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Current user rating: 96/100 (4045 votes)

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  • Drama: Angel Eyes
  • Revised romanization: Enjelaizeu
  • Hangul: 엔젤아이즈
  • Director: Choi Mun-Seok
  • Writer: Yoon Ji-Ryeon
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: April 5 - June 15, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Park Dong-Joo is a surgeon. His first love was a blind girl. Yoon Soo-Wan is an emergency 119 worker. She was blind when she was younger, but an eye transplant surgery allowed her to see.

Park Dong-Joo and Yoon Soo-Wan were each other's first love. They separated due to sad family histories. They meet again 12 years later.


  1. "Angel Eyes" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "The Woman Who Married Three Times" and followed by "Endless Love" June, 2014.


Angel Eyes-Ku Hye-Sun.jpg Angel Eyes-Lee Sang-Yoon.jpg Angel Eyes-Kim Ji-Suk.jpg Angel Eyes-Jung Jin-Young.jpg Angel Eyes-Jung Ae-Ri.jpg
Ku Hye-Sun Lee Sang-Yoon Kim Ji-Suk Jung Jin-Young Jung Ae-Ri
Yoon Soo-Wan Dylan Park / Park Dong-Joo Kang Ji-Woon Yoon Jae-Beom Oh Young-Ji
Angel Eyes-Kong Hyung-Jin.jpg Angel Eyes-Seung-Ri.jpg Angel Eyes-Juan.jpg Angel Eyes-Kim Yeo-Jin.jpg Angel Eyes-Seo Tae-Hwa.jpg
Kong Hyung-Jin Seung-Ri Juan Kim Yeo-Jin Seo Tae-Hwa
Ki Woon-Chan Teddy Seo Cha Min-Soo Yoo Jung-Hwa Park Hyeong-Sik
Angel Eyes-Kim Min-Chan.jpg Angel Eyes-Seo Dong-Won.jpg Angel Eyes-Park Jin-Joo.jpg Angel Eyes-Lee Seung-Hyeong.jpg Angel Eyes-Lim Seung-Dae.jpg
Kim Min-Chan Seo Dong-Won Park Jin-Joo Lee Seung-Hyeong Lim Seung-Dae
Moon Je-Ha Kim Ho-Jin Kim Yoon-Jung Sung Hyun-Ho Choi Jin-Sang
Angel Eyes-Kwon Hae-Hyo.jpg Angel Eyes-Kim Seung-Wook.jpg Angel Eyes-Sung Chang-Hoon.jpg Angel Eyes-Lee Ha-Yul.jpg Angel Eyes-Yoon Ye-Joo.jpg
Kwon Hae-Hyo Kim Seung-Wook Sung Chang-Hoon Lee Ha-Yul Yoon Ye-Joo
Kim Woo-Chul Joo Tae-Seob Park Chang-Hyun Kim Jin-Soo Park Hye-Joo
Shin Young-Jin Jung Ji-Hoon
Shin Young-Jin Jung Ji-Hoon
Han Woo-Jung Ki Jin-Mo

Young Cast Members:

Angel Eyes-Nam Ji-Hyun.jpg Angel Eyes-Kang Ha-Neul.jpg Angel Eyes-Shin Hye-Sun.jpg
Nam Ji-Hyun Kang Ha-Neul Shin Hye-Sun
Yoon Soo-Wan Park Dong-Joo Cha Min-Soo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-05 1 7.3% (19th) 8.4% (17th) NR 6.9% (19th)
2014-04-06 2 7.5% (19th) 8.3% (19th) NR 7.6% (20th)
2014-04-12 3 8.9% (12th) 10.2% (9th) 8.8% (14th) 9.7% (12th)
2014-04-13 4 7.9% (19th) 9.7% (17th) NR 8.3% (18th)
2014-04-26 5 10.2% (5th) 12.4% (5th) 10.8% (5th) 12.1% (4th)
2014-04-27 6 11.1% (5th) 13.5% (4th) 11.9% (6th) 13.4% (6th)
2014-05-03 7 10.2% (5th) 11.8% (6th) 10.4% (4th) 12.1% (4th)
2014-05-04 8 10.4% (6th) 12.3% (5th) 10.3% (6th) 11.6% (5th)
2014-05-10 9 10.9% (6th) 12.1% (5th) 9.9% (7th) 11.1% (5th)
2014-05-11 10 11.1% (7th) 14.0% (5th) 10.4% (8th) 12.0% (7th)
2014-05-17 11 10.4% (7th) 12.1% (5th) 8.7% (8th) 9.3% (8th)
2014-05-18 12 9.8% (5th) 11.4% (7th) 9.6% (8th) 10.7% (7th)
2014-05-24 13 9.1% (6th) 10.6% (8th) 9.1% (7th) 10.0% (7th)
2014-05-25 14 8.6% (14th) 10.1% (11th) 9.2% (10th) 10.7% (9th)
2014-05-31 15 8.7% (11th) 10.7% (8th) 9.2% (9th) 10.5% (6th)
2014-06-01 16 7.6% (16th) 8.2% (16th) 8.1% (12th) 9.6% (12th)
2014-06-07 17 8.7% (10th) 10.0% (7th) 8.0% (9th) 8.4% (10th)
2014-06-08 18 8.7% (11th) 9.8% (12th) 8.7% (12th) 9.8% (8th)
2014-06-14 19 8.9% (8th) 11.0% (7th) 8.6% (8th) 10.0% (8th)
2014-06-15 20 9.1% (12th) 10.7% (9th) 8.9% (12th) 10.5% (9th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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yunda I prefer Kang Ha Neul-Nam Ji Hyun couple, the young version of Dong Joo-Soo Wan. I think they're so sweet <3 <3. I like the first 10 episode. But start from episode 13, I felt very bored. Many parts that I miss. Also, Lee Sang Yoon not matched role as old Dong Joo. the young doo joo and old dong joo are really different. 20 episodes become too long for this drama. But thanks for episode 19, Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun reappear ^^. For the ending not wow, but it's ok for me. i give 88/100 for this drama. oh then, Go Hye Sun is really pretty in this drama !!

Patricia David This drama is really nice and the actors as well as the actresses did a great job...well done guys and keep up the good work.......

MGM The actors and actresses did a great job. The story-line was so touching. Wish the dad did not have to die but enjoyed most of the songs in the drama. Park Dong-Joo's smile with the dimple is to die for

Izza I really love this drama,, it makes my heart breaks every time KU HYE SUN cries,,, ooohhhh. i feel her emotions,, such a great actress.. and also love the mother and son bonding.. he just call her mother by her name just like they are friends.. after i watched that i wished i have a son like that.. Kang ha neul role here was great..

Josephine Started off funny, cute, likeable characters, really promising. I looked forward to each episode. But, then it died a sudden death, as if an inexperienced writer suddenly took the reins. FIRST THE GOOD: The acting was good, if a little melodramatic even for romantic melo, Comdedy and characters started off great, well rounded, deep. Direction is good too. Unlike most dramas, the traffic stunts looked real. Top marks for the characters (and their actors) Ki Woon-Chan Teddy Seo who gave much needed comic relief! Also, for lead actor Lee Sang-Yoon who took a bad script and helped carry it through. Kang Ha-Neul was super, too, as the younger Dylan (although he looked so different from Lee Sang-Yoon, the physical casting was strange. NOW THE BAD: After ep 10 it went really downhill. From 13 on I could barely watch. From 15 on I wanted to pull out the hair of the scriptwriter. What was the writer thinking? It's all on the script, because the acting was good, the direction and art direction good. But, could Yoon Soo-Wan be more whiny, self-pitying and depressing? (Not the actress, I love Ku Hye-Sun, I mean her character.) Her motivations are not real at all, it's just an exaggerated attempt to drag out the tears from reluctant viewers (at least my self) who felt the story was long ago over. Another KD that should have been 12-16 eps, not 20. Just the last two years of so KD drama's really been stretched this way. I guess the producers want to milk it, then wonder why the ratings drop towards the end (as they did on this drama). Anyway, didn't buy her ridiculously over-the-top martyr complex, and, if I did buy it, who wants to watch that in a main character? I really came to despise the character Yoon Soo-Wan (I mean could the writer have written a blind person as more whimpering and self-pitying… what a stereotype!) So, if this was two dramas (1-10) would be 4 stars, and 11-20 would be 1 or zero for me. Sorry.

Christian I started liking this drama the first 8 or 9 episodes after that I started getting bored and like other people said why in the work pdj didn't tell her the father was innocent she would've recover faster and ended the story right there but instead they just dragged it with people crying for the second half of the drama, very disappointing and make sure not to watch anything from the writer yoon ji ryeon.

Judge Recently, I became addicted to asian movies and shows. I finished watching the show, Doctor Strange, and I began to watch many more Korean T.v. shows. I stumbled upon this show (Angel Eyes) and I was touched by the first episode. As I continued to watch, I saw how the creators really put in much effort to make this as realistic and romantic. The story of how Yoo Soo-Wan and Park Dong-Joo rekindled their love from years ago is truky worthy of my time and tears. Thank you dor making such a touching story. 10/10 Would watch again.

