin oppa..i'm a big fan of yours.the day i saw u you on the drama my name is kim sam soom. i'm really amazed in your acting.. i'm collecting your photos and song..specially your music video in secret garden.since that day i cant help mu self imagining if there is really a man like you..i even dream a lovestory like yours and ha ji won..i really love the way you act ..when you cry...i can feel the pain ..when you smile.i'm happy..thank you for your birth..i'm always following you. my heart melts every times i see you even if its just your picture im seeing,,

im watching all of your movies and drama.. i got touched on a millionaires first love.

i'm going to study hard and then find a job so that i could save money to go in korea to see you in person..that was my only dream in life..but for now i"ll be watching all your movies online..and your face..I LOVE YOU HYUN BIN..GODBLESS..REALLY 10000000000000000X TO SEE YOU..

Leigh I like all Hyun Bin's drama but one movie that got my attention and bowed down i his acting skills is in COME RAIN COME SHINE. It was epic his portrayal in his character was so real that I cant help but remember and feel sorry fro my ex boyfriend. His actions tells it all plus the way he deliver his lines it was prefect acting written all over! Keep it up Hyun Bin Oppa!

Maha HYUN BIN you are my first love.i love you

irellor i hope he can do new dramas before the year ends, secret garden was his last ;-( and it was last 2010

Elzabeth out of all korean male actors Hyun Bin is the best. keep up the good work. l would love to see you acting with Yoon Eun Hye as lovers. believe me your combination will rock.

Kei Li Him and Ha Ji Won are the best :) ☺

Thandy He needs to do a new drama now

mary I happen to chance upon secret garden n m seriously floored by Hyun bins acting skills.i love d characters portrayed by ha ji join n Yoon sang Hyun....luv ths drama.dyng 2 watch snow queen

vera Anyeong haseo....hyun bin oppa.... I like your act....specially in "secret garden" and in "my lovely sam soon"... Its so deeply touching me...and I hope that I can meet you...when you came to indonesia... And I also want to say to you..."thank you for your birth"...... Hyun bin oppa...Happy a wonderfull Birthday...I wishing you all the best.....

hyun bin fan 4ever! hi oppa! welcome back :) i cannot wait to see u in another romantic-comedy... hope u'll do one soon. oppa saranghe! hwaiting!!! <3 <3

mimi i love u soooooooo much

vondora i think you are a great actor,,,,,love your ability to play so many rolls,,,,

juliet you are an amazing actor and your cute when i meet you i will totallly hug you so maybe see you in korea

desiree ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my........... God i am out of words to explain what i feel for HB.I even for a while think am crazy about you...i really loved you in secret garden and My name is sam soon.i just wish to c you one day in person,kkkkk i understand that is not possible but am still holding on to my wish..........i really hope that the Almighty God gives u good health,wisdom and every thing u need in life so that u can keep acting because am sure thats ur passion.i also pray to God that u and HJW"Ha Ji Won fall in love with each other in real life Because i know she can take very good care for u.

your most Loving and crazy fan from Africa Hope to c u in Africa for a project.God be with u.....

Min-young You are a very skilled actor and you have a cute smile. Keep up the good work!

Eun Jung Dear Hyun Bin, You are extraordinarily handsome with a beautiful soul. I love your dramas, films, and you! I am grateful to have had the chance to see you. And I am looking forward to seeing what you do in the future. I wish you the very best! Take care!

Brianna Please have a new drama soon!! I'm glad he returned to the big screen but people here in Cali have to wait for movie to be subtitled/released on the Internet :(

Eun Jung Dear Hyun Bin, I live in the U.S.A. and I’m new to watching Korean dramas. I first saw you in Secret Garden about six months ago. I was very impressed with you in Secret Garden. You are a wonderful actor. After that, I saw you in Snow Queen. That was when you became one of my favorite actors. Later, I saw My Lovely Sam Soon, Worlds Within, and A Millionaire’s First Love. I hope to see all your films and dramas. I have your song, The Man, on my IPad. And I have over 100 photos of you on my computer desktop. Seeing you and hearing your voice brings a peaceful, happy feeling to my heart. Because I liked Snow Queen so much, I purchased that drama. I will probably buy Secret Garden, too. I am really looking forward to seeing King’s Wrath. I wish you continued success and hope for the best in your life. Thank you for choosing to be an actor and sharing your talents. You have brightened my life.

Jessie Hyun Bin o'ppa, see you in korea someday.. I will study & work hard to become a writer & I promise that in future you'll be one of the characters on my story.. :)


You make things posssible..

maryjean one of my favorate actor is back! wohoooooo.... next romantic comedy drama pls!!!! i miss saltik owen hehe.......

Igua I really want to see Hyun Bin Oppa in a period drama. I want to see him doing some martial arts and fighting.

