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Song Hye-Kyo @ 2011 BIFF
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  • Name: Song Hye-Kyo
  • Hangul: 송혜교
  • English Name: Lorraine Song
  • Birthdate: November 22, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 161cm
  • Blood Type: A


Song Hye-Kyo made her debut as a model, becoming the winner of a school uniform model competition at the age of 14.

She then played the character of a cute and clumsy student in the SBS hit sitcom "Sunpong Sanbuingwa" (1998), but failed to make a lasting impression among fans.

Song finally made it big starring in KBS2' "Autumn in my Heart" with Song Seung-Heon in 2000 and "All In" with Lee Byung-Hun in 2003. The dramas' popularity soared not only in Korea, but also abroad including Japan, Taiwan and Europe, and Song finally became one of "Korea's sweethearts."

Although Song Hye-Kyo's big-screen career has not met as much commercial success she is not afraid take on new challenges. She appeared in the U.S. horror film "Make Yourself at Home" in 2008 and was going to appear in the Chinese film "1949," but the movie was canceled by director John Woo.

She dated Hyun-Bin, her co-star from Worlds Within....... Not romantically involved during filming, the two had kept in touch after the drama ended and they started dating in June 2009. Hyun Bin's being away for the filming of Friend, Our Legend in Busan reportedly made the two realize they were in love. On March 8, 2011, both Hyun and Song's talent agencies confirmed that they have broken up in early 2011.

In 2011 she filmed the movie La Quotidienne which will be released later in the year. The film is about a documentary producer who loses her fiancé and a deserted genius girl.

Song Hye Kyo has been considered Korea's most beautiful woman. In 2010 she was ranked #18 in The Annual Independent Critics List[1] of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces.


  1. Read Q&A for movie "A Reason To Live" with Song Hye-Kyo, Nam Ji-Hyun and director Lee Jeong-Hyang (from movie's press conference at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).
  2. Song Hye-Kyo published book "Hye-Kyo's Time" ("Hye Kyo-ui Shigan") on August 30th, 2012. The book contains essays and photos revealing things about her daily life: what she likes, eats, and spends her time. The book also reveals Song Hye-Ko thoughts and her past.
  3. Her real birthdate is November 22, 1981. Her registered birthdate is February 26, 1982.


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atul Since the day i saw your drama 'that winter the wind blows' i become a great fan of you and your are the cutest actress for so obsessed about your dramas and movies that all my friends now calls me was a university student studying spanish but i've changed my coursework from spanish to korean.....i wish i could meet you in real life.......god bless you with a lot of success and happiness :-)

Saltanat looking forward to see you in a new drama! Hopefully soon, in 2015

Mr no problem I think, she is a miracle.

Rachel Mae wish i could see you someday!!

MEANNE I can't wait to watch you again in TV Drama, hopefully with leeminHo!! You look good together , such a perfect chemistry,!!!

conniekunti i love your acting.. your face is beautiful.. one of the beautiful woman in Asia... cant wait to see ur next drama.. :*

Ron I am an American male and have started watching Korean drama's. Even though I do not understand the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows... Song Hye-Kyo played her part with great passion and feeling. She made this series successful. She is not only beautiful...but talented. I really hope to see more of her in the future. Great job Lorrainne and God bless!

juliet Idol I love you so much I hope and pray you will have a drama before this year end congrats to your successful movie my brilliant life.take care always and godbless

Sonia Miss Lorraine Song you are amazing and a very talented actress. You always make me lough and cry. Your movies and TV series always leave a great inspiration. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in TV and the big screen! God Bless!

ashani...sri lanka i watched full are actress in korea.☆☆☆♥ u!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ wish you success in your forward life.good bye.

juliet am really impressed of being a very strong woman of you my beautiful idol song hye kyo,i love you very much,,,may your current movie will make a box-office,,,am song hye kyo forever

alice hay how are you song hye -kyo

Ace F. >> So uncool that the site allows duplicates entries, so please accept my apology fellow readers, and administrator of asianwiki... Please delete this post and one of my other previous post that's doubled-up from a "505 error msg" when posting. Again, sorry for the accidental-duplicate posts.... :/ -- Sincerely, Ace

Ace F. >> Song Hye-Gyo is a very dynamic and daring actors in that she wisely understood that with her God given gifts of acting and natural crowd-pleasing-beauty she was given from above, she's no fool to not take advantages of those assests while she's young to hone and develop her acting credentials to its fullest potential. And her desires is to display her artistic crafts, not just for making a living out of it. Most other Asian actors are vying for roles within what made them first popular, like rom-coms or dramas and stick to more works that promotes their celebrity status within that "safe zone" of their own respective local native country. SHK chose variety of works that aren't too similar from the ones she did before to test and hone her gifts and acting range, which she knew, felt and recognized within herself to have. But mostly she knew that acting industry in Korea is still young and still growing, so the choices of roles for asian actors within their own country is few and far in between, as far as 'quality' projects available goes. She was so well received, along with Rain(Bi), in "FH"( after "AIMH") all over Asia from 2004 that she used that "international fan interests" on her to later try "Hwang Jin-Yi", which she won over other famous asian actresses to play. She won BestNewActress2007Award for playing well that female lead role. It doesn't matter that the movie itself wasn't good in reviews or box-office or both, but it did matter that her own performance in those roles she took in say, "Fetish", or "Hwang Jin-Yi", and a few other movie roles were well performed to what she knows is within her "gifts" of acting ability. By her many interviews, she seem to indicate her priority in her twenty-thirty life right now is between her mom and her taking on challenging roles that as varied and different as the colors of the rainbow or between low and high notes in music. Who would have time in an artist's shoes as hers to find someone that's willing to put up with her international travels and crazy schedule demands and settled to get a few minutes or hrs in a month crumbs of her time for romance?? >> So for now, her Mom, her professional and volunteer works, and her few close friends in and out of her acting business all whom accept, understand, and support her is all she has time and energy for. Am pretty sure of that. Romance relationship may and will have to wait...for now... especially when the fans and anti-fans (mostly asian fans) can be uninvited personal-life-reviewers relishing the future day when her personal life and love interests are both under their fiendish-fickle-fan-fetish microscope! >> Do your best, Miss Song Hye-Gyo, and 'break a leg' in all your current and future acting project performances!

