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  • Drama: Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Boolui Yeoshin Jung-Yi
  • Hangul: 불의 여신 정이
  • Director: Park Sung-Soo, Jung Dae-Yoon
  • Writer: Kwon Soon-Gyu, Lee Seo-Yoon
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: July 1 - October 22, 2013
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" depicts the life and love of Yoo Jung, the first woman who ever made ceramic in the Joseon Dynasty period.


  1. "Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Gu Family Book" and will be followed by "Empress Ki" October, 2013.
  2. First script reading took place late April, 2013 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea.
  3. Actress Moon Geun-Young was injured on the filming set for "Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" on September 18, 2013. Equipment fell on her head area and she received bruises around her eye. Due to September 18-22, 2013 being Chuseok Holiday (Thanksgiving Holiday), she has been unable to receive full medical treatment and is resting at home. Moon Geun-Young will go to the hospital on September 23, 2013. Episodes 25 will not air on September 23 or Ep. 26 on September 24, 2013 and, instead, a special program on "Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" will air on those days.


Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Moon Geun-Young.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Lee Sang-Yoon.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Kim Beom.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Park Geon-Hyeong.jpg Seo Hyun-Jin
Moon Geun-Young Lee Sang-Yoon Kim Beom Park Geon-Hyeong Seo Hyun-Jin
Yoo Jung Prince Gwanghae Kim Tae-Do Lee Yook-Do Sim Hwa-Ryeong
Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Jeon Kwang-Leol.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Byun Hee-Bong.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Lee Jong-Won.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Sung Ji-Ru.jpg Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Jung Bo-Suk.jpg
Jeon Kwang-Leol Byun Hee-Bong Lee Jong-Won Sung Ji-Ru Jung Bo-Suk
Lee Kang-Chun Moon Sa-Seung Yoo Eul-Dam Sim Jong-Soo King Sunjo
Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire-Han Go-Eun.jpg Lee Kwang-Soo Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire-Jang Gwang.jpg Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire-Song Ok-Suk.jpg
Han Go-Eun Lee Kwang-Soo Jang Gwang Song Ok-Suk
Inbin Kim Prince Imhae Lee Pyeong-Ik Boss Son

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-07-01 1 10.1% (7th) 11.1% (7th) 10.7% (6th) 12.3% (3rd)
2013-07-02 2 10.4% (13th) 11.7% (7th) 11.4% (8th) 11.3% (11th)
2013-07-08 3 9.3% (18th) 10.5% (15th) 10.3% (13th) 11.4% (11th)
2013-07-09 4 10.6% (9th) 11.9% (7th) 12.0% (6th) 12.8% (5th)
2013-07-15 5 11.5% (9th) 13.3% (5th) 10.6% (10th) 11.7% (6th)
2013-07-16 6 11.3% (8th) 13.7% (4th) 11.8% (7th) 13.3% (5th)
2013-07-22 7 11.2% (9th) 13.4% (5th) 11.7% (7th) 12.6% (5th)
2013-07-23 8 12.1% (7th) 15.1% (3rd) 11.8% (6th) 12.4% (6th)
2013-07-29 9 11.2% (8th) 13.7% (4th) 10.4% (9th) 11.6% (7th)
2013-07-30 10 10.8% (9th) 13.4% (4th) 11.0% (7th) 11.5% (9th)
2013-08-05 11 10.7% (10th) 13.6% (4th) 10.0% (10th) 11.2% (7th)
2013-08-06 12 11.0% (8th) 14.4% (5th) 11.6% (6th) 13.0% (5th)
2013-08-12 13 8.2% (17th) 10.5% (9th) 9.1% (15th) 10.3% (13th)
2013-08-13 14 8.8% (11th) 10.9% (8th) 9.6% (9th) 10.8% (8th)
2013-08-19 15 NR 9.6% (12th) NR 9.4% (16th)
2013-08-20 16 8.2% (17th) 10.3% (10th) 8.6% (13th) 9.8% (11th)
2013-08-26 17 NR 8.7% (20th) 8.6% (18th) 9.9% (10th)
2013-08-27 18 8.4% (19th) 10.3% (9th) 9.1% (12th) 10.9% (8th)
2013-09-02 19 8.5% (15th) 9.7% (10th) NR 9.7% (14th)
2013-09-03 20 9.6% (10th) 11.5% (6th) 9.1% (12th) 10.4% (8th)
2013-09-09 21 NR 8.9% (18th) NR 9.4% (14th)
2013-09-10 22 8.2% (18th) 9.1% (17th) 7.9% (17th) 9.1% (14th)
2013-09-16 23 8.2% (18th) 9.9% (11th) NR 8.7% (20th)
2013-09-17 24 7.9% (19th) 8.5% (16th) NR 7.8% (16th)
2013-09-30 25 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-01 26 7.7% (19th) 8.8% (18th) 7.6% (17th) 8.4% (19th)
2013-10-07 27 NR 9.2% (17th) NR 9.0% (17th)
2013-10-08 28 7.6% (19th) 8.5% (18th) NR 7.7% (20th)
2013-10-15 29 8.2% (18th) 9.3% (15th) 9.0% (16th) 10.3% (13th)
2013-10-15 30 NR NR 8.0% (19th) 9.5% (17th)
2013-10-21 31 9.1% (17th) 11.0% (10th) 9.3% (18th) 10.4% (10th)
2013-10-22 32 10.3% (12th) 12.1% (7th) 9.6% (13th) 10.6% (11th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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KC I prefer the story when they were young. In the end, there are still many truths need to be revealed such as Inbin Mama conspired with Lee Kang-Chun in the past and accepted the bribe, Hwa-Ryeong killed Boss Son, Yook-Do and everybody needed to know that Lee Kang-Chun committed murders. The king looked smart but why sometimes he was so stupid and cannot detect lies? Plus the ending is so horrible. We wanted to know more what happened to all the characters and I don't see any reason why they had to show the 17-year-later scene which only depicted Prince Gwanghae as the king.

