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  • Name Lee Kwang-Soo
  • Hangul: 이광수
  • Birthdate: July 14, 1985
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:193cm
  • Weight:73kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Twitter: @masijacoke85


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A When you're nothing, people dissed you but you laugh it off and now you become a great man. I seriously thanks running man for putting you as their cast so that we can know you. Hyung Hwaiting!!

Mane Xiong I crazy watch running man for everyday and night is because Of Lee Kwang Soo...he really handsome and cute man. I really fall in love with him Lee Kwang Soo Oppa Sarang Hae Yo Oppa

YANA Lee Kwang Soo Oppa! Fighting! I hope I'll see you soon <3

S.T I really like lee kwang soo since i watch dong yi and running man. He is attractive, good actor, funny and entertaining. I hope more people will recognize his charm and hope he will shine more :)

MARS Kwang Soo-ssi is not the type of guy that you would find handsome at first glance. But gradually you could see that he's full of charm and easy to look at. :) Hwaiting Kwang Soo-ssi!!!

Monopoly star Lee Kwang Soo is really amazing

KK Waiting for Lee kwang soo next drama as a lead male rol

Girinrun Dear film directors and producers, Lee Kwang Soo is totally different from other male actors. He can be both funny and handsome. He works hard and people can see how good his acting is. He is the Prince of Asia who charms the crowd with his charisma. I mean, who don't love our Giraffe? <3 <3 We are dying to see him being a lead role! Kwang soo FIGHTING!

Kwangtoad Lee Kwangsoo is just too funny.. HAHHAHA.. <3 <3

CW Isn't it great to know, that LKS can play serious as well as comedic? I have alot of respect for this guy and I watch Running Man regularly. He has an aura that is comfortable and sweet. He works hard and I can see his good heart. I'd watch just about anything he does, just for the pleasure of watching him. Keep on going LKS!

Zulvyanie Pilgrimmy Kwang soo oppa, saranghae ❤

Noona I realy love LKS . I like he act in drama than movie . Because if in drama I can watch him more than in movie . Because drama many episode n movie just once . so I'm waiting for next Drama LKS . Hope he can be a main role .. Thank you . love U Lee Kwang Soo Oppa .

Fanie Please make uri hyung be lead role man!!!

mee yoo love u kwang soo oppa !

siham great actor with a charming personality...i loved his acting in the drama it's ok that's love also in the movie confession love him so much !

out Lee Kwang Soo.. OUT! His acting getting better..

ann Lee kwang-soo! You amazed me in your role in Its okey its love! You just proved us how a brilliant actor you are! I will continue to watch you! May you be given a lead role one day!

Trois23 he's really something. so caring, generous, polite, everything. His personality is really charming plus the fact that he is capable of making a lot of people laugh. i love him soo :D :)

Adriana I love him....he is so funny and goog actor <3

Mun oppa saengil chukahamnida~~~

Xin Ru Kwang Soo oppa FIGHTING!

SIKA (SAMOA FAN) Lee Kwang Soo is the best. I enjoyed watching running man because of him he make the show interesting. Hes funny, humble and a caring person.He repected his hyungs and nuna so much. Hes a great person. Fighting Kwang Soo

Jhun yang Lee Kwang soo is one of my favorite in running man, he is just so charming, he is so caring when it comes to song ji hyo. I really like this man though he once said that he doesn't have any loyalty. (kekeke) .. I know that behind his childish, foolish act in running man, he is a serious, smart and intelligent man (right?).. Kwang soo-hyung (keke) FIGHTING!!! <3

Kinggofing wuttt ow yeah!!, 2014 is Giraffes year!, getting involved in all sorts of character,hope he does well. And he'll be paired with Nichole Jung in Secret Love according to the casting order, wohoo lol lucky guy.

Kao Saranghae Lee Kwang Soo

Noora I love you kwang soo oppa

Noora I love you kwang soo oppa

Aaron awan I started to love watching runningman is because of kwang soo.. haha im your biggest fan from Malaysia :)

Caitlin Hallo oppa!!saranghae forever.Fighting.I am your fans from Indonesia and i running man fans too.I really want to go to Asian Dream Cup.You have to beat Jongkook oppa.Bye

Caitlin Hallo oppa!!saranghae

w lee kwang soo is an amazing actor...I started noticing him on innocent man, then I saw him again in city hunter. I started to really like this actor. I watch a few more show after that. But when I really liked him is when I got into running man, thats when I realize what kwang soo is really like. I find him funny, awkward and attractive in cute way. He is my favorite member on running man. Although all that said I can't see him play as main lead actor maybe a second lead(which he has), to me he doesn't have that male lead look or acting. He is good where he is at. However he can still improve. Hopefully 5 years or more we will see him in more success.