Teena SHK, she's that type of petite beautiful girl with beautiful breasts. Are they real bcz it's really strange for an Asian girl to have that big huge breast. ANyways, they were so beautiful when she did the baby song on Full House. My brothers were watching her and just ooohhhing and moaning and I asked, what's going on with you guys, and they said, my what gorgeous breasts...That is why I'm asking this question

Natsu SHK, Drama with Lee Min Ho or Gong Yoo Please!!!!!

sara she's so beautiful, i hope to see her in a drama with lee jun ki

flor Hello, now I'm officially a fan of SHK ;)

I love her after I watch "full house"

Natsu Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't she look like Han Yoo Joo? On my opinion they're like sisters. They are both very beautiful!

Instantly Full House became one of my most favorite Korean Drama of all time after watching it, Hye Kyo's acting is so natural and lovely without even trying to.

Sienna SHK's beauty is timeless. She's the Korean version of Katharine Hepburn! Really elegant. Love her on TWTWB. I could not take my eyes off her face. She's just gorgeous. There are gazillion beautiful Korean women, but she has this big "IT" factor that separates her from others. I don't exactly know what that "it" factor is, but I'm sure I am not alone in my admiration of this gorgeous and talented actress. SHK forever!

Sienna Since I just discovered SHK months back while channel-surfing the Filipino Channel, I can simply say her beauty is timeless. She was already gorgeous on Full House 2004. Now that she's in her early 30's, that beauty remains intact. She is so elegant. She's like the Korean Katharine Hepburn. She is the first Korean actress I have ever known. I am not familiar with Korean celebrities except of course RAIN and recently Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin who I just discovered more recently. I love SHK and JIS in TWTWB. I hope they team up again. Whoever SHK's love interest in a movie or TV screen, I am okay with that. As long as she's in it, I'll watch. SHK forever!

risma Hope that some day song hye kyo could be together with so in sung.hope that they will falling in love n married.i love their acting in THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS..

juliet i am a tremendous fan of song hye gyo,,,i really love her versatility in acting,,,she has the most beautiful face and i admired her so much,,,my life is complete when i saw her in the tv screen,,,i was much happy when i found out that her co-star in worlds within was her real boyfriend hb,,,in fact i am big fan of them too,,they are really a perfect couple but i was sad then when i heard their relationship was ended,,,but anyway i believe that when god destine them in the future i think they get back in each other arms.but idol hye gyo i am sincerely your great fan and i really want to see you in person but it is just in dream only what matters to me i can see your amazing beauty on tv.i hope and prayed you and hyun bin will be working again i am longing to see you both on screen again in the future....and i fermently praying that you and hyun bin will be back together again as real couple,,,if ever not hope both of you will be a good friends again in the future,,,i love you hye gyo,,,godbless and good luck to your career and love,,,fighting,,,

Sienna Hello, I happened to come across Song Hye Kyo's and RAIN's FULL HOUSE months ago on GMA Network in the Philippines. The last episode was shown just 2 weeks ago. I did not realize that this show was 10 years old! Then I found all the episodes dubbed in my dialect via You Tube. Well, I got hooked and I think I've been watching it via YT 5X already. This is my first time to watch a Korean dramedy. I became a fan of SHK and Bi RAIN overnight! They're a little older now, but SHK really looks so beautiful, and Bi RAIN has matured since. I hope to see both of them on the small screen or better, big screen. I've watched Bi RAIN's Ninja Assassin before I discovered FULL HOUSE. Good luck to both of them. I hope SHK finds a long-lasting relationship with a man who will love, care and respect her.

Tina Really love the tandem with song hye kyo. I really hope they act again in a drama or movie together. They are so lovable together

Just love I will support her sons and daughters too, Because I am a man who love everthing that be Song Hye Kyo (not just her face but love her mother and like her dramas too).

I hope Hye Kyo will has a lot of babies that lovely like her, i will try to like your couple, And I still love Hye Kyo ten years from now, I love you since Fullhouse2004 and i cry with you in That Winter, The Wind Blows2013. i search you in google 10 times a day ^ ^

naomi What are you guys talking about,where from all this names, please of all this guys y've mentioned which one of them would be a good fit. For SHK,definately Bi(rain).I never knew Bi(rain) untill

fullhouse and ever since I have been a Great fan of bikyo, I just loooooove them soo much.