ManilaXIONGSONGKI Hyun Bin!!! I don't know how much I like you ^_^ You're such a wonderful actor...I really like your acting and also keep waiting for your next MV.... I've seen Snow Queen, your moustache also makes me crazier.... Hope to see you next Mv Your sincerely, Manila

christied hyun bin oppa, i think im inlove with you!!!! <3 <3 ohohhohh, i dont know what to say!! eeeeep, aahahh, well, im from africa, never knew why i was in this world until i met you, seriously!! you complete me! your beautiful, your acting is Amazing, ivfkmmkflkdfkm, iiooo, i dont know what to say!!! when you cry, i cry, feeling heartbroken and in pain, when you smile, omagod, my heart melts, i feel like all my pains and sorrows are over, im happy just to see you smile, even if youre just acting a character in a drama or movie. you may not read this message but, i feel like im writting to you, ohgod, im crying of happiness!! ooppah, please dont hate me, but, i love you!!!! and please dont ever feel down, im always by your side rooting for you!! i hope someday, like a stroke of lightning we could meet!! sadly i know that will never happen, but just know that, no matter what people may say, im here, and their critisises cant injure you, evrything im saying and what otheres might aswell, may not elevate you, but know who you are, you are who you choose to be and i will always be here to support you through it all. plus, no matter who i am, or what i do for a living, i will always, and i mean always feel the same!! Hyun Bin Oppa, i seriously, truthfully do love you. :) <3 ( tears of happiness ), ive always wanted to tell you this. <3 oppa, oppa, opaa, ( oh dear, i sound crazy) oppah, i, i love you, im inlove with you! not for your looks, not for your physical appearance, but for, oohh, i dont know. my heart just chose you, i love you! and i dont want to be just one of your fans, i want to be your number one! but i never ever will be able to, but, plz, just know that i love you! dont be too down cause if your down, i will be also, i have a lot of troubles in my life, but you smile and happiness helps me continue the journey in this world so please dont ever stop being happy and smilling, im watching you <3 <3 ! oh, sheez, i sound crazy, but i am crazy for you :)

Dianne Hyun-Bin ... I just finished watching "Secret Garden", and I loved your acting ability so much that I'm here on AsianWiki looking for more movies/dramas you've been in so that I can watch them too! Now that you're back from the Korean Marines, I am hoping that you will make many, many more movies/dramas that we can enjoy. I will follow your career closely and pray that it will be a prosperous one for you. You have been given a precious gift to be able to act in a way that you make the character you're portraying to come alive on the screen in such a believable way. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us who watch you on screen and who wish you all the best. From a new fan from the State of Alabama in the USA.. God bless you!!!

My Name is a Secret! -_^ Oh My Hyun Bin! You are such a wonderful actor! I LOVED "Secret Garden" and the credit goes to the SG team, BUT if the drama is continuing to remain as my most favorite one, its all thanks to you! How I enjoyed watching your performance in the drama I shall only know! Those outstanding dialogue deliveries, remarkable acting... ah I am out of words to praise you man! Better do a wonderful n enjoyable drama/movie like the "SG" again n also ASAP! I am waiting here to encourage you!

Btw, did I tell you that there is no other Korean actor in my knowledge who had created an everlasting impression as you did through that single drama of yours! Hyun Binshi, Aja Aja Fighting!!!

norms hyun bin is a good actor, hope that yoon eun hye and hyun bin have movies or a tv series...

Christy I actually like "Friend, Our Legend"!! Despite, Secret Garden makes me feel all crazy over Hyun Bin; Friend, Our Legend really shows his acting skills!! Love the Dong Su characther! A series that shouldnt be missed!!!

PrimaOptima Just like everyone else who commented, Hyun Bin caught my eye in MNKSS and SG. His movies are a mixture of good and bad ones but his acting is consistent. I absolutely love him. Can't wait for his release!

Maria I was really hooked by the secret garden series. Hyun Bin is awesome and Ha Ji Won is incredible. But I must say what I admired most is the looks of Hyun Bin. You are really handsome and you got the personality:)

Alice The success of sega still mistery until now .ha jiwon and Hyun bin was a good combination best chemistry and hyunbin is a good guy and hajiwon still protect her good image in the industry.she can go more far . I love much ha jiwon of her simple face n Hyun bin charismad was amazing

Alice U have amazing performance in a elevator episode isn't and last elevator episode ur opposite partner was amazing actress she has a great fresh face that can attract to every one even you r face is a great combination with her two of u was had amazing performance in seSega

Melissa Hyun Bin is the best Korean actor :) & also my favorite! I hope he'll be in more Korean dramas because so far, my Summer plans is to watch all the Korean dramas he is in <3 I was surprised to find out that "Late Autumn" was shot in Seattle?? Hyun Bin, you have a Seattle fan right here!! :D

princessmy iLoveYOO....you are one of the best korean actor i have ever laid eyes on....your performance in most of your movies/series are remarkable, yoo played it really well... i am looking forward to see yoo once again in my tv screen with a great drama, and hope yoo will be having another project with yoon hyun hye soon, i love your team up in coffee prince... More power to yoo and GOD BLESS... i hope that i could have chance to meet yoo personally...

glenda Hi there :)

How are you. I hope everything is well. I just want to thank you for giving us (your fan) such a great films / tv series etc. to watch to. watching all of those especially "secret garden" inspires me and my husband. Watching it,gives us fun & joy. You and Ha Ji Won are our favorite (^.^)v. We'll be waiting for your next project. Keep it up.