Daidai i really like this drama. this is the first drama i really like and want to always watched.hope so amazing, wonderful and happy ending. hope the main actor and actress make another movie. i also like the music. this drama makes me cry all night when i watch. me and my mom like this drama, we want to watch another one and we want you guys to act also.

denox Great Drama. Koo Hye Sun, Im very like your Dramas, especially this one. Im run-run-runing to you and I'll keep you safe forever (Lasse Lindh). Also "Love to Much" (Yoon Gun). Best OST thanks a lot to your great masterpiece. It's very improving my inspiration and motivation ;)

Yo I watch this drama because goo hye sun I really enjoy this drama however i need to give my opinion 1. The main idea of the story is really good, love story between a boy with blind girl. Rate 89 / 100 2. Good acting and scene. Rate 90 / 100 3. I really enjoy episode 1, 6, and 20. Rate 93 / 100 4. The kissing scene, zzzzzzzz. Rate 96 / 100 5. Hard to follow the story line(as character, time,etc). Rate 74 / 100 6. The ending is too usual not great. Rate 78 / 100 7. Im disappointed in episode 19, im not expected yoon soo wan runaway from dong joo. Rate 50 / 100 9. Where is number 8? 8. Goo hye sun is beautiful, pretty, cool. Hahaha. Rate 200 / 100 10. What the hell with the number. 11. That's all

Total score 96 / 100 (recomended to watch this drama) Ty :)

dramawatcher i really enjoyed this drama series but however, i got really bored with it by episode 15, so i just forward quickly through each of the last 5 episodes just so i can see what happens at the end

kdramlovers OMG! I really don't know how to eplain. But this drama really makes me crazy. I cried almost the whole night. I think this is the fourth times i watched this drama. I know that it's really unrealistic story because PDJ has to hit by car. I don't why that situation always being use in every drama I'd watched. But this drama really touch my heart. This drama gave a lesson that i never thought before. 'The true seperation is when someone you really love, leave this world and you won't be able to see them anymore'. But when PDJ was hit by the car, i really him to die. I want to see how's YSW expression. But i guess drama should always end with happy ending. By the way, i love this drama so damn much...

fehle Superb storyline and acting, can't get enough of the two leads. In my opinion it is one of the Best Korean drama ever.

Suzyno This drama is really really good.. I hope everyone try this drama and fall in love as I have.

Pokemon 2014 korean drama, i thought it would be better, but it is old writer and director. it was long and dragged on too much. too much flashback, love was drown by the revenge and crime that i was more keen to see the annoying ending to the crime i skip the love scene, as the chemistry between yoon and dylan sooo cold. dylan for a lover 13 yrs he is a cold brick unromantic, no emotional feelings. yoon tears did not make me move like tears from other stars like Jang Na-Ra. this is the worst first love story i have seen. and like all first love movie, the girl always find a partner lol if so, dont bother looking back at first love

javadore Drama was good but it took me so long to finish because it was one of those that didn't cause me to obsess about it. Normally kdramas are stuck in my head and I can't wait to come home and finish them, but Angel Eyes did not do that for me. The main guy was super cute though! And the story line was pretty good, but predictable. I was not too impressed with the ending; I believe they dragged on the main girl's anger too long, but then rushed her forgiveness too quickly. And I HATE how she never found out that her dad was innocent after all... that he did not kill main guy's mom.

njhfan I watched this because of Nam Ji Hyun, she's so cute, and she's the prettiest when she smiles! She really good in portraying her character as a blind girl!

dadz . . nevertheless, one of 2014's best Korean drama!

jirobae I cried like a little betch in every episode so far. At this rate I'm going to need a donor because my eyes are so strained from crying so hard.

vmarlany great story. great actor. i love this drama, first love forever. i wish it exist in real world.

한혜진 I Love to have tthat Drama.I wonder how much for All The drama (the cost of it out) Can you tell me how much?

Aljon Tamon This is the best Korean drama I've ever watched. it has the best cast and a very inspiring story.

gahmsahhahmnida for this importunity to express my feelings to your program :)

cocopop This is beyond AWESOME! Drama i cried on the most after Autumn Tale. keep wanting to repeat this over and over and over again. Sweet, Heartbreaking, and touching drama. Angel Eyes <3

gcte really love the story, love the characters and love the actors.

chelsea ann .. I really love this movie that I always repeat it over and over again... park dong joo your so handsome. yoon soo wan your so pretty.

the only request I want to address is that, please give ANGEL EYES A PART TWO .. this movie is really interesting that as it goes further for sure more people will like it :)

PART TWO please :

Melissa Halim OMG!!!! I'll really love this movie the characters are pretty and good and I like the way they act for example like Yoon Soo Wan I'm her big fan as Ku Hye Sun!!!!!

mockingbird someone pleaseeeee tell me the name of the song in teaser 2... please!

Blue (click) The drama was really good. Just wish the ending was more spectacular. the actors did a good job!

Lilia Javier I really love Angel Eyes and I believe in true love because of Park Dong Joo and Yoon Soo Wan :)

shin24 i love seung ri here .! whenever he speaks in american accent I always laughing out loud ! XD

lynee All my thumbs up!!! Its nit just about love but the moral values is really great. Cried alot, laugh, and fell inlove. Wish i can have a copy of the OST. Songs are great too.

Magdalena Nice and sweet story... Not only for first love but also love of parents... It is a very touching story... I love Lee Sang Yoon smile.. His acting is good also great chemistry with Ku Hye Sun... Love this drama because of its warmth, sweet and romantic story... Fighthing...

Julie I super love this show. Am so hooked with it that i keep on watching for nth time, and still love watching as it is aired by ABS-CBN here in the Philippines.

I love Park Dong Joo! Gosh, hes getting through my system. lol.

The best koreanobela for me!

uglyidol the only drama that makes me cried a lot throughout the drama......... love it!

shiela .. Annyeong haseyo !! I love this very much melodrama !!! I cried a lot !!! :) !!!

So great and good job to all casts !!!

Melissa Halim I really like the main characters in Angel Eyes. They are cute and pretty and I really love this drama and Boys Before Flower I really like what Ku Hye Sun acts.

Liz Cordenete I really like the story, its great and also the cast most esp Ku Hye Sun and Lee Sang - Yoon...

Shin Hyo Joon (Mariel Aquino) Done watching this wonderful drama series ever! The story is like a roller coaster. I am very proud of the staff behind the scene, the director, the writer and all. you make this korean drama super irresistible. The Actors super adorable and lovable. I like their roles that they played. you know what, even the songs played. " I will run, run running to you and I keep you safe forever" I can't get over with. Last Song Syndrome as they say. I will give you all a hundred and one percent for ratings. looking forward for more stories like this. The stories give values of life, there are times I realize things in my past because of this, what if? questions that I would haven't use forever. I don't want to regret things in my past but accept the way it is because we can't never go back what happen before, as long as we accept all of it we can move on totally if we look in our present times. Life is like a Jar of Clay, we are only instruments, or a vessel of the treasure that God has given us. so we must protect the treasure we have now. Park Dong Joo, His love for Yoon Soo Wan is very unique. thanks for this story, I cried a lot, smiled a lot, and Enjoyed a lot.. :) Well Done! Great Job!

Belle Therese Gamuza I fell in love with this drama series at the first sight of the scene. It was so great and it made me fell giddy and it sent shivers into my bones because of the surreal scenes that made me laugh, in love and cry. I bet the young cast--- Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Han Neul because the made me smile and they are really good actors. Koo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon made me crazier! They are so good together like I'm gonna marry them off in real life. Too much feels in this series! The twist is... wow! I was amazed and I would like to give them a standing ovation! I want Part 2! Best story plot ever! This is now aired in the Philippines. I'm still watching tho I already finished ito. PS: Please don't let Jin-Mo cry. It is breaking my heart into pieces! -

Edralyn Cabile God :D i really love this movie ♡♡ specially to all the cast . I just finish seeing all the scene and its really Beautiful and it makes me cry every scene haha they called me crazy because Im like crying baby xD but i don't care all I know is I really love this movie ♡♡♡♡

ingrid @camille... if i'm not mistaken it's "april come she will" by simon and gurfinkel.

Rachelle18 Hello!!! the first time I watch the trailer here in the Philippines I've love it already,, the cast the flow of the story and the exciting part witch is Lee Sang Yoon coming back...... :-) it was so...... OMG (>->) ... love the Movie :-)

camille anyone who knows what Yoon Soo-Wan's favorite song is? (one that is her moms fave too) Thanks Anyways :)

Ellehc two thumbs up.. for Angel Eyes !!!! :D I Love Ku Hye Sun & Lee Sang yoon.. i wish you two are real life sweethearts.. you are good together!! <3 <3

Flong Thumbs up!!! For this drama ..made me cry alot soooooooooo touchyyy ! Saranghe! Haiszt very good drama and the story! :D love it!! Cool actresses and actors!

rissa mae very nice movie. so glad for that english translation. i love yoon soo wan and park dong joo- nice pair. i know this is going to be a big hit here in the philippines. hope to see more of ku hye sun and lee sang yoon movies. more power guys!!! God bless...

anna Omg.. i love this drama.. and i love dong joo and so wan 18&20 so sweet and beautiful. Gumawo sbs.. this drama very good..i love so much

liz It is so touching. I like all the cast and Ku hye sun is so beautiful with her long hair. She should not wear short hair any more. This drama is the best after Boys over Flowers.

Jae ku hye sun fits the role also lee sang yoon :) very nice story it already realeased here in the philippines nice ost and nice cast :)

Robert What is the title of favorite song of Yoon Soo Wan ??