Maya Eleria Hi, I also love song hye kyo and with hyun bin.I think they are a perfect couple..Hope they can talk and patch things up together.They cannot please anybody no matter what they do. Just need to give each other quality time to make it work this time.They are both financially stable so why overwork and lose each other.Don't be pressured by other people,I'm sure your true and loyal fans will surely accept and understand your love for each other.What matters most is your love and time for each other. May your love for each other be stronger than your fears and pressures.Just given a chance to talk ,I think they will reconcile.After their relationship,both of them did'nt have any attachment to anybody. Money cannot buy true happiness.Just fix your schedule ahead of time so that you'll be present during your birthdays,anniversaries,etc.It's normal for a couple to sacrifice for the one they truly love.hope when she comes back to korea after the presscon of The Crossing,you'll find time to talk with each other.I'll pray for both of you.May God Bless Both of you with a forgiving,loving and humble heart. Please forgive each other's shortcomings. Nobody is perfect. Loving and Forgiving is the true meaning of Easter.hope you'll make a movie,drama togetherI.I really love and miss both of you.stay in love with one another.

Maya Eleria Hi,I also love song hye kyo but with hyun bin.I think they are a perfect couple..Hope they can talk an patch things up together.They cannot please anybody no matter what thy so.just need to give each other quality time to make it work this time.They are both financially stable so why overwork and lose each other.Don't be pressured by other people,I'm sure your true and loyal fans will surely accept and understand your love for each other.What matters most is your love an time for ech other.Money cannot buy true happiness.Just fix your schedule ahead of time so that you'll be present during your birthdays,anniversaries,etc.It's normal for a couple to sacrifice for the one they truly love.hope when she comes back to korea after the presscon of The Crossing,you'll find time to talk with each other.I'll pray for both of you.May God Bless Both of you with a forgiving,loving an humble heartPlease forgive each others shortcomings. Loving and Forgiving is the true meaning of Easter.hope you'll make a movie,drama togetherI.I really love and miss both of you.stay in love with one another.

Mira Wow I just heard Kyo has received a movie proposal from PD Kim oops sorry forgot her name, with working title 'House full of happiness' but it is yet to confirm.So for now we need to wait whether she accepts it or not in the coming days. Meanwhile, Kyo is still filming MPL opposite Kang Dong Won and it is scheduled to release on Sept. 8, 2014, Choseok day in Korea.

gelidz hello...I am a big fan of SONG HYE KYO since when I was on grade school...I was fascinated then with her charm when I saw her first in T.V undoubtedly she's not just an actress with looks but then a versatile actress as I was hooked viewing her dramas... she's one of my ultimate crush then.... Her recent korean drama TWTWB was a big come back for her as she exemplify an unusual role as blind person..Indeed she was definitely then grab prestigious awards... Hopefully this year and many years to come., she can have lots of dramas and movies.particularly a comedy one..just like the big hit korean drama FULL HOUSE...I would prefer if her leading man in a comedy drama is Kim Ji Hoon since as I have watch KJH in some of his drama he exemplify a great humor in comedy..The way SHK and KJH portrays their roles as comedy actress and actor seems similar and has a cute chemistry in same way....i hope they would given a chance to work as a couple in a certain drama or movie perhaps...

Mira I want Song Hye - Kyo works with Lee Min-Ho (Min-Ho's ideal woman), Lee Dong - Wook, So Ji - Sub, Kwon Sang-Woo and Won Bin (Reunion) soooooo freaking baaaddd!!! Hope she returns in k drama land this 2014 despite being busy with 2 movies The Crossing and My Palpitating Life . In 2012, Song Hye - Kyo was in talks to do comeback on small screen with working title ' Bicha" . In upcoming k drama list 2014, I saw Bicha and still pending in highlighted red mark which means no definite confirmed details until now, but I still in a high hopes it will push through soon. Anyway, Goodluck to her movies! I wish you nothing but the best and find Mr.Right (If SHK and Hyun Bin get back together, It will say yes to me as long as she is happy to that man"s arms again) .

Mira I want Song Hye - Kyo works with Lee Min-Ho (Min-Ho's ideal woman), Lee Dong - Wook, So Ji - Sub, Kwon Sang-Woo and Won Bin (Reunion) soooooo freaking baaaddd!!! Hope she returns in k drama land this 2014 despite being busy with 2 movies The Crossing and My Palpitating Life . In 2012, Song Hye - Kyo was in talks to do comeback on small screen with working title ' Bicha" . In upcoming k drama list 2014, I saw Bicha and still pending in highlighted red mark which means no definite confirmed details until now, but I still in a high hopes it will push through soon.

yookgyo song hye kyo is my no.1 idol since i was 5 years old! because im always watching full house... she's really beautiful!!! and until now i reallylove her!!

                                                                       fighting unnie!!!!!!!!!!!

MinSong couple In 2015,I wanna see Lee Min Ho with "Song Hye Kyo"in a drama with an ORIGINAL,refreshingly new & exciting script. As Lee Min Ho has said in his interview,"Song Hye Kyo" is his ideal girl.So I'm shipping MinSong couple.He also would like to work with her. :))

chocoholic chubby girl I ONLY have two favorite Korean actresses! :) 1- "Song Hye Kyo" is so BEAUTIFUL & GIFTED actress. She is a born actress without doubt!! 2- "Park Bo Young" is so cutey doll face actress with brilliant acting aptitude!