Lee Shing Hi Hyun Bin, or rather, Mr Kim Tae Pyong, how have you been? I hope everything is well with you. And I also hope that you are enjoying and treasuring every moment you have as yourself, Kim Tae Pyong while you can because once you come back out into the public world again, you will be treated as the outstanding superstar, Hyun Bin, again. Besides, once you resume your acting, you will assume the different roles and not Kim Tae Pyong, anymore. Imagine I am only a drama viewer who have always been drawn into every drama you acted that I have watched, what more for yourself who has to immerse fully in each role. I really hope you can feel comfortable and real as yourself while you can. Wishing you all happiness and good future be with you. Not too sure when I can send message to you again once my honeymoon period (orienration period) in my new job is over. Moreover I would need to spend time with my 2 daughters who will be sitting for their graduating examinations soon. Till we "meet" again, take care.

ariey what can i say??? so mesmerized....no words can describe how much i adore u oppa! luv u so much....even it is imposible..but hope that we can have a fans meeting like oska and gil ra im!! can we oppa????

vivian Hi... I'm miss you. I can't wait for your next project with Ha Ji Won after you military service.. take care of yourself.. Sarang-hae...

loyalfan+1 Waiting for Hyun Bin next project to be in another beautiful and romantic drama with YuRi Sung.

Lee Shing Dear Hyun Bin, I really adore and admire you as a person especially after reading the book,"I Am A Marine". Not only you are good looking and are already known to be very outstanding in your acting skills, but most of all, you are a sincere and truthful person. You are passionate about what you have chosen to do, be it your acting profession or your national service as a marine and ensure that you put in your 100% effort, heart, soul and mind in doing your best. I am very sure that your wish to become a better person when you past out from your national service will definitely materialise. I will give you all the moral support from the far away Singapore and just hope that you will persevere any hardship you face and overcome it but at the same time, take good care of your health. I am now doing self study Korean just like you doing self study for English and Japanese. Hope I can drop you notes in Korean, soon.

Abc Saranghae...u r adorable in secret garden. U r my fav. actor. When'll ur other drama/movie come? I'll b waitin...;-)

RiHanMy What can I say..adore your acting so much..Secret Garden ..makes me want to know you more...looking forward your next drama / movies..of course after you been release from marine ...:)..

Laura Anne Oh my gosh! I've been watching Secret Garden on Netflix, I just stumbled upon it completely by accident and now I've fallen in love with Korean TV! :] I can't stop watching it!!!! Sending you love from United States!!!!

JJ Rousseau Dear Hyun Bin. When you feel down, please remember all the love so many people have for you. My crush on you will go away, but I always wish you the best in life. Thank you for creating dreams where I can hide, that warm my heart and remind me of my hopes.

JJ Rousseau

natazha I think you are a amazing actor. you have me as a special fan from Miami. you are one of the most handsome Korean men I have ever seen in my life. keep being amazing and looking sexy as always... kiss kiss

Dena I wish the producer of "Late Autumn" would release the DVD with English subtitles in a Region All or Region 1 format. You are just the very best actor - just super. It was gorgeous that you filmed this movie in Seattle! I hope you were made very welcome!

Sarah I Don't Like You That Much, You Look Old These Days...Have A Good Life ~~~

letlet saranghae hyun bin... pogoshipo.... joahae.... nanun tangsin ul salanghamnida....

Dianne I just finished watching secret garden and I was amaze on how great an actor you are. Good looks with great talent. I commend on how you imitate Gil Ra Im's character, I hypothetically guessing that it was difficult because it was far different from your character as egocentric and arrogant socialite. It's the first drama I watched, where you are the lead actor. Now after watching series, Im starstruck, lovestruck and obsessed on you. I hope to see you soon on film. You chemistry with Ha Ji Won was phenomenal. You look good working together as a couple. I hope you will end up with each other.

Consus I like Hyun Bin. He is the best when he is teamed up with strong, funny actresses such as Kim Seon Ah and Ha Ji Won where he can play the straight man. I was however, surprised by Secret Garden where both him and Ha Ji Won had take turns to try to imitate each other's characters and this wasn't the first time they acted in the same show. Some of his stuff can be pretty dry and I have found some of his dramas/movies harder to get through.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon will always be my favorite drama. It was the first one I watched and been hooked every since.

nattryso I miss u so much hyun bin. times is so long when u army country i vote to u. good luck for new year. u are good actor and cute and handsome

mariter hi hyun bin, i just watch secret garden this november 2011, and i was amazed with your talent, you are so good... i didn't mind if i haven't slept for almost two days just to watch the whole episode. and i don't want to sleep then for following days till i finished my research about you... you are gifted and very talented. when i heard your version in that man, i tried to get lyrics... and even giving me inspiration on how to learn korean words... thanks for knowing you i am more alive than even before... your pictures is in my walls and i always wanted to sleep and wake up with your song in my ears. God Bless You... try to spend time of the messages that i wrote...

