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  • Name: Lee Sang-Yoon
  • Hangul: 이상윤
  • Birthdate: 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 185cm.
  • Blood Type:


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Jomad Love this guy such a good looking guy and a good actor. Keep up the good work LSY.

Heyarnuholuwah oluwaseyifunmi Lee sang yoon u r so kul dude, i luv ur acting alot, hw i wish i come 2 south korea & c u, i ll b very glad

Unknownemous I think you're not just a good actor with a killer dimple but a good person as well.

Veronica Perez He is so handsome guy and a good actor. I would like to see him to be paired with Park Shin Hye if there is upcoming drama episode for both of them. I knew he's older than Park Shin Hye but it would be very exciting and interesting to see them both how they can act together in the drama episode like when Joo Sang Wook being paired with her in Kimcheed. Please consider my suggestion, I would love to see both of them in a drama or in a comedy episode. Thanks a lot.

Amor LYS, why do you have that twinkling eyes and gorgeous be-dimpled smile uh? You

are so handsome and a good actor.. You made a lot of young girls and older ones swoon. Keep it up

Mrs.shanthi tilakaratne I like your acting.special for godess of fire and seo young my daughter

sara Love this guy! Can't get enough of him. He is just so handsome and an excellent actor. Though in Seo-young, he barely touches her or tells her he loves her, but toward the end I guess he's being cautious and does not want to pressure her. I watch all the episode repeats.

Pavani Amanda Lee Sang Yoon I appreciate your talents. You can act well. I am not a fan of you. I'm just a girl who watched a teledrama of you. It's only. Every person first love to himself not to others. KEEP IT IN YOUR MIND. Any of these fans not love you truly. They are not your mom and dad. They are only persons who loved you as thier life. Fans are only keep your publicity. I think you know these things. Don't think I'm a crazy girl

Josette You did a great job in Angel Eyes!!!! Hope to see more of you!

waheeda naz hi im very big fan of u u did great job in engel eyes. from pakistan

Alex I like the chemistry of Lee Sang-Yoon and Kuh Hye Soon in the drama Angel Eyes. I wish them to have another drama like this!!! Calling Korean drama producers. Kindly release another sets of drama for Lee SY and Kuh HS. Thanks!

jalsaeng I normally wouldn't watch more-than-20episodes drama. Because of this guy, i watch 50 episodes of My Daughter Seo Young <3 50 episodes of his killer smile is all i want! I watch angel eyes and liar game also because of him. OPPA SARANGHAEEEEEE

hinileb Saw him in Liar Game first, where he act so cool and barely show his smile. There’s only one scene when he really smile, then i realize how handsome this guy with his dimple… i’ve waited the whole episodes to see his smile again, but nope, it’s his cool-guy-role.

Saw him in two episodes of Running Man too, i found that he's a calm and a little bit shy person, yet adorable with his smile. Aw… now i’m eager to see him in Angle Eyes!!

Maia He is such a fine actor, very good looking! Saw him in Jung Yi and was so impressed. Now watching him in Angel Eyes...such a gorgeous smile lol he needs a romcom role asap!

Rodahlia T. Balisoro I want to watch all the episode but it was lacking.I like him very much.I'm. Now a fan of him and he's so handsome

desi would be great if he works with a beauty like park shin hye. Beauty and handsome actor like him in a romantic drama. who wouldn't watch it? it would be PERFECT!

ifrah waaaw, great actor, I like your role in my doughter seo-young. amazing I watched that drama more than 4 times. looking forward seeing your other drama. all the way from SOMALIA

Karien Really love, love, love... his acting, looks, brain, and of course, his twin dimples!! Starting to be his big fans since my daughter seo-young. How can I not love him..?? He is so adorable...

Jenny He is so handsome and sexy! First time know him and love him. Never forget his amazing acting with his beautiful smile in drama of seo-young, my daughter. I'm his big fan forever! Good luck for his whole life!

Joyce Why hasn't he been shipped with a beauty? So masculine and handsome. Love to see him with Hye sun in real life, why not. All is fair in love and war!!!

Judith i first watched him in angel eyes, watched him again in goddess of fire. am now looking forward to watch him again in lair game. i really like your acting and the way you smile. i love you and i hope to watch all your movie. judith from uganda.

dadz . . . .lee sang yoon is the best actor for me in 2014. He has displayed his unparalleled acting in angel eyes and liar game which i have to say, the two of the must see Korean drama of 2014 . . . . . . . . . . . .fighting!

Ann Crowell Lee Sang-Yoon has pushed Song Seung Heon and Yoo Ah In out of first place with me since watching "My Daughter, Seo Young," " The Duo," " Angel Eyes"," Home Sweet Home," "Liar Game" -- just can't get enough, so I have watched "My Daughter..." 2 or 3 times and Angel eyes twice. Sang-Yoon's face is so expressive, but he can also show dejection or joy with his walk and posture; however, it is that smile with dimples and crinkly eyes that I wait for!