I REALLY REALLY wanna Lee Min Ho oppa to act alongside "Song Hye Kyo" in a drama!! Lee MinHO once said in his interview that "Song Hye Kyo is his ideal girl & he would like 2 work with her". I keep my fingers crosses! ^ ^

winnie Hello SHK. remebering Full house, the very first korean drama i watched and still my best drama ever.I love seeing you together with Rain and somehow wishing you will be romantically involved. I'm sad though that your relationship with Hyun Bin did not last long. You're the best for me, the most beautiful. I'm watching That Winter. . for the 3rd time now . . will surely be glad to hear news of you with JO In Sung

Dondon V. Indeed, Hye Kyo is one of the best. I hope she could live her busy life to the fullest. I’d love to meet her personally but it seems it’s quite far beyond I can reach. I’d just reverie that somehow it will come to pass. Ganbatte ne Unnie….fighting!

Ron Lim Song Hye-Kyo your beauty enthrals me whenever you appear on-screen. Your pure beauty and graceful acting in " That Winter the Wind Blows" has made me your No.1 fan. Please let your devoted fans see more of you with greater exposure on tv but do not lose that lovely smile!

Bechay I hope song hye kyo and song seung hyun will have another romantic comedy or drama series together

Patricia I love Song Hye-Kyo and her acting is faultless. She's is very calm throughout all her Dramas. Her acting skill makes everyone who watches feel as though they are personally connected with her... I only feel sad that she does not have someone who loves and care for her eternally,, as I her Dramas...i hope and pray she will find her life partner soon and be happy in the future. She deserves all the best in life., good luck SHY!

What You were amazing in That Winter, The Wind Blows!

Prescilla Congratulations for winning the best actress award for That Winter The Wind Blows.

lane happy birthday girl..^_^.. wish you to have a good health and more movies and drama so i can watch you again..:)..

Marjan MinOoZ "Song Hye Kyo" is my favorite actress!! She really is beautiful & she also acts brilliantly!! I am minoz,Lee Min-Ho's dedicated fan!! Lee Min-Ho Oppa has said in one of his interviews that "Song Hye Kyo" is his dream girl & he admires her most!!! :))) I hope that once "Song Hye Kyo" & "Lee Min-Ho" oppa will work together in a drama or movie!!! What I like about this actress most is her delicacy & impressive acting!!! Among all Korean actresses,she is the one with best features!!! Congratulations 2 her for her latest BIG award for the drama,"that winter the wind blows"!! She has recently won "Grand Prize" or "Daesang Prize" in APAN star award 2013!! Kudos!!

My last words: Ur calm & controlling acting in the drama,"That winter the wind blows",has really drawn me. In most of the dramas,actors have exaggerations in acting & also unreasonable anger & exploding. It is relief that your approach of acting in THIS DRAMA is different!! :)) Lee Min-Ho Oppa has also been praises for his calm & controlled acting in "The heirs"!! I has read an article about this & that is why I figured out about "Controlled" acting!!

LoisDayle I'll see you soon :)

Mark Joseph Hi ...i hope to see you personally,

christine snn embrado i love this actress so much..i hope to see you personally, but i think it will just be in my sad:( i wish to see you in big screen again.... godbless you..the kind and beautiful hye kyo...... wishing you all the luck and happiness in life.


    advance happy birthday (chukahamnida).(nov. 22, 1981)

naliem unnie!!!!please do a romcom. :)

liezl goddess shk most beautiful ever...hoping and waiting for ur next drama on tv screen with hb i hope also that one day u get back togehter again in real love u both.fighting... :) god less

aiko I was really a big fan of her. she was one of a kind,and gorgeous and brilliant.. really good in acting. and she was good at singing too.. awesome. Saranghae song hye kyo...

SHK Lovers :) Saranghae HyeGyo :* Hope to see you personal :)

kingskie song hye kyo saranghe.,.i like the way you smile.,.,idol

Airish Iloveyou Song Hye Kyo :) you're so beautiful woman . not in korea but in the universe . autumn in my heart , full house and that winter the wind bows these drama are very great . i love the way you act , cry most of all your smile :) i miss you. i hope you'll come here in the philippines ^^ IDOL :)

.girlkpop song hye kyo already married???

Rance hope she can come and visit Manila. looking forward to see her in person. i always imagine her face coz she's really beautiful.

Trumbler After watching TWTWB, didn't know how much i miss her. She still rules the Drama Land. Please don't keep us waiting for more than 6 months. We want our fav drama queen back on our TV.

ren i really love song hye kyo since Autumn in my Heart aired here in the philippines until Full House time and now finally i am able to see her in her newest drama That Winter , The Wind Blows ! She is really amazing , she is very beautiful and has an angelous face . I am hoping to see her soon personally , hope she can read this comments we've writing down here ! GODBLESS and more power to you, SONG HYE KYO <3

Angelina Why do some ppl said that Song Hye Kyo isn't pretty? You probably need some glasses, eye-contacts or new eye balls LOL if you think she is ugly. She is consider one of Korea's beauties and she is an International Beauty (Naturally) even Kim Tae Hee can't beat her on that category.

Jhon Rey We also in the philippines love Song Hye-Kyo your number 1 for us.. i wish you will get more project and more blessings..

thuytrang I love you so much! :)

Krysa ciel - maybe you do not like her look do much, but I think she is really beautifull woman. One of the most beautifull actors I know (not only Korean). It is normal that tastes differ..

msPeachy The most beautiful Asian actress. What's next for Hye-kho? Hope to see her in another drama. I loved here in TWTB. I've also just watched "The Grandmasters", and although her role did not show much of her acting skills, she was still great and so beautiful. Loved what she wore on the red carpet at the 5th annual Chinese Film Festival.

Dil She is perfect actress...

Elttle Perfect Actress.. I love her

rhea yikes! why all the hate? let her to do her job and leave her personal life.

