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  • Drama: Descendants of the Sun (working & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Taeyangui Hooye
  • Hangul: 태양의 후예
  • Director: Lee Eung-Bok
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: Late 2015 --
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A love story between Captain Kim Shi-Jin, who belongs to the UN peacekeeping troops, and Army Doctor Yoon Myeong-Joo. Due to the UN’s request, they are stationed in the capital of another the country. 


  1. Actor Song Joong-Ki has been offered the lead role and he is considering the offer positively.




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jaiyu MOON GEUN YOUNG please.. ☺

heartskyn hope Jinseyeon or Moon Chae Won

zeetya Yes ..plis moon chae won for lead female. I cant move on 'EunMa couple' .....

tris can we have a reunion for joongki and chaewon because WHY NOT.

tien Suzy Suzy Suzy

Skye Song Joong-Ki and Kang Sora

nonorm miss a suzy and choi ji hyuk as main lead hero and heroin also seem okay..-become more greedy-..going crazy already....hehehe

nonorm i get more greedy//cha seung won and jang dong geun

nonorm forget..also top bigbang and miss a suzy also nice

nonorm i really want to see miss a suzy act with song joong ki,lee junki,lee minho (the heirs),jyj yoochun,jaejong,joowon,lee dongwook,song seung ho,jang geuk seuk,lee jung suk,kim woobin,kim jaewon,jung ll wo,jo in sung,seo in guk,yoo ah in,choi si won,so ji sub,hyun bin,kang ji greedy..hehe..but i think i will be a great drama or movie..and of course all the guy that i mention must be the first main hero and heroin the the production..the rating will up and high...(over)....hehehe

blablayeyeye pair him w/ Han Hyo Joo pleaseee

Goro The writer was seen visiting Philippines, maybe they`ll film there? Tacloban is still pretty much devastated until now.

Lydia Han hyo joo please. Trust me. They will make a great couple.

reza song jong ki&park shin hy yes:...~

RAidiviani Song ji hyo or Park shin hye please^^ I hope song joong ki accept this drama

lyn please accept and paired with jung eum ji.

bedo i hope to see Bae Suzy .. i think she and Song Joong-Ki very nice pair .. the two have been off screen for too long .. since nice guy and gu family book they are too hungry to work

sjk mcw pby Song Joongki please ......with song jihyo or park shinhye or park boyoung or han yeseul or moon chaewon or lee yubi

kpoperzzz Han ga in,ku hye sun,gong hyo jin,lee min jeong,choi ji woo,kim tae hee,park han byeol,mun geun yeong

KSH I never watched a drama with this actor, but according to fans he really did a good job in Innocent it a good drama guys? should i give it a try?....anyways i was hoping for the comeback of So ji sub in kdramaland with this one (sigh), but is is not bad for me to discover others actors... for the female lead, Yoon eun hye will be perfect! i totally see those 2 2gether! ... and i dont think a 2 young female lead will fit, so Park Shin Hye( do not get me wrong i really like her!) or young kpop girl is a no no, objectively

rrr you're really amazing ! im so excited to show this drama soon... song joong ki please accept the main cast in this show descendant of the sun!!! my only hope...

deou park min young please or moon chae won

Gretchii Moon Chae Won would definitely pair up with Song Joong Ki again. Their never ending chemistry and the spark between the two of them. Oh I just can't even imagine how they missed acting with each other. Can't wait for this one!! Fighting oppa!I will always support you and Chae won. <3 CHAEKI FOREVER

Kpoperzzz This actress i hope can be lead female actress: Park min yeong Song ji hyo Go Ah ra Han chae ah Lee yubi Moon chae won Ha ji won Park shin hye Yoon eun hye Lee yeon hee Shim eun kyung Yoon A

Crazy Song jong ki;

  • Sung yu ri
  • Park min young
  • Lee yeon hee
  • Park se young
  • ıu

I hope one of these featured actress takes on the role :)

ERIC Song Joong-Ki he is realy great actor i saw The Innocent Man drama and A Wolf Boy movie he was realy great

park ra young Moon Chae Won pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!