Janna First saw him in Jung Yi Goddess of Fire and then Angel Eyes.... Then I'm watching him in Liar Game and I've completely fallen in love. :D Awesome acting and so cute. Just something about these tall older Korean men. :)

dera i never know him from before but lair game made me a big fan always & forever he was so awesome strong mentely sexy , manly w annoying kind of handsome waiting for season 2

VLVII First notice him in My daughter Seoyoung and love him more after watching liar game <3 Hoping there will be season 2 for it !!

Ivana I first became mesmerized by his eyes in liar game. I then went back to his older dramas, and was drawn in by his acting with very nuanced portrayal of different emotions. I especially loved him in My Daughter, Seo Young, and sat through all 50 episodes of it in 3 days!!

Dara Annnnnyyeeeeeeeeooooooong Oppaaa. I really, really, really, really love you oppa <3 You are my inspiration to become a doctor, to go to Boston. to go to Korea. I love the way you smile, I love your charming eyes. I am hoping to see you before I die. You are the only reason why I am still living. I wanna marry you (in my dream) SARANGHAMNIDA OPPA <3<3<3 I really wish to see you even if it's impossible, I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOU!!

Liar Game Fan I Love Lee Sang Yoon in Liar Game,I'll really like the way he acts, the only think I don't like is that he don't smile so much...Liar Game is one of my favorite Drama of 2014, thx for it :)

hannah I super love the way you smile.... Even bfore i go to sleep, i keep thinking about your killer smile.... This started when i watch angel eyes... i super love it.... aja!

rufina montemayor ..chanced upon Angel Eyes on tv one night and from then on watching it becomes part of my evenings..me and my housemates drool over park dong joo and yoon soo wan..they are the best loveteam,perfect for its other..lee sang yoon is every inch a gentleman in real ang reel life i heard..i want him to win as the asian best actor....we love you lee sang yoon!

Melissa Halim Lee Sang Yoon! OMG!! I'll really like the way he acts in Angel Eyes as Park Dong Joo.You are seems really perfect with Ku Hye Sun in Angel Eyes. Get married OK!!!

Yinmar Soepyae I like lee song Yoon and then I love lee sang yoon.I am pray for lee sang yoon.only lee sang yoon GOD bless U Lee sang Yoon

jinnborn He is a great actor . I wish I see hin in more drama

chelsea ann lee sang yoon is very handsome.. hope ANGEL EYES will have a part two.. please!!!!! :)

Kdrama_Lover Love him in Liar Game.. So manly!

Cherrie Done watching the 20 episodes of Angel Eyes and I got addicted to it....I am a huge fan from the Philippines...All the casts in the drama really shine in their own acting ways...I love Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun tandem...they brought too much "kilig" (indescribable feeling of being in love) to those who look forward and follow their love story...I just hope and pray they will end up for real in the near future..they are so compatible...both are charming and good looking...go go go guys...you deserve to be loved and be happy...KHS and LSY souls are destined to be angels for each other...to become the eyes to see and protect each other...  :)

dang A very good person on and off camera, that's how he is..!

Cho Sun Moon Love those killer dimples! Loved you in Life is Beautiful and Angel Eyes.

Shereen You are such a great actor. I admire you in My Daughter Soyeong and really love you in Angel Eyes. I already finished watching AE but still keep watching it because i like you and Goo Hyesun. You have a very compatible chemistry. Hope to see you both do another project in the near future. Now you're doing Liar Games, good luck good luck ... stay healthy and happy

cindy after watching angel eyes i realized how great an actor is lee sang yoon.by looking at his eyes i feel his really a good person on and off cam.i do wish to see him again in another drama with koo hye sun..good luck and congratulations!!!

Lilia Javier I love you Lee Sang Yoon! I love your killer smile :) :) :)

peas Lee Sang Yoon ssi, i really love you. I love the way u smile, with ur warmy eyes. Im watching 3 dramas that u joined and acting now. So amazing cause i can see on ur diferent roles at same time. Hope that u will be more sucessful & happier in the future. Im ur Vietnam big fan girl<3

rachel g. villadolid i wish that you( lee sang yoon) will do a tv series with son yi jen i think you both look good.

hoon you look so young and cute with a bang XD love your character in liar game oppa <33

hi Hi oppa! <3 I love you! You're so charming, handsome and cool! KYAAAHHHHH ~ I can't take my eyes of you! :* Love you forever! Fighting oppa!!! <3

tp I love LSY after watching Seo-Young, My Daughter. He's tall, good looking and I bet he's such a very nice person in real life too :D

aR_ Handsome ahjussi >_<

I am You are so handsome <3 ^_^ especially in Angel Eyes.. Stay who you are.. Labyu :* <3

GNEW i love watching angel eyes...im an park dong joo fan

Cynthia I have watched angel's eyes for the nth time. I still want to watch it again and again. I am so fascinated of LSY .he is adorable . He is not acting. He portrays the role as if it is made for him. Would there be possibilities for LSY to visit the Philippines . I shall cancel all the appointments I have just to have the chance of seeing him in person. Congratulations to korean telenovela. You have the most handsome and versatile actor Lee Sang Yoon.