Pavani Amanda I'm enjoyed well when watching jung yi. Actress and actors are acted well. Prince, Tadaeo and Jung yi are my favourite characters in this. But sad thig is I am not satisfied with the end.;)

Jenny I love the the actors and actresses but then the ending is not good for me...I hope theres a better ending for this...

Jung Jimin Lu V I love this sooooo much! mostly little prince Kwanghe & Tae do oppa!

Megu I really like prince and taedo.

corazon love you all mainly jung yi,taedo and the prince

Semanda Julius The movie is because I an still watching it. great. Their is conspiracy, betrayal, incompetence ets

HyeSun LEe I really like this drama, especially since there are guntae oppa!! and also the betrayal kwangsoo..

LKS Lee Kwang Soo was hilarious, he made me laugh every time he showed up with his exaggerated acting. His role in this drama is almost like his character in Running Man- framing, betraying, giraffe prince. Yoo Jae Suk is right, he might have started out as an actor but he's a gagman now!

earlson mark i like the story of goddess of fire

fashionista ....had read a lot of feedback bec of how the story ends still i want to watch it bec of lee sang yoon! he is really handsome and cool!

kiki woooww... hopping for a better ending as slowly watch this drama through the end... atleast they should met again.. i dont mind to watch another episode where gwang hae searching for jung at japan... or even jung struggle to come back to joseon... welll.. its already finished...

Haley Can anyone tell me the name of the actor that plays the grown-up version of Prince Shin Seong? The only one I can find listed is the one who plays the younger version.

vira this is so awesome drama.. but at the end, it doesnt seem goo as well.. the story was full of questions.. at least, jung yi and gwang hee can met each other although they arent getting married.. a lit bit disappointed but hoping the best nd clear ending..

Rina love this drama but did not like the ending .. I hope in the ending of this drama Yi Jung Gwanghae marry a prince and live happily .. I really like Lee Sang Yoon's acting .. He is very handsome and has a nice smile .. Kim Bum also handsome .. I envy Moon Geun Young .. If I were Moon Geun Young I can not choose between Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Bum ..

Ladybee This is awesome from ep 1 to ep 31 but the final ep was not good, we have know maybe jung yi comeback or not, what happen to her friend and the rest of buwon cermist

nia ruslan a drama from a real story is just awesome,, hope jung yi n kim tae do become the best couple in MBC drama awards.... :)

Eternal The movie was so beauitful,I had like to be one the character. Aigoo,the movie was awesome.