Flower Accepts hopefully Song Joong-ki.He was very successful actor.Hopefully ;

  • Kim Soo Eun
  • Go ara
  • Yoona
  • Park ha sun
  • Lee Da Hae
  • Han groo
  • Lee yoo bi
  • Kyung Soo Jin
  • Shim Eun Kyung
  • Nam bo ra

I would be glad if you get involved with one of them :)

khupsong mawi I'm so glad to hear that......songjoongki my super Idol i'm always waiting for you....I wished you to be strong and returned with a great successed from your military.Miss you and love you.

leo PARK BO YOUNG , , is waiting For You hyung. . like in the movie "a werewolf boy "

Melvin YoungKi Couple Yes. . .daebak !!!!!! omooo :-) Song joong ki , i'm waiting for you. . can you be gather with this actress ? :

  • ParkBo Young
  • KangSora
  • HanYeSeul
  • JunJiHyun
  • Yoo in Na
  • ParkMinYoung
  • GongHyoJin
  • ShinSe Kyung

Leo HyunHyunCouple i'm so glad to hear that. . .I'm just need you (Song joong ki) can feel good for this drama after conscription. about your partner, iam very happy if you can play with PARK BO YOUNG. i love you as a couple. . .please. . we will support you , , BoKI couple Fans.

julie Song joong ki? Really love it.. :) :) :) :) :) :) he's good actor, good personality and smart too..

lsy Soong Joong Ki and Ku Hye Sun pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  :) :) :)

Devina Moon chae won song joong ki please...deabakk chemistry

widya vevan Song joong ki and moon chae won please

adisti Yes.. song joong ki oppa actor with excellent at expressing emotions through his eyes.. see the innocent man? :))

guest Song Joong Ki is a good choice. He is one of the best amongst his age group. KSH,Kim Bum, Kim Woo Bin are good alternatives. Older ones could include So Ji Sub, Joo Jin Mo, Gong Yoo. But, just hope he accepts it.

Nash Song Joong Ki And Moon Chae Won <3

Awaiting Yes, Song Joong Ki's return. That would be great, I hope a movie too, Werewolf Boy was great. Lee Yeon Hee, Moon Chae Won, too many great actresses to choose from. XD

Tya Yoon eun hye YES.. Moon chae won NO

erin Actually I'm hoping Ji Chang Wook will take be in this drama. But no news that he's been offered :( But still hoping though :))

leanne Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won :D

Kailani HA JI WON!!! Hands-down Korea's best actress...she stated in an interview that she would like to work with Song Joong-Ki or TOP in her next project.

sahel oppa song joong ki i love you soooooooooooooooooo much

SJKHS Soong Joong Ki and Ku Hye Sun pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Syuhada Song joong k & song ji hyo or ku hye sun or park shin hye.joong ki please accept this.And please return back to running man...

me_nina Song Joong Ki >< Song Ji Hyo

khs Ku Hye Sun please drama September please :) Soong Joong Ki & Ku Hye Sun couple  :)

sjk Soong Joong Ki and Ku Hye Sun please  :)

suk2014 No one to predict song jong jong ki....please accept this!!!!

dada hmmmm.secret weapon for 2015. it must be on the top 8 poll closed this year. whose the main cast?

lyn kim bum and park shin hye.

Elci why not So ji sub and shin min ah for the leads? i just saw a CF of them for giorgiano they were cute together, and i believe this script needs a more mature lead male character...but i have to recognize that Kim soo hyun, lee min ho or kim woo bin can be leads also... but i dont think that a too young female lead will fit the role though...

m Joo Jin Mo & Ha Ji Won they deserve another project with a happy ending this time

placida The best global drama actor mr kim soo hyun and sbs best actress park shin hye. Mr. KSH is the most popular actor in Asia and brought pride in Korea plus the high ratings of his dramas.