Tybolt It's fairly obvious that jealousy is behind any, and all, negative comments regarding the incredible Goo Hye Sun. Everywhere that she goes, there's about a 99% chance that she will be the most talented, and beautiful, person in the room. Some girls, just don't seem to like this fact. She had better be up for a major award for 'Angel Eyes', as she knocked the ball out of the yard in every single episode. Much like she was in 'Pure in Heart', she owns every bit of the landscape when she appears on the screen. Her acting range is limitless. It's very easy to see unless you just get caught up simply starring into her angelic face, and beautiful eyes....

Teyonaseon Ku Hye-sun is truly my idol. I was so captivated with her beauty, I found the way she talked charming in Pure 19. I was so looking forward to watching Angel eyes. I new it would be awesome drama. First of, just as I thought, Ku Hye Sun made an awesome come back after taking a long break from acting.. Along with Lee Sang Yoon and the rest of the cast members. It has everything you look for in a drama. It's intensely dramatic. It's GOT--ROMANCE, JEALOUSY, HATE, CRIME, PAIN, DREAMS, FORGIVENESS AND AN ENDING TO EITHER SEE IT AS FATE PREVAILS or leave it to your imagination to renew the wedding leaving it with Ku Hye-sun pregnant then having her first baby girl. ********************************************************************************************* I'm pretty sure someone would MAKE negative comments either of Ku Hye-sun (out of jealousy or collaboration with someone who already dislike The STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS KHS, NOT TO MENTION GIFTED-N-TALENTED, INTELLIGENT AND AMAZING. And that's okay cause they're so MANY FANS who love her and who has truly enjoyed watching ANGEL EYES. Like most drama I'm sure it may seem like a duplicate, but it can be view differently by someone else. For the cast members are different. In BOF if you've watched pure 19, the story line is some what almost the same. From some of the comments I've read, they like pure 19 better. I've watched it myself more then I could imagine. But BOF, I 've only watched it maybe twice. It reminds me of the rich being nasty to the poor, worse yet, BULLIES PICKING ON THE WEAK. WITH HEIRS IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT REALLY THAT I'VE ONLY WATCHED IT******ONCE, YES ONCE*******and I didn't even finished it.

AprilComeSheWill This is a good drama. I finished this within 2 days and will be repeating it again soon. :) Ku Hye Sun is so beautiful. And she really did well on her acting here. Soo Wan and Dong Joo is <3

mar I love the drama and lee sang yoon.<3 <3

farid I finished watching this drama within 4 days only . I think that's enough what to describe about this awesome drama . This is not the typical romantic comedy or a good fighter male lead drama type . It is very recommendable to watch . So far in the year 2014 , you who came from the star and angel eyes are the best drama for this year . KHS and LSY are both outstanding actor and actress . This drama gonna stuck in my head for a few days i think and the ost are jjang !

Diana I love watching korean drama but i think dong joo and soo wan has the best chemistry compared to others. I can feel that they are lover.. I have watched this drama more than 10 timess! Can't wait for their next drama

graceous I love this drama especially Park dong joo and the ost ..."run run running to you and i keep you safe forever". total LSS. But there are times (actually a lot!) that i got annoyed by yoon soo wan acting like a victim! Dong Joo is just too good for her...she really didnt do anything to make her that loveable aside from that pretty face. Well. goes to say that the actors did a great job i just hoped that the writers put a little bit of effort in making the female lead deserving for a great character as park dong joo.

Marvz Whats Adult Yoon Soo-Wan's mobile phone ringtone? I so much want to know it. Thanks

Precy Esteibar I go crazy for this , makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me LOVE, both DongJoo and Soo Wan are eally meant to be , they were perfect together , gosh !! they're acting is superb . Hye Sun is one a great actress and so with Lee Sang Yoon. All the characters are really good.... Thank you for doing this and let us seen it ... A lesson to learn.. TRUE LOVE never dies and you should fight for it.... I hope there will be a Book II ... A fan from Milano, Italy

Dat Huynh This is very good movie on both story and performance.

Kristopher WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for standard google search

day287 i got really captivated by this drama. first reason was because of the cast of park dong joo and yoon soo wan when they were in their teens. i came to know of the guy in the heirs while the young wan is a fresh face to me but she played the role very well. i got glued to this also because of Go Hye Sun; it's been a really long time since I last saw her on TV. i was aware that she had other projects after BOF but i just didn't like the storylines of her recent works. i like her character here. she's so pretty and you couldn't question her acting here. the plot may not be that original or stellar but it's good enough for me. i'm on episode 10 now and i've no plans of stopping. :)

kupukupumu Updated review, I agree with some poster here that the series should be made shorter. I am now at 10. Also, this series would be much better if the soundtracks are better, something from Bark Ji Young or alike.

However, do not let my updated comment discourage you from watching this series. The chemistry between the lead couple is good. Just that some times a the plot is really slow.

jexxica this drama made me cry throughout 18 eps (still haven't watch 2 eps).. but I think the chemistry feels stronger in teen years. For me, koo hye sun played this role almost perfectly, I can see the connection between teen and adult ver.. But lee sang yoon acting didn't work for me. Kang ha neul played the teenage role perfectly and he drowned you to the acting full of emotion and expression, but the adult version just feel really bland. There arent too much expression and the emotion didn't reach through me. I've watched this with my mom andd she said "it feels like I'm watching a robot" lol. And its sad because I know he is a good actor. I just get too drowned on kang ha neul version so lee sang yoon just look really 'so-so'. But this has a good plot. It touched your heart really deep. And I think the Angel on the title refers to Yoo Jung Hwa-ssi. She made me cry everytime.

7/10. Still two episodes to go!! (Sorry for my bad english)

annahirameki totally agree with you @ qwertisme.. i watch till ep.12 then i jump to ep.20 (final) lol.. story line getting bored .. :P

kupukupumu I watched the first episode in online streaming just to kill time. Unexpectedly, I find this series as one of the most engaging series I have seen. Have not completed the series, but I can say it is miles ahead from You Who Came from the Star, albeit I am a huge huge fan of the My Sassy Girl's cast and also usually not a fan of mellow family drama.

Ko Hyee Sun is just amazing (and also the younger cast). Watch it if you have the access.

Eli Its almost two months that AE has ended..and yet this drama makes my heart flutter every time I listen to the OST (instrumental) which reminds me of the scenes played.. love this the acting of both the music...long live AE!!

mia Can't get enough of Park dong joo and Yoon soo wan. What a lovely couple

Helen Love love love this drama... one of the best melodrama ever. Love the chemistry of the leads..simply awsome!!!

KimNa @qwertisme, I'm agree with you. I really liked the teen version, the actors expressed more emotions, it was with much affection, that sometimes made me cry or smile.But when it's started adult version...ohhh, really very boring. I'm still waiting for something new in the next episodes,and I don't know if I can continue.

qwertisme i give this drama 4,5/10 this drama star with strong plot u will love the teen version, i mean it's funny and overwhelming and the teen play their character so well but when they become adult the drama start it boring, i watch unitl ep 11 and i gave up yeah the story kinda bland and become lost an uninterested, but u will love the first 5 episode! this drama is boring! go hye sun can't convince me in this drama she looks like forche her self too hard and being unnatural, lee sang yoon play his role goodly but somehow the teen version is much stronger than him -,- the best player is the teen version and so hwa's father! u will love the teen version but i'm not sure if u love the adult version

Cassidy I love this kdrama! One of the best that I've seen in a really long time! Ku Hye-Sun is an amazingly talented actress. She really puts her whole self into a role and take on the character in such detail and depth with such ease. Each role that she takes on is different from one another and I can't event see traits of herself when she plays the characters she chooses in a drama. She total adapts to her role and plays the character so well that I've become a big fan of hers. The story line is also very well thought out and very imaginative. It was very twisted in a really good way.

fashionista ...I like both of the main actors, I want to see more of Lee Sang yoon on comedy romance.. to see more of his talent, he deserves challenging roles! bec he is one of the talented actor that catches all viewers


  1. Gunn,

,,the last 4 episodes where excruciatingly painful to watch", what it's mean? It's not a happy end?

isandi I love goo hye sun .. She always my idol everytime, everywhere , and every everyy .......

alan wong what to say...this melodrama has many heart tugging scenes and a storyline filled with many pearls of wisdom that we can learn from, especially from Dong Joo's mother, that makes this melodrama not too heavy with emotions but rather poke us to think about our relationship with our parents, life partner and children...

finally, Ku Hye-Sun portrayed a very convincing performance in the playing the role of Yoon Soo Won character whose life went from despair to happiness and to despair again before finding happiness again which well echoed by the song Beautiful Sad..

kinnzzii I'm inlove with this drama. I can't get over with the couple Soowan and Dongju played by GHS and LSY. Their undeniable chemistry is magic. Miss them. <3

fd Falling in love with this kdrama<3

Gunn I have rated this drama 30% because only the first 6 episodes where amazing . The drama should have stopped at 16 episodes too cause the last 4 episodes where excruciatingly painful to watch !

criselda i like this drama a lot despite some flaws. which drama doesn't have, anyway? the story of angel eyes is nothing new "first love never dies" yet it was developed and presented in a creative way. the transition from the young actors to the present PDJ and YSW is consistent when it comes to their level of acting. angel eyes is fast pace sans the dragging moments/scenes that other dramas have just to deliver a point. unexpected flashbacks added excitement to the story development. very good chemistry between LSY and KHS is another bonus to this drama.. KHS has improved a lot in her acting, she has matured and portrayed YSW very well. sad to say, she left Gum Jandi behind. LSY as expected is very good in his PDJ role.Handsome dude that can really act.