R&S It's certainly ( ok ) for anyone to critique any actors or actresses on this site or any sites, whether you like them or not, ciel. On your recent post, you opened up more to give more examples and details to all readers that visit this page, as well. That really helps( at least for me anyway )to understand your frustrations a little better, and I actually shared a bit of how you feel in reguards to AIMH and FH comparisons. I also read your original posts, especially your first and it came off very different. Wish you had been more specifics from the getgo like your recent post so some of us don't feel we needed to be a little winded in words to defend SHK -- not that she needs any fans defending her honor or credentials -- ofcourse.

    And my apology for the sarcastic choice of my words to make a point on previous post, by the way.  
    Many of SHK's peers in her profession that's close to her age has done more k-drama works, and honestly they're just as equally talented if not a little more so because they do more of similar k-drama roles so their list of k-drama works are longer than SHK's list. True.  But like some fans here have said, she seem to prefer trying exotic projects that challenges her interests and gives more chance for her to expand her acting range.  For that, she does seem a little unique compare to most of her k-d peers. FH really was popular all over asia  from time it first originally aired to even few years afterwords to even now, making both SHK and Rain very popular and recognized.  Btw, FH set the ratings benchmark for all k-dramas after that.
     Ever since FH to even now - many fans all over asia and beyond - wanted these acting couples to work together again soon after FH, if not a sequel to FH -- but Rain and SHK wisely( i think ) chose to make the most of their (lucky-stars-popularity) from FH's stardom-cannon-blasts to capitalize furthering their separate other performing talents and gifts.  Rain tried to branch out oversea his music and acting talents. Song did a couple projects oversea, and went to US to further studied english, etc.  
    Anyway, if Bi-kyo chose to do similiar Rom-Com soon after either with each other or with separate counterparts whether in FH-sequel#'s  or similar,  it would surely be seen as they're just another 'ken and barbie' trying to capitalize their ('popularity-spike-so-mass-produce-more-FH-similar-rom-coms-quick')agenda.  And that would really risk them into a "B" class actor/actress and would not make them marketable above "B" grade class actor-actress list from there on.       Thankfully, neither of their respective agencies and themselves allowed
    However, I do still wouldn't mind a bit if both leads in FH return to rom-com before they turn 40's. Although, keep in mind, the choices SHK makes are not solely hers alone.  I'm pretty sure she always under advisements and guidances from both her both her mother and her agency, as well as her close trusted professional friends to take the next roles, projects that she's offered or herself pursues like "Hawang Jin-yi, Fetish, Today", etc.  So we can't be too frustrated at faulting her alone if things don't work out as we hope for anyone that follows her work. :)

Again, thanks for your last post to make clarify your intent. It just shows we're all alot similar in our passions of these dynamic entertainers than we think. And no, it's never personal, unless anyone here postings getting paid to get me to write all this! lol ;p

7venty Am I wrong to understand that it seems Korean viewers in general, particularly those who watch a lot of k-drama's, seems to prefer their favorite stars(celebrities) to be single in a real life over being in a couple relationship because it seems these Korean stars are afraid of losing their peak star-rating-powers by publicly seen dating someone? It's like the k-stars are afraid movies and tv producers won't pick them for good acting roles if they lose their fans and viewers' idolizing fantasy if they're known to be "taken", so to speak? If this is true, it's understandable why these attractive celebrities like Song Hye-kyo rather stay single longer to expand their acting career further. This is very sad, but you can't fault these K-drama actors for what should be the Korean society's personal viewpoints as a whole needing to be more open to see them no difference whether they are single or in a irl relationship. A couple more generations, one would guess. Anyway, I wish for this fair actress SHK to be very happy whether she's single or found someone irl that's equally dedicated as she is in same personal likes, dislikes. That's more important than trying to beat the clock cause you're getting older, I think. Seems her mom and her actings are most important to her right now. GL, SHK!

ciel lol @ the keyboard attack. no need to get personal.

But anyway, i would like to end this on a happy note so: yes, what i said was wrong, but only because i was frustrated at her poor performance in autumn in my heart. believe me, i am not a hater, as i fell in love with her in full house, but afterwards was very disappointed to see autumn in my heart, which later, i took to this site to express my frustration. and found a slightly offensive comment that followed, yes, i know, i was being somewhat sensitive, but i was pissed at song hye kyo for letting me down and i found it suffocating that i was not allowed to express my anger. i do realize autumn in my heart was one of her earlier dramas so she has made improvements since then, all the way up to that winter, the wind blows, which i did watch earlier! but full house is by far my favourite, she captured everything perfectly. anyway, you guys are right for pointing out her achievements and standing up for something you love, but i do wish you had left me to broil in my own anger as well as not condemn different opinions. although i understand if i have offended you, i apologize. it was a match well played. and i hope yall will enjoy the rest of your drama :>~

chichui Hye Gyo is a good actress (hope only in on-screen). Off screen, better to see her as a straightforward woman. Song Hye kyo ssi, pls, stop kissing in any upcoming drama/film. It is time for you to find your MR RIGHT. You have grown older and ready to set out for a happy family. You and Won Bin are alike. Hope you two can be together in real life.