Maea Ha ji won and with Hyun bin, their chemistry is amazing and so cute

dramakid Kim eun sook always cast actors with star power(really popular actors),casting kim soo hyun and park shin hye wouldn't be bad considering their fanbase.I think lee min ho will be sticking to movies instead.or before he come to the small screen will be long.park shin hye definately someone with starpower tother with kim soo hyun

tari park shin hye please for leading lady

Nills My vote to Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun....both fresh and talented..and both A Hallyu Star.. Have huge fanbase Globally... Acting wise high caliber at young age... Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun-new team must born this year 2015..

androuchka 1-So ji sub oppa + jung ji hyun

2-So ji sub+ song hye kyo

3-So ji sub+Moon Chae Won

4-So ji sub+ Yoon eun hye

But please cast So ji sub as le lead male hum hum, we miss him soooo muchhh

nisa Kim woo bin and jung ji hyun please!!

Shyra Joo Jin-mo and Ha ji won are becoming popular because of Empress Ki but too sad that their love story ended because Wang yu died. Hope they will be given another project with a happy ending love story.

arianne ha ji won and kang dong won please!!! Love their chemistry on Duelist!

christine Joo jin mo and ha ji won for the lead please!!!

quincebee gong yoo with shi min-ah please

livia Moon Chae Won pls. With Joo Jin Mo. Both are great.

KSH So ji sub, Lee min oh, Kim woo bin for the lead male and Kim na heul, kim ji won, Ha ji won or gianna jun (of YWCFS) as female lead

Evelyn Ha ji won and joo sang wok please

papong she is goddes of korean actresses... The actress who could portay in different genres, both drama and films. For the win Ha Ji Won for lead actress

papong ha ji won!!! shes the best actress who could give spark to any actor will portay

guest Agree Ha Ji Won with any actor will do. But isn't it fantastic to have Lee Seung Gi back - a Hang Ah and Jae Ha couple reunion?

kumon Ha Ji won + any lead actor would be nice!! She can create chemistry with any actor because of her impressive role immersion! Would love to see this actress in TV again! Ha Ji Won is the best! <3

ynez this drama is about disaster like heirs.sorry i don't like the heirs because its boring. hope this one not boring and not disaster and not stupid story.

paku jang geun suk and Yoona again please!!!

firly ji chang wook and hajiwon

intan ha ji won & ji chang wook pleaseee

katerine Korean Top A-List Actress and Hallyu Queen Ha Ji Won for the female lead ☺

tryna if KES is looking for a hallyu actress who hasn't played her drama, she should be choosing Yoon Eun Hye. you cannot deny the fact the she is popular internationally. Next to Park Shin Hye, Yoon Eun Hye is the second most popular internationally (actress category) and has a lot of international devoted fans especially from China. She is also well loved in Japan. So KES, what are you waiting for? I'd say YOON EUN HYE... it's gotta be her.

eny i hope the rumour that joo jin mo is the lead is true, i don't mind whoever the lead actress, but i prefer actress who can act eventhought she's not beautifull

summerbreeze Kim Woo bin!!!! Definitely and pleasee let the lead actress be good!

guest Heard that Joo Jin Mo will be in. Let Ha Ji Won join him again for a second round.

Kiki Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook for the main lead, please!!! ^^

Cheon Song-yi Kang Dong-won or Won Bin

nano shin min ah and kim soo hyun i know gumiho and alien can survive in such disaster scene(sypnosis)

jihyo moon chae won or moon geun young.. i really want them acting back. please dont use a singer as lead female. for lead male i want kim soo hyun. :)

Candice swanepoel I think Kim Woo Bin will be perfect for this role and Yoona as well, the rating will be high seeing them as the leading role in this series!!!

Candice swanepoel I agreed!! KimHaNi Kim woo bin would be perfect his acting skills is so good And krystal jung is awesome too omg please make them to be a leading role in this drama!!

KimHaNi I think Kim Woo Bin will be perfect for this role and Yoona as well, oh god im dying if this two guys play both of leading role in this series!!!

Cecilia I would like to see Kong Hyo jin and Jo Seung Woo pairing together... please God.

Gee Lee Jin Wook and Kong Hyo Jin please!!!!!