Klara i don't want to repeat but CS just basically said everything i wanted to say about this drama!

CS I liked this drama up until the 5th 6th episode too and then there is only so much I can take of Ku Hye Sun when echos of BOF start to appear through out the drama. There were some scenes I could have changed Park Dong Joo with Gu Jun Pyo. I did not like it when her character goes from plucky to whiny (began to FF through most of her parts). I think the actress that played the younger Yoon Soo Wan could had much done better. Or maybe I am being a bit hard on her. Maybe the writers did this a bit to draw more of an audience . I really liked Lee Sang Yoon He carried the drama and is cute too. This drama has a lot of great characters from other dramas I have watched and it was too bad that the writers could not tie up the side stories better. I was really looking forward to watching this drama after seeing the cast on "Running Man" promoting it.

althea This drama will be greatly missed. KHS & LSY you're simple the best by giving life to the characters of PDJ and YSW. Your chemistry is just over the top, simply amazing. It makes you ask, "where is it coming from?" Thank you (this goes also for the whole AE staff) for giving us this beautiful drama by working hard on it despite all of the pressures, time, resources, etc. Hope to see you two in another project sometime soon. (BTW, you look so good together reel and real.)

Eli Already missing Angel eyes...miss uri Dongjoo and Soowan Weekends are never going to be same without this amazing drama.. Oppa unni plz date in real life:)

keroppi I love WanJoo couple!!! I love Lee Sang Yoon!!!

rose Beautiful drama, beautiful music, beautiful acting - but really? Twenty episodes? Just a couple too many.

Tim No, @farieda, episode 20 was the last one. And they all lived happily ever after...! :)

farieda I love this series, will there be more episodes after episode 20 or was that the final one? Please reply. Thanks from South Africa

nymsio At episode 12,and I gotta say its realli is a splendid movie

Pr.Hossein.k This is the best drama ever saw. Especially actors, "Ku Hye-Sun" and "Lee Sang-Yoon" A great play...

Saracyn Loved this drama -- from beginning to end -- very touching -- not boring at all. Park Dong Joo is a very decent man and handsome, too. Yoon Soo Wan is a very lucky person -- loved by so many people. Angel Eyes is a nice good drama --- filled with moments of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, friendship and even moments of laughter. Will watch it again. Great job -- Angel Eyes production.

xenpp sad to say ! This drama lost its stream after 5-6th episode. The same plot for dragged stretched to over limit. Ku Hye-Sun is amazing with tears but not so expressive in other department. loved loved loved the young couple they were amazing !!! Park Dong Joo is a delight to watch onscreen there is charisma oozing :) and lovely music !!! Big claps to "I run run to you" Lindh ...nice !overall a average kind of ratings.

Ctoo This is a very lovely, heart touching drama I have ever seen. Great acting from all the actors, beautiful OST and BGM, excellent cinematography, this is one of the best K-dramas.Simply love it. Thanks to all actors and crew. Wishing you all the best.

Cindy Loved it!! Definitely a must will fall in love with Park Dong Joo (and everyone else - promise). <3

Jahaine @ Glosola: Run To You by Lasse Lindh & Blue Bird by Jo Jung Hee.

Peter The actress who played Ellie/Hye-Joo is Yoon Ye-Joo.

Noura Well i am now in 6 episode and i am feeling bored should i complete this drama? What do you think ? sorry for my english ..

BOFultrafan I don't understand why the actress for Ellie/HaeJoo isn't on the actors list.. IT'S BOTHERING ME.. maybe she's not an actress but a normal person who got her first acting roll or something.. but anyhow.. WHERE IS SHE .. WHAT IS THE ACTRESSES NAME, I'm SOOO CURIOUS!!

rskdrama this is a 16 ep drama.. 20 is dragging it...

Nou-Nou Can someone tell me is there any preview of ep 19? It's killing me to find out what going to happen next now it getting to the ending?!

Rowena The excellent story it shows that the writer is so brilliant..the main star from the younger version up to lee sang yoon and go hye sun are all good in their acting..when the time comes that it will be aired here in Philippines I must say it will be top grosser and always trending in internet just BOF and the rest of korean drAma..I'm longing for the two last episode..lee sang yoon and go hye sun they looking good together..wish they can be partners once again...

Jenna What was the song at the end of episode 8? Finding some of the stuff they use is really starting to become a task. Thanks :)

eun ae Does anyone know the song that was playing the preview of the show? Sorry for my english by the way.

afiq @aster thank you so much aster, I've been searching this song, by the way, i hope that dong joo will be together with soo wan, i just love both of them, cant wait for last 2 episodes.. :)

aster @afiq... Hi- got this info from stevie8 from soompi site. The title is "Deep" by Binocular.

afiq what is the title of the song that played when dong joo met the lawyer at cafe to talk about director will in episode 17...anyone know ?

lili It's sad love stories never end. The drama had a profound impact on my heart. The actors are excellent and I think that I should prepare myself for the final episode of this drama

claire When will be episode 17 shown?:(

Ctoo @Shikoooo It's Maria Mena-Secrets

Eli @ Shikooooo The song is by Maria Mena "Secrets"

Eli @ Nou-Nou Dear Ep 17 is not released yet.. it will be out this weekend along wit ep 18.. ep 15 &16 has been uploaded last weekend... I hope this will help.. Happy watching :)

Shikooooo dose anyone know the song that was playing behind Yoon Soo Wan & her friend in the cafe at ep 16 it was in the first 10 minuets I guess

Mar @MGM yeah so true!! I truly hope so that's it's gonna be a happy ending. =) @Nou-Nou Episode 17 is not yet shown...

Nou-Nou Anyone know why didn't the upload ep 17 this past week? What happen? Why didn't they? Why did they only upload one ep?

MGM Ep 16 was so depressing and heart wrenching that I just hope we will have a happy ending.

whatever just why did they finish the episode there i'm gonna kill the directer

pink @ Eli Kamsahamnida for the ost. I've been waiting for ages for the opening song finally the wait is over.. Beautiful songs luv them all❤

Eli Guys new OST is released today... Jo Jung Hee (조정희) - Blue Bird [Angel Eyes OST]

Eli Omo omo omo my eyes..can't stop crying.. just finished watching ep 16 live steam..heart wrenching .. can't wait for the next episode... Uri Dongjoo uri Soowan fighting.!! PDnim we want happy ending araso..

panda what about park dong joo's sister?

Eli Guys guys guys!! The OST and the Opening song of AE both were released yesterday.. The eng song is called "Beautiful sad" both song are sung by Han Soo Ji (한수지)..u can search in Youtube I tried to post the youtube link here.. but its not displaying in the comment section...

Charles Someone knows the title of the main theme song?, please help me! XD

Tybolt I agree that Goo Hye Sun's emotional (crying) scenes are among the best that there are. Going back to her 'Pure 19' days, when the impossibly lovely, and lovable 'Yang Gukwha' cried, you just wanted to reach through the screen and console her. In reality, Goo Hye Sun has always been a remarkably well-rounded actress. What you call an "A-list" actress from her debut. The reason that she continues to be sought after and cast as the lead in so many productions is that she's just so good. Her beautiful, "ulzzang" face is what got her noticed, but it is her talent, drive, and hard work, that producers, directors, and fellow actors love, and admire, the most.

iris looks good cant wait to see it

isandi Goo hye sun daebak , kereen banget .. i really love her :))

Eli Ep13 &14 is daebak!! In ep13 the scene when YSW woke up the next morning and PDJ preparing breakfast is so cute and romantic.... Ep14 is so heartbreaking seeing both the leads cry...I really hope they could pass through this difficult times together... and make lots of junior PDJ and YSW.. please PDnim and Writernim have mercy on us...

belle i love Ku Hye-Sun! she is one of my favorite korean actress! i want to this Korean drama after it is finish..

i am from philippines.

LuvPink @llama She acted beautifully, her crying looks realistic to me..I even cried along with her... ur comment is so rude and clumsy... if u can't stand her crying go watch some cartoon instead..

afiq check this link the song not release yet, maybe in june

deabek yes i want know to in the end episode 12 & 13? please

llama Oh man. when that girl crys... its the most annoying thing in the world. UOHOOHOOOHOUUUHOOOOOOAAAAAH!!! UAHOOOHOHOOOUAHOOOOAAAHHH!!! i just want to slap her

Lockey who know the song in the end of episode 12 & 13 pls? thanks

lotie This drama series brought a totally different Gu Hye Sun and I totally love her here. Lee Sang Yoon & Gu Hye Sun perfect chemistry is the one that makes their romantic scenes seems so real.

lotie I would like to commend the director of this drama for showcasing a mature relationship and putting enough sensuality. I like that they've shown a more real and relatable relationship and not the one I would only find in fairytale. The more I felt vehemently happy whenever Dong Joo & Soo Wan got intimate the more I felt nervous for the turn of events on the next episode.

jezs Finally PDJ & YSW are not virgins anymore... hurray!!! Wish granted..thanku PDnim and Writernim

Chakita3 I was really excited watching the first few episodes of AE when PDJ & LSW were young and innocent and there was a lot of happy and memorable moments with PDJ's mother YJH who was absolutely warm and beautiful! But, then when she was killed off, and the story began to unfold...that excitement I first encountered had somewhat faded...sigh! LSY is absolutely gorgeous with his beautiful dimples, and the lovestory between LSY (PDJ) & GHS (YSW) is very nice and its good to see the actual couple fall in love, stay strong in their love, and fight for their love, very touching...but somethings missing...sigh! I think Teddy (Seung-ri) is absolutely cute and adorable and so hilarious!...They make me continue watching, PDJ and Teddy! oh and I cannot deny the amazing beautiful and so touching..hits those heartstrings hard, even the tearducts overflow and cry like a river...Am enjoying Angel Eyes of course, but expected so much more, but thats just me (just saying!)...AE FIGHTING!....