R&S Song Hye-Kyo(or Gyo) must be ridiculously very lucky then for winning (Best New Actress(BNA)) award in Korea in 2007 for getting the final pick to play in the female lead in the film: Hawang Jin-Yi, right after being picked by blind producers to play lead in film: My Girl & I? Btw, the movie (Hawang Jin-Yi)wasn't even highly acclaimed and didn't do that great in reviews and box-office numbers, yet somehow the lead actress won recognition for it to received that (BNA)award. Guess it must be a fluke thing to her haters, huh? Also, famous chinese director John Woo must be blind or nuts for choosing SHK( a korean actress, mind you )to play a lead role in a chinese produce movie set in production for later this year -( note, this new movie originally called "1949", then possibly "love and let love" and latest news to be call "the crossing", or even possibly be rename something else when finished and release ) -along with the chinese actress Zhang Ziyi(first internationally famous for female lead in "Crouching Tiger and Hidde Dragon" film, btw). Yes, guess Song Hye-Gyo pretty (average)looking enough in her looks and acting talents to be chosen also to play wife of IP man in the film "Grandmaster", as well. Her parents wasn't famous or wealthy, and she's only got her mom as a living family, so what makes this 161cm tall (average) looking and (average) acting woman gain such roles, huh? Btw, wasn't it a couple or few recent years ago this really average looking actress, Song Hye Kyo, somehow blinded all those people to pick and somehow ranked her( the only korean ever, it was said ) number 18th in "most beautiful women in the world"? What's up with that?? Yes, Ciel, you're absolutely right.. this average looking and acting actress Song Hye-Kyo is just plain too lucky somehow to have all these blind people in movie, tv, magazine businesses fooled! Yes, forget her worshiping fans. Just your opinion alone matters matters in our books more than all these crazy professional people in the media and entertainment industries! Move over on that little iceberg and let me stand with you, please!.;p ( Btw, may I suggest you replace your keyboard with one that the shift key and caps key work? )

ciel i honestly think you're taking this too seriously. if other people think otherwise, you don't have to be affected by their opinion. true fans love her regardless of her haters. as i have no problem discussing korean stars with my friends and our opinions often clash, but we don't mind, because we respect each other. the fact that you are belittling people with negative input is narrow minded. when people put negative feedback on my favorite actors, i understand it as long as they give reason.

and it says "comments" meaning good or bad so you can't filter out the bad comments. otherwise it's like saying "shut up, you have no right to express your opinion other than compliments". this world does not revolve around good things, in fact, society flourishes based on the bad things. when giving critiques sure the good ones are always nice but it gets boring every so often and you start to look for the bad ones that are actually really helpful towards your growth.

and i do believe worship is the right word, as i, and many others, use this word to express our love towards things. i never said she was terrible or ever even tried to villainise her, it is just your forced belief and generalization of people with negative feedback. it just means you haven't even tried to understand those with an honest opinion. i simply wanted to say that her talent does not match up to her fame, and that she has been lucky to participate in famous dramas that has boosted her image. i would like to see more from her.

micae77 Like I said in my prior post here that not all of Song Hye Kyo's projects I enjoyed simply because those roles are not interesting to me, and not at all because of her acting ability. SHK, and other artists, for whatever good fortune or bad fated them have earned their place in these difficult movie/tv entertainment industries. I personally am oppose to cyber-bullies(whether paid or not), pretending to be subjective in their comments on any artists/actors/actress on the web, thinking the readers aren't smart enough not to notice the bias/anti-fan's agenda of simply commenting to spear&smear the professionalism/credibility of these artists. If you're not a fan of SHK or any artists, don't seek them out to smear them because even if they don't read this, their fans does, and so ur negative comments on her is to me same as insulting her fans' taste for liking her looks and her work. That's like showing up to someone's party just to criticize the host and attack his/her character, and thereby insulting his/her guests for showing up. Don't show up if u don't like 'em just to practice throwing produce items, pies, and eggs. For instant, I may not be a fan of Andy Lau, but I don't seek him or other artists I don't care for on various online sites to write negative comments like, "he's not that handsome and he's overated" and "his acting not that great and he tends to overact in his acting." He's a good actor in most, but not all of his works. I don't go to sites that has his name to belittle his fans for liking him by accusing them of 'worshiping' him like they're mindless groupies, or such innuendo's that only serves to cheaply antagonize people. I wish him and all the artists in that tough entertainment industry to be sucessful and do well. Guess I may be old fashion to still believe in 'if u can't say something nice... ' Btw, this is my final comment on this page, so others will have chance to post. Thanks for those who agrees with this, and I respect those who don't happen to share same view. :)

micae77 I am not a fan of all her works since I've mentioned on the prior post that half of the roles on those tv series and some of her movies those roles are uninteresting to me, eventhough she plays those roles well imho. I prefer the strong character, heroine type that are well played, and miss SHK has earned respects from her peers and fans for such. I respect her for having the guts to experiment on challenging roles that most actors/actress wouldn't risk. So I wouldn't call it 'worshiping' as that's a strong labeling of any of her fans. And I disagree with anti-fans of ANYbody since I see the type of things said of some of these actors/actresses on various drama sites are nothing more than cheap attempts to be subtle at smearing the reputation/professionalism of these artists. For example, I am not a fan of the actor, Andy Lau, or many of his works, like the last one was when he plays a character in a film that was able to read women's mind. It didn't look right to me how he was acting in that one at the first scene, so I dropped the movie. But you don't see me searching his name out to 'smear' him because I respect him and other artist enough to not seek them out to throw negative comments. Andy Lau, like Song Hye Que, and other artists, for whatever good fortune or bad fated them have earned their place in these difficult vain movie/tv industries. I personally am oppose to cyber-bullies(whether paid or not), pretending to be subjective in their comments on any artists/actors/actress on the web, thinking the readers are dumb enough not to notice the bias/anti-fan's agenda of simply commenting to spear the professionalism/credibility of these artists. If you're not a fan of SHK or any artists, don't seek them out to smear them like you have. That's like showing up to someone's party just to criticize the host and attack his/her character. Don't show up if u don't like 'em. I may not be a fan of Andy Lau, but I don't seek him or other artists I don't care for on various online sites to write negative comments like, "he's not that handsome and he's overated" and "his acting not that great and he tends to overact in his acting." He's a good actor in most, but not all of his works. I don't go to sites that has his name to belittle his fans for liking him by accusing them of 'worshiping' him like their mindless groupies, or such innuendo's. 'nuff said from "@micae77".