LeeAhYoung Lee Jong Suk please :( but I think he'll be busy because of Pinocchio so Kim Soo Hyun or Lee MIn Ho can be

abcd I guess we will see Jang Keun Suk in this drama

rhian give them to kim ha neul and so ji sub in this drama

jenniffer Korean Nation and Top Actress Ha Ji Won!!!

nway nandar i like lee min ho and song hye kyo. i've never seen them before. i'm looking forward to seeing them.

yoonnadia i hope to see lee min ho and song hye kyo because lee min ho said his ideal type is song hye kyo. so it'll be the perfect drama

yeonwoo Kang Sora with Kim Woo Bin pleaseeee :(

xue So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul must recommended for this drama .

yuewe kim ha neul and so ji sub .

Odessa Miss Kim Ha Neul & So Ji Sub ,they look good together.They had great chemistry on Road Number One.

Harold my girl crush forever and the very simple down to earth and best actress Kim ha neul ! Kim Ha Neul and So Ji Sub por favor!Love them so much :)

KSH So ji suuuuuuuuuuuuuuub as the lead will be perfect + song hye kyo, kim ha neul, han hye joo

Stella So ji sub and kim ha neul please!

maria won bin pleasee. He has't made any new project since 2010 and i think that would be a perfect comeback for him :D

edna won bin and kiim ha neul ha neul is a very good actress,she's a versatile and down to earth actress.i miss seeing her on drama

Brodie Kim Ha Neul and Jo In Sung or Kim Ha Neul and So Ji Sub

yoonnadia i hope to see with lee min ho and song hye kyo.

jen Song ji hyo and ....... anyone! she makes a perfect couple with any actor!!

jeb Moon Chae Won and So ji Sub please..

Nana Please Jung Woo Sung and Gong Hyo Jin

Evelyn I would like to see Moon Chae Won and So Ji Sub will be paired together!! My dream couple

Rose No non of them plz lee min ho and yoon eun hye I hope so.plz!!!!!!!!!!

Aminah I really want Hyun Bin and Yoon eun hye pair up together. Please God! Ameen.

Susan Hyun Bin n Song Hye Kyo ... The perfect couple .. I am sure a lot of their fans will support my suggestion n hoping that they will be together again. They are the perfect couple in life n drama as both of them are so natural n matching to each other!!!! All the way for Hyun Bin n Song Hye Kyo

Jessica As the lead actor my vote goes to Hyun Bin..!!! He did a wonderful job in SeGa.... Eagerly waiting to see him back on screen..

auntiebus Jo in Sung & Sung Hae Kyo. Perfect O2 couple.

Anna HYUN BIN all the way!!!! Because he is the BEST!!!

jeje Please... choose Jung Woo Sung and Gong Hyo Jin ^^

kim yu bin the only actress that comes in my mind is Ha Ji Won !!!..

Tiara For the lead actress i choose Ha Ji Won ... she is the best and always successfully acted her role/character in both drama and movie .. and the plot of this drama ...suit her well ~~!! After her last drama (EK)...we (viewer) really want to see her make her comeback in Korean drama...really hope she is the lead actress ~ HA JI WON

tiara for the lead actress , ha ji won is the best choice ! she is a trusted actress that always successfully acted her role/ character in her drama and movie ...the plot of this drama suit her

Amanda HYUN BIN AND HA JI WON....The best couple ever... Love SECRET GARDEN a lot... Still can't get enough of it...

jassel o. I hope Yoon Eun Hye with Jo In Sung / So Ji Sub, hyun bin,Lee Min Ho,Min Hyuk,Lee Jong Ki Please Select Yoon Eun Hye ...

kahi i want shin mina with:-1 kang dongwon

                            2 hyun bin
                            3 won bin
                            4 gong yoo
                            5 so jisub
                            6 jo insung

Tony Gong Hyo Jin + Hyun Bin + Kim Eun Sook + SBS = Awesome

fara kang dongwon and shin mina or wonbin or shin mina

CathyTran Joo Jin Mo and Song Hye Kyo, please!

nana kang dongwon and shin mina won bin and shin mina hyun bin and shin mina

kayowww i think gong hyo jin and hyun bin

Hind Please I would like to see ha ji won as the lead actress

sam I want shin mina and kang dongwon

aqila So ji sub oppa & Ha ji won unnie pleasee..make them reunion again after 11 years,they don't have another project together..please take them for lead male & lead female.thank you

aqila So ji sub oppa & Ha ji won unnie pleasee!

