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  • Name: Lee Min-Jung
  • Hangul: 이민정
  • Birthdate: February 16, 1983
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Sungkyunkwan University
  • Major: Theatre
  • Height: 167cm.
  • Blood Type:


  1. Lee Min-Jung married actor Lee Byung-Hun at 6pm on August 10, 2013 at Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.


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abigail umali Hi ming jung your s o pretty even if you are a mother now ,stay healthy and takecare always,,im your fan from philippines

sindhuja You are so beautiful. You looks like 18th age girls now. I am your big fan of India.

... Some fans of her seems clueless or in denial. Everyone in Seoul knows LBH is a man who likes women too much, and that since 15 years ago... After the latest LBH blackmailing scandal, she is actually living at her parents house. She should just divorce the jerk and regain her freedom & dignity. She is a good actress & doesn't need his support to get jobs in Kdramaland anyway.

slsnicndi i just realised that lee min jung was married with lee byung hun

min ah Hi min jung eonni i'm soo happy for you and byung hun oppa chughabnida

Quinzy Lee Min-Jung is so pretty. I like her so much! She looks even prettier at her early 30's

sarang son WOW great couple he is the right man for you Lee Min Jung,dOnt Mind and ignore bad comments,.,live happy life with him,.,OH MY G,He is rUggEdly handsome,>>.,best wishes to both of you and live married life to the fullest,.,congrats,.,and,.GOD BLESS YOU,:MWUAHHHHHH

sarang son OMG,.,they look good together,and they are both my idol,.,and Lee Byun Hun is my newest love,he is hot in a rugged way,Oh My G,i am currently watching IRIS,it's too late,but it worth watching,.,and to you Miss Lee Min Jung,.,ignore the bad comments, you two deserve each other,.,My best wishes to you both and live happy successful married life,.GOD BLESS YOU GUYS<

tari great couple ,lee byun hun is the rightfull man for you.all the best

Bilgi I love you Lee Min-Jung

Yujina You are truly smart to have chosen a very classy, sophisticated well admired, well educated handsome man from a goofd family background.Just ignore the comments that he is old for you.He is not! Heis young at heart and has ful looks.there is something very special about him.You are lucky to have him as much as he is lucky to have a charming and beautiful well talented lady like you.You both make a perfect pair. My best wishes to you both for a very happy married life and a successful career.

New Fans Lee min jung i'm your fans now :D your acting is amazing and you are really beautiful XD

intel you are so beautifull i hope your next drama with Lee Min-ho

gigglez isit just me of does this woman not look like exactly like the actress Shin Se-Kyung???? wow am baffled!

kimeci eonni better with another guy :( ,but jinja chukkae eonni <3

jimmy Truly an amazing actress, her role in cunning single lady leave a deep impression on me. I hope i can see her in another drama soon. Lee Min Jeong Fighting!!

Wendy I thought you looked oddly familiar from somewhere when I saw you on Cunning single lady, yes I thought!! You were on boys over flowers. Still so gorgeous Looking!!! Keep up the amazing acting, you inspire me to keep watching cunning single lady.

Maypluka Your acting just awesome! Love you, Lee Min Jung! Fighting! ♡

anonym omooo, they were 13 years apart ;-;

inlove she is so pretty but why did she marry lee byun he is way tooo old for her:(

Sulsahshaff HBD@Dearext Lee Min Jung llnp en apie mre daex ahead lurv yha

SON of OSIRIS Acting and Attracting. Have a good life with lee byung hun.

jesslyn vanella you are so pretty is BIG drama :)

rollypolly oh no i don't believe that lee min jung is married to lee byung hun . omg . however chukae .

sadra lee min jung . i hope always have good luck. Your language...aja aja..........

tammy Lee Min Jung is not natural beauty. She got plastic sugeries of her nose and face.

ikram you are great love :)

Resty Congratulation dor the wedding.Hope live happily ever after till death

Eun Jo Heo Congratulation to Lee Byung-Hun, Lee Min-Jung's marriage! They are my favorite actor and actress. He is handsome and she is beautiful. Both have sincere heart and kind. Wishing Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung have a wonderful marriage, long life, more children, healthy happily, lovable couple and All the Best Wishes and Good Luck to both of them!

annekaren Congratulations! Best Wishes. :)

Alice Uhoh! Lee Min Jung you're damn awesome in Big. Just love your act. . . .gives u a big big huggg :)

Tobit Arinze Hi Min....... Wishin you and Lee Byung Hun a happy marital life in advance. I wish I can be there to witnes it all. Am Tobit Arinze from NIGERIA.

anoga hey miss lee i love you and i like you in 'big' so much you looks pretty i'm from Egypt i love you <3

rheza i love her :) i'm a fanatic of this stunning lady especially in BIG !

cushie13 hello miss lee min you are my first korean actress idol. i love all your movies and drama everything about you i love it .. thank you ^^

ambari Lee Min-Jung you are one of my fav actress of all time. I like the way you put your honest work which shows in ur acting. Your expressions brings a lot of things. Liked you in "Big" liking you more in everything about relationship. You deserve every award which comes ur way. Awesome acting ....congrats on good work

sumi really enjoy wonderful radio..

