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  • Name Lee Jung-Jin
  • Hangul: 이정진
  • Birthdate: May 25, 1978
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Hanyang University
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Twitter: @RunJungjin


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H you have the most beautiful face in the whole world.love you oppa :(

kim When I watch film. ..When he smile So sweet.

 Anh then.when film finally 

His face always in my mine

All day.i thinks about him

I know it look like a dream . never coming true in my life... And I miss him so much Lee jung jin

wawa I love your acting in temptation. I love you LEE JUNG JIN!!

Diane Hi oppa,

Greeting from sunny Singapore !Love you so much in Temptation .. Hope to see more of your works soon .....

Lovely I love you Lee Jung Jin .I will marry you .

Zey You are amazing. I love you sooo much <3 <3 ^^

VW Excellent acting Lee Jung-Jin. Your gait, smile, look and movement deeply impressed me. You are very talented, tall and handsome.

This is the second Korean drama I have ever watched in my life. Your role is so outstanding that I gave up day of sleep to enjoy your performance.

Thank you for producing such a deeply touching Se Yong. Wish you a bright and successful acting future!

Pauline hello Lee Jung Jin ssi, :) I'm one of your fans I love your acting, you're a multitalented actor I'm agree that you get an awards in "Hundred Year inheritance" seong-gong hangsang ({ }) :) saranghaeyo oppa

Pauline hello Lee Jung Jin ssi, I'm one of your fans I love your acting, you're a multitalented actor I'm agree that you get an awards in "Hundred Years inheritance" seong-gong hangsang ({ }) :)

Fyotel HELLOOO JUNG JIN-SHI OPPAA! i have watched all your dramas and all your movies and programs that you appear in!!!! such a great pretty actor really!!! love your acting and everything ! we're waiting for more interesting dramas from youuuuuuuuuuuu, love you. fighting!!!!

Angeline prashadwe I have watch a a drama for so long, I watch one hundred years of inheritance for days and nights, every single episode was exciting, it was so sad for me when the drama came to and end, I felt I loss my best friends,, the best drama for me in the world I love it keep up the good work, lee Jung Jin he is so very handsome. Angeline

jenny Lee Jung Jin,

You are such a hunk. You are an amazing actor. I am watching 100 Year Legacy in the US now ( Chinese channels). Keep up the good work. Best of luck in the future. LOVE YOU!

~Sweetbee~ Lee Jung -Jin my favorite actor in Korean drama.100 years Inheritance. You and Eugene (chae-won) looks awesome !!! Love everyone in this show.great actor.FIGHTING :))

Joey_0917 (girl) Hi Lee Jung-Jin, you're my favorite Korean actor :)) ... 100 year inheritance is currently showing here in the Philippines. 100 year inheritance is my only favorite korean drama that I watch.I hope you can visit here, and I hope also that Eugene Kim visit here in the Philippines.

Take care always

I love you all.

I'm your Number 1 fan :))

Ruthie :)) Lee Jung-Ji, you're my favorite Korean actor :)) ... 100 year inheritance is currently showing here in the Philippines. I hope you can visit here,

Take care always

I'm your Number 1 fan :))

Just me. This guy is an amazing actor *♡* ! Absolutely loved him in Pieta and No Doubt ( so sad what happened at the end ㅠ.ㅠ) I look forward to seeing him in many more amazing roles! ⌒.⌒ Oppa hwaiting !!! ^o^

Agatha Fantastic actor, seen his work for the first time in 100 year inheritance. Did'nt realize the're such great Korean actors, now I'm hooked on korean dramas. I don't know how large an American audience there is but I'm a huge fan I just wish i could watch in actual english instead of subtitles. I hope you will capture a large audience in the U.S. Mom fan.


Rohmah Lee jung jin.. I love all about you, you are great actor, always support you! Fighting!

Metos Best actor, Nice story, very impressive. I am impressed with excellent acting.,

Barbara Love him❤️❤️❤️❤️

madelmar hi lee jung jin. im your biggest fan in Philippines. and the hundred year legacy is currently airing here and it has a great story angd you are the best actor as well.....i hope you can visit here in the Philippines... god bless and take care of your self.........

lj baril the best asian drama a100 year legacy the best!!!!!

clariz panlaqui hi lee jung jin. im a biggest fan of yours here in the phipinnes. and the a hundred year legacy/inheritance is currently airing here and it has a great story and has great actors aswell . hope you can visit philippines with eugene of course! take care . :) p.s youre such a cuttie pie! haha

Linda ng your smile and your eyes ,

Yoo Really love your acting and when you appear in TV shows... love you in cool kiz,, i know you since "love story in Harvard". Now, i'm watching "hundred year inheritance", i'm really enjoyed it.. thank you.. hope can see you in another amazing project.. Hwaiting.. ^^

Abegail Cortez lee jung jin,your look was so handsome i love you :*

jolla i like his eyes and the whole details on his face...

fatima jane i like the way he smile :))

opah I like his smile. his so cute....

abc lee jung jin, you were great in hundred year inheritance, literally and figuratively. it makes one want to find that guy (you played) and marry him.

ceres hi jung jin i am you're number one aved fan here in the philippines,i like youre acting in a 100-year inheritance you are so handsome there i hope we will met each other some time.......good luck to youre career..........