Maya Eleria Hi,I've read the synopsis and it's a beautiful story. I hope you'll consider the following actors/actress

Songhyekyo and Hyun Bin
Songhyekyo and Lee Min Ho
Songhyekyo and Song Seung Heon

Both LeeMinHo and Song Seung Heon's ideal girl is songhyekyo. Lee Min Ho express his desire to work with Song Hye Kyo during his interview. Since Autumn In My Heart,Songhyekyo remains sonseungheon's ideal girl until now.

Many fans missed h2couple and requesting for a reunion project of this loveteam.

Thank you and Goodluck.

God Bless

jinjah 1) HYUN BIN n HA JI WON (2) Gong Yoo n Ha Ji Won (3) Soh Ji Sub n Eun Hye.

talkovercoffee HYUN BIN AND HA JI WON, please? Cant imagine others

MissHummels 1. Gong Yoo - Ha Ji Won : both of them interest to work together. Gong Yoo acting is Daebak he can play melodrama,Kim Eun Sook you should watch his movies SILENCED 2. Gong Yoo- Eun Hye : Reunion?? 3. Kang Dong Won - Song Hye Kyo : Maybe if you want KDW you should paring him w/ SHK he will join the Drama.kekekekek. SHK was prove her acting in successfull melodrama such AIM and TWTWB 4. Hyun Bin- Song Hye Kyo : this is the most immpossible pairing.

PS : Please whoever female lead please not KTH.Amen

DRAMAFINDER I vote SO JI SUB as male lead cast! SO JI SUB, please! He was so good in acting. Song Hye Gyo, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Tae Hee, Goo Hye Sun, or other, whatever. I suggest So Ji Sub for male lead cast!

sarah maged won bin....won bin...won bin! That role would fit him perfectly!!!! For the female lead, i recommend choi ji woo or song hye kyo.Both of them have marvellous acting qualities.I am excited :D

christine Annyeonghaseyo, Oennie Kim Eun-suk... allow me to suggest the main cast for #SBSDrama #new #2015 is #Hajiwon as the woman-lead and #Joojinmo as the man-lead , I believe they are will makes your imagination "story" become alive.

The others, the rating and they popularity will helps #SBSDrama become the number one #StationTv for #2015 #projects.

Hope you'll make them as the lead main, which they're in build a real love in they real life.

Nb: I likes your works in 1st .The City Hall (#ChaSeungWon & #KimSunA), 2nd.A Gentlement' Dignity (#JangDongGun & #KimHaNeul), 3rd.Lovers (#LeeSeoJin & #KimHyunJung), 4th.Lovers in Prague (#JeonDoYeon & #RyooSeungBeom), 5th.Secret Garden ...My favorite #dongsaeng (#HyunBin & #Hajiwon). ->> All main lead be came the Best Couple.

Kamsahamnida. -USA _ Seoul.

soshin I went park shin hye and kim so hyun or lee jang suk or kim wo bin

elina Me to i went park shinhye and kim so hyun because they beast actor and actress ♥♥♥♥

Park Shin Hye Park shin hye and kim so hyun

Won Bin & Song Hye Kyo Won Bin & Song Hye Kyo for the leads plsss :)) I love to see these two romancing each other.Because in "Autumn in My Heart",sadly Song Hye Kyo JUST loves the lead actor(I don't remember his name)! I reallyyyy think Won Bin is so CHARISMATIC! HOW could they cast him as supporting "Autumn in My Heart". I know that NOW,Won Bin is even much more popular that him. \(^_^)/

I have watched "Man From Nowhere" starred by Won Bin & CANNOT wait for his comeback!! I ALSO LOVE love love to see Lee Min Ho oppa star in a drama SooOON!! ^^ I am waiting to see Min Ho oppa's upcoming movie "Gangnam Blues"! :)

unicatyn park shin hye and lee min ho pls.

quince I do hope that gong yoo will play as lead actor for this drama. As for female lead, song he kyo or kim sun ah or so ae or han hyo jo would be great to be paired with gong yoo...hehehe

It would be dream come true if my fave writer and actor working together!!