Jammer the drama is very well done from beginning until episode 31, just to be ruined by the disappointing ending it leaves the viewers hanging and hoping for something to happen. atleast an epilogue should be given as to what happened with jung yi, his half brother, her friend hwa rhyeong etc. this makes me think if i will continue watching the dramas written by Kwon Soon-Gyu and Lee Seo-Yoon.

katya I think there was no other way for the drama to end. It was fitting for the series. In my opinion the love story wasn’t the focus, the driving force was the father-daughter story. It’s kudos to Jun Kwang Ryul‘s acting that I actually felt sympathy for his character. It somehow reminded me of his role in "Swallow the sun". Moon Geun-Yuung was great as always. I absolutely loved this drama.

kai so Park Geonhyeong and Moon Geunyoung had worked at the same movie, Innocent Steps.

Seo Hyunjin and Moon Geunyoung had worked at the same movie, Lone Me Not. And they were (also) friend there.

Seo Hyunjin and Lee Sangyoon had worked at the same drama, The Duo. The Duo drama staring Lee Sangyoon paired with Chun Jungmyung. And Chun Junmyung, are paired with Moon Geunyoung at hit drama, Cinderella's Step Sister.

And now airing King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, Seo Hyunjin is playing with Seowoo, which an antagonist on Cinderella's Step Sister.

  • Tell me if i missed one.

How small their world are. ♥

saturday don't be mad cuz Kim bum and moon geun young are dating in real life :)

iruma hate the ending ... i hope prince gwanghae and yoo jung will meet again come on,,,please make special episode after the ending...for fans!!!

ElandaJenkins I truly enjoyed this movie, however it just can not end with them not getting together. I would like to know what happen Yoo Jung did she ever return. Also what happen to her brother.

pau not satisfied with the ending.... and i hate it.... i was hoping jung yi would return as a known ceramist and will marry the prince...hope there's a part two of even just a special chapter....

Yuliaa I'm Little bit dissapointed with final episode,, actually,I hope jung yi marry with prince gwang hae and life happy ever after.. But I'm still like this drama;)

gold Lee Sang Yoon was my only main reason to follow this show. @ nataku were the same:)))))

gold @Nataku were the same:))

yadanar yoonyoon I don't like ending and I also hate for killing of Tae Do. why he was died? I want him to marry Jung Yi and happy ending. I hate prince Gwanghae veryyyyyyyyyyy much.

Mike Jakober April,

In real life Tae Do was a ceramist also and went with Jung Yi to japan and married and had children. Definately think this should have been a 40 episode show to fill in all the blanks that the fans have now!!!

let worst ending.. I cant get over. hate ep 32

Tina Cant believe before the film started ppl make rumor that MGY and KB are dating but its actually real

candy Worst ending ever...the drama is really good but the ending is just BAD guys.

Micky finally the bad end EVERRR ,, feeling disappointed >.<

Mmeram The worst ending I have seen in a drama in awhile. Skip episode 32. It will only make you feel you wasted part of your life watching the previous episodes. Great cast! This was the only reason to watch this to the end!

April Disappointed with the ending... its just huge cliff hanger!!!!! what happened to Hwa-Ryeong? Lee Yook-Do? Moon Sa-Seung? Inbin Kim? they just cut all of them out! what did jung do in japan anyway? couldnt she visit King Gwanghae? did jung or gwanghae marry someone else or did they live sad and lonely lives? Poor Jung and prince Gwanghae have to live life without each other and only having memories of each other constantly playing in thier minds.. WHY DID TAE-DO HAVE TO DIE!? HE COULD HAVE PROTECTED AND MARRY HER IN JAPAN!!!

Nataku Lee Sang Yoon was my only main reason to follow this show. =)

Mike Jakober Really feel that the writers were forced to end it quickly on the last 4 episodes. Really a shame the way they ended it, and killed off Kim Tae Do. Great show altogether good luck to the cast on any upcoming shows and movies.

tina aish whats with the ending! feeling like watching this drama is a waste of times! when at first i thought 17 years later then she come back then they will be together but there he wake up from his imagination -.- this ending suckk

Yer Stupid ending for a good movie needs to have a better ending.

Jhovie I really love this series,wonderful

Randolph I love the program. The quality of the details and story are awesome. I wish the Korean Dramas could be viewed on American stations. They would out shine most of the current shows.


wow ill watch this for lee kwang soo, im a fan of his,if anyone has seen the drama does he get alot of screen time?