Momo Angel eyes DAEBAK!! Seriously this is the best Kdrama I hv watched till date... dying to watch today's episode

helomekinvegas The actress the plays the younger sister of Park Dong Joo, is awesome. She delivers her lines like a veteran. Doesn't fail to bring me to tears....

Kathy Lee I seriously cannot wait until this drama is done airing ! I'm for sure gonna rewatch it over !

KimLin @ Phyu yee I dnt think PDJ has a daughter as for now.. maybe in later episode LOL U might hv mistaken with his sister.. her name is Yoon-ye-joo.

Phyu yee Dong Joo daughter is so cute. What's her name?

Savvy Daebak daebak daebak!!! I cried my eyes out each time i watch this drama....this drama is for sure killing me.. LSY, KHN and GHS, NJH are perfect for their role as PDJ and YSW..Love their chemistry..And what to say about the OST so so touching.. luv everything about this drama.. Great work Angel Eyes team..!!

naya the song at the end of episode hasn't released yet. i heard that it'll released in June. therefore, i don't know the title^^ but you can search it with the keyword 'angel eyes opening ost' on youtube

진주 whats the title of the song at the end of this episode? ive been through lots of research but i cant find it.. im looking for this soo badly.. ㅌㅌ

Eli Oh!! Park dong joo plz don't cry... I hope this drama will have a happy ending..possibly a honeymoon too.. hehe

Elaf the title of song in ep 10 at the end before closing soundtrack. PLEASE TT

Eman Aah seungri is the BEST!

maria did anybody get to know the title of the song at the backhug scene in ep 7???

Marzienini @ LOTIE, you're so right!!! Episode 12 will makes our hearts broken!!! =( This drama will definitely be added to one of my favorites of all time. It breaks my heart to see Dong Joo (Lee Sang-Yoon & Kang Ha-Neul) when he is sad but my heart beats so fast when they smiled.<3 Hoping this drama will end with highest rating possible. fighting!!! =)

gabriella rachel I luv this drama! Cant wait episode 12!

flowergirl Love this drama so much :) i am really scared about what will happen in episode 12!!

lotie Omo! Omo! Omo! ep 11 really sets my heart on fire with all those breath taking romantic scene but then ep 12 seemed to be a series of heart breaking revelations. I will endure all those heartbreakings scenes because i really fell in love with Lee Sang Yoon & Ku Hye Sun tandem. Anyway I know for sure they will have a happy ending.

christina when is epsiode 12 coming out. i went to know what happens next. i love this story.

Ji Hye i will crazy. can someone tell me in 10. ep final playing song "how used to know.."

criselda They look real maybe because the chemistry of these two actors is overwhelming. Really DAEBAK!!!

Eli WoW dongju proposed soowan!!! I'm So happy right now.. luv ya all ❤❤

lotie Ku Hye Sun showed a full circle transformation in this drama; her image, her acting are a big transformation in a very positive way. I'm glad she did accept this drama. One thing why I love this drama was the perfect chemistry of Lee Sang Yoon & Ku Hye Sun. For me their team is much more effective and real than those LSY love interest in his previous dramas. It seems that everyone is going crazy looking for that soulful background music. I am one of you guys.

Connie I want to know the name of that song too...late at night..

MarS What everybody wants to know is the name of the sad English song (and the name of its female vocalist) that is NOT in the OST. "Late at night...". It is one of the best songs in this drama.

Frosty LSY, in the lyrics sung by Elvis Presley, "A hunka, hunka, burnin' love! ".

Excalibunny I really want to start watching this! It seems like Ky Hye Sun have matured a lot!

Eli 5 days long waiting is killing love love this drama..dongjoo and soowan fighting!!... I'm worried what will I be doing if this drama ends...thats me crazy me!!

annyeong! I started watching this solely because I heard people telling me it was good and I was looking for a great drama......... 8 hours and 30 minutes later, after spending a solid portion of my sleep time watching all the uploaded 8 episodes, I. WAS. HOOKED. This drama is amazing. I cannot get over it and I am, like the other comments, looking for that song that is not on the soundtrack list. Some of my friends are watching Hotel King right now but I don't want to start another drama. For sure, Angel Eyes will be on my "Re-Watch Dramas" list. It is so beautiful. Probably the first drama to make me tear up out of frustration, happiness, and sadness. And for once, it's not a poor/rich girl and poor/rich boy drama. Goo Hye Sun's acting has REALLY improved and I am STUNNED by how beautiful she has become since her BOF days. Great acting and a great cast. Really touches the heart! Lol

nyo Anyone can u tell me whats the title of song in ep 10 at the end before closing soundtrack. Help me i really like that song :(

ann Beautiful it! :-) the songs, the cast it's awesome!!! :-) THUMBS UP! :-)

Steve Has anyone worked out the name of the song that's is played on episode 10 at the 54 min mark,the cemetery scene. Its played several times during the series,but its not on the OST and I cant find the name anywhere.

angel Absolutely love it! How could you not fall in love with LSY dimple? It was painful but beautiful at the same time. You just have to root for this couple. It better be happy ending...sigh...sigh...LOVE....LOVE....

eightiesgirl I am in love with this drama, and it's Lee Sang yoon and his dimple's fault :D

eightiesgirl this is lee sang yoon's fault and his dimples lol. i am so in love with this drama and its leading couple :D

dane i'm loving this angels eyes sooo much better than hotel king :P

Nou-Nou Hi, do anyone know the song I think in ep. 9, the english song. But not the run to you but that other one?! Can someone tell me the title of that song. Thanks.

Angie what is the name of the sad song that it's played when dong joo's mom dies and he remembers her?? i can't find it anywhere...


RUN TO YOU Lasse Lindh

The three things I have left Baek Ah Yeon

Love too much Yoon GUN

TEARS FALL Kim Tae hyun

@aisyah @roman

라이안 roman What's the name of the song that starts on episode 8 during the hugging rooftop scene???? I've tried to look for the name but no luck.

Regina Loving it!!! Lee Sang-Yoon and Ku Hye-Sun so far (watched up to episode 8) great performance!!

lotie Wow! Angel Eyes is really a great love story. The story was very gentle and yet it didn't send me to sleep but rather keep me awake and breathless. I was dreaming how it is to be in place of Ku Hye Sun; to be kissed and hug by Lee Sang Yoon. They look good together though. Hope they'll make another series.

aisyah anyone know the title of the song at the scene where dong joo and soo wan hugged in episode 10?i really like it ;')

JadeCloud Love GHS and LSY. Awesome acting and chemi. Writernim and PDnim are awesome too. Team AE is daebak! Just gets better and better! Halfway there, yet every ep is better than the one before. I wish it's more than 20eps. Don't know what I'll do or watch w/o WanJu and AE. This awesome OTP...hard to come by again. AE - way to go! Ratings should get higher. SK, wake up and watch this awesome drama and OTP! GHS Fighting! LSY Fighting! All the best till the end of AE! And beyond:)

KimLin omo omo omo!!! the cute back hug and the kiss on the planetarium rooftop in epi10 I am out of breath plz someone call 119 hehe..❤❤

Eli Hello!! thats not true it has got higher rating than hotel king from episode 5 onwards....In SK the rating is a bit disappointing but in international market espicially in China it is doing exceptionally well...For me weekends are more fun becoz I get to watch this drama and its really hard I hv to wait 5 long days..I'm love this drama and I will keep supporting Angel eyes till the end

dane Hi Ajikaaka! yes this one is underrated, just like sly and cunning single lady. You'll love it like I do, now I am a fan of Lee Sang yoon :)

Ajikaaka Everyone I know said this dramas better than hotel king but it has lower ratings. So should I start watching this? Or hotel king?

cmcross This show is amazing. Half way through and it's pretty much already in my top 10 of 100+ shows. The idea overall plot isn't very enticing, but the acting and delivery are great. The leads, young and current version, have blown me away. I almost didn't even watch it after looking at the summary but am so happy I did.

Kevn My girl insisted to watch this drama with her and guess what I like it.. now i luv her even more all thanks to Angel eyes

minsun I'm completely in love with this drama

najme ku hye sun i love you so much ... i'm so happy i can see you in a new drama ku hye sun fighting

Eli Watched ep9 three times Lol..once live stream once raw and once eng sub...Crazy me!! Love it..can't wait for today's episode...

shavailtyson I love the show has been doing very well I actually just started watching it yesterday . At first I couldn't understand it so I switched it to English then watched all nine episodes . So far I love it.

sarah episode 5 intro song please can somebody tell me

steven hey can someone please tell me the intro song for episode 5 ive been trying to find out who the singer and song was please helppp great dramaa!!!!!!