Klara i vote for Ha Ji Won as the lead actress!

ang Potential pairing - a team of 4 main leads instead of 2 would be ideal allow more vibrant diversity in characters and story line.

Ha Ji Won with Joo Jin Moo and Park Shin hye with Kim woo Bin(potential pairing - they have the X factor and chemistry to make you cry and laugh and root for them, getting them dirty and mucky will allow the viewers to concentrate on their A lister performance. Park Shin hye also has chemistry with Lee Wan (tree in heaven) and there is Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho but both them are still serving their 2year mandatory military service.

Alya Park Shin-Hye and Lee Seung-Ki,, I think them so sweet couple and have rating the best!!!

MinJoo couple ♥♥ I would like Lee Min Ho & Han Hyo Joo be cast as the leads! ^_^ They are perfect match! I miss Min Ho oppa in drama land! :(

Maya Eleria Hi,hope Descendants of the Sun will be offered to hyun bin and songhyekyo.I've read the synopsis,and I think the story fits with this amazing loveteam.It's high time for them to reunite with this kind of amazing story from a very good and brilliant scriptwriter.hope you consider my request as so many binkyo fans missed them

Anne I want Jo Seung Woo and Moon Chae Won / Son Ye Jin be paired together here! it will be a reunite for Son Ye Jin & Jo Seung Woo since The Classic movie. but I love to see Seung Woo ssi & Moon Chae Won!

maidah Kim Woo Bin please!! I just want to see him in a role where he actually gets the girl! And he's a great actor. I'm not sure about the actress. Anyone will do. But Woo bin has to be in this drama and the lead. If not him then maybe Lee Jong Suk? I think his acting skills are absolutely Daebak in Doctor Stranger. He can do good too. But if Lee Min Ho becomes the hero I'll shoot myself.

Me Won Bin pleas!!!!

Riz Moon Geun-young or Ha Ji-won. I think she'd be perfect for this role. The lead actor role ... I don't know. Hyun Bin?

Maya Eleria hyun bin and song hye kyo.they are a perfect's time for them to reunite.

Maya Eleria hope it will be hyun bin and song hye kyo.miss them so much.they are a perfect's about time for them to reunite as real couple.goodluck God Bless

Vidy I recommend these peoples : Lead Actor : So Ji Sub/Song Seung Heon/Hyun Bin Lead Actress : Han Hyo Joo/Song Hye Gyo/Yoon Eun Hye Actually I miss Endless Love's couple (Seung Heon oppa & Hye Gyo unnie) and I want see them in one drama again! Another suggestion, I want Ji Sub oppa & Hyo Joo unnie to be main casts, since I watch "Always" I ship them so badly. If the genre is melodrama, they must play it. For the com-rom, why don't you choose Hyun Bin & Yoon Eun Hye as the main casts? I want to see the chemistry between them in a drama. Ji Sub-Hye Gyo is nice couple too. It's just my opinion. Remember that they are famous actors/actress, I hope it can help you to consider your drama. The famous artists are better than the new and young artists. But it's up to you. I hope you read my suggestions and consider it. Thank you!^^

Aira Yoon Eun Hye is the best actress so she deserves to be the lead actress! I wish Song Seung Heon/ So Ji Sub/ Hyun Bin will be the lead actor.

Elle Im rooting for Yoon Eun Hye and Song Seung Heon/ So Ji Sub/ Hyun Bin

Mira Nobody else but Song Hye - Kyo♥♥♥

Mira I'm Song Hye - Kyo representative here, lol. her lead choices are So Ji-Sub, Won Bin (reunion)& Lee Dong Wook.

dinsan ha ji won and hyun bin again please! please!