Angelo Lee sang yoon you're my inspiration love you're character in Angel eyes You're character in angel eyes is amazing I feel the love and warmth you're characters as park dong joo simply inspires me mostly the love they share with yoon so wan I never watch korean dramas before but angel eye melodrama open my eyes to the beauty and art of Korean drama it is the best and has a heart filled drama I can't get over it. I love the way you look and smile it feels like pure and filled with love ... This Korean drama angel eyes makes me glued to my chAir when it is aired in tv I hope there is another angel eyes .. Angel eyes makes me happy,makes me cry Lee sang yoon you're the best continue to inspire and warm the hearts of the viewers -Philippines

Angelo Lee sang yoon you're my inspiration love you're character in Angel eyes

Alliza You're character in angel eyes is amazing I feel the love and warmth you're characters as park dong joo simply inspires me mostly the love they share with yoon so wan I never watch korean dramas before but angel eye melodrama open my eyes to the beauty and art of Korean drama it is the best and has a heart filled drama I can't get over it. I love the way you look and smile it feels like pure and filled with love ... This Korean drama angel eyes makes me glued to my chAir when it is aired in tv I hope there is another angel eyes .. Angel eyes makes me happy,makes me cry Lee sang yoon you're the best continue to inspire and warm the hearts of the viewers

Cynthia What course did Lsy finish at Seoul? How could he be so cool and yet passionate. ? These are so supposed to be opposite characters and yet LSY awesomely does. I never feel so good in watching telenovela except LSY movie. May his tribe increase

Carmina I really LOVE your character in Angel Eyes. I hope you are tge same in real life. I wanna meet you soon.

Tere Lee Sang Yoon you are the best Korean actor I've ever watch. I love your role in Angel Eyes, you are a very handsome, versatile actor. I will watch all your shows. I am a avid fan of yours. I love you Lee Sang Yoon!

pavya lee sang yoon i like ur smile...... i want to touch ur cheek once..u r tall n handsome.. ur act is awesome....everytime my heart races da...luv u..so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhh

nelen you are one of the finest actors in Korea... so gentle and handsome...I truly like you and your acting hope to see more from you soon...I am a fan and I will remain...for my idol!!!

roxen Simply cute lee sang yoon...hope to see u in person...ur my idol..!!ur such a good actor...

roxen Simply cute lee sang yoon...hope to see u in person...ur my idol..!!

stacy His appeal catches my attention especially when he smile.. he's really cute :) I had a crush on you.. :)

Tee Amazing... Dylan is a guy you want to be with. My heart just skip a few beats when he smiles <3

Ayie he's just simply amazing. i love how he stares. it's like he can tell you anything just by looking at you without any further ado and when he smiles showing off those dimples it makes my knees tremble. this is like the first time I totally got a big big BIG crush on a Korean actor or any artist whatsoever that makes me giggle like a teenager. I mean there so many K-Pop superstars but for me he's the only guy that is really my type. Lee Sang Yoon portrays the real type of guy that girls should suppose to have a crush on. hahaha. no offense meant fo the others, but for me he's beautiful scruffy look makes me attracted to him so much. I love love LOVE him. <3 <3 <3

Cynthia Am so fascinated on the acting of Darren park ( angel's eyes). Cool and so real. Believe you me I took the pain of watching it on a series and on a disc without English translation. Have to watch again on a telenovela series on Abs-cbn : yet have not felt any inch of excitement to watch it several times. How I wish he visits the Philippines. There will be a long cue just to see him in person. He looks better than any Hollywood actor of his time.

Gen SUPERB Acting skills! I hope to see more of his drama movies in lead role and I hope he will also be more active in his Facebook account to interact more with his international fans specially here in the Philippines :) Very HANDSOME indeed <3

inday each time i look into his eyes on television, i know that he is a degree holder and been into some organization, i guess his such a good guy. he has charisma. hope to see him in ph. :)

celeste i hope i can see him in personal...he's such a good actor,,,,,i really like his dimple and he's so cute!!..........XD

flor he's such a good actor. he looks so confident and cool in his acting. he makes you feel like you are part of the drama, making you feel his pain, anger esp. when he falls in love. makes you wonder if he's acting or for real. keep up the good work. looking forward to see more of you.

shayne ❤❤❤ Lee Sang Yoon is such a very good actor, being handsome is plus. Hope to see you in more dramas in the future! God bless!!!