Gellievan muche The english song tittle is " run to you" by Lasse Lindh..

magdral the episodes come out every saturday and sunday

kaydiamond Finally Ku hyr-sun is back!!!! Missed her sooo much since bof

exolover93 love this drama!

Emanu I saw the trailer on this drama on Arirang TV and now I'd like to see it.Where could I find the episodes online?Please answer me!

lotie I think Lee Sang Yoon's personality is very cool, relax and is not hard to please that's why I love watching him. I wonder why this drama didn't hit a double digit ratings when it has a good story and direction plus the actors were all doing very well. To all K-drama fans out there hear me out. This drama is worth watching.

noveirose does anyone already knows the title of the sad englsh song? love angels eyes so much! fighting!!

Paphouaa Does anyone know the opening song is called ?

Zhi Maria Mena- Secrets

Jacob95 What is the background ost in the ending of episode 7 ? please share it with us ^^

Easter_Lily Just when you think the OST can't get any better, it just tops itself yet again! Great show... really basking in the experience and adult Hye Joo is a great addition.

Erica This drama is wonderfull!! Please someone put the list of the songs they are beautiful!!!

zshkoo I think this drama is wonderful !! because it show real things that we hope never happen. so after each ep we are full of emotion and worry a bout end of this drama! we should be honest with our heart and know most of things that we see in this are real and every love story have sad and painful things like every love story we know!! I like this drama because it learn me so much !!

vip though its her first time play role in drama, yoon yae joo(dong joo's younger sister) is doing good. i think shes cute and match for ri <33

nathasa what is the title of the song at the beginning of this drama?

win Just finished watching ep 8.. the only reason i watched this drama is because Lee Sang Yoon oppa.. But this drama not really good for me, too many confusing problem and its weird.. His father died when saved her mother, but her father killed his mother??? WTH... Hope the ending will be really good... LSY oppa hwaaiitiinggg....

G Liked show because of leads until last episode. 8. Even looked forward to.

In 8, to get conflict, have evil Dad call do something evil that renders the leads as helpless as four year olds, dumb four year olds. After twelve years love and all that sacrifice? Out of character. Leads are now repulsive.

Why? Real reason. Scriptwriters and producers hate humans and are too lazy to write real conflict. Now I don't want to watch leads. They are just jerks. And scriptwriters know it. The script tries to sell audience on the repulsive with dumb excuses because in script meetings everyone knew plot twist made leads repulsive and out of character so wrote in excuses.

Hope show tanks like this deserves.

stevan anyone knows the tittle of the backsound ??

stella i wonder if someone knows the title of the song at the very ending of ep 7 :-) thankyou!

Easter Lily 7 episodes in and I'm totally enamoured with this series. Haven't felt this attached to a kdrama for a while now so the wait between weekly showings is pure torture. Love the cast and everything seems to moving along nicely.

daveanatar I really really really love this drama! I am currently waiting to watch episode 7 on Hulu! TT-TT I love the cast! Seungri's character... OMG Hilarious Daebak! YG Family represent! ^-^ Anyways why are people saying that it is going to be a 50+ episode K-Drama? It says that its 20 episodes... Is there a possibility that there could be more... maybe with popularity? I really hope so!

Eli Just finished watching ep7 raw. Hurray!!DJ is back as he couldn't leave his lady love love truely does wonder.. And the back hug too love

pitzel Sorry the ratings are not that high in Korea. If they could use how many people watch worldwide it certainly would show just how good this drama is. Definitely a tear-jerker, (American slang). One of the best I have seen so far and I have been watching Kdramas online for 3 years now. Hope it ends well, I think after 20 episodes I will have no more tears left.

mona this drama .................has taken me away..........such a nice cast n wonderful performances.........luv u ku hye sun unni........lee sang yoon oppa ur smile can mesmerise any woman............aza aza fighting ANGEL EYES...................................lots of luv from india

Ayn This drama was so touching . I cant wait to watch the next episode:')

zes i wonder who sings this "late at night.." song, please tell me if you know

mrit this drama s soo good pls update ep 5 and ep 6 rating

Ritta Too much Feels!! My Emotions!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhh!! ^_^

tata lino This drama is 대박! The drama has a written plot, good characters, no dull parts and OSTs that make you "feel the drama". I'm wondering how it gets such rating. I'm looking forward to the next episodes.. 윤수완 사랑한다 <3

andre 100% agree. LSY & GHS look good together reel or real ... handsome, beautiful and smart.

tiara cruz I've been watching Episodes 5 and 6 over and over again but i still cry with some of the scenes between Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo. I hope they are not only a couple in reel but also in REAL life. Love them both.

sky love this drama ..

Cameron Davis What is the name of the song in the beginning of each and every episode?

MariC I can agree to that. Definitely the best and most romantic drama of all . Who sings the song at min 12 on the last episode? Her voice is so sweet. It really sets the mood in the scene and fills my heart with emotion. What is the name of the song and singer?

MariC Who sings the English song at minute 12 on ep6 , that starts with "Late at night, Sunshine's asleep at night...where there is starlight.....?? The singer has a sweet and beautiful voice. It really touches my heart. It is definitely not Run to You, but another one. I would like to know the name of the song and singer. Thanks

MariC Episode 6 was the best so far. I was wondering who sings the English song in minute 12, that starts with "Late at night, Sunshine's asleep at night...where there is starlight..... The singer has a sweet and beautiful voice. It really touches my heart. It is definitely not Run to You, but another one. I would like to know the name of the song and singer. Thanks

MariC I was wondering who sings the English song in episodes 6, min 12, that starts with "Late at night, Sunshine's asleep at night...where there is starlight..... The singer has a sweet and beautiful voice. It really touches my heart. It is definitely not Run to You, but another one. I would like to know the name of the song and singer. Thanks

Eri This drama is great!!!! I can't wait for next episodes :( Please someone put the list track - the music, Please!!!

shaninannn Just found out the writer also wrote boys over flowers,no wonder why this story line is amazing! pure genius

shanina I love this plot. ep 6 blew my mind ahhhhhhh. 10/10 MUST WATCH

Sonia suju Amazing ..totally amazing ..I shill a lot of tears ..but I love the way they but sad situations on a hope form ...the director was ..super great ..the cast ..young one or the older one was so professional ..I love every second of this drama I am so looking forward the next episodes ..I even can't wait ....last but not the lest ..the main actor ..dame boy ..I sofall in your sunshine careacter ... you nailed it hea son favorite acters .

Aliya Hands down this drama is one of my faves. The combination of the powerful ost and the moving acting on the part of the actors has grabbed my heart, I find myself crying (tears of sadness and happiness, mostly happiness). I only hope it won't end like shark did (let's not talk about that). If you happen to be reading this review right now, take my word and watch this drama (as of now there are 6 episodes out tho).

Hey btw Lindsay the ost u r referring to is Run To You by lasse lindh (a Swedish artist), correct me if I'm wrong. BOTTTOM LINE: PUT EVERYTHING DOWN AND ENJOY THIS MARVELOUS DRAMA. KUDOS TO THE ACTORS, WRITERS, PRODUCERS, AND MANY MORE!

Lindsay I love this korean drama! Episode 5 and 6 specially, I cannot help but cry! I can't wait for the next episode to air because I keep wanting more and more! I agree with Tiara Cruz, does anyone know what the title of the english song in episode 5 and 6? The OST's are so good that it helps set the mood for the scene.

Eli all I can say is love every scene of epi6.. YSW and PDJ chemistry is mind blowing.. great ending love love

Peejay Angel Eyes deserves to be rated No. 1 for Saturday and Sunday viewing. Better than Wonderful Days although I also watch that online. Especially Episode 6! Still have to wait another week to watch for the continuation ;-( Korean watchers need to wake up and see how exciting this drama is! Angel Eyes Fighting!

mrit this drama s so good excellent acting by ghs she portrayed the yoon so wan character so well

kdrama just finished ep 6 and all I can say is I want more!!!!!! can't believe I have to wait another week nooooo such a crybaby when watching this drama. this has to be the best dramas of 2014

certified K-drama veteran i thought this will be one of the k- dramas that i hate to see the young actors growing... BUT I WAS WRONG!!!! i love the superb acting of all the casts... every scene of YSW and PDJ got me crying. Both lead actors has this "sad aura" that makes you believe the script. they have such amazing chemistry. At the end of every episode you will be left dying and wanting to watch what will happen next. Glad this drama didn't turn out to be what i thought it will be. :)

jhu Glad that its just for 20 episodes.Really love this drama. Makes me feel every sensation of being in love. Fighting. Can't wait for the next episode.

tiara cruz Thanks for the reply. But the title of the song with lyrics. "late at night. sunshine are sleep at night. where there is starlight blowing the wind. hold on. let me inside your tears. I'm gonna hold you. just be with me."

Wolverine My heart is aching for YSW and PDG. Love epi 6 to death. Can't wait for next weekend. LSY fan forever!

Nina Ayu Love this drama very much....

Glen Tan Ep 6 to 8 pls release it

Wolverine Love love love.....epi 5 left me giggling! Love this drama.

mao Although this drama has just aire , I`m so in love with it ! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODES ! Definitely a must watch ! #ANGELEYESFIGHTING!