No one could read

Everything you entered into a computer Could be read thru a memory. Everything that you had smelled, touched, eaten, seen and heard Could be stored into your brain that maybe genius people Could read in the future. But the memory of your heart is the only storage that No one could read except God

bye... hope you enjoy reading and merry x'mas.....

Souad not just a pretty face but very good actor too, have a Merry Christmas wish you could come to Britain so we can see you in person

lhöve_öi622 elLöw opPa :) i realLY miSx u .. Ur d oNLY onE who insPiring me a loT ..whenever i have a prob.ur my strength.. everY nighT b4 i gÖ 2 sLip i'lL sPenDing tYm thinking oF u :) i hOpe ur in a 6uD cOndiTion.. teiik ceiir..oLweis sPecialLY in ur miLitarY servìCE..

sARanghaeYo opPa :)
naneun naYe bomiDa ..ek ek:)

narjes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? when will u come back?himhimhimhhim? I miss u........ come back soon!?

jhong lovelove ♥

jhong sarangheyo oppa!

sherly Haiiiiiii..... Hyun Bin Iam from Indonesia ....I adore you since I waching secret garden... Your smile so cute.... I hope you write my massage.... I want know you more close..... Thank you make my live shiny.... I hope you have more succes and always in a good health .....

kim hyun bin i really wish you could read my message and all other messages the truth is as you've started acting I really see your potential and now you are one of the most famous actors all over the world...congratulations HYUN BIN KIM TAE-PYUNG

fan i adore you. although its late i would like to congragulate your birthday. i've missed you so much. wanna watch a new movie or a drama or least a commercial of you. it would better if there was an exception for actors with enlisting army in your country. hoping you're doing well in there. take care...

faith such a god... how could he be so talented and so hundsome at the same time... and also he has a great personality. he is the perfect actor and the perfect guy.

CHIROJ20 hi hyun bin? hope you're doing well. I don't know know if you will have the time to read all our comments in here but I still want to let you know that I'm one of your biggest fan. The first time I saw you in Kim sam soon you're so talented and such a humble person. I wish you good health and a great future ahead of you. You're so lovely and I love your smile.lOVE YOU HYUN BIN. i hope you can reply to my message..

missoury valley I really really like you so more ♥ HYUN BIN ♥

Mirna i like all off about Hyun Bin/Kim Tae Pyung,,, because i'm your true fans...................

mOO-Moo in secret garden, he played kim joo won's funny n naughty side very well. but played the sad kim joo won badly.

Fevy hi hyun bin...i never used to Korean movie/series before...but after i watched tv series "Secret Garden", everything's change...i adore you as an actor, you deliver it impressively!! Never thought that Koreans are romantic too!... GOOD JOB!

siti hallo how are??? i like you

jhonah rhivero miss you hyun bin...

sepandar u are very very beautiful

vivian dear hyun bin,

I hope this would reach you. Before anything else, i wanted to greet you a happy birrhday. Hope that you will enjoy the fun run that will happen exactly on your bday. I hope by the time that you finish your military training, i would be able to come and visit you in korea. i am a filipina woarking in saudi arabia. i am planning to go to korea next year. hope that you will answer us.

i enjoyed watching your secret garden. that the start of my liking about hyun bin. that's why every opportunity i get to watch all your dramas and movies.

i really like you. hope to see you and take care and enjoy your military training.

see you,


Steviandra dear Hyun Bin... you are so cool!! I really like you in Secret Garden! It's a right thing to paired you with Ha Ji Won.. I love her too... It's sad if you're break up with Song Hye Kyo, I think you and her are good combination... because of secret garden, I kinda like to see you with Ha Ji Won... is it possible? hahahaha... ;p anyway, have a good time at your military service... :D

flunaaa Dear Hyun bin .. wish u all the best . i do really miss u , hope ur serving in military end very soon .... mean while i can't help repeating the episode of secret garden u were very very romantic and creative ...

hope join our world again very soon .. am looking to your next project .. all my heart wishes ... best of luck ......

jhonah rhivero me t00 ....i 'am really waiting for you new drama....

alda i always waiting for your new drama,,,,love youuuuuuuuu

jhonah rhivero

P you're so cUte  :) soooo handsome  :D always laugh ........................................................ HHHHHyyyyyUUUUnnnnnn BBBBiiiiiNNNNNNN

tiwi awsomeeeeeeeeeee......was greatfull movie. you are the man hyun bin. i did'nt ever watch the greatest korean movie since i have been watching youu.. the chemistry between you and ha jiwon soo calmly and pretending eternall. hopefully you have a relation with her hahaha.. that's my imagination right?? you're the best,the greatest,talented and charming and humble too. i'm excited to watch your drama soon. come back in hurry from your military school. i'm tiwi from Indonesia suggest you to come to indonesia cause many beautiful places you should know like jeju island..Bali,Lombok,Komodo island and Lake toba...see uuuuu soonnn

Wiwin indonesia Luv U hyun bin back soon.