Mia Jane I'm such a fan of lee sang yoon. I hope i can see him in person someday.

lewis Lee Sang-Yoon, you are amazing. You look so good like an angel I hope it is just a reflection of your attitude. Success 4 u career ~!.....

nel Sang Yoon Lee is a very versatile actor....Twice I watched Angel Eyes and still love watching it....I like his dimples!!

leila angel eyes really a good drama. im so into it. :)

Miles Not much into Korean drama series but when I saw the first few episode of "Angel Eyes" starring Lee Sang-Yoon as Park Dong-joo and Ku Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan, I got totally hooked up until the end. I love the story and I am now a fan of Park Dong-joo...

Mimi Love him from Jun Yi, Goddess of fire and Angel eyes!! Fighting Oppa!!! ♥♥♥♥

mae LEe sang yoon i adore you so much <3<3

fae I really like you oppa <3<3

mfae i really like you oppa <3<3

Lina Hasyim I love to watch romance drama, but only korean drama. Not japan, not chinese. I watch angel eyes for the 3rd times now because the story is very good and love to see park dong joo and soo wan as a couple. I hope both of them will be a couple in their real life.

Saranghae Lee sang yoon

Lina Hasyim Now im watch Angel eyes for the 3rd time. i like the story and very good acting for Goo hye sun and lee sang yoon. I hope both of them will be a couple in their real life.

Saranghae Lee Sang Yoon

lynn I miss wanjoo couple...Angels eyes is a very good drama.

Terisita TO LEE MIN HO: My apologies if it seems that I'm bad mouthing you. I should've put Go yun po name rather then your name as well as Goo Hye Sun/Geun dandi. I was referring to one of the scenes where Goyun po didn't want to look for Geun dandi cause he couldn't protect her from his MOTHER. With all the hell his MOTHER put Geun dandi was just overwhelming. BOF are school age kids and where Angel Eyes are from puppy love into adults. 4 yrs apart verses 12 yrs apart. here BOF father was hidden, Geun dandi with her kindness woke him up, verses Angel eyes, both parents died one was murdered. That's all my comment meant. NOTHING PERSONAL!!

Terisita Lynn yee, The comment given by me TERISITA, August 2014, I wasn't by no means trying to BAD MOUTH Lee Min Ho, I have my own copy of BOF and I watch it all the time. I was comparing the two because it ALMOST seems to be the same story line. I did say that on the physical aspect, the real kiss Lee Min Ho was able to give from Goo Hye Sun was a lip to lip. By the car was the only meaning full kiss. Where as on Angels eyes was more affectionate. Goo Hye Sun was able to over come her SHYNESS when it comes to that. I also know that, they can actually make it look like there really kissing but there NOT depending on the angle. And PLEASE.......I made this comment due to how I see it. DON'T TRY TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE (Goo Hye Sun) had anything to do with it. Compared to Heirs, and the other drama his done, you can see the difference. I understand that Goo Hye Sun is SHY when it comes to that. From what I read, there was a lot of bad comments MADE TO GOO HYE SUN, so what, does that mean that Lee Min Ho is collaborating with his fans to make GHS look bad. NOT AT ALL. The script was not written by Her, it was written by someone she knows. Both BOF and ANGEL EYES. I wouldn't have bought BOF if I thought that the drama or actors where bad. I was making a simple review of the DIFFERENCE. NOTHING MORE!!! If YOU read it differently, what can I say. BY THE WAY I AM FAN OF LEE MIN HO AS WELL....... AGAIN.....I may be a #1 fan of GOO HYE SUN.............SHE.... IS NOT BY NO MEANS COLLABORATING (as you put it) ANYTHING. I DON'T KNOW HER PERSONALLY OR EVEN SPOKE, TEXT WHAT HAVE YOU. I HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HER. I WAS SIMPLY CAPTIVATED WITH HER MOVIES, SHYNESS AND BEAUTY......THAT'S ALL... O:) That's is how RUMORS GET STARTED BY PUTING SHIT OUT THERE THAT'S NOT FREAKEN TRUE. AT LEAST AT MY END...........LEE MIN HO HIMSELF SAID... AND I QUOTE ......... FANS...... NEED TO SEPARATE DRAMA FROM REALITY. end of quote. Just because actors/actress look good or looks like they are romantically in love DOESN'T mean it's true in reality. IT JUST MEANS GOOD/AWESOME ACTING!!!!!!! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BAD MOUTH PEOPLE...... Uneducated wives, first lovers, LOVE DOES NOT DEFINE gender, beauty, status, It comes with in. AGAIN why don't you check who wrote the script. Better yet ask LEE MIN HO. APOLOGISED FOR WHAT??? HAVE YOU ALL EVER CONCEDER JUST HOW HARD IT IS TO ACT. I WOULDN'T BEGIN TO KNOW HOW. I FULLY RESPECT THOSE THAT CAN. I've stated from the start that I don't watch much MOVIES OR EVEN TV SHOWS, ESPECIALLY DRAMA.......... WHY? SIMPLE, here in the US, it's about SEX, DRINKING AND AFFAIRS!! To INCLUDE KILLING. Cartoons are now full of it too. And kids are watching them. NEWS, nothing POSITIVE, everyday, SOMEONE IS KILLED, RAPE AND KIDNAPE. THAT'S WHAT THE CENTURY IS NOW. I'm almost 60yrs Old. I'm worried for my grandkids how there generation would be like. Now that one Governor is trying to pass the law for anyone to carry firearms!!!! WATCH THE KOREAN DRAMAS AGAIN........it's all basically has the same STORY LINE....... THE RICH FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE POOR, BUT THE FAMILY IS AGAINST THE POOR. Like Prince Charles married a commoner!!! THAT'S TODAY CENTURY... I look for something different and interesting!!!! WHY DON'T YOU TRY IT.