Eli Ep5 is so good as expected...really admire AE team for their hard work and dedication

Hara Really love This drama! It's a really sad love story! Can't wait for the next episodes! And Goo Hye Sun is really pretty in this drama!

Rem I like this drama its so good and i just keep imagine about the next scene, what will happen.. i'll be waiting for the next ep and keep impatient. but cause of the ferry accident they have to cancel all the show as one nation. even though i'm not from korea of course i will feel guilty even i get what i want, watch the next ep and more... go on rescue the children!! it must be hard for them. i only can pray for them ><. hope they all can be find soon and they all safe. FIGHTING!! :D #PRAYFORKOREA

Sam Episodes 5 and 6 of Angel Eyes have been postponed due to recent tragic events in South Korea, and will air the following week instead.

memet who can tell me the reason from sbs cancelled this drama in this week?

lala can anyone please tell me what is the title of the song in the first episode? the one which sounds like seriosa

Genesis I love this drama so far, I can't wait for the next episodes, I'm so anxious...I can't wait for the rest of the episodes to come out it's just that perfect...there's just so much love in it, don't want to spoil it for no one so I won't say anything but just that it's one of the best dramas ever. At first I thought that it was something like Stairway to heaven (another awesome drama, which is one of the best even though it's old) but then I realized that it had it's unlike parts. The songs, everything is just perfect. Come on we have to support this people so we can have what we want, so we can keep on watching Angel Eyes...FIGHTING

Nou-Nou OMG. Can't wait till this week to come! Love this drama so much! :)

anhthu sunako Angel eyes ost Run to you - Lasse Lindh Nunmuri peongpeong (Shedding tears) - Kim Tae Hyun Love Too much - Yoon Gun

sol if am not mistaken the title of the song is Run to you by Lesse Lindh....

tiara What is the TITLE of the sad song in Episode 4 when Soo Wan alighted from the ambulance and was hugged by Ji Woon?

Tiara Cruz What is the title of the sad song in Ep 4 when Soo Wan alighted from the ambulance and was hugged by Ji Woon?

esther this drama is so good! <3 <3 and i love lee sang yoon . an amazing actor hehe :3 seungri is so hilarious with that satoori and that engrish. omfg xD

svsknali Why not published sections 5 and 6?

Anh Nguyen This Drama is incredible o;! I love it so much just from the trailers xD however, do you guys know the name of the beginning opening scene? cause the song is amazing T^T

shaileighz I honestly think that Hye sun (Soo-Wan) got a lot prettier and young looking since BOF.

Lola So, the drama is usually broadcast on weekends? As Saturdays and Sundays?

Jerry "The broadcast of episode 5 and 6 was postponed due to the Sewol ferry capsizing on the morning of April 16th. Instead, news specials were aired on April 19th and 20th"

Rina This drama was really nice. very sad story. Writers, actors and actresses are very great. I really like this drama!!! Lee Sang Yoon oppa daebak!!! When you're acting cry, make me cry too. You really are the greatest actor!!! I love you. Your smile so sweet :) Fighting oppa!!!

BONA Kang ha neul <3

hannah omg.. i really love this drama.. Ku Hye Sun & Lee Sang Yoon ♥

phoenix I admit the first and the second episods were good

phoenix I admit the first and the second episods were good but after that it gets realy strange how come that two persons knowing each other for 12 years like a father and a son and the father kept talking about his daughter to the boy and this one never came across a picture of the girl never get curious about how does his noona lookes like .....

andree amir Ku hye sun you know why i am a fan this is because you're not the typical actress who's acting for showing up. There is gu hye sun and the others don't get me wrong for me you are beautiful but you have something more. Keep up the good work a non korean fan.

DramaLover It will air on next week on saturday and sunday 22:00

Amber Escobedo When do new episodes air!!! I'm dying I've watched the same episodes over and over again. I'm obsessed, when does episode 5 come out! How many episodes will come out in total?

CuriousKat What happened to the little sister btw....been wondering the whole time they transitioned to the adult characters....

Nou-Nou In light of the recent tragedy, Episodes 5 & 6 of Angel Eyes will not air this weekend. It will be on air next week. SAD! :(

shiin 02 <3 cried bcoz of dis drama!

beatriz Angel eyes is awesome and i love GH S and LSY . GHS is unny and looks beautiful. The cast is great too. I hope the story will keep getting better and bettet r . hoping this is a total success for GHS.

Eli Love "Angel eyes"..Well writen and nicely played.... koo hye sun unnie I'm a big fan of urs.. thumbs up to u. U gave a very impressive performance.. Oh! Saturday please come soon..can't wait for the next episode..

gainsp omg seungri such a funny character . love this drama

rahmawati Love this drama very is awesome...cant wait for the next episode..ku hye sun love your acting here as usual

rahmawati Love this drama very awesome...cant wait for the next episode..ku hye sun love your acting here as usual

Nou-Nou I'm falling in deep deep love with this drama!!! <3

rebelgirl 23 Seungri so cute:)

MARSHA OMG! Seungri is sooooooo funny. His saturi is hilarious! Yoooo~

MalaysiaFans Fall in love with script writer. Thank you for make this drama. So touching..

Mayakho Everytime i see LSY smileee in angel eyes, i smilee for sure. OMG, Squeeelllll #dyinggg

Sunako1011 OMG, it got me so hooked. This is the first time after You came from the Star. The actings of all the cast are superb. Sang yoon x Hye Sun Saranghaeyo

parmasone Love this drama. hye sun looks lovely n the leads have nice chemistry. Story is touching n have a nice flow. Looking forward to the next episodes. Actually cant wait for the next episode :)

scha woww..seriously kang ha neul and nam ji hyun face really look alike..haha

minda maria broqueza rait really love this new drama of gu hye sun...even the soundtrack make me feel'll fall in love again if you watch this drama...

but i thought gu hye sun is blind till the middle of the story...becoz its a plus factor in the story if dong jo is the one who operate her eye and be the first one she'll be seeing when she open her eyes....

but i hope that from episode 1 will be the same as the days goes by per episodes becoz its starts with a very very good story line....

GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS....its heartwarning...heartbreaking and breathtaking.....go go go NGEL EYES TEAM....wish SBS that you have one for gu hye sun and lee min ho this year becoz MINSUN fans are 5 years waiting for it....

mrit i really liked the drama

Almendra S. Hye Sun you are the best, I'm falling in love with this drama, my vote it's 100% !! from Chile ♥ ^-^ ♥

Wolverine Oh em gee!! Lee Sang Yoon! 3rd epi is AMAZING!

Tybolt Is anybody out there still missing the kids? ;) Goo Hye Sun, you are truly amazing in each, AND EVERY, way! Welcome back!!! Looks like we're in for a first rate drama. Enjoy..

kikini Episode 3 was SO amazing. This definitely has me hooked. Waiting for each episode to air THEN get subbed is going to be torture ><

gzbMish OMG. I will definitely watch this bcoz of Riri!!! <3

Nanami I really love this drama. Plus Seungri is here. :) I will promise not to miss a single episode!

Nou-Nou OMG, this drama is SOOOO GOOD! I love drama soooo much! Can't help to wait every weekend. Can't wait for ep. 3 to come out! Love it sooooooo much! <3

I.LOVE.ANGEL.EYES The first 2 ep are awesome. It's the best drama I've ever watched. Kang Ha Neul soon Lee Sang Yoon acted so good. Also Nam Ji Hyun. Both them are awesome couple. I LOVE this drama. <3

wolverine LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama!!! The first two episodes were AWESOME!!! Kang Ha Neul did a great job playing the role!! Can't wait to see Lee Sang Yoon!

Seungri...BigBang4Ever In episode 3 finally appears Seungri

lidia Can't wait to see Seungri...hahaha he gets a slap :D

I love Kang ha neul This drama Is amazing from the first episode I knew that I was going to love it and I can't wait for the next episode . I'm also falling In love with kang ha Neul even more after watching Monstar and the heirs and this drama it showed me what an amazing actor he is and how good looking he is when he smiles.

HaneeIsMyName OMG This Drama makes you cry and laugh but most of all fall in love.. One of favorite 2014 Drama ... I'm loving it (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ v( ̄∇ ̄)v

jessy Kang Ha-Neul had me falling in love! So cute! Daebak! I can't wait to start seeing him as a lead. Originally I had thought he was the lead-a picture of him made me go running to see it. But, it is all cool. He had some really nice spotlight moments. I love his country boy accent. So cute. ^_^ Sweet!

Myngaaaa ^O^ OMOOOOOO!! O-MA-ZING dramaa! :3 Love all da actors/actresses! Especially <3 Lee Sang Yoon <3 :3 && Ku Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers!) <3 Kang Ha Neul is Hawwt too! :3 Kim Ji Suk of Personal Taste is kinda good looking too xD Hwaiting Angel Eyes!!! :3 <3

Kinza rizwan OMG, I love this drama ❤️❤️❤️❤️

sab Really beautiful and sad cant wait to watch episode 3..........

Wolverine Love love love this drama. Kang Ha Neul you are awesome. Can't wait for Lee Sang Yoon!

lusy how many episodes??