Agus Sri Dear Hyun Bin, when you are acting in my lovely sam soon i like you. I hope you are in good condition. Take care yourself and please come to Indonesia one day later. Thank you and I'm sorry because I'm not fluently in English. BYE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pampeerme its my first time to see Hyun bin on drama secret garden and i was star struck.. very good and versatile actor.. you made me laugh and cry on this drama, all i can say is THUMBS UP!!! to you and to all the cast.. great series i love it so much :D

Sofue Eventhough I've only seen Hyun Bin act in a cynical cold way (reference to My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden), I ought to say I like his style of acting a lot. In my opinion, it's different from many others actors. I look forward to his further career and hope to be delighted by his acting.



lourdes hi i really admired your cute smile and your eyes the way you look serious. good luck a more power to you always my idol forever.....i kept searching your daily dram and movies especially the latest....even it is korean language i kept doing translate it in english.....thats what i like you most.....have a nice day to you .

always idolizing you, lourdes bunda amistoso...

Anna I like your Style in SG is too Cool...and Ha ji Won is verry "Pretty" Love you both...

steph i love hyun bin so much,,,i love secret garden it seems i can't sleep at night without watching it...i'm addicted to you hyun bin and ha ji won..how i wish you two could be a real couple..you are a perfect match!

winnie lyn he's really handsome and good looking! he's my inspiration since 2005 and now, it became deeper because of secret garden..... i really love that tv show and hyun bin-ha ji won loveteam... :-) <3

kimmyprilfelicitas ur not jst an ordinary kdrama actor oppa...ur extraordinary,,though its my first time to watch u in secret garden..i go gaga,,looking for ur movies and other dramas...u r definitely one of a kind,,u make me kilig even with that eccentric and arrogant look in SG..u rule hyeon bin oppa!tc alwaysz..nd saranghae unjaena,unjaena!


Marchaey You are the greatest Korean actor for me... While watching you act in that drama (Secret Garden) I was falling and madly in love with you. You were not a knock out looker per se but you got that aura that makes one's heart stop! I wish I could meet you someday. I really envy the girls you kissed. Keep doing movies although the rating may be low remember that in the world you cannot please everybody. Just love your craft because there are lots of us who will truly love you no matter. I just finished watching World's Within although the subtitles was bad nevertheless I just piece the stuff to understand your movie and it gives me goosebumps! It was a good story and different from lots of typical lovey naive Korean movie. You two really does hit it off. I can sense the chemistry when you two kissed! WOW! I'll just buy another one of you movies next time and fall in love with you all over again and again! OXOXOXOXO

p Does anybody know if he has (or another korean actors) his own page in facebook? . I mean his page not his fans' page. please tell me if you know.

lhovez_o22 ...hey oPpa..Im lovely oNe oF ur Fan here in pHiL.Your such a man i've dreameD en waiting for.I like u in secret garden as kim joo won.U insPire me a loT.Ur d oNli aCtor who make me falL in love.

Wish u luck opPa:)
i love u..ur my everything.

love ...hi opPa.I'll never thought how it is done.I'm just woke up in d morning and i realized that i am simply falling inlove w/ u.Maybe im just dreaming of u everytime i watch secret garden.I even care about u en ha-ji won.I know u have a millions-millions of fans i hope u can read this. I want 2 see u.Pls.come here in phil. Thanks 4 insPiring me also.


p BEST ACTOR EVER. Best is'nt enough for you. I like you sooooooo much. You are handsome cute beautiful charming & lovely. I like you in Secret Garden & Lovely Sam-Soon. I like you too. I like Hyun Bin more than Kim Joo-Won. You are the best.

CAROL hyun bin, quiza nunca veas esto, pero me pregunto porque tenias esa mirada triste al ingresar con los marines, tu tienes una mirada hermosa, una sonrisa encantadora, una carrera grandiosa y un futuro maravilloso porque alguien como tu, hace esto? porque buscar sufrimiento voluntariamente, no lo entiendo?. Sobra decir lo maravilloso que pareces ser y si quieres tener una amiga en colombia y ver lo hermoso de mi pais, escribe, por ahora cuidate mucho.친구

hyun bin, you may never see this, but I wonder why you had that sad look upon entering the Marines, you have a beautiful look, a lovely smile, a great career and a wonderful future for someone like you doing this? voluntarily seek suffering because I do not understand?. Needless to say how wonderful you seem to be and if you want a friend in Colombia and see the beauty of my country, he writes, for now Take care. 친구

Shakira Hey man! miss you!

ezgi watching such a perfect actor is very nice. TURKEY love HYUN BIN very much, too. keep on your excellence forever!!

altctrl Wow, have not watch him act since My Name Is Kim Sam-soon ( It's my favorite kdrama), felt his acting has went up to another level in Secret Garden. His comedy timing is really great,it felt very natural, like it was a dance. His Kim Joo-Won is really charismatic. Not just the funny part, he really moved me in one particular scene, where he was crying hysterically. I normally felt crying scene felt very typical,unnatural, but he really broke my heart with that cry. It felt so painful that it scares me. I am really anticipating his future work,

dee u'r so cute and a romantic guy. i'm exciting to see u.. do you know i'm one of million u'fans from indonesia.In my dream i hope kiss you like in the secret garden. I love u Oppa..