ciel @micae77 i never said she was a bad actress. since it is impossible for her to read these comments, i am just giving my input, and everybody is different. it would be nice if you could respect that.

it is inevitable that comparisons between actors will arise in kdrama, to me, many of them outshine shk and i just don't understand why so many people worship her. so i took to this site to express my honest opinion among all the other "good" comments. although i do admire her effort and contribution within the industry, but i do believe she is overrated, not that she is bad or anything, it's just not up to my standards is all. and i believe i (and many others) have a right to say that, other than the usual "wow, she's beautiful" comment.

Joua She should really do another drama with song seung hong again <3 they both look gorgeous together !

micae77 I find it odd and fascinating that amongst the majority of good comments, there's always some people that seems unnaturally intent on taking the time of seeking out miss Song Hye-Kyo and few other actors/actresses on various sites to cyber-bullied for no other reason than transparently showing their transparent jealousy and/or bias for other actresses they prefer, mayhaps?  :)

You gotta admire and respect the few actors/actresses that are willing to take such bold risky ventures of taking on new, challenging acting roles that are not similar to those beginning roles that had made them household-name famous, especially since there's not a whole lot of juicy roles out there in the korean/asian movie/tv industries for these artists to choose from. If Song Hye Kyo's profession was a painter; she wouldn't be painting just all nature scenes, or all abstracts, or all portraits, etc.. She's the kind that does her best at trying different projects that she feels comfortable of taking on such artistic challenges, no matter if she doesn't sell those "artworks". That's the kind of person, as well as actress she is, it seems. So far, every roles SHK takes on she acts, and plays them convincingly to me. Although I don't much care for some of the roles she took on like in "Hotellier, AI, AIMH, WWLI" because they seem everyday-life too ordinary damsel-oriented compare to the stronger women heroine-characters in HWJ, FH, MG, TWTWB, but to name a few. Hopefully, the character in her next project "Love and Let Love" by director John Woo will be the later types, as in playing a strong, beautiful heroine-type woman that I can respect and love watching. But, whether it's damsel or heroine type role, I believe Miss SHK is up to the task for the works she's done, and worthy of my interests of her future projects amongst a few other korean/asian actors/actresses. I'm pretty sure miss SHK won't regret in her later yrs what she has done, tried to do, and accomplished because she took the risks that most artists would later regret not taking the ventures. My hats off to her for her courageous spirit of adventurous endeavors. Aja Aja, fightings! :)

ciel honestly, her looks and acting aren't that great. i don't see why people love her so much. i'm not saying she's terrible i'm just saying she's average. in most of her dramas, i can tell she's trying to act, unlike many other great actresses out there. the one good drama that fit her was full house but other than that, she was too excessive and tried too hard.

mersia Perfect Actress

flower She's absolutely gorgeous. What a natural beauty.the most beautiful Korean actress. Love her acting.

Animal Mother 91%???!!!!! Put down the crack pipe, you smelly, jealous hoes!!!!

Taco Tico Any negative opinion regarding this particular human entity is dubious, to say the least!! I was a good three years into the Korean drama world (having already been awestruck several times and having picked out my personal favorites) before I finally took the plunge to research who this "Song Hye Kyo" person was. Needless to say, (as a male person) I was immediately left, mouth agape, just by seeing her pictured in several 'Google images', only later to have myself melt through the floor after meeting' several of her characters in dramas, ('Autumn in my Heart', 'Guardian Angel', 'Full House'...) hearing her sweet voice, and, later, learning several facts about her actual person (none of which, I must admit, is completely necessary to impress the typical male animal :) ). All leading up to the present day and 'That Winter, The Wind Blows'. Though I have others who may have preceded her and may even continue to be my favorites, I readily admit that this woman is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful entities on this planet, and that she has made a fan of this particular person for as long as the sun rises in the east. 'Nuff said... :)

stupidjerk god dammit... why ur acting so natural in that winter, the wind blows i fallin in love with ur act

louren I love the way you act in that winter the wind blows...I am touched as if I am you embraced by that handsome man...I felt the