Chi-Kyu The first couple of episode of this drama started off pretty good. But when it shifted five years later, the older Jung's character and personality traits are totally different from the younger Jung. You would expect the writer to build on the strengths and weaknesses of the younger Jung, which would have reflected in the older Jung to being as bold as a lion (as when she was younger) and crafty, but instead, we have a very timid and somewhat foolish older Jung. Yes, she poses as a boy to become an artisen, and also steps forth to save Prince Gwanghae, but it doesn't come across as "Boldness" but as "Fear" or "Foolishness". Also, her motives are revealed too much in dialogue. There needs to be a combination of her internal and external motivations driving the story, and those motivations need to shine more through her actions. The same goes for Prince Imhae. It seems like his character has shifted backwards, instead of forward. Hope it gets better.

Kay Finally, Ma Poong bites the dust! That's one less ninja type Tae Do needs to deal with. The rest of you bad guys, line up, I personally would like to slowly strangle you!

Toge what is the name of the actor that plays prince shin seong? i kept on searching but couldnt find it :(

Kay How are all the bad guys in this drama to be dealt with in the end? Hyun Jin will seek the solitude of the countryside with Geon Hyeong---he will putter around in the mud while she does trading with the locals buying and selling pigs. Kang Chung will be thrown in glaze, fired up in the kiln and the resultant giant piece of pottery will stand at the gates of hell. Go Eun will be sent into slavery, and Prince Imhae will be banished to "La La Land" where he will enjoy hopping and skipping around with a paper Burger King crown atop his idiot head!

Kay 32 episodes for this nonsense? I can think of so many more worthy dramas that could have used extra episodes. The falling ratings will no doubt shorten the life of this series----one can only hope. They need to free up Kim Bum and Lee Sang Yoon for more worthy dramas. Ratings people, network people, writers, etc., wrap this sucka up!

hana I really enjoyed the beginning episodes of this drama. The young version of the actors story line was much more fun, sweet and the script was better written. After that I had to force myself to watch as the boring story dragged on and they made Jung more and more pathetic. They should not have made this drama so many episodes its like they do not have enough ideas to keep the story momentum going. They should have condensed the drama into a shorter better written drama and it would have been a highly enjoyable. But not even my favorite actress Moon Geun-Young who was the reason I started loving K- Dramas can keep me watching this snore fest.

HKC This show is so stupidly written that the director and actors must be cringing doing their job.

The writer ought to look for another vocation as writing drama is out of depth or width for this writer.

It does not make sense and I think it is trying to ride on Dong Yi's name so that those who are not aware will watch Jung Yi. I get so frustrated watching it.

No wonder the ratings are so poor.

Yasmin I love this drama. Im really not into historicals but i really like this one the actors are so hot. Keep it up

Shy I can't deal..How is she got hurt..I hope she recovers soon and with good spirit and health..I feel for and will pray for a swift and safe recovery..God bless the fans are here and we care so get better and make awesome shows..  ;.)

Kay I find it incredulous that Prince Gwanghae and Kim Tae Do would have any attraction, whatsoever, to Yoon Jung. Like, are you kidding me? The only reson why I am continuing to watch this thing is because of the eye candy that is Sang Yoon and Kim Boem. Everyone else is just fodder for the kiln fire!

imhel Alas, this drama has sunk into the bottom of the ratings. Again, no matter how good the actors are, if they don’t have a good script to work with, their acting is never going to soar and the drama is not going to fly. MGY’s acting here is not used to the fullest, neither is Lee Sang Yoong and Kim Bum’s acting. And the storyline gets so boring because the dialogues just go around and around and is not even fast-paced….therefore it’s saturated with useless dialogues. Very unfortunate for MGY…hopefully she’ll be more shrewd, discerning and astute in her choice of dramas next time.

jonina I think the drama is good. Interesting enough to keep me watching it. Lee Sang Yoon's acting is getting better and better. On the other hand, I don't think MGY fits for this role. I have nothing against her. She needs to give her best to get the rating up. The story line is ok. Although, they make the king a little stupid. King should be the smartest of them all.

l Yoo Jung is not an artist but rather an innovator.

meyi I love the chemistry between Prince Gwang Hae and Yoo Jung. It's like the kiln's fire that slowly baking my heart. Hahaha... But I will love the chemistry more if Jung Yi will act maturely more often. 하지만, I pity prince Gwang Hae.정말. I can really feel his longing for the love of his father king and the true care of his hyungnim. He has the most pure heart with good intentions but this always left him hanging most of the time.