Park Eun Jin Sorre for my english! Prince of Asia!! Luv u ! 화이팅 ^ ^

Kim Hyun JIn Hi.. love you so much. Why you so handsome. Saranghae :* <3

lolla I'm just SO !! In love with you .. I wish you a very good life Oppa ♡ I check your page here always to see what you are up to ;) I watched almost every drama and movie you have been in since 2010 ( running man released ) ;) I really wish that someday you will have your chance and Be the lead actor in a many many many more dramas .. I would love to see you ♡ work hard Oppa ♡ Fighting!! Take care of yourself. I hope that you will check this page oneday :D Love from Jordan ♡

rin Love him! He is the only reason i watch runningman, so funny and charming! Hopeyou will become hero in drama!

shelly Maybe i will never meet u for the rest of my life but i had to said that you are so cute and always make me smile all the time that i saw your face :) Before i saw you in runningman i really hate korean but u make me not feel that anymore... Thank you oppa <3

leeuee please give him a lead actor together with uee as main actress and yuri supporting actress....that will be great...

purple Lee kwang so since you are from running man please travel to Myanmar please. it is a request. from a11 year old kid.

Jezka Beckmann hello kwang soo . i am big fan even though your not that special hahahaha i am a spartace, commander and monday couple fan hahahahahah one day you guys can do a shooting in new zealand and let me be a guest thanks :)

Annie OMG!!!!MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE SAME DAY AS LEE KWANG SOO!!!!!:D so happy to know that^.^ Anyways,he should be cast for a main role in a drama/movie!!!!:)

Sika give him a lead role he will do great hes a talented and loving man......lee kwangsoo come and visit australia Brisbane come and see you fans if you can fighting

Miss.X. yay~~~~ I like how you act and you are so cute specially when you say your punchlines. I seriously like you, and I hope you'll visit in the Philippines. Naneun gidalibnida. Sore wa yakusoku desu. Daisuke.


97hyuniee_ Love you to the moon and back oppaaa!!<3<3 Please come to indonesia someday c':

  • note:I like 'Saffire' comment! I want marry him to!!</3

sarah please give him main role in what ever.,movie or drama..i love you oppa your the best....fun from malysia

Saffire I seriously would happily marry him or someone like him. His personality is just to beautiful to me he is my absolute my favorite in running man (and cityhunter) after him its grasshopper :) lol but anyways Kwang -Soo is amazing and the fact that my first childhood stuff animal was a giraffee brings me happiness when they call him that <3 heart you kwanag-soo

janice He was a person that would brighten my life up,he is very funny,nice singer if he could be one,great actor and many more.My love as a fan could not be shown just using words...But using heart~~^.^

misslychee first watching him on RM E63 OMGG ! really loves him on first sight ! now i have 171 ep just to watch him. never though me would be his biggest fan ! wishing you, all the best and always have a great luck on your life kwangsoo. <3 you !

Ninie i really think that kwang soo would look good if he can get main role in movie or drama...it would be nice to watch him get a serious role as well :)

Krysa Giraffe - best member of RM. :-) Love him.

Nouf () l loveeee him .. in order to sooo funy and handsome

Vivian Ahh....when I first started watching RM I didn't really take notice of Lee Kwang Soo but then as I kept watching the episodes he really became one of my favorites <33. I know that he's really close with the rest of the RM cast in rl but sometimes I just feel so bad for the guy...he always gets bullied :(. But either way I love him so much <3. He's so freakin' funny and ugh. I hope in the near future he'll get a chance to get a main role in a drama. Oppa fighting!!!! SARANGHAE~.

aozora kuran waaa... so funny member of running man!!

jen na he might not perfect enough bt nobdys prfect..please let him play as a main role in whtevr movies @ dramas..i want 2 see how far his potential could be..tq..

Gabee Lee Kwang Soo <3 Love loveee him, Honestly everytime I watch running man I always and I mean it always root for kwang soo, I know its script or whatever but I just cant help but feel bad for the guy, they are always picking on him, like for instant this last episode 167 jiyho pretty much rite hook him, whether its script or not I would like to see him treated well by the others haha,Kwang soo fighting, much love from San Diego, Ca :D

kwang soo biggest fans Kwang soo!!!! He's my biggest idol and im his biggest fans... I really love him from heart!!! And after started to love him I make my everything giraffe... Wallpaper waterbottle file notebook toys everything!!! Almost more than An Hye Mi in running man ep 165

omo he cameo in Dating Agency:Cyrano from episode 6 to 8,,, not just episode 6 and 7..

Dawnskies give him a lead role ! <3

moramyun he has a good voice. we love you Girin !! ^^

fatira_malaysia lee kwang soo in innocent man is very funny.i can't stop laugh whenever he appears..haha but..i really would like to watch in drama which he is the main role.. it must be exciting drama..hehehe

sweetpinkxpl Lee Kwang Soo is such a funny and cute guy!! He's so charismatic! He's the first person I noticed in Running Man and the first member I got interested in! He's my fav in Running Man! He's so funny in Running Man. Mischievous and a betrayer but he's actually extra nice to guests and also his hyungs and noona! Just can't stop loving him~<3 I also love watching his dramas. Recently Goddess Of Fire Jung Yi, he portrays a totally different role, as an evil, mischievous prince. He's doing so good! Really hope one day he will be a main role in a drama. Hope he will win best supporting role this year! All the best Kwang Soo~ I love you! <3<3<3

Girin He is so cute, handsome and funny. He is also kind and friendly. I like him so much. Saranghae Lee Kwang Soo!!!!

adcc my favorite member in running man! hope he gets a lead role in a romantic comedy drama.. so funny and quite handsome ;) saranghae kwang soo! <3

hujanderaz hahahhaa funny man !!

syrh you always make me laugh, whatever you do hahahahahahhahaha

Bro He had a cameo on Dating Agency Cyrano?! Now I got to watch that drama. He'll bring in the giggles for sure.

