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  • Movie: Love On-Air (English title) / Wonderful Radio (Korean English title)
  • Revised romanization: Wondeopul Radio
  • Hangul: 원더풀 라디오
  • Director: Kwon Chil-In
  • Writer: Lee Jae-Ik
  • Producer: Jung Kyoung-Il
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: January 5, 2012
  • Runtime: 120 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Romance / Music / Radio
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jin-A is the former leader of idol group Purple, one of the first generation of girl groups in South Korea and also the most popular at that time. She now hosts the radio program "Wonderful Radio," but the program suffers from low ratings. The show's producer then takes time off to give birth. Her replacement is Lee Jae-Ik (Lee Jung-Jin).

Jin-A is late for her first meeting with PD Lee Jae-Ik. Because of this, PD Lee Jae-Ik gets an unfavorable impression of Jin-A and their relationship soon turns worse. During the meeting, PD Lee Jae-Ik instructs the staff to create a new section for the radio program to increase ratings.

Jin-A struggles to come up with a new idea for the radio program. Then, after listening to her mom sing, she suddenly gets an idea. Jin-A wants to invite regular people onto the show and let them read their own stories or letters. The guests will also sing during the segment.

The new segment becomes a hit. Meanwhile, Jin-A attempts to resume her music career and sing songs like "You Are My Angel" that she wrote for her girl group Purple.

A woman then introduces herself on Jin-A's radio program and insists that she wrote the song "You Are My Angel." Jin-A becomes flustered then angry. She even uses profanity while on air. After the program Jin-A is kicked off the radio program. The public also becomes outraged by what they perceive as plagiarism on Jin-A's part. Can Jin-A ever revive her career?


  1. Filming took place from June 27 - September 18, 2011.
  2. "Love On-Air" opened #2 at during its opening weekend at the South Korean Box Office. Movie sold 314,978 tickets on 476 screens. By February 4, 2012 "Love On-Air" sold 950,793 tickets.


Love On-Air-Lee Min-Jung.jpg Love On-Air-Lee Jung-Jin.jpg Lee Kwang-Soo Love On-Air-Kim Jung-Tae.jpg
Lee Min-Jung Lee Jung-Jin Lee Kwang-Soo Kim Jung-Tae
Shin Jin-A Lee Jae-Ik Cha Dae-Keun In-Suk
Jung Yoo-Mi Love On-Air-Kim Byung-Ok.jpg Love On-Air-Jeong Man-Sik.jpg Jo Jung-Eun
Jung Yoo-Mi Kim Byung-Ok Jeong Man-Sik Jo Jung-Eun
Nan-Seol Director Im Ja-Hyung Da-Hee

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Yomi It's 2012 movie. I like this movie very much. Because this movie so emotional. Sometime make us cry because guests story on Wonderful Radio. Laught a lot because of Lee Kwang-soo ssi. And it's also make us remember how we love someone. When i see this movie, my eyes can't move to other side. Just seeing all part of this movie. An love story about Lee Min-ji ssi and Lee Jeong-jin ssi so unics. I want to have love story like them.. hahah LoL.

kyra I like Jo Jung eun and Lee Kwang soo characters the most here..this is a movie where i could cry a bucket and laugh a lot. nice movie...

Ran @Irwan L The song title that the taxi driver sung is 'I Choose To Love You' by Sistar Hyorin

Adrienne I initially watched this movie for Kwang-Soo, being a Running Man fan. I was pleasantly surprised however with the story. It is by no means a perfect movie, lacking an even pacing throughout, however it certainly is a good "feel-good" movie. With some sweet heart warming moments that made me tear up and some good laughs, mostly from my lovely Kwang-Soo. I recommend watching it on a rainy afternoon with a big cup of tea. Being a strong lover of music, I understand how singing a song out can heal the soul, it was nicely displayed. Enjoy. :)

Irwan L what the title of the song sung in the movie taxi driver?

kezia Kwangsoo just.. Too funny. The way he scream

Kim Alain The movie is great! i cried i some of the stories of the people at the radio particularly to the taxi guy :(

if somebody knew the songs in the movie pls comment :)

Jasper I respect Ki's comment but I beg to disagree!

The movie is not AMAZING but it was good! I haven't radio star but I think Love on Air is a good movie. Regarding Ki's comment - The touching scenes with the radio show guests felt insincere in LOVE ON-AIR and just too abrupt to elicit genuine emotions. -- I think what you mean is the 1st guest.. But the taxi driver father and student made me cry. I felt the emotion. Sometimes if we are watching the movie and we have already put in our minds that the movie is not good.. then no matter how good the movie is we wont be able to appreciate it..

I think what all of us need to do is have an open mind while watching a movie. This is a good movie and I highly recommend it. I like also the twist where in the radio host sacrificed her career to protect a friend's reputation.. It's something I didn't expect before the end of the movie.

If I have to rate this movie its gonna be 8 out of 10... Watch it! :D

depestere watched it because of lee min jung...loved it because of lee min jung and the music and lee kwang soo had his own funny charm as usual

kaji @iLLusiOnEr

The songs the guests sang: Ja-Hyung (Jeong Man-Sik): I CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU by Zoo. SISTAR's Hyorin sang a version of this song too.

Da-Hee (Jo Jung-Eun): FATHER by Insooni.

Hope this helps.

tala I like the movie, the actors, and the OST. :)

iLLusiOnEr Nice movie and songs in it.

Can someone tell what song did Ja-Hyung(Jeong Man-Sik) and Da-Hee(Jo Jung-Eun) sing on that segment?

Ki Must say LOVE ON-AIR turns out to be an extremely disappointing film. From the very beginning I didn't find actress Lee Min-Jung's performing convincing (it felt very forced) and lead male actor Lee Jung-Jin seemed completely miscast for his role. For whatever reasons I just didn't believe he was a radio show producer.

The movie's storyline (at least for the first half) seemed very similar with 2006 movie RADIO STAR. A former pop singer works as a radio show host and they start to incorporate "touching" stories from readers. The primary difference between the two films is that LOVE ON-AIR seems to try to target the younger audience by emulating the style of movie director Kang Hyung-Chul ala SPEED SCANDAL. Unfortunately, this also didn't work. The touching scenes with the radio show guests felt insincere in LOVE ON-AIR and just too abrupt to elicit genuine emotions. The second half of the movie takes on a different approach and covers a pure pop music career comeback story and by this time I didn't really care.

One postitive that movie LOVE ON-AIR did for me was to bring about more respect for Kang Hyung-Chul's prior films SPEED SCANDAL and SUNNY. The way Kang Hyung-Chul effortlessly blends music with feel-good comedies comes off so smooth that at times it's easy to overlook the talent needed to make such a film. LOVE ON-AIR proves it ain't quite that easy. Very far from it really. LOVE ON-AIR seems to do everything wrong. Ouch!
Love On-Air

laah i'm going to watch it because of kwangsu :))

annie I am a little bit disappointed about lee kwang soo character in this movie, i thought he will become cool manager, but in the end he is still to be a gagman manager, hehe I wanna see lee kwang soo act like gentleman and cool character in a movie, hope i can see him again in next movie

Zhee i just want to see kwang su oppa ^^~

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