Desire_joy Please , explain what happens in the ending :) ! thank you . .. i love you and Gong yoo :)!!!

mikeebawagan i love watching "BIG'' :) NICE DRAMA. Lee Min Jung! I love your role. :))

Kang Jung Hoo wish lee min jung and jung kyung ho make another drama together! :D

Roxan Mandiao Hi, miss Min-Jung. I love your tv shows title "The BIG". I Like it and Uh-Oh! so good. I love it. ......but why does Kyung Gyung Joon didn't appeared in the ending part? Oh, i miss him in that part.


Roxan Mandiao Hi, miss Min-Jung. I like your tv show "The BIG". I LOVE IT VERY MUCH! .....but why is kang gyung joon didn't appeared in the ending? Uh-Oh! Sayang naman! He's so cute!

Hussain I won't write much... just watched Big. I almost believed you n him were real. your acting is real!

saron happy birth day. i love you. you are pretty and cute. i want us to be freinds.

Sama I love your cute movies and drama I am sure you are Great Love love love

o u i ^_* not sexy but So Cute not perfect but So Fascinating not singer but So sweet sound (my ring tone is " So bitter" too) especially, she do be best in her career. All movies and dramas of her are high standard because of Lee Min Jung's acting (i would like to buy "wonderful radio"(DVD) but in Bangkok i can't, how i can do! T_T)

Joe "Big" is an excellent show; I am so happy Teacher Gil and KKJ are together at the end! Great writing and direction [although I wish the ending could have been just a little clearer about the meaning of its resolution]! Regardless, Lee Min-Jung is a wonderfully talented actress, and the warm feeling she inspires in my heart makes me feel like no chill could ever set into it. Her style is perfectly cute! No one else could have portrayed Gil Da Ran as well. Great job!

mi mi This Drama is driving me crazy! So confusing! On and off! On and off! Gee whiz! Quite a shocking! It’s like the Disney story! Enchanting, Fairy Tales, Magic, Miracle! I guess that’s the way to find out what makes interesting!

mi mi That was an awkward moment! She should check the real Dr. Y! She can’t fall in love just the looks but what inside! She could hurt herself and everyone! What’s the use if she end up with no one! It’s a matter of time, hope she can turn back time!

mi mi

      • corrections - a little spice to it!

Miracle it is! Reposes others old selves. One in bed unconsciousness, no recollection or anything else! One playing and fooling around, not sure if one of them will be underground! The Teacher wearing a ring off to honeymoon trip and what will it bring! Just this one question - What the heck is happening here? A snap of a finger is what they hear. Truly funny and witty! Cracked me up so amusingly!

mi mi Miracle it is! Reposes others old selves. One in bed unconsciousness and one playing around! The Teacher wearing a ring off to honeymoon trip! Just one snap of a finger back where they were! A question will ask! What the heck is happening here? Truly cracked me up! So amusing! Very funny and witty!

mi mi It must have been difficult for Daran facing so many obstacles and challenges that the whole world revolve around her! She is very impressive! Good choice and smart! I guess Teacher is the Big word! Fits her! On the flip side, all she wants is to wait Dr. Y if he truly loves her back! Kind of freaky and funny! Puzzling and exciting! Not too shabby but surely love the beauty and wait to see for the next story….

mi mi Nicely done! After one year with no contacts or what so ever! Everything must have been forgotten. It’s quite interesting they both meet again. Start all over and finish what they started. Will there be a twist and everybody will be surprise this time? It’s working progress for sure! Hoping their love will last! Faithful and true! Could be! Will see!

Dongsaeng Hhmm..what can i say about her? well.,i think she look pretty n that's it.nothing else.nothing special.,her latest drama 'Big',sorry to say,it was boring..her character esp. so childish n unmatured (the way she talk n behave )does'nt fit for a TEACHER at all! but that's not her fault anyway.,

mi mi

  • episode #: 3-4 To be continued. The teacher was in the verge of crossing her mind to see for herself the truth about his fiancé. So complicated and typical if there are other family or friends involved.

Truly funny! She just need to be honest about the accident and it will be over with and she’ll know for sure she’ll get the truth and answer if this guy truly love her or else I will feel disappointed if he was cheating on her and hope when he regain consciousness they all need to tell the truth.

mi mi Big - Absolutely quite a story, funny but full of good actors and we could use more laugher!