Vidy It will be nice if the casts are Choi Siwon and Suzy..haha #dream

무어 러이숀 if the male role is serious(from the description) i want T.O.P. if its more towards a goofy male role, i want Tae-Min

Candy I would be love if the cast are Jung Woo-Sung & Kim Ha-Nuel since they have new project together it would be great!!!!!.... *wish *_^

Elizabeth I hope park shin hye and lee min ho was in the drama hey make a cute couple they worked together like a magic

Marjan I'm a minoz so after I have heard sarcastic comments about the drama "the Heirs",I got very sad! Although "The Heirs" has been a MEGA HIT drama,hearing comments like "it is boring & cliche","it isn't original",... really is saddening for minoz! That is why I wish 2 see MinHo oppa as the lead actor of this drama which sounds original & interesting! PLSS choose Lee Min Ho again!!

shairli Appreciate A Gentleman's Dignity & Secret Garden. Haven't seen others. Watched The Heirs and I restrain myself from giving any comments on this series. Hope this would be a good drama with good script & actors.

Candy She is a good writer in Korea, I am so excited for her next drama's project cuz I have enjoyed& love her works such as Lover In Paris, The City Hall, On Air, Secret Garden & A Gentlemans Dignity but not for the heirs *soBoriiiiiiiiiing...

Tamara I agree with Windy. Don't you guys think since Kang Ji Hwan done very well in Incarnation of Money and next Big Man, he should try this? This will make him as a bih star since the previous dramas (lie to me and coffee house) wasn't really good. Beside, Monn Chae Won who will try rom-com movie this year should do melodrama again next year which she is really good at? Who else agree? Pls comment :)

Windy I would like to see Moon Chae Won and Kang Ji Hwan together in drama. I've been waiting it for a year. Moon is a good actress, she is really potential to become a lead role of melodrama and also Kang, he has been doing really adorable work in drama. I hope to see both of them together. Please, writer.. you must read this :(

jesha cunanan i want to see jang dong gun and kim ha nuel in your drama series again i love watching the two of them in gentleman's dignity they looks great and a cute couple in the series.

Marjan minoz My shipping paradise-good looks-talented-phenomenon dream cast: Lee Min Ho & Han Hyo Joo

Why do I wanna have MinHo oppa casting once again as the lead actor of KES drama?? because I want oppa 2 have the chance of being the lead actor of an ORIGINAL SCRIPTED drama! I love "the heirs"& it has become a CRAZE POP CULTURE & PHENOMENON but the script wasn't original! KES have the POWER of making unique original scripts!

Why Do I wanna see Han Hyo Joo next to Lee MinHo?? because when I picture them in my mind,I can sense & imagine a nice,lovely & unforgettable chemistry.

Lee Min Ho has recently said in his interview that he would like 2 act as a homeless guys who wears a T-shirt & flip flops & wanders around in the streets like a regular person! When he says what character he wants 2 act,he will be offered that role! Before he was cast in "The Heirs",he HAD SAID in his interview that would like 2 act as a high school boys once again for the last time before he ages! When I first read the article for coming back project of KES & I read the story line,suddenly I recalled the interview of LMH! maybe I am wrong! BUT I do wanna hear LMH's coming back DRAMA after he's done acting in the action noir movie "Gangnam Blues".

cuteyy doll I am HUGE fan of "Word Magician Kim Eun Sook" fan! I'm into all her dramas ESPECIALLY "The Heirs" & "Secret Garden"!:)) Lee Min Ho & Han Hyo Joo for the cast please! They look GREAT together! <3 I really wanna these two actors 2 work together in a drama!

Ronnie LOVE ALL HER WORK! specially AGD (A Gentleman's Dignity) and The Heirs <3 Looking forward to this one!

baesr Fan of her works! Looking forward to this! Lovers in Paris and The Heirs entered my Top 5 list.

Sary I hope she recruits Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as leads! Does leads get a chance to star together again in Korea? I would love a reunion. This plot sounds very mature and hope they load it up with all kinds of romance. I would love to see our beloved couple showcase this in this drama! Fingers-crossed!

Carol3 I love Secret Garden but Heirs was a pity. So boring! I just continue watch for Woo Bin. I hope DoftheS be good.

chhavi @genger..I totally agree with you.Heirs was such a disaster.

genger Hope she will redeem herself after writing the stupid Heirs!!! :/

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