Pauline Hi Jung Jin, I was 1of your big fans in Indonesia I saw you for the first time in Hundred Years Inheritance and I think is your best acting, until I see you in this drama more than 3 times and leave a good impression to me. Congratulations on the award that you get in this film, I'm waiting for your next drama....

annie hi lee jung jin, i'm a biggest fan of yours! i love your acting i watched your movie Pieta it's very moving and great acting. I'm watched 3 of your drama series and im going to watch more. Hope you have future shows/visit here in California. Congratulations on your new award as best actor in A Hundred Years Inheritance and More Power on your upcoming Movies and Drama Series:-).. "FIGHTING"

annie hi lee jung jin, i'm a biggest fan of yours! i love your acting i watched your movie Pieta it's very moving and great acting. I'm watching 3 of your drama series and im still watching more. Hope you have shows here in California. Congratulations on your new award as best actir in Shining Inheritance and More Power on your upcoming mobies and Drama Series:-).. "FIGHTING"

Eugene R. I'd like to Congratulate Lee Jung-Jin for having won won the award as Best Actor in the drama series 'Hundred Year Inheritance'.. Fighting! -Philippines

michelle hello lee jung jin im your avid fan... i love your characters in 100 year legacy you are very very much handsome.hope you visit philippines.and hope to see you in person...goodluck..more careers to come with eugene..

Mimi Hello Lee Jung Jin im your biggest fan....i love your character in 100 year legacy very romantic...i hope more drama/movie to come with eugene....please visit the Philippines. more power..

samira am thankful to say, after the final episode of the series's centuries-old legacy

Lhiz Lee Jung-Jin is an actor that you will respect and admire at the same time. YOU did very well on your recent tv series Hundred Year Inheritance.... you are amazing!!!!! I hope you do another tv series soon.

Sara Lee Jung min is very good looking, I love how he acted in a hundred inheritance, the drama is so romantic 0, I hope you and Eugene can make more dramas in the future of drama series, I love you and also Eugene

Amber Belle He's such a great actor! (Not to mention good looking[no wonder he's a model too!]) He's one of the various actors that are the just cause of me wanting to learn Korean

firenze renze very talented and fantastic actor! i saw him first in lover story in harvard, my Mom really admired him, since then i followed his other drama series. i hope he gets to make a lot more romantic-love story dramas series and movies....! FIGHTING!!! more POWER to your showbiz profession!

hotmama hi! jung jin ssi, i relly really like all about you i know that 12 yrs older than you but i cant help my sekf to fall for you. saranghe yo!!!!!

mina I am your biggest fan.I love your dama

hodo Lee Jung-Jin you are great actor i cant wait to see more your in the future I am your fan .. i wish you happiness n success Cheers from Toronto xxx

Tram Lee Jung-Jin, you were great in 100 year inheritance! Hope to see you and Eugene in more dramas!

Fanai Hi..Jung Jin.. I love to watch your drama 100 Year Inheritance, you are great actor..handsome and cool guy and I like your hairstyle. I am your big fan ..

KDA I've been watching Love Story in Harvard and 100 Year Inheritance - about 10 years apart in production and light years apart in quality. In the former, Lee Jung-Jin expresses emotions with a subtlety that makes his flawed character utterly believable but with whom we can sympathise through every mistaken move. The direction of 100 Year Inheritance is poor and the result is an uneven series with few scenes making sufficient use of some top-level actors, including Lee Jung-Jin. He certainly looks better as the story progresses - different hair style, fewer creases in his forehead, better complexion. We are experiencing his rehabilitation and development through appearance (well done to the costume and make-up depts.) but not really through the rather two-dimensional character. I also put this down to poor direction as he has clearly shown acting ability elsewhere. In any case, please find something better next time, Lee Jung-Jin.

Radhika He is toooooo handsome & acts superbly!

gray i always remember Lee Jung Jin he's always the guy who model Calvin Klien before,the six pack is perfect!

Cres I like you Lee Jung-Jin a lot!!! I love you on that tv series "a hundred year's inheritance". I'm so hooked up that I wish there's an English translation right away. Keep up the good work. I wish I can meet you in person someday (here in the States or when I go to Korea). Take care!!!