veron i think i fall with SECRET GARDEN.. oppa your so handsome ..

veron i teally love SECRET GARDEN hyun bin acts so funny.. i like their love team ... i really wish i am ha ji won.. just kdding!

i wish they could be a real life partner.. how i really wish!

sevenkaay this is the first time time I watch you acting in Secret Garden drama. and after that, I really wanna watch other movies and dramas you were acting before. you are so attractive! :D

aikaloja i love secret garden

Khanum Perhaps I would b da 1st pakistani to c0mment. I admired the character u played in secret garden!

park seo rin that secret garden drama was so great,,, I wonder if it can happen in real life

joebelmae hi . hyun bin i really like the way you smile and the way you carry yourself. Secret Garden inspire me a lot especially with my work. I watch you from the start since kim sam soon. You really grown to be a man who can make any woman inlove.Stay the same as always and stay humble . I love You Hyun bin and also Hai ji Won .. Take care.

adlene ILOVE YOU HYUN BIN :*****

Michelle Hey, you need to marry me soon!! If you're not going to marry me, you will be responsible if I die. I'm sick..sick of loving you.. By the way, I only have 4 years to go before 25, so you better marry me now before I get too old. Don't you know that I'm your soulmate? Hurry up!!

Gracie Hope this sort of connection, communication can be real. It's always just one sided where fans can just sit from afar and gaze, longing that one day.. just one day. Please make my dreams come true. I've never joined any Fan Club and this is my first. Best Wishes.. Grace

Gracie Hyun Bin.... i know i am just one in your million fans. But I happy that I can now get to say...............I LOVE YOU.. here.

U're my FAVOURITE Actor, I can't get enough of you. I love your smile, you leave alot of impressions on me whenever I watch your movies. I first got to know u in Kim Sam Soon.

I went to Jeju last year in Dec..and was so happy and excited to see you in Secret Garden featuring on TV. Througout my trip,I longed to go back to hotel and catch your show. I was hopeful that you'd be around somehow. I felt sad that I didn't get to see you at the place where there's a windmill in the back ground, in the movie u were all sit at the table chatting with Oscar and Ha Ji-Won, I was there but it was after the filming...geez I missed it.

I want to know you more and see you in real person. Come to Singapore..I can bring you around.

I wish you all the very Best in all you do. Please eat more..you look run down in Secret Garden..eventhough so u're still my BEST!

I want to join yr Fan Club, pls let me know if there's one. u take good care ya! (^ ^) MMUUCK!

MimiLOVEhyunBin Though I got a stuff nose right now because of you, and watching Secret Garden. It is just undeniably worth watching for, it was GREAT!!!! I can't get enough watching it over and over and over again, you and Ha Ji Won just look terrific together. Hope you too will be a real lovers in real life!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

mOonaah hyun bin!!! ur so handsome... keep up the goodwork!!! what happen between you and song hye-kyo??? ur both good looking!!! gosh!!! ILOVEU!!! keepsafe and godbless!!!! mwuaahh!!!!

fhevi i look forward for more like secret garden..

fhevi i fall in love in secret garden..truly, love works in the most magical way....

oshien out of my obsession to him!! i created a song just for you!!!!!!!Love ya

badette i got crazy about hyun bin..a lot ;P i watched a couple of his movies and i like it. . i'm sad and happy at the same time because he's serving at the army well, which is mandatory but i'm so happy because before he left, he did a job well done because of SeGa(secret garden). take care of yourself. .make good movies. .stay handsome!! :DD saranghe, oppa. . ! fighting!! :DD

Cahlil I hate 'Secret Garden' for being too damn good!... too good that I had to watch all it's Episodes in 3days!.. I hate it for making me look stupid/crazy.. one moment I'm laughing so hard, next thing I'm crying like a baby... I've even done both at the same time! But I hate it the most for making me admire you so much!.. Gosh I can't get over you!!!

Promise "OPPA"

Hyun Bin you're great! and has a very nice profile, he captures my heart even if Im not a Korean fanatics, Secret Garden is really his best, his acting performance makes me really cry a river and loves him as well....Hope he can visit Manila and makes a movie also...God bless Hyun Bin and makes more outstanding performance! love you.

Promise Hyun Bin is great! and has a very nice profile, he captures my heart even if Im not a Korean fanatics, Secret Garden is really his best, his acting performance makes me really cry a river and loves him as well....Hope he can visit Manila and makes a movie also...God bless Hyun Bin and makes more outstanding performance! love you.