lynn yee Flash back from the previous drama between Goo Hye Sun and her BOF boy friend Lee Min Ho as stated from the website, hereby audience don't agree with the comments given by Terisita, dated August, 2014 at 4.51am, although we didn't watch their drama, but at that period of time Goo Hye Sun fans speak so highly of Lee Min Ho. Eventually, now Goo Hye Sun is collaborating her drama ANGEL EYES with Lee Sang Yoon, and her fans bad mouth about Lee Min Ho. Don't you think this is contraditing? Infact the script has been written by Goo Hye Sun the blame should goes to her for too much of contradictory!!! Audience already been too patient to Goo Hye Sun, when she write this script she must go into search not to hurt those family members who are doctors, and go into specialisation, some study cancer and some specialised in kidney etc. Do you know overall take them how many years to finish the course, its a great insult that such highly educated professionals married an uneducated wife, as they are first lover. THIS SCRIPT IS NOT FEASIBLE and she has to reflect what century is now? Audience would like to apologised to Lee Sang Yoon, that is none of your fault.....and also audience couldn't assist you for the write out of this drama, as a gesture of goodwill, I've written one article for you at the beginning......

MalaY_ Guy combination lee sang yoon and ku hye sun is perfect and awesome..!! i like it... i feel the passion and love in this drama... i really enjoy it... they really do a job as their role in this drama... i hope they can be together again in another series drama... thanks make me a feel wonderful feel... from Malaysia.....

anastasia lee sang yoon is a talented actor. after i watched his movie, i felt falling in love with him. i just want ask, can i get his email adress. thanks a lot

Terisita I am 58 years OLD. I am watching Angel eyes for the 5th time this month. I truly love the drama. I especially can feel the warmth, passion and love when the songs are combined with certain scene. I've cried with them, I laugh with them and of course get mad with them. I get the concept/story line of this drama. Because I've watched it for the 5th time I sometimes fast forward to the good parts. Especially to the emotional part. I so love both KU HYE SUN and LEE SANG YOON. They are a perfect match. With this drama it's hard for me to separate the drama from reality. Wanting for KU HYE SUN and LEE SANG YOON to be real couple. Unlike BOF, I understood the story line all too well. Simply because it's played out in most of the Korean drama, only difference is scenario and actors/actresses. I think KU HYE SUN played her part really good. Here in Angel eyes she played it so beautifully. Lee Sang Yoon showed his passion and love for her. His true love in who she is. Where as BOF Lee Min Ho, not once really to any thing to help her. He could've protected her. But like a spoil kid, he just don't know how. So I guess you can tell the BOYS from the MEN. lol KU HYE SUN is too much of a woman for Lee Min Ho. That's why his good with Park Shin Hye. Where as Lee Sang Yoon is perfect for Ku Hye Sun. If not LSY then some like Him. LEE SANG YOON AND KU HYE SUN HAS MY VOTE!! AWESOME JOB CAST MEMBERS OF ANGEL EYES!! ( If I said it 100 times, it's because I truly believe in what I said. I heard comments that's on line that SO NOT TRUE and OUT TO HURT THAT PERSON. SOMEONE JUST BEING SO UGLY. THIS IS MY COMMENT.)

miatan It's great that Lee Sang Yoon's talent was found. I'll say he's a good actor. Of course he is also good looking. VeRY good looking. The most important thing is...he is capable to become an actor with that good looking face. LEE SANG YOON...I'll be waiting for your next dramas and movies! ♡ from Indonesia.