meyi I am rooting for Prince Gwang Hae and Yoo Jung. I can feel the chemistry between the two. Just like Jung Yi, all I can feel for Tae Do oraeboni is brotherly love. I have nothing against Kim Bum personally. In fact, I really like him with his role in TWTWB. What I am saying is that - before pre-judging the whole story, the actors' role is what I look foremost rather than who the actors were. It's like seeing the forest rather than merely seeing a tree in the forest. What more can I say... because of this drama I am now interested in acquiring even a piece of pottery or ceramic jar from Joseon. I would love to get one when I go to Korea. I hope kiln God will allow me to do that. =))

Yesenia why jung-yi always cry and cry on every single scene very boring :/

wendy never ever in my life have a watched a drama which depicts true love.... much much respect to tae do omg i wish i get a guy like dat. aniwaes love to moon and prince gwanghae.... hpe he ends up with jung... n tae do with hwa ryeong she loves him too........ goddess of fire soo far my fav

yoona im so mad because everything started so well!!! the plot was interesting and the children did so well that every episode was fantastic.The young Yoo Jung was so vital and audacious. Moon Geun-Young just is not able to portray that same passion...the adult version don't have the same chemistry...i don't think that the lead is a bad actress but in this i was wishing for a strong girl that with her talent would kick the ass at everyone and surpass every ostacle with courage and inteligence but i find myself so disappointed at the lead who always cry and scared going foward only thanks to others. the main story is going away i mean why did she hide herself and make so that everyone would think she is dead?? because her wroged father her love was so enourmous that she wanted to prove herself and the others that her talent would make it and so they could apologize for their wrongdoing but where is that now?? she is so scared that the other would find out tha she is like an empy shell winthaout anything

yoona i think that the story it's interenting from the pottery to the family intrigue everithing has is on originality... the chemistry between the children acor was fantastic!!!The young Yoo Jung was so vital and audacious. . Moon Geun-Young just is not able to portray that same passion i don't think that she is a bad acrtess but i don't find her character enjoyable anymore.plus it'n not that i don't want that here are obstacles but i want that the lead is not always crayingbut that stand up for herself alone thanks her talent!!! the main story is gone why did she hide herself so that everyone would think she is dead?? because she wanted to prove her enemy that she could do it that her talent would make everyone apologize her and her father but where is that love that talent that passion?? she is so scared of everything and everyone that has nonthing left and this is what made me disappointed.

Lowie I love the story plus the main actress portrays it so well.. I don't like the king!! Seriously he's getting my nerve...how does the father competes to his own son on how loyaly and good governance is all concern... It's only shows he believes to his mistress rather than a good father to his children...Kim bum nailed it... He's the best!!

karisa I love the drama GOF. I always wait for this drama every Monday and Tuesday. MGY is really a great actress and very talented. She's a chameleon, always changing according to the role it plays. When I saw her in the drama GOF, I never thought that she had a role as a designer in the CDD. Awesome!!! So it is very appropriate that she always gets compliments from the seniors and always get the award. I think, MGY will not care about ratings. She will continue to show great acting, although there are rating or not. Because that's a real actress.

becky I really like this drama. i find the pottery bits interesting actually but i SWEAR if she doesnt end up with tae do im gonna be really pissed. I dont think she and the prince have good chemistry at all. And normally i am all for the main character with th e "stereotypical romance"but i desperately want Kim Bum to win in the end. <3 <3

Haley It is too obvious why the rating has been dropped. The plot is too old fashion, full of lies, never give a shit about actual history. and nobody want to see a main girl alway crying, and facing ridiculous obstacles anymore.

Triple-R- I really like this drama, full of history and fun too.

kokomarz delos angeles why jung yi always cry? every scene and not suitable very boring thats the reason why the rating is dropping.

Ran the rating was drop because the other Mon-Tue drama has more viewer, Good Doctor, starring Jo Woon and Moon Chae Won.