Heather Just finished ep 1. It was great...but sad! Read from wiki, * spoilers* . Park Dong Joo- As a teenager, he was sent to America after his mother's death from a hit and run.Oh no Jung Hwa sshi~

mrit the first two episodes really melt my heart i'm sure it gonna be a great hit looking forward too see goo hye sun

misch this drama is so sweet... and sad... nam ji hyun and kang ha neul (!!!!) were excellent in the first two episodes! cant wait for episode three. fighting!!!

Happiness Stan An outstanding beginning, well-played by the junior cast! Soon, we'll get to see the 'big people'!! Goo Hye Sun, Fighting!!!!

toodark I can't wait for the third episode. It is one of the amazing dramas I've ever seen. I love all actors and actresses.

Nami even it started only with 2 episodes, it's touching so well!!!!!!!! Good drama :):):)

Alexandra Can't wait to see Seungri back in the Dramas :)

Elizabeth Hernandez I am so in love with this story. I can't wait till next week...grrrrr so mad..its such a sad story I want them to reconcile fast and not have her dad come between them.

Jang I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! KANG HA NEUL <3 Bloody great! im soo watching every episode !!! hwaitng

Prtty gril I Second that. This drama is so good

dhayianne what a great story! it is heart warming and very touching! i super love it! kang ha neul, great actor!

Marissa Oh my God my new favorite K-Drama! The plot is interesting and what a top notch genuine acting from the casts. It really got to me, man its only 2 episodes now but the amount of tears falling are uncountable! That just shows how real their acting are. Arghhhh cant wait for next episode! Angel Eyes daebak! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Pls watch!

Iraah I love the story line and the whole cast. Must be a hit drama of 2014. Goo hye sun eonni fighting ♥

Emma vip Hmmm actually i don't like some of the main cast. i just excited to see seungri acting tbh, hope the storyline is good so i can keep watch it till the end :)

Olivia I want Kim Ji Suk acted as a main character. But he is always cameo:((. I like him a lot. I think he is a great actor and very good looking guy.

Kaili Did you guys know Ku Hye-Sun is pregnant yay shaykh!!!!!

Irina Yes Seungri is back, I'm a huge fan of Big Bang so I'm gonna watch this Drama because of him :) I Watch all: Dramas, Clips, Movies and all the TV shows with all BIG BANG members ;) Lee Seung Hyun Fighting !!!

AsvianaKim Angel eyes.. So excited. Kang Ha Neul in there. Just know Go Hye Sun, Seungri and Ha Neul in the cast kkk

CuFLo123 I just watch this because of Seungri........

robbo4 It's just hair, you guys! Goo Hye Sun has been beautiful since the day that she was born as her childhood, school, and 'ulzzang' pictures consistently reveal. She hasn't gotten "prettier" because she's always been that way. What she has done is exceed even her greatest fan's (me being one of them!) wildest dreams with the staggering amount of energy and multiple talents that have sprung forth from her since her since arrival upon the scene. Just being beautiful would have been more that enough to have her remain employed as a model and actress for decades, but there has been no stopping her in her pursuit of self-determination and expression. She has fans, several years her senior (and of all different age-groups and genders) looking up to her as an inspiration to reflect upon their own lives with. I am certain that her newest series will expand her fan base exponentially and am proud as a fan can be of her for all that she has done, and continues to do. She's every bit the embodiment of the irrepressible character of 'Yang Gukwha' who I fell in love with all of those years ago. I can't wait to see her again... :)

Anna I'm really looking forward to seeing this drama because Goo Hye Sun plays the leading female role. Since the hit Boys Over Flower, I've expected to see her again in a good drama again. I hope that this drama will be as popular as BOF. She played very well in BOF. Her acting has made fall in love with Korean dramas. Angel Eyes, fighting... : )

jasonic Is it just me, or does Goo Hye Sun look a lot prettier now then in her boys over flowers days?

Wolverine Lee Sang Yoon! I can't wait to see your new drama.

seo yeon love this drama i can't wait until, i am going to watch

Foufa Oh !! Goo hye sun looks pretty.....can't wait to watch this Drama

Ghost Hee Is this going to be a 50 plus episode drama? I really want to watch it since it's Goo Hye Sun's first drama in awhile. I liked LSY a lot from My Daughter Seoyoung too!

Soosun Hye sun is relly like the aun she's so bright and fair ans Sang yoon is so handsome! Love them both and i will love this drama too! Fighting!

Yeah, I said it!!! Goo Hye Sun, is the best of them all!!! I'm also looking forward to seeing the great Jung Ae-ri, Kwon Hae-hyo, Lee Sang-yoon, and whoever the rest of these people are...

indah Go Hye Sun fighting! Seungri fighting! I'm not patient enough to wait this drama :)

Posh Ohhh hahaha i found out about this drama thru running man's episode 190... Go hye sun daebak! :) looking forward to this one....

Alyzza We are excited to see this... We are looking forward to Ku Hye Sun Since she is popular in koread drama seris "BOYS OVER FLOWERS" we hope that she'll have more tv dramas to come.. FIGHTING :)

rinni maybe lee jun ki accept the lead role on "the joseon shooter"... just i hope, i can see him anywhere... any role, i sure would be nice..

cathleen can't wait to see seungri acting...

cathleen cant wait to see seungri acting...

lhasha Would have been looking forward to watch this coz I like the main actor... but was turned off by Ku Hye-Sun Boo Hoo!

Sunnies-Asia Super Excited to see this SBS drama 'Angel Eyes'' because of best Actress Ku Hye Sun my Idol. The very talented and beautiful Korean Actress ♥ you...keep on Fighting!!! Don't mind those bad critics..Actually they also following your career (you are their secret idol too..) hehehe..

Sunnies-Asia I'm so excited to watch this SBS drama 'Angel Eyes' because of Koo Hye Sun - she's a great lady and have a lots of talents -best Actress and very beautiful with kind heart too.. I hope this will show n here in the Philippines... ♥ you HyeSun.. Fighting!

gold lee sang yoon!!!!!!! aja! oppa! :))))

Na Ha Ra Ku hye sun & lee sang yoon. love you sooooooooooo mutch :)

ku ha ra I'm going to watch this drama just, because Ku Hye Sun unnie and Lee sang-yoon oppa. KHS is one of my favorite actresses. She act really good and has a lovely face. I really missed her in 2013. But I'm glad she would come back in April 2014. Unnie & Oppa Fighting :)

isadora I wish this drama would aired here in philipines.she'one of my fevoriteactress. ku hye sun can you please visit in our country..even if a lot of korean actor and actresses had already visited here.i wish you should come too..laav yaaahhh.......:-)

rainruma I probably wont watch this if it has Ku Hye-Sun...She is not a good actress and has annoying mannerisms....saw her in Boys Over Flowers, and could not stand her...Plus, she is not pretty to look at, her nose is chopped-off at the tip, her eyes are not nice and she has weird hips w/ thick short waist... She should be cast in supporting roles, not as leading role.

yağmur Ku Hye Sun fighting :D seni çok seviyorum ve sadece türkçeye çevrilmiş olan dizilerini izleyebildim bu dizin çok güzel olacak eminim sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum Unni fighting !!!

Jamy I'm also going to watch this only because of SEUNGRI :D Woa his role sounds so amazing and funny! With his hard work he'll make it in something awesome! He's always giving in 110%!


lulu de leon I like lee sang yoon. He is one of the best actor in korea. Its nice to see him in another kdrama. I hope in his next drama, he will be paired again with lee bo young.

obbor4 All of you who are aiming to view this series for any other reason than it stars Goo Hye Sun, be forewarned: You are about to find another person to hitch your star to. People like Goo Hye Sun come along very rarely in one's lifetime. Twenty, or so, years from now you will be telling your children that this is a person that they would do well to pattern their own lives by. Mark my words..

Cassie I'm only going to watch this because of SEUNGRI

Lily S Yess This is Cool , I hope It's going To be a Huge Comeback For KHS eonnie <3 I love her And I think the Cast is Good So I wish For Her The Best <3 <3 <3 ^_^ Fithting

John Lol I'm only gonna watch this because Seung-Ri is in it, also it has a good story line, I think I am going to enjoy this one.

Sabrina All the best to AE Fighting brother Lee Sang Yoon and sister Ku Hye Sun I love both of you. God bless.

Anna I'm looking forward to seeing this drama because GHS is my favorite Korean Actress. I hope it's going to be a great success.

Aleyna Definetely will watch this drama..GHS fighting !!

Rina I really like actor Lee Sang Yoon .. He is very handsome .. Lee Sang Yoon is the best actor!!! Hopefully this drama a success!!! I would definitely watch this drama.. Good Luck oppa!!!

Lin I love to see Ku Hye Sun & Lee Sang Yoon in a TVdrama. I hope they both agree on the offer.. So excited!! Ku Hye Sun is the best K-Actress..!♥

a94 Yoon ji ryeon ''boys over flowers'' writer and ku hye sun ''geum jan di'' hopes it will be good drama .... and so excited ...

S The story sounds interesting. Yes , looking forward to the leads working together for the first time. Both LSY and KHS are good actors. People should be open minded and judge after the drama airs. Excited to see it!

AWESOME Will be looking forward to it. I'm not a "huge" fan nor do I care about the actors, but it seems like an interesting cast and plot.

Carol3 Don't LIKE IT! I thought Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min would be the leads.... So sad now. I really really don't like Go Hye Sun...

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