Rosa Chirawongviroj Handsome, good looking actor. I love his dimples.

chi-shi this is my favorite actor. love all his dramas and his smile too...!

mamei Just finished watching Angel Eyes and its really an amazing drama. I cant seem to get enough of our dong joo and soo wan couple. They never fail to take my breath away. I cried, laughed ànd fell in love all at the same time while watching this drama. Excellent acting lee sang yoon and ku hye sun. I hope someday youll date in real life cause you really look good together. Looking forward for more projects from you two. God bless! I love you Wanjoo!

sally ng I have watch . Angel . Eyes and . My daughter . SEO. Young both movies the actor has successfully acted well. His character has made the movies captivating ,and watchful. Last but not will try to watch his other movies.

mariadah haerani i'm from indonesia, 'angel eyes', nice movie.. Love u lee sang yoon.

Cynthia I reli do love you especially in angel eyes. Nd u have such a cute smile, Neva stop smiling

andreia I am a big fan of korean drama from Romania, Bucharest. Very far away from all of you....I like very much the way of acting of Lee Sang Yoon. Well, I don't know if this message will be sent to mr.Lee as well but I really do like if there is a way to send him any messages and know much more about him and his life(family etc). Is no danger from my part of view because I am a 51 years old lady (this suppose to be a joke!!). I would like to know more about this actor but I also would like to get into a sort of contact online with him if possible. Anyway, I thank you very much for your disponibility and if possible, again, maybe this message will be send to mr.Lee aswell. Thank you from Romania.

jhems i saw the new series angels eyes..thats an awesome the whole episode was great keep it up more dramas to come. . it was so nice. . i am one of ur fan. . take care God bless u always. .

wkiik I'm fanclub from Chiangmai Thailand .I fall in love with WanJu Couple from Angel Eye Series. Love and Support both of You ..Dongju &Suwanna..

Khele Truly and amazingly talented guy, after watching My Daughter, Seo Young and Angel Eyes. Hope to see you in many more drama! A BIG fan from Philippines! #Fighting Thank you for sharing your wonderful SMILE :) :) :)

Maria To me is my new top One, I'm currently trying to watch all is Dramas :D. I love his cute smile ^^

patricia hayden The shower scene in Angel Eyes was wayyyy too short...and this guy's happy face made my whole body smile...when he cried I cried..great actor has it all..I'm putting this guy in my top ten

erintob i do really love you!

agus I like your style

rowena jose Yobo-seyo! Im your fan from the Philippines. I want to meet you someday. I like your hot dimples :) God luck and god bless. Kamsahamnidda!

dane Your dimples are just killer! You are annoyingly beautiful and irresistible Lee Sang Yoon. LOL Hoping to see more of you. Good luck and more power - Fan from the philippines.

Patricia SAS Great acting, great body, great smile, nice personality ... a good sample of a perfect guy. like your roles, keep it up.. I, like all your other fans, surely can't wait for your upcoming projects!

Victoria His smile captivates people and I'm one of them. He is an amazing guy as I see....

More power and more movies for him. God Bless

Tp LSY is always my favorite Korean actor. He's tall, handsome, elegant & looks like a very nice & trustworthy person. Loved him in "Seo-Young, my daughter". Loving him now in Angel's Eyes. This is one of the best ongoing dramas. Best wishes, LSY!

Eli Oppa ur role as Park dong joo in AE is daebak!!! We want happy ending...arachi??

Pandicorn I love it when he smiles. He's soo handsome.

dylan park fan i love to see him smiles! feels like my heart is going to fall XD

dylan park fan he is such a gentle and nice guy! i love himmm. the dimple is too handsome XD

dylan park fan i just love his eyes and dimple when he smiles. it's so attractive. also, for me he is such a gentle guy and nice. love him! fighting :)

zita Hello....love your smile and dimple....you're a great actor...good luck...:)

Tracy Oh man, he drives me crazy by his very attractive smile. Can't stop searching more movies of him. He's not really a handsome guy but his performance is so touching. The first film I watched is Jung-ji and next is angle eyes. For sure that he's the first Korean actor in my favorite list. Dead because his eyes and smlie.

dama i watched him first in running man together with lee boyoung. and when i know him acting in angel eyes, i start follow the drama. i love his smile. dimple that appeared when he smile :)

Cinte Lee Sang Yoon graduate from Seoul University. I love him so much, especially when he smiles.

Rizu His smile very bright makes me feel warm..hahaha Love his drama Angel eyes..Daebak!!! Hwaiting Oppa :D

rizu his smile very bright makes me feel warm..hahaha.love his drama..Angel Eyes..this drama DAEBAK!! Hwaiting Oppa :D

rosetta all your drama I watch I really like it. you're so handsome and unique. whoever is gonna marry you is very lucky. keep up the good acting job you are so awesome with any part you play. hope for good thing in the future comes your way, I am your fan from Utah USA. I am watching Angels eyes now I love it looking forward for a terrific and exciting ending, I like the female leading character too. Best wishes and good luck in the future.