Peach When Secret Garden was being promoted in GMA7 as soon-to-be-released the next big Korean series, I go WHAT? I'm not going to watch this. But nevertheless, I got curious about this drama that I glimpsed on it on the first day of showing. I was so thrilled with the first day of airing that I promised to watch on its second day. Now I'm so addicted with the story because all the cast have superb acting prowess and the script is so unique and amazing. I am already finish watching the series through YouTube( it just finished its first week airing on TV) cause I can't wait any longer. I spent a whole roll of bathroom tissue just wiping my tears and blowing my nose. It is the best Korean ending I've ever watched!!! Now I'm ordering the complete DVD series abroad and I will share this to my friends and relatives so they can watch it too. Kudos to Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won for their excellent performance and to the director and scriptwriter and the entire crew, I raise my hats to all of you! Congratulations!

Lusia Well... been repeating your "Secret Garden" for third times now. It's a very unique kind of romantic comedy that i wouldn't get bored of. Hope you'll choose Jakarta to be one of your fans-meeting someday *^_^*

Mylene Hi Hyun,

I never thought that this movie, Secret garden would be this fascinating. From Episode 1-20, boy! you won't afford to missed.. Every single word counts, every scene is remarkable. So intense!I love both of you with Ha Ji-Won.. great match... Keep it up co'z you are great. Love you guys! You made me laugh, cry and feel younger. Little mermaid.....Mwuah! God bless guys... SG-2,, please!!!!

Kimut From all korean actors, I admired only two. Bae Yong Jun and Song Il Gook. Now, it becomes three. Yes, I admire you now.

Trully, at first I only know you as Hye Gyo's boy friend who was less popular than your ex lover. Im sorry that i was wrong at all. Watching your acting at Secret Garden, I wonder that your acting is perfect. No actor will fit as you do. The role is merely only for you. Thanks to Jang Hyuk that he could not take this role due his schedule. I hope your action will be improved after you finish your military service. Gooooooddd job, Hyun Bin.

Inu_Ella Hi Hyun! I was really impressed by your performance in Secret Garden, I was even more impressed when I saw you singing :) You are a great actor! ... and serving military is even more impressive for me :) I can imagine you are a really great person :) Keep going with the good work and take good care of yourself!!! You're the B3ST!!! Inu_Ella Romania

Liena Hi Hyun Bin oppa... i like u so much... u did a great job in secret garden..i really love it... please give me the secret garden 2 with Ha Ji won...pleaseee... i really love it...u are so adorable and so handsome.... keep it up oppa... thanx

millyn hello hyun bin! ur such a great actor.keep it up! we'll be waiting 4 u while ur still doing ur military service.. i'm really addicted to secret garden ,,in fact, im still watching it over and over again. i really love d way u act and carry ur role as kim joo won,, u also have good chemistry with ha ji won.. hope to see u soon.. God bless!

lizzmaa saya suka dgn akting mu yg bgitcu natural dan mbuat q terhanyut.......

qoem2 you're one of my korean actor, can't hardly wait for the next 2 years, after you finish your military service.. stay healthy. But why you're so skinny now??

Deasy Well....actually..i hope...you...Hyun Bin...can read this one day..and please come to Indonesia...for me...this is the first time i like an actor not only because of the look..but i mainly love your acting....i know u serve the military and you will come back next year...It's gonna be tough becoz...there will be no more drama of you in it this year. Before going to the office, i always watch your drama first..becoz somehow it can make me cheerful all day. If someone asks me to choose between you and Brad Pitt...I'd say 99,9% YOU!!!! (0,01% for BP) hehhehehehe....u r an actor that i give 4 thumbs up !!!!!

Daisy I'm so totally addicted with secret garden, I like the chemistry between Ha Ji-won and hyun bin. I hope they fall in love with each other for real and like the drama- get married, have 3 kids, yet still love each other deeply. I will be following these two for a very very long time.

theresia maybe i'm just another fan,,,i am from Indonesia,and i love the way u act, the character u took...i love your good english also,,,not so many oriental actors or actresses having a good english speaking....i don't your real life run, but i just could say that i love the character u played in secret garden,,,like cha seung won in city hall, goong yo in coffee prince....your series affected me a lot even when i am in my office,,da*n...LoL i just gotta tell u that korean drama has a huge fans in Indonesia, many local televisions play korean dramas....so keep doing great things,,,good luck Hyun Bin,a lot admiring you....regards for Indonesia...Jesus bless you always...

quỳnh anh "oppa" the first time I saw you is in drama" my name is Kim Sam Soon", and that is the moment I like you.and now there is "Secret garden" .Your face, your smiley, your behavior of course, just in the drama, but I think you are like that in the real life. wish to see you face to face,even once time. wish you happy and successful in your life and your works.

may Dear Hyun Bin

i wish we will see each other in Korea. wishing i could visit your country soon. i really love secret garden. i hardly sleep at night just to finish watching the dvd. i cant take you off my mind. im always listening to the movie's ost. You are the best !

you take care !

lee an tan OPPA u must do another drama, i dont think i can survive without watching ur dramas for 21 months =[ good luck oppa!