  • episodes #: 3-4 to be continued they about to kiss, knowing that he might look like the fiancé but he’s actually her student! Nah! This is not happening! One in the hospital and one is a student. This is truly funny! How can he move things around? Can’t wait to see…..

mi mi Drama: Big Hmmm! Just wondering!!! What happened to Yoon Jae"s work? Is he going to act as a Doctor? Is going to be so funny coz he is not the real one. I want to see this play....

depestere can't believe she has been in the industry since 2004 and no one realized how amazing she is till 2008...smh

Misha Love your drama BIG I'm a new fan but can't wait to see and hear more!!!

산호 당신은 너무 예쁘다.

K You're so beautiful <3 especially in Big <3 <3

Ray V She is Beautiful and love her drama BIG and when she appeared in Running Man Hong Kong episodes...

안녕하세요! 당신이 이것을 읽으면 양 민 정 난 당신이 정말 재능 있고 아름답다 친한 친구가되고 싶어요.

Monera khaled GE .. min jung

i see your new Drama " Big "

its amazing & awesoem story

you're so pretty & i like you new look and youre hairstyle

i'm can't waitinganymore for new Ep ..

Keep Your Eyes To Yourself Sweetheart ^_^

Mia My idol in life...perfect woman <3 love ya

kim cho hee Just now realized she was in BOF.. Wow she looks good with Lee Min Ho, but now I think she actually looks nice with the guy in Big. Just thought... lol... That since Jun Pyo rejected Jae Kyung in BOF, in the future she turns into a substitute teacher. XD Like: BOF --> Big = Past --> Present. Big is how Jae Kyung's life ended up to be as. Lol Im joking but that's what I thought.. :3

May She looks soo much like park shine hye

ntxhais for me, i won't say that she's pretty because i think all korea actresses are pretty. what i'm look for is that who will captures my attention. i saw her in Who Are YOu, but i didn't fall for her until i saw her in BFF. Her hair in BFF alone is killing plus her personalities that make me fall for her and have her as my first korean actress that i like. i think she's more appeal than the lead lady in BFF and her smile is so bright. she's an angel.

isis hello!! i like so so so much!!! you're so pretty!!!! hope to meet you one day :]

chasmy (@chiesme) Hmmm Bob you yourself forgot how to use punctuation mark properly (cant to can't) just saying :) peace!

Dana She thinks she isn't pretty... but she really really is; really really is pretty I mean.

Bob I am disgusted at the number of members present on this website that cant even use proper english

branwen hahaa the interviewer is funnier than min jeong-ssi.

Jason Lee Hi! U R Beautiful! I loved you in BOF and I really like you with Le min ho :D

krezia i realy love you all movie....................

kren I miss SMILE HONEY..! Lee Min Jung & Jung Kyung Ho is the best..!

Jet Hi Min Jung!!! You've eyes so beautiful!!!

Vishalanella Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung, the best loveteam!!!!!!!

kirayamato I hope you visit us here.

sHeRrY currently watching Smile You & OMGosh! I liked this actress already in Boys Over Flowers^^, I even wished you were the leading lady instead of Go Hye Sun no offense it's just that you're prettier^^] wish you more projects in the future:]

marez hi forget what i said i'm ugly & the phillipines sucks!!!

marez yeah!!!!she's very pretty!!!!!i'd like to meet her!!

janicanelle ...my dream is to see u..

janicanelle ...my dream is to see u...

janicanelle ...sarangghe.. ...your so beautiful..

mean smile you...the best!!!!! good team up with jung kyung ho....

winnie lyn wow super beautiful i wish youre boyfriend is mr.jung kyung ho hehehe,,,,,,

janicanelle ..Saranghe.. hope to see u!!!

janicanelle ...Annyong Haseyo... ...ur very good..

arjay i wish i can see you in Korea. just wait for me!

winnie lyn jose ang ganda mu talaga take care of arnold kang....

farah. wowwwww unii min jung so beautiful girl,so smart girl

deekay does she actually read these comments..?

aiko i like you because u drive me crazy went i watch u in smile you and boys over flowers ur so beautiful and attractive to me!!! i want u to be my friend if ok in u. and u r the best of all!!!!

good luck and take care always and make some more tv shows!!!!!

steph YOu're one of my favourite south korean actress.. I love the way you put your energy on every role you play..you're an inspiration a role model.. I like you so much..your soooo beautiful...keep it up....

Ola ONNIE,, Nomu yepo... Sarangee...


m-lou i admire u ur so pretty wish 2 see u here in canada ur always happy hope me too

God Bless...........

kevin i love you very much and i hope i see you in korea take care all ways god bless

rahma akh ... i like you .. you so very prety ...

david tjoa i love you.......you're so pretty....

jae yoon so yoboseo lee min jung you are so pretty why goo jun pyo call you a monkey?hahahaha

i want you to be my best friend can you be my friend im jae yoon so kamsahamnida

claire lee hi min jung!! ur so beautiful!!

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