Lorac It would have been nice if they never grew up...

bagul oommmoooo...aigooo...the ratings are dropping.. why oh why....!!!!!nooooooohhh

MyAnh Starting watching this drama not so long ago and I can say that I was in love with the characters after the 2nd episode! There's romance, action and also a lot of culture, that's what I like about it. But sometimes the hierarchy beetween the prince and Yung-Yi gets on my nerve... I find there's too much bending and salutation for nothing... Well! I love it, and can't wait for the end now!!!!!

suri such a great drama...i like it and i do learn little bit about korean history.

bagul i think MGY should trim her eyebrows a lil to make her more attractive....i love her acting-superb, very talented a real tearjerker.. i believe she didnt went under the knife, she looks natural, very korean indeed and thats what i like. i hope there is an episode that she has to dance with her half brother-yook do, they look good together in innocent steps(.it will ruin the history)...hahaha

Hanna Please please please let jungyi ends up with prince gwanghae, dear writer! Because i heard that rumour about jungyi and taedo :-(

chibi ai I reaaaally loooooooove moments between the prince and jung, Since the childhood memory (^ ^) Can't wait for ep12!!!!! Soon the prince will knew that she ish jung. yey! <3 I wish jung and tae do can be like sibling becoz they suit that way. That tae do looking like girl. He had a pretty face. (O . o) While jung so cute.. XD Jung really really suit with prince gwanhea. Great job Moon. U never disappointing me with ur acting! What character u bring, u work hard for it. That me love uuuuu!! Saranghaee no matter what! <33 Fighting

Davia On watching further episodes I am really enjoying Moon Geun-Young in this role after all. I really loved the young Yoo Jung but MGY is doing an excellent job. The older prince is really good too. The oldest prince is so funny. Love his goofy acting. Kim Beom is stunning with long hair, and great acting too. Love this drama.

Davia The young Yoo Jung was so vital and audacious. She could easily play a young woman 5 years older as could the young prince be aged accordingly. Moon Geun-Young just is not able to portray that same passion and I find that so disappointing. I also did not like her acting in Cheongdamdong Alice. It's a real bummer as I loved this drama till the switch.

BB I feel sad for MGY. Every time she co-starred with a handsome, princely looking hot actors, some fans always give this bad remarks about how she is not good enough for them for physical reason. No wonder, when she was interviewed about her ideal type..she always seemed to choose the odd one (deflecting rumours to be..). I bet she understand the mind of the fan of those hottie actors. Poor MGY. But I love her anyway, and I really think she tries her best to get comfortable with all the handsome, hot actors..in the most professional way. I really think she is someone who get along well with anyone. But I truly hope..if she ever find someone special, he won't be someone from the entertainment industry, so she wouldn't have to suffer all this backlashes from hottie actors fans. I want her to be happy. :) peace!

mgylovee Gosh! MGY is in man's clothes again. This so much reminds me of Painter of the Wind. She hasn't changed that much.

Domino I loved the beginning of this. I personally think that Seo Hyun Jin should've played the lead. I think Moon Geun Young is good at some parts like in Innocent Steps but she's just not a romantic type lead. Not all actors & actresses can play every part. She's cute in her own way though.

CICI I love historical Kdramas, and I'm a fan of many of the actors and actresses in this. It would be nice if the other cast members also had their pictures up since I think the ones that played the main characters when they were young did a really good job. With that said, I just wish Moon Geun Young was not playing a boy "again". It gets tiring since she's done it before. I know it won't be for the whole show (I hope) so I look forward to watching this since I love pottery, Kim Beom and Lee Kwang Soo is always entertaining.

cherry this drama... awesome... the casts just perfect!!! love this drama to the max!!! please dont say any bad things again... just enjoy the series... peacefull... happy watching guys ^^

Reham Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum really look good and lovely together i Love their chemistry, but in real life i want for her a better man... she deserves the best

Paola I just love how looks Kim Bum!!! Hes so cute.... <3

Angelina MGY is a natural beauty. her acting skill is really good too. Love her movies and dramas.

gold lee sang yoon!!!!:DDD looking forward:)))

kenjet Looooooove MGY... She so cuuuuuuute.... aza aza fighting!

jeniri MGY looks like the main actress in Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace), Lee Yong Ae. Both of them have pretty looking baby face, both have an astonishing acting skills, and lovely characters on or off cam.

So, she deserves this project.

I watched the first two episodes of it, and it entertains me... and I am getting hooked with the drama series! :)

I'm excited to watch the 5th episode where MGY, LSK, KB, and LKS will enter in the scene. <3

rara can't wait to watch my cute moon..sure this drama will be success..fighting..!!?!...

camry Love Moonie i have been waiting for this dram ever since..Oh my gosh is moonie ever going to AGE..lols........Quick please i wana see Moonie...