Misugalz "Hyun Bin, u have such sweet smile and eye combination" Waiting your next movie!!

esin öztürk Ilove you him hyun bin Ilove you

ckhay... Have a great life....and Hope You'll be NO.1 actor in the future....Love u!

ckhay... Hi Hyun BIn! How r u? Hope ur doing great after the success of Secret Garden...Hope U make another 1 with Ha Ji-Won because u 2 have a great chemistry ,I adored u both,such a great acting ....U can both make ur Fans love u and support u all the way....I'm your fan now ...Love 2 join Ur Fan club but went 2 ur Website but ITs in Korean ,hope U make a site with English Translation for us to join pls...Take care always and wish u A great Future A head of U....be humble always,healthy and stay handsome coz Ur Fans will always be there for U...Hope 2 meet U someday if destiny will allow...I'm visiting South Korea for next year for a holiday till then I'll be watching ur movies and Series here in Australia...Hope u visit Australia 2 for a holiday...Come 2 Melbourne City I'll be ur Tour guide...I will pass ur taste to be ur Tour guide....Take care and hope to meet U 1 Day...C me in ur dreams..its all I can hope for....Peace for Korea...ckhay....Kiss from me to you.....

Amel Hyun Bin,

Your acting in Secret Garden is awesome. The scene when you are dying in the car and elevator made me as a viewer also feel the sickness. Some romantic scenes with Ha Ji Won also made me feel that love's in the air. Ahahaha,,,

Good luck for your 2-years military,,, Waiting for your next drama after 2 years,,,

Cheers, Amel

maanne so love hyun bin ever since kim sam soon,, and now secret garden.. saranghamida hyun bin..

tifflolany Very great actor... VERY HOT ACTOR LOL. seriously, im praying for secret garden 2 =D

esin öztürk I LOVE HİM İN SECRET GARDENI guess romantic comedy is his forte for when it's romantic comedy it received high rating.. so sad that secret garden will finish soon ...

snow hyun bin is clever son.His parents are good luck.If I were reborn, I would like to be his girlfriend...

girl all the best Hyun Bin.u did a great work.keep it up.i really enjoy the secret garden drama.

Hununle You are the best, great actor.

Tri Susanti Hyun Bin Oppa....LIKE U a LOT, Always Success for you, Saranghamida :)

Withney Oppaa Youre the Best of the BESTEST. & i saw u in my Drean Todayy , God Promisee Teheehee.!

Withney Awww. Hyun Bin Oppa, You're Perfectt. Marry me eh? hehehehehe

Hafous I gotta admit that u r a very damn good actor! After watching secret garden I just knew that u must have worked so hard, great job. You're also very handsome <3

sarah YOU ARE THE BEST. Most beautiful actor in the world :p You are very very cute.

Andrea 현빈 너무 너무 멋져요^^You are my favourite korean actor,I'm a huge fan....love u so much 현빈 완전 좋아요......Lots of kisses from Andrea

khayyly his been in such amazing dramas and movies. he is a very talented actor! Ive seen almost all his work and his definitely one of a kind =)

EunNa Hyun Bin looked best in Kim Sam Soon, I fell in love with him since then. Just started watching Secret Garden, he looks so skinny now D: But he's still soooo cute ^^

cyral hyun bin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much,i wish we have a part 2 of secret garden,dont joint the military plsssssssssssssssss,keep up the good work in take care alwys,

liz You are a very good actor. You are my favourite. Thanks for bring and making the Secret Garden a touching and lovely show... good job and cant wait for your new show.

liz I love your actiong. 1st time watch your show which is the Secret Garden.. fell in love with you. You are a good actor. I will sure miss you.. Keep up the good work and take care.

shery OMG .. so after SECRET GARDEN hyun bin will enter the military ... sad sad sad... i will not see him for two years ... I love him in SECRET GARDEN... I guess romantic comedy is his forte for when it's romantic comedy it received high rating.. so sad that secret garden will finish soon ...

suzie I love Hyun Bin

suzie As an American, I have become hooked/obsessed w/Korean actresses/actors, particularly the male. My latest obsession is Hyun Bin. He's a very good comedic actor. Keep up the good work, you're very handsome and I can't get enough of you.

JenJen Kim Hyun Bin,

Your acting skills are great. I love secret garden. You're so cute and adorable. I also love your dimples!

genthu Dear Hyun Bin, I just want to congratulate you on your awesome performance in secret garden. Your role in secret garden is so damn awesome and you perfectly fitted the role..All the best for your future career. Way to go Hyun Bin :)

Muriel i totally respect your acting hyun bin. whatever role you play you always seem to give your all and it shows in the dramas. your acting skills are undeniable. looking forward to see you in more dramas.

sa You are very cute & sweet. You have beautiful smile. You are very nice actor.

aiba I loved him in "My name is Kim Sam Soon", great drama.

cimut he look old when he was young, but now his very cute...@_*

tan i love him!!! very outstanding actor.. =)

$hruti U r a great actor & one of my favourite. m ur great fan.

NightLizard I love his acting, I was crying so much watching "A Millionaire's First Love" all because Hyeon Bin! ^^ He was fantastic in this movie!

He is one of my favorite actors and he is very handsome too. :)

행운을빌어 !!!

ayunda you are a good actor... have a cute smile...love u so much i'm a huge fan...

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