Ia he so handsome and awesome love his dramas

enas his smile is amazing i feel that everything is okay when he smile unconsciously i smile too

farah I like your acting. You are very handsome and you have a sweet smile . When you smile I smile too, hehe .. Now I'm watching the drama "Angel eyes". You really are the greatest actor!!! Fighting oppa!!!

Reem I love you ♡ ^-^

priya i really loved your acting and plot in my daughter seoyoung. i am your fan from india even though i dont know your language korean dramas are really fun to watch. i have started watching angel eyes it is good to see you again in that drama. good luck... hoping to see more of your dramas in future...

Keroppi94 Lee Sang Yoon oppa!!! I like your acting, totally natural. You are very handsome and very sweet your smile. When you smile I smile too, hehe .. Now I'm watching the drama "Angel Eyes". In the drama "Angel Eyes" cried acting you really look real. When you're acting cry, make me cry too. You really are the greatest actor!!! I love you. Fighting oppa!!!

Ms. Park he's so charming in Angel's Eyes

Chakita3 Just started watching Angel Eyes and I must say its good to see you again in a drama. I have only watched "Home Sweet Home" and "Seo-Young, My Daughter"....(which I absolutely loved...sigh!). The first two episodes were enjoyable and it was good to see you in Episodes 3 & 4...I reserve my judgement about this drama for the moment, Im just not sure what the writers are trying to do here. LSY, you are an amazing and gorgeous actor, I hope this role for you is challenging and enjoyable. Look forward to seeing what else is in store for PDJ in Angel Eyes...thank you.

anisa im form the uk and omg , your my new favourite actor. angel eyes is amazing-DEABAK! and i love it even more because of you

kim Lee Sang-Yoon I like and love you! I like watch your drama Seo-Young, My Daughter and all movies other and all Drama Series, I'm always waiting for you to play new drama , Lee sang yoon , you are so hand some and. Lovely and I like your style in "Seo-Young, My Daughter". It is really amazing.Good luck! Goodbye see you later. I like and love you ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥;)

fashionista ....hoping that LSY will add some response on this comments even just for how many words just to acknowledge that he have funs out there who's waiting for his new drama and all ...

Rina Lee Sang Yoon, your acting is very good, you are also very handsome :):):) You with Lee Bo Young very compatible ... I like it .. I always watch your drama ... I was your fans ... I'm always waiting for you to play new drama ... Good LUck oppa!!!!!

elizabeth hi! lee sang yoon.i am from philippines.your are so handsome..i love you...:-):-):-)

ariang Hello lee sang yoon. I am glad to meet you. I always. Watching Dramas goddess of fire Jung and my DaugherSeoyoung , I love you. Lee sang yoon , you are so hand some and. Lovely. Goodbye see you later.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥;)

hai hai Hello...I am from in Myanmar.I like you very much in drama my daughter seo young.You are so manly and handsome.I'm always encourage you...Fighting!!!!!!!!!oppa

htet htet aung You are so handsome...I love you...oppa

Lila I saw Lee Sang-Yoon in drama My Daughter Seo-Young and The Duo - I liked how he played roles. It is a great actor, very natural and spontaneous ..... and handsome!! Congratulations and Good luck!

Emerald I like your style in "Seo-Young, My Daughter". It is really amazing. Wishing you success more and more.

NancyLee Hi..!i'm lived in VietNam.I have seen you when you were actor in Goddess of Fire film.I'm not good English if you not boring.i hope you send me message.but I want yourself answer .not your manager ..please..I hope see you soon.

hodo Lee Sang-Yoon you are very attractive great actor as well continue working hard i wish you life full of love and success fan from Toronto ps cheers

ariyang i love sang yoon . you are a very good. im interested in the goddess of fire jung yi and my dougher seo young. i glad to meet you. see you later lee sang yoon . love you . ariang from iran.

lee mity 안녕하세요상윤.어떻게지내세요??!!새로운영화를놀았습니까???새로운사진안있습니까??왜????!

Kathy Phan Love you!!!!! You're so wonderful in drama "Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi". Fighting oppa!

Bảo Khuê (Precious Venus) He's Gwang Hee Gun Prince in drama "Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi". Love him and his talent :). Sang Yoon oppa! Last year, you're with Lee Bo Young in "Seo Young, My daughter". This year, you're with Moon Geun Young in "Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi". And next year, maybe you'll be with Lee Si Young in a new drama, won't you ? ^_^. I'm your fan from Vietnam! :-* Hug you tight! You'll be successful ^^

Ariang lee sang yoon .how are you? are you ok? i watched series goddess of fire jung yi and my dougher seo young . you are so handsome and friendiy.i love you lee sang yoon.my favorit actor is lee sang yoon.always i love you. see you later .goodbye lee sang yoon

JenSaa Lee Sang-Yoon, you are excellent in your craft, sheer talent. Directors and producers are losers if they do not cast this man. He is a work of art, in and of himself. Fighting!

lee mity 안녕하세요.난당신을사랑해.난당신을짝패에봤어.당신은정말좋아요.난당신의사진들을있어요.장말좋아합니다.....