Tyler LOVE Kwang Soo oppa. I can't wait to see you're new drama. We will support you all the way. FIGHTING............

Intan Kwang soo oppa May you win in the following episodes :D Never give up !! Your Fans are cheering you on !! Hwaiting !!

jaegil you're the best Hyung!! Kwang Soo Hyung JJang!

Channary Lee Kwang Soo Fighting!!!!! Big fan of yours, Can't wait for your new drama, The goddess of fire :D (even though your the bad prince, Still looking forward to it) Big fan of yours from San Diego!

kwang Please give main role to kwang soo! He is handsome and talented :D

ParkJC KWANG SOO HYUNG! FIGHTING!! I hope you'll be the LEAD ROLE in your Dramas and Movies this year or in the Future, you truly deserved it,Hyung! ~AssA~ Lee Kwang Soo!! Lee Kwang Soo!! Lee Kwang Soo!!

Jerwin I hope running man will have a show were RUNNING MEN will dress as WOMEN :) YOUR SUPPORTER :)

Jerwin I hope RUNNING MAN will have a show were RUNNING MEN are DRESS AS WOMEN.. I think it will be FUN and ENJOYING... PLS RUN HARDER... :) YOUR SUPPORTER.. :))

CH4Ssy He is the king of betrayer in running man... And i love it so much.... Ha3

Melissa 광수 오빠 사랑해요!! <3

kiky Kwang Soo oppa... you are so cool.. do some exercise so you can be strong... HWAITING!!!

largi Lee Kwang Soo, OUT!!

kakay play saint agnes and the burning train

Luisa Yo! Ashton Kutcher! lol! :)

JJ somebody please give him main role!!! i'd love to watch it, really....

SweetPinkxGilinlover Lee Kwang Soo!!! I love him man..he's so funny in RM!!.....the funniest indeed!! He's a natural entertainer!!!!

KZ He got the best dancing style I've ever seen.

eila so superb acting, funny .,..like u!

SuperGirlInLove He's so funny in "Running Man"... :D

raee He is funny and cute. LOL his big lips (x

misschan i really like u in innocent men, ur acting was superb.. hope to see u as a hero

Sandra I love this guy. Whats not to love, he's funny, he can act and he is geeky hot!!

Yumi Hes so cute and tall! :D

Feby Lie Lee Kwang Su / Gwangvatar so funny in RM ! Come To Indonesia ! Hwaiting

Tran Din Kwang soo Hyung so funny ,,, You're so handsome in RM , I love u and RM ...Fighting

jb this guy is hilarious! He's so pitiful some times in running man LOL

Mrs Byung Hun kwang soo, although you're weakest, you're totally funny!! Dont care about anyone else, just be yourself!!! you're cute, tall, adorable and a little bit handsome...you can success!!! HWAITING!!!

lyn LOVE Gwangsoo Oppa from Running Man ^^

jackie love from hong kong :3 kwangsoo oppa is the cutest boy in the universe!

Nadya You're so adorableeee... Seriously, I'm in love with you..

sujukara FEEL,TOUCH,CROSS..!! hope he win an award for his achievement in acting... he already obtain 2 in entertaiment... Kwang soo Fighting..!!

Khai you're so funny, i really like you in running man <3

Rachelle Ann kwangsoo oppa..ur so funny in RM..keep it up..just be yourself!!Fighting!!

Melon You're always funny, adorable and cute. You're great. ^_^

요셉 광수형~ 존경하고 사랑합니다!!

Cie gwangsoo oppa..^^ love u on RM although u're the weakest n the dumbest.. still u r the nicest among all of them..u're the one who i would be grateful if u r a friend of mine.. I will always support u.. :) hwaiting!^~^

de ssi lee kwang soo Oppa,,, u're so cute and funny,,, but why are u so weak?? please show us ur best in RM,,, Oppa Hwaiting!!

vickii Kwangsoo oppa hwaiting! Continue to work hard in running man <3

zhee oppa hwaiting <3~ i will always support youu :D

gigi.susu kwangsoo oppa!! hwaiting!! the best member in running man~ hehehe

cha'zt kwangsoo oppa is the best... my fav.

Tapanga He's one of my favorite characters!! I loved his acting in City Hunter!! Very funny, yet loving as well. Charisma.

Aku Hey, Oppa. I am the 4th comment, eh? Oh c'mon. You can do better than this, Oppa! Fighting~ (^^)

Jjang! funny looking? in a good way then. he's the best hahaha my favorite!

Ting forever funny looking (:

Irene You're so tall Gwangsoo Oppa!~~ Running man same-age friend with Joongki! Hwaiting! <3

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