RM_fan kwang soo will act as a prince! im not sure if i won't laugh on his acting. hehehe. but im very happy to see him in drama series! :)

yura kim bum, you're the only reason why i would watch this drama <3

Henney Cant wait to see MGY again.. eonnie, love u :)

peejaDyo kwangsoo!! kimbum!! i'd like to watch both of you acting... geun young is a great actress.. can't wait to watch it..

cynthia gotm YESSS Moon Geun Young in a historical drama. This is much anticipated. She is a great actress. Is the child actress the one who acted as the young princess in Moon Embracing The Moon? MBC usually makes great historical dramas. Cant wait for this one.

Nana For some kind of reason just watching the preview it makes smile, guess it happens every time i see her smile. Moon Geun Young-ssi is a great actress as well as Lee Sang-Yoon great actor. I really looking forward to this drama. :) Fighting cast

rh3apanda cant wait for this drama ^o^

kheu Its reunite for Moon and Park geunhyeong! Whoaa

khei anticipating *___* Moon Geunyoung, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Gwangsoo. Aw aw aw

mischa Looking forward to see Lee Sang Yoon in the king's robes!! Missing MGY in historical dramas too!!

MGYlove Satisfy with seeing again Moonie by the teaser, that holds only me, she considers too young but good we can nothing there, be that as it may I incur everybody, all the fans of moonie and other actors to support the drama, fighting ^^

Reham Welcome back Moon Geun Young.. I LOVE all of her dramas and can't wait to see her again. Miss you so much bong, Fighting Unnie!!!

jay Lee kwang soo!!! Lee kwang soo!! Lee kwang soo!! 1000000x

lara oh, how i miss Moonie's sageuk voice..

asianna Yes MGY looks like a girl of 15 years but there is nothing, it is eternal baby face korea keke I can not wait to see more.

Oyabun Moon Geun-Young looks like she is 12...

Vernon Moon Geun Young come back with a sageuk wohoo , It's an amazing actress. I love his acting talents. Can we hoped a second Daesang hihi, I look forward to!

alli titilayo i really wanna watch this movies since Kim Beom is taking part in it.....fighting

kramcjier Lee Kwang Soo HYUNG!! FIGHTING!! it's time for your STAR to shine Brighter(although you're the bad guy here) prove to them that you are indeed ready to invade their Televisions and in Cinemas as the Leading Role.. soon speaking of Lead Roles.. Nicole (KARA) and Lee Kwang Soo would be one of the LEAD ROLE of the 5 part mini-series called "SECRET LOVE" featuring other KARA members... Our Dear Giraffe.. Asian Prince FIGHTING!

Tandem OH MY GOODNESS< I can't wait to watch this drama. FIGHTING LEE KWANG SOO!!!!!

bada ahhhh...kim joongkook will be jealous of kwang soo then..he..he..two of my favs appear in a drama, i'm rly anticipating this^~^

Lhiz ^ I really hope not because am very excited to see this.

helineam My moon can't wait to see you , i love you !!!fighting for you next drama

reivo kim Kwangsoo as prince? Jinja? Jeongmal? Wooooow kwang soo hyung fighting!!!!!

mrm LEE KWANG SOO!! LEE KWANG SOO!! Ahaha, i guess it would be funny watching Kwangsoo acts as prince..

aiira WOW Beom & Geon young, you are fantastic. See you soon. i hope had good project.

MsGB MGY and PGH! It's a Steps reunion! I can't wait to see how they're characters play out! They should dance together!

NM17177 wow,,,can't wait to see MGY & Kim Beom together!!

andy yeah miss moon was comeback to see her again makes everyday becames more passion n wont leave to see ones of pretty girl likes moon Geun young

OIOIOI HAHAHA.. Lee Kwang Soo and Moon Geun Young together in a Drama.. unfortunately not as a Couple(in the Drama). tsk3 SMH....

mrm Lee Sang Yoon appears on Running Man episode 142!! I love him!!

Vea Whoa! Seems like we have two godesses on this upcoming July! ><

  1. Goddess of Marriage#

NERI cool cast :D

mtoen68 Wow MGY can't wait to see her in new drama , she is a great actress and an actress who moves our hearts, it takes different challenges and I love it!

lili12 OMG she's back , the best actress for her generation , can't wait to seer her for the sageuk !

cailey Lee Sang Yoon will be the lead actor with Moon Geun Young in this drama... Can't wait this drama... :)

vinces Oh yearrrr, I can not wait to see her again, very good actress

leafes i hear that the leads are Moon Geun-Young and Ji Chang-Wook hope it's not hoax.

Please MBC!!!

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