rain&song Actress SHK has a God given natural beauty, if you've look at her childhood to early teen years' pics you'll see it's same nose, lips, eyes, facial structure she always had. Cameras love her photogenic features. She has a talent of being able to shed tears on directors' cue, and then able to laugh split seconds later if someone on camera makes a mistake, and resumes the retake minute later. Her petite well proportion frame compliments her leading men' heights, making them seem taller, while her beauty makes them seem to look handsomer than they really are. But it's really her acting gifts and natural talents that shines her inner beauty to enhance her outer beauty that captivates her audience, fans in her works. As for the query on her FH's ep.16 kissing scene - and on defense of miss SHK - you'll have to understand that her character Han ji-eun suffered many months of grueling, heart wrenching trials of receiving demeaning verbal put downs, name callings, and heart brokened from being sidelined, stood ups on dates from her "contractual husband" that it had scarred and worn her heart out to utter exhaustions -- especially after having confessed to him that she's fallen for him -- more than once. So naturally, any woman in the world that had such heart strength and rare tenacious goodness to put up with all that craziness would feel a little reluctant and tentative to kiss any man naturally with full gusto of passion - even if he's finally confessed his eternal deep love. It didn't look right, but it was natural heart reaction for the character SHK played in FH. Whether how that kissing scene came out was designed on purpose by the Director's calls and/or if that of the actress's personal calls in that kissing scene; it does naturaly plays into a tentative, scarred, wounded heart Han Ji-eun had up to that point. Her then ex-husband would have to be more fully changed by her love for him before Ji-eun would give up a better, and passionate Hope that makes sense! :) Continue blessings to all your actings and project endeavors, as well as blessings for your personal life and yours, miss Song H.K.! :) GL!

Tim in Everett As a person with a hearing disability, I admired your portrayal! What a wonderful story! Perfect actors, hearts full of sensitivity! Passion, sincerity, and honesty; you moved me; I don't can say anything other than that you are a true credit to the theatre profession. I love you.

JD7 She's a very good actress in most, if not all of her works that I've seen. Although I loved her work in FullHouse from back in 2004, but there's one thing that I can't understand from watching the very last episodes. When she was playing the Han Ji-Eun, and her costar Bi-Rain playing his character Lee Young-Jae, on the very last episode - #16 - why was her acting kiss was like she's forced to kiss a cousin? Her acting was great all the way through till she had to do her acting-kisses her costar. Closed lips and it doesn't look right for someone who's playing a young woman hearing the man she loves finally lets out he truly loves her. Anyway, is it just me or did you guys saw the same and felt the same at the time you just watched it. It made only that moment looked unrealistic 'cause the rest of her playing that role in FH in other episodes very convincing. Mind you, she kissed better with other costars in other projects before and after that. Other than that one scene in that show FullHouse, her other works is convincing to me. So let me know if I'm wrong here on that scene? lol Thankx.

pitchy Song Hye Kyo is the one and only Asian Actrees that can make my heart beating faster when I see her (>____<) I'm falling in love with her hahaha.. love her drama and movie.. she's really a talented woman! and really really beautiful! I wish I can be like her hehe.. will love and support Song Hye Kyo eonni! ♥

I'm watching TWTWB and I really like it! the chemistry between Song Hye Kyo eonni and Jo In Sung is awesome! I just hope it's not a sad ending cuz It will hurt me for a few days.. watching melodrama with sad ending is so painful T.T

Novita from All In, Autumn in My Heart, Full House until TWTWB she's still pretty. So beautiful

Sharon Just found out that TWTWB is based on the film ‘Love Me Not’ which is in turn based on the Japanese drama, ‘Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu’. Unfortunately, a sad ending seems inevitable due to experience with both films (but the ending to love me not seems quite open, so it may just be my interpritation). I really wish i could drop this drama seeing as i hate tragic endings (i watched a Japanese film called heavenly forest and ended up sobbing for most of the day and tearing up every time i thought about it), but this is just too good to miss!!! The actors blow my my mind, but specifically Zo In-Sung who is an amazingly sexy and brilliant actor and Song Hye Kyo who is a crazy good actress and beautiful on top of that!!

Tokki @mml I bet either of us still dont know if the drama "That winter. The wind blows" has sad or happy ending. I mean the drama is not even airing. ^^ ~ I think its a melodrama, so it will surely have heart breaking scenes. But i hope it'll also have a happy ending. =) If neither of the lead will die, i probably wont watch it too.

mml That winter the wind blows this drama is it a sad ending drama ? If it is a sad ending drama i totally would not even want to watch this drama.......

Many years ago, after watching Autumn In The Heart this drama i became very upset to watch sad Korean drama too sad to accept sad drama, my heart feels very pain to watch sad drama....

Now am watching a hundred years inheritance 백년의 유산 this drama , my heart not so sad at least i like watching this drama.....

That winter the wind blows i hope is a happy lively drama then i can try watching.........

juliet empinado i miss full house!!!!!!! hope that full house 2 would be confirmed......and same cast!!!!!bikyo forever!!!!!!

Shadel Song Hye Kyo for me is the most beautiful actress in the world. She's also an AMAZING actress, after seeing her in her two different drama Autumn In My Heart & Full House, where she played a very opposite role on that two drama, I was really impressed, she's FANTASTIC!

non sibi I am watching Autumn in my Heart | Gaeul donghwa (KBS2 / 2000). I think her face's best part is her lips, sexy....

amethyst I wonder when Grandmaster will be shown?

amethyst Congratulation for winning the award for your film Today. Looking forward to your future movies and dramas

doolux hyun bin and you are perfect!

Amethyst I miss you in small screen drama...looking forward to your upcoming movies like Today, Camellia and Grand Master

Miracle I look at her face and can't find any defect, just incredible... How person can be so perfect!!!

arjay meeting her in person is a dream come true!!! she's too good to be true!

Stars4u I like Hyun Bin with her better than Ha Ji-won

Nica She seriously needs to star in a new drama. Immediately!

yaapinhie she is the MOST beautiful woman in ASIA.!! i love Song, very much..

Merribeth She is just so pretty!! I love her in Full House with Rain!! <3 ^^

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