이미티 생일축해요!!!!!!!!!키스 ,키스!!!!항상잘있어.

fatemeh(ariang) hi,lee sang yoon. happy births day to you/ i very very very love you. my name is fatemeh, iam 17 yers old. lee sang yoon is so handsome,my favorit actor best in the korea.i like the due(gwidong)and goddess of fire jung yi(gwang hae)is very good. fatemeh from iran

Ariang Hello lee sang yoon .how are you? I very very love you . lee sang yoon is always my favorit actor in the world.I like the due,goddess of fire(gwang hae ) _very good . good by mr lee sang yoon

Sin Hoon Sim Sang Yoon, good work, remember always strive to better...saranghae

Priscilla You got a very promising career because of your talent. Such a match with Seo Young. It was very inspiring. Keep up your good acting ability. You'll go a long way.

immy003 he is talented and great actor i like his acting in my daugter seo young and i am gonna watch all his dramas he is very handsome and tall and manly

tp Sang-Yoon is always my favorite actor from the day I watched "my daughter, Seo-Young". He looks like a righteous person, tall and élégant. I'm now watching "Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" because of him. Hopefully this is a good one. I'd like to wish you all the best with a great hope that you'll stay in this biz as long as I live. Fighting!

asal I love lee sang yoon he is my favorite acter in the world he is so talented and handsome I love him more than anything in the world I wish that he was main

Greenluvs He's the main reason I watched the Duo. Totally stole the show.

Natalia Always do your best, Oppa! What is your personal mail? Haha... Although I know I can't find the answer, but I just wanna know your mail. Just it.

qinar i love your act im seo-young my dauhgter... i can feel your warm heart as kang woo-jae :) :*

Sarah Hi Lee sang yun! I am from India but I can watch your dramas and movies.Don't worried you have fans all over the world.

panda Waaaaau i live in Thailand @ no matter how busy i am i have to leave it & sit down & watch Seyong My daugher ,I watch every series ,Ujae is so good ,oh shame on Ujae nursing a broken heart,he loved Seyong so much & he cant believe its gonna be over, Huuuuuu Seyong has a strong character she has accepted the mess she is in, Are they going to Divorce with Ujae but wants to forgive Seyong ,Cant wait for the next episode, How about the two doctors Migyoeng & Sangu will they get back to each other ,But what will happen to Hjeong the one who got married to Lee Sangu Seyong's twin brother,it seems the two doctors have feelings for eac other again,Wauuuuu i cant wait,i feel sorry for the little boy Songjae finding out that his real mom dumped him ,he was living happily but hey this made him sad, I love this Drama it has alot of teachings in our lives,keep it up KBS

Ethelmc Aside from lee sungyun you"re one of my favorite korean actor who can melt every girls heart. Sarang he lee sangyun

sherenz I fell in love with this guy because of his role in My Daughter SeO-Young... he is now one of my favorite korean actor together with Jang Dong Gun, Park shi hoo, Choi siwon and Ji Hyun-Woo. love his acting here..

addylovesbwoowd Lee Sang-Yun is so handsome! He's the reason why I feel in love with Soyeong, My daughter. He's just manlysexy in every way possible. I can't wait til he marries Soyeong!!

LIEZEL HELW IM LIEZEL AMPONG im filipina can you be my friend?////by the the way this is my number 09478710870 hope you call ur text me.../

remy dadula im impressed with lee sang yun acting.first time i saw him was in i love you dont cry.he has the looks and the talent.he is one of my favorite korean actors

Josie Uy I like the strong ove of Ujae .I hope I find a guy like him...a much older guy mind you.LOL

lady peridot it's my first time to watch a korean movie over KBS channel..and i a was so amazed of seoyong my daughter...seoyong and ujae acted so good for their roles......i'm looking forward to see more series for both of them..keep up the good works Lee Sang-Yun......my wish for this christmas??? i hope i will able to receive his picture with a dedication...:)

Noraco Yeaaaah!!! i loVe his acting in " Seoyeong, my daughter" Fightiiiiing !! i will support you :)

K-fan He's so goodlooking in Soyeong My Daughter. I love him.

helena I like The Duo – very good interpretation, congratulations,

Yun Sang Lee is a great actor, talented, beautiful,

helena from romania

fei lin kwan OMG..Sang-yun definitely my dream husband..xoxo

Ai Wow... Cool...

Eugene Yu I love you since I have watched "The Scale of Providence" and love you more when I was watching "I love you don't cry." Hope to see you more in your next dramas.

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