MILEY i came to watch love story in harvard because of kim rae won and ended liking you too.since then i'd been watching all your dramas.right now i'm watching hundred years of inheritance and i love you dont cry.you're such a brilliant actor and your chemistry with eugene is awesome .hope to see you in more dramas when one hundred years is over.

jo Love Jung Jin and Eugene in Hundred Years Inheritance. Their onscreen chemistry is brilliant. Whenever Jung Jin looks at Eugene, there's a special quality in has eyes/expression that simply melts your heart. Hope they''ll be cast together in more drama serials - as lovey dovies of course (happy ending). Absolutely adores this new onscreen couple - unfortunately not real life as Eugene is already married. Wish Eugene happiness in her real life but would love to see both of them teaming up again after HYI.

JJ We are same birth day May ...I really like you actor ...love u I am your big fan :D

hae You are a great handsome actor and very flexible. Like in Fugitive your role and look is so different from 100 years inheritance. I really really love to watch you. In 100 yrs, don't be fooled by Mominlaw and family. Hope you really love Chaewon and protect and marry her.

Nisha Jeong Jin you rock in inheritance......ur new fan.

mml I have finished watching a hundred years inheritance this drama from episode 1 to 16. Noticed that your acting skill proved and showed a further improvement in episode 16.

Episode 16 looks liked , you are a leading actor as "Hero Romance Drama".

To continue for better in upcoming epsiodes , you need to restrict Eugene to avoid her ex-husband for less less trouble without letting her realised........

Cheers, to continue to be even better and gather more and more fans........

mml I have finished watching a hundred years inheritance this drama from episode 1 to 16 . Your acting skill showed and improved tremendously in episode 16. In episode 16, you proved yourself as leading acting of "Hero Romance Drama".

To continue for even better, you need to try ways to restrict Eugene to stay away from the ex-husband for less less trouble without letting Eugene realised .

As you stand better chance to improve on protecting her, as Eugene is now working at your company......

Cheers, continue to see you improving and gather more and more fans.......

julie i really like your drama hundred years lots ... you are great actor..and cool , handsome guy :D i am your big fan ..

mml Hundred Year's Inheritance 百年的遺產 백년의 유산 this drama capture my attention to know and notice you, all these years i only notice Eugene Kim as i am her fans........

Hundred Year's Inheritance 百年的遺產 백년의 유산 this drama , every episode i must watch as i have already finished watching episode 4, is a good mystery drama, am trying to figure out how Eugene Kim can escape from the evil wicked mother in law .....

The evil wicked mother in law has an amazing intelligence to arrange wicked plans to destroy Eugene, on the other hand am trying to understand how Eugene can be so smart and clever to overcome all these obstacles and become brave........

Lee Jung Jin in this drama Hundred Year's Inheritance 百年的遺產 백년의 유산 , a very cool look, am trying to understand how and you will fall in love with Eugene and protect her to gain her rights to achieve her real happiness......

All viewers will like happy romance drama, this is a mystery drama between a wicked mother in law, the pityful daughter in law Eugene Kim and Lee Jung Jin who once upon a time lost a lover during a car accident and how can Lee Jung Jin overcome the sad moments who lost a lover and bring back the courage to fall in love again and give Eugene all the truth love and shine her success with love and happiness.........

I like watching Hundred Year's Inheritance 百年的遺產 백년의 유산 this drama, is a mystery romance drama, will definitely support and watch this drama.......

Fatemeh Good acting skills. liked him in Fugitive!

Dolphina Wow! You are HOT! Also, a great actor.

yamila2505 will always support you.

sara Hi dear Jeong-Jin, As CICI said your smile is Truly Nice, Smile All Time, I just watch " Love story in Harvard " Maybe you have minus rule in that series, but at the end I think the best person that can plays WELL was U, Be happy & take care...

Agate94 I like you since I watched the fugitive :D I wonder how I could get your old films... (well, I watch 9 end 2 outs after fugitive and I love it too, so, I'm looking for more) Keep up the good job.

Sassygirl989 Lee-u-suek who freakin' care if you have had a bad day! Dont post if you dont have any good thing to say! FREAK!

Lee-u-suek i'm sorry for my bad comment i had a bad day, you're a great actor keep up the good work and again i'm very sorry for the comment.

Lee-u-suek Man your act in the fugitive was disgusting and ugly. Your sweating for most of the time! And your scene pretty much ruin the whole show.

sarah hi lee jung jin ,i hope u r okay and i want to know this i fan by u so much and i looooooooove so lot,i feel by happy when i see ur pic or video and anything related by u ,ah all,my mind&my heart&also my dreams and i dont have boyfriend i alwayz i say no bcz of u saranghae and ur taste in clothes very good and nice and i like all related u ,ur smile and ur eyes.......,plz just answer me bcz u r gentleman bi kiss and hug

Trace So awesome in Love Story in Harvard. I'm watching I Love You, Don't Cry right now - so far it's wonderful as well.

ebtehall hi i like very much lee jeong jin thank you bye

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